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Tanki Online V-LOG: Episode 237

January 27, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Tanki Online V-LOG: Episode 237

In today’s episode, we’ll be clearing up
some of the confusion surrounding the conversion
to the new modification system. We’ll also be announcing the
long-awaited return of THE GAME quiz, and telling you about
upcoming changes to turrets. Hello tankers. Let’s play a game. Can you guess what most of the
comments on the last episode were about? That’s right. The Modifications update. It looks like for a lot of people,
our explanation wasn’t clear enough, so they think we’ve wiped or
nerfed their turrets and hulls. That’s not true. In fact, all of your
equipment’s characteristics are exactly the same as before. The only thing that has
changed is the name. But let’s explain this in a bit
more detail by using an example. Let’s say you had an M1
firebird and an M1 ricochet. After the upgrade, you received a Mark 5 firebird,
but only a Mark 2 ricochet. What’s going on? The reason for this, is that every turret converts
in a unique way. So the firebird and ricochet М1, were converted to a Mark 5 and
Mark 2 based on their upgrade level. If your firebird was upgraded to level 8,
then it became a Mark 5. And if you only had an M1
and never upgraded it further, then it was converted to a Mark 2. The most important thing
here is that the damage, firing rate, turning speed
and other characteristics, have ALL remained EXACTLY the same. Actually, if we had made the conversion
as you would have expected it, that is, modification to modification, then the final characteristics for
most players would have decreased. To understand the conversion better,
check out the special table in our Wiki. The link is in the description. When we did the Rebalance
a few years ago, all m3 weapons were shifted
from rank 15 to rank 27. Because of this, players could not access the same turrets
and hulls as they did before the Rebalance, and all weapons became
much slower and weaker. I remember this moment very well. I was a Brigadier at the time. It didn’t matter how many crystals were
refunded to us when the garages were reset. I couldn’t get back the most
important thing – my old tank. For me and many others,
this moment killed the whole game. And that’s exactly the
reason why THIS TIME, we kept the parameters
at the same level, sacrificing everything else. Now,I hear you. You’re worried that the
balance of the game will be ruined due to early access
to the highest modifications. But there’s one important point. Before the Rebalance, you could get the most powerful
tank as a Warrant officer 5. After the rebalance, some kits gave you early
access to this same equipment. And now, in some cases you can
get hold of a Mark 7 at the same rank. However, the basic parameters
of damage and protection for a current fully-upgraded Mark 7
are only DOUBLE that of a Mark 1. Compare that to the triple difference
between an M0 and a fully-upgraded M3. As you can see, the effect on the game balance is
much less drastic than it sounds. More importantly, the current
situation is just a transition period. It’s a temporary phenomenon, and the balance will soon be restored
as we continue playing on our accounts. While many are confused
about the new modifications, there are some who would
like to roll them back to zero. Crazy? Well, yep. That’s practically the
definition of a parkourist. But yeah, we get it. Parkour is all about finding the right
gear to bend the laws of physics to your whim. And since we love what
those crazy tankers do, we’re happy to fulfill their wish. If you have an upgraded
Wasp and you’d like to roll it back, just write a forum PM to the
account Downgrade_Wasp_Mark 1, with the subject “Rollback my Wasp”. You have until 2 am
UTC on January 30. After that, we’ll stop
accepting requests, and we’ll run a rollback on
all the accounts that requested it. Here are three important
points to keep in mind. First of all, this is the ONLY
time we’ll be doing this. If you miss the deadline
on January 30th, you will NOT get
another opportunity. Second, the rollback is final. Once it’s done, it’s done and
there’s no going back, so think carefully about your decision. Third, the rollback will be to a
basic Mark 1 – NO UPGRADES. To review the details,
visit the special forum thread. The link is in the description. You’ve been waiting for this all year. The latest installment of our famous quiz —THE GAME— starts on the 30th of January. It will last five days, and you can expect every
day to be pretty challenging. When working out the scores, we’ll be taking into account not
