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Enjoy the Game – Video Games Museum – Riga Latvia – Travel Guide by an Englishman

One of you must things to do when you’re
in Riga…. Is to visit the museum for… “Enjoy the game!” This is a museum dedicated to video games and arcade machines…. Video games across the ages…. Starting all the way back…. What we have here…. The Atari…. Any machine can play games with you…. But as a real computer I can also help with education….. Give people the power to be successful….. Because I’m the Atari ST……
A real thing not a plaything…. Commodores… I am keeping up with the Commodore….. Because the Commodore is keeping up with you! In a world of fun and fantasy! ZX Spectrum…. Right, Pay Attention Bond….. This is the
Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2….. It’s a fully operational computer with 128 K
memory….. But it comes with three James Bond games and a light gun that fires
armour-piercing shells…… Now that’s your assignment….. No! No! Don’t sit in that chair!
Sorry Bond! Haven’t perfected that yet….. The Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2… Even the Amstrad’s…. It must be noted though…. They’re missing….. They’re missing a good collection of Amigas Look at some of this stuff! Simply amazing! This is flashing me back to my childhood! Flashing me back to the fact that when I
used to play video games I had to load them on cassettes…. I had to put discs in the disc drive… I had to slam….. slam my fingers in the….. The Spectrums in the
Amstrad’s…. And Ataris… And the amount of time spent on the Atari 520! Thank you Nick! And umm….. Yeah….We’re missing The Amiga’s though But there’s some amazing stuff there….. Of course “Alien Storm” doesn’t have horrible little graphics…. Just horrible big ones…. Check out this…. The Atari 2600….. The Fun is Back…. Oh yes Sir-ee! It’s the Twenty Six Hundred from Atari! It’s the video system with classic galore…. From Space invaders too cars that roar…. a real hip joystick controls the screen….. Solaris and Pong, Midnight Magics and Me….. And one more thing it’s got a special low price… Under 50 Bucks!!! 50 BUCKS!?!? Now isn’t that nice! The Fun is back! Oh Yes-Sir-ee! It’s the 2600 from Atari! This is….. This is geek heaven… They’ve even got the Mattel Machine! This wasn’t very good….. This was… This certainly was… These were…. I remember friends having these….. Who remembers this calculator!?!
“Little Professor” it wasn’t a great calculator…. But everyone…. Everyone wanted that calculator! There’s
some amazing stuff…… I convinced my sister to buy this….. That was her first ever console…. Basically so I could play on it! Sega….Challenges you with the Ultimate video Games… Games that will blow you away….. Like Alex Kidd in
miracle world….. Knock out games like “Rocky”! Gangster town! Shift into more excitement with the arcade hit… OUTRUN! Only on the sega system! N.E.S that came out in 1985…..
Now comes the ultimate challenge from Nintendo….. The challenge of stopping World War 3 and becoming Top Gun! Nintendo the world’s number one game system The original FAMICOM….. this was uh….. this was released I think….. Short release in Sweden….. But
it was basically restricted to Japan…. and a little bit of Russia and Sweden….. And….Atair 7800….. Amazing….. and then here we come the Super Nintendo…. Everyone loves this! The Super Famicom – The Japanese Model…. When you decide to step up to this kind of power….. This kind of challenge….. This kind of flying….. Crashing…. Feeling…. When you decide to get serious….. There’s only one place to come…. The games of Super Nintendo…. No one else creates this kind of experience….. Because no one else creates these kind of games….. now you’re playing with power! Superpower! US – NTSC…. PAL was the UK System….
Total Geekness here! Nintendo scope! Final Fantasy Series…… Mega Drive….. New Streets of Rage…. You control 40
incredible moves….. Gotta get Genesis…… Like nothing ever before!! Genesis is so much more!!!! Sega Genesis!!! Inferior to the SNES but I know the Sega Purists would disagree with me…… Obviously “Ryu” and “Ken”……. This is some amazing stuff…… N64! Remember the days when all your friends would come around and you play Goldeneye?!? Introducing Goldeneye 007……
you know how to use one of these? Shot by Shot by Shot….. Load a Rumble Pack and see how it feels when 007 meets Nintendo 64……. 4 Player Goldeneye…. There’s Goldeneye…. Mariokart…. Amazing! Sega Saturn……Introducing…. Sega Saturn….. Sega saturn…… Are they missing the Neo Geo? Wasted money on this thing…. Atari Jaguar… Terrible Console!!!! But I had one….. Let’s review the numbers….. Sega Genesis is 16 bits 3DO is 32 bits the Atari Jaguar is 64 bits…… Which is more advanced??? Clifford? Huh! 64 bits… 3d graphics real-world animation and lightning speed you can only get with Jaguar….. Which is more Advanced??? Clifford? Jaguar! Jaguar! Jaguar! Then obviously… The original Playstation….. Playstation 2… Where is the Playstation 3? Sega Dreamcast…. Also wasted money on this…… we all play games why don’t we play
together…. Dreamcast up to six billion players… it’s clearly…… A place you can…. Could spend a bit of time…… This place cost three euros to get in……. I like it a lot! You can play all the video games…. Play any of these games….. And…. Hopefully, enjoy yourself….. 3 Euros! Money well spent! A little bit of history here! The terrorists have the prisoners….. You’re going in and hitting hard…. Operation Wolf! You’ve played it in the arcade…. Now play it on your Nintendo Entertainment System…… Make your way past armored cars…. Gunboats and a ruthless enemy…. Grab extra ammo and power drinks because you’re going to need all
the firepower you can get….. Operation Wolf! Only from Tyco! The only game in town! I love the Powerglove…. It’s so bad! Yeah well…. Just keep your Power Gloves off her Pal! Huh! Reminds me…. Where’s the…. Where’s Atari Lynx and… Hey Mr. Block Can I go to the bathroom? Two minutes! Introducing LYNX from Atari…. The color
video game you can get away with…. Sega Gamegear… Oh there’s a Sega Gamegear….. Uhhhh! whoa! Colour! Hey! there’s an easier way to get
color! Get a Gamegear! The full-color portable with over 150 games like the
new Echo! Mortal 2 and Sonic triple trouble….. SEGA!!! You played every Mario game! You
conquered every Mario game! You think you’ve mastered all there is to know
about Mario! Well, you better think AGAIN! New Super Mario World made possible by
the power of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System….. You’ve never faced the challenge of so many enemies and so many obstacles so many levels you never
needed help from a dinosaur before….. Super Mario World you get it only with a Super
NES….. It’s part of the growing line of a games for the next generation from
Nintendo…. You’ve gotta play it! You’ve got a have it! You’ve got a reputation! Now
you’re playing with power….. Superpower!! There’s certainly machines that he needs to add to his collection….. But it’s still impressive array of machines…….. so one of the top things to do is visit the video games Museum in Riga….. It was a lot of fun…. Good way to spend…… Good, way to spend a good hour….. If you bring a friend it’s gonna be more fun!!

