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My Favorite Game Animation of 2019

January 15, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

My Favorite Game Animation of 2019

This was supposed to come
out in December! Oops. Well, whatever.
Let’s do it anyway. Hi! These are some of my favorite
bits of game animation I saw in 2019! Let’s begin with one of last year’s
early animation highlights… ANTHEM I think it’s fair to say that this is some of the
best-looking animation in a BioWare game yet. Characters are generally the highlight
of any great BioWare experience, and I don’t think I was prepared for how much
performance capture was going to add to that. Like, Owen as he’s voiced by T.J.
Ramini is already really charming. But Owen voiced AND physically performed
by Ramini brings a new level of charisma to that character that I don’t think
would have come across otherwise. Owen: ” Hey, considering that
the Monitor is both lancer and cypher, we could probably use a VERY fabulous
cypher/javelin pilot combo of our own.” Player Character: “Owen, be patient.” Of course, most of your NPC interactions use
this game’s conversation animation system, and there are some
gains on that front too, but seeing characters like these brought to
life with more natural performance detail in cinematics really makes me
excited for future BioWare projects. Also: running, jumping and especially flying
around in a javelin just feels cool as heck, in large part because the animation
sells their power so well. I will never get tired of sprinting toward a
ledge and launching into the air in this game. It just feels so cool. Next I want to
talk about Sekiro! The animation in FromSoft games has rarely been
the most polished-looking in the AAA space, but it almost always succeeds where
it matters: functional clarity. And that clarity is crucial
in a game like Sekiro, where players are expected to watch enemies
carefully and react to their attacks with so much more speed
and precision than before. The devs have talked in interviews
about how they spent a lot of time tuning each enemy’s attack animations
frame by frame, and it shows. Because, this game’s combat would not work
without those quickly-recognizable tells. And for their cinematics,
I love that From has maintained their trademark slooooow
timing and scene pacing. That willingness to let
characters move unnaturally slowly is a big reason why FromSoft
cutscenes feel so distinct, and it allows the sudden sharp movements
to feel even more surprising by contrast. From’s soft animation team really
is just getting better and better. Elden Ring cannot
come soon enough. Next up:
Luigi’s Mansion 3 Next Level Games has one of my favorite
animation teams in this industry. This is the same studio behind the
previous Luigi’s Mansion game for the 3DS AND – one of my favorite game
animation showcases of all time – the absolutely stellar
Punch-Out for the Wii. I already made an entire video singing
the praises of that game’s animation because this team is so good at delivering both
function and appeal simultaneously at 100%. And by gosh they are
good at animating Luigi. Next Level consistently brings
the best out of this character, from the moments when
he’s feeling scared, to the moments when he starts to feel
some of his confidence coming back to the moment that NOPE
NEVER-MIND, HE’S TERRIFIED AGAIN. Whatever Next Level is working on
now, I cannot wait to see it. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order We’ve seen a lot of Star Wars games
with lightsaber combat at this point, and a lot of different
approaches to animating it. Some of them have aimed to
replicate the fighting styles of existing characters as
we’ve seen them in the movies, and others try to create an
entirely new style all their own. And one thing that I really
enjoy in Fallen Order is the way Cal’s fighting animation feels like
it stylistically succeeds on both fronts. The way he handles a
lightsaber feels distinctly him and a little different from the stances or movements
that I’m used to seeing in Star Wars games, and yet I could totally see some Jedi moving
like this in a proper Star Wars movie which is something I’m not sure I
could say about the Force Unleashed. Combine that aesthetic balance with
some sharp controls and some stylish finishing animations and no wonder
the combat in this game feels so cool. Also, this? One of my
favorite Star Wars droids now. Look at ‘em. What a good little buddy. But next.
Pokemon Sword & Shield I’ve said before in a previous video
that the animation in the Pokemon series is a triumph of scope management rather than
visual flair, and that’s still true here. But in addition to the fact that they keep
managing to maintain a consistent level of charming animation quality across
these 400 creatures and human characters (which is still a feat
in its own right), I’m really digging the additional focus they’re
starting to put on animated personality. Like, the way the game instantly familiarizes you
with the personalities of all three starters just by showing you how they interact with
each other in one tiny cinematic is SO GOOD. And I think this cutscene
highlights a shift in focus that, really, has been happening
over the last few generations: Game Freak appears to be focusing
more and more of their resources on presenting Pokemon outside of
battle, which I think is a great call. Because one of the core elements of
the Pokemon fantasy is just living and traveling with
your team of creatures. And the earliest Pokemon games
just couldn’t provide that, so I really love the idea of the franchise
making that a higher priority now, because that’s where your Pokemon’s ability
to express themselves really shines. I think it’s telling that almost every time
I’ve seen people showing off their team online, or sharing clips
from their own game. Those clips tends to be video of their
Pokemon being goofballs in the Camp. So yeah! Real excited to see where
Game Freak takes things from here. Now high-quality traditional hand-drawn animation
is something of a rare treat in games, so I’m always grateful to see
the Banner Sagas and the Cupheads and the Hollow Knights out
there keeping that torch lit. And this year’s hand-drawn
champion was Indivisible. It is real fun seeing the
Skullgirls crew try on a new genre! I love these characters,
I love their designs, and their combat animations are just
loaded with tons of great little details… the team even brought in Studio
Trigger to animate the game’s opening! If you are enjoying the look of this
right now, I recommend picking it up, because not only is this
game loaded with charm, but you just don’t see games that
look like this coming out every day, and frankly I want to see studios like
Lab Zero, MDHR, Stoic and Team Cherry able to keep doing
what they’re doing. But, moving on. There were a LOT of extremely
AAA games raising the bar on photo-realistic human game
character animation this year. Devil May Cry 5, Modern Warfare,
Resident Evil 2, Death Stranding… lots of extremely
impressive work. I can’t imagine the hundreds of hours it
took hundreds of people to make all this. But the one team I’d like
to call out in particular is Remedy Entertainment for
their work on Control. I am legit impressed by
the degree of subtlety in character face performances
during some of these story scenes. Granted, certain moments and scenes can
dip into the uncanny from time to time, but this game’s setting already
exist so deep in the uncanny that, somehow, those moments kinda
just help contribute to the vibe. But the thing that push
this over the edge for me, and I’m sure that this effect is impart due
to the fact that your player character’s based on real
actor Courtney Hope and they occasionally use some live
footage of her in specific scenes, but I’ve got to confess: once or twice
while watching these story scene, there would be just a moment
that had me questioning: “…wait, is this the real
actor or the digital character?” And I can’t remember a time where a game
succeed in making me unsure of that before. So kudos, Remedy!
And good job making a darned cool game. But, leaving the realm of
the photo-real for a bit, let us all give thanks
to the indie scene for blessing us with so much
incredible pixel animation this year. Wargroove, Blasphemous, Cadence of Hyrule…
Katana Zero, for heck sake. Y’all spoil us. I do want to give special mention
to one in particular, though, and that is River City Girls. The Kunio-kun franchise has NEVER
had animation this gorgeous. Every character’s moveset is
just so fun to frame through. I highly recommend doing
so yourself sometime. Misako’s rage-y headbutt.
Kyoko’s selfie parry. The bookbag swing. The spinning power dab. How can you not
love a brawler with movesets like this. I’m so happy that games
with pixel animation are not only surviving in the year
2019, but THRIVING. And now for a couple
of honorable mentions! The first goes to Kingdom Hearts III, which
would almost definitely be on this list, except for the fact that I
intentionally have not played it yet. I’ve really been wanting to do
an unspoiled playthrough of it over on PlayFrame once
the ReMind DLC drops. But I’m just going to
take a shot in the dark and guess that the
animation was pretty darned good? Because it’s Kingdom Hearts and the animation in Kingdom Hearts
games tends to be pretty stellar, combat especially. And what I’ve seen of the Disney and Pixar
characters in trailers looks pretty incredible, so I am really excited to finally see
all this for myself pretty soon. And the other honorable mention goes
to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, which I would talk
about at length here, but I already said all the exact same nice
things about Monster Hunter World last year. So just take everything
I said back in the 2018 Favorites videos and
add some snow I guess, because the animation in this
expansion is every bit as fantastic. And finally, before we wrap up,
let’s talk about Untitled Goose Game. Because having incredible game animation
isn’t always about realistic fidelity, or massive scope or
flashy movesets. Sometimes it’s about getting
one crucial thing exactly right. And for this game,
that thing is the goose. The perfection of that waddle
completes the comedy of this game. It’s amazing; it puts you in the right frame of mind
to be a dorky little nuisance almost instantly. And so many of your available moves
double as a tool for player expression! Like, I’m sure this wing-extension
move does something practical, but most of the time I’m just
using it to go MYEHHHHHHHH. Seriously, though,
if this waddle didn’t feel just right, I’ll bet this entire game would
feel noticeably less entertaining. And that makes this one
incredible piece of animation. But I think that should do it!
Did I miss anything? I mean, I will admit I
haven’t quite finished playing every single game
that came out in 2019, so… yes,
probably I did miss something. But, if you happen to know of
any games with stellar animation that I didn’t mention, please do call them
out in the comments, because I’m always eager
to see something cool! And here’s to all the great
game animation coming in 2020! I’ve got a lot planned for
New Frame Plus this year, so be sure to subscribe so
you don’t want to miss out. And consider supporting the show
like all these wonderful people. Thanks for watching,
and I will see you next time! [music]

