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Top 10 BROKEN Fighting Game Characters

October 20, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Top 10 BROKEN Fighting Game Characters

Nick: If you’ve been following Screwattack for a while, you know how much we love fighting games. For us, they bring us so much hype and excitement, but then there are some characters that just bring us nothing but salt and frustration. The 10 you see here aren’t necessarily unbeatable, but man, oh man, they can be rage inducing. So hey! I’m Nervous Nick for Screwattack’s Top 10 BROKEN fighting game characters. Announcer: NUMBER 10. Nick: Killer Instinct has never been a super execution heavy series, but even then, why is Cinder such an easy character to play in the original KI!? Not just easy, but rewarding too! Not only does he have one of the most famous infinite combos in fighting games, but he’s got another combo that ends up stunning you, letting him rinse and repeat until you lose. Oh, also, he can turn invisible. You know, just for good measure. Cinder was such a problem in the arcades back in the day, that Nintendo actually had to patch KI just to take away his infinite nonsense. Yes, behind the times Nintendo PATCHED A GAME IN 1994 by sending technicians out to all 17,000 arcade machines… …just to tone Cinder down. I love it. A man on fire did more to modernize Nintendo than competition from Sony and Microsoft ever did! Announcer: NUMBER 9. Nick: Love her or hate her, Ibuki will forever be one of my very favorite Street Fighter characters. Back in Street Fighter 3: New Generation, she was the first fighting game character I ever mained. But I’ll call it like I see it, this character’s broken. I can’t think of too many characters who have ever had a one button infinite. but here’s Ibuki comboing Elena with nothing but a standing heavy kick. Even I could do this infinite back in the day, and I was a complete fighting game newbie! Plus, her super, “Hashin Shou” was just dumb! I remember one time, I got hit by Ryu’s fireball and somehow mashed out a super fast enough to hit Ryu with it before he even had a chance to block! Oh, also this super sets up Ibuki’s infinite as well. If ever a case could be made for thick thighs taking lives… …this would be it. Announcer: NUMBER 8. Nick: When Street Fighter Cross Tekken was announced, it was like a childhood dream come true. I mean, two huge fighting game franchises coming together in an official game?! The possibilities were endless! Unfortunately, the game launched as a buggy glitch-filled disappointment and nothing embodies that better than “Mega Man”. Mega Man with GIANT quotation marks around it. Anyway, Mega Man could eke out wins with the tactic not so affectionately referred to as a TIMER SCAM. Basically all he had to do was get the life lead and trigger a bug which took him to frigging orbit, out of your reach, you can never hit him again for the rest of the game. After that it was only a matter of waiting for the timer to run out, or for the opponent to rage quit. But hey, on the plus side, Capcom has since managed to fix both this bug and Mega Man himself. Thank God! Announcer: NUMBER 7. December 15, 2015… …the final character for Smash Brothers Wii U is revealed to be none other than Bayonetta. The internet loses its collective mind with hype! …And today, the internet is losing its collective mind with SALT. Anybody who’s had to face Bayonetta knows the pain of losing an entire stock just because she got you with one Witch Time counter. This move is fricking dumb! Even without it, Bayonetta still has plenty of other ways to take you from 0% ALL the way to the Big Battlefield in the sky by killing you off the top. Pretty much the only reason Bayonetta’s not higher is because she did get patched so that you can escape her zero to death combos, but you’ve got to do this to your controller to do it! [BOOM] The only thing that wears down faster than your control stick is your patience when you’ve got to fight the Umbra Witch. Cross your fingers that if and when this game gets a Switch-port that Nintendo burns the witch one more time. Announcer: NUMBER 6. Nick: One word: RESURRECTION. Anybody who has had the misfortune of playing against Gill from Street Fighter 3 probably shudders at that very word. It wasn’t enough that this game’s boss character does chip-damage with his normals… shoots projectiles that can eat through everyone else’s… can stun most characters in one combo and also hits like a titanium truck carrying bricks! What truly puts Gill over the edge is everything he does with his Super Meter. You can use it to rain down a wall of projectiles from the sky… shoot rainbows that do a billion damage whether you block it or not… or worst of all, his dreaded RESURRECTION. Let me tell you the story of how this usually goes: You barely managed to land the final hit that downs this giant naked man… when suddenly he just gets back up like he’s demon-possessed and his health bar turns green again! I’ll skip to the end of the story: You lose! Hey, at least he’s banded by default