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Top 10 Scary Games For The Nintendo Switch

January 29, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 22 Comments

Top 10 Scary Games For The Nintendo Switch

Plants are really farming us, feeding us oxygen
and becoming food until the day we die, when they then consume us. Greetings gamers and welcome back to top 10
gaming. I’m your host connor munro and I’ve killed
santa. If you’re new here or haven’t yet be sure
to hit like and subscribe because we put out daily gaming content. Nintendo has a reputation for being family
friendly, but with the release of the Nintendo switch several companies have been looking
to get their games on the handheld console. So which switch games will make you wet the
bed for the rest of the week? That’s what we’re exploring with today’s
list of the Top 10 Scary Nintendo Switch Games. Roll the intro. #10 Doom Eternal
Doom eternal may not be your classic version of horror, but for those who find blood, guts
and gore worrying this may not be for you. Or it can be if you’re into it. Doom is set to be released on March 20th on
every system but the Switch, the switch is set to release sometime in 2020. Bethesda teased monsters who will be able
to lose chunks of their bodies and get more damaged over time while visually representing
it. So for those with a weak stomach or if you’re
faint of heart maybe this is the right scary game for you. The game is set to be around 70 or 80 dollars
on release and in all honesty that’s a hefty sum for a game. And it sucks that games are these prices at
this point. Can I go on a mini rant for a second, who
is the main demographic for video games? Teenagers I’d say right? Even if games are rated mature that’s still
17+. Sure maybe these people have jobs, but are
they really going to spend 80+ dollars on a game when their making minimum wage at the
local McDonalds? I guess so since they’re still pricing games
that high. I just think it’s unethical and grossly
overcharging. #9 Observer
Observer manages to craft an impressive horror experience on the switch that is just the
right amount. You can experience more horror if you let
yourself experience the imagery and sounds added to the game instead of constantly using
detective vision, but I understand that things can be overwhelming. The game fares much better when you play hand
held, as the technological tightrope of this port kinda falls off sometimes while docked. But the sheer amount of ambition will for
sure make up for any slight glitches you experience in gameplay. This may not be a classic horro experience
with jumpscares and horrific monsters, but it will for sure leave you on edge, uneasy
and full of dread. If you think you can handle it the game is
available on the switch eshop for 30 dollars, and can get you up to 150 points. Whatever that means. #8 Resident Evil Revelations Collection
The resident evil series is one of the earliest survival horror games. So obviously its gonna be on the switch. The resident evil revelations collection includes
both the original 3ds revelations game and revelations 2. The game has a weird set up of you buy the
game, it comes with the cartridge for 1 and you just download 2 but whatever. And it provides some excellent over-the-shoulder
scares, along with your normal scares that you would expect from a resident evil title. And since it’s the switch you get added
portability and with the new motion controls being available through the switch is going
to give you an even more intense emotional experience than ever before making sure you’ll
get terrified at the first sight of anything that goes bump in the night. Not to mention the other switch exclusive
features the game comes with, proving that the switch is the definitive console for Resident
Evil Games. #7 Layers of Fear Legacy
Layers of Fear Legacy is a psychological and psychedelic horror game about an insane painter
who is working on his Magnum Opus. Through his paintings learn the dark and twisted
story of his past while gathering carefully crafted personal items. As you travel the same route through the house
over and over again you’ll slowly start to go mad yourself, and when things start
changing it will throw you for even more of a loop. Eventually it gets so bad that you don’t
even know if you’re seeing the right thing. Was that candle lit before? Was that painting ripped? Was that chair on the other side of the room
or has it always been there? You will never truly know with this game,
and that’s the beauty. Your mind will get so twisted you’ll be
put in the shoes of the painter you’re learning about. And while you discover his true motive you’ll
be asking yourself if this really is true, or if it’s the house screwing with you. #6 Darkwood
Darkwood in an interesting game, it’s a challenging survival horror game that doesn’t
rely on jump scares. They even go as far as to guarantee no jump
scares and instead use an atmospheric horror experience that creates a feeling of tension
without cheap horror tricks. So for those of you who find jump scares to
be annoying but still want a horror experience, maybe you should keep an eye on this game. Craft weapons, traps, hideouts as you explore
and scavenge the eerie forests of the soviet bloc by day, and make sure you have a hideout
ready for night. With nightmarish forces corrupting the woods,
wait and pray for the sun to come up the next morning. Or you could leave the forest and instead
get a job and eventually an apartment of your own. And I’m sure that if you told your parents
you were being forced to sleep in a forest with nightmarish forces corrupting it, you’d
be able to stay in the basement for a while. #5 Friday the 13th
For all of those with dark fantasies they only talk about in therapy let me tell you,
you’re in for a treat. For the first time ever play as Jason Voorhees,
one of the most famous killers in horror. The game started off as purely multiplayer
but has added a single player mode for those of you who want to hone your skills at stalking
because you’ve been watching too much You. In this mode you can play new missions created
for the game as well as recreate some of your favorite scenes from the movies in the most
violent and bloody way possible. But as a counselor, oh boy are you in for
a tough time. For those of you brave enough to take on the
camp counselor role, you’ll be on a whole new level of stress when you realize the killer
is right around the corner, and is coming right for you. This game is an incredible multiplayer experience
and is amazing as a single player game as well. And its even better when you play with friends
because you can toy with them even more than usual. #4 Amnesia Collection
The collection contains three Amnesia titles, The Dark Descent, A Machine for Pigs and Justine. Experience the horror of all 3 games for the
price of one. The 30$ game available on the Nintendo Switch
Eshop is ready to make you drop your switch on the floor and hide under your blanket,
because we all know you’re playing this game at 2:30 am for some reason while lying
in bed totally not decent. So before you piss the bed remember that its
just a game. A game that is actually gonna make you forget
about everything from the past 3 years. If you don’t get it the game will give you
memory loss. Im sorry I couldn’t help it. With no way to defend yourself you’re stuck
going through the motions while you’re just there waiting to succumb to your inevitable
death or insanity. Or maybe even, memory loss. Oh I already made that joke? Well I guess I just had a case of Amnesia. There I said it. #3 Dead by daylight
One of the most iconic multiplayer horror games of all time, in all honesty maybe even
the most iconic. There isn’t one person who hasn’t heard
