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Footballers do #stayathomechallenge!
AKA The Toilet Roll Keepy-Up Challenge Vamos! 13 at once! HALA MADRID! Here goes… #stayathomechallenge! Completed it mate! And this summer I’ll completing the #dontstayatdortmundchallenge Yes! I nominate Jurgen Klopp…
If he hasn’t used all his toilet rolls up crying his eyes out! Welcome to Anfield! HAHAHAHA! – Who’s that?
– Calm down sis, it’s only Thomas Muller… To Neymar, “I nominate you for the stayathomechallenge
After all, you are the king of rolls, 😂”
Wanker! My agent and I donate 1m to charity to help beat Coronavirus!! Well I, and not my agent, donate 1m to charity to help beat Coronavirus! – Make that 1.5m!
– 2m! – 10m!
– 20m! – 20m – and all my ballon d’ors!
– 20m – and all my ballon d’ors! – 20m, all my ballon dors and all my international trophies!
– You win… – Darling? Where the hell are all the toilet rolls?
– You used them all when you tp’d Antoine’s house… Oh yes haha, good times… Teach me… Keepy-ups with a loo roll?
No way! This is my house, I have to defend it! To Jurgen, dry your eyes mate, love Diego… Have we learnt nothing?!
Every single toilet roll is white! So today, I am launching a new range of diverse toilet rolls! Here goes! Thanks Joeli! I’ll be able to sell this in one of my “essential service sports shops” for a few hundred quid! – You can’t sell something for 3000 times it’s actual value!!
– Well Hoffenheim did… The stay at home challenge? I’m English – so fnCk this, I’m off to the seaside!

TSM x MTN DEW AMP GAME FUEL BLOOPERS // Bjergsen, Broken Blade, Biofrost, Reverse2k, EmadGG & More!

You’re using a new hair conditioner I don’t remember any more words… (laughter) What are you doing (big gulp) ahhhhhhhhh… I had too big of a slurp (laughter) hold… hold… hold… hold… hold… and… (laugh) You’re laughing at me You want me to drink like… Should I take the whole thing? (laughter) Go! There’s a plane overhead Oh, you say “what?” Oh, I have to say “What?” Yeah. Oh okay. You missed ten smites in a row. You need… Ziath… Thya… Theanine (muffled laughing) Theanine… Action! Oh *bleep* Action! Oh *bleep* I keep forgetting just to look at the thing Don’t thank me *bleep* Don’t thank me *bleep* Don’t thank me. Thank Mountain Dew Amp Game Fuel! Danger! Keep going? Oh my bad You

Poki Can Trust Herself Right? | Michael And Lily Fighting In The Background | Jodi, Come In The Room

