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Incoming Update for KINGDOM UNDER FIRE 2 🎆MMORPG Discussion – Community Update #1 (1080p)

How’s it going folks, welcome back to another
Kingdom Under Fire 2 video where today we’ll be diving into the recent community update
they’ve released in response to everyone’s feedback. A good amount of the players from the community
have taken a break because right now it feels like it’s taking a while for the companies
to push this patach that is very needed, but hopefully
that’ll mean that we’ll get a big one. We can only hope in that regard. It starts off with the state of kingdom under
fire 2, where they say that after several months of preparation, they finally released
Kingdom Under Fire 2 for PC on November 14th for the Gameforge Client, and on the 18th
of November for Steam. The game did seem to have a rocky start when
it first launched to steam, review wise it was almost immediately
shot down into the mixed reviews section, but over the past couple of weeks it’s actually
rose to 81%. With a steady amount of about a thousand plus
players on the steam client everyday alone. Which for an MMO would be on the lower side
for sure, but if they’re able to keep up with updates starting with this one, they’ll be
able to gain players over time as long as the game works out. They continue by saying that over these past
few weeks they’ve been working closely with blueside to release the first major fixes
& content additions by December, and they truly hope that their efforts reflect the
love and passion that players put in the game and feedback we provide. The game currently has a lot of things they
need to take a closer look at and they state that topics such as
progression, and balance will receive more attention to further polish those aspects
of the game. The next thing they talk about is their to
do list which seems very extensive but may not have the majority of things listed aside
from the ones that clearly state that they would be
revisited in the future. These topics are listed as the following –
First on their to-do list is balancing of endgame raids and missions, which probably
is sorely needed alongside tweaks to the loot system. They go into how they’ve heard the feedback,
that players want the content to be harder and more challenging. That the general feedback from the community
was that the endgame raids and missions were fun, but
could use a higher degree of difficulty. Also including a statement about the 16 man
raid that will be added during december which already has some of the difficulty updates
implemented into it. Adding onto that I hope that when the difficulty
is increased that it’s more of a mechanical based difficulty increase as opposed to just
a elevation of health and defenses. To truly make content more difficult while
still making it engaging I believe you need to give us those mechanics to strategize against. But however
they decide to proceed with it, hopefully it works out. The second one consists of General Hero & Troop
Balance. Starting right off the bat stating that Spellsword
and Berserker are in need of some love which certainly seems accurate, but they also follow
that up by talking about the scorpions and slaughterer troops being quote
unquote “employee of the month”. Which is probably a testament to how good
these units are right now, majority of players end
up using them for content like raids and invasions because of how much they bring to the fight
compared to others. Some in the community speculate that these
two troops being mentioned could mean a big nerf is near, and
some feel that they were simply addressing that they know these are very popular units
within the community right now. Either way,
we’ll have to see. They say that in terms of the balancing, it
will be tackled at the same time the difficulty of the raids will be. And after this one they jump into the randomness
of the endgame rewards, which I got to say seems to be getting worse and worse by the
day. Just yesterday I had done
all my invasions and raids with pug groups and we were getting like maybe a maximum of
3 visionstones per run in the actual loot chest. I think I could accurately say that
you may see a purple unit drop once every 5 days in the groups that I run with. I’m starting to think there’s something fishy
going on here. Either that, or my Black Desert bad luck with
RNG is catching up to me. Which would make equal amounts of sense. They continue on by saying that we’ll actually
be getting some troops added to the cubics shop, which should be interesting to see and
means if you’re currently spending all your cubics or most of them on enhancements,
it might be time to dial it back just a little bit. For the Daily Limits of Instances they go
into the feedback received by their hardcore players stating most of the daily content
is cleared incredibly fast, and that the players hunger
for more action when they are done. They state that they are closely monitoring
the situation and would like to check how many players reach that limit, and how frequently
that happens so they can make necessary adjustments. And it’s here I’d love to jump in with some
honesty and feedback to that feedback, me personally I can understand how
someone who plays this game all day and night would want to continue doing the missions
and invasions to keep on progressing past where they are currently feeling halted. But I think it’s also safe to say that it’s
probably better to have too many or more things to do with these limits, rather than so few
things to do with no limits. Because right now,
past the 4th or 5th time or maybe even 1st time you do some of these pieces of content,
they are no longer the most… enjoyable things to do anymore. Especially the cracked
missions and defense invasion, probably the 2 worst ones in the bunch. So even though I don’t think they would listen
to this, I’d love to reiterate this again, if blueside considers
lifting the limit on the content, they should do so while at the same time giving us much
more to do. Make those open world zones actually worth
going into past level 30, give us field bosses, give us world bosses, give us
dynamic events. We want more, engaging missions, give us some
dungeons, give us some bigger and more challenging raids. Make
the mobs drop more gold, and create some more zones. Stuff like that. If they went down that route instead they
might not even need to lift the limits at all. One thing that I talked about on stream the
other night in relation to Ascent: Infinite Realm
was that I loved the way they did their dynamic events, when they started throughout the day
players anywhere in the world could immediately queue for them and teleport
to them along with the rest of the participants. It was awesome. Now for December specifically they talk about
in this community update that it will be the first content update with major fixes. First we can expect the 16 man raid mountain
of pain to be added with adjustments in balance that fits with the higher difficulty request,
also getting a new hero mission by the name of treasure goblin’s nest that will
allow us to get gold, troop visionstones, and general training stones. Thank hell for that. New troops available from the 16 man raids,
5 troops to be made available in the cubics shop, more troops included in this list after
that, the seasonal event for christmas that is
said to feature a limited time event where we may be able to get our hands on these awesome
looking christmas outfits from the old version of the game. We don’t know yet if
they will look like this but I sure hope so. I also hope they will include solo queuing
in one of these upcoming patches so we can have some real fun while we hope. And of course it’ll feature a whole list of
bug & issue fixes. To their credit it definitely seems that they’ve
taken note of all the community concerns, a lot of people seem to be holding out in
the hopes that things work out with these upcoming
updates and I can only hope that it works out too. I’m sure given a few more months or even a
year that this game could without a doubt rise up to be a long-standing title on the
market, but it’ll all depend on how they decide to go about building on that potential. Be sure to check out this community update
in your free time because alongside everything we’ve mentioned it also goes into some great
detail about topics that are currently being monitored which will likely be touched on
in the future, or even further suggestions from
the community. And with that I truly hope that no matter
what happens for the future of this game that both companies do their best to make the product
into something worthwhile. It’s the only
game on the market right now to mesh these genres after all, and thank you all very much
for watching. Hope you have a happy holidays and farewell.

EVE Online – No Downtime Announcement

December 7, 2019 | Articles | No Comments

Infrastructure… the backbone of modern society. In this hidden location the plumbing for the most complex systems of New Eden is kept under strict control to ensure that it runs like clockwork. This National Cookie Day, CCP will attempt something that has never been done before… … rolling the dice and disrupting a tick in time. Stand prepared. 48 hours… all action… no downtime. Coming soon to a Tranquility near you. (December 4th)

EXTREME GIANT Nickelodeon Game Board!

December 7, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 36 Comments

EXTREME GIANT Nickelodeon Game Board!

