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How the NBA is taking over China | CNBC Sports

January 27, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

How the NBA is taking over China | CNBC Sports

Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant? A lot of
Kobe fans here in China. I’ve watched the NBA
since 20 years ago. It’s eye-opening, and
kind of surreal. 1.4 billion basketball-crazed people in a
country and an economy that’s growing. Thirty million viewers for the finals
of the western conference last year, it’s unbelievable the passion that people
have for the sport and for the NBA in China. I’ve come to the world’s most populous country
where basketball has become big business. The NBA’s fanbase here
has grown massively, and the league is opening experience
stores and hosting preseason games. But I want to find out how one of America’s most loved
sports became the top sport in an unexpected country. China is the most important
international market for the NBA. This is the 26th game
to take place here, but its success in this country didn’t happen
overnight and it certainly wasn’t an accident. More than half of China’s
estimated 1.4 billion people watched NBA programming
on TV in the 2017-2018 season. China’s become the biggest international
market for NBA merchandise sales. And the NBA is the most popular
sports league on social media here, reaching more than 100 million users across its
accounts and boasting video streams in the billions. If there’s a second center of the
basketball universe, it’s China. That’s Scott, he’s the CEO
of the Philadelphia 76ers, who’s brought his team over to the
booming Chinese city, Shenzhen. It’s all part of a preseason game to promote the NBA
in China, where they’re playing the Dallas Mavericks. The world is getting flatter and
flatter, and smaller and smaller. And having teenagers of my own, you can
interchange someone from Shanghai and Philadelphia, and just rotate them,
and you wouldn’t know the difference. I mean, we listen to the same music,
we watch the same basketball, we follow the same trends,
it’s pretty incredible. The NBA started bringing teams here in
2004, in an effort to expand the game, and now 17 teams
have made it over. But this is the first time the
76ers have played in China. My favorite team is the Lakers,
but today I like the six, six. The Sixers, yeah, Philadelphia Sixers. My favorite team is
the Boston Celtics. Boston Celtics, but you’re wearing
a Dallas Mavericks jersey? Because my boyfriend loves it. Is this the boyfriend? Yes. So he made you put on
the Mavericks jersey? Yes. There are only two preseason
games taking place in China. Here, and in Shanghai. And given the sheer size of China’s population,
the demand for tickets is high. This couple came to see their first ever NBA game,
and tell me they paid more than $300 per ticket. And the knowledge of the
fans here goes deep. My favorite player is Kevin Garnett. So I love Boston because it’s the
first NBA championship of him. Many fans I talk to, don’t just watch
basketball. They play it, too. It’s good for my health. According to the NBA, more than 300
million people play basketball in China. I can play the basketball with my
friends, it’s fun man, it’s really fun. So how did basketball
become so big here? In 1979 the Washington Bullets became the
first U.S. professional sports team to visit China. The trip took place just months after President Carter
moved to establish more favorable relations with China. We’ve had a long-term view. We’ve been here since the 80s thanks to David
Stern and his persistence. It’s not an accident. In the late 80s, David Stern,
the NBA’s then-commissioner met with China’s state-run television network,
CCTV, making deals to get the games on air. Fast forward to 1994, when China’s central broadcasting
network aired every game of the NBA Finals, the first time all seven games
had been shown live in China. Eight years later, Yao Ming was
drafted by the Houston Rockets. This was a big deal for propelling
the NBA’s growth in China. Ming was born in Shanghai and
had a natural following in China. His first game he played against
Shaquille O’Neal and the Lakers, garnered more than 200
million viewers in China. That same year, the NBA opened an office
in Beijing. From there, things really took off. The first NBA game in China took place in 2004.
And in 2008, NBA China was officially founded. In 2014, NBA China and the
Chinese Ministry of Education partnered to grow basketball in elementary
and middle schools across the country. Now, more than four million students are participating in
classes using the curriculum they developed together. And in 2016, Lizhang Jiang bought a
stake in the Minnesota Timberwolves making him the first Chinese
owner of an NBA team. The NBA formed deals with some of China’s biggest
tech companies, and in order to truly understand the Chinese market, you first have to understand
the importance of the mobile phone. When you look at the U.S. fan versus the
Chinese fan, what is the key difference? A Chinese fan has to watch in the morning
and the American fan watches at night. This is Derek, he’s the
CEO of NBA China. And China is known as
a mobile-first market. People can watch them on their mobile phones very
easily and that’s what they do and they interact with it. And to see the amount of traffic that’s going on,
not just in terms of the viewing of a game, but on social media, we have close to 150
million social media followers in China alone. In 2015 NBA formed a deal with Tencent,
one of China’s largest internet companies. The deal, which is reportedly
worth at least $500 million, allows Tencent to carry games,
highlights and more on its platforms. And this meant even
bigger reach for the NBA. That’s because Tencent is the owner of WeChat, which
now boasts more than one billion monthly active users. Meanwhile Weibo, a popular
Chinese microblogging platform has more than 400 million
monthly active users. The NBA’s deal with Weibo allows
it to deliver game highlights, player interviews, photos, stats,
and behind the scenes events. Just take a look at Jeremy Lin. He’s considered
China’s most popular current NBA player online. I say current because, well, Kobe Bryant
is actually the most followed NBA star. He may have retired, but
his legacy lives on here. This social media surge in popularity
of the NBA, the teams, and players is prompting some to step up the
way they market themselves in China. The connectedness is understood by Ben Simmons,
Joel Embiid, Markelle Fultzz and Dario Saric. They have Weibo accounts,
they have WeChat accounts. That’s the way to connect with fans one on
one and gives us such a competitive advantage for an organization like the Philadelphia
76ers, cause we create content and we can get wide and distribute it really
quickly and through a lot of different ways. In fact, Scott tells me he’s hiring
Mandarin-speaking Chinese staff. He hopes to have up to six new employees that
will distribute content across Chinese networks. It’s a cultural revolution, and the Chinese fans
seem to be very interested in what is new, what is interesting and what is relevant,
and NBA players are new, interesting and relevant. It’s important to note that China isn’t the only place
where the NBA is operating outside of the U.S. The NBA says it considers itself an
international organization already. 25% of NBA players are international.
