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what’s up MNBeast was is crazy
week 14 picks was though some crazy week 14 NFL picks that’s right
Wow some crazy on NFL football games but I bet you and me and others want to know
a little bit more what we were gonna see with that Baltimore Ravens San Francisco 49ers game
right now we really don’t know who was a better team it was only three points
three points it wasn’t like 42 seven it wasn’t like a woo Kansas City Chiefs
Oakland Raiders game was it Heck no all right week NFL 14 picks riches riches
and picks woo and yes what I got itchy nuts this week that’s right
so Thursday night Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears itchy nuts will go with Chicago Bears
that’s right the Bears with the itchy nuts now should I put Ben on there
and be all hot and bothered woo Bengal I don’t think so
maybe maybe a little baby powder Carolina Panthers vs Atlanta Falcons I just don’t know I
just don’t know I’ll answer now after I saw Carolina lose Baltimore at
Buffalo Bills you know what I was going to tell you take the Buffalo Bills that’s
right those Buffalo Bills but I like the Baltimore Ravens but I do like the
Buffalo Bills which be easier tape which B do you take do you take the B for
Beast Cincinnati Bengals vs Cleveland Browns what the hell do we got the ABCs going on the
Baltimore and Buffalo now we got the since they at Cleveland your you know
take Cleveland Browns take the bolts where our image if you like the
Baltimore Ravens take the Buffalo Bills if you like the Buffalo Bills who does
the beasts take take them both watch that Green bay Packers I
don’t care shut off watch that Green Bay Green Bay but you know what Washington Redskins
just won Detroit Lions vs. at Minnesota Vikings you know what
Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings whip some ass San Francisco at the New
Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints have nothing to lose they ain’t clinched
their division right why not give it to the San Francisco 49ers Miami Dolphins at the
New York Jets Miami at the Jets Miami at the Jets a two-game I don’t give a shit
go wipe your ass Indianapolis Colts at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
you know why I’m taking the Indianapolis Colts Denver Broncos I’d Houston Houston Texans
the LA Chargers at the Jacksonville Jaguars
I just don’t know Tennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders you know what did you hear John talked
about his Raiders our team no no what we’re doing no more our team known
Tennessee Titans they got their asses whipped by Kansas City Chiefs Oakland Raiders
while they’re under 500 gonna be they’re gonna be and I want on the Raiders to do
a lot better this year can’t see yet New England you know why I’m going with the
Kansas City Chiefs they’re on fire not New England Patriots Pittsburgh Steelers at the
Arizona Cardinals I got Glee kunal over this paper is that
a bad side or am I gonna be winning all kinds of picks or do I need to clean
these picks up and give you different ones Pittsburgh at Arizona that’s right
take the Pittsburgh Steelers Seattle Seahawks at the Los Angeles Rams the Rams
the Rams did you say that playoffs you know Seattle Seahawks Monday night the
big Giants against those flying birds the Eagles Philadelphia eagles win you take the Eagles oh and I didn’t give
you a few picks do you want the other ones do you really want to know about
the stupid games all right I will tell you Miami
the Jets the Jets the Baltimore Ravens at the Buffalo Bills like I said I don’t
know I don’t know those are my crazy week 14 NFL picks Sunday crazy
pics oh I see by its you nuts woo I’m taking a deuce to us in my lace
take a bath you know we have like a double hallway you wanna see you I see
you want to see who I see maybe she watched tired by no

Game of Zones – S4E2: ‘A Changing of the Guards’