The Compact Disc that we all know about was
invented by Philips and Sony and released in 1982. And for 8 years, the format was mostly
just used for audio. Granted, the CD-ROM for computers was also invented in the late 1980s,
but didn’t really see much penetration in the consumer market until the 1990s. So, for
the better part of a decade, CDs were sold along side cassette tapes and vinyl records
as the high-end music format. However, Philips believed the format could
be useful for more than just audio. And in the year 1990, they introduced the CD-i player.
The “I” stands for interactive. It was advertised as “The CD player that works
with your television.” The CD-i player originally sold for $799 on
the US market, but was quickly dropped to a more reasonable $599. They were available
in most retail stores that sold electronics at the time, such as Best Buy, Microcenter,
the now defunct Incredible Universe, and Sears which doesn’t even sell electronics anymore.
But that’s a topic for another episode. As a kid I was always kind of obsessed with
the CD-i just from seeing it in gaming magazines. A lot of people don’t remember that magazines
carried articles about the Philips CD-i and its games. And, when you’re an 11 or 12
year old kid and you see these amazing graphics, especially since they were using a lot of
FMV for these games, you know it just looked like mind blowing. So, this was my CD-i. I wanted it when it
came out, which was like the early 90s, I was in 3rd grade, and I had insomnia. So,
I actually watched the infomercial and it hit me at a weak point and I was really convinced
that I needed this and I tried to convince my dad. Call this number now to receive the
Magnavox CD-i player complete with digital video cartridge. Let’s take a quick look at the hardware.
This is a Philips CDi-200, but was also sold under the Magnavox brand as well. It looks
very much like a regular CD player of the era. On the front here, there’s a little hidden
panel. And inside is a port for a wired controller. Now, while all new CD-i players shipped with
a wireless controller, I actually don’t have one. But I do have this one, which was
probably the most common wired controller. It has a D-pad in the middle, but not a very
good one. And two buttons on the side. It’s okay for operating some titles one handed,
but a lot of them you’ll wind up having to use another hand one one of the buttons.
It’s not a very good controller for games. Fortunately, they did later come out with
a controller similar to a Sega Genesis. This one works much better for games. They also
made a rollerball and a mouse, but I don’t have either of those to show. Of course, right now there is a huge shortage
of CD-i controllers. I don’t know why but there are more CD-i players out there than
there are controllers. Fortunately, you can get a device like this, which will allow you
to use a standard 15-pin controller from your PC. So, that’s always an option. Let’s take a look at the rear. This one
called Input 2, that’s actually for a second controller if you have a two player game,
for example. A sort of irritating place to put it. And this is a digital audio output
for high end stereo systems. Pretty rare at the time, actually as it was a pretty new
thing. And then here is, of course, your standard stereo audio and composite video jacks. And,
it had s-video output. Also something pretty new at the time, with probably only very high
end televisions supporting it. Unfortunately, I suspect 90% of the users of the CD-i in
1990 were probably forced to use the RF antenna jacks, just like a VCR would have had to use
at the time. Let’s open it up and take a look inside.
Having a look at the logic board, you might immediately notice that it is running on a
68070 CPU. At first this sounds kind of impressive. For those that are familiar with the naming
scheme of the Motorola 68000 series of processors, you might be tempted to think that the 68070
would slot in right after the 68060. But, no. It’s actually a custom version that
is far more similar in design to the original 68000, which means it is a 16 bit CPU with
some 32-bit capabilities, although it does run at 15.5 megahertz, so that makes it twice
as fast as an Amiga 500, for example. The new player was actually designed with
many different types of media in mind. Of course, the device could play standard music
CDs, which were very common at the time. These discs usually had the logo of compact disc
digital audio printed on them. However, the CD-i player also opened up a whole new world
of media types on compact disc, including CD+Graphics, the Photo CD, the Video CD, not
to be confused with CD Video, which is actually a type of laserdisc, which is analog data
and not compatible here, and of course Compact Disc Interactive, or CD-i. The CD-i player today is often thought of
as a failed video game console. But, it was never really intended to be a video game console,
at least not at the beginning. It was supposed to be a media center for your living room.
Sort of like the Xbox-One of the day. It was going to replace your CD player, and your
VCR, and your encyclopedias, and your photo albums, and of course your video game console
and possibly even your computer. So, let’s examine each of these media types
a little more closely. Being the compact disc was the focus of this system, it’s sort
of a given that regular music CDs will play just fine in here. In fact, if you had this
hooked up in your home entertainment system, you didn’t even need to turn on your television
to use the music CD feature. But, you just might have wanted to turn on
your television for those music CDs, because I’m about to show you something that I bet
90% of you have never seen or heard of before. What I have here is just a regular music CD,
at least that’s how it appears on the surface. This is the exact same CD a person might have
bought at Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Musicland, or whatever. They would have played this in their
portable music players, or their in-dash CD players in their cars, or even in their home
stereo. But, if I put it in the CD-i player, something magical happens. Now, I’d love to let you hear the music
that goes along with this, but we all know that if I played more than 2 or 3 seconds
of copyrighted music, I’d get a copyright strike from YouTube. So, for the moment I’m
just going to let you watch the graphics here while I tell you a little about how this worked.
You see, music encoded onto a CD has multiple different sub channels that are read right
along side the music data that is streaming in. CD Graphics are stored in some of the
unused sub channels. And since it is a stream of data, it can’t really be used to immediately
throw a whole picture up on the screen at once. The data is basically displayed on the
screen as it is read. The interesting thing, though, is that the data stream can tell it
where these particular pixels are supposed to go. So, this allows them to modify specific
places on the screen, and in some cases even animate small little sections. In this case,
they are using it for displaying the song lyrics that go along with what you are hearing.
Which again, makes me sad that I can’t let you hear the music with this. The graphics are limited to a resolution of
around 300 by 216 pixels using a maximum of 16 colors. So this puts it in the same ballpark
as a lot of computer systems and game consoles of the 1980s. Which make sense, being this
was developed in the 1980s anyway, even if it didn’t show up on the market until 1990. Now, while this CD here isn’t kind enough
to even let you know there are graphics on it, take a look at this one. This is one of
my favorite albums of the time, and it actually has the little logo here that actually says
graphics. So, let’s take a look at what’s on this one. I would say that CD Graphics was a big market
failure because, like I said, the vast majority of people I’ve talked to didn’t even know
this was a thing. Millions of people owned these discs without ever even realizing there
was more on them than just the audio. If you want to actually watch some of these,
there is a YouTube channel called the CD+G museum. And I don’t know how they’ve managed
to get these songs uploaded without copyright strikes, but you can watch many of them over
there and I’ll put a link down in the description. Now, let’s talk about another CD type, this
is a photo-CD. Now, what I have here is just a demo CD, and it’s on a factory pressed
CD that was included with this stand-alone photo CD player. I used to have a ton of photo
CDs around, but I through them all away a long time ago after copying them off to my
home server. But for those that don’t remember these, here’s how that worked. During the 1990s you were probably using a
film camera. And when you were done with your roll of film, you’d go K-Mart, or your local
pharmacy, or wherever they did film developing, and you’d find a stack of envelops similar
to this. So you’d fill out all of the personal information here, and then you’d check off
what sort of prints you’d like made. And one of the options you could pick from was
a Kodak PhotoCD. OK, this one actually says picture CD, which is a slightly different
format that came later, but I couldn’t find one of these that said PhotoCD on it, because
it would have to have been from the 1990s. But you get the idea. So, you put your film
in here, and drop it off. A few days later, you’d go back to pick up your film and you’d
get your negatives back, along with a photo CD. Now, the photo CD would look a little
different from this, normally it would be on a gold CD recordable, and look more like
this. But, this is all I have for the moment. So, let’s put this example photo CD in here
and see how it works. Now, you might think a photo CD is just a bunch of JPEG images
stored on a CD. But it was actually a proprietary format with uncompressed, raw images. In fact,
even a computer couldn’t view these photos without using special designed software. But
with the CD-i you could quickly and easily view these images on your living room TV.
