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Incoming Update for KINGDOM UNDER FIRE 2 🎆MMORPG Discussion – Community Update #1 (1080p)

How’s it going folks, welcome back to another
Kingdom Under Fire 2 video where today we’ll be diving into the recent community update
they’ve released in response to everyone’s feedback. A good amount of the players from the community
have taken a break because right now it feels like it’s taking a while for the companies
to push this patach that is very needed, but hopefully
that’ll mean that we’ll get a big one. We can only hope in that regard. It starts off with the state of kingdom under
fire 2, where they say that after several months of preparation, they finally released
Kingdom Under Fire 2 for PC on November 14th for the Gameforge Client, and on the 18th
of November for Steam. The game did seem to have a rocky start when
it first launched to steam, review wise it was almost immediately
shot down into the mixed reviews section, but over the past couple of weeks it’s actually
rose to 81%. With a steady amount of about a thousand plus
players on the steam client everyday alone. Which for an MMO would be on the lower side
for sure, but if they’re able to keep up with updates starting with this one, they’ll be
able to gain players over time as long as the game works out. They continue by saying that over these past
few weeks they’ve been working closely with blueside to release the first major fixes
& content additions by December, and they truly hope that their efforts reflect the
love and passion that players put in the game and feedback we provide. The game currently has a lot of things they
need to take a closer look at and they state that topics such as
progression, and balance will receive more attention to further polish those aspects
of the game. The next thing they talk about is their to
do list which seems very extensive but may not have the majority of things listed aside
from the ones that clearly state that they would be
revisited in the future. These topics are listed as the following –
First on their to-do list is balancing of endgame raids and missions, which probably
is sorely needed alongside tweaks to the loot system. They go into how they’ve heard the feedback,
that players want the content to be harder and more challenging. That the general feedback from the community
was that the endgame raids and missions were fun, but
could use a higher degree of difficulty. Also including a statement about the 16 man
raid that will be added during december which already has some of the difficulty updates
implemented into it. Adding onto that I hope that when the difficulty
is increased that it’s more of a mechanical based difficulty increase as opposed to just
a elevation of health and defenses. To truly make content more difficult while
still making it engaging I believe you need to give us those mechanics to strategize against. But however
they decide to proceed with it, hopefully it works out. The second one consists of General Hero & Troop
Balance. Starting right off the bat stating that Spellsword
and Berserker are in need of some love which certainly seems accurate, but they also follow
that up by talking about the scorpions and slaughterer troops being quote
unquote “employee of the month”. Which is probably a testament to how good
these units are right now, majority of players end
up using them for content like raids and invasions because of how much they bring to the fight
compared to others. Some in the community speculate that these
two troops being mentioned could mean a big nerf is near, and
some feel that they were simply addressing that they know these are very popular units
within the community right now. Either way,
we’ll have to see. They say that in terms of the balancing, it
will be tackled at the same time the difficulty of the raids will be. And after this one they jump into the randomness
of the endgame rewards, which I got to say seems to be getting worse and worse by the
day. Just yesterday I had done
all my invasions and raids with pug groups and we were getting like maybe a maximum of
3 visionstones per run in the actual loot chest. I think I could accurately say that
you may see a purple unit drop once every 5 days in the groups that I run with. I’m starting to think there’s something fishy
going on here. Either that, or my Black Desert bad luck with
RNG is catching up to me. Which would make equal amounts of sense. They continue on by saying that we’ll actually
be getting some troops added to the cubics shop, which should be interesting to see and
means if you’re currently spending all your cubics or most of them on enhancements,
it might be time to dial it back just a little bit. For the Daily Limits of Instances they go
into the feedback received by their hardcore players stating most of the daily content
is cleared incredibly fast, and that the players hunger
for more action when they are done. They state that they are closely monitoring
the situation and would like to check how many players reach that limit, and how frequently
that happens so they can make necessary adjustments. And it’s here I’d love to jump in with some
honesty and feedback to that feedback, me personally I can understand how
someone who plays this game all day and night would want to continue doing the missions
and invasions to keep on progressing past where they are currently feeling halted. But I think it’s also safe to say that it’s
probably better to have too many or more things to do with these limits, rather than so few
things to do with no limits. Because right now,
past the 4th or 5th time or maybe even 1st time you do some of these pieces of content,
they are no longer the most… enjoyable things to do anymore. Especially the cracked
missions and defense invasion, probably the 2 worst ones in the bunch. So even though I don’t think they would listen
to this, I’d love to reiterate this again, if blueside considers
lifting the limit on the content, they should do so while at the same time giving us much
more to do. Make those open world zones actually worth
going into past level 30, give us field bosses, give us world bosses, give us
dynamic events. We want more, engaging missions, give us some
dungeons, give us some bigger and more challenging raids. Make
the mobs drop more gold, and create some more zones. Stuff like that. If they went down that route instead they
might not even need to lift the limits at all. One thing that I talked about on stream the
other night in relation to Ascent: Infinite Realm
was that I loved the way they did their dynamic events, when they started throughout the day
players anywhere in the world could immediately queue for them and teleport
to them along with the rest of the participants. It was awesome. Now for December specifically they talk about
in this community update that it will be the first content update with major fixes. First we can expect the 16 man raid mountain
of pain to be added with adjustments in balance that fits with the higher difficulty request,
also getting a new hero mission by the name of treasure goblin’s nest that will
allow us to get gold, troop visionstones, and general training stones. Thank hell for that. New troops available from the 16 man raids,
5 troops to be made available in the cubics shop, more troops included in this list after
that, the seasonal event for christmas that is
said to feature a limited time event where we may be able to get our hands on these awesome
looking christmas outfits from the old version of the game. We don’t know yet if
they will look like this but I sure hope so. I also hope they will include solo queuing
in one of these upcoming patches so we can have some real fun while we hope. And of course it’ll feature a whole list of
bug & issue fixes. To their credit it definitely seems that they’ve
taken note of all the community concerns, a lot of people seem to be holding out in
the hopes that things work out with these upcoming
updates and I can only hope that it works out too. I’m sure given a few more months or even a
year that this game could without a doubt rise up to be a long-standing title on the
market, but it’ll all depend on how they decide to go about building on that potential. Be sure to check out this community update
in your free time because alongside everything we’ve mentioned it also goes into some great
detail about topics that are currently being monitored which will likely be touched on
in the future, or even further suggestions from
the community. And with that I truly hope that no matter
what happens for the future of this game that both companies do their best to make the product
into something worthwhile. It’s the only
game on the market right now to mesh these genres after all, and thank you all very much
for watching. Hope you have a happy holidays and farewell.