Yeah, somebody’s like Oh John, how was your relationship going with Jodi? Yeah He’s very much joking He’s very much joking Wait, I thought we said we were gonna fight though like I asked I’m like I want to fight and then I was like, yeah and you’re like I have one KP so I was like, okay say no more. So I start going in Deepest within that there was like snipers at the other Tower we I was just trying to like I was just trying to like You know run past them and ignore them and get something for you Just ignore all the snipers like I was in the matrix silly and I’m not even kidding. I felt it like my brain zoom in to a deeper Material level of Apex where I just felt unstoppable. Oh My god That is that is that is really clever ball I’m so impressed Okay. Okay. You should try it Specifically rip out eyeball. You can rip out eyeballs what some of the killing blows are really sick There’s one where he like there’s some arm and he like snaps it in half and the phone juts out. It’s so fucking sick Fucking kid I can’t I can’t So, thank you so much for the prime sub. Thank you. Welcome. Welcome welcome It was a real mental boom Yeah Focus thank you for the Prensa welcome. Whoa, is it because I didn’t stream the past two days It’s kind of weird, isn’t it? Like if you don’t stream for two days, it feels like a really long time Also, I’m down to play with miss anytime, but please don’t spam a chance The one box I have a shield I’m gonna need some peace and quiet Why I think you could just don’t look for shoes What? What do you think you can regard officials I What okay, well, how come she can’t hi, I can’t tell if she’s I can’t we can you know one word at a time I Think you could have gone my gosh What he like Shh bad two seconds Oh Links wji CJ strap. Thank you Like watching an underpaid babysitter looking after the problem children, uh Joe bueno 69 Dillon mecha, man. Thank you Oh Hamburger, I’m so sorry to hear that some you love Gordy a nolo gave me that many more things to him Yes, you can also time skip and do it on any day. Okay, who the fuck deal for me? We’re trying to schedule scrims No stuffings like but you Vaughn’s on that night. I’ll schedule it Thank you for the $5, thank you But this is ok he add everyone to the group ok, and the first thing he says is yo, what time can you guys scrim Bracket mostly even cuz she has the worst schedule. He really called me out I don’t everyone in our group the prison brackets Over here and you’re taking out Get out of my way balls stop looting my stuff I worked hard for this Hey Jonny Quest what’s up? Can you do the thing again? Do the thing, please do the thing with this rope wait That just mean I Do that it’s my throat really I do that when I suck dick Oh Hmm I think I can trust myself to do this right, right. Yeah Close enough, man Pitching it I’m trying to keep it all out of my way. I should just play like this Oh My god, oh my god, I go on a job in the fly man arrived we drop it. Why are you kicking? I’m eating Okay, clapping sounds like we free clapping some cheeks man Bra is my place. Haha bugged I’m so sorry. That’s okay No, I don’t I didn’t have any shield no, just talk about your passive Person okay. Just okay just because you repeated it doesn’t mean I know what it means. Oh Yeah, yeah, hey hey What are you doing I’m chillin, you know, what was terrible is? I hurt my child like about war zone and I’m like, oh I kind of want to play With you Are you over streaming no? That wouldn’t be one me through some pretty stone. Did you notice how there’s a giant penis in the middle of my island? Don’t know and it’s a waterfall Too long, okay, I will be back. All right. I’m just gonna leave it right here BRB Hurry cog a takes the lead now but he’s quickly many of the marbles are are catching up to him, but he’s maintaining his lead very Very no he’s not. Okay and oh and pussy. Oh wow up pussy pussy The second place dude is now really close to him Pussy coming in hot okay, I think oh it’s close its close but He’s still holding it down Oh J chosen Oh, see you later Raj is the best kind of scent because like the best simple, you know, there’s nothing in it for them Romantically or sexually or whatever you gotta really reach the vocal chords, you gotta just say hi, okay First one come on in Oh, are you molding? We’re all human beings But just remember when you’re feeling very sad and very lonely That you are the winning sperm if there was a literal one for hundred trillion chance of you being born at the time that you were born That’s really special. So Maybe you feel never win at anything ever again or be good at anything you won them? The one race that really mattered against all those other losing’s Burmese Are you sure you aren’t on something and it’s in am I on a substance? Never mind Lily, to Poki: “You should try Doom”, MINE NOW TRIHARD 7, poki wants to play with, lily’s outfit, michael and lily fighting in the background, Ruthless Business Woman by day, Elite Comedian by night, babysitter poki, Poki can trust herself right?, Poki tries to catch a turantula, poki master aggressive on AC, When your friends embarrass you on the internet, Do the thing with your throat John, Jodi, come in the room.., Animal crossing is cute and amazing, new room pog, Coming in hot, Imagine speaking like that IRL, bigwow chance of being born, i think the goal is diamond before reset, Janet in the matrix, my sleep schedule is fked You

Yes please! Please swap them around so we end on Delta’s game as it was a win : | Offline tv