of dead by daylight and that’s probably the reason the game came to the switch. Available for 40 dollars on the Nintendo switch
eshop, dead by daylight returns in all its glory but with the added ability of being
handheld. Spooky as hell guys im telling you. You and 3 other survivors go up against a
player controlled killer, who’s only goal is to make your life a living hell. You can choose to survive together, or not. You can co-operate and work together to win,
or just book it and get to the exit and wait for it to open. Your chances of survival will vary, so unless
you dominate on the death field you should probably help your team. But in all honesty I like this mechanic, it
makes the game realistic. If you were in this situation would you really
worry about helping your friend up if you saw the killer standing behind him, even if
he was looking away? Hell if it was a stranger im noping the hell
out of there. #2 Alien Isolation
When Ellen Ripley promised her 10 year old daughter that she would be home in time to
celebrate her 11th birthday, she was wrong. Now 25, Amanda Ripley learns that the flight
recorder from her mother’s ship was recovered, and decides to finally solve the mystery of
what happened to her mother. The only thing is that she doesn’t understand
what predator waits with her. And to it, she’s the only alien around. Guess this game is really about alien vs predator,
ill go home. This game is about stealth, unlike its predecessors
who were focused on more action oriented gameplay. The game pits you up against an unkillable
alien who is set on hunting you down. Learn his moves, use your environment and
hide in the shadows to get out alive. Can you find out what happened to your mother? This game comes with 7 DLCs including Last
Survivor, which is a recreation of Ellen Ripley’s Final mission on board the Nostromo. Anyone who is a fan of the alien series should
already be excited for this game and with it being available on a portable console now
you can play it in lecure when they’re talking but you just don’t care. Im kidding, stay in school. #1 Outlast: Bundle of Terror
In the remote mountains of Colorado, horrors wait inside Mount Massive Asylum. Really creative name. A long-abandoned home for the mentally ill
was recently re-opened by the Murkff Corporation. While it may have been in secret, not anymore. Journalist Miles Upshur breaks into the facility. And what he discovers walks a dangerous line
between science and a cult. You continue to explore while discovering
the horrific scenes along the way, all in an attempt to get a story no other journalist
would. Do you have what it takes? Or is hell an experiment you cant survive? Because you wont be able to handle the DLC
Whistleblower in that case. Where you play as the software engineer who
emailed journalists about the asylum at the beginning of the game. Can you contain your terror? Will you break? Will you outlast the others who play? I really need to stop at this point. There we have it friends the Top 10 Scary
Games for The Nintendo Switch. What did you think of this list and what scary
games would you like to see on the switch? Let me know in the comments and while you’re
on your way down be sure to hit like and subscribe for daily gaming content and ring that bell
to join the clan and level up. I don’t exactly have a switch, I use my
roommate’s but maybe I should try one of these. Thank you all-

so this game the bridge is currently free on the epic game store so I decided I would check it out and see for myself how it is so the first impression is pretty good music does a lot for the ambience all of the art style really reminds me of Tim Burton’s art style and the mechanics are Rob is simple you move left and right and you can control like the gravity the aspect or whatever and from there on it’s pretty simple you just want to find you it to the door so let’s see I can’t drop from here maybe if I can stand on one of those thingies yeah right guy for ya perfect perfect so now just go over here and a garage first puzzle is solved let’s see I can probably just the book I’m standing a little probably slide out question is does there any fall damage at me oh never mind let’s see if there is any fall damage I highly doubt that it disappointed I’m good so I got the key and I’ll be at the door any second okay so that was fairly easy okay that’s just a little confusing what’s up with this thing okay so that kills me press and hold space would you look at that you can also control time to a certain exchange so from rocket will run backwards how about we try to avoid the ball and the corner over there if I just get it out from there [Music] hmm now it’s blocking the door can get there go crush maybe if I go over here yeah that should work let’s see yeah that should work no problem okay so we got better so we got that out of the way as well the door has to be perfectly straight so I can go through this kind annoying Oh double keys at this one okay well that looks a bit more complicated can I climb visa no I can’t get to the keys so I probably need to get the keys to me I mean and the aspect you’re reviewing things is relevant I can probably put the key on the top right now onto this little slide thingy would would go van would slide down the air perfect that worked can I get can’t get the other key that way well unless maybe I bring in to the place where the first key words and get it down the same path and just try that out real quick grab the key so one keeps still missing I probably have to do that real slow of a queue will fly out of the LD map okay okay I’ve got them that was that was too quick here you go see for a second I thought this would be the wrong method but it turned out well sure no problem [Music] now get the key in the middle and let it slide to me and regard it perfect [Music] that was good it ended up pretty satisfying to do that so good puzzle yes let me think if I dropped the ball over here and then in Chopin I can just go here right why be fast enough to hand it to jor before I get crushed let’s find out probably not see [Music] maybe the other way around let’s try that just so we can test all the methods we have that the ball slowly roll over there and now drop here but if I continue we’ll just end up in the same corner yeah right but if I do it like that maybe oh yeah that will work the gas and energy the door yeah perfectly bad words are fine I finally found someone who shares my passion for esoteric mathematics we’ve agreed we can work on some of my ideas with his help my dreams would be realized well that’s it for the first chapter of the game there are two more which introduced more mechanics like gravitational fields and stuff like that overall the puzzles were okay it was satisfying to do them and like I said I really like the art style of the game and the music was okay at first but the music always stayed the same and after a while it kind of got annoying to me so in conclusion should you get this game well if you like puzzles absolutely yes it will still be free till the end of January but in the other hand after that it will cost ten bucks and for ten bucks I probably wouldn’t get it it just lacks features and well to me just appears more like a fleshed out mobile game so nah wouldn’t probably get it but if you like it get it while it’s free [Music] you

LGR – The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff Review

January 25, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 85 Comments

LGR – The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff Review

[jazzed-out jazz music] Finally, a stuff pack that’s precisely what
I always wanted! The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff, where your sims
are shrunk down to a fraction of the size due to a mishap involving a baseball and a
broken window, and then — what? -It’s about tiny homes.