EVE Online – No Downtime Announcement

December 7, 2019 | Articles | No Comments

Infrastructure… the backbone of modern society. In this hidden location the plumbing for the most complex systems of New Eden is kept under strict control to ensure that it runs like clockwork. This National Cookie Day, CCP will attempt something that has never been done before… … rolling the dice and disrupting a tick in time. Stand prepared. 48 hours… all action… no downtime. Coming soon to a Tranquility near you. (December 4th)

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 06.12.2019

Hey everyone, Paweł Burza here, I’m the Community Manager for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game and this is TWIG, or This Week in GWENT — a weekly show in which we talk everything GWENT! This week we had the roadmap stream, where we talked about what we achieved this year as well as our plans for 2020! If you missed it, you can check it out here on our YouTube channel! If you saw the live stream you’ve heard that we plan to discontinue support for the console versions of the game. You can read the full message by going to the news section on playgwent.com misterhabbla1 created the ultimate video guide for beginners where he highlights all of the decks and archetypes for every faction! Mind=blow! We’ll link the video down in the description below this video Team Leviathan Gaming have updated their 10th meta report for the second time this month! If you’re working on your final climb on the ladder be sure to check out what are best deck to play right now! We’ll link the report below this video! That’s it for this weeks TWiG, see you again next week!

GTA Online Best Vehicle Discounts (5th December 2019) – GTA 5 Weekly Car Sales Guide #15

Hello everyone I’m Broughy1322 and in this
video I’ll be going over the various vehicle discounts that are now active in GTA Online
as of Thursday 5th December 2019. All of these are gonna be available for an unknown number
of weeks as things can get slightly topsy turvy with a new DLC on the horizon. The podium vehicle this week is the Flash
GT, which can be won by spinning the Lucky Wheel in the Casino. It’s in the Sports class,
normally costs around 1.7 million dollars, and feels like it was an inevitable inclusion
to the podium vehicle list given how often it’s on discount to buy. It’s one of the quickest
cars in the game in an off-road situation but it has been slightly usurped by the recent
Issi Sport. For regular races it isn’t going to compete with the top sports cars. The Premium Race this week is Congenstion
Charge, which is an old style point to point race for the Supers class. The Deveste Eight
is probably your best bet for this one, mixing high top speed with decent cornering ability
in what will be largely a slipstream fest of a race. Also, the Regular Time Trial this
week is the new Galileo Park, with the RC Time Trial being Vespucci Beach. In terms of regular vehicle discounts, we’ve
got a pretty standard selection and you should probably keep your money with a new DLC coming
very soon, unless you see something that you’ve been waiting for for a while. There’s 25%
off the Thrax plus 35% off the S80RR, RE-7B, Rocket Voltic, and Elegy Retro Custom (which
is created in Bennys by driving in a regular Elegy RH8 and upgrading it, even though it’s
actually slower than the RH8). There’s also 40% off the ETR1, GP1, GB200, Omnis and Hotring
Sabre. The Omnis is the clear option to choose here, with it being a wonderful rally car
that’s beautiful to drive and now only costing a bargain 420,000 dollars. I’m of course in
no way biased. Did I ever tell you how much I like the Omnis? I don’t think I did. None
of the other cars are really worth it even at these prices if you’re thinking about races
or speed in general, with much quicker options available in each class. You can of course
find out the lap times and top speeds of all of the vehicles that I’ve mentioned here by
checking out the playlist links in the description and the pinned comment. In terms of discounts specifically for Twitch
Prime members who’ve linked their Rockstar Social Club accounts, it’s probably the best
week we’ve ever seen. There’s 80% off the Itali GTO, which is the king of the Sports
class for races in the majority of situations since the Casino DLC handling flag changes.
You can grab it for just under 400,000 dollars now instead of its usual most expensive regular
sports car price of just under 2 million. If you don’t already have one, now is the
time. There’s also 80% off the Schlagen GT which, while not on the pace of the top sports
cars, is still a very quick car and one of the very few cars from the Arena War DLC that
actually has a nice driving experience. An excellent buy for 260k. You’ll also get an
extra 10% off the regular discounts I mentioned earlier, making the amazing Omnis just 350,000
dollars. You can’t not get it at that price! Also if you do have Twitch Prime and you haven’t
already make sure you’re giving your free subscription to a Twitch streamer each month
as well. It doesn’t have to be me, but make sure you’re giving it to someone as you’re
basically supporting them with a $2.50 donation without any extra cost to you. I’ll be back with more next week where I’ll
most likely be covering the latest DLC, testing new cars and seeing what has changed, as well
as seeing what we still have to come. Feel free to subscribe and turn on notifications
so you don’t miss it. Thanks a lot for watching everyone, and I’ll see you next time.

