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Clinton Portis Was Hungover For His Best NFL Game Ever | Untold Stories S1E1

– Bro, I’m hungover. I can’t play today. I’m throwin’ up before the game. You know, I get it all outta my system. – This is crazy. – Yeah, it’s so crazy because that was the best game I ever had in the NFL. ♪♪♪ – Clinton Portis! – What’s good, man? – We got a Washington legend, a Hurricane great. You grow up playin’ pool? – Man, this is my first time. – You sure this your first time? – First time. I was practicing outside. – [Laughing] Your rookie year with the Denver Broncos: Take me through what happened rookie night. – Oh, it’s most epic rookie night of all time, right? So Al Wilson, Shannon Sharpe, Rod Smith, uh, Brian Griese—everybody came out. In Denver, the entire team partied together. – Say less. – So you got the squad, everybody was there. It was like, “Man, we gonna have rookie night, we gotta do this right,” you know? Oh, you get the vets out, you know, they gonna get ‘em a bottle of Champagne. You know, they, they do it big. They did it right. – What bottle of Champagne we talkin’? – Back then, I think it was Moet. Like, Moet was big. You know, rookie night, you’re supposed to be reasonable— – Of course. – On the tab. – Of course. – But our tab probably was, it was 20 grand. – What do you spend $20,000 on?! – Grey Goose and Hennessy. – Yeah, dawg. – [Laughing] – Back, back then at 21, 22, you were definitely on Hennessy. – You mixin’ up dark and clear? – You young. – Yeah. – When you’re young, you’re drinkin’ anything. You just tryna have a good time. But Friday night probably lasted till 5 a.m. Saturday morning. I ended up bein’ sick on Sunday. – What does sick mean? – I was hungover on Sunday. – [Laughing] – So I was in worse condition on Sunday than I was Friday or Saturday. – Damn. – Like, it’s one of those, “Bro, I can’t play in this game.” And I’m gettin’ ready to walk into Coach Shanahan’s office, and as I walked to his office, Shannon Sharpe say, “Po! What you doing?” I’m like, “Man, I can’t play.” He was like, “Ohhhh, no!” Like, that, “That’s not their problem. You still gotta go out and perform.” So I’m like, “What?” He was like, “Man, don’t do that. Go outside, run it out.” He was like, “Come back in, uh, contrast whirlpools. Hot, cold, hot, cold until you feel better.” So I go outside, and I’m sprintin’ up and down the sideline—this is before the game, I’m runnin’ 100-yard sprints full speed. Come back in, hurlin’ everywhere, you know, but I’m startin’ to feel better. You know, I get it all outta my system. – This is crazy. – Yeah, it’s so crazy because that was the best game I ever had in the NFL. I had 17 carries for 228 against Arizona, and I was hungover. Like, totally done. That was in 2002, by mistake, rookie night, right? So now you speed up, maybe 2006? This “famous” shot game, the Henny game. – With your U teammates. You got yourself, Santana Moss and Sean Taylor, in D.C., in Washington. – We’re playin’ the Jacksonville Jaguars. Me and Tana sittin’ in the, in the parking lot. So, you know, we gettin’ turnt in the car. I’m like, “Man, I’m finna take another shot of Henny.” And, of course, we tell Sean, like, “Bro, we gonna take a shot. We gotta go out—like, we gotta win this game.” So me, Sean and Tana, we toast, take a shot. Tana scored two touchdowns and game-winning touchdown, right? Sean had a crazy game. I had a crazy game. Another 100-yard game against one of the better defenses in the NFL. – How often did you guys do this ritual? – It wasn’t like, “This is what we look forward to. This is what we did every week,” you know? It was just, if we had one of those games, like, “Man, I gotta go ball out. Cheers.” And we out. – Man. This ain’t your first time, bro. There’s no way in hell this your first time, man. – I’m learnin’ on the run, man. – Nah. Thanks for kickin’ it with us. Subscribe to B/R to check out more dope videos like this one.