Well we’re all very excited to have you here But I must warn you, the Garpax has eyes EVERYWHERE Be careful what you say and let your game do the talking Have no doubt, I’m as healthy as ever AND I shoot threes now There’s no reason we can’t form a superteam Is that…is that Dwyane Wade?
—here in Chicago— Oh Seven Hells It is. It is you! Who is that? Someone you know? Mario Chalmers We used to play together in Miami Oh great, here we go Hello Rio Nooooo You’re on the Bulls now? Oh that’s so WEIRD We was on a superteam together “The Big Four!” ‘Member those days, Dwyane? …no? But I can’t blame you for leaving really Twilight-a your career… bad knees, bad shoulders… maybe you can scrape together one last playoff run with… sorry what’s your name? Jimmy Butler Oh You DO look a lot like Michael Jordan Well it’s all very exciting We must be going now, I’m afraid Oh. Alright, um, well, if you need a point guard or whatever… or whatever…
just, send me a raven, yeah? just, send me a raven, yeah? We have Rondo Oh well, you never know with him He’s a bit… (crazy whistle) You’ll definitely need a veteran backup, no? We have plenty of depth but we’ll keep you in mind Cause…you know, we could be a superteam again! Bye Rio! YOU CAN YELL AT ME ALL YOU LIKE I DON’T MIND! Alright, well… guess I’ll head to Cleveland Gadzooks! Come in, come in! I came to say hello and welcome you to Houston Ah! Why thank you! And you must be the new scouting apprentice! I’ve been expecting you Uh…I’m your starting shooting guard… James Harden? All Realm shooting guard? James… James… you say… one moment please!
Aha! James Harden! The point guard. Forgive me. Shooting guard– I’ve been studying your game… it’s marvelous. Brilliant really! Oh, that’s very kind of you to say… So you…have a lot of books, I see This whole shelf is… inbound plays? Ah yes… baseline, sideline… I also keep iso plays in there somewhere for no good reason really And this shelf here, all books on the art of the pass Wow! Over there, that’s tempo plays, pick and rolls… you name it! Feel free to borrow them as you please, by the way Wow I bet you need whole new library just for all defensive plays Hmm? Defense…like…you know when the other team has the ball? …And they try to…you know…score… on… us? Oh no no no. None of that here It’s a waste of energy and it’s no fun I say half the defense… double the offense!

#MoreThanMean – Women in Sports ‘Face’ Harassment

– I’d like to start a petition for a band on all links to Julie
Dicaro’s Twitter feed. – (laughs) Ok. (inaudible introductions) – All right, you ready
to do some mean tweets? – I’m ready. – Sarah Spain sounds like
a nagging wife on TV today. – Not even married yet. (laughs) – Julie Dicaro is a run-of-the-mill
mediocre beat writer. – Not atrocious. Not good. – Just sorta there. – I’m actually not a beat
writer at all, but ok. (laughs) – Sarah Spain is just a scrub muffin. – I don’t even know
what a scrub muffin is. – I don’t either. – I love muffins. – One of the players should beat you to death with their hockey stick. – Like the whore you are. (beep) – I’m just reading this. – Ok. (sighs) – I mean. Ok, this is why we don’t hire any females unless we need, uh, unless we need our (beep)
sucked or our food cooked. – Sarah Spain is a
self-important know-it-all (beep) Ok. Uh. – [Voiceover] Just read the tweets, man they’re just mean tweets. – Um. (beep) this dumb (beep) – There’s a lot of C words. – There’s a lot of C words. – In there. – Yeah. – I hope your dog gets
hit by a car you (beep). – Hopefully this skank Julie Dicaro is Bill Cosby’s next victim. That would be classic. – I don’t know what to say to that. – I don’t. I don’t think I can even say that. – Woo. Um. – I hope your boyfriend beats you. I’m sorry. – Why bring up your own rape in the story? Is it your way of firing back at critics who said you can’t get any? (sighs) – That’s something, huh? – I’m sorry. – Uh, ok. So, I have to read all of them, right? Cuz, I mean. – [Julie Dicaro] Read them I guess. – I hope you get raped again. – [Julie Dicaro] Oh. – I’m having trouble looking at you when I’m saying these things. – Mm-hm. – Uh. Uh, Sarah Spain is a
(beep) I would hate (beep). Ok. Um. – You need to be hit in the head with a hockey puck and killed. That’s it. (typewriter clacks) – Sorry that these were
directed toward you. – I’m sorry on behalf of
other people everywhere that you’ve had to deal with this. – I feel like I need to
apologize to my mother but that’s a whole other story. (typewriter clacks)

Top 10 Sports Games on Xbox 360

December 3, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Top 10 Sports Games on Xbox 360