-Aw man really? I guess that makes more sense, sigh. All right so yeah, the pack’s called Tiny
Living Stuff, but instead of awesome shrunken adventures, it’s all about living in a relatively
undersized home. It costs $10 and is the sixteenth Sims 4 stuff
pack to date good grief what the balls. And I gotta say, even though I’d be way
more into a pack about miniaturized sims, I was still intrigued by Tiny Living here. Because yeah man, I’ve been rather tiny-curious
for years now, immediately sucked into all the YouTube channels and reality shows focusing
on the Tiny House Movement. And the whole idea is to make the most out
of a small space, rejecting the concept of buying a multi-thousand square foot home. I myself live in a house that’s about 800
square feet or 74 square meters, and while objectively not “tiny,” it’s certainly
a lot smaller than I could’ve chosen and that was very much on purpose. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of trying to
make the most of the space I have without piling a million things on top of each other,
so the chance to do so virtually in the The Sims 4 is absolutely my cup of nitro cold brewed
coffee. The first thing you’re greeted with on installing Tiny Living Stuff is a message about living in a tiny house and stuff. A pre-made tiny home has been provided to
plop down anywhere you like, acting as an example of what exactly constitutes a tiny
home in The Sims 4 universe. In case you’re unaware, a real life tiny
house is generally considered to be one under 37 square meters or 400 square feet. This example home in The Sims 4 is composed
of 32 tiles, and if we assume each tile is a square meter, then we’ve got 32 square
meters or 350 square feet, a bit below that of a tiny house IRL. However, Tiny Living Stuff lays out three
different tiers of tiny house, each with its own perks and requirements. The smallest being the Tier 1 “Micro Home”
at up to 32 tiles in size, Tier 2 is a “Tiny Home” at up to 64 tiles, and Tier 3 is a
“Small Home” at up to 100 tiles. The most fascinating aspect of these tiered
home sizes is that when you meet the requirements on a lot designed as a Residential Tiny Home, you’re provided a number of generous rewards for living there. Things separate from lot traits, like faster
learning, greater comfort, happier sims, healthier plants, and better relationships. So the less you do with doing more, the more
you’re rewarded for doing more with less! Er, by that I mean that, as of now, there’s
incentives to go small and a kind of odd punishment for having a huge house. Makes me wonder if they’ll balance it out
with a mansion-focused pack in the future. Heck they could even call it The Sims 4 Livin’
Large, I’d be down with that. Anyway yeah, this is a stuff pack packed with
stuff so let’s unpack it and stuff! First is an allotment of hair, accessories,
and clothing for pretty much everyone this time around, including the younginz. Fitting right in with the overall “hygge”
theme of living in a warm little cozy home, there’s a bunch of warm, cozy attire. Regardless of how much I want some of those
sweaters for real though, that’s just the garb and garment goods. Let’s get onto the main event, kicking off
with an assortment of single-tile desks and tables, suitable for all manner of desking
and tabling. Followed by a few decorative yet functional
items, including a lamp, readable books, and lighttable candles in a cluttered tray. Three chesty wardrobe shelving type things
for holding various objects and clothing. A patterned rug for plopping down in the middle
of the backyard or wherever. A pretty standard toilet and a sink that handily
works off-the-grid. Two TVs, one standing and one that attaches
to a wall, each pulling quadruple duty by also acting as a display shelf, a bookcase,
and a stereo. Various other wall-mountable items are here
too, including a mirror, a door, two shelves of random thingies, four potted plants strung
together, and a plant-inspired piece of artwork. Three sets of hanging light bulbs, each with
their own varying degrees of droopiness. An ottoman, that isn’t an ottoman I guess,
since it’s a pouffe? Whatever it is cats love it. There’s also a standard bed and a standard
loveseat. As well as this lamp that should provide storage
space according to its description, yet it’s totally unusable as such. It’s just a lamp. Seriously, why tout its supposed dual purpose as a shelf and then make it so you can’t set anything on it? At least it makes for decent kindling, so
I guess it does serve a second purpose after all. And finally, you also get three new chairs,
although two of them are slightly confusing at first. This dining chair doesn’t actually function
with the new dining table. For that you have to use these high chairs,
and once I realized that it was pretty awesome, letting me really cram in a buncha seating
in a super small space. Finally, the headlining new items of the Tiny
Living pack are Murphy Beds, with and without a built-in loveseat. And at first this seems pretty useful, since
you can fold them away when not in use and those wardrobe shelving units attach to the
sides for a clean-looking modular design. But really, Murphy Beds are… confusing. While I applaud the addition of new sleepytime
snuggle zones, the usage of them in this pack doesn’t make much practical sense. For one, they require the exact same 3×2 tile
floor space as a normal bed. You get a loveseat on one of them, sure, but
it still leaves tiles of unusable space underneath. And since sims can’t get into bed from the
front, only the sides, you need another set of tiles off to the left and right at least
half a tile wide. The worst part though is this stupid animation
that plays out far too often, where sims try to pull down the bed then fail in spectacular
fashion. It’d be fine if it happened one out of every
20 times or something, but nope, sims fail like every 3 or 4 times you open the dumb
thing. [bed fails, sim gets owned] Making this worse is the fact that this far-too-frequent animation comes with an unusually high risk of killing your sims! bed fails, sim dies] Now, okay, I’m all for new ways to take out bothersome sims, that’s just good times. But “Death by Murphy Bed” seems a bit
silly, and again, it’s tied to an unskippable animation that happens rather often. Yes, there are now bed upgrade options in
the game, accomplishing things like increasing comfort and preventing it from getting stuck. So you can alleviate the issue but still,
I’d rather it wasn’t so prevalent to begin with. And in my opinion, these repetitive slapstick failure animations stopped being cute like fifteen packs ago. So yeah, can’t say I’ll be using Murphy
Beds in my tiny builds going forward, since the way they work is annoying and their inclusion in this particular pack is questionable in the first place. Why not add them in the Discover University
pack, that would’ve made a ton more sense in my book, more so than a pack about itty
bitty 32-tile houses. I really think bunk beds would’ve been an
ideal addition to the Tiny Living pack instead, seeing as bunk beds actually do free up room,
providing two beds in a single 3×1 space. For that matter though, why not add better
loft options? Lofts are a staple of tiny home designs, and
making them in The Sims 4 means adding a second story with a cumbersome full-sized staircase. Ladders are used all the time in real life
