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These are the best video games to play during Quarantine!!

– Hi, everyone. Welcome to this video. Welcome back to my channel. And I wanted to give you a quick update on a previous video I did a few months ago related to the games
I’m playing right now. So considering that we’re
spending 95%, 98% of our time at home right now, we’re in
Canada, I’m in Vancouver, we’ve been sorta quarantining
at home for quite some time, so lots of time to work, but also lots of time to
catch up on all those games that you didn’t have
any time to play before. So these are the games
that I’m playing right now during quarantine time. So game number one is
called “Octopath Traveler,” and it’s a JRPG style game. Turn-based games where
you build your character and you develop your
skills are commonly known as JRPGs or Japanese RPGs. And “Octopath Traveler” is one of them. It’s a huge game. It’s actually a very expensive
game on Nintendo Switch. It’s about 80 bucks. But I was able to get
it on discount for $39. I think it’s still on. This is March 27, so you better run and see if it’s still on
discount on Nintendo Switch. But it’s a very good deal ’cause it’s a very, very
big game and great game. I’m loving it. I really like JRPGs. It takes me back to my times
playing “Final Fantasy III” or “Final Fantasy IV.” There’s a lot of different
paths to explore. You develop your character. You can create different parties
with different characters. I’m trying to get the hang
of the different parties and characters right now. But it’s a very cool game. They also have the
option of playing a demo, so you get to play a demo for three hours, see if you like it. And if you do, you can,
afterwards, actually buy the game, import your save from the
demo to the full game, which is a great option. I love that option, and
that’s exactly what I did. So I played for three hours, I liked it, and then I bought the game
and I imported my save. The other game that I’m
spending a lot of time on, but to be honest, my wife is spending way more time on it than I am, she’s actually been stealing
the Nintendo Switch a lot from me at night, is “Tetris 99.” It’s a very cool game. It’s a very cool “Tetris” revamp. So the concept is you play “Tetris” just like you would anywhere else, but you’re actually
playing against 99 people at the same time. So the game matches you
with 99 other players, and you’re basically trying to
beat each other till the end. So as people die, the game
gets increasingly hard until there’s basically one person left or the winner for the session. It’s really cool, it’s really addictive. My wife has been playing a lot of it. She gets really excited,
sometimes aggravated with the way things
go, so it’s really fun. I recommend everyone plays it. So the other game that I’m
playing right now as well, it’s on the iPad iOS, but
I think it has for Android. They have it for Android and also PC. The game’s called “Plague Inc.” It’s kind of a joke, because, obviously now we’re quarantined. We’re in this coronavirus
COVID-19 kinda scare. Everyone’s scared about it. Everyone’s hearing the crazy news on how exponentially keeps growing. And “Plague Inc.” is
actually about a pandemic. It’s a pandemic that is trying to overcome or take over the world
and destroy humankind. And you play the role of the pandemic trying to destroy humankind. And the AI or the computer
is playing against you, trying to stop you from
destroying humankind. So it’s pretty fun. It’s a bit of an old game,
but I guess it’s back at the hype right now because
everyone wants to play it, wants to see how pandemics work. They wanna see the dynamics. It’s interesting because you
can create custom scenarios, so you can actually
download the custom scenario for coronavirus, for COVID-19 out there. I actually have downloaded it, and I’m trying to play through
it and see how it works. Really recommend it. So again, for iOS,
Android, and I think Steam. It’s on Steam as well. Finally, as I said before,
I’m an avid PS4 player, so I’m trying to play
through some of the games that I haven’t finished yet. So I’m currently playing “Control.” I’m also playing “Spider-Man,”
which I’m loving it. And I’m about to start
playing “Death Stranding.” And I love Kojima, so I’m
really looking forward to it. So guys, thanks for watching. I hope you like the games
I’m playing right now. I wanna know which games
you are playing right now. Please don’t forget to
subscribe for the channel, like this video, leave comments below on the games you’re playing. Thank you so much, and see you next time. (upbeat pop music) ♪ Sherwa ♪