49ers Post Game Buzz: San Francisco defense gets credit in win over Rams

What’s going on everybody? This is Chris Biderman of the Sacramento
Bee live outside the LA Memorial Coliseum with the 49ers post game buzz following
their 20 to 7 victory over the LA Rams. Just a really complete dominating
performance by the 49ers defense. They allowed just 157 yards overall, including Something like 31 in
the second half and just one first down. The Rams overall win over nine on third
down and over four on fourth down, including a goal line stand in the second
quarter that proved to be massive in the outcome of this game running back. Malcolm Brown was stuck by the 40 Niners
defensive line on consecutive runs from the one yard line on third and
fourth down. Giving the 40 Niners the ball back
after they had given the ball away on a Jimmy Garofalo
interception in the end zone. So the defense really came up
huge today for the 40 Niners. They knew coming into the week
without tackles, Joe Staley and Mike McGlinchey and fullback, Kyle that the offense might not be as
dynamic as it has been previously. And that was exactly the case of 40 Niners
ran for just 99 yards on 41 carries That’s just 2.4 yards per carry after
coming in averaging 200 yards on the ground per game to be the number
one team in the NFL in that category. But, really,
it was the defense that stood tall. Like I mentioned, Jerry Goff, quarterback
for the Rams, completed just 13 of 24 for 78 yards No touchdowns,
no interceptions for golf, but overall the 49ers did well,
to keep the Rams offence, from being able to move the ball,
at any consistent level throughout. Just one first down in the second half. And the 49ers joined the Patriots, says the only teams in the NFL,
who are five and on. So they said the top of
the standings in the NFC West. They have a very winnable game on
the road next week in Washington DC, and that’s it for
the niners post game buzz for now keep it locked to
sackb.com/40niners for more coverage. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Gridiron Heights, Season 2, Ep. 1: 28-3 Jokes for Life

We are cleared for landing in Gridiron Heights Welcome back to football, everyone You like that? YOU LIKE THAT?!!! We remind you this is a non-smoking league Doing great, Ice Man Just got to land this bad boy like we’ve practiced
a thousand times before No problem, Coach Can you give me a read on the approach vectors? Looks like we’re turning from 28 degrees west Uh, heading towards 3 degrees That’s 28 to 3 What’s that? 28 to 3 And perfect conditions There’s no way you could screw this landing up Yeah, totally Uh Ice? You all right? Matty! Matty! Matty Ice! Ice Man! You good?! OH GOD. He’s chooooooking!!! He’s chooooking! My ankle! Ow, my shoulder! No one’s fault, no one’s fault, tho Is there a quarterback who can land this plane? Oh, no, sorry. Like a real quarterback Sounds like a job for… Smokin’ Jay Out of my way scrub I got this Um, let’s see Ow, hurt my thumb; I’m done, I give up

“NFL 2019” — A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL

***You can turn these captions on and off using the CC button You know, back then I was a little baby Sweet and greasy You gotta love bread I know, you know there’s sandwich bread over there next to the coffee Oh yeah, I eat bread in the bathtub Okay,that’s gross to me There’s a lot I been feeling lately Uh, why is there a hearse at my house? Night screams… the new fun of the kids Billy! Billy! My Billy Billy, where are you, Billy?! So I need to talk to you regarding money I stomped on all the fun chunks My grief has a scent like suffering A rusty navel? How’d it get rusty? Look at this bug! It’s an honor to meet you, my lord Hmmmghahhh Hmephhushimma Meefrow Winkle, winkle, wink wittle ghost And kiss a pickle as you haunt your tree [clap] Hey! I’m crying on the inside I intensely stole carpet I tell you, there’s a Bigfoot on your shed It itches right where the end is How would you describe yourself? Hot Yeah, hot But saucy Hey, I’mma talk on the field Yeah, okay, what about? Go slow, ’cause I like that Kevin, the car’s coming soon Hey I got fun stuff! In my bag! Poetry and French art! [sniffs] TOBASCO? Why would you send apples to NASA? It was night Well why would you send apple crates during the night time? Hand at ya You think you could eat a leprechaun? Now I’m not sayin’ I wanna really So man, don’t hurt me with all y’all’s shapes! Hope you like rats better than mice Everybody gets a rat Free rats! Everybody gets their rats! Lobster scrotum pasta You seem busy My spit got on the vegetables Hey I heard they’re