in 3rd Strike: Online Edition! Announcer: NUMBER 5. Nick: How can you talk about broken fighting game characters without bringing up the all-time classic Akuma from Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo? You want to know what an overpowered fighter looks like? Behold! The quintessential textbook example! We all remember experiencing the nightmare that was the hidden boss Akuma… so when it turned out that the version YOU could play as was toned down, everybody said: “Oh, thank God!” But, he was STILL too powerful. Akuma was always meant to be something of a glass cannon, who hits hard but gets it even harder. The thing is, in his first appearance here, he was a too much cannon and not enough glass. If he kept throwing his red fireballs at you… YOU WERE STUCK-AND-BLOCK FOR THE REST OF THE MATCH, and even if you got past that, he couldn’t be stunned! At least Gill was banned by default in Street Fighter 3! Not so with Akuma. Announcer: NUMBER 4. Nick: Something that makes Marvel vs Capcom games so appealing is the idea that EVERYONE is cheap. That’s such a huge reason why these games are so fun! And yet, for most people, Dark Phoenix managed to suck the fun right out of Marvel vs Capcom 3. Phoenix may have the smallest amount of health in the game, but if she dies while sitting on all 5 Hyper-Meters HO HO, BOY, ARE YOU IN FOR SOME BULLCRAP! Reborn as Dark Phoenix her speed and damage output both get a huge boost, and since her teleport can appear in front or behind you, you basically have to guess which way to block. And then, on top of all that, if she triggers her X-Factor… she gets even faster and even stronger until she’s an nigh-unreactable powerhouse that can undo all your hard work in just a few combos. I haven’t played this game since 2013 and even though I was never really good at it… this character is still a big reason why I quit. Announcer: NUMBER 3. Bayonetta may be the modern-day controversial Smash character, but not so long ago, that dishonor belonged to Meta knight in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. This beach ball with wings seemingly has almost every advantage going for him! Ridiculously fast moves both on the ground and in the air, a powerful combo game, and for those of you into this sort of thing… NO BAD MATCHUPS ACROSS THE ENTIRE CAST! He may be a lightweight, but if your attack does anything less than kill him outright, Meta Knight is practically GUARANTEED to get back onto the stage again, since every single one of his special moves also works as a recovery. Plus, Meta knight is really good at running away from you the entire match. Remember that glitch that let him disappear for as long as he felt like? Yeah, not so fun for everybody else. Fun fact: Because Meta Knight is such a stupidly powerful character… he’s the only one in all of Smash who is nearly banned from all tournament play. And in hindsight, he probably should have been… Announcer: NUMBER 2. Nick: You know a fighter is bonkers if they’re banned from tournaments WITHOUT being a boss character, and if you played Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future, you can see why this exact thing happened to a little bird called Pet Shop. This freaky falcon is small, hard to hit, and loves nothing more than shooting you with a giant icicles that lead to TONS of damage. Pet Shop is so hard to keep track of because he’s all over the screen in this game… and he’s so strong, that he can even take Jojo himself from full health all the way to death in a single combo. GOLLY-MIT! I JUST- I JUST WANT TO SMASH HIS LITTLE BIRD FACE IN PIECES UNTIL IT SHATTERS! Oh yeah, just like that. Announcer: IT’S… NUMBER 1. Nick: If you’re watching a Screwattack Top 10 you must understand that if it’s number one on the list IT IS THE ANSWER. Ladies and gentlemen, let me personally introduce you to the number one most broken fighting game character of all. Ivan Ooze. In Power Rangers Fighting Edition on SNES, this character actually flies around the arena the entire game all the while shooting you with columns of lasers and projectiles that, get this, HOME IN ON YOU. Even if you somehow get in close on him, Ivan Ooze’s aptly-named invulnerable strike has, well, obvious advantages. It’s true that he literally can’t block, but with moves like these, WHY WOULD HE NEED TO?!?!?!? On top of all that, what if I told you that you can’t throw him OR hit him with low attacks!? That means half of your basic offense is COMEPLETELY WORTHLESS against him! Picking the best character in a fighting game doesn’t usually mean that you’re going to win automatically… Unless you pick Ivan Ooze in which case you will win every time. For secret number 11 we’re going back to Smash one more time for the Ice Climbers. These kids trolled their way through not just Melee, but also Brawl as well! If your opponent knew the right inputs, one grab from the Ice Climbers meant one death for you guaranteed. So maybe it’s for the best that they never made their return in Smash Brothers Wii U

MO Game Con 2018 – Retro Games Haul, Fortnite Cosplay, and more!

