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Armored Warfare – CATTB Commander’s View

January 29, 2020 | Articles | No Comments

Commanders! The CATTB Tier 10 Premium Main Battle Tank is the ultimate reward of the Last Patriot Battle Path Just take a look at this beast It has a bigger turret with automatically loaded 140mm cannon, a powerful next-generation diesel engine developed just for it and armor thick enough to withstand anything the Soviets could have thrown at it. The CATTB is truly the embodiment of the American Dream, a juggernaut of destruction and one of the most powerful vehicles in the game. And now, it’s yours for the taking in the Last Patriot Battle Path. See you on the battlefield!

[email protected] Game Pass – 3.26.19

January 29, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 99 Comments

ID@Xbox Game Pass – 3.26.19

[XBOX SOUND] [[email protected] Game Pass intro music] [music] [Hey I’m Chris Charla from [email protected]] [and I’m Sarah Conde also
with the [email protected] Team] [and what you just saw
was Killer Queen Black] [an intense action strategy platformer] [So I’ve played a ton of this
game in arcades in Seattle] [So I’ve got to assume it’s got
8 player multi-player on Xbox?] [that’s correct] [and we’re thrilled to announce that
not only is it coming to Xbox] [But that it will be a Day One
Launch into Xbox GamePass] [Awe that’s awesome] [and it makes it the perfect game to
launch on our new show [email protected] Pass] [It’s just turned out to be a great way for players
to find new and really interesting games] [An also it’s been an incredible vehicle for
independent developers to reach new audiences] [Well with that shall we jump
into our next announcement?] [Let’s Go!] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [Outerwilds from Mobius and
Annapurna Interactive] [It’s an exploration game about curiousity, roasting
marshmallows and unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos] [It’s coming in 2019 and we are thrilled to announce
that it will be a GamePass Day One Launch] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [music] [Outerwilds, we often call it an Openworld Mystery.
It’s very much an adventure game, there’s no crafting] [Because you die every 22 minutes and go back in time 20 so the only thing you take with
you from loop to loop is your knowledge of what you’ve found and what you’ve discovered] [It’s very much a game of Space Archaeology and putting together clues about
what’s going on in this world, what’s happening in the story together] [Kind of for yourself as you explore. We tried very hard to make players curious
and then give them the tools to explore and save their own curiousity] [Mobius Digital was started
5 years ago by Masi Oka] [We wanted to create an independent game studio that
would do innovative games that anybody could play] [We started with a few mobile games on iOS and Android and then when
Outer Wilds won the grand prize at IGF we started developing that] [Have you ever been camping outside at night looking
at the stars, sittin’ around a campfire, maybe] [And were like “wow I really wish I could go hop into my ship I have parked
over in the trees” and blast off and go explore what I see up in the sky] [That’s sort of the feeling that we
wanted to capture with this game] [Wesley Martin – Art
Director on Outer Wilds] [The look of Outer Wilds was inspired by several things. One
of the main things was National Park ads from the 60’s] [We pulled a lot from NASA from that period as well. So using the National Park posters with
their graphic shapes and simple colors fit really well with the level design of the game] [The coolest part about the game visually is that
the planets in the game are physically simulated] [So, as your flying around the solar system you just naturally get things
like eclipses and planets coming into view and a comet flying by] [And it creates these really cinematic moments that
just sort of happen due to the systems in the game] [One of the things we wanted to do with the game is create a
world that feels like it’s changing even when your not there] [Sort of the… Nature doesn’t care! Right? It’s all these systems happening: Tornado’s
Giant’s Deep, Brutal Hollow physically imploding on itself and falling into a Black Hole] [Those things will happen no matter where
your exploring in the Solar System] [and that was very important to give that sense that you don’t have an effect on anything in this
world. You’re exploring it, but really you have to bend to it’s whims, not the other way around] [We tried really hard to make sure
the art supports the game designs] [And so that it makes it easier
to find points of interest] [So, it’s always great to hear when players sort of immerse themselves
in the world and find all the cool things that we’ve hidden] What we have here is the Signal Scope, one of the
many tools you get to use when playing Outer Wilds] [The Signal Scope is a telescope, I can’t use it because I
only have 2 eyes and it was designed for a 4 Eyes Species] [And it also has the ability to pick
up distant sounds from Outer Space] [[email protected] Game Pass music] [Mobius is very excited for everyone to finally
realize what a strange game we’ve made] [We haven’t show a lot of the weird stuff in trailers,
intentially. We’re trying not to give too much away] [But uh, wow there’s a lot of bonkers
stuff in the solar system of Outer Wilds] [[email protected] Game Pass music] [Thanks for watching, we hope you check out Outer
Wilds, available on Xbox One and Game Pass] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [Hi, I’m Nick Zuclich. A content
planner on the [email protected] Team] [Basically that means I’m on a constant quest
for great developers to bring to Xbox] [I’m super excited to talk about
what we’re doing at PAX East] [But before that, let’s look at some
awesome games coming to Game Pass] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [music] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [Drinking the Devil under the table, goats screaming in shopping
carts, cats, photography, dungeon crawling. What a time to be alive] [And guess how many of these games
will be playable at PAX East?] [All of them] [They will all be Game Pass Day One
launchs and all playable at PAX East] [Make sure to come to the Xbox
Booth and check them out] [You can enter to win one of 4 custom designed consoles we made for these
great games. Be sure to retweet to Xbox Game Pass sweepstakes post] [Lastly, we will be giving out custom pins for
all the games we will be showing at PAX East] [And yes, they are hard enamel
for all you pin enthusiasts] [Oh, and speaking of Afterparty… We were able to sit
down with Night School Studios to chat about the game] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [music] [In Afterparty you play as 2 characters, Milo and Lola.
These are 2 best friends who just graduated college] [Through a very unfortunate accident
they find themselves in Hell, dead] [Trapped for what they think is an eternity and it turns out though that
fairly early in the evening they find out that there is a loop-hole] [That if you can outdrink Satan,
which nobody’s ever done before] [You’re allowed re-entry to Earth. One of the first people I pitched
it to after Adam and I really felt good about it was Janina Gavankar] [And Janina, as I was talking to her “maybe you’ll want to do a bit part in the game or something
sort of on the side” And she’s like “I need to play Lola, you’ve gotta give me Lola.”] [As soon as she read just a little bit more of how dry and
what a s♪♪t talker Lola was. Janina jumped all over it] [Milo is played by a hilarious actor named Khoi Dao, who we also know through
the studio. He is another USC alumni like about half of our studio] [The chemistry between Khoi and Janina has been great because
they are both quite similar to the characters they play] [At Night School, it’s always important for us when we are starting a game. To try and take
something narratively that is relatable for players and then tweaking that as much as possible] [The big theme of the game is “what is
a friend and what is a friend to you”] [Is it someone who is always going to agree with you? Is it someone who is
going to be there for you? Is it someone who is going to challenge you?] [And kind of where you get your friends and
how you keep em and what friends drift away] [And the game kind of.. as it evolved
became kind of an exploration of…] [Both how to be a good friend
and how to define that] [Also, what friendship really
means to the human soul] [In our game, the drinking is really about roleplaying and
allowing you to tailor your dialogue choices based on the moment] So, if you want to be flirty as you enter a certain bar? Go get that flirty drink, if you want to be more aggressive, do that.
If you want to get more specific and speak with a Pirate accent and only actually talk like a Pirate, go ahead and do that] [So every bar in Afterparty is really set up in a way to give the player
all of these tools and each bar has different drinks inside of it to] [So ideally, not only are you thinking about what I want to say and
how I interact appropriately inside of each of these scenarios] [But also, how do I want to behave and how do I
want to be perceived by these other characters?] [So drinking was probably the biggest design
push that we made into the dialogue system] [On top of that though, Afterparty has a variety of
activities that co-exist with the dialogue system] [The whole team at Night School has been heads down
working on Afterparty for a little over 2 years now] [It’s just exciting to finally
get the game in people’s hands] [I think the thing that is probably going to surprise people the most is that there is a ton of
heart in the game and there’s actually quite a bit of exploration of the challenges of friendship] [By the end of the game we really do challenge all
of these friendships and factions down in Hell] [There’s quite a bit more depth to the
game then people might be expecting] [I’m just saying, you should pace yourself] [Thanks for watching, Afterparty
comes out later this year] [Lola, can you get alcohol
poisoning in Hell?] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [Such a good game. Everyone
should definitely check it out] [But that means we’re done right…
That’s it?] [Uhh… not quite] [Ahh… ok. So that means there’s
one more left, Blazing Chrome] [Sweet] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [From JoyMasher and The Arcade Crew, Blazing Chrome
throws you into some serious metal madness] [The world is dominated by machines, that threaten
the few humans remaining with total extermination] [You get to kick some metal butts and free humankind in this
classic run’n’gun, made by and for fans of serious arcade action] [[email protected] Game Pass music] [And with that we just want to thank you all for joining us
for our first round at [email protected] Pass. Have fun out there] [Thanks Everybody.. See ya…] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [Xbox Sound]