Hello Hello, good afternoon evening I Have gotten no Cookies ready candles lit ready for cosy Street. Why does this I wish I had that Good. I like want Girl Scout cookies so bad. I don’t know why I’ve been craving that and those stupid pink sugar cookies I won those pink sugar cookies. I want them so bad, and I know they’re so bad for me And I know they’re not good. And I know haven’t you don’t like that. I swear they are I Swear that there’s they’re addicting. There’s like all the sugar in it. They are good. I Want Girl Scout glycerine? All right. I’m gonna need you to just shut the fuck up cookies The frost would slip oh that’s what I’m saying those little sugar cookies any good I like UFC and our safe way or for tomorrow okay in there and they’re like White sugar cookie with like pink frost because now everyone is working and studying from home Well, guess what? You can get yourself a bed table. That’s right You don’t even have to get out of bed to do work. Guess what you can be comfortable while being efficient I was just gonna say Never ready for the tournament If you need trading let me know I hope cherries oh Hi my university of choice Proud New York North or South Congrats Congrats on the North America. That is a very good feeling That one I gave up in money go to buy station Sighing this game is an evil game. I’m trying it Oh What did you think what’s gonna happen you kept slapping that trim the tree would break There’s no way I fucked this up again, oh, oh, oh wait Back here you go back. I picked the pick the guy Did you just say my No, I usually just I I actually usually didn’t tell people my name on stream one friend It’s Peter Boomer switch your where’s yours? Why aren’t you playing animal crossing all the cool kids are playing it right now? Okay, if anything you’re the boomer for not playing it leave food. Thanks for redeeming an ad I will play it it away or when I go pee usually when I go pee people will remind me Yeah, mmm good players titty and great and wait what the fuck What the fuck You motherfucker dude How did you catch up dude you were in like last place? Okay, tell me I’m doing Someone said Celine my ass is shaky On the corner, I want you to like just kidding it’s okay. I’ve leaked it like 20 times myself Okay, it’s sort of some people didn’t know still some people still didn’t know so I mean I’m sweaty. I’m gonna say I’m sweaty because the tournament or because I didn’t mention because I was scared. Oh Right this morning that was drinking hot team but here we go. Oh Right. Wait. Am I? Oh my God. Why is he pushing up button not working it Had to be had to this dream until my setup But uh welcome I did Drive man Elliot if you guys don’t know her property layin low I mean you guys already know this a little bit because of the virus and stuff and want to just leave so technically I should Definitely be of quarantine for 14 days, but we’ll figure it out It’s not picking up because it’s sound sensitive enough audio that gives you in a bigger room. Is that echo That makes it so bad. Yeah. Sorry you guys have to deal with it dampener I’ll figure it out dude. So I got space to move around you guess and check this out. Like I mean Oh my god, you can he can’t use invisibility You dumbass but thank God reason do that so Peop that was on purpose that was on purpose And on purpose Need to relax Wait, wait, what? Oh I was just gonna say Never ready for the tournament I Swear, if you don’t like it, it’s just too loud. Should I turn it down piss to me like It’s so wide people happy It sounds like a baby. That’s the point This is okay. Well I can we have a walleye cam. Can you wait law? Nice wait, hold up your Sheba guys. We got water in Sheba. Check it out That’s just stucked does it feel weird honestly hasn’t hit me yet and guess it feels fucking weird it feels really weird because I Because of the virus honestly like it you I can’t be normal I can’t go outside like do I do I can’t go right now and get it you would never exactly I’m just kidding. It’s okay. I’ve leaked it like 20 times myself Okay, it’s sort of some people didn’t know still some people still didn’t know so I mean I’m sweating. I’m gonna say I’m sweating because the tournament or because I didn’t mention because I was scared Oh Why are we Oh my god Okay, anyways, good morning not year if it’s an exaggeration, okay one likely Thank you for the tier two sub five months in row You’re officially twice as cool as literally all the tier 1 subs, but don’t tell them Thank you very much and welcome back to the fees Lea family NEW KEYBOARD AND PINK KEYCAPS FROM LOGITECH YAHOO, I don’t know where she is, Like a phoenix, can’t keep us down, Only one girl and one boy, feet troll, When you tryin to why the cumm off you hands, When you get demoted to Wood IV, Boomer uses Technology for the first time, Animal Crossing Malding, animal crossing waiting room, Yvonne amazon marketing, animal crossing waiting room, Jodi can’t take L’s, John Ramming Sykkuno, contagious laughter pt. 1, chicken noise karma, I just want cookies, lol she read my question. she brought up jizz first, chillin before warzone tournament, animal crossing w me? 😳👉👈, The story of the Crab , Leslie lost her axe, comfy animal crossing stream with edison :D!!, WATER COMING You

