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Crystal Palace 1-2 Liverpool | Firmino wins it late at Selhurst Park | Highlights

That’s a lovely ball in to Jordan Ayew! Kouyate picked out the Ghanaian,
but he couldn’t score. And it’s a really good delivery,
and it’s through for James Tomkins! Well, there you go, it’s no goal
and a Liverpool free kick. That’s Henderson, brilliant ball,
and that’s Mane! Sadio Mane not quite able to take the chance,
some ball by Henderson. That’s for Firmino, and Sadio Mane miscues! And it’s into the back of the net!
It went from one post to the other. Townsend, can hit them! But he hit it straight at Alisson. Here comes the Liverpool corner… And it comes all the way through, and Dejan Lovren was the one
trying to turn the ball in at the far post. Here’s Origi, his first involvement, and here’s Firmino, who’s in! Oh, and Guaita has done so well. Townsend, Schlupp! Instinctive. And it’s only just wide. He’s ridden the challenge of Lovren,
and Townsend, that’s a lovely help on, and Zaha…scores. It’s the best move Crystal Palace
have put together all afternoon. And it comes through and ricochets down,
and it’s away, Firmino! And Roberto Firmino just waited
and bided his time.

Guide to K1 Kayak with Olympic Champion Marcus Walz | Gillette World Sport

Kayak canoeing is a very technical sport. You have to combine technique with strength,
with resistance, with good, strong mentality. You’ve got these people with you there competing
against you, so you have to be a very competitive person; and at the same time sort of calm,
you know – just think of your race, do your race. So when you’re competing, there’s a few
rules you have to respect which are the length of the kayak, which is 5.2 metres; and then
the weight of the kayak is very important – it has to be a minimum of 12 kilos Then the length of the paddle, there are no
rules about that. You just have to find the most comfortable
length of a paddle. Precision is very important in our sport,
because as I said before it’s a very technical sport, and we have to be perfect in all those
details. Just a single movement can make us lose speed
or lose those few centimetres that are gonna make us lose that race or win it, so we have
to be very careful with every single detail. Mastering the K1 requires a lot of dedication
both on and off the water; and isn’t limited to simply training in one canoe over one distance. My training at this level, it’s a high level,
so we have to be very professional and take care of every single detail, you know, to
get the best out of every single training. We usually start the season with lots of kilometres,
maybe an hour and a half or two hours in the kayak nonstop. And then as we approach the competitions,
we get a bit more specific and have a bit more quality training as we call it – a
bit more strength and explosive training. While we paddle, we combine resistance with
strength; so apart from the training on the water, we also do quite a lot of gym. The beginning of the season, we do quite a
lot of resistance in the gym, and then – while we get nearer to the competitions then we
do lot of strength and explosive training in the gym. I’d say that the most important muscles
for a kayaker – it starts from the top half of the body, it would be chest, abs, arms,
and our back. But I have to say we also use our legs because
when we’re sitting down in the kayak we also like to push with our legs and use all
the muscles of our body. Apart from the K1, which is actually the most
important because it shows what level you’ve got individually, we also train lots of days
in the K2 or the K4, because when we go to international competitions then of course
we get together and try to get the best K2 or K4 of our country. Of course in the K2 or the K4 you’re with
other people in the kayak and you have to respect their technique and their way of paddling. So you have to get together and make it look
like just one person. You push together in the water, or make your
legs go at the same rhythm. And, well, just move together. Kayaking is a sport where you practice and
compete on the water; and while it doesn’t really matter if it’s salt water or if it’s
a lake or a river, but it’s always better if it’s still water. Here in Madrid where I train, we’re quite
lucky because we’ve got a beautiful place and the views are the greatest, so apart from
the training and the suffering we do every day then we also enjoy our landscape. The Olympic Gold medal for a sportsman is
like the best. There’s nothing better than going to an
Olympics, and there’s nothing better than winning a gold medal. There’s nothing better than that. So it’s great for me to think now that I’ve
touched the sky, and now when I go out to compete I’ll be loads more confident. I’m already competing, I’ve already done
the best I can do, so I just think now what I’m gonna try and do is just fight for the
next Olympic Games which will be in Tokyo in 2020, and just try and repeat with an Olympic
Gold Medal in the K1 1000 metres.

