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God of War 2 All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p 60FPS HD

By defeating Ares, Kratos the once mortal warrior Became the new god of war however Kratos shun found himself alone on Olympus shunned by his fellow gods But Kratos had no need for the love of the petty Gods He had found a new family in the warriors of spartans They need sons from his past to come to back My lord Kratos Another city has already fall Soon all shall know the glory of Sparta Enough Kratos With every city that you destroys The wrath of Olympus grows Soon I will no longer be able to protect you I need no protection Do not forget that it was I who made you a God Ghost of Sparta Do not turn your back on me I owe you nothing Then you leave me no choice Kratos has turned the pain of his memories into hatred Hatred for the Gods Who had refused to free him from the nightmares of his past deeds And so he went to Rhodes To deliver the final blow to the seized city Athena You conspire against me Athena You will suffer for this By the Gods he’s killed them all He still have of some powers of the Gods RUN Kratos I do not need your help Zeus I can take down this beast I offer you more than help Kratos I offer you power I offer you the Blade of Olympus It was this blade that ended the great war and defeated the Titans Drain you godly powers into the sword Kratos Only then you will reach your full potential Why do you aid me now But I do now I do for the good of all Olympus Do you see Gods of Olympus Do you need more proofs than this Placing all of his godly power into the weapon and rendered Kratos mortal Vulnerable to the arms of death Bloodied and beaten He knew to have any hope of survival He must retrieve the Blade of Olympus HoHumiliated before his Spartan armies Kratos dragged himself up from the dirt How can this be Why does our God You Yes I am forced to attend to this matter myself Athena refuses to undo her mistake Imagine caring for a creature such as yourself Why Why would you betray me It is you you who would betray me May I to stand idly by while Olympus is threatened Your hands have already stained it by the blood of a God I will not Ares’s fate be my own The Gods are petty and pathetic And your rule is weak I grow tired of this insolent I am the King of Olympus And it is my way that is the ways of the Gods You must vow to forever serve me I serve no one Then you leave me no choice Kratos has fallen You shall submit I would rather die It did not have to be this way my son This path is of your choosing A choice from the Gods is as useless as the Gods themselves Even now as you draw your last breathe You continue to defy me Everything you have ever known Kratos will now suffer because of your sacrilege You will never be the ruler of Olympus The cycle ends here You will pay for this Zeus Be certain of that As the life drains out of Kratos The arms of Hades reach out to claim their price But there was more in destine of Kratos shown that he could be Kratos was destine to bring about change that is so severe That would shake the very pillars of Mount Olympus His death was something that I could not allow Ares destroy my enemies and my life is yours Fight Spartan You are not meant to die here This is not the end Who are you I am the Titan Gaia Ever-present mother of Earth I have watched you become a powerful warrior and I have been with you through all the events of your life but I can no longer simply watch We will help you defeat Zeus Death is an escape Kratos You are a warrior of Sparta Not a coward Only a coward accept death I am no coward Then you must fight I will show you the way the sisters of fates Only with their powers that you defeat Zeus My lord I knew you cannot be killed I never lost faith Return to Sparta and prepare for battle But our brothers are death You still can hold a sword Spartan do not surrender Do as your God commands And what of you My Lord I am going after Zeus It seems I still have allies on Olympus Turn back to Olympus beast I must face Zeus You defy the God of War You are no longer a God Kratos Zues Olympus and the Blade which holds all your power forever more be out of reach Your only hope is to find the sisters of fate and travel back through time to the moment Zeus betrayed you For our only the he truly be vulnerable Kratos to succeed you need more help than what I can give My Titans brothers slumber deep inside these mountains Go It is time that he was awake Who dares to enter this place God of War You lived I no longer walk with the Gods Who has placed you in this torment Zeus My only crime was helping mankind But I took the fire of Olympus to the mortals Zeus considered it a betrayal As punishment he made me mortal and condemned me to be savagely consumed everyday by this cursed bird And then with the fall of night I am healed How long have I been here How long have I suffered this curse I truly do not know Please Ghost of Sparta released me from my torment I must burn with the fire of Olympus It is the only way Kill me Kratos Kill me I will not help you You will pay for that Kratos You have freed Prometheus from the torment of the Gods His flesh has tainted the fire of Olympus and embodied with the power of Titans This ashes will give you great strength Kratos Take them within you Use this strength to defeat you enemies Kratos behold the island of creation Home to the sisters of fate Here the path to your true destiny begins The island is flock with danger It was created to prevent all from reaching the three sisters of fate The power of the sisters will allow you to return to that moment when Zeus betrayed and killed you Kratos Thus changing your fate and the fate of others You must find a way across the island Kratos For there lies your path to the sisters of fate Why do you aid me Gaia Zeus must be stop Kratos This story of revenge have been told before You know the mighty Titan Kronos so fearful was Kronos of oracle of prediction That his own children will rise against him That he decided to imprison all in his belly Rhea stood by and watch as her children devoured one by one But when the time came for the last of her children to be eaten she was unable to bear another such loss and device a trick to save the baby Zeus Rhea commanded an eagle to carry the son away He was taken to an island far beyond the watchful eyes of Kronos It was I who cared for him It was I who kept him safe I nurtured his desire to free his brothers and sisters from Kronos But my foolish act of compassion will haunt the Titans forever For sparring Zeus we allow him to return to us with vengeance in his heart He betrays all of TItans for the sins of just one The sins of his father Kronos The ghost of Sparta Then what they say is true Theses All the fools who try you would be the last I would expect to seek an audience with the sisters of fate Then you are the last one I would expect to become a servant of fates I serve and protect the sisters of fate for the glory of Zeus The time of Zeus is coming to an end You seek the sisters to kill Zeus You no longer possess the power of a God Kratos I doubt you’re capable of killing me Let alone the King of Olympus Let me pass and I will let you live old man I do not think that is your choice to make Come forward And let us finally see who is the greatest warrior in all of Greece