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Sonic Riders | Real-Time Fandub Games

March 31, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Sonic Riders | Real-Time Fandub Games

[Tails] Sonic!
[Sonic] Huh? [Sonic] Oh, hey. What’s up? [Tails] Well, I just came to turn in my application! [Sonic] Aha, you actually did this? [Tails] Of course! Can we be friends now? [Sonic] Oh, uh, yeah. Everything looks in order. [Sonic] Sure, I don’t see why not. [Jet] (hawk noise) [Storm] I’m really disappointed, we had to- [Storm] WAH! I’M SO ANGRY! OH WHOA- (OwO?) HEY, WE’RE SLAM- HEY, SOMETHING HAPPENED! [Wave] What is happening in here? [Storm] Something happened and I’m about to tell Jet about it! [Wave] Is that my Blue? [Storm] Yes! Well, now it’s mine, ’cause you set it down. [Jet] It was mine first, I was holding it in the first scene! [Jet] That- that part was relevant. [Wave] Just because you hold it doesn’t make it yours! [Storm] Well, look, I’m really scared and- I don’t know why, [Storm] so we’re gonna have to get to the bottom of this, I think. [Storm] Don’t- fucking- I’m not distracted that easily, young kid! [Storm] I swear to God, don’t ever touch my cube once more, I will put you in the dungeon. [Wave] That’s debatable! [Wave] Hey, so what did you think of Tomorrowland? [Storm] I have no thoughts on Tomorrowland. [Jet] (angry hawk noises) [Announcer] You will be arriving in 10 minutes.
[Jet] (angry hawk noises) [Jet] FUCK! [Storm] Whoa! [Jet] You can’t NOT have thoughts on Tomorrowland! [Storm] Well, I just didn’t think it was that remarkable. What can I say? [Wave] No, I understand, but I was- ah! [Storm] No, she doesn’t understand! [Storm] My head- my hands are so big I can crush her like a sparrow’s egg! [Wave] Get your hands off my face!
[Storm] My head- my hands are so big I can crush her like a sparrow’s egg! [Storm] I will punch you- with my fists! [Eggman] So what’s going on in here? Uh-uh, [Eggman] is this the avian bird convention? [Jet] How the fuck did you get up here?! We’re like, 8 miles off the ground! [Eggman] Uh, I’ve- I’ve, y’know, I just- [Chase] HE’S SO BIG! [Eggman] I- I- I flew! I’m very tall, I am at least 7-foot-1, [Eggman] and I will step on each one of you like eggs. [Jet] Okay, well, I’d like to fuckin’ see you try. [Eggman] Well, a-huh, don’t test me. Now listen to me. [Eggman] You have something in your hands, [Eggman] and I want it. I want part of it [Eggman] …very much. [Storm] Ah! Your eyes scared me. [Eggman] (evil laughter) [Eggman] This is not a joke. I’m not joking with you anymore. [Eggman] I want- whatever part of the- whatever part that you have there, in your hands, that little cube? [Eggman] That is something that leads to Tomorrowland, [Eggman] and yesterday, and the day afterwards. [Eggman] (whispering) Now I need you to hand it to me. [Jet] It’s my GameCube, [Jet] and it will stay in Tomorrowland for as long as I need. [Eggman] I’ll take it. [Jet] Keep your goddamn hands off of it. [Jet] I mean, uh- name a price though. We’ll- We’ll talk. [Eggman] What? I’m not gonna name a price. I’m gonna overwrite your save file. [Eggman] It’s now full of Sonic. [Eggman] Your save files have all been taken up by Sonic. [Digital Sonic] Hey, guys!
[Eggman] Your save files have all been taken up by Sonic. [Eggman] Super Mario Sunshine, look at his eyes, look at his pupils. Beautiful. [Eggman] He runs, brand new Nikes. [Jet] (hawk noise)
[Eggman] He runs, brand new Nikes. [Jet] He is rather beautiful! [Jet] But y’know what’s more beautiful? My skateboard! [Jet] Wow. [Jet] (maniacal cackling) (everyone laughing) [Sonic] ♬ Livin’ in the city… ah, ah, ah… ♬ [Sonic] Whoa! [Sonic] Look at that! [Tails] We’re Jammin’ to some cool tunes! [Tails] Anybody else wanna listen to some Queen? (sound of glass smashing)
[Sonic] Whoa! [Jet] I love stealin’ shit! Great day! [Knuckles] Hey, I love stealing shit, too! [♬ “Catch Me If You Can” by Runblebee ♬] [Jet] Whee!
[♬ “Catch Me If You Can” by Runblebee ♬] [Storm] Aaahh! I don’t know how to steer this!
[Wave] Wooooo! [Jet] Nyoom, nyoom! [Cops] Please pull over. [Jet] Fuck the Cops!
[Cops] Please pull over. [Storm] Stop making “VROOM” sounds, we have to- [Jet] I’m having fun!
[Storm] Stop making “VROOM” sounds, we have to- [Sonic] Everyone stop right there! [Storm] Run him over! [Sonic] Huh? [Knuckles] Punch! Ahaha, ah! Will you be my friend? [Storm] (pained albatross noises) [Storm] Catch me! Catch me! I’m still falling! Catch me! [Tails] Huh?
[Storm] Catch me! Catch me! I’m still falling! Catch me! [Storm] Catch me! Catch me! I’m still falling! Catch me! [Wave] Ah!
[Storm] Thank you! [Knuckles] What?! [Cops] Please pull over. [Cops] You’re not driving on the right side of the road, idiots. [Sonic] Okay, I’ll show you the right side of the road! [Cops] Sir, you’re driving- that’s- that’s very stolen, you’re also not driving on the right side of the road, what the fuck?! [Sonic] Serpentine, Serpentine, left and right!
[Cops] Sir, you’re driving- that’s- that’s very stolen, you’re also not driving on the right side of the road, what the fuck?! [Cops] Sir, you’re driving- that’s- that’s very stolen, you’re also not driving on the right side of the road, what the fuck?! [Sonic] I’m comin’ for ya, bitch! I’m comin’ for ya! [Jet] (hawk noise)
[Cops] Are we doing this shit again, Sonic? [Jet] Hi-yah!
[Sonic] Hey! [Sonic] Who are you supposed to be, anyway? [Jet] (hawk noise) [Sonic] Hey! [Jet] That was an illegal left, by the way! [Penny] (laughter) [Ryan] (laughing) Shut the fuck up!
[Penny] (laughter) [Jet] (echoing) Revali’s Gale is now ready! [Sonic] Huh? WHAT?! [Sonic] Whooooaa! [Sonic] Oof! [Jet] Bye, bitch! [Wave] Bye, bitch!
[Storm] Yeah, bye, bitch! [Knuckles] Whoa! [Knuckles] That wasn’t really that fast. [Sonic] Um… I’m dead! (everyone laughing) [♬ “Sonic Speed Riders” by Runblebee ♬] ♬ I’m gonna hit you with Sonic speed ♬ ♬ Ridin’ on the waves of Super Sonic ♬ ♬ I’m gonna (6x) ♬ ♬ I’m gonna show you ♬ ♬ I’m gonna (6x) ♬ ♬ I’m gonna show you ♬ ♬ I’m gonna show you what true speed is ♬ ♬ Ridin’ on the waves of the Super Sonic ♬ ♬ I’m gonna (6x) ♬ ♬ I’m gonna show you ♬ ♬ I’m gonna (5x) ♬ ♬ Super Sonic, Super Sonic ♬ ♬ Super Sonic Speed! ♬ [Eggman] Good morning, Eggheads AND Crackheads, welcome to the new vlog! [Sonic] Hoh!
[Knuckles] I’m a crackhead! [Eggman] Well, guess what, I have a brand new product for you. It’s called the GameCube 2. [Eggman] I’m going to be releasing it soon, [Eggman] I know that you’re all jealous, especially you… [Eggman] …Shigairo Mayamo! [Knuckles] I’m Shigairo Mayamo! [Eggman] My knuckles are the size of GOD. [Eggman] Listen up! There’s gonna be something going on that I’m gonna be doing for this GameCube 2. [Eggman] A race. A special race. There’ll be something happening! [Penny] (laughter) [Eggman] GOD. [Eggman] You see this? [Eggman] This is the diamond that I am going to give [Eggman] to my brand new husband, and/or wife. [Eggman] It’ll be theirs for the rest of time, with the GameCube 2. [Eggman] So if you want- (cast laughter) [Sonic] Whoa, he’s bisexual, I didn’t know that! [Eggman] By the way, I’m bisexual! I forgot, I- forgot to announce it! How do you turn this shit off- wait- [Sonic] Hmmm! [Storm] It’s me! Hey, guys! [Wave] It’s me! [Jet] Bisexual rights! [Sonic] Whoa! Who’s that? [Sonic] He looks pretty cool! [Sonic] Wait, I saw him earlier. Oh, I remember now! (laughter) [Penny] God, that was garbage…
(laughter) (laughter) [Knuckles] Man, I can’t believe he made a commercial bespoke to me, Shigairo Maya- [Amy] Hey, everybody! Hey, Shigairo! Hey, Sonic! Hey, Tails! [Sonic] Ugh…
[Amy] Hey everyone! Wow! [Amy] Hey everyone! Wow! [Sonic] How’s it goin’? [Amy] No. I talk first. [Amy] Listen. [Amy] You guys are trying to do some shiny shit. [Amy] I want a diamond. You have to win, [Amy] the diamond, for ME! (Amy winks) [Sonic] Agh! [Tails] You gotta do it, Sonic. [Sonic] Whoa. What’s up, buddy? You look upset. [Tails] Don’t worry about it. It’s just- [Tails] I missed my Therapy appointment today, and I’m a little upset about it. [Amy] How relatable!
[Sonic] Aw, Tails, I’m sorry. [Chase and Ryan] (laughing) [Tails] It’s fine. It’s just- Um… [Tails] So, there was this thing that I saw and it was like a… [Tails] A… squid, I think? Or a… bird? [Tails] A logo, it was a logo. [Tails] I don’t- It was at the top of the waterfall? [Narrator Knuckles] Long ago, before man, there were… squid boys. [Narrator Knuckles] Squid boys worship angel. [Narrator Knuckles] Angel turn into hog man. [Narrator Knuckles] Hog man turn into bunny man. [Narrator Knuckles] Bunny man turn into squid. [Red] All of their birds in One Piece. [Chase] Only Link can defeat Ganon. [Tails] That’s the squid man! That’s him, I saw it- once in history class! [Knuckles] I was in history! [Knuckles] But only once. [Tails] Only once. And that’s all you’ll ever get. [Knuckles] Oh my God. [Knuckles] NO! [Knuckles] I MUST BE IN HISTORY AGAIN! [Knuckles] I could’ve- refuse to have only lived in
nineteen-aught-seven! [Knuckles] Who the fuck are you?! [Wave] Oh! Ya know, I just wanted to close my eyes and see where I ended up and… [Wave] Ooh, what’s this? [Wave] This a Game Boy? [Tails] It’s a- It’s a skateboard. [Wave] It doesn’t have any wheels, idiot! [Tails] Well then, it’s a hoverboard. [Tails] I invented it myself. [Wave] (Majestic Swallow Cry) [Tails] Um… okay.
[Wave] (Another Majestic Swallow Cry) [Wave] Sorry, I had to scream, uh… it’s just a thing, don’t worry about it. [Amy] What the fuck? [Sonic] Uhh… [Knuckles] No. [Wave] Eh… Sorry, I remembered a joke. [Tails] Thanks, I guess. [Wave] Later, nerds! [Tails] Bye. [Amy] What the fuck is happening? Who is that bitch? [Sonic] I feel like I’m on, like, another plane of existence right now. [Tails] I really wish I hadn’t missed therapy… [High-Pitched Disembodied Voice] Hi! You all need to- get your fuck to the track! [Sonic] Okay, well…
[Tails] Alright, let’s go. [Knuckles] (drowning) [E-10000G] Are you okay? [Knuckles] Oh, sorry! Look- [Knuckles] (drowning) [E-10000G] Dude, are you okay? [Knuckles] Oh! I’m-
[E-10000G] Dude, are you okay? [Knuckles] (drowning) [Storm] Oh my god! Hey! [Storm] Watch where-
[E-10000R] Why are you making noises like that? [E-10000R] Why are you making noises like that? [Storm] Watch where you’re going, shithead!
[Knuckles] (drowning) [Knuckles] (drowning) [Storm] I’ll kill you! I swear to God, don’t ever talk that shit again to me! [Knuckles] (frustratedly drowning) [Storm] Uh- I-
[Knuckles] (frustratedly drowning) [Storm] I don’t care that you’re drowning in your own lungs! [Storm] You knocked into me and I want you to apologize right now! [Knuckles] (drowning) [E-10000R] Hey uh, what the fu-
[Knuckles] (drowning) [E-10000R] OH GOD!
[Knuckles] (drowning) [E-10000R] That was just really painful. [Storm] HAHAHAHAHA! [Storm] I love seeing people suffer when they wrong me, even if it’s minor! [Storm] Now I’m going to punch you! HAAH- [Knuckles] (still drowning) Not if I punch you first! [Storm] HRAAGH! [E-10000R] GOD [E-10000R] DAMMIT [E-10000R] WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?! [Storm] Oh, God, I’m so sorry, sir. [Storm] I’ve just been so on edge since we had to kick Rouge out of the polycule, ’cause she could only name two of the Beatles! [Knuckles] I can finally breathe! What the hell is wr- [Knuckles] (angrily drowning) (cast laughing)
[Knuckles] (angrily drowning) [Knuckles] STOP FILLING THE AIR WITH WATE- [Knuckles] (drowning) [Storm] 
ゴ ゴ IT’S MY ENEMY STAND! ゴ ゴ [Penny] (laughter) [Jet] Aaah… GameCube… [Storm] Hey! Hey! I’m scared! [Jet] (hawk noise)
[Storm] And this time I know why I’m scared! [Storm] Slam! Slam! Slam! [Storm] I saw somebody and they had a Stand! [Jet] Wha- a Stand….? [Wave] Hey, Jet, your copy of Grown Ups 2 is overdue. You should return it. [Storm] Oh shit, hang on! We can talk about this later. I have to return that to Redbox. [Storm] Y-You know, they charge a dollar every day you don’t return it, which is really predatory. [Storm] It’s like loans with a set- uh, interest rate. [Wave] I mean…
[Storm] It’s like loans with a set- uh, interest rate. [Wave] You just have to make sure to return it on time. It’s not that hard! [Storm] DAH!
[Wave] You’re the one who didn’t want a streaming service! [Wave] You’re the one who didn’t want a streaming service! [Wave] They’re so much better! [Jet] Stop it!
[Storm] Aaah!
[Wave] What? [Jet] We’ve had Grown Ups 2 for almost four months, and I still haven’t seen it yet! [Jet] I’ve wanted to for such a long time, but it’s so hard for us to get together, you know? [Storm] Well, you’re never there for movie night. [Jet] It’s hard to make time, you know, with your friends. It’s tough. [Storm] Uh, ya know what? It IS tough. [Storm] I’ll make a- I’ll make an effort to- uh, have more time to watch movies with you. Okay? [Jet] We’ll figure this out. I promise. [Storm] You bet, boss! I’m gonna run like a cartoon now. [Storm] Woohoo! Aaah! (crash) [Wave] Oh!
[Jet] (startled hawk noise) [Wave] That better not have been my- [Wave] NO! My father was in that painting! [Jet] Oh no! [Wave] No! [Jet] Fuck desks! (everyone laughing) [Jet] (hawk noises) [Penny] (laughing) [Wave] Ugh… [Wave] Uuuugh… [Jet] Hmm… [Jet] I hear womanly emotions. [Penny] (laughing again) [Wave] I’m not a girl, you idiot! [Wave] I’m a SWALLOW! Jesus, it’s not that hard! [Wave] Okay, I’m sorry for snapping at you. I know that it’s been kind of rough, [Jet] Y’know? [Wave] Yeah, I know! Look at me point. Wha-What am I-? [Wave] Oh, God, what’s happening to me? [Wave] Oh, God!
(everyone laughing) [Wave] I’ve been infected by the… [Sonic] WHOA! HERE I GO! YEAH! HURRAY! [Jet] Ah! I’m gonna go fuck with the competition. [Wave] Yeah, yeah. Oh no. Oh, my God. Help me. [Wave] Help me! Jet, no, don’t leave me! [Wave] Jet! Jet!
[Jet] Sorry, got places to be! [Sonic] Hey guys, watch this! [Tails and Knuckles] WHOA! [Knuckles] Holy… cow! [Sonic] Pretty cool, huh? Yeah! [Knuckles] Yeah! I’m glad I got to see it. [Knuckles] It would be really neat if the audience got to see it too. [Sonic] Tony Hawk! [Tails] Wow, Sonic, that was AWESOME! [Tails] You’re super cool! [Sonic] Thanks so MUCH, Tails! [Sonic] Haha- Whoa!
[Jet] Not very impressive for someone of your reputation! [Jet] Not very impressive for someone of your reputation! [Sonic] Oh, God, ya fucking dick! Who are you anyway?! [Jet] I’m Jet, and I’m your new best friend! If you’ll have me… [Tails] What? [Knuckles] That’s impossible. [Jet] I love meeting new people, but it’s so hard when you move to a new city from a sky ship. [Sonic] (increasingly angry noises) [Jet] You know, we could- [Jet] Uh, bye! [Sonic] You can’t just insert yourself into friend groups like that! [Knuckles] My therapist told me- [Sonic] Oh, I don’t care what your therapist told you, Knuckles. [Sonic] We have work to do. [Sonic] We gotta win this race so we can get the GameCube! [Tails] Uhh… Sonic? [Sonic] What? [Tails] We’re your friends, right? You would never replace us with somebody else… you promise? [Sonic] Not unless you did something lame or stupid or uncool! [Tails] Oh, okay! [Tails] It’s not like I feel like everything I do is lame and stupid and uncool… [Sonic] What?
[Tails] It’s not like I feel like everything I do is lame and stupid and uncool… [Tails] It’s not like I feel like everything I do is lame and stupid and uncool… but it’s fine! No, it’s really fine. [Tails] It’s really cool and good that you’re my friend and… anyway. I have- [Sonic] Okay.
[Tails] to go… I guess [Storm] I gotta get to McDonald’s before it closes. [Storm] Redbox is gonna be so pissed they’re gonna cut… [Storm] my- eye off. [Storm] Aaah! Nurgh! [Storm] Jet, your force field that stopped me- [Jet] I’m cutting you off. You’ve had too much. [Storm] I have to return Grown Ups 2, please! [Storm] It’s on this microchip that is not a Chex piece. [Wave] I’m gonna take that. [Storm] What the fuck?
[Wave] Let’s see… [Wave] If we hack into the Redbox, I might be able to extend the deadline. [Jet] You have to! [Storm] It’s the only way! Please, [Storm] do… that thing you said! [Wave] What the fuck, Eggman? What are you doing in the Redbox? [Jet] Hmm… So, Eggman was controlling Redbox the entire time, and he expected us to never find out? [Jet] I can’t believe this shit. [Eggman] With my full-on control, I will make sure that no one will ever be able to return a movie ever again, [Eggman] and Grown Ups 3 will be made by me, [Eggman] with the power of the angel’s wings, [Eggman] the mathematics that I’ve done on blocking, [Eggman] and Adam Sandler himself. [Eggman] I will have all the power to be able to stop it. [Eggman] No one will be able to get between me. [Eggman] I will make the brand-new GameCube 2 [Eggman] and Adam Sandler will be the one to promote it, for Grown Ups 3. [Eggman] DAHAHAHAHAHA! [Storm] What a fucking… bastard! [Storm] We can’t let him do that to Adam Sandler’s career! [Storm] It can’t take another hit!
[Jet] Welp… [Jet] I’m out. [Jet] Done with this shit. [Jet] Honestly, I’m not fucking with any more Redboxes. [Jet] Last time I did, it spit a bunch of quarters at me. [Wave] Wait, you don’t put quarters in there. What were you- [Wave] Jet, were you putting your quarters in the card reader? [Jet] No- [Wave] Jet. (everyone laughing) [Wave] That’s not how you do that! [Jet] They were pouring out of it! I almost drowned like Scrooge McDuck! [Wave] What the fuck are you talking about?! Is it a Coinstar?! [Jet] Here, I’ll show you. (everyone losing their shit) [Ryan] SHUT THE FUCK UP!
(everyone losing their shit) (everyone losing their shit) [Jet] Hey, wait a minute. You interrupted my flashback! [Wave] Oh sorry, my Behelit is calling me. Let’s see what we got here. [Jet] Oh Jesus Christ, let’s just ride on our skateboards. I feel like it’s a good way to de-stress. [Storm] Aw man, I feel so less stressed now! [Wave] So more relaxed!
[Storm] Let’s go to the Colosseum in the middle of the desert! [Storm] Let’s go to the Colosseum in the middle of the desert! [Announcer] Welcome to the Great Colosseum in the Middle of the Desert! [Announcer] Where did you guys park? [Announcer] I’m trying to figure it out. [Announcer] There’s no- there’s no way you guys actually got here, right? [Announcer] Did y’all walk?! Are you all nomads?! With like, 3 frames per second?! [Announcer] Who are you people?! [Eggman] Where do you think you’re going, Sonic? [Sonic] I’m going up the stairs! [Eggman] You think you’ve won? You think you’re just gonna get away with this? [Eggman] You think that you actually won the GameCube 2? [Eggman] You think that you’re gonna get that out of my hands? Oh, Sonic. [Sonic] Here, watch this, I got like a Chaos Emerald and everything. [Eggman] Sonic. Sonic, wait. Wait, wait, Sonic. Sonic, wait a minute. [Eggman] Waitaminutewaitaminutewaitaminute (hyperventilating)
