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Criminally Underrated Games – Game Sack

December 8, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Criminally Underrated Games – Game Sack

(Game Sack Theme) (logo booms) – Hello, and welcome to Game Sack. Let’s talk about some
criminally underrated games that hardly anyone ever talks
about for whatever reason. On Twitter, I asked you what games you thought were underrated,
and I got like 500 answers in the first six hours, or so. Of course, I can’t cover
those all in a single episode, so I’m gonna really milk this idea. (laughs) Anyway, some of these
games were already pricey before I’m talkin’ about ’em, so I don’t wanna hear anyone blaming me. If anything, hopefully
this raises awareness of these games’ existence,
so maybe they can be included in future compilations, or a
virtual console type of deal so everyone can play them far more easily than they can today. The first game I wanna talk about was only released digitally,
and I’ve mentioned it in that context before, but,
y’all need to play this more. (console beeps) – [Computer] Hard Corps Uprising. – How about Hard Corps Uprising, on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360? The first thing you should know is that this is a Contra
game, and it takes place 20 years before the original Contra in the official timeline. It was developed by Arc System Works, whom you may know from
the Guilty Gear games. And, if you’re familiar
with them, you’ll recognize the really clean cartoon look of all the characters in the game. Everything is animated like a cartoon, or an anime as they call them in Japan. But, they’re still cartoons. Oh, I wonder how many of you are warming up your keyboards
in anger right now? (giggles) Anyway, it’s the signature
look from Arc System Works, and it runs in a native 1080p,
and at 60 frames per second. As far as the gameplay goes, it’s an evolution of the
classic Contra formula. Yeah, it’s a run and gun,
but it’s not as basic as the original games. You choose your character
in the beginning, and you can eventually unlock two more. At first, it feels pretty tough. You might not even make it to
the end of the first stage. You have a life bar, like
in the Japanese version of Contra Hard Corps on the Mega Drive. You can carry and switch
between two different weapons, and lock your direction while
moving or standing still. But, here’s the thing. Each time you play, you earn
CP, and you can use the CP to unlock abilities in the shop. There are tons upon tons
of things to unlock, here. I absolutely love this. It really keeps me playing. In fact, I’ve spent more time playing this than probably all other
Contra games, combined. You can even get stuff like a triple jump, and the ability to deflect bullets, and lots of other things. It gives me a reason to
keep playing, and yes, it can be a little grindy,
but honestly, I don’t mind. You can pretty much plow through the game once you’ve purchased
everything for a character, but by then, believe me, you’ve earned it. And it’s still no quick task
to get through the game, even when you’re totally powered up. Fortunately, you can select from any stage you’ve beaten so far, if you don’t wanna start
from the very beginning. Everything about this game is amazing, including the hard rockin’ music. (upbeat metal music) The only thing that could make it better is if it were available physically. Well, that and I’d like it if there were a few organic
bosses and enemies in the game, instead of just everything
being mechanical. I think the reason this
game gets no recognition is because it doesn’t
have Contra in the title. I guess they wanted it
to fly under the radar, and be relatively unknown. The honest answer is that
they wanted Hard Corps to be its own sub-series. But come on, they still should’ve included the Contra name! I mean, they’ve put the
official Contra name on many lesser games. Regardless, this game really
does need more appreciation. (upbeat rock music)
(guns blasting) (logo crashes) (fast-paced chipcore music) This is Mystical Fighter, for the Genesis, which was developed by KID
and published by Dreamworks. This is a one or two player beat-’em-up that’s really never mentioned. I rented this one back
when it was released, and it really didn’t appeal to me for the same reason it
probably doesn’t appeal to many people. And what is that reason? Well, the main characters are kabuki, which aren’t really warriors, but more associated with Japanese theater. Who wants that? I think if it had samurais, or ninjas, or just plain random dudes,
it would’ve had more appeal. Anyway, it takes place in feudal Japan, and you beat up several
different kinds of enemies along the way. You have an attack, and a jump button, and you can pull off
a few different moves. There’s a scroll that you can
collect, which will give you a special attack by
pressing the third button. Similar to Golden Axe,
the more scrolls you have, the more powerful your attack. Though they’re never
visually that impressive. In fact, that can be said
for most of the game, though it certainly
isn’t ugly, by any means. It just doesn’t go out of its
way to be anything special. As far as the gameplay
goes, it’s pretty smooth, and definitely fun. Pulling off your moves
is usually easy to do, and beating up the enemies feels good. I really like grabbing
my enemies by their feet, and spinning around
before tossing them away. Be careful, though, because
the longer you hold them, the more your life will go down. I also like running and
sliding into my enemies, which knocks them on their feudal ass. And it’s fun to grab
enemies, jump in the air, and then slam them down to the ground. I tend to lose most of my lives
by falling off of an edge, and the game makes sure
you fight by lots of edges. But don’t forget that you
can also toss your enemies off of those same edges. There are items that you can collect which will restore some of your life, and even give you a
limited special weapon. The levels never feel
too long, or too short. However, the game itself
can feel a touch short, with only five levels. Well, that is, unless you play it on hard. In fact, you can only
access the sixth level if you play it on the
hard difficulty mode. The music isn’t bad at all,
though sadly, it’s only in mono. Overall, I’d say that
this is a fun beat-’em-up if you can get past the silly
characters, and like I said, it can be played with two players. So, grab a friend, and
make Japan feudal again. It also might’ve been overlooked because there were a lot of
really good games for the system released for the system at the time. Still, you really can’t
go wrong with this one, just as long as you’re not
expecting Streets of Rage. (chipcore music) (logo rumbles) (chipcore music) Another game that suffers
from a similar identity crisis is Kabuki Quantam Fighter
from HAL, for the NES. Basically, your brain has
been scanned into the computer or something, and you
end up as a fancy kabuki, because your great, great
grandfather was one. That’s really the only reason for the kabuki-ness in this game. Well, actually, the Japanese version is meant to promote a film called “Zipang” which had kabukis, and they kept all of the
character graphics here. Nonetheless, you are a kabuki, and therefore you have zero
appeal to western audiences. This is a side-scrolling action platformer where you can attack
with your kabuki hair. If you crouch, you can do a kabuki punch. You can also select from
different kabuki weapons with the select button, similar
to the first Batman game on the system. As long as you have some kabuki chips in your kabuki chip
meter, you can use them. After most stages, a new kabuki weapon will be added to your
arsenal, that’s more powerful, but they eat up more kabuki
chips each time you use them. Lastly, you can climb
some walls and ceilings, as well as hang and jump
from certain objects. In fact, you’ll be doing a lot of this, so take the time to absolutely master it. Because this game wants you to fail. It requires very precise
platforming skills. In fact, precise platforming and timing is basically all that stage three is. I really like it, except
for these dumb ice blocks here and there. You’ve gotta be good, and
really, I recommend playing on a CRT if you can, because
lag isn’t gonna help you here. Even the bosses can be
tough, as their patterns are somewhat difficult to learn sometimes. Well actually, the last boss
was easier than I expected. The stages usually aren’t
very long, and overall, the graphics and sound are average. There’s certainly
nothing bad here, though. But you’re gonna have
to practice to get far, that’s for sure. How far can you get? (upbeat kabuki music) This next game is underrated, and it even uses a ninja
instead of a kabuki. In fact, it says ninja right in the title. Even among owners of this console, this game isn’t highly regarded. But that’s because it’s
barely even regarded at all. (upbeat techno music) (upbeat ninja music) Here’s The Ninja, on
the Sega Master System. This is a very early game for
the console, and basically, it’s an overhead run and gun. Just, without any guns. Instead, you’re a ninja who
throws a bunch of knives. One of the buttons on the
controller allows you to fire in the direction that you’re
facing, while the other button makes you shoot straight
up, no matter what. If you press both buttons simultaneously, you’ll disappear for a second, which makes you invisible, and invincible. This is really good for
dodging enemy attacks. If you get a red scroll, the music changes to become more exciting,
and now you’re throwing bigger stars, or pinwheel
darts, as the manual calls ’em. This is a much more powerful attack. The blue scrolls will
increase your running speed. There are also five green scrolls that will need to be
collected in order to find the last level, so always
be on the lookout for these, and shoot everywhere so that they appear. At the end of each stage is a boss fight. The bosses are usually the same dude, and he’s really easy to beat. This game is actually
based on an arcade game called Sega Ninja, or
sometimes even Ninja Princess, which featured a female protagonist. There are also a lot more items to collect in the arcade version, though
most are just for points. When porting the game home,
they didn’t just change the main character’s
gender, but also the music, and some parts of the levels, though it’s mostly intact otherwise. When I first rented this
game, back in 1988 or so, I didn’t think much of it. It was a really difficult game for me, and I couldn’t get very far at all. It was okay, at best, I thought. Then, maybe a decade or two later, I hear a couple of friends online talk about how much they love this game. That surprised me, so I
decided to revisit it. I’m much better playing
video games these days, than I ever was as a teenager. And I can mostly walk
through this game, now, but it still offers a challenge in spots, especially trying to find
all the green of scrolls. My opinion about the game has changed. I really love it, it’s
definitely very fun. Oh, and if you’re not
playing the Japanese version of the game, you’re
playing the gimped version. The Japanese version has
a couple of extra levels, which were cut from the
international release. Likely because they wanted to decrease the cost of the cartridge. Don’t get me wrong, there
are still a lot of levels on the international version. I think this game
would’ve been more popular if it had a better name. “The Ninja” is a name you’d
expect a game for the Atari 2600 or 7800 to have. It’s super-generic. But seriously, try it out. The game, itself, is not generic. (ninjacore music)
(shuriken beeping) (logo rumbles) (uplifting vocalization music) This is El Shaddai,
Ascension of the Metatron, which was released on
the PS3, and Xbox 360. This is a hack-n’-slash-style
action game, mostly. It’s got flavors of God of War,
and even a super-small dash of Devil May Cry. Story-wise, it’s kind of the
opposite of “Dante’s Inferno”. You’re on a mission to
bring the fallen angels back to Heaven. As you take damage, you lose your armor, but of course there are powerups
to help you get it back. If you die, you can tap
the jump and attack buttons together quickly to revive. You can also absorb red flamey things. According to the game, these
help raise your abilities. You have three different
weapons you can use. You can steal them from enemies after delivering enough
damage to stun them for a bit, or you can get them from
certain icons here and there. The first is a blade type
of weapon, called the Arch. This is probably my favorite
one to use, since it’s so fun. The Gale is a weird thing
that shoots projectiles, and honestly, it’s kind of a pain to use. I really don’t like it much at all. The last one is called Veil, which is more of a
melee-type punching attack, and it’s super-strong. Of course, each weapon has its advantages against certain types of enemies. There are plenty of different moves that you can do with each weapon, as well. This is one of those games
where you need to wait for the animation to finish
before you can do anything else. It’s one of the calling cards of this particular
generation of games, I think, though certainly not the only
one which has this issue. The enemies have this issue as well, so it can be tough to escape their attacks if you’re caught in one
of their animations. It doesn’t bring the game down much, and it’s still extremely fun to play. It’s also really confusing, at times. Like here, it’s showing the credits, but I’m supposed to be
fighting my way to the right. It took me a little bit to
actually figure this out. And, as you’ve likely already
noticed, the game’s visuals are absolutely outstanding. The stylistic design is second to none, and at no point does the game
