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hey guys I'm Kim Z and today I'm here reporting in for metal Jesus rocks covering this week in retro and to start off with Pokemon turns twenty and to celebrate Nintendo is releasing a bunch of Pokemon related content the big news is of course the new Sun and Moon games coming this fall Nintendo is also digitally releasing all the original pokemon game so that's red and blue or green if you're in Japan and even yellow because that's the best one – this is my favorite and there's also the new red and blue themed Pokemon 3d X's that were just released and honestly I kind of wish they were a little bit more creative since the design is basically the box art pasted on to the system but whatever and if that wasn't enough there's also the new Pokemon photobooth app and take pictures of yourself in the Pokemon rules yes I think you would fans of the System Shock series on PC definitely have a reason to get excited Warren Spector who originally produced design and directed the first system shock deus ex and the Ultima series has officially joined the company other site Entertainment to help out with their relaunch of the Ultima Underworld successor underworld ascendant but he's also going to be in charge of the development for System Shock 3 Spector said in a statement working on System Shock was one of the most fulfilling things I've done in my career and it's hard to describe how much I'm looking forward to sharing with the players but show Dan has been up to since the last game was released look at you hackers pathetic creature of meat and if you aren't familiar with the system shock series you may have played their spiritual successors Bioshock and lastly Final Fantasy 9 is now out on your mobile devices it's out on Android and iOS it has updated graphics and some really interesting added features including achievements high speed and no encounter mode which is great because then you can turn down those random battles it has an autosave function and a tons of other really great features it does take up over 4 gigs of space so that's quite a bit and it's also 2099 on the iPad $21 so I mean I bought it so if you're fan of Final Fantasy 9 you probably will too and I'm loving it it looks beautiful and that was our first episode of this week in retro we hope to do these every couple weeks and we're curious to see what you guys thought about it please post a comment below and let us know also if you have any news stories that you think that we should cover feel free to send them our way and I'm Kinsey Burke and I'll see you next time and lastly Final Fantasy 9 is now out on mobiles mobiles what it has updated graphics so the graphics are all smooth they look way better and I'm gonna restart that because I was weird and to celebrate Nintendo is releasing a bunch of Pokemon related content the big news is of course there's the news Sun and Moon games coming this fall moo-cow Pokemon the bells you can milk them on your pokemon ranch and then sell it the footage for this is probably kind of funny too so yeah what she's doing

GAH!! Games that Made Us RAGE QUIT!!

April 9, 2019 | Articles | 36 Comments

hey guys I am here with Kelsey how's it going pretty good cover yourself I'm doing really well so a couple people on patreon have asked me and I get this question a lot they want to know what games made me rage quit so pissed off that I wanted to break a controller or the game itself have you broken a controller I've tried you tried I've tried actually got actually on one of these games here I was playing as a PlayStation 2 game and I got so mad like my muscles tense up I was trying to twist the controller like I'll it was a test you know the best way to break the controllers to throw it at a wall but Stern's break the wall – yeah the amazing thing is that it didn't break the controller like I really tried like I was like they're really well made yeah there you go I know controller review right there so we have I think about six or seven games here that made us rage quit yep so I guess I'll start so this is a game that a lot of you guys are going to tell me I'm stupid for because I actually really liked what I played of this but I didn't get very far so this is sure your happy thing in route both for the Vita have you played this one a little bit a little it's nice this is kind of dumpy collies like visual novel games yeah it's kind of like a mystery visual novel it's got some it's got more like action elements to it than a normal visual novel does I was really enjoying it and doing the characters in the story and that sort of thing and then you get to your first trial now I knew the answer to this trial I knew who the culprit was but at the very end of the trial they shove you into this weird like minigame thing and they don't explain it very well so when I failed at this minigame it starts you over it is game over so now it did give me a couple tries but I couldn't figure it out oh I see so you knew who was guilty but he's necessarily know how to solve yeah I didn't I wasn't able to like do it in the mini game correctly as the game wanted me to so they just even though I had all this evidence they were just like well but he says he didn't so he or she said they didn't do it so I so that and then I stopped playing I have not picked it up since and I would love to because like I said I really enjoyed what I played of it but that is a really I mean that's a way to make people not want to continue so okay so this next one is a similar situation so destroying all humans have you plays I love this game I know me too right when this came out this is such a fun game because you basically play as a fear on I think it's basically the alien that's coming down to earth to help prepare for an invasion so you basically play as a bad guy right and you kill people you extract their DNA it's kind of open world this is a really fun game however it has some of the worst save points especially later on so kind of like – what you're saying is like you you play the mission – going along you're doing really well and all sudden you just get your butt kicked for the reason and you start all the way back on this big long level that's the worst any time the game does bed I know in the end to top it off this has one of the toughest boss battles at the end so everything got there oh it's brutal so basically the boss battle is this kind of open area I believe it's in front of the White House and you're trying to take down the the woman who is the bad guy and but she keeps summoning all these minions and she can read genore health and you are also trying to pick up all your your weapons as you're going on cuz you're shooting off of you know ammo and stuff like that you're dropping bombs at her she's read read read read ginning her hell she's bringing all these these extra minions and it's a nightmare I mean it's so frustrating the play oh my god and if you if you don't do it you start over it's like did you ever beat it no I watch people on internet beat it and I've done that before yeah so this is a game but this is an example of a game where I really wanted to love it and I loved it for a lot of it except for those missions that were just a little bit too tough yeah I'm going to go now with a game that I didn't like at all and it made me rage quit pretty quickly because not even really a game this game destroyed Animal Crossing which is one of my favorites okay so Animal Crossing festival is not a game it's a sort of like Candyland I guess which is most people know is like a babies game yeah it's I mean it is little you can do while still being a board game you know yeah nothing that actually a strategy things just happen so that's what this is now there are strategic elements there's a turnip market in the game called the stock market you can sort of in between turns kind of bets on that but in the end it doesn't really do anything for you so it's just kind of a thing to to do during the game while it happens so you need amiibos to play this game first of all so it sounds like it was marketed as a legit game cuz that's gonna body right yeah cuz you're like woo like more yeah and you know I thought I thought it was going to be more like Mario Party right which is fun would have been cool with an animal crossing skin over even I would have even dealt with the fact that you need amiibos to play that what's so dumb about this game is every time you roll the dice you need to tap an amiibo so you're hopping around the games head and just every person else to it oh okay grab the amiibo and fumble it on there it's so bad anyways this just sits in my collection looking pretty because the amiibo is in it are cute and you got duped into buying it yes and it is literally at the time of filming this video on sale game stops website this entire bundle for 9.99 brand-new that is how bad this game is it was a $60 game alright so these next two games are going to be somewhat controversial but I'm sticking by my guns here grand theft auto vice city and san andreas I just asked you up a little bit because I know what you're referring oh my god so first of all I love this series and especially Vice City I mean this is speaking my language I'm a child of the 80s I loved this game until I got in both of these actually those stupid remote-control airplane missions yes Rove they're horrible anything flying in Grand Theft Auto I basically can't be even in Grand Theft Auto 5 with the trevor missions where you're flying the airplane I still I had to get that mission I mean I'm terrible at it and I am willing to admit that it's not necessarily the game that makes me stupid but you'll make me rich good so for these two those little remote control airplanes they like it's hard to describe but basically the physics of them is that they're so what is it like nimble I guess but they're just impossible to control and Jamaica responsive too responsive and to make things worse their time oh my call it so so I would restart it we started we started I'm like no I'm not going to let this game get the better of me I love these games finally at the end I cry I just basically like this might have been the game I was like look to my controller I was past all right so I've got another one that was just really hard and also one of my favorite games of all time Ikaruga one of my favorite games so I mean yeah oh my god probably my favorite shoot-'em-up of all time this is a really cool game where you flip back and forth between being two colors red and blue and so you have to be blue when the blue bullets are shooting at you you have to be red when the bread bullets are shooting at you that's sort of how you avoid this bullet hell now it's doable for the first two levels I can get through them and it's tough it's challenging but you can do it and then I have never seen past level three ever and I love this game I played it a lot so I have watched people play past level three and I can't get past it so it seems like a huge difficulty spike from level two to level three no I would agree I don't think I mean it much further than that as well and I think I don't know if you just have to like take a bunch of mountain dew like just get in that zone where the whole world slows down or something like that I don't know how people do it it's amazing right and to be sure I'm not a super patient person so it's not like I practiced for six hours to try to get past level three you know I give up after like ten tries right yeah so that's it's probably doable but every time I sit down to play it I can't be so my last ragequit game i don't have in my collection because