Portal 2: Game begin in 3rd-person mode (free camera)

I don’t know why the camera tilt in the very beginning appears incredibly jagged. Rest assured the remainder of the video is very smooth. Note: This video is
HD enabled. Recorded on hardware:
Intel GMA 4500M.
Bad joke, right? Turns out that when recording videos, it does not matter if the hardware is crap, because the Source recorder can record at any framerate you want. What happened here? In the movie description, you can read the full explanation.
In short, this nasty room is where Chell _really_ stays normally for the duration of the entire container ride.
She is not in the container. The game cheats and only translates her first-person view in there. The movie description also explains why I use the noclip cheat here.
In short, the game cheated, so I had to cheat as well in order to capture the third-person view. Here, Wheatley wants me to speak, which is to jump. However, the cargo container is non-tangible, so I have to find a solid surface somewhere in order to jump. I fly and go find some. This room happens to be on the same map. Details are in the movie description. Due to a game/demo playback glitch, all Wheatley’s dialog subtitles for the container ride procedure flash quickly here. The audio is still played at proper times. Chell trembles a bit here. Trembling / bobbing / jerking is a common problem with Source demos that often happens when the recording was created at a lower framerate than it is played back.
During the trembling, the container ride simulation also appears lagged. This video was played back at 30 fps. The trembling and lagging is comparatively minor to
what it was when I played back the demo at 90 fps. Click here to watch the 90 fps version. When the lag settles, suddenly the simulation also catches up and the container appears to teleport. For performance reasons, the textures on the walls of “hotel hell” are one-sided, made only visible from the direction that is from the inside the room. This is why the container appears completely wrecked already from the beginning, when observed from an outside point of view. For a moment, I tried to capture the view from the inside of the container.
However, it was almost impossible to follow the moving and tilting container. I do not know why the texture at the end of this wall does not appear. The fact that Chell’s real physical body is in the isolated cold steel room for the duration of the entire container ride, is the reason to how she suffers absolutely no injuries at all during the ride, despite all the apparent hazard. The physics engine could easily kill her at any time if she was actually in the container. Unfortunately I did not test whether all these nice,
exciting looking catwalks are tangible enough to walk on. The game teleported me again.
In movie description is the more detailed explanation of why and what exactly happened. Here I fly back to where the plot continues. The screen is completely white for a moment because there’s nothing in the map in the between of these two areas. According to my research, Chell simply cannot resist the temptation to flush various objects down the toilet when encountered one. However, from player perspective, it is incredibly difficult to handle objects accurately when the view is obscured by Chell’s body. I tried twice, and missed both times. I wanted the radio with me. Unfortunately, it seems I dropped it beyond my reach. Throwing objects is hard. I wanted to hit the window. Chell is not a human. She’s polygonkind. You should not be surprised.

Shenmue 3 – The Review – Game Sack

December 2, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Shenmue 3 – The Review – Game Sack