gonna change the ball Into a square ball Okay, I sense a purple object over there What’s your name? What? The starfish in the vents are rotting IfF you’re having a birthday, we’re truly sorry I want you to just hold me, all right? Just hold me and tell me you’ll never leave me Actually, I’m sorry, I’m gonna walk away That’s good NO EMOTION NO ACCENT NOTHING Pass the water, do it at once That boy is firsty Can’t wait to be on a winning team! Hey, I’m an icon! Oh no, it’s happening Stop standing! Stop drinking! Poke his eye! I’m the star! Hey, he’s a spy! You’re gonna die! OWWW! I used to dance like this Viviana, Viviana, VIVIANA She loved to dance, she loved to dance, she loved to dance That tiger will jump down and feed on you I’m hydrophobic, so I’m kinda scared of the ocean I melted a lot of people Humans shouldn’t visit the labyrinth I just can’t work with you “Go Tell It On The Mountain” has a GREAT rhythm! Man, I only got a brown bag I need a suitcase! I wish I could meet Pikachu Why am I right by a faucet? I will sell violent fantasy to you I touched this too long, now it will be a white head I dare you to not move I gotta move Aw, look, a random butt I”m gonna hit! Dldllllllllll I got something to tell you right now And I want you to look in my face Mmmmmmm Hoow whuettt I’m gonna keep one of the best squirrels Rice milk? What, y’all don’t like fun? I taught a toddler to bark in the dark If I went “bzzzzt!” it would kill ya! There’s a barefoot guy! So what do you think this stuff is that’s streaking down? Uhhh, well what do you really mean? I mean, you have atmospheric conditions And when things are right, then you get your probable rain generation Just falling down? That’s how rain works You told me you LIKED “Cinderella” Big rivers are so intense! Hi, I’m Ronald. Are you staying for the night? Hnnghughh Wait, where are we? You know what we oughta do? Take a picture! Hngggyahh I don’t know if I turned off the light Mmmmm What do you do to get ready for a game? You know, I say to myself, “Jeffrey? Jeffrey Sphincter?” “What are you doing? You need a clover!” “May young Jeffrey save this game” And ummm, like I say that every ten minutes And then, umm, I look at my feet I sleep on the Happiness Tree Oscar told a poignant tale I hate the meat at the Crust Buffet Huzzah! Extra mush for all my minion! I sold my horse! Now can you find the tiny red shoe? Uhhhhhhhh It’s right there! [choking noise] I like shiny brass! Brass is great! I like brass I hope you feel good, so — Not you, I hope you fall on a machete later Oh, it’s a joke! Guys! What’s this for? What’d I do to you? Guys? Guys? UGHHHH! Guys? uGHHHH Night snacking. That’s what I do I tested a colon Why are you being anti-Dutch? Okay, if you make it to the Secret Dune [I can] Then now you see, look, see how this dragon comes down fast over here? Oh gosh Man, it’s just over Hey, I’m probably just gonna run it So I just wanna make sure you’re ready OH NO When talking to heart-broken teenagers, what should I say? I don’t know the answer Like who can say? Probably should ask that old man ‘Cause you trying to talk about something that immediately just don’t concern me It’s just stuff about you I dated Bruce Wayne Not true Let’s check in on these two fellas I’ll shove you over that railing and then I’ll pinch you Oh no, don’t pinch me, this is bad I mean, whatever shall I do? You’re a “larcher” A lunch archer. And I say unto you, “Victory is nigh” Just let me try to focus YeahhH! Yeaahhh! THat’s tasty! EHhhhgh ehghhh eafhhhhhghh I do this when I feel free and fancy This kid’s jeep that has carpets and rain coats in the back is for sale! Look at the view, dude Hey can I have like half a million dollars? Anyways, I’m a mirage When can I get handsomer? I raised a pumpkin. Did you? HURTY! You’re banned from Asia, but you gotta go to China If I can’t be in Asia, then how do I get to China? I mean, I just, I mean… You’d rather have a Vitalli over a Monet? Yeah, definitely Wait, Stefan. Hush your mouth! What, say what? Have you remember a Monet is what we’re talking about Yo dude, yo dude, yo dude, yo dude, yo dude, yo dude, Hey I’ll make some fajita pot pies later for all my coolest friends Oh, but not you Heh heh heh, GHAAH! OH it’s YOU! My fingers smell like cabbage [sniff] or like a riverboat captain’s sock I lost weight! I’m sorryyy! [sobbing] I’m leaving! [sneeze] Were you good at math in school? Eleven over eight, carry the seven, all that stuff But you know, I don’t know about pi or nothing like that Hey, look at me, I’m Rick Rocket! AHghhhh! ACTIVATE FREEDOM! Hot dogs! MMMMmmmm mmmm I LIKE!