Monster Hunter Iceborne, The Surge 2, Madden NFL 20 | Game Two #123

Moin Moin und hallo, willkommen zu einer neuen Ausgabe
von Game Two. Diesmal mit “The Surge 2”,
“Madden NFL 20” und “Monster Hunter World:
Iceborne”. Es gibt viel zu tun.
– Packen wir’s an. * Titelmusik * Unter den “Dark Souls”-Klonen
war “The Surge” einer der besseren. Die Kämpfe waren cool,
und dass man im mechanischen Exo-Suit durch futuristische Hi-Tech-
Fabriken stampft, war auch neu. Wem das gefällt, darf sich freuen,
in 2 Monaten kommt der Nachfolger. Aber so lange
müsst ihr nicht warten. – Nein. Wir sind nämlich supercool
und haben jetzt schon ein Preview. Micha, der alte Fuchs hat sich das
angeguckt, hier ist sein Bericht. Das Jahr 2017.
Das deutsche Entwicklerteam Deck 13 veröffentlicht
das Action-Rollenspiel “The Surge”. Eine brutale Zukunftsvision
sollte es sein. Eng angelehnt an das beliebte
Action-Rollenspiel “Dark Souls”. Es war ein gutes Spiel.
Doch heute sehen wir: Viele Gamer
haben noch immer Vorurteile. Die Stimmung auf der Straße brodelt.
Immer wieder hört man Sätze wie: “The Surge”? Das war doch nur
ein lamer “Souls”-Abklatsch. Wie sehen Sie das? “The Surge”? Das war doch nur
ein lamer “Souls”-Abklatsch. – Danke. Erschütternd. – Tja. Stimmt aber nich, denn
“The Surge 1” war ziemlich originell. Um die eigene Rüstung zu verbessern, musste man einzelne Partien
der Gegner anvisieren, abhacken und an sich selbst verschrauben. Ein blutiger Baukasten
für die ganze Familie. * Sägegeräusche * Hoppla!
– Sie sind aber ungeschickt. – Trotzdem war nicht alles perfekt. Da es jetzt eine Beta
zu “The Surge 2” gibt, fragen wir uns:
Wurden die Kritikpunkte ausgebügelt? Dazu haben wir
den Chef-Entwickler kontaktiert. – Hallo, ich bin Jan Klose.
– Hallo. Den konfrontieren wir
direkt auf der Straße mit den unverfälschten Fragen
der Wut-Gamer. Kann ich Sie kurz stören? – Ja. Sind Sie ein “The Surge”-Spieler?
– Ja. Haben Sie Fragen
an das Entwicklerteam bezüglich “The Surge 2”?
Dann haben Sie jetzt die Chance. Ja, natürlich hab ich ‘ne Frage. Das alte Leveldesign
war derbe Copy & Paste. Wird es Verbesserungen geben? Tatsächlich ist es so, dass wir
die Welt anders gestaltet haben als in Teil 1. Zudem haben wir versucht,
die verschiedenen Teilbereiche der Spielwelt,
in der du dich befindest, sehr stark voneinander
unterschiedlich zu gestalten. Die Vielfalt ist um einiges größer
als im ersten Teil. – Ok, überprüfen wir das mal
anhand der Beta. Es stimmt: Siffige Einkaufszentren,
Plätze mit Endzeit-Panorama und dreckige Slums
überzogen mit verstrahlter Giftsuppe laden zum Flanieren ein. * Gelächter * “The Surge 2” ist zudem offener und lässt sich auch mehr
in der Vertikalen erkunden. Klare Verbesserung!
Einziger Kritikpunkt: Die Welt ist weiterhin
durch Ladezeiten unterteilt und die Optik könnte Feinschliff
vertragen. Zur nächsten Frage: – Die Waffen-Impacts bei den
Standard-Mobs waren ziemlich whack. Wurde das verbessert? – Ja, wir haben ganz neue
Particle Effects da drin jetzt, wir haben neue Sounds und ich hoffe, dass man das sieht,
dass es richtig nach vorne geht. – OK, das können wir so bestätigen: Schon in der Beta
ballern die Sounds bis Bielefeld. * Kampfsounds * Die Animationen sind wuchtig und
Treffer spürt man fast schmerzhaft. Da sind wir guter Dinge
für die Vollversion. Nächste Frage! – Ja, ich hätte da mal ‘ne Frage: Das megaschnelle Movement der Bosse
matchte nicht gut mit den trägen Player-Animations.
Wurde das schon angepasst? – Nein, unsere Bosse
sind noch viel wendiger geworden. Wer denkt, jetzt wird’s einfacher
und die Bosse sind gemütlicher, den muss ich enttäuschen. Es ist so, dass wir versucht haben,
dass der Spieler wendiger wird. Dem Spieler eher die Möglichkeit
zu geben, flinker zu sein, mehr zu reagieren, genauer
zu wissen, wo stehe ich gerade, was muss ich machen?
Eher von der Richtung. – OK, das können wir halb bestätigen,
in der Beta gab’s kaum Bosse. Die wenigen Boss-Encounter
spielten sich, sagen wir, passabel. Hier warten wir die Vollversion ab. Grundsätzlich kämpft es sich
in “The Surge 2” spürbar schneller. U.a.weil die flinke Helfer-Drone
nun relevanter ist. Aber es hängt auch
von der Waffengattung ab. Nano-Messer messern flotter
als Nano-Knüppel knüppeln. Egal mit welcher Waffe man spielt,
unpassend hastig oder zu träge wie im ersten Teil
haben wir uns nie gefühlt. Kurz: Die Kämpfe machen Laune! Sind Sie ein “The Surge”-Spieler?
– Ja. – Ich sehe,
Sie sind ein Hardcore-Gamer. -Ja, ich bin ein true Hardcore-Gamer.
Wie hardcore wird “The Surge 2”? – Der Punkt ist,
dass wir gesagt haben, wir bieten mehr Optionen an
für die Spieler und wollen dadurch gucken,
dass wir eine breitere Menge an Spielern ansprechen,
indem wir sagen, du kannst das Spiel
auf unterschiedliche Arten spielen. Damit sprechen wir vielleicht
mehr Leute an. Das war die Idee. – Tja, aber ist das
jetzt noch hardcore? Die Beta von “The Surge 2″
ist zugänglicher und gnädiger als z.B.”Sekiro”. – Noch ein Zwischenboss!
Der reißt dir den Arsch auf! – V.a.weil einem
das Waffen- und Rüstungs-Crafting noch mehr Optionen bietet und man in der offenen Welt
leveln und grinden kann, bevor man die dicken Brocken angeht.
Schwer ist es trotzdem. Also: Hardcore ja,
aber mit Kuscheln vorher. – Glauben Sie, sonst würd ich mich
auf die Sauerei einlassen? – Ich hab noch eine Frage: Die Story von “The Surge” war derbe
strange, alter, ich hab nix gerafft. – Die Geschichte an sich ist,
glaub ich, etwas direkter erklärt als in Teil 1. Trotzdem kann man
super viele Geheimnisse entdecken, die man so, wenn man nur durch die
Geschichte geht, nicht rausfindet. – Da hat er recht. Überhaupt findet man in der Beta
schon deutlich mehr NPCs, Dialoge und Nebenquests als in Teil 1. Das Ganze fühlt sich
viel rollenspieliger an. Um die Story richtig zu bewerten,
reicht unser Kurz-Eindruck nicht. Weitere Fragen?
– Guten Tag, sind Sie ein Gamer? Sischer dat, du Kacknoob.
– Dann haben Sie jetzt die Chance, an die Entwickler von “The Surge 2”
eine Frage zu stellen. Pass mal auf, min Jung.
Wat mir besonders auf de Nüsse jing, da sind ma fast de Eier jeplatzt: Bei dem Saferoom, wenn man am Rasten
war, lief immer der gleische bekackte weinerlische Country-Song,
dat ging mir so hart auf die Klöten. Da machste dir kein Bild von. Vielleicht mal wat
in Sachen Abwechslung am Denken? Sach ma an. – Ja, sehr gern. Ich hätte gern,
dass wir diesen Country-Song fast flächendeckend spielen…
– Wat hat der Clown jesacht?! – OK, wir können bestätigen,
der olle Country-Song ist raus. Haben wir noch sinnvolle Fragen? – Kuckuck! Wird das Spiel
wieder so herrlich brutal? Mir hat das Amputieren immer viel
Freude bereitet. – Ja. – Wunderbar. Ja, das Spiel ist blutig wie Sau.
Können wir aber nicht zeigen. So, das war unsere Preview
zu “The Surge 2”. Das Ding sieht vielversprechend aus,
mit ein paar kleinen Fragezeichen. Den Rest gibt’s im Test. Wer Football mag, bleibt dran,
jetzt geht’s um “Madden NFL 20”. Und wer Football nicht mag,
bleibt gefälligst trotzdem dran, weil wir euch zeigen,
warum es geiler Shit ist. Und euch erklären,
was ein Vertical Threat Tight End und ein Speed Rushing
Outside Linebacker ist. Genau! Alright, Coach, thank you very much. It’s the National Football League,
presented by EA Sports. The radar indicates
it’s gonna continue but nothing to stop football
from happening. There he goes! And all the way in for a touchdown! – American Football.
Personifizierter Patriotismus und für viele hierzulande
das wohl unzugänglichste Schauspiel, das man auf einem Stück Kunstrasen
abhalten kann. Für den Rest ist es Faszination,
Adrenalin pur und Teamgeist. In Videospielform
nennt sich das “Madden” und wird jährlich
auf den Markt geschmissen. Genau wie EAs zweite
Sportspiel-Cash-Cow: “FIFA”. Der Rubel rollt, Football wird
auch in Deutschland immer populärer, und doch weigert sich eine Redaktion
in Hamburg bis heute entschieden, “Madden”, dem einzigen Spiel mit
NFL-Lizenz, eine Plattform zu geben. Es fallen Argumente wie:
– Football ist doof. “Madden” ist nur ein Sportspiel,
das jedes Jahr rauskommt. Und sowieso dauert das
immer viel zu lang mit den ganzen… Jetzt gibt’s verdammt noch mal
‘nen “Madden”-Beitrag! – Eins der größten Aushängeschilder
von “Madden NFL 20” ist der neue
Face of the Franchise-Modus. Eine Kampagne,
in der ihr als junger Quarterback den Weg vom College
bis in die NFL erleben könnt. – I’m gonna put it simply: I want you
to be our starting quarterback. – Nach gerade mal 2 Spielen
für eins von 10 Teams geht’s dann entweder
als gefeierter College-Superstar oder als gebeutelter Verlierer
ins Combine. Hier stellt ihr den Verantwortlichen
euer Können unter Beweis. Die echten Profis werden da
auf Herz und Nieren getestet, in “Madden NFL 20”
werft ihr kurz 24 Pässe, von denen so viele wie möglich
ankommen sollten. Wenn ihr euch dabei nicht
wie der letzte Vollhorst anstellt, seid ihr 2-3 Cut-Scenes
und Interview-Optionen später in der National Football League. Ab da handelt es aber nur noch
um einen normalen Karriere-Modus, in dem ihr jede Woche trainiert,
euren Charakter auflevelt und euch in einem Spiel
beweisen müsst. Alles in allem ist der Storymodus
weniger umfangreich als in den letzten beiden Jahren, durch den Editor-Mode
aber trotzdem ganz OK und auch trotz Klischeebehaftung ist
die Story, sagen wir mal, annehmbar. Ein netter Zusatz zum eigentlich
Kernspielinhalt eben: Football! – Dat is total einfach.
Dat is wie beim Flea Flicker. Dat is’n Fake Dive. Hier, Ball beim Quarterback,
Handoff zum Runningback. Der geht aber nur bis zur O-Line.
Dann gibt’s den Pitch zurück zum QB. Währenddessen macht Sebastian,
die olle Nusspflaume, schleicht sich quasi
