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Mothers-In-Law Play Fear Pong | Fear Pong | Cut

– Spread mayonnaise all over
your face like a mask and wear it for the rest of the game. – Not me. (groans) (Classical Music) – Hello. – Hey. What’s up. – Would you tell me your names? – Davion. – I’m Tai. – Jasmine. – Carmen. – And what are you two? – Fiancee? – Yeah. We’re engaged. Yeah we’re fiancees. So this is my mom-in-law to be. – Same. (laughs) – How are we gonna decide who goes first? – It’s Tai’s birthday so
I guess they can go first. (groans) (laughs) – Let your opponents give you a makeover. They have to make you as ugly as possible. – Are y’all… – Yeah I’m fine with it. You can’t make me ugly so (laughs) – Oh babe I’m sorry. – You look like a butterfly. – Who looks like a butterfly? – She looks like a butterfly. – You look like a oompa loompa. – Who looks like a oompa loompa? – You. And there you go. – Wow. – On a scale of one to ten,
how do you feel about it? – Based on how ugly it is it’s a ten. – How do you guys feel
about your makeover? – I don’t think you did me too bad. Thank you sir. – How did you guys meet? – We met through a mutual friend. – How soon did you guys fall
in love with each other. – It took a while, like years. – It took a while like
years, who says that? – Would you have dated him
regardless if he looked like this or not? – I fell in love with the
inside Tai and then the outside was just a bonus. – Oompa loompa. (laughs) – Get in the shower right now
with all your clothes on until you are sopping wet. – That means with my shoes on too? Can I take my shoes off at
least cause these expensive. – I’ll let you take your shoes off. – Imma do it. – [Tai] How y’all feeling right now. – Wet. – My socks feel really wet. – Get those waves wet. – On Tai’s pants so I’m not even mad. – I need another drink, I need to warm up. – Y’all cold? – Nope. I’m not even cold. – No you’re not even cold? – I’m cold blooded so. – Jasmine. How do you feel about Tai and
their engagement and do you think it was too fast? – I’ve never seen Davion as
happy as he is since he’s been with Tai. You think they’re too young? – No. I don’t think they’re too young. – Wait how old are you two? – We’re about 22, now. – Drinker. – Drink it. – Compete against your
opponents in a dance contest. If you lose you drink. – Do you need him to make a beat for you? – I could make a beat for you. – Yeah, let your mom make a beat go ahead. – No we’re not gonna use the beat. – Yeah we don’t need the beat. – Oh y’all can’t hit the
electric slide that’s not fair you didn’t make that up. (laughs) – No you have to make one. This was an original y’alls is copyright. No. No that don’t count. I beat y’all. – Tai, Jasmine you won. – Apologize to your mother
in-law to be for the worst thing you’ve ever done to them. – Do you have anything to apologize for? – Yeah. (laughs) – When I was living with you
you said no more dogs in the house and I went behind your
back and purchased some other dogs. I didn’t take into account
your feelings when I got her. I was only being selfish
and thinking about me. – You were pissed for a while? – I was. Just cause I was like
maybe he doesn’t respect me or he doesn’t care about
what I feel in my feelings. – What happened to the dog? – We still have the dog. – She’s adorable we
couldn’t say no to her. – Mom got attached that’s why. – I love dogs. – Do you forgive me? – I forgave you, yes. I have forgiven you. – You’re keeping us in this game. – Drink that. Go. – Who proposed to who? – I proposed to Tai. It was like okay who
was gonna propose first. – Was it a good proposal? – Yes. – It was cute. It was where we had our first date. And I brought both of
our families together. – You came in blindfolded. – Yeah he almost had me die on the steps. – See. – Wooh, get that. – Mom make him drink that. – I’ll drink the next one. – No make him drink that
because he hasn’t drank one yet. Wooh. Finish it. – Here Jesus would turn
your wine back into water. (all laugh) – He’d be like nevermind
you’re taking too long. (cheers) – Spread mayonnaise all over
your face like a mask and wear it for the rest of the game. – Not me. – What? – Yes. We get the mayonnaise it’s moisturizing. – It’s a moisturizer. – Where we gon do it? (groans) – This is real cute baby. – Okay I’m thinking turkey sandwich. Chicken salad. Egg salad. – Ohh, Tai. (laughs) – I’m done, I’m done. Let your fiancee shave a
design of their choosing into your head. Hell nah. Mom’s gonna drink it for me. – Mom’s doing all the
drinking you gotta take a sip. – My hair is my life. – Your hair will grow back. – You good that she probably
