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GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 24.01.2020

Welcome back to episode three of This Week in GWENT! Your weekly summary of everything happening in the world of GWENT! The Lunar New Year Festival launched this week so lets learn more about that! The festival, which begins today and will last till February 7th, gives players the chance to earn Red Envelopes as part of their daily crown progression – 4 rewards per day. Each Red Envelope contains a selection of in-game gifts, including a cardback, borders, portraits, a player title, and resources — Gold, Scraps and Meteorite Powder. We have a lot of festival-themed items in the Shupe shop! Starting with the Lunar Game Board, which features the golden wererat in the middle. The Prosperity Pack which contains 25 Ultimate Premium Kegs, 400 Meteorite Powder 1 random Legendary card from the pool of all existing GWENT cards and finally the Lunar New Year Bundle in which you’ll find the Lunar Premium Cardback, Lucky Avatar, Golden Coin Border and The Lucky One Title! Hurry up cause these items will be available till February 7th 2020. Important update: starting with the next patch, which will happen at the end of this season we won’t be providing full mill value for cards, which received a full rework. This new change will apply to all patches moving forward. Want to know all the updates for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game starting with closed beta? Then check out The History of GWENT by YouTube user Denis Gajdács! We’ll link the video down below so be sure to check it out! That’s it for this weeks TWiG, see you again next week!

LGR – The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff Review

January 25, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 85 Comments

LGR – The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff Review

[jazzed-out jazz music] Finally, a stuff pack that’s precisely what
I always wanted! The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff, where your sims
are shrunk down to a fraction of the size due to a mishap involving a baseball and a
broken window, and then — what? -It’s about tiny homes.
-Aw man really? I guess that makes more sense, sigh. All right so yeah, the pack’s called Tiny
Living Stuff, but instead of awesome shrunken adventures, it’s all about living in a relatively
undersized home. It costs $10 and is the sixteenth Sims 4 stuff
pack to date good grief what the balls. And I gotta say, even though I’d be way
more into a pack about miniaturized sims, I was still intrigued by Tiny Living here. Because yeah man, I’ve been rather tiny-curious
for years now, immediately sucked into all the YouTube channels and reality shows focusing
on the Tiny House Movement. And the whole idea is to make the most out
of a small space, rejecting the concept of buying a multi-thousand square foot home. I myself live in a house that’s about 800
square feet or 74 square meters, and while objectively not “tiny,” it’s certainly
a lot smaller than I could’ve chosen and that was very much on purpose. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of trying to
make the most of the space I have without piling a million things on top of each other,
so the chance to do so virtually in the The Sims 4 is absolutely my cup of nitro cold brewed
coffee. The first thing you’re greeted with on installing Tiny Living Stuff is a message about living in a tiny house and stuff. A pre-made tiny home has been provided to
plop down anywhere you like, acting as an example of what exactly constitutes a tiny
home in The Sims 4 universe. In case you’re unaware, a real life tiny
house is generally considered to be one under 37 square meters or 400 square feet. This example home in The Sims 4 is composed
of 32 tiles, and if we assume each tile is a square meter, then we’ve got 32 square
meters or 350 square feet, a bit below that of a tiny house IRL. However, Tiny Living Stuff lays out three
different tiers of tiny house, each with its own perks and requirements. The smallest being the Tier 1 “Micro Home”
at up to 32 tiles in size, Tier 2 is a “Tiny Home” at up to 64 tiles, and Tier 3 is a
“Small Home” at up to 100 tiles. The most fascinating aspect of these tiered
home sizes is that when you meet the requirements on a lot designed as a Residential Tiny Home, you’re provided a number of generous rewards for living there. Things separate from lot traits, like faster
learning, greater comfort, happier sims, healthier plants, and better relationships. So the less you do with doing more, the more
you’re rewarded for doing more with less! Er, by that I mean that, as of now, there’s
incentives to go small and a kind of odd punishment for having a huge house. Makes me wonder if they’ll balance it out
with a mansion-focused pack in the future. Heck they could even call it The Sims 4 Livin’
Large, I’d be down with that. Anyway yeah, this is a stuff pack packed with
stuff so let’s unpack it and stuff! First is an allotment of hair, accessories,
and clothing for pretty much everyone this time around, including the younginz. Fitting right in with the overall “hygge”
theme of living in a warm little cozy home, there’s a bunch of warm, cozy attire. Regardless of how much I want some of those
sweaters for real though, that’s just the garb and garment goods. Let’s get onto the main event, kicking off
with an assortment of single-tile desks and tables, suitable for all manner of desking
and tabling. Followed by a few decorative yet functional
items, including a lamp, readable books, and lighttable candles in a cluttered tray. Three chesty wardrobe shelving type things
for holding various objects and clothing. A patterned rug for plopping down in the middle
of the backyard or wherever. A pretty standard toilet and a sink that handily
works off-the-grid. Two TVs, one standing and one that attaches
to a wall, each pulling quadruple duty by also acting as a display shelf, a bookcase,
and a stereo. Various other wall-mountable items are here
too, including a mirror, a door, two shelves of random thingies, four potted plants strung
together, and a plant-inspired piece of artwork. Three sets of hanging light bulbs, each with
their own varying degrees of droopiness. An ottoman, that isn’t an ottoman I guess,
since it’s a pouffe? Whatever it is cats love it. There’s also a standard bed and a standard
loveseat. As well as this lamp that should provide storage
space according to its description, yet it’s totally unusable as such. It’s just a lamp. Seriously, why tout its supposed dual purpose as a shelf and then make it so you can’t set anything on it? At least it makes for decent kindling, so
I guess it does serve a second purpose after all. And finally, you also get three new chairs,
although two of them are slightly confusing at first. This dining chair doesn’t actually function
with the new dining table. For that you have to use these high chairs,
and once I realized that it was pretty awesome, letting me really cram in a buncha seating
in a super small space. Finally, the headlining new items of the Tiny
Living pack are Murphy Beds, with and without a built-in loveseat. And at first this seems pretty useful, since
you can fold them away when not in use and those wardrobe shelving units attach to the
sides for a clean-looking modular design. But really, Murphy Beds are… confusing. While I applaud the addition of new sleepytime
snuggle zones, the usage of them in this pack doesn’t make much practical sense. For one, they require the exact same 3×2 tile
floor space as a normal bed. You get a loveseat on one of them, sure, but
it still leaves tiles of unusable space underneath. And since sims can’t get into bed from the
front, only the sides, you need another set of tiles off to the left and right at least
half a tile wide. The worst part though is this stupid animation
that plays out far too often, where sims try to pull down the bed then fail in spectacular
fashion. It’d be fine if it happened one out of every
20 times or something, but nope, sims fail like every 3 or 4 times you open the dumb
thing. [bed fails, sim gets owned] Making this worse is the fact that this far-too-frequent animation comes with an unusually high risk of killing your sims! bed fails, sim dies] Now, okay, I’m all for new ways to take out bothersome sims, that’s just good times. But “Death by Murphy Bed” seems a bit
silly, and again, it’s tied to an unskippable animation that happens rather often. Yes, there are now bed upgrade options in
the game, accomplishing things like increasing comfort and preventing it from getting stuck. So you can alleviate the issue but still,
I’d rather it wasn’t so prevalent to begin with. And in my opinion, these repetitive slapstick failure animations stopped being cute like fifteen packs ago. So yeah, can’t say I’ll be using Murphy
Beds in my tiny builds going forward, since the way they work is annoying and their inclusion in this particular pack is questionable in the first place. Why not add them in the Discover University
pack, that would’ve made a ton more sense in my book, more so than a pack about itty
bitty 32-tile houses. I really think bunk beds would’ve been an
ideal addition to the Tiny Living pack instead, seeing as bunk beds actually do free up room,
providing two beds in a single 3×1 space. For that matter though, why not add better
loft options? Lofts are a staple of tiny home designs, and
making them in The Sims 4 means adding a second story with a cumbersome full-sized staircase. Ladders are used all the time in real life
tiny homes, but nope, nowhere to be found in Tiny Living. Even spiral staircases would be more space-efficient
but those still aren’t a thing either. For that matter, why not add steeper, narrower
normal stairs? Or at least provide some storage options underneath
them, which again, is something that you see all the time in actual tiny houses. Not that it matters too much I suppose, since
sims all have an infinite household inventory that hides as many items as you like within
a magic unseen void, hrm. Still, while I’m on the topic of things
I wish were included instead of murphy beds, why not convertible futons or pull out sofa
beds? Under-the-counter mini fridges or in-wall
ovens and microwaves? How about portable induction cooktops? Or over-the-sink shelf units and other kinds
of stackable knickknack storage things? Heck, composting toilets, solar power, and
rain catchers would’ve been nice, seeing as we’ve already got off-the-grid lots. Instead we get cumbersomely large homicidal beds and storage lamps that don’t store anything. At least they took the time to add Baby Yoda
to the game, so I guess that means it all evens out in the end, right? Heh, ahh now I’m just being grumpy, when
in reality Tiny Living is not the worst stuff pack by any means. In fact, I think it’s one of the better
ones for my playstyle. It’s just that this daggone game’s been
around for almost six years now, and after sixteen stuff packs, I’m more than a bit
fatigued. There are a number of disappointing aspects
to Tiny Living Stuff, no bones about it, and I know they’ve could’ve added just a bit
more in terms of useful objects and quality of life improvements. But they didn’t, and that’s just kinda
how it goes, we all know that. Still, I’ll personally be using a number
of the items added here going forward, along with building more tiny houses for the challenge
it provides and the rewards it unlocks, so you can glean from that what you will. [gratuitous fiery sim death] And if you enjoyed this look at the Tiny Living
Stuff pack, then maybe check out my let’s play that I did over on my other channel from
what I was just playing this and getting my thoughts together about the pack in the first
place. Or just stick around, there’s more videos
coming up every week on this channel. And as always, thank you for watching LGR!

Patch 8.3 Auction House Bugs | Do You Still Need TSM, Auctioneer, or Auctionator?

