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10 Worst PS4 Games of All Time | whatoplay

October 11, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 34 Comments

10 Worst PS4 Games of All Time | whatoplay

10. ARK Park
Sure, ARK: Survival Evolved is a great MMO game, but this VR take on the Jurassic Park-like
experience isn’t as grand as everyone thought it would. ARK Park has glaring issues. First, it’s obvious development was rushed. Resulting in an unfinished mess. Second, it’s expensive for a glorified tech
demo. Intended as a groundbreaking VR title, it
disappointed most of the ARK player base with Chinese developer Snail Games’ shady cash-grabbing
practices. Graphics-wise, the game is impressive. Every detail feels like you’re part of a
Jurassic Park movie. However, the rest is clunky, controls are
wonky and movement is a vertigo-inducing trip. Cubed3’s Drew Hurley criticized the gameplay
loop, saying that, “The gathering is grindy, the crafting unrewarding, and the combat boring
and repetitive.“ He gave it a 3 out of 10. It’s devoid of all the great things that
made Survival Evolved fun to play at. Performance-wise, compared to the abysmal
PC version, this PS4 port is a smoother experience… but that doesn’t mean it’s still good. It receives a playscore of a 5.33. 9. Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma – Volume One
Rare is a game SO BAD the developers decided to cancel every future plan of the project
and remove it from the face of the Earth, they even had to issue refunds to those who
buy it. It was so terrible they no longer want to
complete the next two volumes. It’s based on a very popular manga about
afro samurais and hip-hop. It’s a huge downgrade from the first Afro
Samurai game from 2009, which received favorable reviews. Calling this game “bad” is an understatement. To start off, it has no direction. The entire pilgrimage of the hero is never
realized. Every time it comes close to major story development,
the game completely forgets about it. The blatant sexism, the terrible gameplay
and a bit of bug in between, it is an obvious flop. Of all the reviewers, Destructoid hated the
game so much they gave it a 1. Reducing its review to two words: ‘Digital
Seppuku’ I mean, come on. There’s no reason to seriously consider
buying this game, even the devs are removing it from most major video game stores. At least the soundtrack is a banger. It has a playscore of 5.16. 8. Left Alive
Considered as a spin-off for Front Mission, Square’s brand-new action-survival game
feels like a hot topic version of Metal Gear. The game takes you to the dark and gritty
future where technology is rampant and mechs are a thing. You take control of three protagonists with
different perspectives, sounds cool, right? But no. According to most players, the game is ‘complete
garbage’. The game’s lackluster content makes you
feel that the devs knew what they were doing when they named it Left Alive. Most of the game’s issues come from its
performance issues that come alongside a triple-A price tag. There’s no good reason to purchase this
title in its current state, or maybe forever. Push Square gave it a 2 out of 10. Disappointed by everything the game delivered. Saying that, “Left Alive categorically fails
at everything it sets out to accomplish”. It’s a shame since a lot of talented people
from popular video game franchises extended their help only to produce this… abomination. It’s better off dead, really. It receives a playscore of 5.13. 7. Tennis World Tour
Sports games can be bad too, especially when the developers don’t bother trying. Tennis World Tour was supposed to be the new
standard for Tennis. You could choose from a wide variety of iconic
professional players and even experience a career mode. You might be asking, “How is it bad when
it follows the same formula as other sports titles?!” The answer is, like most games on this list,
it is an incomplete mess. Even after a year since its release, no major
improvements were made to the game regarding its slow movement and game-breaking bugs. Not to mention the shady practice from the
developers. Dual Shockers gave it a 3 out of 10. Attacking the game’s terrible marketing
and presentation. They said, “It’s one thing to not have
key features at launch, but the absence of solid gameplay puts the final nail in the
coffin.”. The game might appease some casual players,
but those who spend the full price would think it to be a waste of their money and their
time. Other Foreign reviewers, such as Multiplayer
and IGN Italy both gave it a 5 out of 10. At least they’re a bit forgiving, but still
share the same concerns from most people. It has a playscore of a 5.04. 6. Bravo Team
This is an unexpected disappointment from the company that gave us the horrifying Until
Dawn and even The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan. Bravo Team is a VR shooter and another victim
of rushed development. Only created within 13 months, it gave a bad
rep for Supermassive Games considering that they should know better. It was intended to be this groundbreaking
VR shooter but unfortunately, it was far from that. Its cover-shooter elements are broken and
it doesn’t feel like it’s a 2018 game. Aside from that, the enemies are bullet sponges
that make no sense. Their AI is so bad it feels like they wanted
to die with the game too. TechRaptor was furious and confused by the
game’s design. Giving it a 2 out of 10. Saying that “It is absolutely baffling how
truly bad Bravo Team really is. Nothing about this game screams “this is
a final product ready for release”.” It is marred by numerous bugs and various
performance issues resulting from the rushed development. It is as expected. Bravo Team is FUBAR and it has a playscore
of a 5.04. 5. THE QUIET MAN
Another example of ambitious titles that failed to thrive. The Quiet Man is Square Enix’s immersive
narrative-driven story accompanied by an energetic combat and live-action sequences. They even had the gall to hire actors for
this one but to be fair, they’re kinda good, the game is just bad. It has a really interesting concept, but horrible
execution. The entire game is set within ‘one night’
and it showcases Square’s seamless mix of Live-Action elements and CGI… but it all
boils down to one thing: IT’S BORING. Cultured Vulture’s Ashley Bates gave it
a 2 out of 10, saying that, “…consider it a fairly cheap palette cleanser that’ll
make you appreciate the much better games on the market.” Most of the major concerns come from its ‘silent
world’ since you take control of a deaf protagonist. You literally can’t hear anything at all. There are no subtitles even when other people
are talking. It’s a conceptual catastrophe that failed
to capture the real intention of the creators for the players. Even GameSpot gave it a 2 out of 10. Criticizing the boring combat. Saying that the“Simplistic, ungainly combat
is all the more surprising given that it is The Quiet Man’s only gameplay mechanic.” It receives a playscore of a 5.02 4. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5
It’s heartbreaking to see one of our favorite childhood games get sequels that don’t even
compare to the original. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 is a sad and disappointing
follow-up to a legendary series. To make the long story short, it’s a technical
mess. Most of the controls don’t even work as
intended and the classic attitude that made Pro Skater great was gone. Jimquisition’s Jim Sterling gave it a 2
out of 10. Saying that, “Tony Hawk 5 looks like the
burned corpse of a three-legged sheep and plays like the results of teaching a chimpanzee
how to code.” Even with an online mode, it’s better you’re
doing it offline on your own as it adds no variety to the gameplay. The lack of social features make multiplayer
tedious, jarring and could cause some performance drops to your gameplay. GamesRadar gave it a 1.5 out of 5, citing
that “..it’s a constant reminder of how much greater the originals were, and how much
you’d rather be playing them instead.” Purchasing this game at its full retail price
is a terrible idea. Just like most of the criticisms from this
game, you’re better off playing the classics instead. It has a playscore of a 4.90 3. Weeping Doll
Horror games are a unique bunch. As long as they scare the crap out of us,
they have the pass to be ‘okay’ and we’d recommend it to our friends. Weeping Doll is unlike any other horror game. It’s a cheap pandering for the fans of the
genre with its uninspired and generic designs. It’s a VR title that tries to accomplish
something great with its haunting atmosphere, but fails to retain its consistency in its
short game time. ZTGD gave it a 3, citing that, “…it’s
not even terrifying; the only thing scary is how disappointingly mediocre this experience
is.” There’s a lot of horror games on the market
and Weeping Doll shares no distinctiveness to the other great titles. It’s a shame, considering the visuals are
really top-notch. GameSpew disliked the game’s presentation,
giving it a 4 out of 10. Saying that “The confusing set pieces, empty
story, and rough dialogue will distract you from enjoying the experience.” It sets a lesson that horror games don’t
always have to be played in Virtual Reality. It has a playscore of a 4.78. 2. Road Rage
Also another example of a game that you’re better off playing with its original version. Road Rage is a shoddy racing game with open-world
elements. As a rider, it is your job to own the streets
and smack those who stand in your way. But underneath it… testosterone-fueled presentation,
it’s an underwhelming game with no reason to play. Everything is monotonous and it gets pretty
repetitive doing the same missions again and again. TSA was so annoyed at its gameplay loop, especially
the unfulfilling combat and ‘road raging’. They gave it a 2 out of 10. Saying that the game has “…become harder
to tolerate knowing just how deeply unfulfilling the core gameplay is, even when you factor
in the budget price tag.” It is a terrible title that leaves no satisfaction
at the end of the road. It’s a shame since the PS1 classic was so
well-received. It has a playscore of a 4.56. 1. Basement Crawl
This pathetic excuse of a Bomberman inspired game is still the reigning champion of Whatoplay’s
worst PlayStation 4 games. It is so terrible the devs decided to remake
the game from the ground up, giving it free for the poor players who purchased it. Just like Bomberman, you blow up your enemies
to smithereens. But Basement Crawl isn’t just that… it
also has major horror elements and it’s sad nobody gets to feel its bone-chilling
atmosphere due to its… abysmal performance issues. In addition to that, the game’s other major
concern comes from its easily exploitable online mode. Hacks and game-breaking bugs plague its servers,
ruining the entire experience. There is no sense going back to this already
broken title so it’s best we leave it in the basement. PS Universe gave it a 4 out of 10, saying
that, the game “…tries hard to recapture the magic of Bomberman but has a hard time
with its horror theme, lack of a real tutorial, and online connectivity issues.“ There’s no saving this one and it sets another
lesson to the developers that games should be polished before its release. There’s no point releasing unfinished products
only to issue refunds. The rest of the reviewers, including IGN,
GameSpot, GamesRadar, Polygon and Destructoid all had one thing in common to say about this
trainwreck: It’s best we play the original Bomberman instead. It has a playscore of a 4.26