Game of Zones – Game of Zones, Episode 4 (Game of Thrones, NBA Edition)

Derrick Rose I’ve been watching you for a long [time] You’re the three-eyed bird. No, that’s larry What is this place? Where are we north? Carolina where the hornets of the forest we were here long before the bobcats [I]? seek your wisdom So that I may be a great ball like you once where I can teach you how to fly like an Eagle You must trust your teammates Learn from your failures and whatever you do Don’t try baseball thank you. I’m so grateful. [I] kneel before you no no no no no not the knees Are you lonely? Just bored were you bored a lot too in the NBA no, I was a starter. Are you ashamed of me father? When you were drafted hopes for you [were] high, but you start quickly plummeted Everyone advised me not to make the trade and let you live out your short career in New Orleans. I Told them all to go to hell Because you did not belong cross the world with the bloody pelicans. You [are] the former first-team all-Acc McDonald’s all-American Naismith Prep player of the year and You are my son Does this mean I get to start next year? Let’s not get crazy and Kyle Lowry Cos Brutus six with all his [bitter] was and so he choked and so he choked [then] lord of Tehran Destroy Rubbish No more yeah, play em play the tale of the big three [-] happy [sorry] about John inches When the cow [six] [won] in 2008 it was all about all Kevin and read three great men for Gavin [to] [play] and a bunch of other [role] players all Kevin Racing with me now one more time Enough I’m sick of it that team was nothing without me. I was off in legend in Boston yeah me A Legend but I like that song you should shut you and hold your ginger head So I could piss in any gutter and score more points than five of you I Wouldn’t stand a chance None of us would I wouldn’t go that far Who the hell was that? It’s no wonder they kicked you out of dallas. There’s a special place for lonely trash talkers like yourself And like this guy and where the hell, do you suppose that is? It’s the black Mamba Los Angeles

The Top 10 Most Common Sports Myths – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Top 10 Most Common Sporting Myths. 1. Ice Hockey was invented by Canadians.
– Ice hockey is actually a Scottish sport, as it was played by British soldiers during
wintertime. When these soldiers were stationed in Canada,
they brought the game over and the Canadians adopted it as their own.
2. Basketball was invented by the Americans. – In a strange twist of fate, whilst Basketball
is considered to be an American sport, it was actually invented by Dr James Naismith
in 1891 … who was a Canadian! 3. In the Grand National – the favourites
never win. – The Grand National is the biggest horse
race in the world, with anywhere up to 50 runners and riders.
Because of such a huge number of horses, it’s generally assumed that the favourites never
win because they’ve only got a 1 in 50 (2%) chance of winning.
But they’re called favourites for a reason. And during the last 44 years, 7 favourites
have actually won the national – that’s a 16% success rate.
4. William Webb Ellis invented Rugby. – In 1823 the Rugby School pupil supposedly
picked up a ball and began running with it during a football game. When this was investigated
in 1895, pupils who had attended the school after William Webb Ellis remembered that handling
the ball was still forbidden during their years. Therefore, he couldn’t have invented
the game – but it’s generally accepted that Rugby school did.
5. The English invented Football (Soccer) – Believe it or not, football was invented
by the Chinese in the 1st century BC. The Ancient Greeks also played a similar game,
but the closest to modern day soccer is the Chinese version.
6. The distance for the marathon should be 26 miles and 385 yards.
– 26 miles 385 yards is supposedly the distance between Marathon and Athens in Greece.
The actual distance is less than 25 miles. The reason why the Marathon distance is what
it is today is because of the 1908 London Olympics.
It is the exact distance between Windsor Castle to White City Stadium plus one lap of the
track. The distance has been that way ever since.
7. The Americans invented Baseball. – Once again, this is another sport invented
by the British – who invented a form of baseball in the 1700’s and was invented
around the same time as cricket and rounders. 8. Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball
player of all time and the Chicago Bulls have won the most NBA Championships.
– Whilst Michael Jordan may be the greatest basketball player of all time, the Chicago
Bulls have certainly not won the most championships. The Boston Celtics actually hold the record
with 17, followed closely by the Lakers with 16. Chicago is third on the table with 6,
but nowhere near the 17 championships of the Celtics.
9. Rugby League and Rugby Union are virtually the same sport.
– You could not be more wrong. Due to the difference in the rules of Rugby League, these
are completely different sports. Check out my video for an exact description of the difference.
10. In American Football, punting the ball away on fourth down is the best play.
– In every statistical study ever done on the subject, it has shown that playing the
ball on fourth down yielded the best chance of scoring and therefore the best chance of
winning the game. Punting the ball away may be the safest play,
but as far as ‘playing the percentages’, this is a complete sham. Ninh Ly, www.ninh.co.uk, @NinhLyUK

