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Sega GAME GEAR Buying Guide & Fun Games

October 18, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Sega GAME GEAR Buying Guide & Fun Games

Metal Jesus: Metal Jesus here and I’m back
again with Kinsey. Kinsey: Hello and today we are going to be
talking about a buying guide for the Sega Game Gear. Metal Jesus: And you are perfect for this
video because you had one as a kid, right? Kinsey: Yep. That was pretty much my go to
hand held as a kid because it was color screen and I’m like, “Yeah, this is awesome.” Metal Jesus: Well and we’re going to be doing
this video because we get a lot of requests for it. I think there’s a lot of mystery around
the Game Gear. So we’re going to talk bout the hardware, what you need to look out for,
as well as the variants, the accessories and we’re going to recommend some games you get
day one. Let’s take a look. Kinsey: So first, we’re going to talk about
the hardware and the Game Gear is actually pretty special for the time because it was
back lit and color. Metal Jesus: Which is really important compared
to the original Game Boy, which was what, black and white or? Kinsey: Green. Metal Jesus: Green and yellow. Yeah, so Sega
was attempting to do some thing kind of forward thinking and bring color to the handheld.
Now actually to be fair, the Atari Lynx did it first, but this was another answer to that
and for the most part, when this came out that was a huge selling point. Kinsey: Yeah, yeah. It was amazing. When I
first saw this at the store, I was like, “That’s the one I want.” Metal Jesus: Now some of the other things
I like about the Game Gear is that I think it’s really comfortable to hold. I like how
it’s wide, almost like a P-S-P, or something like that. It’s really comfortable even today. Kinsey: It’s really, really nice. Metal Jesus: Yeah. You know, on the original
Game Boy I’d have to go like this to platy stuff. So I definitely prefer that. Now as
far as collecting goes, one of the really great things about the Game Gear as well,
is that there are over 300 games made for it and if you get an adapter, you can also
play most Master System games with it because I thinks it’s similar technology, or similar… Kinsey: The Game Gear is basically a repackaged
Master System, so it’s basically the same tech, just in a cuter package. Metal Jesus: Yeah and a lot of people, especially
in North America, didn’t really get into collecting for the Master System. So this is an option
for people. Kinsey: Yeah. Metal Jesus: And most of the games are dirt
cheap. Kinsey: Yeah. Now I get really surprised when
I’m like, “Oh, that Game Gear game’s $25.” Metal Jesus: Right, right. Yeah to give you
an idea, the most expensive game, I think, is Panzer Dragoon Mini and that’s by far the
most expensive one. I think it’s like a hundred bucks. Kinsey: Yeah, it’s like a hundred bucks. Metal Jesus: Yeah, but these go down from
there and most of them are literally a dollar, five bucks, ten bucks, something like that. Kinsey: Yeah it’s basically the Panzer Dragoon
and Mortal Kombat 3 are the really expensive ones. Metal Jesus: Yeah there’s a couple of them,
but not many. So it’s very easy to collect for, which is what I like and actually that’s
what I do, is when I go out, if I see a Game Gear game, I don’t own, I’ll be like, “Sure,
why not.” Kinsey: $3, $1, yes. Metal Jesus: So that’s kind of some of the
positives. Now, there are some negatives and we talked about the screen and while Sega
was trying to do something really far advanced, the thing is that screen technology on a hand
held just sucked batteries. Kinsey: Yeah. Metal Jesus: And so, unfortunately, this will
cook through six AA batteries in no time. Kinsey: Yeah, when I was little, I tried to
take one on a road trip. There was a lot of gas station batteries I went through. Metal Jesus: That’s so funny. The other thing
about it is that unfortunately, some of the capacitors that were used in this fail a lot
and so it’s unusual to find a perfectly working Game Gear unfortunately. As a matter of fact,
my first Game Gear, the screen was funky, they had no sound. Kinsey: Got to wear headphones and lean it
weird and you’re like, “Alright, this I can now do.” Metal Jesus: Yeah. But one of the good things
is and some of you watching this may have noticed, that this is a little bit unusual,
this one right here. So this is modded and there’s a bunch of people out there who mod
these. As a matter of fact, a guy named Marco did this. He’s part of, I think, the AtariAge
Forum and actually what he did, is he replaced the screen on here with an LCD screen, super
bright, and it’s shockingly better. So we’ll actually compare them in a second here. He
also replaced a lot of the capacitors for the sound, which is really nice of him to
do that and it also has V-G-A out. Kinsey: That’s so awesome. Metal Jesus: Yes. So this is really cool.
So basically, if you use the brightness over here, you can either set it to be on the handheld
or you can send it out to your TV or your computer monitor. Kinsey: Oh, that’s awesome. Metal Jesus: It changes it completely. If
someone is going to start collecting Game Gear now, because the screen is kind of one
of the bummers, it’s really hard to go and buy one of these today and have to deal with
that screen. So getting a new screen on there is like it’s night and day. Kinsey: Yeah, it’s bringing new life to the
Game Gear, which is awesome because there’s great games for it. It get’s over looked a
lot. Metal Jesus: Yeah, definitely. Now there are
a lot of accessories, so let’s talk about that next. Alright, so we were talking about
the terrible battery life of the Game Gear, but there are other solutions, right? Kinsey: We can get you a one of a kind chick
magnet. You can wear this baby on your belt. Metal Jesus: When you first mentioned this
I was like, “What the hell are you talking about? Oh, right.” You seen a fanny pack. Kinsey: With my Game Gear fanny pack and my
Game Gear battery pack. I just need a Game Gear hat. Metal Jesus: I’m surprised you don’t have
one. Kinsey: I wish I did. Metal Jesus: But this is a rechargeable Game
Gear battery pack. It’s actually cool. Kinsey: Yeah and it really helps extend the
life of your battery and you’re not always going to get more AA’s. Metal Jesus: I know. Just to do this video
I sent Rebecca, my wife, to go to Target to buy a bunch of batteries just so we would
have them. It’s ridiculous, right? But so it’s nice that this is here and the other
thing too is that you can use a Genesis power adapter as well. Kinsey: Yeah, for the Genesis 2, I actually
did that a lot when I was little. I just sat by the wall and played my Game Gear. Metal Jesus: Yeah and so I think a lot of
people do that now, too. Even myself when I’m in my game here, I just use that. So it’s
not that big of a deal. So some other accessories are, of course, I forget what this is called. Kinsey: The Super Wide Gear. Metal Jesus: Super Wide Gear and it’s funky
too. It opens up like this, it hooks on the back. Honestly, I don’t fell like it needs
it that much, but it’s just one of those things that you had back then, right? Kinsey: I used it when I was little. I was
like, “This is awesome. Look at how big it is, yeah!” Metal Jesus: They should do this for other
stuff. Now that I’m thinking about it, I wonder if this hooked on the Vita or something, that’d
be hilarious. Kinsey: It’d be great. Metal Jesus: That’d be great. Another thing
is, we mentioned it earlier and that is you can play most Master System games on it because
the technology is very similar. All you need is a Master Gear converter. Kinsey: Yeah. Metal Jesus: Now what’s weird about this is
that this can be collectible or expensive, not super expensive, but this can cost you
more than the Game Gear itself, which is hilarious. Kinsey: Yeah. Metal Jesus: But, it’s pretty cool. You basically
pop the game in here, it attaches to the back, turn it on and you’re playing Master System
games. So it’s pretty awesome. Another accessory that a lot of people were kind of impressed
with was the TV tuner. Kinsey: Yeah, watch TV on your Game Gear. Metal Jesus: Color TV. But, of course, it’s
really useless today because it’s all broadcast in digital. Kinsey: Yeah and the rabbit ears won’t really
help you. Metal Jesus: Yeah won’t really help you, but
that’s pretty much for accessories, right? There’s a lot of bags and things like that. Kinsey: Yeah, there’s a link cable. Metal Jesus: Oh, right. Kinsey: Want to play a Game Gear with your
friends? Metal Jesus: That’s right, yeah. So that’s
the accessories, but now we probably want to talk about some of the variants of the
hardware, right? Because this is where it can be pretty exciting collecting for the
Game Gear. The Game Gear itself, the black one, is not very expensive. It’s like what,
15, 20 bucks? Kinsey: Yeah, but this is the one a lot of
people know of. So I don’t even know if a lot of people know it comes in other colors. Metal Jesus: Yeah, that’s true. So I showed
off in a pick ups video a little while ago, the yellow one. I know. A lot of people thought
this was fake or some sort of shell, but it actually was released in Japan. That’s where
this comes from. Kinsey: They get all the good colors. Metal Jesus: I know. But yeah I absolutely
love it. I think it’s beautiful. So there’s yellow, also blue. Kinsey: The blue one is probably one of the
more common colors. So little bit rarer than the black, but not much. Metal Jesus: It’s a nice color of blue though. Kinsey: Still awesome. Metal Jesus: Yeah and then you have, I think
one of the rarer ones, right? Kinsey: Yeah. Metal Jesus: It’s certainly collectible. Kinsey: There was also some special edition
ones released, as there is for most systems, but in Japan, for example, this one’s a Magic
Night Rayearth system, which if you’re an anime kid like I am, love it. Rayearth is
awesome. Metal Jesus: And now, did it come with a game? Kinsey: Mm hmm, and it came with a Rayearth
game as well. Metal Jesus: Same exact color as the system,
which is perfect. Kinsey: And it’s beautiful, it’s all matchy,
matchy and if you like Rayearth especially getting the game and the system together it’s…I
don’t know, it was magical when I saw it. Metal Jesus: And you have it in the box. I
was like, “Wow!” Kinsey: Yeah and the game’s really fun too,
especially if you like Rayearth, because it’s just an action game and it’s really fun. Metal Jesus: There’s also some other variants
too. There’s a Coca Cola one, which has another color red, which is really cool looking too.
There’s a few others that people are looking out for so it’s awesome. Kinsey: So now we’re going to talk about some
games. These aren’t necessarily the rarest or the craziest, but these are the ones that
we think are really good to own or we just really enjoy. Metal Jesus: Absolutely. Kinsey: So on that note, I’m going to start
with The Lion King because it’s on everything, but this is me riding in the nostalgia train
for a little bit. The Lion King and also Bonker’s House of Wax, it’s awesome you guys. Don’t
judge me, but these basically were the games I played as a child and it doesn’t do it justice
when I play this on any other system. So this is always recommended by me and it’s not that
expensive. So I think it’s worth it and it really shows off the Game Gear’s capabilities. Metal Jesus: That’s cool. So a game I’m going
to recommend here is a game I was surprised that I really enjoyed. I don’t know if it’s
on any other system, I don’t care, but it’s called Devilish and I thought this would be
some sort of arcade action game. No, it’s actually like an Arkenoid clone, but it’s
got it’s own thing basically where you have the paddles and you’re knocking a ball back
and forth. The screen is heading down, but what’s really cool about this is that you
can reconfigure the paddle. So for instance, you have one paddle or two up above each other,
but then you can split them out. You can put one on it’s side. Plus you can control the
up and down so you can throw the upper paddle higher. I don’t know, it’s just like… Kinsey: It sounds complicated, but at the
same time I’m enthralled. It sounds awesome. Metal Jesus: See, the thing I like is that
Breakout and Arkenoid had been around for so long, that that’s kind of a tired game,
right? But I like games that try to do something new with it because I grew up with that. I
loved those games when they first came out. So Devilish on the Game Gear, pretty cool. Kinsey: It’s got a good name, too. Metal Jesus: It is. Kinsey: And actually on that same vein, Haley
Wars. It’s a vertical shooter. It’s super fun. But what it does a little bit differently
is that whenever you miss one of the ships or one of the asteroids or comets that’s coming
at you, if you miss it, it goes and it hits Earth and you have a gauge on the bottom that
says what percentage Earth is destroyed and if it gets to 100, that’s it. Metal Jesus: Yeah, it’s a surprisingly really
fun shooter. I was like, “I played this a lot.” Now, you’re holding two versions of
it here and I did this because I wanted to remind myself that one of the nice things
about the Game Gear is that it is region free. So often if you can’t find a copy of the North
American version, get the Japanese version. That’s exactly what I did here. You can play
either one, it’s pretty cool. So okay that was cool. Next up for me was a game, I was
a little surprised and that is Vampire Master of Darkness. Kinsey: Yes. Metal Jesus: It looks cheesy as hell. Kinsey: The story’s a little cheesy, but it’s
worth it. Metal Jesus: It’s cool. It’s basically a Castlevania
clone. They’re not even sugar coating it, it’s Castlevania, right? But I like it. For
one, I find it to be a little bit easier than Castlevania for some reason. To me that’s
a good thing because on a little screen it can be difficult. As a matter of fact, this
game on the original Game Gear screen I think is pretty difficult because it’s hard to see
bats and stuff. On my modded one it changes the game, it’s so much more playable. So,
yeah, highly recommended, this is a fun game. Kinsey: Nice. And then one I really wanted
to mention is Revenge of Drancon. What I really like about this game is that it’s super unassuming.
Most people probably walk by this because… Metal Jesus: It looks like a budget title. Kinsey: It looks like a budget, I don’t know,
generic, but, it’s Wonderboy. It’s so fun. It’s basically the arcade version of Wonderboy
and it’s wonderful. Metal Jesus: That’s weird that they changed
the name to something like that, though. Kinsey: I don’t even know how to say it, come
on. It looks super generic, but this is full of wonderful secrets. So if you see this,
you can get it. Metal Jesus: Awesome. Alright so next up for
me is a game called Dragon Crystal, speaking of games that look fairly generic. Now this
game, when I popped it in I was like, “This looks so familiar.” But that’s because it
also came out as Fatal Labyrinth, or at least very similar in style. So this is a maze like
dungeon crawler, top down. This is another game where I popped it in and I played it
for way longer than I expected to because it’s so easy, it’s so much fun. Essentially
you’re just cruising around in this maze, you’re slowly exposing parts of the dungeon
and combat’s fun. You basically just push up against the enemy, you don’t have to battle,
you don’t have to button mash, there’s really not much skill, which is perfect for a handheld
where you’re just trying to have some fun. But there’s armor upgrades and all that sort
of stuff so I enjoyed it quite a bit and this game is dirt cheap. Kinsey: Yeah. Alright and next I’m going to
talk about Legend of Illusion, Mickey Mouse. Metal Jesus: Nice. Kinsey: And this one’s awesome because this
is in the same series of Castles of Illusion, which everybody knows, but this one, I believe
it’s a sequel. It’s in the same series, but it’s…I think the story is a little bit more
interesting and it’s just not one that anyone played. Everybody knows Castle of Illusion,
but this one’s definitely worth it. Metal Jesus: Cool. So next up is a game that
I had never heard of until I got a Game Gear and that is Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden
Axe. So this is a total surprise. It’s basically…it reminds me of Zelda 2, where there’s an overhead
map and then it goes to a 2D exploration. I don’t know, I guess it’s a side thing for
Golden Axe. So I don’t know. It’s pretty cool, I enjoyed it quite a bit and it plays great. Kinsey: Great. Alright and we wanted to mention
a Sonic game. Metal Jesus: Yes. Kinsey: Because how can you talk about a Sega
system without talking about Sonic? Metal Jesus: And you and I were talking like,
“Well which one?” Because you almost picked Sonic Drift. Kinsey: I really like Sonic Drift and Sonic
Drift 2 is the only one that came out in the U.S., but it’s really good and I know everybody
hates it and I’m sorry. Metal Jesus: I just put you on the spot right
there. Like, “Dammit!” Kinsey: I know people don’t like it, but you
can play it on the Sonic Gems on the GameCube. So it’s awesome. Anyways, this is not Sonic
Drift. This is Sonic Triple Trouble and it’s in the same series as Sonic Chaos, it’s the
sequel. A lot of people also didn’t like this one because they thought it was too easy,
but part of me, if I’m sitting on the couch playing Sonic the Hedgehog on a handheld,
easy is fine with me because I really like flying through the levels. That’s when you
can go fast and not have to worry about it as much. Metal Jesus: Yeah I agree. Easy difficulty
is not an automatic turn off for me. I’m like, “No, no, no, that’s kind of cool.” Because
there’s plenty of other ones that are hard. So you can always play those ones too. Kinsey: Yeah. Exactly. Metal Jesus: Alright and then finally, one
of the more collectible and it’s really not even that expensive, but it’s Shining Force,
I’m going to have to say this here, The Sword of Hajhy, H-A-J-H-Y. Kinsey: Hajhy. Metal Jesus: Why? I don’t know, but this is
a fantastic game on the Game Gear. It’s actually one of the more highly rated ones too. Shining
Force games are really cool. They’re very similar to Fire Emblem, where they’re turn
based strategy games. Now I don’t believe this one has permadeath though. There’s a
lot to it. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Again, it’s a little bit more collectible so if you
find a copy, definitely check it out. Kinsey: So that’s our buying guide for the
Sega Game Gear and it’s a pretty rad system. Metal Jesus: I know, I love collecting for
it. I love going to expos and retro gaming stores and everyone else is ignoring it. They’re
looking at Nintendo and I just weasel right passed them, look for games I don’t own. It’s
like awesome. Kinsey: It’s great. Metal Jesus: Now the thing is, is that Hyperkin
has announced that they may add Game Gear support to the Retron 5. Kinsey: Yeah. Metal Jesus: I know, so cool. The Retron 5
is a clone system that supports a lot of different things and Game Gear was left out for some
reason. Kinsey: I know. It’s why I didn’t buy one.
I heard it was going to have all these different systems and I was like, “Game Gear, Game Gear,
Game Gear.” Metal Jesus: It supports Game Boy and Game
Boy Advance. It’s perfect just for Game Gear. I know. I actually reached out to them to
see if they could give me some more information. They didn’t, but I will update this video
in the description and also in the annotations as news comes available. So I’m crossing my
fingers for that. Kinsey: Me too. Metal Jesus: I know. Well hey, thanks for
coming on the channel. Kinsey: Of course. Metal Jesus: Now where can people find you
on the interwebs? Kinsey: I am on Twitter @KinsZilla, K-I-N-S-Z-I-L-L-A. Metal Jesus: And you have a YouTube channel? Kinsey: I have a YouTube channel, three videos
and two that matter. Metal Jesus: Two that matter and the third
one is? Kinsey: Just gameplay from the Witcher when
I had a weird mountain bug, there were mountains in the city. Metal Jesus: Oh really? Kinsey: Yeah, it was too funny not to share. Metal Jesus: Well and you’ve done an unboxing
video. I remember that. That’s awesome. Alright, you can find me @MetalJesusRocks, Twitter,
YouTube, Facebook, all that sort of stuff. Alright guys, thanks very much for watching,
thanks for subscribing and take care. Alright, now that I have the Sega Game Gear
buying guide under my belt, I’m curious, what other buying guides would you like to see
me do? I have some ideas. There’s some good stuff out there. You know what needs to be
done, a P-S-P buying guide needs to be done. That’s a pretty good one because there’s like
three different models, tons of good games.