Blood & Truth – PS VR Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

I see an opportunity. Does Tim see the
same opportunity? TIM: Oh yeah.
All right. Good night, guys. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] JUSTIN: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to
PlayStation Underground. We’re here playing PlayStation
VR blockbuster Blood & Truth. It’s launching
May 28th for PSVR. Justin here with
Kristen here next to me. KRISTEN: Hey. JUSTIN: We’ve got Tim in
the driver seat over there. TIM: Hello. JUSTIN: Tim, what are you
seeing, what are you feeling? What is Blood & Truth? TIM: I have been transported
back to what appears to be a memory in some sort
of war-torn area. It doesn’t look safe. JUSTIN: You’re
doing fine so far. TIM: Well, thank you so much. JUSTIN: We haven’t
gotten into the action yet. Kristen and I actually got a
chance to play through this at a recent event,
and we both loved it, so we’re dropping Tim in
here to give him a taste. KRISTEN: Yeah. So you play as a Special Forces
soldier, Ryan Marks. And previous to this
level sort of loading up, you got some backstory that
he’s sort of been captured by an intelligence agency. Apparently there are many
misdeeds on his record, and he’s trying
to clear his name. And this a bit of a
flashback to his past, basically, before the
full game gets started. TIM: I did a bad job. Hold on.
What do I got here? Is this gonna come in handy? KRISTEN: It very well might. JUSTIN: So there was this great
calibration sequence before we started recording the episode
where it actually had Tim put his hand, like, on his chest
where his ammo pouch would be so that you can get that
feeling nice and comfortable. TIM: Yeah. I got my side arm
down here, ammo pouch here, which I can presumably
just — as many as I want. Just make it rain if I want, but that’s not gonna
help me get in here. I should probably
turn the handle. JUSTIN: Violence
isn’t always the answer. TIM: That’s right. This is really cool. KRISTEN: How does the
movement sort of feel? TIM: It feels really smooth. I like the fact that
I’m — I have to shoot. KRISTEN: Just real quick. JUSTIN: You just gotta — TIM: The precision is just —
I’m such a sucker for that. It wants me to holster too. Okay. I love that. JUSTIN: Aiming down
the sights in virtual reality is such a
cool experience. TIM: It feels so good. Do I actually grab the rungs? KRISTEN: Yup.
JUSTIN: You sure do. TIM: Oh my god. KRISTEN: It’s like these very
little moments in VR that really make it feel so, so immersive. And things like that
like climbing a ladder absolutely does it for me. TIM: That’s so crazy. JUSTIN: More ammo, yep. TIM: Just absorbed it into
my body. That’s fine. I’m into that, just
like in real life. JUSTIN:
Definitely need more ammo. TIM: Okay.
Press X button to strafe left. KRISTEN: You’re seeing a little
bit of this tutorial mode, getting our bearings here. JUSTIN: You’ll notice as this
gets further into the demo, it becomes more obvious this
is kind of an expansion of the London Heist which came with
PlayStation VR Worlds back around
PlayStation VR launch time. KRISTEN: One shot and done, Tim. JUSTIN: Oh there you go, went
for the red barrels of course, the gas tanks. TIM: Yeah. The down sight feels just
like I was hoping it would. You know, is there
actually — All right. I’m gonna
move up a little bit here. I can keep strafing I think. Yeah.
There we go. Come on, buddy. They’re quick. KRISTEN: They’re
ready to take you out. JUSTIN: They won’t stand around
waiting for you to shoot them. KRISTEN: But I love that you
immediately went for the red barrel because the
great thing about this game is that it’s just
like an action movie. You can make things go boom. There’s gonna be moments later
there’s gonna be guys throwing grenades at you. You could catch them
and throw them back. JUSTIN: Oh, really. TIM: You can catch grenades?
Are you serious? That’s amazing. Can I just shoot this for fun? JUSTIN: Why not?
Destroy things. KRISTEN: Nice. TIM: Oh, good-bye. I’m, like, also
reflexively closing one eye within the headset. JUSTIN: I did the same
thing when I was playing. KRISTEN: I did the
exact same thing. TIM: And I can’t help it. I’m still doing it.
I can’t stop doing that. JUSTIN: To make
it easier to aim, yeah. KRISTEN: Just
throwing your ammo at him. TIM: It’s just a
flourish I’ve been working on. The reload is
never gonna get old. JUSTIN: The reload
mechanic is so good. TIM: All right. KRISTEN: Ooh, ooh.
Notice real quick to your right, I thought there
was a target up there. Keep moving up. TIM: I see it, Kristen. JUSTIN: What is that? KRISTEN: So I believe it might
be that later in the run-through you have a different
weapon that you can get to. But if you continue to
find these little targets and you’re
able to shoot them — TIM: I’ll keep it in mind. KRISTEN: — it’s a nice
little side activity. TIM: Okay. Pistol to
holster because of the handle. Got it. Just gonna check
around for a cool jukebox. KRISTEN: Cool jukebox. Ah, some lockpicking.
I loved this mechanic as well. There’s something I’ve
always loved about games, that rumble pack while
you’re doing lockpicking. But here it felt
very, very realistic. JUSTIN: Lockpicking mechanics
are always so interesting. TIM: That was —
it’s such a minor thing but — JUSTIN: I see
an opportunity. Does Tim see the
same opportunity? TIM: Oh, yeah. All right.
Good night, guys. There’s a new hero in town.
I don’t know. JUSTIN: Sure.
We’ll work on one-liners. We’ll workshop it. TIM: No time for a coffee break.
KRISTEN: Amazing. JUSTIN: There we go. That looks a
little more menacing. TIM: Good. Test it out. Sounds good. KRISTEN: Now, I wonder if you’re
able to open those drawers? TIM: Kristen, I don’t know. JUSTIN: Can you?
KRISTEN: Nice. JUSTIN: I didn’t even try
to do that when I played. KRISTEN: You didn’t even try?
JUSTIN: No! KRISTEN: I was trying
to open everything. TIM: Oh, do I — KRISTEN: You can
pick up objects. TIM: Do you have to like — KRISTEN: Nice. TIM: This is cool. KRISTEN: I love the
little flair when you did it. TIM: This is my favorite thing. KRISTEN: So now the cool
thing about this weapon, if I remember correctly, you actually holster
it on your back. TIM: Oh really. KRISTEN: So if you reach back
and pull the trigger button, it should holster it back there, and you can pull
and bring it right back. TIM: Really? KRISTEN: Yep. TIM: Really?
KRISTEN: Yeah. TIM: That’s amazing. KRISTEN: It’s like so satisfying
