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[Applause] this is the end subs curricular in a while coming to the walking dead the final season episode 4 this is the end of The Walking Dead guys I have been taped off for a full month the way that episode 3 ended it's like the raw the games I tried to be the good guy and what has it gotten us James gone Mitch gone could have killed gene at the end of episode 3 and I held my resolve that I should not do so as a G to keep his innocence and what has it brought us chaos destruction credits okay I've learned from my mistakes I know this is gonna be the first half of this cuz this game unlocked that midnight and I was sleep so we're gonna play first half today second half tomorrow it's gonna be like a little TV show Priya also I gotta pointed out we are have four million baby this is the first video I've recorded since we reached four million subscribers well besides that one and I just want to say thank you guys so much 4 million 40% of the way done to the diamond play button we got to keep killing it but we're now on episode 4 take us back yeah take me back to episode 3 so I could kill Jane last time I'm The Walking Dead ad now since I can remember Clem's always been there she taught me to be careful to be quiet to be strong to save the last bullet for myself I still regret telling him that Oh a total when I did something bad to show him mercy sometimes yes see I always listened to claim always but I've been thinking or I don't know if she's right every time yeah look at James big she told me the shooter if she got Ben that doesn't feel right we're doin a lot of bad things to save our friends we'll protect our home your door will clean told me not to shoot me secure James a quarter deep so me I'm in living don't know what I feel inning I don't know what criminals either Nimrod Adwords and freshman is never go alone dang man this kids going through puberty I mean it's like wait Clementine should be going through puberty you forget all these kids is like 15 years old bro all right so the thing just exploded oh man look underneath Clementine where's Lilly a row she better had been killed in action hey no don't give me that oh I got you bro hold on huh we started nice things gonna be all right hey J you have to trust me on the count of three let go and I'll catch you promise what aim with this okay yeah I got you one we do not know I wonder if you don't kitchen got your brothers got we need to find a way down this ship isn't gonna stay afloat much longer we have to get there first all right how do you do it we've got to jump in it's far I know it's far but it's the only way okay he's starting like this you'll have to go first you'll need a running start I don't know Klum you can do this come on you can do this AJ just run it and jump you got this I got this I got this sir you are aging it what we do who were scared got it it better been mechana young soldier himself oh yeah might work come on give up the boat we don't wear anything nothing you can do by the way there listen time oh you really bite the die on us oh boy there you go anybody get killed by this wagon both actually you survived season two a king season three what javi you've done way too many hard things to die like this excuse me Bertie oh my you're just simple nothing boy you can choke from they okay let go it's literally right there now watch all right let's get it y'all get away from this what are they steering it I just want them to get away from them oh please oh are you kidding me right now you see what's happening give me that like all just leave you're so stupid ah got him red bottom bar you get ortho sees my the upper cutter welcome oh yeah that hurt goodbye slipped come on what's that oh good I wouldn't if I were you you already had your chance I could have done the same back at your school I'd say we're even let's both just turn around and walk away shooter Clem she snapped James in the back don't waste your arrows this is good yeah frickin miss my people who lose their war they'll die because of you the Delta was the first place I called home after years of Wanderers you're wasting hair Oh nothing lasts Clementine she's not friends not love not the place you call home they'll all fall eventually never forget that where they'll drag you down too if I see you again cuz I don't want to waste no more arrows we obviously out of range if I see you again I'll kill you set up and ran away from that that's what I was saying for like five minutes mute that we out of here I ain't getting copyright I don't know where anybody is right now Lowell oh yeah yeah I did I'm still kicking you have no idea how happy I am to see you right now I think I have some idea I really do not care about violet after her scene Anakin's freaking what Louis get over here she's hurt where's the meeting what I don't know we had it towards the boiler room to stop the bomb and I just won't slow down your where is she Louis is he blind okay bye we've got you come on oh paid the ultimate price for your betrayal you see I don't just don't let go of me okay hey oh you really did we can't stay here all right the frittata you what number y'all this right oh thank god you guys made it was Ola that's a whole lot of monsters and more coming by the minute stay cool you knew this would happen pilot are you right oh yeah Doug we just have to get out of this peach look for an escape route bada-bing bada-boom boats are set up cuz the people right over there you're not hearing them suiting 20 meters to your left Rick don't shoot at my people breath you you miss Lily oh look the game's rather be like are you gonna help her what's going are you gonna help her oh no she's already dead all right she's dead everyone run to the cart I'll stay back and cover you I'll be right behind you so can I see an opening I'll make a break for it many what's it matter for the stuff I sit on the boat in the South I worry about to keep it I don't care wake it's easy or none coz he right behind me just like the ninja I am the ninjas we are not there by up be careful that's the name to await AJ go with him no I'm staying with you thanks kiddo and you're growing man as far as I'm concerned the walkers that's all you had to say bing-bong limitless range oh you pay the price you pay the price you're getting you just desserts now suit that suits a grenade oh I was about to say don't follow so if they ever think that just run your knife is missing what so we can't do the stump kills so let's run you cannot fight the herd let's let's run all right whoa can I run alright here we go let's go why would I watch AJ run and then run after him instead of running with him this is some awkward gameplay bro goodbye thanks for one night liking it I thought their game with my to be like do you want a seed mini that's the kind of jump that always you I'm tired I'm spinning my face let's monsters we need to move will have to squeeze through there we don't know where it goes well we do know there's Walker's in the other direction but why are we acting like outside is a room we can literally just run that other way there's outside like we got 360 degrees to work with we're safe but not for long damnit it's so dark in here this sucks I'll figure something out all right make a torch grab a stick okay it's some way to start a fire yeah they can just walk in like we did right no all right oh we can talk to him claim did you did you see many out there I didn't see her anywhere yeah that see then Jesus came she dead I saw her on the beach she was bitten 10 so go to the next place but Sophie yeah they can be together that's good yeah I don't think Sophie wants anything to do with her after she got murdered by her own sister so they gonna have a weird family dynamic as all I got is a wait yeah perfect what I played runescape that's how I know that pick up crystal look nice in our room just have to get home first so it's a chaos' symbol for sake it's so dark in here I'm working on it it doesn't feel safe there's too much danger outside I wish I had a gun we'll be out of here soon what's that a good so I could kill Forbes hmm she make a rookie mistakes not chicken at this day good look there's another tunnel over there it's too far we just thought I find something to help us cross that's worry I'll be home before you know it find a way across first of all there it's a toy back here that the game rudely did not let me pick up another one hmm I get home before AJ can play with it all right so we are gonna make it home at some point log boys I need got out of it maybe drift down the river get cotton rocks it's a bridge all right do it is okay you just need to go across one by one and then we'll move the rocks