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Temper’s Adventure – A Best Fiends Animation

Temper’s Adventure Ugh, I’m bored! You’re just mad cuz your voice changed. – Why don’t you clean up this place?
– Excuse me? I come from a long and illustrious line
of Tempers! We don’t clean! We conquer. We explore. We win eating contests! But where’s my adventure? – A treasure map…
– Whaaaaat? Finally, my own adventure. Let’s go!! Right now?! Nice outfit. Ok. We should land right
next to the O in Gleaming Gorge. Temper, there’s not going be a… …Gleaming Gorge… According to this, we should be
at the base of a giant waterfall. Uh, Temper? Uh oh. Aaaaaaaahhhh! Nobody move. Hmm? – Got it.
– Temper! Look, Jojo, strong bridge! Be careful… – Oops.
– Look what you did! Phew, I thought we were going to fall. I know, crazy right? Uh-oh. Aaaaaahhhhhhh! Uuurrrhhhh… Everyone keep your guard up.
This place could be… Yeahhh! …booby-trapped. Ugh, this place gives me the creeps. Gotta be honest, I thought it would
be a lot scarier. Slugs. Yuck. Why’d it have to be Slugs? Come on, let’s go! Ah, this is gonna be so much fun! What the… – Uuuh!
– Temper! Uuuh! Oooff! Come on guys, what’s taking so long? Seriously? Ugh, let’s get out of here. Hu-hu-hu… Ohhh? – What is that?
– Oh, wow. Impressive! I did it! I did it! All on my own! – What?
– Excuse me? I finally stepped
out of my great uncle’s shadow! Woooah… Hmm… Nope. Uh-uh. Ah, maybe. Perfect! Yes! I am the greatest Temper
of them all!!! Temper… I crossed the jungle!! Temper! I defeated every single booby trap! – Ugh…
– Watch out… Aaaaaaaaaaargh! Ah, good times. Another adventure? Awesome, let’s go! No [email protected]#$ing way.