just lost because you don’t wanna do anything to your hair. – I will sleep at night… – You can sleep at night? – Yes, my hair is still intact. – I don’t know what’s
better make up or mayo. – Ohh. (airhorn) – Yeah, look at that. – Congratulations. You guys just played fear pong. – It’s fun. – It’s fun. – Yeah it was fun we learned
a lot about each other. – You get to weed out your real friends. – And you get to piss people off. – Go to fearponggame.com
and get fucked up with your buddies okay? (clapping)

IOC open to idea of inter-Korean Winter Youth Olympic Games in 2024: IOC chief

the International Olympic Committee is
set to begin talks with South Korea to develop a plan to host to the 2024
Winter Youth Olympics in the country with an eye on North Korea potentially
being involved during a press conference on Thursday after a three-day IOC
Executive Board meeting in losing Switzerland IOC president Thomas Bach
said the IOC would be open to take North Korea on board quote if the
circumstances allow it South Korea’s 2024 bid would center
around the cities of Pyongyang and come Ninh where the 2018 Winter Olympics were
held the IOC said Pyongyang could be formally elected as the host for the
2024 games at the next IOC Session in January

EVE Online – No Downtime Announcement

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Infrastructure… the backbone of modern society. In this hidden location the plumbing for the most complex systems of New Eden is kept under strict control to ensure that it runs like clockwork. This National Cookie Day, CCP will attempt something that has never been done before… … rolling the dice and disrupting a tick in time. Stand prepared. 48 hours… all action… no downtime. Coming soon to a Tranquility near you. (December 4th)

EXTREME GIANT Nickelodeon Game Board!

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EXTREME GIANT Nickelodeon Game Board!

– Three, Two, One, SLIME! – (Screaming) – [Carl] Ready, ready, ready? Right in your face! (Ginger screaming) – [Carl] (screaming) (laughing) – Running is faster
almost (breathing heavy) (screaming) [Carl] All right, here we go! Welcome all you guys, we are here at Nickelodeon resort in Punta Cana and we have taken the entire theme park and turned it into a giant
board game in real life that we are going to play
right now on our channel because it is Ginger’s birthday. – [Child] Yeah! – [Carl] Everybody wish
Ginger a Happy Birthday – [Ginger] (cheering) – [Carl] All right guys lets do this, we will explain the rules right now. You guys this resort is so
amazing and this challenge that we have come up with is so awesome as well. We’ve taken the map of the resort with all the amazing things that there is to do. What we’ve done is we’ve divided it up into twelve different segments and we are going to roll
the dice on Ginger’s phone and whatever we roll, we have to go there and look for the secret clue cards and whatever we draw is either
going to be a challenge, or a penalty! – [Ginger] (nervous laugh) – [Carl] For example, lets see,
right here is the water park that is number eight, and here we are. So if we roll a number eight, we have to come run around
all that section of the map. And look for nickelodeon clues. We are in a pretty neutral
location right now Ginger, do you think this is a good spot? – Oh yeah, it’s time to roll the dice Carl [Carl] All right [Ginger] I’m rolling the dice! [Carl] Here we go, what’s it going to be? [Ginger] Five [Carl] Five. What’s that? [Ginger] So it’s the sports area, it’s like the basketball
hoop, there’s archery… [Carl] All right, I think
that’s actually this way, so we are going to have to
go through here and head out, you ready? – Yeah let’s do it! [Carl] This has got to be one of the most beautiful resorts we’ve
ever stayed at whatsoever. The flowers, the
vegetation and everything. [Ginger] It’s so beautiful,
everything’s so well kept, it’s just really pretty. [Carl] It has been such
an amazing experience. [Ginger] You guys, we
made it to the sports hop, let’s go inside, we’ve gotta
look everywhere for clues to find out what we’re doing. [Carl] I think it’s like
uh we’re looking for either Blue’s Clues or
Paw Patrol type clues or something like that. – Something – There’s a clue here I know it! [Carl] This is awesome, it’s
like a whole hangout area with ping pong and all that stuff. Whoa! (excited scream) [Carl] Look at this place,
this is the whole sports arena. This is real… Hey! Right there! – Hey hey! (excited scream) – [Carl] Right there! – [Ginger] Okay, okay, wait – [Carl] I saw it, look. [Ginger] We have to choose one, so [Carl] Okay, so there’s a [Ginger] Uh [Carl] A king and a
queen, there’s two cards – Oh we’re taking the queen, right guys? Or girls, right girls? [Carl] It’s either a