über die Post-Route ins Backfield. Der Timmi, unser QB, sieht dat. Der kriegt 300 Mio.im Jahr,
damit der dat sieht. Zack, Pass auf den Sebastian.
Touchdown. Habt ihr dat kapiert, ihr Lappen? Nee, nicht so ganz. – Ihr seid
so dumm, ich erklär dat noch mal, die kompletten Basics. Also: 22 Männer auf dem Feld, 11
in der Offense, 11 in der Defense. 100 Yards zwischen
diesen beiden Touchdown-Linien. – Und was macht man da jetzt? Also nochmal,
ihr müsst mit dem Ei über dat Feld in die gegnerische Endzone. Dat nennt sich Touchdown
und gibt 6 Punkte. Wenn ihr dat gebacken kriegt,
was ich für unwahrscheinlich halte, habt ihr die Chance
auf ‘nen Extrapunkt. Dafür kickt ihr dat Eiige
ins gelbe Eckige. Aber keine Angst, ihr Nulpen: Ihr müsst’s nicht in einem Rutsch
bis zur Endzone schaffen. Um am Zug zu bleiben, reicht’s, wenn ihr innerhalb von 4 Versuchen
10 Yards hinter euch bringt,kapiert? Dat klingt sogar für euch
fast machbar, oder? Da müsst ihr Spatzenhirne euch halt in den kurzen Pausen zwischendurch
‘ne kluge Taktik überlegen. In der Defense wiederum ist’s
euer Job, genau dat zu verhindern. Soll heißen:
Boxt dat gegnerische Team weg! Habt ihr dat jetzt kapiert,
ihr Lullies? Ja ja, alles klar.
– Auf jeden Fall. – Ganz doll! – Jetzt wo auch ihr Redakteure
das verstanden habt, können wir endlich über das Gameplay
von “Madden NFL 20” reden. Rennen, Passen, Tackeln, das Football-Einmaleins
dürfte ja jedem klar sein. Aber DAS neue Feature diesmal
sind die Superstar-X-Factors, die euch an jeder Ecke
unter die Nase gehalten werden. Dabei handelt es sich um spezielle
und exklusive Fähigkeiten von 50 NFL-Spielern, die diese
noch realistischer darstellen sollen. Sobald sie in die “Zone” kommen, ihr also eine bestimmte Anforderung
erfüllt habt, entfesseln sie eine spezielle, der
Realität nachempfundene Fähigkeit. Juju hat dann z.B.
eine viel höhere Fangsicherheit, wenn er nur von einem Gegner
gedeckt wird. Also am besten immer doppeln. Die Skills sind aber
nicht übertrieben stark und sorgen für eine neue
taktische Komponente. Das ist schließlich
das Coole am Football: die Taktik. Die Pausen zwischen den Spielzügen
sind nämlich nicht langweilig, sondern ein knapper Zeitraum,
euch den nächsten Zug zu überlegen. Je nachdem,
den wievielten Versuch ihr spielt, wie weit ihr damit kommen müsst, ob der Gegner bis jetzt eher Man-
oder Zone-Defense bevorzugt hat oder euch mit ständigem Blitzen
die Pocket überrennt oder… Ich kürz das mal ab: “Madden” ist
ein saukompliziertes Taktikmonster, aber genau das Richtige
für Football-Nerds. Der ahnungslose Rest wird
mit dem Amerika-Fuck-Yeah-Gekloppe aber wahrscheinlich immer noch
wenig anfangen können. Für Football-Neulinge
bietet “Madden” viele Tutorials, in denen man sich in die komplexe
Materie reinfuchsen kann. Und das kann sich ja lohnen…
wenn man Bock drauf hat. Content gibt’s nicht zu knapp. Neben dem Storymodus
und den Tutorials stehen euch
der altbekannte Franchise-Modus sowie weitere Online- und Offline-
Mehrspieler-Modi zur Verfügung. Auch der Ultimate Team-Modus darf
in ‘nem “Madden”-Spiel nicht fehlen. Der kommt nicht nur
mit ein paar Änderungen, sondern auch mit dem gewohnten
Cash-Grab via Lootboxen und Microtransactions.
Neu sind die Missionen, die als Roadmap
zu freischaltbaren Items führen und die altbekannten Solo-Challenges
heißen jetzt Ultimate-Challenges, weil sie jetzt
auch im Koop spielbar sind. Wer Spaß dran hat,
dem soll’s gegönnt sein. Alle anderen
haben in “Madden NFL 20” auch ohne den Ultimate Team-Modus
genug zu tun und Touchdowns zu erzielen. * Spielgeräusche * So viel sei gesagt:
Im Gegensatz zum Vorgängerteil fühlt sich das Gameplay
durch kleiteilige Änderungen noch besser
und die Steuerung noch direkter an. Die KI ist realitätsnaher geworden
und zusätzliche Eigenschaften wie die Superstar X-Factors
bieten mehr taktische Spieltiefe. “Madden” macht Spaß, weil Rundestrategie hier
auf eine saucoole Sportart und die richtige Atmosphäre trifft. Wer sich die Wartezeit bis zum Start
der NFL Regular Season versüßen oder parallel zur Pre-Season mit
dem virtuellen Football starten will, kann bedenkenlos zugreifen. * rockige Musik * Zugegriffen, ich hab zugegriffen!
– Na gut. Moinsen, ist mal wieder
News-Time bei Game Two. Los geht’s
mit einem interessanten Update beim Dauerbrennerthema Lootboxen. Gemäß eines Sprechers der US-amerikanischen
Entertainment Software Association arbeiten Nintendo,
Sony und Microsoft an einer gemeinsamen Richtlinie. Demnach fordern die Konsolenriesen,
dass neue Spiele und Updates, die bereits erhältlichen Spielen
Lootbox-Systeme hinzufügen, künftig die Gewinnwahrscheinlichkeit
offenlegen. Der potenzielle Käufer
einer Lootbox mit zufälligem Inhalt soll transparent informiert werden, wie hoch die Chance auf ein
begehrtes oder seltenes Objekt ist. Zudem würden auch diverse Publisher
an so einer Vereinbarung arbeiten. Man darf gespannt sein. Vielleicht
gibt’s wie bei Glücksspielwerbungen bald spannendes Kleingedrucktes. Weil mal wieder richtig viel los war
an der Häppchenfront, gibt’s ‘ne Extraportion Neuigkeiten
im leichtverdaulichen News-Ticker. Me gusto. Smarte Überraschung: ThatGameCompanys gefeierter
Entspannungsklassiker “Journey” ist ab sofort
auch für iOS-Geräte erhältlich. Offiziell bestätigt:
“League of Legends”-Macher Riot Games arbeitet an einem
noch namenlosen Kampfspiel. Wann der Prügler erscheinen soll,
ließen die Amis noch offen. Peinliche Panne:
Die Macher der E3 haben aus Versehen die Daten von Tausenden
Fachbesuchern veröffentlicht, die sich online für die Megamesse
in L.A. registriert hatten. Bei uns im Team
hat’s Trant getroffen. – Aber zum Glück hab ich
keine privaten Daten angegeben. – Tödliche Aktentasche:
Ein Glitch machte den Handkoffer von Agent 47 ungewollt
zur zielsuchenden Killermaschine. Inzwischen
hat Entwickler IO Interactive den Bug zwar ausgebügelt,
findet ihn aber wohl sehr witzig. Im aktuellen Gratis-Update
für “Hitman 2” wurde der fliegende Aktenkoffer zum
offiziellen Tötungswerkzeug gemacht. Retro-Konsole, die Nächste:
Am 19.März 2020 wird hierzulande die PC-Engine
Core Grafx Mini veröffentlicht. Die original 16-Bit-Konsole
erschien 1987 als PC-Engine in Japan und kurz darauf als Turbo Grafx 16
auch in den USA. Jedoch nie offiziell in Europa. Dank fast 60
teils seltenen Spielen an Bord könnt ihr die Wissenslücke
nächstes Jahr schließen. – Zumindest wenn ihr in England,
Frankreich oder Italien wohnt. Wie Konami kurz vor
Redaktionsschluss mitgeteilt hat, wird die Mini-Konsole
trotz vorheriger Ankündigung nicht in Deutschland erscheinen.
Warum, weiß der Hund. – Studiowechsel:
Nach fast 20 Jahren Dauerauftrag wird Japan-Entwickler Yuke’s
von der “WWE”-Serie abgezogen. Wie Publisher 2K Games bestätigte, entsteht der kommende Teil
“WWE 2K20” beim einstigen Hilfsteam
Visual Concepts. Einzelkämpfer an die Front:
Vom 13. bis 28. August bietet Entwickler Respawn
einen Solo-Modus für den Battle-Royale-Shooter
“Apex Legends” an. Let the show begin:
Die diesjährige Gamescom wird am Messe-Montag mit einer
groß angelegten Gala eingeläutet. Bei der “Opening Night”
stellen 15 Publisher hoffentlich spannende Neuheiten vor. Mit dabei ist u.a.Hideo Kojima,
der live auf der Bühne brandneue Szenen
aus “Death Stranding” zeigen wird. Die USK schafft endlich Fakten:
Nach Jahren der Unklarheit ist “Fortnite”
ab sofort in allen Versionen mit einer Altersfreigabe
ab 12 eingestuft worden. Zum Schluss noch was Feines
aus der Kategorie Dachbodenfund. Dass sich Aufräumen
finanziell richtig lohnen kann, durfte jüngst ein Mann
aus Reno erfahren. Beim Durchstöbern einiger Kisten
in seinem Elternhaus ist Scott Amos auf eine ungeöffnete
Version von “Kid Icarus” samt Kaufbeleg
vom 8.Dezember 1988 gestoßen. Evtl. ein Weihnachtsgeschenk, das er, aus welchen Gründen
auch immer, nie erhalten hat, so die Theorie des Amerikaners. Mittlerweile hat Amos das Spiel für sage und schreibe
9000 US-Dollar verkaufen können. Der glückliche Umstand,
dass der NES-Klassiker über 30 Jahre originalverpackt
und in tadellosem Zustand auf dem Dachboden schlummerte,
trieb den Preis so in die Höhe. Dann räum ich jetzt mal
den Game Two-Keller auf. Vielleicht find ich
ja auch was Wertvolles. Falls nicht,
sehen wir uns nächste Woche. Ihr geilen Splasher, reingehau’n! Eigentlich wollten wir
erst wieder was zu “Monster Hunter World:
Iceborne” machen, wenn das Spiel draußen ist. Aber dann ist bei Capcom
‘ne neue Version mit frischen Monstern aufgetaucht
und weg war er, der Trant. Dabei haben wir, du und ich,
noch versucht, ihn aufzuhalten. Wir riefen: Trant, du machst dir
durch den Spoiler das Spiel kaputt! Komm zurück!
Aber er war schon zu weit weg. Hast du gehört,
wie er dabei geschnauft hat? Ja, mega doll. – Was für Geräusche! * Schnaufgeräusche * Der Mann hat echt Probleme. Ach, hört nicht auf die Laberbacken,
ganz normal bin ich dahin gegangen. Ich hab nicht geschnauft.
Guckt mal, wie normal ich da sitz. So, jetzt zum Thema: Zu sehen gab’s nicht nur
neue Monster, sondern auch Story. Ich konnte den “Iceborne”-DLC
regulär von vorne spielen. Was ganz cool war,
aber auch nur semispannend, weil, mal ehrlich,
‘ne “Monster Hunter”-Story wird nie den Oscar
für’s beste Drehbuch erhalten. Darum kurz zusammengefasst: Bei
‘ner Untersuchung im Wald sehen wir, wie ganz viele Legianas
vor irgendwas fliehen. Hm, der Sache müssen wir nachgehen.
Ab ins kopfüber hängende Ballonschiff und tadaaa, eine neue Insel
erscheint am Horizont. Von mir aus, Landmasse.
Aber da sind wir nun, in der “Raureifweite”,
dem neuen Areal von “Iceborne”. Und nachdem wir die ersten Schritte im neuen Abenteuerland
gemacht haben, kommt’s schon zur ersten Begegnung
mit einem Monster. Darüber reden wir gleich.
– Wieso, du Arschloch? – Weil wir erst mal ‘ne Tour durch