Top 10 Scary Games For The Nintendo Switch

January 29, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 22 Comments

Top 10 Scary Games For The Nintendo Switch

Plants are really farming us, feeding us oxygen
and becoming food until the day we die, when they then consume us. Greetings gamers and welcome back to top 10
gaming. I’m your host connor munro and I’ve killed
santa. If you’re new here or haven’t yet be sure
to hit like and subscribe because we put out daily gaming content. Nintendo has a reputation for being family
friendly, but with the release of the Nintendo switch several companies have been looking
to get their games on the handheld console. So which switch games will make you wet the
bed for the rest of the week? That’s what we’re exploring with today’s
list of the Top 10 Scary Nintendo Switch Games. Roll the intro. #10 Doom Eternal
Doom eternal may not be your classic version of horror, but for those who find blood, guts
and gore worrying this may not be for you. Or it can be if you’re into it. Doom is set to be released on March 20th on
every system but the Switch, the switch is set to release sometime in 2020. Bethesda teased monsters who will be able
to lose chunks of their bodies and get more damaged over time while visually representing
it. So for those with a weak stomach or if you’re
faint of heart maybe this is the right scary game for you. The game is set to be around 70 or 80 dollars
on release and in all honesty that’s a hefty sum for a game. And it sucks that games are these prices at
this point. Can I go on a mini rant for a second, who
is the main demographic for video games? Teenagers I’d say right? Even if games are rated mature that’s still
17+. Sure maybe these people have jobs, but are
they really going to spend 80+ dollars on a game when their making minimum wage at the
local McDonalds? I guess so since they’re still pricing games
that high. I just think it’s unethical and grossly
overcharging. #9 Observer
Observer manages to craft an impressive horror experience on the switch that is just the
right amount. You can experience more horror if you let
yourself experience the imagery and sounds added to the game instead of constantly using
detective vision, but I understand that things can be overwhelming. The game fares much better when you play hand
held, as the technological tightrope of this port kinda falls off sometimes while docked. But the sheer amount of ambition will for
sure make up for any slight glitches you experience in gameplay. This may not be a classic horro experience
with jumpscares and horrific monsters, but it will for sure leave you on edge, uneasy
and full of dread. If you think you can handle it the game is
available on the switch eshop for 30 dollars, and can get you up to 150 points. Whatever that means. #8 Resident Evil Revelations Collection
The resident evil series is one of the earliest survival horror games. So obviously its gonna be on the switch. The resident evil revelations collection includes
both the original 3ds revelations game and revelations 2. The game has a weird set up of you buy the
game, it comes with the cartridge for 1 and you just download 2 but whatever. And it provides some excellent over-the-shoulder
scares, along with your normal scares that you would expect from a resident evil title. And since it’s the switch you get added
portability and with the new motion controls being available through the switch is going
to give you an even more intense emotional experience than ever before making sure you’ll
get terrified at the first sight of anything that goes bump in the night. Not to mention the other switch exclusive
features the game comes with, proving that the switch is the definitive console for Resident
Evil Games. #7 Layers of Fear Legacy
Layers of Fear Legacy is a psychological and psychedelic horror game about an insane painter
who is working on his Magnum Opus. Through his paintings learn the dark and twisted
story of his past while gathering carefully crafted personal items. As you travel the same route through the house
over and over again you’ll slowly start to go mad yourself, and when things start
changing it will throw you for even more of a loop. Eventually it gets so bad that you don’t
even know if you’re seeing the right thing. Was that candle lit before? Was that painting ripped? Was that chair on the other side of the room
or has it always been there? You will never truly know with this game,
and that’s the beauty. Your mind will get so twisted you’ll be
put in the shoes of the painter you’re learning about. And while you discover his true motive you’ll
be asking yourself if this really is true, or if it’s the house screwing with you. #6 Darkwood
Darkwood in an interesting game, it’s a challenging survival horror game that doesn’t
rely on jump scares. They even go as far as to guarantee no jump
scares and instead use an atmospheric horror experience that creates a feeling of tension
without cheap horror tricks. So for those of you who find jump scares to
be annoying but still want a horror experience, maybe you should keep an eye on this game. Craft weapons, traps, hideouts as you explore
and scavenge the eerie forests of the soviet bloc by day, and make sure you have a hideout
ready for night. With nightmarish forces corrupting the woods,
wait and pray for the sun to come up the next morning. Or you could leave the forest and instead
get a job and eventually an apartment of your own. And I’m sure that if you told your parents
you were being forced to sleep in a forest with nightmarish forces corrupting it, you’d
be able to stay in the basement for a while. #5 Friday the 13th
For all of those with dark fantasies they only talk about in therapy let me tell you,
you’re in for a treat. For the first time ever play as Jason Voorhees,
one of the most famous killers in horror. The game started off as purely multiplayer
but has added a single player mode for those of you who want to hone your skills at stalking
because you’ve been watching too much You. In this mode you can play new missions created
for the game as well as recreate some of your favorite scenes from the movies in the most
violent and bloody way possible. But as a counselor, oh boy are you in for
a tough time. For those of you brave enough to take on the
camp counselor role, you’ll be on a whole new level of stress when you realize the killer
is right around the corner, and is coming right for you. This game is an incredible multiplayer experience
and is amazing as a single player game as well. And its even better when you play with friends
because you can toy with them even more than usual. #4 Amnesia Collection
The collection contains three Amnesia titles, The Dark Descent, A Machine for Pigs and Justine. Experience the horror of all 3 games for the
price of one. The 30$ game available on the Nintendo Switch
Eshop is ready to make you drop your switch on the floor and hide under your blanket,
because we all know you’re playing this game at 2:30 am for some reason while lying
in bed totally not decent. So before you piss the bed remember that its
just a game. A game that is actually gonna make you forget
about everything from the past 3 years. If you don’t get it the game will give you
memory loss. Im sorry I couldn’t help it. With no way to defend yourself you’re stuck
going through the motions while you’re just there waiting to succumb to your inevitable
death or insanity. Or maybe even, memory loss. Oh I already made that joke? Well I guess I just had a case of Amnesia. There I said it. #3 Dead by daylight
One of the most iconic multiplayer horror games of all time, in all honesty maybe even
the most iconic. There isn’t one person who hasn’t heard
of dead by daylight and that’s probably the reason the game came to the switch. Available for 40 dollars on the Nintendo switch
eshop, dead by daylight returns in all its glory but with the added ability of being
handheld. Spooky as hell guys im telling you. You and 3 other survivors go up against a
player controlled killer, who’s only goal is to make your life a living hell. You can choose to survive together, or not. You can co-operate and work together to win,
or just book it and get to the exit and wait for it to open. Your chances of survival will vary, so unless
you dominate on the death field you should probably help your team. But in all honesty I like this mechanic, it
makes the game realistic. If you were in this situation would you really
worry about helping your friend up if you saw the killer standing behind him, even if
he was looking away? Hell if it was a stranger im noping the hell
out of there. #2 Alien Isolation
When Ellen Ripley promised her 10 year old daughter that she would be home in time to
celebrate her 11th birthday, she was wrong. Now 25, Amanda Ripley learns that the flight
recorder from her mother’s ship was recovered, and decides to finally solve the mystery of
what happened to her mother. The only thing is that she doesn’t understand
what predator waits with her. And to it, she’s the only alien around. Guess this game is really about alien vs predator,
ill go home. This game is about stealth, unlike its predecessors
who were focused on more action oriented gameplay. The game pits you up against an unkillable
alien who is set on hunting you down. Learn his moves, use your environment and
hide in the shadows to get out alive. Can you find out what happened to your mother? This game comes with 7 DLCs including Last
Survivor, which is a recreation of Ellen Ripley’s Final mission on board the Nostromo. Anyone who is a fan of the alien series should
already be excited for this game and with it being available on a portable console now
you can play it in lecure when they’re talking but you just don’t care. Im kidding, stay in school. #1 Outlast: Bundle of Terror
In the remote mountains of Colorado, horrors wait inside Mount Massive Asylum. Really creative name. A long-abandoned home for the mentally ill
was recently re-opened by the Murkff Corporation. While it may have been in secret, not anymore. Journalist Miles Upshur breaks into the facility. And what he discovers walks a dangerous line
between science and a cult. You continue to explore while discovering
the horrific scenes along the way, all in an attempt to get a story no other journalist
would. Do you have what it takes? Or is hell an experiment you cant survive? Because you wont be able to handle the DLC
Whistleblower in that case. Where you play as the software engineer who
emailed journalists about the asylum at the beginning of the game. Can you contain your terror? Will you break? Will you outlast the others who play? I really need to stop at this point. There we have it friends the Top 10 Scary
Games for The Nintendo Switch. What did you think of this list and what scary
games would you like to see on the switch? Let me know in the comments and while you’re
on your way down be sure to hit like and subscribe for daily gaming content and ring that bell
to join the clan and level up. I don’t exactly have a switch, I use my
roommate’s but maybe I should try one of these. Thank you all-

so this game the bridge is currently free on the epic game store so I decided I would check it out and see for myself how it is so the first impression is pretty good music does a lot for the ambience all of the art style really reminds me of Tim Burton’s art style and the mechanics are Rob is simple you move left and right and you can control like the gravity the aspect or whatever and from there on it’s pretty simple you just want to find you it to the door so let’s see I can’t drop from here maybe if I can stand on one of those thingies yeah right guy for ya perfect perfect so now just go over here and a garage first puzzle is solved let’s see I can probably just the book I’m standing a little probably slide out question is does there any fall damage at me oh never mind let’s see if there is any fall damage I highly doubt that it disappointed I’m good so I got the key and I’ll be at the door any second okay so that was fairly easy okay that’s just a little confusing what’s up with this thing okay so that kills me press and hold space would you look at that you can also control time to a certain exchange so from rocket will run backwards how about we try to avoid the ball and the corner over there if I just get it out from there [Music] hmm now it’s blocking the door can get there go crush maybe if I go over here yeah that should work let’s see yeah that should work no problem okay so we got better so we got that out of the way as well the door has to be perfectly straight so I can go through this kind annoying Oh double keys at this one okay well that looks a bit more complicated can I climb visa no I can’t get to the keys so I probably need to get the keys to me I mean and the aspect you’re reviewing things is relevant I can probably put the key on the top right now onto this little slide thingy would would go van would slide down the air perfect that worked can I get can’t get the other key that way well unless maybe I bring in to the place where the first key words and get it down the same path and just try that out real quick grab the key so one keeps still missing I probably have to do that real slow of a queue will fly out of the LD map okay okay I’ve got them that was that was too quick here you go see for a second I thought this would be the wrong method but it turned out well sure no problem [Music] now get the key in the middle and let it slide to me and regard it perfect [Music] that was good it ended up pretty satisfying to do that so good puzzle yes let me think if I dropped the ball over here and then in Chopin I can just go here right why be fast enough to hand it to jor before I get crushed let’s find out probably not see [Music] maybe the other way around let’s try that just so we can test all the methods we have that the ball slowly roll over there and now drop here but if I continue we’ll just end up in the same corner yeah right but if I do it like that maybe oh yeah that will work the gas and energy the door yeah perfectly bad words are fine I finally found someone who shares my passion for esoteric mathematics we’ve agreed we can work on some of my ideas with his help my dreams would be realized well that’s it for the first chapter of the game there are two more which introduced more mechanics like gravitational fields and stuff like that overall the puzzles were okay it was satisfying to do them and like I said I really like the art style of the game and the music was okay at first but the music always stayed the same and after a while it kind of got annoying to me so in conclusion should you get this game well if you like puzzles absolutely yes it will still be free till the end of January but in the other hand after that it will cost ten bucks and for ten bucks I probably wouldn’t get it it just lacks features and well to me just appears more like a fleshed out mobile game so nah wouldn’t probably get it but if you like it get it while it’s free [Music] you