just pulling either of those. TIM: Okay.
But then — okay. Okay. Cool. Sorry.
I’m just getting excited. That’s for me. All right.
Actually, we talked about this. JUSTIN: Yeah! TIM: So that was for real. JUSTIN: It worked. KRISTEN: I wonder if you can go
back and do the other one now that you have the ranged weapon. TIM: Oh, maybe. JUSTIN: We don’t need
to worry about all that. KRISTEN: Let’s keep going. TIM: I’m curious about what
happens if you get them all. JUSTIN: It unlocks the
full game in the demo. TIM: Okay.
What have we got? Another tool. Okay. All right. Oh man. This is way
easier than real life. I’ve assembled enough furniture. I know it’s
usually not that easy. This is an iron I think. Oh, wait.
I don’t need that. Cool. KRISTEN: Nice. JUSTIN: Can you eat that? TIM: Are you serious? KRISTEN: What? TIM: Are you serious?
That’s very realistic. I would have done
that in real life too. KRISTEN: That was awesome. TIM: Can you believe that? Can I grab this? Are you serious? I’m just a complete sucker. I’ll stay on mission. KRISTEN: These are some
of the best parts of games like this though. JUSTIN: VR is great.
I love virtual reality. TIM: I wish I
could see, you know, my character actually doing
that within the mission too. KRISTEN: Special Forces agent just casually
tossing bottles over. TIM: And you can
grab with the other. JUSTIN: Oh yeah. I wonder if that
helps steady it. KRISTEN: I believe it does. TIM: Ah, nice. JUSTIN: Apparently Kristen
played this demo a lot more effectively than I did. I was just running
around flailing. KRISTEN: I just
took my sweet time. TIM: Is that too close? JUSTIN: Yeah.
Get him. KRISTEN: Oh. See, I love these quick little
focus moments that sort of happen that it’s slow-mo. Here’s our buddy
we’re trying to help. TIM: Let me help. He feels like he’s right here. Excuse me? Did he call me skid mark? KRISTEN: Yes, he did. JUSTIN: Language. TIM: I mean, I’m
kind of in power here, so why don’t you be nice. That’s fine. KRISTEN: But, yeah. I remember when I was
doing this demo — [LAUGHTER] JUSTIN: That’s amazing. TIM: A little nose hair trim.
He’s so annoyed with me. JUSTIN: That’s amazing.
I didn’t know that would happen. KRISTEN: I didn’t either. I remember when I
did this demo, like, this moment in particular when
he stood up was one of those moments, like VR is wild. He looked so
realistic next to you. TIM: That was incredible. Okay. All right.
I’m ready. You’re gonna need a gun.
Got it. JUSTIN: This
sequence is really cool. KRISTEN: Yeah. I love
how he’s just immediately, “Cool. I’m saved.
Let’s do this.” TIM: Got some ammo.
All right. I have some help
now with this guy. I’m excited for that. Sorry. It was worth
blowing our cover for that. JUSTIN: Now everyone
knows you’re there. TIM: This is gonna be exciting. JUSTIN: Party time. HOSTAGE: It’s gonna be a
f***ing hornets nest out there. TIM: I hope not literally.
I’m very afraid of hornets. KRISTEN: Oh, the music. JUSTIN: Go, go, go, go. KRISTEN: This just feels
like such a cinematic moment. TIM: Now I’m
moving automatically, so it’s a little bit
more — the pace is up. JUSTIN: So you can focus
on getting those shots. KRISTEN: It has
these little automatic cinematic flair moments. JUSTIN: Yeah. You’re not
supposed to be flailing here. KRISTEN: I love that if you
were an action movie star, Tim, you would
just be like, whoa. TIM: I would’ve been
dead ten minutes ago. Oh, you can change
hands on the fly. Okay. Sorry.
I’m just — JUSTIN: You need — there are
people shooting at you, Tim. TIM: I’m sorry. It’s just really
exciting to be alive right now. KRISTEN: You’re almost there.
You’re almost there. It is your friend.
Go, go, go, go, go. TIM: Come on. KRISTEN: Nice. TIM: Okay. KRISTEN: That was
a close one, Tim. TIM: Okay. Sorry. You got it. JUSTIN: Let’s see
if he does what I did as soon as I sat in this jeep. TIM: So… Oh man. JUSTIN: I shot out the
window as soon as I got in. I was like, we don’t need that. TIM: So now this is reminiscent
of London Heist for me which was one of my
first PSVR experiences, and I fell in love with it. This is just more — oh, wait. KRISTEN: Who’s coming up? TIM: All right. Sorry. I should be aiming down sights. KRISTEN: I loved this sequence. JUSTIN: I dig the music. TIM: See you, buddy. KRISTEN: I remember I had both
of my weapons drawn and I was just out one
window and out the other. TIM: Does he duck? He has explosives in the back. What are you doing? That feels so good. KRISTEN: Explosives in
the back of your truck, it’s the best place to put them. TIM: Yeah. That’s true.
Maybe some backup fuel. That’s why they tell you not
to put backup gasoline in your trunk in case a guy
like this comes along. I gotta shoot over there. Does he respond? KRISTEN: He’s busy driving, Tim. TIM: This will keep it
fair if they need ammo. Just in case. Then I got some. Here you go. Oh, actually. JUSTIN: Gas tanks in the back. TIM: Drive safe. KRISTEN: Now I know that game — JUSTIN: I was gonna say, I like how that actually shunted
him off the road a little bit. KRISTEN: Yeah. I know
this game’s out on May 28th. I believe it will also
be bundled together. You can get a VR bundle with
this and Everybody’s Golf. JUSTIN: That’s right. And Everybody’s Golf
is also excellent. I got a chance to play it at
the same event where we played this and it’s super fun. I’m actually super
excited for Everyone’s Golf. KRISTEN: VR really
takes it to the next level. JUSTIN: It does, yeah. I managed to sink a chip-in shot straight into the hole
near from off the green. KRISTEN: I did not
do nearly as well. TIM: I’m trying to play at
least a par game right here. JUSTIN: You’re doing great. I would say this is
at least a birdie. TIM: Did you know every bullet
I fired as hit an enemy so far? JUSTIN: Every
single bullet, huh? TIM: I’ve been keeping track. JUSTIN: Nice
100 percent accuracy. KRISTEN: Those are your
friends coming to collect you. TIM: We’re down here. These guys look bad. KRISTEN: The final stretch. JUSTIN: Get out of here. TIM: Who is that? KRISTEN: I think we’re
about to come to the end. [FAKE SCREAMING] TIM: That was incredible. KRISTEN: Awesome.
JUSTIN: That was awesome. So that’s Blood & Truth. It’s coming out May
28th for PlayStation VR. This is — we’re playing on a PlayStation 4
Pro system. So, yeah. Get Blood & Truth May 28th as
part of the Everybody’s Golf, Blood & Truth PSVR bundle, or
you can just grab it on its own. That will be out May 28th. [OUTRO MUSIC]