die neue Basis machen, Seliana. Hier ist also der Versammlungsraum.
Gehen wir mal raus. Ah, gefangene Monster werden
immer noch mitten im Dorf aufbewahrt und durch dünne Seile gesichert. So kann den Bewohnern
ja nichts passieren. * Geschrei * Da ist die ökologische Forschung, OK und ‘n paar Schritte weiter
die Ressourcenzentrale, wo ich Beutezüge annehme,
alles klar. ‘n Händler mit Verbrauchsitems
ist auch da, sehr gut. Hier ist die neue Kantine. Hier kann ich auch
das Equipment meiner Katze ändern. Vorher musste man dafür immer
in die eigene Wohnung wechseln. Jetzt aber mal
die neue Koch-Sequenz anschauen, das ist immer besonders schö…
Shit, ich hab’s weggedrückt! Kein Stress, ich hab’s
noch’n zweites Mal aufgenommen. * fantastische Musik * * fantastische Musik * * fantastische Musik * Erstklassig! Am besten
fand ich die Katze mit dem Brot. Und was haben wir hier?
Ah, die Steamworks. Das ist neu,
muss ich kurz erklären. Die offizielle Funktion
dieses Dings ist, das Dorf mit Energie zu versorgen, aber eigentlich ist es dazu da,
mir Items zugeben. Zuerst stopf ich Erze rein,
die als Treibstoff dienen, dann muss ich
verdeckte Tastenabfolgen erraten, um den Dampfdruck zu erhöhen. So sammeln sich Gegenstände an, die ich bekomme, wenn der Sprit leer
ist oder wenn ich vorzeitig abbreche, was ich getan habe, weil der Krach
mich verrückt gemacht hätte. – A-one and a-two
and a-chicka booma chick! * lauter Krach * Aber sonst ‘ne nette Idee.
Zum Abschluss unserer Dorf-Tour werfen wir noch ‘nen Blick
in die neue Jägerwohnung. Geräumig isses hier,
viel mehr Platz als in Astera. Und so viele Sitzmöglichkeiten:
Ich kann mich auf die Couch setzen, auf die Bank und an den Tisch. Draußen gibt’s sogar ‘ne heiße
Quelle zum Rumplanschen, ihihihi. Die größte Besonderheit ist, dass
ich die Einrichtung ändern kann. Wenn auch in sehr beschränktem Maße
und nicht immer geschmackvoll. Aber über Geschmack
lässt sich streiten. Das sieht doch cool aus, oder?
– Ja, das ist super süß. So viel zum Dorf, ich würd sagen,
wir kloppen uns mal ‘n bisschen. Herausforderer Nr.1 ist uns
seit den ersten Trailern bekannt: Beotodus. Kategorie: Fischwyvern.
Besondere Angriffe: Im Boden eingraben
und wie ein Torpedo rausschießen. Mit dem Horn auf den Boden hauen und dabei die ausdauerregenerations-
reduzierende Eispest verursachen. Sich im Kreis drehen
und mit dem Schwanz alles weghauen. Tschüss, Katze. Zudem suhlt sich
der Beotodus gerne im Schnee und legt sich so
einen harten Eispanzer an. Gegenmaßnahme:
Sich mit der Clutch-Claw ranziehen und die Kruste wieder runterreißen. – Komm mal her.
– Komm mal du her! – Ach ja? * Kampfgeräusche * Wirklich schwer
war der Beotodus nicht, aber zäh. So zäh, dass ich knapp 13 Minuten
brauchte, bis er endlich humpelte. Dann hab ich nicht mehr
lang rumgemacht und ihn gefangen. Ja, willkommen im Master Rank. Herausforderer 2: Banbaro. Groß, dick und
mit ‘nem fetten Geweih aufm Kopf. Er ist quasi
ein fusseliger LKW auf 2 Beinen und trifft auch genauso hart. Aber weil wir Banbaro schon
zur Genüge in früheren Trailern und in der Open Beta gesehen haben,
gehen wir zu Herausforderer 3, denn den haben wir
bisher noch nicht gesehen. Vorhang auf für Viper Tobi Kadachi! Eine gefährliche Unterart
des normalen Tobi Kadachi, der nicht nur lähmende Fangzähne hat, sondern auch einen giftigen Schwanz. Um den effektiv einzusetzen,
hat er eine arschige Strategie: Er springt gerne hinter sein Opfer,
um es von hinten zu vergiften. Huch, wo isser hin?
– Peekaboo! Ah, du hinterhältige Schlange!
Glaubt mir, das macht er ständig! Aber da kommt Verstärkung,
ein Fulgur Anjanath! Jetzt kannste was erleben,
Viper Tobi Kadachi! * Metal-Musik * Haha, na, gefällt dir das?
Machste schlapp, du Lusche? Natürlich nicht,
schließlich ist das der Master Rank. Dann muss ich wohl mal
in die Trickkiste greifen. Los, Schlafkröte,
stoße deinen Drogennebel aus! Ah, Banbaro, gut, dass du da bist! Gib dem Viper Tobi Kadachi
eine auf die Nuss! Scheiße, das juckt den gar nicht. Ich hab noch ein Ass im Ärmel,
weißte, was das hier ist? – It’s a trap! Genau! * Gejammer * – Du bist gefeuert. – So langsam kann er nicht mehr,
noch mal kurz die Lanze wetzen… Och nee, verpiss dich, Mücke!
– Don’t taze me, bro! Aaaah! Genug rumgealbert, Betäubungsbombe
drauf und ab die Heia! – So, komm weiter.
Ich hab da keinen Bock drauf. – Für’s nächste Monster
geht’s zurück in die alte Welt, ins Korallenhochland,
um genau zu sein, da ist ein Korallen-Pukei-Pukei
aufgetaucht, eine neue Unterart. Natürlich hab ich zu Hause
ordentlich Gegengift eingepackt, wie jeder weiß, greift ein
Pukei-Pukei vornehmlich mit Gift… Oh.
– Surprise, motherfucker. – Du hast also schön abgesplasht,
und was ist mir mir? – Der Korallen-Pukei-Pukei
spritzt also mit Wasser rum. Kann er machen!
Ich werd profimäßig ausweichen und wenn sich ‘ne Lücke auftut,
gibt’s Saures! Zack, zack, zack,
supergeil durchgestylt, nice, und den Wasserstrahl
lass ich ins Leere geh’n. Gut, Katze, du lenkst Pukei-Pukeis
Aufmerksamkeit auf dich, das gibt mir Gelegenheit,
gut auszusehen. Super-Samurai-Schwert-
aus-der-Scheide-zieh-Slash! Ist ja ‘n Kinderspiel. – Komm her,
hau mir in die Fresse, du Pisser! – Samma, wie talkst du mit mir? – Na gut, geschenkt. Aber jetzt kriegste ordentlich…
ach, Mist! Daneben, Kumpel. – Was ist das? – Er spaltet den Strahl
mit seiner Zunge? Ich glaub,
der Schwanz ist ein Problem, den sollte ich besser mal
aus dem Spiel nehmen, was? * Kampfgeräusche * Und das war’s. Du hast ehrenhaft gekämpft,
Korallen-Pukei-Pukei, aber du hattest von Anfang an
keine Chance. Mal sehen, ob der nächste Gegner
auch so geschmeidig ist. * Schlafmusik * Dieser schwarze Pelzballon
heißt Nachtschatten-Paolumu. Anders als sein weißer Kollege
nutzt dieser hier Schlafgas. Tückisch, aber halb so wild,
ich blitz ihn einfach aus der Luft. Ich blitz ihn einfach aus der Luft. Verdammt,
Blitzbomben sind ihm völlig wurscht. OK, wenn du nicht runter kommst,
komm ich halt zu dir. Oh, was kommt da, ein Barroth? – Ey sorry, darf isch mitspiele?
– Na klar, komm ran. Du sollst doch nicht auf mich gehen! – Fuck, ruf bidde net die Bulle!
– Nee, aber hau jetzt den Paolumu. Na also, geht doch.
Tja, und da haut er schon ab. Aber hier hab ich das Problem,
dass ich nirgendwo abspringen kann, um ihn aus der Luft zu hämmern.
Stattdessen renn ich in seine Fürze. Das ist so hart nervig. Planänderung:
Ab ins Camp, Waffenwechsel. Ja, so geht das schon viel besser.
Schnittmuni, alles drauf, keine Pause,
Giftmuni ist auch nicht schlecht, der blöde Pelzballon
hat’s nicht anders gewollt. Noch ‘ne Mine hingesetzt…
– Dann brennt das wieder. – Na, wer geht jetzt in die Heia?
Wer geht jetzt in die Heia!? Das war bisher
der nervenzehrendste Kampf, was für ein unangenehmes Arschloch. Und dann, Freunde, trat der letzte
Herausforderer auf den Plan. Ein Bekannter aus “Monster
Hunter 3”, der sein Comeback feiert: Barioth, der Eissturm-
Säbelzahntiger-Flugsaurier! Auf dieses Wiedersehen
hatte ich mich lange gefreut, auch wenn klar war,
dass es schmerzhaft werden könnte. Barioth macht keine halben Sachen. Mit seinem Eisatem
kann er Wirbelstürme hervorrufen, sein Schweif und seine Zähne
sind gefährliche Waffen. Und er ist am Boden wie in der Luft
voll in seinem Element. Seinen Attacken auszuweichen
verlangte mir alles ab und selbst Treffer zu landen
war äußerst riskant. Es war ein zähes Kräftemessen,
und wir beide wussten, in dem anderen einen ebenbürtigen
Kontrahenten gefunden zu haben. – Du bist gut.
– Ich werde noch besser. – Diesmal konnte ich mich nicht
auf fremde Hilfe verlassen, wer auch immer gerade ahnungslos
in das Revier des Barioth eindrang, wurde hochkant wieder rausgeworfen. – Jeder, der vor meiner Tür steht,
wird gefickt. – Nein, auf die anderen Monster
war kein Verlass, ich musste es alleine schaffen. In Höhle Nr.11 sah ich meine Chance. Zum einen in Form von Keilkäfern,
an denen ich mich hochziehen konnte. Und zum anderen in Form
von fetten Eiszapfen an der Decke. – Einer von uns
sitzt tief in der Scheiße. – Langsam wurde der Kampf schmutzig, doch harte Gegner
erfordern harte Maßnahmen. Als der Barioth
am Ende seiner Kräfte war und sich ausruhte,
war ich wieder ein Ehrenmann. Statt ihn feige
im Schlaf einzufangen, bat ich ihn um einen letzten Tanz. * Schrei * Nach dem Barioth-Kampf
war diese Preview-Version zu Ende, und bis hierhin
hatte ich eine Menge Spaß. Das Dorf ist schick, die neuen
Monster haben mir gefallen, top. Aber viele neue Erkenntnisse
konnte ich nicht gewinnen. Die wirklich wichtigen Fragen werden sich wohl
erst zum Release beantworten lassen. Z.B. wieviele Monster werden
in der Erweiterung enthalten sein? 13 wurden offiziell vorgestellt
oder zumindest angeteast, aber 25-30 neue Viecher
sollten es schon sein. Und: Wie wird das Endgame aussehen? Werden wir am Ende wieder nur
Dekorationen und Stromsteine farmen? Oder hat sich Capcom
‘ne attraktivere Mechnanik überlegt? Für mich wichtig: Ist die Raureif-
weite die einzige neue Region? Das fände ich für ein Add-On, das erst 20 Monate nach Release
des Hauptspiels erscheint, dürftig. Kurzum, “Iceborne”
wird sicher ein feiner DLC, aber da ist noch Luft nach oben,
nach aktuellem Wissensstand. Das war mal wieder
eine extralange Riesenfolge oder eine riesenlange Extrafolge? Ich hab sie
als extrakurze Folge empfunden, aber jeder soll davon halten,
was er will. Solange er das Abo dalässt. Ja, das Abo dalassen,
und wenn ihr dabei seid, könnt ihr die Bimmel anbummeln,
die Glocke da, den Daumen hoch. Rechts von Simon gucken,
da gibt’s auch was zu sehen. Das alles anklicken,
Kommentare hinterlassen. Jetzt haben wir’s.
– Alles. Tschüss. – Bis bald. Untertitel: ARD Text
im Auftrag von funk (2019)