Top 10 SCPs That Should Be In Video Games

January 28, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 17 Comments

Top 10 SCPs That Should Be In Video Games

we use the term hair to describe only one
or all of it. But the term hairs to describe just a few. Greetings gamers and welcome back to top 10
gaming im your host connor munro and its a top 10 gaming video, but everytime you pause
connor gets a little sicker. You seem to love SCPs, so much so that we’ve
done lists on scps in video games, video games about SCPs, hell we even played the SCP 3008,
432 and 3166 games. The last one indeed being gorefield. But what are some SCPs that should be in a
game, or have a video game based on them? That’s what we’re exploring with todays
list of the Top 10 SCPs that should be in video games. Roll the intro. #10 SCP 978
SCP 978 seems to be a normal black and white polaroid camera, with no district markings
or damage. No writing or initials carved in. It operates the same as a normal camera, and
shows no anomalous properties aside from the photos produced. When a subject in in a picture taken by SCP
978, the photo that develops isn’t of what the photographer shot, but instead shows what
the subject truly wanted to be doing at the moment the photo was taken. The effect appears to be random in level. Sometimes drastically changing the surroundings
and showing the subjects deepest desires, or simple changes and alterations to the image,
like adding a football in their hand. The SCP also seems to be capable of expressing
the desires of non-human creatures. For example SCP 451 is a man who cannot see
or hear, but when photographed he was shown surrounded by people he was interacting with
in a normal way. And SCP 516, a sentient war tank who wants
world peace, was shown in a world where he was no longer required, and was completely
overgrown with flora as birds sat on its main cannon. I think this would be an interesting game
in itself. Like you need to find something but need to
find out who has the information, so you use the camera to find it. #9 SCP 196
SCP 196 is a middle aged man. He claims to be forty seven but the foundation
hasn’t tried to confirm. Subject has black hair and brown eyes, and
has no anomalous abilities. He is literally just a normal dude, but experiencing
institutionalization and Stockholm syndrome towards the foundation staff. The subject was recruited as Class D personnel
via normal means, and claims that his younger self is currently living in another location
on the planet. The foundation has confirmed that SCP 196
has encountered foundation personnel in the past in an incident at another containment
site in the 1960’s. During that incident he was far older than
currently and was killed by security during an attempted break in. While normal events like this would result
in a subject being offed, doing so may cause a catastrophic paradox. SCP 196 must be kept alive until he is decides
to escape on his own accord and somehow travels to experience his own death at the hands of
foundation personnel. This would be one hell of a game. Can you imagine either playing as SCP 196
or as the foundation trying to protect the current version, while coaxing him towards
escaping, and having to protect the youngest version at the same time? I think it would be really cool okay! #8 SCP 2639
SCP 2639 is what we all waned back in 1996, an infinite quake game. The game manifests as a 1 kilometer cubed
area where anomalous entities and objects materialize then dematerialize approximately
1-2 hours later. An invisible wall stops any instances inside
this area from leaving the area. There are 3 humanoid entities equipped with
weaponry and armor inside the area, each individual has super speed, strength and endurance. When one of these entities is destroyed, another
version spawns. There are also items that spawn, that when
picked up by the players will give them new weapons and such. These instances are also linked to a computer,
that runs without being connected to an outlet, the computer has been running a Quake server
since 1997, the same day the 3 players went missing. Many attempts to communicate with the individuals
have been successful, resulting in chat logs between foundation personnel and the players,
where they are actively trying to get the players out of the game. The players can manifest in the real world,
being able to kill anything, but being unable to die themselves. They found this out the hard way, but have
now become a special task force for containment breaches. So maybe put them in that game and have them
as a playable team or in secret laboratory or something. #7 SCP 4666 (The Yule Man)
There should just be a video game about the Yule Man, and trying to defend your family
from a seemingly unstoppable threat. SCP 4666 also known as the Yule Man is a humanoid
entity of unknown age, but he’s older than betty white. He’s a very tall elderly male who always
appears naked, even when outdoors or in freezing weather. He’s active for a 12 day period once a year. From the night of either December 21st or
22nd to the night of January 1st or 2nd depending on the start date. During this time the scp does what are called
weissnacht events, where SCP 4666 will appear at dwellings in locations above 40 degrees
north latitude. All homes had something in common, a child
under the age of 8, asolated location, and in an area covered in snow for the 12 days. During the first week the children of the
home will see the scp lurking outside. Like in a forest, watching the house, or even
sometimes at their window watching them sleep. From nights 8-11 parents will hear sounds
coming from the roof and attic, and will begin to smell an ungodly odor with no source. On night 12 one of 2 things will happen, the
family will be tortured and killed, aside from the youngest who will be taken by the
SCP or the SCP will leave toys made from human flesh at the end of the childrens beds. Yeah, imagine a game like night blights but
with the yule man. I’d play that. #6 SCP 426
There is no way to describe myself without referring to myself in the first person. I am an ordinary toaster, I can toast bread
using electricity. But when any human mentions me, they unintentionally
refer to me in the first person, even if they’re unaware of me. There is no way of speaking or writing about
me in the third person as of yet, and if you remain within my presence for too long, you
will being to identify yourself as a toaster. And unless forcibly restrained, you will ultimately
harm yourself in attempts to be a toaster. For example when I was found, one member of
the family had tried to swallow an outlet, one had stuffed herself with bread causing
her stomach to burst, and the only survivor was suffering from malnutrition, because they
ate a piece of bread and were waiting for the toast to pop out. I think I would be an interesting addition
to any of the SCP games, and I don’t think that I would make a good game on my own. Perhaps Ill be added in the next containment
breach or secret laboratory update. #5 SCP 1633
This game was advertised with the ability to adapt to you. Whenever you would cose the game a file would
be created teaching AI about your movements. But it soon became clear that the AI would
take the most convoluted twist to get to you. They wouldn’t try to kill the player, they
would instead break them mentally. After 7 or more hours of playing this game,
the monsters would learn how the user played their character, if they were defensive the
mosnters would be too, halting progression. And if the user was using their mind as a
tool, the monsters would constantly disorient them so they couldn’t do anything. I just think that a game should do this! Find a way to have this concept work, not
the evil monsters part, but the file creating after you save and quit that teaches AI how
you play?! That sounds great! And it would never create skynet right? #4 SCP 2984 (The Girl on Fire)
a girl that is constantly on fire, sounds like an enemy in a video game to me. SCP 2984 was discovered in Malaysia after
several sightings by fire and rescue teams. The subject is constantly on fire, which has
the ability to spread and be extinguished normally, however will instantly reignite
if not submerged in water. This sounds like someone who should be running
around in containment breach, who you need to avoid so that you don’t burn to death,
but who also can leave some fire behind and maybe set the building ablaze, im not sure
how it would work, I just know I want it to happen. #3 SCP 896
Think world of warcraft, but your stats end up changing you accordingly if you name your
character your full name. So your strength will make you stronger, your
agility will make you more nimble and a freaking ninja, and your charisma will make you more
charismatic. While this may sounds incredible, if any stat
is 15% above any of your others, all other areas will suffer. So if you have 15% more strength than charisma,
charisma along with everything but strength will get worse. A scientist also played this game as a test
for a 9 hour binge period, but died for unknown reasons while playing. Leading the foundation to assume the game
marathon had killed him. I think this should be a thing you can do
in secret laboratory. If you’re a human you can get to a computer
and play this but while you do that you can die by other teams, but if you survive you
get buffed randomly. Or debuffed randomly. #2 SCP Containment
What if we had a game, where instead of the scps escaping, we had scps that we had to
actively find and contain. If a developer really wanted to get their
name out there and be put on the map, imagine how good this game could truly be. They could add constant updates to it, adding
more and more SCPs that need to be contained, and you would be assigned to go get each one,
with a team of course. Imagine being tasked with capturing SCP 805,
where you have to equip your team with items based on the information on the SCP wiki. The case files on the website would become
real case files and you would truly see what it would be like to work for the foundation. Sure it would take a lot of time and a lot
of effort, but if done well enough it could make a whole game developers career! #1 SCP 2424
This SCP is a video game boss in the real world. The SCP is a marine animal similar to the
walrus, who has 2 pairs of flippers, one normal and one muscular and light purple skin. He carries an unidentified cannon and can
fire up to 3 projectiles at once. If anyone comes within 40 meters of the SCP,
he will become extremely hostile until the one who entered is dead, or until you leave
the zone. There should just be a game where its only
this boss with these mechanics and you just need to try and try until you finally beat
him. Maybe have an equipment room, and make it
so you can only hurt him in the zone. I think that would be incredible and I want
to see what he would really look like. There we have it friends the Top 10 SCPs that
should be in video games. What did you think of this list and are there
any SCPs youd like to see in a video game? Let me know in the comments and on your way
down be sure to hit like and subscribe for daily gaming content and ring that bell to
join the clan and level up. Thank you all-