(Game Sack Theme) – Hello and welcome to Game Sack. (mumbles) No, this isn’t right, hold on. Hello and welcome to Game Sack. Yes, Shenmue 3 is finally here and it’s available to
play, and yes, it is real. I’ve been waiting 17 years for this. In fact, there’s been more time since Shenmue 2 and 3’s release date, than there was between
Shenmue 1 and the late ’80s, when the series takes place. I’m a huge Shenmue fan. I’ve played through parts one
and two many many times each. They’re some of my favorite games ever. And thanks to a KickStarter campaign that raised over six million dollars, Shenmue 3 was finally
able to enter development. So, does it live up? Is it worth your time? Well, that’s what I’m here to tell you. Also, I’m wearing a Shenmue 3 shirt, so that totally qualifies
me to review the game. Let’s go. (Bob’s Pizza Theme from Shenmue) Shenmue 3 is finally here. will you look at that? That’s just amazing! This game is available on
Windows and the PlayStation 4. As a console gamer, it should
come as absolutely no surprise that I’m playing the PS4 version. It is worth mentioning
that for the PC version they abruptly switched from
Steam to the Epic Games Store, likely because a large
amount of money was involved. People didn’t like that at all and I can definitely understand that. But it didn’t affect me as
a console gamer thankfully so this is the version I’m talking about. It’s also worth mentioning
that I completely avoided any and all things about this game leading up to its release. I muted the words “Shenmue” and the like everywhere I could on social media. I didn’t look at art or
watch trailers or play demos. As a huge Shenmue fan, I
wanted to go into this fresh. (slow dreamy music) Anyway, the game begins mere
seconds after Shenmue 2 ends. You now tag around with Shenhua, who was the girl you tagged around with on disc four of Shenmue 2. She has since changed her clothes. You, however, have not. Nor should you ever
despite being able to do so later in the game. You’re Ryo Hazuki, you’re
meant to wear a white shirt and a leather jacket and
blue jeans and nothing else. Gone is any of the supernatural stuff they seemed to be building up
to at the end of Shenmue 2. You spend the first half of the
game or so in Bailu Village, which is where you were on your way to in disc four of Shenmue 2, but you never got to see it then. The village is actually
pretty big with lots of paths that veer off into other areas. There are lots of people to talk to and, of course, things to buy and sell. One thing that this
village has in abundance are women who are older
than you who really, really wanna, well, how shall
we say, jump your bones. – Hey! – What is it, handsome? – I’m looking for a shop
that sells steamed buns. – If you’re hungry, why didn’t you say so? Come over to my place and I’ll
feed you until you’re full. – Actually, I– – [Joe] I mean, come on, Ryo, you’re not exactly going
steady with anyone. – No, no. – [Joe] The gameplay is
mostly classic Shenmue, asking people where this
person or that location is, then working your way there. Once you get there you find out that you need to go find
someone or something else. In fact, this game suffers from the “Just one more thing” syndrome, if there is such a thing. Have you ever talked
to someone in real life who just keeps going right when you think the conversation is done? Well, this game is kind of similar. Just when you think you’ve
accomplished a goal, the game throws just one more thing before that goal is actually
achieved and you can move on. Sure, Shenmue 1 and 2
did this a lot as well, but part 3 here really takes
it to a whole new level. As a result, it feels like the
game is very slow to start, but it eventually does pick up… a bit. Like the previous games, you need to make sure to sleep at night. But new to this one are
the eating mechanics. That’s right, you’ve gotta eat. Your energy is constantly
draining over time and if it gets too low,
you can’t even run. It’ll never drain completely
empty on its own though. To counter this, you
need to buy lots of food to restore your HP. Certain foods will restore more HP so make sure you get the
most bang for your buck because earning money isn’t easy. That’s right, you have jobs here, too! At first, all you can
really do is chop wood. This is fun and easy. – Oops! Mm-hmm. Oops! – [Joe] I like how music
from After Burner plays when you really start to do well. – Good! Yes! Mm-hmm. – [Joe] However, you
can only make maybe $70 if you do amazingly well. Just about every activity
in the game has a timer that you can see in the
upper right of the screen as it winds down. Eventually there are other jobs, the best of which is the forklift driving. This isn’t all day like
it was in Shenmue 1 and the route is super short, but you can make 320 bucks per stint. (Tomato Convenience Store theme) There’s also gambling and
games that you can play. Like Turtle racing. Yeah, super fun! The good news is that Lucky Hit is back. The physics feel very
different than Lucky Hit from Shenmue 2, but it’s still quite good. But it’s a lot harder to
do well this time around because there are fewer
winnable slots at the bottom. Quick Time Events are back and
you’ve gotta be really fast. Fortunately, you’re able
to redo them right away if you fail, so even if
you’re a slow old person you should be totally fine. There’s also a leveling-up
aspect to this game. The previous entries kind
of had something similar where you could level up your moves but this goes way beyond that. Each new move you get should be mastered by sparring with someone. This is generally pretty easy. Once a move is mastered,
your attack level goes up. You can also do simple yet
very repetitive exercises with practice dummies. These take absolutely forever, but will level up your endurance, giving you a longer life bar. And you absolutely want
the longer life bar, especially since it’s always draining. Both of these traits level