ever look boring or average. There are lots of 2D segments
interspersed throughout, and even these are a sight to behold. There’s an amazing use of color, and it’s just all-around very well done. The music and sound are also done well, with lots of choirs, and the like. (singing in foreign language) And Jason Isaacs provides the
voice for your buddy Lucifel, who literally talks to God
on his cellphone for you. – [Lucifel] Yeah, we got
ourselves a situation. We just gotta trust him. Okay, talk to you later. – [Joe] The game itself
can get a touch repetitive, but I always found myself wanting to get further and further, just to see what the next area looks like. I’d really like to see this
game remade with 4K visuals, running at 60 frames per
second on the Playstation 5, or the Xbox Two Y, or whatever
they end up calling it. I think a lot of the reason
this game isn’t spoken of very much, is its name. A title like El Shaddai,
Ascension of Metatron isn’t exactly something
that’ll stick in your memory. I don’t even know why it has a subtitle. That only serves to cause more confusion. It was originally going
to be called Angelic, which I feel is a better name. Not the best name, but
definitely a better name. Oh well, it doesn’t matter now, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Just be sure to check this crazy game out. – You could clear this in 7
hours, if you’re good enough. (Enoch grunts)
(otherworldly music) (logo rumbles) (uptempo electronic music) – [Joe] This odd game
is called Silent Bomber, and it was brought to
the Playstation in 2000 from CyberConnect and Bandai. This game feels like a
cross between Bomberman, and maybe Burning Rangers? I’m not sure where the Burning
Rangers vibe comes from, but it’s definitely there. Maybe it’s the people
constantly talking to you, or the aesthetic of the character. Or all the fire. Otherwise, it plays like you’d expect a Bomberman action game to play. You’re a dude who runs around, and your main attack is
dropping a bomb on the ground. You detonate it with a different button, but you’ve gotta make sure
you’re clear of the blast area if you don’t wanna get hurt. You can also hold the button
down to lock on to enemies, and toss a sticky bomb at
them, and then blow it up. You have secondary powers,
like napalm and paralysis, which you can use the same
way as you use your bombs. Be careful, though, as you only have a limited number of these. You can also jump and dash. At first, you can only lay
down two bombs at a time. But as you collect more and more E-Chips, you’ll be able to drop
many more simultaneously. The enemies come at
you nonstop, so really, you wanna keep moving. Just run past them, lay a bunch of bombs, and then detonate ’em. The controls take some getting used to, since you need to use
two different buttons, each time you attack, but
it doesn’t take too long. It gets pretty fun, and
action-packed, that’s for sure. You’ll often have specific targets that you need to take down
before the game lets you move on. The stages can get pretty big,
and you only have one life. And the bosses have life
bars, which is a good thing, because these fights can take awhile. The graphics aren’t anything
special for the system, in fact they’re quite bland and colorless. But they get the job done, I guess, and that doesn’t mean
that you won’t have fun. The sound and music are good, but again, nothing exceptional. There’s also some full-motion-video
with some cheesy CG between some of the stages, if
you’re into the goofy story. And the story can be
summed up with this line. – My only duty is to destroy
my designated target. I’m concerned with nothing else. – I mean, that’s really
all you need to know. When it comes down to it,
this is an awesome game, that could perhaps use
more checkpoints and color. It came out when the Dreamcast was already making
everything else look bad, and the hype for the PS2 was gearing up. Check it out. (intense electronic music) (explosions booming) Okay, I don’t even know how
to segue into the next game. It’s incredibly overlooked. I mean, I own it, but I often
forget that it even exists. But it you give it a
chance, it’s pretty fun. And another one of the games that are in this upcoming segment, I initially didn’t care much
for, but now I really like it. So check it out! Why the hell did I do that? (upbeat electronic music) (fast-paced chipcore music) Another game you rarely hear
anyone mention is Marvel Land, on the Genesis, from Namco. Basically, you’re a strange little dude who’s trying to save the
amusement park from the Mole King. You’re also trying to
rescue the four fairies who protect the park. Needless to say, almost this entire game takes place in an amusement park. You jump around, and you
can defeat most enemies by landing on top of them. However, there are treasure chests with powerups that you can get. This one makes a bunch
of mirror images of you, called a Spirit Tail. If you press the attack
button, you can swing it around to defeat enemies, and grab items. You can also use it as a swing. Each time you kill an
enemy, one of you disappears from the Spirit Tail. If you grab an L icon,
you gain an additional you to the Spirit Tail, if you
have less than eight, total. This icon adds wings,
which let you jump higher. You can also kind of float in
the air by flapping the wings with the jump button. The S icon will give you an extra dude. There are also some bad
icons, which can cause you to lose a life, or a
piece of your Spirit Tail, so be careful. The control is responsive,
though a bit slippery at times. It definitely takes some getting used to. This originally was an
arcade game that didn’t see very wide distribution, and I’ve certainly never
stumbled upon one in the wild. They did a decent job with the port, though it definitely downgraded
as far as visuals go. But it still looks nice. The even kept some of the
rotation in, like these platforms. Beware, though, because
platforms can rotate on you without notice, and get
you into some trouble. The music is nice, though
certainly not among the best on the console. (bright music) Memorization is key, here. And fortunately, you
have unlimited continues, as well as a password. It’s easy to keep trying and
trying until you get it right, if you have the patience. There are four worlds
with seven stages each, not counting the bosses. In many stages, you can
find warps to other stages, or even different places
in the same round. These can be essential sometimes, so be sure to remember
where the best ones are. The boss stages are all unique, and don’t feature a typical battle. Instead, you need to play
their little minigame. I like the bonus stages
after you beat a boss, since they feature a bunch of characters from different Namco games. If you’re up for the challenge, I definitely recommend this one. (logo rumbles) (fast-paced chipcore music) One game that’s certainly not unknown, but you never hear much about
these days, is Shatterhand, from Natsume and Jaleco, on the NES. This was released at the end of 1991, after the Super NES was already out, so it’s no wonder it got overlooked. Anyway, check out the cover for this game. How could you not buy that? Who wouldn’t wanna be
friends with this guy? The good news is that
you get to play as him, and experience a typical day in his life, punching things to death
with his bare fists. That’s right, fisticuffs are
your favorite method of attack, and that means your range is short. The bad guys don’t care, though, and they’ll constantly shoot at you. After you get past the intro stage, you can choose from the next
five areas, Mega Man-style. As you wander through each stage, there are boxes that you can punch open. Sometimes, these contain the
Greek symbol for alpha or beta. You can change which symbol
they represent by punching them, because punching is how you deal with every facet of your life. Once you collect three of
these, a little robot buddy comes down and helps you out for awhile. And depending on the order
in which you collected the alpha and beta symbols,
you get a different style of robotic attack. There’s a total of eight
different attack styles, and it’s always fun to see
what a new combination does. You can also collect coins from
boxes, and defeated enemies. You use these at various
platforms, which can affect you, and the price is listed
right on the pedestal. 100 coins changes your color,
and doubles your attack power. Since most enemies take
tons upon tons of hits, you absolutely want this. 300 coins restores your health bar. These are often found
right in the nick of time. Lastly, 2000 coins will
get you an extra dude, and you’ll probably be needing this, too, since the game is no cakewalk. Yeah, it’s tough, but fortunately, you have unlimited continues. So you always wanna keep trying. I really like the graphics in this one, they’re very detailed. One of the stages even has
some nice parallax scrolling. Sometimes the stage will
throw something crazy at you, like flipping upside down. This will remind you a lot of Metal Storm, if you played that one. You can also climb fences,
and it can be a little awkward to fight enemies this way,
but it doesn’t take long to get used to. The music is good, and it
never gets on your nerves, but it’s nowhere as good
as some of the classics on the system, like Batman,
or Mega Man 2, for example. (midtempo chipcore music) But honestly, the game itself
deserves to be ranked up there with the likes of Batman, or
at least, well above the likes of Bayou Billy. The only real change that I’d make is to reduce the amount of damage that the normal stage enemies can take. But seriously, this is
definitely in the upper echelon of NES games. (logo rumbles) (upbeat music) Finally, is Super Adventure
Island II from Hudson, on the Super Nintendo. I imagine that this one gets overlooked, mainly because it’s radically different than all the other Adventure Island games. In fact, this one feels
like Hudson was going for a Monster World type of approach. A lot of people are put
off when they first try it. And, I admit, I was one of those people. But at the urging of some
viewers, I’ve revisited it, and you know what? It really is worth playing. Basically, you’re
honeymooning with your wife, whom you just rescued from the first Super
Adventure Island game. Suddenly, a storm happens. You both lose your memories, and wash up in different places. She gets kidnapped, and yeah, once again, you have to rescue her. This one is kind of RPG-ish,
with money to collect, and even random battles. There’s an overworld, where you
make your way to new islands on a raft. This is where the random battles happen. You don’t have any experience to gain, just coins and potions to collect. Sometimes a random battle won’t even yield any tangible results. Honestly, the random
battles don’t really do much for the game, but at
least they’re super-quick. There are plenty of places
to visit on the map, ranging from entire
islands, to single rooms. You’ll eventually find
and be able to equip weapons and armor. Each island stage is large,
and very cryptic, needing you to eventually gain an ability,
or move a switch to proceed. As you may know, I don’t really
care for puzzle platformers, but I don’t really consider
this to be in that genre. It doesn’t overdo it to death, like the recent Monster Boy does. It’s just right, and not annoying at all. The toughest thing is
remembering where these places you previously couldn’t get to were, because you’ll need to
do some backtracking. The action is fun and responsive. The biggest issue is
that the enemies respawn once their initial place gets
even a pixel off the screen. But it’s never overwhelming, or anything. The visuals are done quite well,
with plenty of nice colors. Even the music is great, in both composition and sound quality. Highly listenable stuff here,
that doesn’t overuse reverb, or sound muffled in the least. I never even heard about this
one back when it was released, as nobody seemed to give it much coverage. Likely because there were so
many bigger games coming out at the time. Overall, I’m glad I tried this game again, and you should check it out for yourself. Okay, so those are nine games
that are criminally underrated that need more attention and love. Like I said, I’ve got more
games for future episodes of this, but why don’t
you let me know what games you think are underrated, and
maybe I’ll include your game in the next one of these episodes, and bump someone else’s suggestion
off, because it was crap! So let me know, and in the meantime, thank you for watching Game Sack. (midtempo guitar rock music) I can’t cut to the credits
until the music swells up. Brian, can you swell the music up, so we can go to credits, please? It’s over. Mr. Brimaxian? He plays the music live for each and every individual
episode, it’s not like I have this prerecorded,
and can fully control it during editing, or anything. Brian, hello? Oh finally, about time, here we go! (upbeat bluesy rock music) A couple people recommended
Tube Slider on the Gamecube as a criminally underrated game. Well I doubt it’s criminally underrated, in fact I bet it’s justifiably rated. Let’s find out together. (chuckles) Tube Slider. Lemme just slide this
into the Gamecube’s tube and get this going. (upbeat electronic music) Man, what kind of broken-ass
F-Zero nonsense is this? Well, graphics are okay, I guess. And the controls are adequate. Listen to those nasty
sound effects, though. Ew. What’s more, is you simply
cannot lose on the first session, there is no challenge at all. But on the second session,
you can’t even place, because it’s so damn unbalanced. And it’s not fun, because
you’re playing the same tracks as you did in the first session, over and over and over again. Well, it turns out the
game is properly named. It makes me need to slide
something out of my own tube!