I didn't want to stinking up my collection I hated this game and oh my god I'm gonna get so much crap for this that is alien isolation did you play this I did and I thought it was frustrating and scary yeah but it's still in my collection I did not beat it so there's that I didn't want it anywhere near my collection oh my god like I never sell bad games to stores you know because there's usually something to them and to be fair this game is it's a love letter to the original aliens like the look the graphics are beautiful it's super scary like they do nailed all that it's the rather than it being you know scary scary it's just that you are on edge the entire time yeah and because you're kind of powerless I just got really frustrated with the game I felt like you know I like stealth games but in most stealth games you you have some ability to take out the you know you don't need I don't know there's some you get caught there is something yeah and I felt like in this game I was getting caught all the time dying you know and I played it I don't know probably five maybe as a ten-hour mark the other thing too is I just from the game after a while be very boring like there's a lot of backtracking so my god so in longer and I was really disappointed I love the movies and I was like get this game out of here it would piss me off too many times an exercise in patience absolutely any bring up something you know a really good point is that you know B so much it'd be so easy for us to pick difficult games like you don't mean like like little yeah all those games which which are designed I feel to be fair like you learn the levels and you just get better through repetition right and then there's these where like for instant gram shaft I do feel like the physics and the time limit was just completely unfair like when you're battling the game itself and not just you know trying to learn the right moment to dodge and all of those things it is a different feeling it is and I think ikura is definitely more along the Dark Souls line where it's just take get good like right or it was yeah like like that but for a lot of these games it's just the rage inducing part is that you never get anywhere and it doesn't feel like you just need to practice more it feels like you just need to be psychic also too don't you feel that you know as we've gotten older and we maybe have a little bit more of a backlog of games my tolerance for games that are more or less forgiving it just goes out of and I just want to give them a vision when you're kids you get a game maybe every couple months or so and you'd really put your heart and soul into that right how'd she get through Battletoads that's it's only you got two games right you better get your Battletoads you got all day to figure it out yeah but when I feel like a game is either not well balanced or maybe the AI is cheating a little bit I've always felt this way towards a lot of the Need for Speed games where it did the rubber band a dice cheating and so once I get to a certain point those games like I got my money's worth I'm moving on you know I mean so it's just a different mentality yeah you know I think some people definitely have that ability to push through get the maximum out of entertainment out of their dollar you know yeah I don't at this point in my life when I've played so many games I don't always have the energy to spend six hours on a single boss battle right right well I totally get that all right so we'd love to know down the comments what are some of your rage quick games is that the term rage inducing Rajon games that don't you rage quit or almost break it controller break sterling and what you think is of those remote-control airplane missions because we're not trading here right right where can people find you on the internet you can find me on Twitter at Cal fluid or my youtube channel which is just youtube.com slash Kelsey lemon I also have a podcast podcast excuse me at gamble it's show that's right all right guys thanks for watching take care this video reminds me of a co-worker that once sat down and played ninja gaiden black on the original Xbox every single night until he beat that thing and I remember he came in a couple times was like I hate this game I'm never gonna beat it it's so difficult and then after about a couple weeks he came in one day and he had this glow about him and he finally beat that game it was very rewarding and I was I was pretty impressed

Jimmy oh my god my god it's happening I need help come on follow me save me [Applause] hey what's up guys it's Pat and welcome back to another video and today me and Jen are playing more agario hey guys so this time we actually just tweeted out they're really playing so hopefully some fans are gonna be joining us actually I think they're probably gonna slaughter today I'm a little poker face today what are you I'm playing as the CIA awesome so we do have another child guys every episode we have a brand new epic challenge this time it came from you guys so favorite play together it is to work together okay number one oh my god someone tried to feed me sort of so yeah we're going for number one and working together as a team and honestly I don't know if Jen's the best teammate well at least I can't lose and no I'm a good teammate cuz usually I feed myself to you anyways yeah we're against each other oh I just see someone their name is hot pan really yeah how they found you dad so this could be a cool way to play with you guys if you guys enjoy this we will add you guys in every single time we record this but if we get horribly slaughtered I don't know don't eat me I'm doing eating you come here man alright so what do you I just saw you gonna buy by the way oh nevermind don't eat my ass besides getting pretty large I see so yeah we're going for number one there's another poker pit there's so many poker faces I know no one's gonna know who you are I tweeted what we were playing a CIA poker face there's like 15 poker faces around okay everybody followed me out alright so that was that was a true fan sorry they got you dead oh god there's so many people all right we can do this oh god somebody just shot themself at me there might be a long video but I thought it'd be fun to play with you guys Oh we'll try to do this more often again Genet past following me I don't eat thought I'll try not to Oh someone say Pat I got no question they fed me I was gonna eat them but I feel too bad now awesome okay oh my god they split the four pieces just to eat babe yeah dad you were doing so good now to start all over again now there's gonna be a new CIA that everyone thinks is made there's like a hundred poker faces I don't know how this person knows it's me but they know they're following Oh God – poker faces are after me mystery after me oh my god I can't tell him to try to eat me oh I'm so scared right now oh I told you I told you this is gonna happen but instead gonna be nice people and then people will they try to slaughter us in every way possible no I'm getting pretty large I'm up to 104 all right I'm gonna make the leaderboard all on my own today they're feeding me oh okay oh god I'm frigid or nerd so awesome likes you they hate my pants so many balls following me balls everywhere everyone alright so we've even yet working here this is fun actually I'm at 3:45 about freaking 9 B wait do you think I can hit the leaderboards day I'm all on my own yes I got this I believe do you feel it oh my god this dude is huge I'm really trying to avoid everyone I for me oh I'm so glad that Jen's doing good myself right now I keep working okay I'm just running from everyone right I think once I get some size though I should be able to you know continue to grow big hopefully fucking chill to everybody all right keep doing this Pat edom trying not working I think I've escaped whoo oh thank you so much that scared me I love you too are you doing what he wants me miss a shot themself at me I mean they failed but so if you know the channel be sure to subscribe we are gonna be doing this from now on because this is so funny oh if I could make any progress what happens if we can't accomplish our goal then we have lost all right I've been killed again don't you try to corner me broken crystal I see what you're doing oh my god this is so brutal a god is trying to eat me oh thank you so much the new dream gave me a little bit give me those smell a little taste of his balls give me fancy God 26 you know you want to sure I'm afraid to I don't know how big are you doing really good high 47 Jeb's gonna hit the top ten oh is that you up there oh yeah oh my god your ears you're huge you want me to feed you Oh God is gonna go well I could do this alright right towards me ooh you're doing it I'm doing it you're getting bigger don't you try to come in between us fancy guy feed me a little bit more I might be elite humph oh god people come everywhere oh dude just learn to like a hundred balls just to get us that's the same dude who did that to me before her there's gonna be a long video there's gonna be a long one guys hello together this time all right we got to do this I'll just try not to eat me please try not to run into me please all right so that guy apparently he's going for he really wants to take a salad Oh Oh God there he is I was so close to being out of the leaderboard – I know oh god oh god don't do it every fun no wait Dodie ate me get me some of that oh god that was a bad idea the guy who's actually a really stressful game it is thank you don'tdon't kill me I split into a couple parts so I can collect more balls with the promise there's just so many people right yeah oh I'm like lagging are you know okay also I didn't delete the tweet so I can't imagine how many people will come Pat's over here thank you so much my boys just got huge I can't oh yeah you're awesome sup Pat you're amazing I love you all right thank you so much markiplier Mike everyone helped out thank God oh thank you I am overly stressed right now me too alright so what do you man I'm at like two people are feeding me oh yeah oh yeah just getting to 216 right now all right so once we combine here we're going to be doing much better what are you laughs oh I'm so sorry I threw just flew right into me I can't do it I'm leaving going on a journey oh there's a baby Obama you know I saw earlier flowing around I saw Richard Simmons oh that dude yeah yeah I don't think that's him no no I don't even think it's close yes I don't even think it's close at all jobs are all coming o people oh I did everything I could to survive that I have three small little balls he's gunning for us I know I know we're never we can't even hit the leaderboard because again this is gonna be a tough day there's two people working together that's what it is you see one of them yeah Oh Qaeda let's go oh there's tons of little balls over here oh yeah don't worry guys Jen to enjoy no I'm doing good right now and back at 5:42 I'll bet 57 5 pound Jen is number 10 right now oh man I'm just kidding but um we're getting owned yeah we are we are guessing Helen definitely thank you so much thank you so much wait give me some of this Caleb give me some of this okay are you okay yeah dude just try to eat me but he fails good oh god this dude is right next to me there's so many big oh I see hi Pat Geoff I had to be more aggressive SEC oh my god I think we crashed the server Oh alright guys we are back we actually did crash the server so what we did this times we left the tweet up for five minutes and then we closed it down and I'm actually up at nine sixty seven right now I'm getting slaughtered again that's you huge CIA people