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Learning the addiction of Reddit the hard way

October 19, 2019 | Articles | No Comments

I was up all night last night. On Reddit Read what? Reddit. The front page of the internet. It’s like an newspaper but it’s always changing. So it’s like a website, is it? Check it out. Before I do this, heed my warning, This is literally the most addictive website known to man. It will tear your life apart. Whatever man, just show me. Alright, you asked for it. Reddit That looks stupid. There’s nothing different about this. Well go ahead, click a link. Alright Just be careful. You coming Bro? Ok,, you’re locking up. Morning Bro. Told ya

DOOM (1993 ORIGINAL GAME) (Teens React: Retro Gaming)

♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ – “Doom.” Never heard of it. – Doom? I’ve never heard
of this game before. – It kinda looks like maybe Mars. And they’re fighting off maybe aliens. – Doom. Why not?
I’ve never played the first. It’s probably one of the most
iconic shooters ever. – Doom! Oh my god,
this is such a throwback! I used to play it
when I was younger a lot. – (Finebros) With Doom
releasing a reboot to the series later this month, we are
having you play the original that was first released in 1993
for PC on four floppy disks. – That’s a lot of floppy disks. I don’t think I know
what a floppy disk is. Are they the things that, um–
they’re kinda like square-looking, and they look like
the Save button on a computer. – I don’t even know what that means. But I remember playing
the game on a computer. – Damn, that’s like
three years older than me. – I was negative five
years old. (chuckles) I was just not even a thought yet. – (Finebros) You ready to get started?
– (nervously) No. – “Hurt me plenty”?
– (Finebros) Yeah, “hurt me plenty.” – Savage!
♪ (intense 8-bit rock music) ♪ Oh. Oh, whoa! I’ve seen this before! – Oh my gosh, the music. Throwback. – Oh shit, look at
those graphics. [Bleep]. This is ’93? God damn!
Look at the technology. Okay, let’s get it. – Let’s see. We’re going
left, forward, back. Just got to try out all the keys. – Okay. Oh, I can’t look down?
That’s disappointing. – What is this? Oh, 101% health? – All right, then.
I’m out to save the day. – Do I have to jump? Okay, cool. I already get up these things. Do I have to kill those? I can’t tell. We’ll see. We’ll see.
Is that anything I need? – 100% armor. – I already know the layouts of the level. Like, I already know where I’m gonna go. – Oh. There’s a corridor. – Is free roaming
wherever I go or what? – And I think that’s a dead monster. Okay. Let’s go this way.
There’s another dead guy. – Are you a door? All right. Oh, I see you guys. – Oh no. Dude, do I like them?
Do I not like them? (demons screech)
Ugh. (gunshot)
Aah! – Oh, [bleep]. – Die, heathens!
(demon groans) – These are armor. Okay. – Oh. Nope. Nope. (gunshots, demons lowing) – Okay, cool. I killed him. – Ooh, head shot, head shot, head shot. Damn, bang bang. – Oh, there’s a guy
right there. Oh my god. – Those things in the back
are gonna shoot fireballs at you. So don’t get too close. – Okay. Let’s try not to get killed. That might not be an option. – Bang bang. Ah ah ah, ooh. I see the– I see, uh–
can I not raise my gun? – How do I get up there
and kill that thing? I don’t think I can, ’cause it’s high.
And I can’t aim up. – I should probably kill him. (gunshots, demon growling) Okay. Oh, Jesus Christ. (giggles) Okay. – Make my way through here,
get some ammo-nition. – Okay, let’s go. Oh shit! Oh god! – Oh my god. (screams shrilly) Oh, I killed him though, I think. (gunshots and growling)
– Argh! Aw, yes, I killed it!! – Oh. Argh, you sumbitch. – Okay. This is the end? Right here? But there’s a secret over here. (player grunts, pants)
And there’s a new gun and health. So now I have a shotgun. – Hold up, let me jump through that. Oh my god. I just got a shotgun? I just got a secret–
come on, man. Look at this. – It’s an exit? Wait,
is that where I have to go? (door whirs) – Oh, it’s an elevator? ♪ (jittery beat) ♪
Oh, I did stuff. Yeah! ♪ (jittery beat) ♪ – Oh heck yeah, I didn’t die? – It is pretty cool. I can see why people were
addicted to it back then. – It was easiest. There was more to it. If that’s just level one, understandable. – This one’s gonna be easy as well. Okay. I am here. – I am there. “Nuclear plant.” – All right, cool. ♪ (foreboding music) ♪ – Oh my god. There’s so many
dead friends everywhere. – I think in this level, you need keys. – It’s a little sketchy. (demons lowing) (gunshots, demons groaning) Die! This is fun. (demon growls)
– Oh my god, oh my god. Did you hear that? Oh my god. (gunshots)
Oh my god. Oh my god. Brah. – Oh damn, one hit. – Is there armor? There’s
a chest plate up over there. (beep)
(hums nonchalantly) ♪ (beat picks up) ♪
– I want to find secret stuff. Okay.
(lift whirs) This seems promising. (lift whirs) Ooh, look at that. See?
Put your mind in something. – Whoa. What? Oh. (excitedly) Oh, is this another weapon? (whispers) Yes! – (gasps) I found another gun! (demons roaring) – Aah!
(demons groan) See how helpful the shotgun is? (demon groans)
One-hit kill. So this red thing means
I need to find a red key to get into that door.
So I have to look for the red key. – Just gotta– all right,
I think this is where I have to go. (door whirs)
Ooh! Ooh, you dead. (chuckles) (demon groans)
– Cool. Health-healths. – Okay, we’re at 72% health. (gunshots)
No! Okay, cool. – Ugh, that’s one! Get– Oh, hey buddy. Bam! (laughs) – Oh. I got a red thing.
What is that? Is that a secret? – The red key should be
right here, around here. There it is. See, I remember.
I remember. Heh. (demon groans)
– Head shot. (door whirs)
Oh, it looks like we’re back here. – Uh, I don’t really know
where I’m going now. – All right. I don’t know
what my main plot is. I think that’s the only thing
that I’m confused about. But everything else
seems to be pretty good. – I feel like there’s some
lore to it that I’m missing. But I don’t know if this game
really dives into that. – This one I didn’t go through. (door whirs) – Here’s the red door.
So I’m gonna go in there. (door whirs) – People to kill. Die!
Take me to your leader! – Oh my god, oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. (shaky sigh) That’s what happens
when you don’t be low-key!! (door whirs) – Okay. I feel like there’s
gonna be a lot of monsters, since they gave me a lot of health. So… (door whirs, demons low) Oh, I was right. – Oh, shit. Why does a game that’s
over 20 years old startle me? – Oh my god. Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy crap! Oh my god. Bro. – [Bleep] that, bro. [Bleep] that. – Oh, crap! Die! (cracking up) Die… die… This is awesome. (gunshot and growl)
– (fiercely) Yes! Okay. I just killed another
one of those demon people. – Can’t see anything. Maybe this way. I was already here. You know, just because
I don’t know where I’m going doesn’t mean I’m lost. I’m just exploring. Not all those who wander are lost. Although in this case,
I have no idea where I am. – So we’re gonna click this. (door whirs)
That opens that. – There IS a switch.
Is that a space bar too? (door whirs)
Yes. Ooh! Secret passageway. – Ooh. Ooh, this looks suspicious. Oh, what the heck? What is this? – This game has a lot of secret pathways. I think that’s the only thing
that’s gonna screw me over in the long run. (door whirs, demons growling) – (stoically) Oh, I’m scared.
I’m so scared, man. (gunshots, demons groaning) – Too easy. (player panting) – (nervously) No! Aah, aah, aah. Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me. Okay. So I killed one of them. (door whirs, demons groaning)
– Kill it. Die. (demon groans)
Aah! (demon growling)
Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Literally oh my god. This thing looks promising, I guess. There’s a switch right there. – There’s like a little triangle glowing. – Think I killed everything. ♪ (jittery beat) ♪ (excitedly) Wait, did I finish? – I’m gonna leave this stupid place. ♪ (jittery beat) ♪ I beat it. – This game’s actually not
that bad for such an old game. – You have your mazes,
and then you have your monsters. Portal and Gears of War into one. – That was really fun.
I’m excited for the new version. – The game itself– there wasn’t
anything special about it, ’cause I personally don’t really
like games where you just go and you shoot, and that’s
all you do, and you collect stuff. I like story-based games,
so I was not a big fan of this game. – It was fun how you had to explore and figure out which way you were going. – I’m having fun going around
finding out what’s going on, shooting all these
bad guys with a shotgun. I’m glad I found it. – Oh my gosh. Like,
I totally forgot about this game. I used to play this game
so much when I was younger. And I know all the secrets. I know all the different
levels and endings. It’s just a really fun game. – (Finebros) Like we mentioned, Doom is being remade for the current gen, and we want you to take a look at it.
– All right. – I think it probably will look cool. I’m imagining a really
Halo-y looking thing. ♪ (intense music) ♪ – Definitely amped up the graphics. – Bethesda or whatever.
The same people who make Fallout. – (laughs) Already I’m like,
“Well damn, what an improvement.” (chuckles) – Okay, this looks good so far. (blast)
Okay, see, like, look. Now those monsters actually look scary. I would not play this game. (metallic ringing, gun blasts) – Double barrel.
It’s actually pretty cool. – Okay. I don’t know. It doesn’t look as scary
as I would imagine it. (mechanical whirring) (boom)
– All right, this is pretty sick. Oh– oh jeez. (saw grinds)
– Oh, and the blood looks realistic too. – See, if this is what
I was going through, I would be way more enter– Yes. I would be so entertained. – Oh. It looks more futuristic than scary. – Okay, I’m feeling that.
I’m feeling that. That kinda like Gears of War
type stuff going on. – That’s so cool. That’s so cool! – That’s– that’s an
improvement, all right. I would actually want
to keep playing this game now. It’d make you badass as hell. Like, this doesn’t even
compare to Halo anymore. – Thanks for watching Gaming
on the React channel. – What games should we play next?
Let us know in the comments. – Subscribe to get more Gaming episodes. – Bye! I’m not that sure we should
be trying to land on Mars now. ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪

Baldi Takes Over! – GTA V [Annoying Orange Plays]