The Rules of Ice Football – EXPLAINED! (Funniest sport ever!)

Ninh explains, the Rules of Ice Football.
The object of the game is for your team to score more goals than the opposing team.
Ice Football, sometimes referred to as ‘ice soccer’, is a version of association football
that is played on an Olympic sized ice rink. Teams consist of 7 players, with 6 players
taking the ice at any one time. The game starts with a kickoff, where a player
from each team contests for the ball. To score a goal, you must put ball into your
opponent’s goal. For it to count, the whole of the ball must
cross the goal line. In ice football, you are allowed to touch
the ball with every part of your body except your arms.
The main ways to move the ball is to kick the ball to a team mate which is known as
a pass, or run with the ball whilst controlling it
with your feet, known as dribbling. When the ball is in the air, players can head
or chest the ball as well. Teams will usually orchestrate passes and
dribbles so that the ball travels up the ice so that they can score.
The defending team will try and stop you by tackling.
The can intercept passes, block shots or try and kick the ball away from you and move the
ball in the other direction so that they can score themselves.
A defender must be careful here, as if the referee decides that they made contact without
trying to win ball, he can award a foul against them. Fouls usually lead to free kicks.
The game is played in just one period, which varies between 6 and 9 minutes, with the clock
stopping for every stoppage in play. Highest score at the end of time, wins.
If you haven’t already noticed, players wear ice hockey padding to protect themselves.
And just to make running on ice even harder – they’re all wearing bowling shoes.
Yes, that’s right … bowling shoes. You’re kidding me right?
Ummm nope. Germany, the most sensible country in the world created this hybrid ice hockey
/ football sport that lasts under 10 minutes. And then decided to make it harder by making
players wear bowling shoes … with 40lbs worth of armour … on ice.
By the way, there’s a few more things you’ll need to understand before playing or watching
a game. For example. Free kick.
If the ball leaves the rink, the ball is awarded to the team who did not touch it last.
The opposing team will be awarded a free kick from roughly where the ball left the ice.
In the event of a foul, a referee can award a free kick to the team who was fouled.
Substitution. Similar to ice hockey, a team can change players
on the fly. A team cannot change a player if he has already
been sent off. Hand ball
The goalkeeper is the only player who is allowed to handle the ball.
If anyone else happens to touch the ball with an arm, forearm, elbow or hand, the referee
will call ‘hand-ball’, and possession of the ball is awarded to the other team.
If you commit a hand-ball in your own penalty box, the other team will be awarded a penalty
kick. Penalty Kick
If a defender handles the ball in the penalty box, or brings down an attacker with a scoring
change in the box, the referee will award a penalty kick to the other team.
The ball will be placed on the penalty spot and any attacking player can try and score
with one kick against the goalie. If a shot is scored, it counts as a goal.
If the shot is missed it’s a goal kick. Penalty Shootout.
If scores are tied after full time, a penalty shootout will take place.
Team will alternate three penalty kicks each, and the team with the most goals wins. Zorb Football
Not to be outdone by the Germans, the English have their own version of ice football. You’ll
be glad to know, they don’t wear bowling shoes – but instead, they wear a zorb, which
is this inflatable bubble surrounding the player.
Players have to bump their opponents out of the way to try and score goals. Once you get used to the absurdity of the
rules, it’s actually pretty funny to watch. If you have found this video at all helpful,
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and good karma is always appreciated. If you’re also on Reddit, you can post this
video and discuss it there, but in the meantime, enjoy ice football. Ninh Ly – www.ninh.co.uk – @NinhLyUK

