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Tutorial – How to play Famous 500, a car racing card game by Famous Games Co

So you want to be a famous race car driver?
Get behind the wheel and let’s see what you’ve got.
Shuffle the nine Speed cards and deal three facedown to each player. The three remaining
cards form a facedown Pit Deck off to one side.
Look at the three cards you’ve been dealt. If all three show a speed greater than 100,
you can declare a false start and insist that the cards be shuffled and redealt.
Racing cars is all about speed and endurance! After the cards have been dealt, each player
will design a custom race car on their own sheet of paper.
Divide each sheet into four columns: Tires, Fuel, Engine and Speed. Whoever earns the
most speed points without falling below zero in the other columns will win the race.
The numbers you put in these columns will depend on the difficulty of your racetrack.
The Monaco track has a difficulty of 18. That means your first row must add up to a total
of 18 points. You can divide those 18 points however you
like but here are a few sample cars to get you started.
When you’re ready to begin, place one penny on the Lap 1 space and another on the first
section of track. The first section is always marked with an arrow beside the chequered
flag. Race tracks have three types of sections:
BLACK sections indicate hairpin turns; GREY sections indicate gentler curves; and
WHITE sections indicate straightaways. Each section, you and your opponent will choose
a card from your hand and play it facedown. Once you’re both ready, turn your card over,
revealing how fast you’ve chosen to drive through the current section of track.
The driver who played the higher card earns 2 speed points. The driver who played the
lower card earns only 1 speed point. Add your points to the current tally in your Speed
column. That said, going fast is hard on your car.
We’re currently in a GREY section of track. See how the faster driver’s card cost 2 Fuel
while the slower driver’s card cost only 1? Both drivers subtract the costs from the appropriate
columns on their sheet. Once you’re done scoring, each driver takes
the card played by his opponent. The penny then advances to the next section of track.
Continue playing cards, earning Speed points, subtracting your costs, swapping cards, and
advancing the penny until you’ve made it once around the track.
Between laps, the driver with the fewest Speed points must discard a card, removing it from
the game. He then draws a new card from the top of the Pit deck. If tied, the driver who
played the slowest card on the previous section must discard.
Armed with new knowledge of the available cards, the trailing driver advances both pennies
to mark the start of the new lap. Both cars are running low on fuel. Fortunately,
this section of track shows a dotted line, indicating that it’s a Pit Stop. You can
spend Speed points here to repair and refuel your car.
To declare a Pit Stop, simply say “Pit Stop!” and keep your card facedown when it’s time
to reveal. Drivers who make a Pit Stop draw a card from
the Pit deck. After viewing their hand, they return a card to the bottom of the deck. If
both drivers declare a Pit Stop, the one with the most Speed points draws first.
The main reason to declare a Pit Stop is to repair your car. For every Speed point you
spend, your pit crew repairs 3 Tire points, 2 Fuel points, or 1 Engine point.
The driver who did not make a Pit Stop earns Speed points and subtracts costs, as usual.
Drivers in the pit earn no Speed points and subtract no costs. Swap cards and advance
the penny to the next section of track to continue the race.
For a track of this length, each lap should take under 10 minutes. The race can end early,
however, if either driver’s tires, fuel, or engine fall below zero. If that happens,
the other car coasts to an easy victory. If both cars reach the finish line, however,
the winner is the driver with the most Speed points. If tied, the driver who played the
fastest final card wins the race. Thanks for joining me for a few laps, champ!
I can tell you like to go fast. You can take my car out on the track anytime. Go ahead,
here are the keys! You’ve earned them.

Every Game Matters | 2019 World Championship Group Stage Day 4 Tease

I originally thought that our results for Group Stage would be that we wouldn’t drop a single game, and go undefeated. We’ve already lost a match so I hope in the next matches,
we will give it our all and play well in every game and go 5-1. Right now, we are really hungry for that first win. Once we pick up a win, it’ll be the beginning of our hope.