tiny homes, but nope, nowhere to be found in Tiny Living. Even spiral staircases would be more space-efficient
but those still aren’t a thing either. For that matter, why not add steeper, narrower
normal stairs? Or at least provide some storage options underneath
them, which again, is something that you see all the time in actual tiny houses. Not that it matters too much I suppose, since
sims all have an infinite household inventory that hides as many items as you like within
a magic unseen void, hrm. Still, while I’m on the topic of things
I wish were included instead of murphy beds, why not convertible futons or pull out sofa
beds? Under-the-counter mini fridges or in-wall
ovens and microwaves? How about portable induction cooktops? Or over-the-sink shelf units and other kinds
of stackable knickknack storage things? Heck, composting toilets, solar power, and
rain catchers would’ve been nice, seeing as we’ve already got off-the-grid lots. Instead we get cumbersomely large homicidal beds and storage lamps that don’t store anything. At least they took the time to add Baby Yoda
to the game, so I guess that means it all evens out in the end, right? Heh, ahh now I’m just being grumpy, when
in reality Tiny Living is not the worst stuff pack by any means. In fact, I think it’s one of the better
ones for my playstyle. It’s just that this daggone game’s been
around for almost six years now, and after sixteen stuff packs, I’m more than a bit
fatigued. There are a number of disappointing aspects
to Tiny Living Stuff, no bones about it, and I know they’ve could’ve added just a bit
more in terms of useful objects and quality of life improvements. But they didn’t, and that’s just kinda
how it goes, we all know that. Still, I’ll personally be using a number
of the items added here going forward, along with building more tiny houses for the challenge
it provides and the rewards it unlocks, so you can glean from that what you will. [gratuitous fiery sim death] And if you enjoyed this look at the Tiny Living
Stuff pack, then maybe check out my let’s play that I did over on my other channel from
what I was just playing this and getting my thoughts together about the pack in the first
place. Or just stick around, there’s more videos
coming up every week on this channel. And as always, thank you for watching LGR!

New Cities Gameplay – Let Me Show You This New Cities Builder Game!

if you enjoy the old SimCity games you may really get a kick out of New cities if you enjoy my content my videos please do click the bell icon below to make sure that they make it over to your feed and as far as this guy goes don’t worry about him he’s fine [Music] hey everybody Weem here welcome to New Cities this is a game I thought I would bring it to your radar because it’s crossed mine recently look really fun I picked it up yesterday via indiegogo of which I’ll have links down in the description if you’re interested in picking it up soon and yeah so here we are I thought I’d show a little bit off we’re gonna jump right into the action now as I kind of get to filling you in on this thing so the developer describes this as a city builder that celebrates the simulation titles of yesteryear with a classic gameplay a fresh coat of paint and so if you’re familiar with the older versions of SimCity for example this is going to be familiar to you in that way and if you enjoyed those games from then I think you’ll get a kick out of this one I actually just picked it up and and I really couldn’t put it down last night so I want to show you one of the really cool features of this you can build top down like this but you have a lot of control over the camera and it really changes the perspective what I mean by that as you can see we’ve got these square grids but if we kind of bring the camera down here I’ll zoom in here a bit you can see that there’s actually height to this right we’ve got mountains and everything and it really changes the perspective once we get some buildings in and everything you will really get an idea of what I’m talking about there but let’s do that we’re gonna first things first we’re gonna bring this guy up and go to value we’ve got higher property value along the beaches and in some other areas as well so this is just gonna help me kind of determine where I’m gonna get started as I gonna show you some of the features of this game so the point of me playing at this point right now is just to kind of show you some of these things give you an idea for what the game is about I’m still quite new to it so I can’t teach you a whole lot but let’s go ahead and start getting down some roads I’m gonna start with a larger Street here with the Avenue and I want to run this kind of along here now one of the things I’ve seen a number of videos and screenshots from the game and it’s very easy to fall into for good reason to fall into the trap of doing everything really Square and rigid like on grids if i zoom in here really close you see we have some thick lines here they’ve got a grid down you can only snap roads to these points and you know along these lines obviously which kind of lends itself you kind of almost naturally just want to build in a grid I actually like things to be a bit more fluid so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put an Avenue down and I’m gonna run it kind of a long this Beach area but I don’t want it to be super straight so let’s do that first we’re gonna go kind of at this angle so you can see we’ve jumped about three spaces in this direction in over one and then I’m gonna do maybe one here I could do another one that’s like you know two down and one up and that’s you know we kind of create a curve in this way I’m gonna actually you do a straight shot here for a little bit let’s get a better angle over here okay I think we’ll go like this to here here as you can see I’m just kind of making a variation in how I’m angling this in order to get this kind of Bend that I want now what I love for this game today for you to be actually be able to freehand draw roads and everything sure that’d be awesome and maybe that’s planned I haven’t dug too deep into the future features or potential features of this game so who knows that may already be on the agenda but let’s keep going with this Avenue and get this laid out again largely just to show you how the grid works and how snapping roads down work roads down works so anyway there I’ve got this kind of road here that’s not really adhering to the grid if I pan back down again we got the mountains in the back got a little bit of a lake here so that’s pretty cool now let’s zoom in here we’ve got the road you can actually see we get a street name on here we have this is Arizona I think the streets are largely named after cities when I’ve paid attention to that that seems to be the case cities or states or things like that so you know yeah that’s a cool start let’s go ahead and grab some normal roads Here I am paused although we don’t need to be let me just play it kind of the regular speed here so before I start putting down the smaller roads let’s talk about this one of the things they suggest in this game is that you build I’m gonna jump over here to these zones when you’re doing farms they say they occupy a lot of space so consider that the bigger lines and not filling in roads in the middle when it comes to residential you know there you’ll want to get down to the nitty-gritty and putting streets along those grids that’s kind of their