– [Annoying Orange] What is
1,000 fruit parts divided by 30? You miscalculated. (upbeat music) Heyo it’s AO back at you
with another game video. Look who it is. It’s Baldy! If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right? That’s right, we got Baldy
inside of Grand Theft Auto. But I guess that means we
need to change his name right? Grand Theft Baldy? Alright let’s see, what are
we gonna do today Baldy? I guess we gotta do what
you always do, right? Go around and hit people in
the butt with your ruler. Uh oh, I heard this guy
got a math question wrong. Now you’re gonna go get it, fool. Doing it just for the kicks, yeah. Baldy doing a hook slide. It’s Baldy Parkour. Hey guys wanna do some math questions? Hey, do you wanna do some math questions? Come here. Where are you going? Baldy taking out the trash, yeah. Baldy whatcha doing? You crazy, you crazy Baldy. Always strike at everyone. What’s 432 times three billion? Wrong, oh there’s no one in here. I was asking questions to nobody. Alright come on. We gotta find more people that are answering math questions wrong, okay? Here we go folks. Baldy, put your seatbelt on buddy. What’s 300 times 40 butt niner? Wrong. What, you got the question wrong. I gotta hit her. Booty. Whoo, he really flipped out. Yeah Baldy parkour. Nah, it’s cool. Don’t mind the weird bald
guy stealing your car. I just need to borrow it. I’m not stealing, I’m borrowing. What are you doing, driving the wrong way? Don’t you know that Baldy
owns all sides of the road? Alright where are we going Baldy? We gotta find something good to do. Who put that light pole there? It’s a well documented fact that Baldy does not like light poles. Really all Baldy really
likes to do is hitting people in the booty with a stick. Excuse me man, I’m trying to
drive on the sidewalk here. Jeez, get out of the way. Hey there you want a math question? What is 1,000 fruit punches divided by 30? You miscalculated. Baldy is smacking everybody over here. You’ve been Baldied. ♪ He’s crawling in your windows,
smacking you in the butt ♪ ♪ Smacking, he’s smacking, smacking ♪ Hey no running in the hall. Gotta use the crosswalk for safety. Excuse me dump truck. No, what are you doing? Your answers to my math
problem don’t add up. See ya later hot potater. Baldy’s busy, whoa. Baldy, you need to learn
how to drive, buddy. Baldy’s kind of obsessed
with hitting everything. Don’t make ’em angry. I’ll just add fuel to the flame. Hey, hey buddy. Did you know that decimals have a point? You’ve been Baldied. Excuse me. Oh this headlight answered
the question wrong. Ooh sweet ride, let’s go Baldy. We’ve got more butts to hit. Hey, hey, excuse me. Ah, light pole. Who put the light poles up in here. Baldy ain’t like poles. What are you doing, Baldy? No whipping donuts in the hall. Hey who put a fire hydrant there? Excuse me. This is a good way to get out. Baldy it looks like there
might be a few people you need to hit in the booty, okay? Look at that, Baldy. Baldy’s got swagger. That booty-slapping swagger, you know? You know what they say
about math teachers. They’ve got lots of problems. What, you don’t like Baldy parkour? No hey, come back here. You didn’t answer my math question. I guess I didn’t ask it to you. Okay what’s 400 bowling
balls divided by 362 furbies? You gotta give me an answer now. Uh oh. Every question you get
wrong makes me angrier. Get up, oh you got up. Get this car out of here. What makes you think you
can drive on this road? You’re crazy. Crazy. Ooh tacos, yup. Even Baldy likes tacos. Hey, give me tacos. You know what I’m taco-ing about. Hey, you trying to punch Baldy? Ain’t gonna work. Trying to give Baldy that fruit punch? Uh uh, uh uh. Oh! (Orange laughs) Worth strike ever. Let’s go for the kicks. Yo Baldy all up in your business. Uh oh, h e didn’t fall over. What’s up? (Orange laughs) Baldy you gotta learn how to walk. Excuse me. I’m gonna hide behind
this so he can’t see me. You can’t see me. Can’t see me even though
I’m in front of your car. Can’t see me. Swing and a miss. Hey, no driving over Baldy in the halls. Everybody keeps trying
to drive over Baldy. What’s up with that huh? You’re crazy, get out of here. Owie. Oh Baldy, your ketchup packet. Yeah Baldy, he’s a real hit you know? Okay give me a ride. Hurry up, Baldy wants to go. Come on, let’s get this thing going. Alright now we’re cooking. Check it out, it’s the band of Baldies. That’s right. What would you got to do? What would you do if you saw a band of Baldies coming right at you? That’s right, you
wouldn’t know what to do. Excuse me, excuse me. This is the Baldy intersection. Yeah it’s the Baldy intersection, guys. You can’t be doing that. Excuse me, you gotta back
this car up right now. Hey, don’t run over my
Baldy, my Baldy bud. Hey watch your, ooh oof. Ow, owie. All the Baldies got ran over. Now it’s time for Baldy to, hey. You can’t be doing that. That’s illegal. No! Baldies are not speed bumps. ♪ Speed bump baldies ♪ ♪ Baldy speed bump ♪ Where are you going, where are you going? Excuse me, excuse me. That back window looks
a little too perfect. You need to fix it. Baldy’s a really nice guy. That’s what he does for people. ♪ Baldy all up in your business ♪ No! Baldy doesn’t like car massages. (Orange laughing) Ow, Baldy are you okay? Baldy you good? Yeah I’m good, Baldy. Thank you, Baldy. Very much, Baldy. You’re welcome, Baldy. Baldy, alright let’s go. We’re taking this. Look at all those Baldies. Okay we need more Baldies in here. Now. Oh no don’t you do it. Oh. Yeah stay in school. What, Baldy’s got a positive message even when he’s hitting
people in the booty. Ooh, you okay Baldy? I don’t know. Where is he right now? You wanna give Baldy, oh no he didn’t want to get hit in the butt. Aw he got hit anyway. Go in the booty. Oh that’s what you get. Hey what’s three plus four? Wrong. Should’ve answered it right. Let’s take out the trash. Baldy doesn’t like to eat very much ’cause you know, he’s
busy watching his figure. What, that happens. That happens sometimes. You sitting there, you
playing on your cellphone and all of a sudden, secret
surprise Baldy butt shot. Alright who else wants to see their surprise Baldy butt shot? Come on over. Don’t point that thing at me. Whatcha doing? Oh, yeah, that’s what happened. The band of Baldies is coming for you. The band of Baldies
isn’t breaking the law. The band of Baldies is the law. What the, did the trashcan lid just come out of your groin, Baldy? Oh no, it came from there. That would’ve been weird. Oh Baldy, oh no. You’re shooting out my ketchup packet. Don’t do that. Now Baldy won’t have any ketchup to put on his favorite food, which of course is candy bars. That’s his favorite meal,
candy bars with ketchup on ’em. Hey, you shot my Baldy friend. Hey what’s 42 pot pies times a billion? Wrong! Some say I should give
people longer to answer, but I say no. If you’re gonna be shooting at me, you know, hitting my ketchup packets, then I have every right to make you answer within 3.2 milliseconds. Excuse me, who put this. Oh yeah, let’s take the bus. There should be more than enough seats on there for a lot of Baldies if I could just, okay there we go. Hey get the spot off the butt. Okay, okay, no. Let me on you guys, no. Let me on the bus. I’m the driver. You can’t just, no,
there you go, thank you. Jeez. Not hard. Okay now don’t take your time, guys. Could somebody get on the bus with me? Okay finally. It’s not like we have
to hurry or anything. It’s not like we’re getting shot at. Hurry up. What? Only two Baldies will
come on board with me? That’s crazy. Look at how big this bus in. Just come in the car. These baldies are crazy. You’re so crazy. You’re so crazy. He won’t get on the bus, you guys. Fine, we’re getting off. We’ll find a different vehicle. A Baldy vehicle worthy of
Baldies, Baldies everywhere. Baldies, Baldies. What you shooting? No shooting at Baldies in the hall. There we go. This feels a lot better. This is a vehicle suited for Baldies. Wait this isn’t a vehicle. Oh I thought we were on a UFO. Oh you guys are crazy. You tricked me. We’re just on top of the building. I thought I was on the UFO. Oh well. Oh man this is a lot of fun. Thank you guys. It’s been a lot of fun hanging
out with a band of Baldies. Yeah, oh we got ketchup
all over the place. I’m gonna have to wash
all of your guys’s clothes and then after we do
that, we’re not gonna know whose shirt is whose. I can’t get angry at
you guys, you’re crazy. Alright see you later guys. Later hot potaters. (upbeat music)

TOP 30 Games für das Nintendo Classic Mini: N64

The Nintendo Classic Mini: NES will be released worldwide on November 11. 30 games are already preinstalled. If this is going to be a financial success for Nintendo, you can easily imagine that they will release additional consoles as Classic Mini Editions. So I thought, how would a Nintendo 64 in a Nintendo Classic Mini Edition look and which 30 games would definitely be included? You can tell me in the comments what your 30 games would be or if my list is missing a game.

FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME!!! (Annoying Orange) #ShocktoberGames