ARTHUR: The Auditions

October 12, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 4 Comments

ARTHUR: The Auditions

# # (applauding) PRUNELLA: Thank you for coming
out to audition for
“The Princess and the Pea.” (thunder claps) A new play,
based on the fairy tale, written and directed
by Prunella Deegan. Thank you, thank you. (clapping tentatively) Binky’s running late, so…
George? (clears throat) Wheresoever shall I find
a real princess? Oh, wherefore? I am a princess
who has lost her way in this dreadful storm. (record scratches)
You call that a princess? Come on. Grant me shelter, thou peasant. Or face my wrath! Hmm. Uh, is there a smaller part
than the prince? It seems like a lot of lines. Next. (crashing) (panting):
Sorry I’m late. Can you believe this rain? Whew! (catching breath) Okay, I got to sit down. (kids laughing) (gasps) (laughter continues) (goofily):
This is the worst bed ever. What is
this mattress made of? Rocks? (snickering):
Worst audition ever. (giggling) Brilliant. # # NARRATOR:
Watch “Arthur” weekdays on your PBS Kids station or anytime
on the PBS Kids video app.

The Skeleton Dance + More | Dance Songs for Kids | Super Simple Songs

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones Doin’ the skeleton dance The foot bone’s connected to the leg bone The leg bone’s connected to the knee bone The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone Doin’ the skeleton dance The thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone The hip bone’s connected to the backbone The backbone’s connected to the neck bone Doin’ the skeleton dance Shake your hands to the left Shake your hands to the right Put your hands in the air Put your hands out of sight Shake your hands to the left Shake your hands to the right Put your hands in the air Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,
wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle …wiggle your knees Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones Doin’ the skeleton dance