79 Rapid-Fire Questions About Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

all right you ready yes are you good sports okay I feel like it's a good idea so seriously how big is this game okay [Laughter] are people that are bad at this game can have a good time but you know what you know why not call it monster hunter world ultimate nice the one over cup will you show coconut so master rank is like G rank why not just call it G rank my said uncle woke up wake up will there ever be a G rank no nice is there any new stuff in the old areas much about what percentage of the story takes place in the old continent what do the fans want it I suppose you got it among us can we skip cutscenes now god bless you know skipper do you know it's me so when you're playing in co-op if someone has not seen the cutscene you have to wait while they watch the cutscene before they can join you still so yeah come on guys buddy come down this girl man does that mean I have to play all 14 weapons too because you worked on those really hard yeah I don't skip it's got the nice seat so now that monster hunter world is out how much time you spent playing with the hammer qjq pie same time what I here's your cue think you could pass it over there will there be new palico gadgets I'm gonna feel all can you say what they are Yolo fungi a it's got a ski much stuff mm-hmm does a hunter ever look at a palico and say I could work with that oh really what the woman potsos got a swim take them so my mocha plane okay come on that is so monster hunter world is the best-selling game in Capcom history because Masada where'd that money go though so did they send you a letter that said thanks or do you get any of that so today Bob have you visited the set of the Monster Hunter movie so token guy is supposed to take a not what monster would you want to play in the movie Oh monster most I'll wash it for master 100 world what's the most popular weapon Johnny yeah mama what's the least popular weapon how am i light are you guys gonna surprise everybody at the last second with a new weapon or something look you shouldn't sneak all night what's the catchiest video game song of all time you know Big Daddy this is hoarfrost reached the only new location a nice born man hoarfrost reach huh well eat okey Combusken it all kinda seemed cut off so is that the name of the new continent or just a region on that content yeah I thought about the chaotic day mothers of the unit are there going to be Sixers now Koki dunno houses who built the hub area sell Jana and blast it on or member the cute girls quick demos hollywo their leggy Ana's all over the place on this new continent yeah you don't know well you have a new room to upgrade muscles new husband a particular nankatsu cannot potato I'm some con Chi Tomas how many new monsters will there be nice of this alright what's the coldest you've ever been email gonna hear my dick was happiness there any Lost Planet developers working on this game most put on a lot Ichi but did they have like the inside track on snow so this isn't it Michael let's go to look on Annette so if you're using hot pepper to make drinks to keep you warm should I drink salsa in the winter mmm locally is there an armor set that protects you from the cold mood at all are there northern lights in the game total would you know did I said I mean that's on this so you're going into the hot springs with all of your clothes on folding anything about them did so it's not because they're shy have you seen the way these guys dress though why is it so satisfying to watch numbers get bigger yogino lose it we should've told me who it was really seemed oh oh okay they say this why don't you just give us the big numbers at the beginning of the game I mean well you know sorrowful Wall Street awkwardness you ever talk about having rathalos playable in Smash Brothers ultimate I still see myself what's the greatest work of art of all time Hokkaido media do you watch that high school play where they reproduce the entire movie nice it's on YouTube you should watch it do you have to have finished the story in Monster Hunter world or can you just jump right into the new stuff I suppose the blue and yah wow I thought what the caller ID on this guy spoke up potato story to me tomorrow any bar ice moon accent you know I don't talk oh the massive Emma's can people who own ice born play with people who don't blame us why not release the PC version at the same time dunno I suppose your money to temporary okay could you get agura a PC ban too much gingerly which is Ahmed school a safe monotone they consume ginger it's crass similar to a Sakuya River total demo heck the city homonymous can you tell me a joke that won't translate oh let's cut it nice ball have you ever thrown a controller I named us Adam why say the same thing why did you throw it wolf Mahanta but IG nor Buddha kikyo film welcome what's your favorite little behavior from a monster in this game and American are you nom de metrio in dejan petrovic nico and a ipoh perak on a post request amoeba lukanov humppa mestizo mr. polosky so when the handler says Val kana I thought that was only a legend what exactly was that legend oh we don't know who you are so no hooli monster no density panel for today Monica : it's great really cool in Oman start to dance it's like an optimist and it has a nice singing voice mother you realize there's no kind of shoot ice blast no sugoku Te'o nobody for Hajj Matheny is vel kind of the most difficult monster to fight in the games watch Dona mati Godavari mas have you ever made a monster that's just too scary for our TVs oh come on I buy a salary which cross-server was the hardest to create from monster hunter world in particular dude girl like it here hold on a second walk through our public demos a big pain in the ass to make it's good because she's man Joel hey Paco get course enjoy very much does anybody in the office have a monster hunter tattoo who's the best co-op partner in the office Tokido can you promise this won't be an epic game store exclusive precise precision polka Microsoft mascota would you ever stream this game to the switch like Resident Evil 7 day nicely if you could revive any Capcom franchise why would it be Dragon's Dogma nas it sorry Austin okay you know guida in customers is ice born in the final expansion for monster hunter world so dunno the most anti Waldo I spoke to you that's it did it or can't get Congress we must come who are in Naruto Magnus will iceborn received about the same amount of post-launch content is Monster Hunter will did so this made a potato cake limited a muscular I know scurry you know sometimes in the more I ran out potato cake a co-op that a Muslim they be honest do we need buy this one of course wondering if you can critique my monster designs Otis mustn't have worn it well could be God or nothing about it's pretty good good Cokie ho ho ho man come on honey I don't wanna come and just to be clear you can't use any of these these are I'm serious cybernetic up [Laughter] you

