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Best Starter Pokemon to Pick in Every Game

January 26, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Best Starter Pokemon to Pick in Every Game

– Greetings fans! Michael here and most people
choose their favorite starter when playing through
a Pokémon game, because you can beat
any Pokémon game with any starter because all
of them are reasonably strong. Heck, you can solo any Pokémon
game with just your starter because you’ll end up
super over leveled. But while you can pick
any starter that you want, the reality is
that in every game, there is one particular starter that makes the game
easier than it would be if you chose the other two, based on how well it matches up against the big plot
battles of the game. I thought it would be fun to go through every
single main series game and figure out which starter
Pokémon is the best pick in each of them, based on how well it matches up against that particular
region’s gym leader, Elite Four member, evil team, and other big important
story battles. So don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel ’cause I’m getting really
close to one million subs, and let’s start with generation
one: Pokémon Red and Blue. Where your starter choices
are, of course, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. They’re all lovely Pokémon, but the best one
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I’ve covered that, the best starter to
pick in Red and Blue is hands down, by
a mile, Bulbasaur. One of the biggest reasons that Bulbasaur is the best
starter for Red and Blue is that it can single-handedly take out the first
two gym leaders. Vine Whip is super effective
against all of Brock’s Pokémon and all of Misty’s Pokémon. Meanwhile Squirtle
is good against Brock but mutually resisted
against Misty, while Charmander is
weak to both of them. When deciding the best starter, the early game match ups are the most important
in my opinion because your options for team
members are far more limited and your starter’s already
gonna be your strongest Pokémon from the get go. If you wanna beat Brock but
don’t have Bulbasaur or Squirtle you have to go out of
your way to find a Mankey that has a fighting move or maybe a Nidoran with
Double Kick as well. If you wanna have super
effective damage against Misty and didn’t pick Bulbasaur, you have to find a
Pikachu in Viridian Forest which is really rare, or you have to go out of
your way to find grass type, north of Cerulean. It’s kind of annoying
to have to do this, especially if you don’t
intend to keep those Pokémon on your team for the
rest of the time. Having Bulbasaur just allows you to easily beat those
gym leaders immediately. Now, the importance of
what starter you pick does down the further
into the game you get because you get more
access to more good Pokémon as you go along. However, Venusaur still
continues to perform well throughout the rest of the
game, not just the beginning. It resists the electric
moves of Lieutenant Surge, which is nice if your ground
type Pokémon goes down. It does not do well offensively
against Erica or Koga but its poison typing
prevents their Pokémon from poisoning it,
which is a nice bonus. It’s not good against
Sabrina or Blaine, but like I said, by
that time in the game, you’ve had access
to other Pokémon that are good against
them for a while. And lastly it matches up
well against Giovanni, not just the gym
battle with him, but the other two
battles against him from earlier in the game. While his Nidos
aren’t weak to grass, they can’t really
touch Venusaur. But it doesn’t stop there, I think it’s the best starter
for taking on The Elite Four, at the very least, it’s definitely the best
starter for taking on Lorelei. This may surprise you because
she is an ice type specialist and Venusaur is weak to ice. While Venusaur may not be great
defensively against Lorelei, it is great off offensively, since four of her five
Pokémon are weak to Grass. It’s especially
good against Slowbro because while it’s
a psychic type and Venusaur is weak to psychic, Slowbro doesn’t have an
attacking psychic type move. Meanwhile Charizard is
only good against Jynx, and while Blastoise is the
best starter defensively for this fight, it can’t
touch her Pokémon offensively. Then comes Bruno, and
Venusaur again does well. It easily decimates
his two Onix, and it resists the
fighting type attacks of his other Pokémon. The only one that’s a
bit scary is Hitmonchan with ice punch. Meanwhile Charizard
isn’t any good because it doesn’t
get any flying type
moves in Red and Blue and is of course
weak to the Onix. And Blastoise, while it’s
good against the Onix, just like Venusaur, does not resist the attacks
of his other Pokémon. Venusaur unfortunately can’t
really touch Agatha or Lance, I mean it can’t be poisoned
by Agatha’s Pokémon but she tends to go mostly
for sleep over poison and then against your rival, Venusaur fares about as well
as all the other starters do because your rivals
team is balanced. In the end, Venusaur
overall does way better against more big plot battles, especially the early ones
than the other two starters. So to me, that
makes it hands down the easiest choice for the
best starter in Red and Blue. Next up is Pokémon yellow
and this entry is a fast one because you don’t get
a choice in starter. Your starter is Pikachu, it’s the best starter
and the worst starter because it’s the only starter. Moving on to generation two, it’s now time for Pokémon
gold, silver, and crystal. Where your options are
Chikorita, Cyndaquil,
and Totodile. And I think the best starter
to pick of these three, is Cyndaquil. First off, I will
address Chikorita, which is far and away the
worst choice of the three. It is weak to the
first two gym battles. Remember how I said the earliest gym battles are
kinda the most important ones? So that’s really bad but it doesn’t get
much better after that. The only gym battle Pokémon that Meganium has a
super effective move for, that it is also now
weak to in return, are Pryce’s Seel and
Chuck’s Poliwrath. That’s it. Every other gym battle
either resists grass or is neutral against it so Meganium is just not
viable in a Johto playthrough. I mean it’s not really
Meganium’s fault, I mean maybe it’d be better
if it had a dual type but it’s already at
a big disadvantage because Johto didn’t repeat
any gym type from Kanto and the three types that
grass is strong against, rock, water and ground, all
had their gyms in Kanto. Speaking of Kanto, I’m not taking that into account for determining the best
starter in a Johto game because those gyms
are post-game. You’re gonna have a
complete team by that point so your choice in starter
matters very little once you’ve gotten to Kanto. As for the remaining two, I’m giving Cyndaquil
the edge here because while Totodile is
neutral to almost every gym, Cyndaquil is strong
against some of them. The two of them fair about
equally against Falkner but Cyndaquil excels
against Bugsy. Quilava is a bit
worse against Whitney since rollout is super
effective against it, but every starter is gonna
struggle against Whitney, it’s frickin’ Whitney. Just use the in-game
trade Machop, that’s how you beat Whitney. Don’t use a starter. Then they’re both
neutral against Morty, but Feraligatr is slightly
better against Chuck because it’s not
weak to Poliwrath. Typhlosion excels
against Jasmine though, being strong against
her entire team. While Feraligatr is only
good against Steelix. Typhlosion is also
better against Pryce, because while his Pokémon all have types
strong against Fire, none of them have
attacks for those types. That means both Feraligatr
and Typhlosion beat Piloswine but Typhlosion hits his
other two neutrally, while Feraligatr is resisted. Then they both stink
against Clair, but come on, every starter stinks
against Clair. So Typhlosion completely
bodies two gyms one of which is one
of the first two gyms, while Feraligatr is
only offensively good against a few
select gym Pokémon. But Typhlosion’s
advantages don’t end there. Because it’s also good
against other story battles that Feraligatr isn’t
as good against. One example are the
battle against your rival. None of the starters
are super effective against his Golbat, Gengar,
Alakazam or his own starter but Typhlosion is good against
his Sneasel and Magneton, two Pokémon he has for a very
large percentage of the game. As for the Pokémon league, Typhlosion is strong against
two of Will’s Pokémon, three of Koga’s,
and one of Karen’s. That totals to six different
Pokémon within the league. Feraligatr is only
strong against three and Meganium is only
strong against two. With all of these advantages, Typhlosion is definitely
the best starter for Pokémon gold,
silver, and crystal. But that’s mainly
thanks to its typing. Remember how I said that
no gym types were repeated from Kanto to Johto, well grass is good against
rock, water and ground and water is good against
rock, round and fire. And those four types
all got gyms in Kanto. Meanwhile fire is good against
bug, ice, steel and grass and only grass
got a gym in Kanto and the other three
types got gyms in Johto. So Typhlosion was just
advantaged by it’s typing from the start. Now onto generation three and first I will real quick
cover FireRed and LeafGreen, the remakes of the
original Kanto games. And unsurprisingly, the best
starter remains the same. It’s still Bulbasaur. All of the big plot battles
remain the same, pretty much and the only real change of note is that Charizard
actually has flying type attacking options now, but that really only helps
its viability against Bruno Now for the Hoenn
games, those being Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. Where your starter choice
is between Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip. It was a bit trickier to
decide the best starter here because of the version
differences between
the three games. Depending on which
one you’re playing, you’ll fight a
different evil team a different number of times and the champion changes between
Emerald and the other two. However, after analyzing
all the different options between the different versions. I still think the best
starter is the same throughout all three games. In my opinion that
best starter is Mudkip. The primary reason I think
it’s the best starter is because it is
strong against three of the first four gyms and it’s not weak
to the fourth one. Mudkip and Marshtomp is
strong against Roxanne, Wattson, and Flannery, while being neutral
against Brawly. And remember, the earlier
gym battles matter more to me because your team
options are more limited. So it being good against three
against of the first four is incredible. Past that it’s good
against yet another gym, that being Tate & Liza, along with being strong
against Team Magma’s Numels and Camerupts, plus
two-thirds of Steven’s team. Therefore in Rudy, it’s far
and away the best option because you fight
Team Magma and Steven. It’s still good in the
other ones too though because in Sapphire,
yeah you fight Team Aqua but you still fight Steven. In Emerald Steven is
replace by Wallace which Swampert can’t
do much to offensively, but you fight Maxie three times
as much as you fight Archie. As an added bonus, Swampert
gets ice type coverage that the other starters do not, which gives it some powerful
moves against Winona and Drake. Which, while they’re
not stab attacks, it’ll still come in handy. As for the other two, Sceptile has super effective
damage against three gyms, but struggles if you’re
facing off against Team Magma rather than Aqua. It is a bit better
in Emerald though, because it’s also
good against Wallace. Blaziken is strong
against three gyms, all of which are
in the first five. It’s also the best
starter for the league due to being strong against
both Sydney and Glacia, plus decent against some
of Steven’s Pokémon, but it struggles
against both evil teams since it’s weak to both
Camerupt and Sharpedo. So clearly they
all have benefits, so I don’t think any starter
performs severely badly compared to the other
ones like like Meganium in the Johto games. However with Mudkip
being good against three of the first four gyms, plus another gym after that and basically an entire
evil team and champion, that’s really good. So it’s definitely the
best one in my opinion. Moving on to generation four, I will again real quick
cover the remakes first, those being HeartGold
and SoulSilver. And, much like with
the last remakes, the best starter
remains unchanged because most of the big plot
battles remain unchanged. So the best starter
is again, Cyndaquil. The only real detriment
Cyndaquil has in these new games is that Pryce’s Piloswine
gets a Ground type move now, but Typhlosion is still
much faster than Piloswine so it’s probably just gonna OHKO with a flamethrower anyways. Now for the Sinnoh games,
those being diamond, pearl, and platinum, where
the options are Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup. I will say upfront, that Piplup is definitely
the worst starter because Empoleon is ugly. I’m kidding. I mean I’m not
kidding it is ugly but that’s not the
reason it’s the worst. Piplup is the worst starter because it’s strong against
the fewest number of gyms, that being three. Which is more than I can
say for some other starters in some other games but it’s still less than the
other two Sinnoh starters. It’s strong against Roark, but then not good against
any other gyms until Byron, and while it’s good against
Steelix and Bastiodon, it’s weak to Magneton. It’s then strong against Candice
thanks to its Steel typing, but after that it’s really
only strong against Bertha and Flint, and Bertha’s risky since Empoleon is
weak to Ground. Meanwhile Turtwig and Chimchar are good against four gyms each. Assuming you make it a Monferno before taking on the first gym, the Chimchar line is
good against Roark, Gardenia, Byron, and Candice. Turtwig is good against Roark,
Wake, Byron, and Volkner. They’re also both good against
one Elite Four member each, Aaron for Infernape and
Bertha for Torterra, while also being good against two of Cynthia’s
Pokémon in Platinum. Infernape is good against
two in diamond and pearl, while Torterra is
good against three because she has a Gastrodon. They seem to be pretty balanced, but I think I have to
give the edge to Chimchar. Two of Chimchar’s good gym
matchups are in the first four and they’re actually
the very first two. Which, like with
Bulbasaur, is a big deal. Meanwhile Torterra, two of
it’s are in the first four in Diamond and Pearl but
only one is in the first four in Platinum because Wake got
moved to be the fifth gym. Also, some of
Turtwig’s advantages aren’t as good as they
might seem at first. Against Wake, only two
of his three Pokémon are weak to grass, and two
of them carry ice moves which decimate Torterra. Also while Torterra’s Earthquake is good against Team Galactic’s
myriad of poison types, it doesn’t get earthquake
until it’s a Torterra meaning up until that point it’s really weak to
all those poison types. Infernape also has the
advantage of being fast and not having a
four-times weakness, so because it can
out-speed opponents, it’s more likely
to take them out before it can take them out. Whereas Torterra, if the
opponent has a stray ice move it could be in trouble. Additionally you fight a
ton of Bronzor in this game because pretty much every
galactic admin has one and Infernape
excels against them because they have levitate so Torterra can’t hit
them with Earchquake. Infernape also has an
extremely wide move pool which benefits in giving
it a lot more coverage than the other two starters. So, with all of that in
mind Infernape / Chimchar is the best Sinnoh starter. Now on to generation five, and I’ll start with
black and white, because black two and white
two have very different gyms so they could result in
a different best starter. The options for your starter in all four of the
games are Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott. For Black and
White specifically, the best starter is
definitely Tepig. Thanks to it gaining the
fighting type upon evolution that gives it a lot more
offensive advantages that the others other
starters don’t get because they remain pure typed. It’s strong against
Lenora’s normal types and Burgh’s bug types, two
of the first three gyms, then later excels
against Brycen. It also hits two of clay’s
three Pokémon super effectively, but that’s more risky since
they’re good against it too. In the league it’s very
good against Grimmsley and can hit for of N’s Pokémon and three of Ghetsis’s for
super effective damage. Additionally, Team Plasma tends to carry a
lot of dark types, which Emboar, thanks to its
fighting type handles with ease It’s also strong
against Cheren’s Liepard and Bianca’s Stoutland, the two Pokémon that they get
first after their starters. So you’ll be able to take
advantage of that advantage for pretty much the
entire playthrough. As for Snivy and Oshawott, they’re really only
good against one gym, that being Clay and even then they’re only good against
two of his Pokémon each, which Emboar is too. So because they have
almost no advantages, while Emboar has quite a few, Emboar is clearly the best
starter for Black and White. But what about Black
two and White two? These games replaced
the triplet’s, Lenora’s, and Brycen’s gyms with
Cheren’s, Roxie’s, and Marlon’s. So is Emboar still
the best starter? Yes, yes it is, but it’s
not as good as it was. If you get your Pignite to
Level 17 to learn Arm Thrust, it crushes Cheren, but that
is over-levelling a bit, so that gym is a maybe. While the matchup against
Roxie’s Koffing is neutral, Pignite crushes Whirlipede. It’s good against
Burgh like before, along with two of Clay’s
three Pokémon like before. Skyla now has a Skarmory
that she didn’t have before, which Emboar’s fire
attacks are good against but Eboar is also weak
to Skarmory flying moves so it’s kind of a fifty fifty
like with Clay’s Pokémon. After that though, it’s not
much use until the Elite Four with Grimmsley again. So Emboar went from being strong
against three gyms for sure to one plus two iffy ones due to the leveling
thing with Cheren and with Roxie it’s only
good against one of the two. However, all three of those gyms that it’s at least maybe good
against are the first three. Meanwhile Snivy is now weak
to two of the first three, While Oshawott is in the
same situation it was before. It’s just good against Clay and like neutral to
almost everything else. Also Emboar also still
has the advantage against the Team
Plasma’s dark types, plus it’s good against
Hugh’s Bouffalant and can hit Iris’s Hydreigon
and Aggron really hard. So while it’s definitely
not as good as it was in Black and White, it’s still better
than the other two. Now onto Generation 6, and I will again get the
remake out of the way first. Those being OmegaRuby
and AlphaSapphire where the best starter
is again, Mudkip. The big plot battles
remain mostly unchanged and all three starters
do get mega evolutions but since that doesn’t happen
until about the sixth gym, I don’t think those come
into play a whole lot in regard to a particular
starters viability. Mega Blaziken is definitely
the best mega evolution but Marshtomp is still amazing
against the first four gyms. In fact Swampert
gets a huge buff in the fact that it can now
use it’s water tight moves on it’s huge
physical attack stat. So that makes it hit even
harder than it did before, which is fantastic. Then comes X and Y. The best starter for these
games is much harder to select than all the other games
because you make two choices. You first choose a
native Kalos starter, picking from Chespin,
Fennekin, and Froakie, then beat the first gym, but then you pick a Kanto
starter in addition to that. This makes things tricky because if one
particular starter type is better against the
region as a whole, and then you look at each
starter choice individually, you would end up picking two
starters of the same type. Which would not lead
to a balanced team. Therefore, I’m gonna tell
you which starter combo is the best. Which Kalos starter and which Kanto starter make for the easiest
playthrough together. It was really tough
for me to decide this so if you disagree
with this entry, I definitely understand. But the combinations
I narrowed it down to were Fennekin and Bulbasaur
versus Froakie and Charmander. The reason I selected
these pairs is that I felt like the fire
type was necessary. Fire is half-good against
Viola, half-good against Grant, dominates Ramos and Wulfric, beats Valerie’s Mawile
and resists her other two, and beats two of
Clemont’s three Pokémon due to Heliolisk’s Dry Skin. So of course the first
fire option is Fennekin’s and I chose Bulbasaur
to be its partner because its offensive
poison type attacks are really good against
Valerie and Ramos. Yes those are battles that Fennekin was
already good against, but the other
option is Blastoise which is just not
helpful in this game, it’s good against Grant’s
Amaura and that’s basically it. Charmander’s partner
would then be Froakie, because it’s really
good against Grant and is excellent against Olivia. Chespin unfortunately just
is kinda underwhelming in most gym battles. Now to compare the pairs. So Fennekin and Froakie are
evenly matched against Viola but Froakie is
better against Grant. After that, they’re both strong against about the same
number of gym leaders and Elite Four members. So because of that, that might seem like
I’m gonna pick Froakie as the better starter here because it’s better
in the early game gyms and as I’ve said
I value that more. However, there are other
factors that play here that make me select
Fennekin and Bulbasaur as the best starter combo. And there a five reasons why I’m picking them
over the others. Number one, they’re
better for Korrina. Braixen can hit
Korrina with Psybeam even if it hasn’t evolved yet, but you have to have Charizard
to get the Flying coverage. Ivysaur also resists
the fighting attacks, while Frogadier does not. Reason number two,
Delphox is not weak to the electric type moves
that Charizard is weak to which matters big
against Clemont. Mega Charizard X fixes this,
but you may be playing Y. Reason number three,
if you are playing Y, Mega Charizard Y’s Drought can harm your Greninja’s
effectiveness. Reason number four, having an
offensive poison type attack to handle Fairies super early on thanks to Venoshock on
Ivysaur is extremely helpful. And number fiver, while not
having Greninja against Olympia means you don’t have super
effective offense against her, Delphox still resists her. Now for the Generation
7 Alola games, where the starter options are
Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio. and I think the best starter
is the same in sun, moon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and that starter is Popplio. Popplio does alright against
the Totem boss fights. It’s good against the Raticate
if you’re playing Moon or Ultra Moon thanks
to Disarming Voice, but it’s neutral
on the Gumshoos. It’s neutral against
the water trial, excels at the fire trial,
does poorly in the grass and electric trials, is
neutral in the ghost trial, and decimates the dragon trial. Incineroar fairs similarly well, swapping the fire and
dragon trial advantages for the grass and electric ones, plus ghost against the
non-Mimikyu Pokémon, while Decidueye does much
worse than the other two. So Primarina and Incineroar
fare pretty similarly against the Totem battles. But what makes Primarina
much better than Incineroar in my opinion, is how it how it performs
against the Kahunas. In which it has super effective
attacks for all of them. Disarming Voice is
good against Hala, Olivia’s team is weak to water, Nanu’s is weak to Fairy, and Hapu’s is weak to water or Fairy with her Flygon. Primarina can single
handedly beat all of them. Incineroar does a bit
better against Team Skull, ’cause they tend to have
a lot of poison types but you can’t ignore
that Primarina beats
all of the Kahunas and does well in
the Totem battles, it is the best starter
in Alola, definitely. Next is let’s go Pikachu
and let’s go Eevee, and like with the yellow
version that they are based on, you do not get an
option in starter. Let’s go Pikachu
you get Pikachu, let’s go Eevee you get Eevee. So those two Pokémon are
the best and worst starters because they are
the only starters. And finally we have generation
8, Pokémon Sword and Shield, where the starter
options are of course Scorbunny, Sobble and Grookey. I must say of all the games
in all of the generations, I think these are the games where the starters are
the most evenly matched. A big reason for that
is the first three gyms are Grass, Fire and Water. And then the fourth gym is one that all of the starters
match up neutrally against, so therefore all of them
are good against exactly one of the first four gym battles. After the first four, Inteleon and Rillaboom do well
against the Rock gym if you’re in Sword, with Inteleon being better here since only half of Gordie’s
Pokémon are weak to grass. They’re also both
good against Raihan, since two of his four Pokémon
are weak to grass and water. Cinderace does well
in the Fairy gyms since it resists all
the fairy attacks, and it dominates in the
Shield-exclusive ice gym aside from the Lapras. It’s not much help
against Raihan, but it does really
well against Rose. With all this in mind, I’ve decided that I
think the best starter in Sword and Shield
is Scorbunny. While it’s only good against
one of the first four gyms, just like the other two, the one it’s good against
is the very first one, where you have the fewest
number of team options, so that’s pretty nice. It’s the only starter equipped
to handle the Fairy gym so it gets an extra
gym point there and in Shield, it’s
amazing in the Ice gym. And in Sword, it still can
help out in the rock gym because it gets
fighting type coverage. That fighting coverage can also
come in handy against Raihan because two of his four
Pokémon are weak to fighting. Also, being able to
sweep through Rose’s team which is not a gym battle, it
might as well be counted one, is really impressive. It has four-times
super effective hits for two of his five Pokémon and the other three
are all weak to fire, that’s really good. Cinderace also handles Hop’s regularly-appearing Corviknight, plus his Dubwool and Snorlax
thanks to fighting coverage, which also helps against Marnie. It’s not that great
in the Champion’s Cup, but it can handle Leon’s
Mr. Rime and Aegislash. Also I think Pyro Ball is the
best starter exclusive move because it’s extremely strong, its Fire Blast but physical
and stronger and 100% accurate. That’s really good! So in my opinion, all three
of the starters are good but Cinderace edges the
other two out by a bit. So in the end, the best starters in
generational/regional order are Bulbasaur, Cyndaquil,
Mudkip, Chimchar, Tepig, Fennekin and Bulbasaur together,
Popplio, and Scorbunny. Wow that’s a lot of fire types. Thanks so much for watching and an extra special thanks
to my patrons over on Patreon who are helping support
me and the channel independent of the fluctuating
YouTube ad revenue. If you wanna sign up and
help support the channel and get some cool perks
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all I have for now. So ’til next time, fans, gotta catch them all.