How and Why We Read: Crash Course English Literature #1

Hi I’m John Green and this is Crash Course.
Can we get these books to roll in in the future? It doesn’t feel like Crash Course unless
there’s a roll in. [Theme Music] Today, before we begin our mini-series on
reading and writing in English, we’re going to discuss how to read and why.
So, if you watched our series on world history, you’ll no doubt remember that writing (and the ability
to read it) are so-called markers of civilization. Now, that’s a really problematic idea. I mean, for one thing, great stories can have great lives in the oral tradition. Like, one of my favorite books, Mules and Men by
Zora Neale Hurston, was a collection of folklore that lived in the oral tradition until Zora
Neale Hurston wrote it down. And the same can be said for another of my
favorite books, The Odyssey. But we privilege reading and writing because
they allow us to communicate directly and transparently with people who live very far
away from us, and they also allow us to kind of hear the voices of the dead.
I mean, I don’t want to get all liberal arts-y on you, but I want to make this clear;
for me, stories are about communication. We didn’t invent grammar so that your life
would be miserable in grade school as you attempted to learn what the Marquez a preposition
is. By the way, on this program, I will be inserting names of my favorite writers when
I would otherwise insert curse words. We invented grammar because without prepositions,
we couldn’t describe what it’s like to fly through a cloud, or jump over a puddle,
or Faulkner beneath the stars. Like, right now, if I’m doing my job, and
you’re doing your job, you aren’t thinking about the fact that I’m contorting my mouth
and tongue and vocal chords to create sounds that then exist as ideas in your brain; it’s
just happening. But if my language gets confusing — if I parles
en francais or incorrect word order use or eekspay inyay igpay atinlay, then I erect
a barrier between you and me. You and I? You and me.
Writing–or at least good writing–is an outgrowth of that urge to use language to communicate
complex ideas and experiences between people. And that’s true whether you’re reading
Shakespeare or bad vampire fiction, reading is always an act of empathy. It’s always
an imagining of what it’s like to be someone else. So when Shakespeare uses iambic pentameter, or Salinger uses a red hunting cap, they aren’t
doing this so that your English teachers will have something to torture you with.
They’re doing it, at least if they’re doing it on purpose, so the story can have
a bigger and better life in your mind. But, for the record, the question of whether they’re
doing it on purpose is not a very interesting question. Oh, we’re still doing open letters? An Open Letter to Authorial Intent. But first,
let’s see what’s in the secret compartment today. Oh, it’s a boat beating against the current,
borne back ceaselessly into the past. Dear authorial intent, As an author, let me
speak to you directly. You don’t matter. Look, I’m not willing to go as far as the
postmodernists and say that the author is dead because that would make me very nervous.
However, the author is not that important. Whether an author intended a symbolic resonance
to exist in her book is irrelevant. All that matters is whether it’s there because the
book does not exist for the benefit of the author. The book exists for the benefit of
you. If we, as readers, could have a bigger and
richer experience with the world as a result of reading a symbol and that symbol wasn’t
intended by the author, we still win. Yes, inevitably, reading is a conversation
between an author and a reader. But give yourself some power in that conversation, reader. Go
out there and make a world. Best wishes,
John Green Here’s the thing: It is extremely hard to
get other people to feel what we are feeling. Like, you may have experienced this in your
own life. Say my college girlfriend broke up with me…and she did.
I want to explain what I’m feeling to my best friend in the entire world. So I say,
PIECES. Right, so, a few things are going on here:
First, in excellent news, my heart has not been shattered into a million pieces. It is
pumping blood in precisely the same way that it did before the breakup.
Secondly, in further good news, I am not totally obliterated. Total obliteration of me would
look like this. I’m using the techniques of hyperbole, in
the case of obliteration, and metaphor, in the case of my broken heart, to try to describe
the things that are happening inside of me. But because I’m not using particularly compelling
or original figurative language, my friend may struggle to empathize with me, and this
is my BEST FRIEND in the entire world. Now imagine that you’re trying to communicate
far more complicated and nuanced experiences and emotions. And instead of just trying to
communicate them to your best friend, you’re trying to talk to strangers, some of whom
may live very far away and, in fact, live centuries after your death.
Not only that, but instead of this happening during a pleasant conversation, they are reading
your dry, dead text on a page. So they can’t hear your intonation or see
the tears dripping from your cheeks even though it turns out that this breakup is going to be one
of the best things that ever happened to you. So THAT is the challenge that Shakespeare faces, and it’s also the challenge that
you face whenever you write for an audience, whether it’s a novel or a pedantic YouTube
comment about the accuracy of our Gallifreyan. Hush! This is fantastic Gallifreyan.
So I’m going to ask you to read critically, to look closely at a text and pay attention to the
subtle ways the author is trying to communicate the full complexity of human experience, but I’m not asking
you to go symbol-hunting because reading is supposed to be some treasure map in which you discover
symbols, write them down, and then get an A in class. I’m asking you to read critically because
by understanding language, you will 1. Have a fuller understanding of lives other
than your own, which 2. Will help you to be more empathetic, and
thereby 3. Help you to avoid getting dumped by that young
woman in the first place, although more importantly 4. Reading critically and attentively can give you the linguistic tools to share your own story with more precision. And that will help people to understand your
joy and your heartbreak, yes, but will also be helpful in many other ways, like when you
are trying to convince the company to move forward with your fourth quarter strategy
or whatever it is that people with real jobs do. Reading thoughtfully gives us better tools to explain corporate profits and broken hearts.
And it also connects us to each other. The real reason the green light in The Great
Gatsby is such a wonderful symbol is because we all know what it’s like to be outside
in the evening, staring off into the distance at a future that may never be ours.
We’ve all felt that stomach-churning mix of yearning and ambition that Gatsby feels as he
stares out at that green light across the harbor. And by knowing what it’s like to be Gatsby, we learn more about those around us, those who
came before us, and we learn more about ourselves. So, over the next few weeks, we’ll be reading not just Gatsby but also Romeo and Juliet,
some poetry by Emily Dickinson, and The Catcher in the Rye. There are links to get all of
these books in the video info below. We’ll begin with Romeo and Juliet next week. I’ll
see you then. Crash Course is produced and directed by Stan
Muller. Our script supervisor is Meredith Danko. The associate producer is Danica Johnson.
The show is written by me. And our graphics team is Thought Bubble.
If you have questions about today’s video, you can leave them in comments where they
will be answered by our team of experts. And if you haven’t already, read Romeo and Juliet.
It’s a very good play, although at times derivative of West Side Story.
Thanks for watching Crash Course. And as we say in my hometown, don’t forget to be awesome.