suggestion you don’t have to follow that but anyway so we’re going to adhere to that I’m gonna go ahead and flush this out a bit and we’ll continue so before I get too far I thought I would just kind of bring you back here and give you the general idea you can see them this almost looks like ribs but I really like things to not be super uniform especially in the early areas and then I think when it comes to farmlands we may get kind of more grid like and then and maybe some what ends up being more dense areas I may also adhere to a stronger grid but anyway I like to kind of get this curved out to show you how these intersections work we can actually we’ve got a number different points we can click on and then we can snap to some different points of the road over here so we can for example connect those up and connect this up and it’s really forgiving as far as traffic goes at least for now you don’t have to you can have long roads and if I come out here for example and this not caused too much of a problem with traffic I’ve noticed perhaps over time if I’ve played long enough I would start to run into issues but I’ve noticed that you don’t end up for example with cars piled up at a dead-end and with nowhere to go so you don’t have to always concern yourself with looping things back but anyway yeah we’ve got this kind of started now again talking about some of those older games like the earlier versions of SimCity and I kind of touched on this before we have the residential we have a retail I haven’t said commercial agricultural and then we have industrial and there’s even going to be some new ones that pop up over time as we progress so anyway one of the interesting things about this you do not have to worry about water you don’t have to worry about electricity and you can see that it basically wants to just put these plots down and they will start building automatically we have a need for residential so we can actually I could actually just hold my mouse and just drag and you can see it starts popping these in there really quick and easy so one of the cool features is this game is it’s really it’s easy to rapidly set up cities it can get expensive if you’re throwing tons or roads down but otherwise if you’re kind of watching your budget and everything a lot of this stuff really starts coming in pretty quickly we can speed this up a little bit more and we’ll get more of these coming in but let’s kind of back out here because farmland is very important that and the residential seem to always be needed so I want to plan for that and if we’re talking about this size grid for the farm areas I don’t want to occupy all of this like highly valuable area because they tend to be kind of polluting and everything they lower the value of the land so if I were to look at it or consider from that perspective maybe somewhere over here is good it’s a bit far I could do it out here let’s let’s actually pan this down because I want to see how much it Hill there is no Hill really it’s pretty flat there that definitely plays a role on kind of some complications as far as roads go and everything so let’s go ahead and get that going now we have this cool Avenue going here I’m trying to think if I want to shoot an avenue back into this area I think I will it does tend to be a bit more expensive but let’s just let’s take a look at what this would cost we’re at 255 K we have seven point six million which you can see in the upper left so I think I’m okay with that and yeah I think we’ll stick with that let’s grab some streets and we’ll run this kind of along this line what’s that 180 K so we can get some of these going [Music] there okay let me go back here and look at value so this would start to creep into some of this area that actually has higher value so I could destroy the road I think instead what I will do is just well the farm is going to try and go all the way out it’s going to follow that I think what we’ll do is we’ll just kind of do this over here for now so we’re gonna go here here here and here so that’ll get some of that going but again the demand is usually pretty high for both that and residential so I don’t think even if I filled in this entire area out here it’s still in my for my previous experience wouldn’t satisfy that demand let’s get some more residential going in here let’s grab streets we want to connect these guys up again I kind of like to just do this not following the grid necessarily so you can do some other cool things too I like doing like this kind of stuff have these like cul-de-sac so we can do a small one here lots of opportunities to do these kinds of things like so and you can run into some problem running roads along the beach so I’m not gonna try and do anything there this is the end of our Avenue maybe what I’ll do is I’ll loop this a bit can we do that here I’m gonna try and just loop this back again not necessary at least at this stage of development in the game but anyway I think that’s cool I know I’ll do we’ll connect this here and you can always bring up for example the residential Mouse around and see how much space that’s quite a bit of empty space in there so I’m gonna kind of good there now let’s just go ahead and fill this in really quick just do this lazy William dragon I’m gonna kind of fill all of this in and see where that puts us I don’t expect it to make a huge dent and the residential demand but it’ll be something and then maybe we’ll get some kind of commercial out in this area but you get the idea as far as placing this stuff down is very easy to get the roads down you can actually adjust elevation and everything pretty easily if I went and took the Avenue you can see that Q and Z is kind of up down arrow so as I hit QQQ I could you know do a road that’s like raised up I could then lower it down right they make that pretty easy so anyway I’m gonna go ahead and flush this out even more and we’ll see where things are at as you can see I added a section for residential I thought this might be a good commercial spot I only put a few in because I’ve noticed in my previous runs at very short runs just testing things out that the retail demand drops very quickly so I only put these two in and it already dropped some so we’re gonna let that sit residential is still high of course I did add some more farmland out here so we’ve got that going and it does ask for industrial and I put a row out here but I haven’t dug deep enough into the game to understand what helps the industrial grow so for me it doesn’t do a whole lot just yet but anyway it’s something that I will figure out at some point you can see we get messages on the right side here village we you know a thousand people live here there are officially more human residents than bovine and then they’ll give you kind of a next achievement you know you can build a school when you hit 5,000 this gives a hint retail zones at important intersections and along major thoroughfares there will not be a lot of retail demand until the city grows larger so uses sparingly which we’ve done we got our first farm notification the first house let’s see hint for agricultural zone so he spreads along the grid lines that’s the big lines as I was mentioning before residential they basically say do it along the dots those are things we talked about zone so this is all kind of our intro stuff I can actually just kind of click through closed E’s now there are other elements to this