Hey there guys this is Reckles with WTBGold
and the new Auction House is live! Wooo! It’s been out for a week and I hope you’re
enjoying it. For the casual player not having stacks anymore
has gone over super well, so props to blizz for making it as intuitive to use. For goldmakers, the transmog filter for “uncollected
appearance” was everything we hoped for. I’ve heard from several sellers that they’ve
had people go through their entire list of thousands of items and buy every piece under
a certain ppint. This is actually cool. This makes the junk gear you get in ZF or
Uldaman runs actually worth posting. That’s not to say everything’s been perfect. The new Auction house was super slow initially,
but that was probably just everyone logging in at once. Tradeskillmaster was initially super slow
at first as well but all addons are buggy messes on patch launch. I’m actually really impressed by all the addon
developers for how relatively smoothly this particular patch went. So good job to all you addon guys out there. One thing I’m actually surprised with is
we haven’t seen that initial spike in prices in prices that I was expecting due to LIFO. So I’m super happy to be wrong there, but
let’s send it over to Senza who did some day one testing. Here’s a clip from her stream. [SENZA CLIP] So this is either a day one bug
or Blizz listened to the thousands of angry forum comments asking for LIFOto be reverted
to FIFO. I decided to test this myself though just
to be sure. I posted storm silver ore on one account and
matched the price that was currently up. Then on a second account I purchased 10 of
them. If it was lifo, I would have gotten the sale
on my first account. and if it was FIFO, whoever had posted it
previously would have. My first account got the sale. So this test five days later is actually opposite
of Senza’s results. Tried it with an oversized bobber and got
the same results. So it looks like either Senza experienced
a day one bug, or Blizzard reverted LIFO and then reverted their reversion, and then my
head exploded Either way, as of the making of this video,
the new auction house is last in first out. But away from the high level stuff and on
to the individual specifics. Things that affected day-to-day players. When the patch launched if you had any commodities
posted, they were all canceled and sent to your mailbox for you to repost. A blank slate for all the stackable items. But the non-stackable stuff stayed up on the
auction house. In fact, blizzard made sure it stayed up on
the uction house, by introducing a 5% cancellation fee. This is just temporary and it’s gone now,
but blizzard only gave you a confirmation notice if the fee was over 1000 gold so some
of the people who had 20 million gold worth of low-to-mid tier transmog may have accidentally
spent a million gold just to do one cancel scan. The biggest issue has been the mailbox. According to the January 17th patch notes
Blizzard has fixed a bug that caused some mail from the Auction Hose to exclude expected
attached gold. This is…lol…let me put this another way. When you sell shit, you don’t get the gold
for it. Like, you can put something up on the auction
house and someone can buy it, but you don’t get paid. You just no longer have the item. The auction house has two mandatory things. Buyers give gold and get items and sellers
give items and get gold. And there’s a bug that means that doesn’t
happen. It’s like if Pizza Hut tweeted out “we’ve
noticed a procedural problem with our store procedures where, when you order a pizza,
we don’t make it. That’s fixed though. Apparently Katy Stampwhistle failed two horrific
visions in a row. She got depressed and needed a break. The important thing though is that they’re
making an effort to improve things. The team behind the AH is listening to our
feedback and implementing it. For the first time, we have goldmaking information
in the hotfixes forum post. The only other time that has happened despite
there being hundreds of nerfs, is the 20% auction house cut that was implemented which
went over super well and totally didn’t ruin a whole bunch of markets. And fun fact, before that, the next most recent
was a Q&A with paul kubit before legion came out talking about what blood of sargeras is
and how to get it. Every week nerfs have gone out to popular
farms but because blizz hasn’t ever communicated, we have to make up reasons for why they’d
do it. There’s no actual “fun police,” but
that’s the only answer we can come up with without communication, so I’m really excited
that blizzard is starting to communicate goldmaking stuff with us. I hope that continues going forward. Ok, and finally, to answer one of the questions
I’ve been getting a lot. With the new changes to the Auction House,
do I still need auctioning addons like Auctioneer, Auctionator, or Tradeskillmaster? In my posting, yes absolutely. Just because we don’t have stack sizes doesn’t
mean that just because I go to post an item, I need to know if it’s worth 100g or 10,000? The new auction house doesn’t give you that
information. Doesn’t give you historical pricing data. And when you’re posting 50, 500, 5000 items
a day you need an addon that speeds up the process. But rather than me talking about that, I decided
to email the addon developers themselves and find out what they think the differences are
and what the value of the addons is in the new environment and some of them were nice
enough to actually reply even though they’re very busy right now. The auctioneer developer is named Norgs, and
he said, “the current interface still has no way to automatically price your items or
to batch post things that you regularly want to post. I think there’s still a lot of room for
smart logic to be used in the interface but you’re right that the new interface is a
lot better in many ways and a lot of the things auctioneer used to do won’t be necessary
anymore. One of the biggest things that auctioneer
will do is to scan the entire auction house and maintain a localised and customizable
set of auction statistics for you including your personal sales. The new changes mean we will be able to do
this better than we ever have before. So yah, the new AH is good but it doesn’t
batch post, and it’s automated pricing isn’t representative of the true economic value
or even your historical posting price. Gumdrops, the community liason for Tradeskillmaster
said this, “TSM isn’t just posting auctions. It’s an entire suite to track and scale your
AH and crafting activities. Understanding the wider context of the market
on your server is important to understand when and why to post those auctions.” So Tradeskillmaster isn’t just a reskin
of the auction house or even just an auction house replacement. You program it to automate your specific goldmaking
decisions at each point of the goldmaking pipeline not just the auctionhouse. Just because the AH got a revamp doesn’t
mean that when you go to craft something, you’re going to want to look through 700 individual
items and say “is this enough profit to craft? Is this?” You’re still asking yourself, “Who am I mailing
materials to? How many should I keep? When is an item too cheap to undercut?” Those are the decision that TSM deals with. Those are operations, and you’re still making
those decisions. You’re just, not posting in stacks anymore. That’s it. And then borj, the project lead for auctionator
said, “I think auctionator continues to be relevant for all the same functionality that
is always has, that tyhe AH doesn’t. Price tracking, tooltip info outside of the
AH, undercutting, and shopping lists. The AH still fundamentally works the same,
it’s just faster and has favorites, which people have compared to shopping lists in
auctionator except without the ability to organize. He also adds, I imagine if you ask this question
in general, you’ll get a lot more info from users. And you know what, that’s a great idea borj,
we’re gonna throw this question over to y’all. Let me know down in the comments why you think
auction house addons are still useful in this new paradigm of the 8.3 revamped auction house. If a guildie came up to you and asked “should
I still use Auctionator, Auctioneer, or Tradeskillmaster” what would you tell them? That’s it. Thanks so much for watching. I hope y’all have a whole bunch of fun. Did I miss anything? Is there anything that you may have lost gold
or made gold on? How are you doing with that? Let me know. Also, I haven’t seen anyone talking about
favoriting which I think is a really cool new feature of the new auction house that
has just flown under the radar, but I think will be core to making new players have an
enjoyable experience. So, that’s it. Thank you so much for watching. Make sure to subscribe. Like the video. I’m streaming on twitch so go follow me over
there. Otherwise, have a great day, good luck, and
happy goldmaking.

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse FULL GAME Walkthrough Longplay (PS3, X360, PC)