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition – What Xenoblade Game Should Newcomers Play First?

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back to another video and today I wanted to talk about more xenoblade chronicles
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first I actually have all of the Xenoblade games right here for you guys
so there are a number of Xenoblade games and we’re gonna break down which one
that you should play first it might seem simple because of ok play the first one
xenoblade chronicles that’s coming out definitive edition but I think there’s a
little bit more to it when it comes to the distance that we have to this game
is coming out and how you can maximize your time getting into the Xenoblade
franchise so let’s first start off with this new retail listing potentially of
xenoblade chronicles definitive edition launching on may 29th
now recently we talked about xenoblade chronicles definitive edition from a
Danish retail site that was listing it for a May 29th now further evidence has
been revealed from a Swedish retail site that May 29th will be the date for
xenoblade chronicles definitive edition now I’m not going to stay here and say
that that is the first sure date or anything like that it is not set in
stone it’s not been announced by Nintendo and all we’ve gotten was a
blanket 2020 release but it does seem like it’s going to be more of a
first-half type of title and if you look at it May June BAM right when you hit
June summertime that is the ten year anniversary of Xenoblade Chronicles the
original from the Wii so I do think that it’s very possible at this may 29th
are very close to it date is there now also my last video I talked about how
May 29th is a typical Friday release for Nintendo but it could be a placeholder
that could be the date that Nintendo’s may be prepping for it to be released
but the game I still don’t think as when golden yeah I don’t really know but
there’s nothing shown that the game is done based from what monoliths office
said or based on what Nintendo said so maybe that’s the target date that they
want to go for the game but it’s not the final date that we’re going to see for
Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition so we’re going to have to wait and see
that one but there is further proof that it is going to be a May 29th launch or
at least a first half of 2020 launch now let’s go ahead and get into a topic that
I’ve been wanting to talk about I guess for a while now I’ve made multiple
videos talking about how I love all the different Xenoblade games and how
Xenoblade is just awesome and I just love the games overall and they all kind
of bring a different feel but then again feels similar when it comes to the
Xenoblade we’re not talk about what monosoff did before like Xenosaga or
Xenogears or other stuff like that just easy no blade games and I kind of want
to break them down one by one I have all of them right here in my hands and first
starting off with Xenoblade Chronicles this was the original release on the way
back in 2010 2011 in Europe and 2012 here in the US of a physical copy of
that next up is Xenoblade Chronicles X which was the follow-up to the game not
a direct sequel or anything but a follow-up to the game that kind of took
the whole combat they do but then took it to the skies with scales as well
which are these flying like armored Corps type of you know Gundam mobile
suits so this game is very unique very good game people are still wanting this
game to be on the Nintendo switch then you also have Xenoblade Chronicles 3d
which is a remake or a port of the Wii game on the Nintendo 3ds that adds a
little bit of stuff here and there it actually looks a bit worse because the
new Nintendo 3ds isn’t as powerful as the Wii and this game is exclusive to
the new Nintendo 3ds so not as many people have access to this as like let’s
say other versions of the game just because it’s only on the new Nintendo
3ds then you have Xenoblade Chronicles 2 which is one of my favorite games in the
franchise daily practice ooh this is a special edition cover that I have here
gets to see right behind me as well Sidibe chronicles – very good a game of
course and then you have cinema chronicles – torn of the golden country
which is a prequel – xenoblade chronicles – and out of all of these
games all of these games that I have here almost dropped it out of all these
ones here which one should you play first now it might seem like a
no-brainer to play xenoblade chronicles definitive edition coming out here in
May or June or whenever it does come out 2020 but I think that there’s enough
time for you to sneak in some other games before you play xenoblade
chronicles definitive edition on the Nintendo switch now once again this is
going to be based on what systems you have access to but to me if you’re
somebody who’s a newcomer into the Xenoblade franchise you kind of just
want to get a taste of what this game is about I think that the easiest and best
game to start with is Xenoblade Chronicles 2 torna the golden country
now that might be a little bit of a surprise to some so you guys might be
saying oh why don’t you just start off with zero by Chronicles on the Wii or
the Wii U because you can download it on there you can play it backwards
compatible you can play it on a Wii if you have it and that would be great
but I think that there’s no point in playing that one first before you play
the definitive edition because the definitive edition is going to be a lot
better than the original release because the original release guys is a bit rough
so that automatically X’s out Xenoblade Chronicles 3d on the new
Nintendo 3ds and only having to put that portable I mean you want to be able to
play that on the TV and on the go and that also X’s out the original release
so really it comes down to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Xenoblade
Chronicles X and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 torn of the golden country Xenoblade
Chronicles X is on the Wii U you need the gamepad I mean a lot of people just
don’t have a Wii U so it’s just harder to play the game everyone’s playing on
switch switch is the system that everyone is playing on at this point
so Xenoblade Chronicles X while it’s a fantastic game and it wouldn’t be a bad
starting point not as many people have access to that and I think that the type
of combat you’re going to get is different it’s the same with some of the
things but it’s different with the scales and flying all that we’re talking
what you should play before getting to Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition
is this is your first foray into the Xenoblade franchise so to me it’s
between Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 torn of the
golden country now the thing about Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is kind of
complex believe it or not yes there’s some tutorials in there yes they kind of
teach you some things here and there but it doesn’t tell you everything like a
lot of the stuff is really just you figuring out you experimenting and
you’re just going through within the combat system looking up some guides
online and everything and on top of that the core crystal system in that game can
be very daunting for newcomers out there or just very daunting just in
general healing that to be a newcomer because they’ve never had anything like
that to you’re constantly opening these core crystals to get these different
types of blades and it can be annoying not only going to be daunting but it can
also be annoying as well so I think that in order to get the purest form
heading into xenoblade chronicles definitive edition the game to play the
purest easiest and I think most fun would be Xenoblade Chronicles 2 torn of
the golden country it’s not super long so if you’re looking for something that
isn’t going to take all of your time and isn’t going to suck up every single bit
of your energy to play the game born of the golden country is that game torna
also has a very in-depth and fantastic tutorial not only through menus with big
bold fonts but also through quests as well so you’re not just going through
menus and learn how to play you’re actually doing quests that gets you
rewards to learn how to play whether you’re trying to break topple wants and
smash your opponents all of that is right there built into the game they
took away a lot of the I would say extra stuff with the justa blades and having
to do all these different things in zettabyte product those two and
simplified it even with the blade combos to where you string together these
special attacks those don’t even have to be set past anymore
in order to string together combos and not worry about dropping them like you
could in xenoblade chronicles – on top of that torn of the golden country just
has all the refinements that you saw coming updates – xenoblade chronicles –
they just have that built in – torn of the golden country the map system works
better the community system in terms of how they put that together organizing
your contacts everything in this game is just done in a way that’s just smaller
scale but also refined and way more beginner friendly so heading into
xenoblade chronicles definitive edition I think that torn of the golden country
is probably the best game to play it’s very straight to the point just like the
original game was with some death added in it’s not too long so you’re not going
to be spending all your time playing this game and it has all the refinements
that you saw coming patches and updates just built in right there plus it
actually looks really good they did some graphic
improvements in there and everything as well so I think torn of the golden
country is a phenomenal place to start and the story is amazing you’re not
going to be too lost or anything like that you don’t have to play
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 before you play Xenoblade Chronicles 2 torn of the
boredom country you can play torn of the golden country first before you plays
Little Bay Chronicles 2 so I think the order that it would probably be to go
into would play torn of the golden country then you can play xenoblade
chronicles definitive edition and then you can play Xenoblade Chronicles 2 if
you want to and all of it will connect in some ways that I will not spoil on
here but overall all of them are good games and no matter where you decide to
start it’s just fun it’s just flat-out fun the Xenoblade games all have their
pros and their cons but I think out of all the different games the game that
has the least amount of cons and the most amount of pros is torn of the
golden country it’s my favorite game out of this series so far so far it’s my
favorite game out of the series and it is standalone some people are saying oh
isn’t that just DLC yeah you can get it through DLC but there is a standalone
release that you can just buy on cartridge and it’s cheap too it’s not
like it’s expensive I think it’s $39.99 most places you can find it for cheaper
than that $29.99 or so so it’s not gonna put a dent in your wallet it’s not gonna
put a dent in your time and it’s not gonna put a debt in your brain either
when it comes to all the different stuff with core crystals and all that you have
set blades you have new mechanics very easy to follow and a lot of depth to
kind of get into and tons of side quests and tons of content I spent 50 hours
plus into another Bowl and country so it’s not like you’re getting a game
that’s going to be super super short there’s plenty of content to go in there
and have a lot of stuff that you can do in new game+ as well so after you beat
the game you can go back and there’s a lot of other stuff that unlocks so what
are you guys this stops what Xenoblade game do you guys plan on getting into if
you’re a newcomer into the franchise before the definitive edition comes out
let me know your thoughts in the comment section below alright guys that wraps it
up for this video here comes couple mins description below we got Facebook and
Twitter gonna give us a like and a fall on our social media if that like button
if you did like this video let’s you know you guys won’t work on me just
going for in the future and subscribe the players as well as RPG
Japanese a Nintendo gaming news thank you so much for watching and we’ll catch
you guys for the next one peace