– Three, Two, One, SLIME! – (Screaming) – [Carl] Ready, ready, ready? Right in your face! (Ginger screaming) – [Carl] (screaming) (laughing) – Running is faster
almost (breathing heavy) (screaming) [Carl] All right, here we go! Welcome all you guys, we are here at Nickelodeon resort in Punta Cana and we have taken the entire theme park and turned it into a giant
board game in real life that we are going to play
right now on our channel because it is Ginger’s birthday. – [Child] Yeah! – [Carl] Everybody wish
Ginger a Happy Birthday – [Ginger] (cheering) – [Carl] All right guys lets do this, we will explain the rules right now. You guys this resort is so
amazing and this challenge that we have come up with is so awesome as well. We’ve taken the map of the resort with all the amazing things that there is to do. What we’ve done is we’ve divided it up into twelve different segments and we are going to roll
the dice on Ginger’s phone and whatever we roll, we have to go there and look for the secret clue cards and whatever we draw is either
going to be a challenge, or a penalty! – [Ginger] (nervous laugh) – [Carl] For example, lets see,
right here is the water park that is number eight, and here we are. So if we roll a number eight, we have to come run around
all that section of the map. And look for nickelodeon clues. We are in a pretty neutral
location right now Ginger, do you think this is a good spot? – Oh yeah, it’s time to roll the dice Carl [Carl] All right [Ginger] I’m rolling the dice! [Carl] Here we go, what’s it going to be? [Ginger] Five [Carl] Five. What’s that? [Ginger] So it’s the sports area, it’s like the basketball
hoop, there’s archery… [Carl] All right, I think
that’s actually this way, so we are going to have to
go through here and head out, you ready? – Yeah let’s do it! [Carl] This has got to be one of the most beautiful resorts we’ve
ever stayed at whatsoever. The flowers, the
vegetation and everything. [Ginger] It’s so beautiful,
everything’s so well kept, it’s just really pretty. [Carl] It has been such
an amazing experience. [Ginger] You guys, we
made it to the sports hop, let’s go inside, we’ve gotta
look everywhere for clues to find out what we’re doing. [Carl] I think it’s like
uh we’re looking for either Blue’s Clues or
Paw Patrol type clues or something like that. – Something – There’s a clue here I know it! [Carl] This is awesome, it’s
like a whole hangout area with ping pong and all that stuff. Whoa! (excited scream) [Carl] Look at this place,
this is the whole sports arena. This is real… Hey! Right there! – Hey hey! (excited scream) – [Carl] Right there! – [Ginger] Okay, okay, wait – [Carl] I saw it, look. [Ginger] We have to choose one, so [Carl] Okay, so there’s a [Ginger] Uh [Carl] A king and a
queen, there’s two cards – Oh we’re taking the queen, right guys? Or girls, right girls? [Carl] It’s either a
penalty or a challenge so – Here we go [Carl] We’re about to find out. What is it? – Three, two, one, Challenge! [Carl] Challenge! – Archery! [Carl] You guys ready? Okay
we’re about to find out who’s the best archer, either
me, or Ginger (ding noise) You guys gotta vote on all
this up in the polls up above. (intense music) – All right you guys, we’re ready for the archery challenge. I even got my little
arm guard on right here. Whoever can hit the target the most times, gets the most amount of points and wins the archery challenge! [Carl] Oh man, here we go – Carl, I hope you’re feeling lucky [Carl] No, I don’t know – I’ve got this [Archery Instructor]
(mumbles instructions) (scream) Whoa man! (scream) There’s no way. – I wonder if I can split my arrow like in the cartoons. [Instructor] Well done. [Carl] Whoa! [Ginger] Wooo! [Carl] No way – Carl, the question is,
do you even dare to try? – I think she won that
one, that was pretty good. – Yeah! – That was pretty good. [Ginger] Okay here we go. (gasp) Carl! – That was pretty good, I don’t know. [Ginger] What if you can
get all of the arrows and then it’s a tie. – Oh I don’t know, we’ll see. (excited yell) [Ginger] (excited scream) – Pretty good! – [Ginger] All right Carl,
this is your third one. – [Carl] Okay. Oh. [Ginger] Nice! – A little bit high, I still think you were better than me. [Ginger] Well, I have
two in the yellow, so – That’s right, so that gives you the win. [Ginger] Yeah (groan) – (upbeat music) [Carl] All right, it’s
time to roll the dice let’s see uh, let’s see what ya got – Okay, here we go [Carl] Let’s see, what is it? [Ginger] Good numbers, good numbers! [Carl] Oh it’s a six [Ginger] Six, six, six! Okay here we go! Right there. [Carl] It’s right here, oh
it’s right by where we are! [Ginger] Looks like a soccer field. [Carl] It’s right over there. I saw it. We walked right by it when we were on our way to archery, so… [Ginger] Okay, let’s head over there. [Carl] We’ve gotta look for the clues. It’s gotta be somewhere in here, huh – I already see it, Carl. [Carl] Do yo really? – It’s right under the ball. [Carl] Oh yeah, there’s a
soccer ball like right there out here in the middle
of the soccer field. Cool. – Are you good at soccer? [Carl] Uh, no, I am… – I am not! [Carl] I’m horrible at soccer. What is it? – Challeeenge! [Carl] Challenge! What does it say? – Trick shot [Carl] Trick shot! Hoo – All right, Carl, this is the deal. I’m gonna make a shot
and you try to block it. The first person to make a shot wins. – I gotta be the goalie? – Yes! – Okay – And if you block my shot
then you get to try to shoot – Okay, until somebody makes it. That’s it, right? – Until somebody makes it. – All right, let’s go Oh boy Whoa! Wait! You gotta go clear out… Okay. Okay, here we go! Wait, I’m gonna put you guys down. [Ginger] Okay, here we go! – Yeah – One, two, three! – Wait! – Whoa! You jumped kicked it! – Oh! – Whaaat?! My turn! Get in there! Get in there. – Whoo! Guys, you were wrong! – You’re supposed to like,
have it on the ground like this and then just kick it at me. – What? – Okay, here we go, you ready? – I need a review! – Here we go! Three… – Yes! I’m ready. I’m ready! – It’s called a trick shot for a reason – Aaaah! – Whoo (buzzer) – Aaaah! She blocked my trick shot! [Ginger] Okay, you ready, Carl? – No – Three, two. One, GOOO! (buzzer) – We’re terrible at this – Shoot! I’m ready! [Carl] Okay, this time I’m
really bringing the heat! You ready? – Ready! – Time to bring the heat! – Bring the heat! Aaaaah! (buzzer) – I brought the heat but I missed! These goals they’re kinda tiny [Ginger] Here we go! – Trick shot challenge! [Ginger] One, two, three, GO! – I think I’m gonna move (buzzer) – I didn’t even try I didn’t have to try I just moved out of the way – Here we go, Carl! Bring the heat! [Carl] Okay, you ready? Here it comes – Bring it in! – Ready, ready, ready? Right in your face! – Aaaah! – GOAL! Yeah! That’s one point for Carl! Trick shot champion! [Ginger] All right,
Carl, it’s time to roll. [Carl] I won that last one. I hope it’s another challenge this time. Oh! [Ginger] Woow! – Where is the 12? [Ginger] Okay, let’s see here. – It’s not even on this side of the game! The Board Game. Here it is! Oh my gosh! That’s the front desk area and everything. That’s a huge area! [Ginger] We gotta find the clues. Let’s go! – All right! – Oh yeah, here we go, you guys! We’re headed to the front desk area – There’s this whole lobby. It’s a big plaza area. There’s like tons of vegetation
and cool shopping areas Could be anywhere here, Ginger Could be anywhere around
that sign or anything Keep your eyes kid on. [Carl And Ginger] Whooooaaah! [Ginger] This is so niiice. – Everything is like ninja
turtles and Spongebob Ooop! I’m spilling water! I’m so excited! Dora the Explorer, Paw Patrol,
all your favorite characters [Ginger] Everywhere! And it’s so cool. Look at all the orange chairs! I think that’s so pumpkinkle. – Look, it’s Spongebob! Look at this! [Ginger] Look at that! Right out the main doors! – Woooooah! [Ginger] That is so cool! I still haven’t seen any clues, yet. – Nothing – So everybody keep your eyes good – Should we split up? – Yeah – Okay, I’ll go this way. – Okay. Ooooh. All the flowers in here are in full bloom It’s so beautiful I love the architecture and everything That’s one of my favorite
reasons to stay at a resort is because everywhere you look, there is an ambience happening. Like some sort of vibe or mood. It’s just really refreshing
and everything’s in line and in order and easy. Especially when we’re
traveling with the kids or as a family. Have you found anything? – We should have had
the kids come with us. [Ginger] I know! They said they had some secret plans and they took a couple
of cameras and left us. I don’t know what they’re up to. Who knows, probably up to no good, right? [Ginger] I have not found a clue Did you find the clue anywhere? – I haven’t found anything. I’ll go this way. – All right. I think it’s a good idea to
take a look inside again. Oooo! Carl! I found it! – Yeah? [Ginger] Yeah! It’s right under Spongebob! Okay, now, which one should we choose her? [Carl] Eeeeeeeh, the left one. I don’t know. [Ginger] Here we go! [Carl] Oh no! [Ginger] Oh nooo! It’s a penalty! [Carl] We should go find