Why Untitled Goose Game Won’t Stop Talking Politics

This week, Untitled Goose Game creators House
House attempted to influence voters in the upcoming UK general election. The studio’s official Twitter account has
urged UK fans to vote for the left-wing Labour party, going so far as to display everyone’s
favourite naughty goose with a red rose, the party’s official symbol. This should come as no surprise to anyone
who’s been keeping tabs on House House, as they’ve stated in an interview that,
according to their own in-studio lore, Untitled Goose Game takes place within a socialist
utopia. The subject of politics in games is increasingly
fraught, with many studios attempting to distance themselves from the political themes within
their work. Earlier this year, a spokesperson for EA claimed
that, quote, “we’re not making any political statements”, in their latest World War 2
first person shooter, Battlefield V. So why, then in a climate where many developers
are so squeamish about acknowledging the political themes within their games, are the team at
House House willing to endorse a particular political party? As we mentioned in our previous video on this
game’s development, the four core members of House House make not pretense at being
professional. “We are,” says Jacob Strasser, “three
years more professional than we were three years ago.” This extends to politics. The team at House House wear their allegiances
on their sleeves, and have not been shy about discussing their involvement in protests against
the ongoing climate crisis. According to Nico Disseldorp:
“We stopped work in the middle of our video game’s launch day and went to the Global
Climate Strike because we want our government and other governments around the world to
take urgent action to mitigate the worst effects of climate change. Business as usual is destroying all of our
futures, and things need to change now.” This is only the tip of the…iceberg…when
it comes to team’s consideration of politics. While House House are Australians, they have
a deep affinity for stories set within rural England, and take a keen interest in British
politics. It’s for this reason that they chose the
quaint setting for Untitled Goose Game. According to Jacob Strasser, speaking to Kotaku:
“We have a joke canonical version of the world of the game, in which — I don’t
think you should publish this, but for the sake of conversation — it’s set in a world
where a goose chased Margaret Thatcher out of office, leading Tony Benn to take over
the U.K. and enact social democracy in the U.K. All the people are good Marxists, and they’re
all good people, and the goose is just a goose.” It seems that Kotaku ignored Strasser’s
request to keep this quote out of their finished interview, but now that it’s been published,
it does give some unique insight to the studio’s internal discussions around British politics. In spite of this “canonical” game lore,
Strasser doesn’t think that fans should be too concerned about the moral implications
of this scenario. Said Strasser:
“All the people on Twitter responded to that saying ‘Oh, I feel bad that the goose
is harassing these Marxists’. I’m not going to go on Twitter and correct
people because I have better things to do, but the goose is just a goose. The goose is this chaotic neutral character. They’re just an animal who’s not really
aware of what they’re doing.” According to Strasser, fans of the game are
even free to read into the characters within the game and try to guess which way they voted
in Brexit. Discussing Untitled Goose Game in relation
to modern global politics has the House House seal of approval. Regardless, it seems that, within Britain,
Untitled Goose Game really speaks to supporters of left-wing politics. In October, the campaign for a People’s
Vote on the final outcome of Britain’s exodus from the European Union organized a protest
in which over a million people marched across the streets of London. One protestor, Sarah Hiraki, later shared
a collection of Untitled Goose Game-themed signs and placards that she’d seen during
the march. Many of these featured the game’s titular
goose holding aloft the EU flag, or calling for onlookers to “honk if you want to remain”. Perhaps the most popular of these signs showed
the naughty goose chasing current Conservative party leader Boris Johnson, with the caption,
“It’s a beautiful day in the UK, and you are a horrible prime minister.” Even before this protest, the team at House
House were receiving reports that their goose was a symbol of resistance, and they were
loving it. According to Michael McMaster:
“I’m glad that the goose is a leftist icon; that’s very funny. I’d much rather it be a leftist icon than
a right icon… “Anything the left can take joy in and pride
in and have a bit of fun with, we love. And if it [upsets] some alt-right people,
then great.” This is the climate that led House House to
take an official stance in the UK’s general election, as they tweeted out:
“NON-GOOSE TWEET: if you’re in the UK, please, please, please go and vote for a Labour government
on Dec 12th END NON-GOOSE TWEET” We’ll let you decide the moral of this story
for yourself, but we will say that it’s refreshing for a games studio to be so comfortable
with being up front and honest about the politics that have influenced their creation. It seems that Untitled Goose Game’s status
as a leftist icon is here to stay.

NES & Super NES – December Game Updates – Nintendo Switch Online

[Nintendo Switch Snap] [peppy brass music] [music ends] [Super Mario World coin ding] [militaristic retro music] [intense retro music] [music ends] [cheery retro music] [retro rock music] [pained wail]
[music ends] [cheery retro music] [energetic retro music] [music ends] [retro orchestral music] [epic retro music] [music ends] [Super Mario Bros. coin ding] [heroic retro music] [intense retro music] [music ends] [cheery retro music] [offbeat retro music] [music ends]

Platinum Games EPIC Shooter Vanquish Remastered Leaked! & New SNES/NES Switch Games Incoming!

What’s good everyone OJ here welcome
back to another video and we’ve got some awesome information for you guys so
let’s go ahead and get right into it and we’re starting off with the vanquish
remaster announcement that was leaked due to the Microsoft Store listing and
we even have a release date for the game so the Microsoft Store has listed a
remastered version of vanquish for the Xbox one with a February 17th 2020
release date will likely also release on the PlayStation 4
Komatsu rights now here’s a description of the game and then I’ll get into my
own personal problem that I have with this game because I love it and I hate
it at the same time so here’s the about vanquish is a platinum games developed
hit sci-fi shooter it is returning an overpopulated earth suffocating under
limited resources looks to provenance the solar-powered space colony for
support when Providence is suddenly taken over by a mutinous group and is
technologically used to devastate cities it’s up to specially trained unit of
space marines to reclaim the colony equipped with blade the experimental
weapons system that can scan copy and save up to three existing weapons space
DARPA agent Sam Gideon must infiltrate Providence defeat legions of future tech
foes and disable the energy transmitter threatening life on earth this story is
absolutely nuts the more you don’t pay attention to it the more fun you’ll have
and the scan features 4k graphics at 60 frames per second available on the Xbox
one X remastered for the first time on Xbox one so it looks like if it’s not on
Xbox one X you might get 30 frames for a second or maybe even an unlocked
framerate we don’t know the game originally ran at 30 frames per second
but it felt like 60 to be honest but it felt so good to play that you didn’t
really notice back when I played it at least make misses directed by Resident
Evil creator Shinji Mikami and developed by Platinum Games at first launched with
a ps3 of Xbox 360 in October 2010 fall by PC in May 2017 so not too much of a
gap between the original Xbox 360 release in the PC release no just joking
there it’s pretty large captor 7 years so pretty cool here make this is a game
that I actually 100% did back in the day and this game is extremely fun it’s
cool game to play and I like it but there’s a couple different things that I
don’t like about the game particularly like the lack of real upgrades like you
can upgrade your gun but once you die goes back down to nothing so there
should have been like a real upgrading in this game to where you can like
collect money and buy some different upgrades and weapons stuff for like your
suit and all that they should have done that so that was one issue that I did
have not another issue that I had was the challenge mode dude the challenge
hood in this game was absolutely nuts it took me forever I played it for three
days straight 15 hour stints went dehydrated almost had malnourished mint
and I ended up beating the game I ended up beating the challenge woman I already
beat the game but then also beating the challenge mode because that was the last
achievement that I needed and I realized at that point that achievements are
worthless that’s when I realized that I don’t know why I wasted my time doing
this but no all jokes aside Vanquish is actually a really cool game I’m glad
that it’s getting remastered I’m glad that it’s gonna be at 4k 60 frames per
second and for all those who are gonna play it have fun this is one of
PlatinumGames best titles it’s crazy there’s all sorts of action it’s a very
fun game to play I just don’t feel like putting myself through this again I
already beat and played the game 100% completed it so I’m good but for
everybody else what do you guys think about this vanquish remastered as far
we’re gonna look freaking amazing because the PC version looks dope so
it’s probably a little great on the Xbox one X I’d love to hear you guys thoughts
on this in the comment section below alright moving on to the next topic here
we’ve got some brand new Super Nintendo and NES games coming to the Nintendo
switch-on line so the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo switch
online app will add starfox to super punch-out Kirby super star and Breath of
Fire 2 and the Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo switch online app will
add Chris Tallis and journey to Silas on December 12 Nintendo has announced and
these are really good games guys like if you want to see the full description of
all the games you can check it out link in the description below but this is
absolutely awesome but before we got to get into that and meet gushing over one
of the games here so in Japan Star Fox 2 and Kirby super star are the only Super
Nintendo Entertainment System titles while Famicom Wars and route 16 turbo
are the Nintendo Entertainment System titles them the Nintendo switch online
subscriber exclusive app allows to play classic Super Nintendo
Entertainment System and Nintendo Entertainment System games with online
play added to every classic game you can compete or cooperate online with friends
share your screen or pass the controller depending on the game but I think think
the pigs out of this obviously it’s cool to get something like Star Fox 2 that
was a Super Nintendo classic exclusive so to see that come over to the Nintendo
switch online that’s pretty cool and also on this one Breath of Fire 2 that
is my pick in terms of the best game out of all of this because Breath of Fire 2
did so many things before a Chrono Trigger it didn’t get all of the
accolades and praise but Breath of Fire 2 is a phenomenal game that’s really
good and you should definitely check it out if you’re an RPG fan there’s a lot
of intricate combat systems in there a lot of different locations to explore
the battle system is good like it is a very good game so I’m very happy about
Breath of Fire 2 coming over to Nintendo’s switch online app also
crystallis that’s dope to like I like the fact that they’re bringing over
Crystalis because that is an action RPG man it was an action RPG back in the day
you level up and all of that I never beat that game never beat that game back
in the day also Kirby’s super start I’m going to get all those games right there
obviously Kirby super star is a great game great games so you can play all of
them on there and of course we’re punch-out that’s a legend right there
man so great lot I like the fact that they’re dumping more than like 1 or 2
games the fact that we get like 6 of them across the NES and the Supan to
know very good so what do you guys think about these picks here for the Super
Nintendo online app and also the NES one I’d love to hear you guys thoughts in
the comment section below all right I’m moving on to the next topic here daemon
ex machina we’ve got a free collaboration DLC with The Witcher 3
Wild Hunt and is now available in Japan not here in the West but in Japan let’s
get into this because this is just nuts right like who would have thought this
would happen so the third of the three planned collaborations for daemon ex
machina following the code geese set and Eureka Seven set is the free
downloadable content The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt set which is now available via the
Nintendo eShop in Japan publisher marvelous has announced The Witcher 3
all set includes the following there’s all bunch of stuff there I’ll have it
listed for you guys so you can make yourself look like Goro or Cirie and of
course daemon ex machina is not available on the Nintendo switch but you
won’t be able to get these unless you go like on the Japanese a shop but there’s
no official set for the West yet for this so we’ll have to wait on that but
marvellous is kind of crazy I’d be all over this game but marvellous is still
kind of crazy last time I checked they’re still doing weird copyright
stuff but this is pretty cool and unexpected and maybe once they kind of
relax a bit I can actually show up some more of daemon ex machina because it’s
actually a pretty good met game it’s one of the best met games that I’ve ever
played it gives me that old-school kind of front mission type of vibe but like
completely you know modernize right for the new gamers so I actually like the
game it’s just that I can’t really show it much because BAM copyright claims all
over the place so what do you guys think about this collaboration set with The
Witcher 3 did you guys expect something like this for daemon ex machina let me
know your thoughts in the comment section below
all right I’m moving on to the final topic here the new Super Mario maker to
version 2.0 point 0 update is now available you can go out there and you
can slay with the master sword and Link and bombs and arrows and the downward
thrust and the dash attack all of that is there plus the new ninja speedruns
you also have the new enemies in there like spike got new obviously the p-block
frozen coin – block this is really cool really cool update and once again if
you’re an elite ninja here on youtube or on Twitch I will be playing Super Mario
maker sometime soon within this week or next week I’ll definitely played some
Super Mario maker too so make sure you guys get your levels ready get some
really cool action levels focusing on The Legend of Zelda focusing on the
master sort of be able to play as link that’s what I want to do so I want to
some good levels focus with that you might see your level on stream also
really cool super mario 3d world – block levels i love the – blocks in Super
Mario 3d World those have been added in make some
awesome speedrunning levels – so Super Mario maker – it’s one of those games
man that continues to add great content it already has a bunch of content and
Nintendo’s having some pretty good updates this pretty much changes up the
whole game because it’s actually getting me to get back into it with this whole
Legend of Zelda stuff with the Master Sword I’ve already seen some amazing
Legend of Zelda style levels with the Master Sword so I’m hoping that you guys
in terms of the elite ninja here you guys can get some really cool levels too
because that’s the one thing that I feel Super Mario maker was really missing was
that action element which is a melee combat like I talked about a little bit
in my update video for this so to see levels being made like this is just
awesome and like I’ve stated before it pretty much changes up everything so
make sure for all the elite ninja here make sure you guys get me a really cool
levels on the discord what do you guys think about all the different news here
from banquets being remastered to the Super Nintendo stuff daemon ex machina I
love to hear you guys his thoughts in the comment section below alright guys
that wraps it up for this video here gonna scroll into description below we
got Facebook and Twitter gonna give us a like it up on our social media hit that
like button if you did like this video let me know you guys want more cars like
the scoreboard in the future and subscribe the players’s for this RPG
japanese and nintendo gaming news thank you so much for watching i will catch
you guys for the next one face

How video games changed my life.