Now Sony Says “Majority” of PS4 Games Will Be Backward Compatible – IGN Now

So now Sony says the majority of PlayStation 4 games will be backwards compatible on PS5. Remember earlier this week when Sony’s Mark Cerny said that *almost* all of the top 100 most popular PS4 games would be playable at launch on PS5? That was disappointing to a lot of people who were expecting full backwards compatibility on the next-gen console. But Sony has just updated its messaging on backwards compatibility for the PS5, stating that it now intends to support the majority of the 4000+ PS4 titles with backwards compatibility on the next-gen system. The reason for the delay of support for all PS4 titles is apparently due to the PS5’s boosted frequencies which will run PS4 games at higher, more stable frame rates and potentially higher resolution. Sony is testing each game on a game-by-game basis to ensure compatibility with the updated architecture and will work with the original developers if any adjustments need to be made. We already got a glimpse of how the PS5’s added of power and SSD will improve low times last year in games like Spider-Man. It’ll be interesting to see just how much better some of the PS4’s more demanding titles actually fair. It’s nice to hear they’re planning to provide backward compatibility with almost all PS4 games eventually, but it should be noted that Microsoft is taking a much more expansive approach to backwards compatibility with the Xbox Series X. That console will support games from every Xbox generation all the way back to the O.G. Xbox released in 2001. For more on both next-gen consoles, stay tuned to IGN.

NONE of February’s Top 10 Selling Games Were New Releases – IGN Now

The best selling games of the year so far are all old games. You don’t need me to tell you this, but so far this year hasn’t seen very many big game releases of the top ten best selling games of twenty twenty so far. Only one was released this year. Dragon Ball Z Cover Art and PD just released the latest game sales report for February. Call of Duty, Modern Warfare released last October. It was the best selling game of the month. Aside from Dragon Ball, the other games on the list are all older releases including NBA 2K 20, Grand Theft Auto 5 and the Division 2, which was heavily discounted to just $3 last month. I guess I guess that promotion works. P.S. Forces of dreams did not make the top 20 list. The general lack of big game releases so far this year resulted in game sales plummeting 30 percent from the same period in twenty nineteen when we got Prezant Evil to remake and Kingdom Hearts 3. How do you feel about drinks not getting into the top 20? I’m a little surprised. It is. It is. It is an exclusive which is always going to hurt it. But in the top to me list there are lots of Nintendo switch exclusives, so that’s fair. Yeah, things should start to pick up this month. However, with the highly anticipated releases of Doom Maternal and Tom Nook steals all your money simulator. I mean, animal crossing. Right. And the momentum should continue into April with the Rezende Evil 3 and Final Fantasy 7 remakes. Not to mention people are going to be spending a lot more time at home over the next several weeks. We can’t go to the movies. We can’t go to Disneyland, but we can play video games. Thank you. Video games, Astro Hardware than intend to switch is the best selling console of the year so far. Not too surprising since the PS4 and X-Box one are nearing the end of their life cycles while the switch is still middle aged. For all of your video game use, stay tuned to IGN.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 13.03.2020

It’s not an easy week for GWENT! We had a stream on Monday with Jason, Android closed beta started this week and GWENT World Masters got postponed due to the coronavirus! Let’s jump into this week’s episode of TWiG. We hosted a developer stream on Monday with Jason Slama where we went over some of the changes coming to the game with hotfix 5.2.1 and in the near future. You can rewatch the stream on our CD PROJEKT RED Twitch channel! This week we sent out emails to players, who first signed up for the Android closed beta. Please double check your email boxes and enjoy! Reminder: GWENT on Android will launch on March 24, 2020. This week we disabled auto-milling of spare cards in the build, you can still mill cards one by one though. We’ll be updating the auto-mill function with the next big update at the end of the month. GWENT World Masters, the big finale, had been postponed due to the Coronavirus or Covid-19. As you probably know a lot of events are being postponed around the world and the same thing happened for World Masters, health of everyone attending the event is the number one priority, we’ll be posting more information about the event and other masters events in the following weeks, so stay tuned. That’s it for this weeks TWiG see you again next week!