the kids. We can’t… [Ginger] Get slimed! [Carl] Get slimed! They have to do this one with us. They can not get out of this one. [Ginger] Heck no! – Let’s go get them. Should we go put our swimsuits on? [Ginger] Yeah, let’s go. – Let’s go. [Carl] You guys, I’m actually
excited to get slimed. – Oh yeah! – It’s been like a dream of mine. Since I was a kid I’ve been
watching people get slimed by Nickelodeon Double Dare
and everything for ever! And now we get to go do the real thing. It doesn’t feel like a penalty at all. [Carl] You guys ready to get slimed? – Yeah! – This is really cool! We haven’t been to this
part of the resort, yet. We’re about to get slimed. Do you know the way? – Eh, not really. We’re just gonna go with it. [Carl] It doesn’t even matter. Look how amazing this place is! It’s like nickelodeon everywhere! (upbeat electro music) It’s time to get slimed! Slime is slime. Here we go! Oh my gosh, you guys are ready? – YEAH! [Carl] I’m ready my whole life for this! Here we go! THREE! TWO! ONE! SLIIIIIME! (yelling) – We did it! – I feel like I’m the actual
winner of that challenge because I held the camera. – Okay, we gotta clean up, you guys. [Ginger] Oh man! The
water is turning green! [Ginger] Carl’s armpits are green! – It stained my armpits green (laughing) (upbeat music) – Carl washed off all of his slime He’s drying out… Oh, there he is, right here! [Carl] Okay, what are we gonna do next? – It’s time to roll the dice. – Let’s see! Hopefully it’s not like another penalty. Here we go! What is that? [Ginger] That’s eight Five, six, seven, eight! [Carl] That’s an eight. [Ginger] Eight [Carl] Whee is eight on the map, let’s see [Ginger] Um, twelve, eleven… [Carl] It’s on the other side It’s right here, look! It’s right where we’re at, actually. [Ginger] Yaaay! That’s fun! Okay, so we just have to
look for the clue here. – Somewhere around here. Oh man, it could be anywhere! I’ll take the GoPro and look around. All right guys, help me
keep an eye out for clues. We gotta find some more of those cards. (screams) Oh guys! I’m looking all over the place and so far I don’t see anything
but this is really cool. (bouncy music) [Ginger] I can’t find
these clues anywhere. Hope Carl’s having a little better luck. All the other clues have been
hidden like under something so I’m just trying to figure out where this one is. I feel like I’ve looked everywhere. – We’re looking for clues. – I haven’t seen anything! – Have you seen any cards,
any clues for the board game? – No, I haven’t. I don’t know. – I’m gonna go look this way. Man, I’m looking all over the place. There’s all kinds of cool stuff to do but I haven’t seen any clues at all. This is really.. It’s the balloon again? Oh no! No, no, no! There’s the bucket! Hold on tight, Luke. (screaming) – That was awesome! [Ginger] These are so cool! Wait a second! Wait a second! Do you guys see it? Do you see it? (singing victoriously) Thanks buddy. Okay, let’s go ahead and take one. Challenge! Water slide race! Yaay, I’m so excited for
the water slide race! This is gonna be a blast! There’s Carl, right there. Carl! – I can’t see. Oh, there’s Ginger. [Ginger] I’ve got the clues! – What’s up? – I found it! – Did you find it? – I Found the clues! – Yeaaah! She found it! Okay, we’ve got a challenge card here. Looks like it’s a sliderace. But here’s the deal, yo! They’re about ready to dump
the giant green bucket of slime on the top of the waterslide right there. So here’s what I’m thinking… We’re gonna use that giant slime bucket as the starting point. So when the bucket drops, the race starts and then it’s the first one
to get around the lazy river. Luke, will you ran this camera for us? We have to go all around the lazy river, we have to make it all
the way back to here and then the first one to
make it back to that podium is going to be the
winner of this challenge. – You guys smash that like
button to give me good luck because Carl’s a really good swimmer! [Carl] I know, but it’s Ginger’s birthday. Aaargh. All right, here’s how it starts Ginger. As soon as the giant slime
bucket drops, the race begins. The first one to make it back
to this podium right there is the winner. – Okay. [Crowd] Three, two, one. (screaming) [Carl] Here we go! Aaaah. (laughing) (upbeat music) – Running is faster almost. [Luke] You can do it, mom! (dramatic music) [Luke] Gooo! [Ginger] Yeaah! Tadaaaa! I will take the winning bow right now! Oh yeah! – You’re way faster than me. You guys, she totally
smoked me all the way here. Ginger, you totally won. – That was so fun! – We are back up in the
resort room right now. In the hotel room. And I’ve got the dice
all set up right here. I’ve got the board game
in real life all laid out. Ginger’s in there just shampooing her hair and getting ready. So I thought I would go
ahead and roll the dice and we’ll see what we get next. This might have to be the last one. Nine! Eeh, let’s see. Right here. Nine. I think I know where this is. There’s like a splash park right here and this is actually Spongebob’s house so we’re gonna have to go outside and see if we can find the clues. We’ll let you guys help us look around for the clues on this one. – Okay. – Okay. [Carl] Okay guys, we’re in the elevator. Oh, there’s the doors opening. Let the games begin. We’ve got to search this
whole area, number nine, see if we can find the last clue. See anything over there? – No, I don’t. [Carl] See anything, Kyle? – No! [Carl] Anything over there? – No. I don’t see anything. [Carl] Anybody see anything? – No [Ginger] Hey, hey, hey! Right here! – You got it? [Ginger] Got it! – Well, sounds like Ginger
found something over here. – Ta ta ta taaaa! [Carl] Where is it? Oh my gosh, it’s like
a manhole cover, right? Look at that! – Can we open it? [Carl] Does that open, or what? – Maybe. – Whoa! (voices echoing from manhole cover) [Carl] What the world? What was that? – Wait, what? [Carl] It says N.Y.C. like… – Is it Ninja Turtles? [Carl] It’s like a Ninja Turtle hatch! That’s crazy! – That is so fun! [Carl] Step on that again. (voices echoing again) [Carl] That’s awesome! – That was Leonardo. – Wait, are there Ninja Turtles in there? [Carl] Keith, what was the clue? Did you find a clue here? – Yeah, sure thing, Kyle has it. [Carl] Let’s see, what does it say? – It say ‘BONUS’ Pineapple villa tour! [Carl] Bonus pineapple villa tour? We get to go tour Spongebob’s house. – Let’s do it! [Carl] Let’s go! (soft music) Oh my goodness, there’s even
drinks here and everything! This is amazing! Cheers! – Cheers! [Carl] To Nickelodeon! – Thank you so much. [Carl] Oh my goodness, it’s happening! It’s actually happening! We’re getting a private exclusive tour inside Spongebob’s house. [Everyone] Whoooou! [Carl] Thank you! – This is his living room! [Carl] Oh my god, this is totally here! Look! – It’s Gary! [Carl] It’s Gary! – Oh my gosh, it’s his chair! [Ginger] That is his chair! [Carl] This is amazing! Can you guys believe this? We’re in Spongebob’s house! – Spongebob is into luxury! [Carl] Wow! – His show did really well. Look at his infinity pool! [Carl] He has had successful series. [Keith] It’s his 20th birthday! [Carl] Is it really? – He’s having 20th birthday, yeah! [Carl] Look at this, guys. It’s actually like an infinity pool. The water goes all the way over
the edge, how cool is that? – Yeah! [Carl] So, right now, we’re
up here behind the pineapple and you can see the swimming
pool and everything. Isn’t this amazing? [Kids] Yeah! – This is awesome! [Carl] We should go inside. – Yeah. [Carl] He has got this
place all figured out! – Woow! [Carl] So fancy! Look at this place! – Thank you! I will! I will! [Carl] We should totally
stay here next time, what do you think? – Yeah! – Spongebob toys! [Carl] Wow! That’s awesome! These are exclusive toys? They’re not even out yet? [Crew Member] No, they have
not come out yet in stores. [Carl] Oh my gosh! [Crew Member] So these
are brand new for you. [Carl] That’s awesome! Thank you! Is this Spongebob’s bedroom? This is crazy! Look, he’s got jellyfish lights next to the room and
everything. Next to the bed. And this is the bathroom here. Look at the tub in here! Woooow! I thought his bathtub
would be square for sure. He probably just goes (slurp) – Yeah [Carl] This is so fun, right? Look at al the balloons! – It’s like a Kloter house! [Carl] Looks like a bunch
of jellyfish on the ceiling. It’s like a big Kloter house. Are we in the pineapple? – In the pineapple! Oh my god! [Carl] We’re in the pineapple! Yeah! [Everyone] Yeah! [Carl] There he is! He’s
out catching jellyfish! Aaah! – Wow, look, you can see outside! [Carl] Wow! That’s the
window outside, huh? – Yeah! [Carl] Ooh, better not crack the glass. Even the bathrooms are awesome! Whaaaat? You know who lives in a
pineapple under the sea? – Spongebob… – Not me! Darn it! – Spongebob Squarepants… – Congratulations Ginger, you tottally won the Board Game in real Life here at Nickelodeon Punta Cana resort! This has been one of
the best vacations ever. In fact, there’s so much that
we haven’t even shown you yet. Here’s an awesome highlight
reel of all the other fun stuff that we got to do and we didn’t
even scratch the surface. And then at the end of that, any other videos that you see on screen you’re gonna like those, because
we picked them just for you and we’ll see you guys next time. – Byeeee!
– Byeeee! (everyone whooping) (upbeat music)