Saints Teddy Bridgewater rides his bike to home games

i don’t know if you caught this after the
saints latest win… quarterback teddy bridgewater talking about
riding his bike to and from the game. can you believe that?
as the saints look ahead to the jaguars on sunday.. we wanted to know more about that
bike ride. RICARDO LECOMPTE got some answers today at
saints headquarters. ricardo? TEDDY BRIDGEWATER MOVED TO 3 AND OH AS SAINTS


what’s up everybody
it’s kit city gaming and we are about to play Madden 20 this is little flashes
favorite game he loves to play Madden we’re gonna create little flashes
characters dad cities characters and we’re gonna test them out in a
one-on-one match a father versus son you ready yeah are different teams okay
that was a bad idea so your first name we’re gonna put
faggots oh look little flash on the back okay okay what does this she go be wide
receiver okay so in what number you’re not gonna be five foot you want some long hair no you sure know
what ratings are gonna do I had yeah you gotta be perfect at every agility some
awareness you gotta have you gotta be really aware catchy catching perfect
deep route running perfect elusiveness perfect perfect he’s gonna be the
ultimate player jumping he’s gonna jump over everybody kick butt return here
yeah yeah you’re gonna be like the most expensive player ever
you you cost we just created the ultimate player and you’re costing
almost sixty million dollars for my character we’re gonna be dad dad City
number 59 for the Cowboys of course wait a minute I can’t be the Cowboys because
you’re playing against each other right Tolu I’ll be on Kansas City
oh I’ll be on Kansas City you ready to do this think you can beat me oh yeah
whoa ATT stadiums alright we’re about to get started
remember to subscribe to kit Sitti gaming ring the bell to get notified
every time we upload and you will want to comment below tell us what you think
of Madden 20 because get ready good night alright we might like this but we
don’t know if you like it so if you want to see us play more Madden 20 you got a
comment and let us know ok hi there girl oh come here come here
good baby’s got sparkles in her hair see oh do I get the ball first yeah I’m
doing big place here I’m going yeah I’m going further I’m going for the
windshear oh you are yes still go for the win hey so I’m interested to see how
much you get to actually use the little class receivers but I mean what just
happened in the world down he goes down he goes down he goes Cole Quinn is that what he said Oh Quinn
from WWE yeah I can’t believe that’s my guy just slipped on a banana pill get
him get him jump it quit explaining yourself making excuses
over there get up there but they want to know what dad says been doing letting
people score like that all right Patrick Mahoney in the slot helped me big-time
yep just need a few yards here just a few yards off the oh he’s if he’s
fighting with somebody what what does this dill he’s cranky there he is
there’s that city look at him he’s in he’s on the prowl I’m getting hot duck dances can I come
on there you go that’s the way to do it dad city burgers to get on it come to
get you he’s coming to get you there we go
coming to get you turn 20 you better throw us long Kansas City Chiefs defense
headed up by dad City the greatest linebacker of all time is dominating the
Dallas office right now and here he comes oh no you’re not looking are you there we go good we’re going to tie this
up you get a right here we’re gonna tie it up there okay big long pass I tricked
you with psychology I told you we were gonna throw it but I ran it the defense going for a field goal the cheese fans
very accurate beautiful kick you got to take the points when you have the points
given to you now it’s seven to three Dallas he’s been four ends it’ll be the
last two years very close game here very close game as long as you be don’t let
little flash get another touchdown and kind of get some clearance in the
score will be all right should I try to put it in the concession stand over
there yeah I’m gonna kick it to the cheerleaders the field goal here is
bunker to kick cheerleaders yeah one-yard line very nice get it
no get forty to get on it get on it oh did you did you trip no you did not I
tried to do it no you did not I tried to Mary yards you just a
little less than two minutes will soon you know Orlando where Jonathan Coachman
is standing Oh dad city fell down on me I’m
straightening I’m trading them I can’t believe I let that kick return go can
dad City put a comeback drive together to at least get two chins I want to go
into halftime 42:10 I love this look at the sunnat’ on
those from the field yeah there you go that’s what we need alright ball control
off its no huddle what do you mean yeah I’m doing it again go to the other side
first down ready I don’t have no idea what I’m doing he’s gonna make his debut in the second
half for sure okay what’s why can you ask for well I’m looking for the timeout
button there’s the timeout button got one more
time out of all the slapping I did nothing well you got a neutral zone infraction
he’s gonna accept it you’re gonna move up it’s first and ten now the defense
channels really free I really appreciate the help this is weird game that’s for
sure let’s see what you’re doing yes timeout timeout I gotta take a