Game Stores – Scott The Woz

October 3, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Game Stores – Scott The Woz

Hey ya’ll, Scott here Oh f*ck to buy video games right now I have to… leave my room? Now, I could always buy video games online on Amazon or just straight digitally But, come on! I need video games now! Not in one to two days considering shipping and handling and I love plastic shells Who wants to do this? So that means driving ten minutes to a brick-and-mortar store to buy physical games equals… Fine I’ll go to GameStop The video game store used to be a magical place as a kid, it was always something I looked forward to I didn’t even have to walk out with a new game or anything just browsing the games available and being surrounded by them was a treat And when you did buy a new game oh ho ho man, you pop that bad boy open on the road home to get it taste of what’s in the store What does the disc look like? reading through the manual, waft the wonderful smell of a freshly opened game sometimes that experience was more memorable than the actual game you bought. Before a trip to GameStop I would rummage through the games I had and said “okay I don’t need this this or this” bring them all there get some sweet sweet Trading credit and pick up some new games of course now I hate this fucking Punk for selling his Gameboy player for a copy of Just Dance 3 but back then without a job trading in games was just the way of life. Game stores were the place back then for me, but now what the hell happened here I really wish video game stores could be more of a place to just kind of hang out in browse games maybe even play them but instead whenever I go I’m bombarded by my favorite question in all of retail I [Man in store] What brings you in today? I always follow that up without just looking around browse the games until I realized the pop figures take up more space than the Wii U section and then leave empty-handed well maybe I can learn to love video game stores again by working at one my interview is uh right now Hi, Chet Shaft. Games on a Shelf manager Hi, Scott Wozniak. Games on a Shelf employee to be So, uh What makes you want to work at Games on a shelf? Well, I love plastic and disks are great too. You know, we’re really looking for somebody who’s into all different types of games. Are you that kind of guy? I don’t give a piss Didn’t do much for me It really didn’t exite me Title never interested me Didn’t look all too entertaining I wasn’t interested Doesn’t appeal to my tastes… Doesn’t really appeal to me… Not super into mobile games… In a way that makes me not care at all… I’m not an RPG guy… I’m not a Xenoblade guy… I’m not really into it at all I like the Wii. Perfect, you’re hired. Personally, in terms in going to actual stores for video games I prefer Best Buy. It’s nice and big, you walk in there and browse the games without getting harassed by employees about joining a membership or pre-ordering games or whatever. At the very most, one will ask if you need help with anything, or just say hi… and that’s just about it. However, they did have a sweet membership. Gamers Club Unlocked gave you 20% off all new games. Not new as in recently released… New as in basically any game on the shelf it was only 30 bucks for two years that right there basically made Best Buy the only place I’d It was only 30 bucks for two years That right there made Best Buy the only place I’d consider picking up games at they don’t offer the program anymore because holy sh*t, how could they sustain a deal like that! To be fair the 20% off video games got me to buy a lot of non-video game stuff from there, but… I mean 20% is still a lot off a products Best Buy already doesn’t see a ton of profit from. Even without the membership, I just like Best Buy because I can pick up the game bring it to the counter bada-bing bada-boom I’m out of there places like Walmart and Target oh god those have got to be the bottom of the barrel in terms of my preferred game stores who the hell wants to wrangle up an employee and beg them to unchain detective Pikachu for you all the games are behind this glass door and you have to get an employee to unlock it for you and it feels like whenever I actually want something there’s never anyone around To unlock it you just kind of have to pace around until you see somebody but of course why go to those places when you Can go to home fuck Game Stop is the definitive place to buy games for many people it’s simple it’s a game store you go There to buy video games I noticed it’s really popular with families a mom will usually bring their kid there to pick out a game or to ask questions about something but Wow Game Stop can be annoying I’m not trying to boycott them or say anybody who works there is a chump no no it’s good to have a store specific to video games and I know for a fact most employees are perfectly fine people just trying to do a good job and they’re forced by their bosses to do all this annoying stuff such as trying to cram a membership down your throat they really like to push the power of rewards program it’s just a standard membership it’s really not the craziest in the world you get slight discounts on used games some little benefits here and there but that’s about it it comes with a subscription to Game Informer magazine and they always ask if I want the digital or print version of Game Informer and I’m like I don’t want Game Informer I want the 70 cents off Darksiders – you got to be ruthless out there you can’t dance around them getting a membership card Remember you’re not out there to make a friend you’re out there to make a sale no manners no subtlety Join our membership Ken at least you get fun prizes for all the points you accumulate on the membership which you can claim on this website Oh! My god this place is barren anybody else remember going on the power of rewards site and seeing all the different prizes you could redeem it was always stuff like a Call of Duty beanie or whatever but now it’s just gift cards I mean it’s whatever and when I use this a more often the only rewards I picked were the gift cards even when they had other trinkets available so I don’t really care now one thing Game Stop has over all other major retailers who sell games are they used games and trade ins others have tried I can’t even finish that they all failed like Walmart sells used video games what game stop is universally known for selling used games at a cheaper price than new sometimes game stops use game selection there’s always a mixed bag for me first off I’m not super big into the fact most of the DS games get their cases thrown away I get it the cases take up valuable space but I don’t know about anybody else but if a game comes in a plastic DVD like case I need the case for it I ain’t buying it loose this bugs me about a lot of used game stores in general Game Stop included of course but it feels like they never put any effort into cleaning games many of the cases for game stops used games are just gross how did it get this way So they didn’t have a standard ps4 case for this game but for some reason they had the original game cover R and on top Of that the battle scars this thing is taken is just too