penalty or a challenge so – Here we go [Carl] We’re about to find out. What is it? – Three, two, one, Challenge! [Carl] Challenge! – Archery! [Carl] You guys ready? Okay
we’re about to find out who’s the best archer, either
me, or Ginger (ding noise) You guys gotta vote on all
this up in the polls up above. (intense music) – All right you guys, we’re ready for the archery challenge. I even got my little
arm guard on right here. Whoever can hit the target the most times, gets the most amount of points and wins the archery challenge! [Carl] Oh man, here we go – Carl, I hope you’re feeling lucky [Carl] No, I don’t know – I’ve got this [Archery Instructor]
(mumbles instructions) (scream) Whoa man! (scream) There’s no way. – I wonder if I can split my arrow like in the cartoons. [Instructor] Well done. [Carl] Whoa! [Ginger] Wooo! [Carl] No way – Carl, the question is,
do you even dare to try? – I think she won that
one, that was pretty good. – Yeah! – That was pretty good. [Ginger] Okay here we go. (gasp) Carl! – That was pretty good, I don’t know. [Ginger] What if you can
get all of the arrows and then it’s a tie. – Oh I don’t know, we’ll see. (excited yell) [Ginger] (excited scream) – Pretty good! – [Ginger] All right Carl,
this is your third one. – [Carl] Okay. Oh. [Ginger] Nice! – A little bit high, I still think you were better than me. [Ginger] Well, I have
two in the yellow, so – That’s right, so that gives you the win. [Ginger] Yeah (groan) – (upbeat music) [Carl] All right, it’s
time to roll the dice let’s see uh, let’s see what ya got – Okay, here we go [Carl] Let’s see, what is it? [Ginger] Good numbers, good numbers! [Carl] Oh it’s a six [Ginger] Six, six, six! Okay here we go! Right there. [Carl] It’s right here, oh
it’s right by where we are! [Ginger] Looks like a soccer field. [Carl] It’s right over there. I saw it. We walked right by it when we were on our way to archery, so… [Ginger] Okay, let’s head over there. [Carl] We’ve gotta look for the clues. It’s gotta be somewhere in here, huh – I already see it, Carl. [Carl] Do yo really? – It’s right under the ball. [Carl] Oh yeah, there’s a
soccer ball like right there out here in the middle
of the soccer field. Cool. – Are you good at soccer? [Carl] Uh, no, I am… – I am not! [Carl] I’m horrible at soccer. What is it? – Challeeenge! [Carl] Challenge! What does it say? – Trick shot [Carl] Trick shot! Hoo – All right, Carl, this is the deal. I’m gonna make a shot
and you try to block it. The first person to make a shot wins. – I gotta be the goalie? – Yes! – Okay – And if you block my shot
then you get to try to shoot – Okay, until somebody makes it. That’s it, right? – Until somebody makes it. – All right, let’s go Oh boy Whoa! Wait! You gotta go clear out… Okay. Okay, here we go! Wait, I’m gonna put you guys down. [Ginger] Okay, here we go! – Yeah – One, two, three! – Wait! – Whoa! You jumped kicked it! – Oh! – Whaaat?! My turn! Get in there! Get in there. – Whoo! Guys, you were wrong! – You’re supposed to like,
have it on the ground like this and then just kick it at me. – What? – Okay, here we go, you ready? – I need a review! – Here we go! Three… – Yes! I’m ready. I’m ready! – It’s called a trick shot for a reason – Aaaah! – Whoo (buzzer) – Aaaah! She blocked my trick shot! [Ginger] Okay, you ready, Carl? – No – Three, two. One, GOOO! (buzzer) – We’re terrible at this – Shoot! I’m ready! [Carl] Okay, this time I’m
really bringing the heat! You ready? – Ready! – Time to bring the heat! – Bring the heat! Aaaaah! (buzzer) – I brought the heat but I missed! These goals they’re kinda tiny [Ginger] Here we go! – Trick shot challenge! [Ginger] One, two, three, GO! – I think I’m gonna move (buzzer) – I didn’t even try I didn’t have to try I just moved out of the way – Here we go, Carl! Bring the heat! [Carl] Okay, you ready? Here it comes – Bring it in! – Ready, ready, ready? Right in your face! – Aaaah! – GOAL! Yeah! That’s one point for Carl! Trick shot champion! [Ginger] All right,
Carl, it’s time to roll. [Carl] I won that last one. I hope it’s another challenge this time. Oh! [Ginger] Woow! – Where is the 12? [Ginger] Okay, let’s see here. – It’s not even on this side of the game! The Board Game. Here it is! Oh my gosh! That’s the front desk area and everything. That’s a huge area! [Ginger] We gotta find the clues. Let’s go! – All right! – Oh yeah, here we go, you guys! We’re headed to the front desk area – There’s this whole lobby. It’s a big plaza area. There’s like tons of vegetation
and cool shopping areas Could be anywhere here, Ginger Could be anywhere around
that sign or anything Keep your eyes kid on. [Carl And Ginger] Whooooaaah! [Ginger] This is so niiice. – Everything is like ninja