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 06.12.2019

Hey everyone, Paweł Burza here, I’m the Community Manager for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game and this is TWIG, or This Week in GWENT — a weekly show in which we talk everything GWENT! This week we had the roadmap stream, where we talked about what we achieved this year as well as our plans for 2020! If you missed it, you can check it out here on our YouTube channel! If you saw the live stream you’ve heard that we plan to discontinue support for the console versions of the game. You can read the full message by going to the news section on playgwent.com misterhabbla1 created the ultimate video guide for beginners where he highlights all of the decks and archetypes for every faction! Mind=blow! We’ll link the video down in the description below this video Team Leviathan Gaming have updated their 10th meta report for the second time this month! If you’re working on your final climb on the ladder be sure to check out what are best deck to play right now! We’ll link the report below this video! That’s it for this weeks TWiG, see you again next week!

Интернет на Dendy ?!

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Look! It’s hilarious! I couldn’t just pass by, and decided to make this video Just posting in social networks isn’t a solution On 24th of November on GameGrumps Hosts tried Dendy games Dendy became somehow a worldwide cult It’s both strange and fun at a same time In “More bootleg russian games” video Guys showed this cartridge Whis a name “Cool jumper guys first”, written on a box with a marker Just several seconds flash, as it’s not a real deal They even inserted it in a Dendy, and saying “doesn’t work, don’t know what’s written on screen”, powered off and went on. And yersterday same chanell posts a video named “Lost piece of gaming history uncovered” Somehow a miracle! In this video Game Grumps make an outstanding statement That cartride is a long ago lost russian game project! And not just a game! Internet mutiplayer only Dendy game! Any russian gamer older than 25 years immediately will ask: WHAAAAAAT?! Internet multiplayer game for Dendy? The bullshitiest bullshit of all time! I thought the same thing, but than they show THIS! I won’t play detective and tell this NOW – video is a fake! But just think how deep they’ve gone to make it! Even made fake add, involving some russian guys. The only thing they’ve missed – Dendy came to russia in the 90’s, and nobody says “Comrade” since middle 80’s But this video has much more LOL’s and I want to show them to you. I’m another person’s content parasite today and making reactions video) But, oh my god, everything is just wonderfull in this video! If you understand english, link to original video is in description Arin tells us, that he’ve got message from his ukrainian friend She says: “saw your video, can translate what’s on screen” Dendy doesn’t recordnise internet adapter Arin makes confused face: I didn’t know Russian mem, about “I didn’t know”, sorry Didn’t know Dendy had internet adapter, and starts to google INTERNET ADAPTER FOR DENDY?! It’s alredy hillarious for any russian gamer older, than 25. But it’s only begining… Another cool story about BABUSHKA The most famous russian word, after Blya As expected, internet knows nothing about THE GAME But video in youtube later was found quite easilly, yep! And next magnificent move: He disassembles ordinary Dendy Junior he bought on ebay And founds inside, oh miracle… Additional 9 pin connector I’m sure every one, ore every second of you disassembled his Dendy Junior And no one ever saw this Maybe author has a unique Dendy? As unique, as a cartridge? Devkit! I’m laughing out loud, writing this! When I watched this video first time, they really got me off the rails with this fake add And for a moment I even thought, maybe it’s real?! Guys are the best, really! And it was not a place to soil port, it was a port, already there! Some more actions in Google And WOW! Converter from 9-pin to etherner exists! And now the funniest part ETHERNET IN A DENDY ETHERNET IN 90’s RUSSIA IT’S THE MOST FUNNY THING I’VE EVER HEARED! If you’d said dial up converter, ok, maybee I’ll got your hook. I understand it’s to complicated. But ETHERNET IN 90’s RUSSIA? REALLY?! Ok, not in Russia, in Ukraine. Same thing. Some more “theatre” and sadness, because it doesn’t work But… An Idea! He’ve got answer from ebay seller and he tell that got this Dendy from russian add company Though that company Arin finds add video and info that it’s a prototype, never been public And somehow, maybee from same add he realises important thing about ethernet adapter. It has to be externally powered Every time i sat ethernet adapter for dendy, I can’t stop laughing One more day to get amazon parcel aaaand… Game starts, but has glitches Author calls his almighty friend to help and friend says, that he’ll figure everything out! And some time later game appears to be FIRST BATTLE ROYAL in the world! for Dendy Please kill me someone, ot I’ll die laughing The game wasn’t finished, but guys will dump it, finish and make public. Just wait! Another fake prove is that after they powered ethernet adapter up, the game let them into game lobby And where did game sent ping? Never started servers? Or maybee just google.ru, so it will know, that internet connection is established? Answer was found quite fast in twitter Author of the ROM on that cartride wrote, that video is fake in twitter And on youtube people belive it’s real(( Here’s the power of internet and fake news ETHERNET ADAPTER FOR DENDY!!!! HOLY SH… That’s the story Some people find really rare stuff and make it public And some make up news about far country, that lot’s of gamers want to know about Thank you for watching Let me know what you think about it in comments. Have a nice day!