chance here move for the field goal unit they’re gonna go here with five seconds
left get it oh I got one second one second
left okay now I’m taking the field goal I’d rather do 14 to 6 and 14 to 3 in
case I don’t make it you better get this boy all right
so second half is gonna have the debut of little flash still closed still close
could go to anybody where are you going what there is there’s little flash over
there the smallest receiver ever intercepted look in he’s crying okay so
now I’ve got a I’ve got a real chance on the 10-yard line today quick
change of the situation yes yeah yes slow this slow the pace down a little
bit people slow the pace down get control of your offense just get short
yards yeah what’s that guy running around for us you’re on the one-yard line shouldn’t
know it all – three governors yes yes yeah I’m gonna celebrate what happened
No yeah there we go Oh what is that he’s doing the hi I’m going for the two-point
conversion all right get the crowd noise down a little bit oh man this has gotten
really close I’m still in the range of a field goal you want I’m kind of liking
eSports for our Channel facial comfortable Oh eSports is a Unruh of sports if you want to see more madness
comment below subscribe shells free shots he wants to do a franchise so let
us know if that’s what y’all want to see us normal kick
bingo-bango now after the touchdown this filled it at the two
yes there we go right there’s your powerfully right over there you are so
little everybody get it there you go stop them stop that offense we’re gonna
make it come back we’re gonna win this thing chance of oh you don’t want to
know who everybody’s rooting for it don’t tease dad slow clap loosely coming
in Oh they blocked me they blocked death City
big time no I can’t let this happen if I want to win this game I can’t let it
happen come on people are you just targeting your own guy well man get him get him who’s your celebrate that’s your
celebration dance that looks like a slimy monster day Wow 21 to 12 what we
gonna do here guys that cities debut in the NFL is not going well so he’s
getting a talking-to from the coach what are you doing out there you knocked me 5
yards that way I’m going to the left ok alright guys but for me but for me okay
what are we gonna do guys what are we gonna do we need a Texas score big times
right here harder than that 7 Cowboys just sandwich them Kansas City sandwich
ready know the Dallas ready yeah here comes 40 completions here in this second I’m very nervous right now very nervous first and goal people first and go slow
it down ball control offense still got a score after this score you’re mad cuz
it’s such a tight game you thought you’re gonna win this easy his dad said
he’s such a terrible linebacker boom easy 2119 now listen here’s what’s gonna
happen I’m gonna go down the field I’m gonna
get the ball back I’m gonna kick his field goal and I’m gonna beat you by one
point it’s what he won tonight team well tie 20 21 22 this is a good game
this is a good game buddy we’re doing good Lucas Lucas jump
Lucas jump there we go immediately what a klutz move three who are you throwing
to little flash yes yes here we go right down the middle two minutes and 30 seconds counting it
down baby greet me all the time on WWE but not in NFL I scored too quick though
I scored too quick that’s a big mistake and kaboom okay so I’m five so you
cannot beat me with a field goal and I tie it with you gotta get six points you
got a school you got a score I’ve intercepted the past two possessions boom right into the concession stand Lukas Lukas
get him yes no no yes very nice position they’ll start
at the 32 all right it’s all coming down to this people’s board get your research
didn’t end desperately needing a score that’s the reason we he like look at
this look at this that’s why makes this the big bucks made
it goodness Oh where’s he going that’s easy pursuit
that’s easy presume finally you made a tackle finally you made a tackle and contributed accidentally gave away your
play well my first action when this is over is the fire dad city yes yes get
out of there what do you mean you’re gonna try to read it run the clock down
that’s your ball this filled it at the tune yeah yeah no dumps it for a second there
is in you need to thank God no matter what there we go yes yes oh man this is
a special game-winning angle is on you I cannot believe it what just that city you’re gone I cannot believe
that that just happened that was the closest game in my life ever
if you want to see more Madden 20 on Kitson gaming comment below subscribe to
kit Sitti game and rubato relieves WWE 2k twenties and that’s a new black so we
will see you next time

The worst Tom Brady playoff game was a turnover fiesta that should’ve been called after 15 minutes

– Look, we all know there’s no quarterback that’s been better in the
playoffs than Tom Brady. He’s won more Super
Bowls than anyone else. You need to add up multiple Hall-of-Famers just to sniff his total
for post-season games won. He even has more passing
yards in the playoffs than Super Bowl attendee Rex
Grossman had in his career. It’s stupid. That said, even the greatest
has put together a performance worthy of nothing more than
fuel for a dumpster fire, a complete stinker that was
over before the second quarter, a day best forgotten,