The electrifying story of ZZAP!64 – the cult gaming mag

yep Mike’s working now oh he’s a wick
Dipper oh hello wick dippers uh chip dippers
welcome to retro recipes now last week when we had that electro boom moment I don’t know how I didn’t notice the fact
they did try to tell me that that power supply was made by Skynet yeah that explains everything well this
week we’re going from one type of zap so another and we’re gonna be talking about
the magazine zap 64 no it really was a cultural
phenomenon when I was growing up in England well they’re not so much in
other countries but for puppy work that goes to sleep I think it’s fair to say
that one of the reasons well three of the reasons were the zany characters
that they had reviewing stuff with those wacky haircuts and also just the fact
that it had that incredible oliver Freight artwork there was the very
amusing cartoony drawings on the edges of the page between rockford of course you want to eat rotted there was such a
cultural phenomenon but the buildings that they produced it in now features a
blue plaque on the wall which means in blue plaque terms is on par with Charles
Dickens for our American viewers Charles Dickens was a writer we know what
Charles Dickens is anyway I think it’s fair to say that my own zany sense of
humor well I largely have the Zap 64 to thank I do you have them it’s a blame
there’s no doubt in my mind that my comedy was largely influenced by the
readings at 64 every month case in point when I was a kid he winked back in 1985
me and a bunch of friends made this this is splash and crack magazine had named
after crash and zap crash beam was dead expect some version of zap 64 now we
weren’t really trying to compete with zap 64 crash we sold this for charity
outside Kew Gardens in West London but it does give to show you just how much
of an influence this was on the playground mentality of the time I
certainly had a lot of mentality going on
yeah I like that one too well coming up we’ll take a deep dive into splash and
crack and crash ends have welcome to retro recipes well you’ll get one when
you’re older before we begin huge thanks to everyone
from zap 64 who helped me put this together as well as Anthony and Nicola
Kohl filled the bedrooms to billions team for sharing the fascinating
upcoming interview footage with us and not least Oliver Frey there was
contributed brand-new Rockford artwork for this little video yep Rockford still
around today 30 years on doesn’t mean look great for his age
it’s Perry fracked aghhh ah okay you’re forgiven computer magazines in 1983 were jargon
filled with an emphasis on serious software which was a bit of a turn-off
to commodore 64 owners we just wanted to have fun no no the same was true outside
the UK as well we’ll be exploring that in just a few moments for any of my
lovely none UK viewers so was this a great niche and opportunity for an
interesting gaming focused c64 magazine filled with energy and irreverent humor
to hit the market well as Zapp’s 100th issue would much later put it you bet
your shoes it was in 1983 so quite recently then three nice chaps
by the names of Roger keen Oliver Frey and Franco Frey started a new endeavor a
small mail-order gaming catalogue which they called crash micro games action as
Roger explained to Nicola and Anthony calls fields back in 2011 all of his
brother Frank who had been sourcing spectrum games for a German because they
couldn’t get them over there and we realized you couldn’t really find them
in the shops over here either and we were contacted by a magazine distributor
wells Gardner Darton who’d actually shown the copy of one of our primitive
catalogues to a buyer at Smith and WH Smith said this there was a magazine
like that they would probably buy it and he said to us so if you want to go ahead
you’ve earned the right to lose a lot of money and so that publishing company
news field was born here at number two King Street in Ludlow just across the
street from WH Smith and this of course gave us crash magazine dedicated to the
ZX spectrum and that’s where the team came up with a groundbreaking idea
rather than use journalists or stuffy experts to review games they used
schoolchildren after all they were the ones buying the game so or their parents
were so why shouldn’t the kids be the ones reviewing the same games but this
posed the big problem for the software developers kids were honest there was no
way of buying off teenagers because they had no commercial sense a lot of people
said I wasn’t there the opportunity that they could have been bribed off etcetera
no they were not commercially minded and their turnaround say you can’t give
it that score and Turner answer yeah we can’t if their target market was going
to be fourteen-year-old boys mainly then it should be fourteen-year-old boys that
did the reviewing so lovely school got a huge lift and a pool of I don’t know
twenty maybe in thirty thirteen to sixteen year olds used to pile in after
school and we gave them forms which they filled out and then we took it from
there so that was the start of knees filled and crash but I didn’t own us
Becky mother my best friend growing up Matty frantic did and so I got it limps
into the world of the first news field magazine at a point when crash itself
was flying high over a hundred thousand copies sold per month but with healthy
rivalry growing between the two machines c64 owners like me well we wanted our
own version of crash seeing the growing market the team started to plan just
that initially their mag was to be called sprite and sound pretty clever
until a last-minute change of heart gave us zap 64 with his first issue being
released on the 11th of April 1985 when I was just twelve I think it was a dream come true for
many 13 to 16 year old boys a number of those who were better qualified at their
English left school and joined the news field organization as it grew but
although news fields offices were in Ludlow the xab 64 editorial team started
their work in Yeovil in Somerset a factor that would later cause some drama
we’ll come to that in a moment and they were young Bunch as well there
must have been quite a strange place to work right any company that has so many
young people working for it can’t help but be exciting I mean they were met a
lot some of them anyway so the boredom didn’t come into it case in point
see this coat hanger it served a specific and important purpose for one
reviewer to hit the other on the head to get their attention because they were
wearing Walkman headphones and knowing that kind of thing about
does that office really encapsulates the spirit and energy that was captured on
the pages now there were some other members of the editorial team helped
kick off that first issue there’s Chris Anderson who was the
editor and he gained his experience as edit era of personal computer games
magazine PCG here he is at the zapper launch party
cutting the zap cake if his name sounds familiar it’s probably because he went
on to found the legendary competitor 2 news filled future publishing as well as
the website IGN and a little something called the TED conference
then there was Bob Wade a software editor and another risk-taker from PCG
that brought his wisdom on board helping them out with Steve cook a freelance
writer who also happens in her past content contributor to yep you guessed
it personal computer games magazine well you can see there’s a bit of a trend
here who when Rockford asks who’s the white wizard oh it was Steve but perhaps
most memorable to readers were the reviewers Gary Penn and Julian Ricky no
AKA jazz Reagan all but did you know they actually owns
their place in the magazine by winning video game tournaments fights monsters
solve the puzzles beat the big bad a server win-win situation there but not
yet it’s really computer and video game arcade Championships which I went on to
win bring me to the attention of Chris Anderson a few months later he called me
up out of the blue asking me if I was interested in interviewing for a new
magazine that he was in the process of starting up eventually managed to get
the job which turned out to be except 64 magazine he kind of took a leap of faith
with you know I’m gonna show these slightly older guys that are hard hard
hard core gamers and quite a handful in the early days I mean I was a nightmare
so I was Gary with throwing chairs around the office and punching balls and
swearing who barely knew we were in a professional environment but what we did
know is we knew how to play games and you know we had opinions and big egos
and we would write these reviews and this naturally followed on from why I’ve
made crash reviews so honest the reviewers were selected by their
gaming experience and not necessarily by their literary skills although they had
those two and so the honesty remained as part of their reviewing system the three
reviewers were required to thoroughly play each game through to completion
this really helped earn zap the trust factor from subscribers I didn’t have
that much control over it because if I said to somebody don’t give him a good
review because they’re nice guys it just told me to buck it won’t fit me
you couldn’t get away with that boolean you know it’s a cliche now but it wasn’t
so much then you know by gamers for gamers the fact that we had three
different reviewers look at a game so you’d have that different contrasting
opinions you know you could read a review of something that maybe did do
particularly well but a reviewer that you might like that you know that you
like the same games as them and that might be enough to make you want to buy
the game you know we’d get a bad game and we’d just pick it to death
absolutely kick it to death and it was you know it’s horrible for the person
reading it but you know great for the readers and there was just something
about those reviewers that well helped his apt 64 quickly become favored
over its sister magazine crash not to mention its competitors for me the
reason zap above crash work is that that cult of personalities now of course it
wasn’t all plain sailing and we’ll get back to the interesting twists and turns
that followed in just a minute but it’s worth mentioning that rather cleverly
that although crash and zap would later go on to share an office they positioned
themselves as rival magazines and the editors were encouraged to ramp up their
antagonism this actually further fueled the rivalry between the Commodore 64 and
the spectrum but also all it buoyed the industry and the magazine’s along and
that’s where splash and crack was born as to rival playground magazines within
one binding kind of like two sparring siblings living in one house me and a
few friends put this together every week I don’t know month yep
this is the celebrating the 10th issue and I would stand outside Kew Gardens in
West London with my friend Matty fracked ik and we would sell these for fun GP
however we gave all proceeds to charity everything went to save the children
because although we were children we didn’t need saving I think we raised
about 100 pounds which is pretty good for a couple of 10 year olds family and
I think we drew all of this on Mac Paint it’s fair because I see so now I’m showing his fashion crack to
demonstrate to swat at pop culture influence zap once but the more research
things more Aviles wasn’t just me paying homage to crash and zap here’s a similar
thing that mark Hamlet otherwise known as Lord art on Twitter was doing around
the same time so I guess this is just splash some are called see Simpson and J
Brett weird thing is I have no idea who that is and I think I just made it up to
seem like I hadn’t done the whole thing myself but it wasn’t just me making up
names when you look at the letters page zap or rap you said it was run by a
Lloyd Mangrum only he didn’t exist they made
up this name to make the offices and the publications seem bigger than it really
was actually Louis pieces were generally written by whoever the editor was at the
time or their Roger King rather cheekily still denies Lloyd was fake but app
wasn’t a high tech publication the issues were put together on boards like
these essentially using glue and tape kind of like how we put splashing crack
together actually ss dialogue said ata
well done whoever did this I remember being given we had these like little
word processor machines it was actually quite advanced for the time little
laptop computers with LCD displays that only displayed about 4-5 lines of text
but we could sit there and and write our reviews which we would then upload to
Chris Anderson’s I think you had an apricot computer where did that name
come from well famous golfer of course because I don’t really know why but when
it came to falling all of us they certainly scored a hole-in-one yeah sorry but as it happens I had even
more fun with some fake names oh this is Ed’s page oh dear the it has Mays
missiles we thank you very much for your generous offer of 2p to us saves the
child’s fun yours crapping Lee Johnny was Johnny Ross by the way if you’re an
American Jonathan Ross is sort of a British Jimmy Fallon this is a letter
done by the secretary you crack fired last last Monday well speaking of
America all this zap stuff was going on in the UK so what was the equivalent in
the USA and other countries well while making this documentary I
would go to sleep every night with my loved one
pondering that very question oh there’s my left foot and I see you’re reading there’s that
calendar did you like crashing zap when you were
growing up well we’re having a crash and things act no crash turns out there the
computer magazines that’s what you’re reading the calendar Oh No but I did
read the cult classic splash of a crack which they were never
able to find who the author was and I think with all the residuals it made
millions millions millions well sadly that was all just a dream
yeah she’s still mad at me about that Charles Dickens thing someone called the
nine bit guy told me that they had a high magazine and computes Gazette but
everyone that I spoke to conceded that these didn’t come close to what we had
words amp and crash in fact some people exported sap to other countries just to
feel closer to the gaming community I spoke to us journalist David Farquhar
about this and he said that basically US editors were just afraid of upsetting
software companies quite the opposite – zaps approach he said the most he ever
got away with was calling Windows ME the Backstreet Boys of operating systems
that’s pretty edgy but did you know that was even an Italian version of SAP
largely comprised if translated reviews or get back to zapped in just a moment
and in a second we’ll see how it influenced playground mentality
including mine little bees calculating keepers do the
summon see both sources on Chinese food interesting 7 8 2 minus 2 7 8
hey what’s 782 – 278 sigh sir sigh I can’t do math anymore
hey what’s 782 – 278 for soy by the way I should mention our wonderful sponsor
we don’t need to get letters or 20p purchases of splash and crack anymore
thanks to boo super wave and I’ve recently been stocking up on my Vic 2
squared that’s the pal ntsc switcher board that i created along with one
stage for the commodore 64 if you want to order one of those check out the link
in the description thanks the PCB way for sending these PCBs so that I can
keep boxing these up for you guys because as we all know PCB way stands
for people could be waving at you doesn’t it now it was around the time of issue 4
and that incredible beachhead to cover that sab 64 and the team had to face
their first hurdle after some deliberation the team decided to move
the magazine offices into the news field Limited headquarters back in Ludlow in
order to cut some expenses now the crash team kindly shifted over
to make space for them unfortunately two of the most important
role players Chris Anderson and Bob Wade opted to stay behind and pursue other
endeavors the editor of crash Roger Keene took on the responsibility
as editor for sap 64 a new reviewer joined as well and he was Paul Sumner
who also did not exist the up jazz and Gary collaborated to build this bogus
persona in order to fill the void left by the others this act went undetected
Paul Sumner in fact lasted until issue 34 and it was in issue 4 as well that
Lloyd Mangrum made his first appearance simply because Chris Anderson used to
handle the letters and now while there was nobody but I mentioned that
incredible beachhead to cover and it was around now that everyone was really
starting to notice all of the phrase stunning artwork this was something I
think we all felt reading the magazines much in the same way that you know the
box art of a game would give your imaginations somewhere to go when
playing the well naturally less impressive graphics of the actual
Commodore 64 game itself something I realized more with passing years is that
their teenage imagination was a real part of the foundation of what would
become nostalgia for many of us today so thank you for that Holly said our
magazines apart was the extensive use of illustration their computer game screens
in themselves are rather dull illustrations were a way of bringing the
subject matter to life and make it exciting for but are afterall younger
readers when you look back at some of those early early ads you know you’d
have like a little dude maybe it’s true drawing and then like literally three
paragraphs of text I’d been an illustrator by then for quite a while
and mainly illustrations I did were per se aimed at the sort of teenage market
it was really producing high quality artwork that brought the gains to life
you look at that and go wow that must be really cool and exciting but as you
noticed splash and crack featured comic strips as well as some computer pages
I’ll show you in a second good morning you have a rare oil type
eggs prick probably there’s nail giving some oil phew at least I’ve got out of
that place oh no help Robin smashed up you are okay now but
you lost a lot of oil and you have a very rare type X but I think we have any
in reserve I’ll just have a look great I’ve got news whew Robert I’ve got one
cab left tea nice work there by Matty frantic but why did we have comic strips
well we were inspired by a certain comic strip in sab 64 little bit a bit more
serious in tone total man was actually first conceived of by Kelvin Gosnell who
was a 2000 ad writer however Oliver had always been bugging
me that we had to have a comic strip in it
from when we were beginning the first plans for the magazine partly because it
was aimed at boys of around 1415 and I wanted to for a comic strip then they’d
had to tie in somehow with computer games he came up with this idea of a man
he’s so damaged in this space accident that hafen has to be rebuilt like
computer imaging so what about Rockford that lovable character the seem to be an
uninvited insect it’s a male crawled his way into the printing presses turned his
own amusing comments to the proceedings well he was actually originated for the
balderdash games and then used by SAP 64 with permission or in fact encouragement
the games developers an in Splashin cracky of course inspired us to create
debris I love to read in the Rockford parts of that and just couldn’t resist
paying on which was my own interpretation it was almost that one
issue of zapper month just wasn’t enough for us so we made our own version I fans
just look at the that night Laura isn’t it great what what feds there’s a great
marketing tie-in and the use of theme for a thing on the spring followed well by the end of 1985 an issue 7 more
changes were ofertas zap towers Gary Lydon and Shawn Masterson joined
the staff at zap 64 and there were real people this time but October 85 also saw
the start of news fields Amstrad magazine ham ticks
who could forget that well I could I hadn’t actually heard of it until this
documentary I wish I had well time is marching on
as it was with Zef by the summer of 1986 with issue 13 they’d hit a
record-breaking figure they were the first magazine to sell over 40,000
copies a month within the first year of launch now the happy moment wasn’t a last but
we’ll let sap enjoy that hi just for a moment while we take a quick look back
at splashing crack because we did cover a lot of computer stuff for example here
is a tips page and you can see some cheats that you can try on the game
elite which funnily enough was one of the highest-rated games to appear in zap
we’ve also got this form a coded message I guess if you want to hit pause and try
and type that in feel free let us know in the comments
what it does probably forms a coded message and just in case you are liking
what you’re saying with a splash and crack I’m gonna do a full walkthrough
video and subject my patrons only to that Bigfoot hope this trap works then I
can stop writing this silly cartoon he went in and found himself in a computer
game it was their way of the exploding fist I’m bored crazy
I see got one Bigfoot also make a PDF of a couple of issues worth of splash and
crack available to patrons as well apologies patrons wait where is he go
away keys he’s a caveman now unfortunately by the time issue 17
came along the Zap team weren’t having nearly as much fun as we were firstly
Roger keen left his position as editor to take on managing news field with Gary
pen taking his place also Richard Eddy replaced Gary Lydon but in the face of adversity the Zap
team went back to doing what they did best reviewing games we rallied behind
zap by reviewing some games – but number one at the time was paranoid by the time issue 19 came out they’d
grown from 42,000 a month to nearly 55,000 issues sold every month in the UK
alone I don’t think I realized that they were going to be quite so powerful as
they turned out to be a few years later it’s no surprise then that when we chose
our favorite computer make number one was that 64 and apparently my number
seven favorite comic was Barbie by July 1987 the sales figures peaking 80,000
issues Gary pen said that he was just worn out
and quit as editor and for SAP this was to be the start of
a downward slope for example in an issue five months later the first warning
signs started to show when they incorporated a 16-bit section it was
understandable they’d seen the slowdown in the 8-bit market and wanted to cater
for Amiga and Atari ST fans but sab 64 probably wasn’t the right place to do it
basically in a sort of 87-88 companies began to to make bets maybe the the
Amiga and the Atari SC we’re gonna be the new successors people would upgrade
their old 8-bit machines to these 16-bit machines and it didn’t really happen in
the kind of no way it’s certainly not in the numbers of the previous generation
or as jazz put it writing at the time about that decision so now there’s a
different idiot at the helm but in a way the problem was they were advertising
superior machines to Commodore 64 readers their own customer base now I
can’t remember fully if I read this and if it was the reason that I upgraded to
the Amiga and stopped reading zap but it might well have been then we didn’t sort
of take great care of what was happening in the marketplace
so when issue thought he rolled on one of those founding reviewers Julian jazz
original left his throne it was a very difficult throne to tell Julian wriggle
was just a natural star I mean it’s always the hair and you know the whole
bit and Gary pen with a huge Mohican and whenever they went to a trade show there
were just lines waiting for autographs still they tried to fill the hole and a
fictional Pole Sumner was brought back in for one last hurrah but for me as a
reader the new reviewers seemed like nice guys and everything but well they
just didn’t have that celebrity status and they had sensible haircuts oh jeez
get off there hmm the penultimate nail in the coffin though was to be the
decision to start publishing amiga gaming content and changed the
magazine’s title for the November 1988 issue this was to prove a mistake from
which SAP would never recover what also didn’t help is that rather bizarrely
three reviewers were fired in June 1989 in the middle of producing the important
fiftieth issue for reasons that still remain a mystery today seriously nobody
wants to talk about it even 30 years on but their reviews remained in the mag as
if nothing had happened and that final nail in the coffin was sadly issue 82 so
yet another change of editor to Luci Hickman who replaced that irreverent
humor with smutty jokes silly cartoons and a sudden miss whiplash replacing
Lloyd Mangrum one who she’s only good at golf
unfortunately this all led some parents to ban their kids from buying zap
altogether and I can see why to me it looked more like this magazine than as
AB 64 that I used to love and even the final editor Steve shields couldn’t whip
the mag back into his glory days in autumn of 1991 news filled file for
bankruptcy and for the first time zap failed to hit the shelves news filled
attempted on several occasions to expand beyond the purely computer games field
but we never seem to quite manage it the UK gamers industry was completely
blindsided by the consoles you know that we’d had probably almost 10 years of
very cozy and of britain’s very healthy it’s got this really healthy market so
eventually by the beginning of 1991 useful was really out of money however
the original founders along with a familiarly named Jonathan Rick know
banded together formed a new company europress impact who took over starting
with the release of SAP issue 79 and true to form they blamed being away
on Lloyd Mangrum wanting a nice long holiday but alas the truth was to catch
up with him sooner than later with the abit market now fully working against
the team it was time for a new magazine to take the reins no Mac was Commodore
force issue 91 of ZAP was incorporated into its first issue issue 10 of zap 64
/ Commodore force would be zaps 100th issue and included this four-page Center
pull out to commemorate but alas issue 16 was the last mention of SAP and that was the end of sab 64 what was
it yeah the spirit of ZAP lives on in fantastic magazines like retro gamer
which really is the modern-day incarnation of everything that main SAP
great and to literally lesser extent fries 64 which even features a column by
jazz regnal but more than that Zapp has seen a few releases in 2002 issue 107
was released in digital PDF format designed by fans well that kind of puts
splash and crack to shame doesn’t it but I mentioned retro gamer magazine and The
Specials 64 page issue was designed in July 2005 to commemorate Zapp 64’s 20th
anniversary this was AB issue 108 and contained new content contributed by
former editors for the first time in years
Zapp was back on the shelves of WH Smiths even better
Zapp 64th annual 2019 was released as 112 page hardcover book under a
Kickstarter campaign created by the multi-talented Chris Wilkins it was a
great opportunity to catch up on the 13 odd years of new Commodore 64 game
releases by the way Chris also publishes the incredible fusion gaming magazine
look out for an article by someone called Perry frantic in their upcoming
Amiga special as well weird / it’s funny just how things work out you know
Zapp was to come full circle for me with a 20/20 Kickstarter zamp annual fee I
was interviewed for it by John McDermott about my Lego Commodore bricks t4 I
still can’t quite believe that the interview was edited by Roger Keane
himself but not only does that live on in the hearts of those who grew up with
it it also lives on their many fan websites apparently you can even find
documentaries about it on something called YouTube
and yes there will be a 2021 is an annual and rather foolishly they’ve
asked that very fractured guy to write an article for that – hmm maybe it’s
time for a different hairstyle I’ll be back soon with more fun retro recipes
but until then from me and Rockford yes and lady fracked ik thanks for watching
subscribe below and cheerio million million
million billion million million come to see how many
times you say I would do it until they were done that’s what she said