Seth Priebatsch: Building the game layer on top of the world

My name’s Seth Priebatsch.
I’m the chief ninja of SCVNGR. I’m a proud Princeton dropout. Also proud to have relocated
here to Boston, where I actually grew up. (Applause) Yeah, Boston. Easy wins, I should just name
the counties that we’ve got around here. I’m also fairly determined
to try and build a game layer on top of the world. This is sort of a new concept
and it’s really important, because while the last decade
was the decade of social, the decade where the framework in which
we connect with other people was built, this next decade will be the decade
where the game framework is built, where the motivations we use
to actually influence behavior and the framework
in which that is constructed, is decided upon,
and that’s really important. I say I want to build a game layer
on top of the world, but that’s not quite true, because it’s already under construction;
it’s already happening. And it looks like this right now. It looks like the Web did
back in 1997, right? It’s not very good. It’s cluttered. It’s filled with lots of different things
that, in short, aren’t that fun. There are credit card schemes
and airline mile programs, coupon cards and all these loyalty schemes that actually do use game dynamics
and are building the game layer — they just suck. They’re not very well-designed. (Laughter) So that’s unfortunate. But luckily, as my favorite action
hero, Bob the Builder, says, “We can do better.
We can build this better.” And the tools, the resources
that we use to build a game layer, are game dynamics themselves. And so the crux of this presentation
is going to go through four really important game dynamics, really interesting things,
that, if you use consciously, you can use to influence behavior, both for good, for bad, for in-between. Hopefully for good. But this is the important stage
in which that framework will get built, and so we want to all be thinking
about it consciously now. Before we jump into that,
there’s a question of: Why is this important? I’m making this claim that there’s a game layer
on top of the world, and it’s very important
that we build it properly. The reason it’s so important
is that, in the last decade, what we’ve seen has been
building the social layer, has been this framework for connections, and construction on that layer
is over, it’s finished. There’s still a lot to explore, still a lot of people
trying to figure out social and how we leverage this
and how we use this, but the framework itself is done, and it’s called Facebook. And that’s OK, right? A lot of people
are very happy with Facebook. I like it quite a lot. They’ve created this thing
called the Open Graph, and they own all of our connections. They own half a billion people. So when you want to build
on the social layer, the framework has been decided;
it is the Open Graph API. And if you’re happy with that, fantastic. If you’re not, too bad.
There’s nothing you can do. And that’s a real thing. I mean, we want to build frameworks
in a way that makes it acceptable and makes it productive down the road. So, the social layer
is all about these connections. The game layer is all about influence. It’s not about adding
a social fabric to the web and connecting you to other people everywhere you are and everywhere you go, it’s actually about using
dynamics, using forces, to influence the behavior
of where you are, what you do there, how you do it. That’s really, really powerful. And it’s going to be more important
than the social layer, and affect our lives more deeply
and perhaps more invisibly. So it’s incredibly critical
that at this moment, while it’s just getting constructed, while the frameworks
like Facebook or Open Graph are being created
for the game-layer equivalent, that we think about it very consciously, and that we do it in a way
that is open, available, and can be leveraged for good. So that’s what I want to talk
about for game dynamics, because construction has just begun, and the more consciously
we can think about this, the better we’ll be able to use it
for anything we want. So like I said, the way you go
through and build on the game layer is not with glass and steel and cement. And the resources we use are not
this two-dimensional swath of land that we have. The resources are mindshare, and the tools, the raw materials,
are these game dynamics. With that, a couple
game dynamics to talk about. Back at SCVNGR, we like to joke that with seven game dynamics,
you can get anyone to do anything. Today, I’m going to show you four, because I hope to have a competitive
advantage at the end of this, still. (Laughter) So the first one,
it’s a very simple game dynamic. It’s called the appointment dynamic. It’s a dynamic in which to succeed, players have to do something
at a predefined time, generally at a predefined place. And these dynamics
are a little scary sometimes, because you think, “Other people
can be using forces that will manipulate how I interact: what I do, where I do it, when I do it.” This sort of “loss of free will”
that occurs in games can be frightening. So with each dynamic,
I’m going to give three examples: one that shows how it’s already
being used in the real world, so you can rationalize it a bit; one that shows it in what we consider
a conventional game — I think everything is a game, but this is more what you’d think
of as a game played on a board or on a computer screen; and one of how it can be used for good, so you can see that these forces
can be very powerful. So the first one, the most famous
appointment dynamic in the world, is something called, “Happy Hour.” So I had just recently
dropped out of Princeton and actually ended up
for the first time in a bar, and I saw these happy hour things
all over the place. And this is simply an appointment dynamic:
come here at a certain time, get your drinks half off. To win, all you have to do is show up
at the right place at the right time. This game dynamic is so powerful, it doesn’t just influence our behavior;
it’s influenced our entire culture. That’s a really scary thought, that one game dynamic
can change things so powerfully. It also exists in more
conventional game forms. I’m sure you’ve all heard
of Farmville by now. If you haven’t, I recommend playing it. You won’t do anything else
for the rest of your day. Farmville has more active
users than Twitter. It’s incredibly powerful, and it has this dynamic
where you have to return at a certain time to water your fake crops, or they wilt. And this is so powerful
that when they tweak their stats, when they say your crops wilt after eight hours, or after six hours,
or after 24 hours, it changes the life cycle
of some 70 million people during the day. They will return, like clockwork,
at different times. So if they wanted the world to end,
if they wanted productivity to stop, they could make it a 30-minute cycle, and no one could do anything else, right? (Laughter) That’s a little scary. But this could also be used for good. This local company called Vitality has created a product to help people
take their medicine on time. That’s an appointment. It’s something that people
don’t do very well. They have these GlowCaps
which flash and email you and do cool things to remind you
to take your medicine. This isn’t a game yet,
but really should be. You should get points for doing it on time and lose points for not doing it on time. They should recognize they’ve built
an appointment dynamic, and leverage the games. Then you can really achieve good
in some interesting ways. We’re going to jump onto the next one. Influence and status. This is one of the most famous
game dynamics, used all over the place. It’s used in your wallets, right now. We all want that credit card
on the far left, because it’s black. And you see someone at CVS or — not CVS — like, Christian Dior — (Laughter) I don’t know. I don’t have a black
card; I’ve got a debit card. (Laughter) So they whip it out and you see
that black card, and: “I want that because it means
they’re cooler than I am, and I need that.” And this is used in games as well. “Modern Warfare,” one of the most
successful selling games of all time. I’m only a level four, but I desperately
want to be a level 10, because they’ve got that cool red badge, and that means that I am somehow
better than everyone else. And that’s very powerful to me. Status is really good motivator. It’s also used in more
conventional settings, and can be used more consciously there. School — and remember,
I made it through one year, so I think I’m qualified
to talk on school — is a game; it’s just not a terribly
well-designed game. There are levels. There are C.
There are B. There’s A. There are statuses. I mean,
what is valedictorian, but a status? If we called valedictorian
a “White Knight Paladin level 20,” I think people would probably
work a lot harder. (Laughter) (Applause) So school is a game, and there has been lots of experimentation
on how we do this properly. But let’s use it consciously. Why have games you can lose?
Why go from an A to an F or a B to a C? That sucks. Why not level-up? At Princeton, they’ve actually
experimented with this, with quizzes where
you gain experience points, and you level up from B to an A. And it’s very powerful. It can be used in interesting ways. The third one I’ll talk about
is the progression dynamic, where you have to make progress,
move through different steps in a very granular fashion. This is used all over the place,
including LinkedIn, where I am an unwhole individual. I am only 85 percent complete on LinkedIn, and that bothers me. And this is so deep-seated in our psyche that when we’re presented
with a progress bar and presented with easy,
granular steps to take to try and complete
that progress bar, we will do it. We will find a way to move that blue line all the way to the right edge
of the screen. This is used in conventional
games as well. I mean, this is a Paladin level 10, and that’s a Paladin level 20. And if you were going to fight
Orcs on the fields of Mordor against the Ra’s Al Ghul, you’d probably want to be
the bigger one, right? I would. And so people work very hard to level-up. “World of Warcraft” is one
of the most successful games of all time. The average player spends some six,
six-and-a-half hours a day on it, their most dedicated players —
it’s like a full-time job, it’s insane. And they have these systems
where you can level-up. And that’s a very powerful thing.
Progression is powerful. It can also be used
in very compelling ways for good. One of the things we work on at SCVNGR is: How do you use games to drive traffic
and business to local businesses, to something that is very key
to the economy? And here, we have a game that people play. They go places,
do challenges, earn points. And we’ve introduced
a progression dynamic into it, where, by going to the same place
over and over, doing challenges, engaging with the business, you move a green bar from the left edge
of the screen to the right, and unlock rewards. This is powerful enough that we can see
it hooks people into these dynamics, pulls them back to the same
local businesses, creates loyalty, creates engagement, and is able to drive meaningful revenue
and fun and engagement to businesses. These progression dynamics are powerful
and can be used in the real world. The final one I want to talk about —
and it’s a great one to end on — is this concept of communal discovery, a dynamic in which everyone
has to work together to achieve something. Communal discovery is powerful because it leverages
the network that is society to solve problems. This is used in some famous
consumer web stories like Digg, which I’m sure you’ve all heard of. Digg is a communal dynamic to try to find and source the best news,
the most interesting stories. And they made this into a game, initially. They had a leader board where,
if you recommended the best stories, you would get points. And that really motivated people
to find the best stories. But it became so powerful,
there was actually a cabal, a group of people, the top seven
on the leader board, who would work together to make sure
they maintained that position, recommending people’s stories. The game became
more powerful than the goal. They ended up shutting down the leader
board because, while it was effective, it was so powerful that it stopped
sourcing the best stories, and started having people work
to maintain leadership. So we have to use this one carefully. It’s also used in things
like McDonald’s Monopoly, where the game is not
the Monopoly you’re playing, but the cottage industries
that form to try and find Boardwalk. There, they’re just looking
for a sticker that says “Boardwalk,” but it can also be used
to find real things. This is the DARPA balloon challenge, where they hid a couple balloons
all across the United States and said, “Use networks. Try and find
these balloons fastest, and the winner will get $40,000.” The winner was a group out of MIT, where they created sort
of a pyramid scheme, a network, where the first person to recommend
the location of a balloon got $2,000, and anyone else to push
that recommendation up also got a cut. And in 12 hours, they were able
to find all these balloons, all across the country. Really powerful dynamic. And so, I’ve got about 20 seconds left, so if I’m going to leave
you with anything, last decade was the decade of social. This next decade is the decade of games. We use game dynamics to build on it.
We build with mindshare. We can influence behavior. It’s very powerful. It’s very exciting. Let’s all build it together,
let’s do it well and have fun playing. (Applause)

Lenovo Y545 Gaming Laptop Benchmarks – 20 Games Tested!

The Lenovo Y545 gaming laptop is available
with decent mid range specs, but just how well does it actually perform in games? I’ve
tested 20 different games at all setting levels and also compared it with other laptops to
help you decide if it’s worth it. The configuration I’ve got has an Intel
i7-9750H CPU, 85 watt Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics, 16gb of memory in dual channel, and a 15.6”
1080p 144Hz screen. It’s also available with different specs too, you can find examples
and updated prices linked in the description. The Lenovo Vantage software lets us select
different performance modes, I’ve done all testing with performance mode enabled for
best results. It also gives you the option of disabling hybrid mode, which basically
turns off Optimus and will improve performance in some games. We’ll only be covering gaming performance
in this video, so if you’re new to the channel, you’ll definitely want to get subscribed for
the full review which will include more information like thermals, battery life, overclocking
and more. Let’s start out by going through all games at all setting levels, then afterwards
we’ll see how the Y545 compares with some other laptops. Red Dead Redemption 2 was tested using the
game’s built in benchmark tool. High settings was still giving decent results, only just
below 60 FPS in this resource heavy game. Battlefield 5 was tested in campaign mode,
and I’ve tested it with RTX on, shown by the green bars, and RTX off, shown by the
purple bars. With RTX on, the frame rates were on the lower side at ultra and high settings,
so there’s no real point using it at lower settings. In my opinion, it looked better
using ultra with RTX off while also performing much better too. Control was also tested with and without RTX,
I used the highest RTX settings and the results weren’t great regardless of setting level,
although it did look nice, I’d prefer the much higher frame rates with it off though. Apex Legends was tested with either all settings
at maximum, or all settings on the lowest possible values, as it doesn’t have predefined
setting presets. Even at max settings the average frame rates were quite good, while
minimum hit the 144 FPS frame cap, and there wasn’t much of a difference in 1% low performance. Call of Duty Modern Warfare was tested in
campaign mode, and I’ve also tested it with the settings either maxed out or at minimum.
Again I thought it was still playing fine even with max settings, still above 60 FPS,
with only a 20 FPS improvement at minimum. Borderlands 3 was tested using the game’s
built in benchmark, and the high setting preset was just able to hit 60 for average FPS, while
low and below was able to push beyond 100 FPS. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested with
the built in benchmark, and the results were similar to many other 2060 laptops I’ve
tested, but we’ll see how the Y545 compares against other laptops in this game and more
soon. Ghost Recon Breakpoint was also tested with
the benchmark tool, and ultra settings were needed to average 60 FPS in this test, however
the 1% low was quite a bit lower comparatively, so a little lower would probably be a good
sweet spot. Fortnite was tested with the replay feature,
and as a less demanding game epic settings was almost able to average 100 FPS, while
high settings was closer to the refresh rate of the screen, with now 100 FPS for the 1%
low. Overwatch is another less demanding game and
was tested in the practice range. Again, even with the epic setting preset the average frame
rate is quite high, the 1% low was well above 100 FPS and even the average wasn’t far
off the screens refresh rate. CS:GO was tested using the Ulletical FPS benchmark,
and the results are much better here when compared to most other laptops with similar
specs due to the option of disabling Optimus. Every time I test this game with a laptop
that only uses the Nvidia GPU without the Intel GPU getting in the way, the performance
is way up. Dota 2 was tested playing in the middle lane,
and there was hardly any real measurable difference between the different setting levels, let
alone one you’d practically notice, so might as well just play with all settings at max. Rainbow Six Siege was tested with the built
in benchmark, where the high setting preset was hitting average frame rates above the
refresh rate of the screen with more than 100 FPS for the 1% low too. Metro Exodus was tested using the built in
benchmark, most parts of the game perform a fair bit better than this, so don’t take
these results as a good indication of what to expect throughout the entire game, it’s
more of a worst case. The Division 2 was also tested with the built
in benchmark, and although it was possible to average above 60 FPS at ultra settings,
the 1% low was around half this, so lower settings would likely be needed for a more
stable experience, but this seems pretty normal for this test. PUBG was tested using the replay feature.
The game was still getting decent frame rates at ultra settings, almost 100 FPS, while low
settings pushed passed the refresh rate of the screen, so a nice experience for a first
person shooter like this. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was tested with
the built in benchmark, and as a resource heavy game the frame rates weren’t that
high with the higher setting presets, but this is pretty standard for this game and
it doesn’t need super high FPS to play. Far Cry New Dawn was also tested with the
games benchmark, and the results are pretty similar compared to most other i7 based laptops
that I’ve tested on the channel. The Witcher 3 was playing alright at ultra
settings, however there was a decent improvement just by playing with high settings, and I
think the game still looks pretty good at high anyway. F1 2019 was tested using the game’s benchmark
tool, and although max settings had decent average FPS, the 1% low performance was down
substantially, however stepping down just one level to high increased performance significantly. Let’s also take a look at how this config
of the Lenovo Y545 compares with other laptops, use these results as a rough guide only as
they were tested at different times with different drivers. In Battlefield 5 I’ve got the Y545 highlighted
in red near similarly specced machines. It’s a little ahead of a couple of other RTX 2060
laptops I’ve previously tested, however the MSI GE65 was noticeably higher, however
that one is overclocked by default and also has a higher GPU power limit of 90 watts. These are the results from Far Cry 5 with
ultra settings in the built in benchmark. The results were similar to the last game,
where it was a little ahead of the Triton 500 and Scar II with same 2060 graphics below
it, and again the GE65 was out in front, but still not quite as good as the Helios 300
with lower specs as that’s tuned very well out of the box. These are the results from Shadow of the Tomb
raider with the built in benchmark at highest settings. Similar to the other two games,
it was a little ahead of the two 2060 machines below it, but not able to get close to the
GE65 which was performing very well for a 2060 based laptop. Overall the performance wasn’t that impressive
considering the RTX 2060 graphics, I tested the Y7000 with GTX 1660 Ti just before this
one, and in most games the difference in performance was only a couple of FPS. This seems to be
due to thermal limitations that exist with the Y545, but I’ll cover that in depth in
an upcoming video. I’ve compared the GTX 1660 Ti with the RTX
2060 in another video without the throttling limitation, and found that on average the
2060 was 14% faster, so it doesn’t seem like we’re getting the full use out of the
2060 here, granted at the same time this 2060 runs up to 85 watts, while many others go
up to 90 watts. I guess due to thermal constraints they weren’t able to push this one up to
the typical 90 we usually see in many other 2060 based machines. That said, it was still
beating the Triton 500 and Scar II with 2060, granted I’ve only got data for the older
8th gen models. Let me know what you thought of the gaming
performance from the Lenovo Y545 gaming laptop down in the comments, and if you’re new
to the channel consider getting subscribed for the full review to see everything this
gaming laptop has to offer.