an outing without hope, a game that, well, was
just the absolute worst. This is The Worst Tom Brady Playoff Game. (ominous music) January 10th, 2010,
Foxborough, Massachusetts, Wild Card Weekend. The Baltimore Ravens visited
the New England Patriots and leading up to kickoff,
there was no reason to expect the greater Boston area
would develop a poopy stench over the coming hours. While it was expected
to be a great matchup, the storylines were
working in the Pats’ favor. Tom Brady had never lost
a home playoff game. He was a perfect 7-0 at Gillette with an eighth win back
at Foxborough Stadium that had no drama or controversy
attached to it of any sort. He’d even done pretty
well at neutral sites, starting off three for three
before those pesky Giants had to ruin his streak. Plus, a slightly bigger deal
of a streak for New England. It’s rarely talked about and
even forgotten in some circles, but the Patriots actually had a chance to have a perfect season, 19-0. Somehow, they didn’t. I bring that up not just to be an ass, but also because in terms of storylines, that Super Bowl loss was
the last playoff game the Patriots had played in. The season that followed saw
Brady’s knee get shredded on opening weekend, which let
Matt Cassel become a thing and also let the Dolphins win the East, thanks to the Wildcat
confusing everyone for a year. So once the 2009 season rolled around, everyone waited to see if we’d
get the same Touchdown Tom. In week one, he led a fourth
quarter, double-digit comeback against the Bills. That sparked a pretty solid
season for Brady and the Pats, even earning Brady Comeback
Player of the Year honors. They wrapped up the division in week 16, but with the chance to
earn the AFC’s three seed, they played their starters to
close out the regular season. That move cost them one Wes Welker. Now, I know what you’re saying, “A-ha, that gives Brady
an excuse to be bad.” And to a degree, that’s reasonable. Even Brady acknowledged that this offense ran through Welker, who put up monster numbers on the season. But Tom Terrific also
spun it as a positive. Maybe the offense ran
through Welker too much. Maybe this would force the
Pats to do something different and maybe, just maybe, that
was actually an advantage. The Ravens wouldn’t possibly know what these new-look, Welker-less
Pats would try to do. I mean, sure, there was still Randy Moss, destroyer of worlds, fresh
off another 1000-yard season. But they also had a secret weapon. The rookie Julian Edelman
was basically a brand new, fresh-from-the-box Welker,
who Brady was working with to get up to speed. He’d already filled in for
Welker earlier in the season and proved pretty capable. So in whatever this
potential new look offense Brady was imagining, they’d still have a Welker-style weapon. And if you’re questioning how that logic contradicted itself of, maybe
we used too much Welker, so let’s use this Welker replica and catch Baltimore off guard, well, you’re probably
just overthinking it. But you don’t have to take it from me. Here’s one of the greatest football minds this country has ever
seen giving his thoughts on Touchdown Tom. Phil Simms! Shit, sorry, I probably
could’ve found a photo not of the back of his head. – [Phil Voiceover] Everybody’s saying, you know Tom Brady’s
just not quite as sharp as we’ve seen in the past. You are watching different
football games than I am. He has been sharp this
last part of the season. – [Narrator] You tell ’em, Phil. Once the game got started, we were ensured we would get to see Brady airing it out. On the very first snap of the game, Ray Rice took a handoff
83 yards for a touchdown. So Tommy’s gotta sling. Down a quick seven, Brady’s
first pass actually lost three yards to Edelman, but
that’s all part of the plan. Keep them on their toes. For his second time dropping back, let’s freeze it right here and
play a little guessing game. Do you think Brady’s going to, A, find Moss deep for a big chunk, B, go back to Edelman, who picks up the first down with some YAC, or C, Brady has completely
zero awareness of Terrell Suggs coming off the left side for a strip that sets the Ravens up
to take a 14-point lead? Okay, pencils down. If you guessed C for Suggs,
you move on to the next round. The same wasn’t really
looking to be the case for New England. After Le’Ron McClain doubled the deficit, Brady opened series
number two with a sack, courtesy of Ray Lewis. But the drive led to a
three-and-out instead of a fumble, so that’s progress for Brady. And with New England’s defense
forcing a punt as well, there was still so much
time for Touchdown Tom to do some good and earn
some smooches from Gisele, Belichick, his son, whoever. Or, and hear me out, maybe
Brady could make the comeback even more exciting by feeling pressured, not getting sad at all, and throwing a completely dog-shit pass straight to Chris Carr
for the interception. A few plays later, boom,
more points for Baltimore. Okay, pop quiz number two. The very next time Brady
got to throw the ball, what do you think happened? A, he targeted Moss for the
very first time in the game. B, the new toy Edelman did a good. Or C, he throws to Sam Aiken
who’s definitely a real person, while Ed Reed is nearby, who picks it off after the ball hits Aiken