much the stomach most of the time if they don’t have the original box and cover our game stuff just prints their own and uses a generic case I mean it’s better than nothing at least the game’s top cover are from Mario Tennis ultra smash is better than the actual game is there legitimately anybody out there who will buy the game with the GameStop cover when a copy with the original cover is available just curious, it’s obvious Game Stop likes to push used games with new games they don’t make much of a profit off of them use games non-stop profit they buy a game off of you for like 20 bucks and sell it for 55 it’s genius the trading credit has always been a big problem for many like here is how much a used copy of spider-man costs and here’s how much you’d get for trading it in I mean that bites especially if you don’t have a ton of money to spend on games a lot of people definitely complain about trading credit but I will say a lot of people complain for all the wrong reasons I think too many people assume that they should get a ton of money for garbage game nobody cares about anymore think about it for a second why are you trading in that game it’s because you don’t want it anymore well millions of other people then one Kiir’s of worth three anymore either that’s why it’s only worth $1 and you get 25 cents we’re trading it in hey man listen corporate makes us do this every year but this is just a little manager evaluation form you just fill it out let them know how I’m doing yeah all right Is your manager manipulative I’d say no to that if I were you hey looks like we got some trade-ins coming in knock them dead all right total trade-in value is gonna be 1050 well I got this Scotland is for you how much is enough 10:48 of course you could just sell your game on eBay but that requires a lot more work and there’s. No guarantee it’ll sell GameStop will accept your game right then and there and give you at least some money for it now Ah, but since, it’s way less work for you than an eBay sale I think it’s very to expect not a ton of money from trade Ends it is convenient to have a well known store that’ll buy your used games well this is still kind of ridiculous Oh, you know another thing I hate about used games These stickers are the worst you may be able to peel them off perfectly one time but rescue way until you get a snubber one and it is brutal Game Stop used to spank the stickers on the boxart itself not the plastic case major problem with that that can ruin the art at least on the box if the sticker doesn’t peel off correctly you can just slap Some googan on it or use a different case but this isn’t nearly as easy to get off of the art and for Some reason Game Stop likes to sell new games that aren’t new like I bought Shenmue 1 and 2 for the ps4 and I bought A new copy the problem was it was the last copy on the shelf so they put a disc in the shelf copy and there we go I bought a new game that was open and unsealed I didn’t pay the used price I still had to pay the new price that’s fun but usually run deals like four for twenty on specific used games and those specific use games are generally all time classics like Disney infinity 2.0 game only and they’ll be the show for teen and fling smash but my main problem with Game Stop always boils down to the fact that they won’t stop trying to sell me something Hey do you have anything you want a pre-order they asked me as I’m trying to buy chicken chute on the Wii hey the usual right one copy of we play motion to go thanks G we got to start pushing pre-orders more studies show that 9 out of 10 gamers play video games we gotta capitalize on that market next customer you get do not stop talking about pre-orders In pre-orders am I right it’s like totally like you buy it’s just like most of the time if I tell them I’m not interested in pre-orders I’ll list off a bunch of upcoming games and be like Interested now and I’m like I’m sorry man I just won chickens shoot just ring it up I’ll just casually browse games and a Game Stop employee comes up and asked me for my membership info just to remind me of the points I have and to pre-order things listen I love to talk to anybody who works at Gamestop as long as they don’t make it so obvious they’re just trying to sell me something I’ve had a few perfectly decent conversations with some gamestop employees and they’ve been delightful they Don’t necessarily notice me to buy anything I don’t want get any protection plan pre-order anything become a pro member nothing just talking about games we like and ending things off with a solid take it easy but 80% of the time a games up all Of this gets shoved in my face and to reiterate this mainly isn’t pissing all over the employees themselves because I know the heads of gamestop forced them to act like this the exact same heads that have turned gamestop into what is this place this Doesn’t feel like Game Stop anymore the random merchandise takes up more space than the actual games now it feels like I’m living inside of a loot crate nerf guns toys plushies any of them aren’t even themed to gaming franchises just standard geeky movie or comic book stuff now I’ve no doubt this stuff is popular but in terms of at Gamestop itself I have never seen anybody buy these knickknacks here in fact a lot of the time I see this kind of stuff in their clearance bins at least it’s better than one game stop tried to shift their focus to smartphones yeah that worked out for them now of course I may be saying this because of that virgin blood within me but I think could be smart for game stuff to start focusing a lot more on Retro games now they carry them online and add select locations but come on retro gaming is really big now especially the GameCube ps2 and Xbox generation the kids who grew up with those consoles are at an age where they want to play them again and instead of capitalizing on that they’re just gonna keep selling Naruto shirts hate the fact that retro games are mainly only available online These are games you probably want to inspect before buying but instead just buy them online you’ll find out if they come with the Kaizen manual when you get them I don’t hate Game Stop but it’s just not my preferred place to shop it has annoying quirks and as time goes on the store just seems like it’s becoming more and more not for me really recommend supporting independent mom-and-pop games stores a lot of these places Rock they may give you better trading credits they’ll definitely have a bigger variety of systems and games spending across so many more generations and they probably won’t be as in your face about junkie don’t want better start supporting them soon though because many of them keep on shutting down and that’s never fun well it’s over new store opened down the street some really steep competition We just can’t keep up with it I mean I’ve had five people ask if we sell cigarettes Maybe we should start taking trade ins you think you know how to run a business I know a guy with an ester shirt okay, I earned this job this is my peak well after everything I’ve been through I’m done I’m not going to game stores anymore. I’ll say it’s because I’m protesting them but it’s really because I’m unemployed