December 6, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

How video games changed my life.

Video games. Everyone likes them. Violent people. Everyone likes- N-no one likes them. But what if I told you that they’re connected and the same. I would know, because video games made me violent. And once you’re convinced, pick up our shirt to join the movement The “Video games made me violent – stay back” T-shirt BUY IT NOW Why am I doing this so early on in the video? (laughing) And here with me today, I have my friend Bianca Welcome. And, my editor Jonas. You always do the best sounds Yeah, that’s why you earned the big bucks. Umm, Let’s get started. (music) I don’t know about you, But I got introduced to video games with a home PC. My dad bought a home PC so he could, like, work from home And it was a super old PC. He would take floppy disks from work, And he would put the text files on there and take them home But I very quickly realized that this… Typewriter-computer could play video games So, Dad could never use the computer for working again Because I would be on it all the time Just playing all the best games Because I’m really old, STOP THE BULLYING No bullying in the comments I’m old, okay? Very secure It was DOS. It was just this operating system where you Literally need to, like, write in stuff like a hacker to do anything That’s how old I am. No bullying, but honestly It would have been really easy to get violent from video games already because I was playing this game called cosmonaut It was a jumping spaceship game there was a lot of hidden traps you had to memorize the stuff and it was really frustrating but the main thing that could and Probably should have made me violate. It was that there was an 8-bit motor sound and it sounded something like this It’s really annoying just imagine listening to that for hours and hours, I’m like, how did I not get a stroke? Imagine just listening to that for hours. I just want to go out right now, you know do some stabbing anyway, so my anyway So my dad noticed pretty early on my love for video games and he was like, I’m gonna use this in a positive way I’m gonna make sure that it’s like a good time for a job, but he will also do things that are good for him so my dad Programmed a V s racing game they wanted me and my sister to play against each other and the crux of the video game was that you got further on the track by answering my fish Nice try dad, right? It’s like he spent hours and hours programming this math game for me and my sister and I think I played it twice Why do you think I play video games dad? Like are you an idiot? It’s not that I can do math I Felt bad, right so like immediately I was like, oh, yeah, this sucks but then like I put it on a couple times when dad came home so it looked like I had been playing so I’ll be Like oh I can hear my dad opening the door. So I thought well, let’s turn on the math gaming Yeah, I mean he spent so much time on that game Really misinformed So yeah, I had been introduced to video games, but there was no violence yet And that’s how the video games gets you they start slow then make you feel comfortable. And then BAM you’re violent, right? Yeah. Yeah Yeah, yeah So, it’s Christmas I’m five-year-old Joe I’m opening a present from Grandma got the person right here what could it be? I have no idea what this is. I open it Jonas make some good VFX for this. Oh my god opening so great, huh? And it’s a Nintendo game boy guys it was for my grandma So obviously even five year-old Joel knew that grandma didn’t buy the Gameboy grandma gave money to dad Dad bought the gameboy on behalf of grandma. Don’t don’t try to fool me dad. There’s such a call at video on my dad Dad, stop doing all these nice things for me. And yeah, this was the original gamer I mean kids nowadays they grew up with like the gameboy advance or the Gameboy Advance SP or even gameboy color I guess if you’re almost as old with me, but I had the original black and whites Gameboy yeah, I’m old. Okay, stop the bullying stop the bullying no bullying in the comments. Don’t do it Shut up And there were some amazing games for the Gameboy. There were Mickey Mouse magic ones amazing game. This is the exposition Also some great sound I mean This is 8-bit guys. You guys don’t realize you liked this if you’re a kid in I don’t say This is the actual game Hey, I’m so young And so on and then we also had from Super Mario LEDs to 6 golden coins the best Mario game out there Fight me check this out guys. This is incredible Check that out guys It is pretty epic. Look at that No, it’s to power up such a great game Well back in my day we didn’t have color the world was in black and white everything Anyway, that’s a great joke, by the way. My dad used to do that one and my grandpa The thing with a gameboy was that the buttons felt so good and everything was so smooth It’s the reason I never got into you’re probably like Oh touch screen gaming. I Like my fruit ninja whatever. My first game was a lower across Windows 98. Oh Yeah, that one that oh my god, I liked it like you commits Like yeah, we want the characters have big boobs. And then when you see that you have to make them triangles You’re not like a let’s not do that Yeah, no, it’s better than not big. I want to triangle Anyway, I’m still not violent at this point in my gaming But I did get Obsessed and these are the first signs of how bad video games are for you is so I would bring the game boy on car Rides, I would bring it to the beach Oh bring it to school. Yeah What’s wrong with bringing it to the beach whole point is I was opposed to enjoy the beach I enjoyed the game boy at the beach Yeah And he would be stuff like, you know, mom, I don’t want to eat dinner. I’m fighting team rockets in the radio tower Are you you guys getting food? I’m gonna play my games My parents tried hiding the Gameboy to try to make me playlist didn’t work. I’d always find it I had a sixth sense for where they hid the Gameboy what really stopped it from totally consuming My life was that my eyes got tired from squinting in the tiny screen. I’ve like three hours I just couldn’t look at it anymore. My eyes would just want to close and like I started crying When I was eight years old I got sick and my dad still a good dad by the way He didn’t want me to be home alone bored all day. So he went to the video rental store. Remember those don’t bully me I’m not olds and he rented a Nintendo 64 and Mario Kart for me to play when I was home alone and sick because they Didn’t want me to be bored and that was a big mistake. It was too much fun I would win cups in Mario Kart just like the standard cups and it would get so excited So I called my dad every time I’d work my dad. I won the mushroom cup me but yeah, that’s great 15 minutes later dad. I won the Star Cup I just went on and on and I realized something really important If I lie about being sick, I get to stay home and play Nintendo 64. That’s how you do it So I did I lied two times. I would get to Nintendo 64 again Mario Cart. I got super mario 64 Amazing games but you know calling my dad ended up being my undoing because obviously I was too energetic and I worked way too hard of finishing the games and I would just call my dad all the time and clearly I was Not sick enough to be home, right the third time I said it was sick in like two weeks I was like they hate I’m sick go go get their new 10 64 dad I’m sick, and it was like well sure you can you can stay home from school if you’re sick But you’re not getting a Nintendo and I was instantly cured of my illness Something I was like, oh actually I feel pretty good now I could I could probably go to school and that was the end of that Later my dad bought a new computer and this was a Pentium 2 windows 95 computer top-of-the-line guys top of the line This was when I truly became an epic gamer But I got some ground rules for my parents rule. Number one finish homework before games rule number two No, violent video games rule number three no online games because that was really really extremely scared of viruses Which was probably like good at this point because people got viruses for you know That people use like click email attachments and get viruses and stuff before I would only be allowed to surf the web for 15 minutes a day because 15 minutes a day because I was like a dial-up connection It would go over the land line to block the phones and everything Obviously these four things are the best things of gaming violent games online gaming So obviously it was time Once again to start lying to the parents lying about homework was really easy just be like there was no homework Or I did the homework in school mom violent games more difficult because all my money I had I got from my parents and they would be able to be like Oh You can’t use it for this or that but I was born in the perfect time for this because there was CD burner piracy Basically, you could copy your friends games and there was nothing to stop you You could just copy a game onto like a CDR and they would work just as if you would have bought the games I’ve had a stash of secret games that I had copied from my friends and Really Just to be extra sure I hid them but I also wrote fake names on the CDs So half-life a really violent game. I wrote fee $4.99 on FIFA 95 I don’t know what FIFA what doesn’t matter but also Starcraft Starcraft is just like a top-down strategy game But that was also true violent for my parents. So I wrote Barbie nail designer on that. I don’t know That’s more suspicious not me I write anyway, I wrote that the hardest one July about and to circumvent was the 15 minutes internet limit that’s really difficult because my mom would talk to my aunt’s on the phone for hours and hours and there were no cell phones at This point it would be like she’d be on and then I couldn’t do the internet But the worst part is when I wasn’t lying like gaming with the buds doing whatever Counter-strike or something and my mom would lift the phone in the other room and she would hear the like mawdem sound So she would scream like sure and then I would get like a real scolding from mom. Well deserved scolding I deserved that another bad thing was that we would get billed such had the monthly costs of the Internet and it would specify Exactly what times I online? It was really expensive. Yeah, I think averaged about two hours a day instead of 15 minutes a day I think it’s nowadays do a lot more than two hours But like when you call that time That was definitely my mom and dad told me that I needed to cut down on the internet, but they never really stopped me I just kept on doing My biggest motivation for lying was friends. This was when MSN Messenger was big I was like writing with my friends sending like funny pictures So that was like my whole social life playing Counter Strike playing half-life Everything was online suddenly and I was willing to lie to my parents to have the friends. That just makes sense. I think But sadly this gaming culture and these friends we’re what led me to violence and now we’re getting there guys time for violent behavior time Okay, guys, I know you guys are gonna be convinced at the end of this so make sure to buy the shirt I am a really dangerous game or do it right now So my first real friend group, we played a lot of video games. We meet up and game together desktop computers We’re the only things that could play video games at the time No, one had a laptop and the laptop that existed were like so slow and bad. He couldn’t do anything on him It’s really hard to move around the desktop. So it only happened like a handful of times So instead an entrepreneur in my little town opened up a gaming cafe They had like eights computers in two rows and they had all the good games installed. It was awesome You could rent this place per hour So we would go there and play like a couple hours after school But the big events the big events was night Gibbs a night skip was an all-nighter at an internet cafe. Yeah And you’re like wow We were six friends. We would rented the whole place from 6:00 p.m. On Friday night to 6:00 a.m. On Saturday morning. I Mean that would kill me now, but at the time like I was 13 It really worked the owner would sleep in the back room and we could go like ding this little thing and he would sell us Like candy and Jolt Cola was important because otherwise you wouldn’t stay awake and I needed hail a candy and hail a Jolt Cola To survive and we play counter-strike. We will play Warcraft 3 tower defense. We play DotA quake 3 arena Starcraft all these amazing game It was literally the dream just being with five of your best friends playing video games all night. Oh, it’s so good It was more fun than anything else. I remember in my childhood pretty much we were all so together in an IRL space It’s so different from gaming now. It’s like sit in the teams and we would do bets on games We would watch funny videos together all this stuff. It’s just like an awesome gaming sleepover – the sleeps It’s like an awesome gaming wake over Yeah, but anyway this is when it gets sad guys Epps in the chat right now staying up all nights on just candy and soda makes you a bit unstable this is when Violence. Okay. There was this one guy in my friend group and he was the worst at video games and around 4:00 5:00 a.m In the middle of the night this guy he owned me Incredibly in counter-strike really bad and he was also really slugging like a bad winner about it. Oh, yeah Screw you Joel you’re drew I realized that he had like practiced during the week and got a better shooter got better at the game Screw that and my sugar dap 13 year old brain wouldn’t have it. This is not okay I went over there and I started hitting him on the arms start here on the arms and like in the belly. I Know the arms not in the face. Obviously. I’m not as savaged but Yeah, yeah and he started hitting back the arms in the belly and we ended up on the floor He’s fighting and friends have to like break it up and guys. That’s proof that violent video games Make you violent Help spread the word by the shirt right now video games made me violent stay back you and I as gamers we could snap at Any time people need to be aware by the shirt? Now but honestly, like kids are competitive whenever kids get competitive since the dawn of time they will fight But you know way more than making me violent, which I don’t think it did it connected me to your friends and it helped me sustain through like lonely times all these amazing video games and they’re also just fun and you know, I still play I just love me some games. That’s it So bought by the shirt since that doesn’t make any sense more, but still buy it. Ok. Bye Also, thank you guys so much for the nice response on the sorry video last week I was not expecting such a great response. You guys are awesome Thanks for supporting these new kinds of videos, and I wanted to mention that the discord server is awesome It’s been super nice to chat to you guys. Me and Jonas are on there regularly. Just chatting however I do not appreciate that people have started saying the pig Jonas that’s curtains this name on their Pig Jonas is their Lord and Savior and they’re saying that Jonas should take over. Don’t do that. Stop the bullying nothing like that on the discord servers. Stop that immediately And yeah, I will see you guys in the next video link to the discord in the description But no no Pig Jonas worship on there. Ok. Thank you guys, and I will see you next time. Bye

BEST New 2DS XL Accessories!