10 Upcoming FPS Games of 2020 (PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch) | whatoplay

1. Ready or Not on PC, PS4, and Xbox One The title might throw some people off. But
if you’re one of those people patiently waiting for the arrival of a new entry to Irrational
Games’ SWAT series, your prayers have been answered. Though not a direct sequel, VOID
Interactive’s spiritual successor promises to bring the same realness to the FPS game
that SWAT delivered. As a police team, you’ll have to face dangerous
criminal situations with a tactical mind. Pairing shooting with puzzle-solving, Ready
Or Not provides you with choices on how to deal with each criminal situation, and you’ll
get to call the shots–whether that means diffusing hostile situations or facing them
head-on. So far it definitely. feels like it stays
true to the spirit of the SWAT series. Currently, in Alpha phase, it’s set to release on the
PC this June. 2. Valorant If there’s one game everybody’s been talking
about, it’s this upcoming title from Riot Games themselves. With Valorant, Riot will
take themselves far from their comfort zone of massively popular MOBA, League of Legends.
Showing off CS:GO-like gameplay along with characters that are up to par with the quirkiness
of Blizzard’s Overwatch, it also feels like Riot is prepared to square off with the big
boys on their brand new ventures. Compared to LOL’s hundreds of champions, there
will only be 8 agents, but each will be equipped with skills that will hopefully bring balance
to the fast-paced gameplay. As a new game, it also answers to the clamors of the FPS
community, with higher tick rates and extensive measures against cheats and exploits. Valorant is currently slated for a release
this Summer on the PC 3. Halo Infinite on PC, Xbox One, and Series
X Microsoft always brings superstar treatment
to their exclusive titles. But, as much as we’re all excited for this upcoming latest
installment, we didn’t really come a long way from their cinematic story reveal. On the other hand, there’s plenty of details
that are sure to keep us interested. Known for their multiplayer, Split Screen will definitely
make a return in this entry. And, on top of that, it’s gonna be a CAPACIOUS experience,
with a big and open world full of “mystery and wonder,” whatever that means. Even though it’s gonna be a huge, next-gen
title that’s gonna be packed with fresh new tools and features, Microsoft has also noted
that this game will be a return to their roots. Which means bringing back classic armor from
previous entries, as well as the classic theme. It’s not really much, but with its Holiday
2020 release window, we might find out soon enough. It’s coming to PC and Xbox One,
as well as the new Xbox Series X. 4. Nine to Five Gathering developers from a laundry list of
popular shooters, and trivial pursuit mobile, Nine To Five already feels like it’ll be one
hell of a shooter. Add dancing rabbits with guns to the mix, and you got yourself a winner.
Revealed at the 2019 Game Awards, its official teaser trailer showed off a refreshing self-awareness.
But beneath all that, it looks to be a serious tactical FPS about a world run entirely by
corporations. You, the player, will be fighting for them. According to the developers, it’s key selling
point will be its 3v3v3 gameplay, where objectives keep changing and actions have consequences,
and all taking place in the span of 15 minutes. If anybody wants to try out how that works,
RedHill is currently accepting sign-ups for their Alpha testing phase. With its promise of a dynamic and fast-paced
shooting environment, it could be Redhill’s answer to Rainbow Six Siege and it’s coming
to the PC this year. 5. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Quarantine on
PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS5, and Series X A game that is decidedly NOT Rainbox Six Siege,
Ubisoft hopes to present something new to the table with this upcoming entry to the
Rainbox Six series. Set several years into the future of their Rainbow Six series, Quarantine
is exploring a new kind of enemy as the team fights against a mutating alien parasite. What’s special about the game is supposedly
its 3 player co-op mode that lets you get into gunplay and tactics with two other friends.
However, after its teaser last June, we still don’t know more than we did last year. But
since Rainbow Six Siege community is thriving, it’s easy to say the hype is still on. Delayed from its previous Early 2020 window,
we’ll have to expect it sometime later this year on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. As well
as next-gen consoles PS5 and the Series X. 6. Disintegration on PC, PS4, and Xbox One Sci-fi shooters are a dime a dozen, so it’s
not hard to believe that this new IP is getting more than a few comparisons. From Titanfall,
to Destiny, to Anthem, and especially Halo. But, if there’s any similarities to that last
one, it’s because Halo’s CO-Creator was determined to make this a reality. Mark Lehto, who is behind the new V1 Interactive
Studio, has worked on titles like Halo 2, 3, and Halo: Combat Evolved and he set out
to use these experiences to make something brand new, without all the torturous crunches
of the videogame world. Disintegration balances singleplayer and multiplayer
content. Its campaign puts us in the shoes of gravcycle pilot, Romer Shoal, who fights
for the cause of humanity in an increasingly “integrated” Rayonne world. All that while
offering three multiplayer modes, each a frantic team-based battle that tests teamwork and
individual skill. It might look like a bleak future for its
story, but Disintegration also presents an inspiring future for game development we can
all get behind. It’s coming out in 2020 on the PC, PS4, and
Xbox One, with some speculations suggesting its release on the PS5
7. CrossFire X From something new to something familiar.
Crossfire is one of the biggest names in Asia’s FPS market. And, while they thrived on the
PC, this time, Microsoft is bringing a fresh edition exclusively to the Xbox One. Together with its debut on the Xbox are a
slew of improvements to enhance the shooting experience to something worth the console’s