Also keep in mind there was only standard definition television back then. Nevertheless,
these photos still look pretty good. Now let’s take a look at another type of
CD, the Video CD. Believe it or not, this was the predecessor to DVD video. In fact,
most DVD players were backwards compatible with Video CD. However, DVD uses a different
type of physical media that actually contains more information, and is double-sided. Video
CDs, on the other hand, use the same physical type of media as a music CD, and thus they
are limited to about 700 megabytes of data. So, how did they squeeze a video stream onto
this? Well, they used MPEG-1 compression. Now, back in 1990, computers were not fast
enough to decode an MPEG-1 stream like this using purely software. So, if you look at
the back of this CD-i player, you’ll notice a cartridge slot back here. What we have inside
is an add-on cartridge that contains custom hardware to decode MPEG-1 video streams on
the fly. This was actually not included with the CD-i player originally, as it added quite
a bit of extra cost. In fact, the cartridge could be as much as several hundred dollars. So, these are some Video-CDs from the era.
Many of these are very well-known movies. I’ll pop the Terminator 2 Disc in here,
and let’s have a look. As usual, I can’t really show more than a few seconds of this,
or I’ll wind up with a copyright violation. Of course, one problem with this format is
that it could only store about an hour on a single disc. So, for a two hour movie, the
solution was simply to have two discs. People who used laserdisc were already accustomed
to this anyway, so it probably wasn’t that big of deal. So, the advertising for these video CDs said
they were VHS quality. So, I thought I should put that to the test. And for that test, we’re
going to have a look at Forrest Gump. And that’s because I have this movie on both
Video CD and VHS. By the way, Forrest Gump actually has 3 discs. The 3rd one is actually
a documentary called “Through the eyes of Forrest Gump.” And you know what, it’s
actually really good. In fact, I understand this version is longer and has more stuff
on it than the version that comes on the DVD release as a special feature. I think that’s
because this has the original laserdisc version which is 37 minutes, but they shortened it
to 30 minutes for TV broadcast and that’s the version included on DVD. Anyway, so let’s put this in the player
and see what we get. OK, I mean, here on the TV it looks pretty good, but I need a better
way to compare with VHS. So what I’m going to do is directly plug the VCR into my video
capture device and grab some footage. Sorry it is showing in black and white here, I had
the chroma turned all the way off for some bizarre reason. But don’t worry, I fixed
it and re-captured it later. Anyway, I can’t really show you very much full-screen capture,
or I’ll get a copyright strike. I know, I’m beginning to sound like a broken record,
but it is what it is. So anyway, I captured some footage from VHS,
and now it’s time to capture the same footage from VCD. And here’s where we run into a
bit of a conundrum. I did use S-video from the CD-i player, since it offers it. I think
that’s fair to do because VHS was incapable of S-video by its very nature. But some people
might ask why I didn’t just rip the contents directly from the Video-CD using a CD-ROM
drive on a computer. Which, I could have. But I felt since this was meant to be played
on your television, this was probably the most fair way to compare. So, I have some side-by side clips here. At
first glance they seem pretty similar other than some difference in color balance. So,
what I’ll do is show you some still frames I captured from both. So here’s Video CD
and now VHS. Let’s try it on a different frame, again here’s Video Cd and now VHS.
Now, let’s zoom in to a specific area so we can see a little more detail. So I hate
to say it, but I think VHS actually looks better. And just for the fun of it, here’s
a 720p version of the same thing. But, on the bright side, Video CDs can be played thousands
of times without any degradation, unlike VHS. Plus, you don’t have to rewind them. OK, so we’ve had a look at some of the formats
that the CD-i player was designed to play, but none of those formats, at least up to
this point have been proprietary, meaning the music CD, the Photo Cd, the video CD,
these are all things that could be played in other dedicated players. But, of course
the CD-i player had its own proprietary sort of executable code which could be used for
encyclopedias or video games. The CD-i Player isn’t known for it’s great
library of games. Philips believed that the FMV, or full-motion video cartridge, was the
CD-i player’s biggest asset for games. This allowed it to play games like Dragon’s Lair.
But, in my opinion I think the FMV cartridge was a hinderance. And I’ll use Dragon’s
Lair as an example. I remember when I first saw this game at the arcade. Everyone was
gathered around the arcade watching it being played. The graphics looked absolutely incredible
at the time. But that’s because I didn’t realize the game was just a bunch of pre-recorded
scenes and thus you weren’t really controlling the character, rather controlling which scene
comes next with careful timing. Watching the game was fun, but once I actually played it,
I was rather disappointed. And so many of the titles for the CD-i were
designed at least partially around this premise. Games like Mad Dog McCree added in mysteries
to be solved, with some action. But they weren’t nearly as interactive as they appeared on
the surface. Here’s another one, Phantom express. This is just a pre-recorded roller
coaster scene and the only thing you control is the little crosshairs to attempt to shoot
at stuff. Here’s a kid’s game called the busiest
neighborhood ever. Again, this is just a bunch of FMV scenes put together with triggers on
certain areas. But it does allow a child to kind of explore a neighborhood. I think some of the best games on the system
were games that didn’t require the FMV cartridge. Tetris is a great example. Now, I’ve played
Tetris on a lot of platforms and admittedly the original NES version is probably my favorite
just from a playability standpoint. But I think the CD-i version is easily my second
favorite. And, I think you’ll see why. Every level in the game has a unique moving background,
plus a unique soundtrack. Here’s another level. And here’s the next. Pretty neat,
huh? Here’s another one of my favorite games.
I’ve also played Lemmings on a number of different platforms, but this one is unique
for a few reasons. For one thing, it has this really really long, like 5 minutes long, intro.
However, the FMV cartridge is not actually required to play the game. As for the game
itself, it is very similar looking to most other 16-bit consoles and computers of the
era. I think that the strongest resemblance is the Super Nintendo version. But, I think
the music is just one giant sample played right off the CD. Eventually I saw AVGN’s video about the
CD-i. I don’t know, I just never really believed it could be that bad, and it really
isn’t. There’s some really good titles on the CD-i. Some of my favorite games on
the CD-i are Thunder in Paradise. I know this sounds strange, but it’s a great FMV game.