probably think that's you at our feet that's probably what's going on oh my god come here I've noticed you all I'm sorry oh god okay so once I find Jen we can totally do this yes we can maybe all right come here okay I'm up to 200 oh yeah I just need someone or stores Jen wait there's a big CIA over you're trying to eat me oh my god they're freaking huge okay what happened to you I was he in oh yeah Jen if you see that CIA dude take them down I will they're a CIA impostor that person tiny love Pat Jen Jen you've never done this well I mean did you really do it is the question oh my god Habib uber just ate everything please spare a boy really not that many people fed me you actually did most of myself I am so nervous are you proud of me right now you're doing so good I know all right this is trying to thank you they're huge I think oh my god hi my love just Amy who then I'm back my love that's not good is it crazy stay away from them seriously oh my god I think honey boo boo just tried to eat me I swear they fed me so they could try to eat me don't worry I've grown in size I'm up to 685 all right good where are you I see sorry Pat they're huge everyone oh yes Goku don't eat me please isn't it kind of an odd allowed to be inside okay at 488 that's killing I know it is good I am at 1700 I just hit number 10 you did awesome oh my god there's a huge poker face down there it's not you dad oakar number 3 sorry pets I believe they're apologizing for the death of their brains to me aren't they so everyone is not to do Oh God I must do it brawn oh god the magic 8-balls help me sometime don't get cornered I'm so cornered it's not even funny all right magic eight-ball told through this problem I think I'm ready okay maybe I hope so Oh God you're our only hope right now Oh God all right I think if I get around this corner I'll be all right I'm starting to think we might not be able to do this we could totally do this all right Matt number 10 you're huge don't get yourself pops wait I popped them I did it now I need to go around and I need to chase down the magic 8-ball I popped them that's what you get for chasing me mad I'm in a predicament this is bad this is really bad it doesn't look good on her run for my life all right give me some of that yes all right here we go jet number seven all right good job there's a fake CIA in number five oh my goodness okay I see them what do I do okay I'm dead it's okay it's all right we've got there you're not dead yet I'm not gonna die oh thank you are you six or seven cuz there's two right next to each other I'm number eight and I see another CIA over here too I don't know if I should try to take him out there the CIA impostor get him all right get him with my large ball you could do it just recap on on their face that's the goal eat my little ball probably I need to reconvene ow why are all these people shoot at me oh god this is bad oh my god what is it Finland just ate me sorry just gonna cry I'm so scared in the corner I'm gonna go hide in the corner and cry someone save me I'm coming to save you thank you someone just fed me Jen's the killer's over here I love you oh god I don't know to do this is so crazy it's someone ever feeding one of them something they're feeding the other I wanna pee this is crazy I see for Jen told me over here uh what do you think I'm going to the right now wait are you number three or six six okay I was really excited all of a sudden no they're gonna kill me probably I'm on the run at this point no what I need to do is get behind a virus yeah oh god someone even bigger no wait it'll be okay if they can eat the other CIA person I'll feel much better about this okay I'm about to recap I kill beer dude tell me your tiny Pat and Jen I need to find you I'm in fourth guys we can totally do this except I'm back my love is about half the size of math I have a lot of math to give you I will sacrifice myself for you so we can get into first place we're actually shooting for number two now if you've seen number one we are shooting for number two where are you all of them heading towards the top of the map all right give me a donkey blind you just don't get yourself killed all right give me Robin what are you doing giving you I'm giving myself to you but it's not working cuz we're the same size yeah I don't know what you're doing if you hit W towards me okay man I'll eat all of you okay I'm doing it alright you are yeah yes yay we're throwing a jab kill me a popular MMO I know you've been trying to eat me this entire time oh it's for the fans baby you to trust me day two I'm taking them out all right we're number three we just gotta get to number two that's good enough for me Jen Reed number five it's oh god I see the huge dude over here I don't even think I'm gonna head in that direction oh yes I eat that wait I keep looking at your screen I keep stop looking at my screen is that you thank you I'm very hungry at this size oh I see Taylor Swift Oh China even if you can him I mean em him whatever I see some people over here they're a decent size that I should go for I'm so slow though will I ever get that oh man oh yeah I got her you just say Taylor Swift I got him you've got it all right chica come on don't trust them wait I'm doing this okay I'm still number three oh my god this is not easy to get bigger I am at 4500 insult number three we can do it I think I just say it leaves your gaming I'm so sorry bad alright so usually you're in number one and score bits over here who is that's tube that's essence wonderful isn't it see I need to pay attention to leaderboard cuz what if I hit number one for a second didn't even notice that's true which probably already happened everybody I think us day and queen are working together it looks that way Oh God keep feeding each other see we don't do that we don't play it that way it gets a little ridiculous no all right Plus Jen doesn't know how to feed a person to save her life that's actually the main reason we don't do that yes the jet age me before no and when we first tried to practice this challenge a little bit Jen went to feed me she shot in the opposite direction to my dog yeah don't you doesn't even don't wait give me some that yes number one wait I'm back my love must have gotten I'm at 5400 good work USA is really tiny now they are I'm gonna try to eat him don't worry Queen just got popped really I'm doing it oh god gets over ya know do it I'm sure you can get some of that okay it might not be a first anymore I'm trying weird noises I'm consuming their part a their part a yeah they're working with the USA oh I still didn't hit first I'm at 6,500 now flipper bird USA how big are these people no they're massive they take up the whole screen one of the highest scores I've had in a while it's still not in front of you Oh tiny pay attention I get them get them do it they split away think I got a little bit I'm bad at the Queen oh you are yeah I'm but I'm really tidy and I can't eat her well I didn't think that you could oh I see the big CIA over here it's not you I know I'm on the right side if you want to come over here alright no popularmmos no it's popular I'm in Mo's that one's just as good right yeah alright finally I'm ready combining okay good and I'm coming for the Queen I mean the USA look for the good luck to you you're gonna get yourself killed good luck to them you mean yes I am no you're not Jen don't let your dreams be dreams alright yesterday you said today tomorrow tomorrow good job alright Queen once are you water once I read a binder look on her face she's coming for you I know oh god she's trying what is she doing I don't know but I want a piece of that oh god the US is coming for me the coming from a Jen and Oh God they're working together um I'm nervous oh you should be you should be nervous right now they're coming please they're literally out to get me see how big USA is yeah what are you gonna do they're trying to smooth me her to keep shooting them down I run so slow I don't wait this you I know they're coming for me they're getting so close they're don't worry I'll pop them they must be what twice the size if I'm gonna distract them oh my god if you want to go with me just go in me okay if you want to go in things are getting so intense right now I know the u.s. is so big they're huge and they're coming for you she's very sad oh no it's over then it's over give me more no I'm Nick wait it's not over it's not over yet no oh the Queen just pop oh no some of this Jimmy oh my god my god it's happening no they're about to combine herself to god I need help come on follow me I could win Miss Bobby does it alright sorry that was balmy could have done it he could have saved the day it's balmy fed me we would have had number one and I would have eaten both of them at the same time no I'm impressed with our abilities though we did pretty good all right here we got Eddie their guy selves absolutely it's Hey hope you enjoyed the video if you did definitely crush that like button and subscribe and we will see you next time peace out you guys you

qué tal qué tan seguidores del gaming bienvenidos bienvenidos a este nuevo gameplay pues vamos a empezar con un otro con otro juego porque ya acabamos del bulto de nos falta porcentaje pero no sé si lo vamos a acabar el chino no pero bueno seguidores los primeros en llegar como siempre el omg daniel's blog' y dark d'art que están bienvenidos amigos los tres primeros perros son se verá perro dicen bueno seguidores recuerden que este este gameplay pues es gracias a eric está no amigos que me regaló pues éste lazio fox de las o fosas de aquí y aquí se va a llamar de la sofo saber lo voy a escribir para que lo vean de las ojos a esta amigos de la sophos perfecto amigos a ver quién quiere saludos amigos aquí hay pellizcones 16 vázquez no amigo aquí todos somos todos somos chicos a ver dice que tengo que jugar este primero antes que él es behind left behind' knowles como como en que puedes ir como en un europeo no les baja en así entonces vamos a hacer de lazo fuegos a ver juego nuevo desde la sophos normal difícil sobreviviente encallado normal no porque ya saben que el hecho acusa a todos amigos ya dicen que ya se atora y valió que sonó entonces para no hacer gameplays de 5 horas y con lo que pasó a no olviden los veces que pensé que se había cortado y dos vivos alberto olguín saludos amigos muchas gracias alberto vamos empezando bien el alberto muchas gracias no se ve ya se que no se ve a yoel hernández al amigo dije ya se cortó el juego y todo todo y ni siquiera pesaba y avale o no miguel ángel flórez a 20 pesitos el saludo dice miguel ángel así es amigo no ha dicho el saludo cuesta 100 amigos no te puedo saludar entonces no miguel ángel ni modo no soy tu amigo alejandro saavedra saludos amigos de la sophos o foros de georges tapa de la sophos irak ingresos por la visa crespo la visión de la sophos qué son los ojos no quería si te lazos fuera tu papá [Risas] sony computer and out the game crash bandicoot ese no es cristian y nate andrei que tome escuchame ahora vamos 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raciones aún no se ha abierto [Música] [Música] pero todos los mismos los que nos mataron las luciérnagas wey dice todo lo hizo la sierra no manches ni vivimos bien de nuestro a ver quiero ver qué le va a pasar aquí de morboso el yeso efe por el caballo de que luis martínez mira la casa esta casa cuál casa está vamos a decir no no tengo [Música] como nelson flores en esa casa está mi saludo saca el revolver dice víctor parece que más personas están infectadas pero está va de chismoso eso significa que más personas tratan de escabullirse están en camino oye