heavy-duty performance. That means making aim down sights shooting possible, as well
as a brand new battle royale game mode. Despite these changes, Crossfire X still promises
to be a free-to-play experience that everyone can enjoy on the console. If you’re looking for a new FREE shooter on
the Xbox One, you can expect this on the shelves sometime this year.
8. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond How better to look at the future of first-person
shooters than checking on what’s cooking in the world of virtual reality. From the creators of Titanfall and Apex Legends,
this Medal of Honor comeback is Respawn’s latest collaboration with Electronic Arts,
taking us right into the frontlines of the explosive gore and glory of the second World
War. A lot of fans are just excited for the return
of the beloved Medal of Honor series, but it’s made even more promising thanks to the
next-level immersion that the VR platform will offer. Other than getting zero breathing
moment on the anti-Nazi battlefield, Above and Beyond will also have you sneaking into
bases and interacting with objects as an OSS agent. A whole new play an already beloved series,
it’s set to release on the Oculus Rift sometime in 2020.
9. I.G.I. Origins on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 Speaking of world wars and espionage, it’s
time to get in this action from Toadman Interactive’s revival of a turn of the century title. With
that initialism literally meaning “I’m Going In,” you can bet there are more infiltration
missions to come our way. As a prequel to Innerloop Studio’s Project
IGI, Origins will take us back to the Cold War where we play an MI6 spy on a mission
for redemption. With that comes stealth assignments, firefights, and an array of gadgets to play
with. It’s still a long way off from its 2021 release
date so we don’t have much right now except that’s it’ll clearly look sweeter than the
20-year-old original. It’s coming to the PC, Xbox One, PS4, and likely also on the PS5
10. Deathloop A most deadly combination of 2nd amendment
groundhog day, Bethesda isn’t playing aorund with their latest FPS venture either. They
already stirred enough intrigue for the title by pulling in the hitmakers of the Dishonored
Series, Arkane Studios. In their short, cinematic presentation at
E3, we got a glimpse of the mind-bending story of rival assassins Colt and Juliana in a strange
world caught in a loop. One vying for escape, and the other fighting to keep everything
as it is. While we don’t know much about the game yet,
we do know that just like Dishonored, players will be given the choice to approach each
situation however they see fit. Which actually does sound pretty fucking awesome. Slated for a PS4 release as of now, there’s
also talk of its coming to the PS5 and The Xbox Series X.
Here are some honorable mentions: 11. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 If you’re a fan of the Chernobyl-centric STALKER
series, then you’ve probably been waiting for this. The updates are pretty slow so far,
and with the 2021 release window looming on the horizon, we’re definitely wondering where
it’s at. 12. Call of Duty 2020 (tentative) Activision has confirmed the release of another
Call of Duty title. Other than this confirmation though, they didn’t give too many details
on the upcoming game. That is, other than the fact they expect it to sell less than
their Modern Warfare game and that’s it’s coming this 4th quarter.
13. XIII on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch After amassing a cult following in 2013, the
comic book adaptation sets out to make a stronger impression this year. Known for its impressive
storyline, cel-shaded graphics, and David Duchovny, 13 will return with refreshed visuals
and updated gameplay sometime in 2020. 14. Project Boundary on PC, PS4, and Xbox
One From the PlayStation’s China Hero Project,
developer Surgical Scalpels is gonna give us a tour of the outer space. While it looks
like it’ll make an awesome campaign, Project Boundary will be a multiplayer-focused title
with various 5v5 game modes, which military themes in their weapons and gameplay. Space
is about to get loud sometime in 2020. 15. Witchfire From the makes of Painkiller, Bulletstorm,
and the Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Witchfire is The Astronauts’ latest game. A gothic shooter
set in a 15th Century Europe populated by magical craetures. If their previous titles
are any indication, it’s gonna be awesome and it’s coming to the PC in 2020.
16. PayDay 3 (tentative) Well, speculation is better than nothing.
After changing hands to Starbreeze in 2016, the franchise has been in kind of a rut. Still,
since they promised, all we can do is wait patiently for its arrival.
17. Atomic Heart on PC, PS4, and Xbox One Inspired by Bioshock, Mundfish weaves its
own tale of Soviet Union weirdness with what might be last year’s best trailer. It was
trippy and whimsical like a robot-filled Chocolate Factory. But, unfortunately, it’s been delayed
from its late 2019 release date and we haven’t heard much since.
18. Bright Memory: Infinite on PC, PS4, and Xbox One One man studio FYQD follows up his Episode
1 success with an expanded version of his original hack and slack masterclass. Already
oozing with bullet storms and lightning-fast combat, Infinite will bring story rewrites
and reworked levels that are set to make the Bright Memory experience even better. It’s
coming out in the 4th quarter of 2020. 19. Wolfenstein III (tentative) on PC, PS4,
Xbox One, and Switch After Young Blood came out, all we’ve been
asking was the arrival of Wolfenstein III. Other than confirming that the game is absolutely
being made, it still feels like their break from the main storyline is gonna be longer
than we thought. 20. Overwatch 2 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One Of course you can’t forget the second installment
of Blizzard’s stylish first-person shooter. Serving more like a major update to the original
game, Overwatch 2 is said to add more content to its story mode, as well as enhance visuals
with updates to their game engine. It’s not much, but it’s still early in development
and we should hear more about it soon.