It stars Hulk Hogan being super hammy. It’s from a TV show he did in the 90s. And it has,
especially for being just a shooter, a lot of variety. It’s on rails, but it constantly
changes each game where it stops, the order of the enemies, it has multiple endings. I’ve
beaten it dozens of times at this point and and I’m still finding new FMV cut scenes. I was really lucky enough to get Link, Zelda,
both of the Zelda’s and Link. They were terrible games. There’s a great beat-em-up also called mutant
rampage bodyslam. I really recommend that. There was a mixture of games for them. So
this is kind of their adult game called Voyeur, which it’s exactly how it sounds. Hotel Mario, it gets a lot of flack but it’s
actually a really good puzzle platformer. The cut scenes aren’t all that great, not
much to write home about, but really its a pretty good game. There’s also chaos control,
which I believe even had a PS-one release, really good ports of myst, seventh guest,
of course burn cycle which was kind of the killer app for the CD-i. It’s not all sunshine
and rainbows, the CD-i of course. The golf games were pretty neat, these were
all pretty much like a live action. Kind of almost reminds you of dragon’s lair or earlier
PC games. There are some things even me, a fanatic of
the CD-i, don’t like. One is the controllers it ships with, they’re wireless but they’re
infrared controllers. So naturally, you lose that line of sight to your CD-i and you are
not going to be playing your game basically. I ended up getting the genesis style 3-button
game pad. It works pretty well. It’s not the greatest gamepad in the world. Not the
greatest D-pad in the world, but it does work really really well for the CD-i games. All of the software, whether it’s a game,
encyclopedia, whatever software you are using for the CD-i, they all had to be made to use
any of the input devices. So, even their lightgun, you can use that to play a platformer game.
I don’t recommend it, but you can do it if that’s how you live your life. Another
really interesting thing about the light gun is that it will work with on a modern TV.
You do not need to use a CRT. So, somewhat forward thinking, I guess? To me, it’s partly because of AVGN’s videos
about it, people don’t take it seriously and it was never really meant to be a gaming
platform, at least not initially. So, to me it’s pretty impressive what they were able
to do. The whole point of the system was kind of
to replace most all of your entertainment in your house. So, they wanted it to be your
VCR, and be your game system and your educational system. They didn’t want you to have a computer
anymore. And they were just trying to replace all of that. So, it was supposed to be multi-faceted.
They kind of achieved that to a point. There are some hidden gems on the CD-i, but
like any other console it has plenty of bad games as well. And you do have to look a little
deeper to find those hidden gems. So, one thing that gets talked about a lot
is that Philips managed to secure the rights from Nintendo to use some of their characters
for games, such as in this port of Zelda. But, they contracted these out to another
firm and the games ended up being almost universally hated, and in fact sometimes these games are
used to judge the entire CD-i franchise, which I think is a bit unfair. There were many different versions of the
CD-i player, such as this top-loader that came a few years later. And it’s surprising
how much smaller it is. It’s supposed to open on its own, but mine needs just a bit
of help. To put a CD in, you just need to sit it here, there are no snaps or anything,
and then you just close the top. On the front you get a controller port, on the side is
a power on/off switch. And on the rear this one just has the standard, low-end options
for audio and video. One bizarre thing, though, is the power brick. It uses an RJ-45 connection.
At first glance some people today might think it is an ethernet port. But it’s not. This
model also has a slot for the FMV cartridge. You just have to squeeze here and this cover
pops off. You may notice this badge on top that comes with the cartridge so that you
can show externally that your model is equipped with it. But the cartridge itself is essentially
the same as the one from the previous unit. This smaller top loader was priced much lower
and was designed specifically to compete with the Commodore CD32, neither of which made
a huge splash in the gaming market. It wasn’t until the Sony Playstation arrived in 1994
that the compact disc would make a big impact for gaming. Later they did come out with this more compact
front-loading unit. I think this was sold mostly to schools and businesses and things
like that. It seems to have an FMV cartridge essentially built into it, although one bizarre
thing I noticed is that it will not play CD+Graphics. I think the CD-i player was the first of its
kind and Philips didn’t really know what to do with it at the time. I think had they
bundled it with a better controller and focused on a different genre of games instead of the
full motion video type games, I think that it would have been more successful as a gaming
console. However, it did pave the way for other consoles, including DVD video, which
was based heavily off of the Video-CD design. Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this look
back at the Philips CD-i, and as always stick around to the next episode and thanks for

WORLD OF HORROR – Early access First impressions

I have a confession to make. I am very picky with my horror games. Although I enjoy horror games a lot, I honestly
don’t play that many of them. Mainly because I find that very few of them
manage to catch my interest. What I’m trying to say is that, when I do
get curious about a horror game, I’m only ever going to stick with it if I’m truly interested
in it. And let me tell you, this game managed to
hook me from the first 10 minutes I played and it’s definitely not an experience
that I’ll forget anytime soon. Just like the title screen says however, the
game is still in early access so if you’re interested in checking it out please do keep
that in mind. So whatever thoughts and feelings that are in this video will obviously also be based on the early access version of the game as well. WORLD OF HORROR is an adventure game in which
you have to solve a number of different mysteries in the small sea-side city of Shiokawa in
hopes of warding off a terrible evil. The game was inspired by retro adventure games so if you’re familiar with games like Arkham
Horror or that sort of adventure board game, you’ll most likely find WORLD OF HORROR very
easy to pick up. But do not worry! Even if you have no experience with these
types of games and you just want to check the game out because you think it looks cool,
there’s a very handy tutorial that’ll answer any questions about how the game works. So don’t be too scared. As you start a new adventure, the game will
ask you to pick a case to investigate. Each one of these cases that you choose are
built up of a number of events that are randomly generated. This means that every playthrough will be
slightly different from the next and that you’re encouraged to investigate the same
mystery numerous times in order to see all possible events and see all possible outcomes. During your investigations as you’re traveling
to different places to check for clues you’re going to be faced with both enemies and different
types of skill checks. The combat is turn-based and features an action
bar which you can fill up with any kind of actions you’d like to take in battle as long
as you have the required equipment. You have several different options whether
you’d like to actually fight enemies, run away from them or try your hand and some form
of communication. The success of all of your actions obviously
depend on your current stats and equipment. And speaking of your stats and equipment,
there’s a leveling system which will allow you to spend points leveling up whatever stats
you’d like. As well as a shop that will sell you certain
items, but you can also come across items as you’re investigating. The outcome of the skill checks will also obviously
depend on your current stats. (So keep that in mind before you try something
stupid and end up dead like I did.) So although each playthrough of the game will
be of very varying lengths and very different overall, they’re all generally pretty short. And that is again because you are encouraged
to investigate the same mystery several times. You’ll see new things if you do and depending