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Welcome to Ask Matt! Today’s Ask Matt was sponsored by a FUN little game Called PolyBlast. And what I mean by fun is insanely annoyingly addicting. More about that at the end of the video, but I thought What a great idea Let’s make an Ask Matt all about video games and gaming, Because surprisingly, we haven’t done that yet. What’s your favorite video game you’ve done? I’ve never made a video game, so… Sorry! Can girls game too? Cause my brother says no! What, is your brother 12 years old? Hehe… probably, right? Legit question. How do you record your face and screen at the same time? I actually have a proprietary method that I made up that’s very very successful, and I don’t know if I wanna reveal that to everyone just quite yet until I’ve perfected it. Who’s your favorite gamer? Septic-Pewdie-Plier. What, it’s a person. How do I hold the controller? The most important thing is for you to hold the controller as far away from your body as possible, because your body gives off electromagnetic radiation, and sometimes it can interfere with the wireless controller. Also, wear a tinfoil hat. Weirdest game ever played? Definitely Blobfish… what? *cough* How many game consoles do you currently own, and what are they? From N64 on, pretty much everything. Do you know of any small ‘Tubers? I don’t really know that many small YouTubers, uh, but I… I dunno why. I just tend to hang out with, like, physically larger people. What game are you NOT noob at? Matt: I could pretty much kick anyone’s butt at Mario Kart 8 (Amanda: No!) Matt: Yes! (Amanda: No!) Matt: Yes! (Amanda: No.) Matt: … Yes. What game infuriated you the most? Hmm This one. aaaaaaaAAAAAAA… NOOO! Ahh… Hate that game Have you ever played Until Dawn? I don’t like horror games… Just don’t like putting that stuff inside my head. If you had to chose, what Five Nights at Character Freddy… If you had to chose, what Five Nights at Freddy’s character would you be? I think Rose or umm… Meloncollie. They’re pretty cool. (Amanda: Are those actual characters?) Yes…? Do you enjoy it? What, gaming? Nah, I just do it for money. Do you ever talk to your video game? A lot, but usually I’m just yelling at it. Mean things… I get really pissed with downloading games. What’s the best way to download without buying? Cause I’m cheap. Uh I would say download free games, because if you’re downloading games that cost money and you’re trying to do that for free, well… That’s called theft… And I don’t condone that. What is your least favorite thing that game devs put in their games? I don’t have a least favorite, but I do have a most favorite. I LOVE my microtransactions. OHH and that purchases. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! What would be your ideal video game? Anything that involved, like… food, Lightsabers, and uh… a wand…? If you could design a game, what would it be about? Refer to the last answer. Do you even NoScope bruh? Bruh, I don’t even know what a Scope is, so ‘course I NoScope. Are you… white? Not on the inside. What is the best way to troll someone while playing a game? Tickle fights. People hate that when they’re trying to uh, you know, kill some peeps. (Amanda: or trying to do anything else!) OH NO STOP! *sigh* I have no pride. Who got you into gaming, and what age were you? My grandparents actually were the first ones that introduced me to gaming, because they had a Super Nintendo system, and I believe they were around the age of 55? Is there any game that you were really exited about that got canceled? Ya, there was this Star Wars game that I was super stoked about, 13-13, that got canceled… Like this if you cry everytime… What if you were in a game right now? I’d have the high score. *fart sounds* I don’t know why I did that random fart noise. NO IDEA. What do you say to guys who don’t think girls genuinely like video games? Nothing. ‘Cause they probably wouldn’t understand anything I said anyways… Is it possible to actually finish a game of Monopoly? Is it possible to actually start a game of Monopoly? Eheh hashtag board…. game… AHHHHHAHAH! Do you like playing games with Amanda? Uhmm… sometimes… Because she gets physical… And not the good kind. I need men! Hello! Hey…? The heck are you talking about on this? Haha… My brother says girls can’t be gamers, but I’m better than him and he won’t admit it! Your brother most likely thinks girls still have cooties as well, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I’m a 9 year old asking for your XBox Gamertag. Ya, it’s uh StrandedUnicorns107Sparkles. … Haha… (Amanda: That’s really legit. He likes unicorns and sparkles.) Matt: SHH! What’s your favorite board game? The one that I’m, not BORED at… Am I right?! Have you ever played a game that made you rage qurit? Qurit? Have you ever played a game that made you rage quit? NOOO? I don’t believe this for a second. *Mario death theme* WHEN HAVE I EVER JUMPED ON TOP OF THAT?! Don’t watch it. Are you a sore loser when playing a game against a friend? What’s losing? Never heard of that before. What’s your favorite genre of games? Star Wars. What was your most memorable gaming moment so far? This one. Ya, I just am trying to put this in a real life scenario. This dude is just like… Hey man I’m gonna fall off- HAHAAH! New record! Who’s judging this? WOOOOOW! Are you into Zelda games? If so, which one? My favorite Zelda game would have to be Ocarina Smockarina. It was just a worthy addition. Favorite video game console ever? I would have to say GameCube, because it was a perfect mix of awesome single-player games, and awesome multi-player local games. How do I explain the WASD keys being so worn? Just say you really like typing the word SWADS. Favorite Star Wars game? All of them. Please. Do you play World of Warcraft? and if so… Alliance or Horde? Definitely I’m Allianced with the Horde. How do I game like a pro? Mountain Dew, uh… Doritos, and not moving for extended periods of time. That’s how I do it. Super Mario and chill? No. Because like I said… Amanda gets physical, but it’s not the right kind… Are you gonna do a gaming video with jacksepticeye anytime soon? That’s entirely up to him. Go hit him up. *Gurgling and screeching noises* What am I? About to die? Which games can Amanda Faye beat you at? (Amanda: ALL OF THEM.) Matt: None. Absolutely zero. (Amanda: Get out of here.) Matt: Zero. (Amanda: NO) Matt: Ok, maybe Duck Hunt, but, who cares about that? AM I right? How do I get my XBox 360 to work? If you have that red ring of death right on the front of your XBox 360, I would personally recommend giving it a nice bath. Y’know, sometimes your XBox is just too dirty, so run it under cold water. Have you ever played Mortal Kombat? No. Too graphic. Yikes. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to give it a like, and thank you very much to the sponsor of today’s video, which is PolyBlast. An addicting, maddening game that’s easy… but hard… I made that sound creepy. It’s not creepy. It’s a really cool game where you just pick up anywhere, chill with it. It’s retro, got a slick style to it, I dig it, And like I said, it’s pretty addictive. I’m gonna give you a little tip (Shh) I’m going to give you a little tip… If you hit five in a row, you get a frenzy. THEN YOU GO CRAZY! *in a tune* Also, if your friend has the same device, you can challenge them and see who’s boss. Which will always be me. No matter what. Because I’m the best. It’s one of those games that addicts you to it via frustration, because it’s difficult. I feel like I’m not doing this game justice. Go check it out, link in the description below, It’s actually available yesterday. So, you can go download it right nizzy now! Anyways, big thanks to them, go check it out using the link in the description below. Alright, guys! Hope you enjoyed this, high five. WOO! Missed. HIGH FIVE!