good evening hey Stewie look something came up I’m
not gonna be able to do the picnic today Oh Oh was that was that today
oh yeah oh no no way I can make that either I’m canceling too man oh wow good
memory though hi I totally blanked on that Stewie Griffin Oh God Bertram but
how is this possible I I killed you you only killed me in
this universe you fool L so you got yourself a multiverse remote huh indeed
I did well hold on well someone please tell me what the hell is going on here
sorry hang on one sec you remember the multiverse theory yeah it’s the one
about how there are alternate universes that coexist with ours on parallel
dimensional planes so in each of these universes the reality is different from
our own sometimes only slightly sometimes quite radically this Bertram
is from a universe where we never killed him okay okay I think I got it sorry
not a genius now what do you want yeah I can’t possibly allow universe to exist
without me in it and traveling the multiverse building up an army to exact
my revenge on you when I return I’m going to destroy your universe
completely see you soon Stewie spy on this is bad with a cross-dimensional
army he’ll have no problem destroying our universe who knows what he’s going
to bring back here well what are we supposed to do we have to try and stop
him before he can organize his attack alright Brian we’re going to need to arm
ourselves I’m sure he knows we’re going to come after him his armies are gonna
be waiting for us every step of the way you think you think maybe I can use one
of your ray guns no I get Stewie weapons you get the boring stuff that’s what
we’re doing fine how we gonna find him he could be anywhere right luckily I
just updated my multiverse remote so I have tracking software now we’ll be able
to follow every movie mix hang on dry we’re going back to the multiverse what
the hell wait a minute Brian this isn’t where we were supposed to go what do you
mean I don’t know the remotes not working for some reason
you know everyone said get on the cloud it’s gonna be great and everything’s
been a nightmare since what can you fix it I don’t have the proper tools but
maybe we can find someone who does all right can you at least find out where we
are according to the multiverse remote this is a universe ruled by Greeks so
what does that mean fat hairy philosophers and togas or fat hairy
grease balls in speedos oh yeah Greeks have always been gross
and still are but no it’s not those kinds of Greeks Brian it’s worse it’s
frat boys hey those guys aren’t like us get those knob gobblers Brian run we
have to find someone to help us fix my remote what’s a knob gobbler you’ll
understand when you’re older come on Stewie we got to find someone who can
fix the remote corporate chatter hey you two do you
want a pledge to our fraternity here’s a Torah and some bacon to rub on your face
and you break out this might sound a little odd but do you know if there’s
like an electronics store or a creepy Armenian guy and a dimly lit apartment
he’s gonna fix a multiverse remote oh I can help you get that fixed
but I’ll require a service in return that’s worth more than this service I’ll
be providing you with we need you to help our fraternity throw a better party
we’ve been standing around complaining for hours but that doesn’t seem to be a
body to the Gentiles here’s some ammo now go shoot those lame
balloons down hey wait until I put my earplugs in this party’s name is someone’s throwing
up over there just because they’re nervous you shot all the balloons now oh
look there’s a sorority girl running down the street I bet her dad’s so rich
dude wait until my bros see these nasty pictures of you hey get back here with
those I was gonna wait one more year before I leaked naked pictures of me
online you should go talk to that sorority girl and see what’s the matter
also ask her how much her dad has in his retirement fund
luckily none of the other harass boys want to hit me because my face is
covered in snot oh my god let’s come back still pictures
of me and my sorority sisters I’ll pretend to like whoever gets them back nice nips Wow someone should buy her a
razor I’d say she’s a lo7 get those guys there with the nurse how does it feel to
buy your friends well now I won’t feel bad about crapping my pants I’d bang
that when I’m blacked out you want the pictures come and get them
I already yanked it to them anyway these two dorks just won’t quit
come on let’s just be Bros hey bro my finger now this one I think that boy in the pool is dead no
we used to swim you see college is all about having fun
nope he’s dead no one’s helping him well well well hey you come over here I need someone to
pretend to talk to I’m uncomfortable oh good job getting those pictures you
should try to find more of them so you have material to shamefully touch
yourself to at night or even very early in the morning no I got a keg but didn’t
want to put the deposit down for the tap would you find one for me oh I think
that house over there has one let me know what you guys wanna play I can
always do get the Banyan hey it’s those douche bags that stole the pictures of
us purse I mean like people told me not to like you so I this is great Stewart come on you know
how to use that thing oh really my insides are like a black
guy come on sweetie hurry up seven other girls are gonna die tonight
beefing I can I hit that what are you guys from the psychic thing
won’t watch I don’t know what a taffy get those gay bows hey that’s half my I
stole it from someone else you wanna hit huh thanks for the tap I’m blaming
everything on you now we need some women to come to this party oh I got a cramp
the idea listen I need you to steal a couple of jackets from the jock bring
them back here and I’ll tell you what to do next I’ll fire you go to you without ever do
fret get those cables so what is it small come on all right Shh
that’s sleeping douches lie this is my rifle this is my gun it’s not
your property man get those gay bows who are those dicks nice dude your ass what are you guys
from the nerd frat that’s not your property man anyone and involved anyone great
you got the jackets now listen Brian here’s a Molotov cocktail you need to
plant those jackets by the sorority’s float then set the float on fire
the girls will think the other frat did it and then they will come to our party
I’d do it but I feel I feel a cold coming on come back here when you’re
done but take your time I’m gonna take an eight-hour nap who builds floats this
is a weird College any of you boys have a finish on a
c-section scar you that thing is so tacky
this is great these wars are gonna be so pissed I’m no
school administrator but there’s an extension program going on in my
trousers oh man we’re screwed right use your Molotov cocktail to destroy the
float and put the jackets there so we can bring the other hold on to something you were worried are you thinking what
I’m thinking you have to just screw these guys let’s
go to the verify you don’t have the balls to do something like this now
Nolan will ever see my photography you fetch Brian I’ve never tapped a keg and don’t
really want to please do it so I don’t get hurt good job getting the girls in beer but
we can’t hear the music even with our hearing aids in her all the way up the
house of course the cul-de-sac has some speakers go steal those but don’t say my
name if you get caught they got music over there let’s go steal
their speakers look at this place it’s anarchy because this is what happens
when douchebags become way too entitle stop even I wanted to more huh this is my rifle this is my gun this is
for fighting this is for Mom you say we’re stealing a lot of things today hey
let us in your party you turds let us in you Schmucks
I think the nerds are in trouble come on Brian let’s help them please sir I want
some more rice I’ll give you whatever you want buddy
women men bring it on bitch why don’t you burn in hell what are you
guys from the to crack open your mouth and close your eyes get ready for a
surprise time to be this is for mom and dad anyone stop
Stewie Griffin byxis thing oh boy good you got the speakers right over here I need someone to talk I don’t like it here all these Jewish
kids here you go
and thank you guys so much now I have the whole night to fear the sex that
I’ll probably check it out of hey no problem thanks for fixing the remote Oh
fellas I almost forgot some of the other nerds uploaded a new program on your
remote it analyzes your surroundings and gives you hints of what you should be
doing on your journey hey I’ll be popping up now and then with objectives
and little hints if y’all get stuck and if you seen the mood I can tell you
where all the best farmers market – ah okay we’ll get to that later
we have to go Bry Bertram has already got a head start on us okay now how
exactly does a party work do we just take out the cell servant burp into our
fists okay good the remotes working this room was definitely here No all right
Stewie where are we according to the multiverse remote in this universe
oil supplies were exhausted the only people who were able to sustain
themselves were the Amish because they weren’t reliant on technology but would
Bertram want with the Amish ranch let some still here gentlemen your people
are known for making goods that are built to last
what I need from you is a weapon the likes of which no one has ever seen I’m
afraid we cannot help you unattractive infant you see the Amish are not a
violent people well I have something here that might
change your mind I happen to know that you’ve depleted
all of your forests so I’ve engineered these rapid growth tree seeds that will
supply you with all the wood you’ll ever need the elders have spoken mostly of
wood hats and beards but nevertheless we shall build your weapon
terrific oh one more thing these two might try to stop you if you see them I
want you to shoot to kill seriously of all the stunning pictures
I’ve taken over the years that’s the one he gives them Brian we’re taking all of
those down it is settled we have a deal Stewie Griffin prepare to be destroyed such smell there’s like sweat and anger
and shame Hey look y’all’s gonna be able to see
your enemies up close down see what kind of skin types they gots important up all
right let’s get these dicks crap they’re posting those pictures of us all over
the place and that picture is so not what I look like we’ve got to stop them
before anyone sees it all right now remember what that little orange haired
brass said these folks is building a weapon so y’all need to find let’s just
see what these magic seeds can do for my tiny Amish tongue Wow the seeds actually
work I hate to say it but Bertram Skye delitzsch it down all them walnut
posters people need to stop okay that was dumb come on Stewie they know we’re
here yeah I thought something was amiss and
you were worried there’s no cars or vacuum cleaners to worry about they’ve got archers in the towers I know
what my new profile pic is gonna be would you please not do that – mostly because it might be a little
more careful we need to find a way to break through that dance maybe we can
use that sniper tower somehow let’s hear into problem-solving y’all I can already tell calls kind of gross
because I bet a lot of perverts hiding here that their flamethrower was gonna be
good for burning up things like hay or trees but make sure you straight up next
to it so you get a nice burn how positively delightful kill me you got a
little chicky get him out and win a crap violet bar must be where they’re
building Bertram secret weapon from even choose a photo from my Caribbean series see sir I want some more now let’s burn
all them trees down and cut off they would Loki’s in the tower I repeat bogeys in
the power needs Mexicans when you’ve got the Amish to build stuff who I am
do please sir I want some more all right we
destroyed them trees now we need to find out where they’re getting they press a
little strong oh maybe a trip to the Jewelry District yeah I guess the Amish like to party huh
I’m totally down with that man I’m not like a square or anything so these guys make fireplaces right like
the one thing I know about them and I wanted to work it in byxis thing oh hey let me know if you
see a restaurant I got to take a squeeze Oh y’all can use that spiraling doorway
to go fit some items you may have forgotten or things you feel like you
might wanna get hey I uh I smoked a little weed back
there and I’m kind of freaking out not gay but what would you mind holding my
hand looks like y’all’s gonna have to blur
that hole sometime you might want to find a way to blow up that damn make
sure you don’t hurt anything because then thinks they’re keeping their plot
details and they go deep it’s gotta be something we can do to take that place
down Brian can the Amish use the postal
service can I help what I know the answer to that no calm down I was just
making conversation all this pretending he said educated what was that nothing I know you did it Stewie ya big freak so the Amish just took the same every
day of their lives yeah I think so so they never get
compliments on like new clothes or haircut
your haircut looks great stupid oh thank you Brian good what’s that smell Oh dead body
right that’s what that is fees sir I want some more yeah take that you big community of
widows I’ve seen girls on the internet that about the same thing happen now get back to that phone and destroy
whatever it is there’s cooking up in there I did help good head all you got man this is my
rifle this is my gun this is for fighting this is for month Brian is this
our vacation yeah oh I’ll be trash kinda victory is mine you just couldn’t keep your dirty hands
out of my son’s cornhole could you now you must go oh yeah me you to attack
them with our secret technology just kidding use your standard-issue weapons
you got to be freaking kidding me enjoy forgive me for the whooping I’m about to
bestow unto these two wait why does this not sound good technology show that
wouldn’t what’s majiggy his bouncy I’ll take him down wait why does this not count in
technology this thing uttering he’s the Amish are pretty amazing
builders aren’t they oh my god I was just thinking the same thing I mean
Bertram was just here these guys built a weaponized wooden robot in like 45
minutes really amazing stuff yeah but I got to imagine a women or I mean those
bushes must be gigantic yeah all right we’re wasting time let’s see
where Bertram’s off to next wait y’all didn’t visit the gift shop
they make down preserve well well well what the hell is this
what brian Griffin checked into Amish universe oh yeah so what well first of
all we probably don’t want purge from knowing where we are all the time and
secondly how do I put this no one cares where you are well I don’t
think that’s true just just don’t do it anymore okay now
it says here that in this universe handicapped people were given so much
special treatment that they eventually took over as the leading power if Bertram is recruiting an army why