game as well so far we can actually jump into here and look at different things I was looking at the value before that’s something that we looked at but we also have prosperities the thing we can look at density traffic and you could see that maybe we’ve got a little bit going on here I’ll zoom in here and take a peek so we may have had a little bit of a hang-up but mostly you can see the lights and that really stands out when you look at traffic mode you can see like well there’s a whole huge backup so right now it’s not too bad crime of course pollution and education eventually to put schools down you can put police departments down that fit that fixes crime and education and things like that and there’s various relationships of things too as far as like what kinds of workers the farm stuff is looking for I assume that goes for retail as well we can also dive in here and individually select things so this is a thing that’s already and I couldn’t remember you could do it on cars or not I’m not getting it to go but you can click houses for example no maybe that’s why I didn’t have one selected there we go so now we’re following this guy we could delete it it’s at an intersection it’s it’s loop Bailey going to the store or we can kind of pan down and click on a house it’s the gray household we can see their taxes and everything and and start to see what they’re looking to do I had somebody looking for a job for example so anyway these kinds of things are already in the game which is really cool music let me zoom in here so we have Pomona Street and Arbor as I mentioned kind of location names they use salt lake for the roads and everything’s pretty cool look at that view it was raining a second ago and now started snowing another thing about this game there is weather snow will eventually cover the ground which is pretty cool but anyway this is kind of what I was talking about at the opening as far as perspective goes you can get down here and really see the topography you can see the height to mountains in the distance and it’s just a really interesting perspective for a game like this very unique and very cool I like it quite a bit so yeah I’ve got I kind of flushed out even more residential area here if we kind of pan out hopefully don’t make you dizzy got all of this is kind of new residential area um I feel a little bit commercial in and I’m noticing now I just I threw this industrial and I was like let me just put some clothes to this and that seems to be doing good let me on a pan over because you could see I put rows of it over here or actually just just the one here and maybe it’s not near enough to like retail or residential and that’s what it needed but there we go we’ve actually got some popping in here we learned something new every day so I’m gonna actually click on one of these and we can see that it’s an industrial building this is got the street name I was kind of wondering if it’d tell us what the the business were was perhaps not I want to be good at this one it just says Industrial though they were just kind of general but that’s okay very cool so we also have money let me show you some of the budget stuff even though I don’t have a great handle on this yet you can drag the slider for property tax you know the line of credit and everything basically get your financials here the years you start to stack up over time you’ll get those as columns and everything so it’s pretty pretty cool that a lot of this stuff is in right now if I remember correctly the game started by the developer as a project for kind of just a traffic management thing and then he continued adding kind of features to it and it kind of you know before his eyes was turning into a city builder and so he kind of kept flushing it out that way so on IndieGoGo he had a goal of 10,000 which I know just they went over that yesterday I think but that is the place to get the game again all the links down in the description but I think actually before I say I’m gonna leave it at that there is one other feature I want to show you even though it’s still pretty new to me I haven’t played with it too much okay so here is that feature and it is the building designer which is pretty cool so when you actually lay down your zones these guys here you don’t really get to choose the buildings you can there are specific buildings you get to place for example the police department or the college but otherwise the buildings that pop in for these different types it kind of random and can grow over time but here you could actually jump in here and edit this so you can create you know your own new creations and then my assumption is that there’s just some small some you know percent chance that they show up in the game which i think is pretty cool so you can actually kind of move these things around you see you can grab these kind of things and drag them we can actually choose barrel and click in here and that adds a new one you can you know kind of increase these sizes and everything and you’ll see it changes the size of the the area that it needs to occupy that’s a pretty big building so we can actually kind of continue placing things in here there’s also trees and fences and things like that so you can get kind of detailed with this which i think is pretty cool adding that kind of level of customization there it’s pretty sweet okay one more feature before I leave that I definitely wanted to show you but forgot until I jump back onto this side of things there is a blueprint mode in this game already which is awesome a lot of games like this in the early stages it’s a feature they want to do or you kind of think man I’d love to have like blueprint stuff and gonna have to wait but this one’s actually in right from the beginning we can actually select new come into here and we can let’s see make sure I have that selected so you got the Blue Square and then we can drag and select an area and then actually I think it just click basically you don’t have to drag and then let go and you can see our cursor now is this area so we can kind of go place this anywhere you can even overlap things we could drop it right in the center here and it would really it connect up all the roads and you get you end up getting rid of some houses but they would likely pop back in or you can move them up into this area which is you know kind of how I would imagine you would be doing you select kind of area that you like and then just kind of pasting it down and everything is pretty pretty cool we can also raise and lower the elevation of it which I had not played with so I said let me let me click that here and see so you can kind of raise that up that’s pretty cool not that we would want to get too crazy with that and we’ve got a Save button here and I have not messed with this either so we’ve got these kind of saved up in here I guess is where they’re showing up that’s cool and I believe believe these carry through to your other saves as well but anyway I just thought I would kind of show you that really quick well that about wraps it up I as I mentioned at the top I just kind of wanted to bring you in here and show you this game because I think it’s pretty cool it’s pretty fun especially this early and may not have been on your radar so I thought let me like know about it let let me know what you think about this in the comments this looks interesting to you if you played the older SimCity games and enjoyed those you know does this look cool to you I think there’s so much potential for this it’s so early and you know we talk about potential a lot with with new games that aren’t finished yet but there’s a lot of cool features in here for it being so early so I have high hopes for what’s coming in the future but I do want to thank you guys for stopping by as always I really appreciate it do me a favor hit the bell icon down below if you’d like to see more things like this that’s the pretty much the only way to make sure you get my videos sent to you if that’s what you would like to have happen otherwise thanks again and I will catch you guys next time