GTA Online Best Vehicle Discounts (5th December 2019) – GTA 5 Weekly Car Sales Guide #15

Hello everyone I’m Broughy1322 and in this
video I’ll be going over the various vehicle discounts that are now active in GTA Online
as of Thursday 5th December 2019. All of these are gonna be available for an unknown number
of weeks as things can get slightly topsy turvy with a new DLC on the horizon. The podium vehicle this week is the Flash
GT, which can be won by spinning the Lucky Wheel in the Casino. It’s in the Sports class,
normally costs around 1.7 million dollars, and feels like it was an inevitable inclusion
to the podium vehicle list given how often it’s on discount to buy. It’s one of the quickest
cars in the game in an off-road situation but it has been slightly usurped by the recent
Issi Sport. For regular races it isn’t going to compete with the top sports cars. The Premium Race this week is Congenstion
Charge, which is an old style point to point race for the Supers class. The Deveste Eight
is probably your best bet for this one, mixing high top speed with decent cornering ability
in what will be largely a slipstream fest of a race. Also, the Regular Time Trial this
week is the new Galileo Park, with the RC Time Trial being Vespucci Beach. In terms of regular vehicle discounts, we’ve
got a pretty standard selection and you should probably keep your money with a new DLC coming
very soon, unless you see something that you’ve been waiting for for a while. There’s 25%
off the Thrax plus 35% off the S80RR, RE-7B, Rocket Voltic, and Elegy Retro Custom (which
is created in Bennys by driving in a regular Elegy RH8 and upgrading it, even though it’s
actually slower than the RH8). There’s also 40% off the ETR1, GP1, GB200, Omnis and Hotring
Sabre. The Omnis is the clear option to choose here, with it being a wonderful rally car
that’s beautiful to drive and now only costing a bargain 420,000 dollars. I’m of course in
no way biased. Did I ever tell you how much I like the Omnis? I don’t think I did. None
of the other cars are really worth it even at these prices if you’re thinking about races
or speed in general, with much quicker options available in each class. You can of course
find out the lap times and top speeds of all of the vehicles that I’ve mentioned here by
checking out the playlist links in the description and the pinned comment. In terms of discounts specifically for Twitch
Prime members who’ve linked their Rockstar Social Club accounts, it’s probably the best
week we’ve ever seen. There’s 80% off the Itali GTO, which is the king of the Sports
class for races in the majority of situations since the Casino DLC handling flag changes.
You can grab it for just under 400,000 dollars now instead of its usual most expensive regular
sports car price of just under 2 million. If you don’t already have one, now is the
time. There’s also 80% off the Schlagen GT which, while not on the pace of the top sports
cars, is still a very quick car and one of the very few cars from the Arena War DLC that
actually has a nice driving experience. An excellent buy for 260k. You’ll also get an
extra 10% off the regular discounts I mentioned earlier, making the amazing Omnis just 350,000
dollars. You can’t not get it at that price! Also if you do have Twitch Prime and you haven’t
already make sure you’re giving your free subscription to a Twitch streamer each month
as well. It doesn’t have to be me, but make sure you’re giving it to someone as you’re
basically supporting them with a $2.50 donation without any extra cost to you. I’ll be back with more next week where I’ll
most likely be covering the latest DLC, testing new cars and seeing what has changed, as well
as seeing what we still have to come. Feel free to subscribe and turn on notifications
so you don’t miss it. Thanks a lot for watching everyone, and I’ll see you next time.

10 Games That Humiliated The Player For Cheating! | VELO

games that humiliated the player for cheating Cheaters suck. In any video game cheating never fails to destroy the fun. Thankfully now, some game developers Have realized how awful cheating is, and they’ve decided to put in features in their game that not only stop cheaters, but humiliated them in the process. Welcome to TRENDING 10 and today, we’re counting down the top 10 video games that destroyed the cheaters. But before we begin be sure to like the video hit subscribe and click the bell to stay notified of all our future content. Number 10 Super Monkey ball [junior]. This entry in the Super Monkey ball series on the Gameboy Advance Was particularly mean to those that tried to use the famous Konami code to get an advantage. For those of you that don’t know, perhaps THE most famous cheat in gaming history is: up up down down left right left- -right B A. Known as the konami code. And it has been usable in hundreds upon hundreds of games Well, Super Monkey Ball Jr. Is certainly not one of them. If you try to use the Konami code in this game, the cheat will be rejected, and the title of the game on the menu screen will change to Super Nice Try. Number 9, the legend of Zelda Links Awakening. Now, this one doesn’t have to do with cheating in the real world, but rather in the world of the game. in this Game Boy adventure title you occasionally have to visit local shops to buy items to use on your journey. Now let’s say you want to buy some items, and you don’t have enough money to pay for them. Well, you can run away from the shopkeeper without paying. But if you do so, the NPC’s in the game will start referring to you as: ‘Thief’ Instead of the name you typed in at the beginning of the game. And if you choose to return to the store at any point, The Shopkeeper will seriously mess you up always [pay] for your arrows number [Eight] the Witcher 3 This RPG was critically acclaimed when it was released in 2015 and it had so [much] to do that It’s not hard to believe [that] players found a good amount of exploit So what some players would do was kill a cow? Collect the leather Sell it then skip the game clock ahead one hour so that the cow would respond and repeat the process until they were filthy rich Well developer CD. Projekt red was not a fan of this so they deviously added a new enemy into the If your character was caught doing the cow glitch the game would spawned the God of cows to come and destroy you [now] Seriously a giant cow monster would come to kill you and if you [managed] to kill it Another one would rush in to finish you off serves you right for killing all those innocent cows Number seven simcity this city simulator franchise does allow the player to use cheat code as many classic games do But if you try to cheat too much you will feel the wrath of Ea in A couple games using the cheat code fund will grant you some extra cash to use while creating your civilization But using the code too many times will have some drastic consequences in Simcity 2000 if you use one too many times the game will give the extra money to you as a loan instead of regular cash a 25% loan good luck paying that back because you definitely won’t oh and it gets worse in the first Sim [citty] if you use the fun code too many times an earthquake will come up and straight up Destroy Your city Forcing you to start from scratch whoo now. That’s just mean number 6 [Banjo] [Kazooie] this light-hearted classic from [rareware] is widely regarded as one of the greatest nintendo 64 games of all time Now like many classic games banjo Kazooie featured cheat codes that the player could discover and use throughout their adventure But there were also a good amount of codes that were not so welcome [if] the player used too many of these unwelcome codes Banjo would [straight-up]. Delete your save file. Ooh now. That’s cold at least you got a warning first number 5 Donkey Kong 64 Speaking of [rareware] classics here we have another one [from] the Golden age of Nintendo 64 Platformer Donkey Kong 64 Now back, then there was a game editor called game shark basically a cheaters best friend You could utilize it to rewrite codes in the game to give you unlimited health extra strength Etc Well rareware wasn’t a fan of this and Donkey Kong 64 if the game detected you Rewriting any part of the code your character would no longer be able to pick up any items and would always die in a single Hit and there was definitely no going back if you use the game shark to cheat in [Dk] [64] you were forever stuck with busted nearly impossible copy of the game Number four Grand Theft Auto 5 one of the best-selling game series of all time Rockstar games definitely anticipated some of the players to not be the best sport and installed some amazing backup plans to deal with them if You quit too many group missions destroy too many people stuff or get enough other players to complain about you the game glues a big? dunce cap to your head for the entire world to see And that’s just remain a bad sport if you actually cheat things get much much worse Early in the game’s Lifespan it was an exploit that allows players to bring the cars that they bought in single-Player mode into the multiplayer Mode giving them a massive advantage these cars had more features than those in multiplex Well after discovering that people were exploiting the cons and multiplayer rockstar decided not to fully patch it But instead to install a feature where if you tried to bring your single-player car into multiplayer your car would immediately Explode killing you instantly and destroying the vehicle that’ll teach you number [three] titanfall this first-person shooter from Respawn entertainment was great fun when it was released in 2011 Leading infantry combat with Giant Robots roaming the Battlefield Like many online games there were plenty of players trying to find ways to have an advantage over their opponents Luckily Respawn had plans for them if you were caught cheating in titanfall, you could still play the game But you were only allowed [to] play with other cheaters meaning that they were servers safe Specifically for cheaters to only be able to cheat with one another Cheating isn’t so much fun when everyone you play with is doing it number two Slender the arrival Now there’s not really any reason to play a horror game if you’re going to avoid all the scares But I guess some players thought otherwise as in Slender the arrival There was an exploit where if you walked outside the borders of the map you couldn’t be caught by any monsters Allowing you to walk through levels without opposition Well the developers didn’t want anyone to escape the scares of their game so they installed a patch where if you tried to walk outside the map the player would fall through the ground to their death and Then be greeted with Slenderman right up in their face with the message not even a bug in this game we’ll save you from me definitely [enough] to scare you out of your cheating way and finally number one H1Z1 Perhaps the most famous instance of cheater punishment this online survival game had quite a cheater problem when it was first released Before fixing the exploits however the developers banned all players who had been spotted cheating over? 30,000 people until after the game was fixed the banned players were allowed [to] come back and play But only if they uploaded a public apology to Youtube and sent it to the developers Who would of course then share it with the world? oh And it gets worse After getting the same lame excuses from cheaters the developers actually uploaded their own apology video Mocking all of the cheaters for their exploits, and they’re awful reason. I think it’s safe to say that these guys definitely don’t like cheaters But alright there we go guys that’s it for [our] list of [team] games that absolutely Destroyed you if you tried to cheat Know of any other cheater harassment games be sure to let us know down [in] the comment section below and if you enjoyed the video Drop a like and subscribe for more great content, but alright. Thanks so much for watching trending 10 your guide to what’s viral right now