would he go after handicapped people I mean couldn’t we just kind of push him
over Oh Peter just commented on your check in
interracial lesbian movie is free you know he just has no idea what he’s doing
online all right come on let’s find out what Bertram was doing here hear ye hear ye
I’d say y’all needs to look around and find who it stupid dog is that part of your stand-up act Lockley overuse not be beat up
wheelchairs chemical camp our baby though do you gots a shotgun
you gots to get up nice and close with this a shotgun and then go bang bang
don’t turn it on yourself though that’d be sad I’m telling my owner on me this is great hey everybody
go on in bandar Stewie that’s a multi-disc order right
I think you can use this to go back and get stuff if we need it
yeah I know Brian oh all this this this is what I do it was taking that’s it not doing
anything later I’m like fuckin up girl has no girl never fights back and you are worried oh my god that is hilarious why don’t
you go ahead and try to find another way into the hospital nope
we appended him down his name the Nathan smart cookie the three sides please finish me off
well well well got some sort of dialogue yeah I watch
the door hello you got them there’s a couple effects from another
universe trying to find me is that that Joe I feel bad but they all kind of look
alike to me okay yeah that’s definitely Joe and now mr. Swanson y’all gonna have
to coax um security codes out of that door hey you dicks I think you’re in the
wrong part of town like oh this is ridiculous I’m sorry I’m
gonna have to kill you and you’re starting to piss me off now
byxis thing see the tradition you got me just find a
midget with some gin are they in business this is great use them Kurds to get through that guy we’re gonna die if we don’t I like but none up girl cuz no girl
never fights back get off me you fat bastard I don’t get it if it’s desirable to be
crippled here why do they need a hospital you guys are going to die today
this this isn’t fair quite the alarms they gonna wake
Geoffrey I promised him he could sleep in he’s dealing with a lot right here okay okay I think you’ll never cigarette
on you do you know what do you smoke I’ll have one here in the air if I’m in
the boat my bertram have to pick a Sunday to do
all this I really enjoy my Sunday’s attention may I have your attention
please I just like to once again remind
everyone that the janitor do not like it when you laugh at them because their
janitor thank you okay another secure area he’s gonna have
to get a new set of codes y’all now you’re all like we’ve done a couple of weird what really good nights me this includes
warming running using votes to get see them baked or I get on a swig from my
flask now right and they sound a bit alarmed and bad
geysers don’t keep coming unless you shut them off come on tell me get away from this is
great I’m telling my older are you than I had what client
God knows what he’s doing huh so wants to fight Oh everywhere smells like your review another their headquarters is a hospital
that’s pretty cute you know challenges to model for these let’s take a look at your physical
results pick this thing you’re not welcome here
now you’ll pay another secure area he’s gonna have to get a new set of codes
yeah why’d Bertram have to pick a Sunday to
do all this I really enjoy my Sundays oh come on that’s ridiculous use it hopes to get see them big no one looks like we shot a couple of queer where are these fancies I’m getting
tired of wait uh-oh I think I think we may be dealing with crippled trauma game I hope these guys came prepared I am
loaded up on creatine O’Brien it’s triple strong ones big ass cripple wait
Kevin we hear it and here again problem would be helping that
other baby you know just so happens he said that’s a buttload of money to get
you down hope you guys are ready to heart attack or do you know just do what
you can’t ballast now I’m not one to have the cake violence for nothing but
maybe you should jump up on their big guns and fight back oh this is Froy oh my god look sorry
girl I like what you ever seen a handicapped man
before I’m a freaking baby and I’m cooler than Vail I can’t walk can’t let those freaks get
us Dewey it also alive okay it’s really sad and a tiny bit funny guys
oh my God look I won some ball oh you’ve got the I’m upset because I I hate this thing ah my god we did it at least we know
Bertrand won’t be able to use these cripples in his army and so it’s kind of
funny when you say it out loud we just pretend we’re multi hearing this hearing
what I like you today Wow Quahog looks like it’s in the middle
of a war where’s the thing say we are hey will you stop asking me that you
know it takes time for this thing to register and it’s not like I’m not gonna
tell you when I find out all right sorry yeah that’s right you’re sorry okay it
says that we’re in an evil universe what does that mean it means that this
universe contains everybody’s evil counterpart remember evil Stewie oh yeah
that little bastard cut off my tail yep they can be pretty nasty oh my god Brian
you remember how mayor West had a cat launcher vaguely yeah well apparently
evil mayor West has nuclear cat launchers come on Brian we’ve got to stop evil
mayor west from getting these two Bertram y’all’s probably gonna find the
mayor over at City Hall maybe while you’re there you can see if they’s
heaven and you got a satchel charge and it goes with your shirt yeah if y’all
needs to blow up a car or a big old turret and a satchel charge is the
charge for you time to be bed it’s civil union ceremonies all right okay okay I’ve got it just cleaning the place up wonderful and
ever take this thing you still have some plants that turret
with one he is potable I stay away the closer you get to city
hall the more you’ll get hurt also there’s a smell over here that we can’t
figure out what it is how’s the evil monkey doing of that
radio tank he’s probably just monkeying around crap
Brian get down there’s a cat nuke headed straight for
the tank we programmed it to destroy a shower okay see what we learned here
when evil Stewie activates a tank we have to reprogram it to destroy itself
you better reprogram all them little radio tanks they’ve been saying all
sorts of fan okay Philip damaged my radio tank I want
some more out of my way you little pipsqueaks thank you all for coming I mean you’ll have a gun right now but
tomorrow I’ll get a gun and come to your house and kill you really hey baby
west penis it happens when you least expect the
hell is wrong with you you might want to have a medic looking back they’re crafty
I check it we’re gonna die if we don’t okay now I
really need to get in for a physical thank you you should try to find the little kitty
cat figurines evil mayor west is scattered around be an asset of the
hotel of young on hold for 45 minutes it happens when you least expect oh no
that was my favorite tank his name was Reggie
goodbye Reggie look at that guy better he was glad when they overturned Don’t
Ask Don’t Tell feeling pain shooting you to stay shooting you don’t
damage my radio – no that’s what they’ll be expecting Oh City Hall I left this job more than I loved it
happens when you least expect it hey don’t damage my radio thanks it
self-destruct sequence is always a bad idea this little guy does not quit huh these
radio tags are pretty well guarded evil may arrest my completely not his am a
year Wow okay this is ridiculous I hate all you got man Oh someone hit me you wanna die loser
this thing finally getting the hang of this yes I’d like to that’s gotta hurt you just don’t give up hello
dammit I’ve been on hold for 45 minutes I’ll be sending you a bill for this well weld where this is so unexpected yeah good the delightful Richard you gave me
Canadian bacon instead of bacon I really I’m very inappropriate thank you you
might wanna have a medic look at that crap superstone I should have avoided
big this thing then radio Tabitha’s broadcast and some harmful messages
y’all reprogram them so they explained my mother all nice yeah five anyone okay I mean you have a gun right now but
tomorrow I’ll get a gun and come to your house and kill you I’ll forgive you if
you apologize to the tank all right you asked for it
wait you didn’t ask for anything ask me something happy y’all to fight evil
mayor west and evil Stewie I didn’t know we were playing street
rules oh it’s all now get down here West don’t hide like a coward politician that
faster evil Stewie you and I need to have some sort of dialogue here head all you got man okay you’re starting to piss me off now
please sir I want some more all right you want a lesson character don’t even think of putting a cone
around oh man we’re screwed
you wanna die loser we’re gonna die if we don’t Hey thank you this is great this is correct Oh oh you got me eyes I shadow so I
guess it’s up to me I smell barbecue my wife I hate her victory is mine please sir I want some more and I can still around what I heard
things Direct Hit scumbag so I guess it’s up to me Oh we’re gonna die if we don’t what the hell is wrong with you and you were worried oh damn it
oh my god that hurts in a cocktail I have a dream that all men are created
evil there it is hey thank you don’t
you hold on a second would you please not contact watch it scumbag there it is we’re gonna die a shadow all right West get those bombs back here
if you want to live okay I’ll do it but there’s something you have to do for me
in return what is it I’m thinking of running for governor in the next
election and there’s another mayor standing in my way I need you to
assassinate him it’s a friggin cheeseburger this guy’s serious oh I’m
serious I’m a serious hazard cat what a cat serious like I don’t know
oh they’re serious all right there is serious okay okay something wacky we get
it we get it all right let’s go assassinate a cheeseburger alright fellas there’s a sniper rifle
waiting for you in the top floor of the Book Depository okay I see what we’re
doing here here’s some silencers for your weapons so you don’t alert the
security guards of your presence and here’s some bologna sandwiches you never
know when you’re gonna get a hankering for circular mate thanks okay we’re
gonna go do that thing now Godspeed gentlemen Oh also the movie speed just
in case it was really nice of him to make us sandwiches but I’m not gonna eat
mine get up to the rooftop so y’all can sneak around okay we’re in a parking lot
I need to pee on something all right so which one of y’all ain’t got my herpes
yet Hey I haven’t been this high since the
80s I’m gonna go ahead and put the labels on
them guards that way y’all can keep track of him and be sure to steer clear
this place is crawling security all right people stop goofing off the
mayor will be here any minute we’re about 10 minutes and Counting here
copy that fox poo I told you I don’t like that name you know I’ll try not to
be noticed but sometimes this light just shines way to copy that collect all them
videotapes of him doing no no y’all need to be a bunch of snake ease now please hmmm looks like we might need something
to get this here crane work look around and see what you can dig all right there protect the mayor
that’s our job prepare to supersize a bride
I bet cheeseburger mayor’s are pretty rare hey Stewie well done
this has been a cheeseburger humor nice packages I bought boy could go
wrong now delightful he’s on his way
remember no you’re doing it wrong package is on its way Victory’s who’s yeah also mine I didn’t know we were play Street rules
oh it’s all now you’re going to regret this Wow I want some more
you wanna hit her hate you no problem all units prepare for the mayor’s
arrival also it’s my birthday for the one cares hey now you can track with him dogs are
but the labels that put on stay away from them yellow bass mean don’t let him
see us you’ve got to just disappear like Brett Butler don’t well done take them out okay they’re dead all
right we’re not gonna be seeing some major loogies from up here baby not supposed to be crap they must
have killed the giant was talking to we can watch out Tim Chuck Judith is trying to
harm y’all get rid of them so you can stir you cross you see that one security I want to be
really bad skin I was trying not to look the target has been hit Oh I think you and I need to have some sort
of dialogue here thank you for proving my point this is great watch out then shop Judas is trying to
harm y’all get rid of them so you can scurry across Stewie come on you know how to use that
thing sideways like you’re just a helpless little carpet
tickler aren’t you I’m a winner folks skylights you can get
in without causing a stir finally you think day off gotta get a
good base tan going all this security no one’s gonna die
today can’t happen welcome to the danger zone take them out kiss me out now yeah all right now there’s a big old gun
round here somewheres let’s hurry up and find it take them out so I guess it’s up to me oh my god that
hurts hey dogs and babies are strictly
prohibited here motor camp oh Jenny Watergate approaching burgers
are being delivered hate you target has been hit and now if
I can just find a midget with some journalist come back hi he’s coming I want to wave to it
until now wait because to go to shoot him to take the shot we’re running out of
time getting closer Brian it’s now or never but they know whether you laugh at me
there’s been a tragedy people this isn’t funny let’s be adults about this alright it’s done yeah hopefully evil
mayor West called off those bombs wait what if he goes back on his word when we
do then should we try to find him and hey Brian
we just murdered a politician we should get out of here yeah you’re probably
right I’m probably right or I am right yeah I’m right and you’re just a dog we’re on a boat okay it says that in
this universe pirating became so dominant that the overall progress of
the world was stunted now everyone’s a pirates ha ha stowaways me thanks and he
brought treasure I see yeah ah take the prisoners to the Brig I’ll be in my
quarters making cloth maps of no place in particular hey find something you can make noise
with and the guard will come in there to stop you that’s when you make your move
if you annoy that guard enough you’ll open your cell to give you a beating I
know because I’m a pirate too and that’s what I do yah God get me out of here and I’ll get you to
the tip you know okay you can stop get me out of here I’ll help you escape and
then maybe we can thanks fellas I’m gonna go free the others maybe if
everyone’s up for business Seamus all right let’s get your weapons back I know
pirates maybe in a treasure chest somewhere pilots are kind of lazy what
why no I just think there’s a lot of different things put on flags you know
not the skull and crossbone I smell barbecue hey Val everyone says you suck as a
pirate I’m not usually this time naked but