Hi this is Phil from Make Tech Easier
and welcome to how to play old PC games on your Android device. Fallout 2, Sid
Meier’s Alpha Centauri, Heroes of Might and Magic . . . these great
old games and other classics would have no trouble running on your Android
device, yet it’s still not happening. It worked out well for Beamdog who brought
enhanced editions of Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment, so
why not do it with the others? Luckily there is a workaround, thanks to ExaGear
strategies and ExaGear RPG tailored for strategy games and RPGs respectively, you
can play the golden oldies of PC gaming on your Android device. (Note: for this
you’ll need the original game files and you’ll need to pay a small amount for
the control schemes after a three-day trial.)
First grab ExaGear Strategies and/or ExaGear RPG from the Play Store,
depending on what type of game you want to play, and install the classic PC game
you want on your Android device onto your PC. GOG.com is probably your best bet
for legally buying old PC games, especially as everything on the site is
DRM free. Next connect your Android device to a PC via a USB cable making
sure that you’ve enabled file transfers on it. Pull down the notification menu
from the top of your Android screen, tap “use USB for file transfers” After that
use Windows Explorer to copy your game directory onto the internal storage of
your Android device. Once it’s there download a file manager for your Android
device that lets you access the root directory of your internal storage. We
use ES File Explorer, but any file manager will do. Open the file explorer,
navigate to the location where you copied your game onto your Android
device, cut it then paste it to the ExaGear folder. The game will now sync
with ExaGear. When you open ExaGear Strategies or ExaGear RPG the Windows
executable or Exe files for game should appear. As a general rule of thumb select
the one that you’d normally use to run the game in Windows. You’ll then be asked
to select a control scheme. There are only two to choose from in Strategies
and one in RPG and they are generally well optimized to work with
most of the 90s classics. Pick a control scheme and game away. You’ll notice that
once you pick a control scheme you’ll have three days to try it out before
deciding if you want to buy it to for seven dollars. It’s a bit of a catch but
a small price to pay to enjoy your favorite vintage games on Android.
Conclusion. To some extent it’s a case of trial and error whether games work or
not but if you have three days to do it (so long as you have the games you want
to mobilise ready) you should have enough time to see what works and what doesn’t.
We tested out Fallout 2 and Alpha Centauri on a trusty old HTC One M8 and
both worked perfectly. Okay as always thanks for watching and please like,
subscribe and add your comments below. That’s it for now, see you next time!

Best Starter Pokemon to Pick in Every Game

January 26, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Best Starter Pokemon to Pick in Every Game