house oh my gosh fuck you not here today Tim mages had to throw that in my face James but it's okay he's where you wanted to be the all along oh he's tripping just like me the freak bang I cannot believe he made it here you made it off that boat I'm AJ wait idiot all right little situation we got I'm with you let's go boy all right easy does it all right come on they're gonna mess up a lot just one take a little mini hoppin rest in peace my guy we're gonna miss you and so with the other playthroughs at your watch you're probably gonna see James alive I wish I knew what that was like yeah Lily could have been dead James could have been alive Changez spits in my mouth all the time no free car we are some aliens and predators are about to come out all right which way do we go ten do you see a light down any of these tunnels the Sith Lord AJ still with me you could to see the darkness rolling like freakin Rico AJ please we have to keep moving this there's nothing after this what James isn't in there he looked right at me and his eyes were empty there's nothing after we die innocents stricken nothing but empty eyes he may have been right yeah how's that alive we don't know we can't know for sure AJ but there's a chance James was right don't you lie to me I hate it when you lie to me that's not a lie where's your evidence none of us have proof why did you make me make my friend go away everything is what who you raised your hand a like something spilled on the floor and you just can't get it back because you didn't let me shoot her ALPHAN junior you're acting out you're not a baby anymore you say don't be soft but everything that you do just messes up my end be strong be brave and if I can't stop the bad people from killing me kill myself first AJ when we were talking with Abel you stabbed him and stopped him from becoming the monster to me killing looks so easy and you burned him with the cigarette and you banged his head real hard on that deck twice I hate you please that's enough sorry I'm just here some of them will take you away aren't you scared of that nephews bear facts and they'll leave the world behind and me listen kiddo everyone is scared of dying of what happens after especially if it's nothing I don't want people I care about to lead them I have to kill anyone that tries to take them away I'd I believed you when you called me a murderer without Marlon I don't think that murder means the same thing as a dead when you were little in a world that's gone now the profundity all or you think that modern L is just protecting the people around you murder is a thing that makes us safe no enough aging murder is murder nothing else a human life is precious no food is precious bullets are precious money those who live already that people make things wrong you're too young to understand you're just a child so are you war facts bro we don't have any comebacks the game isn't even presenting us any real comebacks against him right now so obviously this is a character development moment everything I say is wrong right now so we just gotta appreciate AJ spinifex we want him to be pure in a world where there is no purity I know you want to be big for everyone but you're just a kid like me sometimes I like you're scared just like any other kid so I'll help you said all the policemen and firefighters died so I'm gonna be a new one even if I don't get it just right I am because all it means is killing bad people who hurt other people and I'm good at like I bet you would I think I could be the best at killing bad people better than you even cuz I wouldn't hesitate well I think you'd be a good firefighter but can you not be so angry what do you mean our new firefighters can't be as angry as you get sometimes I need you to trust me that I can tell the good people and the bad people apartment that I know when to use my gun and that you'll let me decide for my own I mean sure I think like I said he's a grown man now but he ain't gonna raise is into me that's the only thing you're not gonna do okay really firefighters have to make the hard calls which means they deserve our trust and if they kill to protect others they're never happy about it killing people doesn't make me happy gloom all right Sith Lord we'll see feel that y'all see the y'all see the symbolism that was Clementine passing the torch I see we chaga when I was with that sports would the way out come on excuse me how does that work AJ seeks your approval above all else you strengthen his confidence in himself coast is clear meanwhile at Tennessee over here at the Shores that way the school is probably that way a sim was the third huh third what the day after AJ killed Marlon you already know violent I bowed free to state a sim was a third though wait that means Omar voted us out and Ruby doesn't matter right now who cares huh what made you think of that a sim said you knew how to survive he could just tell the school would be safer with you there I voted for you because I liked you but there's a reason it was better I just I just thought you should know the sim was right we were safer thanks Dane they were more scared than we let on when you met us as bad as Marlon was he still saved me and AJ and you nursed me back to health we owed you for that maybe but even so if Marlon was still in charge we'd be taken away to wherever or dead instead we fought back because you showed us how we weren't safe with Marlon even in his safe zone we were just hiding it's so strange how ten just started talking about that maybe they're about to kill him off Bullis how do you just keep appearing out of nowhere my boys looking like a black family with a white mom you're not dead that's good did everyone else escape damn right they took that cart and hopped back to the school but you came to look for us never would have forgiven myself if I didn't dad it's over Clem the Raiders are gone and we got everyone out alive get sniped in a head Ruby said violets eyes aren't infected so that's good too they'll all be waiting for us back home all right listen any idea which way that is I haven't been out here in a while but I think there's a bridge that way it's the fastest way back let's go you cannot trust these games whenever some good happens someone gets tonight bit or stabbed so let's just not talk and go to the school please what how's the hand okay it hurts like hell but he could have been a lot worse I killed that woman back on the boat no skulker it was impressive was that your first yeah my first it feels my bile but not quite you know or like a scream that doesn't know if it should or not let's get out of this first okay I'll be plenty of time to talk about it when we get home I don't think I'll have to and I'm done kicking things down the road having a home needs defending it yeah that does I really thought we are gonna die on that boat the dumbest always goes through my head when that happens my old pet turtle Jeff my grandma's phone number the word that lost me the fourth grade spelling bee recommend stupid anything new this time before my parents divorced they were building a house and I begged my dad to put in a skylight begged please if you love me you'll do it that definitely didn't work so we made a deal I got straight A's he'd put in a skylight and you remembered this guy like just now they never got to build the house I don't even know what color it was gonna be I should have asked sure should have well what color did you hope it was Oh uh well maybe purple is that your favorite color no but you don't see a lot of purple houses why not stand out of course you'd say that you get rod of course okay I'm starting to visualize the place how many floors even number odd how many about three you've gotta have at least three you gotta huh Walker's hate stairs the more floors the better fair I call the Attic I like what I'm seeing I could definitely live there give me a last flourish though one thing to really bring it all together come on the coup de Gras be into other French phrase yeah what's it gonna be that's I think that statue of me might be a nice addition couldn't agree more I'll try to keep the pigeons off it we get back to the school we are building that house I really think we can make it I really hope we can can I help of course again you're in charge of painting come on we had a home to build and I'm just waiting for something bad that they have fried me for them plate a little cuter melodic piece music all right now cute torture loss okay just take your time and keep moving forward this bridge about to go out or something it's a soul whack man getting killed by the environment over and over again why everything about to go out there you go freakin truck bent on here alright just climb over