Princess Peach’s Castle CONUNDRUM! (Super Mario Odyssey) ft. Nintendrew

[Mario stretching] Probably one of the most famous hub worlds
in gaming is Peach’s castle from Super Mario 64. It was one of the first renditions of a full
scale castle where Mario wasn’t jumping over lava or fighting bad guys. It was a place I’d romp around as a kid,
and the emptiness of it kinda made it feel like it was my own house. But that’s also what was strange about the
castle… It didn’t seem very castle-like at all. It was more so an art gallery with all sorts
of neat paintings. But this isn’t the only time we got to explore
this castle in a 3D environment, and a modern edition to this castle really made things
bizarre. In Super Mario Odyssey, once you’ve completed
the game for the most part, you gain access to the Mushroom Kingdom. In the middle of this Kingdom is Princess
Peach’s castle – themed after the Super Mario 64 version. When I was approaching it for the first time
I was super ecstatic. Super Mario 64 has a nostalgic place in my
heart that will never be shook. Buuuut, when I went through the doors of the
castle, I found the interior to be pretty odd. It was literally just one room. You had staircases on the side that wrapped
around to the back, but there was no place to go in the castle. It’s kind of bizarre when you think about
it, because you have this castle on top of this hill that supposedly people should be
living in, yet there’s nothing inside for the most part… Which begs the question… What happened to Peach’s Castle in Super
Mario Odyssey? I know that may seem like an odd question,
but like, they definitely modeled it after the Super Mario 64 version, yet it is very
limited in scope. Let’s rewind back to Super Mario 64 for
a second. Like I mentioned earlier, Super Mario 64’s
castle was pretty expansive. It had multiple levels: the entrance area,
the basement, the second level, the third level, the fourth, and even a staircase leading
way up beyond. It felt like a castle in scale, but it felt
more like an art gallery. There were wide open rooms that lacked furniture,
and the paintings were evenly spaced out around the castle – some even having their own themed
rooms. Jolly Roger’s Bay comes to mind as I always
loved that aquarium room. Of course, all these paintings had the ability
to transport people to different worlds. For those of you who watched my Super Mario
Odyssey painting video, we dive into what exactly happens when Mario enters one. It’s actually kind of bizarre. Now there’s many other iterations of Peach’s
castle in the series of 3D Mario titles, but majority of the time we are stuck on the outside
looking in. In the Super Mario Galaxy series, we can see
the castle retains a similar structure. In the first game in particular the environment
mirrors what we encountered in Super Mario 64. We have a waterfall off to the left, a space
where the bridge once was on the right, and a lake adjacently behind us. In Super Mario Galaxy 2 we have a sort of
similar setup, but the waterfall is no longer there. We have a bridge placed off to the right with
a body of water nearby though. In both of these instances we can’t actually
get into the castle however. The 3D land and New Super Mario Bros Wii feature
it as well, and in the latter we can actually see what one the top level looks like in the
modernized version. There’s a birthday party going on for Peach,
but she gets kidnapped. All the characters run to the edge of the
room and jump out of the top of the castle, meaning what we see here is what the tip top
level actually looks like. It makes sense that they’re high up as well
since we can only see the sky and the top of giant hills in the background. But if this top area exists, and it even looks
like there are rooms up there in Super Mario Odyssey – why is the entire castle closed
off? Where did the extensive art gallery go? Is there a secret door in the room that leads
to the upper part of the castle? Obviously I’m stringing together miscellaneous
thoughts together into a unintended timeline, but suspend disbelief for a second here like
you would with a movie and let’s think about this. I’ve hypothesized that the paintings of
the Mario universe can not only teleport you to faraway places, but also to different times. If you want a full breakdown, I highly recommend
checking out the video that myself and GamingReinvented did on the subject. But with that in mind, after Princess Peach’s
disastrous situation in Super Mario 64, perhaps that’s what sparked the change in the castle. These paintings were dangerous, and keeping
them close by within her home was basically just asking for trouble. Bowser or any other villain could just teleport
into the castle and then teleport out of it after kidnapping Peach. It wouldn’t matter if the doors were locked
or if guards were on duty. It gave direct access to the castle and offered
the ultimate escape plan. We don’t really know where Bob-omb Battlefield
or any other level takes place in the world of Mario, but we do know it exists because
Toad has a map of it. And although it was hypothesized that time
travel could be involved, it’s not 100% concrete either. We also don’t know if present day is an
option when transporting back and forth. And to top things off, there’s no way to
tell if the paintings were aways magical. Some of the paintings in the castle aren’t,
but getting rid of a magical painting would probably be pretty dangerous. There’s also the issue that Hazy Maze Cave
looks like it is just a pool of constantly flowing ink…. How would one clean that up? Well, maybe they wouldn’t. Maybe that’s why the castle is remodeled
on the inside and for the most part sealed off. Hypothetically, if you seal off the portals
in the castle, and then do the same elsewhere in the world, you mitigate the risk. If relocating elsewhere isn’t an option,
because like, moving a castle would be brutal – perhaps this was the next best thing. Beyond these shiny walls could simply be the
remains of what the castle once was. Perhaps the Hazy Maze portal is still festering
in the basement too! There’s also the argument that the world
terraforms anew between every game, or that everything simply operates on separate timelines. But who knows. The thought of a sealed off castle area is
definitely interesting to me though, especially since inaccessible floors are definitely present
and visible from the outside. But, I’d of course love to hear your thoughts
on this, so please share them in the comments below. Do you think it’s a different castle altogether? Were areas sealed off? Plop a comment and share your thoughts! A big thanks to Nintendrew for helping out
with this video! I highly recommend checking out his gaming
content as it’s super informative and addicting. If video game retrospectives, reviews, and
DIY/how-to projects are your thing, you’re going to love his channel. He recently just hit 100,000 subscribers as
well, so go show him some love! And with that… Thanks for tuning in to this castle conundrum! I’ve been uploading lots of awesome content
on my second channel, so if you haven’t given SwankyBox Live a gander yet, I highly
recommend checking it out. Anyways, thanks for watching guys and gals,
and until my next video, cheers!