on your choices, you might find a new ending. If you’re looking into this game, you’re probably
going to hear the same thing being repeated a lot. And that is that this game feels very Junji
Ito inspired. But that’s because it’s true. WORLD OF HORROR isn’t an adaption of any of
Ito’s stories and it’s not a rip-off in any capacity but it’s very obviously inspired
by Junji Ito. Although the extremely intricate drawings
from a Junji Ito manga can’t be translated into something like a 1-bit artstyle, that’s
also not the point. With its uncanny faces, body horror and placing
unknown horrors into the mundane, WORLD OF HORROR ends up feeling Junji Ito inspired. One can also absolutely not ignore the very
obvious Lovecraftian influences. When cosmic gods come knocking on your door
you’re bound to think of H.P Lovecraft. That’s not to say that the atmosphere doesn’t feel unique because it certainly does. The mixture of Japanese urban legends and
cosmicism is very interesting because it weaves together folklore with the horrors of the
unknown. So although the setting feels very average
every day, you’re bound to be creeped out when you open one of the lockers at school
and can’t even wrap your head around what’s currently living inside of it. It’s a game that wraps its claws around you
within minutes of starting it. Because of the nature of the gameplay, all
your decisions will either doom you or save you and it’s up to you to figure out what
the best thing to do is. All while trying to, you know, stay sane in
the face of eldritch horrors. The pixel art-style is something that although
fairly simple-looking, really gives the game a special feel. The black and white is reminiscent of old
manga and some of the monsters in this game really made my stomach turn. Something that’s also really cool is that
the game has a bunch of different colors palettes and gives you the choice to either customize
your color palette yourself or to pick a random one before each new playthough. This sounds really simple but it makes a huge
difference, especially when you go in for your 2nd and 3rd playthroughs because it can
give scenes a completely different feel. It is absolutely also worth mentioning that
this game was made by one guy. We’ve had several of these amazing releases
in the past few years that were made by just one person, and it’s really cool to see people
so passionate about their projects. So while WORLD OF HORROR may not be the longest
of experiences, that’s not something that holds it back. As a matter of fact it’s quite the opposite. It’s adapted a very effective short story
formula which is what makes it so addicting. As a horror fan, I would strongly recommend
it. It’s been a while since a game got under my
skin in the same way that WORLD OF HORROR managed to and it’s just as spooky as
it is refreshing. I was really longing for something unique
to catch me off guard this year and I was pleasantly surprised to find it hit me upside
the head. So if you’re interested in checking this game
out, keep your eyes open because WORLD OF HORROR will be available on Steam, Playstation
4 and the Nintendo Switch this year. And like I mentioned earlier, is already available now in early access. I hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for watching.

GTA Online Best Vehicle Discounts (19th March 2020) – GTA 5 Weekly Car Sales Guide #30

Hello everyone I’m Broughy1322 and in this
video I’ll be going over the various vehicle discounts that are now active in GTA Online
as of Thursday 19th March 2020. All of these are gonna be available for 1 week until Thursday
26th March. The podium vehicle this week is the JB 700W,
which can be won by spinning the Lucky Wheel in the Casino. It’s in the Sports Classics
class and normally sets you back just under 1.5 million dollars. It’s not raceable and
performs exactly the same as the normal JB 700, but can be a fun addition to your garage
with some of the weapons, such as the secondary spike and oil slick weapons. The Premium Race this week is Senora Freeway,
which is an old style point to point race across blaine county for the Supers class.
Since it’s mostly about top speed and slipstreaming here, the Deveste Eight is probably your best
bet although the Kriger and Emerus as usual will be competitive options given there are
at least some corners here. Also, the Regular Time Trial this week is Storm Drain, with
the RC Time Trial being Cypress Flats. In terms of regular vehicle discounts, there’s
even less than usual this week. You’ll get 35% off the Emerus and Nero, bringing their
prices down to just under 1.8 million and 1 million dollars respectively. Since the
Emerus is at the top of the supercars class for racing, it’s a worthy investment if you
don’t already have it, but if you have the Krieger you also don’t need it. There’s also
40% off the Buzzard if that’s something you still don’t have, and that’s it for this week.
Pretty slim pickings it’s fair to say, and with everyone having to stay at home recently
I’m kind of surprised Rockstar haven’t put more on sale. You can of course find out the
lap times and top speeds of all of the vehicles that I’ve mentioned here by checking out the
playlist links in the description and pinned comment. In terms of discounts specifically for Twitch
Prime members who’ve linked their Rockstar Social Club accounts, you’ll get 80% off the
FMJ and Tempesta just like last week, and with these Twitch Prime deals ending on March
31st, which is a Tuesday, instead of the usual Thursday, I’d bet on us seeing a new downloadable
update on that date. Also if you do have Twitch Prime and you haven’t already make sure you’re
giving your free subscription to a Twitch streamer each month as well. It doesn’t have
to be me, but make sure you’re giving it to someone as you’re basically supporting them
with a $2.50 donation without any extra cost to you. I’ll be back with another video just like
this next Thursday, the 26th March, where there won’t be any new vehicle as we’ve reached
the end of the Casino Heist DLC drip feed, and we’ll go through everything that’s changed.
Feel free to subscribe and turn on notifications so you don’t miss it. Thanks a lot for watching
everyone, and I’ll see you next time.

Sometimes an easter egg is found in a
game that due to reasons beyond our control… …can never be found again. This is why today I’m diving into 7 Easter Eggs That Can No Longer Be Found… brought to you by Swagbucks.. And joining me today is the Easter Egg Hunter who
helped me come up with the idea of this video… Thanks again James! [James] No problem Odd, I
can’t wait to get started with you on this exciting episode… [Odd] Splatoon 2. Previously on my video
Most Shocking Easter Eggs In Kids Games I detailed terrifying hidden audio that could be heard in the background of any of the boss rooms
in the game… that would only creep up if you sat around the room for more than
ten minutes… which were so mysterious even the game’s director when asked
about it in a interview said he had no idea what the sounds were or why they
were even included in the game. Well, tying the mystery even further to newer,
stranger connections, I’ve heard additional reports from viewers such as
Alex and mochikitty who submitted me similar discoveries from Splatoon 2 that
unfortunately can no longer be found… That’s because these discoveries were
captured by a handful of people during Splatfest – a special series of events
that only appeared in Splatoon 2 from July 2017 to July 2019. For instance, if
players stood in front of these statues on the map Museum D’Alfonsio and
waited till the last 30 seconds of the match they occasionally could hear this
totally random little girl giggling… [ghostly girl laugh] Spooky… Youtuber JApple97 happened to
catch that, again, only during Splatfest, on the map Inkblot Art Academy, this
telephone booth would begin to ring only on extremely rare occasion, and if they
stood next to the booth they could hear this highly unsettling audio… [strange garbled noise] [phone line hangs up] Well, given the obscurity and extremely
rare occurrence of the audio, on top of the fact that we’re never gonna be able
to find these easter eggs ever again… I kind of doubt these discoveries are
something the game director still has any clue about.. Once again… Very weird. [ghostly girl laugh] [James] Cadence of Hyrule. Cadence of Hyrule is a really cool crossover title released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch blending the rhythm-based series
Crypt of Necrodancer with the world of Legend of Zelda. And not long after release, players