Whatoplay presents the Top 10 Sports Games
on the Xbox 360 Of All Time This ranking is based on a 1 to 10 scoring
system that aggregates critic and gamer reviews into a unique score
called a PlayScore. As much as new reviews show up, and are added,
the PlayScore changes. Opening our list is Skate 2 This game’s open-world mechanic creates a
sense of freedom for skate lovers who just want to do anything they want to do in a skating
game. It also introduces a feature called the Skate
Video Editor(Replay Editor) which enables players to record their slick tricks and post
it on their Skate.Reel site. Talk about gnarly, dude. A PlayScore of 8.07 Ninth is UFC Undisputed 2010 This mixed martial arts fighting game boasts
improved fighting mechanics and game modes. Now you can clinch your opponent more and
more. This game includes 30 UFC fighters ranging
from different belt titles. Additional characters are also purchased via DLC’s and others are
console exclusives. Undisputed 2010 has a PlayScore of 8.17 Ranked Eighth is 2010 FIFA World Cup: South
Africa With enhanced gameplay mechanics and showcasing
over 10 World Cup Stadiums, Play over 199 out of the 204 teams that took part in the
2010 FIFA World Cup. Showcase your mad soccer- I mean football skills to the test and upload
it on EA Football World. It gets a PlayScore of 8.20 Seventh on the list is Top Spin 4 This game serves as one of the best Tennis
games in the Xbox 360 to date. It features smashing icons such as Roger Federer, Rafael
Nadal and the list just goes on. With its passion-filled depth of gameplay,
Tennis player or not, this will make you satisfied. Unfortunately, Xbox players can’t use the
Kinect but it does not stop the game from being critically acclaimed. Top Spin 4 has a PlayScore of 8.25 Sixth goes to Madden NFL 25 With all these Madden games going on, this
has got to be the highest claim considering it topped our sixth spot. This game first
utilized EA Sports’ “Ignite” Game Engine. Step up your game with the Connected Franchise
Career Mode. Improve your team and be the next all-stars. Madden NFL 25 gets a PlayScore of 8.43 Fifth is
NCAA Football 11 This game is developed by their Tiburon Branch.
And this game was released on multiplatform including iOs and Playstation 2. Similar to Madden in many ways, NCAA Football
11 maintains its own formula. The game boasts an excellent momentum engine which makes the
physics look realistic. For extended fun, Dynasty Play and Road To
Glory adds more enjoyment to the game. NCAA Football 11 gets PlayScore of 8.50 Fourth spot belongs to FIFA 10 Football and Soccer fans – Here it is! This
multi-platformed game has been dubbed as ‘the greatest football game of its generation’ It has a ton of changes in gameplay compared
to the game’s previous version. Manager Mode makes you the league boss and the Virtual
Pro creates your ideal player for competitions. The realism of its tweaked gameplay design
and the Stadium weather makes Football all the more fun for gamers. FIFA 10 gets a PlayScore of 8.52 Ranked Third is F1 2010 Be the driver and live the life. Powered by
their EGO 1.5 Engine, Codemasters buckles you up into a world where you actually feel
like a racecar driver. The game is praised for its solid attention
to detail. Like their dynamic weather system that makes a terrifyingly awesome racing experience.
Not to mention – F1 2010 won the Best Sports Game category at the BAFTA Video Game Awards. F1 2010 gets a PlayScore of 8.59 Second Best is NHL 11 This is a true videogame adaption of the National
Hockey League. This game was applauded for its realistic
physics-based gameplay despite other players somewhat disappointed at the A.I. for being
too weak. As much as these reviews go, there is no doubt that this is the highest-rated
NHL game to date. And oh, your Hockey Sticks break too! How
realistic can it get? NHL 11 gets a PlayScore of 8.60 Stay tuned for the Runners-Up right after
we reveal the number one. And the best Xbox 360 Sports Game is NBA 2K14 Was 2014 a good year? For NBA, It was. This is a no brainer. Back when LeBron James was in Miami Heat,
this game hits the three-point shot! Packed with LeBron’s “Path to Greatness Mode”, new
modes, and an always online DRM to keep you entertained for hours! Shooting hoops has never been this fun. NBA
2K14 has a PlayScore of 8.64