Ellen’s Sweater Game

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Ellen’s Sweater Game

– Last week, we surprised
a preschool teacher at her home in San Diego.
Take a look. Ana?
– Uh-huh. Hi!
– Hi, it’s Ellen. – Oh!
[screams] – [laughs] – I love you!
I dropped the phone! I love you! – Ana, I just realized
you’re watching my show. I’m gonna let you go. I’ll talk to you another time,
all right? – No, don’t let me go!
– All right. – I love you, Ellen! – I just love your attitude,
your spirit. So, we want to make it up to you for not having
much of a Christmas. We want you to have
every single thing we gave away all 12 days.
– What? What! – Look, you get that.
– Oh, my God! [both screaming] Ellen, thank you!
Come over! Ellen!
I love you, Ellen! – [chuckles] So, I invited Ana
and all of her teachers to be in the audience today. Ladies, come on down. [upbeat music] So, here we go.
You stand on that side. You’ve decided
the teams already, and you stand on this side, and here’s what’s gonna happen:
You’ll put on a sweater– and you’ll each put on
one sweater is what I mean, so, you’ll see have one sweater,
you’ll have one sweater, and you’ll see what I mean
in a minute. So, just–
all: Whoa. one arm goes out the–put it–
– You’re all in one. – All of you thought you had
such good seats a minute ago. [laughter] – Okay.
We’re ready. – We got this.
What do we gotta do? – All right.
All right, we good? All right, step to the line,
please. So, there’s a place in Arizona
called Miraval. It’s a beautiful place…
all: Whoo! – Portia and I
have stayed there. It’s a beautiful place, and Miraval appreciates
all that teachers do. The winning team is gonna get
a three-day, two-night stay… [all cheer]
– At the Miraval Resort & Spa. Right? All right. All right, try to remember
to stay on the line. Try to remember you’re aiming
for that target over there. Y’all are aiming
for this target. Um, all right, ready?
– Go, Judy, go. – Go. [upbeat blue grass music] [all screaming] [music continues] – [laughing] [buzzer sounds] [cheers and applause] I’m staying here. – Whoo! – All right,
I’m staying right here ’cause I’ve got
my Kanye Yeezy shoes on and I’m not…
[cheers and applause] I’m not going over there. You, uh–your team–who won? You know what?
I think–could they both go to– [cheers and applause]
– Yeah, you can both go. You’re going on a three-day,
two-night stay at Miraval. [all screaming] – We’ll be back.