FLASHOUT 2 – MAKING OF VIDEO – Futuristic anti-gravity racing game by Jujubee!

FLASHOUT 2 is very much different from its precedessor. Tracks are more curvy and offer a lot of variety, with many sharp corners, twists, bends, loops, racing upside-down, blood freezing speed jumps and so on, so in general the game is not only faster but also extremely exciting. FLASHOUT 2 is a much bigger game. There are more circuits, licensed music tunes, more leagues, there’s also an animated story, 11 different languages are supported and of course the highly-anticipated multiplayer mode is also there. Moreover we’ve made many changes to the Career Mode which is now much more exciting thanks to new racing modes, such as Elimination or for example the Destruction Mode, which is a bit similar to a deathmatch because your goal is to destroy as many enemies as possible, so there’s a lot more going on. We’re very happy that Apple made the decision to support game controllers and thanks to our cooperation with Moga FLASHOUT 2 features full controllers support on both iOS and Android devices, and I must say the feeling and the overall experience is simply amazing, the game is very responsive and makes you feel like you’re playing on a portable console. In such games as FLASHOUT 2 you want to get the best and flawless experience, so we put a lot of effort to get as much as 60fps on high-end devices such as the iPhone 5s and iPad Air. As result the gamplay is amazingly smooth and thanks to geometry streaming and heavy code optimization FLASHOUT 2 is still able to offer console-quality graphics and spectacular visual effects, even on older devices! In reviews and comments players asked us for an online multiplayer mode and we are happy to confirm that the game will launch with this exciting new feature. You will be able to challenge your friends or compete against random players from all around the world and we are sure that you will love the online experience in FLASHOUT 2! There’s no doubt that FLASHOUT 3D was a success for Jujubee, and we knew from the very beginning that we want to go further with this franchise and that the second game will be even better. In the case of FLASHOUT 2 we had more time to polish every little detail and we could take profit of all the great feedback we got from players and fans. As result, FLASHOUT 2 is a completely different game, made 100% from scratch and it offers you a console-like gaming experience like never before. FLASHOUT 2 – Coming Q1 2014 Android, Windows Phone, PC and Mac versions will be out at a later date.