never have to hang tight while I pray the resident business Pirates code sorry we’re not gonna be seeing them again and you are worried is it just me or
does every room on this you think you smell bitch now why don’t you come over
game hey over here let’s hang out she’s going
down you’re gonna get off that boat come on you’re my only friends Oh sword fight sword fight
behold the Armada all right now we should probably go find that Long John
Peter fella use the cannons and blow those penis lovers out of the water fire those cannons at him boys we can’t
let him board our ship I only have enough crab cakes for free we be coming for you excellent get off my boat Oh they can’t board our ship if they’re
dead fire those cannons and kill them all
sorry sorry slim carried away there prepare to be boarded by totally
straight virus which a quick look on the bones of trying to yell at these guys watch it you’re rowing right into me
balls your time has come matey’s ah you best
be ready to die crap never had a sweater enemies starboard side
that’s the right delightful get off my boot like that flat you think
it might be a good idea hey watch it you’re rowing right in probably gonna
need some bullets be ready today hoarded by totally straight watch it you’re rowing right into the
balls that time has come mateys
lay down and take it like a man get him they’ll never take me alive good thing
on the side ah there be no escape from Long John
Peter unless you run I can’t run too good mate I don’t want to play all right
it’s time to face Long John Peter win you get your little device sticky back
lose and don’t we’re trying to kill a pirate version of your father and you are worried because of his
therapy fire at will victory shall yet be mine ah there be no escape he can somehow
turn it again I said shoot it again but I said it pirate-like maybe Brian to contribute a little too give us back a remote ever please don’t tell any of me Maties of
this they all think I’d be good at pirating alright fry at least we know
Bertram won’t be attacking us from the sea let’s get out of here hey you guys
mind if I tag along with you look we appreciate your help and everything but
you can’t come with us wait what ah crap I got nothing they’ll
be back no they won’t oh my god it’s freezing yeah my peen
just sucked itself back into my tummy Stewie look oh my god it’s Santa’s
workshop what the hell could Bertram want from
Santa huh it looks as though in this universe
Santa is some kind of industrial mercenary industrial mercenary what else
does it say out here it is I was in the wrong menu that was just an overview in
this universe people only order Christmas gifts online
so there’s no use for Santa anymore now he’s opened up his factory to
manufacture anything for the highest bidder
what’s Bertram using him for my guess is he’s using him to manufacture weapons
for his army we’ll come on I’m dreaming of a red Christmas okay you only get one
gun cock per line okay and the lines should really be better than that you
gotta find your way into Santa’s toy factory maybe he’s got some nice hot
cocoa in there for you I’m going to kill Santa Claus wait a minute why the hell
do you want to kill Santa because that sad bastard
blew me off at the mall I got it all planned out you see the workshop had a
few reindeer take a few pictures of me and Santa and then I’m a ghost brains
out hopefully with this bitch wife watching sim it’d be faster to shut off the bow
it’s like the great desert beats have some problem-solving skills y’all don’t have to turn on them sludge
house again if he wants to move forward ow why don’t you burn in hell victory is mine all right finally getting the hang of it
oh that is disgusting get down here you sick crap they’ve got
bombs in their bags go on and jump your way across that sludge at home just be
careful and don’t fall in byxis thing and on soil myself we were happy now excellent hello you got man okay you’re starting to piss me off now victory shall yet be mine they’re evil and they distort the truth
and they do the bidding of the Republican Party the guy from the
employee of the month thing we’re gonna die if we don’t we’re smelling a sweatshop in here I
take it there’s knew each other y’all don’t have to be bill detective
the time at which the elevator be sure to say their belongings so we’re
gonna die if we don’t look it out faster you like it’s good to be some Asians but
not good to the most Asian you’ve got to get into that toy factory
and up to that nasty old man’s office this is the watch I’ve been looking for no put them in a naughty room with all
the fat German kids I hate you but you’ll just find a midget with some
Gin I’ll be influenced be sure to save their belongings so we can reduce them are you thinking what I’m thinking really No Hey we’re gonna die if we don’t come on knock it off oh you got me boy all this snow and yet none of the
kind of snow I want huh you know cocaine anybody you guys suck yeah man we’re screwed tell Santa he’d kiss
my ass by the way no heaven really this is great where to God I would like
your ankle thank you what the play is not too bad and you won’t worry this is the rush I’ve been looking for screw off we’re gonna die if we don’t that’s a cute little doll you should
find some more so he can have some play this is great well looks like you found me huh boys
and yeah so what I make weapons now don’t judge me it’s a tough economy you
try being in the toy business anyway I’m a bad guy now so I’m gonna have to kill
you Merry Christmas dicks all right now
you’ve got to kill Santa for all that stupid abuse and he did I doubt the elf
supporters look like this well if you want to be a hero right now might be a
good time the next five hours you’re my bitch the dipstick in the back you know I guess come on – retire you’re
gonna get everything you ask wrap yourself what would really set your right is a
couple of a leave and a good night’s sleep are you thinkin what I’m thinkin stewey he’s still alive yeah check that
twice bitch you’re sick you know that Ryan this guy is making weapons to kill
you and everyone you loved you know you gotta get some balls man you you should
be doing this kind of stuff too you know whatever so where do you think we’re
gonna go now maybe to a land of gutless cowards because you would fit right in holy crap still we were in space okay
this is weird it says here that in this universe a race of alien chickens took
over the earth and it appears that we’ve transported right on to their mothership
all right so chasing birds around I like that Brian Bertram is going to try to
use these alien chickens against us we’ve got to figure out how to stop them
all right come on let’s try not to be spotted too late what’s this place yeah this universe
what’s weird stupid what the hell is that dangerous
we’ve gotta find the chicken that’s laying all these eggs and wipe them all
out all right like a choke a few chickens you gotta stop Bertram what are we gonna
do don’t worry buddy I’ll come up with something remember I’m a genius hang on I gotta reload you dick of
course I did oh these chickens are pretty crazy man please sir I want some more and uncomfortable you have to change me
much changing here we don’t even have any diapers my 18 soldiers okay in a way the fat man is my dad ball must
have been nagging a smarty miss your mommy oh it’s quite school and
I miss my mommy yes yes I also miss colic and rectal thermometry whatever
you say please sir I want some more lives I’ll do it anyway toaster
hey Brian what do you call it a tea no Triano oh come on I was gonna say that
you did do that kind of stuff to you Regus I have suffered ha it’s like you
should see the look on your faces heat robot chickens fire that you
son-of-a-bitch you gotta find another way remember when
God closes the door he opens the winter and no matter what my father says God
death tell lovely there it is okay you can stop that now you know I know what you’re gonna say
you’re gonna be all like no thanks I think I’ve had enough chicken for a
while vacuum is next yes oh boy don’t need to
free all these people that one there with handsome I knew stop it Jim what would really set your right is a couple of a leave and a good night’s
sleep this is what are you thinkin what I’m thinkin grab your walkie I’ll call you when I
get up there okay Brian pick up over what Brian please
take over when you finish talking over what over for the record I don’t want to
hang out with you anymore when this is over
witnesses what Brian ever I said I don’t want to hang out with you anymore when
this is over witnesses what you got to finish your sentence over that’s it my
sentence is over just happen to spot Diane over my sentences wait a minute I
have to say over even if the sentence ends with the word over hence with the
blood but by over you know your jackass Peter Peter get down from there mom he
paused here you scream remember we’re in space it’s pretty dangerous out here we
best find a way back inside oh this is awesome Santonio yells don’t have to stick
around and defeat all the bad guys probably gonna need some pants we are going to get you back on your
feet back shaggy man what’s wrong why are we still here
afternoon Stewie it’s not working yeah and you know what’s not gonna fix
it you’re shouting god I could take these off I really
didn’t want to be the dog wearing accessories victory is mine well folks that’s the news and I am out I will give you the cross but the bond
guy on the net what are you doing here
smarter than my ancestors were nothing but a bunch of attempts at home or dad
really has got to lose some weight he does not get around here anymore all of these tools hello hello somebody you’re wasting your
breath q this is my rifle this is my gun this is
for fighting this is for Mom Oh you work this thing I know potential yes your wingman I spend the entire day
wallowing around with my own feces my soldiers I want to pay the goon you are formidable foe but you will be
getting into the master control room this way that baby boy lock this doe just don’t
have to find another way Wow what are you doing here I would support what would really set your right is
believe in a good night’s sleep now if I can just find a midget with
some Gin I’ll be in business even doing things off things
chicken get away from my dad you bitch you know what kill that big ol hair how could this get any worse no longer enjoy she need to get the lead big-time maybe Brian’s the contributor to the
tube ah what the hell is wrong with you or worried this place officially sucks worse than
the WNBA I want to keep some of the feathers thank you so much for saving me
do you require kisses for what you’ve done oh no that that won’t be necessary
okay cuz because I didn’t want to have to kiss you but I will crap stewey Bertram probably already
made his final jump to Quahog you know time to deal with this you guys go I got
a score to settle with this guy thank you you have no idea how much this helps
yeah thanks Paul go get him alright we’re back in our universe looks like we
landed at a Quahog Airport and sign a Bertram but I’m sure he’s headed
straight for Spooner Street now crap looks like they snuck into our portal
somehow well should we help Peter now he’s got this Brian this this is like
his thing you know all right come on we’ve gotta get home as fast as we can get off my airport you’ve had your last I don’t know what
chickens you will enjoy them your kid buddy great that might be a chicken Oh justice wife’s addicted to hang out
at the airport fights to the South citizens fight to the death people think I’m
important because I have a spreadsheet open on my laptop nice combo keep it up all right almost home Brian well whoa
whoa whoa whoa what what is it no I know I just had like wicked deja vu well it’s
probably cuz we’re constantly arriving in new places no no you don’t get it
it’s a past life thing Brian I was here in another time
Oh would you shut up you shut up Stewie look oh my god we’re we’re too late he’s doing it
Bertram is really gonna destroy our universe I don’t understand how did we
went everywhere he did how come home Stewie
so you idiots thought you could actually stop me huh well while you were chasing
me around the multiverse my assistant Gus was assembling the only army I could
ever truly rely on an army of me hey guys I’m guys the assistant see that’s
how an assistant should be Brian I’m not your assistant yeah you’re pretty much
my assistant as soon as this bomb gets close enough to your house boom
everything you know will be just the games are over Stewie it’s time to die – at least want me to write first one of those I’m unstoppable
I must prepare for my Jenny Steve he’s hanky full of Cheerios the news doesn’t I know but you got to do it
after that Donna throw it y’all held its do we do in this place I bet we still blame this on the
terrorists somehow you got to shoot off them tacky rocket a bit here the soccer team win or
something neighborhoods change and bride we gotta feel like no you’re about to oh man we’re screwed oh how I’ve waited
this moment now if I can just find a midget with some Gin I’ll be in business
buddy I need some ammo this roar does wonders to my junk look at that you Scouts a little draw
and plan for some sort of remote hey what’s up B ride Stewie just give me
a beer okay okay I love repetition oh my god that hurt run y’all they said and told you home
y’all work hard and keep it nice and you don’t wanted to investor data this is great thank you Brian if we don’t make it out of this I
want you to know I love you thanks Stewie I’m not gonna say it back we got
a stop Bertram shoot the gas tank when he’s got a car
in his mouth so you give him some boobies and we are gonna get you back on your
feet guys you should get rid of all of him good I was the gas tanks Stewie we gotta
shoot the gas tank ruff it’s Berta’s what my junk Mary Mother of God check tonight the gas tank Stewie’s we gotta shoot the
gas tank this is what I call rollin in style the additional insurance coverage on
this thing huh don’t worry it’s almost over fellas the gas tank stewey we gotta keep the
gas tank oh please tell me someone just taping this what do you think of my new friends
Dewey oh sorry pal the return flights been
canceled all right okay the line was good but if you’re gonna do that you
gotta hit your target on the first shot but overall better much better you’re
learning but as for you please no we can work together we could rule the
multiverse please don’t kill me Oh oh you’ve got the wrong idea I’m not
gonna kill you you’re not no your little buddy here is Brian Stewie your life hey
we’re saying I’m so happy you two are okay yeah why do you bleach your upper
lip just wax it you’re not fooling anyone I found a quarter you guys I’m a
hero – well Bry we did it we stopped Bertram
and everybody’s safe yeah but couldn’t other Bertram just keep coming back from
different universes what I mean they could but I I think we’ll just have to
wait and see how much money this makes ah so we may not be hearing from Bertram