it I'm gonna hit that a little bit more subtle all right stopping nice walk a little further and we're done keep walking Oh that's fun turns about to die really from bags I'm calling it I think we can jump it yeah I think we can we just gotta be careful not to lend our the night will be all hearts oh my gosh I told Josh Tennessee was about to die we gotta jump they fight the crack the bridge down get back you had your chance come with me no you're dying yes yes I am I'm finally going something better I want you there with me no no no no no everyone needs to be a person again we're gonna go be with mom and dad Sally together 10 look at me that looks like her but your sister is gone I'm hm yes that the whole time why don't you use that on the thumb come on stop he needs to be with his family to drop don't worry ten she can try to stop me but I am NOT going anywhere without you I'll be over soon right there hey truck sickening what I'll get the kids across the gap don't let the walkers get close whoa whoa whoa whoa many times are they gonna change the rules on how this whole thing works today no zombie yet but she could just be over James and unleash the horde and we ain't even gonna talk about she just sick daughter zombies on her own brother we already knew she was gone Oh Sunfire freak where's your head alright bro I literally don't have time she got infinite arrows soon you know all right I tried my best I literally didn't miss any shots oh that's all right there a chase across I can't get tested punch worse yet Wow Thank You Rico [Applause] you're not oh she tried it but what Oh Oh No she just spit blood on her first of all now they're mighty her things are faster before get across oh how I was about to get across her leg is done now [Applause] let it blow you'll die if you don't let it play come with me what the how could you just shoot him like that I had to you'd never see you new home if I didn't my new home I did it for you tens dead he's dead do you realize that look he's he's gone because of you just fuck God I know how you're feeling but now is not the time I'll talk about this later when we're sitting nothing to talk about I didn't want to shoot him he was my first real friend and he was messing up again just like when he got Mitch killed so I had to decide Clem said I could so I did 10 I like hate this game like I don't like this game I'll climb over first didn't help you climb down the other side all right too many we'll make it go excuse me this first all right got rid of our weapon you I don't know that was the best decision oh I'm right behind you yeah buddy get paid okay we got this part to get bit by some white zombies on this black freakin bro you got so far in the game just clement so your leg this heart I did Kenny killed him on some wack stuff man we Clementine but some zombies buy some rocks kill Kevin time Kenny got killed by by some wack car accident bullcrap like busy do we not get a proper send-off for these people I don't know what we'll be fitting put some zombies buy some rocks I got bit so this showed me now come on we can't stay here moving forward keep moving forward keep moving keep moving forward forward I naively I thought I did not think clementines gonna get bit there guys we're gonna end it here Clementine another legend and it just sickens me that is such a minor conflict they kill her off like that such a such a lack I'm trying to find a better word but literally it was some zombies by some rocks they made Clementine throw the axe up first before she even threw AJ like why do they force us to do these dumb moves why do they kill these characters off in such black ways fantasy eyes I literally that was predictable as I said he was gonna die at that part facts then I think a DA was about to pop him in a neck nope but you know the game wants to trick you in a trusting agent yeah let's make a moment yeah AJ I trust you man trust you to make the right decisions first thing he does is kill Tennessee yeah that's cool honestly I don't really care anymore AJ's probably gonna kill himself now I don't know who knows I'll see you back here tomorrow maybe things will go way better probably not but thank you for joining me on this journey come and I just got Ben Wow all right Wow you

how's it going resume spirit I've been on a fucking roller coaster of emotion this morning because I I don't get excited for games very often and I have been extremely excited for this one I've literally be counting the days and because it's been a while since we did we covered like a game that was serious I guess I've done a lot of shit games recently which are fun but I don't know I want to play games that you know touches you and appropriately and as since this this is supposed to be one of those games and it's horror themed I thought this could be perfect and I Drive one and a half fucking hours I was like should I order the game online hmm should I order the game online no oh you know what I'll Drive to the fucking game stop so I can get it sooner so I put my fucking alarm clock I go to the game stop and the motherfucker sorry-sorry a combat he told me a game is not in english it's fully dubbed in Italian and I'm like you cannot that be sitting outside with me after I write – not that that's me it's Holly right there no no no no all Italian no English choices no nothing and it just it literally pissed me off so much that I just stood there in front of him and made this weird like kind of like that for I don't know I was being a baby about it and but I said heck fuck it I want to play the goddamn game Italian or not and then I come in here and then it's in English so Bravo Game Stop so I'm gonna be like a roller coaster of emotion anyway you don't care let's just fight okay not a dog no other dogs are the same ones who made Uncharted which I'm a little worried about I like I'm charted it's a cool game but it's not my type of game I guess Oh Tommy listen to me he's fuck we need something the contractor he's the contractor okay I can't lose this job which job I understand let's talk about this morning okay it's not the girl on the cover no it's not you know look at them graphic scoot skip the fuck over bitch huh what are you still doing that it's late what time is it it's way past your bedtime today good point please not right now I do not have the energy for this wait that's his girlfriend or what do you mean me funny this is not it's got to be a story you kept complaining about broken watch so I figured you know you like it honey this is nice but I think it's stuck it's not what no no no oh ha ha hey Tracy did money for this drugs I sell hardcore drugs really good we started helping out with the mortgage then yeah you wish that would be a proud parent ok so it is the daughter he looks like that guy from American Horror Story the first season and the second season he sucked on those titties do you remember we all remember so I'm gonna assume that girl's gonna die and we're gonna replace it or maybe it's the same girl she just looks different I figured out he has a new cover if that yeah it's gotta be the same one shit really that's adorable I like the music they'll bling pawn guitar sorry I talk a lot I talk a lot okay that's what I thought that's why I'm here why all the moves more playing the game Sarah honey I need to get your daddy on the phone uncle tell me what what time is it I need to talk to you dad now uncle Tommy hello zambese damn bees I tell you they got Tommy it starts with Tommy wow she is fucking tiny compared that for so zambese I told you listen lady so she likes music huh the bash what kind of hipster band ignite Oh giraffe all right let's go and get our daddy-doo which I don't know the name I'm gonna call him American Horror Story actor you really like that actor I hope it's him because he's a great actor and we're gonna take a pee-pee can we take a pee-pee let's make a quick check if we can PB wiki not peepee how can people give this game ten out of time if you can't sorry okay you fall asleep in front of it and can't run or anything well we heard that this shit's exciting daddy that is a myth that is maybe now is the time to run well that shadows creepy oh yeah it's like a real zombie apocalypse this is like my dreams coming true is going on the guitar grab the guitar it's happening praise the Jesus okay where the fuck is he oh wait I can't see it okay isn't this exciting Tommy sounds like a woman you asked me this too in the morning okay so how do I put you down where's my data I'm gonna grab a banana I can't what what what startled you later man this is awesome so far I fucking love it why is that data we job nada Luke Nami and I are sir did you get bit are you okay yes Sarah that's my name