– [Orange] Pull his ears off, I told you! (laughs) You never do it. (ominous music) (Orange laughing maniacally) Hey yo, it’s A to the O, back again with another gaming video! That’s right, it’s Shocktober! And we’re playing Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle. (laughs evilly) How’s my evil laugh? I think it’s pretty good. I’ve been working on it for Shocktober. They were warned, now they’re all doomed! Crystal Lake Memories. Oh, there’s a bunch of different, okay and I can pick different Jasons? Supermax Jason? Ho ho! Frozen Jason, oh, givin’
the cold shoulder. Zombie Jason? Geez, there’s so many Jasons. Okay, I’m just gonna go with the Classic. Episode one, Crystal Lake Memories. Ooh! Hey, what’s up my buds? Gettin’ all fired,
– 20 – oh, they talk!
– years ago, – A boy drowned in Crystal Lake, because the camp counselors
weren’t watching him. – [Orange] What are they thinkin’? (laughs)
– In the following days, they started to die one by one. – [Orange] Oh no! Hey, don’t make me read things! (laughs) – They were murdered by the
boys mother, Pamela Voorhees. – [Orange] Aw, stupid name. I would’ve called her
Pamela Skinnyjeans. (laughs) – The counselors cut off her head to stop her. – [Orange] Ew.
Now, her son, Jason, stalks these woods, – seeking revenge for her death. – [Orange] Guys!
– Wait, – wasn’t his mom seeking revenge? – (burps) Yeah,
(Orange laughs) – didn’t he drown as a kid?
– [Orange] He burped. Although, it was kind of weak.
– Whoa. – Uh. Wait, maybe
– [Orange] What the, no! – I’m not telling it right. – [Orange] Look out guys. – Oh God! (Jason growls)
– [Orange] Oh no, slice to meet you! Uh oh! Oh boy. What, decapitated head? Oh, it’s Pamela Skinnyjeans. Okay, I got swipe, swiggity swipe. Go left and right. Buy weapons packs, I can do that. Get some of them weapon packs, get some swigity swag, yeah. Oh. Oh!! – Final Girl! – [Orange] He has no body to play with. Yes, perfect, now go get the final girl! ♪ Get the final girl in the first world. ♪ Uh oh, look out lady! Ooh, gotta get that kill zone, okay, right there. Yes, got it. Uh oh! Is it gonna be a crushing defeat? Oh! (laughs) Don’t lose your head. (laughs) Wow, weird, Bloodlust? I guess that’s what he does. He lusts for blood. Me, I lust for whistling pin wheels. Such nasty, nasty campers. Slide on over there to punish him! Oh, bloody footprints on the ground. I don’t want to follow those. Why are you making me follow things? I want to do my own thing. I want to choose my own way to go. X marks the spot. (laughs) Oh wait, if I named
her Pamela Skinnyjeans, that means that Jason’s name is gonna be Jason Skinnyjeans.
(woman screams) (Jason roars)
Oh! (laughs) Don’t lose your head. Jason loves gettin’ the action. Chop to it, right? Uh oh! It’s slice to meet you! Oh wait, here we go! Uh oh, uh oh. What’re you gonna do? Oh! You disarmed her. (laughs) Literally! Jason, you so mean. Out of the Woods, level three. Look at me, I have to pee. Punish them for what
they did to you, Jason. For what they did to me! Kill for mother! You guys ever think about seeing a family counselor or something? I think it might be healthier than, you know, murdering people, but I dunno, that’s just me. (laughs) Okie dokie, uh. Where do I go? What do I do? How do I get there? I’m confused. Look out for Jason. He’s got swiggity swag in his horror bag. (laughs) I don’t know what that means, but coming for you buddy. Look out! Oh!
– Final Girl! – [Orange] Uh oh, final girl. Coming at ya! I snuck up behind you. Okay, kill zone’s over here this time. Oh yeah. Uh oh. (screams) Eww. That was a crushing defeat. I thought you were
gonna pull her ears off, and then I was gonna say, “Time for you to Van Gogh.” (laughs) Hopefully I’ll have
that opportunity again. Midnight Menace! ‘Cause I really feel
like that was a good pun. Why do they run from you? You’re such a special boy, and today is your birthday!? Hey, what you doin’? Don’t run away from me! Oh ho. I really took a stab at it. Hey, you can’t run away, oh. (laughs)
– Final boy! – [Orange] Final boy! You goin’ get Shocktobered. Uh oh, uh oh. What are we doing? We doing a little of that
slam-a-jama ding-dong! Oh, Jason’s back in action. Filling up that blood lust. Oh wait, what’s Pamela
Skinnyjeans have to say? Increase your rage and
get bonus blood lust by watching an ad. Leave me alone, Mom! I’m doin’ things. Get back in the kitchen, and make me a grilled cheese, skinny jeans cheese sammiches. Everybody loves skinny jean cheese. (laughs) Remember Jason, if you ever need help, poop on the floor or tap on my face. (laughs) Yeah, that’d be hilarious. Jason gets in a bind, and he’s like, I don’t know what to do, so I’m just going to poop. (laughs) If you guys haven’t seen it, I played a game like this before. It was called ‘Slayaway Camp’. Super fun game! I played a bunch of episodes
of it, long time ago. I think the same guys that made that game, made this game. Okay, Jason’s getting confused. He doesn’t know where to go. Oh, wait, yeah, now I know where to go. Go up, and around, and then, oopsie-daisy. Kid, you can’t be running away from me. – Final boy! – [Orange] Whoa, she
screamed for ice cream! Ohh, Jason, what’s he gonna do? Okay, uh oh. Pull his ears off! Pull his ears off! I told you to pull his ears off! You never listen to me. Maybe that’s because you
don’t have ears either. Seriously, look at his character, he doesn’t have ears, just like me! Two rank up. What does that mean? Spank in the rank. What? Whoa! What’s in this box? Whoa, give me the good stuff. Wow, a battle axe! Can I axe you a question? Just kidding, I don’t have a question. Crowbar! Nice! We’re really raising the bar,
when it comes to weapons. Yeah! Alright, Punk Panic. What you doing, you
callin’ those guys punks? See how they run at the sight of blood. Kill them, Jason. Do it for mother, aka Pamela (girl screams)
Skinnyjeans! Ohh! Oh, you all going down. (girl screams)
Yeah! – Final boy! – [Orange] I think this might be a record. Uh oh, oh, get in that kill zone. I got a body count of 10. Nice, pull his ears off. I told you!
(laughs) You never do it. Jason, why won’t you listen to me? I don’t know why those
kids are always running away from me, it’s really
knife to meet Jason. (laughs) Alright, those filthy little campers. How dare they try to hurt my little boy? Whatever Pamela Skinnyjeans! You’re just mad because you have no body to play with. (laughs) I know, I already told that joke. Jason, Voorhees with the skinny jeans. Dang, Jason! Back at it again with the
skinny jeans. (laughs) Remember that, dang Daniel? Although, he said it differently, but I’m not going to say that. I don’t say bad words.
(man screaming) Excuse me, could you
tone down your screaming? Geez, can I ax you why
you screaming so much? – Final boy! – [Orange] Come here, final boy. (laughs) Leave it to cleaver! Woo, here we go! What you gonna do? Rip his mustache off! Ah, (laughs) Okay. I guess that works, whatever. Jason never listens to my ideas. I have great ideas. Okay, this one’s called, Indirect Hit. Be careful around the lake, Jason. You’re not a strong swimmer. Oh, I see, I don’t want
to fall in the water. Yeah, because then I’ll be
saying, “Water my thinking?” No! Press back to restart the level, or back to go back one turn. Oh, I see! That’s handy, for someone that
doesn’t have hands. (laughs) Okay, Pamela Skinnyjeans,
what’re you doing? Are you going to say something or not? (screams) (laughs) (speaks gibberish) Come on, Jas, you can tread water. Okay, now we’re, oh. Wait, now I can’t move anywhere. Anywhere I go, I’m gonna go in the lake. Alright, Jason, time to
do some skinny dipping. (laughs) Okay, I got it. I bet you I have to go a different way. I have to attack him
from a different side, ’cause otherwise, otherwise I’m gonna have to
jump into the lake every time. Yes, this is gonna work, ’cause then the table will block me next.
(man screams) Ohh!
– Final Girl! – [Orange] Chop, chop. (laughs) Oh, yeah, I got you now. I got you! Okay, kill zone! Standing hand in hand. Oh! Give him a hand. I’ll take ’em actually. (laughs) They’re all mine now. I don’t have any hands, so I gotta steal as many
people’s hands as possible. ‘Cause when you don’t have any, I mean, it’s kind of a bummer. Don’t worry, Sweetie, if you get stuck, just use ‘back’ to try
a different approach. Oh yeah, back to back, (woman screams)
your back on track. What?!
(woman screams) Ohh, slice and dicin’. Okay, now how do I get you?
What? How do I get over there? I need to do, aw! This doesn’t work. Unlock some deadlier
weapons, Sweetie, drag three, what, why are you talking at me? Uh, okay, so let’s try
an’ attack her from– Oh, I know! So, if I go over here, and
then right here, oh yeah! Now, now, if I go over to the right, and then up, (woman screams)
and then boom! – Final boy! – [Orange] Why does the last person always fall from the ceiling? Like, where are they? Were they hanging out on the roof and they fall through the ceiling? I don’t understand. You got stinky armpits, so I removed them. (laughs) It’s the only way to fight stinky armpits. No, I’m not going to do it, Mom. Leave me alone. Mind your own beeswax! Okay, who’s next, who wants it? You can scare those campers
into the fire, Jason. Punish them for what they did! At this point, does anyone even (man screams)
remember what they did? Ow! If you can’t stand the heat, don’t jump in the campfire, just sayin’, it’s probably not a good idea. It’ll leave you feeling fired up! (laughs)
(girl screams) You love it! Oh yeah, another one in the fire. I got that burnin’ desire, to throw people in fires. Hey!
– Final girl! – [Orange] Final girl, comin’ at ya. Look out! I’m probably gonna
either rip your arms off, or use your skull as a basketball. Yeah, here comes the basketball. Ohh, LeBron James. That’d be awesome. I’d love to watch Jason be in the NBA. (laughs) All right, you guys! Well, I think that’s it, for this episode. Thank you so much for watching. Let me know if you want
me to keep playing, okay? Until next time! Ooh what’s in the box? What is it? What, Guitar? Well, that’s music to
my non-existent ears. Baseball bat. Okay guys, until next time. Later, potaters! (rhythmic electronic music)