cars three driven to win All right, you know get the cup series Let’s do a battle race. There’s a super awesome super awesome Okay, who do you want to be you want to be RV or mater? Cruz Ramirez RV right there that’s how you want to be okay um all right you want blue lights, or yellow lights Alright you have blue flames or yellow flames? All right Just like a snot Rod All right cool. So here’s what we’re doing playing battle race mode which is like Mario Kart where you can Hit your opponents with weapons and stuff. Look who’s that is that ramone? Yeah? Let’s keep it ready We’re being RV Ryan’s requests this RV is crazy oh It’s Ashton’s Giant toy club our favorite Livestreamer Ashton’s giant wake up during all of our livestream, whoa. Yeah. He does should mrs.. Yuna. See in a second, whoa Well, I got some guns see them on my car watch this and they come around the corner here. I’ll blast it alright Here we go. Oh actually I don’t know what this is I guess it’s a special trailer, whoa So everybody missed you yesterday when you were at swim lessons, so I’m excited that you can join us for the day buddy I’m not taking a shortcut on purpose whoo That’s a boom No, that’s not dock cousin. I’m sorry buddy. Wow look we blasted them bud No, it’s not dock cutting I can’t remember that one’s name. Maybe somebody can go oh Did you see diesel over? Whoa, did you see that? Who’s that green guy? Uh chick hicks? He’s chick hicks there? He is he’s right beside us actually no, that’s a set Ricky are glee Not chick hicks chick hicks is all green We’re still winning. Oh look at the hot air balloons, man alright. That’s fire, missile. Whoa Whoa, whoa, what do you think of that? You liking driving back there. It was pretty cool. Oh, no, we got blown up Off to return the Favor, huh? What did you see that, tornado? Oh? We just unlocked something bud All right watch this Let’s keep that guys. Let’s give He does have guns lose battle mode are here. We go. It’s using Final lap. Oh no, they hit us with an oil slick Love the higher below yes. Hey pretty cool. Oh, no man. This is Just some good competition. What do you think but no I wanted to take the shortcut? We’re not won. First place. I don’t know if we’re gonna win. We’re gonna have to try real hard Boom oh, wow this is crazy, buddy Grab the Race really hard to get first Place I Did see that pretty you did it okay? Oh? Daddy’s driving crazy again Little brother Buzz going outside with mama all right check it out. All right. What do you think we’re in second place? Oh? We didn’t get first, but that’s okay What do you think? Do you would it be um? You and every sally well we can’t we have to wait and we can maybe quit a sequel less clarity side bash an opponent with a high-voltage weapon equipped Still want to be RV? Who do you want to be was some back and forth for a moment? Sally okay cool. We’ll go be sally Do you want to go play in the playground instead of the race? Sally okay, we’ll be sally Are you looking at yourself in the camera making funny faces? Look we get a new thomasville playground alright. Let’s see. We’re Gonna be The stunt showcase is kind of tough actually even played this one yet rookie takedown actually take down loads kind of fun Gonna be Me, okay. You wanna be sally You don’t meet it must be harvey. How about Guido in Judo? How about maker? Okay, well Brb okay? Uh what color should lightspeed blue Yeah, bhagat blue. What about what about the flames? Oh, that’s cool alright You ready? We’re gonna play, so this mode is called takedown. We have to hit all these cars to take them out. It’s kind of crazy The goal is to knock out as many of these people as possible do you think We have to take one out All right here. We go. We’re gonna rev it up remember you get a masher. You’re a trigger button all right here. We go Whoa are these awesome all right? Whoa look at that? The purpose of this mode is to just take out all of these causes many of them as possible They are they then we’re coming after and that’s why They don’t boom wow see all that whoo Alright, let’s go get that guy. Oh, I haven’t yet figured out whoa over there worth extra points You could have get him All right, we’re gonna boost on this and get Turbo. Oh There we go all right. It’s good this guy. Oh, no. We missed him way too fast to run past them Lift that turbo meter whoa you see that alright wave once complete next wave starting now. Oh No wow, look at that carnage everywhere ah I can’t get him flipping. Oh, it’s too fast. We got to get some more weapons here. We go boost you if you love if you tell me Okay, if you slide you can hit two of them a lot easier Fighter mode oh you in a burst boost okay there you go. Whoa. We did a nice job, buddy Okay Wait, actually we don’t have any but we’re red remember you chose Red turbo boosters Here we go my boost wow right? Oh, no. They hit us Let’s get him. Let’s get him buddy So Guido. He’s skinny so it’s hard for him to hit two of these bullets RV. He’s pretty big RVs. Are actually a really good character to be on this this I put 28 on RV is easy to hit Can we get up? We did get him? Oh they got us, too? From the oil yeah you see you got a well all this car You should get them good job All right now. We’re turbo all right whoa Cowboy So this mode you have to knock out x number of these vehicles and a certain amount of time And if you don’t then it’s over oh, he got us with a wheel slick Was he good? We’re Gonna Boost the Yenisei See if we can get that guy we don’t have any weapons. Oh, we have eleven seconds. We gotta hurry You can get him we gotta wait five is complete dude You think so. Oh man another wave wow time’s up, okay? Let’s see what how we did? Forty points Yeah, two chicks picks time to focus our attention on our V okay. What you wanna pluck it Okay, you wanna play the same battle modes All right See was that It is ramone. He’s got a cool paint job there doesn’t he can you say hi to ashton’s Giant toy club? Yes, thank you buddy. Thank you for telling everyone your first and last name unlike tweet All right, let’s go All right, we’ve got 15 cars. I would hurt man it fast Arby’s kind of slow Ashton’s Giant hook up survived Did you pick up the game yet? No, you said your husband might enjoy it so are you ready phone? You don’t want me to get that Okay, they’re Gonna chill. We’re just Gonna Chill I Think that, they’re probably gonna try to get us to if you don’t get them I Think that’s the name of the game my friend, whoa did she said airplane? He’s rusty’s old Pal. Oh Let’s get this game out is lots of fun. It’s lots of fun Whoa he just jumped over there, whoa Boom whoa got it done. Look I got it. Where did he go? Oh, there’s a shortcut here. Oh love a shortcut or The Deathtrap apparently I know that was a huge shortcut Let’s see if we can get him oh Get him again. No – So some of these weapons you use Can be aimed and other ones they just aim themselves, so it’s hard to know Which one you’re dealing with oh? We hit the holes leg splat. Oh, oh, no, we have guns I’ll look there. I’ll take a shortcut. Whoa. You’re just trying to get them You almost got him. Maybe we should play and let you play – oh You got them all what’s gonna get those oh man First we have to hit those guys okay trying to get to that 100 myself Oh good job, buddy. Oh That guy right there, this is gonna get them. Oh he’s worth extra points Fish we have a hard target where we actually have to Aim See if we can get him up he’s only gonna be a bonus point for five more seconds Did we get him we got him all right? okay, Ryan got them all yes, he just Okay, the rest of the game all right. They’re in a gang. Oh This one’s hard because it’s straight on oh, we did good good. Good jump Okay, so don’t touch those things because they will make you blow up we learned that from last time all right fire There we go. Oh, we got him dude good shine I’ll beat your dinner with dirt your remote control oh We only have nine seconds left. I don’t think we’re doing as good as we did last time whoa Time’s up sure what do you think? 2050 didn’t do as good like You would do one more time. Okay. There’s one more race left Then one more today. He’s away with this you show me two on your fingers You want three? Can you show me three on your fingers there you go? Who’s that it’s Smoky and back Well, I just wanted to do one sees you just want to do rusty’s. Okay. There’s some rusty’s characters in this All right, well RV again. Maybe we can unlock miss Fritter, and we can business fritter. Let me talk about that Rock I do oh See fucking the – yes. I got – all right excellent boom. Oh, you could get three oh I got you You’re taking a shortcut. I’m just gonna follow these guys cuz we’re trying to walk. Oh you see that bud The students are digital A heat-seeking missile. That’s the way to do it. You don’t have to aim to perhaps two flips oh, okay, I Guess everybody’s eating dinner nobody’s going tonight, but you know what you know who is here Ashton’s giant for a kilt ike’s clear awesome boom Thank you. Thank you So Ashton what is on your agenda? What’s your next video that you’re working on. Oh That was awesome. Oh I like that one that purple one. He just lost a little bomb of these of your shoulders. Oh look that’s a gun alright see Not sure yet. Well that’s okay. We don’t have to know what we’re doing next ready. Did we did post something early? I don’t know if you saw it how they go sale at toys R us this weekend for cars three toys, and we should get a diecast and a piston cup of the purchase of $20 and more and they’ve got a Diecast on sale five for $10 Oh, hah be found. Yes with weapon coming move You can get him oh we did waiting for a minute left Yeah, happy times lots of fun. Ok when this race is done. We can go outside you bet buddy Yeah, the piston cup in the die cast I think their excuses are sale. Oh Your brother didn’t get all your whoa. Whoa. Wait. Five, man. We’re going on to another way I Think they start shooting us now yeah, we think you think we can stop playing after whoa It was just a quick minute and fifty second info on the on the sale I Don’t know man. We did really good this round buddy Wow We won the cup Four thousand one hundred ninety five points. Can you say thanks for Watchin Ashton’s – a super cool sled Giants play club? Thanks to harvey look we got a new trash alright. Thanks guys. Thanks for watching We gonna do our V again okay? Thanks guys we appreciate you watching. Thanks again to Ashton’s Giant toy club Okay, we’re Gonna do RV again while we shut the video off?