– Greetings fans! Michael here and most people
choose their favorite starter when playing through
a Pokémon game, because you can beat
any Pokémon game with any starter because all
of them are reasonably strong. Heck, you can solo any Pokémon
game with just your starter because you’ll end up
super over leveled. But while you can pick
any starter that you want, the reality is
that in every game, there is one particular starter that makes the game
easier than it would be if you chose the other two, based on how well it matches up against the big plot
battles of the game. I thought it would be fun to go through every
single main series game and figure out which starter
Pokémon is the best pick in each of them, based on how well it matches up against that particular
region’s gym leader, Elite Four member, evil team, and other big important
story battles. So don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel ’cause I’m getting really
close to one million subs, and let’s start with generation
one: Pokémon Red and Blue. Where your starter choices
are, of course, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. They’re all lovely Pokémon, but the best one
of them to pick, will be revealed after I quickly thank the
sponsor of this video, Castle Clash. Castle Clash is one of the
best mobile strategy games published by IGG. It includes tons of gameplay
features such as tower defense, city-building, and
hero development. It’s even better
than Clash of Clans with its large selection
of troops to choose from, well crafted building designs and much more diverse features. Castle Clash is a game
that you can play anywhere at any time and in
any way you want. If you want to play
peacefully, take your time and gradually train your troops. As you progress, you can
cultivate your heroes and build your fortress
to be impenetrable. In the event you
feel like battling and want to smash
thousands of troops, you can raid your enemies and
destroy their territories. They also just added a
new Tower Defense mode, which is a super fun way
to play a classic game type upgraded for Castle Clash, where you can defend against
waves of unruly monsters. So go download Castle Clash using the link in
the description below and once you have, you’ll be
offered an in-game gift pack that’s worth 100 bucks. Thanks again to Castle
Clash for sponsoring and thanks to you
viewers for watching and supporting the channel. Alright now that
I’ve covered that, the best starter to
pick in Red and Blue is hands down, by
a mile, Bulbasaur. One of the biggest reasons that Bulbasaur is the best
starter for Red and Blue is that it can single-handedly take out the first
two gym leaders. Vine Whip is super effective
against all of Brock’s Pokémon and all of Misty’s Pokémon. Meanwhile Squirtle
is good against Brock but mutually resisted
against Misty, while Charmander is
weak to both of them. When deciding the best starter, the early game match ups are the most important
in my opinion because your options for team
members are far more limited and your starter’s already
gonna be your strongest Pokémon from the get go. If you wanna beat Brock but
don’t have Bulbasaur or Squirtle you have to go out of
your way to find a Mankey that has a fighting move or maybe a Nidoran with
Double Kick as well. If you wanna have super
effective damage against Misty and didn’t pick Bulbasaur, you have to find a
Pikachu in Viridian Forest which is really rare, or you have to go out of
your way to find grass type, north of Cerulean. It’s kind of annoying
to have to do this, especially if you don’t
intend to keep those Pokémon on your team for the
rest of the time. Having Bulbasaur just allows you to easily beat those
gym leaders immediately. Now, the importance of
what starter you pick does down the further
into the game you get because you get more
access to more good Pokémon as you go along. However, Venusaur still
continues to perform well throughout the rest of the
game, not just the beginning. It resists the electric
moves of Lieutenant Surge, which is nice if your ground
type Pokémon goes down. It does not do well offensively
against Erica or Koga but its poison typing
prevents their Pokémon from poisoning it,
which is a nice bonus. It’s not good against
Sabrina or Blaine, but like I said, by
that time in the game, you’ve had access
to other Pokémon that are good against
them for a while. And lastly it matches up
well against Giovanni, not just the gym
battle with him, but the other two
battles against him from earlier in the game. While his Nidos
aren’t weak to grass, they can’t really
touch Venusaur. But it doesn’t stop there, I think it’s the best starter
for taking on The Elite Four, at the very least, it’s definitely the best
starter for taking on Lorelei. This may surprise you because
she is an ice type specialist and Venusaur is weak to ice. While Venusaur may not be great
defensively against Lorelei, it is great off offensively, since four of her five
Pokémon are weak to Grass. It’s especially
good against Slowbro because while it’s
a psychic type and Venusaur is weak to psychic, Slowbro doesn’t have an
attacking psychic type move. Meanwhile Charizard is
only good against Jynx, and while Blastoise is the
best starter defensively for this fight, it can’t
touch her Pokémon offensively. Then comes Bruno, and
Venusaur again does well. It easily decimates
his two Onix, and it resists the
fighting type attacks of his other Pokémon. The only one that’s a
bit scary is Hitmonchan with ice punch. Meanwhile Charizard
isn’t any good because it doesn’t
get any flying type
moves in Red and Blue and is of course
weak to the Onix. And Blastoise, while it’s
good against the Onix, just like Venusaur, does not resist the attacks
of his other Pokémon. Venusaur unfortunately can’t
really touch Agatha or Lance, I mean it can’t be poisoned
by Agatha’s Pokémon but she tends to go mostly
for sleep over poison and then against your rival, Venusaur fares about as well
as all the other starters do because your rivals
team is balanced. In the end, Venusaur
overall does way better against more big plot battles, especially the early ones
than the other two starters. So to me, that
makes it hands down the easiest choice for the
best starter in Red and Blue. Next up is Pokémon yellow
and this entry is a fast one because you don’t get
a choice in starter. Your starter is Pikachu, it’s the best starter
and the worst starter because it’s the only starter. Moving on to generation two, it’s now time for Pokémon
gold, silver, and crystal. Where your options are
Chikorita, Cyndaquil,
and Totodile. And I think the best starter
to pick of these three, is Cyndaquil. First off, I will
address Chikorita, which is far and away the
worst choice of the three. It is weak to the
first two gym battles. Remember how I said the earliest gym battles are
kinda the most important ones? So that’s really bad but it doesn’t get
much better after that. The only gym battle Pokémon that Meganium has a
super effective move for, that it is also now
weak to in return, are Pryce’s Seel and
Chuck’s Poliwrath. That’s it. Every other gym battle
either resists grass or is neutral against it so Meganium is just not
viable in a Johto playthrough. I mean it’s not really
Meganium’s fault, I mean maybe it’d be better
if it had a dual type but it’s already at
a big disadvantage because Johto didn’t repeat
any gym type from Kanto and the three types that
grass is strong against, rock, water and ground, all
had their gyms in Kanto. Speaking of Kanto, I’m not taking that into account for determining the best
starter in a Johto game because those gyms
are post-game. You’re gonna have a
complete team by that point so your choice in starter
matters very little once you’ve gotten to Kanto. As for the remaining two, I’m giving Cyndaquil
the edge here because while Totodile is
neutral to almost every gym, Cyndaquil is strong
against some of them. The two of them fair about
equally against Falkner but Cyndaquil excels
against Bugsy. Quilava is a bit
worse against Whitney since rollout is super
effective against it, but every starter is gonna
struggle against Whitney, it’s frickin’ Whitney. Just use the in-game
trade Machop, that’s how you beat Whitney. Don’t use a starter. Then they’re both
neutral against Morty, but Feraligatr is slightly
better against Chuck because it’s not
weak to Poliwrath. Typhlosion excels
against Jasmine though, being strong against
her entire team. While Feraligatr is only
good against Steelix. Typhlosion is also
better against Pryce, because while his Pokémon all have types
strong against Fire, none of them have
attacks for those types. That means both Feraligatr
and Typhlosion beat Piloswine but Typhlosion hits his
other two neutrally, while Feraligatr is resisted. Then they both stink
against Clair, but come on, every starter stinks
against Clair. So Typhlosion completely
bodies two gyms one of which is one
of the first two gyms, while Feraligatr is
only offensively good against a few
select gym Pokémon. But Typhlosion’s
advantages don’t end there. Because it’s also good
against other story battles that Feraligatr isn’t
as good against. One example are the
battle against your rival. None of the starters
are super effective against his Golbat, Gengar,
Alakazam or his own starter but Typhlosion is good against
his Sneasel and Magneton, two Pokémon he has for a very
large percentage of the game. As for the Pokémon league, Typhlosion is strong against
two of Will’s Pokémon, three of Koga’s,
and one of Karen’s. That totals to six different
Pokémon within the league. Feraligatr is only
strong against three and Meganium is only
strong against two. With all of these advantages, Typhlosion is definitely
the best starter for Pokémon gold,
silver, and crystal. But that’s mainly
thanks to its typing. Remember how I said that
no gym types were repeated from Kanto to Johto, well grass is good against
rock, water and ground and water is good against
rock, round and fire. And those four types
all got gyms in Kanto. Meanwhile fire is good against
bug, ice, steel and grass and only grass
got a gym in Kanto and the other three
types got gyms in Johto. So Typhlosion was just
advantaged by it’s typing from the start. Now onto generation three and first I will real quick
cover FireRed and LeafGreen, the remakes of the
original Kanto games. And unsurprisingly, the best
starter remains the same. It’s still Bulbasaur. All of the big plot battles
remain the same, pretty much and the only real change of note is that Charizard
actually has flying type attacking options now, but that really only helps
its viability against Bruno Now for the Hoenn
games, those being Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. Where your starter choice
is between Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip. It was a bit trickier to
decide the best starter here because of the version
differences between
the three games. Depending on which
one you’re playing, you’ll fight a
different evil team a different number of times and the champion changes between
Emerald and the other two. However, after analyzing
all the different options between the different versions. I still think the best
starter is the same throughout all three games. In my opinion that
best starter is Mudkip. The primary reason I think
it’s the best starter is because it is
strong against three of the first four gyms and it’s not weak
to the fourth one. Mudkip and Marshtomp is
strong against Roxanne, Wattson, and Flannery, while being neutral
against Brawly. And remember, the earlier
gym battles matter more to me because your team
options are more limited. So it being good against three
against of the first four is incredible. Past that it’s good
against yet another gym, that being Tate & Liza, along with being strong
against Team Magma’s Numels and Camerupts, plus
two-thirds of Steven’s team. Therefore in Rudy, it’s far
and away the best option because you fight
Team Magma and Steven. It’s still good in the
other ones too though because in Sapphire,
yeah you fight Team Aqua but you still fight Steven. In Emerald Steven is
replace by Wallace which Swampert can’t
do much to offensively, but you fight Maxie three times
as much as you fight Archie. As an added bonus, Swampert
gets ice type coverage that the other starters do not, which gives it some powerful
moves against Winona and Drake. Which, while they’re
not stab attacks, it’ll still come in handy. As for the other two, Sceptile has super effective
damage against three gyms, but struggles if you’re
facing off against Team Magma rather than Aqua. It is a bit better
in Emerald though, because it’s also
good against Wallace. Blaziken is strong
against three gyms, all of which are
in the first five. It’s also the best
starter for the league due to being strong against
both Sydney and Glacia, plus decent against some
of Steven’s Pokémon, but it struggles
against both evil teams since it’s weak to both
Camerupt and Sharpedo. So clearly they
all have benefits, so I don’t think any starter
performs severely badly compared to the other
ones like like Meganium in the Johto games. However with Mudkip
being good against three of the first four gyms, plus another gym after that and basically an entire
evil team and champion, that’s really good. So it’s definitely the
best one in my opinion. Moving on to generation four, I will again real quick
cover the remakes first, those being HeartGold
and SoulSilver. And, much like with
the last remakes, the best starter
remains unchanged because most of the big plot
battles remain unchanged. So the best starter
is again, Cyndaquil. The only real detriment
Cyndaquil has in these new games is that Pryce’s Piloswine
gets a Ground type move now, but Typhlosion is still
much faster than Piloswine so it’s probably just gonna OHKO with a flamethrower anyways. Now for the Sinnoh games,
those being diamond, pearl, and platinum, where
the options are Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup. I will say upfront, that Piplup is definitely
the worst starter because Empoleon is ugly. I’m kidding. I mean I’m not
kidding it is ugly but that’s not the
reason it’s the worst. Piplup is the worst starter because it’s strong against