straight in the hands. – [Announcer] Here, he’s well-protected. On second down, the throw, Aiken! And it’s intercepted off the deflection. – Once again, C is a winner. That’s back-to-back Brady pass
attempts that got picked off. At this point, after 12 minutes of play, Brady is two of six for three
yards with three turnovers. And at the end of the first quarter, the Ravens lead 24-zip. It’s not going good. But it’s also not going so bad that it’s Brady’s worst
game ever, so there’s that. That would still probably
be his performance on September 7th, 2003 against Buffalo. In that disaster of a week one, Brady completed 14 of
28 passes for 123 yards, zero touchdowns, got sacked twice, and tossed four picks in
a shutout to the Bills, a Bills team that would win just five more games that season. Brady even got benched
for the Rohan Davey. Just an absolute poop storm
that then sparked a season where the Patriots won the Super Bowl. So using some sort of
Phil Simms-ian logic, that means Brady’s gonna
lead them back in this one. And at the start of the second quarter, they got a little bit of help. The Ravens muffed a punt, which let Kyle Arrington
give Brady another chance. Never mind the fact Arrington didn’t actually possess the ball. Harbaugh didn’t challenge
it, so who cares? Brady took advantage, finding
new Welker for a touchdown. And the teams flopped around for while before calling it a half. Ravens up, 24 to seven. At that point, Brady
had a very respectable 38 yards passing, which,
should be pointed out, was still more than four
times what Flacco had. Then again, Flacco had the lead, so yeah. Then that’s how it stayed. After the Pats opened the second
with another three-and-out, the next time Brady got
the ball, what did he do? A, threw a pick, B, threw
a pick, or C, threw a pick. Yeah, hey, good job, you guessed it. Yet another interception,
this time, by Dawan Landry. Brady did find Edelman
for a second short score, but that would be all she
wrote for the Patriots’ season. On fourth and 10 with
a minute, 15 remaining, the Ravens’ defense got
to him one last time and the clock ticked away
as Jim Nance recounted us with the saddest Flacco
story I’ve ever heard. – [Jim Voiceover] Joe Flacco
comes out for one snap, Joe Flacco who has a poster of Tom Brady in his bedroom back at his
parents’ house in New Jersey. He still spends a great
deal of his off-season living in his old bedroom. – Another fun fact. This is actually a
two-for-one “Worst” episode because this was also Joe
Flacco’s worst playoff game. The Ravens’ signal caller,
the victorious champion, the hero who rolled into Gillette and handed Brady his
first home playoff loss, finished the day with eye-gouging numbers. 10 pass attempts, four
completions, threw 34 yards, no scores, and one interception. What the hell? But still, he got the win. As for Brady, he turned
the ball over four times and despite being down
after just 10 seconds, managed just 154 yards on 42 attempts. The loss fell on him. The two other times he threw
three picks in the playoffs, he’d still done enough
for his team to win, both of which against the Chargers, which kind of helps in the post-season. But now, folks were asking
if this performance, plus an unimpressive end to his season, was a sign of a new
player, an aging Brady, someone you might call
Thomas instead of Tom. But a few more Super Bowl wins have proved that might’ve
been a little short-sighted. Now, I know you’ve already gone and said, “What about Super Bowl XLII?” But here’s the thing. Yes, they should’ve won that game. And I’ll reiterate, a lot of people forget New England would’ve been 19-0 with win, something no team has ever done. It’s wild. No one ever really talks about that. And while, yes, that’s bad, Brady actually played pretty well. You could say that was Bill
Belichick’s worst playoff game since he seemed to blow it as a coach, but that’s not this video. This is about the time
Tom Brady had every chance to play the hero in
front of his home crowd, to get back on track after
a devastating injury, and prove he was still the
same ol’ Touchdown Tom. But instead, he didn’t. He made his bed and pooped in the bed and then all he could do
was lie in that poopy bed. (dramatic strings)

Panthers Kyle Allen looking forward to game but continuing to work on protecting the ball

This is your first home start. I know you’ve had the success
on the road so far, how much are you looking forward to that?>>I’m excited man, I’m really
excited to play in front of home fans, in front of a regular season game,
and a game that really matters. I was obviously here last year
at the end of the season, and we didn’t win many games. And I don’t think any of the games where
I was here for we were at home except for the Dallas game when I was here,
the first game of the season. And the fans were rocking, had a lot of
false start penalties because of the fans, so I’m excited. We’re in a two-game winning streak. We can come home,
play in front of our fans. Hopefully they pack the stadium.>>Over the last few days to look at game
film and work with quarterback coach and everything. Was there anything specifically
that you’re doing and not doing to cause five
fumbles in two games?>>I think it’s a combination
of a lot of things. And I think we’re working on,
I think there’s a couple things that we really don’t need to say, I just
need to say that we’re working on it. You know what I mean?