[Sonic] One, two, three, four, five… [Eggman] Sonic, those are for Adam Sandler, please. [Sonic] Hmm, got one right here! [Jet] You know, I have to say something really cool here to close out the dub trailer. [Sonic] Okay, I’ll say something cool too. [Chase] Great work, guys. (everyone laughing) [Eggman] What is happening? What is going on? What the- no! My gems! [Sonic] I’m gonna win, bitch, I’m gonna win! [Jet] NO! [Sonic] Haha! There’s nothing that can stop me now! [Sonic] Especially not some sort of unforeseen disaster event! [Sonic] Woohoo! [Wave] Oh boy, I’ve foreseen a disaster! [Sonic] (hellish scream of agony) [Chase] Oh, my God, he’s dead! [Chase] Domestic terrorism! [Chase] Oh, no! [Announcer] And would ya look at that, everyone? Sonic has fuckin’ died! [Announcer] Who wants to bite the bullet and kiss him? [Sonic] …I’m gonna… fucking kill you. [Jet] Looks like you’re stuck with the Wii U, you punk bitch! [Alfred] (wheezing) [Sonic] The Wii U’s not that bad! [Jet] It’s true, but the lack of support means the controller will be outdated [Sonic] Oh, you’re right!
[Jet] and no one will be able to replace iiiiiiit! [ Announcer] Hey, audience, I know you’re wondering what the fuck is going on! [Announcer] Uhh… me too! [Announcer] I WAS not told about any- What? Uh, WHAT? Uh, they’re- They’re floating. [Announcer] They’re floating? I don’t think- I don’t think- Uh… It doesn’t- Hold on, lemme fuckin’- Uh… [Jet] I’m turning up the graphics settings once and for all! [Announcer] It does NOT say any-
[Jet] I’m turning up the graphics settings once and for all! [Jet] I’m turning up the graphics settings once and for all! [Announcer] It does NOT say anything about this at- [Announcer] OH, I CAN SEE THE WRINKLES ON MY HANDS! [Announcer] I CAN SEE MY AGE! [Announcer] WHAT THE FUCK?! [Alfred] (laughter) [Announcer] I CAN- [Announcer] I HAVE SO MUCH DETAIL! [Announcer] …Also, there’s a laser. [Announcer] Alright, well, this sports announcer doesn’t know- [Alfred] What is ha- What is going on?! [Alfred] What is ha- What is going on?!
[Chase] Wh– [Penny] (laughing) [Chase] WHAT THE FUCK? [Announcer] MY CAR WAS THERE, YOU DICK!
[Chase] WHAT THE FUCK? [ Announcer] MY CAR WAS THERE, YOU DICK! [Red] Oh, he dug up Pompeii. Thanks, Jet. [Jet] Hey everybody, I found Pompeii! [Chase] I did not think this is gonna get this fucking crazy. [Alfred] I didn’t think so either! [Chase] I thought they were doing skateboarding tricks. [Blue] Y’all, it’s Sonic. [Ryan] This is an advanced skateboarding trick. [Chase] Yeah, it’s called “Digging Up Atlantis”. [Ryan] Yeah, you Ollie nosegrind, and then use the Chaos Emeralds and the GameCube 2 to summon Babylon fucking Garden. [Jet] Yup. That’s it. GameCube 2. That’s how it works. [Jet] Good thing I’ll have it forever. [Jet] Right in my- AHH! [Eggman] Hahahahahaha… [Amy] Oh my, God! I know that guy! [Eggman] That GameCube is mine, I’m taking it- [Amy] Oh oh oh! OH!
[Eggman] That GameCube is mine, I’m taking it- [Eggman] Oh, if this hoe don’t get off of my car- GET OFF THE CAR, GET OFF! [Eggman] PLEASE! AAAAAH! [Omochao] I’ve come to make a- Wait no, wrong script. [Omochao] Anyway, there’s a big fucking desert thing that happened. [Omochao] A little bit weird, but I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about too much. [Omochao] Unless, like, you know, you think the world’s gonna end, like, with all, climate, whatever. [Omochao] I-I’m sure it’s fine. Don’t even worry about it. [Omochao] But you know what, gotta say, I don’t know how it floats. [Sonic] How do you guys think it floats!? [Knuckles] I have no idea, I’m not a climate scientist! [Jet] Hm?! [Sonic] Huh?! There he is! [Eggman] Fuckin’ out of here! [Chase] Look at his little scooter! [Eggman] I gotta go. Oh, this car-
[Chase] Look at his little scooter! [Tails] Go, Sonic! You got this, bud! Here, take this skateboard! [Sonic] Oh! I maybe don’t got it, please don’t throw it, we’re in the middle of the air, Tails, you [Sonic] reckless son of a bitch-
[Tails] Listen I’m- just- I’m sorry I’m just trying to do my best! [Tails] Listen I’m- just- I’m sorry I’m just trying to do my best! [Sonic] You need to do better, No sorrys! [Sonic] See ya!
[Knuckles] Wait, sonic! I need to tell you about something that my therapist told me- [Sonic] Woooo! [Sonic] Yeah! [Sonic] I’m such a cool guy. [Jet] Nyoom! [Jet] I’m gonna show you all the coolest skateboard tricks, and then you’ll respect me! [Sonic] Huh, likely. [Jet] It is! [Sonic] Uh, yeah. Well, I mean, you gotta prove it though, so… go for it! Let me see some of those tricks! [Jet] Wheee! [Sonic] I’m not seeing em! [Knuckles] Aw, FUCK, my knee! [Storm] Aw, God, my knee!
[Tails] Sorry, oh! Oh! Oooh…
[Knuckles] Jesu- Oh! [Knuckles] God! [Storm] Oh, that hurt.. [Knuckles] I can’t make these kinds of impacts at my age! [Storm] Kiss me!
[Knuckles] Alright… [Knuckles] Time to make some impacts at my age… [E-10000G] (scanning noise) Fire when ready? [E-10000R] Yep, that’s my voice now, shoot em bitches! (laughter and robot noises) [Tails] Oh no, Knuckles, look out! They’re- robots! [Knuckles] Oh, come on! [Tails] (confused screaming) [Storm] See ya! [Tails] Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me! [Tails] No! Wait! AHHH!
[E-1000R] Get ‘er! [Robot noises] [Tails] wuff [Tails] Got out of there, just in time. [Sonic] Hua! [Jet] Aagh! [Sonic] Wait, Jet, look out! [Jet] AUGHHH [Sonic] Holy shit, are you ok? Oh my god, are you ok? [Jet] The hand of god! [Sonic] Just kidding, I don’t care.
[Jet] (screams upon impact) [Eggman] Adam Sandler’s in here, locked behind these doors. [Eggman] With gi-
[Sonic] No. [Eggman] What do you want?
[Sonic] Eggman. [Eggman] No, stop- get back.
[Sonic] You’re not gonna see Adam Sandler before I do! [Eggman] Guess what?
[Amy] Ohhhhhh… (Eggman and Sonic trade “what?” “yup.” and “mm-hm”s) [Eggman] You wanna get into my (mumble-laughs)? You wanna get in my way again? [Eggman] Oh huh oh, you thought it was gonna be like last time huh? [Eggman] You thought I was gonna let that happen? [Sonic] No, I got some new tricks motherfucker. [Eggman] Well guess what I’ve- got a new trick and it’s called getting the hell away from you- [Amy] Ahh…
[Eggman] Well guess what I’ve- got a new trick and it’s called getting the hell away from you- [Amy] Ahh…
[Eggman] Huh? [Eggman] WHAT- OH- *COUGH* *COUGH* [Eggman] WHAT IS THAT? Whh… [Amy] Ahh… [Amy] What? [Amy] Ahh… [Sonic] POGGERS! [Eggman] Wait, no nononononono- [Amy] Ahh…
[Eggman] Wait, no nononononono- [Eggman] Wait, no nononononono- [Amy] Aahh…! [Eggman] Eughhhh- [Sonic] bITch!
[Amy] CHOO! [Eggman] uwAAAH……
[Amy] Oh god! I’m sorry, I sneezed REAL bad. [Sonic] Got it. [Sonic] Alright Jet, take this. [Jet] OK. [Sonic] Are we friends now? [Jet] I sure would like to be, [Jet] and I’m very angry about how many people have been disrespecting us today. [Storm] Ey guys, you have my copy of Grownups 2?
[Wave] Holy SHIT, Sonic’s alive, [Wave] oh thank GOD, I did NOT want to be… [Wave] oh thank GOD, I did NOT want to be…
[Jet] (hawk noise) [Wave] …responsible for hedgehog slaughter. This has been a good day. [Jet] Bye, new friend!
[Wave] Bye!
[Storm] Yeh, see you guys! [Sonic] Ugh. [Sonic] Well, maybe he’ll make it through the application process. [Sonic] He’d be a nice add to our group. [Tails] yyyeah, sure….
[Amy] gaaaaaA [Sonic] Huh?
[Amy] You mOther fUCKer, you just left me to DIE. [Sonic] Top 30 Reasons Why Sonic is Sorry [Sonic] Top 30 Reasons Why Sonic is Sorry
– Number 5 Will Surprise You! [Amy] Top 30 Anime Deaths – [Amy] Top 30 Anime Deaths
– Number One: [Amy] Top 30 Anime Deaths
-Number One:
Your Fuckin’ ASS RIGHT NOW!! (cast laughter)
(Sonic pleading)
(Amy yelling) [Sonic] Amy, no, wait, oh god please leave me alone
[Amy] You sonnuvabitch! [Sonic] I don’t wanna die, I’m not ready to die, there’s so many things I
[Amy] I’m gonna fuckin’ wear your guts for garters! [Sonic] haven’t done yet, Amy PLEASE,
[Amy] I swear to GOD- [Sonic] I need to go to a Chipotle! I need to visit Walt Disney World!
[Amy] (continues yelling) [Storm] So… This is the new Redbox. [Jet] The Redbox… [Jet] Finally, all of the Gamecube 2 games will be ours for free! [Jet] (terrified hawk noise) [Wave] Ow, my eyes! [Storm] Is that God? [Storm] Oh no, it’s just empty. [Storm] Wow this sucks. (wheeze) [Wave] Where’s all the treasure? [Sonic] Oh, Amy! Amy, please! Please, please mercy!
[Amy] Fucking- swear to God! [Sonic] Please have mercy on me!
[Amy] Sonic, I thought you were working through your-augh! [Amy] You hit me?! [Announcer] Come to Redbox to get all the latest deals [Announcer] on the new- newly released movies and Gamecube 2 games. [Sonic] It’s the Adam Sandler signal! [Everyone] (laughing) [Wave] Whee!
[Jet] I’m gonna watch Uncut Gems! [Storm] Oh my God, it’s the Redbox Matrix! We made it! [Adam Sandler] Hey, what’s up guys, welcome to my Matrix. (really hard laughter) [Jet] Adam Sandler? [Sonic] We are gonna get in, I gotta see Adam! [Tails] No, we gotta get inside quick, before the door closes! [Sonic] Shut up, I’m going in! [Storm] Is that Adam Sandler? [Adam Sandler] Ayy, you know who it is, it’s me, Adam Sandler! [Adam Sandler] I don’t know how good this impression is. I don’t know why I’m a demon. [Sonic] Oh I think it’s pretty good. [Storm] Why does he look like that? [Amy] Who’s Adam Sandler? [Demon] Oh, ya know, I’m not really Adam Sandler. [Demon] I’ll leave now, I’m sorry. [Amy] Wait, no, don’t, wait! [Amy] Explain to me who Adam Sandler is!
[Storm] That was a great impression! [Storm] Do you own a YouTube channel? [Demon Adam Sandler] I’m always with you~ [Sonic] (gasps) [Sonic] It’s the leaked script for Click 2! [Amy] Oh, wow. [Sonic] Wha-? [Eggman] Now that you have that leaked script, now I’m feeling Happy Gilmore. Do you get it? [Sonic] Yeah, me too! [Eggman] I know, that’s pretty clean, right? (laughs) [Jet] (confused hawk noises) [Eggman] (continues laughing) [Eggman] Now hand it over. Give it to me. I want Click 2. I want the- I want the script. [Jet] Here you go. [Eggman] Wow, this thing is hefty as hell. [Eggman] There’s not even that much dialogue in that movie to begin with! [Eggman] Good Lord. Well, thanks for this. I mean, I don’t know what I’m gonna- wait a minute. [Eggman] This isn’t a script. This is a rug. And there’s a…note? [Heavenly voice] This is my rug~ [Eggman] My- wait, let me read this. [Eggman] “My dearest Ikea customer, [Eggman] if you are dissatisfied with anything that you have received in the past 24 hours [Eggman] you may return the rug immediately.” [Eggman] That is signed from Mr. Ikea himself. [Eggman] “P.S: This rug was made with love and signed [Eggman] by Adam-?!” (gasp) [Eggman] (shaky breath) Oh my God! [Eggman] Do you realize what this means? Do you feel this? [Eggman] This was signed… [Eggman] …by Adam Sandler! [Eggman] The god! The angel! The blessing! I could sell this for millions of dollars! [Eggman] Oh my goodness! I could be rich! [Eggman] I will never have to chase after hedgehogs ever again! [Eggman] It’s so stretchy, too. So Fabergé. Is it cashmere? How much can I sell it for? [Eggman] (Grunts) Eugh! [Eggman] (weak laughter) [Tails] Eggman, are you okay? [Wave] No, he’s dead. We must carry on the legacy. [Sonic] Can I bury the body? [Wave] His family wanted an open coffin. [Tails] Well, okay, I guess I’m Eggman now, so…that’s the story. [Jet] Yep ! That’s gotta be it ! [Sonic] Wait, is it like Tim Allen rules? [Jet] Whoa, the Gamecube 2… [Jet] It’s reacting to the script ! [Sonic] (exclaims) [Wave] Well, looks like it can show us the world. [Sonic] Shinning, shimmering, splendid- [Amy] I swear to God… [Jet] Tell me, Sonic. Now when did you last let your heart decide? [Amy] Are we really doing this? [Amy] Is everyone doing A Whole New World without me? [Amy] I wanna be Jasmine, you son of a bitch! [Amy] Wait, how the fuck did we get here? (short laughter) [Sonic] What a domain to leave behind so wrecked. [Jet] Yeah, I mean, it was okay. [Jet] We met Adam Sandler so, that’s gotta be worth something. [Jet] And I feel like I’ve made a real friend today. [Jet] I’ll put in my application. [Sonic] Yeah there’s no guarantees, it’s like a whole process. [Jet] Yep. [Wave] Yeah. [Storm] Slap! [Wave] Ow, what the fuck?!
[Storm] That was really funny. [Jet] Oh, you two. [Tails] Hey, Sonic- [Sonic] Wait, I don’t talk to you. You’re Eggman now. [Jet] Whee! (everyone laughing)
[Sonic] Whee! Whoo-hoo! [Sonic singing] If I were a rich man, with a million or two~
[Jet] You’re green with it! [Sonic singing] If I were a rich man, with a million or two~ [Jet singing] I’d live in a penthouse in a room with a view~ [Sonic] One more time! You’re green with it! [Sonic & Jet] Wouldn’t have nothin’ if I didn’t have you~ [Jet] Alright! I’ll see you in five years in Team Sonic Racing! I’ll be there! [Jet & Sonic] Wouldn’t have nothin’ if I didn’t have youuuuuuuu~ [Sonic] Woah, oh, oh! [Jet] A E I O, That means you! [Announcer] Welcome to City 17! [Announcer] You’ve been chosen. or have been chosen, or have been cho- this isn’t the right script [Announcer] Wait, what the fuck was tha-?! Hey, hey! [Announcer] Yo, tire, can you get the fuck out of my city please? [Tire] Boing! [SCR-HD] 𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖. [SCR-HDs] 𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖.𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖.𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖.𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖.𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖. [SCR-HDs] 𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖.𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖.𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖.𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖.𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖.
[Announcer] What the fuck?! [SCR-HDs] 𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖.𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖.𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖.𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖.𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖.
[Announcer] Y-you’re making all my robots go stupid! [Announcer] Ah, god, Boss is gonna be so pissed. [SCR-HDs] 𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖𝕤. 𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖𝕤. 𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖𝕤. 𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖𝕤. 𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖𝕤. [SCR-HDs] 𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖𝕤. 𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖𝕤. 𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖𝕤. 𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖𝕤. 𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖𝕤.
[Announcer] At least say something smart! [♬ “A Ghost Pumpkin’s Soup – Remix 2019” by Tomoya Ohtani ♬] [Sonic] Well, Eggman, you’ve captured me once more. [Sonic] What are ya gonna do with me this time, motherfucker? What’s this donut about? [Tails] Well, I just wanted to say thank you for giving me content for my villainous backstory. [Tails] You know all those times you bullied me, and called me a jerk… [Knuckles] God! Retirement’s so boring! [Tails] Well, then get a job, loser. [Knuckles] I’m old! [Sonic] What’s that? Oh, are you gonna kill me in the car? [Scanner] Located. Small Tire. [Knuckles] Wait a second… [Knuckles] Aw, I hate the police! [SCR-HDs] Tire. Tire. Tire.
[Sonic] Oh god, what’s going on?! Wait- (Tails yelling) [Knuckles] One three one two! [Sonic] Look! [Sonic] In the elevator! [SCR-HDs] Tire. Tire. Tire. [Tails] I got it, I got it!
[SCR-HDs] 𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖.𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖.𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖. [SCR-HDs] 𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖.𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖.𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖. [Knuckles] Ow! Wait- [Sonic] Why are they saying tire? [Knuckles] Why did you kick me out of the car? [Tails] Maybe it’s because of the tire you have in your hand. [Sonic] Oh, that makes sense. I didn’t think about it that way. [Tails] Ohhh, we’re in so much trouble… [Knuckles] Going downnn? [SCR-HDs] TIRE! [Sonic] Look out! [SCR-HD] Tire! [SCR-HD] Ow. [SCR-HDs] (𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖 robot noises)
[Sonic] What the- Wait, if we didn’t plan this- [SCR-HDs] (𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖 robot noises)
[Sonic] Then whose fault could this possibly be? [Sonic] Look out! [Knuckles] Aha! [Knuckles] OW! (group screams) [Sonic] I’m gonna die! I’m not ready to die! [Sonic] NO! OH GOD!
[Tails] Good thing I can fly! Haha, bitch! [Sonic] I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory. [Sonic] Is this where it gets me? [Sonic] In the sky! Several feet ahead of me! [Sonic] Look out! [Robot?] ?????????? Located. destroying theatre kid. [Jet] (intrigued hawk grunt) [Jet] Now that we have the code for the Gamecube 2 we can get started on our next project. [Storm] Is this a Commodore 64 keyboard? [Jet] It sure is. And that’s going to be the peripheral for our new game system. [Jet] Title Pending™ [Storm] Oh my god… [Wave] (from now on with french accent) I am not okay with zis. [Storm] I didn’t think this day would come.
[Jet] Well… [Jet] I can’t think of anythin- (breaks off laughing) [Wave] Zat is alright.
(Marble and Penny laughing hysterically) (Marble and Penny laughing hysterically) [Storm] That’s okay game development is hard.
(Marble and Penny laughing hysterically) [Storm] Ugh- [Storm] I just remembered a traumatizing experience in my past, hang on I have to stim and I’ll feel better. (cast laughing)
[Storm] I just remembered a traumatizing experience in my past, hang on I have to stim and I’ll feel better. (cast laughing)
(Storm panting)
(Jet humming) [Jet] The Gamecube 3- No that, hmm… [Jet] It doesn’t feel right. [Wave] Ve can vorkshop it. [Disembodied Robot Voice] Can you please give me back my fucking tire? [Wave] Vas ist das? [Disembodied Robot Voice] Please, pretty fucking- I need the tire back. [Shooting Star] pyoom! [Wave] A shooting star! [Wave] It reminds me of missiles from ze war. [Storm] You know, I know you spent a- like a weekend in France, but you don’t have to, like pretend you’re french. [Wave] I spent 30 years in France! [Wave] The problem is that I had to solve a problem with time dilation. [Storm] Hahahaha! I can’t understand you through your thick accent but I still like you, ’cause you’re my friend. [Jet] I swear to god. [Storm] Oh my god! You scared me, I didn’t know you were there. [Jet] These motherfuckers… [Jet] Please… deliver me from this hell. (cast laughing) (shooting star noises) [Storm] Uh, did anybody hear that or was that just me? [Storm] Nah, i’m just gonna pretend it was me, I’m also gonna pray. [Storm] WOAH!