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Aw, Dudes check it out. We’re a featured youtuber on the Terra Tech game That’s pretty awesome Okay, and also real quick dudes welcome back to episode 2 of Terra tech check this out speaking of this video hold on let me Alt tab look at this Terra Tech episode 1 I asked you guys to hit the like button down below if you wanted me to continue this series A hundred and thirty six thousand likes What the heck is wrong with you guys so We’re gonna continue some Terra Tech. Let me close this. Let’s do this. We’re gonna continue some Terra tech where we left off Let’s launch this right now and also a quick plug if you guys are new to my channel and like my sweet hair Hit the subscribe button down below so top right Trading Station find gso trading station which is Yeah, this way that’s right. That’s where I left off Okay, and remember where we left off last episode we now have a healing bubble aura We cannot take damage, okay, so we’re gonna head this way towards the GSO trade station And if I remember correctly the GSO trading station I believe that’s how you get more I what’s it called. Yeah down in the down bottom center block bucks. It’s like blockbuster rip blockbuster Okay, hold on let’s see here. Okay 200 meters away 200 meters away I have a feeling there’s gonna be a battle hold on hold on before we go battle before we go battle I’m gonna throw this down And I’m gonna throw down my battery. I’m gonna throw down my battery But my battery is almost dead Let’s reattach that wheel okay. Let’s recharge our battery, and then we’re gonna go into the GSO trading station 147 meters away This could be bad Hopefully we don’t die like I said I haven’t played this game in so long since they’ve updated it, okay Let’s do this. here we go. oh no I lost my drill. i need my drill. i need to drill things, okay Here we go remember. I now have four weapons Okay yeah, here’s the GSO trading station are there any enemies Okay, no enemies alright hold on. What is it training stages are indestructible and usable by all Prospectors, what second I’m reading something big heading your way defend -defend myself trader troll, trader troll, trader troll. get away from me trader troll Okay, you’re dead you’re dead. You messed with the wrong dude wait sir, sir. Oh my game crashed. Okay. No. I’m back. I’m back Okay, you’re gotta destroy this dude come on destroy his cab come on GSO License upgrade:Grade 2. congratulations gso… What is this? good, now you now that pesky trader troll a training station will sell a Selection of new blocks every day and buy any unwanted resource block it also has a mission boards Which which you can use to find new missions? right-click the mission board near the top of the trading station Congratulations GSO has upgraded your license to grade 2 these blocks can be purchased at the trading station or crafted with Gso fabricater oh I remember the fabricator okay hold on so I have to right-click so I hit level 2 – yeah top-left corner I remember that that’s my gso experience at I’m level 2 now Which I don’t remember what that means? Okay, hold on I got a bunch of blocks and I have to right-click ooh did you see that meteor just hit Tilted towers back there Memes are memes. okay hold on so if I right-click Objectives approach trading station use mission board hold on where’s the mission board is it this? I don’t remember the trading station looking like this and look at all the oh I have another battery Hold on let me charge both batteries Hold on That’s right. I now have double the power the healing power, and I have another healing bubble yeah That’s a healing bubble nice now. I have two Healing bubbles. Okay, hold on give me a second Let me figure myself out. I have no clue what’s going on Give me a minute Twenty minutes later where is it … I’m guessing this is the mission board right-click on the mission board near the top of the trading station Oh up there ok i right click that Striking out select a mission and click the accept mission button so they’ve added in a bunch of missions Ok striking out all good prospectors need to know how to make a living on An alien planet harvest resources and use the trading station to send them off world to the GSO research facility objective purchase collector, okay accept mission So you want to broaden your horizons? Huh? Well you’re in luck? There’s plenty of natural resources on this planet just waiting to be harvested harvested resources can be beamed off world to aid our survey Expeditions you’ll be paid handsomely for your efforts of course right click on the shop terminal on the side of the trading station right click oh I remember purchase a GSO Thimble collector from the manufacturer category of the shop I remember this so I can buy things from here, so if I click the manufacturing blocks gso thimble collector oh this cost 312 block bucks (Fart sound effect) That thing just crapped out… Russell do a fart sound whenever that thing popped out Grussle er not Grussle great what the heck sorry Russell great at ask the collector to your, oh I remember this Oh, it has a little outline now. Don’t attach it underneath. You dingis Hold on the collector will pick up any loose resource chunks nearby and hold them, that’s right so you remember last episode I showed you that you could like walk up or go up to trees right and shoot them and then The stuff falls out like the logs this collector here check this out whenever I back up look at that it grabs the Resources and then what I could do I could go back over to the trading station and it collects them all , and now watch It’s gonna go in there and then it shoots off Look, hold on, look at that. It’s shooting off into I don’t know where and every time I shoots off I get six block bucks, so let’s say I take this drill bit here right if I put this Gso rock drill into here Wait I broke it hold on wait. I thought you could sell like Like gear, maybe they changed it to where you can’t sell gear anymore. You can only sell rocks hold on, Let me see dang it. No you can’t sell gear anymore. That was pretty OP before I… remember I found that exploit Go figure, but now you can only sell resources Hold on, striking out. What do I have to do earn block books by selling resources 30 out of 100? Oh, I gotta sell a hundred dollars or block bucks worth of resources, hold on, let me see how much the yellow stuff sells for Okay, come with me urine rocks Don’t judge me okay, so the logs sell for six Let’s see how much these yellow urine rocks sell for take them okay hold on let’s see It’s gonna shoot Fifteen and we look in the top left forty five sixty if math is correct. I should be done 75 90 and 105 Okay hold on excellent, that should be enough resources for now for a rookie prospector. You’re certainly showing great potential Thank you, so maybe it’s time to strike out on your own What do you mean check the mission board for other activity in this area? Okay, I’ll let me check the mission board. Oh look at all these missions. Oh, this is gonna be sick they have added a bunch of wait hold on new mission available find a trading station new missions are available at the Nearby trading station right okay? Okay so to get a new mission. I click that that’s right. There’s four new missions Dudes this is sick. They have done a lot of upgrade or a lot of updates on this game So what I’m gonna. Do now. I have all of these Blocks right, I have all of these new blocks from that destroyed Robot let’s build ourselves a new robot Russell activate the awesome montage building thing And there she is Isn’t she a beaut look at all the guns on this thing you ready? I’m gonna shoot once and just look look at the devastation It’s kind of lackluster. Let’s do this again look at how many guns we have so once we throw this here this here this there there we go Now we are a mobile healing machine look at this. I mean were kinda I kind of I kind of move slow, but you know I guess i move kinda fast. Yeah i like this. This is pretty good Okay, so what I’m gonna. Do now. It’s almost nighttime during the nighttime. I’m gonna grab a bunch of materials I currently have six thousand dollars I currently have 6000 block books So what i’m gonna do I’m gonna run around grab a bunch of materials grab a bunch of stuff and start selling everything yeah Let’s do this until day time the night is awful. It’s so hard to see anything oh, I wonder how much these green things sell for i Think these are emeralds. What are these hold on eru..eru..erudite shard, okay? Let’s grab a bunch of these I want to see how much these sell for Okay, I have four ah I’m stuck Can you can you not get it get it get out of it, you’re stuck okay there we go we got out I love to see how much these green things sell for I forget. hold on, let’s see One green thing erudite Wait what all right, well I Know what I’m gonna be doing for the next Foreseeable future. Let’s make us some money Let’s actually look to see what else we can buy while we wait for daytime Right-click that. oh we can get another heal bubble how much is the heal bubble a thousand oh my gosh What about the lasers 200 for the lasers okay? Let me look around a bit. I forgot all of this stuff. It is so cool though accessories um Weaponry, that’s right. So there’s a crap ton of guns in this game, but the way to unlock them i believe is to find them and also level up I Think, if I remember power blocks Manufacturer oh I forgot we could fly too flight blocks wheel blocks. hold on, let me look around a little bit A Few Moments Later… Well that was a quick night It already says good morning trading stations have restocked their blocks and missions, so every night is when new missions happen. Let’s see Okay, I still have my four turret defense Buried, ooh, buried treasure find the delivery crate. We’re doing that hold on me Let me recharge my batteries recharge my batteries I think what I’m gonna Do I want to get more guns? You guys know how I am I’m all about the guns hold on let me get some more guns so if I click on the Computer weapon blocks so I think I’m gonna do let me get light machine guns for 200 right Ready Russell? get ready for the sound effect Russell (Fart Sound Effect) (Fart Sound Effect) Let’s buy all three of those yeah there we go so we took all the guns from that so if I throw this here Throw this there look at this We shoot for days then I have another gun for Here there we go so I think what I’m gonna do on the sides here. I’m gonna grab… Russell get ready, okay (Fart Sound Effect) Okay I’ll put that there, and then let’s buy two more ready Russell (Fart Sound Effect) I am such a child, let’s put that there and that there look at this. Tell me that is not sick You shoot, I’m shooting that tree from way over here, okay, so let’s do this now We have our battleship ready for deployment. Let’s let’s click on the mission tab let’s do Oh wait is a Supply Drop. Hey wait hold on where is it so special delivery find the delivery crate? Accept mission okay it is 460 meters away in That direction over there alright. Let’s do this. Let’s grab our batteries. Let’s grab our solar generator Let’s… and also, what should we name our robot? What do you guys want to name our robot first season it was wall-e second season I Don’t remember What do you guys on a name? Okay? Hold on you’re getting mighty big? Why not try pressing the snapshot button in the bottom left to save your tech? Squad fam lit save Let’s keep going special delivery 80 oh look there’s a special crate over there. Let’s see what’s in it? Where? am I blind? I don’t see anything. Oh, it’s over here hold on oh I’m already. I’m picking up. What is this? What that crap is that hold on what is this a silver Deeley bopper The crap does it do we need hold on what is it bunny ears? But is this I don’t what is this a tow hook? Oh a tow hook? So can I actually tow things? And what is this devil horns red horns of course? I got devil horns What the heck is up with all that but I also have so I can actually tow things It is pretty cool, okay, I let’s keep let’s do this. Let’s head back to the mission station. Oh, there’s a little robot here ah Hello hello sir Sir do you have anything I need if you don’t have any, if you shoot at me, or if you don’t have anything I need You, you will live unless you shoot at me, sir. I just, I just need to see. Sir, do you have anything? He has a Laser Do I let the little guy live, or do I end his suffering Russel paint me out to be a good person Russel make me look nice Well I got his gun Let’s go back to the trading station, so I want to see what other missions. I mean what the heck is this? i have like a little, is it like aesthetic stuff? I guess it has no use But I do have this tow kit. I want to keep that tow kit okay. Let’s see these other missions Supply Drop Oh an unclaimed delivery crate has been detected in the surrounding area whoever finds It first gets to keep the loot, ooh Objective I have an hour to do this and enter the mission area. accept it! an enemy raiding party has made camp near here 520 meters away in that direction oh This is gonna get intense. Hold on let me recharge my batteries. Okay. Let’s do this uh, Derp? Sir excuse me. This is random… Oh my gosh this game is so much fun Okay, 300 meters away an unclaimed Delivery crate the delivery crate is somewhere in this area, but you’ll need to find it before anyone else. It’s right there It’s literally right. Oh look at this robot patroller expecto petroleum He didn’t put up much of a fight Delivery crate okay, that’s what we get oh Wait what is this? I got a lamp? The heck do i want the lamp for what is this a blue bauble? Okay, hold on. What is this player tech? Rotating anchor i remember this I’ll show you what that is in a second wait. What is that hold on let me see what this is? Gso shield bubble I remember this, this right here is the best item in the game? Check this out you see I have the green bubbles around me that heal me whenever I take damage Watch this when I take this and attach it watch what happens I get a blue bubble No bullets can pass through this blue bubble hold on hold on. Let’s go back to the station I want to see if I can find another robot that will actually shoot at me, and show you this And I also want to show you what this gso rotating anchor is. Dudes, this is good. This is going good. So if I remember correctly, Let’s throw this money in there the anchor press R to rename, UH Dude…Lit I’m awesome Okay, so if I click the sell i believe and buy it. hold on and I think if I buy another cab. Russel get ready (Fart Sound Effect) And put this on here. I can, hold on Oh, What’s the hold on hold on? What was that? What was that? I can actually give this thing? Commands watch as I can switch tech Look I now control this little thing Shoots little cute lasers And then if I want to switch back to this cab there we go So let’s say and that’s not all I can do with that either let’s say I’m way over here right and I want to get home real fast to defend my home watch this click that. I am now back home Defending my base Isn’t that sick, but that’s not all I can do with this anchor. There’s so much more I can do, okay , Hold on Let me go back to my main tech. Let’s go back home to this area, and I really want to show you what this shield bubble can do it is insane I’ll show you that next episode if you guys want this series to continue of course hit the like button down below Also hit the subscribe button if you’re new to my channel turn on the notification bell thing and yes we have a shield bubble we have endless amounts of money and We can make things fart (Fart Sound Effect) Outro Theme

GET IN LINE! | Papers, Please #1

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GET IN LINE! | Papers, Please #1

Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum *Wapish* Top ‘o the mornin’ to ya laddies, my name is JackSepticEye and welcome to “Papers, Please”. I’ve played this game before on the Ipad version, and I’ve seen a lot about the game around, and that its got a lot of praise over the years. And it was always something that I thought in the back of my head that I might play sometime, and- now I feel like- you know what I just wanna play it. It’s a good game, I really like it. I haven’t finished it, I- I didn’t play that much of it on the Ipad, just a little bit to figure out what I was kinda doing so. You play- it- it’s kinda slower paced and you play a guy who’s like stamping passports or stamping ID’s, going through a border or Arstotska? Is that what’s the name of it? I think, and it gets quite- it gets quite real after a while. I- I haven’t played the PC version though, I haven’t even- I bought it today to get it. Congratulations The October labor lottery is complete. Your name was pulled. Sweet! That music is going fucking ham in the background right now. For immediate placement, report to the Ministry of Admission at Grestin Border Checkpoint. Ah I- I’m gonna channel my inner sugar plum for this one. An apartment will be provided for you and your family in East Grestin. Expect a Class-8 dwelling. I don’t know what that is. Glory to Arstotzka! Best country in all of the land. All of the make believe land anyway. Grestin Border Checkpoint opens at last! After 6 long years, can the Ministyr of Admission keep us safe? Families to reunite. So when you’re like stamping people’s stuff you have to reject some others, and they’ll stipulate what you have to actually do, like let in all the people who had Arstotzkan passports. Things like that. So- and then when you- when you send people away, it gets kinda weird because you feel really bad for them. Novermber 23, 1982 Ministry of Admission Official Bulletin. Inspector, welcome to your new position at Grestin Border Checkpoint. I know, my Russian accent is terrible. Stamp passport entry visa and return documents to entrant. Entry is restricted to Arstotzkan citizens only. Deny all foreigners. Glory to Arstotzka. Ok, so I have to deny all foreigners. Only Arstortzkan things are allowed. Oh wait don’t click that yet. Pay attention to the passport nationality. Ok. Arstotzkan Ministry of Admission inspector’s booth. Shutter, counter, rule book, audio transcript and yeah, and then I have something that’s able to- I have to like bring across my things and then pick up and like, accept it or deny it. And I have to move these things around. Ok. So. Um… yes, yes, yes, Grestin border checkpoint opens at last, families to reunite, entertainment, sweet. Uh, I’m gonna put you here Here we go. Next! Pop on in and let me see you’re face. Papers, please! What have you got? Um, ok you’re an Arstotzkan, you’re from East Grestin. I think I’m gonna trust you. You seem like a good lad. Um we put you under here, and I’m very like- I’m very anal about the way I do these things, I have to get them like- aw I didn’t get it perfect within the square. There you go. Glory to Arstotzka. Yes! So that’s the premise of the game. You bring in their passports, your- their ID’s, you see what they have, what they don’t have, and then you accept or you deny them and they go left or right. But, stuff up here, gets crazy after a while. I don’t know if you’re gonna be able to see it in this video, but you’ll see it eventually. And then you have to like manage stuff at home between the days. Papers, please. This checkpoint is smaller than I expected. What did you expect? You are not an Arstotzkan. Can I- What’s- What’s my thing to be able to um, to like inspect. I can’t remember. This checkpoint is smaller than I expected. That’s my audio transcript. Rule book. Basic rules. Entrants must have a passport. Arstotzkan citizens only. Booth info. That doesn’t help. Um, I can’t remember. I thought I had something that like, uh, I could like check what people had. Can I ask them like questions? Ok. You do not have a place where you’re from here so, Imma have to deny you bro. I’m sorry. You- You can’t come into Arstotzka, sorry. See ya later. Arstotzkans only. Not allowed. Next! Next please! Or maybe I get it later. I can’t remember. I remember there was a thing where you could like, inspect. It becomes very inspector based. I have waited in this damn line since for 8 hours. I hope it was worth it. Are you an Arstotzkan? No, you’re not You’re not allowed in! You waited in this line for no goddamn reason. You see how I tried to line it up all the time? It doesn’t really matter where you put it. Arstotzkans only. Get out of my line! ‘Cuz then some people get mad and they go rioting, and they start throwing like molotovs and shit at ya. Shit gets real and you feel horrible about rejecting these people ‘cuz they- they start to tell you like some really personal stories. Ok, ok. Time is running out. You’re an Arstotskan. Fuckin’ welcome to the country- oh god. Welcome to the country bro. It’s good to have ya. Glory to Arstotzka. W’re almost running out of time. I think we have time for like two more people. Come one bro. Do you have an Arstotskan passport? Were you not here already? It was a mistake to open this checkpoint. He didn’t even want to get in. He just stood in line to tell me how bad I was. ‘Kay. Day’s over. Go home. Everybody go home, I have to go back to my wife and kids Manage your expenses using the checkboxes below. So, I have $5 left. Yay. Because rent,food, and heat, but I can get rid of heat or I can get rid of food so. It’s kinda like, “This War of Mine” in a way. That you have to manage what you’re doing. My son- everybody’s ok right now so I might take off heat and save myself $15. And then I can bring in heat the next day. Or maybe I can get rid of food and heat for now. I’m gonna sleep for now and if they’re- if they’re sad the next day then I’m gonna have to figure it out. Entry restrictions to relax, admit foreigners. Analysts upbeat. Increased trade and cooperation predicted. So now I might be allowed to let in newer people. Novermber 24th, 1982 I remember that day. It was the day I signed papers. From today, foreigners with a valid passport are permitted to enter. Your booth’s inspection hardware is now installed. Ah here it is. Yay and then you can like click on different things and you can like click on the person click on their ID. If its like male- If they’re a male and then their um ID says female you can kinda check that out and see if there’s problems with it and then deny them. Ah, check all passport information carefully for discrepancies. Deny any entrant with inconsistent information. So anyone who’s consistent I can let in. So anyone with a valid passport. Enter inspect mode using the red button on your desk. Blah blah blah. While inspecting, highlight two pieces of discrepant information for further options. Rules and regulations. This post is bound by Ministry blah blah blah. Okie dok. Yes. I remember how to do it now. Yes. I remember how to do it now. Sweet! Here we go. *sigh* Wish me luck guys. The next day starts. I like- I like the sound of that. doodle deedle doodle deedle deedle deedle do. Papers, please. Are you an Arstotzkan?No. Date of birth 1951.05.25. Female Uh, Korista City, everything seems ok. Expires 1984. Crap I forgot what date it was. Uh its 82. Ok. You seem to be ok though. Blang blang. Matching data. Blang blang. No correlation. Ok. That with that? No correlation. This with this? No correlation. This with your face. Matching data. Your name with you? no correlation. Fuck. I can’t- I don’t think there’s anything else that I can really highlight. No correlation Do you match this? Than and that? No. See you have to try and figure out if there’s- If stuff is out of place. I think you’re ok. I think we can let you in. I’m not sure. I can’t remember some of the other discrepancies that you can highlight. But, there you go. Cause no trouble. And you have to get through them really fast as well I think. Because then you um- Or maybe you have to fill a quota. I can’t remember But I think you have to let in a certain amount of them. Are you an Arstotzkan? No. So you’re female, Outer Grouse. Ok your name… I’m trying to figure out the discrepancies. This matches this. Matching data. Your name, no correlation. No correlation. This and this? I can’t remember what correlates with each other. Discrepancy detected. Your- Your pa- your thing is out of date. You cannot enter using an expired document. What are you talking about? You’re not allowed in! Denied! Denied! Its almost like that animal inspector game I played. Except I feel terrible about this one. I didn’t feel all that bad about the animals. I should’v. But yeah. And then you can like, you can suss out their weight and different things. Papers please. Thank you. What do you have here. It says you’re a female here. But you look like a dude. Discrepancy detected. You- Are you male or female? As the document says. So you’re female. See I don’t know which to believe. James. If that even is your real name. Maybe this says impostor right here. Are you- Are you still lined up? Matching data ok, uh, name with you. The picture matches up. But this- this does not match up. These two. I dunno James. I dunno. Um, I might have to deny you. I- I can’t take any risks. I can’t have you coming in here with- with misaligned documents. Any discrepancies and you’re gone. I’m sorry but that’s just the way it is. You’re gonna have to get out of my checkpoint now please. Hello. How are you? You’re an Arstotzkan. I like you, already. I am meeting a bus soon. Well just hold on here a fuckin’ Jiminy cricket. We’ll have to see if your documents are in order. They’re matching. This matches? Yes. You’re face matches, that’s all good. Its all good. Is this a- is this? This an- This match. I dunno, I’m runnin’ out of time though. Ah, Arstotzka, blah blah blah I don’t know. These have no correlation. Ok, I’ll let ya through. Ah crap! I- I clicked the wrong thing. Clicked out of the game. Crap! It’s paused now. Resume! Shit! I’m gonna let you in. I’ll let you in bro. Here you go. You’re allowed in . Next! Have your documents ready. Get in! I only have a certain amount of time. Hello. How are you? Let me see this. Oh that face does not look the same. Discrepancy detected. Your picture. It is different. I do not know what to say. It is me. Nope! Get out of my country! There we go. I did it! I got them all done. Next? I thought the day was finished. Papers please. You’re an Arstotzkan. Hello handsome. You look bored. I am. If you want a good time, come see us. Ohhhh what’d you give me? No! Go away! What did you give me? The pink vice! Sweet! Thank you! I’m gonna put this over here, behind your thingy. Um, right. We’re gonna have to see this. Matching. Matching. I- I don’t know what this is. I’m gonna have to match the date with this. Matching data. Ok you’re an Arstotzkan. I think you can get in. I think you’re ok. And I will come visit you guys. Thank you very much! I will be around a couple months. Don’t forget to visit. I won’t. Are we not finished? You were beepin’ at me. Maybe it was lunch time. I dunno. Drag documents here. Yeah, I got my documents. Uh, ok. You are from Republia. Lets see. Does that face match this? Oh. Woah! What happened? No! Get back! He tried to jump the border! You can’t do that, you have to go through the checkpoint. Dude! No! He got shot! No! (boom) You see what happens? I’m just trying to run a border patrol here. The day was cut short by a terrorist attack. Applicants entering after 6PM are unpaid. Your son is sick and needs medicine. Progress is saved at the start of each day. Ah crap. So, I need food, rent and medicine. Everyone’s cold. Ah crap, ok. I’m gonna have to use all my money for this now. I’m lucky I saved some of the money. Goddamn it. Terrorists strike at Grestin! Kolechian agitators suspected. Checkpoint lock down. More guards- more security. Lets walk to work now. There’s no guards here! Oh wait thee are. Aw there’s more guards up here and thee’s guards on this side now. A lot more guards people. Entry for non-citizens is now regulated. Ok. All foreigners require a valid entry ticket. So, you have to have a passport and an entry ticket now if you don’t- well, if you’re not an Arstotzkan. So all foreigner- Entry for non-citizens is now regulated. Ok. So people who have foreign passports, they need an entry ticket. If they don’t have an entry ticket they can’t get in. Ah, verify information before stamping passport entry visa and returning all documents to entrant. ‘Kay, so I have to inspect people now as well at the same time. Missing documents can be correlated by highlighting counter and pertinent entry in rule book. Ok, got it, got it, got it, got it. Nah fuck off I don’t need that. Ah, you go in here. Next please! Move it along! Come on in. Hello, papers please. Ok, you have that, you have your entry ticket. Valid on- lemme see. Matching data. Ok. Ok, you’re good. You’re good. Let me, uh, correlate all of this. Your picture match your face. Yes. Does this match? This? I don’t know what I’m checking. I don’t know what I’m checking. They have no correlation to anything. You match up as female. I think we’re pretty good. I think I can let you in. Ok. You can come on in. And you’re an Arstotzkan. Oh no, you’re not. Its an Arstotzkan ticket. Here you go. Go on in, cause no trouble. Next please! Its a good game. I like this game. Its very um- Its very like, Sherlocky in a way. Uh, you don’t have an entry ticket bro. Um, I need to- oh wait- I need to take out my rule book. Uh, basic rules. You need an entry ticket. Come on dude. Uh- What am I checking? No correlation. You don’t have an entry ticket though. Um, all documents must be current. Ok, how do I- I don’t know what I’m doing. Is this expired? Matching data. Matching data. matching data. But you don’t have an entry ticket. And you’re- You’re not from Arstotzka. You’re from Obristan. How do I check the-? Ok. Require an entry ticket. Yes. Blam and- Oh blam and blam. Blam and blam. Discrepancy detected. Yeah! You cannot enter without a ticket. Here. Ok. Fair enough. Wel- But is it valid? Matching data. Ok, you can come in. Whatever. You’re making life hard for me though bro. You’re making life hard for me. Just hand in your tickets when you get here, and then there’d be no fuckin’ problems ok? Here, take your shit and go. Cause no trouble. Get out. It gets hectic. And then I don’t know if I’m actually doing it right. ‘Cuz sometimes you let people through and then they kill the guards. papers, please. Hey there. I can make you happy anytime. Oooh. All these people giving me nice things. Thank you. I shall visit your place. Matching data. Matching data. Are you femle? Do you match your picture? Everything is matching. Ok. You can come in. But only because I said so. Ok, go on. Get through. Come to pink vice. Ask for Ava. I will do! Bye Ava! It was nice to meet you. Hello there! My name is Jack, do you have entry ticket? Somebody’s gonna have a- a bad date entry ticket. Matching data. Ok. Matching data. Ok. Do you match? Yes. Everything seems to be matching, Imma let you through. I dunno if i’m actually stamping the wrong documents now. Aw that was almost a perfect one. Here you go. Come on in. I- ‘Cuz, I’m being a bit, like, flippant with it, I’m not doing it super- I’m not being super, like, scrutinizing about their information. I heard about the terrorist attack. You are lucky to have a job still. You’re lucky that I’m gonna let you in. Or am I? Matching data, ok. Ok. Um… You match that, and you match this. I think you’re ok. I think you’re allowed to be let in. I’m not gonna be too worried about you guys. You seem like nice people. Be safe. Do not cause any trouble. Do not cause me any grief. ‘Cuz I’m the one letting you into the country. If I get in trouble then we’re all dead. Papers, please. You do not have a ticket! Oh you do. Never mind. Sorry, sorry, sorry. You do have a ticket. This looks fake. Discrepancy detected, It’s fake! You cannot enter today. It is my mistake. Yes it is. Denied! Doesn’t matter. As long as- once there’s one discrepancy detected, you can get the fuck outta my booth. A bit harsh, but I have to be. We have to protect the glory of Arstotzka! Arstotzka will rise proud! Mother Russia! Well, I mean it sounds like a RussiaThn thing. I don’t know if it actually is. This looks ok. Wait. Wait a second. Wait a second. Are you who you say you are? Are you sure? Ok. I’ll trust you for now. But I don’t know. Wait are- do these correlate? No. I think I tried that before actually. I think the re- I don’t know what they are. Oh wait, I’m accepting you. There we go. Woosh! Thank you. Cause no trouble. This day is lasting longer than the others. I don’t like it. I’m very worried. Hello little potato man. Oh you’re the one that always causes trouble. You have like fake tickets don’t ya? The greatest country. See, he’s like ‘I wanna get in’ but he doesn’t even have any fuckin’ documents. No correlation. Um, you must have a fuckin’ passport dude. Hello? Where is your passport? Passport? Arstotzka so great, passport not required right? I- I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Get out. Get out. I come back again. And then I think he comes back with like a fake one. And then he doesn’t have an entry ticket and its like where’s your entry ticket? And he doesn’t have one of them either. He- He’s a- He’s a little potato face. I’m gonna call him potato man. Papers, please. Hello, Kalroth. Ok, we’re running out of time. Everything.s matching. Everything’s matching. I think you’re ok. Wait. That looked fake. You’re- You’re good. You’re good. You can come into Arstotzka. Arstotzka greatest country in the world, all other countries are run by little girls Aw shit! Invalid issuing city. Oh I didn’t know how to- I didn’t know how to get them. Ok. You are- Well you have an Arstotzkan passport so I think I’m allowed to let you in. But how do I check that? I don’t know. I don’t know. Wait is it a valid date? Crap, man! That means I’m gonna get something taken out of my paycheck. Aw, little Billy’s gonna die at home. Go on in. Dammit man! I forgot how to check that. I have $0. Everybody’s ok though. I think I can- I can- I think I can save for money. Can I save for heat as well? I have no idea. I don’t want to get sick. Ok, sleep. Alrighty righty dity doty, I’m gonna leave this episode here. I really like this game. Its really cool. It really makes you feel if like, you let the wrong people in. And then you’re like oh god no they’re gonna cause trouble. And then you get it taken out of your paycheck, and then your son at home is sick, and you’re like ah little Billy noooo! But I like it! Let me know what you guys think of the game. I- I think its a cool game. It was getting a lot of praise when it came out. It- its a couple years old now I think at this point. I- I- I dunno. I liked the Ipad version of it better, ‘cuz it fills the screen a bit more, you can drag and drop stuff and you get to click the stamper yourself. It’s a lot of fun, but for the sake of recording its much easier to do the PC version. But for now, thank you guys so for watching this episode. If you liked it, punch the like button in the face, LIKE A BOSS! And, high fives all ’round. *Wapish* *Wapish* But thank you guys and I will see all you dudes, in the next video! *Outro music* Glory to Arstotzka! Greatest country! Make us proud!