December 6, 2019 | Articles | No Comments

(static) – The new 2DS XL has
officially arrived in the U.S. And whether it’s your first
3DS system or you’re upgrading from previous one, chances
are there’s gonna be some accessories you wanna grab to get the most out of your system. So, let’s go over the best
accessories for the 2DS XL. First off is something
that I’ve talked about a thousand times before, but
I will keep talking about every time we do a video like this because it’s that important. Screen protectors. Now, especially in the case
of the 3DS or 2DS XL here, it’s really important to have one of these because that touch screen is getting so much more use compared
to most other portables. Especially if you have kids. I cannot list how many
times I’ve seen a DS with a ruined touch screen
because a kid doesn’t understand you’re not
supposed to be pressing down with the stylus with
the force of a meteor. (explosion) Now, you can get just regular
plastic screen protectors for just five or six
bucks, but honestly I think it’s worth upgrading just
for a few dollars more to get a glass one. It’s gonna give you the
best protection possible. Some of the plastic ones are
just the tiniest bit opaque, which can ruin the screen clarity, so this is gonna avoid that as well and you’re much, much less
likely to get any kind of air bubbles when you’re applying it. Next is another form
of important protection and that is a carrying case. Now, the 2DS XL, thanks
to it’s clamshell design compared to the original
2DS, can fit in your pocket pretty comfortably, but at the same time, if you want to carry around
things like your AC adapter or game cases, these are
gonna come really handy. Now, if you look up on
Amazon, you’re gonna see a ton of these listed with all kinds of different brand names attached and it can get a little
difficult to kind of sort through which ones are good, which are bad. For example, this Keten
one here is currently the top seller and it’s fine. It’s perfectly okay. It’s inexpensive. It’s gonna cover all your base needs, but honestly not my favorite choice. Some of it just feels kind of cheap design and it’s only gonna carry
eight games at once. On the other hand, for
just a few dollars more, you can grab this case,
which carries up to 24 games. Another important thing too
for the 2DS specifically, is the fact that a lot of
these cases also come with a place to carry an extra
stylus, which normally, isn’t a huge necessity,
but considering the one that the 2DS carries, it is super tiny. This is really handy to have now. Now that we’ve got the usual
suspects out of the way, let’s talk about something
a little different. A grip for your 2DS. Now, I would argue that
out of all the different designs Nintendo has had for the 3DS, the 2DS XL is one of the most comfortable, but it’s still designed for portability. Not necessarily having the
most comfortable grip possible. That’s why an attachment like this is gonna come in handy. The 2DS snaps in place nice and securely. It’s not gonna fall out or anything and while it’s not exactly
as portable anymore, it’s not gonna fit in your pocket easily, you’re gonna have way more comfort levels playing the game over
long periods of time. And when you need to go on the move, just take them apart
and you’re good to go. And as you may have noticed
when I picked it up, it also has a built-in kick stand. Giving you a way to display the system on a tabletop or any other flat surface. And then we have, of course, amiibo! Now, are these Nintendo’s
thinly veiled attempt to sell us overpriced DLC in the form of addicting little collectables? Yes. Is this a marketing strategy that works? Definitely yes. Now, if you never owned a new 3DS before or you never bought the
attachment NFC reader for the original 3DS, this
is gonna be the first time you can actually scan these things to use in your 3DS games. And if you’re not sure which
games actually support them, all you gotta do is look
at the case right here. On the top corner will it
have the amiibo symbol. This opens up all kinds
of additional content in games like Fire Emblem,
Super Smash Brothers or more recently, Hey! Pikman. So, if you never got the
chance to actually use amiibos before, definitely jump on it now. Now, we live in a day and
age where people carry all kinds of different
portable electronics and if you’re a Nintendo
fan, chances are you might actually have two different
portable gaming systems and as a result something that’s becoming more and more handy to have
on hand is a battery bank. Now, this is one I’ve talked about before. It’s one of the best ones
that works with the Switch. Comes from Anker and so it’s
a good one to have on hand if you’re gonna have
that along with the DS. Obviously the DS’s battery
life is a little better, but you’re still gonna
run into those times where it’s on low battery and
you need that extra charge. Now, some of you might be wondering, how exactly am I gonna
charge my DS with this because the charger that comes with it is just a straight up AC adapter. Well that’s where this comes in handy. You can buy cable adapters that are USB to DS for super cheap. This is a four foot one
that cost very little for a couple bucks more, you
can get a ten foot long one. If you need the extra reach, but yeah. Basically a necessity at this point. So, there you have all
the accessories you need to grab for your brand new 2DS XL. I’m gonna have everything
linked down below in the description along
with a couple alternative choices as well. Now, we’ll see you guys next time.

Fire Emblem Heroes – Feh Channel (Dec. 4, 2019)

Hello, Summoners!
Around this time of year, I like to think back
on the all good times we’ve shared… There’s just something about
the cold weather that makes me feel all fuzzy inside! Heart-warming nostalgia aside, I, Feh, have once again
gathered some exciting news to share with all you summoners! Grab some cocoa and cozy up
to the latest information on the Fire Emblem Heroes game. That’s right, it’s time for Feh Channel! Wow… There’s a lot to share! Feh Channel really is the gift
that keeps on giving! Let’s get started! In the latest version up… FEEEH! Where did all these enemies come from?! Now what do we have here? Hmm? Mjölnir’s Strike? Oh, I see! Those enemies
were part of the new event! In Mjölnir’s Strike, all of you summoners must join forces to protect Askr
against a massive invading army! It looks like this horde was let loose
by the god of war herself… Thórr! Brace phase. Huh? Did I hear that right?
What’s a Brace phase? I see. With the opposing army
fielding so many soldiers, the first thing we should do
is take an eagle-eyed look at who we’re up against! Here we can see the commander
who will be leading the troops. It looks like Narcian is in charge
of the next invasion! Mjölnir’s Strike is split into
three distinct active phases. First is the Brace phase! This is when players get to see which
enemies are getting ready to invade. Use this time to check
what you’re up against, and make sure you’re prepared
to take on any foe. Next up is the Shield phase!
I hope you’re good and braced, because this is when the enemy army
will come knocking down your door. Protect the Kingdom of Askr
with all your might! Finally, it’s time for the Counter phase! This one takes place on the day
after the Shield phase, and it’s when you’ll get to take
the fight to the enemy using the Kingdom
of Askr’s super secret weapon! For those of you keeping score at home:
battle in the Shield and Counter phases, and use the downtime
to recover and prepare! Now that we know what
to expect from our enemies, let’s BRACE ourselves
for the Shield phase! This is Midgard’s Shield. It was built long ago right here
in the Kingdom of Askr, and it’s where you’ll make your stand
against the oncoming hordes. But that’s enough admiring! We don’t have much time before
Narcian and his forces arrive, so we’ve got to prepare our defenses! Let’s start by editing
our defensive team. In Mjölnir’s Strike, you get
to choose eight Heroes to deploy. The Heroes are split
into four sets of two, and you’ll need to pick carefully
if you want to find a winning strategy! Heroes are deployed
using the Pair Up ability, and each pair comes with a perk
that will help them on the battlefield. For example, Alfonse and Sharena
are in the Defense position, so they’ll be granted an additional
10 Def when deployed! These two would fight
for Askr to the very end, so I’m sure they’d welcome
some extra armor! But what’s that unusual symbol
above Ephraim and Eirika? I see! They’re in the Attack position. They get the ability to move
freely in enemy ranks that is, foes won’t initiate
combat against them! That means they can focus
on dealing damage without worrying so much
about their defenses! A Hero’s role doesn’t only determine
what they can do in combat but it also determines where their pair
can be placed on the battlefield. Enemies start in the upper part
of the map and work their way down. Heroes in the Attack position can only move within the top three rows
of the map, which we can see here in red. It’s their job to get
the first attack in on your enemies before they reach your defensive line. Heroes in the Speed, Defense,
and Resistance positions can only move in the bottom five rows
of the map, shown here in blue. They’re responsible for putting a stop
to the enemy’s advance. If they fail, Askr is going to find
itself in a whole world of trouble! Right! I think my team is ready. And one more thing to keep in mind: Mythic Heroes may get strong stat bonuses
when you use them on the map! Here we go! Oh, I’m so nervous… I know! Let’s test our defenses first! Intermediate difficulty should be enough. Take this! And that! Oh no, Virion!
Feh, you birdbrain… Wait! It looks like a pair’s cohort can keep
fighting even if the leader is defeated! Alright, Eir, I’m counting on you!
Give ’em… Huh?! Oh no! Those Gateways
are what we’re here to protect, and I already lost one. This isn’t good… We need to protect at least one Gateway
for seven turns if we want to win! I thought I had everything figured out… What could I have missed… What’s this? Mechanisms?! Fehhh! I knew I shouldn’t have
skimmed over that part! There sure are a lot
of different Mechanisms, aren’t there? That pyre looks like
one of Múspell’s treasures… Could it have something to do with Surtr? Oh, I’m getting goosebumps
just thinking about it… Placing this Mechanism on the map
will give us a bonus in battle, sooo… There we go! All right! I’m ready
for you now, Narcian! You don’t stand a chance against my army!
This bird’s gonna bring it! Mjölnir’s Strike: The First Battle.
Shield phase. Narcian and his forces
are finally here… Let’s give them a warm welcome, shall we? But I don’t want to get burned… Let’s start with Beginner
difficulty this time. How’s this? And that?! We managed to drive them back! We’re really heating up now! Let’s try Advanced difficulty this time! F-Feeeh! This is pretty tough! Yikes, the enemies are already
putting on the pressure… What should I do? That’s right! Mechanisms to the rescue! First we tap the Múspell Pyre, then we tap the activation
button that appears. Burn till nothing remains!
Scatter like ash! Now that our Mechanism
weakened the enemies, our Heroes can finish
them off. Here we go! Is everyone okay? Don’t worry,
I’ll fix you right up using Life’s Jewel! Hang in there, Altina! It’s over! We somehow managed to drive them back! And look, our score went way up! Not too bad, huh?
The Counter phase should be a blast! Mjölnir’s Strike: The Second Battle.
Counter Phase. It’s time to see what
Midgard’s Shield can do! During the Shield phase, energy
given off in the battle is collected and stored deep within Midgard’s Shield. Then, when it’s time
for the Counter phase, the energy is converted
into offensive power! That offensive power is weaponized
and loaded into a giant cannon with enough range
to hit the enemy encampment! I like to call the cannon…
the Askr Blaster! It can attack one time
for each Counter Arrow shown here! Alright, enough chit-chat!
Time to test this baby out! Here comes the sunshine! FIRE! What fearsome strength! And THAT’S
why I call it the Askr Blaster! I almost forgot! That cannon has enough range
to shoot straight into other worlds! That means Narcian’s camp is in the range
of every player’s Counter Arrows, not just yours. There’s also a bonus when
all players focus their shot. They can generate combos by firing
their cannons together each hour, allowing them to deal
even more overall damage! The overall damage done by the Kingdom
of Askr is calculated hourly, with each hour’s combo bonus
taken into account. It looks like Narcian
won’t give up without a fight! He managed to turn the tables! If the Counter phase ends with Askr
inflicting less damage than the enemy, well, it’s bad news for us. So let’s give it all we’ve got! Ready the cannon! And… FIRE! When all hope seemed lost, we were able to use the Weaker Bonus
to inflict massive damage! If the Kingdom of Askr inflicts
more damage than the enemy by the time the Counter ends, we win! And this time it looks like
we pulled through! Rest. Mjölnir’s Strike is over…
and it’s finally time to rest. Narcian was a lot tougher than
I expected, but we pulled through. Oh, right. You probably want something
for all that hard work, huh? No worries! Rewards are available to anyone
who participates in these battles. There are two kinds of rewards. The first are Tier Rewards. Players who participate
in the Shield phase will be assigned a Tier based on the score
earned in their defense battle. Different Tiers offer different rewards! A player’s Tier can fluctuate
based on their rank. Where have I seen
a system like this before…? Oh! Of course! The Arena! And what have we here… Divine Codes? It doesn’t look like
we can use these now, but it can’t hurt to stock up for later! The second kind are Askr Level Rewards. Everyone shares the same Askr Level, and you’ll all receive
better rewards the higher it goes. Work together with your fellow summoners
to get it as high as you can! That was a lot to take in! I want to take advantage
of the rest period and catch a quick nap, but… you probably want to know when
Mjölnir’s Strike starts, don’t you? Well… Tada! It starts at 11:00 PM Pacific Time
on December 8th! The first Brace phase will start right
after the version update goes live. Make sure you prepare your defenses! I’ll be sharpening my talons right
there alongside you, Summoners! Next up… It’s time for even more info
on the next version update! This is Altina’s profile
screen, isn’t it? I think some buttons were added. It looks like we can learn
and change skills from this screen now! Let’s try changing a skill. Skills aren’t the only thing
we can change, I spot Sacred Seals too! We can even change entire skill sets. All of this can be done anywhere and
anytime before you head out to battle. If you’re not in the middle of a battle, simply tap on the Hero’s icon to bring up
their profile screen and customize away! It’s probably a good idea to have
a skill set ready to go for any occasion! Moving on! Introducing New Heroes
from the Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 game! Let’s take a look at them one by one. First up is Eyvel, the mistress of Fiana. She’s a swordswoman
of incredible strength who singlehandedly saved
the village of Fiana from bandits, then helped build it back up. She’s a kind woman who leads the Fiana
Freeblades and took in Leif and company when they were on the run
from the Grannvale Empire. She looks so strong and radiant…
almost like a goddess! Next up is Mareeta. I can’t believe how calm
and collected she always looks! When she was young,
Eyvel saved her from a life of slavery, and afterward she was raised
as Eyvel’s adopted daughter. She has devoted herself
to a life of training, hoping to get closer to her foster mother by better understanding
the way of the sword. She’s related to Ayra
and likely harbors limitless potential. This is Osian. He’s a member of the Fiana Freeblades, and takes to the battlefield wielding
his beloved axe, the Vouge. He’s absolutely overflowing
with fighting spirit, and watching him hack and slash away
gets his comrades’ blood pumping! I’m sure he’ll be a great asset
to the Order of Heroes. And here’s Tanya! She’s the daughter
of a former bandit leader and hails from Mt. Violdrake
near the village of Fiana. She’s hot-headed and strong-willed, and can usually be found
bickering with Osian. She gets on his case a lot, but it’s only
because she cares so much about him! This New Heroes summoning event runs from 11:00 PM Pacific Time on December 5th
to 10:59 PM Pacific Time on December 24th! You’ll get to learn more
about their skills in an introductory video
that’s coming soon. We’re almost at the end,
but I suddenly feel so… sleepy… Can’t… keep… eyes… open… What was that?! Am I dreaming?
Umm… who are you? Of course! This is no dream… Summoners, your saga
continues in Book IV! Book IV takes place in Ljósálfheimr,
the realm of dreams! Is that Sharena I see?
And who is that with her? It’s Peony! Peony is a ljósálfar, an inhabitant
of the realm of dreams. Doesn’t her hair look just
like flowers? How sweet! If Peony came here from the realm
of dreams, then that must mean… we’re looking at the realm
of dreams right now! Alfonse is charging ahead
toward those two mysterious figures… and he’s got his sword
and shield at the ready! That must mean that these two coming
to face him are anything but friendly! I see now! Their names
are Triandra and Plumeria. Hmm… they look a lot like Peony.
Are they ljósálfar too? No, they seem a lot
more sinister and cold… They must be dökkálfar! Summoners beware: they may be enchanting,
but every rose has its thorns. If you’re not careful,
you might get stuck! There’s a shadowy castle
descending from the sky… it looks more ominous than the bright
and beautiful one on the ground! I’ve got a bad feeling about this… It looks like the Order of Heroes might
get mixed up in another tough situation! Book IV’s story begins
on December 5th at 11:00 PM Pacific Time. Hmm… didn’t I already talk about
the New Heroes summoning event featuring Heroes from Thracia starting on
December 5th at 11:00 PM Pacific Time? That’s strange…
because Book IV opens at… Oh my! It seems Peony will be part
of this summoning event as well! Oh, Feh, you silly owl… I must have dreamed up the summoning
banner I showed you earlier. This is the real one! Haha! I almost forgot the most important part! If you clear Chapter 1 of Book IV,
Peony will join you as a 5-stars Hero! She’s a Light-type
Mythic Hero, and a dancer! And starting on
December 5th at 11:00 PM Pacific Time, there will be a log-in bonus
celebrating the beginning of Book IV You can receive two Orbs each day
for a total of up to 20 Orbs! Do your best to check in every day and grow Peony into
the best Hero she can be! That’s all for today, Summoners! The world of Book IV
is like a fantastic dream, and I’m so excited to see
where we go from here! It’s that time again… I wonder if I’ll get to finsh up
the rest of that dream… Maybe I’ll hibernate
through the rest of winter…