turtles and Spongebob Ooop! I’m spilling water! I’m so excited! Dora the Explorer, Paw Patrol,
all your favorite characters [Ginger] Everywhere! And it’s so cool. Look at all the orange chairs! I think that’s so pumpkinkle. – Look, it’s Spongebob! Look at this! [Ginger] Look at that! Right out the main doors! – Woooooah! [Ginger] That is so cool! I still haven’t seen any clues, yet. – Nothing – So everybody keep your eyes good – Should we split up? – Yeah – Okay, I’ll go this way. – Okay. Ooooh. All the flowers in here are in full bloom It’s so beautiful I love the architecture and everything That’s one of my favorite
reasons to stay at a resort is because everywhere you look, there is an ambience happening. Like some sort of vibe or mood. It’s just really refreshing
and everything’s in line and in order and easy. Especially when we’re
traveling with the kids or as a family. Have you found anything? – We should have had
the kids come with us. [Ginger] I know! They said they had some secret plans and they took a couple
of cameras and left us. I don’t know what they’re up to. Who knows, probably up to no good, right? [Ginger] I have not found a clue Did you find the clue anywhere? – I haven’t found anything. I’ll go this way. – All right. I think it’s a good idea to
take a look inside again. Oooo! Carl! I found it! – Yeah? [Ginger] Yeah! It’s right under Spongebob! Okay, now, which one should we choose her? [Carl] Eeeeeeeh, the left one. I don’t know. [Ginger] Here we go! [Carl] Oh no! [Ginger] Oh nooo! It’s a penalty! [Carl] We should go find
the kids. We can’t… [Ginger] Get slimed! [Carl] Get slimed! They have to do this one with us. They can not get out of this one. [Ginger] Heck no! – Let’s go get them. Should we go put our swimsuits on? [Ginger] Yeah, let’s go. – Let’s go. [Carl] You guys, I’m actually
excited to get slimed. – Oh yeah! – It’s been like a dream of mine. Since I was a kid I’ve been
watching people get slimed by Nickelodeon Double Dare
and everything for ever! And now we get to go do the real thing. It doesn’t feel like a penalty at all. [Carl] You guys ready to get slimed? – Yeah! – This is really cool! We haven’t been to this
part of the resort, yet. We’re about to get slimed. Do you know the way? – Eh, not really. We’re just gonna go with it. [Carl] It doesn’t even matter. Look how amazing this place is! It’s like nickelodeon everywhere! (upbeat electro music) It’s time to get slimed! Slime is slime. Here we go! Oh my gosh, you guys are ready? – YEAH! [Carl] I’m ready my whole life for this! Here we go! THREE! TWO! ONE! SLIIIIIME! (yelling) – We did it! – I feel like I’m the actual
winner of that challenge because I held the camera. – Okay, we gotta clean up, you guys. [Ginger] Oh man! The
water is turning green! [Ginger] Carl’s armpits are green! – It stained my armpits green (laughing) (upbeat music) – Carl washed off all of his slime He’s drying out… Oh, there he is, right here! [Carl] Okay, what are we gonna do next? – It’s time to roll the dice. – Let’s see! Hopefully it’s not like another penalty. Here we go! What is that? [Ginger] That’s eight Five, six, seven, eight! [Carl] That’s an eight. [Ginger] Eight [Carl] Whee is eight on the map, let’s see [Ginger] Um, twelve, eleven… [Carl] It’s on the other side It’s right here, look! It’s right where we’re at, actually. [Ginger] Yaaay! That’s fun! Okay, so we just have to
look for the clue here. – Somewhere around here. Oh man, it could be anywhere! I’ll take the GoPro and look around. All right guys, help me
keep an eye out for clues. We gotta find some more of those cards. (screams) Oh guys! I’m looking all over the place and so far I don’t see anything
but this is really cool. (bouncy music) [Ginger] I can’t find
these clues anywhere. Hope Carl’s having a little better luck. All the other clues have been
hidden like under something so I’m just trying to figure out where this one is. I feel like I’ve looked everywhere. – We’re looking for clues. – I haven’t seen anything! – Have you seen any cards,
any clues for the board game? – No, I haven’t. I don’t know. – I’m gonna go look this way. Man, I’m looking all over the place. There’s all kinds of cool stuff to do but I haven’t seen any clues at all. This is really.. It’s the balloon again? Oh no! No, no, no! There’s the bucket! Hold on tight, Luke. (screaming) – That was awesome! [Ginger] These are so cool! Wait a second! Wait a second! Do you guys see it? Do you see it? (singing victoriously) Thanks buddy. Okay, let’s go ahead and take one. Challenge! Water slide race! Yaay, I’m so excited for