hello and welcome back to my channel so apparently Pokemon go has been crazy lately as you guys already know from the UK the US and recently a few days ago was released in Asia of Japan and Hong Kong i have heard news that i may be in September pile and we’ll have the games so and today I like to share with you guys my process or just I guess it’s like a sneak peek of the game so you know what’s update mistake all right first name that I’m gonna be introducing today from my phone is called two dots I have found this game for my little youtuber and basically I just started like few days ago level 24 right now so basically you have how many anchors that you have to drop at the bottom of the screen and by connecting all the dots letting them drop down the bottom and get rid of them that’s basically how you play this and they only allow you a certain moves that you have to finish in so if you reach you know move number one then that’s it game over I’m not really great at this game since I just start it but I have a habit of playing pretty fast so sometimes that can bite you in the ass but basically you just connect all the dots and whenever you see a square square it oh and you can only go horizontal vertical you cannot go you know the other way to like other games I play you basically can only make just top bottom left right type of moves there you go success all right the second game is called also two dots I guess for the same company but they make different theme and this theme you basically have companions playing with you mine right now is that Buffalo right there I think it’s a buffalo or deer or something so basically it’s kind of the same you just connect all the dots making square with this you have the help of that animal so he basically give you the drop of water and a the objective of this game is right now is I think to break all the glass and fill the whole board game with water as you can see i said to my ex Adele alright the next app is just piano player I to play is but is still fun sometimes all right this is my favorite apps for stones I can show you yesterday because I haven’t locked in for a while so kind of broke but basically you have to have any net to play this game is merged with team out few months ago and honestly eyes I was addicted it was so good you guys if you are 90 years I guess you’d be pretty familiar with the concept this game it’s kinda like tetrax and you basically just clear all the color or blocks and call it go like same colors go together obviously you see on the screen and because this game is limited so you know you have to play you have to play pretty pretty smart because otherwise going to run out moves and you’re going to feel the whole board with all your code blocks and I would be game over also this game is a tiny bit different from Texas because they don’t speak up the game so you can just play really slow take your time you think about the next move that would be fine too i just i play with the fast so that’s kind of lose all the time but then I don’t know I kind of enjoyed like that just play fast getting over with it’s a next level if not I play it again i purchased this game but you can also play it three I think it’s just going to have a lot of hats pop up here and there so if you don’t mind that that’s fine it’s completely free game so yeah once you clear a bunch of the color blocks the end will show and they basically just like pop about nowhere and once you have like one end down there will be two more that you might want to get closer to the person that you are formed so that it will make like like a bomb exactly and will clear a really big square wherever all the three ends together it’s so I guess I couldn’t really show you guys that because i lost a specific time that i play so i only form an M over here I kind of run out so you know the next aim is like down here and I can’t really get them together so I can’t make my bomb but yeah it’s a really fun game with you guys check it out I highly recommend it is offline so you don’t need internet to play this game i believe so you can like kill time be a fourth on the airplane or just when your wife eyes down Oh at the end of the screen on the bottom left is that trash can you can click it to delete a move I don’t really use those option in games mostly because I just want to see how well I can do without using help at this point not so good I think my max was maybe 800 right now only 315 already lost all right here is our favorite game these past three weeks my husband and I and my son have been going out almost every single day just to walk around go two parts just to play pokemon go I mean it’s a great game okay you can see that it used google location so all the maps is a little bit alike I guess but it’s it’s prettier in this game and you’ll pokedex basically you have all the numbers of all your all the pokemon that you have cat and you have captured and um let’s see if you click on one it will show you you know all the description of that Pokemon and is evolution all right when you click Pokemon you can have different I guess options that you can arrange them so this one is recent recently caught pokemons this one is CP so y’all Hyatt highest like strongest put your mom will be display on top and go down to the bottom is you know the lowest ep 1 so the weaker Pokemon that you have just like that my week is is a needle I don’t think I needed though and hear you say I have to pick at you so I’m going to scroll down and transfer it so the professor so you’ll get candy and you only need to keep you a higher CP I guess highest CD of each type of Pokemon I like to arrange it from you know alphabetic order so if I had like a duplicate more than one Pikachu more than one mama I don’t want I can get rid of the week of Rica guys and keep the strongest one here over the X section I guess you collect eggs for what times like this one is to kill me no one I already walked point six feet three kilometer and yeah you just click start incubation and hatch the egg but you have to walk whichever kilo meter it is to hatch the egg so I guess a good way to exercise in the items back I have all kinds of items I mean they will give you at pocus stop really so you just watching like a landmark in your city and they would have like a like a blue sign just click on it and it will give you a bunch of stuff sometime an egg some time infants maybe you’ll get them when you level up to in the shop you have an option to pay real money for coins or you can earn them by putting your pokemon to defend in a gym all right as you can see in my nearby have a rocket off so I can chance rotate my compost up there and as soon I see the green poles right there around the box of the rat that means that you should go that direction and as long as it’s still pull screen that means that you’re going in the right direction and if not you got to switch around to find the Pokemon all right within your character as you can see I walk 12 point 74 kilo meter and so far i have caught in my journal as you can see some pokemon ran away from me I’ve got some stuff from the pokey stop cussin Pokemon yeah I just went a few days ago when my husband and caught a bunch of Pokemon here’s Jim that I was talking about Elia one that nearest to us is Sahara West library and right now blue team has it this gene valatie habit and so far one two three four four people so I mean if you teen Balor and you would want to put 12 Pokemon to defend this team and earn your Pokemon coin you can you just have to I guess fight one of them to get new spot here is the Polka stop as you can see I’m too far away from it start to actually physically walk there to get to the Polka stop and earn my items this book is slop has all kinds of like painting flower around it that means that it has a lure put on by this person right here and basically it works for 30 minutes and it benefits everybody around that area so Pokemon will just go to the loo or randomly you can also use incense in your items but it only works for you and also only 30 minutes you can you now zoom back in depends on how you like it I mean I like it a little farther away so I can catch pokemon easier because when you to zoom in it’s kind of hard choose them I know it’s just my opinion yeah and as you walk in real life care to move to it’s pretty fun I mean I don’t mind the real walking if I can catch some pokemon only two Reds here you go that’s my character she bought junk I don’t know why my husband named it that good is my character and I’m team red civilized quality Mallory alright the next app is not really a game but I just use it for fun anyways it’s called mule I think it’s how you pronounce it and basically I honestly didn’t know that you can have different languages for like you know different songs up there talk we only have english songs and I was kind of bummed out when I first download this but my friend told me about it so I searched and apparently you can find some songs I guess that’s in your language that you would like to sing the downside is that you have to pay monthly for this app so i mean i would recommend that you would join a person that already sing maybe part 1 apart to that would make it free if you sing with them the blue part is your part and orange is you guys things together gray is their part so for example in this song you can scroll over from the mic section and you will find all kinds of I guess like a quality for the mic and this app requires you have microphones so you have to block it in to use it and if you don’t like it you can quit and choose a different song thank you for watching you guys now let me know if you would like more videos like this I’ll talk about what the app so i have my phone should to leave me a thumbs up and comment what kind of abs we’re going to games you guys play oh and share your pokemon go hun story too i would love to hear about those until next time

Roblox: REALLY EASY OBBY! [Annoying Orange Plays]