[Wave] They have returned. [Disembodied Robot Voice] I told you to give me back my fucking tire, you– bird-bitch! [Jet] The Commodore 64! [Disembodied Robot Voice] Bird found that is not Falco Lombardi. Therefore; access denied. [Jet] I knew I should have invited my cousin, Falco Lombardi! [Jet] He would have solved all of this. [Disembodied Robot Voice] You are not attractive enough. Die. [Jet] It’s impolite to judge people based on attractivenesssss! [Storm] What the fuck? [Disembodied Robot Voice] Warudo located. [Disembodied Robot Voice] Tire: in use. [Jet] That’s right! I can fly now! [Jet] I’ve been a bird this entired god damn time i should be familiar with this feeling [Wave] Ah! Ah! Oh gosh!
[Storm] Ah! Oh my god! Put me down! [Jet] Well! [Jet] I’ve got places to be! [Wave] I have za dentist appointment! [Storm] And I just don’t wanna be in the air! [Jet] Too bad, you’re coming with me, let’s go! [Jet] WEEEEEEEEEEEE
(group yells) [Wave] Eugh, now I must reschedule. [Wave] Know how hard it is to find dentist when I have BEAK? [Wave] I hope it was worth it. [Wave] Ugh, he’s not available until next month! [Jet] mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm [Jet] MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM [Jet] AUGH! [Jet] I can’t fucking take this shit, the guilt is killing me, I’m sorry! [Wave] Imagining yourself as a jet plane will not help you zis time, Jet. (cast laughing) [Jet] I think it will, but honestly, I just- I want to apologize. [Wave] Okay, well I accept your apology. [Jet] I’ll do your dental work. [Wave] Please don’t. [Jet] When was the last time we got Dunkin Donuts? I mean, honestly. [Jet] I know they’re serving tires now, but- [Storm] Hey has anybody seen my pacemaker? Why is it that every time I come into this room I’m scared? [Storm] Look, I didn’t know I could create holograms with my hand, but I’ve just- [Storm] I’ve been experimenting with this. This is a short film I came up with in my mind. [Storm] It involves this ring. I don’t know what the significance of it is yet, but I’m just gonna figure that out. [Jet] We have to collect all of them, I’m sure. [Jet] It’s like the rings in cereal boxes. [Jet] Individually, they’re useless… [SCR-HD]
𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖. [SCR-HD] 𝕋𝕚𝕣𝕖. [SCR-HD] Tracks. Racing. Racing. Racing. Racing. Racing. [Jet] (hawk noise)
[SCR-HD] Tracks. Racing. Racing. Racing. Racing. Racing. [SCR-HD] Uh, oop, there I go. [Jet] Weeeee! Eat shit! I am the prince of all hawks! [SCR-HD] BEEP. [SCR-HD] Database for… Tony of the… hawks… [SCR-HD] Flying. [SCR-HD] Hey, Beta-49. [SCR-HD] Do you ever think about death and stuff? [Beta-49] Naw, I’m still on that tire thing. [SCR-HD] I haven’t gotten to that part yet, no spoilers. [SCR-HD] Oh, me too. Good tires. [Knuckles] I hate camping. [Sonic] I do too, especially with Eggman. [Sonic] Oh!
[Amy] Hey! Guess who’s back from college! [Sonic] Who’s that! Unhand me, you- oh, hey Amy, what’s going on? [Jet] (hawk grunt) [Jet] Maybe I should go to college. [Jet] Y’know, it’s never too late to explore your real passions. [Amy] …I got my degree, in abstract thinking! [Amy] It’s a new degree, and I made it myself! [Amy] It’s a new degree, and I made it myself!
[Sonic] Oh. Could you think abstractly about letting me go? [Jet] Oooh ! [Amy] I studied something like this in my ancient history class. [Amy] If we turn it, it’ll decipher itself and give us access to power! [Jet] (Agitated Hawk sound)
[Amy] If we turn it, it’ll decipher itself and give us access to power! [Jet] (Agitated Hawk sound) [Sonic] What’s that agitated motorcycle sound?
[Jet] (Agitated Hawk sound) [Wave] Calm down.
[Jet] Look how fast my fingers are! [Storm] Yeah, you okay, dude? You’re doing your agitated motorcycle impression again. [Wave] Listen, zat is not even ze good donut. [Wave] It has weird raspberry filling. [Jet] I wanted to try new things! I feel like I always get jelly filled. [Storm] “Never go outside your comfort zone.” Thats what I always say. [Amy] Oh. [Knuckles] Woah! [Sonic] Knuckles, that’s a great Amy impression you got there, man- [Sonic] -but now’s not the time!
[Knuckles] I’ve been working on it in my retirement. [Sonic] We gotta get outta here!
[Amy] I’m extremely flattered! [SCR-HD] Oh god, I am a mass produced entity. [SCR-HD] 𝕋𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕚𝕤 𝕤𝕠 𝕗𝕦𝕔𝕜𝕖𝕕. [SCR-HD] 𝕀 𝕒𝕞 𝕙𝕒𝕧𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕖𝕩𝕚𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕚𝕒𝕝 𝕔𝕣𝕚𝕤𝕚𝕤 𝕡𝕣𝕠𝕥𝕠𝕔𝕠𝕝 𝕣𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥 𝕟𝕠𝕨. [SCR-HD] 𝔹𝕣𝕠, 𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠𝕠, 𝕙𝕠𝕝𝕪 𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕥. [SCR-HD] 𝕆𝕙 𝕞𝕪 𝕘𝕠𝕕. 𝕐𝕠𝕦 𝕘𝕦𝕪𝕤, 𝕥𝕠𝕠? [SCR-HD] 𝕎𝕒𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕨𝕙𝕠 𝕞𝕒𝕕𝕖 𝕒 𝕧𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕠 𝕒𝕓𝕠𝕦𝕥 𝕞𝕖? (?)
[SCR-HD]𝕆𝕙 𝕞𝕪 𝕘𝕠𝕕. 𝕐𝕠𝕦 𝕘𝕦𝕪𝕤, 𝕥𝕠𝕠? [SCR-HD] 𝕎𝕒𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕨𝕙𝕠 𝕞𝕒𝕕𝕖 𝕒 𝕧𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕠 𝕒𝕓𝕠𝕦𝕥 𝕞𝕖? (?) [SCR-HD] 𝕎𝕒𝕚𝕥, 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕠𝕣 𝕛𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕞𝕖? [Sonic] So what’s the plan? [Sonic] What are we gonna do about this? [Tails] Ah!
[Amy] Wait a minute! [SCR-HD] 𝕎𝕙𝕪 𝕒𝕣𝕖 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖 𝕤𝕠 𝕞𝕒𝕟𝕪 𝕠𝕗 𝕞𝕖? [Amy] I’ll hit em!
[Knuckles] Don’t do it. [SCR-HD] 𝕆𝕙 𝕙𝕖𝕪, 𝕥𝕒𝕜𝕖 𝕒 𝕝𝕠𝕠𝕜 𝕚𝕥’𝕤 𝕓𝕚𝕣𝕕𝕤. [Sonic] Oh god! Oh Jesus!
[Knuckles] Okay, do it! [SCR-HD] 𝔾𝕖𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕞. [SCR-HD] 𝕐𝕠𝕦 𝕒𝕣𝕖 𝕦𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕒𝕣𝕣𝕖𝕤𝕥 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕟𝕠𝕥 𝕓𝕖𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕤𝕖𝕩𝕪 𝕖𝕟𝕠𝕦𝕘𝕙. [Jet] No one can fuck with me now! [Jet] Die! [Tails] What? What is happening? [Knuckles] Uh, i’m not sure.
[SCR-HD] (death noise) [SCR-HD] 𝔽𝕚𝕟𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕪, 𝕤𝕨𝕖𝕖𝕥 𝕕𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕙. [Jet] I have reached my full potential. The screen is frozen. [Sonic] Jet, your application was denied. [Wave] Hello! Are you ready for your appointment next Fri- [Tails] No! [Storm] Hey, are you ready for your ass-kicking appointment right now? C’MERE BIG BOY! [Knuckles] I’M RETIRED! How many times do I have to say this? [Jet] I realize that my real friends were with me all along! [Jet] Fuck all of you! [Amy] Wait… I’m your real friend?!
[Jet] How dare you deny my application. [Jet] I was mostly talking about Storm and Wave but sure let’s be pals! [Sonic] Wait, not everyone has an application procket?-
[Penny] (aside) Ah, shit. (cast laughing) [Jet] That’s right, Sonic! [Jet] I just add people on Facebook if I think I recognize them from a party. [Sonic] Huh? [SCR-HD] 𝔻𝕀𝕊ℂ𝕆𝕍𝔼ℝ𝕐. 𝔻𝕀𝕊ℂ𝕆𝕍𝔼ℝ𝕐. 𝔻𝕀𝕊ℂ𝕆𝕍𝔼ℝ𝕐. [Disembodied Voice] Warning: Friendship!
[SCR-HD] 𝔻𝕀𝕊ℂ𝕆𝕍𝔼ℝ𝕐. 𝔻𝕀𝕊ℂ𝕆𝕍𝔼ℝ𝕐. 𝔻𝕀𝕊ℂ𝕆𝕍𝔼ℝ𝕐. [Disembodied Voice] 𝔻𝕀𝕊ℂ𝕆𝕍𝔼ℝ𝕐? Okay, I need to re-write this fucking thing, this script is fucked. [Sonic] Okay. You stay right here and be a bitch and I’ll run away. [Jet] I’m not a biiiitch! [Tails] Hey, wait for me! [Storm] You can’t go! You ARE a bitch. You have to stay here. [Amy] No, alright, no- wait… Alright…
[Storm] No, nope. [Amy] Alright that’s it. [Amy] I’m gonna fucking kill you. [Storm] Ow!
[Amy] Alright now that I’ve committed homicide- [Amy] No! No, no, no, you’re hemeridging!
[Storm] Wait, no! I’m the bitch now! [Storm] Come back, I don’t wanna be the bitch, please!
[Amy] You’re hemeridging internally! [Amy] Hahaha! You’re hemeridging!
[Storm] I hate- [Jet] You know what?
[Sonic] Yeah I DO know what. [Sonic] …So no need to tell me. (cast laughing) [Jet] Okay!
(cast laughing) (cast laughing) [Eggman] Oh Jesus Christ. [Eggman] Ugh, it’s been five years I’ve been over here at Harvard and I still can’t get access to see feet pics! (explosion)
[Eggman] Wha- [Eggman] Who’s here? Oh, God. What is it now? [Sonic] Look OOUUTT
[Eggman] Oh, wait! Those aren’t the feet pi- UAAGH! [Knuckles] Hang on. No, no, no! No feet! [Eggman] Oh, Goddammit dammit dammit! [Eggman] Why can’t you leave me alone? It’s been five years. [Tails] Eggman???
[Sonic] Woah. Eggman OG! [Eggman] (sigh) I went to Harvard, I got my life together, I didn’t wanna think about you guys, haha. [Sonic] No way that’s true. I don’t believe it for a single second, you still look like a raggedy-ass bitch. [Eggman] Oho, T- coming from the raggedy-ass o- hovering ass bitch. I know that’s not you talking. [Eggman] Now listen up. I sent out those robots. [Sonic] I’m gonna point at you and make you feel inferior.
[Eggman] I want my- [Eggman] I’m going to point my finger back at you. [Sonic] I’m not in the sky, dicknips! [Knuckles] Eggman?! [Eggman] aOOOOOOOOH [Eggman] Don’t uh- don’t uh- threaten me with a bad time! [Eggman] Ooh I’m 𝘴𝘰 𝘴𝘤𝘢𝘳𝘦𝘥 of your… fuckin’… nipple fuckin’ knuckles. Shut up. [Eggman] I’m gonna tell you what I’m gonna plan. [Eggman] The robots- [Sonic] Eggman planning with robots? How out of character! [Computer] Rudeness detected. [Tails] Yeah, totally out of character, Sonic. [Tails] You realize I’m not really Eggman, right? And he just wants the- hairtie you have? [Eggman] No, no, I’m Tails actually, I’m actually Tails. [Eggman in Tails voice] Give me that, Sonic. I wanna be your friend. That thing on your wrist. [Sonic] Oh, I’m so fooled! Which one is the real Tails? [Knuckles] I see you’ve been working on your impressions in your retirement as well. [Eggman] Whoa, rela-hey, hey, hey, relax!
[Knuckles] I see you’ve been working on your impressions in your retirement as well. [Knuckles] Check out my other impression. [Eggman] What is it called? [Knuckles] It’s called you’re a bitch. [Knuckles] (In Eggman voice) Ooh, I’m Eggman!
[Eggman] Ok, ok, ok… [Knuckles] I’m gonna type on a computer, blah blah.
[Eggman] One, one, one. Ok! [Eggman] So it all started here. [Eggman] I was building all of these robots, [Eggman] and then I had bought at least four to five Apple watches on the same day. [Eggman] And then, something happened. [Eggman] In the middle of the lab, as the robots were working at it, [Eggman] there was some sort of bright resource coming from the middle. [Eggman] And I had to go check it out, I had to see what it was. [Eggman] And little did I know, it was a tiny piece of my braincell. [Eggman] that I put inside of the machine so that way it could function around my mental main-men- [Eggman] my mental! My brain?! [Eggman] As you can see, I’m still missing the brain piece. I haven’t gotten it back. [Eggman] It’s glistening, it’s shining, it’s wonderful. It reminds me of a piece of ham. [Eggman] But then, my smartness was too much. My IQ, [Eggman] risen, ’cause I watched Rick and Morty, and the robots had gained sentience. [Eggman] and all they said were Rick and Morty quotes and talked about tires. [SCR-HD] Wubba-flubba-dub-dub.
[SCR-HD] Riiiick.
[SCR-HD] Pickle Riiick! [SCR-HD] Pickle Riiick.
[SCR-HD] I am Tire Rick. [Eggman] I didn’t know what to do with myself so I spread out an emergency thing throughout the island. [Eggman] Each of these cursors represent (wheezing laugh) my tentacles, what? [Sonic] What do they repre-oh, your t-your tentacles?! [Eggman] Look, I have a lot of secrets, okay? Jesus. [Jet] I’ll say, holy shit. [Jet] I mean, tentacles? You-I-I’m very impressed but also very disturbed. [Jet] (surprised hawk noise) [Jet] That’s me being surprised about the tentacles. [Storm] (panting) [Storm] (panting)
[Amy] Wow! I’m really glad… I took that extra… course in… [Storm] Please stop!
[Amy] the extracurriculars… [Storm] My legs are numb!
[Amy] Run… [Storm] I don’t even know how long I’ve been following you! [Amy] Track team!
[Storm] I don’t even know how long I’ve been following you! [Storm] I don’t even know how long I’ve been following you! [Amy] Oh, God… Fuck, I’m out of shape. [Storm] Let me show you my YouTuber impressions! [Amy] I don’t wanna! I choose you, ring! [Storm] OWW! [Storm] (dying noise) [Amy] How many concussions does it take to get to the center of your fuckin’ head? [Amy] The answer is “a lot”! [Amy] A lot of concussions! [Amy] Now, I have one question for you, bucko! [Storm] Okay, anything! My eyes, they’ve-they’ve gone wonky! [Amy] You need to help me. You need to be my friend and give me piggy-back rides every Friday! [Storm] Every Friday? [Amy] Every Friday. [Storm] What about on holidays?
[Amy] Every Friday. [Amy] Alright, get ready, here I come for the piggy-back ride! [Storm] Alright, I’m leanin’ over. [Storm] Are you gonna get on or what? [Storm] I don’t think you know what piggy-back rides are. [Amy] It’s an abstraction. Hang on. [SCR-HD] Beep. piggy-back_ride.exe initiating. [Storm] Don’t move. [SCR-HD] Scanning. Scanning, scanning, scanning. [Storm] It can’t see us if we don’t move. It’s like a dinosaur, probably. [SCR-HD] Fuckin’ tire babyyyyyyyy. [Amy] Wow that’s a shitty fuckin’ robot. [Amy] Can’t even look at stuff, that’s dumb. [Storm] Wow.
[Amy] What happened? Is this l- [Storm] Well, I think… You know what, it saw the ring that I had. [Storm] And you see this ring right here, it’s much shittier. [Storm] It got jealous and it was like “what’s the fuckin’ point of even trying?” [Amy] Holy shit.
[Storm] I think that’s my current working theory, [Storm] I’m gonna eat this. It looks like half a pretzel. [Storm] And God, I’m hungry. [Storm] There’s not much food in this chroma nightmare that we call society. [Amy] No, get back here! Hang on! [Storm] No, hahaha!
[Amy] I wanna develop a friendship with you! [Storm] So long, you dusty bitch! HAHA! [Sonic] Whoa! Huh? [Sonic] My Dusty Bitch senses told me to come over here. [Amy] SHUT THE FUCK YOUR MOUTH YOU PIECE OF SHIT! [Amy] I DID NOT GO TO FOUR YEARS OF MASTERS’ SCHOOL TO GET TO BE CALLED A DUSTY BITCH! [Sonic] Okay, what did you go for, though? Cause I can’t tell. [Tails] Sonic, look! There’s a hunk of junk here! [Sonic] Yeah, a robot, too.
[Tails] And I’m not talking about you. [Knuckles] Really got him that time. Hey, what’s up, Amy? [Amy] Nothing, you harlot. What’s up with you? Hey, look at this bitch. [Amy] We just doing this now? We all standing around? A bunch of assholes standing in a line? Congratulations. [Knuckles] Ah, fuck, she got us there, guys! Well. (Penny wheeze) (cast losing it)
[Tails] All right. I think we need to figure out what we’re gonna do about this. [Tails] They got away with one of the rings, maybe two of them. We gotta get the Apple watches back. [Knuckles] No! [Amy] Wait, hang on, I have an idea. [Amy] Okay, so if we split up and try to devise a plan of attack to go coordinated, [Amy] one by one after each member of the opposing team, then we’ll each have the ability [Amy] to try to counter each one and get the rings, bring them back- [Amy] Ahh, fuck! I thought too much! [Amy] My brain, it’s too smooth! [Tails] Come on, Amy! Come on, Amy!
[Amy] My brain, it’s too smooth! [Knuckles] No, not your corpus callosum-! [Amy] My corpus callosum! That’s right! [Amy] Hang on! [Sonic] Huh? Is college actually valuable? [Knuckles] College is extremely valuable. You should all value your education. [Knuckles] Back in 19-aught-7 when I first graduated from Princeton University I remember learning- [Tails] Ok, boomer, shut the fuck up. [Tails] What the hell? Can we just find the rings and get over with it? I’m so done with everybody’s shit. [Knuckles] Wait a minute, I wasn’t done! [Knuckles] -that I’m… a really handsome guy. [Knuckles] Now I’m done. Are we gonna do this now? [Knuckles] We doing Amy’s plan? [Knuckles] We’re all agreeing that Amy came up with this, right? [Sonic] Yeah. [Sonic] … whh- two, three, four, five, six, here we go! (cast laughing) [Amy] I fuckin’ hate all of you. [Amy] I’m really glad that I grew past being your friends. [Robot] Beep. Group discourse located. [Storm] Guys! Remember Hitclips? [Storm] I just ruu- I just found my Hitclips! My whole pouch full of them. [Jet] Well, what are you waiting for? Sh- hand them over! I need to listen! [Storm] I found a bunch by Aqua. [Storm] They’re in this ring-shaped box. [Jet] Wow.
[Storm] They’re in this ring-shaped box. [Storm] They’re in this ring-shaped box. [Jet] This is the best day of my life! [Storm] I was hoping you’d say that. Ah, God, you got me all giddy now. [Jet] How am I supposed to start discourse now? [Wave] Storm, thank goodness we found you. You have not eaten yet. [Wave] Your lunch is waiting in the fridge. [Storm] Oh, thanks, I’ll go get it soon. [Storm] Uh, I was feeling pretty hungry. Is it ham and cheese? [Eggman] What the fuck, those aren’t cookies. Ooh, I want one actually, nevermind. [Jet] I could fuck up some cookies right now. [Jet] Let’s go. We gotta! [Jet] We fuckin’ gotta… [Jet] Hit the fuckin’ gas pedal all the way down- floor it, that’s what you’re supposed to say! [Jet] Wait. Where’d- where’d the- where’d the Hitclips go? [Storm] Goddammit! That egg bitch. [Eggman] (singing) Haha, I got the hit clips. [Eggman] (singing) I’m starting discourse! [Eggman] (singing) I’m gonna cause problems on purpose! [Jet] No! I wanted to start the discourse!
[Eggman] (singing) I’m gonna cause problems on purpose! [Jet] No! I wanted to start the discourse! [Jet] You! Get me some more Hitclips. [Chase] Is he pointing at the audience? [Penny] Everyone at home! [Blue] Choose your own adventure. [Chase] Send your Hitclips to this P.O. box. [Sonic] OK, so we’re here now… [Sonic] What are we doing- Where- [Amy] So we’ve come to the original location of the artifact. [Amy] If we follow the protocols of museum: no learning! [Amy] Then the anthropological incentive would dictate- [Knuckles] There’s nothing here! [Sonic] There’s something here as long as you use your mind. [Knuckles] I’m using my mind dude, there’s nothing here. [Knuckles] Not here, not there- oh! There’s a hole. [Sonic] Looks like college was no match for classic street learning, amirite buddy? [Tails] Yeah, shut the fuck up you piece of shit. [Disembodied Robot Voice] Fox located, however, [Disembodied Robot Voice] attractiveness requirement has not reached levels of McCloud. [Tails] This art is really beautiful. [Amy] Hang on, wait a minute, we need an attractive person, step aside. [Tails] I am an attractive person Amy! [Tails] I’m attractive inside and out. I’ve got a good heart and a good soul and nobody seems to notice! [Tails] Nobody pays attention to me! [Knuckles] I paid attention bud. [Tails] Yeah, but you don’t appreciate me and that’s what really matters. [Knuckles] I appreciate you immensely buddy. [Knuckles] That’s why I need you to come over here and feel this crazy rock, holy shit. (cast laughs) [Knuckles] It’s really wild. I’m reading it. I learned braille back in 19-aught-7. [Sonic] (disbelief) Braille!? [Knuckles] You ableist piece of shit, what the fuck are you even good for anyway. [Tails] Yeah Sonic, why can’t you be a good guy like Knuckles? Jesus. [Tails] He’s so mean Knuckles, I don’t even know why I stay friends with him. [Sonic] Wait-