24 Hours With Jaguars’ Owner Shahid Khan: NFL Protests, Trump, Yachts & Yoga | Sports Illustrated

You’re a fan about the ultimate thing you can do is own a franchise I don’t want to come and make a small fortune by spending a large fortune. There’s been a huge amount And that will be in the future, but it’s something that be sustained Which oh he’s been the one had the front singing Yes, sir everybody up Hopes were today you want to get stretch you want to get the breathing going you want to limber up And most importantly you want a Saturday yourself it starts with early sunset gratitude being grateful for Obviously the life God’s given you and you know what a great many You hear the cranes going the pumping the noise the honking Most of my life I’ve spent stamping presses going up and for trucks running parts moving clanging That’s what real life is and to be able to really function at your best with that Your time isn’t this is I mean This is a great environment you work out and you relax after that that’s absolutely vital part You want everyday life to be utopia This is also chocolate cherry maple syrup and apple cinnamon I feel a great School doesn’t every time I look at it Those are right off the headlamps our Ford f-150, okay, let’s go English football is very tribal. You don’t want to be able to defend The NFL fans the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars have indeed fallen calm with us in the studio We want to get promoted and have a strategy where we want to stay there for the long Hey, I’m not gonna support the Jags because you know it’s associated with Millwall Right Dear Mike though yeah It’s okay let’s go, baby ma come on. Oh nice clothes the point with some heart and purpose if you’re not anxious You know you’re not stressed. You don’t have any veins, and you’re I mean you don’t have any blood in the veins Oh geez Jill it’s the epitome of human emotion Thank you very much Can we played well it not to have a goal is just I mean we should be up to – nothing right now Now you’ve got a picture oh It is go oh no that is the Heartbreakers We shake your leadership Last five minutes every single so yeah your team puts moto Wembley my team played here Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners When somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a bitch off the field right now out he’s fired He’s fired The essence of America is Freedom to express yourself if somebody does that by you know kneeling god bless? I mean, it’s not something I would do but that’d be a personal choice There shouldn’t be any any way to punish it you know ostracize In any how am I compelled man if our players are? You know getting together Developing consensus as to what they want to do obviously we’ll find out what it is and support I got your back. I got your back. I got your back. I know your game effects. I got your back You know I supported from for the election, and I was obviously really disappointed how things turned out I Love the economic policies and I thought Politicians do a lot of stuff to get elected people the way you govern this country is By pretty much being in the middle. I fully expect him here me too in a move to the middle But I was just appalled that right after his inauguration You know being more divisive and really being more polarizing on religion on immigration You’re standing together as a team and we want obviously you know Doug wanted to be there as head coach – and all the other Group together now Here we go guys. Let’s take a knee everybody Here we go our Father Who art in heaven? Hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth isn’t it you know with our owner with the captain’s with everyone Okay, and it just go through the same thing together all right. We can make things happen And I tells you whatever we’re doing is work More fans there get the energy give our players to support where It’s an emotional game that can come out, and they will get that 12th, man It’s unity it’s togetherness and to respect the diversity. That’s the most important thing whether you? Near you standing up straight. It’s respect that person and respect the diversity Whatever the color of your skin is your religion is The u.s.. Came as an immigrant whatever Respected and collectively you can achieve great things today was a good effect