How video games changed my life.

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How video games changed my life.

Video games. Everyone likes them. Violent people. Everyone likes- N-no one likes them. But what if I told you that they’re connected and the same. I would know, because video games made me violent. And once you’re convinced, pick up our shirt to join the movement The “Video games made me violent – stay back” T-shirt BUY IT NOW Why am I doing this so early on in the video? (laughing) And here with me today, I have my friend Bianca Welcome. And, my editor Jonas. You always do the best sounds Yeah, that’s why you earned the big bucks. Umm, Let’s get started. (music) I don’t know about you, But I got introduced to video games with a home PC. My dad bought a home PC so he could, like, work from home And it was a super old PC. He would take floppy disks from work, And he would put the text files on there and take them home But I very quickly realized that this… Typewriter-computer could play video games So, Dad could never use the computer for working again Because I would be on it all the time Just playing all the best games Because I’m really old, STOP THE BULLYING No bullying in the comments I’m old, okay? Very secure It was DOS. It was just this operating system where you Literally need to, like, write in stuff like a hacker to do anything That’s how old I am. No bullying, but honestly It would have been really easy to get violent from video games already because I was playing this game called cosmonaut It was a jumping spaceship game there was a lot of hidden traps you had to memorize the stuff and it was really frustrating but the main thing that could and Probably should have made me violate. It was that there was an 8-bit motor sound and it sounded something like this It’s really annoying just imagine listening to that for hours and hours, I’m like, how did I not get a stroke? Imagine just listening to that for hours. I just want to go out right now, you know do some stabbing anyway, so my anyway So my dad noticed pretty early on my love for video games and he was like, I’m gonna use this in a positive way I’m gonna make sure that it’s like a good time for a job, but he will also do things that are good for him so my dad Programmed a V s racing game they wanted me and my sister to play against each other and the crux of the video game was that you got further on the track by answering my fish Nice try dad, right? It’s like he spent hours and hours programming this math game for me and my sister and I think I played it twice Why do you think I play video games dad? Like are you an idiot? It’s not that I can do math I Felt bad, right so like immediately I was like, oh, yeah, this sucks but then like I put it on a couple times when dad came home so it looked like I had been playing so I’ll be Like oh I can hear my dad opening the door. So I thought well, let’s turn on the math gaming Yeah, I mean he spent so much time on that game Really misinformed So yeah, I had been introduced to video games, but there was no violence yet And that’s how the video games gets you they start slow then make you feel comfortable. And then BAM you’re violent, right? Yeah. Yeah Yeah, yeah So, it’s Christmas I’m five-year-old Joe I’m opening a present from Grandma got the person right here what could it be? I have no idea what this is. I open it Jonas make some good VFX for this. Oh my god opening so great, huh? And it’s a Nintendo game boy guys it was for my grandma So obviously even five year-old Joel knew that grandma didn’t buy the Gameboy grandma gave money to dad Dad bought the gameboy on behalf of grandma. Don’t don’t try to fool me dad. There’s such a call at video on my dad Dad, stop doing all these nice things for me. And yeah, this was the original gamer I mean kids nowadays they grew up with like the gameboy advance or the Gameboy Advance SP or even gameboy color I guess if you’re almost as old with me, but I had the original black and whites Gameboy yeah, I’m old. Okay, stop the bullying stop the bullying no bullying in the comments. Don’t do it Shut up And there were some amazing games for the Gameboy. There were Mickey Mouse magic ones amazing game. This is the exposition Also some great sound I mean This is 8-bit guys. You guys don’t realize you liked this if you’re a kid in I don’t say This is the actual game Hey, I’m so young And so on and then we also had from Super Mario LEDs to 6 golden coins the best Mario game out there Fight me check this out guys. This is incredible Check that out guys It is pretty epic. Look at that No, it’s to power up such a great game Well back in my day we didn’t have color the world was in black and white everything Anyway, that’s a great joke, by the way. My dad used to do that one and my grandpa The thing with a gameboy was that the buttons felt so good and everything was so smooth It’s the reason I never got into you’re probably like Oh touch screen gaming. I Like my fruit ninja whatever. My first game was a lower across Windows 98. Oh Yeah, that one that oh my god, I liked it like you commits Like yeah, we want the characters have big boobs. And then when you see that you have to make them triangles You’re not like a let’s not do that Yeah, no, it’s better than not big. I want to triangle Anyway, I’m still not violent at this point in my gaming But I did get Obsessed and these are the first signs of how bad video games are for you is so I would bring the game boy on car Rides, I would bring it to the beach Oh bring it to school. Yeah What’s wrong with bringing it to the beach whole point is I was opposed to enjoy the beach I enjoyed the game boy at the beach Yeah And he would be stuff like, you know, mom, I don’t want to eat dinner. I’m fighting team rockets in the radio tower Are you you guys getting food? I’m gonna play my games My parents tried hiding the Gameboy to try to make me playlist didn’t work. I’d always find it I had a sixth sense for where they hid the Gameboy what really stopped it from totally consuming My life was that my eyes got tired from squinting in the tiny screen. I’ve like three hours I just couldn’t look at it anymore. My eyes would just want to close and like I started crying When I was eight years old I got sick and my dad still a good dad by the way He didn’t want me to be home alone bored all day. So he went to the video rental store. Remember those don’t bully me I’m not olds and he rented a Nintendo 64 and Mario Kart for me to play when I was home alone and sick because they Didn’t want me to be bored and that was a big mistake. It was too much fun I would win cups in Mario Kart just like the standard cups and it would get so excited So I called my dad every time I’d work my dad. I won the mushroom cup me but yeah, that’s great 15 minutes later dad. I won the Star Cup I just went on and on and I realized something really important If I lie about being sick, I get to stay home and play Nintendo 64. That’s how you do it So I did I lied two times. I would get to Nintendo 64 again Mario Cart. I got super mario 64 Amazing games but you know calling my dad ended up being my undoing because obviously I was too energetic and I worked way too hard of finishing the games and I would just call my dad all the time and clearly I was Not sick enough to be home, right the third time I said it was sick in like two weeks I was like they hate I’m sick go go get their new 10 64 dad I’m sick, and it was like well sure you can you can stay home from school if you’re sick But you’re not getting a Nintendo and I was instantly cured of my illness Something I was like, oh actually I feel pretty good now I could I could probably go to school and that was the end of that Later my dad bought a new computer and this was a