such as Blaines and LevelCodex found if they threw this rock in just the
right spot on Gerudo Village, jumped south over the rock and then walked along this
wall, they’d find themselves in this unexpectedly, cozy secret area. Upon
entering the house the player can talk to this character, who immediately states “I AM ERROR.” A reference to Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link as a random villager in the town
of Ruto simply stated the same message… “I AM ERROR.” Immediately after that reference the character introduces himself as Error
Houlihan, another reference that refers to another easter egg from
A Link to the Past This time referencing the secret Chris
Houlihan room, which was actually a secret failsafe room if the game failed
to load the right area when falling into a hole… and Chris actually being a player
who was awarded an appearance in A Link to The Past thanks to a contest held in
Nintendo Power. Turns out this room in Cadence of Hyrule
is exactly the same failsafe, as it only appears in the event of a player of
breaking out of bounds, especially difficult considering the game moves on a
grid, plus the fact if players go to try to find this easter egg now, they’ll find
it no longer works at all! As a patch was issued to the game that adds an extra
rock… right here… no longer allowing the player to access the Houlihan House ever
again, unless anyone finds a way before the developer patches it out. Oh yeah, and Error Houlihan lastly adds that he wants to build a chandelier… of hot dogs… This time referencing… [awkward laugh] Oh, actually me and Odd have no idea what that’s referencing. [Odd] Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. In 2016, youtuber BrokenOpus discovered during this scene in Uncharted 4, if they
entered into photo mode and moved the camera into just the right position, they
could see a headline that was actually directly lifted from The Onion which
says “World’s Largest Metaphor Hits Iceberg.” Well, it turns out this Easter
egg will never be found again, as as soon as it was found another patch was
quickly issued not long after, as when BrokenOpus went to observe the
newspaper easter egg again after the patch… …he found The Onion article was now
replaced with a new headline that said “Effects Artist Jailed For Using Copyrighted Material” …which I think that gives us a pretty good clue why we’re
never gonna find the original easter egg ever again… [James] Sonic Mania. When Sonic Mania first released, players found on Hydrocity Zone if they grabbed on to one of the hooks… …entered the Sonic 3 & Knuckles level
select code: Left, left, left Right, right, right, right,
Up, up, up …they would hear the iconic Sonic ring sound… [ring sound] Then at any point from
then on in the game, whenever you used one of the games boosters, no longer would
the normal booster sound be present as rather it would be replaced with this
little voice clip instead… EEeeeeeeyyeh!! Which is actually a sample lifted from youtuber
Dunkey’s video, Best of 2016… “EEeeeeeeyyeh!!” However, once players found this easter egg, it
unfortunately wasn’t in the game for very long, as a patch was released
shortly after the discovery of the egg that quickly removed it from the game,
meaning the egg can no longer ever be found again… “EEeeeeeeyyeh!!” Why the Dunkey easter egg was
removed remains a mystery, though the large speculation was the egg was
implemented without Sega’s approval and maybe they weren’t too happy about
Dunkey’s Sonic 06 video.. [Dunkey] “Can jump off a building to building but he can’t [bleep]ing swim!” “Have you ever heard of Superman 64?
Yeah… same team here.” [Odd] City of Heroes. Thanks to ssharp77 who shared this one with me in the comments of my
Areas Never Meant to Be Found Part I video, as ssharp recalled a mystery he always wondered
about in the now-defunct online game City of Heroes. Sharp recalled on the map
Peregrine Island, if you were to swim way out of the right side of the map and
jumped into just the right spot in the invisible wall out in the ocean, you’d find
a gap in the wall where could you get yourself far out of bounds, finally coming to a
flat earther’s dream by falling off the edge of the ocean! Swimming out even
further, you could eventually find a pair of large boxes suspended high in the air
and by typing the failsafe command “/stuck” which teleports you to the nearest
door in case you got, well… stuck… You would suddenly teleport inside of the
boxes and find yourself in a room that appeared to be the mainframe of the
matrix, a huge contrast to any of the environments in the game.
The unfortunate thing is not much was ever understood about this location as
players were instantly banned for simply entering it, highly reminiscent of the
Fallout 76 developer room, but this time with much less answers! And the only way
the footage you see now was even captured with because it was caught in
literally the game’s last moments before the server went down and vanished
forever… meaning no one ever got to see what the room’s deeper secrets really
were… or why the developers were so intent on making it so that no one could
ever get into the room, before the game was unplugged from the matrix and ended
up completely lost somewhere in cyberspace forever… Runescape. Thanks to hallways for their
incredible research submitted through my website oddheader.com. Hallways explained in
the nearly 20 year-old, largest-running massively multiplayer online game,
Runescape, there used to be a long-running rumor about a mysterious
area that appeared on the world map for only a few hours… never to be seen again… Well, Hallways finally tried to get to the bottom of the mystery himself after
all these years and downloaded an old copy of the game to finally get the
answers for himself… after going through the files and getting everything up and running Hallways sure enough found that indeed
for about a day and a half in July 2006 a strange mass of land indeed appeared
in Runescape for only a brief sliver of time. Hallways further research found the
area had actually been in the game since September 2004 and was swiftly deleted
after its brief debut on the map in 2006. And again, thanks to Hallways’ endless
curiosity, he even asked noted Runescape developer Mod Ash about its existence and even
Mod had no idea what the environment’s purpose was, leaving this as a truly
unsolvable discovery considering its origins are now only a distant memory that even
those behind the mystery can now barely recall… [James] Playstation Home. I actually came to Odd with this video idea because… I remembered a few easter eggs that could
no longer be found in Sony’s now offline, 3D social gaming platform,
PlayStation Home. Coincidentally, shortly after we agreed on this video idea,
Dedsec of the Project Destination Home (Preservation Project) reached out to Odd
at the same time through his discord server and claimed they had enough of
the game back online to show some of the game’s many lost easter eggs…
Unfortunately, many of these easter eggs are still no longer able to be found, as
the levels they were found in are still yet to go online, but until then all we
have are these images of this floating out of bounds shark wearing a fez from
the still offline map Aurora as well as a few other easter eggs
on other unavailable maps like Burn Zombie Burn… Perhaps that will all change
though, as the team is still working on getting the maps back up, so maybe these
easter eggs can actually be found in the game once again someday soon. Fortunately,
thanks to the amazing work of the Project Destination team, we can still
look at two awesome out of bounds easter eggs that can be finally found again,
solely thanks to their efforts on the now online map, Apartment, including this
strangely out-of-place mine from the game Warhawk… that would have once only
been seen with the use of a glitch and not even a far distance away from this
easter egg we can also find this hilarious secret message… [Odd] Again thanks to
dedsec and the Preservation Project for giving us these looks at these easter
eggs that otherwise could have never been seen again. Without you we’d lose an
important part of video game easter egg history… Go support team Project
Destination Home if you want to see these easter eggs ever found again… and
thank you again James for joining me on the channel today. Please support James
by subscribing to his channel and thank you for supporting this channel too as
we’re about to break 500,000 subs I just can’t even believe it… and thank you
again to Swagbucks for supporting this channel and making this video possible.