Call of Duty: Warzone Battle Royale Is Free-to-Play – IGN Now

Call of duty, modern warfare is new, battle royale mode is free to play. Activision and Infinity Ward are launching a free to play standalone call of duty Modern Warfare, a battle royale game called War Zone. War Zone is free to play and does not require you to own modern warfare. It is multi-platform and cross play. To this new mode is a one hundred fifty player battle royale with support for solo duo and three person teams. There are two modes one which seems to be a fairly traditional fight to the last player standing and another called plunder, which they respond based mode focused on collecting cash. Cash is part of the traditional move too. It can be looted across the map and is used by stations to purchase kill streets as well as revive tokens to get killed team members back into the fight. It looks like building a good stockpile of cash may be important for long term survival. Also important for long term survival. Really? Yeah, that’s true. Purchasing revives is not the only way to bring back dead squad members when you die or taken to the gulag where you must compete in a 1v1 match that is essentially modern warfare as gunfight mode. Winning this one, we won three back into the match. Apparently this feature won’t be available in the later minutes of a match. Warzones map is large and completely custom made, meaning no re-used building assets. And like black ops for its battle round mode blackout, it will feature classic maps. This time they will be from Infinity Wards back catalog such as broadcast overgrown scrap yard and terminal. The modern warfare main menu has added a 24 hour countdown clock due to end on March 10th at 7:00 a.m. Pacific warzone Mode’s launches. Presumably the end result as soon as it goes live will have more coverage here at IGN.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 06.03.2020

It’s Patch week! We’ve launched Update 5.2, Season of the Bear has started, Divination Challenge is live and we have a special bundle, which contributes to the prize pool of GWENT Masters! Let’s jump into This Week in GWENT! Update 5.2 is now available for download on PC and iOS! This update adds the Year of The Wererat page to the Reward Book, new Seasonal mode for the Season of the Bear and redesign of the ornament page. It also brings multiple usability improvements and balance changes to cards from all factions. Full patch notes can be found in the news section on playgwent.com Season of the Bear is here with a brand new seasonal mode! This month after the mulligan phase Banish both players deck. Whenever a card appears in any deck, Banish it. This season will last till April 2nd 10am CEST! Only one week left until Masters Season 1 Finals, YAY! To stir things up, we’re introducing the official GWENT World Masters Divination Challenge, where you can predict the winners and scores from the finals, earning special rewards along the way. The Divination Challenge will run until March 13th, 23:59 CET. After this date, you won’t be able to join the challenge or modify your predictions. If you want to see the matchups be sure to check out the Draw Show here on our YouTube Channel. For details regarding the challenge head over to masters.playgwent.com Want to support GWENT esports? Then be sure to check out the Wererat Bundle! 30% of proceeds from the sale of this bundle will contribute to the prizel pool of GWENT World Masters Season 2 finals in December 2020! This bundle will be available year round! For details head on over to the in-game shop on your platform of choice. That’s it for this weeks TWiG see you again next week!