It has offices in 13 markets worldwide. And more than 60% of NBA digital visitors are
actually coming from outside North America. It’s just that China is proving to be
just too lucrative to not prioritize. Everyone knows how important this place is,
and how important these people are to the game. Kemba Walker is a player for the Charlotte Hornets.
He’s come to China for a few days to promote the game. I met him in Beijing at a
new NBA Playzone store. It’s one of several that have
recently opened up in China, with the aim of bringing the NBA
experience to a younger crowd. It’s located inside a mall, and this is
the second one to open inside China. If you want to come inside, it’ll cost about
$25 for one adult and one child for a day pass. But there’s also annual
passes available as well, which gives you unlimited access to playing
basketball and a variety of other games, that are meant to completely immerse
you inside the experience of the NBA. He likes James very much. I met this NBA fan who’s brought his five-
year-old son to the event to meet Walker. If you don’t really get a chance to come out here,
you wouldn’t really understand how much they love the game of basketball and how
much respect they have for basketball. So how will it continue to grow? It’s just a very compelling product right now, between the
media that we have, a lot of the social media we have, opening things like PlayZone, we continue to
take the brand and bring it frankly to our fans. Chang says he hopes to eventually
expand Playzone stores globally. While the admission fee to come
inside certainly isn’t cheap, it’s hard to imagine the NBA will generate
sizeable profits from the Playzone stores. But that might not
be the point, either. After all, the benefit of exposing someone at a
young age and possibly acquiring a lifelong fan, could be worth way
more in the long run. How big can it get? It can be huge. There’s definitely
a lot of opportunities, it’s only getting bigger, it’s only going
to get bigger and better from here. Yeah, it will.

Kevin Garnett’s worst playoff game set the tone for a whole decade of failure

– Kevin Garnett, an NBA
Champion, a 15 time All Star and by all accounts, one
of the best, meanest, most formidable big men
ever to play the game. With the ring, the reputation
and the confidence he has now, it’s hard to remember
that early in his career, it wasn’t so obvious who this young, long player, was going to be. Was he the future of the NBA or was he just another over-hyped kid who got our hopes up for no reason. Well, after a certain
abysmal playoff game, it looked like KG might be the latter. With a chance to write
a positive narrative for the nascent Timberwolves, Kevin Garnet failed to
rise to the occasion, buckled under pressure
and played emotionally. He didn’t look like a future star. He looked like he was bad at basketball. This is “Kevin Garnett’s
Worst Playoff Game.” (dramatic music) May 2nd, 1998, Seattle, Washington. It was game five of the first
round, an elimination game. Kevin Garnett was young, just 21 in fact. Is it really fair to criticize
someone’s performance when they’re so young? Yes, and I’ll tell you why. KG had been in the league for three years and was, at this point,
a two-time all star. This wasn’t even his first
time in the playoffs. Okay, it’s his second but still. Everyone predicated a
blindingly bright future for KG, even saying he could be
the best player in the NBA. He and fellow baby
teammate, Stephon Marbury, were heralded as up and coming stars, often called the next Karl
Malone and John Stockton. Their star power was so
strong, ESPN picked them to help promote their brand new magazine. The young duo may have even inadvertently given ESPN the idea for the body issue. – ESPN Magazine is gonna be phat, but please, no swimsuits. Tastefully done. – But definitely all nude. – Oh, and let me just
mention in case it matters, right before the season started, young Garnett signed the biggest contract in all of sports ever, 125
million for a six-year extension. So, I’m not about to cut
this millionaire any slack just because he’s 21. He’s young but he’s a star. The fact that this series went to five games was a testament to what KG and
the Wolves were capable of. Despite the hype on individual players, nobody expected this series
to amount to anything. Sure, we’d probably see some good plays from Garnett and Marbury, but this is a seven-seed two-seed matchup. They were up against the
veteran Super Sonics. The T-wolves had only
been to the playoffs once. It was last year and they got swept. This year’s regular season record of 45-37 was the first winning
season in franchise history and one of their big three who helped get them that winning record,
Tom Gugliotta, was injured. But once the series got under
way expectations changed because Garnett changed them. Well, okay, not in game one. In game one, they lost 108
83 and everything made sense. But in game two, Flip Saunders switched to a smaller three-guard
lineup, moved Garnett to center, and double-teamed Vin Baker. And it worked. The Wolves won 98-93,
KG looked solid all game and had a huge block late in the fourth despite being in foul trouble. Ya love to see it. It was the first playoff
win in franchise history. Minnesota was pumped. So pumped, in fact, Garnett
threw superstition to the wind and proudly declared the
T-wolves would win the series. In game three, his
prediction looked accurate. The Wolves won 98-90. KG was great, especially in the fourth. He put up seven points in the
final minutes of the game, helping the Wolves close out. Again, KG saw an upset on the horizon and was not shy about it. Game four was a
disappointment for the Wolves and a relief for the Sonics. Minnesota lost by just
four and despite the loss, Garnett put up a good showing. Going in to game five, Kevin Garnett was living
up to his reputation. They said he was the star of the future but when does the future start? With one of the biggest upsets in NBA history within his grasp, could the future start this very night? No. In his first offensive move
of the game, KG got stripped. He recovered only to miss the shot. This play may seem
inconsequential, not that bad. It’s a few seconds out
of a 48 minute game, but here’s the thing. Lost balls and missed shots
would become the status quo, the inescapable script for Kevin Garnett’s worst playoff game. For example, a few plays later, Minnesota ran their trusty pick and roll. KG got a fairly open
look and it bounced out. But come on, that coulda
happened to anybody, even Karl Malone or, in this
case, the future Karl Malone. Later in the first, he
got the ball down low but lost it when Gary