up your overall kung fu level which will help you beat enemies. If you wanna waste your time,
there are games you can play. These range from very simple
wack-a-mole type things to this weird new car game where you try to outrun the police. There are plenty of new
games to play as well. Even the QTE games make a reappearance. Sadly, there are no actual
Sega arcade games in here. I don’t know why, I mean,
there’s Space Harrier posters all over the place, and Excite QTE has Sega label all over it. And they even tease us
with Virtua Fighter! The closest thing to an actual videogame is this weird egg/duck/Virtua
Fighter thing, which only consists of
one match per machine. What really sucks though, is
that there’s no darts game! I mean, I’m glad that Lucky
Hit is back, but no darts? That was one of my favorites
from the first two games! Ah well, at least there are ways to waste your time if you want. Okay, so we talked about most
of the basics of Shenmue 3, however in 2000 Shenmue’s graphics were sure a sight to behold
and every character was voiced. Does Shenmue 3 blow you
away in the similar fashion? Also, how are the controls,
the story, and the pacing? Will it keep you glued to the TV or does it just drag on and on? Well, let’s check out
the rest of Shenmue 3. (slow dramatic music) Where the hell’d the disc go? Oh, yeah, I already put it in there at the beginning of the episode. I’m an idiot. How did this get back over here? Oh well. In the first two games,
you moved with the D-pad and ran by pressing the R-trigger. Here, the controls have been changed. You can no longer move
with the D-pad at all, but the R-trigger still makes you run. You steer with the left analog stick and can change the camera
with the right analog stick which can also change your
direction if you’re running. Basically, like a third-person shooter. It feels pretty natural. The fighting has been
completely changed around. Again, you can no longer use the D-pad which, as you can imagine isn’t a good way to play a fighting game. Here, though, you barely need it as there are no Street Fighter-style special moves to pull off. The analog stick basically just aims you, and the right stick will select your foe if you’re fighting more
than one at a time. You basically just have button sequences that you need to remember. You can assign these to the
R2 button and pull them off with just a press, and select between then with the L1 and R1 buttons. L2 blocks. I recommend stepping
away from your opponent if you’re not attacking. Once you get used to it, it’s
pretty easy to win fights. There are a couple of bosses in the game where even if you deplete
their life bar, you lose. You’re supposed to lose at these fights. That’s because the story wants
you to find a super-magic way to beat them, even though you clearly have no problem
winning, but whatever. (grunts) – [Ryo] What was that? – Okay, I think I can
recall some things now. – [Joe] Speaking of the story, this part is kind of disappointing. Most of the game is spent worrying about Shenhua’s missing father. Barely any attention at all is given to Ryo’s story
of avenging his father. In fact, there’s really not
much story going on here at all. There really aren’t any big reveals here. In fact, most of it we already know. Shenhua herself is completely useless except for one single point in the game. The previous game really built her up like maybe she has some sort
of special abilities and perhaps she probably does, but they’re barely utilized here. Still, when the story
parts do actually happen, it’s pretty awesome. They really padded this game out to make it as long as they could. That’s why this game suffers from the “Just one more thing” syndrome that I mentioned earlier. It often feels like I’m not really getting anywhere in the game. In fact, I figured that
this game was so low-budget compared to the first
one, that the entire game was gonna take place in Bailu Village and just drag on and on. (dramatic music)
(bangs) Thankfully that’s not the case, and eventually you get to
the Chinese city of Niaowu. This place is pretty
big and it makes me feel as if I’m wandering around
Wan Chai from Shenmue 2. It’s probably not as big as
Wan Chai, but it’s close. Maybe it feels that way because there are so many stairs here. So many stairs. These are here to slow
your progress a bit, so that the game can
load, at least I imagine. The inventory management has
been completely overhauled. It’s pretty simple once
you get used to it, but there is one downfall. If you buy an absolutely delicious cola from a vending machine, you
no longer get to watch Ryo enjoying the refreshing beverage. All that happens when you use the drink is that you get some hit points back. Boring! As I said before, earning
money can take a while and there are a couple
of very expensive items that you’ll need to buy. I feel that the prices
are probably so high in order to pad the length of the game. That way you spend more time
workin’ to get that money. When this happens, the
game really pushes you to visit a fortune teller so that you can win big at gambling. – Bet on the number you get
and you’re bound to win! – [Joe] Yeah, there’s just
one huge problem with that. In order to gamble,
you need to buy tokens, then you gamble with the
tokens instead of money. Then you need to take
the tokens that you win to the Prize Exchange to exchange them for a small selection of different prizes. Then you need to take
those prizes to a pawn shop to sell them for money. This is needlessly complicated. Honestly, the forklift is the
fastest way to earn money. Still, as long as you’re
not an impatient gamer, this is a very peaceful if
sometimes repetitive game. – [Ryo] Dried herbs and nothing else. (slow dark music) This design. – [Joe] Shenmue 3 runs
on the Unreal 4 Engine, which absolutely sucks compared
to the Unreal 7 Engine. I say that for the benefit of you watching from the future trying