The Game Industry’s Performative Concern For Children (The Jimquisition)

Rio: “Oh my GooOOood! Ha ha!” [“Born Depressed” by Drill Queen] If research and experts around the world were looking at something you were habitually doing, and these studies said that what you were doing was wrong and harmful. Would you at least stock of your behavior and wonder if maybe, just maybe, you are in the wrong? OR, do you find some other mark to blame? Welcome to the Game Industry, Church of the Eternal Scape Goat. If it’s not pirates it’s used games, if it’s not used games it’s the IGNORANCE of the parents. Those ignorant swines. For you see, that is what’s being implied with the (high-pitched, mocking tone) Get Smart About P.L.A.Y. campaign! The latest campaign by the game industry to pass the buck onto entities that are not themselves. In fact, don’t take my word for it, take the word of this here video starring Rio Ferdinand! Rio: “The Get Smart About P.L.A.Y. campaign” “provides parents and guardians with practical tips” “on how to achieve balance,” “and set parameters on the amount of time and money you spend on play.” Child 1: “Shoot shoot shoot shoot!”
Rio: “Oh noooo! Haha!”
Child 2: “Oh come on!” “It’s all about understanding what games your child is playing.” “Stop moaning about, give me the ball.” “Learning how to install parental controls” “can limit time, spend, or interactions with other players.” “Discussing about the amount of game time, and agreeing limits together.” Child 1: “What’re you doing?!”
Rio: “Hahaha!” Remembering that the controls for you,” “as a parent or guardian, in the driving seat.” (excited shouts, cheering, and laughing) “You wouldn’t give your child a bike without providing a helmet and stabilizers.” Jim: What? WHAT? Stabilizers on a kid’s bike? Is that where you’re going with this? Is that what this has come to? You’re comparing protecting kids from microtransactions in games to putting stabil- THE TWO THINGS AREN’T EVEN VAGUELY COMPARABLE! You know a kid can get seriously hurt if a kid falls off a bike. Are you SURE you want to compare videogames to that? I mean, for one thing, the bike industry didn’t put the pavement down, and isn’t hiding in a bush with a stick to jam in the kid’s spokes! Because if you wanna compare videogames to falling off a bike, that’s your role in this, Game Industry. You fu– uh, stabil– (stutters incredulously) WHAT?! Rio: “The same can be said for videogame consoles comparing to–”
Jim (yells offscreen): “IT. CAAAAN’T!” Rio: “Yessssss!! Pat whose back, pat whose back?”
Jim (yells offscreen): “It explicitly can’t be said!” Rio: “Parental controls are straight-forward.” “Head to www.askaboutgames.com to find a step-by-step guide.” Rio: (sighs) “Lucky boys.” Rio: “You alright? You alright?”
Child 1: “Yeah.”
Child 2: “You get lucky every time!” Rio: “What do you mean I got lucky? You got beat.” Today’s video is dedicated to all the game industry executives out there, especially those plucky little guys sitting right at the top of the corporate structure. I’m talking about such adorable characters as Bobby Kotick, Yves Guillemot, and ha ha ha haaa of course, Android Wilson. To those hardworking cats with such thankless jobs I say SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS! Like just shove EVERYTHING up your ass. Your companies? Shove them up your ass. Your disgusting business models? Shove them. Up your ass! This Disney Parks commemorative Mr. Potato Head mug? Right up the ass. Right into the hole of it. This right here, this latest attempt by the industry to shift responsibility for its bullshit onto other people, is shockingly transparent, even by the standards of the game industry. The (high-tone mock) “Get Smart About P.L.A.Y.” campaign is yet another bid to divert attention away from what modern videogames are doing with their vampiric economies, and place the blame for it all squarely on the shoulders of parents. (mocks) “P.L.A.Y.” has been setup by the UK Interactive Entertainment Association or (mocks) “ukie!” for short, essentially UK’s answer to the ESA, and it’s even roped in football-playing man Rio Ferdinand to help out with its pathetic and cowardly propaganda campaign. So, what is (mocks) “P.L.A.Y.”? Well it’s a fun acronym that’s fun because it’s an acronym intended to instruct parents on how to stop videogames from tricking thousands of dollars out of children. It stands for (high, mocking tone) “P – Play with your kids.” “Understand what they play and why.” “L – Learn about family controls!” (increasingly high pitch) “Visit askaboutgames.com for simple, step-by-step guides.” “A – Ask what your kids think!” “Discuss ground rules before setting restrictions.” “Y – You’re in charge.” “Set restrictions that work for your family.” [Very slowed down vocalization ending with “ha ha ha”] Life is so much more fun with acronyms, and now parents know exactly how to stop videogames preying on their kids! Congratulations, game industry! You’ve done it! You’ve saved the children! Wheeeeeeee! Buuuuuut, you know the best way to stop videogames preying on kids, don’tcha publishers? Stop making videogames that DO IT, YOU FUCKING DOLTS. Fuck having to instruct parents on protecting their kids from videogames made for kids! I mean, informing parents after the fact has become a necessity, but Jesus fucking Christ, have you ever stopped to think have ANY of you fucked up little monsters stopped to think about how fucking ludicrous it is that you’re having to warn parents about videogames literally aimed at children? I mean, didja?! For just a second, maybe, did any of you at (mocks) “ukie!” Did any of you companies benefiting from Ukie’s coverup? Did any of you wonder what it looks like when games rated for ages 3 and up need parental fucking restrictions?! That’s what the age rating system is meant to be FOR. You absolute fucking worms! But nontheless, that’s what y’all are doing. You’re informing parents that games rated for literal 3-year-olds still need parental controls to stop them from targeting and exploiting children! And it’s absolutely fucking stunning that no authorities have stopped you yet to ask why you think this is okay, or a good look, or something any right-minded individual wouldn’t question? But that’s what this entire campaign, designed to pass the buck onto parents, is hinged on! (mocking impression) “Only one in five parents of children who spend money in videogames” “use the family controls available on gaming devices.” “This is backed up by a 2019 NSPCC study” “that revealed just 19% of parents of children aged 5 to 15” “use family controls on internet-connected devices.” There’s a point we’ve made before that bares repeating; if a videogame needs adult security measures, it shouldn’t be rated as suitable for children. Simple. As. You don’t need parental locks when letting a child watch Dora the fucking Explorer. Dora’s not gonna turn round, and ask the children for a few bucks before she’ll let her chimp teach her how to count ten! Or whatever it is Dora does, I’m not familiar with her entire curriculum. But the point is, basically all entertainment rated suitable for children doesn’t need its content age-gated, because they’re rated as suitable for the fucking age of the fucking CHILDREN! The fact that content suitable for children IS suitable for children applies to pretty much every entertainment medium. Except videogames. Which, apparently, get to be the exception and are considered safe for minors despite those minors needing to be protected from the thing that’s considered safe for minors! Well it’s not parents’ fault that you’re a bunch of reckless, amoral scams artists who have been gleefully racking in cash from vulnerable people for years now and are only engaging in weak performative concern AFTER governments around the world looked into your shady microtransactions. And those governments don’t like what they see, do they? They see your randomized rewards hidden in premium lootboxes, and found them mechanically and psychologically indistinguishable from gambling. Because lootboxes, as we all know by now, ARE gambling. Just like I’ve said for half a fucking decade. And you, game publishers, have only yourselves to blame if you get in trouble for it. You pushed the envelope of acceptable monetization to see what you could get away with. You pushed and you pushed and you took it too far. Now as regulators continue to examine your down-right predatory business tactics, you put on a show of proactivity, while kicking the attention onto the parents of your PREY. Something else well worth mentioning here, is while the game industry is telling parents to get smart, the game industry is also finding ways to circumvent its own rules. Or is it circumnavigate? I always get the two mixed up, but ANYWAY. We’ve already seen with games like the recent Crash Team Racing re-release. Where they will put microtransactions in weeks after the title’s launch! AFTER rating bodies like PEGI or the ESRB have already rated it and not mentioned the in-game purchases. Now while those games do eventually get re-rated, that doesn’t stop the companies from selling them to people without those warnings for weeks! Even when they knew full-well the microtransactions were coming. Post-launch microtransactions are one way in which game publishers are able to make a mockery of the systems that are in place for their benefit! I mean, that’s why the ESRB put that in-game purchases warning on its rating system to begin with. Not because it was genuinely concerned about kids, but because it was paying lip service to the whole thing. It was saying look, we’re being proactive, we’re doing something. We warn people! It was there to cover the publishers’ backs. And the publishers STILL had to take the piss out of it. “Get Smart About P.L.A.Y.” says the industry from one corner of its mouth, and from the other, it’s doing its best to dazzle and confuse and delude its own audience! So… which is it to be? Ya fuck rags. Ooohh companies love bringing up parental controls, it’s their ultimate saving throw! Or so they think. Whenever a kid blows their family’s life savings on FIFA, and outlets like the BBC ask for comment, Electronic Arts refuses to comment. And instead refers reporters to guides on how parental restrictions work. Yet again unwittingly reinforcing the idea that we need to re-examine what games are suitable for under-aged audiences. In their minds, of course, these companies believe they’re reinforcing a different argument. The argument being that it’s on the parents to make sure FIFA isn’t swindling cash out of under-aged players using gambling mechanics. It often feels like game publishers are deliberately trying to evoke the controversies of the late 90s and 2000s. The scare mongering about violent content in videogames and whether or not children played them. Back then, the exact same defense was used. Parents should watch what their children play and make sure they don’t get their hands on such titles as Mortal Kombat, Grand Theft Auto, or Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. Most of us game pundits at the time took the side of the game industry and agreed that any parents concerned about violent content, shouldn’t let their kids play inappropriate games. But of course, the major difference back then, was that games unsuitable for minors WERE rated as unsuitable for minors. And parents can more easily understand blood and gore versus an innocently-framed football game running a con on their children. The very IDEA that a game like FIFA could bankrupt someone because they let a child play it, is a bizarre concept to any ordinary human being. In that regard, a campaign like Get Smart About P.L.A.Y. is vital. But the videogame industry is the last fucking entity that should be running it. Parents should be informed how the medium uses both positive and negative feedback loops to encourage more spending. How the medium fixes its own odds, and can patch those odds on the fly. How the medium engineers games to be less rewarding, and more grinding experiences, UNLESS microtransactions are purchased. All parents should be shown that fucking talk by Torulf Jernström. They should be shown all those stories about the thousands of dollars so-called “whales” have spent compulsively on games. They should be told everything about the business tactics of videogames and the kind of people those tactics target. Will you tell them that, Ukie? Will that be part of your (mocks) “Get Smart About P.L.A.Y.” campaign? Will Rio fucking Ferdinand tell parents about ANY of that shit which sits in the shade of your shitty little underbelly? No. Of fucking course not. Because none of the executive shitstains in charge really care about protecting people. If they did, they’d tell ’em everything. You gaggle of parasitic bastards wanna keep putting gambling in games marketed towards children. You wanna keep your unsustainable victim-based economies afloat for as long as possible. You don’t want to compromise one tiny little fucking bit, do you? You wanna face NO accountability, no responsibility, you want to just keep making that money until the bubble inevitably bursts and you won’t even take responsibility for that, will you? That’ll be on the employees underneath you. The ones who get laid off when you fuck up. Rio: “Oh my GooOOood! Ha ha!” Do any of these corporate campaigns ever actually DO anything beyond a web page? Now that I think of it, that seems to be something many industries do. They setup these alleged safety campaigns, grab a random celebrity who’s not doing anything to provide a couple quotes, and that seems to be the last we ever fucking hear of ’em. A year from now will “Get Smart About P.L.A.Y.” be touring schools, reaching out to the community, continuing its bold effort to inform parents? Or will it simply stay as this one web page that executives can direct journalists to in a craven bid to avoid answering any tough questions? I would stake my money on the latter, but gambling in this context wouldn’t be entirely tasteful. Regardless, there’s a reason why this campaign, which means less than fucking nothing, is so concerned with kids. You focus on the children because you CAN blame the parents, there’s someone responsible for them that you can pass the buck on to. That’s why “Get Smart About P.L.A.Y.” even exists. It exists to frame the discussion about lootboxes and microtransactions as a purely child-centric issue. And of course children are just one aspect. The fucking snakes of this industry, you fucking snakes. You never address the problem gamblers and compulsive shoppers you so frequently and callously target. There are no parental figures you can sweepingly implicate on that thorny issue. You don’t dare acknowledge the adults in exploitable positions whom you shamelessly exploit. The best you can do there, is try to desperately re-brand lootboxes as “surprise mechanics” and pretend none of those problems exist, instead framing the existence of predatory microtransactions as “player choice!” Without mentioning that you, and only you, you the industry, CHOSE to fill your product up to the brim with fucking poison, go get fucked. This whole campaign is a thinly-veiled case of you telling parents how to rescue their kids from YOU. Basically, you’re a wolf telling sheep how not to get eaten. And your whole campaign stinks like bad beef behind a radiator your fucking clods. I think it’s only fitting that following the unveiling of this campaign, which will go nowhere by the way, we had NHS mental health director Claire… …Murdoch, said that the game industry was setting kids up for addiction by introducing them to gambling mechanics. She said “Frankly no company should be setting kids up for addiction” “by teaching them to gamble on the content of these loot boxes.” “No firm should sell to children loot box games with this element of chance,” “so yes, those sales should end.” And more things did she say! But it’s too hot in this studio so I won’t sit here reading that because I’ve got to get out because I decided that I’ll setup a studio in Mississippi and have four lights pointed right at me, they’re like three feet away. And then I’d have on the tie, and a jacket, and a hat! And my voice got… high. -er. Higher. I don’t know, thank God for me, I’m out of ideas today. I’m done. I’ve gone.. back on my phone. This is how I live. This is literally how I live, I just stand here… …looking at my phone, dressed like this, constantly. [cell phone thunks] [Jim inhales, sighs.] [silence continues] (murmurs) Windy out… (Jim offscreen) Captions by Erin “CaHILL. Cahill. CAhill.” [[Second was right, Jim ^_~]] I keep forgetting to ask Justin to put her name in the.. ..in the credits, but… [[It’s okay! :D]] she does the subtitles that… yeah.