Payton double-teamed him. Yeah, that was good D, but this is the guy who just a few nights ago told reporters he was gonna win the series. Shouldn’t he be better at this? The second quarter had some upswings. He hit three shots including
an authoritative dunk, though he did have another turnover to that swarming Sonics double-team. At this point, you might be thinking, this game isn’t so bad. KG’s had some misses, some makes, some turnovers but they were forced. So what’s my problem? Why am I being so mean to Kevin Garnett? He’s never done anything to anyone. Well, why don’t we just wait and see how this game turns out, shall we? Shortly after forgetting
to put his hands up while guarding Vin Baker, the Sonics’ regular season leading scorer, KG got in the paint, got
himself some room and (groans), a forceful brick. A few positions later, he traveled, and they might’ve called
more travels back in 1998, but that’s still an embarrassing
way to turn the ball over. Less than a minute later,
he threw a lazy pass ’cause, you know, it
was an elimination game, which was, of course, intercepted, because it was an elimination game. Oh, I almost forgot, the
guy who was enough of a star to launch ESPN Magazine
also missed a free throw, though I should mention he
made the other free throw because if I don’t, we might
start feeling sorry for a man who’s trash talk can be, what’s
the word… unprofessional. His successful free
throw is also significant because it was the last
time he scored all game. You heard right. His last point was with
3:44 left in the first half. Of course, Kevin Garnett has
had poor shooting performances in other playoff games. In 2011, when Boston faced Miami, he went 1 for 10 in game four, a game where a win would’ve
tied up the series, but he was up against
some tough competition. He played well in other games that series including 28 points in game three and perhaps most importantly, he had his ring and
his reputation already. His career was defined. This game didn’t make anyone think, “Hmm, Kevin Garnett
might not be that great.” We wouldn’t dare. A few years after that, KG had another terrible shooting night. The loss of this game,
and eventually the series, marked the beginning of the
end for Boston’s dominant era, but nobody blamed Kevin’s
shooting for that. Even Doc Rivers said it wasn’t his fault, and let’s not forget, he had that ring and reputation already. But back in Seattle, KG was flirting with a
totally different reputation. He finished the half with seven points, four turnovers, and two whole rebounds. But there was still time
for him to turn it around, especially because Minnesota
was surviving KG’s, “I forgot, what’s basketball
again,” style performance. The T-wolves were actually
up at halftime, 47-44. It wasn’t because Marbury stepped up. He was struggling right
along with Garnett. Rather, it was Anthony Peeler
who almost saved Minnesota. He hit six of eight threes
and finished the game with 28 points. If the T-wolves coulda
pulled this one out, Peeler would’ve been the hero of one of the biggest
upsets in NBA history. Wonder if Peeler and KG
discussed any of that in 2004 when they got in a little dustup? KG kicked off the second half
being stripped by Vin Baker and having the ball bounce
off of him and out of bounds. (sighs) And it only gets worse. Approximately two minutes
later, while the commentators were discussing Minnesota’s turnovers, Garnett held the ball out in front of him for anyone who wanted it to take it and Jerome Kersey was like, “Yeah, I want the ball. “It’s an elimination game. “Give it.” Coming a Minnesota time out,
KG forgot how to dribble. People say this guy’s gonna
be the best player in the NBA? Ratings are gonna suffer. He missed a few more then picked
up a completely unnecessary offensive foul while vying for position with future Parks and Rec
star, Detlef Schrempf. KG was clearly losing his cool. On the next play, he
just shoved Nate McMillan because he got too close to him, but then, a few possessions
later, KG hit a shot! Maybe things were turning around. Nope. The $125 million man traveled again. No basket. Flip takes him outta the game
until the fourth quarter. Garnett was so sad and too
big to be properly comforted. But hey, at least none of his teammates were gonna yell at him until he cried. Seeing all these KG turnovers
might remind you of the 2012 Eastern Conference Semis when
the Celtics played the Sixers and Garnett had seven turnovers, but I’m reluctant to be too hard on him because Boston won the series in the end. KG had other good games that series and the one bad game in
an otherwise good series made for a perfect
storyline in “Uncut Gems.” Oh yeah, once again, he had
his ring and rep already. This game didn’t define
who KG was as a player. That definition was already
written in permanent ink, but in 1998, he was still defining himself and he could still have
a good fourth quarter. The Sonics were up by
seven, a surmountable lead, and Garnett had some big
fourth quarters this series. There’s no reason he couldn’t do it again. He came out firing but still couldn’t hit. I mean, he hit the rim here,
that’s kinda something. He was clearly frustrated as
we can see on the defensive end when instead of helping his
team fight for this rebound, he gave up and seemed
to ask something like, “Why has God forsaken me?” Then, the man who just a few nights ago chanted one more game to the
crowd, missed another shot. It rattled around the rim, getting his hopes up only to smash them. To give Garnett credit,
he didn’t get ball shy in the face of all these misses. He was wide open, he
didn’t back down and pass. Oh my God, just pass it. With under five minutes to
go, KG failed to catch a ball that hit him in the hands. As the last moments of
his season tick down, KG sidled up to Detlef
during a free throw and said, “I didn’t have it tonight.” Hey, quick q. If a young opponent said that
to KG during a free throw, do you think he’d lend a sympathetic ear? Now KG has certainly
had other playoff games where he didn’t have it, like his 2014 post-season with the Nets but he was playing limited minutes, he turned 38 during that post-season and these weren’t
defining games for Garnett by any stretch of the imagination. He’s got that ring and he’s
in the twilight of his career. Lay off. Game five in 1998 mattered. It could’ve sent waves through the NBA, not just that there was
a young foe in the west capable of upsetting veteran teams, but the humiliation to the Sonics would’ve most likely
gotten George Karl fired. Instead, Minnesota lost
97-84 and was eliminated. Despite this terrible game, nobody was too hard on Garnett about it. Gary Payton and the
critics said, essentially, wait ’til Garnett and his
team reach their potential. But what this loss meant, and