Polygon's top 50 games of 2018, explained in 7 words or less

JRPG, but with a tiny Lisa Simpson Lara Croft asks: Am I the problem? The title pretty much says it all. Unce unce unce but now on Switch Fantasize about reverse global warming You roleplay reading eight
different books simultaneously Moving mobile adventure investigates
bullying and shame Waluigi gets his due on the court Dying will cost you time (literally) Cool crypti– oh no, the game crashed The most Gokus modern technology can render Crashing: part of a complete, balanced Wreckfest Cardboard boxes aren’t just fun for cats! Lovely puzzles and an even lovelier friendship. Great shooter, friends required. Putting the War back in WarCraft Noir narrative whodunnit in jazz-age Frisco If Link worked a retail job. You ARE the hole, you bougie dipshit Pet murder simulator, now on the TV! Free will, man, makes you think. Dragon Quest revitalized, but also the same. Finally, video games are art. Again. Facing your fears in a watercolor platformer. Super chill until it’s super not Superior racing in a fantasy setting: Britain Cool weapons. Shame you’ll die anyway. I fed a man to his hippopotamus got you bro, the game. What If No Man’s Sky, but good. Random simulations, like Tremors on the moon. Space zombies avenge Nathan Fillion This is awkward… Fantasy Stuart Little: You must protec Platformer but your BODY is the controller Action adventure, but really an ARRRRRR-PG It’s about as long as this description. What if X-Com, but bleaker? It’s like if Disney animated murder A new generation of broken GameCube controllers Insect apocalypse, now on the Switch! My buff girlfriend’s trip to ancient Greece The. Swinging. Is. Good. Big monsters make bigger swords Chess, but your opponent is Kaiju I wanna be a cowboy, baby… Conquer your anxiety by getting FUCKING FRUSTRATED Therapy Time to weeping speedrun Who shot who with the what now? More like Dad Bod of War 2019 DLC: Atreus gets a hug All the action with less family murder Wait, Kratos can’t read? Thank god there is no jump button Boy boy boy boy boy boy boy

Dauntless | How strong are 4 Players with Meteor Hammers?

[Applause] now this was pan gar but this was also endgame so first let me tell you how everything began huge thanks Adonis for sponsoring this video they got us access to the new season five of dauntless before the release of course we are experienced master Hanus but in this game we started as a news and so we grind it and we trained and after ten days we were finally good enough to make a Darkseid style video for you guys our armor quickly changed from trash to bad as gear we got the hunt pass elite rack which gets his extra items on every successful hunt and then we did ninja style pretty badass ninja samurais alright guys this is our team dark side guild and now we're going to hunt some monsters for those of you do not know dauntless yet it is a free-to-play game but it's not paid to win at least not at the time that I'm making the video so if you guys want to check out the game yourself it's currently out on PC and it's going to be released on ps4 and Xbox very soon I think at the end of this month so if you want to check it out already there's a link to it in the description below and this way you can also support us and the team and to be honest the graphics look pretty cool this is the first time that I'm ever making a 4k ultra wide video for you guys and to be honest I'm super excited about this soon you will see way more videos in this quality on the channel guys I'm really excited I hope you guys like it so there's about 20 different big monsters which are called behemoths they have different elements and they have also different subspecies so in total there is actually more big monsters which have a lot of variations if you guys want me to go over them and show you all of them in a different video let me know in the description down below I mean in the comments and then we have six different weapon types the axe the chain blades the hammer the ostian repeaters the sword and the warm pike in this hunt we wanted to check out a sword with the darkness elements and we're fighting against storm claw which is one of the Thunder element monstrous in the game now this weapon that we're using has one effect which is when you deal a certain amount of damage you can feel kind of a gauge and then you can use the special attack where you can get like kind of like darkness wings and you can deal out way more damage and you get those crazy darkness effects this is how it looks like so you guys might be asking yourself but Chris is this game even fun and to be honest guys being completely honest Michi and I we had loads of fun with this game like we didn't expect to have as much fun as we eventually ended up having but you know I played it on PC and PC it provides a really really nice immersive experience I do not know yet how it compares on the consoles what's also really interesting about this game is that good players do a lot of eye framing you're able to to really like the iframe windows are bigger than a monster hunter but like obviously for me it was quite hard to actually anticipate the monsters movements because they don't know them that well yet and so I tried to like iframe as good as possible sometimes the most successful something that wasn't but in general if you are if you're good at eye framing then this game you're gonna be a lot better in this game I don't have to say that we're killing those mantras quite quickly here this is just because we're using quite Opie equipment and those monsters are like the lower tier ones there is also different ranks which is like lower rank than the middle rank and a high rank which is similar to Monster Hunter games and the monsters get way stronger they look much differently for example some of the fire monsters they start out normally and once they get to the next rank they kind of are on fire actually and get a lot of new moves so it's really a lot of diversity here now the next one that I want to show you guys is on an actual desert map and this is doing the night this game has different day and night cycles and this kind of grates a lot of diversity on the maps and this specific monster is called Charak its skeleton is based on a turtle and it's a fun of the fire element monsters then I won't talk about the difficulty so it started out quite easy at the first few hours and then the difficulty kind of became harder and harder quite quickly so that after a while it was really not that easy anymore so to be honest for me as a like Monster Hunter expert I do have to say this game was not super easy it was definitely a challenge a little bit but obviously yes I haven't played this game over a hundred hours yet so there's probably definitely room to improve still alright and here is a hunt that I wanted to show you guys as well we're using the chain blades now these are similar to dual blades in Monster Hunter but the difference here is they have quite a long range as well so we were using four of those like Darkseid style you know for players with the same equipment and on the desert map again as you can see here we're using our flares so if you see a monster if you see a monster is somewhere on the map you can fire those flares in the sky and people can actually physically see those if they look around in the sky like if they might spot the the flare and so they know where the monster currently is as soon as one player finds the monster what you can also do is you will find an icon on your comm pass well I'm right now you plan without the HUD because it looks more like cinematic that's why I turned off the HUD but normally can see on the compounds when somebody shoots a flare and so it's really easy to find monsters as soon as when your teammates found one and here we're fighting the rift stalker which is one of the darkness element monsters this is one of the kind of more advanced monsters one of his ability is that he can teleport himself into another dimension sort of say and sometimes he will also kind of bring you with him into the dimension if if he drags you in there and then you're kind of trapped in this darkness realm and you got to watch out that you don't get hit it's actually quite a nice mechanic alright so a huge thanks to my friends eben Zen and ostomy Chi for teaming up with me and playing dauntless together also thanks to Yannick and Phil for playing dauntless and starting out in the game early there was a lot of fun thanks guys for playing and before I leave you guys with the rest of the video the samurai armor that we have is part of the hunt pass elites which is a nice way of supporting the creators of the game because this game is free to play we can play it completely for free but if you like the game a lot of you if you play it a lot consider this because there's a lot of freaking cool items in there as well alright if you want to check out the game a link below in the description also with the support a creator codes which you could use for the checkout in the epic game store and with that being said thanks guys for watching and happy hunting bye bye shut up sue

MONSTER HUNTER (Honest Game Trailers)

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MONSTER HUNTER (Honest Game Trailers)

the following trailer is rated H for honest in a world where Capcom's greatest franchises underwhelm or are abandoned altogether discover the series that's been quietly keeping the company afloat for over a decade but you still probably haven't played unless you're Japanese or really want to be this is about what you saw on the train it's folded tempered and it does its job Monster Hunter enter the prehistoric fantasy world of Monster Hunter where you'll explore the pristine wilderness of a forgotten land full of strange beasts and massive dinosaurs that you'll hack into pieces harvest for meat and wear their skulls as hats Master the many complex systems that make a monster hunters unique gameplay that adds new styles modes minigames and activities with every installment keeping fans happy with new and exciting challenges while making first-time players feel like they're learning how to swim by getting thrown into a shark tank with a life as made of ham prepare your endurance for the slowest of birds because before you get to fight giant angry dinos you'll need to spend hours gathering stones fishing mining picking herbs and mushrooms for medicinal purposes hunting for bugs like a toddler training your weird cat man friends cooking me to perfection almost almost damn it and basically doing anything except the hunting monsters and seriously there's more farming in this game than Harvest Moon when I get to murder something get ready to run on The Consumerist red male that is monster hunter where your strengths and abilities are entirely determined by the stuff you've collected causing you to stockpile dinosaur parts like a prehistoric order just in case you need them someday to upgrade a giant sword or make a fancier corpse dress then I wonder if Peter knows about this game grab your comically oversized weapon because you're finally ready to do battle with the game's own systems as you fight to survive against no lock-on no enemy health bars and slow on cancelable animations that make Dark Souls look like smash brothers we're even drinking a health potion takes about half an hour and you'll need to constantly manage health stamina and weapon sharpness track the monster utilize crap status effects and bombs and generally just beat the living shit out of it until you finally bring it down and get your reward everything except the parts you needed aah so grab your best palak O's on sheet that insect glaive and get ready to join the hunt because there's some truly excellent gameplay in there even if it's buried under a mountain of bullshit literally storing attack of the drones ducky revenge for harambe shadow poo furry Thor OC circumcise some straight up dragons coming for that ass Jay Leno murder pickle Street shark My Little Pony and many many many many more I mean seriously there's like a whole bunch of monsters well you thought we got name of all Dino Crisis so after all that work grinding monsters you're gonna make a fuzzy best loincloth and a tube top cheese female armor is stupid oh are those assless chaps be sure to subscribe for more honest game trailers and tell me what you'd like to hear me say in my awesome voice I'm here to play Pokemon go and kick ass and I'm all out of battery life those were my cupcakes wobble of a dub dub on a scale of one to ten what's your favorite shape in the alphabet mine is blue a always be B see closing always be closing always be closing