Having used swagbucks in the past I can say that it’s a fun and addicting way to make
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as Amazon, Walmart, and more. Use the link down below to get an extra five dollars
just for signing up. If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe. If you know of
any other easter eggs that can no longer be found, let me know in the comments
down below… Submit to oddheader.com Or even send me a shout on Twitter or Reddit… [patrons] Stay tuned!

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 13.03.2020

It’s not an easy week for GWENT! We had a stream on Monday with Jason, Android closed beta started this week and GWENT World Masters got postponed due to the coronavirus! Let’s jump into this week’s episode of TWiG. We hosted a developer stream on Monday with Jason Slama where we went over some of the changes coming to the game with hotfix 5.2.1 and in the near future. You can rewatch the stream on our CD PROJEKT RED Twitch channel! This week we sent out emails to players, who first signed up for the Android closed beta. Please double check your email boxes and enjoy! Reminder: GWENT on Android will launch on March 24, 2020. This week we disabled auto-milling of spare cards in the build, you can still mill cards one by one though. We’ll be updating the auto-mill function with the next big update at the end of the month. GWENT World Masters, the big finale, had been postponed due to the Coronavirus or Covid-19. As you probably know a lot of events are being postponed around the world and the same thing happened for World Masters, health of everyone attending the event is the number one priority, we’ll be posting more information about the event and other masters events in the following weeks, so stay tuned. That’s it for this weeks TWiG see you again next week!

The Genius of Prey’s Gloo Cannon | Game Maker’s Toolkit

ALARM CLOCK: Good Morning Morgan.
Today is Monday March 15th, 2032 Prey is packed
with good ideas. Like, the Mimic. This spindly, black, spider-like alien can
disguise itself as any object in the room – making you suspicious of everything you
see. See that health-pack? Surprise! It’s a Mimic. But, you can also take that power for yourself. You can use these painful looking Neuromods
to give yourself alien powers – one of which lets you turn yourself into a coffee mug,
roll through a gap in a door, and then turn back into a human on the other side.
Handy. However, collecting these powers comes at
a cost. Install too many and the friendly robots aboard
Talos I will read your DNA as alien, and start targeting you as an enemy. Like I said, Prey is stuffed with smart ideas. But perhaps the best of all is found right
at very the start of the game: the Gelifoam Lattice Organism Obstructor – or, as it’s
better known, the Gloo cannon. It’s the game’s signature weapon and like
Kratos’ Leviathan Axe or Mario’s cap, this thing serves so many purposes that you’ll
always want to have it on quick-select. So, as soon as you snatch it, you’re invaded
by an army of Mimics. And when you hit them with the Gloo cannon’s
big blobs of insta-dry adhesive, you’ll immediately figure out its first major use:
freezing enemies in place. Kinda like the electric bolt in Bioshock or
the ice missiles in Metroid, the Gloo cannon temporarily stops enemies in their tracks
and lowers their defence, giving you a chance to swap to another weapon for a decisive blow. Or, scan them with your psychoscope to boost
your research. Or just run away. Another use for the Gloo cannon is to deal
with environmental hazards. You can use it to plug up gas leaks and stop
flames spewing out. Or patch up a malfunctioning electrical circuit,
to give you time to fix it. Or use a blob of Gloo to sponge up toxic spills
left by nuisance enemies. Or exploit the physics system to move hefty
objects that Morgan can’t lift by hand. But it’s the third and final use of the
Gloo cannon that takes this thing from a handy gadget to an essential piece of equipment: Gloo blobs stick to practically any surface, bar glass, and then stay there indefinitely
– allowing you to clamber on top of them and reach high-up zones. So right next to you when you get the Gloo
cannon there’s a half-finished staircase which leads you up to this roof, and nets
you few goodies. But then you might notice that this whole
area is actually comprised of multiple floors and the grav shaft elevator is out of action. So, if you use the Gloo cannon to build a
makeshift staircase you’ll be able to reach the next floor and grab some extra stuff – including
early access to a new weapon. If you didn’t quite figure that out for yourself,
later in the game you’ll watch a character create a Gloo staircase right
in front of you to reach an escape route. Staircases aren’t the only thing you can
make, though: later in the game you can unlock a Neuromod called Lift, which creates a blast
of antigravity and sends hefty objects high into the air. You can then Gloo them to walls, to create
floating platforms. Theoretically you could then destroy the Gloo
and have the object crash down on an enemy’s head, but I think that would be more luck
than anything. I spent about 30 minutes trying to get this
to work and this was the best I could manage. So the Gloo cannon can be used to get up to
all sorts of high places, allowing you to find secret stashes of items. It feels like a more intentional version of
the classic Deus Ex trick of using LAM mines to climb up walls – and a natural expansion
of the movement options in Arkane’s other immersive sim, Dishonored. That game had to limit the player’s movement
with high-reaching walls, to keep them in one small part of a much larger world. but a space station is very different. In an interview with PC Gamer, Prey’s lead
system designer Seth Shain said “Because you’re on the space station Talos
I and outside of that is space, everything has a ceiling. With that, we knew that the bounds of the
player were already set by the ceiling, [so] we could just let the player move through
that space as fluidly as they could”. And, naturally, that means Gloo can also be
used to let you skip past sections of the game or get to places earlier than you’re
supposed to. Take, for example, the Arboretum. When you first get there, you’ll find that
Alex’s office is completely off limits, thanks to a locked down grav shaft. You won’t get the key code until much later
in the game, and while you can bypass the lock you probably haven’t spent enough Neuromods
on hacking by this point. However, when I got to this part of the game
I used a whole bunch of Gloo (plus a fair amount of patience) to scramble up the inside of
the elevator shaft and reach his office hours before I was supposed to. And Arkane probably didn’t intend players to
use the Gloo gun to clip through walls, completely break the game’s progression, and finish
the whole adventure in less than 7 minutes time. Collision breaking aside, though, the Gloo
gun is actually something of a technical marvel. Games are great at letting players remove
stuff from a world – you know, enemies, objects, sometimes entire walls and chunks of planets
– but adding new things is something entirely more difficult. Having to draw too many objects can tank the
game’s frame rate. Even my PC struggles to keep up with 2,000
cheese wheels in the same street. And saving all this additional stuff in memory
isn’t always possible, which is why bullet holes disappear after you’ve created too
many. And that’s not to mention that Prey’s
Gloo blobs are physical objects that you can stand on – hence, the collision issue. Of course, adding objects is totally possible,
but usually with restrictions. Minecraft has simple voxel-based graphics
and is constrained to a grid. Dreams has a creation budget that you can’t
exceed. And Shadow Complex – which has a similar gadget
to the Gloo cannon in its Foam gun – is saved by being in only two dimensions. So, to that end, the Gloo cannon also has
some restraints. There is a limit to the number of blobs in
one area, but unless you’re cheating, your ammo will surely run out
before you ever see it. The most obvious limitation, though, is that
while Gloo can stick to most things, it can’t stick to other blobs of Gloo. So you can’t make big towers or bridges. Shain says “that’s something that we couldn’t
do because it created this technical problem – this chain of constraints that added to
the computation time [of] the whole chain. There was no way we could do this and have
it perform on console”. So while the Gloo gun went through lots of
iterations and prototypes, lead designer Ricardo Bare told PCGamesN that “the version we
ended up with was the best intersection of: performs well enough to ship and is the most
fun”. So, Prey is a game that is all is about choice. Male or female? Human or alien? Save or sacrifice? Which Neuromods do you pick? How do you explore the space station? Who do you trust? At every turn, the game gives you the power
to choose your own way to play. And the Gloo cannon is a potent symbol of
that player empowerment because it can serve you no matter how you choose to play – from
combat to pacifism to exploration to problem solving to sequence breaking silliness. It’s that multi-purpose design that makes
the Gloo cannon one of gaming’s most ingenious gadgets. Thanks for watching! It’s always fun to go really deep on a single
idea from a game. To that end, check out these similar videos
on two more multipurpose game mechanics, the Leviathan Axe from God of War,
and Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey. Cheers. See you soon.