INFINITE Coalescing Vision and Corrupted Memento Farming | Patch 8.3 WoW Guide

Hey there guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’re
talking about an infinite farm for Corrupted Mementos and Coalescing Visions. So, method did an absolutely fantastic guide
on Horrific Visions. I’ll go ahead and link that down below, but
there’s one thing that they missed, and it’s the best coalescing vision and corrupting
memento farm. So, if you’ve been living under a rock, the
goal of the game is to get the best gear, but that gear has corruption on it which does
bad stuff. However you can negate that corruption by
upgrading your legendary cloak though Horrific Visions, which cost 10,000 coalescing visions. Normally, you get coalescing visions by doing
assaults, the daily vision quest, and chests plus rares. Now, the longer you last in Horrific Visions
the better, and beside the cloak you do that with your Horrific Vision talents through
the Titanic Research Archive. To put points into these talents, it costs
Corrupted Momentos. You only get these through horrific visions
and visions of N’Zoth If you just kill the first boss of a Horrific vision, you’ll
get 100, and a full clearn while wearing a mask that gives 20% extra will yield about
2000. But you can farm these outside of horrific
visions. So, if you want the best gear possible sockets
in all your gear, or a cute mount, listen up. Your weekly assault gets you enough coalescing
visions for 1 Horrific Vision. If you do the daily quests and daily visions
of N’Zoth, you’ll be able to do a second run. And if you no life it and kill every rare
and open up every chest every day you’ll get a third. What I’m about to show will get you enough
for an additional 1-3 runs a week which means you’ll be able to upgrade your cloak twice
as fast. In the daily Visions of N’Zoth, you accept
a quest, kill things for about 5 minutes and then your sanity is gone and you’re kicked
out. But the main important part of this vid is
that you can click on NPCs that refill your sanity. And they respawn fast enough that if rather
than focusing on killing things, you focus on clicking NPCs, you never run out of sanity. The one minor clickbait of this vid is that
you are kicked out after 1 hour, so it’s not technically infinite, but in reality nothing
is infinite, so whatever it’s fine. In one hour of solo testing, I got 1300 coalescing
visions and 350 momentos. I talked with the fellow twitch streamer BrutalStatic
who showed me this and he did a little better at 500 momentos in an hour. We were both running around in tank spec and
were inviting random people we came across so that we could all loot each other’s kills. So solo, that’s about what you can expect. 400 momentos and 1500 visions an hour, which
is an extra horrific vision each week. But, I’m a farmer and I like min/maxing
so let’s bump it up with method number 2. Do an actual group farm. This method is very comfortable for goldmakers,
but if you’re new to the channel, here’s the run down. These enemies force spawn, so get together
in a group of 5 with friends or randos and find a spot where there are a bunch of enemies
and maybe a few elites in range. Put a tank in the middle. They stay put and grab as much aggro as they
can. Four dps position themselves north, east,
south, and west and pull everything in from the perimeter. If there are any NPCs in range, go ahead and
click on em to stay sane 54:00. Groups are great because you aren’t just
running around aimlessly. You’re always killing something and that’s
what gets you rewards, but they’re especially good here because elites drop items called
Resilient Souls and these restore 50 sanity to you and 3 nearby players, with a one minute
cooldown. So even without NPCs, your group can refill
200 sanity to everyone each minute as long as you’re killing fast enough. As a general rule of thumb, a current content
group farm gets about 10 kills per minute per person in the group. So a 3-man farm gets about 30 kills a minute. 5 man gets about 50. These are just estimates, but if you get together
in a five man that’s pumpin, you’ll pull in about 700-800 momentos an hour, and 2500
coalescing visions. Method 3
This is as min maxed as I can figure out, and it’s
all theory. I haven’t tested it. But why do one group, when you can do two. Tags seem to work a little differently on
these guys and go above the normal 5 person cap. So, let’s say you’re in a mythic raid
team and 8 of you get into the same phase of the vision of n’zoth. Form 2 four-man parties at 2 different locations
and put two people from each party at each location so everyone gets tags at each spot. Then as long as you’re looting both kill
piles every 2 minutes, you’re getting an extra 4-5000 coalescing visions per day and
1000-1500 mementos. That’s 3 extra horrific visions a week. If there isn’t a cap on how many people
can tag an enemy, you can have you could double the loot again by ramping this up into a 20
man farm with 4 different kill piles, and 10,000 extra visions a day, but I don’t
know how that would work in practice, so I don’t want to speculate too hard. 2 groups of 4 people will for sure work and
will get you a couple extra horrific visions a week. So get out there. Test this out. If the knowledge of this evolves as the weeks
progress which I’m sure it will, leave your comments and any recommendations down in the
comments below. Make sure you subscribe, like the video if
it helped you out, and I hope you have a great day. Good luck and happy goldmaking.