Ultra rare SNES game Star Fox 2 coming to Nintendo Switch Online  – Latest News

 One of the rarest Nintendo games ever is due to be released for free as part of the Nintendo Switch equivalent of PSN and Xbox Live  It’s clearly pointless trying to work out what Nintendo is doing with retro games on the Switch Unlike the Wii and Wii U there is no Virtual Console and it looks like there probably never will be, but the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service does offer a number of NES and SNES titles – including one very unusual new addition  Star Fox 2 is peculiar for the fact that technically it didn’t come out on the SNES at all, because it was cancelled just before launch despite being finished and ready to go  Nintendo were worried that it was releasing too close to the upcoming N64 console and that its 3D graphics, although state-of-the-art on the SNES, would look embarrassing by comparison  Leaked versions of the game did the rounds for years, but it was then officially released on the Classic Mini SNES, which is when we got a chance to review it    Since the Classic Mini SNES is (for no good reason that Nintendo has ever been able to explain) no longer in production Nintendo Switch Online is now the only way to play it  Nintendo Switch Online is necessary to play most Switch games online, but as well as ‘free’ retro games also gives access to the excellent Tetris 99, cloud saves, and various money-off offers  Since Nintendo’s online services are not as robust as Sony and Microsoft’s it’s also relatively cheap, at £3 49 a month or £17.99 a year.  Star Fox 2 will be added on 12 December, alongside less storied SNES games Kirby Super Star (known as Kirby’s Fun Pak on its original release in Europe), Capcom role-player Breath Of Fire 2, and boxing sequel Super Punch-Out!!  That will be in addition to incredibly obscure NES games Journey To Silius and Crystalis Where and why Nintendo dug those up from we couldn’t guess but they’re both third party titles (from Sunsoft and SNK, respectively) so they must’ve put some effort into licensing them  Now if they’d only go that bit further and just set-up a proper Virtual Console… To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video  Email [email protected] co.uk, leave a comment below, and follow us on Twitter      