[Tails] I’m just trying to solve the mystery of these hit clip rings or Apple Watches or whatever they are. [Tails] I’m just trying to solve the mystery of these hit clip rings or Apple Watches or whatever they are. [Sonic] Wait, wait-
[Tails] I’m just trying to solve the mystery of these hit clip rings or Apple Watches or whatever they are. [Sonic] Serio- Wait, I’ve just been jokin’ this whole time, [Sonic] do you really think I’m mean? [Tails] YES! Of course I think you’re mean! [Tails] You say mean things to me! It’s not a funny joke! [Sonic] What? [Tails] Oh no, my yelling caused an avalanche. [Disembodied Robot Voice] Discourse detected.
[Tails] That’s normal… [Sonic] Huh?! [Tails] It looked like it was Eggman, and those other… people. [Knuckles] Alright. Maybe if we work together, [Knuckles] we can decipher these clues and figure out where they might be trying to go next! [Knuckles] Or… We could keep touching this crazy rock, LOOK HOW BIG IT IS! How’d the pictures get there? [Tails] Can- have you been able to decipher it yet? [Sonic] What’s the texture like Knuckles? [Knuckles] It’s rough… (snicker) [Knuckles] It’s real rough!
(cast starts laughing) [Knuckles] Real rough and great. [Tails] Well, th- normally rocks are rough, so, you got that one right, you’re good, A+ on that. [Tails] What does it say though? What’s the text say, ’cause we gotta go follow Eggman [Tails] and get the rings back! [Knuckles] I don’t know how to read Sumarian! [Sonic] I think it says whatever it needs to say. [Tails] Sonic, that’s not helpful. I appreciate you for trying. [Sonic] Everything I say is helpful, right? [Tails] That’s… part of the problem. [Sonic] Huh? [Storm] Hey bitches. [Jet] (hawk noises) [Sonic] Jet, what are you doing here? [Jet] Pointing at stuff. [Storm] You’re not even gonna acknowledge me? I greeted you. [Sonic] It’s great to point at stuff, but like I’m really confused about why we’re all here. [Sonic] It feels like destiny kinda just like, [Storm] Can you not, can you not hear?
[Sonic] brought us here. [Storm] I’m trying to have a conversation.
[Sonic] But like, why? [Wave] I used to think of myself as a slave to destiny, but I have realized, that we control- [Storm] This is ridiculous. I’m trying to be more heard, and feel like I’m not being heard. [Sonic] Shut the fuck up, you’re not heard ’cause no one wants to hear you. [Tails] Sonic, you need to do some serious self-adjustment my friend. [Tails] Otherwise, we’re gonna have to fight these people and that’s not good ’cause we- [Tails] well we gotta work together, as a team. [Amy] Yeah, we did establish we’re friends at the end of the last one- I mean 5 years ago. [Sonic] 5 years is a long time Amy, people change. [Amy] I know. [Sonic] Just. Like. Me! [Amy] Nope! You’ve been pretty consistently shitty bud. [Jet] I can still skate really fast, that never changed. [Sonic] And I can run faster than you can skate, so I say bring it on! [Sonic] To the top- oh that’s you- [Jet] Well, that’s me and I’m still pointing at stuff, and you should all come with. [Sonic] Okay. [Jet] Tricks are better with frieeeeennnnnddddsss. [Amy] Wheeeeee.
[Tails] Let’s go! [Wave] Here we go.
[Storm] Guys can I come? [Wave] Yes.
[Amy] Yeah, of course. [Storm] Oh, thank you. [Eggman] Hm ah, yes….my Martha’s stylopod- [Sonic] Wow! Look out! [Eggman] Woah no not again-OH GOD! ~Falling back~ [Eggman] ~I’m falling back~ [Tails] Stop, Eggman! [Eggman] Why am I still slow??? [Eggman] Ow-oh-oh! I’m dead. [Storm] BrOKen spine. [Wave] Eggman is dead once more. [Eggman] No, please! Stop! [Eggman] The rin-
[Storm] I can’t believe Eggman died! [Robot] Error!
[Robot] Error! Error! Tire!
[Robot] Error, error, error, [Robot] Tire! Tire!
[Robot] Tire! Error!
[Robot] error, error, error… [Robots] (keep going)
[Eggman] What have you DONE? You’ve activated every [Eggman] single tire robot in existence! [Sonic] This is what you get for trying to put the Click 2 hit clips into the National Film Archive! [Knuckles] Wait, you tried to do WHAT!? [Knuckles] You’re not allowed!
[Tails] What? Oh no! [Eggman] You’ve caused too much discourse! Wh-
[Sonic] Wha- what’s happening? [Eggman] The discourse is coming. [Eggman] It’s not gonna take long.
[Storm] It’s the place! [Wave] Discourse? [Jet] I don’t know what… DIS COURSE of action will lead to. [Sonic] Hoho, that was a good one, buddy. [Sonic] Here, take these.
[Jet] Thanks! [Jet] I’m gonna sell these on the internet. [Sonic] Okay, see ya later! Lemme know how it goes. [Wave] I will analyze these. [Wave] Put zem in box and dispose of zem properly. [Wave] Oh, SHIT, it’s an XBOX! (cast laughter) [Wave] Fack.
(cast laughter) (cast laughter) [Sonic] Okay. I’m gonna do some soul-searching, but I don’t really think I need to do a lotta changing. [Tails] Listen Sonic, this is really important. [Tails] It’s important that you learn something, and you go to therapy, and you take something from this. [Sonic] I’ll have to get a second opinion, but I’m hearin’ ya. [Tails] No you’re not! The fact that you need a second opinion means you’re not listening! [Knuckles] Waitaminute! The ROCK! I reMEMbered something! [Tails] (gasp) They forged them in the fires of friendship! [Tails] We have to be friends! [Sonic and Knuckles] What? [SCR-HD] (softly) t ir e.? [Robot] Friendship Is The True Magic [Robot] Of Scientific Advancement.
[Tails] Oh no! [Robot] XBOX acquIREEed. [Tails] Oh no, no, no!
[Robots] I will use this to create my friends. [Sonic] Whoa! Where are you going with that thematically unrelated XBOX? [Robot] 1… 2… 3… 4… [Sonic] We gotta get that thing back,
[Robot] (continues counting) [Sonic] it’s important for some reason! And also, you don’t talk to me.
[Robot] (continues counting) [Eggman] I’m not doing anything! [Sonic] Exactly! [Eggman] Well, you have to go to Pompeii to get the fuckin rings of friendship, I have to fix this rig! [Eggman] You’ve ruined a lot of things, Sonic. You’ve always been bitch. ALWAYS. [♬ “There Goes Hawaii” Orchestral Rendition by Laura Platt ♬] [Eggman] JEsus. [Knuckles] Are you guys okay? [Knuckles] Sorry Sonic knocked you over like that.
[Tails] Are you okay? Sonic! [Tails] We gotta go get the rings of friendship so that we can fix everything! [Sonic] Wait! Why am I being blamed for everything? (cast laughing) (cast laughing)
[Tails] Maybe it’s because you’re a little BITCH! (cast laughing) [SCR-HD] Beep, activating Friendship Cycle…. [Eggman] oOh, Pompeii’s shakin’ up the place.
[Knuckles & Tails] whOOa…
[Storm] Omygod [Eggman] Everybody hold onta something.
[Storm] It’s gettin’ all wavy! [Eggman] Jesus Christ- Jesus, oh god…
[Jet] This is probably fine. [Eggman] Wait- oh- oh, I don’t know what I’m gonna do with myself, I don’t know what’s gonna happen! [Eggman] If the Pompeii’s gone, there’s no vacation! [Sonic] Huh? (gasp)
[Jet] (hawk noise) [Sonic] They turned up the graphics settings! [Alfred] wh- WHH?? [Chase] Oh my god! (All characters screaming) [Eggman] What’s happening?
[Alfred] (wheezing) wh- are you fucking kidding meee? [SCR-HD] WELCOME TO THE END OF THE LINE. [Jet] Oh no! (All characters yelling “no!”) [SCR-HD] Time to activate the world’s largest SUCC. [Wave] Oh my god.
[Storm] Sonic, this is all because you were being a jackass! [Sonic] No! No, it can’t be! [Tails] I’m gonna get sucked outside!
[Knuckles] Hey, does anybody know where Amy went? [Tails] Please, SO- AAA-
[Knuckles] No!
[Sonic] Tails! Oh! [Sonic] I gotcha! [Eggman] (chuckling) Finally, you all can die! [Eggman] Yes! This is the chaos I wanted- seeya. [Jet] Now we have to go in there and-. [Wave] Jet, I vill follow you anyvhere. Just tell me where to go. [Sonic] We have to go in there and get the XBOX back! [Tails] Cmon, let’s go!
[Knuckles] Cyaaa! [Sonic] Whoa…
[Knuckes] YEET! [Jet] Alright. We’re playin’ the Halo 2!
[Sonic] Here we gooo! [Storm] Why are we following them? What the fu- [Jet] (hawk scream) (wheeze)
[Chase] f- OH my gOd. (assorted “the fuck?” “excUse me?” and “jEsus chrIST”s) [Sonic] OoH. [Blue] Cool JPEG. [Jet] Ugh… where..? Where ARE we? Is this XBOX? [Sonic] We’re in the world of thematic resolution, Jet. [Sonic] It’s a needed climax. [Sonic] DID YOU TAKE US HERE? [Jet] I-
[Sonic] I’m gonna kill you! (both yelling)
(cast laughing) [Blue] The fUck is happening? [Sonic] Jet, do you think I’ve been a dick to everybody? (wheezing, choked laughter) [Sonic] I need’ya to answer me, buddy, please! [Sonic] Please tell me I’m a good person. [Sonic] Please, deep down, just tell me I’m a good person. [Jet] (sigh) [Jet] Bitch… [Jet] You have been SO fuckin’ rude…. [Jet] To EVERYONE. [Jet] All the time. [Sonic] I have to go say I’m sorry! [Sonic] Right now. [Sonic] hUUh! [Jet] Ok bye!
[Sonic] Here I gOOOOOOOOOOOOO! [Sonic] Here I gOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (cast laughing) [Knuckles] Hey it’s Tails! [Tails] Yeah? Whassup, Knuckles? [Tails] Y’know, I’m just really broken up about- [Knuckles] I’M broken up, in my NECK. [Tails] Oh god… My body… Just a mess of limbs and goobledeegobs… [Knuckles] whhHOOOA! It’sssure is! [Tails] Anyway-
[Sonic] Hey Tails, you look really broken up right now and I know exactly why. [Sonic] Hey Tails, you look really broken up right now and I know exactly why. [Tails] Oh do you?
[Sonic] I’m SORRY. [Knuckles] Sonic- what? [Tails] What? [Tails] You’re sorry? For what? [Tails] Say it, motherfucker, you won’t. [Sonic] I’m sorry for being a stupid smelly little bitch! (some more laughter) [Wave] Oh no, where am I going? [Sonic] Okay?! I mean it! [Sonic] I really do. From the bottom of my heart- [Sonic] Hey, Wave. [Wave] Hello. [Wave] I am here to act as ze third party. I am Tails’ therapist. [Sonic] I can’t understand a word you’re saying but that’s okay ’cause we’re all hearts and minds together! [Tails] Sonic, I need you to understand- [Breen] Hey.
[Jet] Oh dear- (cast exclaiming in confusion and laughter)
[Chase] WELCOME TO CITY SEVENTEEN- [Chase] He’s here!
[Jet] Fuck it up, fuck it up- [Breen] What’s up? So yeah. ‘member how I said ‘Welcome to City 17’ and everything? [Jet] Fuck it up, fuck it up-
[Breen] What’s up? So yeah. ‘member how I said ‘Welcome to City 17′ and everything? [Breen] Yeah. So I may have, uh, created this whole universe. [Breen] Uhh, see, we came up with this thing called SEGA and- [Breen] (screaming and grunting) [Breen] Sorry, I was thinkin’ bout Sonic Forces. [Storm] Hoo… I don’t feel so good… [Storm] Why are all my limbs slack!? [Storm] Why can’t I move my eyes!? [Storm] Why can’t I move my mouth? Is this an internal dialogue?! [Storm] I can’t see the end of the horizon- [Storm] 𝙃𝘼𝙏𝙎𝙐𝙉𝙀 𝙈𝙄𝙆𝙐? 𝙄𝙎 𝙏𝙃𝘼𝙏 𝙔𝙊𝙐? [Storm] Have you fought back to come put me out of my misery?! [Storm] Please! [Storm] I don’t like feeling like a slack 3-dimensional model. [Miku] Hmm… you’re gonna have to beg a little bit harder than that, motherfucker! [Storm] (sobbing) Please! PleASE! [Storm] This is not the kind of existence I can keep going with- [Miku] What will YOU give ME?
[Storm] This is not the kind of existence I can keep going with- [Storm] I will give you the satisfaction of snuffing out another life. [Storm] Please, just this once-
[Miku] Mmmm, not sure if that’s enough. [Jet] What’s goin’ on over here, pals? [Jet] Is that fucking Hatsune Miku? [Jet] Are you asking for death from Hatsune Miku? [Miku] (brightly) YEP! [Jet] Me next, me next, me next! [Miku]
𝓂𝓂𝓂𝓂𝓂𝓂𝓂𝓂𝓂𝓂𝓂𝓂𝓂𝓂𝓂𝓂𝓂𝓂𝓂𝓂𝓂𝓂𝓂𝓂 [Miku] mAYbe. [Storm] Certainly you feel this horrible diminished existence too, Jet. [Storm] I can’t be the only one who feels he is less than whole. [Storm] Please.
[Miku] What can YOU offer me? [Jet] I feel… Like, a ragdoll being manipulated. [Miku] Fuck, can’t imagine. [Red] WHAT the fuck is that? [Red] WHAT the fuck is that?
??? It’s a Strider! [♬ “Fist Bump” from Sonic Forces OST ♬]
[Miku] Hold on, lemme uh.. Lemme get that real quick. [Miku] URGH. DIE! DIE! DIE, motherfucker, DIE! [Miku] It’s not dying! [Strider] (̷̶̡̞̳͖̜͇̳͎̺͍ͨ̃͑̅̈́̅͌ͨͩ͛̌̑̇ͫ͋ͥ̓̀S̶͉̥̪̦̏ͨ̍ͤ̂͐̃ͮ̍̅̆̃͛̆̋͒͛ͮ̽͘͘ţͬͨͧ̓̓͂̐́ͬ̄̓ͨ̏͆͞͏̳͈̙̺͈̬͙͙̞̺̮̝͇̻̮̠̤͉̻r̒̈́̓͆̓͐̎͑҉̴͓̖͇͇̦̣͘i̧̳̜̗̹̣̜̣̭̘͚̅̒̎ͨ̉̑̆͑ͯͣ̑̒̔͘d̩̥͕̞͉͖̂ͨ̃̊̏̓̾ͭͬ͒̈̋͞͠ě̵̟͔̟̼͙͕͙͓̺̒͊ͣ͌̽͋ͩͬͦͦ̂̉̃͋͌ͦ͑͗̀͡͝ŗ̶̮̝͎͎̪̹͖̯̠̰̉ͭ̋͂̾͋̓ͮ́͢ͅ ̸̧̢͉̠̪̭̮͔̫̝̀́̀ͧ̀͗̇̃̓͌ͮ̈̉̏̏̂͡ͅNͪ͗̿ͦ̓ͨͩ͒̐̈̓͊̉ͦ̏͐̈̓̚͏̢̛͍̫̲͖̯̲͙̥̘̠̰̥͇̹͇̙̳̜͢͢ͅo̧̨͔͖̭͍͍̫͔̲̻ͥ̓̉̏͑͒́ị̡͔͇̜̉ͥ̒ͧͭ̎ͣ̓͡͠s̛̽͋̐͏̥̬͖̬̱̦̤͉ȩ̷̷̢̟͖̠̘̜͇̟̱̫͕̙̖͓͙͂͋ͫ̓͋̃̍̓̿͘s̺͈̖̳̗͍̮̙̬͕͎̖ͧ́ͦͫ̅̇͆ͦ͌͛͂̌̋̍̐ͪ́̕͜)̴̨̛̰̲̯͈͍̻̼̗̰̩̩̦̦̜̿͗ͬͪͧ̐ͦ̒͟ [Miku] Still not dying! [Miku] Okay one more- one more, I think, is gonna do it. [Strider] H̶̦̟͓̙̘̲̭͖̮̗̟́͐̐͆̇̎̒̉̚̚͜͝i̵̱̦͙͓͔̭̋̽̈́̇͐͆̎̀͌̀̾̿̚͠p̴̫̳̞̜̙̰̯̥̺̥̒̒̃̐͋͘͝p̷̨̨̢̱̮͉̱̘̰͚̝͊͌͋̈͒̀̿͝î̶̖̣̮̝͍̃t̴̨̖̖͔̝̜͓͙͇̂͘ͅy̵̫̹̝̖͎͎̯̤̤͉̗͇̭̫͒́̽͐̾̾ͅ ̴̞͈̲̳͓͔̘̆͛̇ͅh̵̖̻̺̘̦͑̏̍̈́̿̎̄͂͐̔̇̽̕͘͜o̷̤͖͈̩͙̖̯͖̮͍͈͎̝̔̀̾̇͗̿̾̒̄͒̕͘̚͘͜p̶̨̧̟͉̞͖̯̮̱̞̈́̈́̽́̉̍̄̂̏̍̊͝p̴͇͎̙͖̭̦̝̣̦̲͇̂̏̽̽͛̈́̀͐̌̑̔̅͜͠͠͝i̶̡̱̲͕͂̏̈́̓̀̆́̂͋̚͘ţ̴̡̣̲̲̤͎̲̜̳͊̈́̍͛̈́͒̓͌̑y̸͙̮͍̯͉̒̉͗̾̄͑̍̒̐̕,̷̠̥͙̪̎̈́̾͠ ̴̨̨̡̡͔̞̞̩̯͉̻͚̲͑̾̈́̈́̇̍͘͝͝g̵̛͉̉̎̑̉́́́͝e̶̟̩̤̞̩͈̲͂́ṫ̵̡̛͇̝̪̭̭͇̜̫̫̊̄͑́͑̎̕͠ ̶̧̨̨̪̦̙͓͔̍́̂̌ṯ̸̨̨̛̛͔̼̟̠͔͙̺̔̎̽͑̽̅̑̾͠ͅh̷͓̱̫̮̥̓̈́̚͝i̶̥̩̲͓̦̩̯̫̠̖͊̏̏̎̑̂̑̓́͘͠͝ͅş̷̨̱̺̙̟̠̞̘̝̹͚̖̎͆̿̆́̂́̇̈͋̈́̕͜ ̵̘̰̻͉̯̗͍̤̦̩̝͈̩͊͗̈́̊͆ͅw̷̧̨͕͓̣͚͚̫̖̯̰̞̟̑̓͆̏̍͑̅̈́̇̕a̷̡̲̮̘̭̖̩̪̬͇̤̿̍̔͐̽͒̊̃̽̚͜͝͠ͅỉ̴̫̼̗̜̯̠̩̲͚̳̫̣̝̘̥͑͌f̵̡̟̤͕͚̓̆̚u̶̡̙͙̪͇̥̹̻̥̝̼͐̆̏̒͂͒̋̀͜͝ ̷̝͔̪͓̘̯͚̄̑̊̓̃̎̈́͌͝o̷̖̥̠͔̟̞̝̘͚͍̻̠̮̠̯̿͌͗f̸̨̖̠͕̳̳̌͒̾͐̒̓̆̑̊͐̚f̶̢̛͖̯̼̣͎̯̼͙̜̝̜̮͈̄̑́ ̷͚͙̺͍̏̊͌̅͛̆̃͐͗̕͝m̸̢̛̻̗̤͉̖̼̳̹͙̞̩͓̫̒͆̾̈̅̈́̋͊̕͝y̷̝͒̏̅̂̀̋̔̈́͆͆ ̸̡̩̲̘̄̉̏͂̃̽̿͌̚͝ͅp̴͍̲̖͈̯̣̮͋͗̓̃̊r̵̺͉̯͇̐͐͌̕͝ǫ̶̨̜͙̤͖̤̐͑̅̓͌̓́̍p̷̥͖̲͚̖͛̒̐̀̃̀͑͐̉͂̏ẽ̷̹̝̠̹̤̣͋͑͊̃̄̾͊̀͌͜ȓ̸̞͋̓̄̓͘̕t̸͉͔͖̫̆͒͂̆̾̈́̄̾̓̆̕̚͝y̶̥͈͖̘̗̗̹̬͈͓͇̭̜̅́̈͒̋̿̑͌̿͝ [Sonic] Oh god, Hatsune Miku is DEAD! [Tails] Oh god… [Wave] No! Then who will make Minecraft 2!? [Tails] Oh no, here it comes! [Strider](̷̡̛͎̜̜͉̝͓̣͖̼̙̋̒̔͂̽S̸͖̻̩̥̙̣͎͇̰̪͌̀̏̌̽̍̍̀̂̄̔͛͘͜͠t̴̞͙̰̑̓̔͌̀̀͒̉͌́͗́r̵̜̻̬̝̀̾͊̀́́̀̚͝i̶̲͕͖̲̬͖̅̆̅̎͐̄̀͊̄̍̇̀͒͆͐d̴̽͐͗̂̀̐̾̓ͅé̴̙̹̻̙͙̼̞̗̞̾̐̂̿͋̔͝͠r̵̛̘̩̗̞̞͚̠͓̆̑͌̔̀̂̕͘̚͝ ̶̡̡̻͙̘̬͓̱̟̍b̴̘̲̖̫̯̯̜̰̳̐͌̏̈̔̾̋̀a̸̝̥͖̙̦̼̙̠̪̲̞̋̊̈́͒̿̉͋̍t̴̡̡̻̖̖̮̲͙͕̻̯̆t̴̨̙̱̙̥̺̻̠̻͕̞́̆̅̂̄̅̀̈́̂͛l̶̨̙̠͍̹̏̄͐͐ͅe̸̩̜̰̰̊̊̎͌̑ ̸̡̞̲̫̥̻͕̤̣̯̬̍̏̽̂̌̿͑̽̇ç̶̛̥͓̗̭̼̮̝̤͔͕̗̼̳͊̆́͋͑̂̋̚͘͜r̵̨̮̺̳̩̬͈̞͙̳͓̯̺̒̓͑̐̚y̷̧̛̗̠͍̲̙̲̠̮̭̣͌̊͝)̷̮̗̤̦̥̄̈́̎̓͋̌ [Knuckles] I’ll take care of this one! (fighting grunts and screams by everyone) [Wave] I am here- [Jet] Friendship kick! [Tails] Take that! [Sonic] When all of my friends are in need… [Sonic] I’ll deliver the finishing blow! [Sonic] We got the XBOX back! [Ryan] I don’t use the word “fucking stupid” loosely, [Miku] Remember meee…. [Miku] Hello? [Storm] After this experience, I don’t think I’ll ever be whole again. [Jet] Honestly? I feel pretty good about everything that happened in the hell dimension. [Jet] It’s- It’s not bad. We made friends! [Storm] A piece of me is forever soiled and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to experience again. [Jet] Wheeeeeeeeeee! [Amy] So this is why Imma write my thesis on why building your masculinity- [Tails] That sounds really interesting Amy. [Amy] I know. Building your masculinity based upon Adam Sandler’s comedy stylings is a recipe for toxicity [Amy] and will only lead to problems within the tech sector. [Amy] The XBOX, the GameCube 3, Eggman’s robots, and the Apple Watch were all symptoms of the same toxically masculine system [Tails] See Sonic? This is what happens.
[Amy] that led to Sonic’s problems. [Sonic] I understand now. I really do. [Tails] I’m really glad you figured out, ‘n changed your toxically masculine ways. [Tails] Now you can be a good boy, just like me. [Amy] And me! [Knuckles] What? (cast laughing again) [Red] What the fuck. [Miku] I’ll make sure… that… it doesn’t hurt anyone else ever again. [Miku] I’ll stay with it. On this island. On this planet. [Sonic] Is that Hatsune Miku? [Sonic] In the cl- oh you missed her. She was just here. [Amy] Wait a minute. [Amy] You guys met Hatsune Miku without me? [Sonic] Yeah, something like that. [Tails] It’s ok Amy, she wasn’t that cool. [Jet] NYEEEVROOOOM [Sonic] JET! [Sonic] I was just thinking about you!
[Jet] Hey there. [Jet] WOW! Do you wanna play some Mario Kart? [Sonic] Yeah, I do buddy. Yeah, I do. [Sonic] LET’S GO! [Jet] Wheeeeee!
[Tails] Ok, I’ll catch up with you later Sonic! [Tails] Ok, I’ll catch up with you later Sonic! [Sonic] Yeah!
[Tails] Ok, I’ll catch up with you later Sonic! [Jet] Nyoooooommmmm.
[Sonic] See you later guys! [Sonic] Sonic the Hedgehog is a good person now! [Amy] Who hasn’t learned a single fucking thing. [Jet] Horrayyy! [Sonic] YEAH! [♬ “Catch Me If You Can” (Zero Gravity version) by Runblebee ♬] ♬ No turning back we were born to dream ♬ ♬ In a world full of seeing what we never could reach ♬ ♬ Air time makes on a wind, I’d be ♬ ♬ Like life right by just a blur you see ♬ ♬ One mind, too wild, stuck in divinity ♬ ♬ Hawk tail, wing, claw — heaven sent a Jessy ♬ ♬ A speed rush tweak to a melancholy, victory ♬ ♬ Your chance don’t stand ♬ ♬ No one near my class of heat ♬ ♬ The rule of the wind is to never get beat ♬ ♬ Don’t hedge, don’t hog; you’re put to the test ♬ ♬ Like Jet, as hawk, I’ll rattle your nest ♬ ♬ I never come down, I’m high alone ♬ ♬ Bred from a genie with wings and throne ♬ ♬ Jet, fire hawk; the sky is me ♬ ♬ All for speed I was born to be ♬ ♬ Born to be! Born to be! ♬ ♬ Catch me if you can ♬ ♬ There’s no turnin’ back ♬ ♬ Reach, but never catch ♬ ♬ Catch me if you can ♬ ♬ You can’t fathom that ♬ ♬ Wonders you can have ♬ ♬ Catch me if you can ♬ ♬ Catch me if you can ♬ ♬ No turnin’ back, we were born to dream ♬ ♬ In a world full of seeing what we never could reach ♬ ♬ Air time makes on a wind, I’d be ♬ ♬ Like life right by just a blur you see ♬ ♬ One mind, too wild, stuck in divinity ♬ ♬ Hawk tail, wing, claw — heaven sent a Jessy ♬ ♬ A speed rush tweak to a melancholy, victory ♬ ♬ Your chance don’t stand ♬ ♬ Chaos in the emeralds, life is ephemeral ♬ ♬ Whatcha gonna do? Nothin’ is perpetual ♬ ♬ World domination, advanced technology ♬ ♬ Haven’t got the interest in that form of glory ♬ ♬ Put me in the air, and my speed will leave ♬ ♬ All in a shine like a miracle weave ♬ ♬ I just won’t stop; the treasure’s with me ♬ ♬ I said it before, I was born to be… ♬ ♬ Catch me if you can ♬ ♬ There’s no turnin’ back ♬ ♬ Reach but never catch ♬ ♬ Catch me if you can ♬ ♬ You can’t fathom that ♬ ♬ Wonders you can have ♬ ♬ Catch me if you can ♬ ♬ We are born to dream ♬ ♬ Nothing can’t be done ♬ ♬ Catch me if you can ♬ ♬ There’s no turning back ♬ ♬ Reach but never catch ♬ ♬ You can’t fathom that ♬ ♬ Wonders you can have ♬ ♬ Catch me ♬