GT SPORT CAR GUIDE: Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 with Jimmy Broadbent

Hey guys. Other side of the world boy here. And right now I am in Sydney, Australia for the first World Tour event of the year. Now the reason why you’re seeing my beautiful face on the screen right now is because I’m here to give you a cheeky little preview of a new car coming to GT Sport very shortly. That’s right, this is the Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 car. Now this is a car that I’ve had experience
with in the past and I’m so glad now we’re getting it coming into GT Sport. Now you might know this car if your a motorsport enthusiast from the mid-2000s. It’s Le Mans success, a very, very successful car in Le Mans and endurance racing. And now you’re gonna have the opportunity to drive it in the game. So let’s talk about it a bit because what makes it a GT1 car? What makes it different from the cars we have in Gr.3 for example. So it’s a GT1 car, regs were a bit different back then. Very, very quick in a straight line, V12 engine. Like you know I like a good V12. Six litres producing nearly 600 brake horsepower. Aero not quite as advanced as modern machinery which means that you get all the fun in a straight line, a bit more fun in the corners if you’re being a little bit impatient with the loud pedals. So I know you guys love seeing me drive and fail so what we’re gonna be doing is taking this new Aston Martin DBR9 for a run around Brands Hatch. And let you know what it’s like to drive. So, head on circuit in our Aston Martin. Now I’m sure this car sounds absolutely fantastic however I can’t hear it right now because I’ve had to turn it down because there’s some other things going on next door. So I’m gonna go for the world’s first attempt at Brands Hatch with zero volume. So of course as I said this car, very, very quick in a straight line. But in the corners, a little bit more lairy. You got 600 horse power, you got no traction control at the rear there so all that horse powers going through you’re right foot so be nice and careful. We come to Druids. In third gear, probably use second gear though here. And also with this V12 engine, there’s a ton of torque. It just comes instantly. So you’ve gotta be very, very careful when applying the throttle, otherwise you’re gonna go for a trip into the barrier. Somewhere that I end up all too often. So Brands is a great circuit for this car
because it really plays to the strengths of this thing. Lots of very fast, sweeping corners and this is a car that, although it doesn’t have as much downforce as a Gr.3 car, definitely prefers the quicker corners. Just because you’re up to speed, the downforce you do have is being used and you aren’t struggling to contain the power at the rear. Here’s Hawthorns. Try and eek the throttle through there. Again, this is a very weird experience without sound. I’m just gonna keep throwing that in there
as an excuse if I make any mistakes. Just gotta cover my back a little bit you
know, otherwise they’re gonna get rid of me. I’ve gotta be careful. So coming up to Sheen now. This is a great corner, a lot of fun if you get it right. Very easy to cut the track there though if
you turn in a bit too quickly. And then same here as well, you wanna get right onto the kerb on the inside. You can use a little bit of the kerb on the
outside there because it does ramp up a little bit, the further you go, the bigger danger you have of actually ending up on the grass. Now here’s Clearways. You can take a wide line through here and be generally OK. I think I’m really far of the RPM but I’m just guessing. So someone’s done a 1:25 around here. Oh, look at that. I’m actually quite close to it. Oh, I beat it first time. There you go. Pro driver. Let’s see if we can go a bit quicker. Now Paddock Hill in this car, you can feel
the car start to give up a little bit on the exit there. It starts to understeer a little bit on this setup. You can probably tune that out a tiny bit but it’s just a kind of characteristic of the times these things. Where Gr.3 cars are cars that quite easy to drive at a decent level but hard to drive very fast, these are kind of hard to drive even at a normal level I’d say just because of the kind of brutality of it. It just comes from a time when manufacturers were just throwing money at cars and putting a big engine in car. Go fast. Straight line and that was pretty much it. Now it’s a bit more refined. But of course it’s always fun to drive any Aston Martin, especially the one with 007 on the front because I get to feel cooler than I actually am. There you go, we are second lap right now. Let’s see if we can carry that to the line. Again, another great corner though here. I forget the name of this one but it’s very similar to Sheen, you can really throw it on the inside there and use a little bit of the run-off. But you’ve gotta be careful round here, the track limits can be a little bit deceptive. There you go that was nice. Oh, just picked up a tiny bit of grass there. Very easy to do that and you can have a monumental crash there if you’re being a little bit too enthusiastic. I wish I could hear this because it’s always so encouraging when you’re just getting onto the throttle
on the V12 going ‘go on, go on. Do it.’ and then you’re, it just encourages you along. There you go, across the line. That’s a lot quicker, thats a 1:23.8. I tell you what, I’ll try and set a lap time now and you guys can try and beat it at home when this comes into the game. He says that using, again no sound so please be nice to me. No sound and you’ve seen my practice so far, it’s been these laps so. Let’s see if I can go any quicker. Right now, I’m going slower so that’s not a good sign. There you go, look. Sector up. Coming down. I think this ones called Graham Hill Bend. I should really smart up on my Brands Hatch names. It’s not like I’m a commentator or anything. It’s not important. So up the hill now. That is the most difficult corner of the circuit. I forget the corner name there. It might be Surtees, I am unsure. But it’s off-camber, up-hill, very late apex. It’s super easy just to have the front wash out, especially in a car like this where you haven’t quite got the downforce of something a bit more modern. So another second up on our time. I expect you guys will beat this very quickly at home but let me have my moment, alright. Just coming up to Sheen. Position the car on the outside of the course and then turn in quite early, account for the understeer you’re gonna get and then noooo…… There goes my lap time. So what you’ve learnt here is when Jimmy’s talking through a lap, don’t listen. But that is the Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 car. Coming fairly soon to GT Sport. I can tell you right now, even without sound it was a blast so I’m looking forward to getting home and cranking up the volume and having the full experience of this V12 beast. So yeah guys that was my, I guess pretty poor attempt at getting the Aston Martin DBR9 around Brands Hatch. Ton of fun that car, really glad that it’s coming into GT Sport and I’m very curious to see what times you guys can do at home. I’m sure you’ll be a lot quicker than me. Make sure to like the video if you enjoyed it. Subscribe and do all the good things and we’ll see you next time for some more fun content. Catch you later.