cars three driven to win All right, you know get the cup series Let’s do a battle race. There’s a super awesome super awesome Okay, who do you want to be you want to be RV or mater? Cruz Ramirez RV right there that’s how you want to be okay um all right you want blue lights, or yellow lights Alright you have blue flames or yellow flames? All right Just like a snot Rod All right cool. So here’s what we’re doing playing battle race mode which is like Mario Kart where you can Hit your opponents with weapons and stuff. Look who’s that is that ramone? Yeah? Let’s keep it ready We’re being RV Ryan’s requests this RV is crazy oh It’s Ashton’s Giant toy club our favorite Livestreamer Ashton’s giant wake up during all of our livestream, whoa. Yeah. He does should mrs.. Yuna. See in a second, whoa Well, I got some guns see them on my car watch this and they come around the corner here. I’ll blast it alright Here we go. Oh actually I don’t know what this is I guess it’s a special trailer, whoa So everybody missed you yesterday when you were at swim lessons, so I’m excited that you can join us for the day buddy I’m not taking a shortcut on purpose whoo That’s a boom No, that’s not dock cousin. I’m sorry buddy. Wow look we blasted them bud No, it’s not dock cutting I can’t remember that one’s name. Maybe somebody can go oh Did you see diesel over? Whoa, did you see that? Who’s that green guy? Uh chick hicks? He’s chick hicks there? He is he’s right beside us actually no, that’s a set Ricky are glee Not chick hicks chick hicks is all green We’re still winning. Oh look at the hot air balloons, man alright. That’s fire, missile. Whoa Whoa, whoa, what do you think of that? You liking driving back there. It was pretty cool. Oh, no, we got blown up Off to return the Favor, huh? What did you see that, tornado? Oh? We just unlocked something bud All right watch this Let’s keep that guys. Let’s give He does have guns lose battle mode are here. We go. It’s using Final lap. Oh no, they hit us with an oil slick Love the higher below yes. Hey pretty cool. Oh, no man. This is Just some good competition. What do you think but no I wanted to take the shortcut? We’re not won. First place. I don’t know if we’re gonna win. We’re gonna have to try real hard Boom oh, wow this is crazy, buddy Grab the Race really hard to get first Place I Did see that pretty you did it okay? Oh? Daddy’s driving crazy again Little brother Buzz going outside with mama all right check it out. All right. What do you think we’re in second place? Oh? We didn’t get first, but that’s okay What do you think? Do you would it be um? You and every sally well we can’t we have to wait and we can maybe quit a sequel less clarity side bash an opponent with a high-voltage weapon equipped Still want to be RV? Who do you want to be was some back and forth for a moment? Sally okay cool. We’ll go be sally Do you want to go play in the playground instead of the race? Sally okay, we’ll be sally Are you looking at yourself in the camera making funny faces? Look we get a new thomasville playground alright. Let’s see. We’re Gonna be The stunt showcase is kind of tough actually even played this one yet rookie takedown actually take down loads kind of fun Gonna be Me, okay. You wanna be sally You don’t meet it must be harvey. How about Guido in Judo? How about maker? Okay, well Brb okay? Uh what color should lightspeed blue Yeah, bhagat blue. What about what about the flames? Oh, that’s cool alright You ready? We’re gonna play, so this mode is called takedown. We have to hit all these cars to take them out. It’s kind of crazy The goal is to knock out as many of these people as possible do you think We have to take one out All right here. We go. We’re gonna rev it up remember you get a masher. You’re a trigger button all right here. We go Whoa are these awesome all right? Whoa look at that? The purpose of this mode is to just take out all of these causes many of them as possible They are they then we’re coming after and that’s why They don’t boom wow see all that whoo Alright, let’s go get that guy. Oh, I haven’t yet figured out whoa over there worth extra points You could have get him All right, we’re gonna boost on this and get Turbo. Oh There we go all right. It’s good this guy. Oh, no. We missed him way too fast to run past them Lift that turbo meter whoa you see that alright wave once complete next wave starting now. Oh No wow, look at that carnage everywhere ah I can’t get him flipping. Oh, it’s too fast. We got to get some more weapons here. We go boost you if you love if you tell me Okay, if you slide you can hit two of them a lot easier Fighter mode oh you in a burst boost okay there you go. Whoa. We did a nice job, buddy Okay Wait, actually we don’t have any but we’re red remember you chose Red turbo boosters Here we go my boost wow right? Oh, no. They hit us Let’s get him. Let’s get him buddy So Guido. He’s skinny so it’s hard for him to hit two of these bullets RV. He’s pretty big RVs. Are actually a really good character to be on this this I put 28 on RV is easy to hit Can we get up? We did get him? Oh they got us, too? From the oil yeah you see you got a well all this car You should get them good job All right now. We’re turbo all right whoa Cowboy So this mode you have to knock out x number of these vehicles and a certain amount of time And if you don’t then it’s over oh, he got us with a wheel slick Was he good? We’re Gonna Boost the Yenisei See if we can get that guy we don’t have any weapons. Oh, we have eleven seconds. We gotta hurry You can get him we gotta wait five is complete dude You think so. Oh man another wave