NEW CROSSBOW! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Crossbow)

What’s up guys, this is M3RKMUS1C and today. We’re back on modern warfare after 70 hours of downloading the update I think the model warfare patch file was around like 20 gigs on console, maybe like 48 on PC something like that I had to delete some games to be able to get this update But it’s finally here. And here’s pretty much what’s new as far as it goes for game modes They added capture the flag and they brought back shoot the ship which is just shoot house and shipment nothing too crazy there But now when you go to look at your weapons, you’ll see that you have 5 extra load outs That’s right guys a couple dozen gigs for a couple extra load outs right there has to be something better than that Are there any new guns? Oh Okay, I’m over exaggerating a little bit but they added a crossbow to modern warfare and it’s pretty badass Let’s check the whole thing out stylings and agile This high-performance crossbow fires 20 bolts 20 inch bolts with exceptional lethality Exclusive customization distinct functionality and unique ammunition types put this weapon in a class of its own even though it’s in the marksman rifle class Standard 20-inch bolts are recoverable and are undetected by trophy systems Ooh, I think in Pascal did it games trophy systems were blocking the crossbow now to actually unlock the cross Well, you have to buy 5000 supply drops. Just kidding. Thank god, that’s not the case But you actually just completed challenge You have to get 5 kills in 25 different matches using a marksman rifle with the reflex optic super fun Now look this challenge is obviously a lot better than having to spend money to try to get it but unfortunately for me I probably won’t be unlocking the crossbow even though it might seem like I’m some nerd that doesn’t do anything other than play call of Duty, I’m actually gonna be going out for a couple days. I’m gonna be going on a little trip I’m gonna be playing some things so I won’t be able to unlock the crossbow quite yet, but for sure when I come back I’m gonna be unlocking this crossbow and trying to cover it some more Ever since black ops were you had the akimbo shadow claws? the crossbow has been brought back in cold duty, and it just really hasn’t been as good as black ops 3 So I’m curious to see how Modern Warfare’s crossbow is. I guess it’s time to start grinding the challenge I guess this site should work if I want to unlock it But before I try to get it unlocked online, let’s see if I can use it in a private match That way I can hopefully show it off in this video. Oh, well, there it is. It’s just right there. Perfect Alright, I think I lucked out holy attachments. What’s you can get different cables you can get different arms I can go from tier X to wacky inflatable to man pretty quickly. It’s got a tag laser Oh my god, what so many different sites for this thing? That is crazy You got all these different stocks – oh my god while I was not expecting this different bolts as well Throw my tip explosive tips here. Guess what? It doesn’t look like you can get it at a Kimbo but it should still be pretty good in here. This is so interesting I don’t know exactly what’s gonna make this thing like better or worse I feel like I might just be playing against bots today and showing our different attachments and things like that I’m probably not gonna change the bolt for the crossbow quite yet. I want to see how it is Just like on its own I think this is pretty much gonna be the build that I test this thing out with right now We could test it out in gulag showers. This is gonna be great So, yeah for anyone watching this video if you want to play with the crossbow before unlocking it You can do it in a private match I’m not sure if they’re gonna continue to allow us to do that for a future new guns, but for now, it’s pretty nice Oh, look at this thing dude, it looks really cool. It looks like it pretty much has a built-in reflex sight It looks a lot like the red dot from cod4. This is really cool. Only get one shot at a time though okay, that it oh, I Think I’m gonna like this for online Let’s get a quality with against these Putrid BOTS. Okay, nevermind. I’ll take the stock off so I can change the bolt try the explosive one first Let’s see how the explosive is though. Oh, oh, it’s just like black ops one. That is so cool So you can sick people and then oh, well, it’s still an insta kill if you hit them So it’s oh maybe not maybe it depends on where you hit them to get that insta kill a headshot will kill them Oh my god, this is so cool. Let’s try out. The tear gas cartridge. This should be interesting Okay, so basically just the far corner Hey, wow, I feel like this is gonna be super annoying for online Oh my god. I thought I already hated the far corners, but I’m gonna be seeing this everywhere But Furillo, it doesn’t really seem like it’s the best attachment you could put on this thing. Well draw the thermite tip Her way she’s gonna keep melting them I feel like this thing with the thermite sip would be really annoying in domination when someone’s trying to capture a flag or in ground War I’m not just shooting that at the tanks. Holy fuck all of these so bad just constantly spanning him with thermite I would imagine that the thermite tips are probably weaker against the tanks, but you know, we got to test that out I’ll make sure to do that when I get this thing for real the scope-1. It’s pretty neat I mean it’s not like that differs from other scopes, but I feel like actually trying to hit a crosswalk wampie would be pretty tough Just look ghost. Oh my The reload is just too slow. But it yeah, I’m pretty sure they did that because it is a one shot So if you can reload this thing too fast, you just be getting tons of insta kills and you know, people are gonna complain Oh There’s the quad feet. It’s rolling Fuck I can’t believe I’m missing shots against bots. This is private match. I Wish you could get collapse in this thing. That’d be so cool, or possibly even a tri bolt attachment I was kind of hoping that there would be a Kimbo for this because I’ve talked about this before I think it’d be really fun. If autoworker had a Kimbo gun It would probably make this game more casual like model want for it too, but I don’t think they’re gonna do it It’s feed time, come on no All right. I think I’m done again spots. The new crossbow is definitely super fun I can’t wait to actually unlock it and use it online so I think for the time being I’ll probably try to play some shipment and get some progress for this challenge because there’s definitely lot Of fun and potential here with this crossbow. It’s definitely a pretty grindy challenge though I know this is really bad But what I’m curious to see is if