to brush up on the series right before Shenmue 4 comes out in 2037. Anyway, I’ve gotta say,
this game looks gorgeous. Maybe that’s just me being used to the original graphics
from the year 2000, but this just trounces them,
of course, you’d expect that. There is a ton of rich color here and detailed objects are everywhere. They did pretty well for having a budget that was actually lower
than the original game. At first, I thought Ryo
looked kind of weird. And well, maybe he does. I think his eyes are perhaps
a bit too close together compared to the original model. Other than that though he
looks like Ryo and he’s fine. His clothes look way
better now, obviously. Some of the oddities of the original games are still present here though. People will often suddenly
fade in from non-existence, especially once you get to Niaowu. There’s also a lot fewer
people wandering around compared to the first two games, and some of the ones that
are you can’t even talk to. Oh, and sometimes the camera
will snap to a new position for no reason several
times during a conversation and it feels weird. The draw distance is very good, however the detail distance is not. You’ll see things like
foliage and other details drawing in as you approach. This problem is exacerbated
once you get to Niaowu. Sadly, the frame rate isn’t locked at all. In Bailu Village it often
runs at 60 frames per second but drops a bit when
there’s too much going on. Usually the frame rate is
pretty good here, though. Once again, since Niaowu
is much more complex, the frame rate takes
a pretty big hit here. It rarely runs at 60. I found that if you’re running
on a PlayStation 4 Pro, if you turn off supersampling
and turn Boost Mode on, it can help a bit. At least I think it does? It still drops plenty of frames though. Still, the takeaway is that this game is pretty good-looking all around despite having rather simple geometry in a lot of its polygon models. The music is absolutely awesome
and I’d expect nothing less. A lot of it is from Shenmue 1 or 2, and there’s lots of
new stuff here as well. (slow dreamy music) Even some stuff that
was originally composed for the first two games but
never used, is in use here. However, the music doesn’t loop properly, so there’s a big ol’ gap of silence before any given track restarts. Sometimes the music even forgets to play and you’re just running around listening to only the
environmental sound effects and your footsteps. (foot steps) I assume this is a bug that
will be fixed in the future, long after everyone’s
already beaten the game, at least I hope it will be fixed. Everything is voiced
and I’m happy to report there’s still a lot of that
trade mark stilted dialog. – You know, it’s rude to turn down a lady, but you’re good looking, so
I’ll let you off the hook today. – Uh, hi. – [Joe] But it seems like they
got much better voice actors for the majority of the NPCs. – Hi there. – I’ve heard about you. You’re Shenhua’s friend, aren’t you? – [Joe] Sadly, a lot of
the returning characters have been recast, but not all of them. For example, you can call
some of the old characters from the first two games on the phone and they sound nothing like they used to. – [Tom] China? Why so far from home? – [Joe] Yeah, that is not Tom. (Dragon Street (night) music) One thing that’s very, very, very annoying is that you can’t skip through the dialog. I can read a lot faster than I can listen and sometimes I don’t wanna hear the same old thing again and again. What’s weird, though, is that sometimes you can skip the dialog, but
only with certain characters, and if you load a save you can’t
skip through them any more. Maybe this is another bug? I’m glad I beat the game
before they fixed it. Actually, I’m not. All in all, it probably took
me around 20 hours or so to beat the game, which feels longer than either of the first two games. I’m only guessing here, as
there’s no playtime counter on the game’s save files that I know of. Still, this game is
longer than the first two with less substance. And it seems that there might
be some DLC in the future. I hate that but, yeah, I’ll buy it. I can’t resist. So, is this game worth playing through? Hell yeah it is, at least for me. But let’s be real here,
this isn’t as good, as either Shenmue 1 or 2. As a result, I’m kind of disappointed. We waited so long for this. Yes, I’m happy that I’m
playing it, it’s a great game, but I want more story. Aside from that, it’s still
very, very much “Shenmue.” With the first two games,
I started replaying them immediately once I beat them, just because I missed playing them. So will I play through Shenmue 3 again? Well, yes, I already am. (slow traditional music) (swooshes) – Who exactly are these people? – So, that’s my take on Shenmue 3. I feel that this game expects
you to be very familiar with the first two games
before starting this one. However, if you’re not,
there’s a digest movie, that you can watch from the title screen to help catch you up to speed. Also, this is a great
excuse to take your time and play through Shenmue 1 and 2 HD, which is readily available on any platform that you can get Shenmue 3 on. When it comes down to it, Shenmue 3 just didn’t do much for me
as the first two games did. But I still found it very endearing and totally worth my time. I recommend it if you like to
play through relaxing games, and yes, I am glad it exists. I just hope that Shenmue 4
focuses more on the story if it’s ever gonna be made. Anyway, what are you
guys think of Shenmue 3? Let me know. In the meantime, thank you
for watching Game Sack. (Game Sack Credits Theme) (slow traditional music) I believe I may have
had too many Jet Colas. Perhaps this would be a
good time to relieve myself. (slow traditional music) (piddles)
Oops. (piddles)
That’s it. (piddles)
Mm-hmm. (piddles)
Ai-yaah! (piddles)
Perfect! (energetic After Burner music) (piddles)
Yes! (piddles)
Ahh! (slow traditional music)