Now you want to do your *claps* What do you want me to say? Let’s get it started *claps* let’s get it started! Let’s get into it. Let’s get into it. So what do you want to start with? *super adventure family intro music plays* So today we went to MO Game Con 3 You might have seen our MO Game Con 2 video Ummm.. This one’s for three It was a lot of fun this year I got to pick up a lot of stuff that I was looking for I got to get rid of a lot of stuff that I wanted to get rid of and Mandee got to try out new cosplay and be in her first like real cosplay competition so they nailed the size of the space this year like the first year it was kind of in a smaller space and it Was so crowded in there and it was kind of crazy and then the next year was a really big space So there was a lot of, I mean it was nice because there was a lot of extra room and stuff like that But it just looked like a little like spread out. But this year it was like right in the middle and It didn’t feel too crowded or anything like that the way it was laid out They had the main floor and they had like a little lounge area and then upstairs Was where all the panels were man, though If you would have been to this convention when you first started like there’s so much stuff at this con Yeah and it’s easy to just get like “oh my gosh! Do I need that?” Like “that’s really cool! Do i have that?!” And they had so many boxes. Yeah, they had like council boxes – every booth I saw had it. I was like, WHAT?! I’ve never seen this many!! And there was a lot of people just selling like boxes which you don’t see a whole lot I’m gonna go through some of the stuff that I picked up at the show Yeah, I’m ready. Okay I’ve already seen this stuff like 100 times. I actually tried to get like a list of these are the specific things I’m looking for. So that I’m not like just looking for everything. So the things that were on my list…the big things on my list were a box for my killer instinct game and I was also looking for a box Yoshi’s Island, too I didn’t find the Yoshi’s Island, too But I did find a box For my killer instinct and I was excited to find this because I had the cartridge already had a manual already But I even had the CD that came with it — like a music CD so the only thing I was looking for is the box and I managed to find a vendor that had a fairly nice box and Got to just trade a game that I had for it. That’s gonna be a theme of it. So I traded a lot So another thing I got is Crazy Taxi on Dreamcast again traded for this Do you want me to hold some stuff? No Another theme of this game con was that I got a lot of GameCube stuff So I ended up trading some games to get Mario Golf and Mario Kart Double Dash and then I also got Pikmin 2 on GameCube This is one of the few games that I actually had to pay for So umm… the guy gave me a pretty good deal on it, and it looks really nice So last night I was watching a Kinda Funny Party Mode video and they were playing a game called Fusion Frenzy And I ended up finding it out of the con and it was only like 10 bucks So I picked that up – I’m really excited to play this one. It’s kind of like Like a bunch of little party game kind of or like little mini games And I thought it would be awesome to play with Elliott. I think he’ll have a lot of fun with this So another box that I got is a Gameboy original Gameboy box Doesn’t it look so cool? Yeah, it looks awesome! It’s like glowy! It’s just gonna look cool sitting on my shelf. Maybe we’ll put it back here. So you can see it in the videos Hi! This is gonna be fun to edit out Well you’re gonna miss some awesome footage of me dancing! dancing?! *upbeat music plays* I also got this it’s a Game & Watch Gallery 4 I have one two and three so completed the set! that was four. I think that’s the last one. I don’t there’s a five Whew, I was worried we’re only gonna have one and two Check it off. Yeah One thing I was kind of bummed about is they had a Goldeneye tournament and I kind of entered it But then like the next round they had during the Metal Jesus panel And I was like do I wanna play Goldeneye, or do I want to see Metal Jesus? So I decided to go to the panel and I’m glad I did and it was really cool to hear some of the stories about Like how he came up with this name? Like how they all met each other and all that kind of stuff and then I also had to play I think was a Vectrex Which I’ve never played one of those before Was that the one with the joystick? Yeah, the little joystick it was actually kind of like impressed me for a how old it was that like it looked really cool like that kind of like 3D graphics that it had well I decided to cosplay as Penny the constructor from Fortnight and to complete the look. I colored the bottoms of the hair pink. I Love it! So MUCH! I handmade a leather jacket with the shearling cuff and made all of the attachments for like penny has like this leg thing…..and this arm band Well and also this is the first year that you did like a real cosplay contest They all lined up and you had to go up there and like talk about your costume and stuff Like yeah and let me tell you it was kind of nerve- wracking! It’s one