The Strange Mega Man Game That Was Disowned | Super Adventure Rockman

– [JAMES] There have been video games that have been poorly received by critics. There have been games that have seemed to go against everything the series they are apart of are known for. And, there are weird obscure games that have only ever seen release in Japan. The game we’re looking at today fits into all 3 of these categories. Some would argue that it perhaps fits them too well. This is Super Adventure Rockman, a game in the Mega Man series that was released exclusively in Japan for the Sony PlayStation 1 and Sega Saturn in 1998. Most Mega Man fans have likely never heard of this game. But, those who have probably only know it for 1 reason: former Mega Man series head Keiji Inafune, a man who had been involved with every game in this series since its inception in the 1980s and 2010, was so disgusted by this title that he publicly disowned it and issued an apology for its supposed poor quality. But, is Super Adventure Rockman the worst thing to ever happen to Mega Man? Or, is this game just simply misunderstood? Well, that’s what we’re looking at today on Stuff We Play, home of everything weird and retro. Today’s video: The Strange Mega Man Game That Was Disowned! But, before we go on, I’d like to tell you about today’s sponsor: ZenPlus! So, ZenPlus is part of a website that’s sponsored me before, ZenMarket! As someone who’s retrogaming tendencies often lead to him looking for Japanese-exclusive games and consoles, I know that, often, the cheapest way to get ahold of these gaming items is to import them directly from Japan. Unfortunately, though, most Japanese stores will not ship to North America. However, if you shop using the ZenPlus section of ZenMarket, you’ll be able to shop from many Japanese stores with no additional fees, and, from my experiences, have even more savings! ZenPlus contains a variety of shops within it, including a plushie shop, a Japanese snack shop, a dedicated SNK shop, and even Marron Games, a retro game store that has both an incredible selection and consistently low prices. No joke, of 57 pages of items on this shop, when sorted from lowest price to highest, 48 of them contained games priced at under $10 USD! But most importantly for a lot of you, if you shop over on ZenPlus between now and 3 December 2019, you’ll be able to take part in the ZenPlus Black Friday sale! There, many stores will offer free domestic shipping and prices cut up to 96% off on some items! If you want to check out the sale, then either go to zenmarket.jp or follow the link in the description below to not only see the sale itself but to also see some of my personal favourite Japanese Mega Man stuff that’s available on ZenPlus! Remember though: you only have until 3 December 2019 to check out the ZenPlus Black Friday sale! So, check it out while you still can using either the link in the description or in the pinned comment. And now, let’s dive in and find out why Super Adventure Rockman even exists! (Musical Transition) [JAMES] Like with many games the story of Super Adventure Rockman’s development can be traced back to the release of another game. In this case, that’s Mega Man 8… I mean, Rockman 8. Disclaimer: In Japan, Mega Man is known as Rockman. This is due to his non-Super Fighting Robot form being known as just Rock. That goes along with his sister robot’s name, Roll. See? Rock and Roll! It’s a music pun! It’s just like how, in Japan, Mega Man’s brother, Proto Man, is known as Blues! Anyways, for the sake of consistency, I’ll be using the westernized names for this video as those are the names I’ve been using since I was a kid. So, Mega Man 8 was released in Japan on 17 December 1996 for the Sony PlayStation 1. An enhanced version of Mega Man 8 with additional features such as some extra boss fights would come the following month for the Sega Saturn. Mega Man 8, however, also marked a departure for the series. Up to this point, every single mainline Classic Mega Man game had originally been releaed exclusively on Nintendo consoles. However, due to Mega Man 8 having elements such as animated cutscenes and Nintendo opting for their Nintendo 64 console to use cartridges instead of CDs like their competition, those in charge at developer Capcom opted to make Mega Man 8 for Nintendo’s 2 main rival platforms. However, Mega Man series head Keiji Inafune saw this as something that could potentially alienate a lot of Mega Man fans, particularly those who were dedicated to using Nintendo consoles. As such, he went off to lead development on a new Mega Man platformer for the Super Nintendo console, titled Rockman & Forte. This game would feature graphics that were very similar to Mega Man 8 and would even feature the return of 2 Robot Master bosses from that title. It would see release in 1998. Though Inafune was now being held up by development of this new Mega Man game, some at Capcom seemed to want a new Classic title for the PlayStation, despite Mega Man 8 being new at this time. It seemed that some at Capcom wanted a game that could potentially do something new and unique. From what little info I can gather, this planning all took place some time in mid-to-late 1996. Before we go on, I’d just like to go over the Mega Man games that had either been recently released or were in the works at this time. This includes Mega Man spinoffs. Between 1996 and 1998, the Mega Man series saw the release of not only Mega Man 8 and Rockman & Forte, but also Mega Man X3 for the PS1, Saturn, and PC, Mega Man X4, Mega Man Legends, Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters in arcades, and the kart racing spinoff Mega Man: Battle & Chase for the PS1. That’s 7 different games across the span of 3 years. It’s clear that Capcom was putting a lot of resources into the Mega Man series, and that, of course, was on top of resources being put into other Capcom series such as Resident Evil. Somewhere in all of this seeming chaos, Capcom management got into contact with those at another development studio, Kouyousha Ltd. This was a studio started in April 1996 by Hiroshi Nakamura, shortly after he departed development studio Data East. They would later become known for their 2D and 3D animation work, with some of their best-known contributions to gaming being graphical work done for Grandia and the (early) Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games. Super Adventure Rockman would be a game that would heavily rely on full motion video (FMV) sequences). This was a style of game that had been very popular in the early nineties. It seemed that some at Capcom had wanted a Mega Man game like this for some time and, according to Inafune in a later interview, it seems to be an idea that was thought up within Capcom and then outsourced to Kouyousha Ltd. The game would see development throughout 1997, with most of the work seeming to be put into the animated cutscenes. The game would play out like a visual Choose Your Own Adventure story. Certain paths could be taken throughout the game depending on choices made at key intervals. Just to occasionally shake things up, there would sometimes be a quick time event sequence or a first-person view battle. As far as alternate paths go, the would be 1 true ending to the game with a variety of “Game Over” scenes that, themselves, would be considered “Bad Endings”. Sometime late into development, issues arose at Kouyousha Ltd. As a result, Capcom themselves had to step in to finish the game. This included bringing on Inafune as producer. He apparently hated the game that he saw, but it also seemed to be too close to completion to restart development from scratch. Super Adventure Rockman itself would span 3 whole CDs and would ultimately see release on 25 June 1998 for the PlayStation 1. A Sega Saturn release would follow soon afterwards. For the sake of this video, we’re looking at the PS1 version, as the Saturn version, like most Saturn games, is just really expensive. Super Adventure Rockman, despite many Mega Man fans seeing it as just a poor-quality oddity, and eventually being disowned by Inafune, actually got pretty decent reviews shortly after release. Reviewers for Japanese publication Famitsu gave both the PS1 and Saturn versions of SAR a score of 27/40. That’s a score of about 68%. So, not great but seemingly not as terrible as Inafune thought? Anyways, let’s dive into the game itself and find out for ourselves! Just a heads up, though: I don’t own a Japanese PS1. As the PS3 is region free (for PS3 games) and is also compatible with PS1 games, I figured I could just play and record SAR by using my standard North American PS3… (PS3 Error) [JAMES] But, I was wrong. For the sake of this video, I used the ePSXe emulator which, awesomely, allowed me to play and record the game on a PC while still using my original discs! So with that, let’s pop in disc 1 and get started! (Musical Transition) [JAMES] Already, we’re off on a good note! We’re presented with a really cool looking anime intro that really seems to set the mood well for the game ahead! What’s really awesome here is that there’s actually a different intro sequence for each disc of SAR, with each intro featuring scenes from their respective disc’s chapter of the story. What’s also pretty interesting here is that the intro music here is the same as in the Japanese version of Mega Man 8. This song is called “Electrical Communication” and, in the late 1990s in Japan, it was essentially the theme of Classic Mega Man. Created by the musical group GANASIA, it’s energetic and in your face and it really puts you in the mood for saving the world! That is to say, it’s everything that a Mega Man theme song should be and it’s a shame that it never made its way into any western Mega Man releases. What’s odd here is how compressed it sounds in SAR compared to the Mega Man 8 version. I’ve found that this is actually an issue with most of the music in Super Adventure Rockman. When trying to listen to the game’s soundtrack through the use of a CD player, I found out that all of the music here, except for the piece used in all of the 1st-person view battle sequences, is just compressed parts of the cutscenes and can not be listened to as separate tracks. I’m not exactly sure as to why this is the case and, I know this may seem nitpicky to some, but it did catch me off guard on the first time I booted up Super Adventure Rockman. Here, let’s take a look at the SAR disc 1 and Mega Man 8 opening sequences side by side. (Musical Comparison) [JAMES] However, even if the audio quality isn’t as clear as in Mega Man 8, let me just say it now: the animation style here is better than the one used in the Mega Man 8 cutscenes. That style looked like a weird cross between the Classic Mega Man concept art and the art of the American Ruby Spears Mega Man cartoon. The SAR style, though, really and truly looks like the Japanese Mega Man boxart being brought to life. I really love how all of the characters look here, especially the Robot Masters! Mega Man himself looks great, and he’s really expressive! I only have a couple of major gripes here. First, some backgrounds are very obviously re-used on occasion. I also feel like I had to watch this magical girl-esque battle transformation sequence more times than I’d have cared to. But besides that, I adore this! It honestly looks like everything I’d want when I hear the words “Mega Man anime”. Oh, also, for some reason only the opening and credits sequences on each disc are presented in full screen. Yeah, all of the rest of the cutscenes in SAR are presented in this static boxed window. I have a feeling that this was just done to conserve disc space though, which, as it was the late nineties, totally makes sense. So, what’s the story of this Choose Your Own Mega Man Anime Adventure? Well, here’s the best I can piece together through a mix of context clues, Mega Man wiki searches, and the only guide available in English for this game on GameFAQs. The game here is split into 3 episodes, with there being 1 contained on each disc. There’s Episode 1: Temple of the Moon, there’s Episode 2: To The Death! The Wily Numbers, and Episode 3: The Final Battle. The story begins with us learning that it is the year 20XX and a bunch of mysterious ruins have seemingly randomly risen from the earth in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest. The United Nations responds to this by sending in an international team of scientists to study the ruins. They name this area “The Lanfront Ruins”, with the large, ominous-looking pyramid at its centre being named “The Temple of the Moon”. What’s perhaps most odd about these ruins is that any machinery that’s brought near them begins to short circuit. This is due to a strange electromagnetic field that surrounds the entire area. The scientists, though, ultimately conclude that the ominous ruins that literally rose from the earth are just remnants of the acient Mayan civilization. They leave soon afterwards. Side note: the ancient Mayan civilization was based in what’s now parts of Mexico and Central America, not the Amazon Rainforest. Oh well, I guess I’m just going to have to dock this robot anime adventure game some points for historical accuracy. Anyways, both Dr. Light – the creator of Mega Man – and series big bad Dr. Wily realize that a mysterious set of ruins that just rose from the ground and have the ability to make machines short circuit is potentially dangerous, especially so in a world that’s heavily reliant on robots. Thus, Dr. Wily, on Dr. Light’s suggestion, goes to explore the ruins, and he ends up discovering an ancient alien supercomputer by the name of Ra Moon. Being that Dr. Wily isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, his first action after encountering this evil black orb of potentially limitless knowledge is to plug his laptop into it. Ra Moon, after running a virus scan after seeing all the totally safe for work stuff on the mad doctor’s laptop, finds the design files for the Robot Masters from Mega Man 2 and 3. It then proceeds to revive all of them. Then, through the use of gentle persuassion, Dr. Wily is convinced to use these revived robots to try to conquer the world and to also use the wealth of knowledge provided by Ra Moon to begin developing a new, highly advanced killing machine named Ra Thor. Several weeks then pass following Dr. Wily’s discovery of Ra Moon, but all seems fine in the world as a whole. But then, one day, an electromagnetic wave strikes the earth, carrying effects that plague some robots like a computer virus. This ends up affecting Mega Man’s sister, Roll, who suddenly collapses one day while working at Dr. Light’s lab. Her chips nearly fried and her mind requiring an extensive system restore, Dr. Light places her into a coma-like state and hooks her up to an odd diagnostics machine. He effectively puts her on what seems to be the robot equivalent of life support. Dr. Wily soon makes a broadcast to the United Nations, stating that all the nations of the world must completely surrender to him or, in 2 weeks time, he will use the power of Ra Moon to shut down all machinery worldwide and force civilization back to the stone age. Not wanting to surrender to the madman, the UN actually assembles a military group and sends them out to hunt down and confront Dr. Wily in the Amazon. Meanwhile, Dr. Light upgrades Mega Man, the Robot Masters from Mega Man 1, and I’m assuming Proto Man as well, and sends them all off to the Amazon, hoping that they can stop Dr. Wily and save the world from Ra Moon. The playable portion of the adventure itself actually begins with Mega Man arriving in the Amazon. He goes there along with his dog and bird companions, Rush and Beat. In disc 1, you will potentially fight Robot Masters Metal Man, Bubble Man, Heat Man, Flash Man, Quick Man, and Shadow Man. However, there’s various alternate paths that you can take as well. These can range from being small, such as having Beat search out a health-restoring E-Tank, or large, such as choosing between fighting Bubble Man or Heat Man, with Proto Man taking on the other off screen. Perhaps the coolest part of disc 1 is the fight with Quick Man, or rather, how said fight can be completely averted! You’re actually given the option to try to talk down Quick Man, and doing so will actually lead to him admitting that he has a lot of respect for Mega Man and the 2 of them not fighting! I really love this and it honestly makes it hit so much harder when, shortly afterwards, Quick Man sacrifices himself to save Mega Man from being killed by the crazed ninja robot Shadow Man. Episode 1 ends shortly after the Shadow Man fight, with us watching the death of Quick Man. And yes I know that they’re robots and usually, in situations like this, you can argue that they can just be rebuilt. But, in this case, the story actually presents a possible scenario where perhaps Ra Moon could prevent that from ever being possible! And that’s honestly kind of dark for a series like this but it also makes this death hit just that much harder. Speaking of dark subject matter, episode 2 begins with the UN squadron arriving in the Amazon, only for their helicopters to be hit by electromagnetic waves from Ra Moon. This ends up killing them all instantly. Seriously, that’s confirmed! There are no survivors. Wow that got dark. However, as cool and dark as the disc 2 opening is, most of the next 2 episodes consist of just you fighting Robot Masters. Yeah, there’s a bit of banter here and there and there’s a cool gag done with Hard Man in episode 3 that pays homage to his fight strategy in Mega Man 3, but you don’t get to choose between fights or get to try to talk down Robot Masters anymore. Those are things that outright stop after disc 1 and it’s kind of a shame, especially since the entire game can be beaten in under 2 hours. The only other major optional path deviation comes at the beginning of disc 2 where you have the option to obtain Proto Man’s shield. I did not actually know that this was a thing and that’s a shame because having it will make the final boss fights an absolute cakewalk. It literally reduces the damage you take from enemies by more than half, allowing you to get through most battles just by spamming the shoot button… even though that already works most of the time anyways, but we’ll get there in a bit. The game is really pretty linear after disc 1. I mean, you can still choose between going left or right at certain spots in the story and that may lead to you discovering E-Tanks or Database Cards, with the latter being info cards that can be viewed during battles that provide info on enemies. Between the beginning of disc 2 and halfway through disc 3, though, it just feels like a standard Mega Man adventure, albeit one depicted in anime form. Honestly, that perhaps would be less disappointing if episode 1 and the start of episode 2 hadn’t set a really (comparatively) high bar. It feels like stuff was being rushed towards the end especially as I really noticed backgrounds being reused towards the end of the game. Anyways, we eventually learn that roughly 20,000 years ago Ra Moon was travelling through space, looking for suitable planets to conquer. It eventually crashed on Earth and, through some very 2001: A Space Odyssey-esque shenanigans, gave humanity access to tools and advanced knowledge but also taught them about violence. War broke out amongst the ancient humans and many began to worship Ra Moon, with the Temple of the Moon being built in its honour. Ra Moon planned to have humanity eventually wipe itself out and then rule the Earth through the use of an army of machines, all based off of its own technology. However, humanity’s violence soon grew to a point that was too much even for Ra Moon and it decided to put its plans on hold, going into a long and deep hibernation. Fast forward to most of the way through Mega Man’s adventure, and he makes it inside The Temple of the Moon itself, doing battle against Spark Man from Mega Man 3. However, the battle takes a toll on Mega Man’s systems and he passes out shortly afterwards. When he soon comes to, he finds himself inside of the Temple’s central chamber, being looked over by Dr. Wily, Ra Moon, and Ra Thor. As a show of power, Ra Moon revives all of the previously defeated Robot Masters again. Dr. Wily then prepares to use Ra Thor, his ultimate creation, to finish off Mega Man once and for all. But then, instead of attacking Mega Man, Ra Thor turns and attacks Dr. Wily’s Robot Masters, before then turning on and nearly killing the mad doctor himself. Stunned, Dr. Wily yells in anger at Ra Moon. The supercomputer then reveals that it was just using Dr. Wily for its own gains, and that it was also just using Dr. Wily’s “imperfect robot designs” to stall for time while it powered up both itself and Ra Thor. As far as Ra Moon is concerned, Dr. Wily was just a disposable as the rest of humanity. Ra Thor then engages in battle with Mega Man, but is promptly defeated. Ra Moon then decides – in true fashion as the true big bad of the story – that it will just have to take on Mega Man itself. It lambasts Dr. Wily’s robot designs once more before transitioning into its own battle-ready form, The New Yellow Devil. Huh, so it followed up mocking Dr. Wily’s robot designs by taking the form of 1 of Dr. Wily’s robot designs. Yeah, whatever, I’ll roll with it. Ra Moon engages Mega Man in battle and almost seems to be able to finish off the Blue Bomber. But then, at the last minute, right as it’s about to blast Mega Man down, all of the Robot Masters jump in front of the blast, sacrificing themselves so that Mega Man can keep fighting. Feeling energized and inspired, Mega Man then takes on The New Yellow Devil, and after an intense battle, emerges victorious. Ra Moon is defeated and the world is no longer in danger and Mega Man celebrates on a nearby cliffside with Proto Man and the Mega Man 1 Robot Masters while Dr. Wily escapes in the background, vowing to come back in countless future Mega Man sequels. That, of course, is assuming that you get the good ending. Most of the time, if you lose a battle against a Robot Master then you’ll just be quickly rescued by Proto Man or 1 of the Mega Man 1 Robot Masters and then be thrust back into the battle. However, it is possible to get a “Game Over” here, especially so as the GameFAQs guide I used has a couple of choices mixed up in episode 2. Anyways, there are multiple different “Game Over” endings, with the bad endings available to you depending on the part of the story you’re in. There are 2 particularly notable bad endings. So, 1 of these comes in episode 2, where Mega Man just gives up, succumbing to a feeling of hopelessness. Then, we get to watch on in pain as he and Dr. Light watch Roll suffer an agonizing death. The other bad ending of note comes if you lose against Ra Moon in the final battle (though you can immediately restart the fight if gotten) where you listen to the supercomputer cackle like a madman and watch as the world slowly turns dull, with all life being wiped out. While this type of darkness wouldn’t be out of place in the likes of the Mega Man X series, it really is a change of pace for the Classic series and, as odd as this sounds, I kind of like it. I really do like a ton of what this story presents, even if I only understand the basic gist of what’s going on. It’s just really neat watching all of these characters interact with one another in a world directly based off of the Classic Mega Man games. There’s also none of the changes such as odd buffness or backstory changes that appeared in the likes of the American Ruby Spears cartoon. It mostly feels like you’re just watching an actual anime adaptation of the games! I just wish that disc 2 and 3 were more like disc 1. Honestly, my favourite parts of the story are the bits when I can watch characters interact with each other. The Quick Man sequence alone is one of the most unique things I’ve ever seen in a Mega Man game! I really do wish that there were more segments where fighting could be avoided like that! Isn’t part of Mega Man’s personality supposed to be that he considers fighting an absolute last resort? Of course, there are a few other issues with this story as well. For example, why are only the Robot Masters from Mega Man 1, 2, and 3 present here? The presence of Beat the Bird makes it obvious that this game takes place at least some time after Mega Man 4, as Beat themselves was not introduced until Mega Man 5. I don’t know when this game even takes place (besides the vague year “20XX”). I mean, to be fair, if you ask Keiji Inafune when this game takes place in the Mega Man timeline, he’d probably just say “nowhere” as he doesn’t even consider it canon. But, let’s pretend for a moment that it is considered canon! Beat’s presence makes it clear that this takes place sometime post-Mega Man 4. But also, Auto, the series’ staple shopkeeper character, is absent here. As Auto wasn’t introduced until Mega Man 7 and as Dr. Wily was in prison between the events of Mega Man 6 and Mega Man 7, my best guess is that this story takes place at some time between Mega Man 5 and Mega Man 6. Though, honestly, it’d be nice if the game could just outright tell me when it takes place, even if this was just in, like, a Database Card or something! But, even with those gripes, I really do like this story overall. I’ve always been a fan of Choose Your Own Adventure-style stories and, though this story here is simple, it’s still a fun watch! Also, if you just want to see a certain part of the story, the game actually lets you start from any disc at any time. The only perk you have for completing the discs in order is that you can carry over weapons obtained in 1 episode to the next. If this game consisted of nothing but the Choose Your Own Adventure-style gameplay then I could perhaps recommend this game to diehard Mega Man fans. But, there exists one other component of this game, one that makes me rank it as by far one of the worst games in the entire series! This component, of course, is the battle sequences. Instead of being shown a cool, actiony fight sequence when you encounter a Robot Master, you instead shift into these 1st person battle sequences. And, to be fair, the do have some components of the classic Mega Man formula in them. Bosses all have patterns that you need to recognize and defeating each boss will give you a weapon to use against future bosses. Each boss is also weak against the weapon of another, and you’ll know if you’re using a boss’ weakness if the weapon causes them to be stunned for a second. However, these are by far the clunkiest 1st person segments that I’ve ever had the displeasure of playing in any video game ever. Despite being in a 1st person view you can’t move around at all. Instead, you have to use the D-Pad or the left joystick just to move around a targeting reticle to blast enemies. This may seem simple in theory but the reticle moves at an oddly slow speed and the hit detection is spotty at best. It honestly feels like something that was meant to be used with a lightgun, like in Lethal Enforcers or something, but then at the last minute was quickly change to be controller-based because… I don’t know, because Capcom thought that’d give it more mass appeal or something? I don’t know. It’s just so incredibly janky and it doesn’t help that these bosses have massive amounts of health! Sure, if you manage to get the Proto Shield you’ll just tank damage, and sure you’ll be given a bunch of health and item restores throughout the game anyways, but that just means that a lot of these fights will just end up being downright boring and if there’s anything worse than bad gameplay it’s boring gameplay. But then you get to Ra Thor, and if you’re as unlucky as I am, then you’ll somehow end up without the Proto Shield and with only 1 life restore. This boss battle sucked. It felt like pure luck and it took me 5 tries just to beat this guy! And even then, that was just because I decided to try spamming special weapons as much as humanly possible! Perhaps the cherry on top of that is that if you get a “Game Over” and get sent back to your last save spot, you can’t skip cutscenes! On occassion, you may have to re-watch what seems like over 10 minutes worth of cutscene with no way to skip it! It’s also really fun how much of a pain Ra Thor is, and that’s because Ra Moon in its New Yellow Devil form actually isn’t too bad. I mean, sure, the final boss hits like a truck but it moves so incredibly slowly and, like with every other boss in the game, you can actually destroy its projectiles by shooting at them. This guy was beefy enough and had so much health, though, that I actually had to pause the game a few times due to feeling my thumb get sore from button mashing. I have no idea why anyone thought that these battle scenes were any god. They’re terrible and I hate them. Surprisingly, though, that’s not why Inafune disowned this game. No, Inafune instead disowned Super Adventure Rockman due to both hating the FMV style and due to feeling that its story was way too dark. He would say, and I quote, in an interview published in the Mega Man Official Complete Works book: “To be honest, I feel I owe the players an pology for this one… There was a phase when the company [Capcom] was basically selling Mega Man to the lowest bidder, and I really feel like this title is the worst of the worst… The ultimate unspoken rule about making games geared towards children is that you simply can not kill anyone, but here you have military helicopters falling out of the sky and people dying in droves. If it had been up to me, I would have at least made it so that they all “got away safely” via parachutes or something. Then, as if that isn’t bad enough, Roll dies… and to top it all off, the whole world was destroyed! I was like, ‘Did they really have to go that far?'” This Inafune interview cemented Super Adventure Rockman as the black sheep of the series. It was hated by the then-head of the series, it couldn’t even be properly completed by the company who was originally developing it, and Capcom would ultimately decide to not release it outside of Japan. There has only been 1 occasion since that anything officially Mega Man-related seems to have referenced this game. This occurred during the incredible Archie Mega Man comic – may it rest in peace. This adaptation was called “Blackout: The Curse of Ra Moon”. This version of the story is mostly faithful to the game, except it is here set between the events of Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3. It’s stuff like this that really makes me miss the Mega Man comic, especially as this arc was later followed up by an adaptation of the Game Boy version of Mega Man 5! As for Super Adventure Rockman itself, I can totally understand why Capcom would never localize this game. Inafune’s opinion of it, though, probably had nothing to do with that. After all, Mega Man X6 would later be released in 2001, and that was a game that Inafune never wanted to exist. Instead, I think this just came down to logistics. Outside of battles, Super Adventure Rockman is a fully voice-acted animated interactive movie, and, as a result, it would require a complete Englsih dub to be viable for release in North America. Nowadays, I think it would be really cool to see Capcom take this game, add in some new animated fight sequences where the 1st person battles were, clean up the existing footage, and release a dub of it on Netflix. It could be the anime equivalent to the likes of Bandersnatch! But honestly, I don’t think that will ever happen. Besides, I’m really glad that Capcom USA didn’t try to release a dub of this back in the nineties. As Mega Man 8 had shown, good voice acting just wasn’t something Capcom USA was interested in investing in back then. [MEGA MAN] (Screams Annoyingly) [JAMES] So, with all of its flaws in mind, could I recommend Super Adventure Rockman, even to the most diehard Mega Man fans? Absolutely not. Even though the story is really cool and even though I really enjoy the Choose Your Own Adventure-style elements, the 1st person gameplay sections are so awful that I really don’t think that anyone could get a lot of enjoyment out of this title. With that said, though I wouldn’t recommend playing Super Adventure Rockman, I think that, if you’re a big Mega Man fan, then you should perhaps consider looking up a video walkthrough and watching this game. After all, the majority of this game is just an interactive movie! Y’know, it’ll be like you’re watching a Mega Man anime movie… a Mega Man anime movie that you’ll need a GameFAQs walkthrough to understand… y’know, maybe you’re just better off reading the comic adaptation! So with that, I’d like to once again thank ZenPlus for sponsoring today’s video! The ZenPlus Black Friday sale is going on until 3 December 2019, so make sure to go click the link in the description or in the pinned comment to not only check out the sale but to also see some of my favourite weird and retro Mega Man items from Japan! ZenPlus is part of ZenMarket, and everything on there can be shipped worldwide! So go ahead! Click the link, and check out the ZenPlus Black Friday sale while you still can! And of course, I’d also like to end off this video by giving a huge Thank You to some of my Patrons! That’s Justin Chipman, The Golden Bolt, Dylan Olah, and Robert and Abby Hornibrook! Seriously, y’all are awesome and the support is really appreciated! But you know what? 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