EpikWhale – Stories from the Battle Bus

December 2, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

EpikWhale – Stories from the Battle Bus

Redondo Redondo Beach Redondo Beach, California (dogs barking) (dogs barking) (dogs barking) A year and a half ago, I didn’t even play Fortnite. No one really knew who I was. Epic Games Presents I was just living a normal life, playing games with my friends, and going to school. And now, all of this has happened and it’s crazy. My name is EpikWhale… (Announcer) The players are on the floor in the Arthur Ashe Stadium, they’re ready. (family cheering) EpikWhale, EpikWhale! I’m 17-years-old, and I finished 3rd at the Fortnite World Cup Championship. (family cheering) EpikWhale! (family cheering) (keyboard clacking) Stories from the Battle Bus
(EpikWhale) (train tracks screeching) New New York New York City I traveled to New York with my dad originally, and then the rest of my family came later. We did not have any sense of what this World Cup event really was. We thought it was another tournament that he was going to be playing in, so we did not expect what we’re dealing with now. (off-screen) EpikWhale can go photo and interviews. The World Cup was a very new experience for me. (photographer) Smile…perfect. Just give me a fistbump in the air…nice! I met Psalm and a lot of people that I’ve been playing with and practicing with. (announcer) Ladies and gentleman, 1st place today wins $3 million. If you get 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, your prize money you’re winning is also above the $1 million mark. People always underestimate Epik because he’s quiet. He’s never been the biggest or fastest. But, underneath all of that lurks a very, very strong competitor. (announcer) EpikWhale, known for taking walls, taking names, and pressing forward. After the 1st game, I was in, like, 20-something place. I just kept going up, and then I just went into the teens. (announcer) EpikWhale is currently in 6th position. In game 5, I had an iconic fight with Riversan. (shimmering noise) (announcer) Riversan in 4th, so this is a battle at the top of the leaderboard. No! And Epik cannot quite find the target. That is a moment– That’s huge! –where I think nerves gets you a little bit. Here are the standings: EpikWhale knocked down to 8th. After that, I was just focused on playing the game. What makes him one of the best in the world, his ability to be able to kinda see things strategically that I don’t think everyone sees. (announcer) This is the last game, the Fortnite World Cup Finals! (family cheering) EpikWhale! (snow crunching) (air swooshing) In game 6… I just was playing for endgame. And I ended up getting a lot of points that game. (crowd cheering) (brother) EpikWhale! When it ended, Psalm actually came up to me and… He was like, “Dude, I think you got 3rd place.” And I was like, “No way.” (announcer) EpikWhale, $1.2 million for 3rd. After I won, I met with my family and they all congratulated me. (sister) Did you see? I knew that I would do pretty good, but I didn’t think I’d get, like, top 3. It’s crazy. (off-screen) Amazing! Now if you want to get air conditioning in the car, you can do it. (laughing) (sister) You can upgrade your speaker system! Maybe–Maybe a subwoofer, air conditioning. (cheering) (clothes hangers shuffling) Since the World Cup, I started my senior year in high school… (backpack zippering) Got my driver’s license… And my own car. (door shutting) It’s one of my favorite things. (engine revving) (gear shifting) (engine revving) Since I got my car, I’ve had a lot more freedom. After school, I can just drive with my friends, and we can go get food wherever we want. It’s definitely fun. I have added a few new things to my setup: a new chair, a new PC, a new monitor stand, and a new mouse. So, I can focus on streaming and playing competitive Fortnite, because it’s fun and I like competing and being at the top. (boat motor revving) (water splashing)
It doesn’t surprise us that he’s doing well. It’s been a very wonderful change in our lives, and we couldn’t be happier. (engine revving) I feel like since the World Cup, it definitely has given me a lot of confidence. I haven’t really slowed down, and I’m not going to. Stories from the Battle Bus