Pentium 2 windows 95 computer top-of-the-line guys top of the line This was when I truly became an epic gamer But I got some ground rules for my parents rule. Number one finish homework before games rule number two No, violent video games rule number three no online games because that was really really extremely scared of viruses Which was probably like good at this point because people got viruses for you know That people use like click email attachments and get viruses and stuff before I would only be allowed to surf the web for 15 minutes a day because 15 minutes a day because I was like a dial-up connection It would go over the land line to block the phones and everything Obviously these four things are the best things of gaming violent games online gaming So obviously it was time Once again to start lying to the parents lying about homework was really easy just be like there was no homework Or I did the homework in school mom violent games more difficult because all my money I had I got from my parents and they would be able to be like Oh You can’t use it for this or that but I was born in the perfect time for this because there was CD burner piracy Basically, you could copy your friends games and there was nothing to stop you You could just copy a game onto like a CDR and they would work just as if you would have bought the games I’ve had a stash of secret games that I had copied from my friends and Really Just to be extra sure I hid them but I also wrote fake names on the CDs So half-life a really violent game. I wrote fee $4.99 on FIFA 95 I don’t know what FIFA what doesn’t matter but also Starcraft Starcraft is just like a top-down strategy game But that was also true violent for my parents. So I wrote Barbie nail designer on that. I don’t know That’s more suspicious not me I write anyway, I wrote that the hardest one July about and to circumvent was the 15 minutes internet limit that’s really difficult because my mom would talk to my aunt’s on the phone for hours and hours and there were no cell phones at This point it would be like she’d be on and then I couldn’t do the internet But the worst part is when I wasn’t lying like gaming with the buds doing whatever Counter-strike or something and my mom would lift the phone in the other room and she would hear the like mawdem sound So she would scream like sure and then I would get like a real scolding from mom. Well deserved scolding I deserved that another bad thing was that we would get billed such had the monthly costs of the Internet and it would specify Exactly what times I online? It was really expensive. Yeah, I think averaged about two hours a day instead of 15 minutes a day I think it’s nowadays do a lot more than two hours But like when you call that time That was definitely my mom and dad told me that I needed to cut down on the internet, but they never really stopped me I just kept on doing My biggest motivation for lying was friends. This was when MSN Messenger was big I was like writing with my friends sending like funny pictures So that was like my whole social life playing Counter Strike playing half-life Everything was online suddenly and I was willing to lie to my parents to have the friends. That just makes sense. I think But sadly this gaming culture and these friends we’re what led me to violence and now we’re getting there guys time for violent behavior time Okay, guys, I know you guys are gonna be convinced at the end of this so make sure to buy the shirt I am a really dangerous game or do it right now So my first real friend group, we played a lot of video games. We meet up and game together desktop computers We’re the only things that could play video games at the time No, one had a laptop and the laptop that existed were like so slow and bad. He couldn’t do anything on him It’s really hard to move around the desktop. So it only happened like a handful of times So instead an entrepreneur in my little town opened up a gaming cafe They had like eights computers in two rows and they had all the good games installed. It was awesome You could rent this place per hour So we would go there and play like a couple hours after school But the big events the big events was night Gibbs a night skip was an all-nighter at an internet cafe. Yeah And you’re like wow We were six friends. We would rented the whole place from 6:00 p.m. On Friday night to 6:00 a.m. On Saturday morning. I Mean that would kill me now, but at the time like I was 13 It really worked the owner would sleep in the back room and we could go like ding this little thing and he would sell us Like candy and Jolt Cola was important because otherwise you wouldn’t stay awake and I needed hail a candy and hail a Jolt Cola To survive and we play counter-strike. We will play Warcraft 3 tower defense. We play DotA quake 3 arena Starcraft all these amazing game It was literally the dream just being with five of your best friends playing video games all night. Oh, it’s so good It was more fun than anything else. I remember in my childhood pretty much we were all so together in an IRL space It’s so different from gaming now. It’s like sit in the teams and we would do bets on games We would watch funny videos together all this stuff. It’s just like an awesome gaming sleepover – the sleeps It’s like an awesome gaming wake over Yeah, but anyway this is when it gets sad guys Epps in the chat right now staying up all nights on just candy and soda makes you a bit unstable this is when Violence. Okay. There was this one guy in my friend group and he was the worst at video games and around 4:00 5:00 a.m In the middle of the night this guy he owned me Incredibly in counter-strike really bad and he was also really slugging like a bad winner about it. Oh, yeah Screw you Joel you’re drew I realized that he had like practiced during the week and got a better shooter got better at the game Screw that and my sugar dap 13 year old brain wouldn’t have it. This is not okay I went over there and I started hitting him on the arms start here on the arms and like in the belly. I Know the arms not in the face. Obviously. I’m not as savaged but Yeah, yeah and he started hitting back the arms in the belly and we ended up on the floor He’s fighting and friends have to like break it up and guys. That’s proof that violent video games Make you violent Help spread the word by the shirt right now video games made me violent stay back you and I as gamers we could snap at Any time people need to be aware by the shirt? Now but honestly, like kids are competitive whenever kids get competitive since the dawn of time they will fight But you know way more than making me violent, which I don’t think it did it connected me to your friends and it helped me sustain through like lonely times all these amazing video games and they’re also just fun and you know, I still play I just love me some games. That’s it So bought by the shirt since that doesn’t make any sense more, but still buy it. Ok. Bye Also, thank you guys so much for the nice response on the sorry video last week I was not expecting such a great response. You guys are awesome Thanks for supporting these new kinds of videos, and I wanted to mention that the discord server is awesome It’s been super nice to chat to you guys. Me and Jonas are on there regularly. Just chatting however I do not appreciate that people have started saying the pig Jonas that’s curtains this name on their Pig Jonas is their Lord and Savior and they’re saying that Jonas should take over. Don’t do that. Stop the bullying nothing like that on the discord servers. Stop that immediately And yeah, I will see you guys in the next video link to the discord in the description But no no Pig Jonas worship on there. Ok. Thank you guys, and I will see you next time. Bye