what are we doing we'll come in here no no don't go near the doors just just stand back there the head you're kind of freaking me out what's going on is the converse the compress somebody ride with a mother I think they're sick I want to blast the guy not the girl it's a zombie apocalypse how can you not know you understand me yeah they do come on you shot him in the head of help you guys can blew it up and why do you have to get out of there you have any idea what's going on out there I got some lotion let's just get out of here you still half the people who saved me lost their minds just please go why what what how did it happen it so fast later hey Sara hey honey not good my tits are not calm come hear us on the radio yeah sure thing this is so exciting what was he doing out here during the night no radio yeah we're doing great the shiny sweets I said where to go they said always put up roadblocks on the highway on already know getting into Travis County we need to get the hell out take that's funny did they say how many are dead probably a lot we found this one family all mangled inside their house right how did it happen so quick through a gas leak I wonder if the zombies will be fast they look kind of fast I know a lot of people very hate the only town first airsickness justice' really the East Coast West Coast no fucking way oh that's Louis's for no no her she'll go get some bitch made it out her shell sure I'm sure you did not sick no of course not how do you know I said it's just people in the city we're good didn't you work in the city that's right we're fine all right let's see what they need you think you're doing keep driving I got a kid Joe so do we have room hey keep it's every white man's for himself everyone knows that so Melissa come on they should have let us choose say the garden abalones they're fine don't look at me like that they're fine they're fine Oh snappy smooth as a shake damn idea they got cars Tommy do something are they are they normal they don't want fry how about you don't go where they are running hit from behind me – oh shit we fucked up hey Oh okay there we go the Uncharted game play like it's almost the game but not really I'm sure they'll able to play more eventually just fine introduce a story I know a lot of people are pretty anxious about the play and I agree I agree with you tonight's going I'm here baby so we already know the guy in the red shirt is gonna die cuz he's known as a cover I'm gonna need to run you live tired let her go on your back away from there okay okay we're going this way lady people they're gonna be fired that people like the party really hard look at me baby a really long party and sometimes they get out of control fucking dicks understand get out why is everyone on the streets seriously how about you stay in your fucking home the two am fucking game exploding other way other way follow me please follow me get the fuck away basket man go oh snap I don't like this I don't like this it's gonna be jump-scares isn't it shit almost where it is I told you would night I told him Tommy would not okay but Tommy I like them most oh shit never mind we're going we're going we're going we're so fucking fuck we're fucked we're fucked we're done diddly fucked up somewhere along the way and it's okay it's okay that's all it's not fucking okay it ain't fucking okay this is like my nightmare okay what how did he know we were not a zombie okay I guess we don't hurry it's my daughter I think her legs broke right there okay thank you we're not sick I've got a couple of civilians in the outer perimeter please advise daddy what about uncle Tommy Oh Randy you safe jingle background okay sir there's a little girl but no yes but we've just been through hell we just Tommy's gonna come stop fuck yeah Tommy it's the fucking man oh no oh no they see you shine no no see me do this work you're gonna be okay baby stay with me I know come on baby please Sarah baby don't be paid don't do this to me that is what now I like getting teary I didn't find an inch of many confirmed s has passed 200 that is fuck dot that is one hell of a fucking intro Wow fucking Wow that is that is fucking crazy holy Sh I got a feeling it's gonna be an accident happy guys play so look like you're watching and I'll see in the next one live up when thanks for the fun laughs screams it's a real time

wait okay I think I should still wear a hat now okay hello hello hello everybody let's see let's see it was trying to get a lot of people in the chat shouldn't get a lot of people in chat so y'all Casias play this game finally we have to play it on this thing called like ps4 net like PlayStation now PlayStation now I don't know what that is I think it's for like old games but for like ps3 right but I know the last of us was that old but that means that we were really late mmm-hmm that we have to play it on ps4 now police station now so yeah well whose complete first me okay Oh $50 said both you guys and this game are amazing thank you guys thank you sir yes eration thank you I hope you pronounce your name but thank you donations are not needed donations are definitely not need only if y'all want to I don't know what's going on with our revenue don't know it took a dip since we sat press story oh I have to press X okay okay pocket popper thank you for the photo I love you guys okay there we go red red red dead oh I thought I'll get some fun I'm a huge fan of you too I also wanted to suggest you guys react to a few dan bull rap videos I watched all your ARB and I know you really like to keep notes you know thank you so much alright so easy normal hard some right well I can't use American or ground normal I will say let's do harder terrific yes Robert was about all this place thank you now does what would you say Jesus this is playstation huh gives you access to older games like a lot why I was wondering why I was like why do I play through this like didn't give me any option to buy the game or anything so okay Yann guess what this saw sees it's not like Dorothy okay I guess thank you for the dollar yeah I guess what sauce this is I think Oh yogi corporation and most likely we probably won't look at the chat that much yeah we've learned from walking dead but I like the spoil stuff so hard gia got dog things with all the things your name yeah Lynette Levin low as far as that it was filtered in Mesa gamer thanks which was all hi my name is Ricardo we videos STG thank you thank you so much alright I'm sorry this is a good quality for being made in 2013 why does it like wolf Elaine do your Brown thanks for $2 song says subtitles please oh okay I can't I can't press pause dollars is good enough following me on Stefan for 20 now Instagram are we gonna try you know chose it that's me is it the game sound is too low I can't I can't pause it though like I'm trying to pause it I feel like my press X I might skip some no okay I didn't okay alright guys we're gonna we're gonna do something about it right now well as soon as the scene is over I think that's when I could do something but right now I can't guess I should play Uncharted Jesus y'all you should also do uncharted as well in the middle of applying to a uni but I had to stop you uh it's my favorite game I know you're gonna love it thanks Bianca Del lar rocks and a stalls me to still apply play yeah I thought I could do it just know we're gonna try to do something with as soon as we can get a chance thanks for two dollars prepare for emotional roller coaster for the game alright oh why I was wrong turn this up I think that's not doing anything yeah I was too laughing my ears oh that's probably what it is okay what okay so I can't press Start to do anything what is it okay you had it plugged in yeah yeah yeah okay how come I can't press sorry I can't pause it y'all I can't do anything okay yeah you can't do I can't they say you're right when you're in urine so okay okay not possible yet see you never around you hate the music I'm into you practically despise the something I knew these movies I like and yet somehow you still mentioned be the best dad every year how do you do that all Sarah oh it's in the pet though oh the that is what it is okay that is so okay options let's see audio how do you know volumes only up right display no okay no game subtitles okay there we go there we go I got it I got what about they said the audio is too low hmm the audio is too low so yeah okay is up though it's all the way up all of them everything's are Leo mm-hmm I mean I don't know what else to change it to you guys okay all right okay all right I thought the window was broken they said nothing's wrong okay says admitted spikes at area hospitals increased mysterious infection oh oh are we dealing with