[ASMR] The Gaming Store 4

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[ASMR] The Gaming Store 4

honey that's good to see you back it's been quite a while hasn't it yeah well come on in the store is a little bit uh it's been a little dead lately we are actually thinking about closing down forever yeah we really just don't you know see people in here much anymore most of sales are driven you know online now or we started selling equipment and and the Sun sort of took that over too but it's good to see a human face thank you for stopping by can I help you with anything in particular you want to start streaming well that's awesome I can definitely help you with that I have my own channel as well most of the times I'll just stream from work because like there's nobody coming in anyway so it's like might as well make some bits on the side gotta do it you gotta do man all right so what do you have so far you have a computer go ahead that's a good first step how about a mouse looking for an upgrade on a mouse okay so we can definitely do that I'm rushing to show you the one that I'm using right now all of our equipment is actually refurbished or used yeah we don't have any like new packaged products in store but that's good for you because it'll be a lot of cheaper price so look at a mouse you need headphones okay let me just write this down do you mind okay well headphones do you have an audio mixer microphone you do okay what are you using nice that's good solid okay and then did you need to be only going to be streaming PC games no oh okay you're gonna need to capture card you have one of those I'll just give you like a really basic one super easy to use capture card and so what L mean okay miss do you think you're gonna be streaming nice a little bit of pants for a little bit Xbox a little bit of PC gaming as well and you want to look into the switch okay so I'm assuming you're gonna be a variety streamer yeah that's totally great that's what I do as well don't get sucked into one game you know really box yourself in that's what I tell myself because I'm not good okay okay let me see so I'll show you some games I'll give you some extra little add-ons and everything they eat some I've had a couple games and stock but like I said we've really just been you know selling out and not restocking so like I most games are purchased digitally yeah do you have a webcam oh you have to use a webcam you have to listen if you want to gain a following people wanna see your pretty face come on don't be shy don't be shy we're gonna sell you a webcam today and you're gonna plug it in and you're gonna use it okay great okay so let's start with the mouse okay um plug it from here so logic g9o 3 my hack makes a ton of gaming mice this one I'm not gonna lie it's pretty like heavy-duty complicated the one I use is actually it's a logitech but it's more simple than this however if you're gonna be playing you know those types of PC games you want like the extra buttons on the side this could be super helpful for you so the wheel locks in next you can the Infinity school or if you want it more traditional that's a good future standard to me mouse buttons like I said this one comes with a weight in the bottom so if you are very picky can actually remove or add the weight back in depending on how heavy you like your mouse it's pretty comfortable grip very clicky and then it comes with a cord but you can use it Bluetooth as well you just put the switch on the bottom it turns on howdy-doo me no wires I will say I do find the battery life on this fairly small so I was always constantly pulling the cord out to charge it again so for me it was a wonderful mystic to me traditional Mouse with a cord so that's what I recommend for you it's a bit heftier on the price but he's same we try to match the lowest price we can find online right now coming up with 120 dollars news home this used one will give to you for Katie yeah try it out you know I think like next you needed headphones right okay show you my favourite pair I don't wear these myself but they're my favorite based on sound quality that is hilarious that make sense like I wear headphones for too long it starts to hurt my ears so I did end up switching to steal Theresa but this insky hyper x cloud and it actually does come with a microphone I honestly don't even bother attaching it because if you have you know using a blue Yeti or something like that it's gonna be 20 times better you really don't want to stream with a headset mic got very nice cushioned ears mmm-hmm gonna make a catch up would go right there these are in white they are very comfortable to block out a lot of noise so if you are you know playing if you live in an apartment or something it's gotta be careful because it'll definitely like streamers since it appears I could definitely throw in this nightstand with it mm-hmm and so this is gonna run you not too much about 50 bucks used yeah for the price you really really cut off big squishy headband as well and games on them put your cords in here you sort of just put the cords at the bottom that way they stay nice and looped on it frees up some space on your desk it's a little fancier that's a little cleaner that's streamers set up okay hey everything sound good so far comes Chuck capture card okay this is the one I'm gonna recommend to you it's the upper media basic portable non captured this one is used you really won't notice let me show you the actual capture card looks like so it's fairly small it's good like I said and what you want to do is you're going to need just a regular HDMI cord in and out and then you have your power here you actually are going to have to connect headphones directly into the capture card itself if you want to be hearing what's going on you're playing onto your ps4 your Xbox or your switch so you could either put in speakers here but then really low so your stream won't be able to hear it or you can just put your button here but underneath your bones that's what you need to hear pcs out as well yeah it's totally up to you let me get a price check on you for that yeah okay and right now it's running for about 160 um to like 170 so I can talk to you for 120 you definitely need one of these if you want to stream ps4 Xbox or switch games like I said she's very useful device and then once you have it you don't so speaking of the Xbox controllers on sale I'm assuming you have some already though Joey's a refurbished one you know this one actually comes with the micro USB cable to USB cable so you can charge it but otherwise it is wireless or you can you can plug this into your PC if you're playing a PC game and No totally yeah I totally get wanting to minimize costs when you're first starting to set up something new until you can really figure out it's gonna be worth it monetarily industry okay so maybe your webcam now okay check out in the mouth side pounds a capture card webcam I would recommend for you the standard a huge amount of streamer to use this is very entering little friendly basically it is a HD webcam it plugs right into your PC and no issue should be able to connect that to whatever what are you using extreme ops OBS regular yeah okay yeah yep I knew stream ops it'll be us as well I just want to pop that onto your PC plug this in USB in the back of the front river you should be able to connect it video device there is technically a microphone in this but it's important so make sure that you have here correct the image comes in really great especially if you're working with natural light try to stream or have your set up in front other options I have for you would be this sort of spider tripod if you wanted to use your phone for a second Dingle vlogging reading job or anything like that if you don't have a second monitor and you can actually just attach this and have chat open on your father no it's more like hands great just try to give her a good emergent eyes here it is thank you though I'll say that all right web cam in terms of games doing a start the Nintendo switch okay yeah show you the actual model so this one is actually mine that I'd give you a new one we don't have any used switches so have you played on switch before yeah it's pretty great um it has the kickstand so you can put it up it has on Quincy so these slide out and you can use them together on their own we also have a top attachment and this is for games like the new Mario Party that just came out you put this you just slide this on your controller here and you actually able to just press the top two buttons a little better looks a little more comfortable as a standalone it has to be honest on the buttons without any sort of attachment can be a little tricky little tiny just slide those in and then you want to hold button press anything that's nice so these buttons in the back are actually just for these widgets those token please or yeah you know what let me show you we have this controller so if you're playing games by yourself that's my thing is super useful because you're gonna have to have the body of the switch hook it up to your monitor two sides here and you have like a full more traditional feeling things are great I really loved it so far can't we just turn it on what are we playing here Super Mario Party I'm really really any fan of the Mario games of course my Odyssey name breath of the wilds on here I still have yet to play that one so turn that off because did you want to take a look at anything you can totally I know you said you've had um they didn't experience on it but you're just looking to get your own I'm assuming perfect sounds good to me so the games that I have in stock are very limited like I said you can actually buy them right from your switch as a digital download the two games that we haven't stalker currently aren't the fifa 2018 okay Super Mario Odyssey which is a great great choice yeah I believe it it was actually you just kind of find yourself like smiling through the whole thing this is such a good experience but so as you can see the switch games themselves are ten dude yes sort of cartridge and you can pop them into the top on switch like I said some games type and require the physical card just digital diamond it's unfortunately these are the only two games I have in stock right now I'm that hard digital download yeah okay great a really good stream game as well really fun place I mean it's not too long especially for your first game that's back here yeah sounds good while we're on the topic of games so do you play and then we don't have fortnight it's free yeah you just download it right onto your computer good luck it's a fun time oh yeah I just um you know went through a little things in my life where before him every night playing so careful will get you but in terms of Xbox and ps4 games have overwatch although first of all if you haven't like really gotten into the game yet not sure I'm not sure how much I would recommend starting over other shooters and also would probably recommend playing on the PC as home so can't we have quite a few copies laying around the store yeah – Kay – now if you're into the sports games oh you know what let me show you something PlayStation games I think okay so in terms of a shorter digestible very popular game I would recommend the Last of Us so this is an apocalyptic game it's got these sort of zombie ask characters of a coal girl named Ellie I'm gonna give too much away of course but it's too long a gameplay now after top of my head I want to say was like 30 hours could be totally available but it is rated M it's pretty violent but so fun voice acting is amazing the grass story's awesome gameplays riveting over 200 Game of the Year awards hmm this is a really really fantastic game and this is the remaster version so it's gonna look extra pretty for you yeah sure but then if you're looking for an extremely long game play maybe not something that you want to start with on your stream but I've been dabbling and recently is the persona series and this is a persona the style is very unique there's like a huge huge community following for the persona games for sure I did something that I'm dipping my toes in the water I haven't gotten too far in the game yet but I believe this is like hundreds of hours yeah oh yeah I don't know but I I think for so much content you know the $60 price tag is not too bad you're gonna come back for this one okay don't blame you I do not blame you okay so unfortunately like I said I can't help you too much in store in terms of games but if I pull over here I can actually look up some games for you if you're looking for a Jill game we haven't started valley's great choice not so chill but we're like grindy you can get monster on our world just came out it's pretty pretty good some mixed reviews but not so bad oh you could always play through the life of strange series mm-hmm so they have the base game they have the prequel and then they just started releasing like strange to which is it supposedly in the same universe but the characters so far had to connect good sorry I'm just throwing so many titles at you right now giving you a lot of variety well the life is strange series is a very story base so it's almost like a choose-your-own-adventure sort of experience mmm it's very fun to experience with a group of people so maybe once you have like a few dedicated chatters in your stream it's actually a good place to start because people are always sort of like lurking the community even though it's an older game there's always people down to watching like this strange playthrough it's not technical at all so maybe when you're feeling like a little lazy but you know not so competitive it's a beautiful game soundtrack on the other hand we have monster hunter world did you play no yeah I'm not sure if it would be for you I just came out on the MPC so a lot of people are very excited about it it definitely piqued and popularity I believe it came out in August yeah looking for more chill games yeah I get that because if you're gonna be playing fortnightly Last of Us you need some sort of variety chill where you don't have to think too much about the gameplay well then I would definitely recommend start evaluating or you can get the sims I don't know if you're familiar with the fins are grew up playing them at all but Sims 4 is yeah it's been building a lot and I think I think they'll already you know I think they'll always be people who hate on the Sims but I think the Sims 4 is is fantastic and sometimes I think it's just because it's you know made by EA and and whatnot but that you would get by downloading origin this is a horrible launcher but the sims were starting family it's very similar to Harvest Moon so it's a farming simulator you can get a husband or a wife grow some crop yeah there's a lot of really fun options old school runescape it's actually still up and popping on you know on the the internet people still play it a lot of people actually play chill games on the side all their other games are loading I don't know if you're into anything we core okay okay yeah but you're talking about for a night they just entered season six and it's not a terrible time to get in now it'll take you a little bit to get you a stupid you'll be fine you know people learn it every day that's about it cool yeah so else am I forgetting for you oh I did want to show you just got this in used someone just dropped it off this is a Corsair let me make sure I get the name right there mouse mat that's a very hard surface and what you can do is actually plug it in nothing like some LED goodness you know like a grippy rubber it's a little slide while you're using it and you can actually plug in up here you have a USB port so if you were using like your bluetooth mouse or something so do you have anything to sell me today okay and that is the original we know course any remotes but it's a good working condition condition little dusty I can give you five dollars off here your purchase for this oh no problem I'm glad to give you a good deal okay so seems like we've got a lot of stuff for you I'm gonna have to go get a back here you oughta see anything else that you wanted okay I'm gonna give this to you I'm gonna go grab the switch for you no problem so I hope you have an amazing time getting started yeah that's very exciting come in anytime yeah like I said am usually stream in here anyway so yeah make some you know make some streamer friend Center nephrons let me go grab that for you and I'm uncle T your purchase thank you so much for your patience in coming in today you