wow time’s up, okay? Let’s see what how we did? Forty points Yeah, two chicks picks time to focus our attention on our V okay. What you wanna pluck it Okay, you wanna play the same battle modes All right See was that It is ramone. He’s got a cool paint job there doesn’t he can you say hi to ashton’s Giant toy club? Yes, thank you buddy. Thank you for telling everyone your first and last name unlike tweet All right, let’s go All right, we’ve got 15 cars. I would hurt man it fast Arby’s kind of slow Ashton’s Giant hook up survived Did you pick up the game yet? No, you said your husband might enjoy it so are you ready phone? You don’t want me to get that Okay, they’re Gonna chill. We’re just Gonna Chill I Think that, they’re probably gonna try to get us to if you don’t get them I Think that’s the name of the game my friend, whoa did she said airplane? He’s rusty’s old Pal. Oh Let’s get this game out is lots of fun. It’s lots of fun Whoa he just jumped over there, whoa Boom whoa got it done. Look I got it. Where did he go? Oh, there’s a shortcut here. Oh love a shortcut or The Deathtrap apparently I know that was a huge shortcut Let’s see if we can get him oh Get him again. No – So some of these weapons you use Can be aimed and other ones they just aim themselves, so it’s hard to know Which one you’re dealing with oh? We hit the holes leg splat. Oh, oh, no, we have guns I’ll look there. I’ll take a shortcut. Whoa. You’re just trying to get them You almost got him. Maybe we should play and let you play – oh You got them all what’s gonna get those oh man First we have to hit those guys okay trying to get to that 100 myself Oh good job, buddy. Oh That guy right there, this is gonna get them. Oh he’s worth extra points Fish we have a hard target where we actually have to Aim See if we can get him up he’s only gonna be a bonus point for five more seconds Did we get him we got him all right? okay, Ryan got them all yes, he just Okay, the rest of the game all right. They’re in a gang. Oh This one’s hard because it’s straight on oh, we did good good. Good jump Okay, so don’t touch those things because they will make you blow up we learned that from last time all right fire There we go. Oh, we got him dude good shine I’ll beat your dinner with dirt your remote control oh We only have nine seconds left. I don’t think we’re doing as good as we did last time whoa Time’s up sure what do you think? 2050 didn’t do as good like You would do one more time. Okay. There’s one more race left Then one more today. He’s away with this you show me two on your fingers You want three? Can you show me three on your fingers there you go? Who’s that it’s Smoky and back Well, I just wanted to do one sees you just want to do rusty’s. Okay. There’s some rusty’s characters in this All right, well RV again. Maybe we can unlock miss Fritter, and we can business fritter. Let me talk about that Rock I do oh See fucking the – yes. I got – all right excellent boom. Oh, you could get three oh I got you You’re taking a shortcut. I’m just gonna follow these guys cuz we’re trying to walk. Oh you see that bud The students are digital A heat-seeking missile. That’s the way to do it. You don’t have to aim to perhaps two flips oh, okay, I Guess everybody’s eating dinner nobody’s going tonight, but you know what you know who is here Ashton’s giant for a kilt ike’s clear awesome boom Thank you. Thank you So Ashton what is on your agenda? What’s your next video that you’re working on. Oh That was awesome. Oh I like that one that purple one. He just lost a little bomb of these of your shoulders. Oh look that’s a gun alright see Not sure yet. Well that’s okay. We don’t have to know what we’re doing next ready. Did we did post something early? I don’t know if you saw it how they go sale at toys R us this weekend for cars three toys, and we should get a diecast and a piston cup of the purchase of $20 and more and they’ve got a Diecast on sale five for $10 Oh, hah be found. Yes with weapon coming move You can get him oh we did waiting for a minute left Yeah, happy times lots of fun. Ok when this race is done. We can go outside you bet buddy Yeah, the piston cup in the die cast I think their excuses are sale. Oh Your brother didn’t get all your whoa. Whoa. Wait. Five, man. We’re going on to another way I Think they start shooting us now yeah, we think you think we can stop playing after whoa It was just a quick minute and fifty second info on the on the sale I Don’t know man. We did really good this round buddy Wow We won the cup Four thousand one hundred ninety five points. Can you say thanks for Watchin Ashton’s – a super cool sled Giants play club? Thanks to harvey look we got a new trash alright. Thanks guys. Thanks for watching We gonna do our V again okay? Thanks guys we appreciate you watching. Thanks again to Ashton’s Giant toy club Okay, we’re Gonna do RV again while we shut the video off?

How to play strategy games online with friends using Gameranger !!!

Hello everybody first of all sorry for my
bad english accent i hope you will understand me today i will show you how to play strategy
games online with friends all you need is to download this app setup and install it
then download any strategy game for example i have generals and click gameranger here
you see there is plenty of strategy games and other games for example i select generals
let’s join one okay join this one , no let’s join and wait for him to host the game okay
he host wait some minutes okay we entered the game join multiplayer network and when
he creates the room here you will see this room and just click to it that’s all thanks
for watching