what the commentary confirmed, Was that Minnesota is still
the team of the future instead of the team of right now and Minnesota stayed
the team of the future instead of the team of
now for five more years. They were eliminated from the
first round of the playoffs every year after this until 2004. And it seemed like this was
what KG’s legacy would be, a good player who wasn’t
good enough to lead his team to the championships or
even outta the first round. But of course we know
that’s not what happened. It took a very long time, but Garnett’s predicted bright
future did come to fruition. He won MVP in 2004 but he
was really given a new life when he was traded to Boston in ’07. He was defensive player of the year in ’08 but I’m burying the lead a bit here. In 2008, 10 years after his
horrible loss to Seattle, Kevin Garnett earned his ring. He set his legacy in stone. Kevin Garnett is an NBA Champion, one of the best players to
ever grace the hardwood, expected to be nominated to the Hall of Fame later this year. We don’t call him the next Karl Malone. It’s not necessary. He’s Kevin Garnett. That says it all. But there was once a
playoff game so bad we saw an alternate reality
in which Kevin Garnett didn’t look like a star, wasn’t able to handle the
pressure of high expectations and traveled more than once. It kicked off a pattern
that continued for years, forcing us to live in
this alternate reality where KG was confined to the
first round of the playoffs. And despite his notorious
ability to trash talk, I thought it was a good idea
to remind everyone of that. (ominous music) Thanks for watching. For more KG content, check
out this Beef History with Joakim Noah or for
another playoff disaster, may I suggest relishing
in this Tom Brady failure. Subscribe to SB Nation, ring
that bell for notifications and enjoy the rest of your day. (dramatic music)

DadCity on the Streets! NBA 2k20 Career Mode Part 2 | K-CITY GAMING

what’s up upper body this is part two of
NBA 2k20 mode we just stood up there coach got all the drama out and
now we left town it gives you a chance to edit your head I’m gonna I’m gonna
edit my I’m gonna get a tan a little bit we’ll go a little darker here on the
beat baby yeah right episode 2 we’re going to now let me choose for you
the twisty fade that’s about I guess flew shaggy
if I look like that real life I’d be going to getting the haircut oh where
are you flying home to beautiful Los Angeles New York Chicago or st. Louis
Chicago Chicago I’m from Chicago oh here we are lovely Chicago never even
been to Chicago NEADS haircut doing more checking on the
fan our yard another I’m their man just waiting on the call I guess remember
turn to me and suddenly everything gets really who’s helping you up my advisor
from school she got it right okay and what you did is tender for your boy
like that not so many players shoot not too many people to handle something like
that appreciate your boat show so you ready to touch earth Oh play it do my play and Anthony Davis
yeah aren’t they give me some tutorials here oh oh it’s a discipline life
Anthony Davis oh is it making its make it ticket oh man
make it thank you oh my goodness is not gonna be good
o come o come o come o come o there we go I got to come back to the okay so
that resets it got to go back to the three poor you can’t take me he just said brick what a jerk what a
jerk that like there’s a hundred people out there but there’s only about twelve
come on come on I got score something go ball perfect is it first 240 well that’s
their time time ain’t moving oh oh yeah we go yeah Oh woody brick rhino brick you got a score boy I know I got a score
he needs to let me get in there so he whipped me he whipped me good no you
said you got someone checking for you if you ever needed me to my agent just say
the word yes we do want Anthony Davis’s agent yes can’t hurt right look I got
you so push own a rematch soon no doubt no doubt a show for sure what in Texas
we say for sure they they in Chicago they say fo sho fo sho
oh we’re gonna talk to his agent Jay Zack Bailey Matt good to meet you big
fan yeah thanks alright sorry man just what I’m expecting someone who shaves
yeah yeah yeah I know well my mom says that I’ll appreciate the baby face later
but right now I’m still single and getting carded at movie theaters so I’m
looking on that James Harden thing you know the NBA execs are a little anxious
about your decision to stay in school and you couple that with your
demonstration and let’s just say taking a flier on an
unproven 18 year old starts to look a little bit more appealing what happened
to drafting someone who’s no mature who can actually come in and contribute yeah
fair enough but look in this racket potential will always reign supreme
all I’m saying is if you and I want to try and make it into the lead
I can’t have anyone else in your ear huh okay so what do I tell me well Jay
you’re a professional now you say thank you and goodbye
okay so he’s that agent told shank that city Oh 90 days until NBA Draft he told
that City Beach that you need to drop this girl if you want to make it to the
NBA he’ll this girl we got drop her show you
good drop it her oh I appreciate everything you done for me you know that
but I think I’m cool now he’s it’s sad city no I want you wasting your time Oh all right pack your bags lady get out you’re not
mad right of course I promise me one thing you won’t ever been you hear me
hey I hate goodbyes this is a nice thing you’ve ever seen he
loses his player he’s lost his agent I’ve lost my voice hey what else are we
gonna lose got my feets got my beats look at those beats just another day on
the world boss how you got a look at it his shaky legs he okay what’s up lot of
history you know coming out of high school I was only 6 1 a hundred and
fifty pounds wet only receive one offer Central Arkansas and that was to be the
team manager but something happened between my freshman and my junior year I
called Inge’s yeah I was 6 7 and starting to feast on cats but this ain’t
no dude this Center Arkansas my coach is going crazy going broke
calling all over trying to get Scouts just to come check me see he’s he’s
inspiring these guys I think the invitational is named Marty played
scouts from me and we’re gonna be watching us play scout for the NBA
he’s helped out a lot of people like myself John Stockton Ben Wallace he got
us eat into the Portsmouth invite which changed our lives
if you want it bad enough if you’re willing to sacrifice it will find oh
look at that look at them look into that NBA championship ring compete with the
best college seniors in the country to earn an invite to the NBA Draft Combine