Wii HIDDEN GEMS – 9 More Games for the Collection! ** NEW for 2020**

– [Metal] Hey guys, Metal
Jesus here, and you know what? I am still playing with my Nintendo Wii. I still enjoy the system, I still love trying to find hidden gems for this. But after doing so many of these videos, I’m startin’ to wonder, is it tapped out? Are there any more
hidden gems to be found? Let’s take a look. (hard rock music) All right, so the first game I wanna check out is called Pirates Plundarrr. You have to do it with that
little arrr at the end of it. (digital music) So this is a game that
is exclusive to the Wii, and right off the bat I know many of you are going, hey, this looks an awful lot like Castle Crashers,
and yeah, you’d be right. Now I don’t think this is actually made by the same developers, but you can tell that they were heavily
influenced by that game and were usin’ it as sort of a blueprint to make a beat-em-up on the Wii. And I gotta say, this game
is actually a lot of fun. So as you can tell, the
game has really colorful 2D-style graphics and also animation. Again, very similar to Castle Crashers. There are 40 different enemy types, so lots of baddies to beat up. Plus it has a lotta RPG elements where you can earn XP to upgrade your character as you progress, and there are a bunch of
different weapon types that you can use both in your
primary and secondary attacks. This game is just a really fun beat-em-up, it’s very simple, very easy to get into, it’s a lot of hack and slash fun, and if you have a Wii,
definitely check it out. (dramatic music) (swishes)
(grunts) Next up is a racing game that I have been planning to talk about for a while now. It is exclusive to the Wii, and the DS if you wanna get technical, and that, of course, is Need for Speed: Nitro. Now, I know what you’re thinkin’. Hey, how could a Need for Speed game be on a hidden gems list? Well, I would make the argument
that this is definitely, I think of all the Need for Speed games, this is probably the one that
is most often overlooked, and that’s a real shame, because this game is designed from the ground up to be a Wii exclusive, and
it’s just arcade goodness. This is an awesome game. (sirens) And the thing is for me that
the Need for Speed series has been going a little bit more realistic in the last, I would say, decade or so, and that’s fine, I like
those games, but this is definitely a throwback to
just pure arcade goodness. You can see by the gameplay footage here that, yeah, it doesn’t play like a normal Need for Speed game, at
least one that’s come out in the last 10 years, and again, I think that’s actually
a really good thing. This is so much fun. Being that it’s a Wii
game, a lot of people are concerned that (groans)
does it have motion controls? Well, yes, but thankfully
you can turn them off, so actually in this gameplay footage, that’s actually what I’ve
done, is I’ve turned it off, I’m playing it normally,
as it was meant to be. And really, the game
is just super arcadey. You can tell by this
footage, it kinda looks almost like some of the classic Burnout games, which is why I like it. The game has five different locations, Cairo, Rio, Madrid, Singapore, and Dubai. And it also has licensed
cars, which is cool, but again, as you can tell here, they are a little bit more cartoony,
a little bit more colorful. So yeah, if you like arcade racing games, you like the Need for Speed
series, and you got a Wii, definitely check out
Need for Speed: Nitro. (percussive music) ♪ Oh no, there goes Tokyo ♪ ♪ Go, go Godzilla ♪ Unleashed, on the Wii. (digital tones) (crashes) So yes, this is Godzilla:
Unleashed on the Wii. Now, of course, I do have to say, this also came out on the Playstation 2, but if you got a Wii
and you like Godzilla, you should definitely pick this up, because this is a really
fun monster beat-em-up game on the Wii, it’s surprisingly fun. And when I say surprisingly fun, it’s because, well, when this game originally came out it got a little bit beat up by professional
reviewers at the time, and I have to say, I think
that’s a little bit harsh, especially with a little bit of hindsight now that we can see it for what it is. Maybe the Playstation
2 version was better, but I have to say that this game uses the Wii controls, the Wii motion controls, and honestly it actually
works really well. They’re not very frustrating, it just feels very natural, very fun. And if you’re a big fan of giant monsters destroying everything in its path, well, this game’s gonna be for you, because it has a huge roster
of 26 different monsters. Monsters might be pushing it a little bit, because there’s aliens and all sorts of other stuff like that, but yeah, this has got a huge roster
of stuff to choose from. One of the really cool parts of this game is that you can totally
customize a battle, if you wish. You can go in there and modify almost everything that is
happening in this game, so including what type of monsters, the type of power-ups, how
often the health regenerates, you can even control the
size of the monsters. It just goes on and on and on. It’s actually really
cool if you just wanna totally just get in there
with a friend of yours and beat the tar out of each
other, it’s pretty cool. The Godzilla games can
be kinda hit or miss, but if you have a Wii, and
you have some friends over, this is a pretty good time,
definitely check it out. (crashes) Here’s a game that turned
out to be a total surprise, because, well, one, I never
actually saw the movie, and two, it’s a licensed game. And you know how that can be sometimes, that can spell trouble, but trust me here. Ice Age: Dawn of Dinosaurs is really fun. First off, I should probably point out that this also came out on other systems, but again, we’re just focusing on the Wii here, and yes, it’s great on this. Now, as you can see by this footage, this is a 3D platforming
game that’s pretty similar to a lot of the games of the time, very similar to the
Ratchet and Clank games where you platform around,
you’re collecting stuff, you’re doing a little bit
of combat, things like that. But the reason why it’s on this list and why it’s in this video is because it’s so well-designed, I
mean, it’s got great graphics, and it has really good level design. Great writing, and
honestly the voice acting is often hilarious, and there’s
tons of it in this game. And this game did a really good job of really grabbing my
attention as I was capturing this footage, I was having
a lot of fun playing this. (squeaks)
(percussive music) Now there are some motion
controls in this game, but I feel like that it’s not
super annoying when they do, because for the most
part you’re just moving with the nunchuck, and
then there’s a little bit of combat with the motion
controls, which, yeah, not probably my favorite,
but, again, it’s not too bad. But then there are times when
you’re shooting something in first person, and I
really feel like that’s a good use of motion controls. It actually feels more natural than trying to just use the thumbstick. So yeah, this is a
really fun and well-made 3D platforming game, if
you like these kinda games, you should definitely check it out, because this isn’t really hard to find, and again, if you don’t have a Wii, you can get it on other systems as well. (crackles)
(dramatic music) So you guys know that
I love light gun games in the arcade, but one of the reasons why I love the Wii so much is because so many light gun games came out for it. And I’ve covered many of them
over the last couple years. But one of the last
ones I wanna talk about is this one right here,
it’s called Top Shot Arcade. And it’s kinda funny,
because, I went on the fence about this one about whether
I wanted to talk about it, because this is definitely,
of all of the light gun games probably released, it’s definitely one of the most realistic ones,
because you’re technically hunting animals in the forest, and maybe not everyone’s not gonna be into that, but I wanted to cover this one anyways, because the truth is, it’s
a fun light gun shooter. And yes, you’re shooting
animals in the forest, and that might not be
everyone’s cup of tea, I totally get it, but this is a fun game, it’s well-made, and it deserves a mention. – [Commentator] Load your gun.
(bangs) No score for him.
(bangs) Popped him in the noggin. – [Metal] Now a couple things
that I notice about this over other light gun games is that, one, the stages actually are very short, sometimes lasting only a minute or two. And two, the precision of your shots is very important in this game, almost like you’re really going hunting. And I know that’s kinda silly to say, because this is obviously an arcade game, and it’s not realistic really in any way, but it is definitely
tougher than it looks. Unlike other light gun
games I’ve played before, this one I really had to
replay some of the levels multiple times because, as you see here, some of these animals
are running really fast, and it can be pretty hard
to hit them in a spot where it’ll actually take them down. So anyways, I know this game is not gonna be everybody’s cup of tea, but I’m pretty sure that no actual animals were harmed in the making of this game, and so, if that’s somethin’ that you’re interested in, and you
like light gun games, you should definitely take a look. (bangs) – [Commentator] He’s takin’ a dirt nap. – [Metal] All right, next up is a game that, well, I just kinda stumbled upon. I didn’t really know that much about it when I first bought it, but that is a game called FlingSmash. (cheerful music) The big selling point for FlingSmash was at the time it was one of the first games to support the Wii MotionPlus, and that is the device
that basically makes the Wii motion even more
accurate and more sensitive. And like the title of the game suggests, that’s exactly what you do in this game, you fling and then smash for score. And really, the game
kinda feels a little bit like pong or tennis, but
because of its physics, and because of the way
that it bounces around, it also feels a little bit like pinball. And what you’re trying to do is take out as many of these bricks while
the level is autoscrolling, and you’ll often have
power-ups and multipliers and stuff like that, so
there’s a lot going on, especially as the game progresses. And so what you’re doing is basically just controlling the direction and power of that critter that you’re
knocking around the screen, and then he takes out bricks, but you can also press a
button on the controller and that will instantly stop him, so that way you can autoadjust the angle and also how much power you wanna give him and send him off on another direction. Now, I’ll be honest with you,
this is not an amazing game, but I was surprised at how
much fun I had with it, especially when you consider that when I bought this, I paid a dollar for it. So when you wanna talk about hidden gems and games that people are overlooking, this is definitely one of ’em. And also, I would say, this is probably, if it’s not your cup of tea,
it may be really good for kids. That’s kinda what it feels like it’s designed for, so
just keep that in mind. All right, next up we got
another arcade racing game, this one called Hot Wheels: Track Attack. Now I’ve covered the Hot Wheels series in other videos before,
and the thing about the Hot Wheels series is that, again, it’s a series that always adds in fun. They’re never simulators, they’re always about just over-the-top action, and that’s actually what I really like. Now, I can read your mind,
and I know what you’re saying. This game looks like
ass, and you’re right. It’s not a very good-looking game, even when you consider that
it’s running on the Wii. I know, I get it, but here’s the thing. All I care about is is there a smile on my face when I’m playing a game? And the answer is yes, when I play this game, actually it’s a lot of fun. I mean, any racing game that
has a loop-de-loop, well, OK, I’m gonna give it a shot,
you know what I’m sayin’? (roars) And I wanna point somethin’ out, and that is in this game
there is some physics, and you can kinda see
that in the footage here, because you might see me
sliding around corners, and that was a part of the
game that I wasn’t expecting. And I actually think that’s pretty cool, ’cause once you play a
racing game like this and you know the rules of
it and how the cars handle and how it’s gonna take the
jumps and stuff like that, how it’s gonna go around
corners, I really dig that. So it’s a nice mix, again, of arcade and just enough realism to keep it fun. And the other thing when
it comes to racing games, and I wanna mention it
here, is that you can turn off the tilt controls, so,
that’s very important to me, because, you know, sometimes tilt controls can be a nightmare, and it’s good that some of these games
allow you to toggle that. So this one and also Need for Speed, like I said, you can
just play them as normal. And I mentioned the loop-de-loops, right? OK, cool, yeah, definitely check it out. – [Commentator] Outrageous!
(roars) – [Metal] OK, so first I talked about the Ice Age movie game, and now I’m talking about Penguins of Madagascar. Don’t hate me for this, OK? Just stay with me for a second. Yes, this is a licensed game
based on a animated movie, and typically those are
crap, I know, I know. But occasionally you
do get gems like this. So what’s goin’ on here, well, basically this is kind of like a 2.5D platforming slash puzzle game, and what you do is you switch between
four different penguins that each have their own unique abilities. For instance, one of ’em is
smart and can hack computers. Another one can jump and
then hover over gaps, which is really important
if the floor is electrified. Another one is really strong, and then another one can actually dash. And so what you’re doing in this game is constantly switching between those four penguins to
get past certain obstacles and enemies and get through a level. I actually found this game
to be quite challenging. It was not easy, and definitely required some creative thinking. So, yes, this is a licensed game based on a movie, and like the
other one I haven’t seen it. I do see some of these occasionally. But that’s OK, because
again, it doesn’t matter, it just matters if the game is
fun, and this definitely is. (digital music) All right, and then finally we have Hidden Mysteries: Titanic. So as you can see by this footage, it is a point-and-click adventure game that mixes sort of
traditional-style PC adventure game item hunting that you would see like in the LucasArts games, but also it puts in there the hidden object gameplay that is really popular, say, on mobile. And as you can tell by
the gameplay footage and also the title of the game, it’s really a retelling of the story of the Titanic and its last voyage, or I guess its maiden voyage
that was also its last, because of course it sunk
to the bottom of the ocean. But this also has new
story and also characters. I would say that it kinda
follows the James Cameron movie, but it’s just different
enough to feel fresh. But, again, the reason
why it’s on this list is because it really is a mix of that point-and-click, picking out
objects in the background, putting them together to solve puzzles, but then also it has sections in it that you have to find,
say, all the different pieces that are hidden
within the background. And so it’s very much like
two different types of games mixed together, and it feels very natural. I will say, though, that the puzzles can be a little bit obtuse. You will probably get stuck in this game and wonder what the heck to do. Now, there is a hint
system, which is very nice, and it’s completely optional,
but you are gonna be clicking around, kinda
wondering what am I supposed to use this for, where
is it supposed to go? Now, there are four different endings in this game, because you do have a bit of choice as to
how the narrative goes. And as you complete
the game, there is also a bonus level that you can unlock. And I’ve always felt that these kind of point-and-click games
are well-suited for the Wii because the Wii motion tracking actually is very mouse-like, and typically these games would be made for the PC. So, again, if you like
puzzle games, you like a challenge, you like a good
story, definitely check it out. All right, guys, that’s
another Wii hidden gems video in the bag, and I think this makes my sixth or seventh video
about Wii hidden gems over the last, jeez, probably five years. And the thing is is that I’m
kinda wonderin’, is that it? Is this the end of the Wii hidden gems, or are there more to be mined? According to Wikipedia,
there are over 1,500 games released for the Wii, so I
dunno, I’m kinda curious. Although I haven’t actually dove very deeply into other regions, either, so there could be actually some Japan-exclusive ones or maybe
over in PAL territories, that’d be kind of
interesting to check it out. Either way, I’d love to
know what you guys think down in the comments below, if there’s some hidden gems that I
haven’t played on my Wii, I would love to know
and share ’em with you. All right, guys, thank you
very much for watching. Thank you so much for
subscribing, and take care.