Top 10 BEST Indie Game Hidden Gems – December 2019 – PC, Switch, Xbox

With hundreds of games coming out it month
it’s hard to separate the asset swaps from the real indie game bangers. Welcome to get indie gaming and in this video,
we show off 10 indie games, our hidden gems for December 2019, you might have missed the
first time around. At number 10 and while recently featured in
one our mainstream videos, we want to give Valfaris another chance to shine. Developed by the team who made Slain, back
from Hell, Valfaris is a side scrolling shooter where you assume the role of a warrior lord
hell bent on eradicating the plague of monsters and nasties who have set upon his ancestors
once devine kingdom. While there have been a number of games such
as this out this year such as Blazing chrome none have quite matached Valfaris in terms
of the overall looks and how darn well it plays. It’s all so very fluid particularly the
boss and mini boss battles and when coupled with the huge array of weaponry at your disposal
which can be levelled up , This is everything I’ve always wanted to see in a modern nostalgic
side scroller. It’s an unmissable experience for anyone
who grew up with these games on heavy rotation in the arcades and earlier consoles. Valfaris launched this past October and can
be found on Steam and all the standard consokles. At number 9 and from the end of July earlier
this year, 1000 days to escape sees you given the responsibility and any means necessary
to arrange for the rescue of as many humans from earth as possible as the planet is due
to run out of oxygen in as the title suggests, around 1000 days. Despite the heavy nature of the topic, this
one’s essentially a reasonably light hearted space simulation and discovery game. One of the things I really like is how little
it tells you what you need to do – it’s all very hands off which means to get the
most out of it you need to experiment and play things at first a tad fast and loose. All in 1000 days to escape is perhaps not
something you will return to perhaps too often although the allure of trying to save humanity
does make it an initially enthralling little game to while away over the course of an evening. At number 8 and as they saying goes Stone
Story will be proper marmite with I suspect people either loving or hating it for various
reasons with the art style being particularly polarising. Stone story is a really an RPG mixed with
an autor unner where you are not given full control the character. What you can do however is shape how the character
is put together and in doing so, optimise its build and load out to create what’s
essentially a set of rules or AI to get you from point a to be while seeing away the various
enemies and bosses in your way. Stone Story came out in early access in August
with the usual statements of the full game being bigger and better with more levels,
an expanded quest system more bosses and generally more of everything. At number 7 and one of the games I’ve had
most fun with on Apple Arcade is similar to our number. While hardly revolutionary, Bleak Sword with
it being a retro-looking classical hack and slash brawler, what it does offer is a brutal
mix of action with the most challenging and fun boss battles I’ve ever played on a mobile
platform. Sure it doesn’t look overly pretty and yet
that doesn’t matter. The nine levels where you can build your character’s
abilities as you progress all feel measured with a fine difficulty progression from start
to finish. The controls are so simple – you attack, dodge
and use your shield by way of swiping or tapping the screen. To dodge you swipe in the direction you want
to go. A short tap on the screen enables you to parry
attacks and a longer hold while then swiping towards an enemy means you’ll attack in
that direction. I’m not going to say what this game reminds
me of although to get good at it you have to be able to recognise the enemies attack
styles and intervene accordingly oh and you will die an awful, awful lot. For a game designed for mobiles. This is top draw stuff. Up now at number 6, The Gardens Between from
September of 2018 is genre mash up of a time-traveling puzzle game that spins a single simple idea
into a glorious four hours of playtime While the control mechanism has you influence
each of the characters actions, you are not responsible for their actual movement. This sees you take a back seat in the proceedings
where you guide them by moving time backwards and forwards. By doing so, the characters use their abilities
to interact with the beautifully rendered environment. One is able to operate switches to manipulate
the aspects of the game to aid in the puzzle solving progression. The other carries the lamp containing the
orb of light you must deliver to the peak of each level to move on to the next. The majority of the puzzles are simple enough
where you observe the cause and effect of items moving during the passing of time. That being said, some do require a certain
amount of lateral thinking and a little thought. While wordless, the narrative design is also
a real winner with easily relatable characters and themes that left me honestly wanting a
lot lot more. Up next at number 5 Plunge came out back in
august of this year with it seeing you as the one billionth prisoner of an isometricly
designed prison full of traps, monsters and other convicts. The only way to escape is to descend further
into the prison randomised level by levels, of which there are around 400 of them. It’s a simple premise and yet this turn
based strategy roguelite with its beautifully put together art and animation feels wickedly
over looked. It’s one of the easiest rogelites to get
into I’ve seen all year and once you pick it up it’s one of those time oddly pleasant
time sinks you often hear about. There’s puzzle elements here too with you
needing to navigate the level which sees you slip and side your way turn by turn until
you strike an object or wall. The game does a great job of signposting potential
dangers while also giving you clear indications of your health levels, those of the enemies
around you and also imminent dangers such as highlighting sections that say ranged weapons
could strike. While plunge is available on iOS and Steam,
I spent all of my time playing this on the Switch and it feels designed for both long
and quick play sessions at home or for me, on my commute into the office. Up next from the end of October and out on
Steam, Brume is in the words of the developers and I completely agree, it’s inspired by
Dark Souls, the stories of Tolkien and Irish Castels. I can’t say I’m too well versed in that
latter character although I can hold my own in most discussions on those first two references. The format is clearly recognisable with you
going about a place full of forests, swamps and such and along the way you find plenty
of nasty enemies and critters that are quite happy to send you off to the ever after. When you die you come back into the game at
the last camp you visited before setting off once more. Brume is refreshingly sparse. There’s limited lore and no real gimmicks
or things to bog you down in what really is a fighting based exploration type of game
that puts me in mind of the recent Ashen and some such games from a generation or two ago. It is a hard little so and so at times which
can and will put people off it although within a genre that over the years has given us plenty
of beefed up such games, the simplistic nature feels so pleasingly paired back to the basics
which makes it really is so very refreshing. Onwards into the number three, and out in
late may of this year, smile for me is an unconventional point and click adventure that
comes in the unusual guise for this genre of being in the first person. You interact with the other characters by
shaking and nodding your head and while we were at first drawn to smile for me for the
art work that exudes class and style, it’s the overall writing and characterisations
that really make it stand out. While much of the game is spent on bring and
fetch quests, each of these offers a clever and witty little tale with added puzzle and
brief horror moments. The use of a fortune tellor to guide you along
in certain areas will be most welcome to some and while it’s a relatively short affair
and can be completed in single playthrough, smile for me will probably stick with you
long after it done. At number 2 and out late October onto Home
PC we have Mo Astray –You play as Mo with you essentially being a rather creepy version
of Kirby and Yoshi in terms of the gameplay offered here. On looks alone I expected this to be a metriodvania
and yet nope, the game is a old fashioned platformer that doesn’t have you going back
over and over the same areas. That said, as you progress you do unlock new
abilities although having done so, these new skills enable you again move forwards with
the levels adjusting themselves accordingly. Again, there’s no need to back track with
this one. Now this is quite macabre and gory with the
pixel art at work being as good in places as the more recent Blasphemous and like that
one too, Mo Astray feels a touch bloated in the story elements with it going just too
far into twiddledome for my personal tastes. Aside from the little gripe, the control system
is first class and the core platforming sections feel meaty enough to keep players busy and
happy with Mo Astray for a long, long time. Up now and at number 1 and a game that’s
only just out this late November and one that’s stolen our heart in the last week or so we
have bug fables, the ever lasting sapling. The game follows the RPG adventures of three
creatures within Bugaria on their quest to find the ever lasting sapling, a treasure
that’s said to grant immortality to those who have it. As other’s will have already said I’m
sure, Bug Fables really does look as if it is trying to emulate and build upon Paper
Mario the thousand year door from oh I guess nearly 20 years ago and you know what, it
gets so very close to pulling off something quite remarkable. All of the Paper Mario aspects seem to be
here from the flat 2d models with black backgrounds to them walking around and doing their tasks
all within a stunningly put together 3D background. The combat is also straight out of the paper
Mario playbook with the button presses and timing fighting scenarios being expertly curated
and with extra little differences, this fighting is not a like for like copy. Bug fables is one of those games that’s
not a clone of the game it’s imitating. It’s more like a tribute that while poking
you from the get go with its reminiscence of one particular game but also the platforms
from a good few generations ago, it feels plays and tells a story that is fresh and
one we enjoyed tremoundously. Bug Fables is out now via steam, PS4 and the
Nintendo switch. So then, what are you planning on playing
on playing in the run up to the new year, leave us a comment and let us know what you
think about this video or any others on the channel. If you liked this video please click like
and if you’ve not subscribed now would be a great time to do so. We usually upload two or three indie game
videos a week and the easiest way to stay up to date is via a subscription so please
click subscribe and also turn the notification bell on. As always many thanks for watching and We’ll
see you soon for more indie game videos.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 29.11.2019

Hey everyone, Paweł Burza here, I’m the Community Manager for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game and this is TWIG, or This Week in GWENT — a weekly show in which we talk everything GWENT! The Mahakam Seasonal Arena is here and will last till December 10th at noon CET! The rules are the same as in the seasonal mode, meaning that each unit gains resilience after being played. Want to brush up on your GWENT skills? Then Hit up Spyro ZA on YouTube and check out his Common Mistakes video series, where you’ll learn how to become a better GWENT player! We’ll link the channel below this video! You can get awesome GWENT merch from our CDPRED store for a discounted price! Selected items will be available 20% off during our Black Friday sale, so don’t miss out! Speaking of sale, Displate is holding a Black Friday sale today! If you want a metal poster with your favorite GWENT art from the base set as well as the expansions be sure to hit them up! That’s it for this weeks TWiG, see you again next week!