this is your first chance to give Scouts an initial impression of your strengths
and weaknesses with a lot of weaknesses play against each of the other prospects
in a 5v5 scrimmage to prove that you’re ready for the next level
is exciting and that guys like eight feet tall good ok good he got it
yeah pass it to dad city yeah over the point I’m sure that got the attention of
the scouts I need to play on defense all right here we go this is important oh not ready Hey you gonna be the scout you
you can evaluate the talent here okay you’d be great at that he knows all the
stats all the records all the standings at least in the NFL so you would be a
good Scout if you don’t make that sports broadcasting career we’ve talked about a
be a good Scout he ain’t ready if not you’ll be a good youtuber he cannot
shoot free-throws yeah that guy’s terrible sorry watch it
misses now it’s bad passage of a team Oh way down that didn’t look good I was pretty close
yeah I think he’d be a good three your Evans
come on Evans come on it’s not you’re on that guy now call yeah call for the bald
here I think I should go for this I think so
yeah that’s looking good to the scouts okay okay okay what do you think scout
scout Beckett that was pretty good man you’re about to take over so I was
at a secret I was at a C+ before and then I’ll let him score yeah at least
I’ve got him I’ve got him come on they’re slow come on come on he may won’t cook
they’ll get him these guys are really bad hate them oh and the foul
yeah back up to see pause yay you get this here you’ll get more okay you’re
just barely a c-plus all right here we go
give me the ball go get your guys okay okay yes why why did he go did I go down for
small breasts meant something like that I made hit I forced him to pass it
where’s my guy that guy they should have passed it to me it’s 17 to 3 we’re
creaming them well your team definitely gonna make it to the combine I think
it’s just one it’s just it’s not the whole team making it to the combine its
individual players if they do good I think me the most aggressive our dad
said he yeah take over I’m taking over the game is out that is up there
what’s our three do take over Wow I don’t know I just feel it my foot on
fire that’s why you’re on fire are gonna be accurate very accurate Martin may
want got him we got him so be aware five okay I’m still on the takeover and they are gonna be more accurate now there’s an assist well-rounded game
sorry sorry scalp nope okay okay I’m worried that they gonna shoot it
he’s not doing anything I’m gonna get a position oh I was going up for the slam
yeah 50-plus have you gonna be – that would be great
I’ve always wanted to be – super close if you don’t have me so I gotta fill up
that c-plus meter in order to get the V – okay we’re beat
all right all right duck Donna I went after tried it’s 9 to 24 ah stole it from me that was bat move on my part
oh you’re very close to being NFC how about that okay oh I’m going down
again you went down and then went right under
guy okay so base on just one bat play at my hole skorca drop don’t go in for the
foul okay okay just keep stay close staying close to my guy nice excellent give me that be – come on
siggy + still almost there really God Oh who’s that hey 99 his feet are on fire
now Oh balls on fire fall his name’s Paul
his glasses fall I’m just gonna calm fall his hard sword I’m trying to keep
track this guy in the traffic it’s gonna be forced of course he got give it to me it’s going down with your plaque so
don’t ah you’re supposed to be on that guy what guy the guy did not score that was off Oh got it
my score go up at all don’t beat your guy you gotta keep out the white guys
give it some combined boy combine is mine keep on your guy oh yeah I forced him it’s not my guy no nice maybe he’ll get a call from the
scouts baby I’m playing okay diem played better than
last time yeah come on nice good job oh hey I want one
of those come here hey hey give me how five what are you doing I’m trying to
how to celebrate I was hoping he would uh give me a chest bump he ignored me 25
points Wow feel good percentage 71 my name how
to be a Vemma B – Bunnell hey get on yo guys computer made me do that know
what’s in it I’m watching oh I could have got that somebody get on him not me come on dad you guys what I’ve come for the pass
why it’s ignored inert oh is it is it making my ready to go down that
one they didn’t ignore oh I’m always there good defense or something here
it’ll be okay we’ll drive seconds you can’t let it go down
oh it’s not that 12 seconds if you score here okay Oh missed the shot Oh four
five six seven eleven twelve thirteen thirteen teams interested buddy
interested that’s that 13 teams hmm want a plane – we’re going to Los
Angeles where are we what work are we gonna we’re gonna talk to our agent
that’s outrageous then who’s that I guess I got better style in this game
than a reliance Elche you know a devil you two are going to be workout partners
and roommates oh we got a new best friend I don’t think he likes us the
over here and I’m going to show you for the next 12 weeks of your life is gonna
be like so official combine invites go out the first week of May if you’re both
invited will go out to Chicago on the 16th after that will be arranged in some
private workouts with interested teams up until draft week and then summer
league but from now for the next three weeks you guys are gonna be in the gym
your food is gonna be delivered to your apartment now I don’t need to tell you
how quick perception can turn you’re gonna find the road is real treacherous
if you find yourself fighting for a job in summer league understand gentlemen
Stacey Gibraltar I’m your trainer for the next couple months just cuz you
don’t scoffs doesn’t mean you’re in licensed fact is over the next few weeks
you will decide and come July hopefully we’ll be lifelong friends we’ll meet
here every morning at 6:00 to prepare for the combine after lunch you hit the
court have you received your first week supply of food and supplements it’s not
the army fellas loosen those shoulders make sure you follow the instructions
exactly as they’re written otherwise you’ll just be wasting your time in here
stretch out boys well alright that better not be sick
stuff girls look unless we’re talking real partnership we’re not gonna be
interested I won’t better to get LeBron to move off this couch and Lutz this
equity so thanks I’m sorry to keep you guys waiting have a seat so look math handles all of LeBrons some
more barn hanging off court oh never oh we’re meeting with the marketing
people this is Madeline Steele and of course the lifetime contract thank you
hey honey I know each other Z and I go back aways being in this business but