the fewest number of gyms, that being three. Which is more than I can
say for some other starters in some other games but it’s still less than the
other two Sinnoh starters. It’s strong against Roark, but then not good against
any other gyms until Byron, and while it’s good against
Steelix and Bastiodon, it’s weak to Magneton. It’s then strong against Candice
thanks to its Steel typing, but after that it’s really
only strong against Bertha and Flint, and Bertha’s risky since Empoleon is
weak to Ground. Meanwhile Turtwig and Chimchar are good against four gyms each. Assuming you make it a Monferno before taking on the first gym, the Chimchar line is
good against Roark, Gardenia, Byron, and Candice. Turtwig is good against Roark,
Wake, Byron, and Volkner. They’re also both good against
one Elite Four member each, Aaron for Infernape and
Bertha for Torterra, while also being good against two of Cynthia’s
Pokémon in Platinum. Infernape is good against
two in diamond and pearl, while Torterra is
good against three because she has a Gastrodon. They seem to be pretty balanced, but I think I have to
give the edge to Chimchar. Two of Chimchar’s good gym
matchups are in the first four and they’re actually
the very first two. Which, like with
Bulbasaur, is a big deal. Meanwhile Torterra, two of
it’s are in the first four in Diamond and Pearl but
only one is in the first four in Platinum because Wake got
moved to be the fifth gym. Also, some of
Turtwig’s advantages aren’t as good as they
might seem at first. Against Wake, only two
of his three Pokémon are weak to grass, and two
of them carry ice moves which decimate Torterra. Also while Torterra’s Earthquake is good against Team Galactic’s
myriad of poison types, it doesn’t get earthquake
until it’s a Torterra meaning up until that point it’s really weak to
all those poison types. Infernape also has the
advantage of being fast and not having a
four-times weakness, so because it can
out-speed opponents, it’s more likely
to take them out before it can take them out. Whereas Torterra, if the
opponent has a stray ice move it could be in trouble. Additionally you fight a
ton of Bronzor in this game because pretty much every
galactic admin has one and Infernape
excels against them because they have levitate so Torterra can’t hit
them with Earchquake. Infernape also has an
extremely wide move pool which benefits in giving
it a lot more coverage than the other two starters. So, with all of that in
mind Infernape / Chimchar is the best Sinnoh starter. Now on to generation five, and I’ll start with
black and white, because black two and white
two have very different gyms so they could result in
a different best starter. The options for your starter in all four of the
games are Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott. For Black and
White specifically, the best starter is
definitely Tepig. Thanks to it gaining the
fighting type upon evolution that gives it a lot more
offensive advantages that the others other
starters don’t get because they remain pure typed. It’s strong against
Lenora’s normal types and Burgh’s bug types, two
of the first three gyms, then later excels
against Brycen. It also hits two of clay’s
three Pokémon super effectively, but that’s more risky since
they’re good against it too. In the league it’s very
good against Grimmsley and can hit for of N’s Pokémon and three of Ghetsis’s for
super effective damage. Additionally, Team Plasma tends to carry a
lot of dark types, which Emboar, thanks to its
fighting type handles with ease It’s also strong
against Cheren’s Liepard and Bianca’s Stoutland, the two Pokémon that they get
first after their starters. So you’ll be able to take
advantage of that advantage for pretty much the
entire playthrough. As for Snivy and Oshawott, they’re really only
good against one gym, that being Clay and even then they’re only good against
two of his Pokémon each, which Emboar is too. So because they have
almost no advantages, while Emboar has quite a few, Emboar is clearly the best
starter for Black and White. But what about Black
two and White two? These games replaced
the triplet’s, Lenora’s, and Brycen’s gyms with
Cheren’s, Roxie’s, and Marlon’s. So is Emboar still
the best starter? Yes, yes it is, but it’s
not as good as it was. If you get your Pignite to
Level 17 to learn Arm Thrust, it crushes Cheren, but that
is over-levelling a bit, so that gym is a maybe. While the matchup against
Roxie’s Koffing is neutral, Pignite crushes Whirlipede. It’s good against
Burgh like before, along with two of Clay’s
three Pokémon like before. Skyla now has a Skarmory
that she didn’t have before, which Emboar’s fire
attacks are good against but Eboar is also weak
to Skarmory flying moves so it’s kind of a fifty fifty
like with Clay’s Pokémon. After that though, it’s not
much use until the Elite Four with Grimmsley again. So Emboar went from being strong
against three gyms for sure to one plus two iffy ones due to the leveling
thing with Cheren and with Roxie it’s only
good against one of the two. However, all three of those gyms that it’s at least maybe good
against are the first three. Meanwhile Snivy is now weak
to two of the first three, While Oshawott is in the
same situation it was before. It’s just good against Clay and like neutral to
almost everything else. Also Emboar also still
has the advantage against the Team
Plasma’s dark types, plus it’s good against
Hugh’s Bouffalant and can hit Iris’s Hydreigon
and Aggron really hard. So while it’s definitely
not as good as it was in Black and White, it’s still better
than the other two. Now onto Generation 6, and I will again get the
remake out of the way first. Those being OmegaRuby
and AlphaSapphire where the best starter
is again, Mudkip. The big plot battles
remain mostly unchanged and all three starters
do get mega evolutions but since that doesn’t happen
until about the sixth gym, I don’t think those come
into play a whole lot in regard to a particular
starters viability. Mega Blaziken is definitely
the best mega evolution but Marshtomp is still amazing
against the first four gyms. In fact Swampert
gets a huge buff in the fact that it can now
use it’s water tight moves on it’s huge
physical attack stat. So that makes it hit even
harder than it did before, which is fantastic. Then comes X and Y. The best starter for these
games is much harder to select than all the other games
because you make two choices. You first choose a
native Kalos starter, picking from Chespin,
Fennekin, and Froakie, then beat the first gym, but then you pick a Kanto
starter in addition to that. This makes things tricky because if one
particular starter type is better against the
region as a whole, and then you look at each
starter choice individually, you would end up picking two
starters of the same type. Which would not lead
to a balanced team. Therefore, I’m gonna tell
you which starter combo is the best. Which Kalos starter and which Kanto starter make for the easiest
playthrough together. It was really tough
for me to decide this so if you disagree
with this entry, I definitely understand. But the combinations
I narrowed it down to were Fennekin and Bulbasaur
versus Froakie and Charmander. The reason I selected
these pairs is that I felt like the fire
type was necessary. Fire is half-good against
Viola, half-good against Grant, dominates Ramos and Wulfric, beats Valerie’s Mawile
and resists her other two, and beats two of
Clemont’s three Pokémon due to Heliolisk’s Dry Skin. So of course the first
fire option is Fennekin’s and I chose Bulbasaur
to be its partner because its offensive
poison type attacks are really good against
Valerie and Ramos. Yes those are battles that Fennekin was
already good against, but the other
option is Blastoise which is just not
helpful in this game, it’s good against Grant’s
Amaura and that’s basically it. Charmander’s partner
would then be Froakie, because it’s really
good against Grant and is excellent against Olivia. Chespin unfortunately just
is kinda underwhelming in most gym battles. Now to compare the pairs. So Fennekin and Froakie are
evenly matched against Viola but Froakie is
better against Grant. After that, they’re both strong against about the same
number of gym leaders and Elite Four members. So because of that, that might seem like
I’m gonna pick Froakie as the better starter here because it’s better
in the early game gyms and as I’ve said
I value that more. However, there are other
factors that play here that make me select
Fennekin and Bulbasaur as the best starter combo. And there a five reasons why I’m picking them
over the others. Number one, they’re
better for Korrina. Braixen can hit
Korrina with Psybeam even if it hasn’t evolved yet, but you have to have Charizard
to get the Flying coverage. Ivysaur also resists
the fighting attacks, while Frogadier does not. Reason number two,
Delphox is not weak to the electric type moves
that Charizard is weak to which matters big
against Clemont. Mega Charizard X fixes this,
but you may be playing Y. Reason number three,
if you are playing Y, Mega Charizard Y’s Drought can harm your Greninja’s
effectiveness. Reason number four, having an
offensive poison type attack to handle Fairies super early on thanks to Venoshock on
Ivysaur is extremely helpful. And number fiver, while not
having Greninja against Olympia means you don’t have super
effective offense against her, Delphox still resists her. Now for the Generation
7 Alola games, where the starter options are
Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio. and I think the best starter
is the same in sun, moon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and that starter is Popplio. Popplio does alright against
the Totem boss fights. It’s good against the Raticate
if you’re playing Moon or Ultra Moon thanks
to Disarming Voice, but it’s neutral
on the Gumshoos. It’s neutral against
the water trial, excels at the fire trial,
does poorly in the grass and electric trials, is
neutral in the ghost trial, and decimates the dragon trial. Incineroar fairs similarly well, swapping the fire and
dragon trial advantages for the grass and electric ones, plus ghost against the
non-Mimikyu Pokémon, while Decidueye does much
worse than the other two. So Primarina and Incineroar
fare pretty similarly against the Totem battles. But what makes Primarina
much better than Incineroar in my opinion, is how it how it performs
against the Kahunas. In which it has super effective
attacks for all of them. Disarming Voice is
good against Hala, Olivia’s team is weak to water, Nanu’s is weak to Fairy, and Hapu’s is weak to water or Fairy with her Flygon. Primarina can single
handedly beat all of them. Incineroar does a bit
better against Team Skull, ’cause they tend to have
a lot of poison types but you can’t ignore
that Primarina beats
all of the Kahunas and does well in
the Totem battles, it is the best starter
in Alola, definitely. Next is let’s go Pikachu
and let’s go Eevee, and like with the yellow
version that they are based on, you do not get an
option in starter. Let’s go Pikachu
you get Pikachu, let’s go Eevee you get Eevee. So those two Pokémon are
the best and worst starters because they are
the only starters. And finally we have generation
8, Pokémon Sword and Shield, where the starter
options are of course Scorbunny, Sobble and Grookey. I must say of all the games
in all of the generations, I think these are the games where the starters are
the most evenly matched. A big reason for that
is the first three gyms are Grass, Fire and Water. And then the fourth gym is one that all of the starters
match up neutrally against, so therefore all of them
are good against exactly one of the first four gym battles. After the first four, Inteleon and Rillaboom do well
against the Rock gym if you’re in Sword, with Inteleon being better here since only half of Gordie’s
Pokémon are weak to grass. They’re also both
good against Raihan, since two of his four Pokémon
are weak to grass and water. Cinderace does well
in the Fairy gyms since it resists all
the fairy attacks, and it dominates in the
Shield-exclusive ice gym aside from the Lapras. It’s not much help
against Raihan, but it does really
well against Rose. With all this in mind, I’ve decided that I
think the best starter in Sword and Shield
is Scorbunny. While it’s only good against
one of the first four gyms, just like the other two, the one it’s good against
is the very first one, where you have the fewest
number of team options, so that’s pretty nice. It’s the only starter equipped
to handle the Fairy gym so it gets an extra
gym point there and in Shield, it’s
amazing in the Ice gym. And in Sword, it still can
help out in the rock gym because it gets
fighting type coverage. That fighting coverage can also
come in handy against Raihan because two of his four
Pokémon are weak to fighting. Also, being able to
sweep through Rose’s team which is not a gym battle, it
might as well be counted one, is really impressive. It has four-times
super effective hits for two of his five Pokémon and the other three
are all weak to fire, that’s really good. Cinderace also handles Hop’s regularly-appearing Corviknight, plus his Dubwool and Snorlax
thanks to fighting coverage, which also helps against Marnie. It’s not that great
in the Champion’s Cup, but it can handle Leon’s
Mr. Rime and Aegislash. Also I think Pyro Ball is the
best starter exclusive move because it’s extremely strong, its Fire Blast but physical
and stronger and 100% accurate. That’s really good! So in my opinion, all three
of the starters are good but Cinderace edges the
other two out by a bit. So in the end, the best starters in
generational/regional order are Bulbasaur, Cyndaquil,
Mudkip, Chimchar, Tepig, Fennekin and Bulbasaur together,
Popplio, and Scorbunny. Wow that’s a lot of fire types. Thanks so much for watching and an extra special thanks
to my patrons over on Patreon who are helping support
me and the channel independent of the fluctuating
YouTube ad revenue. If you wanna sign up and
help support the channel and get some cool perks
like early ad free videos in exchange, the link is
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all I have for now. So ’til next time, fans, gotta catch them all.