Monster Hunter World Iceborne RELEASE DATE & NEW Trailer Breakdown!

hey what's going on guys Eric's here today I am incredibly excited because we finally have more monster hunter world ice born information Capcom just dropped a brand new trailer and during their livestream they also showed us some gameplay from ice poured in the new area new monsters new moves loads of new stuff there is a lot of stuff to talk about so I'm gonna break down the information in a variety of different videos in this video we're gonna break down the trailer because there's lots of cool stuff showing in that I will then do a follow-up video where I break down the gameplay from the stream I'll then do a follow up video after that to talk about the stuff for Monster Hunter World the actual kind of upcoming content and I'm sure there will be some more videos of the weekend – so basically sit back relax stay tuned because if you want to know more about ice porn then this is the place to be of course don't forget you can also tell notifications so you don't miss any of our future uploads but let's not waste any time let's start by diving into this trailer because it's really really cool the first thing we see is a flock of lejiana flang migrating will I assume to this new land we see a cutscene with the handler speaking to the hunter and they then get a very quick glimpse at the new flagship monster now speak a little bit more about that a little bit later but the name for this new flagship monster is Belle Connor it's an older dragon it does eisah taxes there's other things like that but it looks pretty cool however it's only seen in passing in the intro so if we then skip forward we get a look at the brand new locale and honestly this is something I am so incredibly excited about in any game of whether it be Monster Hunter whether it be RPGs mmo's anything like that I always love snowy areas and in previous most other games the snowy areas were my favorite and I'm so happy to see one in world and honestly it looks fantastic it is so detailed so vast and there's quite a lot of stuff to talk about here first things first it's called the hoarfrost region that is the name for it that was confirmed during the actual full off livestream we get a look at some returning endemic life we see the popos which is really awesome to see them back if you guys are new in montana world then popo's were really cool there in previous malasana games they were often ones that typically got eaten and destroyed by monsters but hey they were still uh they have a special place in my heart we also think it look the new wing Drake's these the ones that you can actually use to fly around the area and they are called the core toasts we also get a look at the new little dung beetles which are called the Rhine beetles and there she kind of rolls snow instead dung and if you break that dung you actually get a crystal bust out of it which is kind of useful we obviously see the hunter in some new armor there some new what I assume is G rank gear also with a slightly upgraded greatsword with some cool bonus spikes coming out of it we see the palico with some new gear where they are rather interesting weapon and also sort of take them over to notice that when the hunters are walking around when anything moves throughout the snowed they actually leave trails behind them and this is gonna be so awesome to see I mean obviously when you're treading through this no that's crazy but when you think about this in the heat of battle when you're rolling through the snow when you're palico shot and through the snow when monsters are charging through the snow it's gonna make for some pretty amazing gameplay so uh that's that is very cool and as mentioned the actual region itself is pretty vast in fact there she said during the stream that when this fully opens up once you've progressed that the campaign unlocked all the areas this will be the biggest region that they've made if we don't far school a little bit more we get a look at one of the new monsters this is a brand new monster in ice born it is called BAM borrow and this I'm pretty sure is the monster where the Viking armor comes from you know the one that I said in the original trailer way back when they released the first ice born trailer I was like I won the arm up because it basically looks like a Viking has a beard has horns I'm pretty sure I boolean's about all my as any and all my rarest weapons that this is probably the monster for that Viking armor they use incredibly cool I'll speak more about them borrow in an upcoming video when we kind of break down the gameplay but he's a brute wyvern he's a much do you encounter quite early on in the campaign so in the grand scheme of things he's not necessarily gonna be the most challenging however honestly right now if he is the one that leads the Viking armor I don't even care if his armor is like starting gear I am gonna wear it as long as I possibly can because it's gonna look awesome anyway moving on from there we then good look at a second new monster which is a bear Taurus which is basically the OS version of Jura acidosis I'm not gonna lie when I first saw that fin I was like did they do it did they bring back Zam trio's and then they debated me but you know what either way and I steer at endorsed pretty cool still here's of course I love a new monster and again you can have school see all the awesome snow tracks whenever their monsters are moving around however what I want to do is turn your attention to something incredibly awesome and this this right here is the clutch claw now if we slow this down take a look at the hunters slinger notice how it folds out and then it goes and latched onto the monster they said during the gameplay reveal that you can now effectively use the slinger as a crawl it's called the clutch core and you can grapple on to monsters and as you can see from here the longsword user then goes into an attack a new attack by the way and slams down the sword cutting the monster and yo that looks incredible however that doesn't just extend to the poor they've also changed it so that every single weapon now can use the sling up with your weapon drawn previously that was only the sword and shield but now every single weapon can ready and use the slinger mid combo which means for certain weapons you can actually use it mid combo so as you can see in this situation the great sword actually fires out a sonic bomb which is then used to bring the bear totus out of the ice and of course it can then go off and it can then ready up a special attack there's actually a lot more you can do with that the great sword for use on Paul can actually fire off a more powerful slinger short and again we'll speak more about that when we actually go over the gameplay a little bit later jump before to the next scene we gonna look at another new armor set or a female hunter this looks really really cool we also have a new sword and shield as well and you can see here with the sort of shield this time around using the clutch forward to get close and fire off the slinger bomb one of the other cool things you can do is you can unload all your slinger ammo at once to effectively start and knock back a monster so it's a great way to push them back so that is pretty cool we also get a look at what appears to be a drunk version or Master Act version of the GTR ku armor because you can see that iconic blue color tow we can see what I like to call the the mustache that is pointing out either side of it it looks potentially like that could be the new master rank version of the armor so that's kind of cool we will see a new charge blade and hunter there appears to be wearing again what I would assume is master rank Kuya cougar because again there's kind of got that same aesthetic to it the same sort of color but a bit early a slightly different form factor to what we're used to then the trailer does forward into some more cutscenes tells you a bit more about the area and then it's finally confirmed if you guys didn't believe it before when I said that the eyes at the end of the original trailer were Naga cougar I know there were some people out there like hey you no if sure and yam Italy we didn't but that's a pretty iconic thing if you've been playing since cream your night you'll know that those eyes are a mistake could be no the Cougar and now we have confirmation he is back in world such a pretty cool to see that he's actually roaming around the ancient forests so of course you know we won't just be going to this new ice area and then never going back to the old areas again they will of course be plenty of things to do in the previous areas and we also see the hunter here wearing that viking looking gear with a gun lance obviously also from the same monster with same aesthetic and no huger of course demonstrating some of its typical swift attacks the tail spikes although good stuff they did mentioned during the livestream that they were added in some new stuff for example turf wars so uh seeing him fighting with wrath horse is gonna be pretty awesome but they also said they've kind of spiced him up a little bit so that he matches the the world flare then jump forward again we get a look into another cutscene we see the icy area and then we get another shot of the flagship monster the corner this is again as a reminder and our dragon they're not gonna speak too much about it right now they said they'll of course speak more about it in you know later videos later updates and whatnot but for the time being that's a look at the new flagship monster then after the title screen there's a typical kind of post-credits sequence should we say and there appears to be a new power co gadget because the hunter here clearly gets hit fully dies but instead of getting me picked up and taken back with a car the pelacone jumps out throws down what looks like a vigor wasp but clearly maybe like a revival wasp and here's to bring you back from the dead I assume that's how it works so uh I guess for those of you kind of diving into master and for the first time if you guys know played like a G rank expansion before then invariably your first few quests are you're gonna get hit pretty hard because your gear is obviously not up to scratch so the fact that maybe you've got a new tour that could maybe help revive you you could be kind of cool I appreciate that we only be used once you know here or there but by the way that's a rather interesting then of course movie often there we get the release date which is incredibly exciting these sick of September now this is the release date for consoles but they did say that the Steam version will be launching in winter so they are still hoping for like this year it probably should be a little bit later however it's not just a date reveal there is also another little teaser here there is a stomping sound followed by a roar and you one of my favorite monsters is t-rex and let me tell you as a t-rex fanboy that is unmistakably a t-rex roar that my boys is basically the hint at another returning monster if that is not t-rex I will eat my hat Oh donate my zenny I'll delete my single attack Jim whatever it is but that that my dudes is t-rex also following on from there they then announced that of course you can buy this as a physical version and there'll be a couple different versions as well there will also be a pre-order bonus so if you preorder the game in any capacity you get a layered armor set of the ucumar armor which is really cool I always like that one and if you get the digital deluxe version there's also a silver Knight layered armor set as well as some gestures some stickers face paint hairstyle and a deck or set which is interesting because we haven't had them before and they refer to it as full room customization now in rooms up until this point we've been able to put pets in but we've never had a use for decals so that makes it salad it might well be something new for rooms as well pretty interesting but from time being that's pretty much it that is a complete breakdown of the brand new trailer that is what we have on ice-born so far as mentioned there is more stuff to go over there was also some gameplay shown during the livestream which I'll be breaking down in a separate video so if by the time this video is up it's also live I'll link it down below otherwise check on the channel but is stay tuned because over the weekend there'll be lots of I spawn information coming away so uh hold on to your hats I really hope you guys enjoyed that video remember to hit that subscribe button and also click on the little bell icon to turn on notifications so you don't miss my next upload also don't forget you can check out to 69 and paradise central streaming over on Twitch 6 days a week you'll find a link to the multi stream in the description box down below be sure to weigh and get involved thanks skip watching take it easy catch you next time peace out