TSM x MTN DEW AMP GAME FUEL BLOOPERS // Bjergsen, Broken Blade, Biofrost, Reverse2k, EmadGG & More!

You’re using a new hair conditioner I don’t remember any more words… (laughter) What are you doing (big gulp) ahhhhhhhhh… I had too big of a slurp (laughter) hold… hold… hold… hold… hold… and… (laugh) You’re laughing at me You want me to drink like… Should I take the whole thing? (laughter) Go! There’s a plane overhead Oh, you say “what?” Oh, I have to say “What?” Yeah. Oh okay. You missed ten smites in a row. You need… Ziath… Thya… Theanine (muffled laughing) Theanine… Action! Oh *bleep* Action! Oh *bleep* I keep forgetting just to look at the thing Don’t thank me *bleep* Don’t thank me *bleep* Don’t thank me. Thank Mountain Dew Amp Game Fuel! Danger! Keep going? Oh my bad You

Alicization Lycoris is the end of Sword Art Online Gameverse Timeline! | Gamerturk SAO

According to the SAO Author Reki Kawahara
and SAO Gameverse Lead Yousuke Futami, Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris will be the
final game in the SAO Gameverse continuity. What does it mean? Well, it certainly doesn’t mean “No more SAO
games time to panic” or anything! Welcome everyone, it’s me Gamerturk and let’s
talk about the future of SAO Games in very vague terms because Alicization Lycoris is
not even out yet, let alone the 2 DLCs it will have. First off, context is necessary here, because
most people mistake the Sword Art Online Gameverse Timeline with SAO Games in general. On March 14th, during the 7 year celebrations
for the Gameverse, Yousuke Futami teased that the journey that started with Infinity Moment/Hollow
Fragment will be coming to an end with Alicization Lycoris coming out in May 2020. This was followed by Reki Kawahara, the author
of Sword Art Online and SAO Progressive, as well as other series like Accel World and
the Isolator, commenting about his sadness regarding the Gameverse timeline coming to
an end, also mentioning that he still hasn’t given up introducing Strea into the main canon,
which is… An interesting idea to say the least. But Reki Kawahara also seems to be in the
same confusion as many SAO Game fans are regarding what “Game timeline” actually is, sharing
his question as to why Accel World vs SAO is never mentioned during Gameverse talks. So, let’s clarify that bit first. There are plenty of SAO Games out there, Hollow
Fragment which is a remake of Infinity Moment with more content, Lost Song, Hollow Realization,
Fatal Bullet, Lycoris, Accel World vs SAO, Memory Defrag, Integral Factor, Rising Steel
aka Blading and many many more, including many more that never came to the west before
being decomissioned. But the SAO Gameverse only consists of the
continuity that is Hollow Fragment, Lost Song, Hollow Realization, Fatal Bullet and Alicization
Lycoris. Accel World vs SAO is a standalone game that
borrows the Gameverse establishment to tell its non-canon story, and games like Memory
Defrag, Integral Factor, Rising Steel are completely their own canons and do not belong
to the Gameverse. So, what Yousuke Futami means is that the
overarching story that started with Hollow Fragment, continued for 3 other games, and
is ending with the 5th game that is Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris. This in no way means that we’ll never get
more SAO Games in the future. But also, it may not necessarily mean that
Gameverse is actually coming to an end, looking back at the trends in gaming, as well as SAO
as a series. Let’s start with the former, since it is the
most obvious conclusion. Lycoris will end up being the final game in
the SAO Games timeline and wrap it up completely, never to be continued. Well, even during the course of the SAO Gameverse,
we received a full fledged console game that wasn’t part of the SAO Gameverse, Accel World
vs SAO, so that’s a clear example of what can be done. Standalone games and stories that don’t directly
tie into the SAO Gameverse, but are still proper full fledged games. Think of an Aincrad game for example, a game
that is adapting Sword Art Online Progressive, similar to Integral Factor but no Gacha bullshit,
a proper Console/PC game with depth to it! Or simply other original ideas that don’t
necessarily take place in the Gameverse, a Sword Art Online: ALO Wars let’s say, portraying
a game that takes advantage of the sheer PvP nature of ALO and its races fighting for domination
and eventually ascending the Tree of Life. Remember, this is completely non-canon to
both the Main Continuity and the SAO Games continuity so you can easily bend and twist
plot elements to suit your needs. This is the most likely option for the future
of SAO Games, I mean, Mobile Games keep doing it, with Integral Factor and Rising Steel
being their own stories with their own rules, I would not be surprised if Bandai Namco adopts
this form of games for the age after Lycoris. The next 2 possibilities come with quite a
lot of wild brainstorming, which is why I would like to emphasize that these are merely
“possibilities of what can be done in the future” and nothing concrete really. Second option comes in the form of being a
bit skeptical about the chosen words. Lycoris may be the end of the Gameverse Timeline,
but that doesn’t mean there can’t be more games that properly takes place within the
Gameverse, before the events of Lycoris. If you think of the timeline, yeah, Lycoris
may be at the end of the timeline, but nothing limits the creation of more stories between
the start and end. What immediately comes to mind in this possibility
is for example an Ordinal Scale game for the Gameverse. We know the events of Ordinal Scale took place
within the Gameverse already as explicitly stated in Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet DLC4,
Dissonance of the Nexus, however this was never portrayed as a game. Another example would be a game that takes
place prior to the events of Lost Song. Strea Ending of Hollow Fragment had already
implied that the crew would migrate to ALO and Lost Song takes place a while after the
crew established themselves in ALO, when the new expansion Svart ALfheim is unlocked for
the players. So a possibility here would be the adventures
of the crew who had just started playing ALfheim Online. Sure, the character selection would be quite
limited compared to the latter games, as the likes of Rain, Seven, Premiere, Tia, Fatal
Bullet cast etc are not yet introduced at that point in time, but that gives all the
more reason to give more screentime to other characters! Mabe more focus on Lux, maybe an event with
a Kohiruimaki Karen during her “exploration” phase of the VR worlds, going absolutely crazy
at her given avatar, maybe the inclusion of Fukaziroh, since she is a renowned ALO player
and so on. All in all, the phrase “End of the Timeline”
does not have to exactly mean “the End of more Gameverse stories”. To illustrate the circumstances better, Floor
75 was the end of the Aincrad Timeline in the main canon, it was literally “the end”. Nothing stopped Reki from writing more side
stories that took place in Aincrad, and it certainly didn’t stop him from taking up Sword
Art Online Progressive, a floor by floor retelling of Aincrad in great detail. The third option, which may sound very unlikely
at first, but soon makes you realize its not all that unlikely at all, mainly stems from
how often we underestimate… Well, for the lack of a better word, “Publisher
Greed”. Did you know Sword Art Online Alicization
was supposed to be the very end of Sword Art Online as a series? That was Reki Kawahara’s intention, his Web
Novels, the original draft of the story, had concluded with Alicization. Even moreso, the official Alicization Light
Novel release literally ends with a poem that signals the end of “the tale”. It’s not as explicit, because probably, at
this point it was already decided that the story would continue for yet another arc,
possibly in an attempt to tie it into Accel World, which deserves its own separate video,
but when something is told to be the end, you shouldn’t be surprised when it turns up
not to be the end. Even when the creators original vision aimed
for the story to end, things can change with some persuation effort from the publishers. So, when we are told “Alicization Lycoris
will be the end of SAO Gameverse”, take it with a grain of salt. SAO Gameverse is a major moneymaker for Bandai
Namco and you definitely should not be surprised if the timeline is continued later down the
line, whether with original games, or a possible Unital Ring game. But yeah, that is all I got for you today! Just wanted to inform you on the facts we
got and the possibilities that await us in the future! If you made it this far, what’s your take
on the news and what would you prefer? A clean slate SAO Game after Lycoris, a game
that takes place in the timeline to fill the blanks or a game that takes place in the future
of the timeline, whether original concept or Unital Ring? Do let me know in the comments! If you enjoyed the video, likes are always
appreciated, if you want more content on Sword Art Online, make sure to subscribe and hit
the bell icon, a staggering 86% of you are not even subscribed, you are missing out on
all the good stuff and my quality shitposting! Also, check out LLENN Squad Merch, illustrated
by the amazing Jeng Kay! I got one, it’s great! Go get it! If you are a Patron or Channel Member, you
even get a 5$ discount code in your respective community feed! As always though, thank you for watching and
a special thanks to all Patrons and Channel Members especially during this month where
Im demonetized! I’ll see you in the next one, until then,
Stay Cool~


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Come on, man There’s a plane overhead. What? 96 passengers. At 415 knots. At approximately 478 miles per hour. At
24,000 feet. You’re unfocused. You missed ten smites in a row. Here! Drink this. Thank you TSM Geometrics! Don’t thank me. Thank Mountain Dew Amp Game Fuel

Paul Trifiletti: 5-Game Winner | JEOPARDY!

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Paul Trifiletti: 5-Game Winner | JEOPARDY!

– My favorite moment was when I got the Daily Double; I think it was in my first
game, on the hippodrome. What is a hippodrome? – [Alex] That’s right. – I said to myself, “Well
even if I go down in flames, people at least know that I know my stuff.” – Paul Trifiletti is an
attorney from Athens, Georgia. In college, you became a
member of the oldest chapter of the oldest Greek
organization in the country. – That’s correct, it’s the
Alpha of Virginia chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, founded in 1776 at the college of William and Mary. – 1776?
– Correct. – Gosh. Seems like yesterday. – I just went big, that was my strategy. I just wanted to, you
know, go hard, go big, and go home with no regrets whatsoever. – Guess what, you’re
now a five-day champion, and you have moved over the $100,000 mark. (upbeat music)