(techno music) (laughter) – Yo, we got fat stacks of cash money. Here we go. Yeah. Hey, yo, it’s A to the O back again with another game video. We are back in Roblox once again! Yes! We are playing The Super Easy Obby! Wait no, no. It’s Really Easy Obby. Ooby! Obie! Owbie! (laughter) Hey wait you’re going the wrong way buddy! (laughter) He almost pushed me into
that, I don’t want that. How ya guys doing today? I hope you’re doing pretty good! This game wants me to buy stuff, but I don’t have any cash money! Even though I just said that we have fat stacks of cash money. It’s actually on Parent’s credit card, that’s where the fat stacks are. – [Parent] I heard that dude! – I know, that’s why I said it loudly! (laughter) Stairs, stairs, crawling stairs. In my underwears. Oh wait, I’m not wearing underwears. I’m an orange. (laughter) Oh! VIP, very important. Whoa! Hey, hey. What just happened? Whoa, disappearing stairs. What the heck? I thought this was a super easy obby. What is even happening here? How come the guy that was standing on the stairs didn’t fall off the stairs? Okay, what? The crazy case of the disappearing stairs. Hmm, sounds like a good book. Hey buddy! (laughter) Now we’re both falling this time. Okay! (laughter) What is even happening? I thought this supposed to be super easy. It’s supposed to be super easy. Okay, don’t fall off the platform. Oh, I see what’s going on. Uh-oh, I have to go quickly, quickly! Buh-bye, buh-bye! Oh no, oh no! Wear bare underwear! Where’d it go? Where’s the platform? I need the platform. Okay I’m on it. (laughter) Okay this is not super easy. It was supposed to be a super easy obby. Ooby, obie, owbie. Oooo. Okay just wait for the
platforms to come back. Oh this is weird. Weird beard that just got sheared! (laughter) Okay, I think I can do this! Oh don’t disappear! You think I should just keep going? I think I can do it! Yeah, that’s how you do it right there. What’re we doing here? Do I have to pick? Oh they’re a different color, I almost didn’t see that. I see you tricking me. You’re trying to trick me, anyway you couldn’t do it! Cause’ I’m a very crafty orange! Yeah! Love me, I’m juicy! (laughter) Very Easy Obby, you bet it is! What do we got here? Okay just hoppin’ to it! Uh-oh, ah. They disappear. Goodbye, goodbye. (laughter) Why’s everything always disappearing? Okay we gotta keep going. Get around the corner there. And here we go, still
going! We’re doing good! I don’t wanna slip
through the cracks here. Ah, someone’s asking to be my friend. I can’t accept it right now! I’m busy! If I stop to accept that, I’m gonna fall through the floor. You understand. (laughter) It’s almost catching up to me. I feel like I’m in a thriller movie. Like Indiana Jones or something. Giant boulders following me, and I gotta run, run, run! Oh okay, tightrope walking. I’m a specialist at that so don’t you even worry about it. Hey what kind of bats like to hang from ropes? Acro-bats! (laughter) Those are my flavor-ite. I see what you’re doing here. This part isn’t too bad. As long as tightrope walking doesn’t explode or something. In which case I’d be
pretty happy with that. That’d be cool. Everything needs to go slowly. Okay now we’re just
jumpin’ on some shapes. Got some triangles. Got some circular shaped, octagon square hedrons in there. And that’s good. Those are my favorite! We’re still going up okay. Here we go, hopin’ to it. Yeah, whoa! Okay I see the platform. That looks a little tricky, But I think the orange can do it! He’s got legs, and he
knows how to use ’em. Man I should do a speed run of this level, I’m so good! Now I know what to expect. I’m juicy and I know it. (fart noises) Have you guys played this Obby, ooby, obie? It’s pretty good. I wanna know how far you guys got. Have you beat it? Gotten all the way to the end? I gots to know. Yeah! Guess we’re just gonna keep going up. And they’re kinda moving. What the heck? The platforms are moving. Well that’s weird. Yeah they’re kinda moving apart. I wonder if I’m moving them, or if they’re just moving by themselves. I don’t know, either way, just gotta keep jumpin’. That’s all you gotta do. You just gotta keep moving, gotta keep jumpin’ on those squares. Don’t be a square, keep
jumpin’ on those squares. Okay, tired of jumpin’ on the squares. When will we get to the next section? It’s been going on forever. I kinda bounced off of
that one a little bit. Off my knees. My bees knees. Thankfully I don’t actually have knees. Who needs ’em? Not oranges. Oh boy, are we getting closer yet? Aw man, I’ve been climbing forever. Oh I think this is the top. Here we go, here we go. Something cool is gonna happen. You guys know it. What’s this? Oh, weird. What is this? What do I do? Okay I guess we’re just jumpin’ to, Oh I see. Yep jumpin’
from platform to platform. Look at this I got, okay
so I went right back. Okay maybe I should watch what I’m doing. I was trying to go too fast. You guys know me, I live life fast. Yeah, one speed baby! Got mad skills. That’s right, Whoa we’re gettin’ pretty
high up there buddy. Hot potato, hot potato, hot potato yeah! Just keep climbing. Man every one of these
sections they’re just, They’re not really that hard, They just take a really long time, because each section is really long. Okay there we go, yes. Go to the next one, don’t touch it! Ah I touched it! I touched it! I told you not to touch it. Well I did it on purpose, because I wanted to show you what would happen if you touched it. I didn’t think the thing was actually gonna move like this. Look at them skills. Alright I think I’m gonna make this. It’s pretty good. There’s the end! There’s the end! Yeah! Look at that! Lookie-lookie, orange got a cookie. Actually I don’t, I
really want a cookie now. Chocolate chip please! What’s your guys’ favorite type of cookie? Not the one’s with faces okay, don’t eat those ones,
those ones are my friends. I like to hang out with them, they’re a real chip off the old block. (laughter) I’m tired of climbing stairs. Stairs everywheres. Hopefully I don’t have to go backwards, then I’d have to retrace my steps. (laughter) Uh-oh, what’s going on here? Uh-oh, it’s an amazing maze! Oh boy, there’s a lot of different ways you could go in this maze. Nope that’s not the right way. Oh boy, this is not gonna be easy, I can tell already. Is this the right way? I think it is, Let’s just go around, Okay that’s not the right way. C’mon, it must be this way. Just gonna keep on goin’. Trying to find the exit to this maze. Did you see that cool
spin move I just did? That’s not the right way to go. Don’t go that way either. I’m just showing you
guys which way to not go. It’s definitely this way. Okay now I’m really lost. Magic bean spectacular,
what is even going, okay I just went this way. I just wanna be like the Kool-Aid man. Break through the wall, oh yeah. Make my own way. I wanna do that, can I do that please? I just need some Kool-Aid,
gimme’ some Kool-Aid. Cherry flavored please. Not that I eat cherries, that’d be weird. They’re my friends too. What the heck, where am I supposed to go? I am so lost right now. I’m probably just walking, okay there we go, that’s different. That’s what you gotta do, you gotta find the different colors, maybe that’s it. Well color me crazy. I think we’re getting there guys, this feels good. Okay that just went around in a circle. That’s fine, that’s cool. Nope not that way, it’s
definitely this way then. We’re following the other colors, the one’s that are different from, are you kidding me? What? What is even happening here? I’m following the rules. The rules that I made up,
that I assigned to you. That you’re supposed to follow. Did I go this way? I don’t even know which way I went. You gotta give me a clue or something. I don’t know where I, is that it? Is that it, is that the exit? No, this is where I started. I’ve been walking for 15 minutes. Oh wait, oh I can zoom out. Now I got you maze. Now I got you! Look at this! Now this is how you solve the maze. Okay now it all makes sense. See you just have to start from up here. That’s how you do it! Okay, now I’m gonna finish this thing. See it is a super easy Obby, obie, ooby. I was just showing you
guys what not to do. I’m pretty talented at that. Definitely don’t walk in
circles for 15 minutes and then go back to the way you came in, because that really gets you nowhere okay. Hey don’t do that, don’t do that, I’m zoomed out here. Oh yeah, we got you. Okay this is where I was before. But now I can see that the maze actually, I went the wrong way. See I didn’t see that one path, I didn’t realize that
one path was cut off so, it’s definitely this way. Now we’re doing good. We’re gonna get to the
exit, we’re gonna get to, okay I went the wrong way again, no! That way is cut off too, where am I supposed to go? I totally know what I’m doing, and that’s great, it’s
grand, it’s wonderful, it’s awesome, we’re doing it! Maze make me crazy,
because it’s so amazing! Here we go, now this is the right way. I can tell, runnin’, and gunnin’, and having some funnin’, yeah! That’s how we do it. Come on! Where’s the speed button? I wanna go faster! Oh wait what’s this,
what’s this, what’s this? Oh check it out, check
it out, check it out. Okay, no no no no no no no. Sorry it’s hard to control when you don’t have hands. Look at this smiley face, it must mean I’m going the right way. Hey there smiley! Smiles for miles. See! See we’re almost there! I got it you guys! Oh this feels so good! After so long of spinning in this maze, we’re finally almost out! Here it is, here it is, here it is, yes! Check it out! Body time
in the neighborhood. Weird neighborhood, looks like they got all kinds of cool stuff in here. Oh boy, wow that was a good game. Definitely a difficult Obby, ooby, owbie. More difficult than I thought it would be. Whoa, oh it took me to another one. I gotta wait to do this one later, I can’t do it now, okay? I’m really busy right now, I gotta lot of things I have to do this afternoon. Like I have to go slap my parents butt with a stick I found. – [Parent] What? – Nothing, nothing I didn’t say anything! Okay guys make sure to
try anything you can to make video on the internet because it totally deserves it because it’s so good. Till next time. Later alpataters. – Ow! (laughter) (techno music)