thing to walk around with all people dressed in normal clothes on like the convention floor and It’s another thing to have to be like in front of other cosplayers that are like really good Yeah. I think you did really good I think it was cool and you got to show off your costume to everybody Yeah it was kind of cool I told everybody that I made the jacket and they were like, oh my gosh I thought you bought that which was really amazing it really Made me feel really good because I wasn’t really sure if it looked good or not There wasn’t really a whole lot of toys This year but Elliott came and he was on the hunt they had this great table that had a wheel that you could spin and He loved it. It was to benefit Extra Life and so we let him spin I think twice and he… they were really sweet and they let him take out the toy that he wanted rather than whatever the wheel landed on and he found out a couple of their little toys at the show, but But yeah, definitely not as many toys as last year Elliot really liked they had this game system I don’t even remember what it was but it had like a mirror on the front and he was like OHHHHH, shiny! All in all it was a great con! And I can’t wait for next year. Yeah every year I feel like they’ve been improving The con and getting better and better spaces and more and more vendors. So I’m excited to see what they have next year Yeah! Me too!! *Laughing*

Top 10 Game Franchises Tainted by Free to Play

Free doesn’t always mean Free, and it certainly doesn’t always mean Good. Welcome to WatchMojo.com, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Game Franchises Tainted by Free to Play. For this list, we’re looking at well-established and beloved video games franchises which started out as retail games then dipped their toes into Free-to-Play and left us with a tainted experience. No 10: Final Fantasy: All The Bravest – “Final Fantasy” series Despite being amongst the most storied RPG franchises in gaming history, this series’s success did not carry over to the title ‘All the Bravest’. On the surface, it sounds awesome since it lets us fight a collection of some of the most iconic enemies in the series using all of the bravest characters from throughout the franchise’s lengthy history. Unfortunately, 35 of these sweet characters are locked behind a paywall, and cost a Buck each. And… get this, you can’t even choose which one you get when you choose to buy. Wamp Wamp! No 9: Real Racing – “Real Racing” series The first two iterations of this racing franchise were highly lauded for being some of the finest driving games for the IOS. Sadly, the third title went to Freemium route, and the results were not pretty. To start, there were pricey real-world cars which could cost as much as a 160 real-world dollars. Even worse tough, you had to pay for repairs to your car after the races were over, or just wait a super long time for it to repair itself. This was such an unpopular feature that EA patched the game to cut these times in half, but the damage was done, sorry to speak. No 8: “Dungeon Hunter 3” and onwards – “Dungeon Hunter” series Next up is yet another IOS franchise where the third game went astray. The first two titles in the action RPG series were some of the best Diablo crowns you could find on mobile. But not so much for the third game onward, which jettisoned a decent amount of the narrative along with its initial purchase price. Additionally, the arena levels can be really frustrating and you’ll need to buy keys to unlock the treasure you earn after each one once you get through the initial 10. That’s lame! No 7: Killer Instinct – “Killer Instinct” series We waited 17 years for the return of this legendary arcade fighting franchise, but the Xbox One’s 2013 Free-to-Play version did not live up to the hype. This was partially due to the limited character selection since at launch, Jago was the only character you could play for free and additional characters cost 5 bucks each, leading to way too many people using him online. Even though the free character now rotates on its schedule, you best to stick with the original games to get your fix of the series’s famous combos. No 6: Tales of Phantasia – “Tales” series The 90s versions of this JRPG for the PS1 and Game Boy Advance is a classic of the genre, but the same cannot be said about its IOS port. While it nicely adopted the combat to touchscreen, it stumbled by making many of the bosses practically unbeatable. Unbeatable, that is, unless you purchase the healing miracle orbs for 2 bucks each, which revive your party when they fall in battle. Even if you did get sucked into buying them, they became worthless once Namco made the app unusable in July 2014. No 5: Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 mobile – “Roller Coaster Tycoon” series Here’s another franchise with a later installment that ruined your childhood memories. Many grew up with the simulation of the series’s first three entries, which let them create awesome if sometimes flat-out deadly rides. The fourth game for mobile looked like its predecessors, but the gameplay was wrecked by requiring the purchase of tickets to speed