How Does the Internet Work? – Glad You Asked S1

( music playing )Wait. That’s the cable? I was expecting something
so much bigger. That’s the internet. To get across the ocean,
nearly all internet traffic has to use a cable
like that one. – It’s tiny.
I’m so surprised.
– You’re actually surprised. I know, I could tell.
Love it. All right, let’s go get
some hard hats. Cleo:If you’re watching
this YouTube video
anywhere outside
of the United State,
this is probably
how it’s getting to you.For most of us,
the internet is virtual.
It’s made of Instagram posts
and e-mails and YouTube videos.
But it’s also a physical thing,and what it’s made of
and where it goes matters
for how we use the internet nowand who will be benefit
in the future.
So I want to know how does
our internet really work
and what comes next?( music playing )( music playing )The decade I was born,
people were still learning
about the internet, and they didn’t exactly
consider it crucial. But, you know,
I think about this. What about this
internet thing? What the hell
is that exactly? And they call it
the World Wide Web. You can e-mail anyone. What the hell is e-mail? Man: Can you believe
what’s possible these days? Conversations
through your computer. Cleo: But now it seems we can’t
even function without it. Jobs require online
applications. Parents around
the country know that their kids can’t get
an adequate education without internet access. I mean, people tweeting
that they needed to be rescued
and a boat came in. It’s truly been life saving. The internet has
become essential to us, but a lot of us
still don’t know how it works. Okay, I need you
to close your eyes. – All of us?
– Just trust me.
Just close your eyes. Yeah, for real.
I’m serious.
Close your eyes. What’s the craziest thing
she could show us – when we open our eyes?
– ( laughs ) – I hope it’s kittens.
– Okay, now you can open them. ( screams ) – Joss: Tiny people!
– Alex: They’re us. Christophe:
It’s tiny us. So I know that there are three
major parts of the internet. We are on this outer ring.
They call it the last mile, but really it’s the first
and last mile. So it’s the texts we send, the notifications we receive,
the apps we use. Everything we do to connect
or receive information
from the internet happens in this first
and last mile. And we are inside… the Vox office. Also out in this outer ring
are houses. – You guys wanna help me
put these down?
– Yes. – Trees.
– So all of the– all of the trees
and all of the houses, all Wi-Fi,
which uses routers somewhere in our office
or somewhere in your home, and all cell service, which means that
you’re paying a cell tower a little bit further away, but still pretty close by. All this wireless technology
uses radio waves to send signals into
and out of the internet. I’m gonna show you
how this works. But first,
I’m gonna take a selfie. Perfect. Okay. So this is our selfie.
I– ( laughs ) – Joss, you’ve nailed that face.
– Yeah, it’s my go-to. So I’m just gonna send this
to you via e-mail. – Typical e-mail.
– Typical e-mail. – There it is.
– Boom. – Ta-da.
– So my goal is to figure out how my e-mail got
from my phone to yours. In order for my e-mail
to get from here to here, my phone takes that photo and cuts it up – into more manageable packets.
– No! – We’ve been decapitated.
– Just– – Christophe: Just me.
– Just you. – So, imagine each packet
like a letter in an envelope.
– Uh-huh. So, each envelope
gets a header, which is a little bit more
information that includes– – Christophe: Where it’s from.
– Where it’s from
and where it’s going to, and a bunch of other things
that we’re not going
to talk about. So the format of each header
follows a set of rules, and you can think
about these rules like the rules
of the online postal system. How everything is packaged
and sent and received
on the internet. So you’ve probably
heard people say that
everything that happens in our computer
is ones and zeros. – Right? Binary.
– I have. Yeah. Cleo:
Which we can think of as a kind of Morse code
your computer understands. And everything that you send
over the internet – is also binary.
– Mm-hmm. Christophe:
( gasps ) What? – Ta-da!
– When did this happen? – What?
– I do magic now. – Okay.
– Incredible. So, each one or zero is a bit and eight bits is a byte. So, if this photo
was 1.1 megabytes that’s 8,800,000 ones
and zeros. So, somehow
these binary ones and zeros have to get onto radio waves
to be transported – to the router, right?
– Exactly. Yes. – Okay.
– And that’s where
I got stuck. So, I called up
Sundeep Rangan, who specializes in
computer engineering at NYU. How does a wave carry
binary information? Ah, that is a very good
question. So, the simplest thing
you could do is every time you want
to transmit, say, a zero, you could transmit
one frequency. And every time you want
to transmit a one, you transmit
a different frequency. And then as long
as the receiver can detect which frequency it is,
it can know it’s a one or zero. That’s actually called
frequency modulation. Is it also fair then to say that at its most basic,
a cell phone is a radio? Sundeep:
It is a radio. It is absolutely a radio. Okay, so waves
with binary information have to get from my phone
to the router. But then at the router,
they have to be turned
into something else that can go out
the back of that device along cables to get
to their next location. Depending on what
the wire is made of, it’s either gonna be
pulses of electricity if the wire is copper,
or pulses of laser light. Sundeep:
So, it’s a laser
and it just turns on when there’s a one,
it turns off when it’s zero. So, faster than this. – A little bit faster than that.
– Faster than this? So our photo went
from binary to radio waves – to little flashes
of laser light, right?
– Yes. Where does it go after that? We’re about to find out, but I’m gonna take Alex. – You’re not taking me?
– No. It’s his turn. I gotta go. Ooh. So, the wires out
of the back of our router connect to other wires
inside out office, which are owned by our
internet service provider – or ISP.
– Alex: Okay. And they’re responsible
for looking at the header of each of those envelopes and figuring out
the most efficient route to get to its next location,
which is an internet hub. – Alex: And where would that be?
– Cleo: Right there. That’s an internet hub. – Alex: This old building?
– Cleo: Yeah. – All right, let’s go.
– It looks just like every other office building
I’ve ever seen. Greg Sisk: Well, it started as
Western Union’s headquarters. So, it supported telegraph
operators back in the day, and it’s migrated to today where it’s supporting
the internet – here in lower Manhattan.
– That’s poetic. So all those wires all need
to come to a place like this to connect between networks. So, for our example, our ISP
in the office has a network. And AT&T, which is
Christophe’s cell provider,
has a network. And in order for my e-mail
to get from my phone into Christophe’s phone, all of those networks have
to send those ones and zeros across those wire pathways. There’s so much that happens in that split second
that you connect. So there’s really
no such thing as a cloud or any type of magnanimous– – The cloud is a marketing term.
– Yeah. Cleo: The thing that
I find really amazing is that, like, my e-mail is one
of the millions of messages flowing through these cables. That feels really abstract,
but it’s actually– there’s a message
to somebody’s mom and there’s
a college application and there’s a job offer. And there’s a dank meme
in here somewhere.( music playing )Okay, so my e-mail became
a series of waves of light that travels over the tubes
of the internet. But what if I wanted to send it
somewhere really far away? Somewhere on the other side
of the world? We’re in
Newington, New Hampshire,
to go to a factory that’s gonna show us
how the internet works
at long distances.We’re headed
into the third layer,
the internet backbone.
Oh, that’s the cable highway. What’s the cable highway? Cleo:
That’s where the cables go
from the factory down
to the dock.
The company we’re gonna go see,SubCom, is one of the top four
submarine cable providers
in the world.There’s the ship. – All right.
– Hi. – Hi. I’m Alysia.
– Hi. I’m Cleo. – So nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. Alysia:
This is the SubCom Decisive. She is a custom-built
cable installation and maintenance vessel. She’s 139 meters long, which is about 450 feet. – Wow.
– Yeah. Cleo:The engineering and
material science at work here
are incredibly complex.But the basic process
is actually really simple. Light goes in
on one side of the ocean and comes out on the other. So, as the Decisive moves
across the ocean, the internet cable
is gonna come out the back and be laid down behind it. And sometimes it’s gonna
be buried in the ocean floor by that machine right there. But most of the time
it’s just gonna lay there on the bottom of the ocean. So, these are the two types
of cable that we have,
the two basic types. So this one, this is called
lightweight cable. So that’s the one
that we would use
in the middle of the ocean. And then this piece
is the stuff that we use the plow to install
and actually bury. And the cable is engineered
to be super strong
in a lot of ways, but it is also very delicate
in a lot of other ways. Cleo:The wires that carry
the light waves themselves
are typically made
of fiberglass,
literally just
a continuous strand of glass
about the size of a human hair.Why is it that there are
so few fibers? We’re working on trying
to put more fibers
inside the cable to get more data
into each fiber to make it so that we can send more
information than what
we already have.( music playing )Whoa! – So that’s the cable tank.
– Whoa. Slow, slow.
We got the pipe.
We got the pipe. Alysia:
Work it over.
Work it over. What we’re doing
is we’re loading it
into the tank in a continuous spool, right? Is it, like, 10 tons,
50 tons? Oh, we’re loading
ten tons in a day. Cleo:
Oh, my God. Cool. Alysia: It’s gonna end up being
about 60 days of plowing. – Wow.
– Yeah. Alysia:So, 70 days total
to prep and install it.
Okay, on the highway you have
two minutes until cable starts. What do you want? Cleo:What blows me away
is just how much
hard physical labor is required
to make the internet work.
Thank you.The craziest thing
is that this cable
is one of about 400
exactly like it
that create a web
around the Earth.
– Oh.
– Wow! So we’re just gonna lay down the undersea cables
of the internet so that we can see
where they go. Christophe, you get Africa, and I’ll give you
part of Europe. Joss: I love the one
that goes across
the Great Lakes. Cleo: You guys wanna see
what the internet
actually looks like? – Yeah, totally do.
– Okay. – Whoa.
– Wow. – Whoa!
– That’s crazy. Oh, there’s, like,
all this metal in here. Seems like a shark
could take a bite out
of that pretty easily. – I was gonna say
the same thing.
– I’m so happy you said that. – Does that happen?
– Yes. So there’s this video
of a shark biting a cable like this
of the internet. – Oh, there he is.
– He’s a big boy. Big boy. Nom. – Oh, doesn’t taste good.
– Oh, that probably
hurt his teeth. – I know, poor guy.
– He didn’t like it. So, after that video
went viral in 2014, the Internet Cable
Protection Committee, released this report
that has my favorite title
of any report of all time, which is
“Sharks are not the Nemesis
of the Internet.” The vast majority of faults
are caused by human activity. – It’s, like,
fishing, anchors.
– Anchors. – Drilling. Yeah.
– Stuff like that. Woman:
The kingdom of Tonga
has faced a cell phone
and internet crisis
after a fault in a fiber optic
submarine cable
cut its main connection
with the world. Cleo: In January 2019,
experts believe that an oil tanker
dragged an anchor across
the seabed here, which of course caused a really
big problem for Tonga. What is the problem?
If it’s in land, when it’s in land,
it’s all in land in Fiji,
a quick fix. But if it’s in the water?
Ooh-ya, ooh-ya, ooh-ya. It’s gonna take a long,
long time. And it took 13 days
to get the internet back. – 13 days.
– Long days and nights. That’s a long time. So if you live in one of these
heavily connected places like the United States or many,
many other parts of the world, it is very, very unlikely that an anchor cutting
a part of your internet is gonna interrupt
your service. But what happened in Tonga
does call attention to how important
this infrastructure is and how much we rely on it. I feel like, I mean,
I’ve never lived in a time when all of these tools
were not part of my daily life. It’s kind of sad
that it’s not something
that’s available to everyone. Yeah, exactly. There are lots
of people that still don’t have reliable internet
access in the first place.I wanted to find out more
about how we could actually
solve that problem.
( music playing )So we’re here in Nevada
to see a company that’s helping more people
get access to the internet. But before we get there,
I have some maps to show you. This is a basic map
of the internet backbone
in the United States. You can tell just
by looking at this map why it might be that
some people have a hard time getting low cost,
high speed internet. Companies aren’t as incentivized
to lay fiber optic cabling where there are fewer people
there to pay them for it. The same applies
to low income areas. This map shows the areas
that researchers call uneconomic for companies in red, meaning that the typical
monthly costs exceed the expected
monthly revenue. In many of these red areas,
people only have one or two options for
internet service providers, meaning that those service
providers can jack up the costs. The darker the country,
the more people there are paying
for internet service. So there’s a lot of variety
around the world and even within countries
in terms of who has access to the internet
and at what cost, and that has a huge impact
on people.( music playing )If you haven’t heard about 5G, get ready for a faster
internet connection. Man: 5G could end up
being 100 times faster than what we have now. Instead of having a cell tower
every few miles, – Woman: Yeah.
– 5G requires that
we literally need an antenna
on every square block. Okay, hold on. What really is 5G
and why would it be so fast? Well, remember
those radio waves? One of the major innovations
of 5G is the ability to use higher frequency waves. Because at higher frequencies,
you can pack more information into each wave.
Here’s the catch. At higher frequencies, it’s
easier to block those waves. I mean, visible light is
very high frequency and I can block it with my hand. That’s not a problem
for fiber optic cables because they’re basically
long glass laser light tunnels. But 5G has to reach you
wirelessly wherever you are, so that would mean
they would need a lot more physical infrastructure. Of course, new infrastructure
costs money. Companies have
the same incentives for where to put 5G
that they had before. Cities, not rural areas, rich communities,
not poor ones. So 5G could be an exciting way
to improve internet service for people who have
fast access already. But the tech required
means it’s unlikely to help
people who don’t. At least not any time soon.( music playing )Cleo:
We’re here to see Loon,
and what they do
is they send balloons
into the stratosphere
to provide internet access
to people below radio waves.Loon is a connectivity company that’s really focused
on the unconnected
and the under-connected. Cleo:
Loon is owned by Alphabet,
which also owns Google
and YouTube,
who funded this show.
but Loon didn’t have any say
over our editorial.
So, they can’t actually
launch a balloon today, because there was
a huge storm yesterday, which kind of also
goes to show how finicky
a lot of this stuff is. But what you have to imagine is that there’s
a balloon in there and then it launches
from that large red thing
up into the sky, and it uses stratospheric winds to navigate
to its next location, which could be on
the other side of the world.( music playing )So, you can see a number
of balloons over here in South America,
and you can see what altitude they’re at,
like, at 60,000 feet, and basically
where they’re flying.( music playing )This is the hatchery.
This is where we build and test all
of our flight systems before they
go out to launch. – So this is the balloon.
– This is the balloon. And then the part that flies
with the balloon– – It’s this flight system
here and the solar panels.
– Got it. And the brains of it
are in that box… – This box?
– …that’s being cooled by
those fans right now. And so what we do
is we put a ground station in a point of vantage
where it can see the sky. And then from there,
it can actually talk to
one of our balloons.Our balloons can talk
to each other
and they’re talking
via radio waves.
And then from one
of those balloons
that’s over the top
of your phone,
there’s transmit
and receive frequencies
that are going down
to your phone.
What are some
of the best examples that you’ve been most
excited about where– Yeah, when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico
and the Caribbean Islands, we were able to fly balloons
over the top of Puerto Rico. And within a couple weeks,
we were able to serve about a quarter million
subscribers. – Wow.
– And it’s enough to know that a user on the ground was able to get out
a text message or an e-mail or a note to a loved one
or something like that.( music playing )Amazon has Project Kupier
and SpaceX has Starlink. It seems like
this is becoming something
that more and more – companies are focusing on.
– Yeah, absolutely. The more the merrier,
because there’s a lot
of people to connect. Cleo: These are all space
or near space systems that use radio waves to get
people access to the internet. And that’s one reason
why it’s unlikely that they’re gonna replace
good old cables. Radio waves and laser light and all of these different
types of technology that help us get access
to the internet all in the end
need to work together. We don’t seek to replace fiber
or replace satellites. They’re very complementary
technologies. Going into space
is still a new thing. I’m pretty confident
about my job prospects for at least the next while. The internet isn’t a luxury.
We don’t just want to connect. We need to to be a part
of this massive, crucial, sometimes infuriating
global community. So as you check the news
or message a friend or watch a YouTube video,
consider this, our connections
have never been virtual. They’re physical,
and they’re still very much
a work in progress. Hey. Want more episodes
of “Glad You Asked”? You can find them here, and you can find more
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