zombies are we come on Jasper let's be the last infection it could be the last serious infection lassic humans make these zombies mysterious infection oh yeah pandemic zombies oh they said there's an echo echo hold on put it on pause I'm gonna restart this dream I'm gonna see what I could do Meiri stop the stream real quick hold on one second guys this is there isn't an echo there's no okay forget it and we're just going room yeah I hear every time we do this there's always a troll I don't know we're just gonna keep it away it is I love Xavier Watson I love this game we've got to get into it man it looks like it's getting lit already of y'all in the game oh it is another door right there I didn't even see that oh I can't go there okay there are zombies in this game I know it well you didn't look outside oh the police fastball I heard it okay see what direction they go you got a guitar that jasmine in the play yet my God how many times we say that you have a whole camera that you don't use not yet oh not yet all right I got all the cameras I used you okay I'm gonna be home late tonight go ahead and order food she by 12 I was 12 I was like channel saying home those tents you forgot it yeah oh oh shoot oh my god I can't open a door okay no I don't want you outside yet so we go back upstairs like all right I'm just in the darkness I'm just wandering around oh my god I do not like that Jasmine what is out there in zombies zombies for sure Oh people I'm like the Coopers oh oh oh oh God they said the footage is late that's what is this like it's the lane you said what do you say it's like a delay in the stream because the footage is like I just saw my dad shoot I did like shoot somebody Turner's not a little more because that glove the glass got me more than news it's you that got me scared and he said Oh looks like we're going to 71 the hospitals that way Wow Oh to be quiet you need to tell us this type of things Oh big ol wave hello y'all the guy gets out in second home this is put on pause by my father afoot I can't biggest fan Godzilla bigger than Godzilla fan of your video suggests sir access AB student okay thank you I think you have an idea for the sound though you have an idea what is there where you could plug your speaker's up to the to that now you're gonna have a double echo okay corny green Tasek you gotta look around but you could look around while you're driving okay oh oh oh you better back it up there you go look at turn it around trying to stick around oh my god oh god until scares are too real or this one man don't tell me he's dead don't tell me he's dead you know oh do you have her seatbelt on either yes you did where's the other do that that's him no there's two people to drive her in yeah Oh move them away right thank you oh my god don't look at it don't look at it let's keep running let's keep running move em away move move move dude you better get out my way okay are they coming from the oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god you see that you see oh my god oh my god oh my lord we go where we go why use why you standing there who are you standing there bro okay we gotta go this way okay they're smart nobody thought about the alley oh my gosh okay bad feel like something's behind you brother – I'm not gonna look at it I'm not gonna look at it there we go okay all right let's run let's run that's right oh my hell let's run this run this run oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness oh I hear them behind me I am not turning around oh I am I am not turning around okay does she look like she gonna bite your face off oh here we go but what you can't take her oh wow come on site what can you tell Tommy there you go there you go Oh No they really had to shoot them he said kill mall site she died yeah first you measure the dang I say movie Wow why be shooting civilians Brad cousins and his buddy say they not sick obviously if they run away from you know we've done did the upper up say who knows and they was like this is how we start the game with a dead child okay organization show that the latest vaccination test Oh No calling themselves the fireflies responsibility where is this going what so the fireflies are what militia China over here every time they do something like that day like the government always fails are like this is I'd always brings that like come together and try to twenty years later still twenty years that's a long time not five not two not one twenty great Jesus I wish I could interview both you for school project what I mean – I might include you a contacts use email hit us up on Twitter who's this his girlfriend now little ting well were you Tess Westin district hey we had a dot to make deal went off without a hitch lasts just a couple of months even ration cards explain this I was on my way back here and I got jumped by these two assholes all right yeah they got a few good hits in that asshole still with us he's like did you kill them he's gonna get us first like how you think of a so far think is fine begin a game is like we oh no no characterization and I like that it was just like we just throw you right enough of it okay in a salmon first 10 minutes 20 minutes i'ma see if I could go ahead and well let me save it first right here save but I want to try to fix the audio because I had different cuz keep seeing people saying turn it up literally don't know how to do it right so what we're gonna do is restart the stream real quick and let me see if I could go into settings real takeaway don't don't do it yet old on okay okay all right great all right real quick I got it just fix it real fast one second all right so we are back we're back we're back so let's see we try to change the audio to see if this works so you guys let us know if you did so are you the places look so terrible mm-hmm I look so trashed you said it's better okay cool they said it's good okay this is better okay cool cool they have curfew 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. they got to stay inside wanted a die Pig oh my gosh seems like more people are getting okay my ass all new papers they shouldn't get any static of their so okay what's your business here at the day off visiting a friend all right this whole l2 display okay so a diva makes you walk in here I guess sweet okay had yourself up alright oh what a health kit using Houck it takes time make sure you're in a safe place okay equip it with up then hold r1 okay r1 else present reminded me a fortnight all the checkpoints we're gonna have to go around the outside the wall or we could just let Robert go cute hey Tess see that shit I was there how's the East tunnel looking yeah that's clear I just used it no patrols she's been asking around trying to find him Marlene what are the fireflies need with Robert I think she'd tell me well what did you tell her the truth hey you stay out of trouble all right military's gonna be out in force soon US Army you sleep he's doing a terrible job jumping on things with a $5.00 Marleen looking for Robert what do you make of that you know I think there's like people say us lagging I think it's because it's ps3 right because I'm looking at the UH the game is from ps4 using on ps4 right I'm like look at the graphics how's it going yeah it's like all pixely I don't know we tried to buy the game but they said get a free trial to play no you said I could adjust the light settings okay okay sorry so oh look at that TV that's fat back booty big booty hmm look at this nifty stuff all right now it's just truly dark yeah that's really up you need to watch it we'll throw away down here all right there we go I can't stop that by the way the notification okay oh I just had it why couldn't they just say press it okay ta looking at Supremes sorry she is alright all right she don't fool me she's no wait actually okay come on oh you got a trick question you want to explore well I am the romantic yeah where's the ladder there's got to be around here somewhere okay let's see my shaco help me look okay don't seem like it okay oh so you see it because you're not gonna pick it up okay you gotta do all the hard work neither player you will cry line this game trust me Wesley yes about the last game that didn't work right you must be thinking of someone else I was playing before the song I think it's because if the PlayStation now to be honest with you guys cuz it was never like that before never like that I think it's because of this game down through here I'm probably gonna go and get the remastered version of this shipment do I meet bill next month more pills should keep us busy for a while hold up Oh pours something that will infect me is that okay yeah ceilings falling apart be careful this way okay yeah