I’m just kidding, I had to do it. We knew this was coming. What’s up everybody
My name is Ser Medieval and if you somehow missed the angry mob with pitchforks on your
way in, we finally finally got ourselves some of that PVP blog for New World. On top of the system itself we also
got more information how other key systems were going to work, and although this entire
thing just left myself and I’m sure many others with way more questions than answers, it’s
time to dig into it. Let’s do this. [break]
So to start off, first I’d like to begin by saying that no matter what we talk about today
I am still standing by in support of full loot open world PVP or PVP servers because
of the unique experiences and longevity that it can bring to a game as we talked
about in one of my previous videos… HOWEVER. We also just yesterday, or I suppose 2 days
ago now since I haven’t gone to sleep yet, just finished going over how the lack of MMOs
and games in general from this genre of sandbox-like titles has
left me wanting more. So much more for getting just a taste of that
freedom. And I said that for that reason and many others,
no matter what happens with the PVP system I will still feel ready as a cucumber to jump
into New World, and that’s also something I intend to stand by. So to continue on this, I know many of you
may be feeling mixed emotions right now. If you haven’t guessed it already, the PVP
system was in fact confirmed by both the PVP Blog post and New World video Q&A they did
today to be Opt In with the ability to get extra unknown bonuses
for flagging up. Which I’m really crossing my fingers is only
possible to do while in a safe zone. So people can’t flag down out in the wilderness
at the very least. And this was something that a good amount
of the PVP community was afraid of, because on top of that, it appears that you no longer
have a chance of losing anything upon death and… Criminal Intent is completely removed. Now of course, we could go
all day long about subjects like how this could negatively effect the economy and supply
and demand of crafted gear, or the lack of the feeling of danger while traveling in the
open world. But none of that matters right now. The truth I believe is at this point we are
far far too close to release for anything we suggest
at this point to be switched around before launch. Amazon has in mostly clear terms explained
to us what they want the PVP system to be, and why. At least during it’s launch phase. But my friends, as I’m sure
many many wise men and women have said, this is not the end. I’m sure you’re as tired as I am of switching
from game to game in this genre, just looking for a home or maybe even something just to
burn a few months on and enjoy yourself in the process. It gets frustrating dumping all your hope
and desire into something just to watch it turn sour and get
turned upside down from your perspective. I totally get it because I’ve been there too,
many times. And that’s why it’s about time we stop running
from these situations and face them head on, if you still think
there’s even slightly a chance that New World is still a game that you can enjoy. But you don’t exactly agree with the direction
it’s going right now, as a player your voice still matters. That’s why the strongest thing we can give
them right now is things like feedback, solutions, work-arounds. It might not be perfect and it might not come
right at the start of the game, but this here is a title that is completely oozing with
potential and promise. Just this morning the whole lot of us were
probably collectively gushing about these recently added combat clips added
to the New World Steam page alongside the legendary confirmation that we are in fact,
about to get our Gandalf The Grey On. That right there should say alone how this
could still work if the community is willing to do just that, work together. I know we don’t like doing it but in these
types of situations there could be compromises, there could be improvements, and without a
doubt there could be solutions. So first, let’s talk about what else we found
out during this PVP blog specifically. They actually give a few more hat tips to
the territory and corruption system during both the video and the blog post itself that
many people may not have realized. Case in point, we may actually be getting
dynamic events in the game. Take a look at this – We have also deeply
invested in PVE, creating many new features that pit players against challenging enemies,
place them in perilous situations, and introduce new enemy types. Including Corruption Breaches, world events
that open up the ground and spew out dark energy and enemies alike. That has got to be a dynamic event. And who knows what else we might find inside
the game. In the interview it’s said that
we may get activities similar to dungeons and raids but they wont be in a traditional
sense. Instead of teleporting inside of them for
instance they would be points of interest we would probably find out in the world. Alongside the confirmation of bosses
found around the world of aternum. And It might not sound like much
but all those aspects and the horde mode is a really good start. And on top of that, they actually mentioned
full on SIEGE WARFARE during this news. Stating that we could upgrade gear and build
better defenses, or on the attacking side, even make use of siege weapons and towers. Which of course doesn’t sound too crazy on
paper but in the thick of battle with constant fire from a trebuchet or catapult, or
standing behind a giant gate as the enemy ram smashes up against our fort. Something like that could enhance the crap
out of the territory system for sure. It’s also mentioned that the territory war
may or may not be necessarily instanced, Scott lane describes
it as an event where it shields everyone but the 50 v 50 participants in the battle outside
of the settlement zone. So we may still be able to crack out the picnic
chairs and watch from the sidelines. And that the appointment system that we originally
talked about previously that came from the german-based
article, that does get mentioned here again as well. Now before we dive into some suggestions and
solutions for the New World open PVP, let’s talk about how it works a bit. So to start off, opting into PVP is solely
tied to the factions. And you will not be able to join a faction
until level 10. And as for the rewards or bonuses we get for
opting in, that part we don’t know yet and certainly leaves us with a lot of questions. But they also say that they haven’t fleshed
out the systems fully yet and maybe that could mean we’ll see some good
ones. I’ve been trying to think in my head what
might be a really good bonus to see, and I’m not entirely sure yet. But if we were to see around 20-50% for experience
gained, money gained, and maybe even a bonus towards better loot, I could see that being
a really good incentive for players. On top of that, to finally get into some suggestions
and solutions for the game. If they are really dead set on going for the
opt in route, I think one of the good ways we can start getting more benefits in-game
for PVPers would be some sort of honor system and
also a leader-board. The players that want the experience of fighting
all day long being given the opportunity to turn in currency earned for resources, gear,
and other items that you would obtain by normally farming, would be a good. But then also having that
leader-board system to show off how much time, dedication, and bush-camping skill we all
really have. On top of that, a system I really liked from
Ascent: Infinite Realm is that if you were in the leaderboards whether it was Player
vs Player or Player vs Environment which this game could also have leaderboards
for too, you could get rewards, sometimes exclusive ones depending on how high up you
were. Maybe even things like special costumes or
mounts if that becomes a thing in new world, maybe even house decorations, and
gear. Of course then you’d have to worry about people
doing things like win trading but overall it would probably have more benefits than
consequences. Another thing we could get and this ties directly
into the factions, is special titles, outfits, and bonuses for the highest ranking people
in these factions. Make people commanders, warlords, maybe even
kings, queens, or emperors. It doesn’t have to be entirely like
ESO where emperors might become really powerful in-game, although that would also be cool
to see if it took at least 2 or 3 players to take down one person because of how powerful
they got, but still. There could be something there too. And also something
that would have been cool is the bounty hunting system. This is just one thing I wanted to include
because about a week or so ago I had mentioned on my stream that if they did keep the bounty
hunting profession and open world pking in, that it would be
really cool to see a system where people that spec into bounty hunting could then track
players that committed crimes. Maybe you could see their last known position
on the map and then travel over to it, see an ethereal copy of what the player looks
like and maybe even some tracks to go off of. Then you might be able to pinpoint their location
much faster for each crime they commit and that could also spark bounty hunting guilds. That could’ve been a really cool mechanic
if they kept it in but I could only assume because criminal intent is now gone that bounty
hunting is following out the door as well. And now of course is the very last suggestion
I have which would be for the open world PVP zones. At this point it would probably be far too
late to change anything drastic where the first few zones have open world PVP that can
be initiated, but maybe this could be something to consider for future zones in response to
the massive feedback this has sparked. Maybe 3 or 6 months down the line new world
could get entirely new areas or events that were strictly open world PVP and either gave
the same type of rewards at endgame, or maybe more of them or better ones. Maybe we could have things like
dimensional rifts that we can find around the map and travel to, then we could fight
against other players and monsters or strictly other players to try and earn really good
rewards. Or you could have open world PVP initiated
world bosses or dynamic events, new zones from expansions that could be considered
as black zones where you can earn double the amount or close to that amount of resources
and experience as you would see in normal zones. It doesn’t have to lean all the way to the
PVE side, it can lean both ways and it can work. If any studios could pull something like this
off, I’d be willing to bet that the one we have before us would be one of them. But all in all folks let me know what you
think about these changes down below, if you need
to get that pent up rage out in those comments, just let it all out folks. There’s no judgments here. It may or may not have been what you were
hoping for but that doesn’t mean the fight for those features
has to be over. Those of us all who will still play the game
will of course do our very best to help drive this game onto a good path. But ultimately, we’ll of course have to see
how everything goes down. We can only cross our fingers or find other
things to distract ourselves from here. But no matter what happens, whether you dislike
these changes or like them, let’s hope to a better gaming year for 2020 all around. The world already knows that we really need

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 17.01.2020

Welcome back to the second episode of TWiG aka This Week in GWENT aka your weekly dose of highlights from the world of The Witcher Card Game! It was a slow week, but we have a couple interesting highlights, so let’s jump right into it! This week we’ve updated the prize pool distribution for GWENT Masters! Based on community feedback we’ve decided that revenue from the special purchases won’t serve as a bonus reward for the winner, but instead will be added to the entire prize pool of each tournament and divided equally between all participants. On Monday, Team Leviathan Gaming published their meta report #12! With no balance update at the beginning of the month the meta has remained pretty much the same, but the most notable addition is Pincer Maneuver Draug, with a 4.5 star rating just before Mystic Echo with a 4.75 score and Call of Harmony with the same 4.5 score. We plan to have and extensive patch at the end of the season, so get ready for that! I can’t believe I missed this, but Lordbushwook created a speedrun series where he started a fresh account and made it all the way to Pro Rank, worth mentioning is the fact that he started with the Scoia’tael starter deck! You can watch the whole series on his GWENT YouTube Channel, which we’ll link below this video! Last Friday, Team Aretuza updated their Top Cards to craft, so if you have scraps to spend and are wondering what to craft be sure to check out the link below this video! That’s it for this weeks TWiG, see you again next week!