dice maca no me pasa un amigo lo lincharon tengo tantos subtítulos checkpoint son nazis dice no name que todos haciendo mujer qué hacemos toque el derecho va a haber martínez saludos qué clase de reyes este de acción en vivo me hizo mal y ahora la puerta dice sí o gracias a visitar a un amigo ahora porque no más que me persigue la desgracia las tiendas gastamos enemigo pita como los perros bueno excelente efe no me morí amigos bien 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que pasó amigos y si me conoces las gracias al fin y era ahora a cuatro balas nos va a venir un zombi y amiguito que no haya moros en la costa ni soldados ni los hombres de robert está bien no creo que 20 ganan un show de chequera dinero pero son raciones no son raciones de comida dije para que le va a dar dinero de qué sirve el dinero en este mundo ya bien eso lo hará más interesante código morse dicen a mí me puede decir algo en código morse listo recuerdo una bala una baja de salir caro y ahora está bien ahora no me oyes puedo hacer eso una balona baja zona muy difícil hay unos perritos déjame ver los perritos a menos de 1 porque venden perros lo tocas lo compras cayese perro a ver agarre medio a ver si block y comprar se están haciendo ahí hoy el dibujo de su parte tiene tracción a liquidar las balizas pero ellos [Música] del otro lado dice césar yaya muy bien a un dolor de cabeza me preguntes y como dicen los diálogos todos raros me quedo sin bala termina sexual dice xerox qué es eso está ahí afiche de se busca a ver nuestra compañera es las jirafas que decían cartel de recompensa dice el yang y aquí hay otro aquí en el suelo jodan esto dice ahí se busca artur morgan dice jorge galván a la mujer o vámonos vámonos a triunfar ahora sí vio la tesis agus más no se conocieron migo pasa por aquí hace media hora regresó al muelle está allí ahora se busca joshua redman dicen a pequeño cierto ético roberto gritos del juego gritos del juego así es amigos aquí está través de las luciérnagas qué te pasa te espantas toques le dan ataques no no es pública luxford light buscando la luz se viene en más muerte dice virgen no es cierto aquí vamos sí sí parece una zona donde va a valer que eso estoy andrew 0 11 al final del capítulo sale mi saludo tienen que dar media vuelta y regresar si saben lo que les conviene no tenemos asuntos con ustedes solo queremos a robert no queremos hacer esto ven la vuelta y lárguense ahora no me iré a ninguna parte sin robert perra de partir el cráneo a menos que te marches y saques a este papanatas de aquí yo voy a aprender mi lamparitas o no te cubriré con los en la mira ok pero me estoy cargando estoy cargando 1 1 y esto está un balazo 00 está para nada tardísimo acumulador me dijeron papanatas seguidores bien bien me alisté tuvo ver déjame seco el yeso y sus técnicas chinas en los ojos está ay viene y dice yo ya ven amigos no me rige no mantén pulsado el botón donde pone el ojo pone la bala dice escribir cheques en blanco espérame quiero ver si traen balas pero creo que no se busca mis saludos y cinco gritos pero a mi mujer estoy leyendo crean en las luciérnagas en las moscas de fuego para saber de boyle el borre lute a los no se puede lotear lo sos y si se puede es que todo están diciendo que sí a ver pero cómo me están engañando a vasos están toreando al yeso porque ellos investigar pero a mi mujer no me están diciendo que si se puede con qué botón a ver diga díganme con qué perro botón se hace eso si le disparas te daba las noches no se puede seguidores aprieta f3 no tengo f3 no se puede nada me están acabando trollear el yeso con la adi se destaca con el triángulo dice mills no se puede ue dice antonio gracias antonio pérez si eres un hombre de un hombre real y el actor yo sé que me están rodeando no aprieta el dos están riendo de mí gracias amigos por trolear me trollear ayer al juego vamos a comer unas ratas no hablar tus morgan con mis ratas porque yo no porque nadie mis disparos isaías acuña sólo hay balas dicen por aquí yo yo me acaba de llamar yo me llamo joel de la crisis está diseñada el corta para un tamaño que hablaron bienvenido a nuestros murieron estoy seguro de que ellas están en camino ahora mismo no debemos aceptar este trabajo elio nuestra decisión separemos nos aseguremos nos hace que nadie esté por aquí por qué me dice texas hoy mujer creo que el de junto twitter me encanta el sigilo porque está gritando y no lo oyeron no qué vamos a hacer mujeres disparar a nada tu estilo usa el sigilo dice un canal más ya veremos ya veremos a ver todos esposados tú dices te deum o yo me encargaré del otro pero me pero me escuché que es así por toda la ciudad están tomando medidas extremas con ellos la fuerza seguidores son fuerzas el sol dice sanz vengeance porque me dicen yo tutorial desbloqueado a ver agarro enemigo desprevenido aturdido o caído para usarlo como escudo humano después de atrapar a un enemigo humano puedes moverlo con el l por un tiempo reducido antes de que forcejeó para liberarse pulsa el botón cuadro para lograr una muerte silenciosa cuando estés oculto o una muerte agresiva en un combate abierto perfecto lanzar es un petardo dice víctor la prueba no el amigo que está siendo abierta darle ban que dice esto es el futuro distópico de la red de a dijo él es el hijo perdido de artur yo creo que más bien sería el del de jackman stoner que que esta vez que está haciendo porque dice que le pega a mí para qué es eso ah ya me dan baladas a fuerzas ya estuvo bueno perros lleno es un chocolate no donde quedo esta mujer yo lo mato yo lo mato ahí voy con mi lo para ese resplandor atrás de mí no voltear y estos perros y una llave como el tamaño de mi cabeza kazuma o la amiga o amigo juan pablo acción yeyo a greg se me permite tres balas que dijo john ya bien por estar los leyendo ya no puse atención hasta acá es acá no aquí no es donde es el belga larga porque ella no me llama dice el ver porque la albures acá que menciona tu nombre amigo gracias al ver gracias don sanders dijo que con más tierra con razón en sacar seguidores fails el juego dice adrián castró usar la dinamita pero no ha mandado dinamita seguidos bulls y luego los que vieron la puerta que es esto que está aquí es una botella no hoy porque tampoco es que estamos haciendo de carga y ella dice bóveda o si cierto disparo no todo imbécil él viene un morenazo hay que tener cuidado con este perro y el triángulo dice enemies y saco rb al df 4 para lana si es un truco hola hola saben que es la ventaja que no programaron que la luz los llamé porque miran y te voy perro y te voy a y te voy perro porque esto no lo oyen perros ambiental en una piedra dice antonio una piedra invisible para los perros no no toda mujer carmona es por la dificultad si de verdad yo no me siento mal ya no me siento pro josé flores donde está wind y en el red de amigos sigue viva sigue viva wind y no se preocupen excepto septum se viola la diseño de ver dónde empezar que viole cosas y sólo hay dos ahí arriba no lo ven o si no lo ven arrastró a los perros yo acá o y ahora qué hacemos mujer van a ver el cadáver daniel h navarro hola amigo brian f min 91 saludos creo que ya vieron al muerto si ya lo vieron todo imbécil el perros no vaya la cajeta amigos la sal es un tabicas hoy a la regla me voy alargue j ay encontré esto para ti gracias no manches este vato ya está muerto dice brian eastick y los seguidores que no tal es con ilusión o diez incógnitas si hubiera opción o yo hubiera ganado amigos lanza unos cohetes dicen a tocar para que me vean mejor no es esto un botiquín a fuerzas para que es la botella a ver a su lanzamiento con arco rojo con dos lanzamientos a ciegas ella es para tres atención no se acuerdan de las monedas del hit man efe por el sigilo dice josé flores trole el juego dice tico roberto el yang morán distraer cyber hacieron para distraer las botellas un cuchillo o una daga es un arma de sigilo furtiva que te permite eliminar enemigos más rápido con menos que al matarlos mediante estrangulamiento acércate sigilosamente a un enemigo por detrás pulsa el botón triángulo para agarrarlo y luego vuelve a posar triángulo para usar la daga las dagas tienen una cantidad ilimitada de usos cuando su durabilidad se agota se rompen mejorar la durabilidad buscando manuales de entrenamiento a fuerzas pero recoge un ladrillo o botella para distraer dice miguel gracias miguel elegí manera en las monedas no aquí no está bien difícil no tenemos que irnos hasta la mujer está antonio usó un conjuro de reducto como scar habilidad que triste lo de scarlett no a la vista y abajo tengo que abrirle así perfecto mantén pulsado yo apretándole y las clases dices ese refrán ya falta mis clases envenena el cuchillo dice and this is a de poder no algún plomazón o machete aquí un chorro de gente nuestro muchacho no sabe ni abrir dice el puig y no te burles putin terminemos con eso con sigilo gordo es la voz de drake no manches seguidores sin sigilo a lv dice se salvarán seamos inteligentes con esto no digo que no veo quién está hablando este es el perro de ella 2 andrés ciencia y lo he hecho a ustedes quieren que me muera perros que asuma saludos saludos que asuma muchas gracias muchas gracias que suma por el donativo ustedes ustedes quieren que yo fracase pero no voy a caer en provocaciones qué es esto manifiesto del embarque a ver me pongo aquí en medio si no luego no veo nada queremos face dice césar cuando trapicheando con todos en nació nada pero o se fue ese perro violación dice brian híjole que hay 2 pero esto no nos asusta la botella que está creo que esto es un jodido mal plan no hacia allá no corre corre y pégale dice sneijder flor no amigo no pero a mi mujer que ya la regué ya valió luego hace todo imbécil por otras por otras apunta bien dicen salve tranca hopkins es medianamente sigilo esto consigue y lo izaron tamaño no aaron este es el estilo james bond no está el no no veo otro por ella estoy haciendo todavía la gran cata una botella asilamiento agua todas las mujer tú dale hay luz aquí hasta perros esta noche no voy a morir no no sé si valía la pena esto pero bueno qué clase de bully si usted dice mauricio al estilo el cacas dice variarse los que les guste el sigilo no tienen hacer corajes a mi canal y yo les recuerdo buscando otro perro ya te vi pero estaba hasta mi voz vaya jugada a la pro dice max fue muy pródigo y ya se acabaron y ahora qué ese bato ya está muerto dice brian alonso cachón efe no digan efe todo estoy vivo esa oficina robert a dónde están los faces y david vamos viendo no esta mujer estamos jugando estaban apostando uy queremos hablar perro con pistolas suelta el arma hoy perro el diablo adrián los dedos saludos amigos vámonos donde jornada aquí yo por aquí vamos entro aquí porque no se lo traga a los zombis pizzas teca cádiz y rúper pero me caí acá era como un atajo no por aquí entonces fue david avery saludos amigos y hasta aquí y ya se encerró el perro y ella sufrirá por el sigilo dice roberto ya aprenderá me voy a aprender y yo sin resentimientos cierto buscar león efe por el sigilo vieron que bueno enfoca sus nalgas qué buen vaso lo que sea que les hayan dicho no es cierto si yo solo que ir las armas quieres decirnos dónde están sí seguro pero es complicado qué buen fierrazo dice el yang molina o bésame la plantilla de los pies ching deja de lloriquear le voy a romper el bracito disculpa no tuve muchas elecciones nos debes a nosotros diría que aposta hasta el caballo equivocado agua índices y tomas tiempo solo su bracito del momento quien tiene las armas denme un par de días toma su bracito del manejador la vida en brilla le van a romper la pichu la a las nur cierna gas 28 su bracito electro no el hueso de celia obtenemos las armas y eres un hito la