Top 5 Things You Can’t Miss 🤩 | Kids’ Choice Sports 2018 | Nick

[horns blowing] Let’s get loud!
Kid’s Choice Sports is bringing… The noise! And we’ve got the lowdown
on summer’s slimiest showdown. Show us what you got! Game on! Here are the top five things
you can’t miss. Number five: a superstar lineup
with all your favorite athletes. All in one place. That’s what I’m talking about. And maybe even a surprise! Number four: The Legend Award. This year we honor
pro racecar driver Danica Patrick. I am right now in a car with the coolest
racecar driver in the whole wide world! – Aw.
– Danica Patrick. She’s a trailblazer,
who goes nuts for donuts. [tires skidding] [screaming] But will she be ready for
a full-throttle gold sliming? And now we pause for
a sentimental montage of past legendary gold slimes. If you have dreams, and you believe in yourself,
your dreams can come true. Work extremely hard at it. Go after it will all you have. And be legendary in your own right. Thank you, Nickelodeon. – Thank you very much.
– Thank you very much. I appreciate you guys.
Thank you. [slime spraying] That’s the legend for you! Now that was awesome. That was like winning a championship! You bet it is! OK, let’s get back to the action. Number three,
or should we say CP3? It’s point guard Chris Paul,
your host for the first time! Man, I am so excited to be hosting
Kid’s Choice Sports this year. This rookie host is coming to play… Grand slam Sam slams seven gram hammy–
Uh-uh. Grand slam–
Uh-uh. – Grand slam Sam slams seven ham sammies.
– The Nickelodeon way! – Got that.
– And rumor has it, he’s doing something that no host
has ever done. Don’t miss it. Number two: epic challenges. Where kids like you get
a once in a lifetime shot. And star athletes put it all on the line. – Let’s do this!
– Oh! Back up a little bit. To get covered in slime. It’s a finish slime! I gotta go back to the drawing board. Which brings us to number one. The MVP. The most valuable protoplasm. The goat, the queenest of all time. Number one in our hearts
and in our eyes. Slime! You’ve seen him dab
and you’ve seen him dive, but this year there’s gonna be
a first-time slime… Woop, there it is! That will blow your mind. How cool is this, everybody? Don’t miss it all go down
at Kid’s Choice Sports. Woo, man!

Game of Zones – S5:E1: ‘A Golden Summer’

December 2, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Game of Zones – S5:E1: ‘A Golden Summer’

Stick stance, Nicholas OK, sorry Going off his numbers from last year, you could make the case he’s become one of the best shooters in the Realm [Scoff] You can never have too much shooting, Steph Klay, your thoughts? Huh? Um Yeah. Um. Yeah, I think it’s unsafe. A bit shaky I think Swaggy P could be an asset Lord Commander! Lord Commander! Yes, Patrick? A raven…just came in…Woj–er, Shams…Bomb House Hornets has traded for…Dwight Howard Hm, good for them. Nothing to concern ourselves with Thank you, Patrick. Let us know if you hear of anything else Aye, Lord Commander Swaggy has his moments, but all too often plays the fool Swaggy has his moments, but all too often plays the fool
They said the same of JaVale, but I’d say he’s worked out quite nicely They said the same of JaVale, but I’d say he’s worked out quite nicely Aye I just…I worry how many of these jester types can we absorb until… I just…I worry how many of these jester types can we absorb until…
Lord Commander! L-Lord Commander! Lord Commander! L-Lord Commander! Yes, Patrick? Another raven. He’s crossed the Narrow Sea! Who? Furkan…Furkan Korkmaz Furkan…Furkan Korkmaz
Oh, ugh, Patrick… Oh, ugh, Patrick… Oh, ugh, Patrick…
They-they say he might make the Sixers active roster. They-they say he might make the Sixers’ active roster. Oh, ugh. OK, Patrick. Um. Maybe just notify us if any…big
names change Houses. Understood? Right, right. Big names. Got it. I, for one, think Nick’s presence will help He’s one of the best catch-and-shoot guys out there Aye, and Lord Walton speaks well of his defense I mean, I like the lad, it’s just I’m concerned I mean, I like the lad, it’s just I’m concerned
Lord Commander! Another raven! Sorry to interrupt, but-but it’s a big name. Hall of Famer! OK Vince Carter He’s joining…House Kings! We’re not worried about House Kings, Patrick Come on, Patrick But…but you said big names and he’s— He’s bloody 40 years old, Patrick! I, I don’t know. I, I just…get a bad feeling about him Here, how about this: Only inform us of anything that actually matters to a house of our stature So say, one of the Great Houses of the West makes a move that directly affects us That sort of thing Right. Something that hurts our chances? Right Got it If you think it’s a good fit. That he’ll know his role You may be right. This is not the Swaggy P of yore He’s known as Uncle Swaggy now Alright, so it is agreed He’ll be examined by the maesters on the morrow,
and if they deem him fit, then a contract shall be Ugh, he’s coming. He’s coming up. He’s coming back up Lord, Lord Commander! Ah here he comes Lord Commander! I’ve got major news! Multiple ravens! This better be good Yes! Ser Chris Paul has been traded to House Rockets But wait, there’s more! Jimmy Butler is joining Karl-Anthony and the Maple Knight in Minnesota! And there’s more, it’s worse Paul George and Carmelo Anthony will be joining The Brodie on House Thunder That’s three new Super Houses. All in the West Again, Patrick? Please Only bring us news that actually affects our chances [Chair breaking] My God! Steph, your chair! Are you OK? Yeah, just uh, tweaked my ankle. No big deal Klay? Where’s Klay? Kl-Klay! Get down from there! Get off the scaffolding! Are you, are you mad? I’m just trying to see my portrait Stick stance!
[Scaffolding falling] Klay? I’m good I’m good just my thumb Oh God! Let me help you, Klay [Debris falling]
  [Debris falling]
  [Debris falling]
-Kevin? Just tweaked my ribs a bit Not to worry [Raven caw]
  [Raven caw]
Ah! Oh, Draymond! What’s wrong with you now? I don’t know. I was just sending a raven of my…uh…pelvic area and the raven, uh…just bit me in, right in the uh…right on the tip of the uh…pelvic area

Game of Zones – S4:E5: ‘Blood Mark’

December 2, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Game of Zones – S4:E5: ‘Blood Mark’

Well, look who it is the Brow…and the Foul Just ignore them. They’re trying to get under your skin Aww…how cute is that, Enes Look at them They’re like closer than his eyebrows! Looks like Boogie Cousins has a Boogie Brother I don’t know though, I’m a bit scared I mean, with this chemistry they’ve got? I think they’ve got a real shot at the 10th seed You know, you talk a lot for someone who has less rebounds than his point guard Keep your focus, DeMarcus If you get a technical, you’ll be suspended again I’m sorry. We’re being rude I’m actually a big admirer of your game I love da move where you fake left, roll right, and then get ejected You know for being a big, whiney pu– I’ll knock that fancy little stache so far down your throat you’ll have a merkin on your entrails Hey hey! Stop it! Stop it! It’s not worth it! He’s right. Enough of this King of the Prairie! King of the Prairie! While we’re bickering over eyebrows and mustaches, Golden State is marching towards the championship Save your energy for the real fight ARGH! FINE! To hell with Golden State! Technical foul! Oh, c’mon! You gotta be kiddin’ me, ref! For what? Uh, disembowelment of a referee which the league is sort of crackin’ down on now… Do you like it here…in Dallas? Very much so Better than Golden State? Golden State is a ​very​ special place dear to my heart But I’m very happy here in my​ new ​home But don’t you miss being a contender? I have a much larger role here thanks to the graciousness of our Lord Ah! Nerlens! I almost didn’t recognize you without your cylindrical hair It is an honor to present my king Lord Mark of House Mavericks Kiss me, child Thank you, Harrison We’re delighted to have you here Please, sit! Would you like a rib? No thank you, I’m not very hungry Oh, child. You can’t come to Texas and not enjoy some ​barbeque​! Okay You like the ribs? It’s very good They’re Chandler Parsons …favorite thing to eat when he was here Oh, you must be thirsty Where’s the sweet tea? WHERE’S THE SWEET TEA? Well don’t just stand there, you imbecile! Get the DAMN sweet tea! Now, I know things were…difficult for you in Philadelphia I’m very grateful for my time at House Sixers– Oh, stop it It’s ​dreadful​ in that chamber pot of a franchise Now, come on you can be honest with me I’m not like those other owners, you know I’m a cool guy Just a normal cool guy Noted Well, if I’m being honest there were a lot of centers and not enough minutes Frankly, I was very sick of losing There there, child! There’s no need to worry anymore Here in Dallas, we ​never​ tank Now, chin up! Aren’t you excited to play with Dirk? Oh yes, he’s…very good He’s the greatest Yeah…he’s great The greatest The…greatest You see, Nerlens I personally ensure that no one makes light of my Mavericks Or else… Or else…what? Ah! My sweet tea!

Game Of Zones Special: Barack Obama Invades GoZ to Save Sam Hinkie

You, Maester Hinkie, stand here accused of using the Dark Magic known as analytics! This here knucklehead has blasphemed against the ways of the old school! This heretic would have me rest my players I say RUN THEM ALL! I mean, this notion that losing leads to winning I mean, come on! This guy used his sorcery to force me to make bad trade and give him all my draft picks! Well, I don’t know about that, Vlade These analytics fools would have you believe the earth is ROUND! Do you see a curve anywhere? I mean, I’m just asking questions And now, with the hot hand Ser Evan Turner is gonna light Hinkie on fire from a mid-range distance Commence THE LONG TWO! Not clutch You know, the guillotine is probably more efficient Man, shut up, witch Alright, let’s try again to light the heretic on fire Not today, Luddites! It’s Barack Obama! A tan horse? Really? That’s right It is I, Barack Obama 44th President of the Realm! Defender of rational thought and the use of data to make informed decisions Show us your birth certificate! I’ll be taking the numbers man with me! Thanks, Obama But where will we go? To a place far away where innovation and new ideas are welcome! The MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference!

LeBron James’ worst playoff game was the 2011 Finals failure all his doubters wanted to see

(animated orchestral music) – LeBron James is one of
the best NBA players ever, and he has validated his excellence by winning a whole lot. There’s a good chance James will retire having played more playoff games than these career leaders, and of course, several of LeBron’s playoff runs have ended in a championship. But before the rings, there were times when people questioned whether LeBron would ever lead his team to a title. And one playoff failure in particular sticks out among the others
as a moment in which LeBron was perceived as not just losing, but shrinking, choking, even quitting and doing so at a time when critics were eager to see him fail. This is LeBron James’
worst playoff performance. June 7th, 2011, Dallamus, Texamus. LeBron and the Miami
Heat led the NBA Finals two wins to one after
winning Game Three in Dallas just two nights prior. LeBron assisted the basket
that made the difference in the final minute of Game Three, but he did give Dallas one more chance by bricking a three in the closing seconds of a merely okay individual outing. In general, LeBron had been
relatively quiet in the Finals, opting to play second or third fiddle and distribute the ball while
the other Big Three gents, especially Dwayne Wade,
handled most of the scoring. But so far so good. And if LeBron and company
could grab another road win in Game Four to make the series three-one, they’d have two chances to
clinch the whole thing at home, winning LeBron his first
ever NBA Championship. People would probably
still grumble about LeBron needing help to finally win a ring. After he started this Game Four with a forced air ball
floater and a bricked three, he took to just dumping the ball off even against single coverage
by a smaller player. That led to nice assists to Bosh and Wade who both had great first halves. So let those people grumble. You don’t win the NBA Finals by yourself. LeBron knows, he tried once. It went poorly. Any investigation of
LeBron’s worst playoff games must pause at his first
trip to the Finals. That was with the ’07 Cavaliers, a team whose next best player was, I don’t know, Zydrunas Ilgauskas? Larry Hughes was the
only Cav besides LeBron who even approached reliable scoring. James put the whole team on his back in that ’07 playoff run. It was incredible and gave us
some legendary LeBron scenes. But in June, his back carried more weight than it could bear. LeBron’s first career Finals game was probably his worst playoff performance up to that point, a four-of-16, six-turnover outing, and a
Game One loss to the Spurs. Are you okay over there? LeBron attacked but got gobbled
up by a San Antonio defense focused on stopping him and him alone. James said afterward, he would
simply have to play better for Cleveland to have a chance. They did not have a chance. They got swept. So you can appreciate
LeBron’s relative comfort deferring to his costars in 2011. It felt good to have costars. James finished the first
half of this Game Four with just four points
on one-of-four shooting with two turnovers. But Wade and Bosh were cooking, and the Heat had a
two-point halftime lead. Lead or not, James might have been wary of swinging too far in the
direction of deference. Just a year before this in
LeBron’s final home game of his first stint in
Cleveland, he got booed. That was Game Five of the 2010
Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Celtics. James started that game
missing his first seven shots. Discouraged and nursing a sore elbow, he kind of curled into a ball
against Boston’s defense, looking very unlike himself. LeBron stopped attacking. He seemed resigned to loss and
reluctant to lead a comeback. He finished with 15 points
on three-of-14 shooting in the loss. And as his hometown fans
booed, all anyone could do was anticipate a departure, a departure that, of course,
ended up coming to pass and put LeBron among
two elite new teammates, put him on a damn stage predicting how many rings they’d win, then