the water slide race! This is gonna be a blast! There’s Carl, right there. Carl! – I can’t see. Oh, there’s Ginger. [Ginger] I’ve got the clues! – What’s up? – I found it! – Did you find it? – I Found the clues! – Yeaaah! She found it! Okay, we’ve got a challenge card here. Looks like it’s a sliderace. But here’s the deal, yo! They’re about ready to dump
the giant green bucket of slime on the top of the waterslide right there. So here’s what I’m thinking… We’re gonna use that giant slime bucket as the starting point. So when the bucket drops, the race starts and then it’s the first one
to get around the lazy river. Luke, will you ran this camera for us? We have to go all around the lazy river, we have to make it all
the way back to here and then the first one to
make it back to that podium is going to be the
winner of this challenge. – You guys smash that like
button to give me good luck because Carl’s a really good swimmer! [Carl] I know, but it’s Ginger’s birthday. Aaargh. All right, here’s how it starts Ginger. As soon as the giant slime
bucket drops, the race begins. The first one to make it back
to this podium right there is the winner. – Okay. [Crowd] Three, two, one. (screaming) [Carl] Here we go! Aaaah. (laughing) (upbeat music) – Running is faster almost. [Luke] You can do it, mom! (dramatic music) [Luke] Gooo! [Ginger] Yeaah! Tadaaaa! I will take the winning bow right now! Oh yeah! – You’re way faster than me. You guys, she totally
smoked me all the way here. Ginger, you totally won. – That was so fun! – We are back up in the
resort room right now. In the hotel room. And I’ve got the dice
all set up right here. I’ve got the board game
in real life all laid out. Ginger’s in there just shampooing her hair and getting ready. So I thought I would go
ahead and roll the dice and we’ll see what we get next. This might have to be the last one. Nine! Eeh, let’s see. Right here. Nine. I think I know where this is. There’s like a splash park right here and this is actually Spongebob’s house so we’re gonna have to go outside and see if we can find the clues. We’ll let you guys help us look around for the clues on this one. – Okay. – Okay. [Carl] Okay guys, we’re in the elevator. Oh, there’s the doors opening. Let the games begin. We’ve got to search this
whole area, number nine, see if we can find the last clue. See anything over there? – No, I don’t. [Carl] See anything, Kyle? – No! [Carl] Anything over there? – No. I don’t see anything. [Carl] Anybody see anything? – No [Ginger] Hey, hey, hey! Right here! – You got it? [Ginger] Got it! – Well, sounds like Ginger
found something over here. – Ta ta ta taaaa! [Carl] Where is it? Oh my gosh, it’s like
a manhole cover, right? Look at that! – Can we open it? [Carl] Does that open, or what? – Maybe. – Whoa! (voices echoing from manhole cover) [Carl] What the world? What was that? – Wait, what? [Carl] It says N.Y.C. like… – Is it Ninja Turtles? [Carl] It’s like a Ninja Turtle hatch! That’s crazy! – That is so fun! [Carl] Step on that again. (voices echoing again) [Carl] That’s awesome! – That was Leonardo. – Wait, are there Ninja Turtles in there? [Carl] Keith, what was the clue? Did you find a clue here? – Yeah, sure thing, Kyle has it. [Carl] Let’s see, what does it say? – It say ‘BONUS’ Pineapple villa tour! [Carl] Bonus pineapple villa tour? We get to go tour Spongebob’s house. – Let’s do it! [Carl] Let’s go! (soft music) Oh my goodness, there’s even
drinks here and everything! This is amazing! Cheers! – Cheers! [Carl] To Nickelodeon! – Thank you so much. [Carl] Oh my goodness, it’s happening! It’s actually happening! We’re getting a private exclusive tour inside Spongebob’s house. [Everyone] Whoooou! [Carl] Thank you! – This is his living room! [Carl] Oh my god, this is totally here! Look! – It’s Gary! [Carl] It’s Gary! – Oh my gosh, it’s his chair! [Ginger] That is his chair! [Carl] This is amazing! Can you guys believe this? We’re in Spongebob’s house! – Spongebob is into luxury! [Carl] Wow! – His show did really well. Look at his infinity pool! [Carl] He has had successful series. [Keith] It’s his 20th birthday! [Carl] Is it really? – He’s having 20th birthday, yeah! [Carl] Look at this, guys. It’s actually like an infinity pool. The water goes all the way over
the edge, how cool is that? – Yeah! [Carl] So, right now, we’re
up here behind the pineapple and you can see the swimming
pool and everything. Isn’t this amazing? [Kids] Yeah! – This is awesome! [Carl] We should go inside. – Yeah. [Carl] He has got this
place all figured out! – Woow! [Carl] So fancy! Look at this place! – Thank you! I will! I will! [Carl] We should totally
stay here next time, what do you think? – Yeah! – Spongebob toys! [Carl] Wow! That’s awesome! These are exclusive toys? They’re not even out yet? [Crew Member] No, they have