Black Ops 4 One Year Later

October 16, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 1 Comment

Black Ops 4 One Year Later

what’s up guys welcome back to another
video on the channel in today’s video we’re gonna be doing a little bit of
review of black ops 4 one year later so in this video we’re gonna be talking
about everything kind of changing from black ops 4 release one year ago till
now and what the game is like today and of my thoughts on the game overall
so black ops 4 came out one year ago today on October 12 2018 and my first
impressions of the game was that I absolutely loved it I loved black ops 4
when it first came out primarily because one he was made by Treyarch I’ve always
really liked rare games except for the like black ops there was kind of an
exception to that I liked it but I also kind of disliked it I mean it was kind
of in this weird era of color dirty games starting with ghosts advanced
warfare black ops 3 infinite warfare and world war 2 where a lot of these games
are kinda iffy to me and I wouldn’t really enjoy them too much compared to
say how I did back with like black ops 2 and modern warfare 2 and him w3 and
black ops 1 like that old-school era of games but I really liked black ops 4
because to me it was really awesome one because of his boots on the ground
because we finally got back to that I mean world war two had boots on the
ground but it was made by sledgehammer and it just didn’t feel quite right to
me I still really enjoyed that game but I was ready for another boots on the
ground Treyarch game and black ops 4 delivered
that it was a Traer game which means that it had all those same things like
the movement stuff just felt on point I really liked the bright and punchy
colors it’s always nice and fun to play as rather than like the super in
depressing and washed out colors of say like an Infinity Ward game and of course
it also has zombies in his tree or kizomba so it’s actually you know pretty
good compared to say what infinite warfare came to the table with an
advanced warfare and even world war twos on me it’s like Trevor Giambi’s was
always you know the best out of all of them and it was cool to you know to get
Trevor’s Amba sand on launch we got four Maps three of them came with a disc the
fourth one was a DLC map that was excluded to the black ops past so I
thought that was fantastic but we’re not gonna talk about zombies quite yet first
up let’s talk about the fact that there’s
no campaign for black house for so blackouts forth had no campaign and that
was kind of a shame to me because I had this huge gripe with black ops 3 and
I’ve complained about it quite a bit about how that game is basically a
sequel to black ops 2 in name only there are only like three references in the
entire campaign to the previous like two entries in the Black House franchise and
the whole story just sounds like nothing to do with the rest of the series and so
it’s like so why is this game called black ops and my whole thing with that
was it they obviously called it black ops just
to get more sales because you know they wanted to build off the hype of black
ops 2 people like oh another black ops game all by that black ops 2 was awesome
black ops 1 was awesome so I’ll buy black ops 3 whereas if they called it
something like futuristic warfare or something then like not as many people
would’ve bought it like I guarantee but there’d be at least a million people who
wouldn’t have bought it and I hated the black ops 3 campaign and so for sure
just to not have a campaign this game like it has its pros and cons like pros
is that if it had another campaign like black ops 3 it’d just be another thing
for me to just almost never play like I’ve played through the black ops 3
campaign took me a while but I finally beat it and I was not impressed and I’ve
almost never gone back to his sense it was pretty bad and I just did not like
it it didn’t connect to the black ops franchise to also like to me black ops
for not having a campaign it’s like okay well what would I rather have a campaign
that sucks and has nothing to do with the black ops universe or no campaign at
all in that time and effort put into black out multiplayer and zombies so I
was like okay but I guess in the place of that we did get those specialist
missions where you got to play as each individual specialist and you got to see
him play as some of like the backstory behind each of the specialists so that
was really cool and something that kind of connected the multiplayer universe
together and made you know a really cool story and it was something that trick
didn’t have to do but I’m really glad that they did it made it like a cool
little mini campaign for the game but now let’s go on to multiplayer and talk
about that I loved multiplayer when the game first came in I absolutely loved it
was fantastic as boots-on-the-ground it felt great sounded great the game
looked great it was an Xbox 1x enhanced game and so I loved playing it at 4k was
fantastic I just really liked the the way the game
feel like all the guns felt great they all looked great the sound design was
awesome there’s a lot of great new modes and
overall I just really enjoyed the multiplayer see I when I first got the
game I played multiplayer for eight days straight we did a 24/7 live stream where
we tried to be the first people in the world to hit prestige master murder the
first on Xbox one to be prestige master in black ops 4 in the United States
which was really sick and I also believe worldwide too but yeah so that was
really cool and I really enjoyed multiplayer during that time it was
really fun to play but I feel like a little bit of my discouragement for
multiplayer came from that because after playing for eight days straight 24 hours
a day I kind of got burnt out on it a little bit we’re gonna talk about this a
little bit in my blackout section but multiplayer was really fun at start and
I loved that you know it was just always something I could always hop on to and
play and do really well the score streaks were always really good I felt
like they could use a couple more really high powerful score streaks so something
like the dogs from world at war or from black ops 1 and black ops 2 or like the
swarm from black ops 2 you know really cool streaks like that even like the
raps I mean you kind of have the stripe team which is kind of the same thing but
like I felt like there should be more high powered streaks but the streaks in
the game were fun the weapons are all really good there’s a pretty good
balance of weapons I would have liked to see more launchers and pistols and stuff
but it is what it is we had a lot of salt rifles and SMGs and you know a
couple of sniper rifles I really wish that they would have added in more
weapons from the get-go and just had a whole bunch of them but I felt like the
selection that we had was good dark matter returned from black ops 3
which was really cool and it was really you know it actually looks fantastic I
love the way it looks there’s a great thing and I’m gonna also talk about that
for the other modes as well but for me multiplayer the real like place where
the game actually kind of took a turn for the worst is when they started doing
microtransactions so that is when the game really started to fall off for me
personally so I played multiplayer all the time it was always awesome and like
just a blast to play but as soon as Trevor started adding in micro trans
actions in the black market and stuff it just kind of became awful like they
added in all these melee weapons and they started adding them in from the
start which I didn’t like because that’s something they did with black ops 3 and
it was really annoying how you always had to open up supply drops and hope you
could get them whereas we had in a game like World War 2 we had a system where
you were able to earn like every single weapon through contracts and it was
super easy to unlock new weapons in that game and now we were back to the old
system of oh you gotta open supply drops and just get lucky you just gotta you
know open hundreds of these or pay for hundreds of them and just hope you get
lucky to get these new weapons and stuff and I just really kind of rubbed me the
wrong way and the other big blow for this game was the new seasons and the
operations for it so rather than having like 4 DLC map
packs to come out throughout the year instead they had different operations so
the first one I think it was called first strike that one came out I believe
like a week after the game cannot something like that and then we had
operation absolute zero started in December and see that was something I
really didn’t like is this whole time base thing where it’s like hey you got
to get up to tier 200 before this new operation comes out or else you’re
screwed and you’re not gonna be able to get these weapons and stuff like in
order to get that I see our mark to the Mastercraft and like the reactive camera
stuff like you had to get all the way there like tier 200 and that was just
such a grind and I really just did not like doing that because you had to place
so much to get there and I play this game for hours and hours every day
whereas somebody who works like a normal like nine-to-five job works like 40
hours or more a week would absolutely not be able to get to you know tier 200
in time and they would have to spend money on getting there and so the first
DLC was really rough for black ops 4 I guess it’s non DLC it’s an operation
there was absolutely no talk about it like before it released it actually
released early in Australia before Trek even made a statement so these maps all
came out and then it was like two hours later triggers like oh yeah just so you
guys know the new like operations available it’s available in Australia
right now and it’ll be available in a couple hours
the rest of the world and it’s like what kind of like a preview is that right
like how are you guys gonna just like drop something like that without even
saying in think about it like all of a sudden people are just playing these new
maps so like Jarek didn’t say a word about this they didn’t release a trailer
they did nothing so here we have you know a brand new zombies map two new
multiplayer maps that’s cool and then we had that new operation which added in
like new weapons and stuff it was kind of cool but like the whole battle path
system for black ops 4 and the whole microtransaction system in general is
something that rubbed me the wrong way because one all the prices were
absolutely outrageous you had so much stuff that cost an absolutely insane
amount of money it was honestly insane and I hated it it’s like hey you want to
buy this mark 2 weapon well get ready to fork over $25 oh you want to buy this
hammer oh that’s a $30 hammer that’s half the price of the entire game is for
a DLC hammer like that makes no sense but that’s what they did they charged
all these outrageous prices and a lot of the stuff that you got for free just by
getting like the battle pass by getting you know through all the different tiers
was all garbage loot it’s stuff that nobody cared about until like certain
milestones so there was stuff like you know the very max level of the the
operation and that one was probably something pretty cool but other than
that it was like a whole bunch of junk now I did appreciate that with
absolutely zero they improved upon first strikes operation because they removed
all the reserve cases from them and pushed them all after the operation
ended so they cut the operation in half so I believe it was down to 100 tiers
which was fantastic compared to the 200 from operation first strike which is
fantastic but it was still like sucky how there was so much garbage in the
game and there still is there’s so much trash in the game that is just honestly
there to dilute the loop pool and they have all these garbage skins which are
basically there to get you to buy the good-looking skin they put all the
good-looking skins and items in the black market for you to buy you have to
actually spend real-life money on them there’s no way to earn them in-game
which is absolutely stupid at least in black ops 3 you could literally earn
every single item in the game just by playing and you didn’t have to spend any
money if you didn’t want to you could technically earn every weapon it was
luck and it was stupid that was just luck but you could do it
you like theoretically you could unlock every item in the game just by playing
but this game nope you actually have to spend money and I believe somebody
actually did all the math and add it all up for how much it would cost you if you
wanted to own like every single black-market item and it was something
like costing you like $1,200 like $1500 or something like that so like over a
grand to get all these like DLC skins and jump in black ops 4 which is
absolutely insane but another gripe that I actually had
about this game is the DLC maps the DLC maps are all terrible there is not a
single DLC map that I think that I like besides maybe launch launch the only one
that came out like a couple weeks ago and at that point most people stopped
playing this game but that one I don’t know dude it was just all the maps were
pretty terrible I don’t know why all the DLC maps were bad see whenever I’m
playing black ops for a multiplayer now if I get a DLC map I usually leave the
lobby until I get like a map that was on the disc because a lot of them didn’t
like the maps on the disc we’re not great Maps either
I don’t find there’s really any Maps and black ops for that I’m like okay this is
100% a standout map that is like okay this is gonna be one that gonna be
remembering for years like if you think back to other quality games there’s 100%
like those maps that everybody loves like modern warfare 2 what maps do you
think about that a rust that’s a really iconic map what about black ops 1
nuketown see nuke towns came back and every color tv-game cents and or at
least trade game cents and you know we have all these great mass like black ops
2 yeah Sloan’s backups we had like every map was amazing in that game holy smokes
but black ops war yeah all the maps are pretty mediocre like my favorite maps to
play on were honestly the remakes was you know summit firing range and slums
were like my absolute favorite maps to play on I didn’t like Morocco in the
game first came out but I absolutely loved playing it now
and I think that’s just because the quality of the DLC maps is just so bad
and they’re just such trash that I would rather play some of the base maps that
are kind of like in all honesty their mediocre they’re nothing great but
comparison of the DLC maps they are great now on paper this game should be
an absolute success it should be fantastic you have a whole bunch of DLC
weapons that you don’t technically have to buy you can earn in-game and they’re
all really cool weapons I mean we got a lot of fan favorites in there you got
like the VMP the an-94 m16 peacekeeper like yeah these really cool throw backs
and stuff but the thing that I feel like really kills this game is one the micro
transaction system and – there’s so much like recycled content as like what a lot
of people say about this game is this game has so much content that has been
used before that it’s just like why did I buy this game if like 50 percent of
the content in it is just from other games and we’ll talk about that when we
get to some of the other sections but on paper this game should be fantastic it’s
boots on the ground it’s a trek game it’s you know like relatively lag free
it doesn’t have a whole crap ton of lag compensation like some of the earlier
Call of Duty games did it got updates really frequently which for a lot of
people that I was actually a bad thing and a complaint for them I remember
arguing with somebody on reddit about that that they absolutely hated that
Turk was putting out an update every week and I’m just like dude it’s a good
thing that they’re updating their game so often you know it makes the game
better and so on paper this game should be fantastic you know like you have a
black ops pass instead of a season pass and you also now like the whole
exclusivity thing it’s down from waiting a month on Xbox and PC down to seven