just that you answered correctly, but also how quickly you managed to do it. So you have to work hard. We promise you’re gonna
enjoy these puzzles a lot, especially considering the cool
main prize that’s waiting for you. Registration for the game opens
at 9:00am UTC on January 29. The contest itself starts on the next day. After the 5 days are over, you’ll have another day to re-submit
any incorrect or missing answers. Winners will be announced on February 5th. The main prizes will be a
dream tank and a smartphone. But that’s not all. You can read more about the
rules of the game and prizes by following the link in the description. Our new game client is finally here. YES, this is the client that supports
discrete graphics cards in laptops. But that’s not the only cool thing about
it. The new client enables you to
turn on anisotropic filtering in the settings. For those who are not familiar with this, anisotropic filtering is a technology that allows you to make
remote objects look better. This technology has long been used
in games, and gives great results. You can enable it in the
graphics settings in the game, and select a value from 1 to 16. The higher the value, the better any distant objects
and surroundings will look. Of course, it will also increase
the load on your computer. So play around with the slider and choose the value that gives you the
best balance between visuals and performance. Keep in mind that any changes will
only take effect after entering a battle. Another technical change in our client, is for the battle chat feature. Previously, sending a chat
message during a battle led to a huge drop in performance. And of course, that sucked. Additionally, lots of players used
this to troll other players. Now we have caught and
fixed this annoying bug. Nothing more will distract
you during the game. Remember when we talked
about reworking thunder? We also mentioned that the same fate
would soon befall our beloved smokey. It’s ok, you can relax. We’re starting with Vulcan! As with thunder, the changes will affect shells. In its current version, Vulcan’s firing mechanism feels like a laser
beam that deals constant damage over time. With the change in mechanics, Vulcan will instead be
firing individual shots a barrage of shells fired in
a very short period of time. And the damage will now be
from every hit individually. And since we’re treating them as shells,
their ballistics will behave accordingly. So the shell will not
hit the target instantly, but will require a brief
period of travelling time. Additionally, its lethal force will
decrease over long distances. There will be a couple more changes, including the removal of the recoil
effect on your tank and your opponent’s. Changes in projectile type
also require additional work, so we’ll also be redoing all
the sounds from scratch. And since we’re on a roll, we’ve also decided that
with the release of the update, Vulcan will receive a
new ultra skin with increased detail,
animations and shot effects. The 12th Clan Championship
has come to an end. Our heartfelt congratulations go to
the Champions – the Penguins Clan. They spent the whole year winning
a series of major tournaments under the leadership of
their captain FinalStage. They even won the Setups and
Domination Series tournaments. Congratulations! Now, we’re gearing up
for Masters of the Sword, which is a favourite amongst
many of our players. We’ll be starting with the Solo version,
which is a one-on-one duel in XP BP format. Then, we’ll be moving to the clan version,
featuring team battles in the Light format. In the meantime, while you
wait for Masters of the Sword, we invite you to take part in
the fun Blitz Exotic tournaments. These are team tournaments
that are held in unusual formats. Prizes for the winners,
and good fun for everyone. All the details are in
the links in the description. You’ve been worried about
modifications all week. But what’s been worrying our youtubers? Let’s find out. Some of you are big
fans of Juggernaut mode. Some of you even know what’s
the best drone for this game. No matter what turret you have, this death machine will
destroy a Juggernaut. Watch Mr.Railgun’s video and
find out the best strategies. Challenges. Skill-Pavlitos definitely doesn’t
back out of anything. Here he goes again, completing challenges
submitted by his viewers, including filling the middle of
the Duel map with mines so you can’t even see the floor. And that’s all for today. See you in a week. And don’t forget… One two three! Last time you had to guess how much time
it would take Mammoth to deliver the flag. And the correct answer is: C,
3 minutes 21 seconds Here are our winners. And here’s the new question. Which tank will get more damage?

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