Top 10 Strangest Moments in Sports (ft. Gritty) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Top 10 Strangest Moments
in Sports Sports are amazing. But sometimes, the strangest
things can happen that nobody would ever see coming.
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#1 Hitting birds. Randy Johnson, the Big Unit, terrified the world of baseball for over two
decades with his blistering pitch speed. He could throw so hard and so fast that he can
pluck birds out of the air … quite literally. During a spring training game against San
Francisco, Randy threw a fastball and an unlucky dove flew in its path, killing it instantly
in an explosion of feathers. And before any PETA nut jobs start disliking the video … calm
down, it was an accident, this isn’t classed as animal abuse, no need to start a protest
outside Randy Johnson’s house now. #2 Shrinking the strike zone. Whilst we’re
on the subject of baseball, some teams will do anything to try and win. Including hiring
midget players so that the opposing team can’t strike them out. Meet Eddie Gaedel, all 3
foot 7 inches of him. In his only plate appearance for the St Louis Browns in 1951 – he was
instructed to not swing at any pitch. The opposing pitcher couldn’t hit a strike zone
so small and walked him on four consecutive pitches. To add further insult to injury,
he wore the number 1/8 to highlight his diminutive size. It doesn’t end well for Eddie though,
as he was followed home and beaten to death. Lacking in height AND beaten to death … wow,
what a crap deal. #3 The Band is on the field. In American Football’s
most infamous incident, a 1982 game between California and Stanford, the California Golden
Bears stunned the crowd with a last second, lateral filled, almost impossible play to
win the game. And for some reason, the marching band had decided amongst themselves that the
game was already over and promptly marched onto the field … whilst the game was still
going on! They got in the way of everyone, including the California players who had to
run around them and the Stanford players knocking over people carrying trombones to try and
tackle the ball carrier. I have no idea how this play was allowed to stand, but it did.
# 4 Being stabbed in the back. Monica Seles, was the top female tennis player in the world
– beating the likes of Steffi Graf on numerous occasions. One of Steffi’s fans, took exception
to that. In quarterfinal match in Hamburg Germany, Gunter Parche ran up to Monica during
the break and proceeding to stab her with a boning knife between her shoulder blades.
Obviously the dude was arrested and she was taken to hospital. And even though it only
took a few weeks to heal, Monica never played competitively for another two years by which
point her best performances were clearly behind her. And what happened to her assailant? Virtually
nothing. Gunter was deemed to be ‘psychologically abnormal’ and escaped prison in favour of
psychological treatment. Monica vowed never to play in Germany again. Understandably.
#5 Fan Man. During a heavyweight fight between Riddick Bowe and Evander Holyfield, the fight
was interrupted by someone who decided to parachute into the ring attached to a giant
fan. James Miller claimed that he landed accidentally due to mechanical problems. But Evander Holyfield’s
entourage didn’t care, as they proceeded to beat the crap out of him, and plenty of
fans, presumably all boxers themselves, did the same. If you’re going to interrupt an
event, don’t do it at a boxing match where people know how to fight. Years later, James
ended up killing himself. Boy there’s a lot of deaths in this video so far.
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#6 Struck by lightning … mid game. Speaking of deaths, how unlucky would it be if you
got struck by lightning whilst playing your favourite sport? That’s exactly what happened
in a football match in 1998, where a bolt of lightning struck the field and several
players went down. Some suffered from burns, others from shellshock. Nevertheless the match
was abandoned and mass panic ensued trying to get the injured players off the pitch,
before Zeus decides to throw another bolt from the heavens. Even though the video footage
isn’t clear, you can actually see some of the earth being dug up by the lighting right
here. #7 Chicken invasion. During a game between