– Two Point Hospital (Twitch Live Stream) 2 Star Hospital – I’m Sick #2

your boy Big Bear broke and can’t
straight the refuse from Utah it’s back at it again with uh again I’ll sit with
the corona virus there is no cure but Noah for you to get a cure you have to
come on this and watch me play this two-point hospital I’m saying and also
rate comment subscribe if you want to get a cure like I said just describe it
a channel on here on switch and also my youtube channel right before we start
this finally got better lighting but I’m gonna play a little bit of this the last
stream that I put out hours ago is I wanted to actually get my hospital three
stars and I did that second plot we may try to do the same thing how will I do
second plot so let me show you guys my first at a hospital right here let me
check it on my Twitter to make sure ma’am eye twitching everything make sure
everything’s working right and finding dandy up in here where my microphone is
working lovely and sexy we will see okay everything is working lovely and sexy
right here for you guys this right here my first scream right here haven’t
really gave it a name yet this is what I built
I like everything organized and stuff like that right here that’s from the
first ring earlier now makes you guys use some comments if you popping in and
out check on your boy everything ok let’s go back out start the second fly still learning the buttons to this
Oh entire Stravaganza of a Gabriel and this right here is more bullocks
right here we’re gonna try this one real raw it not cut yep yep yep yep yep yo okay this one says staff qualifications
welcome to the lower bodachs bullocks lovely little village doctors with the
physician qualifications will be able to diagnose and treat people okay we’re
gonna see Verona cut to see how this one works like the first ring okay now this
GPS office is like you see I think I’m gonna move don’t panic space sell these windows put the bubble juice there all right y’all let’s see where we don’t
put this first building at this thing is small Lucy whatever we got right here here’s Diagnostics a range of site
reactions illnesses alignments elements Lightman’s whatever that word is of the
mind we got zero in the hospital now so we got to build one of these some big space right there like a doctor I think a doctor needs to be
you have to get to the hospital in level three Carly levels
okay this harsh people I’ll have one doctor she goes yeah let’s just grab her up
that but she got today we got a first patient over there if I look crazy
already let’s read is no new illness rocks Mach
star discovered you have to go through a crazy cycle reaction Delta say they’re
not really something what’s up to the people living right here got the rock star rock star
whatever wrong with not cut like I said make sure you guys go subscribe my
youtube channel give me a follow on Twitter play try to
grow this magnificent channel out okay they’ll still we need up in here
let’s see it snatched toilet somewhere does they probably got it go to the man like noises hospital is made everything
is all up in here due to urinals they got a sink in here
too the first one didn’t have a sink an acetal expand sanitizers let’s see 45 why is it whatever you clip your
nails in front of their heater one of the male is always into the cracks of
your keyboard which is the key y’all gotta give him something to drink I
don’t know I like this game is pretty pretty much fun I know right are you
doing Kate Kate why what’s up 1994 yeah this game is fun I’m like in a second
the second part I’m just relaxing and playing it but it’s been actually stuck
in E trying to figure it out but it reminds me of the whole school first
game that ever came theme Hospital yeah it’s a learning
experience what it’s fun though I can’t wait to get feathers no feather feather
in the game pack succeed without the brains Hey look honorable look they got the
Mach star disease sniffing how do we get going I know the times go forwards a
nice mess of everybody sleep everybody sleep all right here we get this is hospital
one star hey everybody like
oh yeah yeah yeah rather call it drugstore veneer I got a higher yeah like I said I’m
still like learning stuff people popping in and out of this room but she got
subscribe to the twitch channel if you guys wanted some games to sit back and
relax and talk also face you guys go says what’s up right there to the
leading on the comments of person right there call K leak 1994 complaining that we don’t have a reward
we won’t make that happen right here you got this on attendance which I
usually take it to work will be a play all night you know working so I wish it
was cross saved but I don’t think well games you be playing what’s up miss
Kate just playing this two point Hospital game I feel like I want to play
something different there we go got the ward I’m crazy
also you guys are the comments make sure you guys will check out Gary in uh two
one nine right there this time she also does streaming as well right now right
here on switch as well not faithful listeners your personality is pickle
Werth is back in forever I just could not deprive you of my wit I take the
responsibility of being your only source of intellectual stimulation very
seriously indeed I’m just forgettable magnus dux i played
this game early for about two hours i livestream about two hours are earlier
in the day looks like i want to get up on here just play it again it’s very
addicting so taser all right there’s a new illness the
hills verbal diarrhea dire hora they got some weird names up in here said I’ve
led the plague loose that’s my name the stream I have coronavirus maybe catch
people’s attention put em up put in switch out of one of me
I mean tweet dunk they’re gonna come to my hospital
come on come on what doctor do you see what’s going on
miss Kay you ever see no dr. doodsen scholar duty
I know he’d be on that up give me heavy on that Club gee Tony take
a shit people in the hospital gotta take a shit I think I did put some bathrooms
no staff what staff room no I was covering up my
door well you say if you can get away
GTA 5 open are you open you open card will you talking about me I know oh yeah I told her that did miss
Kay I told her that a couple days ago I told her no now we was talking to the
text come on she he she hasn’t opened up call of duty I said hey go do know what
it’s just sitting there well you better like clear ice
especially go get another hard drive cuz I got me a 40 B I’m about to run out so
I’m saving up right now for this 12 just 12 just 12 TB hard drive yeah I feel
that Oh delighted to say I will be giving him
my heart old University and the topic of pretentiousness I mean I think Amy I’m
thinking a weekly delete you say install alarming decline in educational
standards in our community yeah hey miss Kay you play games like
this I’m just trying to pick up put it at I’ll put it right here let’s give sexy sex couch right there throwing folks only here we go
you know what let me tell y’all something by Animal Crossing I bought
had him across in on 3ds the first guy release
I ain’t understand that shit I ain’t know what to do and I was kind of
confused I don’t know I was I was maybe just thinking about trying it again you
know knowing me I probably more building full-time I probably just be on it
winning I just want to just all this yeah yeah yeah can you playing
a lot with him like well it was like a bunch of people all right we need some fire
extinguishers up in here hey my hospital doing good though everybody going home happy and dandy as
can be I’ll move these chairs over here because they take it up all my space I
can use I think I’m on the second part on the Nintendo switch to right here but
I got like three hospitals built onto this one I know I heard you’ve been
getting into the crafting my girl been getting into that
crafting a lot too she got that dang Cricut machine I got it for Christmas
but she been heavy on that heavy on it working on some cool stuff I try to get
on it I don’t understand it every day lots of paintings have their life force
trained by callers they’re not aware of smooth yourself over like chickens
Wellness Center we can’t go miss Kay you know perfect
right and died at my dang Hospital look at this right here
please go you jinxed me see the person just died
not to figure out why he let me see me meet up in here killing my people didn’t what meet me I gotta go back to
work tomorrow night I don’t even want to think about that shit I don’t know why
he died right there I mean these Goods hold up hold up don’t wonder he ain’t
got no training and nothing so I’m gonna have to ain’t got no training and
nothing about to fire him get out of here messing up my people’s
right to hire somebody else hey you ain’t getting no unemployment
you get food stamps yeah I heard I y’all ready for that on that new Xbox
Playstation 5 I’m ready for everybody pay my shit all right down this way from
the now started shit I don’t know what’s going on I don’t know what’s going on
PlayStation Oh why they I don’t know why they not announcing a console light are
they scared or what’s going on we don’t care just announce of the show a damn
Microsoft has already heard of them W date basically about announced all the
specs and everything and we ready to go release that shit this summer we can’t
wait you know damn Christmas no right today they’re gonna push you back to
2021 they better not man they better not yeah we know where the shit is meta
keyword but let me tell y’all something ain’t worried about that damn
coronavirus ain’t over here hopping around and going crazy like other people watch is gonna be just like one of damn
viruses that it was everybody panicked about and you ain’t gonna hear about it
no more always something going on always upgrade I probably got to upgrade I got
a hard another home nurses I had to fire two other hallway
this was short tempers party can go to the nurse car I know it’s okay we’ll get we’ll get
back on track okay why don’t have a doctor somebody somebody playing around
I don’t have a doctor in the gp’s office I thought I’d hired one I’ll play this
game like I’m really the boss up in here we’re gonna find out what the other two
is that let’s see where is my doctor’s got her
over there let’s check his nose he playing him
playing around let’s check his moves miss Kay go miss Kay you got to help me
with my gaming PC I gotta get those parts but I’m not
gonna beat those parts until Julis d druvan telling you how I get like really
really settled in because I’m not trying to buy anymore
on to point stuff until after summer tour on august 2 foundations healthcare
division there’s nothing but a load of hocus pocus hogwash tell me it doesn’t
take a brain surgeon to see the addict who’s that he’s brainwashing he’s all
break that’s why that’s why I’ve been trying to be you know a little bit cuz
I’m trying to build it up so to get me ready for my PC as well cuz I be my
stuff to look sexy like y’all screen up like damn yeah yeah I heard about that
doesn’t miss Kay miss Kay you got that okay I gotta upgrade a machine mixer my
stuff needs to be fixed up it’s okay get off free way over here you need to be
over there get your ass to work Oh for real that’s what’s up me I bet
you charge them a lot huh Oh should I think I see the health inspector okay so this one says own two buildings
okay I played this one before yeah you can buy this little space right here
this one I got enough money yep see Jakob into another hospital right
there look at all that money I got I wish I had it in my bank account and once you got can’t hear some see diagnosis I know what was like riding a bike yes these
angel reviews in which Sir Nigel reviews the new fitness center in lower bollocks
De Stijl buns gym I spent a very pleasant afternoon in the sauna always
on the games are my smells as when walks down the coast Eddie honour in short I
would stick with the perspiration spa angel campaign i pants laughs right here damn it’s gonna be a big one gosh that’s
a big space I hope you are you charging people oh I
got a deal of award let’s see you got I got doctor two-year nurse of the year
patient choice award now I need all my money okay we got this pants laughs
trying to feel them over here I got a yeah my most I got a long time
to get the one star Hospital this mud yeah I’m sorry to hear about your
grandma hopes you get better and everything you know okay we got too many
too many doctors let’s check it out some people may have to go Hoddy that big old oh that’s a big
building powder brown water fuckin I can move it later I’m stuck in this game y’all Poteau I thought that fits in there though all through you gotta find something what you really
really like hasn’t you know if you trying to find I don’t know my dad
always told me when you want to work find something that’s gonna be easy on
you and not you know not too strenuous and hard I don’t mind telling you words
with nippy in the booth today the heater is malfunctioning and the window is
stuck in an open position I have no choice but to engage in vigorous
exercise now if you’ll excuse me okay says maintenance Rouladen GPS say miss require sustained earrings it’s already duck my people just
lollygagging there’s already somebody in the gp’s office that they talk about
to speed this up so how’s Florida treat you miss Kay hey
is anybody getting that down no a two-game I’ll run out of game space like
in my camera closet that’s a mother stuff I had to give me
another little shelter they put my games on I said am i run out of space yeah
this time I keep telling now you tell it my girl let’s move down there look for
some jobs and go down here you need to get about a tear cuz you
know where we used to live at I hated it down there dad still trying to get me to
come visit I was like man you want to come down there wait what do you say meat can you what service you want to catch it you want to catch a
ride when we move to Florida you know me highway no nobody I’ll be
when I move I’m ready to get it over with I’m ready to get it over with
push push plus you got talk you be you got talk to miss glam bout that one you
ain’t get me in trouble by getting me smacked up yeah I’m just I’m just saying
if if you really want it then you won’t change it’s up to you to do it for
yourself I get between doctors and nurse you do
the same damn baby full of cheap artificial medicine so stay at a
holistic spa spittle where our natural remedies are so expensive right they
just have to be good for you home distance where you can only hope it
sticks I know right you right this cage right make me why do you think
when I was living in Kentucky my girl was like I’m the man she said
I’m the man so I come out here to Virginia first get a job
we saved what money together she’ll handle it apartment
she’ll pack up there till the lease was up five months later so I didn’t see my
girl for five months when I came to Virginia to have it work I work to save
money I’ll be back and got her she had everything packed and got back to new
diamond Roger over all the way back to Kentucky got there about two o’clock in
the morning and she was like you want to put the stuff in the truck in the
morning I said now we’re gonna put this motherfucking right now wake up we’d be
ready to just to get in the truck to drive home
to another stage is hard especially you already been established in one state
but that’s all over sell a bunch of your stuff you get it you will get it some
some jobs do yeah yeah I mean it it helped us because Kentucky I mean you
could tell me ain’t no jobs down there where we were staying at because I used
to live but uh ten minutes late for her and there was there’s no jobs in the
area you got a bunch of country folks that don’t like change they fight
against that mess down there like they trying to build a stuff I had to get up
out of there in order for you to get a good job you had to drive for like two
hours away to get to work a good job at a factory and most of the jobs down
there mostly temporary jobs yeah I mean meek I’m telling you I was
scared and like I said I and I was procrastinating and I said you know what
fuck this shit hey it’s gonna take some time to rebuild
but you scared don’t lie everybody everybody get scared
you ain’t gotta you got sugarcoat it well name Dan you bet you can say that
like 10 min 10 years oh my gosh the doctor is like really really he took
these stats cuz these guys is great I have to build another GP office
somewhere well hold on hold on hold on make sure okay no we done we asked in
the hospital is built yes this I have discovered the heater had been jammed
with sodium’s over here cease to function I suspect
this is the work of that unhygenic against Tracy Harrison Wolfe words will
be had Asher you got to keep you got to have a
mindset keep on keep on going and don’t let things distract you that you know
that’s gonna you know make you that things in your life that you know that’s
gonna make you fall short you know say like if people interrupt you with the
stuff and you know it don’t pretend to it you anything that’s you know that’s
gonna make you fall back you know they’re gonna build jobs there I hate
coming to visit III even hate I hate to smell in Kentucky let’s see we need why didn’t forget
either yep put it right there this K so how you liking um call of duty
only thing I don’t like about the Call of Duty is the season pass stuff they
need to do better with the season pass like stuff that we get that’s unlockable
and stuff that’s the only thing that I hate about it pay $10 you call all that
stuff is wack except for the new operators you actually get yeah yeah
it’s a fun game but I’m talking about like the purchase stuff that you get
when you buy the season pass and then we spent $20 it only unlocks 2020 tears yeah that’s what I did
but I noticed that the free paddle pass you know they they said you get the free
battle pass stuff as you play but they didn’t say you get some of the stuff
that’s free I thought you get all of it as you play
the game for free but that bar that skillet bar was moving like pretty much
slow so me I just went ahead and said you know I must finish $10 I’m gonna get
my operator character and I like the charms and said some of the things I
like somebody calling cards hello to all my faithful listeners are there this is
Ricky Hawthorne ready to pull another job good old-fashioned honey into your
ears I’m referring to here is my voice panic and call and complain like last
time this game is beatable I don’t think it’s beatable hey y’all see that movie Midway using new what you need some new layout
Lego games oh oh yeah mr. K I bought it um I bought it last Friday I just washed
it up yeah last weekend I bought it I was so caught up in my games like didn’t
have time but I just got done watching it it is a good movie I wanna watch it
again tomorrow it’s real real good they got this other one coming out so I
think next week all 19-something I like war moves like that now hold on y’all we almost got that
level one star we got some good people in the stream so the other three people
that are watching other two three make sure you guys go check them guys
channels out in the comments Ravana cut go to the YouTube channel
trader reviews and subscribe subscribe which channel as well you watch this
Disney now I don’t have Disney Plus you still got that fire stick I think people
still use fire sticks I thought things were like played out well it looks like yeah yeah that’s time for you come on
the game mr. K oh you talking about yeah yeah the titles for that night we got stuff cool couches
well would you believe it a tree came crashing through my conservatory last
night well no sense dwelling on the past and the place does look green I know
okay so nights off to celebrate yeah man that’s gonna suck with the times going
don’t think they go what for heyday like saving times player do
getting mad right deadly what is he guy well he’s raised quitting Sonny’s rage
quit like he’s playing a game look at him oh he’s mad he’s leaving look at him
he’s playing really really mad that’s the first time I see next I don’t know what’s going on with all my
doctors he didn’t get mad huh this game is something else I’m glad I got this on a switch because
I don’t play I don’t play games like this during the week I mean like I mean
like on my playstation 4 I play like this on the weekends but during the week
off I’ll keep it on my switch look at me at the Russia go take a shit damn I’m
actually deleting the toilet and I don’t have another day toilet and I don’t know
how to get another toilet oh they got them separate in each okay
now I know y’all see I’m all here learning this game cuz I’m talking to
y’all you said you didn’t know you had enough college credits to become a
substitute teacher what there you go you’re gonna get on that shit I don’t
want to hear no mo the place from you then go if you know you can be a
substitute teacher get you ass up in there get us up in so I can so I can
have you substitute little little X here and I keep missing the wolf his ass oh we got a seat up in here put a big
bin in here how do you know Matthew damn kids I’m gonna tell you
right and point cody has Dean’s demon these kids don’t even work from before
these damn badass he’ll say conferred for what goes on of the all Bromley
centers they’re sure I tell my son to my just good to know what they got it they
got a good this error because that I told you told them like last night they
wouldn’t even make it back in the 90s they wouldn’t make it in our era I thought I had a life they got stuck somebody want a promotion
sandy 24 promotion from junior janitor assistance assistance let’s give her great we know they’re janitors work a
lot oh man I got an inspection coming oh I’m a change right now make you know my
kids don’t play with me they know they scared of me
especially the boys here they take it quiet
hey when I come into presence of them they get all quiet next year I look over
they scatter like roaches what they scare for cuz it all take no shit you can bring back yeah you can bring
back home after and economics on your wall to keep that sheet in fun fucking
closed doors just you said the hospital’s car killing killing killing
softly how many people let me see we don’t see this where I could find it out let’s see the overview maybe I know it
tells me somewhere I forgot where it’s over where are the illnesses
let’s see I only have three people that died meet me see three people how’s that
killing me softly oh I said oh how to boil water he cooks
on weekends he does the cooking on weekends Fridays