oh my goodness should I be sad – FC you will cry a lot actually both of you or anything it look like those that you see down the law okay the gun right there the ground taking fifty dollars thank you Dan your rooms man yeah I'm going crazy y'all I'm not supposed to take it okay I've found out the best punch okay there we go Mike what are ya just going back into the same yep it is okay Oh sneak up on the factor then grab them by pressing oh my goodness honey she has decided to let her play little games I don't know what I will oh my god there we go there we go hey Jess got head there we go okay this gracious I'm sorry I wanted to shoot you all in my bed Floyd Mayweather any mo over here no Jeremy you like that girl okay can't be sneaking around as Oh oh my gosh Daniel really got smart okay nothing oh there we go I mean do that okay okay there we go that's where to read we were so close I'm sitting outside the walls knowing I've never seen the inside of the zone while waiting for the smugglers show up we heard a squad of soldiers approaching and our panic we ducked into this building in hopes of hiding from them none of us noticed the spores until it was too late we're all infected we have a few hours maybe a damos I hope the smuggler is still coming so that cat least pass this note to you she'll listen to you and come to the zone with you when I had the chance now it's too late is it well good thing I shot that dude earlier he said we're all infected don't go down here oh I am steps things supposed to leave out to their this way lucky you don't waste time oh so you got really use that wisely look like alright I'm trying to see where to go it's already killed y'all I feel like I'm going back to where I just came from let me go back upstairs move move move thank you so if you get sucked up in those pores you get infected okay oh I thought okay did you think so blossoms that's come out too okay well jazz build again you some of them air fresheners oh my gosh damn money bro you seem pretty rich to me I don't know what you talking about it where's she girl where are you damn Daniel oh she went through there thank you day this is a priest like a wedding the way they be kind stuff yeah I'm guessing they're smugglers they smuggle people into the city yeah I know you want me to go get it house anyway cos way back to be Anthony and erode you know okay I can't jump down there okay see I feel like it's a setup you think she said I think I don't trust her for some reason bro definitely do not here let me get back up there is anything else over here before I go no okay there we go carry your ass up here oh right well excuse me I'm the one that right you're an employee you could have just went down there got it you definitely think you're an employee what she's my boss yeah look at you tomorrow please Poppaea be a beer I'm not gonna have you got me messed up come on I mean obviously yes she's very bossy just like you are to me how am i bossy to you dank doesn't but shut it no I don't I tell you to get up and try to wait yeah okay somebody's walking to it make sure the coast is clear no soldiers none of Roberts men yeah wait more interesting so find a chest every load your gun I'm even trying to get nothing get out my face oh yeah they're frightened minding my business get out my way oh must be a boss right sorry tense didn't realize was you I'm already know what yeah sorry sharpening something ready I'm looking for Robert you come through here that's our girl you went back to the war he's there now can we run okay let's pick up the pace here so look for the light that's a little fireflies thing I don't know what that is there we go oh I gotta fight somebody that's Robert I got fights of our beef isn't with you we just want Robert you don't want to do this turn the fuck around all right I'm not going anywhere get it let's let's get it yeah so stay crouched behind objects okay get the angle on them hey daddy goes hey hey he returned fire Tesoro no shot well they fast boys she was like whack-a-mole oh oh I got shot Oh No pulled up on him right now come here Yomi I've been waiting Oh Vicky's mo give me that and go by the other bodies and take their animals there yeah you can't go back he's away can't go back and get the other animals oh you've got a lot of ammo to do the other dudu are you coming beginning yeah you got his MO I got him no the go she killed in a beginner oh hey I'm talking about what doesn't be so mean I gotta see it you'll see if no guarana what we go get the remastered version all right what tomorrow yes for sure what start over I'll play I don't know I played him I'm in a tough to the point where we start right okay see a strong woman put up this this whole man have one yeah I can't go that way No over here Joel okay all right I got punched another guy's died trying to take tests out guaranteed she and Joel are on their way they pop right now yes we shouldn't have taken this job okay shots only let's make sure no one's creeping around in here take out foals without using ammo okay because they go oh oh yeah don't you dare stop walking sir there we go you got any ammo on you no no is she fine oh she's straight she lied she done this before okay she killed him you just put him to sleep okay oh snap oh oh what is them she hide it too okay behind there we go yes and try play me here we got a key got it Oh what that's you I press select to get it okay all right where's the other dude I knocked out right there where no I got him okay oh there we go yeah nothing on him let's see tonight she's a liar he's away you feel like she's a liar yeah I forgot how to heal y'all are too was it r2 r2 was she right no I think our Tzu's is how how do I heal myself I forgot completely forgot I don't even have a hub bar so I guess they don't matter so oh wait I use the key dumb-dumb but like anything else are here no r1 to r1 okay no it's not okay people said r1 in time y'all know y'all stop taking out the gun hold r1 now use the up hat d-pad no I did that it's not letting me so I'll pad in l1 it's not letting me I guess I'm fully you know you're good Oh it's a Ark throw by pressing l1 drove with r1 blind-fire just fine for okay oh wait so how do I switch to that though okay how do I switch to that like how healthkit okay it's done n makes me grab by that phantom $5.00 home second class of us for this playthrough yeah we're gonna get the remastered version because this version looks yeah coming here bitch okay whatever 0:04 all this stuff stuff I'm just how much's watch be okay oh yeah she's no wait do I was she fighting them Oh pants yep oh yeah crack that bottle across his forehead who else wanted oh okay I see yes you all right I'm not doing stuff y'all just let y'all know just go up to cracking people right scoot is stealth mode oh there's my right there okay well is he gonna see me is he gonna see me oh yes okay there Bonnie see if they got bullets and stuff yeah you don't have enough man people are saying up had an l1 and I'm doing that and it's just making me hanging yeah don't worry about it nothing I say you gotta be sneaky mode in the future yeah we understand that you see there you go oh yeah I'm done you ain't got nothing yes like this right yeah they just slow us down yeah all right listen the moon in real hold up and r2 okay there's our boy is it hold up and r1 okay I can't do it right now let's go wrap this up okay whoa nope oh come back consider your somebody okay so I'm pressing up in r1 and it's not doing a thing so yeah don't you worry about it try to get home first yes I'm trying to sneak up I am at least I don't have a health care Oh that's why I okay nice sneak up behind an enemy and grab musin okay okay don't you use actually that night no idea says damn some spotted one of our ships I thought we were done for that robbery guy knew one of them he managed to bribe in return for letting us go I guess he's good for something a senator can talk it did cost us a third of the cargo get that anyway so we mentioned bring and they got two crates of clothes I got spoiled paper frozen meat and liquor I fled my phone he's right there okay I guess sneak around press l2 oh that's it Oh oh Jesus Oh God you are low on hope I am I don't have any health Oh there's one right there that's right try to look for some help somewhere I got too many bottles let's go thank you oh there you go now you can buy for tonight okay anything else here No oh you said I get another no right Robert I just want to talk buddy come on Robert where you going are you going buddy are you going oh this is not the way he went okay yes Jill don't try sweet-talk me no feelings we missed you look whatever it is he heard it ain't true okay you want to tell us where the guns