not come out yet in stores. [Carl] Oh my gosh! [Crew Member] So these
are brand new for you. [Carl] That’s awesome! Thank you! Is this Spongebob’s bedroom? This is crazy! Look, he’s got jellyfish lights next to the room and
everything. Next to the bed. And this is the bathroom here. Look at the tub in here! Woooow! I thought his bathtub
would be square for sure. He probably just goes (slurp) – Yeah [Carl] This is so fun, right? Look at al the balloons! – It’s like a Kloter house! [Carl] Looks like a bunch
of jellyfish on the ceiling. It’s like a big Kloter house. Are we in the pineapple? – In the pineapple! Oh my god! [Carl] We’re in the pineapple! Yeah! [Everyone] Yeah! [Carl] There he is! He’s
out catching jellyfish! Aaah! – Wow, look, you can see outside! [Carl] Wow! That’s the
window outside, huh? – Yeah! [Carl] Ooh, better not crack the glass. Even the bathrooms are awesome! Whaaaat? You know who lives in a
pineapple under the sea? – Spongebob… – Not me! Darn it! – Spongebob Squarepants… – Congratulations Ginger, you tottally won the Board Game in real Life here at Nickelodeon Punta Cana resort! This has been one of
the best vacations ever. In fact, there’s so much that
we haven’t even shown you yet. Here’s an awesome highlight
reel of all the other fun stuff that we got to do and we didn’t
even scratch the surface. And then at the end of that, any other videos that you see on screen you’re gonna like those, because
we picked them just for you and we’ll see you guys next time. – Byeeee!
– Byeeee! (everyone whooping) (upbeat music)


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Welcome to Ask Matt! Today’s Ask Matt was sponsored by a FUN little game Called PolyBlast. And what I mean by fun is insanely annoyingly addicting. More about that at the end of the video, but I thought What a great idea Let’s make an Ask Matt all about video games and gaming, Because surprisingly, we haven’t done that yet. What’s your favorite video game you’ve done? I’ve never made a video game, so… Sorry! Can girls game too? Cause my brother says no! What, is your brother 12 years old? Hehe… probably, right? Legit question. How do you record your face and screen at the same time? I actually have a proprietary method that I made up that’s very very successful, and I don’t know if I wanna reveal that to everyone just quite yet until I’ve perfected it. Who’s your favorite gamer? Septic-Pewdie-Plier. What, it’s a person. How do I hold the controller? The most important thing is for you to hold the controller as far away from your body as possible, because your body gives off electromagnetic radiation, and sometimes it can interfere with the wireless controller. Also, wear a tinfoil hat. Weirdest game ever played? Definitely Blobfish… what? *cough* How many game consoles do you currently own, and what are they? From N64 on, pretty much everything. Do you know of any small ‘Tubers? I don’t really know that many small YouTubers, uh, but I… I dunno why. I just tend to hang out with, like, physically larger people. What game are you NOT noob at? Matt: I could pretty much kick anyone’s butt at Mario Kart 8 (Amanda: No!) Matt: Yes! (Amanda: No!) Matt: Yes! (Amanda: No.) Matt: … Yes. What game infuriated you the most? Hmm This one. aaaaaaaAAAAAAA… NOOO! Ahh… Hate that game Have you ever played Until Dawn? I don’t like horror games… Just don’t like putting that stuff inside my head. If you had to chose, what Five Nights at Character Freddy… If you had to chose, what Five Nights at Freddy’s character would you be? I think Rose or umm… Meloncollie. They’re pretty cool. (Amanda: Are those actual characters?) Yes…? Do you enjoy it? What, gaming? Nah, I just do it for money. Do you ever talk to your video game? A lot, but usually I’m just yelling at it. Mean things… I get really pissed with downloading games. What’s the best way to download without buying? Cause I’m cheap. Uh I would say download free games, because if you’re downloading games that cost money and you’re trying to do that for free, well… That’s called theft… And I don’t condone that. What is your least favorite thing that game devs put in their games? I don’t have a least favorite, but I do have a most favorite. I LOVE my microtransactions. OHH and that purchases. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! What would be your ideal video game? Anything that involved, like… food, Lightsabers, and uh… a wand…? If you could design a game, what would it be about? Refer to the last answer. Do you even NoScope bruh? Bruh, I don’t even know what a Scope is, so ‘course I NoScope. Are you… white? Not on the inside. What is the best way to troll someone while playing a game? Tickle fights. People hate that when they’re trying to uh, you know, kill some peeps. (Amanda: or trying to do anything else!) OH NO STOP! *sigh* I have no pride. Who got you into gaming, and what age were you? My grandparents actually were the first ones that introduced me to gaming, because they had a Super Nintendo system, and I believe they were around the age of 55? Is there any game that you were really exited about that got canceled? Ya, there was this Star Wars game that I was super stoked about, 13-13, that got canceled… Like this if you cry everytime… What if you were in a game right now? I’d have the high score. *fart sounds* I don’t know why I did that random fart noise. NO IDEA. What do you say to guys who don’t think girls genuinely like video games? Nothing. ‘Cause they probably wouldn’t understand anything I said anyways… Is it possible to actually finish a game of Monopoly? Is it possible to actually start a game of Monopoly? Eheh hashtag board…. game… AHHHHHAHAH! Do you like playing games with Amanda? Uhmm… sometimes… Because she gets physical… And not the good kind. I need men! Hello! Hey…? The heck are you talking about on this? Haha… My brother says girls can’t be gamers, but I’m better than him and he won’t admit it! Your brother most likely thinks girls still have cooties as well, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I’m a 9 year old asking for your XBox Gamertag. Ya, it’s uh StrandedUnicorns107Sparkles. … Haha… (Amanda: That’s really legit. He likes unicorns and sparkles.) Matt: SHH! What’s your favorite board game? The one that I’m, not BORED at… Am I right?! Have you ever played a game that made you rage qurit? Qurit? Have you ever played a game that made you rage quit? NOOO? I don’t believe this for a second. *Mario death theme* WHEN HAVE I EVER JUMPED ON TOP OF THAT?! Don’t watch it. Are you a sore loser when playing a game against a friend? What’s losing? Never heard of that before. What’s your favorite genre of games? Star Wars. What was your most memorable gaming moment so far? This one. Ya, I just am trying to put this in a real life scenario. This dude is just like… Hey man I’m gonna fall off- HAHAAH! New record! Who’s judging this? WOOOOOW! Are you into Zelda games? If so, which one? My favorite Zelda game would have to be Ocarina Smockarina. It was just a worthy addition. Favorite video game console ever? I would have to say GameCube, because it was a perfect mix of awesome single-player games, and awesome multi-player local games. How do I explain the WASD keys being so worn? Just say you really like typing the word SWADS. Favorite Star Wars game? All of them. Please. Do you play World of Warcraft? and if so… Alliance or Horde? Definitely I’m Allianced with the Horde. How do I game like a pro? Mountain Dew, uh… Doritos, and not moving for extended periods of time. That’s how I do it. Super Mario and chill? No. Because like I said… Amanda gets physical, but it’s not the right kind… Are you gonna do a gaming video with jacksepticeye anytime soon? That’s entirely up to him. Go hit him up. *Gurgling and screeching noises* What am I? About to die? Which games can Amanda Faye beat you at? (Amanda: ALL OF THEM.) Matt: None. Absolutely zero. (Amanda: Get out of here.) Matt: Zero. (Amanda: NO) Matt: Ok, maybe Duck Hunt, but, who cares about that? AM I right? How do I get my XBox 360 to work? If you have that red ring of death right on the front of your XBox 360, I would personally recommend giving it a nice bath. Y’know, sometimes your XBox is just too dirty, so run it under cold water. Have you ever played Mortal Kombat? No. Too graphic. Yikes. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to give it a like, and thank you very much to the sponsor of today’s video, which is PolyBlast. An addicting, maddening game that’s easy… but hard… I made that sound creepy. It’s not creepy. It’s a really cool game where you just pick up anywhere, chill with it. It’s retro, got a slick style to it, I dig it, And like I said, it’s pretty addictive. I’m gonna give you a little tip (Shh) I’m going to give you a little tip… If you hit five in a row, you get a frenzy. THEN YOU GO CRAZY! *in a tune* Also, if your friend has the same device, you can challenge them and see who’s boss. Which will always be me. No matter what. Because I’m the best. It’s one of those games that addicts you to it via frustration, because it’s difficult. I feel like I’m not doing this game justice. Go check it out, link in the description below, It’s actually available yesterday. So, you can go download it right nizzy now! Anyways, big thanks to them, go check it out using the link in the description below. Alright, guys! Hope you enjoyed this, high five. WOO! Missed. HIGH FIVE!