up the building process, on top of the initial 2,99$ cost. It later became free to play, but it didn’t feel anymore worthwhile. No 4: Soul Calibur: Lost Swords – “Soul Calibur” series This weapon-based fighting game series is right up there with the greats of the genre, but its Free-to-Play version for the PS3 ‘Lost Swords’ really isn’t one of them. Loosely based off ‘Soul Caliber V’, it strips the title of its multi-player fun for an entirely single-player experience. Although a single-player game isn’t horrible, this is a fighting game. Where is the fun to be had if you can’t embarrass your friends with a little button mashing? Then there is the load times, Snor! No 3: Metal Slug Defense – “Metal Slug” series Why would anyone turn an awesome run and gun series into a bland lame defense game? We don’t know, but developer SNK Playmore seem to think that it was a good idea for the defense, their free-to-play mobile entry in the franchise. Sadly, they went wrong. As it gets the aesthetic appeal of the originals including the iconic Mission Start voice over, but without the fun. Even worse, you’ll need to upgrade your troops to get very far and that would require microtransactions. Lastly, someone should have told the developers that strategy isn’t important aspect of this genre because you really don’t need any here, just money ! No 2: Plants vs. Zombies 2 – “Plants vs. Zombies” series When the first entry in this mobile franchise came out, it was a refreshing contribution to the tower-defense genre, thanks to its hilarious humor, addictive gameplay and morbid but adorable animations. Plants vs. Zombies 2 brought all those elements back, but it also added some vicious difficulty spikes which made it tough to unlock new worlds without buying your way there. Don’t feel like paying? Well, prepare to grind yourself silly. You’ll also be shelling out for premium plants. Plants… You got for free in the original. Before we get to our No 1 pick, let’s take a look at some honorable or in this case dishonorable mentions. No 1: Dungeon Keeper Mobile – “Dungeon Keeper” series Greedily topping our list is this 2013 mobile version of the RTS franchise. Fans were waiting a really long time for a sequel to the Dungeon Keeper franchise, and unfortunately, they had to wait a LOT longer because as they finished the tutorial, they are greeted with an arena with a 4-hour timer for excavation, unless of course you pay to speed it up. And that’s just the first paywall, of which there are many! You’re gotten to a fair amount of trouble for this one! Not only were they accused of manipulating reviews on the Google Play Store, but they were also found guilty of false advertising in the UK for advertising their veiled ‘cash crab’ as Free! At least electronic art has a great reputation with gamers already, right? Do you agree with our list? What game franchise do you think was better in its non-Fremium form? For more Free-to-Watch Top tens published every day, be sure to subscribe to WatchMojo.com

Top 10 Hilarious Video Game Deaths

April 18, 2019 | Articles | 44 Comments

they say laughter is the best medicine but it probably didn't do any of these games much good welcome to watchmojo.com and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top ten hilarious video game deaths before we begin we publish new videos every day so be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos for this list we're looking at deaths and video games which are guaranteed to get a laugh be they intentionally funny or just accidentally ridiculous number ten giant launch the elderscrolls v Skyrim when it comes to Bethesda it's never easy to work out if something weird is actually supposed to be in a game or not the same goes for the infamous giant launch attack in Skyrim where a giant will slam its club into the ground in front of you and launch you some 600 feet into the air killing you instantly this may be common knowledge among Skyrim players now but for newcomers attempting to fight a giant and suddenly being thrown so high they can enter the Earth's atmosphere this is a moment of hilarity that's hard to forget number nine ambulance John Madden football 92 like any sport football comes with its own risk of injuries concussions dislocations break sprains anything can happen on the field in Madden 92 if a player was down for whatever reason the paramedics would arrive and deliver what would otherwise be a very efficient service if it wasn't for all the mass murder while they get to the player they need to treat quickly they do this by running over everybody in their path comedic Lee knocking them out on the way and then driving away with whoever was hurt it almost made your players getting injured totally worth it just to see the ambulance come out and cause havoc number eight and maladies Mortal Kombat three first introduced in Mortal Kombat 3 and maladies quickly became ingrained in the series not just because turning into an animal in order to brutally murder your opponent is pretty cool but also because of the sheer ridiculousness of some of the transformations the characters never seem to turn into the creatures you'd