mejor salida contigo pero te va a disparar ya tiene cara de que te va a disparar doy dos veces mujer no no ves que no te ve 2 con 1 bastaba vamos a ir a recuperar la mercancía no lo sé lo podremos explicar bueno yo busquemos a las luciérnagas yo es la del póster de se busca la reina lucía luego del póster no negocios estos siete gángster dice andy y trae un balazo una mordida ahí tirado con el brazo roto y sin cabeza steele y dice jorge galván las armas que te entrego no eran de él para venderlas las queremos de vuelta no funciona si por supuesto que nos pague por esas armas trillo o dice alex mercer vamos a lo que huele en cada quien aquí de cuántas tarjetas estamos hablando tenis en las malditas tarjetas tarjetas coleccionables si lo hacen que estás pensando como sabemos que las tienes roberto martínez que incivilizados han estado limpiando tienes razón en eso te mostraré las armas tarjetas pokemon dice castillo en ese mundo el dinero son las tarjetas pokemon seguidores nos está persiguiendo el ejército tenemos 5 estrellas no manches mujer no podrías pasar con más sigilo tirando más latas sacrifiquen soy un menos útil de este grupo más morrazo dt oye oye dónde vas tú pero aquí es donde comienza la diversión diseñas el cota déjame pasar entonces si no te vas a subir a ver estoy haciendo seguidores visual que no puedo subir la escalera carlos chávez doble y erick mendoza muchas gracias amigos saludos erick mendoza mil gracias selección pesotes donación gracias amigo erick mendoza muchas muchas gracias amigo es donde va alcanza para unas cuantas tarjetas uy me perdí la explosión por estar vamos haciendo porque creen que recurrirá ya balacearon a sus chavos tarjetas de egipto me dice mateos son coleccionables no francis constancia es cruciales amigos para mí francisco sánchez spider-man para cuando ya se no el senado tenía buen sabor el pasto a veces amigo por tú por tu donativo ya no es senado de dicho no es el senado y lo que me llena clase gracias francisco de spider-man estoy pensando me lo todavía yo creo que sí yo creo que sí lo voy a volver a comprar los 16 amigos que no pueden necesitan del patriarcado para abrir la puerta tarjetas de tentáculos dice ger ocs somos mujeres somos de nadie más cosas te encuentras había piezas de creación así como las del bate from all del s ellos tienen el máximo es traición entonces uno justine que andamos tarjetas de clone wars 16 básquet de las de sabritas no tarjetas sabritas lo que ellas habitan ya no existe jorge sánchez sánchez sánchez lola amigo hoy también jorge sánchez siempre anda por acá bienvenido jorge y hay un policía y soldados dijo lee no me gustan muchas las probabilidades mario rolón hello del amigo sigamos adelante topçu cuyo mejor no se ve si se ve como no no se siente o no cuanto a que el hielo a base el que lava acajete ar por quién apuestan que la va a regar el yeso a la morenaza o la otra chava o la blanca pero como se llama estés se me olvida sectores el pelo no y cumplo años saludos el pelón la justicia no espera soldado jesús chávez gracias amigo te dice lisandro gracia jesús chávez compra de unos bolillos aunque sea para cenar gracias jesús hola cómo estás guapa también reprobado no a ese perro lo puedo matar a vos ya vamos a ponernos serios vamos a ponernos serios o imbécil ayúdenme más en lo ya valió ya vale una valiosa valiosa imbéciles seguido de todo el dogma [Música] sigilo sigilo elefante todo imbécil marchena está súper amigos como no me di cuenta que había alguien en frente de él los que mi equipo no me ayudó es mi equipo y nos amontonamos todo está mejor no desperdicies balas de fal uy 2 contra 1 no tiene esa oportunidad hoy también matizó este perro ya pero mucho en modo sigiloso dice luis ejecuta lo estos perros julián becerrada al otro por atrás qué es esto yo lo agarré hay si me dices seguidores y mary fe sino que me rige seguidores pongan si he hecho así te fijaste chichí suárez mier way cuidado con las balas dice alejandro si amigo poquito nada más y salda y digo si me hubieran disparado menos pues hubiera sido mejor no pero no puedo hacer todos seguidores terry fast y dice que vamos miren como si me quieren o como los demás están poniendo que no también también te rifas te dice acota a todos los que dicen que me refieren saludos amigos los demás no sigilo elefante soy como un elefante intentando ser ese giro sigiloso así es amigos que está siendo una mujer ya hoy miro mató a tres o coma a poco todos mataste sola no manches que genocida no son sus hombres villate más kaká dice yo per y yo no lo conocía puedo hacerlo con bardem debe haber más soldados en el camino vamos a la joven sola buena de la etapa del juego dice jorge un murió al principio no lo que era otra pero bueno y hecho a las dagas no la desperdicies dice o es que usted no quieren que se nada entonces está bien dijo eso heavy game 2 que hago no uso nada bueno que sería lo ideal no astérix a menos que te sientes mal o que esté bajo la presión trata de usar los ladrillos de jules julianne chone moga perfecto se le bajó la presión amigos a dónde vamos marlene se está muriendo marley ya estamos cerca blake rey es puro puño para que te dure no que bueno voy a traer mi ladrillo en la mano por si las dudas qué buen ladrillo miren esta textura puños y ladrillos dice alberto perfecto se va a morir más leen ya huele a muerto aquí sacarla de la miseria dice el borde mier cualquiera que quede entra estamos pasando de contrabando a sus 900 5 horas vio el a alguien no hay testigos hasta porque se ve así de feo la cámara se ensució mi lente se ensucian los ojos para ver qué pasa guardéis gone dice lucas farías y amigo ya no puede abrir la puerta tampoco esta mujer es también muerta de it's gone si lo voy a jugar amigos y ya valió que esos hijos suéltala ahí está la morra los estás reclutando jóvenes busco una cocacola dice de un sanders oye niña no digas mierda conseguí ayuda pero no puedo ir contigo bueno me quedaré feliz no tendremos otra oportunidad el idioma al de lugo dice adrián como se les subió lugo encontrarán unas luciérnagas ok eso no está muy cerca pueden hacerlo nos vamos a llevar la morra el doble de lo que robert me ven hablando de armas dónde están j 24 saludos y estos campamentos y no manches tú me seguirás podrás verificar las armas y yo voy a atenderme pero ella no cruzara esa parte de la ciudad dinero dice jesús oscar amiga de su hermano tomé dijo que en caso de problemas podría confiar en el fue antes o después de dejar tu grupo de milicianos él también te dejo era un buen nombre pienso lo lleva al túnel norte y espérame allí es solo un cargamento doble no hay más que hablar estarás bien y tú mantente acerca ni miro al juego per fortineros saludos amigos me dicen que les suba el fuego pero es que esta está a tope el juego no sé por qué no soy yo tan fuerte no os diré los directos como ven que aquí lo dejamos ya son las 18 amigos yo creo que ya sería buena hora porque ya es tarde y mañana si en clase ellos se para y sólo a plomo usted las luciérnagas algo nos sucederá a nosotros si nos salimos de la calle tú eres el profesional yo solo te sigo que hizo los buenos seguidores ya nos vamos ya nos vamos y varios dicen que si lo dejamos hasta aquí acabo de llegar dice el noveno amigo que pasó miren benson adiós mentón y eso a las balas nada no me importan las balas nos cierto si mi importante buenos seguidores aquí lo dejamos seguido de mañana si hay clases dice lupita villarreal vamos a mandar unos unos saludos así con la lámpara nos dio un asesinato dice brian llegué tarde y cézanne vengeance' amigo un poquito josé enrique curso saludo jesús abraham plo lomé ala dice los medios me quillo saludos james o kiwis y que comparten ciertas propiedades biológicas en el centro de la ciudad que utilizando días saludos amigos que nos derivan jesús abraham alex alejandro new inglés john hawkes neil alejandro rodríguez es clave morse los voy a saludar en clave morse base para eb en araba es uriel pérez saludos dar choco krispis llegó el choco krispis dice uriel pérez daniel mesía saludos amigos es salt the pilot ex saludos misael hoy a local elation estudio se ve saludando trabajando repetí iván domínguez marco antonio y no solís ese nombre me gusta mucho alejandro camacho saludos nelson collante da vida johnny yes salt lake álex alejandro víctor de la peña saludos bigger yeager virgen yeager perdón agustín ávila zabdiel ni time sánchez crisis 141 y es salt and y villar roel saludos amigo mabe rey óscar león leonel rodríguez adrián adrián castro andrés l don aarón tamayo gres amigo mister quetzalcóatl el ají luna sebastián contreras saludos no terminó a la morra ella no estoy viendo cómo evolucionó la morra erija es 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Ganga would care what is that my family we are back and we are on this Friday the 13th game you guys yes yes we gotta survive Jason a Yaqui hearing I'm here with my boy I'm here with a boy watch out Oh Jones got game what up baby yikes what is up man hey I need you guys to go ahead and hit that thumbs up button because this is about to be scary this is about be scary where you at I need to find you bro who are you I'm in the woods oh my gosh I think you're way on the other side we can't be too far from each other man you gotta you gotta come you gotta come get me okay I'm going across the woods I'm going across right now let me see if I can find you oh it's not letting me whoa see on me is that him who is that circle is that you are you – sir pod no I don't think I'm the circle I just passed somebody up okay here's somebody right here I'm with somebody here in a cabin horse your goal is calling my phone be careful John we'll be careful it's much worse the girl is calling me like it do open it so I can get in there thank you wait where are you at we're in a cab you come across and coming to the cabin all right I'm all to come to a cattle no if you're in this cabin or not but I'm coming okay i armed myself I got a screwdriver we just lock the door Jones we need you over here right now I'm scared all right now through the window no you're not I'm open the door for you no get up were you out are you by the door no I don't know what's capping you're at man look on the radar I don't see you okay I see some red what is the red thing Jason we're moving me and another guy you should see that's Jason that is Jason I'll find you later oh come on Jones I'm out to swim in this lake I got a bear trap I'm gonna put down right here how'd you go no no put that back down put that freaky oh my gosh okay I'm setting the bear trap right here you guys y'all see oh I see a car okay do you see the sign right there I see a car yeah all right you stay right there I'm gonna come find you brother all right man her oh this door open oh it's a car how do we fix the car we gotta get out of here where you at Jones I'm right by the car I'm drinking up my health what cabin are you buying over Oh cabin a buy this by the camp on the camp sign it says Stillwater camp are you by that cabinet nah ma Higgins Haven oh my gosh it doesn't have a front door over here I need to find the gas can okay let me chill right here I'm chillin real quick I mean on a funny time okay I'm gonna have a swig oh I got a little um wait let my family know up we're all over here it's like three of us over here bro oh shoot he got that locked that music changed oh I'm coming in the window I gotta get out of here wait is he here I don't know oh he's breaking in these bracelet that means he's with you guys he's there bro he's here wait were you guys had to go hide I got to go hide I got to go hide which part of the camp lies in we can do that what part of the camp are you guys in answer me we're by to Stillwater camp it says Stillwater scandal it's over here bro I probably shouldn't go over there than if Jason's over there I gotta hide bro I got a hi Beast be careful be safe why would you come in here oh my gosh he's here bro I'm hiding I don't want to die oh we need you to come over here jump I'm looking for a car battery and gas okay I'm going through the window all right cut you got it on by oh he's right there homie the homie died Jones where are you I'm still at Higgins Haven you got to move around man we need you I'm try I don't know where to go I'm lost okay I'm right here by somebody has the gas can mister Maxie knows what he's doing right there just stop stop stop oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa why'd you run up run out can't even talk come on go in here right here go with mr. Maxie he has it for the quarter right here yes fuel Oh oh there we go I've got to find the battery I got a screwdriver although we need a battery and this is going we're out of here and the key oh my gosh look all of us are right here now like never have find us I'm going to find us I'm gonna come in this house Josh there's nothing in there I don't know we got to see I need to be all right stamina to be honest I didn't check the whole thing so come on jobs we need you checking this bro we try to survive radio I wasn't wrong with you know he keep sorry man I'm scared he could hear the frequency when you do that Oh we'll turn it off then or it might mess up his frequency I don't look at my face do you see my face I see that what happened Jason did he get you naughty touch laughs it was some glass that got me bro oh one upstairs oh it sure will be said about who's dying don't react to myself in where are you Jeff I just locked myself in this room cuz he here well he's downstairs he's downstairs duh Oh clothes I got lucky lucky lucky he's down oh yes he coming found me know where I leave the ologies I just jumped out the window run jones run i can't i'm hurt he's teleporting stay there stay there right here jones right here in the corner in the corner don't go away look no i'ma hit him I hit him go me go go go I hit him for you I can't my screen is ghost dark I gotta run I can't then he gives you again after I just about fight about the file about the fight oh ah are you dead yeah oh my god where are you I've died man I just like stunned him right now but I might die too I'm up this much space you guys oh my gosh wait is this your uh oh yeah here you are we're spectating you right now you look shook man dude look at my face look okay there's nothing in there how do you find us man just spectate me jaws watch how I do this watch how I do this alright alright I'm watching we're watching dude items right here oh oh he's there he's there oh locking doors done oh my gosh go I'm out of here bro he'd been in our teleport give his face guys oh my goodness oh we bother watch you die cause I'm breaking free I'm breaking free hurry you got a nice house oh wow my gosh did he just kill you oh my gosh don't joke alright what's up man what's up baby oh oh he's coming he is on your girl man you're supposed to save me we gotta get what is this let's see I'm just sitting right there go I'm going I'm going ouch ouch did he hit old man he hit me I can't run this fast this lock this lock is laughs oh my god I was like let's just do this let's just play with him let's play with it oh shoot oh shoot I can't do anything to be why does he always kill me first he's too big oh no no no no oh come on man oh he's coming out to be next though that's the thing he just cracked my larynx i'ma fight him alright we coming to spectate you right now where's yet I'm gonna fight him wait where are you at where's he yeah he's still in the lounge I think there you are I don't know if I should move Joe should I move no no bread gasps you know are you done all my not it's not right there oh she you having no babies he's not having any babies oh I guess I am Tommy Jarvis you are yeah I'm trying to spectate you where are you okay I'm in the woods she maintaining Jones guy game right now you guys all right wait let me get my my buttons right so I think okay there we go he's taught me he has a shotgun and he's the one that could kill Jason he can shoot him can pull out there any time yeah like this look oh okay and I can just shooting yes come on Jones this is all ifs we gotta find them can you let me know where Jason is that it doesn't show me where Jason is that maybe I could look at the camp cameras I still don't see yeah I see you though let me know I'm a techie mount me I'm tired of Jason kill him he killed me like three times over oh my gosh where's Jones and get my okay right right here look I think I see him on the map yeah are y'all ready no I can't I can't look like a sucker and not kill him no not being Tommy you got a chance of a lifetime right now bro to kill him here we go all right oh he's coming up he's coming up be careful well he'll shoot oh shoot wait wait wait wait pull it out already John he right there pull it out yet he's in front of you turn around I don't see you he's little and to the left to the left right okay I see him okay I see him I see him about a shooting from the bag go hurry up break it out you better pull that gun now you're gonna die before the gun out no yes Undertaker oh oh he's teleport my gosh I got it there go why they give on John Bullock Oh Joe's go mad oh he's mad he might tell ya I'm trying to save you I'm trying to say what's right keep going straight he's right behind the cabin I'm out of breath it's good a lot right here would chill out right here watch his teleport I got a confession okay I don't know where he's at oh he's right there he's right though call he teleported tip go Jones go dude I feel like I'm watching a movie what do you guys feel like jumping like that watching the movie with Jones doing all this John my boy you got to survive Oh what are you a light stuck why you forgot to a tree I was stuck I didn't mean no job you can't kill Tommy you can't kill Tommy oh you can't no no oh oh let's fake oh okay he just crushed my lyrics again he gave you a brutal kill bro can we get an insolent countdown can we do it wrong one it's lit that sums up button right now for you boys oh yeah clowns a larger lounge it's both as long as whatever you say Jones just whatever he knows a lot it's a lot it's a lot already the game you ready okay here we go I've got to find the others that happened five minutes ago okay I'm going into this house right here okay I'm by the car in the house – I'm in a cabin I gotta find a battery I'm by the car bro okay I'm gonna look for the battery in here okay I just closed this door all right okay we just walk out of here is he here already I hope not oh my gosh I got a flare gun bro use it kill him I don't know if it's gonna do anything to him okay I need to lock this door over here I'm hiding man I'm hiding for a little bit okay okay I'm luck I'm pretty secure in here right now I don't know we're here right well I got a gas can I got a gas can okay hold my breath he's right there he's in here I'm holding my breath just don't die I'm scared okay I love you don't die okay now I'm gonna say I love you too he just left he just left he doesn't know I'm in here okay where's that car at I got gas guys please don't for this wait were you at please don't open this I'm liking the Shelf like in a book show sits up like I don't know he's Jason there he knows I'm in here yeah he's in the cabin oh oh he's right here Oh what are these key he opened it okay I'm spectating you Jose where are you how did he how did he kill you I was just stuck in a shelf man if he came and he uses an ax man that sucks that was so scary okay I'm outta here okay you got a gas here I got think I don't know the car is that though it was right where I was at I think there's a few cars around there if you go back Jones there's a knife right there I don't know if you want that though good knife right there I don't know if I can hold two things right there on that shelf watch if I get this the gas can is put now okay we're watching Jones this up to Jones got game on this one you guys they'll see y'all die come on jokes wait wait I think I'm okay there we go I thought I was frozen why are you looking at people's pictures I was getting the first aid I'm out of here here we go okay I got to keep you alive bro okay yeah yeah I need you to guide me through the right steps on where to go and where he's at I see that you're going to the camp right there I think I'm going the wrong way wait he's overpowered you guys Jason is overpowered it's like we can't kill them we got to find that car the car is the key okay okay okay bro I don't know where you're going what is that that looks like death I'm just I'm just gonna go through to the road I'm just gonna wait at home why are you going that way I'm trying to run home you trying to leave the game it's the only way oh this only place I'll do that me come back over here well right here somebody already got chopped up okay Jason's after another guy right now he just got hit in his head with a bat okay so you're good he's on the ground Jason's on the ground he's knocked out so go ahead and find that car I don't okay I'm looking out the car should be on the road right the thing is that main road takes you everywhere so you should be good okay I'm looking where's Jason oh that guy look at my guy man I'd take that dang sweater from your neck man go to the right or some snap in there real quick okay they'll be going to the woods real quick there you go I think he could see me no I'm looking for him I don't know where he's at though okay he's right my guys face I mean I don't know who he's attacking because there's a girl in the cabin okay Jason I don't know if that person I don't know if that's him right there I mean you're out here I hear some music okay to the left is there a car right there by that cabin let's see we got to walk each other through this van we gotta walk agenda through this there's no car over here are you sure jokes um I don't see one you're at flat rock camp okay let's see okay think he's after somebody else yeah he's after another oh so you're good for right now just know I probably should be going why is your guy so slow what is that over there it's like a crane operating system to the right here yeah what is that I don't know maybe we can call for help where's the car where is the car I thought you saw the car I did I was by the car but I'm trying to get you there Wow look at my dead body okay there's a wrench okay we need that car battery as well gel just in the cabin right now uh yeah go that way go that way plan go that way okay what's in here okay he's looking he's looking he's looking okay all right I drill you guys alive right now I need to go back out after this girl he's after Alicia Alicia he's after her okay perfect so just let us know whenever he's coming after me all right what does it say why is she just standing right there she has a flare gun so you you guys might need to get together bro I'm looking I need to find the car the car is right back there is right by chip you should see her on the radar they are way over there they are that's where the car is where she's at wherever you see them on the radar it's not showing me the radar okay well that's where the car is okay so I need to make my way through these woods yeah that's a great idea go through the woods talk go through the woods and die inside okay um I see a circle on my radar okay that means just about that go that means you're close to one of the girls three counselors yeah oh I