days which is fantastic and there’s a lot of things about those games that on
paper it sounds great but in reality when you come down to at the end of the
day black ops 4 just kind of it and honestly like I would rank this game in
my top 5 and I would rank it up there right by like black ops 2 and modern
warfare 2 and Cod 4 and black ops 1 in modern warfare 3 like it was a fantastic
game right now maybe not so much I mean I don’t know if it’s really falling off
that much unlike the whole grand scheme of things like I still think like ghost
is a worst game advanced warfare I would even say black ops 3 is a worst
game but I still just like over time I feel like this game started out great
there was so much potential there and we thought okay Trek there’s only like one
direction to go like you can only go up from here but instead they somehow went
backwards and went all like they completely just missed the mark with
this game like they all they had to do was just continually release updates
with good new content and just like communicate with the community about a
lot of things they would have been fantastic but instead they had a lot of
miscommunication and delays on content and pose and like all the content a lot
of it too was reused content so like a lot of the DLC weapons we’re just reuse
things like the VMB is like legit like a rip from black ops
3 and there’s a lot of content and just crap like that in this game where it’s
like okay this is just content from a previous Call of Duty game or you know
whatever else like now I guess we can we can talk about zombies I suppose for
zombies there were so many bugs when the game first came out a lot of people
attribute that to having four maps at launch which I think having four maps
that launch is a good thing you had to a threats into chaos map so you got this
brand new storyline which is really cool you know like it it’s this new storyline
new characters pretty cool you know interesting to play but you still got
that old-school one for all those like hardcore zombies fans and it you know is
wrapping up the black like the aether storyline which is really cool and
really awesome so you have formats so like if you don’t like the voyage of
despair you can go play any of the other three maps you don’t like blow the dead
you can play three other maps like it’s fantastic right
you also have dark matter camo and zombies you got camos to rank up and
stuff and weapons rank up there’s a lot to do in zombies there’s a lot of
different challenges and stuff too it’s like the most expanded zombies we’ve
ever had which I thought was fantastic but some of the negativity behind the
black ops for zombies in particular is the amount of bugs when the game first
came out like doing Easter eggs and stuff there’s so many bugs and glitches
and stuff it was like impossible to get too high rounds because your game with
blue screen and crash and it was really like in rough shape for like the first
month for zombies and I was kind of fortunate that I didn’t really play
zombies a whole ton when the game first came out and I also played it on
Spock’s so I didn’t experience any of those blue-screen issues I did have a
couple crashes here and there but not as many as like a lot of the PlayStation
players but my personal gripe with blackouts for zombies was about how like
I felt like some of the challenges were a little bit grindy like there was a lot
to do in black ops for zombies but I just felt like it was kind of in a way
too much it’s like okay if I want to get Dark Matter dude like you got to get
like 3,600 headshots for like every single weapon and it took true months I
think it was only like a couple months ago when they finally put out an update
for zombies that reduced some of the camo requirements for just the Box only
weapons which was a great change but it just sucked like trying to get Dark
Matter I still don’t have Dark Matter and zombies and I’m a prestige master
like I’m not saying that just by getting to prestige master you should already
have Dark Matter and lock like it should still be a grind something kind of
exclusive and something that you can kind of show off and it’s something that
you know is unique not everybody has but I feel like it’s just still too much of
a grind like the camel challenges for the bowie knife and the welding in
particular those ones are just awful and it basically seems like even should just
get the headshots all the headshots for one single weapon it would take you till
like round like 65 70 maybe even 80 to get all the headshots for one weapon and
there’s like 25 30 plus weapons in the game plus you have all those extra
challenges so it would honestly like it would take you probably like 75 games
even if you got like 4000 headshots of game and take you probably about like 75
games to get dark matter if you were in that takes a lot of time like getting
around 70 like that takes a lot of time so you have to dedicate a lot of time to
zombies in order to complete a lot of that stuff but I think that having the
chaos storyline in black ops or zombies was a good choice I really liked that it
was a fun new storyline I really wish it would have been expanded upon more like
I really enjoyed 9 I didn’t enjoy voyage of despair that much it’s a cool setting
like playing on the Titanic I just didn’t like the layout of the map and
just I felt like there’s way too many special zombies and that’s something I
feel like black ops 4 suffers from a lot in generalist there’s just way too many
special zombies it’s like why can’t I just kill regular zombies like that is
one reason why I preferred playing the aether Maps I
prefer playing classified because all you have are just the regular zombies
the hell house in Nova six songs I disagreed with the changed for the Nova
six song bees I liked how in black ops 1 the only way you could have nova 6 army
spawns when you were in the lab and they changed that now so the Novus exam is
just spawn out of midair they just like teleport in and it doesn’t matter if
you’re at Groom Lake or if you’re in the elevator they’ll spawn wherever you
don’t have to just be in the lab which I kind of hated that change but it was
better than having like 4 different elemental types of zombies and like a
gladiator and an axe thrower guy and then a blight father as well like that
and tigers too like that’s all just uh but there was a little bit of
controversy though about the three hit down people really didn’t like that
especially with all these like mini boss and heavy zombies is that they would
always reckoned so that was eventually changed to a four hit down but I feel
like I’m one of the big issues with black ops for zombies was the new perk
system that’s something that turned off a lot of people from is that this is the
first Charak Tom B’s game where you did not have standard perk system instead
you got to choose all your perks before the game began which in and of itself
it’s not a bad choice but they got rid of all but two or I guess technically
three of like the classic perks right so you have mule-kick quick revive and dead
char like the only classic perks in them you don’t have Juggernog you don’t have
speed Cola I guess they do have stamina so there’s four of them right so you
don’t have PhD flopper and you don’t have like any of these classic awesome
perks that you did in previous games and you don’t have widows wine or any of
this stuff or electric cherry but I don’t know like it’s just kind of
disappointing that you fucked like they got rid of like classic zombies and I
really wish that at some point they would have like put out an update that
either added those perks in or added like a classic zombies mode to the game
but Trev just stuck to their guns and was like no this is the way it’s gonna
be this is how we want it so that really alienated a lot of people and
disappointed a lot of people but people had high hopes for the dlc season
they’re like okay we got four maps they’re you know they’re alright but we
want to see where the chaos storyline goes or the
their storyline goes and the first two maps that we got was dead of the night
and ancient evil which honestly dead of the night was pretty bad in my opinion
it’s not a great map I’ve only played that map maybe five times five or six
times and I just did not really enjoy that map and to make matters worse did
not advertise it at all they didn’t bring youtubers out to their studios to
play an upload early game play to get everybody hyped for it they didn’t even
put out a trailer for it they literally just had it come out early in like
Australia and New Zealand and then they’re like oh yeah by the way we have
a new zombies map that’s out right now with new multiplayer maps so go play
it’s like oh yeah that’s a great way to advertise you know in your black ops
pass content like hmm that sucks but death a night was not great I just did
not enjoy it that much with the werewolves and the nos vertues and stuff
like it just was too weird for me and like the map in is of itself like wasn’t
a great map to there’s no real good places to train or the camp or whatever
and I felt like it was just a map built for like Easter eggs and stuff and I
feel like that’s kind of how voyage was 9 was a map that was built for both
casual play and also Easter eggs so if you want to just relax play a game of
zombies which a large majority of the zombies community that’s what they do
think you’re overworked like late at night or something like that they just
wanna kick back drink a frickin like soda or something or down a beer and
they just want to play some zombies you know that’s gonna kill the whole bunch
of zombies have a good time and I feel like they kind of ruin that with a lot
of black ops 4 zombies maps they took away that casual factor for a lot of
people and it’s just like okay well that’s great now you’re only catering
towards these hardcore fans and youtubers which on in my opinion kind of
sucks like that’s where black ops 3 really missed the mark for me is it’s
just like okay we’re gonna screw the storyline over so many different ways
and we’re gonna make even the gameplay so complex that you literally need to
look up YouTube videos to do like anything on the maps which is just
terrible terrible decisions but then we had ancient evil ancient evil was a cool
map I remember playing that quite a bit when it first came out but I just there
was no real good training spots on that map and I
really could not get behind a mic and it’s a cool idea for a map but it just
kind of sucks and this was another thing that really bummed me out about zombies
is that DLC one dad of the night came out in December and ancient evil I want
to say that came out in April so it’s like what so we have like four and a
half months in between those two DLCs which was insane because we typically
have DLC one come out in January and then DLC 2 comes out mid-april but no
we’re gonna push it back like two months and that was just ridiculous so it was a
really long time in between them which in my opinion that’s really what killed
the zombies community right there was that huge gap there and there’s no
updates to zombies we had talked about so factions that’s what I was there’s
gonna be factions coming at launch and then shark said oh no we couldn’t get
factions working for launch so it’s gonna be coming with an update sometime
a little bit later it’s gonna be coming like in December and in December like oh
no it’s not gonna be coming in December it’s gonna be coming in like early 2019
or whatever and it still is not in the game they’ve never done anything with it
now to be fair they did include the rush mode at launch rush was pretty cool it’s
a fun little side mode and they also included the gauntlet mode which is
pretty cool but it just sucks that like we didn’t
have modes like turned in it as well turn the grief mode it’s like this is
supposed to be like the biggest best call it early black ops game ever but
instead we are missing features in previous games and just it’s like you
should have just included like everything made this the biggest and
most expansive experience yet but for some reason they didn’t like they have
three years to make this game but it felt really rushed in a lot of aspects
so after ancient evil we found out that the last two maps were gonna be a
thinner maps which we were really hyped about we thought that with DLC 2 we were
also gonna get nuketown and ancient evil we thought that we were gonna get both
of them together it was leaked but apparently this the sales and stuff at
the Black House pass were so low that activision made shrek put nuketown
because it was gonna be free they made it into Alpha Omega and they made it as
DLC 3 instead so that’s what we got for DLC 3
and for DLC for we got tagged der toten and like the zombies communities kind of
Pio that the storyline ended and it was like kind of a crappy ending like some
people liked it a lot of people didn’t like it but a lot of people really
disliked the a Thor storyline for this game because every single map for the
aether storing them for this game is a remake classify this is a remake of five
from black ops one a lot of the Dead is a remake of mob of the dead from black
ops 2 Alpha Omega is a remake of nuketown zombies from black ops 2 and
tag der toten is a remake of called the dead from black ops 1 it’s like how come
we can’t get an original map right we only ever got four original maps and
that was all chaos maps that was 9 voyage dead of the night an ancient evil
and that just kind of sucked it’s like okay well what the fetch guy is like how
come we can’t get any new aether Maps you know I’ve seen a lot of people
complain though if you know the storyline you know that there’s no room
pretty new Maps or whatever it’s like okay storyline aside like that shouldn’t
be the dictating factor behind what this game is it shouldn’t be oh the storyline
means that this map has to be like this it’s like no what happened back to the
days where it’s like oh we made this map because we thought it’d be fun it was a
cool idea right like mob of the Dead is a perfect idea for this mob of the dead
at the time didn’t really fit into almost any of the zombies storyline it
was brand new characters and it didn’t like really it didn’t have like Samantha
or any of this other stuff with it and it was just really cool and everybody
loved that map it didn’t really connect to the standard zombie storyline but it
was still awesome because of the setting and because it was fun to play so the
story line doesn’t have to run everything and it didn’t like even Moon
Moon I feel like was just trench like they’re like where do you want to go
next let’s freakin go on the moon let’s have a zombies map on the moon how sick
would that be and then they connected the story linked to it later
it wasn’t like hmm well the crew is gonna be over to the moon so we better
make a moon map it’s like no the storyline should not dictate the way
that the game is made and the way the maps are made and what the settings and
stuff of the maps are like that’s just a pathetic design so I was really excited
for Alpha Omega I was like okay here it is here is this brand new aether
map-like we haven’t had a brand-new aether map since October here it is like
July this is gonna be really cool right and it was literally just nuketown
zombies and it’s like okay and there was new raygun mark twos which were the
Wonder weapon which was really cool but it’s like it’s a ray gun mark too though
it was kind of lame that like this was another aspect of the game that was like
recycled it’s like okay we don’t get a new one or weapon I don’t know dude
there’s just so much reused stuff in this game that it’s like sure you really
couldn’t come up with like new stuff to do like it’s just disappointing in my
opinion I just I wasn’t a huge fan of a lot of the content in this game because
it’s like we’ve seen this before and see I feel like there’s a difference where
at least in like a game like modern warfare remastered yes that was entirely
Call of Duty for just remastered but I love that game and I played that game to
death and the community loved that game you know why that’s because it was like
a remaster that’s what we were expecting but instead when you give us a new game
black ops 4 we’re expecting something new but then you give us stuff that’s
already old which it’s like okay if I wanted to play this I would go back and
play the old one but I mean there are times where you can have something old
in a new game and it works out fantastic there’s been plenty of remade maps that
are better than the originals and there’s fantastic and amazing but in
this game it just feels like everything did not turn out that way you have all
those reused stuff that just feels lazy and just like okay what else can shirt
borrow from previous games and just slap into this game and call today and charge
you like $30 for it so zombies in my opinion wasn’t great in this game I had
a lot of regards I preferred black ops 3 zombies as weird as that sounds because
honestly I didn’t love the dlc season from black ops 3 zombies hey I didn’t
like showers of evil I was kind of meant on der eisendrache
Hans ETSU boo I I didn’t like that at first I came to kind of liked it a
little bit later Grug cro VI played like twice and
basically almost never played again revelations I played through probably
twice and I’ve never played that again and I
I kind of hated revelations but zombies chronicles I’m sick and there’s also
leaks that we’re supposed to get zombies chronicles in black ops 4 but never
happened so that was lame and in my opinion the
storyline was just really hard and weird to follow because one you had two
storylines which was kind of confusing but even just the a third one was really
confusing and hard to follow like it’s not that easy to just like figure it out
just by playing the game you like if you you have to look at every single piece
of like audio reels you got to look at all these like little secret notes you
got to do all the Easter eggs like there is so much about it that it’s almost
impossible for anybody to just play the game and understand the storylines like
you gotta look up these like 4050 minute YouTube videos of these youtubers
breaking down the entire zombies storyline about okay here’s what happens
and and this happened in this map but it doesn’t actually mean anything and then
the the players and the the characters that go to this map and they had
collected this device but and then the the shadow man shows up and some weird
alien like you know things show up as well and these giant like meatball
things running the mayor on the map and freakin blow up next to you and stuff
and like the Apothic ons and the Cthulhu no it’s like what when did some bees
become about all this garbage like wow whatever happened back to like black ops
of 1 & 2 zombies and world at war where it’s like okay you kill zombies to
frickin save the world like that’s how it was like you’re killing nazi zombies
you’re on the moon killing zombies you’re eating the Pentagon killing
zombies now it’s like oh yeah song bees are like a side character and now you’re
killing Apothic guns and and you’re fighting dr. Monty because because he
was definitely important in black ops 1 black ops 2 and world at war like no if
he’s like this big ol part of the zombies true line how come he wasn’t in
the first three games of zombies in it hmm explain that to me
but zombies in this game was really mediocre and I mean I played a
classified a lot I really liked playing that I liked playing nine as well but
the other maps man they were just disappointed and not fun to play and now
second to last let’s talk about black we’re gonna talk about blackout and then
kind of my final thoughts in the game so blackout was really fun I had a blast
playing the beta 4 it was amazing and after I got done playing 24/7 for the
race on multiplayer I started playing blackout with Harrison it was really
fantastic I love that I streamed it quite a bit that’s actually the first
time I ever streamed from my home here and it was really fun I loved playing
blackout it was just really fun to play a battle royale mode like I never really
got into pub key or for tonight or like any other battery out main game modes or
any like these mods or earlier games like that like it just wasn’t really my
thing but I really enjoyed blackout because it was like it was a battle
royale mode but made by this giant triple-a studio and had a caller V twist
on it so it’s really fun to play really enjoyed it but about like December as
soon as I hit you know ranked 80s challan
80 in the game that was the point where I got tired of the game
yeah they added it in the a rev and they had it in hijacked that was cool
hijacked was cool for about 30 minutes and then you realized that everybody in
their grandma dropped their and it was also so far outside the map that it’s
like okay even if you survive and you kill all other 30 people that landed
there when they you gotta hop on a boat or whatever and get to the mainland
because the collapse is gonna be right on you and you’re probably still gonna
die because somebody on the mainland is just gonna snipe you or something like
that like you’re not set up properly so hijacked was a cool addition to the map
but after a couple times I just kind of stopped ever going there because it was
kind of worthless and I mean it was cool to have the a raft and they did add in
some new cool things to the map it was kind of cool and it was snowing but I
remember there was like a interview before the game came out that jerk said
that they had something like a hundred plus ideas for what they wanted to do
with blackout and they said that they’re even I’m like experiment like different
time with day changes and stuff so like you could have like blackout like the
standard blackout at night it’s different stuff like that they’re also
gonna experiment with different player counts and there’s gonna be a whole
bunch of awesome stuff of blackout like different modes and just tons of
different stuff that they can do with the mode but as of now we probably got
what maybe 20 of those hundred like yeah we got a whole bunch of cool modes
like hot pursuit was cool have a whole bunch of vehicles and stuff and a bunch
of stashes cops and robbers and Alcatraz was cool but it’s like okay what about
after that like you got round war ground or sick that should have been in like
right from the start but other than that this new whatever heroes mode thing is
we’re now have like the black ops 3 s like advanced movement and tanks and
stuff that’s just like well dude what is going on here and I just I don’t know
like we had a bunch of like limited time modes that we’re all right it was kind
of fun to play but it’s like why don’t you just have every mode in the game
right why don’t you just have a hopper suit of ground war in Alcatraz it duo’s
solos and a quads and like how come like they couldn’t just have all of them and
I feel like a lot of that comes down to the player account but it’s like just
give us the option to play all these different things and it really pissed a
lot of people off whenever they take away a mode like this they’re like okay
well hot pursuit is no longer in the game and said we have this other mode
like I don’t even remember they have that like snipers and melee weapons mode
and they also had that I think it was like close quarters combat or something
like that where it was like SMGs and like shotguns only or something I got a
bunch of cool ideas but it’s like okay they’re in for like a week or two and
then they haven’t been in the game since so blackout was fun when I actually hit
a tional on a tee it was really cool and I was like sick because Trek said that
they were not going to add prestiges into black out there like prestiging the
blackout is just it prestiging does not suit black out but what did they do when
operation I’m even freaking remember was called it was like the second operation
whenever whatever operation that was came out they included proceeding in
black ops 4 blackout which I was like okay it’s cool to have more levels but
like what’s the precision help nope you’ve got ten prestiges with 80 levels
per prestige awesome and then pretty sure you can even get to like a level a
thousand afterwards so what light you you save it Oh prestiging doesn’t suit
black out we’re not gonna add prestigous we’re gonna add levels oh no you know
what it’s gonna be easier if we just add in ten prestiges and just have 80 levels
of merit / prestige yeah have fun getting there
like it took like the first person in the world to reach procedure master in
blackout I’m pretty sure it was like March or April and the new levels came
out in like January or February and that was just insane it should not take you
like two and a half months of plane 18 hours a day to reach prestige master
like that so that really turned me off from the mode and we just didn’t really
get a lot of updates to it like fortnight got tons of updates to that
you know over the like a small span of time and granted fortnight like the
battle royale mode is like the main part of fortnight now blackout is one of
three modes in black ops 4 so yes there is like a little bit of a difference
there but all in all it just seemed like we kind of got too little too late with
the blackout mode it’s like okay we finally got Alcatraz in like March or
April and it’s like okay that’s cool but why is it coming now like five six
months after launch and ever since then like we didn’t get a new map like sure
we got buried it was a cool addition of a blackout map but after buried like
what else did we get we got the Damned was destroyed we didn’t like hijacked
moved they didn’t give me new areas like they yeah I mean they had that big
update where they added in a whole bunch of new houses and stuff that was really
cool I enjoyed that but after that it just kind of felt like Chirk stopped
trying after that operation after I think grand heist it was after grand
heist they just stopped like trying they just completely gave up Spectre rising
just they gave up oh that’s another thing is the specialists all the
specialists in this game are all ones from previous colony games we got
Spectre we got outrider I mean I guess zero is a new one so not all of them but
like you know you get what I’m saying though like Reaper Reapers from black
ops 3 so it’s like come on guys you really just can’t like give us all this
like new cool stuff like I don’t know and like black out characters everybody
loved having black out characters everyone’s like here’s like 50
suggestions for different black out characters we want you guys to have like
there’s so many characters in the blackops universe that they could have
main blackout characters for put out one per week and
have been fantastic but instead they’re like hmm how about we sell them how
about we put misty in the trailer for operation grand heist and not actually
release her until Spectre rising oh and by the way she’s not Erna belen game you
got a fork over like $15 so if I just had to get a one sentence summary for
blackout I would just have to say too little too late it should have been an
amazing great battle royale mode should have gone free-to-play that’s something
I’ve talked about for a while now but I never did and we just got like such
little content a lot of it was just like ripped from other portions of the game
or it was just ripped from previous Call of Duty games it was like hmm this kind
of sucks and we just didn’t get a lot of content I just took him forever to bring
out content for it and it just kind of sucked like blackout was fun for a while
but then we started getting other games like four and I started giving updates
pub G got like some updates and then apex legends came out and absolutely
pretty much killed blackout like after apex legends came out a huge section of
blackout players just left and basically never returned and they never looked
back they’re like I’d rather play apex cuz blackout just that’s like nowhere to
go trick has no idea what to do with the game but overall the black ops 4 in
general at the end of the day one year later I just think that this game it had
so much potential so much potential I said this game was gonna be the most
updated it was gonna last for more than a year is gonna be like a three year
game there’s gonna be so much content for it it’s gonna be the most support to
call it even game ever and after about June we got like the least amount of
content like we’ve ever gotten like world war ii had like more post-launch
content in this game and it man also kind of lines up with some of the leaks
that about May or so of this year is when Shrek have to basically cancel and
stop all progress on black ops 4 and instead go full-on hardcore into black
ops 5 when that comes out for next year and that sucks I feel like a lot of the
decisions behind this game and a lot of the failures behind it because of
Activision and come from Activision because Activision you know is obviously
a huge part of like the money-grubbing section of it would like the black
market and a lot of the micro transactions but I’ve also heard rumors
that you know like we showed got nuketown free
but Activision said no and like the apparently the budget for zombies got
slashed and so that’s why we ended up like the chaos storyline basically got
canceled after ancient evil so we were supposed to get more maps cuz I remember
before launch all four maps from the black ops pass were all supposed to be
chaos maps we were not supposed to get a single aether map but apparently just do
the low sales in the backlash room and they had to come out with new aether
maps and the budget was slashed because I don’t know like they made five hundred
million dollars in the first three days of this game releasing but they don’t
have the budget how you gonna do that how activision how are you gonna make
half a billion dollars in three days and then go to trek doc I don’t know man we
just don’t have the money to pay you guys to do a good zombies thing on this
game so just here’s a here’s like a hundred thousand and that’s really
stretching it so have fun with this and I feel like like I’ve heard that that’s
a reason why we’ve gotten a lot of recycled content
is that true I’ve just didn’t have the budget and the time to be able to go out
and make new content for this game that basically after about like May of this
year they just had to stop in like they had a like a skeleton crew working on
this game where the majority of their studio was working on their next one so
really sucks I feel like Activision screwed the game up and also tricked
themselves did too with their QA team they really screwed their QA team they
had a lot of like really hard goals and stuff and they treated employees that
crap and they just didn’t have great communication with this game so I would
love to see them change all these things and like basically make black ops 5 what
this game should have been this game should have been a masterpiece they
should have had you know nowhere to go but up when the game released but
instead they somehow kind of went downhill and backtracked quite a bit it
seemed like every update for this game everything they did was one step forward
two steps back and now here we are like 30 steps from where we started so kind
of sucks but that’s just kind of where we are if a black ops 4 that’s my
thoughts on it one year later guys thank you guys so
much for watching this video let me know your guys thoughts on this and the
comments down below what do you guys think about black ops 4 do you think
it’s you know as bad as a lot of people say I know that like the player account
is definitely dropped off like there are games like GTA 5 is more played than
black ops 4 is in that game released back in 2013 2014 on the Xbox one and
ps4 and 2015 on PC but I mean even the PC version for blackops war was supposed
to be pretty good but I’m told that it’s not that great so I don’t know guys let
me know you guys thoughts and this one comes down below if you guys enjoyed
make sure you guys subscribe to the channel I got a lot of more black ops 4
videos coming soon as well as modern warfare is coming out in about two weeks
and that’s really exciting we got a whole bunch of stuff coming out for that
as well so thank you guys so much watching this video and I’ll see you
guys next time

Far Cry 4 Review & Gameplay | 1080p Ultra | GTX 1070 Ti | i5 8400

Hi There and Welcome back! This is HaxTech
and this video I brought you guys a gameplay review of the Far Cry 4. it was
released back in November 2014. This game is a sequel to the 2011 released Far Cry
3 and is the fourth installment of the Far Cry series. Far Cry 4 is a
first-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal
and this game is released on Windows PC PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 Xbox 360 and
Xbox one. The minimum system requirements revealed by the developers of this game
are Nvidia GTX 460 paired with Intel Core i5 750 first generation with
4GB of RAM and the recommended system requirements are Nvidia GTX 680 paired
with Intel Core i5 2400 or 2500 with 8GB of RAM. I have tested this game on my Nvidia
GTX 1070 TI paired with Intel Core i5 8400 complete system specs are listed
below in the description do check them out if you like. Just like its prequel
the story of this game is amazing and highly realistic. Far Cry 4 sees you play
as a Ajay Ghale, a young man returning to his homeland of Kyrat India with one
mission to scatter his recently deceased mother Ashes. Graphics are quite
amazing of optimization are perfect as well. The average time to complete all
the story missions are almost 18 to 20 hours. This game has Won British Academy
of Film and Television Arts games award for the best music in 2015 and Game Award
for the best shooter game in 2014. So I will highly recommend you guys play this
if you haven’t played it yet and I have also put down a link in the description.
I hope you guys like this video do tell me in the comments that which game you
want me to Review next on my PC and I will gladly do it. Also SUBSCRIBE my
channel and click the Bell icon button to get notified and updated for more
videos thank you for watching and see you in the next one.

Baldi Takes Over! – GTA V [Annoying Orange Plays]

– [Annoying Orange] What is
1,000 fruit parts divided by 30? You miscalculated. (upbeat music) Heyo it’s AO back at you
with another game video. Look who it is. It’s Baldy! If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right? That’s right, we got Baldy
inside of Grand Theft Auto. But I guess that means we
need to change his name right? Grand Theft Baldy? Alright let’s see, what are
we gonna do today Baldy? I guess we gotta do what
you always do, right? Go around and hit people in
the butt with your ruler. Uh oh, I heard this guy
got a math question wrong. Now you’re gonna go get it, fool. Doing it just for the kicks, yeah. Baldy doing a hook slide. It’s Baldy Parkour. Hey guys wanna do some math questions? Hey, do you wanna do some math questions? Come here. Where are you going? Baldy taking out the trash, yeah. Baldy whatcha doing? You crazy, you crazy Baldy. Always strike at everyone. What’s 432 times three billion? Wrong, oh there’s no one in here. I was asking questions to nobody. Alright come on. We gotta find more people that are answering math questions wrong, okay? Here we go folks. Baldy, put your seatbelt on buddy. What’s 300 times 40 butt niner? Wrong. What, you got the question wrong. I gotta hit her. Booty. Whoo, he really flipped out. Yeah Baldy parkour. Nah, it’s cool. Don’t mind the weird bald
guy stealing your car. I just need to borrow it. I’m not stealing, I’m borrowing. What are you doing, driving the wrong way? Don’t you know that Baldy
owns all sides of the road? Alright where are we going Baldy? We gotta find something good to do. Who put that light pole there? It’s a well documented fact that Baldy does not like light poles. Really all Baldy really
likes to do is hitting people in the booty with a stick. Excuse me man, I’m trying to
drive on the sidewalk here. Jeez, get out of the way. Hey there you want a math question? What is 1,000 fruit punches divided by 30? You miscalculated. Baldy is smacking everybody over here. You’ve been Baldied. ♪ He’s crawling in your windows,
smacking you in the butt ♪ ♪ Smacking, he’s smacking, smacking ♪ Hey no running in the hall. Gotta use the crosswalk for safety. Excuse me dump truck. No, what are you doing? Your answers to my math
problem don’t add up. See ya later hot potater. Baldy’s busy, whoa. Baldy, you need to learn
how to drive, buddy. Baldy’s kind of obsessed
with hitting everything. Don’t make ’em angry. I’ll just add fuel to the flame. Hey, hey buddy. Did you know that decimals have a point? You’ve been Baldied. Excuse me. Oh this headlight answered
the question wrong. Ooh sweet ride, let’s go Baldy. We’ve got more butts to hit. Hey, hey, excuse me. Ah, light pole. Who put the light poles up in here. Baldy ain’t like poles. What are you doing, Baldy? No whipping donuts in the hall. Hey who put a fire hydrant there? Excuse me. This is a good way to get out. Baldy it looks like there
might be a few people you need to hit in the booty, okay? Look at that, Baldy. Baldy’s got swagger. That booty-slapping swagger, you know? You know what they say
about math teachers. They’ve got lots of problems. What, you don’t like Baldy parkour? No hey, come back here. You didn’t answer my math question. I guess I didn’t ask it to you. Okay what’s 400 bowling
balls divided by 362 furbies? You gotta give me an answer now. Uh oh. Every question you get
wrong makes me angrier. Get up, oh you got up. Get this car out of here. What makes you think you
can drive on this road? You’re crazy. Crazy. Ooh tacos, yup. Even Baldy likes tacos. Hey, give me tacos. You know what I’m taco-ing about. Hey, you trying to punch Baldy? Ain’t gonna work. Trying to give Baldy that fruit punch? Uh uh, uh uh. Oh! (Orange laughs) Worth strike ever. Let’s go for the kicks. Yo Baldy all up in your business. Uh oh, h e didn’t fall over. What’s up? (Orange laughs) Baldy you gotta learn how to walk. Excuse me. I’m gonna hide behind
this so he can’t see me. You can’t see me. Can’t see me even though
I’m in front of your car. Can’t see me. Swing and a miss. Hey, no driving over Baldy in the halls. Everybody keeps trying
to drive over Baldy. What’s up with that huh? You’re crazy, get out of here. Owie. Oh Baldy, your ketchup packet. Yeah Baldy, he’s a real hit you know? Okay give me a ride. Hurry up, Baldy wants to go. Come on, let’s get this thing going. Alright now we’re cooking. Check it out, it’s the band of Baldies. That’s right. What would you got to do? What would you do if you saw a band of Baldies coming right at you? That’s right, you
wouldn’t know what to do. Excuse me, excuse me. This is the Baldy intersection. Yeah it’s the Baldy intersection, guys. You can’t be doing that. Excuse me, you gotta back
this car up right now. Hey, don’t run over my
Baldy, my Baldy bud. Hey watch your, ooh oof. Ow, owie. All the Baldies got ran over. Now it’s time for Baldy to, hey. You can’t be doing that. That’s illegal. No! Baldies are not speed bumps. ♪ Speed bump baldies ♪ ♪ Baldy speed bump ♪ Where are you going, where are you going? Excuse me, excuse me. That back window looks
a little too perfect. You need to fix it. Baldy’s a really nice guy. That’s what he does for people. ♪ Baldy all up in your business ♪ No! Baldy doesn’t like car massages. (Orange laughing) Ow, Baldy are you okay? Baldy you good? Yeah I’m good, Baldy. Thank you, Baldy. Very much, Baldy. You’re welcome, Baldy. Baldy, alright let’s go. We’re taking this. Look at all those Baldies. Okay we need more Baldies in here. Now. Oh no don’t you do it. Oh. Yeah stay in school. What, Baldy’s got a positive message even when he’s hitting
people in the booty. Ooh, you okay Baldy? I don’t know. Where is he right now? You wanna give Baldy, oh no he didn’t want to get hit in the butt. Aw he got hit anyway. Go in the booty. Oh that’s what you get. Hey what’s three plus four? Wrong. Should’ve answered it right. Let’s take out the trash. Baldy doesn’t like to eat very much ’cause you know, he’s
busy watching his figure. What, that happens. That happens sometimes. You sitting there, you
playing on your cellphone and all of a sudden, secret
surprise Baldy butt shot. Alright who else wants to see their surprise Baldy butt shot? Come on over. Don’t point that thing at me. Whatcha doing? Oh, yeah, that’s what happened. The band of Baldies is coming for you. The band of Baldies
isn’t breaking the law. The band of Baldies is the law. What the, did the trashcan lid just come out of your groin, Baldy? Oh no, it came from there. That would’ve been weird. Oh Baldy, oh no. You’re shooting out my ketchup packet. Don’t do that. Now Baldy won’t have any ketchup to put on his favorite food, which of course is candy bars. That’s his favorite meal,
candy bars with ketchup on ’em. Hey, you shot my Baldy friend. Hey what’s 42 pot pies times a billion? Wrong! Some say I should give
people longer to answer, but I say no. If you’re gonna be shooting at me, you know, hitting my ketchup packets, then I have every right to make you answer within 3.2 milliseconds. Excuse me, who put this. Oh yeah, let’s take the bus. There should be more than enough seats on there for a lot of Baldies if I could just, okay there we go. Hey get the spot off the butt. Okay, okay, no. Let me on you guys, no. Let me on the bus. I’m the driver. You can’t just, no,
there you go, thank you. Jeez. Not hard. Okay now don’t take your time, guys. Could somebody get on the bus with me? Okay finally. It’s not like we have
to hurry or anything. It’s not like we’re getting shot at. Hurry up. What? Only two Baldies will
come on board with me? That’s crazy. Look at how big this bus in. Just come in the car. These baldies are crazy. You’re so crazy. You’re so crazy. He won’t get on the bus, you guys. Fine, we’re getting off. We’ll find a different vehicle. A Baldy vehicle worthy of
Baldies, Baldies everywhere. Baldies, Baldies. What you shooting? No shooting at Baldies in the hall. There we go. This feels a lot better. This is a vehicle suited for Baldies. Wait this isn’t a vehicle. Oh I thought we were on a UFO. Oh you guys are crazy. You tricked me. We’re just on top of the building. I thought I was on the UFO. Oh well. Oh man this is a lot of fun. Thank you guys. It’s been a lot of fun hanging
out with a band of Baldies. Yeah, oh we got ketchup
all over the place. I’m gonna have to wash
all of your guys’s clothes and then after we do
that, we’re not gonna know whose shirt is whose. I can’t get angry at
you guys, you’re crazy. Alright see you later guys. Later hot potaters. (upbeat music)

TOP 30 Games für das Nintendo Classic Mini: N64

The Nintendo Classic Mini: NES will be released worldwide on November 11. 30 games are already preinstalled. If this is going to be a financial success for Nintendo, you can easily imagine that they will release additional consoles as Classic Mini Editions. So I thought, how would a Nintendo 64 in a Nintendo Classic Mini Edition look and which 30 games would definitely be included? You can tell me in the comments what your 30 games would be or if my list is missing a game.

FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME!!! (Annoying Orange) #ShocktoberGames

– [Orange] Pull his ears off, I told you! (laughs) You never do it. (ominous music) (Orange laughing maniacally) Hey yo, it’s A to the O, back again with another gaming video! That’s right, it’s Shocktober! And we’re playing Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle. (laughs evilly) How’s my evil laugh? I think it’s pretty good. I’ve been working on it for Shocktober. They were warned, now they’re all doomed! Crystal Lake Memories. Oh, there’s a bunch of different, okay and I can pick different Jasons? Supermax Jason? Ho ho! Frozen Jason, oh, givin’
the cold shoulder. Zombie Jason? Geez, there’s so many Jasons. Okay, I’m just gonna go with the Classic. Episode one, Crystal Lake Memories. Ooh! Hey, what’s up my buds? Gettin’ all fired,
– 20 – oh, they talk!
– years ago, – A boy drowned in Crystal Lake, because the camp counselors
weren’t watching him. – [Orange] What are they thinkin’? (laughs)
– In the following days, they started to die one by one. – [Orange] Oh no! Hey, don’t make me read things! (laughs) – They were murdered by the
boys mother, Pamela Voorhees. – [Orange] Aw, stupid name. I would’ve called her
Pamela Skinnyjeans. (laughs) – The counselors cut off her head to stop her. – [Orange] Ew.
Now, her son, Jason, stalks these woods, – seeking revenge for her death. – [Orange] Guys!
– Wait, – wasn’t his mom seeking revenge? – (burps) Yeah,
(Orange laughs) – didn’t he drown as a kid?
– [Orange] He burped. Although, it was kind of weak.
– Whoa. – Uh. Wait, maybe
– [Orange] What the, no! – I’m not telling it right. – [Orange] Look out guys. – Oh God! (Jason growls)
– [Orange] Oh no, slice to meet you! Uh oh! Oh boy. What, decapitated head? Oh, it’s Pamela Skinnyjeans. Okay, I got swipe, swiggity swipe. Go left and right. Buy weapons packs, I can do that. Get some of them weapon packs, get some swigity swag, yeah. Oh. Oh!! – Final Girl! – [Orange] He has no body to play with. Yes, perfect, now go get the final girl! ♪ Get the final girl in the first world. ♪ Uh oh, look out lady! Ooh, gotta get that kill zone, okay, right there. Yes, got it. Uh oh! Is it gonna be a crushing defeat? Oh! (laughs) Don’t lose your head. (laughs) Wow, weird, Bloodlust? I guess that’s what he does. He lusts for blood. Me, I lust for whistling pin wheels. Such nasty, nasty campers. Slide on over there to punish him! Oh, bloody footprints on the ground. I don’t want to follow those. Why are you making me follow things? I want to do my own thing. I want to choose my own way to go. X marks the spot. (laughs) Oh wait, if I named
her Pamela Skinnyjeans, that means that Jason’s name is gonna be Jason Skinnyjeans.
(woman screams) (Jason roars)
Oh! (laughs) Don’t lose your head. Jason loves gettin’ the action. Chop to it, right? Uh oh! It’s slice to meet you! Oh wait, here we go! Uh oh, uh oh. What’re you gonna do? Oh! You disarmed her. (laughs) Literally! Jason, you so mean. Out of the Woods, level three. Look at me, I have to pee. Punish them for what
they did to you, Jason. For what they did to me! Kill for mother! You guys ever think about seeing a family counselor or something? I think it might be healthier than, you know, murdering people, but I dunno, that’s just me. (laughs) Okie dokie, uh. Where do I go? What do I do? How do I get there? I’m confused. Look out for Jason. He’s got swiggity swag in his horror bag. (laughs) I don’t know what that means, but coming for you buddy. Look out! Oh!
– Final Girl! – [Orange] Uh oh, final girl. Coming at ya! I snuck up behind you. Okay, kill zone’s over here this time. Oh yeah. Uh oh. (screams) Eww. That was a crushing defeat. I thought you were
gonna pull her ears off, and then I was gonna say, “Time for you to Van Gogh.” (laughs) Hopefully I’ll have
that opportunity again. Midnight Menace! ‘Cause I really feel
like that was a good pun. Why do they run from you? You’re such a special boy, and today is your birthday!? Hey, what you doin’? Don’t run away from me! Oh ho. I really took a stab at it. Hey, you can’t run away, oh. (laughs)
– Final boy! – [Orange] Final boy! You goin’ get Shocktobered. Uh oh, uh oh. What are we doing? We doing a little of that
slam-a-jama ding-dong! Oh, Jason’s back in action. Filling up that blood lust. Oh wait, what’s Pamela
Skinnyjeans have to say? Increase your rage and
get bonus blood lust by watching an ad. Leave me alone, Mom! I’m doin’ things. Get back in the kitchen, and make me a grilled cheese, skinny jeans cheese sammiches. Everybody loves skinny jean cheese. (laughs) Remember Jason, if you ever need help, poop on the floor or tap on my face. (laughs) Yeah, that’d be hilarious. Jason gets in a bind, and he’s like, I don’t know what to do, so I’m just going to poop. (laughs) If you guys haven’t seen it, I played a game like this before. It was called ‘Slayaway Camp’. Super fun game! I played a bunch of episodes
of it, long time ago. I think the same guys that made that game, made this game. Okay, Jason’s getting confused. He doesn’t know where to go. Oh, wait, yeah, now I know where to go. Go up, and around, and then, oopsie-daisy. Kid, you can’t be running away from me. – Final boy! – [Orange] Whoa, she
screamed for ice cream! Ohh, Jason, what’s he gonna do? Okay, uh oh. Pull his ears off! Pull his ears off! I told you to pull his ears off! You never listen to me. Maybe that’s because you
don’t have ears either. Seriously, look at his character, he doesn’t have ears, just like me! Two rank up. What does that mean? Spank in the rank. What? Whoa! What’s in this box? Whoa, give me the good stuff. Wow, a battle axe! Can I axe you a question? Just kidding, I don’t have a question. Crowbar! Nice! We’re really raising the bar,
when it comes to weapons. Yeah! Alright, Punk Panic. What you doing, you
callin’ those guys punks? See how they run at the sight of blood. Kill them, Jason. Do it for mother, aka Pamela (girl screams)
Skinnyjeans! Ohh! Oh, you all going down. (girl screams)
Yeah! – Final boy! – [Orange] I think this might be a record. Uh oh, oh, get in that kill zone. I got a body count of 10. Nice, pull his ears off. I told you!
(laughs) You never do it. Jason, why won’t you listen to me? I don’t know why those
kids are always running away from me, it’s really
knife to meet Jason. (laughs) Alright, those filthy little campers. How dare they try to hurt my little boy? Whatever Pamela Skinnyjeans! You’re just mad because you have no body to play with. (laughs) I know, I already told that joke. Jason, Voorhees with the skinny jeans. Dang, Jason! Back at it again with the
skinny jeans. (laughs) Remember that, dang Daniel? Although, he said it differently, but I’m not going to say that. I don’t say bad words.
(man screaming) Excuse me, could you
tone down your screaming? Geez, can I ax you why
you screaming so much? – Final boy! – [Orange] Come here, final boy. (laughs) Leave it to cleaver! Woo, here we go! What you gonna do? Rip his mustache off! Ah, (laughs) Okay. I guess that works, whatever. Jason never listens to my ideas. I have great ideas. Okay, this one’s called, Indirect Hit. Be careful around the lake, Jason. You’re not a strong swimmer. Oh, I see, I don’t want
to fall in the water. Yeah, because then I’ll be
saying, “Water my thinking?” No! Press back to restart the level, or back to go back one turn. Oh, I see! That’s handy, for someone that
doesn’t have hands. (laughs) Okay, Pamela Skinnyjeans,
what’re you doing? Are you going to say something or not? (screams) (laughs) (speaks gibberish) Come on, Jas, you can tread water. Okay, now we’re, oh. Wait, now I can’t move anywhere. Anywhere I go, I’m gonna go in the lake. Alright, Jason, time to
do some skinny dipping. (laughs) Okay, I got it. I bet you I have to go a different way. I have to attack him
from a different side, ’cause otherwise, otherwise I’m gonna have to
jump into the lake every time. Yes, this is gonna work, ’cause then the table will block me next.
(man screams) Ohh!
– Final Girl! – [Orange] Chop, chop. (laughs) Oh, yeah, I got you now. I got you! Okay, kill zone! Standing hand in hand. Oh! Give him a hand. I’ll take ’em actually. (laughs) They’re all mine now. I don’t have any hands, so I gotta steal as many
people’s hands as possible. ‘Cause when you don’t have any, I mean, it’s kind of a bummer. Don’t worry, Sweetie, if you get stuck, just use ‘back’ to try
a different approach. Oh yeah, back to back, (woman screams)
your back on track. What?!
(woman screams) Ohh, slice and dicin’. Okay, now how do I get you?
What? How do I get over there? I need to do, aw! This doesn’t work. Unlock some deadlier
weapons, Sweetie, drag three, what, why are you talking at me? Uh, okay, so let’s try
an’ attack her from– Oh, I know! So, if I go over here, and
then right here, oh yeah! Now, now, if I go over to the right, and then up, (woman screams)
and then boom! – Final boy! – [Orange] Why does the last person always fall from the ceiling? Like, where are they? Were they hanging out on the roof and they fall through the ceiling? I don’t understand. You got stinky armpits, so I removed them. (laughs) It’s the only way to fight stinky armpits. No, I’m not going to do it, Mom. Leave me alone. Mind your own beeswax! Okay, who’s next, who wants it? You can scare those campers
into the fire, Jason. Punish them for what they did! At this point, does anyone even (man screams)
remember what they did? Ow! If you can’t stand the heat, don’t jump in the campfire, just sayin’, it’s probably not a good idea. It’ll leave you feeling fired up! (laughs)
(girl screams) You love it! Oh yeah, another one in the fire. I got that burnin’ desire, to throw people in fires. Hey!
– Final girl! – [Orange] Final girl, comin’ at ya. Look out! I’m probably gonna
either rip your arms off, or use your skull as a basketball. Yeah, here comes the basketball. Ohh, LeBron James. That’d be awesome. I’d love to watch Jason be in the NBA. (laughs) All right, you guys! Well, I think that’s it, for this episode. Thank you so much for watching. Let me know if you want
me to keep playing, okay? Until next time! Ooh what’s in the box? What is it? What, Guitar? Well, that’s music to
my non-existent ears. Baseball bat. Okay guys, until next time. Later, potaters! (rhythmic electronic music)


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Aw, Dudes check it out. We’re a featured youtuber on the Terra Tech game That’s pretty awesome Okay, and also real quick dudes welcome back to episode 2 of Terra tech check this out speaking of this video hold on let me Alt tab look at this Terra Tech episode 1 I asked you guys to hit the like button down below if you wanted me to continue this series A hundred and thirty six thousand likes What the heck is wrong with you guys so We’re gonna continue some Terra Tech. Let me close this. Let’s do this. We’re gonna continue some Terra tech where we left off Let’s launch this right now and also a quick plug if you guys are new to my channel and like my sweet hair Hit the subscribe button down below so top right Trading Station find gso trading station which is Yeah, this way that’s right. That’s where I left off Okay, and remember where we left off last episode we now have a healing bubble aura We cannot take damage, okay, so we’re gonna head this way towards the GSO trade station And if I remember correctly the GSO trading station I believe that’s how you get more I what’s it called. Yeah down in the down bottom center block bucks. It’s like blockbuster rip blockbuster Okay, hold on let’s see here. Okay 200 meters away 200 meters away I have a feeling there’s gonna be a battle hold on hold on before we go battle before we go battle I’m gonna throw this down And I’m gonna throw down my battery. I’m gonna throw down my battery But my battery is almost dead Let’s reattach that wheel okay. Let’s recharge our battery, and then we’re gonna go into the GSO trading station 147 meters away This could be bad Hopefully we don’t die like I said I haven’t played this game in so long since they’ve updated it, okay Let’s do this. here we go. oh no I lost my drill. i need my drill. i need to drill things, okay Here we go remember. I now have four weapons Okay yeah, here’s the GSO trading station are there any enemies Okay, no enemies alright hold on. What is it training stages are indestructible and usable by all Prospectors, what second I’m reading something big heading your way defend -defend myself trader troll, trader troll, trader troll. get away from me trader troll Okay, you’re dead you’re dead. You messed with the wrong dude wait sir, sir. Oh my game crashed. Okay. No. I’m back. I’m back Okay, you’re gotta destroy this dude come on destroy his cab come on GSO License upgrade:Grade 2. congratulations gso… What is this? good, now you now that pesky trader troll a training station will sell a Selection of new blocks every day and buy any unwanted resource block it also has a mission boards Which which you can use to find new missions? right-click the mission board near the top of the trading station Congratulations GSO has upgraded your license to grade 2 these blocks can be purchased at the trading station or crafted with Gso fabricater oh I remember the fabricator okay hold on so I have to right-click so I hit level 2 – yeah top-left corner I remember that that’s my gso experience at I’m level 2 now Which I don’t remember what that means? Okay, hold on I got a bunch of blocks and I have to right-click ooh did you see that meteor just hit Tilted towers back there Memes are memes. okay hold on so if I right-click Objectives approach trading station use mission board hold on where’s the mission board is it this? I don’t remember the trading station looking like this and look at all the oh I have another battery Hold on let me charge both batteries Hold on That’s right. I now have double the power the healing power, and I have another healing bubble yeah That’s a healing bubble nice now. I have two Healing bubbles. Okay, hold on give me a second Let me figure myself out. I have no clue what’s going on Give me a minute Twenty minutes later where is it … I’m guessing this is the mission board right-click on the mission board near the top of the trading station Oh up there ok i right click that Striking out select a mission and click the accept mission button so they’ve added in a bunch of missions Ok striking out all good prospectors need to know how to make a living on An alien planet harvest resources and use the trading station to send them off world to the GSO research facility objective purchase collector, okay accept mission So you want to broaden your horizons? Huh? Well you’re in luck? There’s plenty of natural resources on this planet just waiting to be harvested harvested resources can be beamed off world to aid our survey Expeditions you’ll be paid handsomely for your efforts of course right click on the shop terminal on the side of the trading station right click oh I remember purchase a GSO Thimble collector from the manufacturer category of the shop I remember this so I can buy things from here, so if I click the manufacturing blocks gso thimble collector oh this cost 312 block bucks (Fart sound effect) That thing just crapped out… Russell do a fart sound whenever that thing popped out Grussle er not Grussle great what the heck sorry Russell great at ask the collector to your, oh I remember this Oh, it has a little outline now. Don’t attach it underneath. You dingis Hold on the collector will pick up any loose resource chunks nearby and hold them, that’s right so you remember last episode I showed you that you could like walk up or go up to trees right and shoot them and then The stuff falls out like the logs this collector here check this out whenever I back up look at that it grabs the Resources and then what I could do I could go back over to the trading station and it collects them all , and now watch It’s gonna go in there and then it shoots off Look, hold on, look at that. It’s shooting off into I don’t know where and every time I shoots off I get six block bucks, so let’s say I take this drill bit here right if I put this Gso rock drill into here Wait I broke it hold on wait. I thought you could sell like Like gear, maybe they changed it to where you can’t sell gear anymore. You can only sell rocks hold on, Let me see dang it. No you can’t sell gear anymore. That was pretty OP before I… remember I found that exploit Go figure, but now you can only sell resources Hold on, striking out. What do I have to do earn block books by selling resources 30 out of 100? Oh, I gotta sell a hundred dollars or block bucks worth of resources, hold on, let me see how much the yellow stuff sells for Okay, come with me urine rocks Don’t judge me okay, so the logs sell for six Let’s see how much these yellow urine rocks sell for take them okay hold on let’s see It’s gonna shoot Fifteen and we look in the top left forty five sixty if math is correct. I should be done 75 90 and 105 Okay hold on excellent, that should be enough resources for now for a rookie prospector. You’re certainly showing great potential Thank you, so maybe it’s time to strike out on your own What do you mean check the mission board for other activity in this area? Okay, I’ll let me check the mission board. Oh look at all these missions. Oh, this is gonna be sick they have added a bunch of wait hold on new mission available find a trading station new missions are available at the Nearby trading station right okay? Okay so to get a new mission. I click that that’s right. There’s four new missions Dudes this is sick. They have done a lot of upgrade or a lot of updates on this game So what I’m gonna. Do now. I have all of these Blocks right, I have all of these new blocks from that destroyed Robot let’s build ourselves a new robot Russell activate the awesome montage building thing And there she is Isn’t she a beaut look at all the guns on this thing you ready? I’m gonna shoot once and just look look at the devastation It’s kind of lackluster. Let’s do this again look at how many guns we have so once we throw this here this here this there there we go Now we are a mobile healing machine look at this. I mean were kinda I kind of I kind of move slow, but you know I guess i move kinda fast. Yeah i like this. This is pretty good Okay, so what I’m gonna. Do now. It’s almost nighttime during the nighttime. I’m gonna grab a bunch of materials I currently have six thousand dollars I currently have 6000 block books So what i’m gonna do I’m gonna run around grab a bunch of materials grab a bunch of stuff and start selling everything yeah Let’s do this until day time the night is awful. It’s so hard to see anything oh, I wonder how much these green things sell for i Think these are emeralds. What are these hold on eru..eru..erudite shard, okay? Let’s grab a bunch of these I want to see how much these sell for Okay, I have four ah I’m stuck Can you can you not get it get it get out of it, you’re stuck okay there we go we got out I love to see how much these green things sell for I forget. hold on, let’s see One green thing erudite Wait what all right, well I Know what I’m gonna be doing for the next Foreseeable future. Let’s make us some money Let’s actually look to see what else we can buy while we wait for daytime Right-click that. oh we can get another heal bubble how much is the heal bubble a thousand oh my gosh What about the lasers 200 for the lasers okay? Let me look around a bit. I forgot all of this stuff. It is so cool though accessories um Weaponry, that’s right. So there’s a crap ton of guns in this game, but the way to unlock them i believe is to find them and also level up I Think, if I remember power blocks Manufacturer oh I forgot we could fly too flight blocks wheel blocks. hold on, let me look around a little bit A Few Moments Later… Well that was a quick night It already says good morning trading stations have restocked their blocks and missions, so every night is when new missions happen. Let’s see Okay, I still have my four turret defense Buried, ooh, buried treasure find the delivery crate. We’re doing that hold on me Let me recharge my batteries recharge my batteries I think what I’m gonna Do I want to get more guns? You guys know how I am I’m all about the guns hold on let me get some more guns so if I click on the Computer weapon blocks so I think I’m gonna do let me get light machine guns for 200 right Ready Russell? get ready for the sound effect Russell (Fart Sound Effect) (Fart Sound Effect) Let’s buy all three of those yeah there we go so we took all the guns from that so if I throw this here Throw this there look at this We shoot for days then I have another gun for Here there we go so I think what I’m gonna do on the sides here. I’m gonna grab… Russell get ready, okay (Fart Sound Effect) Okay I’ll put that there, and then let’s buy two more ready Russell (Fart Sound Effect) I am such a child, let’s put that there and that there look at this. Tell me that is not sick You shoot, I’m shooting that tree from way over here, okay, so let’s do this now We have our battleship ready for deployment. Let’s let’s click on the mission tab let’s do Oh wait is a Supply Drop. Hey wait hold on where is it so special delivery find the delivery crate? Accept mission okay it is 460 meters away in That direction over there alright. Let’s do this. Let’s grab our batteries. Let’s grab our solar generator Let’s… and also, what should we name our robot? What do you guys want to name our robot first season it was wall-e second season I Don’t remember What do you guys on a name? Okay? Hold on you’re getting mighty big? Why not try pressing the snapshot button in the bottom left to save your tech? Squad fam lit save Let’s keep going special delivery 80 oh look there’s a special crate over there. Let’s see what’s in it? Where? am I blind? I don’t see anything. Oh, it’s over here hold on oh I’m already. I’m picking up. What is this? What that crap is that hold on what is this a silver Deeley bopper The crap does it do we need hold on what is it bunny ears? But is this I don’t what is this a tow hook? Oh a tow hook? So can I actually tow things? And what is this devil horns red horns of course? I got devil horns What the heck is up with all that but I also have so I can actually tow things It is pretty cool, okay, I let’s keep let’s do this. Let’s head back to the mission station. Oh, there’s a little robot here ah Hello hello sir Sir do you have anything I need if you don’t have any, if you shoot at me, or if you don’t have anything I need You, you will live unless you shoot at me, sir. I just, I just need to see. Sir, do you have anything? He has a Laser Do I let the little guy live, or do I end his suffering Russel paint me out to be a good person Russel make me look nice Well I got his gun Let’s go back to the trading station, so I want to see what other missions. I mean what the heck is this? i have like a little, is it like aesthetic stuff? I guess it has no use But I do have this tow kit. I want to keep that tow kit okay. Let’s see these other missions Supply Drop Oh an unclaimed delivery crate has been detected in the surrounding area whoever finds It first gets to keep the loot, ooh Objective I have an hour to do this and enter the mission area. accept it! an enemy raiding party has made camp near here 520 meters away in that direction oh This is gonna get intense. Hold on let me recharge my batteries. Okay. Let’s do this uh, Derp? Sir excuse me. This is random… Oh my gosh this game is so much fun Okay, 300 meters away an unclaimed Delivery crate the delivery crate is somewhere in this area, but you’ll need to find it before anyone else. It’s right there It’s literally right. Oh look at this robot patroller expecto petroleum He didn’t put up much of a fight Delivery crate okay, that’s what we get oh Wait what is this? I got a lamp? The heck do i want the lamp for what is this a blue bauble? Okay, hold on. What is this player tech? Rotating anchor i remember this I’ll show you what that is in a second wait. What is that hold on let me see what this is? Gso shield bubble I remember this, this right here is the best item in the game? Check this out you see I have the green bubbles around me that heal me whenever I take damage Watch this when I take this and attach it watch what happens I get a blue bubble No bullets can pass through this blue bubble hold on hold on. Let’s go back to the station I want to see if I can find another robot that will actually shoot at me, and show you this And I also want to show you what this gso rotating anchor is. Dudes, this is good. This is going good. So if I remember correctly, Let’s throw this money in there the anchor press R to rename, UH Dude…Lit I’m awesome Okay, so if I click the sell i believe and buy it. hold on and I think if I buy another cab. Russel get ready (Fart Sound Effect) And put this on here. I can, hold on Oh, What’s the hold on hold on? What was that? What was that? I can actually give this thing? Commands watch as I can switch tech Look I now control this little thing Shoots little cute lasers And then if I want to switch back to this cab there we go So let’s say and that’s not all I can do with that either let’s say I’m way over here right and I want to get home real fast to defend my home watch this click that. I am now back home Defending my base Isn’t that sick, but that’s not all I can do with this anchor. There’s so much more I can do, okay , Hold on Let me go back to my main tech. Let’s go back home to this area, and I really want to show you what this shield bubble can do it is insane I’ll show you that next episode if you guys want this series to continue of course hit the like button down below Also hit the subscribe button if you’re new to my channel turn on the notification bell thing and yes we have a shield bubble we have endless amounts of money and We can make things fart (Fart Sound Effect) Outro Theme