GTA Online Best Vehicle Discounts (5th December 2019) – GTA 5 Weekly Car Sales Guide #15

Hello everyone I’m Broughy1322 and in this
video I’ll be going over the various vehicle discounts that are now active in GTA Online
as of Thursday 5th December 2019. All of these are gonna be available for an unknown number
of weeks as things can get slightly topsy turvy with a new DLC on the horizon. The podium vehicle this week is the Flash
GT, which can be won by spinning the Lucky Wheel in the Casino. It’s in the Sports class,
normally costs around 1.7 million dollars, and feels like it was an inevitable inclusion
to the podium vehicle list given how often it’s on discount to buy. It’s one of the quickest
cars in the game in an off-road situation but it has been slightly usurped by the recent
Issi Sport. For regular races it isn’t going to compete with the top sports cars. The Premium Race this week is Congenstion
Charge, which is an old style point to point race for the Supers class. The Deveste Eight
is probably your best bet for this one, mixing high top speed with decent cornering ability
in what will be largely a slipstream fest of a race. Also, the Regular Time Trial this
week is the new Galileo Park, with the RC Time Trial being Vespucci Beach. In terms of regular vehicle discounts, we’ve
got a pretty standard selection and you should probably keep your money with a new DLC coming
very soon, unless you see something that you’ve been waiting for for a while. There’s 25%
off the Thrax plus 35% off the S80RR, RE-7B, Rocket Voltic, and Elegy Retro Custom (which
is created in Bennys by driving in a regular Elegy RH8 and upgrading it, even though it’s
actually slower than the RH8). There’s also 40% off the ETR1, GP1, GB200, Omnis and Hotring
Sabre. The Omnis is the clear option to choose here, with it being a wonderful rally car
that’s beautiful to drive and now only costing a bargain 420,000 dollars. I’m of course in
no way biased. Did I ever tell you how much I like the Omnis? I don’t think I did. None
of the other cars are really worth it even at these prices if you’re thinking about races
or speed in general, with much quicker options available in each class. You can of course
find out the lap times and top speeds of all of the vehicles that I’ve mentioned here by
checking out the playlist links in the description and the pinned comment. In terms of discounts specifically for Twitch
Prime members who’ve linked their Rockstar Social Club accounts, it’s probably the best
week we’ve ever seen. There’s 80% off the Itali GTO, which is the king of the Sports
class for races in the majority of situations since the Casino DLC handling flag changes.
You can grab it for just under 400,000 dollars now instead of its usual most expensive regular
sports car price of just under 2 million. If you don’t already have one, now is the
time. There’s also 80% off the Schlagen GT which, while not on the pace of the top sports
cars, is still a very quick car and one of the very few cars from the Arena War DLC that
actually has a nice driving experience. An excellent buy for 260k. You’ll also get an
extra 10% off the regular discounts I mentioned earlier, making the amazing Omnis just 350,000
dollars. You can’t not get it at that price! Also if you do have Twitch Prime and you haven’t
already make sure you’re giving your free subscription to a Twitch streamer each month
as well. It doesn’t have to be me, but make sure you’re giving it to someone as you’re
basically supporting them with a $2.50 donation without any extra cost to you. I’ll be back with more next week where I’ll
most likely be covering the latest DLC, testing new cars and seeing what has changed, as well
as seeing what we still have to come. Feel free to subscribe and turn on notifications
so you don’t miss it. Thanks a lot for watching everyone, and I’ll see you next time.

Online vs. offline games? – Hiroshi Q&A Episode 20

Hi everyone, this is Matsuyama, president of CyberConnect2. Here’s our question: Given the current changes in the market, what does CC2 think about offline single player games in the future? Are there any plans for more of these games? As you said, the industry has been shifting with time in the world, Right now, the majority of games are online games. Actually, the current production we are working on, Fuga: Melodies of Steel, and other projects, are in fact offline single player games. Currently, well, including indie games, titles with smaller scale and lower price that are cleared within a short period of time are already increasing. For the games to be published in-house, we, too, want to increase the making of such easy-to-buy titles. Well, we already have plans to do so. We will, of course, continue developing large-scale projects with online features, but at the same time, we will be working on more and more games that are easy for players to pick up.