expect Stryker turns into a t-rex and invites people in half Kano turns into a tarantula and crushes them to death but the funniest of all has to be scorpion rather than turn into a scorpion like the name would suggest he instead turns into a penguin and lays explosive eggs flawless victory number 7 touching the door Dragon's Lair watching a compilation of Dragon's Lair deaths takes about the same time as playing through the game without dying but it's nowhere near as entertaining however the classic animation that made the notoriously difficult arcade game so endearing was scrapped for the nest port along with the QuickTime gameplay they took out what made people want to play the game in the first place and replaced it with even more unfair deaths most famously by just walking into a door and while these deaths are insanely frustrating they're also undeniably funny number six face make shootie borderlands to my face shoot me at the face do it shoot me at the face the borderlands series is no stranger to wacky encounters but run-ins with a guy called face immaturity really take the cake while exploring thousand cuts in Borderlands 2 you may come across a psycho character screaming at you in desperation to shoot him in the face him begging you to do so opens up the mission shoot this guy in the face and when you go through the objective probably because you're just sick of listening to him shout he even thanks you in spite of the fact that he's now dead from being you know shot in the face that gap number 5 meat grinder Resident Evil 6 in its entire career Resident Evil has never shied away from Gore and Resident Evil six was no exception during a tense scene where Leon and Helena are trapped in a back alley meat market they need to kill a regenerating rescue plane which attacks them you can fend off the attack provided that you do the quick time event properly if you don't you're treated to a scene where neither protagonist fights back before being pulled backwards into a meat grinder with the monster on top of them only when the entire death animation is complete do we hear the second character grieve the loss of their partner even though they could have stepped in to help at any point number four you are dead dead dead total distortion not there's very little about total distortion that isn't hilarious a game where you travel to a parallel dimension based on rock music and defeat enemies via guitar battles all to shoot trippy music videos and make tons of money now that's rock and roll so it's no surprise a game with this ridiculous premise would have an equally fitting game over screen whenever you fail one of the guitar warrior enemies begins to play a catchy tune and song you are dead dead dead you almost want to die in game just so that you can hear this mocking jingle again again again number three miracle of flight Red Dead Redemption to even mention all the things a bird must constantly keep in mind in order to fly securely through the air we take the better part of a day you have to go across the entire map of New Austin Blackwater and Mexico to complete this long fetch quest your job is to help a total stranger Charles Kinnear build a glider as he wants to be the first person to fly through that region of America despite the Wright brothers having already invented the plane by this point in time Kinnear is dead set on perfecting his invention however things take a turn for the worst when rather than actually glide he just goes plummeting off the cliff to his death we may have all seen it coming but that doesn't make it any less tragically funny when it finally happens the perch has learned this art of equilibrium and learned it so thoroughly that its skill is not number two orchid splash fatality killer instinct yeah death by boobs is a way plenty of people would like to go and luckily orchid has been around making these dreams come true since the 1990s her finishing move consists of opening her shirt and flashing the recently defeated second player while she faces away from the screen player two will lose their mind in various hilarious ways swooning over orchid like a cartoon character before they die orchid then jumps and exclaims yeah and if orchid attempts this fatality on herself the orchid being flashed seems to get angry at the sight of her own body for some reason before we unveil our topic here are a few honorable mentions good see sniper take position number one fire escape spider-man 3 there's no shortage of bad QuickTime events in spider-man 3 but one of them stands out for the lackluster death scene you're treated to if you fail spider-man attempts to save a woman strapped to a bomb from the top floor of a burning building jumping through the rooms while dodging flames and debris but at the last second if you miss just one button push he won't shoot his webs and will land flat on his face the camera pans to the woman who announces that she's going to die and then we see the whole building blow up all in the space of a few hilarious seconds do you agree with our picks check out these other great clips from watch mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos