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Arthur’s New Puppy!  🐶 | READ ALONG! | PBS KIDS

♪ And I say hey ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ What a wonderful kind of day ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ – Hi, I’m Marc Brown. And write and illustrate
the Arthur books. And I think you probably
see a lot of Arthur on PBS. And I bet you’re spending
a lot of time at home these days, I know I am. And I guess, you know, you
have to find the good things in spending time at home. Like you have a chance to
do some learning or reading. I’ve been doing a lot
more reading these days. And I thought maybe we
could read together. I brought a book with
me, maybe you know it. “Arthur’s New Puppy.” I’m gonna read the story for
you and show you the pictures and here we go. “Arthur’s New Puppy.” Arthur loved his new puppy, and Pal loved Arthur. “He’s a very active
puppy,” said Arthur. “He’s a very naughty
puppy,” said DW. “Don’t worry,” said Arthur. “I’ll have him
trained in no time. “Here’s your new
home,” said Arthur. “You’ll have the whole
garage to yourself.” But Pal did not like the garage. As soon as Arthur put him down, Pal ran and hid. “He feels lonesome,”
said Arthur. “Can he stay in the house,
please, please, please?” “Oh, all right,” said Mother. “But only for a day or two.” Arthur made a cozy spot
for Pal in the kitchen. “I thought you might need
a few newspapers,” said DW. Arthur held Pal carefully, the way his puppy
book showed him. “Look, he’s so
excited,” said Arthur. “Look at your pants,” said DW. “You have excitement
all over them.” “Eh, it’s okay,” said Arthur. “He’s just a baby.” “Well, I think baby dogs
should wear diapers,” said DW. Look at all those
newspapers DW brought in! Later, Pal ate his
dinner in a flash. “Uh oh!” said DW. “He has that look
in his eyes again.” “Quick,” said Arthur. “His leash!” But when Pal saw his
leash, he ran and hid. “I don’t think he likes
his leash,” said DW. “Help me find him,” said Arthur. “I guess he didn’t have
to go after all,” said DW. “I was wrong.” “No, you were
right,” said Arthur. “He just went.” Uh oh! Another mess. Puppies are like that, you know? Later that night, when
everyone was asleep, Pal yelped and howled until
he woke up the entire family. “Go to sleep,” said Arthur. Pal wanted to play. “Don’t forget to close
his gates,” called Mother. “Good night,” said Father. “Good luck,” said DW. The next morning, Arthur
was still in the kitchen. “Wake up, sleepy head,” said DW, “and be careful where you step.” “Oh no,” said Arthur. “I forgot to close Pal’s gate.” “Here’s your
scooper,” said Mother. “You think this is
bad,” said Father, “wait until you see
the living room.” Uh oh, I wonder what
happened in the living room. The kitchen looks pretty bad. Pal looked very
proud of himself. “My new drapes!” cried Mother. “My doll!” screamed DW. “Bad dog,” said Arthur. “Pal is moving to the
garage,” ordered Mother. “Here’s the key to the
garage,” said Father. “I’ll help you move his
things after dinner.” Father put the key
on the hall table. Look at the living
room, it is a mess! Let’s face it,
Pal is in trouble. Arthur packed up all of
Pal’s things and went to get the garage key, but it was gone. The whole family
searched for the key. Pal watched. “It has to be here
somewhere,” said Mother. But the key was
nowhere to be found. They’re looking everywhere! Can you see the key anywhere? I can’t see it. “It looks like you can stay
in the house one more night,” said Arthur. “I heard mom and dad
whispering,” said DW. “And Pal’s in big trouble. “They said, ‘He better be
trained soon or else.'” “Shh,” said Arthur. “You’ll hurt his feelings.” That night, Arthur remembered
to close Pal’s gate. Well, that was good. I wonder what’s going to happen? At school, Arthur told
Francine and Buster about training Pal. “I’m gonna teach him “to do all kinds of
things,” said Arthur. “I used to have a puppy,
too,” said Buster. “But he was too much trouble. “My parents sent him to a farm.” “My cousin had a problem
puppy,” said Francine. “No one could train him. “One day he just disappeared
while she was at school.” After school,
Arthur hurried home. You think he’s
gonna check on Pal? I hope Pal is still there. “Oh no,” said Arthur. “What happened?” “I thought I’d take him
for a walk,” said DW. “But when he saw the
leash, he went wild. “You better get this cleaned
up before mom sees it.” “Where is mom?” asked Arthur. “In the backyard,” said DW. “Looking for the garage key.” “Have you seen my dog
training book?” asked Arthur. “What’s left of it is
over there,” said DW. What a mess! Can you see Arthur’s
dog training book? It looks like Pal ate it. That night, Arthur gave Pal
an extra training lesson. “I’ll help you train
this beast,” said DW. “Let me get my whip.” “No,” said Arthur. “Dogs respond better to love. “Watch,” said Arthur. “He’s getting better. “Sit,” said Arthur. “Lie down,” said Arthur. “Stay,” ordered Arthur. “I know something he’ll
understand,” said DW. “Time for your walk, Pal.” “He just needs a little more
work, that’s all,” said Arthur. What happened when DW said that? It looks like Pal
didn’t want his leash. He’s gone! But Pal needed a lot more work. Arthur set up a training
school in the backyard. On Monday, they worked on sit. On Tuesday, they worked on down. Wednesday was stay day. By Thursday, Pal
was doing tricks. “Good dog, Pal,” said Arthur. Arthur decided to put on a
puppy show for his family. “When they see how
well you’re trained, “they’ll never send
you away,” said Arthur. Arthur got up early Saturday
morning to give Pal a bath. After breakfast, Arthur’s
family took their seats. “Welcome to Arthur’s
puppy show,” said Arthur. He held his breath. “What you are about to see
will amaze and astound you!” “If Pal amazes us any more, “our whole house will
be destroyed,” said DW. I wonder what’s gonna
happen in this puppy show. Could be trouble. Arthur clapped his hands. “Come,” he said. And Pal came. “Sit,” said Arthur. And Pal sat. “Down,” said Arthur. Down went Pal. Pal even did a trick! “Good dog,” said Arthur. “He is a good dog,” said Mother. “You mean he won’t have to
live on a farm?” asked Arthur. “Of course not,” said Father, “Not even in the garage.” No one noticed Pal run
behind the rose bushes. Where is Pal going? He’s always running and
doing something, isn’t he? Well, he’s a puppy,
that’s what puppies do. They’re very excitable. When Pal returned, he sat
up and wagged his tail. “Look, he has something
in his mouth!” said DW. “It’s the key to the
garage!” said Arthur. “Good boy, Pal!” said Father. “Amazing!” said Mother. That night, Arthur gave
Pal a special dinner. “Time for your walk,
Pal,” said Arthur. “I’ll get your leash.” But Arthur couldn’t
find it anywhere. “It was on the hook a
minute ago,” said Arthur. “I know I left it there.” “I’ll help you look,” said DW. Mother and dad helped, too. “It has to be here
somewhere,” said Arthur. Where is that leash? What do you think happened? No one noticed Pal run
behind the rose bushes. There he goes. Did you like that story? I hope you go to the
library when you’re able to and get some books, and maybe
you’ll have some good books at home that you
haven’t read in awhile. That would be a good thing
to do if you’re looking for something fun. I’ve been reading a lot, lately. So I guess we have
some questions here that you might like
the answers to. The first question is where did you get the
idea to write “Arthur”? You know what? It was the worst
year of my life, and I had just lost my job. I was a teacher and
the school closed. And I went home that night
and I was really sad, and I went to tuck
in my son, Tolon, who was about this big
then, now he’s that big! And he said, “Dad, will you
tell me a bed time story?” And for a minute I thought,
what should I tell him a story about? And Tolon said, “Dad, tell me
a story about a weird animal.” And so I searched the pantheon
on of children’s literature for an unused animal,
and aardvark happened. So I said, “Once upon a time,
there was a little aardvark.” And then Tolon wanted
to know his name. And I said, “His
name was Arthur.” And then he said, “What
did he look like?” And so I got a piece of
paper and I drew a picture of what Arthur looks like. Maybe I could that
for you right now. Let’s see, let me get my pen out and let’s get a
piece of paper here. Here’s how you draw Arthur. Here’s the secret formula. Okay, first we’re going
to do two letter O’s next to each other. Hook ’em together like that. And we’re gonna do a
large letter U like that, under the two circles
or letter O’s. And then we’re gonna do
another smaller letter U for his what, his mouth. And then we’re gonna add
two dots for his nostrils and two bigger dots inside
the letter O’s for his eyes. And we’ll put an upside
down U like that for the top of his head. And two lines here
for his eyebrows. Oh, we’re forgetting something. We have to add his ears. They look a little
like ping pong paddles. And we’ll put two ears on and there you have it. There’s Arthur, he’s
pretty easy to draw. I think you could draw him. Our next question is what is it like seeing
your book characters on TV? Wow, it’s really exciting! You know, when this whole
Arthur on television thing started, I wondered
what it would be like. Would it be hard to do this? Because I hadn’t done it before. But luckily, I get to work
with a lot of very smart people and it’s kinda like a family, and we all do different
parts of the Arthur show that you watch every day. And everybody is good at a
certain part of the show. So what I thought was
really interesting when I started to see
how television worked, is that it’s a lot
like the picture book that I just read you only we have movement
and we have sound, and that’s what makes
it even more exciting in some ways. And you know, another good thing
that I learned about Arthur being on television is
that we can do things like, oh, when Buster had asthma or when Arthur lost his grandpa, he found out that
he had Alzheimer’s. Things like that, that maybe
wouldn’t be a picture book but we can do them
on television. And I find that really helpful
and exciting for you guys because, you know, my friend
Fred Rogers, Mr. Rogers, was really good at teaching
all of us how television could be helpful to us. And so I think what Arthur
has done best for us is that he gets to show you
how a lot of things work, and describe how things are
that are sometimes difficult. So I think that’s
pretty exciting for me, to watch what Arthur’s
done on television. So another question is what are my favorite
“Arthur” adventures that have been on television? The one that pops
into my head first is when DW was a copy cat and she was doing
everything Arthur did, and then she started
to dress like Arthur. I hope you don’t do that to your brothers
and sisters, do you? You know, sometimes we can
be good brothers and sisters and sometimes not so good
brothers and sisters. I had three little
sisters, in fact, that’s where I got
the idea for DW. That’s what makes
her triply lethal. What do you do for fun when
you have to stay inside? Well, my wife Laurie
and I like to cook, so we have been cooking a lot. And I heard that some people
who are staying inside a lot don’t know how to cook, and so my friend had
a really good idea. He said, “Why don’t you
watch cooking shows on TV?” And so I think that
should help some. I like to watch
cooking shows on TV. I’ve learned a lot that way. And another thing that
I’ve learned on TV which I really like are
ways to help me grow things. Because when I’m
not working on books or the TV show for you guys,
I like to work in the garden. And I like to grow
raspberries and blueberries, and then I make
pies out of them. So yeah, so that’s one
of the other things I do in my spare time. So I just wanna say thank
you for tuning in today. Thank you for listening
to “Arthur’s New Puppy.” Thank you for watching our show because we work really hard
to make them good for you. And I hope that you’ll
watch Arthur on TV, on pbskids.org and
PBS Kids Video app. There are all kinds of
ways to watch Arthur. And oh yeah, be sure to watch “The Rhythm and
Roots of Arthur,” which will be on your
television very, very soon. Thanks and stay safe, and don’t forget to
read a lot of books. Bye! Oh! (knocking) Someone wants to say goodbye! Arthur! Bye! ♪ And I say hey ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ What a wonderful kinda day ♪ ♪ Hey ♪

– Hi, I’m Keith Silva,
storyboard supervisor on “Let’s Go Luna!” and today we’re gonna be
drawing Leo the Wombat. Let’s get to it! (playful pop music) So the first step
with Leo is his eyes. Some of our characters
have overlapping eyes and some of them
have separated eyes. In the case of Leo,
they’re separated. So I’m gonna start with his
oval eyes just like this. And a second one here. And then we want
to draw his pupils, so decide where you
wan him to look. I’m gonna have him
looking this way. And then we do his nose, and
his nose is one long line coming off of the second
eye, and then a circle, well, more like a little
vertical oval for his nose, and then a little
line past that. And then we want to
move on to his smile. So you go from where
you last left off and draw a smile
line all the way back to where his first eye is. Big smile! Next, you want to
draw his teeth. His teeth are always pokin’ out; he has three teeth on
either side of his face, but in this case, we’re only
seeing one side of his face, so we draw three teeth. They’re kinda like U shapes. And next, you go
from the back tooth, kind of a big U
shape just like this, and then give him
a little tongue, so two little mounds
for the tongue. Now you can move on
to the next step, which is his forehead. So you make almost
like a frown line. And the next step
after that is his ears, and one of his ears kind of
comes off of that second eye. A little swirly shape there,
and a line for the bottom. And the next ear comes off of where you last left
off on the forehead. Another little
swirly shape there, and then a line that
connects on the bottom. So what goes on
top of Leo’s head? His hat! So we do this kind
of popsicle shape, and then a brim of his
hat just like that. And then you have one line in the center of
the top of his hat. So now you have most
of Leo’s head drawn. Next is his body. So the body is one line
that comes down on the back, and then one on the
front just like that. Next, after that, you’ll
want to draw the arms, so you do two vertical
lines that come down just under the mouth. I’ll go ahead and continue
drawing his hands, so start with his
thumb, his index finger, his middle finger,
and his pinky finger connecting just like that. And instead of going right
to the opposite arm and hand, let’s indicate his shorts,
so there’s one line that kinda goes not at
the quite at the bottom of where you last left off on
his body, but just above it, and then connect it on
the other side of his arm. Now we want to make the bottom
of his shorts just like that. And now we can go
and do the other hand which is sort of
behind his body. Draw a thumb there, index
finger, middle, and pinky. So now that you have
his body on the outside, and then his arms,
you can draw his legs. And his legs are in
between his two arms, so you have two vertical
lines for one of the feet, and the start of his
shoe is a horizontal line at the bottom of that, and then you do sort of a line
just from the edge of that and then kind of a big hump. He’s sort of got
these big shoes. And a straight line
at the bottom there. That’s one of his feet. And now that you’ve
drawn the front one, you can draw the back one. Still in between those hands,
two vertical lines going down. Horizontal, another line
there, just the same. And now it looks
like his second foot is behind his first foot. And, oh, I forgot his eyebrows! You can’t have a full
expression without eyebrows, so let’s put his
eyebrows up at the top. And to make sure
that our characters look like they’re
standing on the ground, we like to put a shadow. And a shadow’s a
fun squiggly line that goes off at the
bottom of the characters, kind of off the edge of
their feet just like that. And then, when I’m
done with my drawing, I like to sign my name. And there you have
it, Leo the Wombat! (bright pop music)


this is the movie theater room got a
super comfy gaming station such an ominous not must be important
oh hello there name’s rich richardson richest man in the world even richer
than Bill Gates don’t mind if I do I didn’t invite you in but oh okay well
what are you what are you what do you do as you can see I am extremely rich based
on the size of my name it is extremely long and therefore I am extremely rich
that’s how you can tell yeah that is a really big pain okay I guess you are
rich anyway I’ve been getting into the game a box for real estate have you
heard of it for real estate I mean we make boxes all the time when they could
sell them what do you mean there’s a market for them prices are soaring right
now the market is a beautiful time to get in and I think you might be just the
people I’m looking forward to sell a brand new box form a note of premium
cardboard just went on the market this week for 4.5 million people’s 4.5
million tables it’s ridiculous I’m also intriguing oh but these are going like
crazy the market is just soaring right now in rich richest city is the number
one supplier in box for houses I’ve sold over 50,000 houses and this month alone
is there like a lot of legal documents or something I’ve decided don’t have to
sit down with like a like a person and then sign something and that it takes
like many days Oh back to bite simple to my house all you need is a pen and paper
so I’m here and you will be the proud owner of a 4.5 million tape roll box for
for the compound interest the 13 percent that will come to eighteen point seven
million dollars in the next 20 years paid to me yeah sighs yeah okay yeah all
right deals done you’re the proud new owner of
a 4.5 a million tape roll box for of course with
from P at one point to a million tape rolls you my friend how now the proud
owner of a billionaire box for good we did the deal all right sweet boy where
is it well it’s in your basement actually snuck in last night and built
in myself and when you were invited I was gonna stay here until you you agreed
to buy it so now that you do buy it I can leave thank you very much and
remember the name rich Richardson with to the bill gates don’t forget that but
where are you gonna wait where you guys left somebody where are you going and we
are back with a brand new video and today guys we have purchased the world’s
most expensive the world’s biggest the world’s largest the world’s grandest
slogan I’m running out of words billionaire box sports that has ever
ever been created in fact this might be the biggest creation known to man it
might be a Guinness World Record Logan I want my Guinness World Record to go
right there beside Papa Jake box for God king of building you didn’t exactly
build this base we bought it same thing Logan if I buy a car it means
I built it now guys you’re probably wondering Jake what is inside this
massive masterpiece well in fact it’s probably got more in it than your
average mansion we are going to be doing a tour of the entire billionaire forth
with all of the Logan that’s a secret window no one’s supposed to know about
that window Logan this stays shut this is a secret exit erase it from your
memory or we are gonna be showing you inside the billionaire fork because we
abduct this thing out with crazy stuff not to mention we tried to make it as
luxurious as possible which we do first Jake well though can we should go inside
and show off the fork cuz everyone’s wondering what does it look like inside
but before we do that guys I do want to let you guys know that there is actually
a secret behind this we are not keeping this fort oh no no what that’s no yeah
Logan oh we’re giving it away we are gonna be giving it away to one of you
guys whoever has the top most liked comment in the comment section down
below will be pinned at the top of this video you can scroll down and see if
there’s a current owner and whoever is the most liked comment will officially
be the title owner so it could even be you or you or you it
might even be you I’m talking to you Matthew or Jeremy let’s get inside the
port and start showing this off MTV Cribs or Papa Jay check it out we are
officially in the very first section of the ultimate billionaire box for it this
is lucky charm as I call it Jake what do you wanna do first we’re starting in the
kitchen first we need to show off the four dude show them everything that this
thing has to offer and then we can try all of the amazing amenities I mean we
got gaming we got a movie I’m okay with me I can’t get out of myself all right
so first off the kitchen we got food and snacks you got food and we got easier
we got Gatorade to be honest Jake I don’t know why there’s a gym in the
kitchen it’s kind of weird if you ask me cereal I am eating Gatorade Logan it’s
the billionaire way to do it okay and yes there is a gym in the kitchen
because after you beat this Musketeers apart you gotta burn it off on the gym
before I move on to the next room though I have a challenge for you there is
something secret in this room try and guess what it is or what it could be and
we will come back in here in just a minute but first we got to move into the
next room is the gaming room Jake I think this is actually the sports room
we can call it the sports room whatever you want but while you’re in your
billionaire mansion you might get a little bit bored because it’s so big
you’re just walking around in circles so you come on into this room there are
millions of games here there is actually a lot of different games here we’ve got
horseshoes we have those balls what are those balls
Logan I have no idea what that we’ve got these magical balls Oh for that target
and if you throw the ball at the target like Papa check you get 200 Oh
can I still down nope I don’t know if dabbing still a thing whatever you can
play that is now up you got 60 over here we’ve got baseball well because we
couldn’t fit a full baseball field in here got this mini baseball which I
don’t really know how it works play miniature baseball now once you’re done
in the recreational room you might want to head in and chill out a little bit
and that’s where the movie here comes and check this out in every
billionaire box for it you need a home movie theater this is the movie theater
room we’ve got our projector setup with our movie screen here we even got a
secondary snack section with all of our snacks which I got to say Logan you’ve
gone a little unhealthy with the snacks here we not have gotten some carrots or
celery ok well we got more snacks over here we got the movie theater projector
over there you can choose any movie you want you can even play YouTube videos
the guys we’re not even half done showing off this for I mean we haven’t
even started the 24 hour challenge in it it might take us 24 hours to just show
this whole place off so we gotta keep moving whoa okay go that way guys what
movie should we watch leave it down below in the comments all right Jake
let’s check out the next room back into the gaming room we actually have way too
many games in here I don’t know what we’re gonna do scooters to drive around
it’s too big to get around on our feet horseshit of course you don’t have what
it takes to be a horse you gotta use the horse Logan use the horse within you all
right and we’re moving on coming back inside the kitchen isn’t here yet guys I
bet no one guessed it don’t get we’re not gonna show you yet either this or
this is the secret I’m not showing it yet because we got a full other four to
show off all right and open up the door here and we head in to the living
quarters welcome to the first sleeping area so this is the first room on the
first story because this is a two story box for now we got a beautiful bed here
with the sleeping bag and pillows you know lots of room very spacious we also
have a mortar I’m a martyr a mortar Logan to defend this against raccoons
cuz you never know when the raccoons are coming Logan you ever look outside a
night scene screaming across the street there screaming you’re thinking how am I
gonna get in that house and attack you if raccoons were to invade the house or
zombies or really anything else Logan would have to jump out of bed and
quickly grab his mortar cannon I would I would be doing this
cloten why I’m fast asleep because I’m don’t wake me up ever I’m grumpy when I
wake up you load the mortars like soap and you arm them once the mortars are
armed they are you smoking now what you want to do is take the mortar like this 3 2 1 so guys of course every
billionaire fort is not complete without a working elevator which is why wait for
me Jake you can’t take both of us Logan it’s not that strong an elevator yeah
that’s like giving your grandma a fully filled fridge and telling her to carry
at 50 feet you just can’t do that Maya Graham I can do all right elevator let’s
go up ok Jake was absolutely right the elevator didn’t work with me on it you
guys saw already to get to this room we had to go through one two three four
four rooms and an elevator alright we’re raising up guys here we go
it’s not the fact that the fastest elevator in the world but that’s ok
and once we get up to my room here you can see there’s a nice little handle
here and we just open it up like so now guys we were actually on the second
story here in fact I’m not exactly sure how the math works out but this might be
the third story it’s kind of complicated so it’s kind of freaky but we are on the
second story and this is my secret bedroom you come in here got a little
light on the side of the wall here we can turn on we can pull up the hatch so
no one can get in very safe and secure now it’s not the most spacious area I
know but it is on the second story which i think is really cool and it’s really
cozy that can’t get firm because we can see into the the under workings here
that this is in fact the third story one two three so we are going up right now
in fact this box were just so cool cuz of all the walls and stuff I don’t even
feel like I’m on the third storey but if you look out here you can actually see
the entire basement and in our defense room of course we’ve got our nerf
blaster to take out and rack also have a Logan’s bow and arrow Logan
why is your bow and arrow in here Logan’s coming up excuse me your bow and
arrow in here man I devised the little challenge for us take three shots at the
balloons over there and whoever hits the most balloons gets this upper floor bed do this it’s a little far away but I
mean realistically if balloons are both sides of raccoons so three two one bird
okay that was a little too weak alright that’s fine but I got two more here yeah
nice try Jake you don’t hit any of you two ever got the closest last shot here
we go I’m gonna whine this one up real good
going for that middle green one jigging around so sorry Jake that’s just not
gonna count technically if you don’t get an arrow that touches a balloon I get
the top room what it’s so cold you think Logan can hit a
balloon right now I need you to like my video and I need you to calm at hashtag
balloon and with enough likes and enough comments this next shot all the likes of
the hashtags worked you guys were able to do it we hit a balloon I mean there
was a setup I only hit what I need to get off here it’s waffle yeah blue dude
I need ya guys we actually still haven’t shown off this entire fort so we got
more to show off so why don’t we go down through the elevator and we’ll show you
guys the rest of the fort but so far the defense systems are looking good you got
an arrow we got a nerf gun can we got mortars all right guys going down the
elevator back into the main room Logan is still all the way up there see you
Logan now we head back into the kitchen guys
because there is still three more secret rooms we have not shown off yet so why
don’t we head in here I’ll wait for Logan to get down the elevator one of
them is gonna surprise you okay guys now that we shut off the living quarters we
are gonna show up another part of this kitchen it’s still not the super secret
surprise but it is part of our billionaire for because all billionaire
houses need to have one thing Logan you know what that is a movie theater well
no we already have a movie theater Logan you need a steam room and that’s why we
have a fully working world’s first the secret no that’s not the secret they’re
so secretive but this is a fully working world’s first box for steam room now I
got the steam going it’s starting to get starting to get warm in there we’re
getting the steam flown in here I have no idea what’s gonna happen arguably
it’s just gonna melt because probably not supposed to put steam in cardboard
but while this steam room heats up I was thinking we could go back to the sports
room and and have a little contest then once we’re all done and tired in there
we can come back here for a nice steam in the world’s first box for steam room
alright guys welcome back into the activity room the first game we are
gonna play is the ball toss we’ve got these velcro balls here and we have to
try and see who can get closest to the bullseye
all right each of us are gonna get three attempts to get as close to the bullseye
as possible whoever does the best wins this challenge
these are asked to wear this for the rest how about loser has to go in the
steam room because I don’t trust the steam room at all you’re on deck all
right guys loser of all three challenges here will have to go in the steam room
this is the steam room supposed to be a luxury yes until it’s proven that it
works until then it might just be a horrible horrible place you don’t want
to go first ball bullseye nope second ball one hundred and fifty and ten
points three two one bull that oh that’s actually pretty good
that’s three hundred points right Logan you’re up let’s see if you can beat 310
I’m the professional ball thrower so far that’s 270 points day you only need like
just anything to beat me this isn’t good guys hopefully he messes up completely 70 plus 80 what is that Logan 5 4 3 2 1 70 plus 80 is 50 Congrats Logan now guys
the next game here we have is ring toss and that’s pretty simple you got throw
these and get it around here whoever gets the most around here wins the
challenge panel the inner horse again come on
buttercup Oh team bags I mean I could throw it
again okay last one here we go whoa still got a point we got one so
means if you get to you way miss number one this number to miss number three no
go game is rigged all right well we’re moving on to the next game in the gaming
room all right guys baseball it is so it’s
pretty simple basically you’ve got your little bat here Logan’s got his pitching
thing here and he shoots the ball so we all know how to play baseball fine well
let’s uh let’s see how many home runs we can get right one honestly I don’t
really know how this works we got it from the dollar store I do know how to
play baseball but I don’t really understand from the flicking in the
distance it’s okay you don’t need to say anything all right all right well the
next game is a classic on them you know you have been going out for some time
Oh Jake wants to play beyblade right Logan best out of three beyblade battle
right here right now it’s made one really quickly I got a little orange up
top a good heavy middle base three two one let all the battles know
let’s go go go bloom huh got this over the attack the final kill let’s strike
the bait No a win for Papa Jake but it is best to
order three so Logan has a chance of redemption
three two one let it rip bull battles on who’s coming in on the spin around we’re
going oh my gosh chilling in the middle though he’s keeping his stance
oh no pussy strong oh come on a strap watch/oh yeah three two what going in
the middle again bolts running around like a chicken you failed me Oh guys the steamer is
going okay oh that is thick cardboard then we had a light up here the light
seems to have maybe melted the the thickness of the steam in here is kind
of good but it feels like the walls are absorbing a lot of it and it’s it’s kind
of hard to breathe because it’s nice steam mixing with like cardboard it
smells like wet cardboard in here it’s actually getting really on here I’m
starting to get like steam or sweat on my face if it wasn’t for the smell that
that’s the only thing that’s a little concerning is how it smells but other
than that let’s you bet it’s pretty luxurious for billionaire box for woo
that was good steam I actually got a little sweat going all right well I mean
as long as the carpet doesn’t melt it’s a pretty sweet steam room so well then I
keep going throughout the night I said we got another secret in fact we still
have two rooms we have not shown off yet in this billionaire port and guys I
think it’s time I’m done eating these chips I will tell you guys where the
secret room is secret room in fact is behind the snack counter by pushing the
snack counter to the right it reveals an extra room to the box for check this out
oh it’s my favorite room all the gaming stations got a super comfy gaming
station we got an Xbox one for tonight we got a PC with a bunch of different
video games it’s a little small but I think it’s really cozy as I’m closing up
the secret hatch here so technically Logan if anyone were to find a way into
this box for it they’d quit not know we’re in here we’re gonna think it’s
time that we play a little bit of Minecraft I say we rebuild this entire
box for it in Minecraft you gotta play a Forza
Logan’s playing for our you know that’s fine that’s cool you play with your cars
I believe my cows like Bessie over here alright guys now that we are finished up
in the gaming room it is time to head on out because I’m common we’ll be starting
first one there gets the best seat alright guys we got a projector setup
and the wallets we are in here we’ve got our snacks all snacks you got some peach
rings Logan fuzzyby also got some chips over there so I think we’re gonna lay
back the movie to watch and just kind of hang out for a little bit in our box for
movie theater looks like Jake’s gonna sleep Jake it is not morning time I
think it’s time to head to bed got our Billy in our rooms to sleep in I’m
feeling pretty tired it’s been a long day having fun in the billionaire fort
my bunk here the only issue would be if I roll over in the middle of the night
then I’m gonna fall down like two stories so hopefully that doesn’t happen
that’s the only scary thing about this bunk but hotter than that it’s really
cozy I got a wall here I got a nightlight how am I get two bad guys and
I’ll update you in the morning when I wake up I guess not too bad it’s pretty
comfy pretty warm I just kept thinking you know at least I’m not outside
surviving in the forest so that’s nice I have a comfortable blanket or here breakfast breakfast in the billion
airport we have Cheetos lotsa cheeto the healthiest part of your day is starting
your day with a fresh batch of Cheetos can’t start your day with the Cheerios
it is time to head outside and show you guys the final room as well as play the
final minigame and of course don’t forget guys if you are watching this be
sure to smack that like button and if you haven’t already remember to leave a
comment down below because you have the top comment you will officially own this
billionaire mansion what time is it Jake lock don’t work it’s always ten o’clock
in box for land your very healthy miss the most unhealthy thing I’ve seen all
day okay guys we are going to be last room inside this billionaire for it the
final room in our billionaire box for check out this map Jake it’s so baby
that I haven’t been outside and so long huge dude oh I didn’t feel like we were
in a box sport where you’re gonna mansion all night and we have the
world’s first first ever on Papa Jake as well box for your Roz yeah check that
out do we’ve got our garage oh it’s really tight in here every billionaire
box where it needs its own billionaire got our very own tennis court just like
any billionaire would have except instead of a tennis ball we’re using
this this is some really hot real estate guys leave a comment down below and
whoever gets the most likes we will pin it you review of this box for it mansion
estate we have the world’s biggest billionaire
box for it and the biggest one we have ever created and one of you guys is
going to be the owner so currently right now if you scroll down below one of you
might be the owner go check that there isn’t Logan why well guys of course if
you did enjoy this video be sure to smack that like button down below as
well as that subscribe button and if you haven’t already hit that Bell button so
you never miss a brand new video but of course this has been Papa Jay and love
ya see you guys next time for another awesome video

Pinkalicious and Peteriffic | Taking Creativity to the Next Level with All NEW Episodes! | PBS KIDS

[door opens]
playground! TO THE NEXT LEVEL PETER: It’s party time! AND WHEN YOU GET CREATIVE PETER: What are you doing

Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum | ✏️How to Draw Abraham Lincoln! | PBS KIDS

– Hi, everybody, I’m
Chris Eliopoulos. I’m the co-creator of “Xavier
Riddle and the Secret Museum” on PBS Kids. I’m also a cartoonist
illustrator. So what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna draw Abraham Lincoln. (upbeat music) In my life, I discovered
that many things need to be taken step-by-step. So I want you to
work with your kids and your fellow teachers and
your parents on how to draw, and it all starts
with the letter C. We’re gonna so a
letter C right here. (marker squeaking) Now, the trick is when
you’re doing this, you make sound effects like I do while I’m sitting at home
in my cartoonist studio. Next up, we’re gonna do the
letter U, a giant U shape. Whoop, just like that. And then then, all we need
is a straight little line. So there’s an I a C and U. I can see you drawing
through this camera. Next up, we’re gonna do a
little line straight across for his hat. Gonna add that little line. So Abraham Lincoln used to
have like a stovepipe hat, a really tall hat, so we’re
gonna do a couple little lines on either side. Next up, two more
simple line, boop, boop. Now for fun, since the
hat was really tall, we’re gonna go right
up off the page. I wanna see you guys
draw those lines right up off the page. Now we’re gonna
start with numbers. The number three
will be the hair. How does three become the hair? Just like this. Boop boop, and we’ve got hair. And then we’re gonna do
another three on the other side for more hair. Next up, I’m gonna give
you a trivia question. How did Abraham Lincoln smell? If you said with his
nose, you’re right. His nose is a
backwards C, boink, and then we’re gonna do
two little dots for eyes. Give him some eyebrows, a big ol’ smile, and then, of course,
Abraham Lincoln, when he was 11, did
not have a beard, but we’re cartoonists
so we’re gonna draw him with a beard, a
bunch if U shapes. Boop, boop, boop, boop,
boop, boop, boop, boop, boop. And there you have it,
Abraham Lincoln just for you. Try to home. Share it with your
friends and families. (upbeat music)

Find the Bunny Game 🐰 w/ PAW Patrol, Bubble Guppies & More! | Nick Jr. Games | Nick Jr.

Attention all bunnies! Spring has sprung and bunnies
are all over Nick Jr. – Oh my…
– We need your help to find them all. They look like this. First stop is Adventure Bay. Pay close attention and see
how many bunnies you can spot. Call out when you see them. [music playing] PAW Patrol ready for action, Ryder, sir! Did you see all the bunnies?
Let’s go back and count. One. Two. Three. Four! That’s four bunnies. We found them all, paw-some! Now let’s visit the Bubble Guppies
and see how many bunnies we can find. Line up, it’s time to go outside. – Outside, outside!
– Come on! Outside, everybody, outside! ♪ Line up, everyone, line up, line up
Line up, my gup, gup, gup, guppies ♪ ♪Everyone, get out, get, get, get
Get everybody go outside ♪ ♪ Here we go, here we go
Everyone line up, here we go outside ♪ ♪ Everybody let’s go, go, go, go
Get out, out, out, out, out, out outside ♪ Bubble Guppies! Wow, there were a lot of bunnies.
Did you spot them all? Let’s go back and count them out. [music playing] One. Two. Three. Four. Five! That’s five bunnies, swim-sational! Now let’s see how many bunnies
there are on Big Swirl Island. Come on, team.
Let’s earn our wings! [music playing] How many bunnies did you spot?
Let’s count. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. We found six bunnies.
We cock-a-doodle did it! Now we’re searching
the Hatcher Palace Hotel to find some more bunnies. How many do you see? Dance with me, Bozzly! [music playing] Hm, my tuba sounds plugged. I’ll fix that. [music playing] Did you find them all?
Let’s take another look. [music playing] One. Two. Three. Four. We found all four bunnies, splizacular! OK, now let’s look for bunnies
inside Butterbean’s Cafe. [gasping] Just needs a fairy finish. With a flick of my whisk,
and a flutter of wing, this fireworks bean will do its thing. Ooh! That was fairy tricky.
Did you find them all? Let’s see. [music playing] One. Two. Three! That’s three bunnies. I bet they’re looking for carrot cake. Now let’s join Shimmer and Shine, as we search Zharamay Falls for bunnies! – I love being out on the water.
– Me too! Are you sure it was a good idea to use s’mores for fishing, Shine? Who said anything about
using them for fishing? I just really wanted a snack. Mmm! That’s the stuff. Zahra-mazing!
Did you count all the bunnies? Let’s take a closer look. [music playing] One. Two. Three. We found them all, genie-rific! Keep an eye out for
more bunnies on Nick Jr. Bye-bye, bunnies!
I’ll miss you. And you, and you, and you, and you too! You can find more of your favorite shows
weekday mornings on Nickelodeon, and everywhere you find Nick Jr.

Hand Washing Song | ABC Song! | PBS KIDS

March 17, 2020 | Articles, Blog | No Comments

Hand Washing Song | ABC Song! | PBS KIDS

(upbeat music) ♪ Come on, A, B, C, D, E, F, G ♪ ♪ H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P ♪ ♪ Q, R, S, T, U, V ♪ ♪ W, X, Y, Z ♪ ♪ That’s the alphabet song ♪ ♪ You got the alphabet song ♪ ♪ That’s the alphabet song ♪ ♪ And all ya needed
is 26 letters ♪ ♪ To make some words when
ya mix them all together ♪ ♪ Come on ♪ (cheering)