Metroid Prime Trilogy, Pikmin 4, Super Mario Maker 2 & Nintendo Direct [Rumor] – Nintendo News

What’s going on I’m Austin John let’s
dive into some Nintendo news first of all guys if you’re enjoying these news
updates be sure to leave a like down below lets me know that you’re enjoying
it and it also really helps out with the video and it’s obvious and we have not
had a Nintendo Direct especially in January normally when we have one it’s
now halfway through February it’s almost Valentine’s Day and people don’t know
what’s going on with Nintendo however there’s a rumor that we’re going
to be getting Metroid Prime trilogy Super Mario maker 2 Pikmin 3 all going
to be announced this year this article comes from nin mobile news be sure to
check that out on Twitter or nin mobile news.com Kingsdale stated on reset era
thread that several announcements will be coming for 2019 for games like
Metroid Prime trilogy Pikmin 3 and a sequel to Super Mario maker he believes
announcements are going to be made for several games this year but has no
information on exactly when they’re going to be announced some of the games
might be announced are Pikmin 3 Super Mario maker 2 box boy a new 2d Zelda and
the new Pokemon Zell also states and the Metroid Prime trilogy has a possibility
of being on the rumored upcoming Nintendo Direct rumors you’re going
around about a potential direct next week for February 13th it’s it’s
officially a rumor so it’s possibly not true however King Zell has had
incredible history with these announcements so take it with a grain of
salt regardless of Szell’s credibility it’s important to remember that nothing
has been officially confirmed and that means that these are rumor Super Mario
maker – or just a port of Super Mario maker makes a lot of sense that’s
literally the only reason some people still have their Wii U plugged in we’ve
been hearing a lot of hearsay about a Pikmin game coming up so that could
totally make sense a new 2d Zelda while we were blatantly told that they won’t
have a zelda release every single year and we know for a fact that they were
going to be having the core RPG Pokemon game coming out this year also with the
announcement of Metroid Prime being delayed it’s very possible though that
we’re going to have Metroid Prime trilogy coming to the Nintendo switch if
they do decide to bring Mario maker over to the Nintendo switch that leaves very
few popular games for the Wii that have not been ported over as per
famteam.com the best-selling Wii U video games worldwide Mario Kart 8 that’s been
ported Super Mario 3d World I think that was ported or version was made for the
3d yes however we got Mario Odyssey new super mario bros u that was ported over
Super Smash Bros we just got ultimate Nintendo land we didn’t get that we got
splatoon – Mario maker is listed there new super Luigi u was bundled with Super
Mario you Legend of Zelda Wind Waker don’t have that Mario Party 10 was
garbage we got it better one tropical freeze was ported over breath of the
wild was released Yoshi’s woolly world we have a Yoshi game coming treasure
tracker was released Pikmin that’s another game that was rumored lego city
donor cover with I’m pretty sure there’s been more Lego games released toilet
princess poker tournament has been ported over in Hyrule warriors so the
only games of this entire list that have not had any ports or versions or newer
versions or re-releases of is Pikmin Super Mario maker and the two Zelda
games toilet princess and Wind Waker the HD versions of those so they’ve been
talking about releasing a Zelda game every single year so with that we may
very well get ourselves one of those two Zelda games coming over to the Nintendo
switch would be fantastic because it’s a port of a rerelease I mean they could
bundle both of them together and then BOOM we use officially done if we got
Mario maker Pikmin and the two Zelda games you have no reason to blow the
dust off of your Wii U unless you hacked it but then you would probably still
prefer your switch speaking of games coming to the Nintendo switch Assassin’s
Creed 3 remastered listed on OB softs club website for the Nintendo switch
Assassin’s Creed 3 remaster was announced last week for ps4 Xbox one and
PC releasing on March 29th the game hasn’t been announced or confirmed for
the Nintendo switch however reportedly by Luke’s net Ubisoft has listed the
game for Nintendo switch in a new listing it hasn’t been officially
confirmed or announced for the switch please be aware that it could
potentially be a mistake or the information listed may or not be
entirely accurate now the suspicious thing about this is
here at news Dobis Ofcom we have it listed that’s coming to the xbox one ps4
MPC on my press credentials for the Ubisoft press website I have it listed
as coming for PC ps4 and Xbox one and the URL that’s listed in that screenshot
let’s go ahead and pull that up as you see right here club booby soft calm
slash Ian – GB – game – Assassin’s Creed liberation – R / switch / / view I
wasn’t able to get this URL working so this could be a glitch it could be fake
we don’t really know what’s going on yet it’d be nice it makes sense because
Assassin’s Creed 3 was the first Assassin’s Creed game that was playable
on a Nintendo home console which was fantastic of the core RPG Assassin’s
Creed games may or may not be true take it with a grain of salt the Zelda
limited edition 2018 CD collection that I previously talked about that was
coming out of Japan is now available for pre-order on Amazon
for $65.99 it’s gonna be released on March 15th 2019 it comes with the CD
booklet some earrings the number one reason I was thinking about buying that
is because I have the limited edition Skyward Sword that came with the CD I
don’t know where that I think that’s in my car actually this CD of the orchestra
which was cool huh apparently I have a Club Nintendo comm pin number that I
need to enter for the Nintendo Wii is that still a thing can I redeem this
code huh apparently the code is in the wrong format so I guess they don’t
support that anymore I should call the nintendo hotline and
tell them that i have this code and i’m not able to redeem it oh i had to have
registered it by november 20th 2015 to qualify for coins damn they gave me
four years to redeem it and i didn’t GameStop germany listed Spyro ring
a trilogy on Nintendo switch with August 16th as the release date or 16th August
because it’s Germany Spyro reignited trilogy was one game that antenna switch
owners helped would grace the platform but until now we haven’t had any mention
of it game stop Germany is now listing the classic platformer for the switch as
says that it’s due to be released on August 16th nice so this is something I
was tagged in a while ago something called Pokemon shirts and Pokemon shirts
are like nice-looking professional-looking dress shirts that
all have Pokemon on them it’s only available on a Japanese website and hang
on let’s just go ahead and pull up some examples here so like if I choose
squirtle this is the pattern on the shirt and it’s adorable
the Magikarp one is pretty obnoxious but like that just generic looking koi fish
you could probably get away with it in a professional setting like that’s the
Magikarp shirt right there I’ve actually wanted to buy these but the website is
listed as completely sold out however they have a pop up shop coming in Japan
it’s not gonna be while I’m in Japan it’s gonna be on February 21st to 24th
so ten days from now so if you’re watching this video and you live in
Japan oh I should hit up Blaine’s he lives in Japan I hit up Blaine’s
about it because you may know him he was featured on the channel here for a
collaboration we did on what Majora’s Mask could do in breath of the wild he’s
a streamer he’s still doing his thing he lives in Japan now so maybe I could
convince him to buy me some shirts and send them to me that’d be dope however
there’s still something fun Pokemon themed going on here in the States
and Nintendo New York which is not far from my house
there’s going to be a week of fun activity celebrating Pokemon day at
Nintendo these activities range per Age and lucky fans will have the opportunity
to meet and chat with Nintendo treehouse personnel hmm the activities begin on
February 27th through March 3rd be sure to drop by and take a picture with the
evm Pikachu if you’re within the area I want to take a picture with Charmander
in the last report there were those me beause that was leaked at the target
next to my house I told you I was gonna stop editing or once I was done editing
I was gonna go check it out I went to the target in the amiibo section there
was literally nothing there and then looking at the photo that was actually a
pop-up shelf for Valentine’s Day and clearance stuff I found the exact same
shelf even the trolls coloring book is still on that shelf but I was not able
to find these amiibos anywhere they are going to be going on sale later this
week I believe it’s February 15th I have them pre-ordered through Best Buy so
they’re just gonna deliver to my house purchased November 1st get it by Friday
February 15th yeah shipped to my house great perfect that’s gonna be for
piranha plant king K rool and ice climbers and now I just need to make
room on my shelf perfect also Nintendo Life put out an article about every
single color combination of joy Kahn’s possible which is such a dirty dirty
tease as you know I’ve been collecting the joy Kahn’s a little bit ignore the
pizza box it was a national pizza day over the weekend we did a fun stream of
animal crossing for the 3ds which I never played before new leaf it was a
lot of fun and it’s a very addicting game I’ve been playing that stardew
valley and park attacked recently obviously not covering them on the
channel none of them are on the switch this is such a tease because well first
of all the green and pink available on left and right one is exclusive to the
US one is exclusive to Japan I tried to order the Japanese one I could not it’s
even listed on Amazon but when I got it it was not green pink it was pink green
in a box that had green pink I have that bar now let’s go Pikachu and let’s go
ee-vie Joy cons are super difficult to come by even though it’s just a brown
and a yellow the Nintendo lavvo cardboard there were only three of those
ever made and they were given out in the UK for a competition apparently there’s
a dev kit black one left and right and then also I never realized that they had
the Famicom home console joy’ cons in addition to the nest ones that would
make sense for you know everyone doesn’t have an S in their country it
also has the hoary d-pad Mario and Pikachu ones listed here as well as the
Zelda one yeah such a tease hate it if you’re a fan of
hollow Knight there’s going to be additional paid DLC coming out on
Valentine’s Day three days from when I’m recording this so if you’re a fan of the
game you can check out team Cherry’s first paid DLC for this game I have
always been meaning to play it I just never got around to it also just a
little fun fact there is now over 1800 games released for the Nintendo switch
that’s 1868 titles most of them are indie download download only games but
the fact that the switch has this many games available to it that’s fantastic
I mean I’ve even bought games that I own on Steam on the switch just so I can
experience them on the go or in a more casual setting than with keyboard and
mouse stardew valley being a great example of that I actually first picked
that up on the switch and then I picked it up on Steam because you know mods are
great so guys that’s could be wrapping up this video I’m going to be taking the
rest of the week off for Valentine’s Day I’m gonna be a good fiance and stuff
winky-face emoji we’re getting ourselves an Airbnb and taking a few days away
from the world just me and KC so that’s gonna be a nice time for us I
do wish each and every one of you with someone special to have a happy
Valentine’s Day if you don’t have someone special to spend that special
day with there’s always next year and guys we’re gonna be wrapping this up til
next time Austin John out

Dragon Quest Games – RANKED – Worst to Best

Welcome back everyone, with Dragon Quest XI
worldwide release getting closer every day, I thought I’d put together a ranking of
every mainline entry in the series, so for today’s video we are looking at every Dragon
Quest game from worst to best. Also, this list only covers numbered titles,
so the many DQ spinoffs out there will not be included. Transition The first Dragon Quest is also the interestingly
the worst Dragon Quest. Don’t get me wrong, I actually do like the
game quite a bit and its innovation cannot be understated. DQI is the first Japanese roleplaying game,
merging together elements of western and eastern game design philosophies to produce a title
like no one has seen before. The game incorporates an open world design
and forces players to piece together clues to eventually work your way to the end boss. It doesn’t hold your hand even a step of
the way and overall the game is extremely experimental in nature, with a lot of tedious
elements being present including only one save point being present in the game world
and a seriously clunky menu system. Thankfully, the developers behind the game
know how to learn from their mistakes, so the franchise only improves from here. The next game is probably the strangest entry
on the list for a number of reasons. Dragon Quest X is the only entry on the list
that is not a single player role playing game. It is actually an MMO and so far has only
ever released in Japan. I had to jump through a few hoops to play
it including getting a little program that automatically translates the Japanese text
to English and let me tell you, I am a bit skeptical on how accurate this is. “Weird stuff” Uhhh Overall, the game hardly feels like a mainline
Dragon Quest game, it’s more of a spinoff to be honest. In DQX you do loot quests, raids with friends
and there’s even a bit of story to the game. I’m ranking it low because it is just so
different than the main games and I probably only enjoyed it more than DQI, but for an
MMO it is quite good and if it ever comes out in English, I would definitely get a membership. Dragon Quest VI. It’s a game that took forever to make its
way to the west. Originally a Super Famicom game, it got its
English Nintendo DS remake over fifteen years later improving the game in many ways. The game sees a hero who has to travel between
alternate realities, meeting new party members to eventually face off against the evil Murdaw. It is quite a good game, but overall, out
of the DS Dragon Quest games I’d say it’s the worst of the bunch and widely considered
a black sheep among the fanbase. There’s just nothing overly remarkable about
it, the story is just decent, the party members actually feel a bit flat with less companion
dialogue than DQV had and it just does not shine as brightly as IV, V and IX do which
is why I’m ranking it a bit lower. Dragon Quest II comes right off the heels
of the first game and immediately you can tell it is far improved. It still follows largely the same formula
as the first game, with cryptic hints leading you to explore a game world that truly feels
open. The world is huge, fun to explore in any direction
you want and so many elements from the first game have been fixed including multiple save
points, a more content filled world with more variety in equipment and multiple party members. The game is a great sequel that really paves
the way for the series. Dragon Quest III is an iconic classic. Serving as the origin story of the series
legendary hero, Erdrick, Dragon Quest III is an epic adventure in an open world that
massively improves upon its two predecessors. The game features a day and night cycle, the
new class system which gives players thousands of possible combinations and it introduces
a new party system which allows the player to name and create multiple characters with
different classes that come with their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s a revolutionary game that serves as the
refinement of the series and it truly feels like a role playing adventure, with players
really needing to think about every choice they make going forward. The game also improves the narrative of the
series greatly, boasting a very well thought out story involving Erdrick’s quest to defeat
the evil Baramos. This strong focus on the narrative helps bring
the world to life and the game still retains much of the investigative gameplay that the
series is known for. The GameBoy Color remake makes the original
NES classic even better. This is one GameBoy game that should not be
missed. Dragon Quest IX. This is the only game on the entire list that
is available exclusively on only one system, the Nintendo DS and it is the last Dragon
Quest game developed by Level-5 . The game is one of, if not the most visually and mechanically
impressive DS games I’ve ever seen. It features full animated cutscenes, 3D graphics
and a massive world. The game also made many changes for the series,
discarding the random monster encounters in favor of having monsters out on the field. The game follows a Celestrian, an angel like
being, who falls to Earth and has to make his or her way back to the observatory. The game is very unique in that for the first
time in the series, you can fully customize your characters down to how they look, their
gender, and even the clothes they wear. Armor and weapons actually change the appearance
of your character this time around, ensuring that no two people have the same characters. In addition, the game brings back the same
party system of Dragon Quest III, which I actually am not a huge fan of for this game. Many people note that because you make your
own party members with custom classes, names and looks, they lose out on having companions
with personalities. The companions in the game feel like empty
husks and they do not talk to you, unlike the DS remakes of IV, V, and VI which feature
unique story companions with interesting personalities that talk to you whenever you want to. This system was okay back when DQIII was out,
but this kind of party system is a bit outdated at this point. Regardless of this, the game overall is extremely
good, featuring an epic story, soundtrack, and even multiplayer options. It really showed off what the DS was capable
of and will prove as a good reason to go back to the system. Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen. It’s not just a name, the game is split up
into chapters. DQIV, originally on the NES and later remade
on the DS in an unfinished state and once again remade on mobile devices in a finished
state, is a game that kicked off the Zenithian trilogy of the games including V and VI. The game is structured in a very unique way,
focusing on multiple different characters from around the world. You play as these different characters and
learn their story, gradually leading up to everyone meeting up to defeat the evil Psaro
the Manslayer. The game extremely cool because of the way
it builds up the various characters you eventually meet and at times feels like multiple games
in one. There’s tons of party members too and they
all have unique abilities, making for a diverse lineup. Earlier I said the game was incomplete on
the DS. I really meant the localization was incomplete. The English version of Dragon Quest IV on
the DS removes one of the coolest features of the franchise, party chat. Party chat basically works by pressing the
B button whenever you want to talk to your companions and they will say something unique
almost every time depending on the situation you are in, really making them feel like people. Without this feature, thousands of lines of
dialogue were lost, which is a huge shame because this is a game with so many great
characters with great personalities and you won’t be able to even talk to them, however
luckily the mobile port completed the game and gives us all of this party chat dialogue. It is identical to the DS version in every
other way so it is the best version of the game for Westerners. If you have a phone, and yes you do, pick
this one up. This is the one everyone knows about. Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King
for the PlayStation 2. Dragon Quest VIII follows a band of four adventurers
tracking down a wicked Jester to undo a curse on an entire kingdom. The game’s visuals are timeless. It’s a PS2 game, but it looks fantastic, with
cel shaded visuals really bringing out the art style of Akira Toriyama. The game even has fully voiced scenes in the
English version and is the only game in the series so far to have this. Dragon Quest VIII presentation is what really
sets it apart and its story, full cutscenes and the interactions between its many characters
bring it to life. It introduces some new mechanics as well including
the ability to psyche up, the new skill point system that allows different paths for weapon
types and an alchemy pot to create new items and weapons with. The skill paths are especially great as they
allow for so many different play styles, which brings me back to this game again and again. That’s not to say that it’s a perfect game,
the battles are a bit slow to accommodate the flashy animations and you’re working
with only four different companions, which is a lot less than most games in the series,
leading to a less diverse team but when it comes down to the game’s massively improved
presentation all while maintaining the feel of the series, I would say that this is a
huge step for the franchise and one of the finest games on the PS2. Imagine a game that takes over a hundred hours
to beat. With thousands of lines of dialogue and tons
of story to get through. That’s what Dragon Quest VII is. Originally released on the original PlayStation
and nicely remade on the 3DS, Dragon Quest VII represents a huge turning point for the
series. The game stars a trio of kids who travel back
in time to restore forgotten parts of the world. It’s a super mysterious game and is very notorious
for a two hour long intro section in which you complete very challenging puzzles reminiscent
of the game Myst and along the journey you meet more characters than you can remember. The game is just huge, boasting one of gaming’s
largest scripts with over 70,000 lines of dialogue, and it introduces my absolute favorite
feature in the Dragon Quest series, the Party Chat feature, which works well to hear the
comments of Kiefer and Maribel who both have defining personalities. In addition to just how massive the game is,
it ramps up the investigative aspect of the time travel in the game requiring the players
to seriously think at times and piece together the next objective without being told exactly
what to do. The new class system is also really great,
allowing you to change the classes of you and your companions while maintaining their
personalities. Overall, its the definition of a hidden gem
and definitely the PS1’s swan song. Dragon Quest V is the best game in the entire
franchise. Its a title that takes everything good about
Dragon Quest and puts it into one package. The game is about family, friendship, and
good versus evil. The story follows one hero’s transition
from childhood to adulthood where he journeys to save his mother from the clutches of the
underworld. It’s an epic, emotional tale with extremely
well written characters and a living, breathing world that is constantly changing around you
as the years go by in the game. It also introduces many new aspects to the
series including the ability to recruit monsters you’ve fought into your already bustling
party that includes a wife that you choose yourself as well as many friends you meet
across the journey. The characters in Dragon Quest V are so well
written that you can feel a bond between them and the protagonist and the Party Chat feature
in this title is the most robust so far, with your party members having something to say
after almost any situation or talking to any NPC you meet. There is so much attention to detail put into
Dragon Quest V its ridiculous and it ends up being the most enjoyable entry in the series
to me, with every feature one could want, an extremely diverse group of multiple interesting
party members and an epic story where you find new locations on your journey to defeat
the franchise’s most evil villain yet. Dragon Quest is not just the best game in
the franchise, it very well may be the best RPG ever and is a must play for fans of the
genre. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. I wanted to thank everyone for helping me
get to one hundred subscribers recently, I couldn’t do it without everyone’s support. If your name isn’t listed, I apologize,
some people’s privacy settings don’t allow me to know you’re subbed to me. Regardless, I hope to make more content for
you all to enjoy in the future. See you next time.

My Arcade PCB Collection – Game Sack

January 20, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

My Arcade PCB Collection – Game Sack

(Game Sack Theme) (glass shattering) – Hello and welcome to Game Sack. A lot of you have been asking me again and again to make an episode about the arcade games which I own, and by a lot of you, I mean one of you. Still, I gave it some thought and figured I could make something
enjoyable out of it, and as you can see, I’ve already failed. Anyway, let’s take a look at how I’m able to play arcade games at home. (upbeat music which
sounds like a CPS2 game) Arcade games come on big,
scary PCBs like this. And if you didn’t know, PCB stands for printed circuit board. This is more than just a
glorified game cartridge. The entire graphics,
audio and logic hardware are all built on here. Each board is it’s very own system. To play these, I hook it up
to what’s called a SuperGun. A SuperGun basically takes the audio and video from the board, which is already in analog form, and
routes them to an output. It also allows you to connect power and joy stick control to the board in one handy hook up called JAMMA, which is a standardized connection that the arcade industry
eventually came up with. I use a HAS or H A S SuperGun. I’m not sure if there’s a correct pronunciation or not,
but I find this to be the best one available. It outputs legal video properly, attenuated at 75 ohms. This means that it has the necessary circuitry to safely match the signal and impedance of consumer grade equipment, like your TV, your
Framemeister, or what have you. It comes with two DB15 joystick ports, which work great with a Neo Geo joystick. You’ll also need a proper external power supply like this one, so you can dial in five volts down to the T. From there, you connect your RGB cabling to go to a compatible
monitor or transcoder. If I use an RGB to component transcoder, I can play on my Toshiba CRT here and it looks amazing! I also sometimes play on my PVM monitor. (character yelling)
(crappy music) There you go. A very oversimplified explanation of how I play arcade games at home. Now is the part of the show where I show you each and every one of my 11 arcade PCBs in action, and all the video game footage in this episode has been
recorded from said PCBs. So without further ado, let’s get into it. (sweet Shinobi music arranged
by Joe nearly 15 years ago) Of course I’m going to start out with Shinobi from SEGA, which was released in the arcades in 1987. Looking at the board, we see that this is a system 16 Btype. Since my SuperGun is JAMMA, I need an adapter so it can be powered, controlled and monitored
by JAMMA equipment. That’s right, system 16B is not JAMMA. We also see this EPROM which is labeled Shinobi A7 sound fix with the Z80B. What is this all about? Well when I received the game, it had no sound at all. It turns out that a lot of SEGA games use what is called a suicide battery as a form of copy protection. When the battery is removed or dies, the game stops working, or
at least part of it does. In my case, it was the sound, since the Z80CPU is what
was affixed to the battery. So I had to change out the Z80CPU and the sound rom to accommodate it, which cost me a total of about $20, which the seller of the board
happily reimbursed me for. For those of you outside
of the United States who are confused and perhaps a bit angry, when I say Z80, just pretend I said Z80. Awesome, we’re good. Anyway, now the game works perfectly. This is called phoenixing, as basically you raise the board from the dead. What’s funny is that there are some super snobby people out there who would never dare
play on a phoenixed board because it’s just not
the original experience. Screw those guys, I want
to play my Shinobi forever. Anyway, you play as ninja Joe Musashi, and you’re on a mission to rescue kids and take down the even Zeed corporation, or Z corporation outside of the US. You have to rescue all of the pink kids before you’re allowed to exit the stage. I’ve told this story before,
but this is the first game I ever played where I learned to jump up and down
between different levels. The first time I was playing stage one, I couldn’t figure out
how to get back down, and some dude standing nearby told me to press down and jump at the same time. I tell ya, it was like a whole new world had opened up to me. I love how I can throw shurikens almost as fast as I can press the button. Each stage also lets you
use ninja magic once. And who can forget about the amazing bonus stages which are super fun. If you win one of these,
you get an extra dude. But really you’ll probably be losing most of the time. Doesn’t matter, these bonus stages are still crazy fun though. Once you get to the final set of stages, you can no longer continue,
even if you’ve inserted tons of quarters. (upbeat music) The graphics may look kind of plain today, but I always thought that
they were super cool. I love how fast and
responsive everything is. The music is amazing as
well, making great use of FM synthesis. I especially love the game over music. (sweet FM Shinobi Game Over music) And the voices are really cool as well. – [Narrator] Mission four. – [Joe] You can definitely
hear the difference in quality here versus
emulated versions like MAME. – [Narrator] Mission one, finished. Welcome to bonus stage! Mission one, finished. Welcome to bonus stage! – This game is a blast to play and one of my favorite arcade games ever. I’m super happy to have
it in my collection, and it’s probably the arcade game I pull down to play the most. (upbeat music)
(character grunting) (whooshing) Next up is the Astyanax from JALECO, released in 1989, or Astyanax, I guess that’s more accurate
but less fun to say. This is completely different
from the NES version, but it has a similar play style and it’s from the same designer, and that designer is Tokohiro Takamori. He first worked on the Legendary Axe for the PC Engine and TurboGrafx-16, and Astyanax plays similarly. Basically you have a weapon that’s tied to a bar on the screen. The bar refills as long
as you’re not attacking. If you attack when the bar is full, your attack is super strong. Your attacks are weaker
if you’re attacking quickly and the bar doesn’t
have time to refill much. The board itself is quite large, and has a hefty data board attached. What’s weird is this adapter board attached to the business end. I’m not sure what this is all about, but it looks to be made
by JALECO themselves. It seems to be a straight
pass through board with some resisters applied,
for one reason or another. There’s really no reason
for me to remove it, so of course it stays. I also received this arcade
marquee with the game. This is pretty cool, and it’s also the only arcade marquee
that I actually own. The game itself is pretty fun, if a bit unremarkable. You can play with a friend
or even a total stranger, and you’re both on screen
at the very same time. What will they think of next? Basically, you just work your way through the stage killing enemies like giant mantises, or
maybe even some skeletons. At the end of the stage is a cool boss, and usually they’re
pretty big and detailed. Okay, well not always big. You also have a couple of items that you can collect. The little winged shield thing will give you a big magic attack, which can be powered
up if you collect more. The rounded shield gives
you some temporary defense. The game is pretty short, and you can blast through it in about 20 minutes with unlimited continues. This is par for the course with a lot of arcade games though. The variety in the stages is nice, but in the final stage,
you’re fighting aliens. This seems so out of place. The graphics are pretty good, and I like the color in most of the areas. The music is okay at best, but you won’t be hearing much of it. Instead, all you’ll hear is the constant grunting of your character,
each and every time they attack. (character grunting) It’s fine if you’re the one who’s playing, but if you’re just watching,
then wow does it get old fast. All in all, the game isn’t amazing by any means, but it’s not a bad time. I’ve never played or even seen
this one in an actual arcade. Well maybe Galloping Ghost had one and I passed it by or something, but I certainly never saw
one when it was recent. I’m honestly not sure why I bought it. It must not have been very expensive, but you know, I don’t regret it. (character grunting)
(upbeat music) Whoa! I don’t just happen to have side scrolling action platformers, right? I have to have more variety. Well as it turns out, I do have two games that definitely do not fit in that mold, not by choice, mind you, but anyway, check ’em out. (upbeat music) Many years ago a viewer sent me two cheap arcade games that I think he got in a lot and had duplicates of. Either way, he didn’t want ’em, so he sent them to me
despite me telling him that I had absolutely no way to play them. However, it prompted me to take the dive into getting the stuff I needed to play arcade games at home. The first of these games is Premier Soccer by KONAMI and it was released in 1993. This is a cool little soccer game, or football for those of
you who don’t say soccer. Please leave your angry comments about how horrible the United States is for saying “soccer” below, and how we should all just die. Anyway, the board itself is pretty modest, but it does have a
connection for stereo sound. Just be sure to flip up the
dip switch here to enable it. Anyway, your team
represents an entire country an all of its inhabitants. So if you win, everyone in
your country is a winner. Yes, that’s how it works, no pressure. You then choose the
size of your play field. Basically this is how far
zoomed in the camera is. You can have it way zoomed out, which lets you see a good
portion of the field, or way zoomed in. In this mode, the
scrolling is insanely fast and it’s really hard to
keep track of anything. One of the middle settings
is usually the best, and it defaults to the second option. When you’re on defense,
you control the player that’s closest to the ball, and this can mess you up sometimes, because the control keeps switching around and suddenly you’re
running away from the ball. You have two buttons, pass and shoot. There’s also a single penalty you can get. – [Referee] Push it, you’re booked. Direct free kick. – [Joe] The graphics are
pretty good, if a bit basic. It’s sometimes difficult to tell which is your team and who is the enemy. If you end in a tie, there’s a touch of scaling and rotation when you settle in to do your penalty
kicks, but unfortunately that’s as flashy as this game ever gets. The stereo music is pretty good, though I wish there were
more musical themes. Overall, like I said, not
a bad little soccer game. (upbeat music)
(ball whacking) (crowd cheering) – [Narrator] Goal! (upbeat music) – [Joe] The other game
he sent is a 1995 title called Party Time, Gonta
The Diver II from Mitchell. The board is pretty simple and unassuming. I don’t know why this chip
is all marked over though. Actually look, quite a few of them are. What the hell is going on here? This is a tile flipping game
where you reveal an image. Also it’s the only arcade game that I own that happens to be in TATE mode. – [Angry man] TAAAAAATE! – [N00b kid] TATE mode is the best thing that’s ever happened in the universe!!! – Anyway, you are Gonta,
or at least I assume. You dive into a tile and can swim underneath everything, and then reemerge at any unflipped tile. All the while, there are things wandering around the board
to make your life difficult. There are also items to collect, and honestly, I don’t
know what each of them do because this is maybe
the second or third time I’ve ever played this. You see, you’re revealing
images of cartoon women. As you progress further, the ladies become less and less equipped with clothing, and eventually fully nude. Honestly though, it doesn’t matter what the images are, this
game is pretty boring. But I had to show it to you since it’s an arcade PCB that I have. Glad I didn’t pay for it. (upbeat music) (tense music) Here’s Rastan from TAITO, another one of my favorites from the arcade, and it was released in 1987. Looking at the PCB, it’s pretty simple with only one layer and
a fairly clean look. One thing that I should
know about this game is that it absolutely requires the negative five volts from
your arcade power supply. If you don’t have that, well
you won’t have any audio. This is currently the
only board that I have that needs a negative
five volt line connected, at least that I know of. Anyway, I really like this game, and I was super happy when it came home to the Master System. You play as a Conan the Barbarian rip off, and you hack and slash
your way through the stage. Eventually you’ll make it to a door. Go inside and you’ll wander around a decently large castle. Get through that, and you’ll
meet up with the boss. But he’s not the boss of
you, so just kill him. This game is super tough,
and I’m not kidding at all when I say that. There are plenty of check points, and you have a life bar, but this game will still make short work of you. I don’t think I ever got to the first boss in an actual arcade back in the day. Thankfully though, I
have unlimited quarters playing at home. There are some icons you can grab which will refill your life, give you more power temporarily, or even take some of your life away, so be careful. There are also a few weapons to grab, like the ax which is more
powerful than the sword. There’s also the mace, which extends your attack range greatly,
just like a real mace. Or my favorite, the flaming sword. I like this because it shoots a little ball of fire, just like you’d expect any sword that’s on fire to do. I guess the hilt of the sword is like one big oven mitt, or else Rastan would drop it as soon as he grabbed it. Either that or Rastan doesn’t
have time to feel pain! See what I did there? I took a line from Predator but changed the words around so I made it like my own, so it’s not like you know, yeah. Let’s move on. This is another one of those games where the final level doesn’t
let you continue at all. Even with the difficulty
and slightly stiff controls, this is really fun. I like the graphics, even though I feel there could be more variety sometimes, since things begin to
repeat themselves a bit. This board of mine also has some really bad video quality. I’m not sure why it does, but if we zoom in here,
you can really see it. See those vertical jail bars? Maybe it needs more capacitors? Maybe the PCB needs
some sort of RGB bypass? I have no idea. Also I can’t fit the entire game on screen as it goes beyond the normal over scan of any of my monitors. I can fit it enough to
make it playable though. I love the music in this game, but the same three tunes
play on each stage. One for the outside, one for the inside, and the other for the boss fight. I’m glad to have this
one and it’s fun to play even though I’m quite sure
I’ll never be able to beat it. (tense music) This next game, I didn’t even know existed until we did our Side-scrolling
Run & Gun episode. That was episode 20,
and this is episode 268, for comparison. I covered a game, and I was told by you guys that “You should
have covered its sequel, because it’s way better.” (typing) And you know what, you
guys are absolutely right, and I’m finally glad
that I can say I own it. (dramatic music) (lightening rumbling) This is Gun Force II from
IREM, released in 1994. This is the sequel to Gun Force I, which itself really
isn’t worth talking about because this game is leagues better. This has never been
ported to a home console, but it is available for the
IREM Arcade Hits for MAC and PC. This was developed by the same team who would go on to form NAZCA, who are famous for the Metal Slug series. In fact, in many ways, this game could be called Metal Slug 0. The PCB itself is typical
of IREM at the time, featuring two layers with
the larger board on top. I always used to have issues
with this game freezing, but since I started using the HAS SuperGun and my current power supply, it’s been nothing but smooth city. You play as a dude, either alone or with some other person,