Blackburn Rovers and Wigan Athletic, fans protesting Blackburn’s owners (who are an
Indian poultry company) decided to release a chicken onto the field to show their disdain.
This chicken stopped the match and was finally caught by the opposing goalkeeper. I have
two questions: 1) how on earth do you sneak a live chicken into a football stadium and
2) do they actually make chicken sized Blackburn Rovers uniforms? In any case, the chicken
was awarded ‘man of the match’ because Blackburn and Wigan’s players are awful.
#8 Bat man. What happens when a bat comes and invades your basketball game? That’s
easy, just call Manu Ginobli. During a Spurs game, a rogue bat was swatted out of the air
and captured with Manu’s bare hands. This earned him applause from the fans, a new nickname,
the batman theme song being played everywhere he went … and the anger of Peta nut jobs
worldwide. Seriously guys, you should really calm the hell down. Ironically, some bats
carried rabies, and Manu had to have several rabies jabs following the incident.
#9 The end is nigh. The last thing you’d expect to see at any motor race is someone
running down the track. Try telling that to Neil Horan – who ran on to the track at
the 2003 British Grand Prix to tell everyone that the world was ending, whilst wearing
slogans from the bible. And he was only saved by a race official who’d chased him down
and pushed him off the track. Obviously he was arrested, imprisoned and presumably kicked
in the balls when no-one was looking. Rather unsurprisingly, Neil used to be an Irish priest
but was excommunicated due to his crazy behaviour. Crazy behaviour … you don’t say?!
10) Beaten with your own shoe. Ice Hockey is the most violent of team sports, so it
pays not to anger the players. But after a game between the Boston Bruins & New York
Rangers ended on an ugly note, a fan managed to reach over the glass, hit one of the opposing
players and steal his stick. Maybe that fan should have paid attention to my first point
because the Bruins then proceeded to climb into the stands to hunt him down. Other fans
tried to sucker punch the Bruins, the Bruins retaliated. Including Mike Milbury here, who
famously stripped the shoe of a fan and proceeded to beat him with it. This remains the greatest
single highlight in Bruins history. Those Stanley Cup victories are a distant 2nd.
Honourable Mentions go to Nancy Kerrigan, who had her leg broken by a rival’s husband,
Monica Seles style. Evander Holyfield having his ear bitten off by Mike Tyson during a
fight. The malice in the palace, an ugly basketball brawl that makes the Mike Milbury thing look
tame. And Gritty, the Philadelphia Flyers mascot
who’s the strangest, scariest and possibly coolest mascot in all of sports. When he’s
not terrorising you in your dreams, he’s displaying typical Philadelphia style behaviour,
shooting his own members of staff with a t-shirt gun and getting into fist fights with little
children. Best mascot ever. If you like this video, please be sure to
like, share & subscribe. It takes me ages to make one of these things, and good karma
is very much appreciated. Have you see any other strange stuff happen in sports? Comment
on the comments section below. Ninh Ly – www.ninh.co.uk – @NinhLyUK

Zlatan does the Sky Sports David Beckham Ad! (Parody Advert Ibrahimovic)

Zlatan does the Sky Sports Advert, but better. Parody. It’s Sky Sports biggest ever season with 126 live Premier League games. Who knows what to expect! Vardy!!! He’s broken the record again! Pfff… you mean Zlatan has broken the record… No, I meant V … What?! Yes, I meant Zlatan! Zlatan has broken the record! Haha. Well done, Zlatan. Rashford – he’s on for a fifth! Yes!!! He has learnt well from Zlatan! Mourinho must regret selling him now! No! Is that Becks?! No, I’m Zlatan, who the hell are you? I’ll save us from relegation! I like the new name for the Sir Alex stand. It’s the last game and it’s all to play for at both ends of the table… HELP!!! Damn you, Arsene! You’re about to get us relegated! Zlatan was right not to audition here. Zlatan – hi! Piers Morgan! I’m a big fan… …of your ego! And it’s Liverpool who win the league! BOOM! Pfff … #itcouldhappen? More like… #itwillneverhappen. Haha. Good joke, Zlatan. Good joke. How was the run? That’s none of your god-damn business. Subtitles by the Amara.org community