the thing I appreciate about Z besides being a great agent is he really lets
his players grow and make their own decisions see that tenant attend review
I gotta add that to my Yelp page so look J look I like you
bran does too but here done interrupted what we focus on access points we’ll be
giving them a platform to become more than an athlete Hey tell him what you
told me on the phone look I know you’re focused on the draft and that’s the
right thing is that’s most important to you both we’ve talked to a couple of
brands and they’re interested you serious yeah absolutely so he’s trying
to get him some endorsement deals Lakers are also interesting we may be playing
with LeBron James Murray super-rich deal because Warriors are so interested
there’s nothing wrong with taking these short deals along the way as long as you
don’t sacrifice the moment yeah see look Jay in the grand scheme of things these
guys are putting down loose change to tie you up for like a couple years now
if you flame out that’s the cops to do in business but if you blow up they just
got Fifth Avenue product for Canal Street prices and right now you’re hot
but along the way you have to figure out what type of
player you think you’re gonna be forget with Z think so what I think what do you
think you’re gonna be do you think you’re gonna be all pro on all-star or
do you end up overseas but you really got to focus on getting to that second
contract because that becomes life-changing
yeah make a good decision is do you think about what may have said mm-hmm
got any new wasn’t for me mister super agent well and my opinion it never hurts
to listen but I’m not you I can’t tell you what kind of player you’ll become okay so do we want to take the short
deal or do we want to hold out and think we’re a superstar hurry
hold out hold out I’m good whatever they’re gonna pick me sad a double
Biostar a long money oh okay so we rejected a deal now for a short-term
sponsorship we gotta work on your diet know what’s going on here should I say
absolutely multi L do what whoa cheat day boys celebrate what are you talking
about I’m talking about the fact that both of you just got your official
invites to the 2019 NBA calmness yes you’ve earned it Jay good job this could
be your time I mean that all right okay we did one on one with Anthony Davis we
did we had a good five on five Portsmouth Invitational that got us a
Emma invite to the NBA Draft Combine which is where we’re going next time
yeah yeah all right buddy hey hey right up here we will show you
ever sewed one so click that so you can catch up with all the NBA action we will
see you next time bye hey remember to subscribe to K City gaming all new kcd

The LeBron-AD Trade Deadline Madness 😲 | Game Of Zones S6E5

Aren’t you excited to play with Dirk? He’s the greatest The greatest You’re going to love it here Greatest city in the world We’re definitely going to the tournament this year I can’t wait to share the court with you and the legendary Ser Dirk. Would you like to see him? Is he…uh… you know…is he like, uh… His, uh, spirit is strong, but I am afraid there is not much time left. OK He’s down to 10 minutes a battle Oh my But come, you will make him very happy Ser Dirk, remember: You can fight for this house for as long as you like Danke, but I don’t have much time left… maybe only…six seasons or something Six?! That’s fine…that’s totally fine Is, uh, now a good time? Ser Kristaps is here to see— Oh yes, yes! Dirk, someone special wants to see you Hello, my Euro father You shaved your beard, Tyson -Oh, that’s not Tyson, Dirk. It’s Kristaps!
-It is not him Oh! Kristaps? You’re…you’re on House Mavericks? I am, yeah Lord Mark, this is…truly a wonderful gift Oh, it’s nothing Almost makes up for… the time I took a giant pay cut… OK to stay with House Mavs… OK, we don’t need to rehash the whole— and you used the gold on… Chandler Parsons. Alright, OK Not good OK, well, I will let you boys alone to talk about whatever European things you guys wanna talk about like wine and bread and cheese. I get it. All right. Later, dudes! Mark is actually… He’s a very cool guy Your grace, I want to learn everything you have to teach me Let me bask in the light of your wisdom I will tell you what is the most important Yes. Please. Loyalty Loyalty For 56 years, I have worn only House Mavericks colors, even as those colors went through a questionable rebrand. And though I showed my opponents no mercy, I made no enemies because I betrayed no house Tell me, why did you abandon your house? Your fanlings? Well…I was on House Knicks, and— Oh, oh—say no more OK, yikes, yikes. Never mind. OK, yikes, yikes. Never mind. Kristaps, do you then swear your loyalty to House Mavericks? Yes, I do Well then, in the name of Dirk Nowitzki of House Mavericks, I hereby declare you the next Dirk OK, wait. Hold on With all due respect, you said I was the next Dirk, like like a moon ago Oh…that’s right. OK, yeah. Kristaps, you will be the next Dirk, UNTIL Luka comes of age. Right…but I’m already the go-to knight, right? I’m scoring roughly 20 points a battle What if, uh, maybe both of you are the next Dirk? We’ll do double Dirks Yeah, you can be double Dirks Want to be triple Dirks? Could we do triple Dirks? Triple Dirks? Who is the other— I think I also told Maxi Kleber that he’s the next me Ser, our next battle starts in eight hours We need to start your stretches Oh, dank—thank you, J.J. I’ll be right there All right, boys Time to play some basketball! What the hell, Kuz? Oh, c’mon, probably would have been more off target if I left you alone. That arrow cost 200 gold Who pays 200 gold for— Ah, right Wait, weren’t you cutting ties with them? Yeah, but I got to get that arrow back It’s going to be a collector’s item Oh, you must come to my barbershop But I have a barber. He’s an eyebrow specialist Hey Lonzo, I’m not sure it’s safe to climb in ZO2 boots! If Lord Walton sees you, he’ll give Rondo ALL your minutes. Shhh! Shut up! I want nothing more than to be by your side Oh, think of the fast breaks I yearn to toss your lobs Think of the spacing! Would you let me play power forward? Yes, anything. Even though I’m clearly a center? Oh, whatever you want. Because together, we will bring back Showtime. Ugh, too bad Lord Demps would never trade me here He just hates House Lakers He’s always been jealous of big markets Let Rich handle Dell But you’d have to give up your entire young core for my rights. I would trade every single one of them for just a chance to play with you. Between you and me, they’re a bunch of fools and overhyped squires. Even the Ball boy? Pfft. Lonzo? Good riddance to him AND his oaf of a father And once he’s gone, we’ll bring in a real Lord Commander like Jason Kidd -Wait! Stop! Stop!
-or Mark Jack—son of a— Are you completely mad? He saw us. He saw us tampering. It’s all right. It’s all right. I know. What should we do with you? D-d-don’t trade me I’m really good except for shooting free throws and three-pointers and layups, but, uh…I was the No. 2 pick! He was the No. 2 pick The things I do for rings Ow, ow! -Ow, my ankle!
-My small Kevin Durant-like frame! Oh, my bones have shattered like sugar straws! Oh, come on, guys, shake it off! You’re fine! Just a little, uh…playoff push from the greatest knight in the Realm. Is someone going to help us up? Well, I suppose there’s always next year Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Right. Sometimes, I like to pretend that I’m subscribed to Bleacher Report on Youtube. I get all the notifications, and I can show my support for Game of Zones. But alas, I’m back in Chai’Nos now, and I don’t get Youtube here. But I do wonder, will they ever do an episode about the Guangdong Southern Tigers? I certainly hope so

The Biggest Sports Scandals Of The Past Decade

December 30, 2019 | Articles | No Comments

The 2010s provided the sports world with some
scandals we’d prefer to forget. Names like Aaron Hernandez and Oscar Pistorius
went down in infamy, and they weren’t the only ones who made headlines. Here are the biggest sports scandals of the
2010s. Even before the 2010s, experts had raised
concerns about brain injuries suffered by professional and amateur football players. Eventually, chronic traumatic encephalopathy,
or CTE, became part of the sports world’s active vocabulary. The issue was never as simple as football
being a dangerous pursuit. One doesn’t need to be a practicing physician
to understand that 300-pound men repeatedly ramming their heads into each other isn’t
great for staying healthy. Nevertheless, the NFL denied the truth as
it attempted to hide the concussion crisis hovering over the sport and the number of
former players likely suffering from CTE. The league was ultimately forced to pay out
hundreds of millions of dollars following a class-action lawsuit filed by ex-players,
although such settlements have been less than helpful for many former pros. The NFL has also taken measures to make the
game safer, including in-game penalties and post-game fines for players who hit opponents
high on their bodies. The league has also hired independent concussion
specialists to evaluate players suspected to have suffered head injuries during games. In September 2014, NFL commissioner Roger
Goodell placed Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy on the league’s commissioner’s
exempt list, after Hardy was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend. The following February, charges were dismissed
after the alleged victim refused to cooperate in the criminal investigation. It was also reported that Hardy reached a
financial settlement with the woman who told police he threatened her life. Nevertheless, the NFL signed Hardy to a new
contract with the Dallas Cowboys. That November, Deadspin released photos of
injuries that the alleged victim claimed came from Hardy’s assault. Hardy’s tenure with the Cowboys lasted only
12 games, and he never again played in the NFL. Not to be outdone by the Cowboys and the NFL,
the UFC awarded Hardy with an opportunity to become a professional fighter in the spring
of 2018. He entered November 2019 with a record of
five wins, one loss, and one no contest. The Biogenesis scandal was a huge story that
rocked Major League Baseball throughout the 2010s. As the story goes, a man named Anthony Bosch
operated a clinic that reportedly distributed performance-enhancing drugs to at least 20
players. After his operation was shut down following
his arrest, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four years behind bars, a sentence that
was ultimately reduced. The biggest name linked with Biogenesis was
New York Yankees superstar slugger Alex Rodriguez, who repeatedly denied purposely using PEDs. “For the record, have you ever used steroids,
human growth hormone, or any other performance-enhancing substance?” “No.” In November 2014, however, the Miami Herald
reported that Rodriguez, who had spent the entire previous MLB season suspended from
the game, confirmed that he purchased and used products from the Biogenesis clinic. History suggests that Rodriguez would’ve been
better off admitting his crimes right away, as baseball fans have repeatedly forgiven
players linked with steroids and other PEDs. But considering his many denials, A-Rod might
be waiting a long time for a call from the Hall of Fame once he becomes eligible in 2022. In March 2012, the NFL announced that over
a dozen New Orleans Saints players and at least one coach were involved in a system
that paid players for knocking opposing athletes out of games from 2009 through 2011. Fans who watch football understand that a
linebacker who crushes a wide receiver attempting to catch a pass over the middle is probably
looking to do more than force an incompletion. But such bounties are frowned upon by the
league. Thus, multiple players and coaches, including
defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and head coach Sean Payton, received suspensions. Payton’s punishment was so severe that he
was banned for the entire 2012 season. It’s worth noting that the bans handed down
to the players were lifted in December 2012. Former commissioner Paul Tagliabue, tasked
with handling the player appeals, explained, “My affirmation of Commissioner Goodell’s
findings could certainly justify the issuance of fines. However, this entire case has been contaminated
by the coaches and others in the Saints’ organization.” Meanwhile, Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton
called for Gregg Williams to be banned from the NFL in an op-ed piece for the Wall Street
Journal. But Tarkenton and those who agreed with him
didn’t receive their wish, as Williams bounced around the league throughout the remainder
of the decade. He was the interim head coach for the Cleveland
Browns in 2018, and he spent 2019 as defensive coordinator for the New York Jets. In June 2014, San Francisco 49ers quarterback
Colin Kaepernick signed a six-year contract extension with the team. Two years later, he was seen sitting during
the rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” before a preseason game. He later explained, “I am not going to stand up to show pride
in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it
would be selfish on my part to look the other way.” “Ultimately, it’s to bring awareness and make
people, you know, realize what’s really going on in this country.” Similar acts of silent protest were repeated
by Kaepernick and other NFL players that season, as well as by other athletes in other sports. They became polarizing figures, and some fans
even chose to boycott the league because they believed millionaire pro athletes were disrespecting
the national anthem. In March 2017, Kaepernick opted out of his
deal and became a free agent. No team brought him in for a workout that
off-season. He remained a free agent through 2018 and
2019. Writers for such outlets as The Washington
Post, The Guardian, The Undefeated, and Pro Football Talk all believed that NFL owners
had essentially blackballed him as teams in need of signal-callers repeatedly signed lesser
options. Kaepernick’s detractors, however, claimed
that he wasn’t good enough and wasn’t worth whatever fan backlash his joining a team would
cause. From 1981 through 2014, real estate mogul
Donald Sterling served as owner of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers. Throughout his tenure, he was accused of multiple
acts of discrimination. In 2009, he agreed to pay nearly $3 million
following a lawsuit over his alleged refusal to rent apartments he owned to several groups. He was also twice involved in harassment lawsuits. He settled one in 1998, and a different accuser
lost her suit in 2004. But none of those incidents led to Sterling’s
downfall. Instead, racist comments he made that were
recorded without his knowledge and published by TMZ in April 2014 resulted in Clippers
players and coaches nearly boycotting a playoff game. Soon after Sterling’s remarks went public,
the NBA banned him for life. “Effective immediately, I am banning Mr. Sterling
for life.” It was later ruled that Sterling was mentally
unfit to make decisions related to his family’s trust, which prevented him from blocking the
sale of the Clippers. In March 2016, his lawsuit against the league
and four individuals, including his wife Shelly, was dismissed. While few, if any, cried for Sterling after
the matter, various commentators pointed out that his situation also brought up serious
questions about privacy. For 11 months out of any given year, American
sports fans couldn’t have cared less about competitive cycling. But when Lance Armstrong raced in the Tour
de France from 1999 to 2005, cycling was America’s sport. Armstrong won the event’s title all seven
of those years, but accusations of wrongdoing and performance-enhancing drug use dogged
him after each victory. His fans claimed that everyone was jealous
that Armstrong, a cancer survivor who established what became known as the Livestrong Foundation,
was the best cyclist on the planet. They scoffed at each new allegation that emerged. But in 2012, the United States Anti-Doping
Agency confirmed that Armstrong’s team ran, quote, “the most sophisticated, professionalized,
and successful doping program that sport has ever seen.” The USADA also stripped Armstrong of his seven
titles and banned him from the sport for life. In 2013, he admitted that he’d spent years
lying and cheating. He also bullied those who dared to suggest
he wasn’t clean. While speaking with Oprah Winfrey, he detailed
the PED cocktail he used during his championship runs. “In all seven of your Tour de France victories,
did you ever take banned substances or blood dope?” “Yes.” In 2018, Armstrong agreed to settle a lawsuit
by paying nearly $7 million in damages. In the worst-case scenario, though, he could’ve
been on the hook for $100 million, leading some to suggest he’d once again gotten away
with being a fraud. In sports competitions, top-tier athletes
receive what fans refer to as “superstar calls” from referees. No fighter in UFC history has received more
superstar treatment than Jon “Bones” Jones during the 2010s. Physically speaking, Jones is the greatest
fighter in UFC history. In his prime, his speed, length, agility,
and strength made him an unbeatable force, other than when he defeated himself. He was his own worst enemy throughout the
decade. He spent one day in rehab after he tested
positive for cocaine. The UFC suspended him and stripped him of
his championship in April 2015 due to his involvement in a hit-and-run case. And he’s also received multiple punishments
for violating the UFC’s anti-drug policy. In October 2019, he pleaded no contest to
disorderly conduct. There’s no reason to believe that the UFC
will ever care about what Jones does as long as he’s eligible to brawl. The company moved an entire fight card from
Las Vegas to California a week ahead of time after an atypical finding of a drug test submitted
by Jones caused a licensing conflict in Las Vegas. These moves didn’t come without criticism. The Wrestling Observer, among other outlets,
repeatedly called out the UFC and the USADA for allowing Jones to compete with trace amounts
of steroid metabolite found in his blood. So much about the “Deflategate” scandal appeared
ridiculous well after the fact. The core of the matter was that New England
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had allegedly used deflated footballs to help defeat the
Indianapolis Colts in the 2015 AFC Championship Game. In May 2015, the NFL suspended Brady and also
stripped the Patriots of draft picks. That, of course, was only the beginning of
the circus. Patriots owner Robert Kraft began a public
feud with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Brady appealed his ban and ended up playing
for the entire 2015 season. Eventually, however, the quarterback caved
and accepted the four-game suspension in July 2016, 544 days after New England’s win over
Indianapolis. As was often the case during the 2010s, Brady,
Kraft, and the Patriots enjoyed the last laugh. In 2017, New England emerged as the victors
of the AFC playoffs and booked a date with the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51. Brady and the Patriots rallied back from a
28-3 deficit in that game to force overtime, and a short James White touchdown rush in
the extra period secured the title for the NFL’s reigning dynasty. There was always only one fitting conclusion
to Deflategate: Tom Brady winning Super Bowl MVP again. On October 4th, 2019, as NBA teams were embarking
on a preseason tour in China, Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey tweeted the message, “Fight for freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.” As many predicted at the time that tweet went
public, Morey’s message didn’t sit well with the Chinese Basketball Association and certain
Chinese officials. Morey apologized a couple of days later, which
infuriated American fans who believed that he caved under the pressure of an organization
that was putting profits over human rights. Lakers superstar LeBron James made matters
worse for the NBA when he suggested that Morey had offered a, quote, “misinformed” take on
the China-Hong Kong matter. James’ message was poorly received by many
observers who saw him as a coward and a hypocrite, and as somebody willing to make bold political
statements only so long as doing so didn’t negatively affect his brand or the NBA. Meanwhile, some prominent figures came out
in support of Morey, including Hall of Famer and TNT analyst Shaquille O’Neal. “Daryl Morey was right. Whenever you see something wrong going on
anywhere in the world, you should have the right to say, ‘That’s not right.’ And that’s what he did.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Grunge videos about your favorite
sports are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the
bell so you don’t miss a single one.