see Jason on them in the red he's over here there's a rock and everything she's by the car oh he's chasing her he's by the car – Jason's by the car – oh she has a shotgun shoot him she just shot Jason she just a nice ant though he doesn't die it gives you enough time to get out of there no why are you Oh close the door I'm looking okay he's over here he's knocked out right now where you at Jones okay I'm back here you got I don't want to go around because he's over here you're back by the camp right now okay be careful okay be slow right there okay come up a little bit let's see the car maybe down that road Jason's down that road though right now Jason is I'm looking for him Oh is he by you no oh yes he is go join me he's just stamina go all the way no no okay yeah yeah yeah go go I'm out I'm out of here you do this fast why don't you put it down in the quarter I didn't okay trying to take it put it where'd he go put it in a front door right there Joe how do you move it um right now there you go yeah put it right there place that down quick quick quick place it set that up for him there you go he's after somebody else he just killed the teammate okay well she got away from them she got away go run you just got away okay she got to go find the car you actually got some pretty good teammates job I gotta give it to you where's that car at uh might be at the end of the road down there all the way down here I don't want to send you too far and it's not there what is that you walking up into somebody's it may be that way or it may not be I don't know I don't think it is I would have saw it already Aminah what's that to the left what is that flare and over there is that the car I don't know let's go see what is that Larry okay oh that's what is this electric box can I do anything with it yeah you should be able to do something with it I can't but it'll cook but you I think you got to get the oh it's probably broke I don't know that was for the phones looks like he broke him okay he just killed somebody oh man am I like the last person to kill somebody in the cabin that she left that you put the bear trap on the bear trap didn't work bro yeah oh he just got out never mind Sully two of you guys left I can't find the Carl all I'm gonna do is find the car I don't know where it won't show me the map of Lea's down there I'm lost I'm legit lost well we're lost together bro I'm hearing something there it's up to me okay okay he's right there to the right to the right what I thought it was right there nevermind where is that freaking thing okay you went around in a circle that's that bridge you have to go at least back he's not chasing any of you guys but it's two of y'all y'all need to get together do you see her on the radar I see her right here right there she's right let her do her go at her I don't see her she's a friend of you ah turn around backwards right there hey wait you survived wait no wait find that car battery oh my gosh oh look at this oh I see a bat right there but I don't think you need that I go work now that bat didn't help this guy out oh man where's he at oh he's right there yesterday he's close he's chasing you well he's chasing her he's after her okay perfect she's going down the same road as you though she needs to find her own path Oh Jose you know Leo she's going to the river you she's right with you go Jones you might have to go in that water brother you might have to go underwater Jose take your butt in that water no right there no buts about the hide right no no you're gonna die in there he's coming going to water I don't have any stamina go in the water I don't have any stamina go in the water go swim no he's oh shoot Oh die I die he's over powered yeah guys yeah man oh this is I'm done for our fur now this is interesting but it was hard what so he's gonna go get it reward from his mom right now she's got a Norman Bates stuff is this man she ugly Wow Jones you held it down though you were the last one to die I was man I'm kind of proud of myself I probably could have kept going if I did not listen to you and get in that water it's all good though man make sure you guys smack that thumbs up button for me surviving I survived a little bit we suck man we don't suck that bad be sure to subscribe you guys if y'all have it I couldn't find the car man subscribe together with keV and Jones got game the links are worthy out guy's in description below Jones where they're at okay then the description box yes okay well that's what I yeah man thank y'all for watching I'm not man kaj we'll see y'all man this

The 6 Lamest Ways To Die In Videogames

April 9, 2019 | Articles | 22 Comments

hello you've caught me playing Dark Souls and I'm on a roll I'm surging through the game my blade a white-hot flash of deadly precision dodge riposte sort of dodge yeah I'm brilliant at this brilliant this is why I don't play super games what because I thought there'd be an invisible wall there preventing that kind of thing like in nice games deck in video games is designed to teach us what not to do it's the virtual representation of life's little mistakes the ones we all make learn from and then move on the slightly less stupid people than before sometimes however death in video games can be downright embarrassing and it feels like we're being laughed at rather than taught valuable life lessons the virtual equivalent of washing your hands a bit too zealously after going to the bathroom it was the chair here are the most totally lame ways to die in video games we've already touched upon our first entry idiotically falling off something high the rule with this kind of lame death is that it only happens in one of two instances firstly when you're testing out the physical rules of a new game can I jump if I look down in first person do I have legs if I push my character over this high ledge will the game let me fall yes says Dark Souls cruelly chuckling away at its own realism the second instance is always immediately after you've done something awesome like getting a 10 kill streak in destiny for it eight kills you've got nothing you have got nothing it's embarrassing nein I am embarrassed about this every memo backs 10 10 kill streak honestly this is just unbelievable I'm Justin I would literally rather walk down the street with a suspiciously wet crotch than die like that in front of my own teammates ah it was big I think it I think there was a I think there was the glitch or something next up we've got a classic a lame death I've experienced many times thanks to my infatuation with beautiful swirly Ripley in-game water physics like an idiot moth to an expansive rolling flame of probably death I weighed in knowing the likely outcome is yeah that there's a worrying list of otherwise physically capable videogame protagonists who sink like lead when they touch the webster john marston altai year even superheroes like spider-man and Batman instant water deaths ranked even higher on the lame-o scale when you've just performed an acrobatic feat of super heroism or jumped off a building and stabbed someone or shot a bad guys horse in the face I mean come on Alfred could you not have taken young master Bruce down to Gotham's public swimming pool for a few lessons next up is a scenario we've all faced at some point it often happens in the heat of battle when you're under pressure and every move you make could mean the difference between life and restarting at the last checkpoint 20 seconds earlier I mean that's pressure isn't it your hands become thick and slow like they're moving in a dream and you forget the controls for fire and you press the wrong button instead of unleashing that final climactic shot of wind that ensures you progress to the next checkpoint you cook a grenade full of lose and drop it right to your you could technically still escape if you had your wits about you but now your brain is too busy trying to keep up with its own stupidity and so you stand there frozen like Dave playing Petey waiting for the inevitable wrong button deaths also happen all the time in FIFA and I know technically it's not death but spamming a shot in to the 50th row of the car park outside the stadium because you smashed cross instead of shoot is basically as bad I thought it was alternative controls yeah classic excuse the next lame video game death on our list is our own fault really a result of sheer impatience hands up when you dive into a brand new open world for the first time if you just ignore the first town on your quest list and strike out towards level 50 land naked weak and equipped with nothing but a rusty sword hilt you know just to see what's over the horizon after all you've just bought this game so the world is yours and you want to see all of it straight away inevitably you'll come up against some kind of snarling overpowered monstrosity that will smack you back to the menu screen so fast you won't even have a save file from which to restart running into an area that's too hard for your current level it's almost like a boarding school there isn't it run into the Headmaster's room after lights-out call him an idiot and then run back to your dormitory before he catches you and finds out almost always this goes horribly wrong and using fallout 4 as an example can sound a bit like this know that you do realize that running around underleveled can lead to some quite severe side effects some of which we've talked about already but and I'll show you them again anyway on this lame-o graph here um pressing the wrong button you you could you could panic easily and die falling off a cliff I mean that that's a nasty one in in your haste to get away so you know I I have to recommend that you you just stick to the quests that you're given back in the good old days when you started an adventure like Tomb Raider for example you'd get a basic weapon with infinite ammo inside this meant that in the very likely scenario of you wasting valuable shotgun ammo one thin air you'd still have something however pitiful to use in an emergency like if a t-rex came out of nowhere and killed you nowadays games are a bit more unforgiving when it comes to ammo and you can run out at the most inopportune times for instance when you're fighting a deathclaw in Fallout 4 and it's near the start of the game and you've blown all your other ammo on Raiders lay another version of the running out of ammo death would be the inconvenient reload death which happens to me all the time when I'm playing destiny admittedly I'm mostly awful of PvP for me breaking even on the KD ratio is a major achievement and so when I come face-to-face with another cube and I'm already embracing the respawn screen but when it happens because you've not been paying attention to how much you've got left in your clip unforgiveable magnitude aids on the lame-o meter our final entry this week is what I'm going to call affliction deaths and what I mean by that is when your character contract some kind of life sapping ailment in a game that prevents them from operating at full capacity and can lead to deaths of unimaginable lameness I'm talking poisoning final fantasy curse in Dark Souls old snakes stress meter and Metal Gear Solid for your harsh battle with malaria in Far Cry 2 or radiation poisoning in fallout 4 if you get cursed warned and once in Dark Souls and just forget it any encounters practically fatal similarly if snake gets too stressed in mgs4 II can't aim properly and chances are you'll get owned by generic grunts go swimming in an irradiated lake in fallout 4 and you get so we'll even encounters with stupid insects will finish you up hardly a fitting end for someone who's just spread a super mutants limbs over half of downtown Boston thanks for watching if you can think of any other lame ways to die in video games do let us know in the comments please like this video because looking at lots of likes is what keeps me warm on cold winter nights and it's November now and also don't forget to subscribe if you're not already so you don't miss any of these videos when they go up every Friday and why not download the access ps4 app so you can watch them on your big telly in the lab see you next time