So we’re working on it after practice
every day and for me, it’s just, it’s unacceptable. I can’t put the team in the position
like that if we wanna try and win games. So just know I take that to heart, hey,
I’m working really hard to get better. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Percy Harvin Says He Was High Every Game He Played | Untold Stories

– There’s not a game—there’s not a game I played in that I wasn’t high. ♪♪♪ – There it is. ♪♪♪ Yes! [Laughing] ♪♪♪ – A lot of people remember the day when you got traded from the Vikings to the Seahawks. When you got to Seattle, like, once you finally got there and got with the team, what was that experience like? – Oooh, man. Um, if I could, if I could, uh, put it to you, just as layman’s I could, those was probably the, the worst years of my life. Just cuz it came with so much. My anxiety is at its worst when I go into unfamiliar situations. – When did you realize that you had an anxiety disorder? – When I was diagnosed, I still didn’t acknowledge it. But when I started noticing it is when I started speaking or going into different environments, um, particularly the, um, the press conference with the Seahawks. My shirt was sweatin’. Uh, they had to bring me water a couple times during my press conference. – What do you recall as the worst instance of you acting out as a result of anxiety? – My worst one, I would say, you know, the, the Super Bowl incident. – Was it Golden Tate? – Mmhmm. – [Master Tesfatsion:] Take me through that. Who were y’all playin’, what was going on throughout Super Bowl week, and what was the end result of that? – Thinkin’ about it now, man, I, I can’t even believe I did it. So, we’re down at the Super Bowl, of course, the year in, uh, New York. Um, we were playin’ the, um, Denver Broncos, uh, Peyton Manning. We’re at the practice facility—we had to practice inside cuz it was cold, snowin’. And, um, Golden did an interview, and I had just sat out the previous game, um, with a concussion. So, the, the question’s “How do you feel, you know, gettin’ Percy Harvin back and, you know, gettin’ some of y’all power back? You know, gettin’ ready to play this, you know, tough Denver Broncos team.” And the, the response was, “We made it here without him so, you know, whether he play or don’t play, you know, we, we gonna be good.” – So how’d you respond to that? – [Percy Harvin:] Fast forward to we’re in the meeting room, and I kinda asked him about it. Like, “Yo, bro.” Like, you know, “What’s, what’s goin’ on?” Like, “You, you ain’t even happy for me? Like, this had been goin’ on all season.” I was so already wrapped up it didn’t even probably matter what his answer was. Anything he coulda said, I still was goin’ “Whatchu”—you know, I was, I was already at 10. So…him addin’ 10.5 or whatever else, I was already there. – [Master:] I have some sources in the Seahawks locker room that witnessed that, and they said you punched him into a laundry hamper? Did that actually happen? – [Percy:] Let’s just say we, we got, we, we, we, we, we locked up. Um, you know, the owners had to come in, in the locker room, and the fact though—the hittin’ him into the trash can and, uh, all that type stuff—it, it, it, it was true. Um, like I said, man, it was, it was just bad. The whole situation that—what you, what we keep harpin’ on, that’s what made it bad. Cuz it was team pictures that day, and you see, can see “tense” in the picture. You don’t see, like, a, a team ready to play the Super Bowl. – You gave him a black eye five minutes before the team photo. What happened next? – [Percy:] Uh, Beast Mode was the peacemaker, and, uh, he was kinda just like, “Yo, Pete wants you to do this and that.” Like, “Let’s just do this, man, so we can move on. You know, let’s just move on.” So. And actually, that came the day of the game. We kinda gave dap literally while we warmin’ up, kick returners out and all that. And we kinda just like, “Man, it’s the Super Bowl, man. It’s all good, man.” And we hashed it out that way. I never really had done this before, but to finally tell, you know, my man Dougie and, uh, Golden that them situations, they were on your boy, 100 percent. – [Master:] What was your solution to kinda help cope with these anxiety situations that popped up? – Now you’re lookin’ at a guy that—I was at the Mayo Clinic and I had at least seven prescriptions that I was to take, from Zoloft and all the other ones I was takin’. And the only thing that really seemed to work is when I would smoke marijuana. – How often did you smoke, Percy? – There’s not a game—there’s not a game I played in that I wasn’t high. And that’s what I want the world to kinda see today is it’s not a stigma and, you know, people doin’ it and gettin’ in a whole bunch of trouble. It’s people that’s just livin’ regular life that just got deficiencies or just maybe wanna enjoy themselves. Um, it’s a natural way to do so. – How crazy is that—that y’all still won the Super Bowl despite all this chaos? Am I wrong? [Laughing] – Thanks for kickin’ it with us. Subscribe to B/R to check out more dope videos like this one.