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | How to Play

September 26, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | How to Play

Set in a dark and twisted world full of witchers, monsters, knights and sorceresses, GWENT is a card game where armies clash and you, as a commander, lead the charge. You engage in battles divided into rounds. To win a round, you need to gain more points than your opponent. To win a battle, you need to claim victory in two out of three rounds. Sound easy? Trust me – it won’t be… You begin by choosing a faction, each faction offering a distinct feel and play style, along with unique leaders. Then, you assemble your army. Each card has a Recruit Cost – the higher this cost, the more powerful the card. Added together, the total Recruit Costs for any deck you build cannot exceed the Recruitment Cap. Once you’ve amassed your force of at least 25 cards, you’re ready to fight. You start with 10 cards in hand. As the commander, you can swap cards before the start of a battle and between rounds. This makes your cards your most valuable resource. With your cards in hand, you’ll then need to think on your feet, bluff, and craft devious combos and strategies to outplay your opponent. The battlefield has two sides, each with two rows. You can send any unit from your hand to the melee or ranged rows, however, placement is often crucial, as certain units perform better when deployed to a specific row or alongside a particular unit. As the leader you have one more, special play in hand: a set of unique abilities you can use to turn the tide of any battle. Your experience as a leader and commander will grow with each clash, as will the resources available to you. You’ll expand your army with new, powerful and unique units, either by crafting cards or by stocking up on Card Kegs. Powerful armies and mighty commanders, tough choices and brutal consequences — this is the world of The Witcher, and it’s at your fingertips. So see you on the battlefield.