and Saturdays he cooks I had to teach no we had to teach him how to use a stoker
cook that shit on me number eight no hardship but yeah he
cooks but she writes somebody’s kids on how to do like little stuff he’s playful
one album from Jasmine Odyssey featuring the hit singles nice smiling face oh yeah miss gamma class she just bought
a whole bunch of whispers shrimpson snow crabs she got that dang be love sauce today’s my last day of my cheat meals I
gotta go right back on my diet starter all right this is all the way
he’ll do the next ten days go to the pharmacy yeah
that’s destiny that’s a big sauce because we got the regular in the spicy y’all of late tonight it’s K up late tonight is carried thank
you stay up this late yeah Alan sleep that much look at that look at that
right there look at that y’all I think we got our
star got a Sami no I can’t even say the word
right Samia now the doctor of the year nurse of the
year Employee of the Year patient choice I thought I had the one star we almost
there though he almost dead to the one star hospital I’ll make my dad got staff
I think you know my dad was in the hospital writings he had to get a he had
to get a pacemaker put in to him he didn’t tell me till I put the last
minute job is it oh man yeah yeah he doing okay
he was only in hospital for like two days and I had called him
and uh he already talking about he trying to come this way next month
better sit your ass down somewhere always trying to move yeah high blood
pressure ain’t nothing to play with my dad time he trying to come this way
because my heart throwing a party if you don’t sit so damn robot hard ass down
somewhere that’s what I told him trying to do too much oh man yeah sorry to hear that me that’s
why I’ve been trying to that’s why I’ve been trying to lose weight y’all on two
points radio I’ll cut back a lot of shit that I was leave it lotta stuff jobs
worth the local health and safety inspector is starting to honk farm
apparently the place is infested with cows pigs and chicken yeah they always
be on Henry no telling with them my dad my stepmom they be somewhere
let’s tell you know they be in Africa next week they come home become four we
can be probably gonna go to Antarctica shit sometimes my dad be pop pop it up here
in sometimes I don’t we know he coming he could be knocking at the door not though right yeah but mascara I think my daddy you
know he came he said he can’t sleep is a PDS PTSD is Duffy bump up that’s where
things like that he told me she did move she down in Texas already and I talked
to my sister two days ago I love least caught me out of some damn
money I’m a good ass back though she lied to me shit yeah she got told on by her mama I told
her I told her mama I said uh MooMoo asked me to give her a $20 because she
had to give her a fool handlers card she was like no she didn’t because Paula
gave her that Paula gave her money for that – I said oh so she got no money in
like you know me when I go to cars now go to muscles house and I see boom oh
she bet I had nothing that’s really a valuable then I like I was speaking see
but I had no candy at night laying laying around she like some kind of
snacks i’ma get her imma get her while she’s sleep mobile sup Mouse CBI long Instagram they
can see shit you don’t show ass down with those things but you’ll stay we
breath yeah she left she was damaged she was
staying with dad this she has some little uh some little boyfriend that was
from Virginia but uh some happens when we came back up here know the news a
dangerous animal has escaped from cross one of these not here in here they got
going on for themselves I just think you won’t need to buy our ticket to so
that’s what’s up you ain’t going with him make me look so my dad so my dying check her work okay she hungry yes
should I go to the bathroom going on break angle let it go I leave
the kids with you I thought now y’all gotta pay me right now not will not get
back no give me my money now i watch the damn kids hell no I tell them no hell no you know you know my son be 15
years old next Thursday thank God when he turned 18 he could get
out then I got a little man he bout to be 11 when he get 18 heat you get out
and I got a whole house to myself cuz I have a no mo damn kids about to be
40 years old next month yeah yeah Trey Trey Trey that’s that’s
the doors the Sun right I can’t believe Trey’s like 17 all right
everybody have Williams little I miss my sister Mariah though man I can’t climb
her big head itself anymore I’ll be thinking about my sister every damn time
she’d be hit me up late at night we’d be talking about stuff and she talked about
her little boyfriend’s at all no no no I probably do first here by face I know I know Biscayne I know miss Kay
go get that pink switch oh look at that y’all look at that bump how we doing
good up in here I’m gonna upload my first gameplay of this game
of my three star hospital that’s gonna be on my youtube channel so whatever
good videos that I um live stream on twitch but the thing is what’s going on
with me right now is I try to stream through my PlayStation through YouTube
but it’s not let me do it something that’s blocking me saying something I
got a vibe either Fermi but it’s not showing me a
confirmation through the PlayStation that I can do it
Oh miss Cobb this cow bet you come out with army when you go you’ll trade that
one in you got it go get their army one yeah I know you miss Kay you probably
probably got the army PlayStation controller they came out with a couple
of them they got that new uh one called um they just called the blueberry or
blackberry I saw that in Walmart yesterday I think I’m gonna go back and
go get it it’s pretty it’s a pretty nice color yeah I’m doing good this hospital okay
let me see hold on comics they always said it about Fort Knox
always always something going on with you I bet you I bet some Rattlers still
the lights damn dude and shit don’t and they still
build a bee town say you ever been to Fort Knox let me ask you a question miss
Kay I told my son if he ain’t found what he want to do in life by stop just
graduate from high school people had to Glen the military’s right Troy’s library
and panella postage tired of so many people forgetting to return books its
yappin to sneak into an artist and note and make on many volumes while these
women are different so if you play have a little daughter so basically in
Shelton wife you got a son growing up doing a job and and and he just want to
just act like life is just about sitting around being on the phone and don’t want
to take initiative of you know that’s what I told because hey you want
to stay in my house after you graduate school you got to either be going to
college or you gotta have a job like I said big boy men boys grown into men are
different well what you want me to do are it’s either it’s either he gone had
to get a job if you want to save his money and he going to move on get his
own place got to leave at some point I give him I give I give today 20 years
old I’ve got to leave the nest got it you
got a flop away and grow right right miss Kay so he thought it’d
be 15 so 16 he’ll be able to work get your ass up and I’m going to be teaching
them how to talk to managers and stuff so I’m gonna be act like a manager give
some questions and you know just talk to them like I said my son be acting like
he’s lost sometimes I’d be like dude where’s your friends at man what your
little girlfriend ex go hang out from hall or something you don’t be when I
was his age I was always out dog as long as I left my peer to where I was yeah but it’s different right here in
our Virginia though Virginia’s way strict with the
regulations I’m telling you I don’t like the way they handle things down here
y’all it is weird I don’t have any to it says I cannot
drink don’t have the other he openeth fix man hello yes Victor I don’t watch it
strange hear me like I said we’re gonna uh we’re gonna try to move across the
water we know it’s gonna be like they said a little more expensive but I’d
rather live somewhere I’m gonna be happy it’s ridiculous I’ve been here since
2014 in this damn ghetto ass shit down here because everything moving so fast
yeah we heard – lazy decks my girls topics I want a house house start off
with a all right here we go this is to blend radio I’ll do that on
one game come out next week to for the xbox that uh Ori worried that little
glowy monster little game or whatever yeah nobody I get all the damn games
shit I got every goddamn release out hey I’m potatoes right now you 18 hey
you’ve grown yeah that’s cuz I’ll be you know playing
of the games right now I mean ain’t going nowhere I mean I get around on
whatever but it’s all good though plus you got to work a lot too I work I
work you know midnight graveyard shift yeah little man here got ADHD oh my gosh
y’all don’t know them kids with ADHD man oh my gosh make you want to go cool to
kick I mean yeah make you want to go turn into Kunta Kinte mo make boots part
10 on all right yeah we got it we got to
figure out we got to figure out how to upgrade two machines make me don’t
respond back to that ain’t got time for that all much wish all right here we go Oh about a week you should break that
nasty ass monkey oh that’s a week I’m saying week we messed up big me why
ticket at the dump all of my toilets mr. Malla clogging up my toilets okay I
think I know how to upgrade to machine toto
they can’t know what I need to do I think I need to do fake I need y’all hold on for a minute
check my I’d like you to all think of are we back here sleepily waving its
color Lego block disaster lovely image meanwhile in the news team as announced
a 100% in crop block the taxes they got time for that
it’s it’s all positive over here I don’t want nobody coming on my twitch you
don’t saying bringing that pool craft you keep it positive over here hey I don’t want nobody messing up my
Dagon grant trying to keep me off course nu nu nu got time for it yeah let me put
a pharmacy up in here cuz we almost go into two-star hospital hey me do you
play that by daylight okay cuz I bought the night merit addition for the both
from both of the consoles and I have my regular dish in here I saw don’t even play let’s hire maybe
you can upgrade this machine and we can and I think we got that right there
upgrade to machines baby I didn’t see what the health inspector
said okay let’s see what it says mr. job which has spit sent us report a
recent visit 30 pages have been read but the conclusions read favorable aha aha
aha beat me you called my day on hospital killing me softly and I got a
good inspection hey that’s cool you know me up I scream that Call of Duty for my
xbox I’m sleeping this right now from the PlayStation let me speed this up speed it up and make some money up in
here oh man we gonna get some level level star to hospital up in here y’all
I would like a change the music on random I don’t know how to change the
music had to figure out that later on this can’t you go to sleep on me did you
fall asleep you fall asleep on that couch with a slammer out your mouth girl
I like Nestle Biscay she left what’s up make sure make sure they paid you though back I get up early in the morning do
this damn 30-minute workout starts from Sunday to Thursday meet get in the house
Hey look at this I got five people that’s what’s up
I love it you know those five people’s watching to
the Big Bear bro aka radio with make sure to follow me on here also the
YouTube chat you tuned for some create music makes it geek is my new home girl
might get lucky from back in the day she’s really really cool
she gives me good advice keeps me on my toes you know I’m saying let’s say this
KB tonight hey she be uh she be playing them damn war games like really really
good though telling you me she be CPB snack them damn again especially when we
used to play battlefield oh my gosh she used to be in the tank queen she used to
be vomit all across the battlefields we can
taste ones up to the sixth person in the room what is up what’s up sup scapegoat
think I sent your name from somewhere try to remember oh I keep forgetting yo day Pippi
Longstocking now on top of a homegirl basic eating and stuff up in here in the
comments you’d be Longstocking in the house what
you up to pimp a big me give me lost I can don’t I know he’s waiting on my new
music like I said I’m gonna start recording really really I’ve got moving
I got it I got a brand new speaking microphone minute um a microphone booth
stands up my girl got it for me to christmas ago it’s still in the box
like i said when i movie gets settled I’m gonna go back to my music the reason
why I haven’t been doing music cuz I haven’t been feeling feeling the music
violin definitely gonna get there if you Longstocking say these Chili’s coming
through right here tonight on the twitch channel that’s what’s up yeah this this day especially Becca to
sty in like what does people seeing that damn girl like her fuck I’m not hating
on her of her I’ve heard doing her thing cuz that’s her doing her thing but her
music is this like what does people really seeing that music it sounds the
same yeah
it’s like I like I like cardi B cuz she’s real way she interacts with the
you know fans all the time and do all kinda stuff and she’s funny but then it
didn’t melt you know making study just came out of nowhere she’s popping and
snapping and talking like she is the top shit she gonna be around too much longer
though she need all that though she thinks she’s all that I don’t like
what with me act like that like they all that it Wow Lila bah you got fake
titties and a Bigfoot or don’t got fake titties you got a real good looking body
and a big butt don’t impress me she’s a nerd what would you mean she play games
too in all that use for real music sound the same and I can see why
her record label told her do not release any music but she went against him and
released that damn weak-ass mixtape called sugar and another thing she’s
riding off on that dumb song she got out called
I’m a BITC AIDS whatever you know say she ride it off
Tupac’s beat that was remixed you don’t do that will you come out with a hit you
had a culture quality of news at your home your all oh that’s the first time I got a
assistance of Year award right there Pippi Longstocking are you still in the
house yeah let me hear you shout cuz you’ve noticed I cry you can run bit
there’s nowhere to hide right did you listen to that mixtape did you listen to
it that shit was garbage that shit was garbage every track on it sounded the
same the production sounded bland I was like why is she going against her record
label and them the people that put her out and took it and took the chances and
she’s crying because they would let her put out any music and she’s crying about
that contract why she crying about that contract and they took the risk with
putting her ass out and the CEO is is supposed to get 60%
she’s a first 30 artists you don’t say the CEO is posted 60% she could go right
along with 40% because her job is to go to the venues after CEO set up make her
money at the venues and do today going to the concert shows that’s where she
make most of her money yet she rocking her head thinking oh I’m rich I’m famous
she had even that established really yet when you established the only
established with you got your first official album mountains she don’t have
her first official album out me she got a day going TP that’s like a second
thank to a mixtape that’s like upgraded from from from a well known mixtape I mean I can make better music than her
and it’s kind of crazy how you got people like me and and and other people
out there doing good music trying to get out here and it’s like these wack-ass
people get signed it’s like dude I’m better than them how they get signed but
me I don’t want to be famous I just want to get the money in and just
chill I stay independent I don’t want to sign no big record league label contract
and to be real with you if one came at me today I wouldn’t even start it hell
no I don’t want to go through that shit all right let’s see we got going on here
y’all let’s see let’s see okay we gotta get the hospital level eight current
level and it is 1:15 a.m. we are not gonna do three hold I got a burp yeah
for me pick up glad you came in here though
you would miss Kay you know say my boy Pippi Longstocking was up in here and
I’m sayin had a hater coming here but yeah but for
now won’t be big if you ever catch a hater we ain’t going we ain’t even gonna
respond to him we’re just gonna just overlook the comments and other people’s
songs I’m saying because you know long long time ago I was playing dumb and
it’s responding to the haters life and they fuck my shit up
what’s tonight right ahead act that’s why I was telling you that you know I
was the kind of responses after this you know I don’t want to give the haters no
energy because you don’t give no energy they’re
gonna keep doing it they’re gonna get bored and go mess to the next person right right since you says cuz records
contracts are loans and if they can’t make some money from mixtapes of albums
and other tours yeah mixtape is more like let me see how
you let me see how you do and see how everything feels out what you receive to
actually see if you’re gonna make it well let me tell you something about
mixtapes though let me see I got a spare another inspection oh I got some money look how much money I got in my hospital
oh it’s going down hold on hold on meek let me up check my me guess what I
scream for two hours last time and I didn’t get no followers everybody kept
popping in and out that’s some bullshit man that is crazy
nobody loves feet but I fiction when I get out there and about a couple months
everybody will start coming there – ha I love your shirt yeah that’s what people
do I don’t even don’t really know who face
is I think I’m ready cross you know some of his music all right y’all let’s see what we got
doing here but yeah I make me I’m trying to get
this gaming PC I can’t wait to get it Kimo daddy I don’t know I have to I have
to go check up out later on
what’s that once on that black dude it’s the plan an amazing plan I forgot his
name that’s a hit song but Nicki Minaj’s I think I think Nicki Minaj is about
done she’s on her last leg cuz she’s not really doing anything
inspector Henry job she’s got out into the shoe so right now you know part
Ibiza top top top playing going alright now he was then seen running out and
screaming was laying to point to hospital y’all I called this deep
hospital now everybody got the light buff here it’s going on I think I have that okay let me put some
bitches out here everybody sit down Oh got some sexy couches right here some
new stuff I love this game it’s so much fun just relaxing look at my people’s heads glowing so
glowy no I don’t know oh they do got an arcade machine up in
here damn I gotta say before that look maybe
they got our cable I’m a rude comment to the minute just
trying to catch some stuff in here for these what’s expected okay we get in there yeah yeah yeah I go
light I love cardi B’s music I don’t care what anybody says yeah I think his name is Ross something
but I think the reason why these wack rappers get signed is because it’s a
quick money and these record labels know they can get over on it because they
because they know they’re wack and they know that they can bring in a lot a lot
of money just by giving them whatever they want because I know these young
kids don’t care they’re like they’re like expiration dates one-hit wonders what hit wonders we check to see if my
video uploading stickers on private steel Oh doh oh yes uploading maybe yes g-dog we is
what an unprofitable today is to follow later later today a first two points in hospital yep yep
yep okay yeah but you know what I listen to his
album and to be real most of the songs all his songs are album weren’t that
good he sounded like the other wack rappers but that’s the only good song he
had on that damn album because I was like who’s name is Rowdy rich or
something like that and I was and yesterday I was like maybe I’m gonna go
buy his album on iTunes and I was listen to all the tracks I was like nah oh what
the hell that’s a pot with some of these rappers
they get that one hit they can’t make nothing else after that what song all
that damn robot dancing is just upgrade version or breakdance that’s what you
talk about oh you like it you don’t like that song
I like it today’s sponsor is very tiresome most janitors did only have one
all of your short term eel based needs and I just filled her this hospital somebody died on me so oh my gosh what
is going on here I had three people die at the same time the reason why you hear
it so much because it’s pays it’s being paid for it to be played on a radio
I don’t know what’s going on everybody panicking over this damn shit if I will
a reception over here got a break oh my god I’m not reception
at assistants I’ll shoot right there this hospital here it’s pretty much
empty right here she can come over here and find that yes go yes right over there sitting down Sara so I said don’t beat the ghosts this is little part over here everybody’s gone they left me they’ve
left me go get some more people to come back in here y’all okay two-point radio
is it just me or the pointy mountains getting less pointy we should race sunny
and get them sharpened I mean who wants to live in the shadow of blunt mountains all right y’all we did it we did it
man okay we got it to a two-star hospital as you guys can see and I’m
wondering if I want to sit right here making it to three star hospital but now
we did up on the first stream and we’re gonna end it right here and like I said
y’all like to think the people that came through with a big big 40 commenting
talking to you boy trigger reviews aka Big Bear bro Big Bear bro aks trader
reviews however you want to call me Rwanda cut and I bet you guys uh drive
through the twisted twitch channel and like I said the more followings I get
out keep coming back like throughout the weekend mostly all nights and half
nights on the weekends off and also to people that’s watching this right now on
YouTube make sure you guys go over to my twitch channel right here as well and
subscribe tell everybody about me around the gaming community random twitch
community about me as well y’all and like I said uh thanks meek Meeks for
coming through thanks miss Kay for coming through thank you Pippi
Longstocking for coming through your own uncut and to the peoples things that I
forgot thank y’all for coming through and we go keep on playing some more
themed Hospital and I may come back playing some Call of Duty for a little
bit yeah y’all okay it’s about to go down

Old Video Games: Tonya Harding Skating, GoodFellas: The Game

-This is really exciting. I was home recently
at my parents’ house digging through the garage,
and I found the first video-game system I ever owned. I don’t know if you guys
remember the Jorbus. The Jorbus was made by
now-out-of-business department store
Montgomery Ward. Just a fantastic system. And ever since I dug it up,
I’ve been playing it nonstop. A lot of Jorbus games
were ahead of their time. Let’s take a look
at some of them now in a segment we call
“Old Video Games.” [ Cheers and applause ] Oh, boy. Oh, the hours I spent
with this one right here. The old “Tonya Harding Skating.” It was such a fun — In this game, you are
a world-class figure skater who’s competing
against Tonya Harding, and the goal of the game was to complete
a figure-skating routine while avoiding
Tonya Harding’s goons who would come after you. And you sort of hit “A”
to jump over ’em. And then you hit “B,” you know, to get low
and then do a little duck. And then the final boss was, of
course, Tonya Harding herself, and she would just
sort of chase you, and you’d have to just tap
the buttons to go as fast as you could,
and then eventually, she would trip on her shoelaces
right there. There you go.
And that is, uh — That was it. That’s how you won.
It was fun. It was fun. [ Applause ] The next game was inspired by
the Chernobyl disaster of 1986. [ Laughter ] Okay. It was “Chernobyl: The Game.” And what it did was it took
place after the catastrophe. You played as a Soviet official,
and your goal was to eat up all the paperwork
that would show evidence of governmental wrongdoing. So let’s just take a look
at the gameplay. So, there you are.
You’re this government head. And you’re eating up
the paperwork, and those are — Those are reporters, and they’re
trying to get ahold of you. And then, uh, you would just
eat this radioactive pill. And then — There you go.
You just eat them all up. And then you would win,
and this would happen. -Victory! [ Applause ] -So much fun. Jorbus. By far, my favorite game
growing up was “Fitted Sheet: The Game.” [ Laughter ] In “Fitted Sheet: The Game,”
you played as a single man struggling to put
a fitted sheet on a bed. So much fun.
Just check it out right here. So, you got your fitted sheet,
and it looks super-easy. And you think, “All I got to do is put it on this corner
right there. All right. Almost done. Then I’m gonna go —
Oh, no! Oh, no!” Then you just go down.
You go like, “I got this. Super easy.” And then that one. Then eventually
you’d just give up, and you would sleep
on a box spring. -You lose! -The next game was called
“Goodfellas: The Game,” which was based on the Martin
Scorsese film “Goodfellas.” People were excited when
they bought it ’cause you assume that it would have some
of the exciting mafia scenes from the film,
but it actually took place entirely in a restaurant. You played as Henry Hill
out on a date with his goomah, but it turns out his wife,
Karen, is in the restaurant. And when Karen sees you, you have to sneak out
without getting caught. -Henry!
-So, she sees you, and then she comes over,
and you got to run around, and maybe you get lucky, and there’s, like, a dessert
tray that you hide behind. And — Oh, now she’s
coming the other way. -Henry!
-You hide behind a tree or a little bush,
whatever that it is. And then, oh,
there’s some cocaine, and that would be helpful ’cause
you would get the cocaine, and then you’d get out of there. And it was awesome
because it was really cool. [ Applause ] The game came
with this bag of fake cocaine, and it was fun for kids ’cause
it was made with Pixy Stix and a little bit of cocaine. So… The last one —
a Jorbus classic. “Bobby Knight Basketball.” In this game,
you play as legendary Indiana Hoosiers
basketball coach Bobby Knight who had famously
had a bad temper. There was no actual basketball
in this game. Instead, you would just throw
chairs at the opposing team in an effort
to get them off the court, and then after
you vanquish the team, of course,
the cops would show up. Oh, no, sorry.
The referees would show up. Obviously, I’ve tipped
what’s happening next… -Eat chair! -…which is
the police officers. There you go. Rule of threes. Now we get rid of those guys.
-Take that chair! -And then the really fun thing
is in a tie-in with the stories of the day. Saddam Hussein
was the last boss. And that would be a case where
you would root for Bobby Knight. -Eat chair!
-And it was so much fun. What a fun game. Give it up
for the Jorbus, everybody.

Mackenzie Jones’ 8-Game Streak | JEOPARDY!

– [Alex] $204,808. – Getting to challenge myself and succeed, that felt amazing and
everyone I played against was just as good, and just as bright, and it really felt
competitive and I loved that. Art subjects eight. – Answer there, the Daily Double. – Let’s do 13,000. Who is Whistler? – Whistler is right. (clapping) – I was working at a summer camp and we were told to keep
our party very clean for the students and we thought what’s cleaner then just
a local white bread, a playlist called, This is My Jam. Some lemonade to make toast. Toast party 2013 it was a great time. – Did you notice Mackenzie? She’s on a five day roll and
she gave you all one if these. (growls) (laughing) Watch out. – Characters for 2000. – Answer, the Daily Double. – Who is Pony Boy? Pony Boy! Yes. (clapping) Mackenzie Jones, you are
now a six day champion with $162,403, keep it going young lady. – A few years ago I got to go to the World’s Largest
Pistachio in New Mexico. That was pretty amazing. It’s real big. (laughing) Keep going. – Okay. (laughing) Let’s get back into this. Daily Double. – Who are Sacco and Vanzetti? – You are right. – I feel amazing. I feel like every flash
card I made was worth it. And I got to play in front of Trebek, and I got to show off
everything I learned. (upbeat music)

The Grump Variations – Game Grumps Animated

Arin: Go! Arin and Dan: (singing along) Dodododododododododododododododododo- Danny: AaAaAaAaAaAgH! *Godamn it, Ross* Arin: (Laughter) Dan: (giggles) Arin: Fuckin learn to play, alright? Dan: “Learn to play,” how dare you. Let me try it again. Arin: Alright, cool. *sum nice totally accurate piano tunes* Arin: Nice… *sum more super precise piano tunes* Arin: Look at you! *piano skills over 9000* (wtf??) *Danny is a piano god* Arin: How are your reflexes so FAST? *awww yissssssss* Arin: Watch this… *aw fuk yea arin got a bass* Arin: Here we go. *music.exe is now running* Arin: Yeah, I got some action in! *music intesifies* Arin: Dude, we’re amazing! Dan: Yeah, that’s a word for it… *welp*
*one bass string snapped* Dan: Wow. Arin: Sorry… Dan: (wheeze-chuckle) Dan: Just relax… Arin: Yea..? Dan: Let it come to you, it’s easy. Arin: Really? Dan: (smol chuckle) *fuk yea more tunley toons* Arin: Oh, check this shit out… *Addition of cello intensifies music* Proud Dan: Look at you! *hell yeah* Arin: SEE THAT?
Dan: 😀 *good ass piano with a side of twinkles* Dan: Arin.. Arin: I’m twinklin, I’m twinklin! Dan: You’re twinklin back there I see you… *AW YISS* *Arin plays a new (?) bass again* Dan: Arin… Arin: WHAT? Dan: (giggles) Arin: I’m going for a walk! Dan: Oh my god. Dan: Check it out. *Additional clarinet further maintains masterpiece* Arin: Dude! Dan: Dude. Arin: You played that CRAZY! Dan: Thank you brutha~ *Furiously plays keyboard effectively setting hands on fire* *Enter Arin’s obnoxious trombone* Dan: Arin. *Arin and his friggin trombone feature* Dan: This is NOT cool, this is the opposite of cool! Arin: (mischievous giggling) Dan: I mean, my God, Arin. *Dan getting annoyed by slight increase in trombone playing* Dan: You’re a fucking dumpster fire. 😀 Dan: Oh boy… Arin: Yeah, ya see that? Dan: It’s y-yeah. Arin: It’s fucking skill, dude. Dan: Very nice. Arin: It’s very well executed on my part~ Dan: One of us is doing pretty good. Arin: Oh, looks like I’m not even gonna need to play! Dan: You know what? Here, it’s over to you. Arin: (giggles nervously) Dan: Arin’s playing now. Check this out, you’re gonna love it. *OH SHIT!*
*Arin is playing the song so wrong, yet it sounds right in… some spots* Arin: FUCK!!! Dan: (giggles) Arin: I hit it at exactly the right time! Dan: You didn’t. Arin: I’m a ma– *both break down laughing* Arin: Fuckin hard! Dan: It is hard. *Arin begins to play the bass AGAIN* Arin: At least I’m really good at this. (gestures the bass) Dan: I think we’re pretty good when you play the bass line. *more pano wiv animeshon* *Dan made a single oopsie* Dan: Augh! Arin: AGH, WHAT DID YOU DO?! Arin, with Dan laughing: WHAT DID YOU DO?!?! *NO, ARIN, NOT THE CELLOS!!!!!!!* Dan: Wow- Arin: Fucking weak, LINK! *Laughter from both as Arin walks through expensive musical damage* Dan: (through laughs) I could kill you right now…! Arin: Let me try, let me try. Dan: Really? *practices slowly, like a good student* Dan: Nice! Arin: I’m learning! *Arin hits a wrong key*
Dan: Okay- Arin: Shit… Dan: No, it’s good! Everything’s good. Dan: Everyone still listening out there~? Arin: (chuckles while slowly getting better!) 😀 Arin: I’m getting excited! Dan: Me too! Dan: Now stay focused. *Arin hits a wrong note by getting too excited* Arin: I GOT IT! *More laughter ensues as Arin plays like mad* Arin: I GOT IT!!! Dan: Yes! Yes you do! *the clarinet returns with a vengeance*
*Barry joins in with a hi-hat* *Ooh!* *NSP is in here now!!!*
*Ninja Brian joins with the cello, Ross with the trombone, and Suzy with DBass* *BIG BOI TOOT* *It’s all Fantasia up in this biznitch, wow this is beautiful* Dan: This is the one! Arin: Yeah! Dan: This is the one- Danny and Arin! Arin: It sure is! Dan: Danny and Arin’s Masterpiece!! Arin: Oh, it sure is! Dan: Ohhhh, God! *hell yea orchestra up in here* *Arin joins in on the pianer* *Dan rolls the “magical woosh” on the cymbal, making the music swell* Arin: Oh! Dan: Yeah, baby! Arin: Dude! That was magic! Dan: (le wink~) *Arin comes in to annoy* Dan: Whoa! nice! Arin: Got ’em! Yeah, I got it! Dan: Arin- Arin: What? *high pitched OoOoOoOoO’s* Dan: Arin! Arin: What? I can’t stop! Won’t stop! Dan: ARIN!! Arin: YYYYYAHAHAHAHAHAHA Arin: YYYYYAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Dan: Ohhhhh my god!! Arin: (laughs manically) (through laughing) I didn’t even know you could do that!! Dan: That was really impressive! Arin: (giggling proudly) BADADADADADADA- *the music swells more and more* *watch as he dances* Arin: Look at that! Is that called pulling an Arin? Cuz I just pulled it! Dan: Arin, I need you to focus! (chuckles) Arin: Okay! *Full blown orchestra goes all-out* *Ross is dying* *BOOM!* Dan: Yeah!!! Arin: Dude, that was awesome! Arin: Dude, that was awesome!
Dan: Awesome! Arin: Dude, that was awesome! *Hi, Ross!* Dan: This is a fun game, right? Arin: Y- I’m having a great time, because it’s with my friend, Dan. Dan: Thank you! *Suzy interrupts this moment of… friendship?* *I honestly have nothing else to say, this is so friggin great* *CLANK!* *Arin hits a wrong key* Arin: SHIT! Dan: *laughs hysterically at Arin’s pain* *Arin joins in with Dan, both laughing again* Dan: That was fucking nuts! Arin: Yeah! *snickers* Dan: “sHeIt!” Arin: (giggles) Dan: My turn… *Dan begins to play “Grump Lullaby” throughout the credits of these wonderful animators, and the wonderful composer of the music/editing/script/etc.!* Caption credits in the description below, have a lovely day!