are hello yes sure it's complicated how's the company my complicated just hear me out on this yeah you're saying I sold him excuse me I didn't have much of a choice I owe someone you owed us I'd say you bet on the wrong horse I just need more time just give me a week you know I might have done that if you hadn't tried to fucking kill me where's our guns who has it I can't just give me a couple be good the fireplace what okay they're basically all dead just go in there finish him off forget the guns Reid come on fuck those fireflies let's go get him Jim plain okay is a stupid idea by Robert well now I go get our merchandise back how I don't know we explain it to them fight him kill him let's just go find a Firefly you're one of them go clean Firefly why are you here business you're looking so hot where's Robert right there on the ground dead gone I needed him alive the guns he gave you they weren't his to severe hours that test the hell it doesn't I paid for those guns you want them back you'd have to earn them or how about is it shoot you how many cards are we talking about I give a damn about ration cards I need something smuggled out of the city you do that I'll give you your guns back Benson mm-hmm how do we know you got him all right let me proof well your military's been wiping you guys out right about that I'll show you the weapons I gotta move what's gonna be I want to see those guns such as what shoot everybody I do so we're gonna stop it right here before we get too deep into it what we're gonna stop the stream here before we get too deep into it cuz I I can't with these graphics you can't I cannot so we're gonna stop it right here we're gonna we're gonna do it tomorrow all right I'm gonna definitely last you tomorrow same time 9 o'clock yeah we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna definitely put some hours in tomorrow's game ok sorry it's just it's just you guys has this lagging and the graphics I'm gonna get the remastered version so yeah ok all right you sure mm-hmm yeah so we're out guys ease

المترجم: Yasser Bahjatt
المدقّق: Hashim Ibnauf Sulieman أنا جين مك جونيجال. أنا مصممة ألعاب إنني أصنع الألعاب منذ ١٠ سنوات وهدفي للعقد القادم هو محاولة تسهيل إنقاذ العالم الحقيقي كما هو الحال لإنقاذ العالم الإفتراضي الآن، أنا لديَّ خطة لذلك وتقتضي إقناع أناس أكثر بما فيهم جميع الحضور، لإمضاء وقت أكثر للعب ألعاب أكبر وأفضل نحن الآن نمضي ثلاثة بلايين ساعة أسبوعيا في الألعاب الجماعية بعضكم قد يعتقد هذه فترة طويلة جدا للعب أكثر من اللازم، إذا نظرنا إلى عدد المشاكل العاجلة التي نحتاج إلى إصالحها في الحقيقة ولكن، إستنادا إلى بحثي، في "معهد للمستقبل"، فالعكس هو الصحيح. فثلاثة بلايين ساعة ليست بالوقت الكافي من اللعب لحل مشكلات العالم المستعجلة. في الواقع، فأنا أؤمن بأننا لو أردنا الحياة لقرن قادم على هذا الكوكب، علينا زيادة ذلك الإجمالي بشكل كبير. ولقد حسبت الإجمالي المطلوب بحوالي ٢١ بليون ساعة لعب كل أسبوع. إذا، قد تكون هذه الفكرة غير منطقية بعض الشيء، لذا، سأقولها مجددا، علَّها تثبت. إذا أردنا حل مشكلات مثل المجاعات، الفقر، تغير المناخ، الصراعات الدولية، السمنة، أعتقد أننا في حاجة إلى التطلع إلى اللعب على الأنترنت ما لا يقل عن ٢١ بليون ساعة أسبوعياً، بنهاية العقد القادم. (ضحك) لا. أنا جادة. إنني كذلك. وها هو السبب. هذه الصورة ببساطة تجمل سبب إعتقادي بأن الألعاب أساسية جداً لمستقبل بقاء الجنس البشري. (ضحك) حقاً. هذه صورة التقطها مصور يدعى فيل تولدانو. أراد إلتقاط المشاعر أثناء ممارسة الألعاب. وهكذا ، وضع كاميرا أمام اللاعبين، أثناء اللعب. وهي مشاعر كلاسيكية لممارسي اللعب. الآن، لو لم تكن من هواة اللعب قد لا تلاحظ لبعض اللمحات الدقيقة في هذه الصورة. قد ترى ملامح العجلة، القليل من الخوف، ولكن تركيز شديد، تركيز عميق جداً على معالجة مشكلة صعبة جداً. لو كنت من هواة اللعب، ستلاحظ بعض العلامات هنا، تجعد العيون إلى الأعلى، و حول الفم هي علامة للتفاؤل. والحاجبين ارتفعا علامةً للدهشة، هذا اللاعب على حافة ما يسمى فوز أسطوري. (ضحك) آه، لقد سمعتم بذلك. حسناً. جيد. إذاً بيننا بعض اللاعبين. الفوز الأسطوري هو محصِّلةٌ إيجابيَّةٌ بشكلٍ غير عادي لم تكن لديك أدنى فكرة أنها ممكنة إلى حين أن حققتها. كاد يكون أبعد من الخيال. وحين تصل لذاك تُصدم لاكتشافك ما أنت قادرٌ عليه حقيقةً. ذلك هو الفوز الأسطوري. هذا لاعبٌ على حافة فوزٍ أسطوري. وهذا هو الوجه الذي نحتاج إلى رؤيته على ملايين من مُحِلِّي المشاكل حول العالم ونحن بصدد مواجهة تحديات القرن القادم. وجه شخص، وبالرغم من كل المصاعب يقف على حافة فوز أسطوري. الآن، للأسف هذا هو الوجه الذي نراه غالباً في حياتنا اليومية ونحن نحاول العمل على مواجهة المشكلات العاجلة هذا ما أسميه وجه "أنا لست جيداً في الحياة" في الواقع تلك أنا من مثَّلها. هل ترون؟ نعم. جيد. هذه أنا أمثل "أنا لست جيدة في الحياة" هذه قصاصة من حارتي القديمة في بيركلي كاليفورنيا حيث حضرت للدكتوراة عن سبب تفوقنا في الألعاب عوضا عن حياتنا الحقيقية وهذه مشكلة تواجه الكثير من اللاعبين نشعر بأننا لسنا بالكفائة ذاتها في الحياة كما نحن بالألعاب ولا أعني هنا النجاح فقط ولو أن ذلك جزء فنحن ننجز أكثر في عالم الألعاب. ولكنني أعني ولكنني أعني جيد كمتحمس لفعل أمر مهم، ملهم للتعاون والتفاعل. ونحن في عوالم الألعاب أؤمن بأن العديد منا يصبح النسخة الأفضل من أنفسنا، مستعدون للمساعدة في لحظة، والإلتزام المتواصل على حل مشكلة مهما إحتاج الأمر، للنهوض بعد الفشل والمحاولة من جديد. وفي الحياة الحقيقية، حين نواجه الفشل، حين نواجه العقبات، في الغالب لا نشعر بتلك الأحاسيس. نشعر بالغلبة. نشعر بالقهر. نشعر بالقلق، وربما بالاكتئاب، بالإحباط أو التشاؤم. ولا تصيبنا هذه المشاعر أبدا ونحن نلعب، فهي غير موجودة في الألعاب. وهذا ما أردت دراسته حين كنت في الدراسات العليى ما هو السبب في الألعاب الذي يستحيل معه الشعور بأننا عاجزين عن تحقيق أي شيء؟ كيف يمكننا أخذ هذه المشاعر من الألعاب ونقلها إلى الحياة الحقيقية؟ لذا تفحصت ألعاب مثل ورلد أوف ووركرافت، والتي هي في الحقيقة بيئة تعاونية مثالية لحل المشاكل. وبدأت بملاحظة بعض الأمور والتي تجعل الفوز الأسطوري ممكنة في العوالم الإفتراضية. لذا فأول ما تلاحظه أنك حين تظهر في أحد هذه الألعاب وخصوصاً في ورلد أوف ووركرافت، ستجد العديد والعديد من الشخصيات المستعدون أن يثقوا بك مباشرة في مهمة لإنقاذ العالم. ولكن ليست أي مهمة، بل هي مهمة مطابقة لمستواك في اللعبة. أليس كذالك؟ فأنت تستطيع القيام بها. إنهم لا يعطونك أبدا تحديات لا تستطيع إنجازها. ولكنها بأقصى ما تستطيع فعله. لذا فعليك المحاولة الجادة. ولا توجد بطالة في ورلد أوف ووركرافت. لا يوجد من يجلس هنا وهناك يفرك أصابعه مللاً. هناك دوما أمر محدد ومهم. وهناك العديد من فرص التعاون. حيثما ذهبت، المئات من الآلاف من الناس مستعدون للعمل معك لتحقيق مهمتك الأسطورية وهو أمر لا نجده في الحياة الحقيقية بسهولة الشعور بأن على أطراف أصابعنا يوجد العديد من المتعاونين. إضافة إلى هذه القصة الأسطورية، هذه القصة الملهمة عن سبب وجودنا هناك، وما نعمله. ثم نحصل على رد الفعل الإيجابي. لقد سمعتم عن رفع الرتبة والقوة زائد واحد، والذكاء زائد واحد. إننا لا نحصل على ذلك التقييم الإيجابي المستمر في الحقيقة حين أنزل عن هذه المنصة لن أحصل على التحدث زائد واحد، الأفكار المجنونة زائد واحد، الأفكار المجنونة زائد عشرين. أنا لا أحصل على ذلك التقييم في الحياة الحقيقية. الأن، المشكلة في البيئة الإفتراضية مثل ورلد أوف ووركرافت في أنها مرضية جداً أن تكون على وشك الفوز الأسطوري طوال الوقت، أننا نقرر إمضاء جميع وقتنا في هذه الألعاب. إنها أفضل من الحياة الحقيقية. لذا فحتى الآن، قام لاعبي ورلد أوف ووركرافت مجموعين بإمضاء ٥،٩٣ مليون عام في حل المشاكل الإفتراضيّة لأزيروث. هذا ليس بالضرورة أمر سيء. قد يبدو على أنه أمر سيء. ولكن لوضع ذلك في سياق الكلام: قبل ٥،٩٣ مليون سنة وكان ذلك عندما قام أسلافنا الأوائل وقوفاً على أقدامهم. كان أول كائن واقفاً. لذا، فحين نتحدث عن الوقت الذي نستثمره في اللعب، الطريقة الوحيدة لجعلها منطقية أو حتى للتفكير فيها، هو التحدث عن الوقت على ضخامة التطور البشري، وهو أمر غير عادي. ولكنه أيضا مهم. لأنه تبين أننا بإمضاء كل هذا الوقت في اللعب، فإننا في الواقع نغير ما نحن قادرين عليه كبشر. نحن نتطور لنصبح كائنا أكثر تعاوننا وودية. هذا صحيح. أنا أوؤمن بذلك. تأملوا في هذه الإحصائية المثيرة للإهتمام. لقد نشرت مؤخراً من قبل باحث في جامعة كارنيجي ميلون. الشاب في المتوسط اليوم في دولة ذات ثقافة ألعاب قوية سيمضي ١٠,٠٠٠ ساعة من اللعب، قبل بلوغه ٢١. الآن ١٠,٠٠٠ ساعة جدا للإهتمام لسببين الأول، الأطفال في الولايات المتحدة لديهم ١٠,٠٨٠ ساعة بالتمام يقضونها في المدرسة من الصف الخامس وحتى التخرج من الثانوية إذا كنت تحضر دون غياب إذا، فلدينا نظام كامل من التعليم الموازي حيث يتعلم الشباب بنفس القدر عن ما يحتاجه كلاعب متميز بقدر ما يتعلمون عن كل شيء آخر في المدرسة. والبعض منكم قد قرأ على الأرجح كتاب مالكولم جلادويل الجديد "القيم الشاذة" (Outliers) وسمعتم عن نظريته عن النجاح نظرية الـ ١٠,٠٠٠ساعة للنجاح. إنها مبنية على هذا البحث العلمي المعرفي الرائع أننا إذا تمكنا من التميز لمدة ١٠,٠٠٠ ساعة في الدراسة المتعبة، في أي شيء عند سن الـ ٢١، سنكون مبدعين فيه. سنكون بالبراعة في ما نعمل كأعظم أناس في العالم ولذا، ما ننظر إليه الآن هو جيل كامل من الشباب البارعين في اللعب. فالسؤال الكبير هو, "ما الذي يبرع فيه اللاعبون؟" لأننا لو إستطعنا معرفة ذلك سيكون لدينا مورد لم يسبق له مثيل للبشرية. هذا هو عدد البشر اليوم الذين يمضون ساعة يومياً على في اللعب. هؤلاء هم الموهوبون في اللعب. ـ٥٠٠ مليون شخص بارعون بشكل غير عادي في شئٍ ما. وفي العقد القادم سيكون لدين بليون لاعب آخر وهم بارعون جداً في ذلك الأمر. إذا لم تعلم بعد، فهو قادم. صناعة اللألعاب ستنتج أجهزة