Top 5 – Most relaxing games

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Sitting on the edge of your couch making headshots
in an online shooter or trying to survive a the nasty world of a horror game, sure makes
us tense at times. Sometimes we just rather want to take a chill pill and relax. Sometimes
you don’t want goals, combat or time limits. You just want to relax and that’s why we bring
you the top 5 relaxing video games. The works of Tetsuya Mizuguchi are in a league
of their own. On the Playstation 2 and Dreamcast he made a Rez, a rhythmic action game, but
with Child of Eden and its HD graphics his creations became even more relaxing. Of course
you can stress over high scores, but forget about that stuff and just listen to the relaxing
music that is influenced by your actions and watch the pretty colors. One of the most relaxing and addicting games
in the history of video games is probably Peggle. Aim shoot and score some points by
hitting the pegs. You don’t reach your high score, try again. Try a new Peggle Master,
it doesn’t matter. Just relax, aim, shooter and score points. YEAAAAAH PEGGLE FEVER! On third place we put the adventure exploration
game Endless Ocean for Nintendo Wii. But we might as well could’ve named indie darlings
Dear Esther and Proteus here. These games allow you to explore an mysterious world without
any hostile threats. It’s all about discovery and nothing else, that makes these games so
relaxing. You are just a leave floating through the
air. Just enjoy the journey. Flower has this incredible atmosphere, gorgeous graphics and
beautiful music. Above all, there is NO pressure at ALL. The same can be said from the online
adventure Journey, which has a soothing effect on gamers worldwide as well! But we can mention all these artistic games
as being relaxing, but there’s one true game that gives you all kind of missions, all kinds
of choires, all kind of things to do, without actually having to do it. Welcome the your
own village in Animal Crossing, where your neighbours are cute animals, you collect fruit,
fossils and fish, and you just do whatever the fuck you want. Animal Crossing is SO relaxing.

6 FREE GAMES TO DOWNLOAD NOW! The Last Of Us Part 2 NEW TEASER & Fortnite X Batman Latest!

what’s up guys welcome back to the
channel into some more gaming news and today we’re gonna be talking an
impressive line of free games that we could pick up ladies regarding for now
in The Last of Us but before we get into it you guys already know make sure
to turn on those notifications to not miss any of my uploads and let’s get
right into it so at this point it’s fairly obvious that we’re gonna be
getting a Batman event coming to fortnight an event that is to mark the
caped crusaders 80 anniversary and it’s gonna be taking place at this weekend
this Saturday Epic Games is getting in defined by bringing aspect of the iconic
superhero world into fortnight similar to the collaborations that they did with
Borderlands 3 stranger things John wick the Avengers the NFL and so on Data
Miner somebody found a ton of Batman related items in this week’s for night
update so expect some of the gliders and the skins emotes and other related
Batman items to be featured in the game for us to get either by challenges of
course purchasing it in the item store but that is not the only thing that is
happening this weekend when it comes to Batman because this is the good news
epic stories is also celebrating the 80 years of Batman with free games and
they’re giving us 6 yes 6 free games that we’re able to pick up on to
September 26 so for me making this video we got a full week to pick it up
download it and get to playing and of course once you download it it’s already
yours you won’t have to pay for it even after September 26 we’re getting three
games from the Lego Batman trilogy and then the Batman Arkham collection so
Lego Batman the video game Lego Batman 2 and Lego Batman 3 and then for the
Batman Arkham Collection we got Batman Arkham Asylum Batman Arkham City and
Batman Arkham Knight that is insane again six free games that we are able to
play on to September 26 so if you don’t got the epic game launcher this is the
time for you to download it if you play for 19 you already have an account with
it just download the epic game launchers from the epic games website login or
even create a new account if you want to and then just pick up all of these games
for free the other big piece of news that we got today is now finally the
Last of Us 2 will be showing off to us a bit more than what we see as it will be
featured in the next day to play Naughty Dog ended up teasing it with this tweet
and indicating state of place September 24 2019 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific time I’m
excited for the reveal we’ve been wanting a bit more so let’s see what
happened anyways guys that is what I got for you in this video if you enjoy it
found this informative make sure to elbow drop it and let me know down in
the comments below if you’re gonna be picking up these games on PC and I did
forgot to mention that you still got time to get Batman Arkham Knight for
free on PlayStation 4 as it is still part of the September PlayStation Plus
free games anyways guys thank you for watching window to 10,000 subscribers
I’m entity owl did you

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 20.09.2019

Hey everyone, Paweł Burza here, I’m the Community Manager for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game and this is TWIG, or This Week in GWENT — a weekly show in which we talk everything GWENT! Last weekend we held Challenger #5 here in our GWENT Tavern and even Eredin paid us a visit! We had the 8 top GWENT players go head to head with Magpie 131 taking the overall win! Congratulations! The September Faction Challenge is here! In this month’s challenge, you will be choosing from one of the 6 factions in GWENT: The Witcher Card Game. Faction whose supporters complete the most quests during the challenge will claim victory, granting bonus XP, so don’t miss out! We’ve launched a second pre-order pack for Iron Judgment! The Iron Judgment Extra pack contains: 15 Iron Judgment kegs & Alternative Iron Judgment Cardback! Both packs can be found when heading playgwent.com and clicking on the banner on top of the page. New wallpapers are here! You can choose from the Challenger #5 Eredin wallpaper and the Iron Judgment wallpaper with King Radovid! You can find them via our socials or in the media section on playgwent.com Card Reveals are up on the Iron Judgment pre-order site! Right now all featured cards are only with English descriptions and are missing the armor icon and value, which will be added later. That’s it for this weeks TWiG, see you again next week!

Spider-Man Game of the Year Edition (PS4) Unboxing!!

hey guys welcome back for another
unboxing with popngames, in this video we’re going to be unboxing Marvel
spider-man The Game of the Year Edition for the ps4 and on the front cover we of
course have Spidey himself and down below we see that the game is rated T
it’s developed and or published by Insomniac Games and it says includes
Marvel’s spider-man the city that never sleeps DLC with additional
missions and challenges and it even says DLC voucher expires 8/28/2022 right on
the front cover, only on PlayStation of course and now over to the spine we see a
reddish black spine if my eyes are not deceiving me and on the top we can tell
that this is a y-fold copy and now onto the back, there’s Spidey again, it says
be greater, the spider-man game we’ve always wanted from New York Daily News
one of the best games on the ps4 period from Nerdist and here are two shots of
gameplay or at least scenes and then down below it says one player 45
gigabytes Dualshock 4 compatible ps4 pro
enhanced and the game is rated T due to blood drug reference language violence
mild suggestive themes and in-game purchases. alright now let’s go ahead and
open this up. okay and we’re gonna see the game disk on the right
with the spider-man symbol and then we have the DLC voucher the city that never
sleeps three DLC story chapters the rating and all the fact we have the code
we already saw the expiration date but it is the same of course on the actual
code itself and now behind the front cover gonna see an alternate cover
actually which just has a different spider-man pose and the symbol on the
back alright alright guys and that is going to do it
for this unboxing of Marvel spider-man The Game of the Year Edition for the ps4
as always thank you guys for staying tuned to popngames for these
unboxings and if you enjoyed this one you can let us know by liking commenting
and subscribing, thanks for watching bye bye youre spider-man look next time leave the
fighting to the pros the shows not over anyone left in New
York who doesn’t want me dead next time you get in my way I will not
be so gentle girl problems again please