Blood & Truth – PS VR Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

I see an opportunity. Does Tim see the
same opportunity? TIM: Oh yeah.
All right. Good night, guys. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] JUSTIN: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to
PlayStation Underground. We’re here playing PlayStation
VR blockbuster Blood & Truth. It’s launching
May 28th for PSVR. Justin here with
Kristen here next to me. KRISTEN: Hey. JUSTIN: We’ve got Tim in
the driver seat over there. TIM: Hello. JUSTIN: Tim, what are you
seeing, what are you feeling? What is Blood & Truth? TIM: I have been transported
back to what appears to be a memory in some sort
of war-torn area. It doesn’t look safe. JUSTIN: You’re
doing fine so far. TIM: Well, thank you so much. JUSTIN: We haven’t
gotten into the action yet. Kristen and I actually got a
chance to play through this at a recent event,
and we both loved it, so we’re dropping Tim in
here to give him a taste. KRISTEN: Yeah. So you play as a Special Forces
soldier, Ryan Marks. And previous to this
level sort of loading up, you got some backstory that
he’s sort of been captured by an intelligence agency. Apparently there are many
misdeeds on his record, and he’s trying
to clear his name. And this a bit of a
flashback to his past, basically, before the
full game gets started. TIM: I did a bad job. Hold on.
What do I got here? Is this gonna come in handy? KRISTEN: It very well might. JUSTIN: So there was this great
calibration sequence before we started recording the episode
where it actually had Tim put his hand, like, on his chest
where his ammo pouch would be so that you can get that
feeling nice and comfortable. TIM: Yeah. I got my side arm
down here, ammo pouch here, which I can presumably
just — as many as I want. Just make it rain if I want, but that’s not gonna
help me get in here. I should probably
turn the handle. JUSTIN: Violence
isn’t always the answer. TIM: That’s right. This is really cool. KRISTEN: How does the
movement sort of feel? TIM: It feels really smooth. I like the fact that
I’m — I have to shoot. KRISTEN: Just real quick. JUSTIN: You just gotta — TIM: The precision is just —
I’m such a sucker for that. It wants me to holster too. Okay. I love that. JUSTIN: Aiming down
the sights in virtual reality is such a
cool experience. TIM: It feels so good. Do I actually grab the rungs? KRISTEN: Yup.
JUSTIN: You sure do. TIM: Oh my god. KRISTEN: It’s like these very
little moments in VR that really make it feel so, so immersive. And things like that
like climbing a ladder absolutely does it for me. TIM: That’s so crazy. JUSTIN: More ammo, yep. TIM: Just absorbed it into
my body. That’s fine. I’m into that, just
like in real life. JUSTIN:
Definitely need more ammo. TIM: Okay.
Press X button to strafe left. KRISTEN: You’re seeing a little
bit of this tutorial mode, getting our bearings here. JUSTIN: You’ll notice as this
gets further into the demo, it becomes more obvious this
is kind of an expansion of the London Heist which came with
PlayStation VR Worlds back around
PlayStation VR launch time. KRISTEN: One shot and done, Tim. JUSTIN: Oh there you go, went
for the red barrels of course, the gas tanks. TIM: Yeah. The down sight feels just
like I was hoping it would. You know, is there
actually — All right. I’m gonna
move up a little bit here. I can keep strafing I think. Yeah.
There we go. Come on, buddy. They’re quick. KRISTEN: They’re
ready to take you out. JUSTIN: They won’t stand around
waiting for you to shoot them. KRISTEN: But I love that you
immediately went for the red barrel because the
great thing about this game is that it’s just
like an action movie. You can make things go boom. There’s gonna be moments later
there’s gonna be guys throwing grenades at you. You could catch them
and throw them back. JUSTIN: Oh, really. TIM: You can catch grenades?
Are you serious? That’s amazing. Can I just shoot this for fun? JUSTIN: Why not?
Destroy things. KRISTEN: Nice. TIM: Oh, good-bye. I’m, like, also
reflexively closing one eye within the headset. JUSTIN: I did the same
thing when I was playing. KRISTEN: I did the
exact same thing. TIM: And I can’t help it. I’m still doing it.
I can’t stop doing that. JUSTIN: To make
it easier to aim, yeah. KRISTEN: Just
throwing your ammo at him. TIM: It’s just a
flourish I’ve been working on. The reload is
never gonna get old. JUSTIN: The reload
mechanic is so good. TIM: All right. KRISTEN: Ooh, ooh.
Notice real quick to your right, I thought there
was a target up there. Keep moving up. TIM: I see it, Kristen. JUSTIN: What is that? KRISTEN: So I believe it might
be that later in the run-through you have a different
weapon that you can get to. But if you continue to
find these little targets and you’re
able to shoot them — TIM: I’ll keep it in mind. KRISTEN: — it’s a nice
little side activity. TIM: Okay. Pistol to
holster because of the handle. Got it. Just gonna check
around for a cool jukebox. KRISTEN: Cool jukebox. Ah, some lockpicking.
I loved this mechanic as well. There’s something I’ve
always loved about games, that rumble pack while
you’re doing lockpicking. But here it felt
very, very realistic. JUSTIN: Lockpicking mechanics
are always so interesting. TIM: That was —
it’s such a minor thing but — JUSTIN: I see
an opportunity. Does Tim see the
same opportunity? TIM: Oh, yeah. All right.
Good night, guys. There’s a new hero in town.
I don’t know. JUSTIN: Sure.
We’ll work on one-liners. We’ll workshop it. TIM: No time for a coffee break.
KRISTEN: Amazing. JUSTIN: There we go. That looks a
little more menacing. TIM: Good. Test it out. Sounds good. KRISTEN: Now, I wonder if you’re
able to open those drawers? TIM: Kristen, I don’t know. JUSTIN: Can you?
KRISTEN: Nice. JUSTIN: I didn’t even try
to do that when I played. KRISTEN: You didn’t even try?
JUSTIN: No! KRISTEN: I was trying
to open everything. TIM: Oh, do I — KRISTEN: You can
pick up objects. TIM: Do you have to like — KRISTEN: Nice. TIM: This is cool. KRISTEN: I love the
little flair when you did it. TIM: This is my favorite thing. KRISTEN: So now the cool
thing about this weapon, if I remember correctly, you actually holster
it on your back. TIM: Oh really. KRISTEN: So if you reach back
and pull the trigger button, it should holster it back there, and you can pull
and bring it right back. TIM: Really? KRISTEN: Yep. TIM: Really?
KRISTEN: Yeah. TIM: That’s amazing. KRISTEN: It’s like so satisfying
just pulling either of those. TIM: Okay.
But then — okay. Okay. Cool. Sorry.
I’m just getting excited. That’s for me. All right.
Actually, we talked about this. JUSTIN: Yeah! TIM: So that was for real. JUSTIN: It worked. KRISTEN: I wonder if you can go
back and do the other one now that you have the ranged weapon. TIM: Oh, maybe. JUSTIN: We don’t need
to worry about all that. KRISTEN: Let’s keep going. TIM: I’m curious about what
happens if you get them all. JUSTIN: It unlocks the
full game in the demo. TIM: Okay.
What have we got? Another tool. Okay. All right. Oh man. This is way
easier than real life. I’ve assembled enough furniture. I know it’s
usually not that easy. This is an iron I think. Oh, wait.
I don’t need that. Cool. KRISTEN: Nice. JUSTIN: Can you eat that? TIM: Are you serious? KRISTEN: What? TIM: Are you serious?
That’s very realistic. I would have done
that in real life too. KRISTEN: That was awesome. TIM: Can you believe that? Can I grab this? Are you serious? I’m just a complete sucker. I’ll stay on mission. KRISTEN: These are some
of the best parts of games like this though. JUSTIN: VR is great.
I love virtual reality. TIM: I wish I
could see, you know, my character actually doing
that within the mission too. KRISTEN: Special Forces agent just casually
tossing bottles over. TIM: And you can
grab with the other. JUSTIN: Oh yeah. I wonder if that
helps steady it. KRISTEN: I believe it does. TIM: Ah, nice. JUSTIN: Apparently Kristen
played this demo a lot more effectively than I did. I was just running
around flailing. KRISTEN: I just
took my sweet time. TIM: Is that too close? JUSTIN: Yeah.
Get him. KRISTEN: Oh. See, I love these quick little
focus moments that sort of happen that it’s slow-mo. Here’s our buddy
we’re trying to help. TIM: Let me help. He feels like he’s right here. Excuse me? Did he call me skid mark? KRISTEN: Yes, he did. JUSTIN: Language. TIM: I mean, I’m
kind of in power here, so why don’t you be nice. That’s fine. KRISTEN: But, yeah. I remember when I was
doing this demo — [LAUGHTER] JUSTIN: That’s amazing. TIM: A little nose hair trim.
He’s so annoyed with me. JUSTIN: That’s amazing.
I didn’t know that would happen. KRISTEN: I didn’t either. I remember when I
did this demo, like, this moment in particular when
he stood up was one of those moments, like VR is wild. He looked so
realistic next to you. TIM: That was incredible. Okay. All right.
I’m ready. You’re gonna need a gun.
Got it. JUSTIN: This
sequence is really cool. KRISTEN: Yeah. I love
how he’s just immediately, “Cool. I’m saved.
Let’s do this.” TIM: Got some ammo.
All right. I have some help
now with this guy. I’m excited for that. Sorry. It was worth
blowing our cover for that. JUSTIN: Now everyone
knows you’re there. TIM: This is gonna be exciting. JUSTIN: Party time. HOSTAGE: It’s gonna be a
f***ing hornets nest out there. TIM: I hope not literally.
I’m very afraid of hornets. KRISTEN: Oh, the music. JUSTIN: Go, go, go, go. KRISTEN: This just feels
like such a cinematic moment. TIM: Now I’m
moving automatically, so it’s a little bit
more — the pace is up. JUSTIN: So you can focus
on getting those shots. KRISTEN: It has
these little automatic cinematic flair moments. JUSTIN: Yeah. You’re not
supposed to be flailing here. KRISTEN: I love that if you
were an action movie star, Tim, you would
just be like, whoa. TIM: I would’ve been
dead ten minutes ago. Oh, you can change
hands on the fly. Okay. Sorry.
I’m just — JUSTIN: You need — there are
people shooting at you, Tim. TIM: I’m sorry. It’s just really
exciting to be alive right now. KRISTEN: You’re almost there.
You’re almost there. It is your friend.
Go, go, go, go, go. TIM: Come on. KRISTEN: Nice. TIM: Okay. KRISTEN: That was
a close one, Tim. TIM: Okay. Sorry. You got it. JUSTIN: Let’s see
if he does what I did as soon as I sat in this jeep. TIM: So… Oh man. JUSTIN: I shot out the
window as soon as I got in. I was like, we don’t need that. TIM: So now this is reminiscent
of London Heist for me which was one of my
first PSVR experiences, and I fell in love with it. This is just more — oh, wait. KRISTEN: Who’s coming up? TIM: All right. Sorry. I should be aiming down sights. KRISTEN: I loved this sequence. JUSTIN: I dig the music. TIM: See you, buddy. KRISTEN: I remember I had both
of my weapons drawn and I was just out one
window and out the other. TIM: Does he duck? He has explosives in the back. What are you doing? That feels so good. KRISTEN: Explosives in
the back of your truck, it’s the best place to put them. TIM: Yeah. That’s true.
Maybe some backup fuel. That’s why they tell you not
to put backup gasoline in your trunk in case a guy
like this comes along. I gotta shoot over there. Does he respond? KRISTEN: He’s busy driving, Tim. TIM: This will keep it
fair if they need ammo. Just in case. Then I got some. Here you go. Oh, actually. JUSTIN: Gas tanks in the back. TIM: Drive safe. KRISTEN: Now I know that game — JUSTIN: I was gonna say, I like how that actually shunted
him off the road a little bit. KRISTEN: Yeah. I know
this game’s out on May 28th. I believe it will also
be bundled together. You can get a VR bundle with
this and Everybody’s Golf. JUSTIN: That’s right. And Everybody’s Golf
is also excellent. I got a chance to play it at
the same event where we played this and it’s super fun. I’m actually super
excited for Everyone’s Golf. KRISTEN: VR really
takes it to the next level. JUSTIN: It does, yeah. I managed to sink a chip-in shot straight into the hole
near from off the green. KRISTEN: I did not
do nearly as well. TIM: I’m trying to play at
least a par game right here. JUSTIN: You’re doing great. I would say this is
at least a birdie. TIM: Did you know every bullet
I fired as hit an enemy so far? JUSTIN: Every
single bullet, huh? TIM: I’ve been keeping track. JUSTIN: Nice
100 percent accuracy. KRISTEN: Those are your
friends coming to collect you. TIM: We’re down here. These guys look bad. KRISTEN: The final stretch. JUSTIN: Get out of here. TIM: Who is that? KRISTEN: I think we’re
about to come to the end. [FAKE SCREAMING] TIM: That was incredible. KRISTEN: Awesome.
JUSTIN: That was awesome. So that’s Blood & Truth. It’s coming out May
28th for PlayStation VR. This is — we’re playing on a PlayStation 4
Pro system. So, yeah. Get Blood & Truth May 28th as
part of the Everybody’s Golf, Blood & Truth PSVR bundle, or
you can just grab it on its own. That will be out May 28th. [OUTRO MUSIC]