Top 10 David Ross Moments as a Cub | Game 7 Home Run, Becoming Manager & More

– [Announcer 1] Ross ready to go to work. Flying toward left, it will be caught by
Schwarber. – [Announcer 2] First out of the inning
for Ross. ♪ [music] ♪ – High throw, Coghlan on the bag. ♪ [music] ♪ – Again. Eight pitch, 1-2-3 inning. – Guy’s a machine. – The David Ross, he’s got a
no-no through one. Deep to left. Gone. The pitcher goes deep. – Aw, man.
Have some fun, David Ross. – [Announcer 3] What a ninth inning he’s
having. He pitches a 1-2-3, nine,
and then walloped a long home run to left. – How about the fan reaction? Standing ovation for David Ross. ♪ [music] ♪ – Throw to first, they’re going
to get him. Out at first. Cubs win. – Wow. – David Ross just won the game. He picks off Clint Robinson. Oh, baby. 2 to 1, the final. – Wow, what a winner.
End of ballgame. – I think we’re going to celebrate
this one. – Well, you know, some
things never change. You know, big star outfielder wants to
warm up, play catch between innings. He’s looking for somebody. He says, “Hey, backup catcher, you. Play catch with me.” And that’s David Ross
up there playing catch. – [David] I was worried I wasn’t going to
be able to get it back to him. I wasn’t loose. I’m surprised my shoulder didn’t come out
of joint. That’s pretty good by J-Hey. I mean, I’m not a moving target. I’m standing on a chair right there with
a…you know, I can’t move anywhere, so it’s…I’m stationary. He hit me right in the chest every time.
It’s pretty impressive. ♪ [music] ♪ – The runner goes, the 0-1 inside,
the throw by Ross. It’s going to be in time.
Out at second base. David Ross with a perfect throw to second. One down, first inning. [inaudible] and the throw down to first
and they got him. They got him. David Ross picks off Conor Gillaspie. Great tag by Javier Baez. ♪ [music] ♪ – And he drives that one to the left,
Number 100. ♪ [music] ♪ – He is enjoying that moment right now. – “Ross is the boss.”
Indeed. Grandpa Rossy with Number 100. – The boys were excited.
I was excited. I think my favorite part while this has
all been going on is rounding second base and looking in the dugout.
It makes me smile every time. Ever since I hit 99, that’s all I hear is,
“Hit a homer, grandpa.” I mean, nobody even knows my first name. Nobody knows my first name anymore. ♪ [music] ♪ – Ross cracks one in the air.
Left field, deep. Back goes Blanco to the track. Near the wall, it’s got a chance. Gone. David Ross with a home run. The ball game is tied at 1. – You know, he throws the Yuckadoo swing
when he gets ahead of the count. – Two balls and two strikes,
[PLAYER] on first. And there he goes. Ross’s throw down to second. He’s in time to get him. ♪ [music] ♪ – Another great play by Baez,
a one-hop throw by Ross. It is out number 2. ♪ [music] ♪ – He struck him out on a fastball. – Cradled nicely by David Ross. – Ross throws to first, he got him. David Ross picks off Eugenio Suarez with a
perfect throw to Rizzo. Rossy fires that ball right over the top
of Votto and right on the money. ♪ [music] ♪ – Here comes the 2-2. In the air, this should do it. Jason Heyward makes the catch,
it’s a no-hitter. Jake Arrieta has done it again. How about David Ross? – Yeah, I mean, he’s obviously had a
great, long career, but he loves his pitchers. I mean, he’s as pumped about this
as Jake is, I think. – Wow.
That was fun. – [Theo] It is my honor to introduce the
55th manager of the Chicago Cubs, David Ross. ♪ [music] ♪ – I take this job very seriously. I know there’s a lot of work ahead,
but I’m so honored to be able to lead such a talented group and I’m looking forward
to that process. ♪ [music] ♪ – [Announcer 4] Listen to this ovation. This is the Cubs’ final home game. What a moment for David Ross. They love David Ross here in Chicago. Look what he just did. Look what he just did. – I’ve got goose bumps.
I don’t know about you, Ron. – I’m tempted to look around for the movie
cameras because things like this only happen in Hollywood. – And Joe Maddon on his way to the mound
and talking to David Ross. You know Lester doesn’t want to come out
of this game. – Is Ross coming out?
– Is Ross coming out? Is he going to give Ross one more ovation? How about that? A very classy move by Joe Maddon to get
David Ross one last ovation here in his final regular season home game. We saw Yadier Molina applauding,
respecting Ross. – Just listen to these fans. There are some nights where this place
becomes the goose bump capital of the universe. Very nice move by Joe Maddon. Classy. Extremely classy. ♪ [music] ♪ – Ross flies one into center,
sends Davis back at the wall. It is gone. The 39-year-old, in his final game,
David Ross has made it 6-3. – I can’t control myself right now.
I’m trying my best. – It’s understandably so, buddy.
– I’m emotional. – I hear you.
– I’m an emotional wreck. – It’s only going to get worse.
Just continue to breathe. That’s all you can do, buddy.
All you can do. It’s only going to get worse. – I’m in a glass case of
emotions right now. – Yeah. Yeah. ♪ [music] ♪ – This is going to be a
tough play. Bryant. The Cubs win The World Series.
Bryant makes the play. It’s over, and the Cubs
have finally won it all 8-7 in 10. – [Crowd] Rossy. Rossy.
Rossy. Rossy. Rossy. Rossy.
Rossy. Rossy. ♪ [music] ♪