see we believe I know ya HGTV's what's up its me funnel down okay I get it Chuck what are you doing neighbor neighbor listen no dude we gotta tell them Sean and I use the name you always tricking me listen we gotta hurry up before fdtv buddy get to appreciate you guys remember the granny Christmas video thank you so much for watching Christmas granny we'll check you guys later peace out Finley pop a little box and give it really end at the way that you think it ended I gotta show you something oh sure for Chango why he's gone so weird did you take Sean I did cuz I saw you kissing granny I didn't kiss granny she kissed me I swear it I love you miss tu my boo this is so familiar we love you girl you're my boo so because I like granny you steal my son makes no sense what because I don't love you you don't love me anymore anymore do you know what hurts like a lot I'm gonna get my revenge right now I know just the same there's a new teaser mode okay and it's in scary teacher oh you are back again yes I am back again yeah what do you have a mustache and this time I'm going to teach you a lesson okay and to teach you lessons you need chalk here's some chalk bobblehead I don't have a bobblehead do I oh I like this new mode you could just throw these things at her but it looks like none of them hurt except for in her head haha you just missed it no I clearly got you I know you got paper check this out we got eggs let's purchase and eggs purchase some cake I don't know what that thing is in purchasing bugs you ready for this misty [Laughter] no don't do it no I can't watch dude her body's Hollow just nothing inside all right let's see what this thing is ready oh my goodness these are awesome a shuttle launches has a crunch to it hmm not my career oh my gosh that was so girl I will hang you by your tail you wrapped up a tail under I can a tail did you give me a tail don't take my son don't give me a tail don't not love me because I love you even if you are hollow in the inside I mean you're bored well I am too I know we're going already everyone's bored I'm done with that annoying dunny [Applause] okay we're playing eat people also hold a high up you ready to do it we're doing it all right two minutes to be the first who is gonna win niushan whoa okay what let's just see bro okay I'm gonna eat you shine I'm gonna get beaten the object of this game so we can't see you the object of this game is to collect as many things as you can and then you grow like see that is maybe plus two points oh dude I think and then anyways when you get big enough then you can start eating more including your 60 seconds remaining shine I think I'm winning so I'm actually pretty good at it baby oh you are I hate you again okay times up I got the first place with 276 points and don't worry your will be 206 less I'm on your team now but you want to beat up other people okay game modes let's play battle beat the last well what's happening here be the last hole are you ready play oh I don't fall we're in the wrong that are you playing I'll play let's just see who could be the last right now that king is the king but can I take it from yeah oh my goodness my dream is laggy well this is perfect you want to get all these little things back to back get all good it's a whole city there's only four players left do this it's just me in someone else trechie bada-bing whoa I got first thank you so much for watching that need look fun when we see when we say goodbye peace out okay strawberry that trend has a crunch to it not like a razor no where are you going over here don't try and step on stuff wait you're walking into a tripod now

NAZI ROBOTS ATTACK! (Backseat Gaming)

April 9, 2019 | Articles | 25 Comments

this is the new Wolfenstein guy I think there's something behind you yes just called you a dumb retard first of all the force of my rage I'm trying to detect the signal oh that means there's an officer around all right get to the top of this building just shoot him he's an officer I'm gonna shoot him let's shoot him let's a photo shoot him okay yeah he's dead go run up and grab that that turret can I turn it enough yeah oh I took it off yeah oh the laser turn oh this is specifc future drone down relevance nab that guy right ah yeah yeah you know he I yeah oh he punched me oh you suck at killing Nazis well what happened was I'm sure can you go through the tunnel on the ground oh that might be a sneak here you're getting shot right for now right you're getting yeah well our problem now is there's reinforcements forever you should try to as often as possible get there's one officer and you see how the signal oh that makes sense yeah there we go oh he came home I disappeared oh oh oh resisted my knife kill you did Oh what the Frick out of it look switch we haven't tried this way yet we got this way okay maybe this is the secret route is the best yeah absolutely cool now we could beauty it Hill people yeah shoot him in the butt yeah there you go he didn't die keep shooting you oh you only have eight bullets though so try and go for headshots here line it up he'll be missed up and suck ball you're bad at this and the alarm I need him we're getting radical you gotta find and take out the commanders now man I think they're above you somewhere okay there's one right there take him down wow that is what up are you trying to knife a drum yeah goodnight that drowned to death I'll be super-impressed do it oh my god switch oh yeah behind him he doesn't see me in a bar oh my gosh he's dead no no this game is healthier than I thought it yeah yeah maybe that's why it's so difficult because they want you to be stealthy jump over this oh there's stairs right here now take these stairs oh my gosh yes hang on I have something for the situation yeah it's called dual wielding bitches everyone explode and die do you have any grenades I don't blame blame drug rehab grenades no nice they forced their death on yes oh that was amazing that was butyl good job thank you yeah we're gonna bomb boxes take that oh you got a Tesla grenade that's exciting Oh late Oh or alright let me switch to the Tesla grenade yeah you know what you're gold I missed Oh I mean a good thing I suck I'm sorry you don't suck this game like I failed this games aiming is like kinda wonky stop oh yeah die bitch beautiful can I thank you teabag teabag teabag gargling your balls oh oh I totally didn't see that guy oh and there's a there's an officer in here somewhere that was some good job oh don't wield night oh yes oh yeah this slow elevator right there big night young you use the wall good Dada Dada coming tonight yeah over yes so it's awesome so let's take maybe it estelle period or more gun-wielding edge this time really put them back oh no I think you still having the alarms all right go full remote pull out your pull out your thing yeah there you go hold your thing pull out your thing rip out your weight around you really have to find the officer oh there he is he's hiding by the Jeep there you go pick up all the same oh he's a compared to the rest of these people that was all big shots oh he was pretty mad hail to the king baby this is a dictum should have been I feel like Duke Nukem in vjr bro they both have a very similar plate style Wow how did you I'm not that I don't know slimming sleeping Achtung speaking German OH Oh a truck is behind or what you think German that sounds like pullout stealthier gun there's a thing there's a there's a fixing the signal detectors an officer around he's definitely in this building yeah just got to find it wait yes throwing Megan do it listen how you throwing but I saw me Oh God like those games Tesla grenade Tesla grenade that guy do it kill the dog shoot it Jesus it's mechanical kill I stand it more work she's that guy I want to see a tester grenade though oh I cleaned it yeah return to the car you Wow getting this old man through this checkpoint yeah I mean so much of a hassle what's even gonna do is bad hips all right ma Paul we're gonna go now nice do rec Oh canticle monster thing really oh my god go Rambo boat oh let's see if you're gonna try to get grenade head hit them with Tesla grenades yes Tesla grenade that robot did you just throw three I did I'm a man seems like overkill all right you killed it maybe oh it's down for a second yeah like it up yeah the Tesla grenade made it short circuit it's back you should have shot it while I was shooting I was wondering if I could jump on the back and grow do it you'd need maximum damage which to the dual-wield yeah manly time I can't run in this there you go that recoil though nice yakky plug duck anymore mo ya take a quick for your poop all there's guns in the hot house or something yeah do to help dude you need like a laser turret Flitz there's another robots yes oh okay yeah they're in glaze a turd that's what I said oh god what are you doing okay now remember you can reload this thing by putting it back on that stand it's not your doing it's not firing why not oh I don't have em oh uh where's the okay break this crate trinkets oh wow you're dead switch go Tesla grenades oh there you go he's down he's down oh I think I short-circuited the turn oh no no it's working no I bet yeah yeah good gosh eat all this a true clean it yes yeah it's down is it down he's doing the robot oh he's on fire party yeah I'm a fire went into him your armor and more health all right you got this find a way to sneak up behind the other Iron Giant and just and dust out of your mind nothing's gonna see me I'll try and get behind it because this is backseat gaming but it's not gonna work you have to believe it totally sees me [Laughter] you can't keep up with you yeah Circle strain your plan yes it was a good plan though it was good place okay maybe the other turret works you know just decimate face oh don't even touch it yeah Nazi best yeah robot no it's over Oh oh so you can realize yeah suck it you saw we were so close we're so close plentiful sweat so good titanfall two months thank you backseat gamer no problem he's down yeah all right come on baby hurry up there it is got that sorry oh I can't turn it enough you can detach a number no you're off if you hold X nice that guy's sucking it what the Frick oh you oh you're down all right you got this you got this yes nice if you go out and to the left there's two crates back there he's throwing a grenade yeah you can't block that bro over curtains wait stop die die yeah Abby's dance viewing red hot all right one of them's down oh man and then don't take the turret off just roast them no don't okay I didn't mean to do that I I still got a hundred twenty he'll die bitch you oh I was waiting I didn't even notice it die you piece of useless yeah yeah bleed red blood dye my testosterone is through yeah right get in the trunk all right guys whoa it's been backseat gaming it's been a horrifying experience where is helpful it's very manly yes very much it's been testosterone e bye guys ah nothing like some good old-fashioned Nazi killing but you know what I wish we had some of those weapons from loadout three check out that video here or check out our latest venture into the nether in Minecraft