put him back in the Finals. So a year later, you could feel the narrative forces at play. LeBron tried to be a
hero and failed in 2007. He got passive and failed in 2010. Even if he succeeded in
2011, he’d get criticized for doing so in the comfort
of other superstars. That wouldn’t have been fair, but it’s a preferable outcome
to what actually happened, which was more failure. LeBron asserted himself a bit more in the second half to get decent looks against Dallas’s
increasingly zoney defense, and he just whiffed them. He sealed off Shawn Marion
nicely and blew the finish. – [Announcer] Chandler, it’s
gonna roll out of bounds. Miami ball. – [Seth] He outran the Mavs in transition and blew the finish. He caught and fired a wide
open three and blew it. He earned a couple free
throws and blew both of them. He found a pull-up look
out of the pick and roll and blew it. In the fourth, the scores started to reflect LeBron’s struggles. Miami led by as much as nine, but James helped Dallas get back into it by traveling and forcing
a bad pass to Bosh, then chucking a tough brick
over DeShawn Stevenson. Miami surrendered their
lead, then struggled to get a clean look on
their final possession. – Miller puts it up, air ball!
(crowd cheering) And that’s it! – They lost Game Four,
squandering a crucial chance to pull way ahead in the series. While Bosh and Wade’s numbers
held up fine in defeat, LeBron’s were sad. He attempted just 11
shots and hit only three four eight points. He grabbed nine boards
and tossed seven assists but turned the ball over four times and committed four fouls, a horrid line. But not his worst ever
going purely off statistics. Basketball Reference, the
best website on Earth, uses a helpful metric called game score. It’s not an end all, be
all, but for this exercise, it’s a helpful summary. LeBron has remarkably few inefficient or even below average
playoff games in his career, but one has the lowest game score by far. It’s this stinker of a Game
One against Boston in 2008, two-of-18 shooting, 12 points, more turnovers than assists, bad. But context matters. That opponent was the
first and best version of the Big Three Celtics,
the eventual NBA Champions. And LeBron would go on to
play a couple great games in that series, including
45 points to nearly lead this weak Cleveland roster
to a Game Seven victory. As for the context of this 2011 dud, well, we’ve mentioned that
LeBron was already taking shit for forming a super team or whatever, and that blowing Game Four,
a collapse for which LeBron became the easy scapegoat,
made the critical difference between a three-one series
lead and a two-two tie. We haven’t mentioned that after the game, noted pest DeShawn Stevenson
could legitimately say LeBron checked out on his teammates. We haven’t mentioned
that before Game Four, Dallas’s Jason Terry gave Miami
some bulletin board material saying LeBron needed to
show he could perform well for seven games, that he’d done
it for Games One and Three, but could he do it in Game Four? And, you know, he couldn’t. Jason Terry of all
people, came at the King and the King responded by laying an egg. Terry even cooked LeBron
on more than one occasion in the fourth quarter. Then he exploded for
48 points off the bench across Games Five and Six and got to do his stupid jet plane celebration a bunch. Which leads us to the
ultimate context for this, the Heat went on to
lose the series in six. LeBron’s turd of a Game Four
sparked Miami’s downfall from likely champion to runner-up. So here at the time was a guy who couldn’t get Cleveland a ring, joined up with his buddies
and still couldn’t get a ring because he sputtered in a pivotal game. He made Jason Terry look cool. Jason Terry, the guy who already
had the championship trophy tattooed on his arm. But there’s more. After Dallas won it all, critics focused on LeBron’s stark statistical
drop-off in the series, especially the super
diminished scoring numbers. And they remembered that day LeBron spent counting his future rings. – Not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven!
(crowd cheering) – [Seth] In response,
LeBron got kind of spiteful. – All the people that was
rooting on me to fail, at the end of the day, they
gotta wake up tomorrow, have the same life that they
had before they woke up today. – [Seth] Not a great look, but look how far we’ve come since. That ugly summer motivated LeBron. He won a ring and Finals
MVP one year later and a year after that, and
then just for good measure, he returned to Cleveland
and did it there, too. You can find occasional substandard nights and criticism in between the
rings but nothing like 2011. This game was a deep, dark valley, though, with plenty of peaks to follow. Nothing before or since quite matched the humiliation of that Game Four, and LeBron himself
recommends putting it on if you want to lull your baby to sleep. But at the time, this
was no laughing matter for LeBron James. It was ghastly blend of
passivity and excess. It was failure in the
most critical of moments. It was the most delicious possible fodder for all kinds of hungry haters. It was, thankfully for LeBron,
not a sign of things to come. It was a dismal performance
in a dismal game in a dismal series that
headlined a dismal summer. It was the worst.

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