Poki Loses Them The Game | Joast Yes That’s Me On My Shirt | Jake Explains Coomer to Rae lil Black

I can stay inside and be bad at CSGO, Poki loses them the game, Meow :), What a shame, That was so cexy Janet, yes that’s me on my shirt, yvonne the master LUL, im happy too, yes that’s me on my shirt, Rae lil black has a request for hasan, Hasan x Rae lil Black, FAKE ELEV, MONKAS CLIMB, Too Cold For A Short Shirt, Jake explains Coomer to Rae lil Black, RaeLilBlack reacts to Just a Simp, dont push me, clash with xmithie, dhokla, treatz, kobe, happy friday yvonSip

Philadelphia 76ers vs Detroit Pistons Full Game Highlights | March 11, 2019-20 NBA Season

By your delaware valley honda dealers for dwayne casey who’s team right very well in the absence of mv This is wood he can shoot a little bit and he buries the three chris He was miles from this guy This guy could shoot a little bit of the year at the little caesars arena in detroit Indeed it was fouled by maker. Just a bad night overall. Oh boy, wasn’t it? That’s maker we mentioned Oh, he also shows you signs of life there got insulted by the way joel was playing him shot that one by the way So don’t count the field goal Pilot buries the threes for the piston Two three zone for the pistons And beat out high to break it then Delivering two for the detroit pistons a rookie from alabama. Just his fourth game of his nba career six nine two thirty shot Paris against christian wood Three of huge importance because you look at the detroit they’ve already put up ten three-pointers expected Al horford hitting the sixers second three of the game it captain 8-0 sixer run as Good defense by perks off the ball against galloway who is always looking to get hit with a three-year contract a lot of Speculation because of that contract situation that he’d be moved before Averaging nearly 10 again Working it against tobias harris that was a pretty move by the 19 year old shiku doomed booyah athletic and long and skilled Uh nicely done by following him good things usually happen when you’re there to back your teammate up and fievel took it away from the veteran night and slams for Detroit if they can hurry it up Jordan mcrae close the first quarter Scott coming out against the zone sixers need to keep it hot here now embiid in deep against He was originally selected by the sixers in the second round back 2018 only to be traded Shortly thereafter. Well, we hope he doesn’t develop his conscience tonight Rolling in and slamming for two and a foul In the face of poor kyrie, thomas one more at the line as the pistons now have it out of the timeout Tray setting up wood promptly And be blocked by His way a tough two from langston galloway kyrie, thomas comes up with a turnover galloway for three Got to stop the ball right first rule transition defense find it stop the ball Josh richardson second-year player, he’s down on the floor warming up before the game. He’s been dealing with knee issues as Fucking dropped I got no complaints Pulling the trigger on that but he swung it down fiber with wood and pursued forget it See what christian wood does to his defense anchors it changes shots I’ll tell you what Eight boards and six assists That’s maker for three and down it goes Maker between both paris and embiid snell will give it a whirl against embiid and he got it Sixers still leading by nine portforward another three. Yes And b for three got it making a statement before the Averaging just under five Loft for wood caught embiid out of the game tobias not an especially good shooting night his fourth twelve guys wood was slammed for two he’s able to get there just didn’t make the time get The first round of bad news news who are in milwaukee’s bracket the bucks for the best record of the Embiid missing with a left hand Scoring with a right levin’s for embiid and his return after sitting out five the left shoulder sprain Boy mp tony had that lobby there reversed using the rig And make her there to deny shake milk And running the floor galloway who lays the champion that year university of connecticut Milton the law friend b nicely on his macro Another And one thing he emphasized guys that when he does come back he will be stronger because he’ll have a lot more time to lift That would leave seven games left for the regular season. And of course, that’s just a Re-evaluation date that’s not uh, you’re back in uniform cutting it close wishing the best Yes, and as you said earlier because now as mcrae gets richardson missing the three Milton that’s for three Tony snow Harris with a shot clock running down missing the three Nicely done again at the robinson who deposits two wins tonight 22-3 Mcrae slamming for trying to impress brett brown trying to develop some consistency as a unit Beating horford to the punch and slamming Big one coming up saturday against indiana Wood you can count it at a foul team in china But he is in the nba now to stay for a while there’s clook moz for three And he buried it first of the sixers 15 straight at home a season high 29-2 at home The nba’s best hallmark their win percentage here of .93 the third best in franchise history and being with 30 and