مقتصدة في الطاقة وتعمل على شبكات الهاتف اللاسلكية بدلاً عن شبكة الانترنت عريضة النطاق ليتمكن اللاعبين حول العالم تحديدا في الهند، الصين، البرازيل من اللعب على النت. يتوقعون بليون لاعب إضافي خلال العقد القادم. ليكون الإجمالي ١,٦ بليون لاعب. فبدأت أفكر تجعل تلك الألعاب هؤلاء اللاعبين بارعين. وهذه هي النتائج الأربعة التي توصلت إليها. الأولى هي التفائل العاجل. حسناً. فكروا في ذلك كدافع ذاتي هائل. التفائل العاجل هو الرغبة للعمل فوراً لمواجهة مشكلة، مصحوبة بالإيمان بأننا لدينا أمل كبير في النجاح. اللاعبون يؤمنون دائماً بأن الفوز الأسطوري ممكن، وأنها دوما تستحق المحاولة، والمحاولة الآن. اللاعبون لا يتكاسلون. اللاعبون موهوبون في حياكة نسيج إجتماعي محكم. هناك العديد من الأبحاث الشيقة التي تظهر بأننا نحب الناس أكثر بعد اللعب معهم، حتى ولو هزمونا هزيمة نكراء. والسبب، أننا نحتاج إلى ثقة كبيرة لللعب مع شخص. نثق بأنهم سيمضون وقتهم معنا، بأنهم سيلعبون بنفس القوانين، سيقدرون نفس الأهداف، سيبقون مع اللعبة حتى النهاية. ولذا، فاللعب سوياً يبني في الواقع الروابط والثقة والتعاون. ونحن حقيقة نبني علاقات إجتماعية أقوى نتيجة لذلك. الإنتاجية السعيدة. أنا أحبها. هناك سبب وراء أمضاء لاعب "عالم فن الحروب" (World of Warcraft) متوسط ٢٢ ساعة لعب أسبوعياً، تقريباً نصف دوام. وذلك أننا نعلم، حين نلعب، بأننا أسعد حين نعمل بجد، مقابل الراحة أو التسكع. نعلم بأننا مستغلين، كبشر، لنعمل عمل شاق ذا معنى. واللاعبون مستعدون للعمل الشاق طوال الوقت، إذا أُعطوا العمل المناسب. أخيرا، المعنى الأسطوري. اللاعبون يحبون الإرتباط بالمهمات المذهلة لقصص إنسانية على مستوى الكوكب. معلومة صغيرة تساعد على وضع هذا في المنظور. جميعكم يعرف ويكيبيديا، أكبر ويكي في العالم. ثاني أكبر ويكي في العالم، بنحو ٨٠,٠٠٠ مقال هو ويكي ورلد أوف ووركرافت يستخدمه خمس ملايين شخص شهريا لقد جمعوا معلومات عن ورلد أوف ووركرافت أكثر من أي موضوع آخر على الإنترنت في أي ويكي آخر في العالم إنهم يتنون قصة أسطورية إنهم يبنون مصدر معلومات أسطوري عن ورلد أوف ووركرافت حسنا، فتلك أربع قوى خارقة لتشكل لاعبين متفائلين ومتحمسين هؤلاء أناس يؤمنون أنهم قادرون على تغير العالم والمشكلة الوحيدة هي أنهم يؤمنون أنهم قادرين على تغير عوالم إفتراضية وليس العالم الحقيقي. وتلك هي المشكلة التي أحاول حلها. هناك إقتصادي يدعى إدوارد كاسترونوفا. إنا عمله رائع. إنه ينظر إلى سبب إستثمار الناس للطاقة والوقت والمال في العوالم الإفتراضية. ويقول، "نحن نشهد ما لا يمكن تعريفه بأقل من نزوح جماعي إلى العالم الإفتراضي." وهو إقتصادي. فهو منطقي. ويقول… (ضحك) على عكسي — أنا مصممة ألعاب، فأنا مندفعة. ولكنه يقول، أنَّ هذا منطقي تماماً، لأن اللاعبين يمكنهم الإنجاز أكثر على الألعاب من ما يمكنهم في الحقيقة. يمكنهم الحصول على علاقات إجتماعية أقوى في الألعاب من علاقاتهم في الحياة الحقيقية. يحصلون على تقيم أفضل ومردود أعلى في الألعاب من حياتهم الحقيقية. يقول أنه من المنطقي حالياً أن يمضي اللاعبون وقت أكبر في العالم الإفتراضي من الحقيقي. الآن، أنا أيضا أوافقه على ذلك المنطق، مؤقتاً. ولكنَّه ليس بأي حال وضع مثالي. علينا البدأ بجعل الحياة الحقيقية أشبه بلعبة. أنا أستلهم من شيئ حدث قبل ٢٥٠٠عام. هذه نرد عتيق، مصنوعة من مفاصل الغنم. حسناً. قبل حصولنا على ألعاب رائعة كانت لدينا مفاصل الأغنام. وهي تمثل أول أدوات الألعاب التي صممها البشر. ولو كنت على إطلاع بأعمال المؤرخ اليوناني القديم، هيرودوت، قد تكونوا على علمٍ بهذا التاريخ. وهو تاريخ من إخترع الألعاب ولماذا. يقول هيرودوت أن الألعاب، تحديداً ألعاب النرد أخترعت في مملكة ليديا (تركيا الغربية) في زمن مجاعة. إتضح، أنه كانت هناك مجاعة شديدة، جعلت ملك ليديا يقرر أنهم بحاجة للقيام بأمر مجنون. الناس كانت تعاني. الشعب كان يتقاتل. كان أمر جلل. ويحتاج إلى حل متطرف. لذا، كما جاء عن هيرودوت، أخترعوا ألعاب النرد وقد أسسوا سياسة على مستوى المملكة. في اليوم الأول، يأكل الجميع. وفي اليوم التالي، على الجميع اللعب. وينغمسون في الألعاب لأن الألعاب ممتعة. وتغمسنا في حالة من الإنتاجية السعيدة، سيهملون واقع أنهم لم يأكلوا. وفي اليوم التالي، يلعبون. وفي اليوم التالي يأكلون. ورواية عن هيرودوت, فقد أمضوا ١٨ عام على ذلك الحال، نجوا من مجاعة، بالأكل يوم واللعب اليوم التالي. وهذا، في رأيِ، بالضبط، ما نستخدم من أجله الألعاب اليوم. نحن نستخدم الألعاب للهروب من معاناة الحياة الحقيقية. نستخدم الألعاب الإبتعاد عن كل ما هو خرب في الحياة الواقعية، كل ما هو غير مرض في الحياة، ونحصل على ما نحتاجه من الألعاب. ولكنها لا تنتهي بالضرورة هناك. وهذا مذهل جداً. بناءا على هيرودوت، بعد ١٨ عاماً لم تتحسن المجاعة، فقرر الملك أنهم سيلعبون لعبة أخيرة. وقسموا المملكة بأكملها إلى نصفين. لعبوا لعبة نرد واحدة. والفائز في اللعبة سيذهب في مغامرة أسطورية. سيتركون ليديا وسيبحثون عن مكان جديد ليعيشوا تاركين ورائهم عدد كاف من البشر للعيش على الموارد المتاحة على أمل أخذ حضارتهم إلى مكان آخر يمكِّنهم من الإزدهار. الآن، هذا يبدو مجنونا، أليس كذلك؟ ولكن مؤخراً، أدلة جينية أظهرت أن الإتروريون، الذين قادوا الإمبراطورية الرومانية، في الواقع يشتركون في نفس الجينات مع الليديين القدامى. ومؤخراً، أقترح العلماء أن قصة هيرودوت المجنونة حقيقية. وقد وجد الجيولوجيون أدلة على برودة عالمية دامت قرابة 20 عام والتي يمكن أن تفسر المجاعة فهذه القصة المجنونة يمكن أن تكون حقيقية. قد يكونوا حقاً قد أنقذوا حضارتهم باللعب، بالهروب إلى الألعاب ١٨ عاماً ومن ثمَّ أصبحوا ملهمين جداً، وتعلموا الكثير عن كيف يشتركون في الألعاب، لدرجة أنَّهم أنقذوا الحضارة كاملة بتلك الطريقة. حسناً، يمكننا فعل ذلك. نحن نلعب وور كرافت منذ ١٩٩٤. تلك كانت اللعبة الستراتيجية الأولى من سلسلة وورلد أو ووركرافت. كان ذلك منذ ١٦ عاماً. لقد لعبو النرد ١٨ عاماً، ونحن نلعب ووركرافت ١٦ عاماً. أنا أقول بأننا جاهزون لمغامرتنا الأسطورية. الآن، لقد جعلوا نصف الحضارة تذهب للبحث عن عالم جديد. ومن هنا حصلت على ٢١ بليون ساعة أسبوعيا من اللعب. لنجعل نصفنا يوافق على إمضاء ساعة يومياً من اللعب، حتى نحل مشاكل الحياة الحقيقية. الآن، أعرف أنكم تسئلون، كيف سنحل مشاكل الحياة الحقيقية في الألعاب؟"، هذا ما كرست عملي له على مر السنوات الماضية، في معهد المستقبل. لدينا هذا الإعلان في مكتبنا ببالو ألتو، وهو يعبر عن نظرتنا عن كيف نحاول التجاوب مع المستقبل. نحن لا نريد أن نحاول التنبؤ بمستقبل. ما نريد فعله هو صنع المستقبل. نريد تخيل أفضل النتائج الممكنة ومن ثم نريد دعم الناس لجعل ذلك المستقبل حقيقة. نريد تخيل فوزٍ أسطوري، ومن ثم إعطاء الناس الموارد لتحقيق ذلك الفوز الأسطوري. سأُريكم سريعا ثلاث ألعاب من صنعي وهي محاولة لإعطاء الناس القدرة لصنع فوزٍ أسطوري في مستقبلهم. هذا عالم بدون بترول. صنعنا هذه اللعبة في ٢٠٠٧. هذه لعبة على النت حيث تحاول النجاة في وقت يشح فيه البترول. شح البترول خيالي، ولكننا وفرنا المواد اللازمة لتصدق أنها حقيقية، ولتعيش حياتك الحقيقية كما لو أن البترول قد إنتهى. فحين دخولك على اللعبة تسجل، وتحدد مكان إقامتك. وحينها نوفر لك أخبار مباشرة وبيانات توضح لك تكلفة البترول والمواد غير المتاحة، كيف تأثرت موارد الغذاء، كيف تأثر النقل، لو أن المدارس مغلقة، لو كانت هناك أعمل شغب. وعليك معرفة كيف ستعيش حياتك الحقيقية كما لو كان ذلك حقيقة، ومن ثمَّ نطلب منك أن تدون ذلك، لرفع المقاطع والصور لقد جربنا اللعبة مع ١٧٠٠ لاعب في ٢٠٠٧. وقد تابعناهم لثلاث أعوام منذ ذلك. ويمكنني أن أقول لكم أنها تجربة مغيرة. لا يريد أحد تغيير طريقة حياته فقط لأنها ستكون مفيدة للعالم، أو لأن علينا ذلك. ولكن إذا غمستهم في مغامرة أسطورية وتقول لهم "لقد نفذ البترول". هذه قصة ومغامرة مثيرة لك. تحدى نفسك لترى كيف ستعيش. معظم لاعبينا حافظوا على العادات التي تعلموها في هذه اللعبة. في اللعبة التالية لإنقاذ العالم، قررنا رفع الأهداف، لمشاكل أكبر من البترول. صنعنا لعبة إسمها سوبر ستركت في معهد المستقبل. الفرضية كانت، أن حاسباً عملاقاً حَسَبَ أنه بقي للبشرية ٢٣ عام. وإسم هذا الحاسب نظام إنذار الإبادة العالمية بالطبع. طلبنا من الناس الدخول لموقعنا تقريبا مثل أفلام جيري بريكيمير. تعرفون أفلام جيري بريكيمير، تكوِّن فريق الأحلام. لديك رائد الفضاء، العالم، صاحب السوابق، وعليهم جميعا العمل لإنقاذ العالم، (ضحك) لكن في لعبتنا، بدلاً عن خمس أشخاص فقط في فريق الإحلام، قلنا أن الجميع في فريق الأحلام، ومهمتك أن نتخترع مستقبل الطاقة، مستقبل الغذاء، مستقبل الصحة، مستقبل الأمن ومستقبل الشبكة الإجتماعية، كان لدينا ٨٠٠٠ شخص لعبو لثمان أسابيع. وتوصلو إلى ٥٠٠ حل بديع جداً ويمكنك البحث على جوجل عن Superstruct ورؤية ذلك. والآن، وأخيرا، اللعبة الأخيرة أطلقت في ٣ مارس. هذه لعبة صنعت مع معهد البنك الدولي. لو أتممت اللعبة تصبح مرخَّصاً من قبل معهد البنك الدولي، كمبدع إجتماعي، دفعة 2010. بالعمل مع جامعات حول منطقة الصحراء الأفريقية، وندعوهم لتعلم مهارات الإبداع الإجتماعي لدينا قصة مصورة. لدينا تطوير في مهارات مثل الفهم المحلي، العلاقات العلمية الإستدامة، الرؤية، والإعتمادية أود أن أدعوكم جميعا بأن تشاركو الشباب في هذه اللعبة من كل أنحاء العالم، وخصوصا في الدول النامية والذين قد يستفيدوا من العمل معا لمحاولة تخيل إبداعهم الإجتماعي لإنقاذ العالم إذا، سأنهي الآن وأود أن أطرح سؤالا ما ذا تتوقعون أن يحصل الآن؟ لدينا كل هؤلاء اللاعبين الرائعين، لدينا هذه الألعاب وهي تجريبية نوعا ما، ولكن لم تنقذ أياً منها العالم بعد. أتمنى أن توافقوني الرأي بأن اللاعبين طاقات بشرية يمكننا إستخدامها للقيام بأعمال حقيقية، بأن الألعاب أدوات قوية للتغيير. ولدينا كل هذه القوى الخارقة، الإنتاجية السعيدة، القدرة على حياكة نسيج إجتماعي محكم، هذا الشعور بالتفائل العاجل، والرغبة في معنى الفوز الأسطوري. أتمنى حقيقة أن نعمل سوياً ونلعب الألعاب المهمة، لنحيا على هذا الكوكب لقرن قادم. وهذا أملي بأن تنضمو إلي في صنع ولعب مثل هذه الألعاب. حين أنظر إلى العقد القادم، أوقن بأمرين، بأننا نستطيع صنع أي مستقبل نتخيله، وأننا نستطيع لعب الألعاب التي نرغب بها. إذاً، أقول دعوا الألعاب المغيرة للعالم تبدأ. شكراً. 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