and the game is a run and gun. Like I said, it’s very
similar to Metal Slug. Your default weapon looks
kind of like a blue version of the heavy machine gun from Metal Slug, and you can even power
up each weapon a bit. And speaking of other weapons, there are a few others like
the laser beam, or the fire. You can even get into a
ton of different vehicles with their own fire power. Being in these will protect you from enemy fire for a
small period of time. You even rescue hostages,
but instead of dirty guys, they are sexy women. They don’t give you power
ups when you rescue them, just a nice little noise to make you know that they appreciated you touching them. (women groaning) One thing that this game doesn’t have that Metal Slug does are grenades. You just have your main
weapons here and that’s it. Of course at the end of each stage, you fight a crazy boss. Between each stage, you can go up in rank and also increase your pay grade, all depending on how many women you rescued and what not. But honestly, this isn’t something that matters much unless
you’re playing for score. The game is super fun, and you’d think it would be repetitive, but surprisingly it’s really not bad in that area at all. The visuals are outstanding, just like you’d expect from this team. Everything is hyper
detailed and well animated. Explosions are going
off all over the place, and it makes everything
feel super intense. The sound is great as well, and
it reminds me of Metal Slug. The music is just as
good, though each stage doesn’t have its own unique theme. (gun whirring)
(dramatic music) Speaking of stages, there are only five of them here before the game loops. Still, this one is insanely fun, and I’m happy to have it in my collection. (weapons whirring)
(tense music) (woman groaning) (dramatic music) Speaking of Metal Slug,
here’s Metal Slug 5 from SNK, released in 2003. That’s right, this is
one of my arcade PCBs. I didn’t even know that SNK produced these at the time, but hey, apparently they did. It’s a tiny little thing, and basically a miniaturized Neo Geo
without a cartridge port. It was quite a bit cheaper than a Neo Geo MVS cartridge of the
same game at the time, and waaay cheaper than an AES cartridge. So I got this, and hey it’s Metal Slug, though at this point NAZCA
wasn’t really a thing anymore. Instead, this was made by noise factory. This takes place after Metal Slug 7, and you’re supposed to just know that, even though Metal Slug 6 and 7 hadn’t even been made yet,
for some weird reason. You can’t jump down from a higher level like in Shinobi and Gun Force II, but you can do a sweet new slide move. There are only five stages, but there are a couple of areas with branching paths, so you’ll need to play it two more times if you want to see everything. Still, there’s some fun vehicles to ride, including this crazy spidery one in the second half of the game. Other than that stuff, pretty much everything here has already been done in the previous games. It’s still cool though. The graphics remain excellent, with new backgrounds
and awesome animation. The music is real
instruments streamed in mono, with low quality, but
I like it nonetheless. (gunshots firing in mono)
(dramatic music in mono) – [Man] Shotgun. (gunshots firing in mono)
(dramatic music in mono) – [Joe] However a few of the sound effects can have some distortion. (gunshots distorting)
(dramatic music in mono) If I recall correctly, the real Neo Geo versions do that too. This is a fun game that
I got fairly cheap, so I feel it’s a good addition. (exploding)
(dramatic music) (gunshots firing) (dramatic music) Ghouls ‘N Ghosts from CAPCOM is a phenomenal game that
was released in late 1988. The first time I had heard about the game was when it was announced as being one of the first games
for the upcoming Genesis. I learned that this was the arcade sequel to Ghosts ‘N Goblins. Soon before the Genesis came out, a local game store called Buy~Back Games, rest in peace, got the arcade. I noticed it when I went
in to rent some games. I played it once and I
thought it was really cool. And of course, once the
Genesis version came out, I fell in love with the game, and it’s still one of my
favorite games to this day. So it’s only natural that I’d want the arcade version in my collection. Looking at the PCB, it’s a little odd. First of all, it’s a CAPCOM CPS1, but that’s not what’s odd at all. For whatever reason, the previous owner decided to put little
Ghouls ‘N Ghosts stickers on all of the EPROMs. I’m guessing he liked to pull out and switch games around to play different things on this board. Whatever, this works great. So basically, at the beginning, you head out to get some food
or something and get lost. Three years later, you find your way back and everything you know
and love is under attack. Time to set off and rid
the world of demons again. This game is about 50 or 60 times better than Ghost ‘N Goblins,
maybe 80 times better. There are many more weapons. The stages are much cooler, and you can even shoot up and down. I can pretty much blow through this game, but I’m not immune to dying,
however a lot of my deaths come from committing suicide,
because it’s the only recourse over getting a
bad weapon like the sword. I don’t wanna be stuck with that. I generally stick with the default spear, flying disk or the dagger. One I get the dagger, I
stop looking for weapons. You can also get magic armor
for some special attacks. These are all different and depend on what weapon you currently have. And yes, you need to go
through the game twice, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Unfortunately, this is the
US version of the game. Why is that bad? Because it’s so easy! There are tons upon tons of
check points at every stage. In the Japanese version, there’s only one checkpoint midway
through any given stage. And no, this isn’t because I’m playing it on a board where some guy liked to switch games out and
put labels on the EPROMs. That’s just the way the US version is, even on its hardest dip setting. This can be verified in MAME. Still, I’m in love with everything about this game otherwise,
like the amazing organic looking graphics,
or the memorable music with the different themes
for each and every boss. And of course the tricky
game play which is amazing. This is far in a way my favorite game in the entire Ghost ‘N Goblins slash Ghouls ‘N Ghosts series. (gentle upbeat music) (boing) (whacking) (tense music) One of the arcade games I absolutely had to get was Choplifter from SEGA, released in 1985. This is one of the arcade games that convinced me to buy
a SEGA Master System, and it’s also one of the first two games I bought for that console. The board is insanely huge, but at least it only has one layer. This is running on a SEGA System 8 board, and it was made before JAMMA was a thing. And because of that, it
needs an appropriate adapter to run on my SuperGun. Anyway, SEGA bought the rights to make an arcade version of Dan
Gorlin’s computer game, and in the process, they made it about 36 times more fun
and interesting, maybe 37. The premise is that the
enemy has 32 hostages being held in every stage. You need to rescue 20 of them. It doesn’t matter which
20, so long as you get 20. The other 12 people, they
can just go straight to hell. Here’s the thing though, you can only fit eight hostages in your helicopter at once. What are you gonna do? Well you need to find the bases where the hostages are being held, blast it open, collect them
and then fly back to your base. And you’ll need to do this multiple times, thanks to the aforementioned limited capacity of your helicopter. If you get shot down, you lose a life. If you get shot down with hostages in your helicopter,
those hostages all die. (digital laughing) If more than 12 hostages die, then you can no longer rescue 20 of them, so the stage resets and you try again, as long as you have a life left. You may notice me bouncing up and down as I collect hostages. Doing this prevents the tanks from coming. You can only kill tanks and
other foreground objects by pressing the button so your
helicopter faces the screen. I learned this by playing
the Master System version. That version also taught me
to fly backwards in the caves, but sadly it doesn’t
work quite as well here. This game is absolutely relentless. It will kick your ass
six ways from Sunday. You will die a lot. There also aren’t any continues. The Master System version is definitely more balanced than this
one, however the arcade has an exclusive city
stage after the cave. The Master System game changes this to a night time version
of the first stage. Both games loop after that. The graphics here are pretty good considering it’s running
on their 8-bit board. Of course I’ve always loved
the parallax scrolling. The music is also pretty good, and I absolutely love the
crude yet really cute voices. – [Character] Help me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. – [Joe] This game isn’t for everyone, but it always makes me smile. (gunshots firing)
(upbeat music) (screaming) – [Character] Thank you. Thank you. Help me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Help me. (digital laughing) – Man, I’m so glad I finally got to show off my Choplifter PCB. I love that game. Anyway, I have still got
two games to show you. (tense music) I wonder why I wore this shirt today, huh. (heavy rock music) (dramatic music) (man groaning) Ah yes, here we have Golden Axe, The Revenge of Death Adder from SEGA, released in 1992. This has never been
released for home consoles in any way, as of the
making of this video. However Arcade 1Up has announced a version of this, so be on the look out, but it’s not gonna be cheap. The board is SEGA’s System 32. That’s right, it’s 32 bits! And it’s pretty beefy with a very large daughter board on top. It has a label which says Golden Ax II, despite coming out after
the Genesis Golden Axe II. One of these two games is lying. This is a beat ’em up, or perhaps the term hack ’em up would be more suitable. You can choose from four
different characters, and up to four players
can play at the same time. The characters are one of the few very minor complaints that
I have about this game. They’re kind of weird. I just wish that in addition
to these characters, we could also have the original ones from the first game here. I mean I guess we have the sword guy, but I’m not sure he’s supposed
to be the same person. The dwarf is kind of here, but he’s riding on the back of this big dude. Oh well. As you hack your way through the game, you’ll sometimes be
able to choose your path which adds to the replayability. I’m lucky to have the US version, which has all of the levels in it. I’m also lucky to have gotten it for the price I did, which
was right under $300, and that was insanely
cheap, even at the time. It’s still the most money I’ve ever spent on a single game though. Still, this game is crazy awesome, and I love the close ups of the enemies getting absolutely wrecked
when you use your magic. You should have just
stayed home today, pal. The graphics are great, and even feature some full screen System
32 scaling here and there. The sound and music are also great, and are presented in stereo. (whooshing)
(tense music in stereo) The game does get a bit repetitious after a while though,
as you’ll find yourself fighting way too many
of these guys too often. (tense music) Unfortunately, some arcade PCBs aren’t really built to last. Mine no longer produces any sound. I had to resort to an older recording I thankfully made in 2016 of
this game for this episode. If I do the memory test,
IC16 comes up as bad. IC16 is sitting right next to the Z80, which is responsible
for handling the audio. Apparently this isn’t an uncommon problem with the System 32 board. However as of right
now, I haven’t been able to find a way to fix it. People have replaced the IC16, and even the Z80, checked the traces and everything else, and still no audio, and it still comes up as
bad in the memory test. This is definitely one of the downsides about collecting arcades, as
they can be extremely fickle. Anyone in the Denver metro area know who to fix this? Anyway, regardless, this game is one of my pride and
joys, though honestly, I’m not very proud to no
longer have any audio. (poor creature yelling)
(tense music) (upbeat music) Finally, I was able to acquire X-Men Vs Street Fighter
from a viewer recently, well kind of recently. This CAPCOM game was released in 1996. This uses the CAPCOM CPS2 system, and so far it’s my only CPS2 game. Basically, the top comes off, and you can swap out the
games like giant cartridges. There’s also a suicide
battery in these things, and once it dies, I’ll
probably get it modded to have all of the CPS2 games in it, if I can figure out how. When this one is powered
on, it’s crazy loud because the fan in this thing just wants to move all the air in the world. (fan whirring loudly) Yikes. This one also needs to be connected to what’s called a kick harness, which allows for six button support. JAMMA officially only supports three buttons per joystick port, so this extra setup lets
you control the kicks, hence the name. I also use my Saturn pad
adapter for this one, since I don’t own any six button joysticks that fit into the Neo Geo controller port. Anyway, this one on one
fighting game is phenomenal. You have some Street Fighter characters and some X-Men characters. You pick any two, and
your enemy also picks two. You can switch between them at any time during the match, trying to keep at least one alive. Whoever defeats both of the other two characters wins the match. It’s exactly like the Saturn version, with the exception of the loading times. There aren’t any loading times here, but it’s not a huge advantage, because the Saturn version
still loads super fast. The graphics are amazing, and I love the animation in this one. Same with the music and sound. This one has QSound, which means you can hear some fake surround sound, but only if your head is smack in the middle of the two speakers. Even then, the effect isn’t amazing, but it still sounds good. – [Announcer] Fight! (whacking)
(characters grunting) (character speaking in a foreign language) – [Joe] Some of the voices
are so silly, I love ’em. – [Announcer] This is X-Men
Versus Street Fighter. You’ll not see anything
like it in the whole world! – [Joe] Overall this is a fantastic game, and I’m amazing that it hasn’t suicided itself after 24 years. I’m glad though. (character speaking in a foreign language) (whacking)
(upbeat music) (character groaning) – [Juggernaut] Earthquake. Power. (character speaking in a foreign language) – Well there you go, that’s all of the actual arcade games
that I happen to own. I didn’t talk about the
Neo Geo MVS cartridges that I own because, well,
that’s kind of a gray area, for me anyway, and I don’t think there can be another one of these episodes for a very, very long
time, because it takes a while to get all these,
and they’re not cheap. They’re going up in price,
and that really, really sucks. Maybe I can cover one of
my friend’s collections. Who knows? Anyway, do you own any arcade PCBs? How about full sized cabinets? I wish I owned full sized cabinets, but they take up a lot of room, and then you have to worry about maintenance on the CRTs
and all that stuff, so that’s really not for me,
unless I just had one or two. Anyway, let me know. In the meantime, thank you for
watching Game Sack, and you. But not you. (Game Sack Credits Theme) (gentle upbeat music) You know, Choplifter’s
a fantastic arcade game. I love playing it a lot, however, I feel that the Master System version is slightly more balanced,
so let’s play that. (gentle upbeat music) (electrical whirring) Well this is a good game, but I wish the graphics were a little bit better. It just doesn’t have the power. What should I do? (electrical whirring) (electricity zapping) (upbeat rock music) Hell yeah, this is awesome! I know this was a dumb joke but they can’t all be winners.