you can get five kills in a match and then just leave and actually get that progress Account, that’s what I want to do. I’m curious to see if everyone’s actually gonna be using marksman rifles Hopefully this increases the amount of weapon variety in pubs. Oh, there’s some people using the card on dak I bet All right. There’s one I’m keeping track. I’ll leave – oh Fuck three I once had a splick wat be there There’s four and five. Alright, let’s get here. That was fast. Did that actually count though? It did oh shit, dude all about the cheese. This challenge is so hard I bet you guys are glad you clicked on this video if you wanna play with the crossbow immediately either just pick it up in a public match or just use it in private match and Hey, it looks like you can choose the challenge for the kills All right I don’t pause it enter up right here because you’ll actually see later in the video that you can’t necessarily Choose the challenge and you’ll see why soon let’s be real if you have to spend two days downloading a 50 gig update you might As well just change the challenge. I can’t find anyone. This’ll wait. Does that guy at the crossbow? Wait, what’s Iceland? Someone’s got a variance of it what you get a variance. Oh shit I might saying this Lobby then I want to know how someone has a variant of this thing already Oh, I bet you can buy it in the store or something. I’ll get my 5 kills that I’ll leave and check that out It’s feed time let’s get it come on More people no, okay. Oh shit. There’s a crossbow. Give it give it give it. Oh I couldn’t pick it up There we go. Picked up. Someone else’s gun. What the fuck? How many people argue about that Cal dude, no, ho I want to feed Our Emily just want to make sure I’m still getting my progress looks like a oh I didn’t oh, okay. That’s weird I don’t know why I counted for the first match, but it didn’t give me progress that time Okay pump the brakes because maybe it won’t count every game or maybe I just didn’t get enough killed. I don’t know. That’s weird Oh, yeah, let’s see if there’s something in this store. Yep. There you go. Sneaky sneaky That’s how you’re gonna be able to get it quickly personally. I don’t think I’m gonna be buying the bundle It’s not that worth it and you should do it you can do the challenge is just get it for free It’s not that hard to do. It might be a little time consuming but probably not worth the money I can’t want to overkill with another marksman rifle. I’m actually gonna go for a swap feed. This could be fun Everyone’s doing the challenge. Let’s go Oh swap one so slow. Why is it so slow? No Come on, this is definitely a really fun class to use though Whoof Oh my fuck come on that one swap to the cars is too slow. Oh Shit come on swap Anthony marker. Oh shit the noscope more. Oh fuck dude. What the fuck? Oh Why did I miss that shot dude that fee was fucking sick, oh my god, I was such an awesome six man Yeah, there’s really not a need to buy the variant when you can go for sick ass clips like that. Oh My switch again No, okay, I’m mark Reeth, you know What you need to miss it? Oh Fuck man. This is so much fun. Oh My nails bother with the food I’m gonna spawn three people behind me man. Come on. I’m personally really addicting this challenge Dude the intensity. I mean if I miss a lot of shot, that just looks really cool. Oh my god This might be one of the most like fun class built at try. Holy fuck Oh Come on switch switch switch switch now just do slow some of these weapon swaps are definitely a little too slow Come on new who are they gonna spawn off right here shit. Oh my god. Oh, This glass is so much fun to use though Ooh boy those clap Oh, oh I’m the current Nicki just too slow. Do what the fuck was that 5 min? Oh my god I think I got a Klat in there the potential in this Lobby is just so good Almost a triple. Oh I blew him up Dan shit, dude. Oh No, I do wish to keep going on man look at that, I got 90 kills of that class that is awesome I had to have played you know, so ridiculous. This was the going clear ight here, so No, let’s go for the swap and then two more so ridiculous Oh, yeah, I think only for this crossbows gonna be like one of the most fun challenges ever for this game I’m really hoping that Infinity Ward has more plans to do stuff like this now. Hopefully that counted it didn’t count What’s ok, that’s alright. Maybe it’s cuz I started putting more attachments on I don’t know that doesn’t make any sense to me I’ll have to make like a separate class with really barebone attachments, but that’s gonna do it for this video Thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed watching me cover the new crossbow modern warfare as soon as I get back I’ll do my best to try to unlock the crossbow and use it some more do some more videos on it as far as it Goes for myth-busting and being able to make different class videos and just show off the crossbow some more There’s a lot of potential here. And with that being said I really do Hope you guys enjoyed this video If you guys did it and you want to see some more new stuff on modern warfare Make sure to drop a like I’ll see you guys later

Wii HIDDEN GEMS – 9 More Games for the Collection! ** NEW for 2020**

– [Metal] Hey guys, Metal
Jesus here, and you know what? I am still playing with my Nintendo Wii. I still enjoy the system, I still love trying to find hidden gems for this. But after doing so many of these videos, I’m startin’ to wonder, is it tapped out? Are there any more
hidden gems to be found? Let’s take a look. (hard rock music) All right, so the first game I wanna check out is called Pirates Plundarrr. You have to do it with that
little arrr at the end of it. (digital music) So this is a game that
is exclusive to the Wii, and right off the bat I know many of you are going, hey, this looks an awful lot like Castle Crashers,
and yeah, you’d be right. Now I don’t think this is actually made by the same developers, but you can tell that they were heavily
influenced by that game and were usin’ it as sort of a blueprint to make a beat-em-up on the Wii. And I gotta say, this game
is actually a lot of fun. So as you can tell, the
game has really colorful 2D-style graphics and also animation. Again, very similar to Castle Crashers. There are 40 different enemy types, so lots of baddies to beat up. Plus it has a lotta RPG elements where you can earn XP to upgrade your character as you progress, and there are a bunch of
different weapon types that you can use both in your
primary and secondary attacks. This game is just a really fun beat-em-up, it’s very simple, very easy to get into, it’s a lot of hack and slash fun, and if you have a Wii,
definitely check it out. (dramatic music) (swishes)
(grunts) Next up is a racing game that I have been planning to talk about for a while now. It is exclusive to the Wii, and the DS if you wanna get technical, and that, of course, is Need for Speed: Nitro. Now, I know what you’re thinkin’. Hey, how could a Need for Speed game be on a hidden gems list? Well, I would make the argument
that this is definitely, I think of all the Need for Speed games, this is probably the one that
is most often overlooked, and that’s a real shame, because this game is designed from the ground up to be a Wii exclusive, and
it’s just arcade goodness. This is an awesome game. (sirens) And the thing is for me that
the Need for Speed series has been going a little bit more realistic in the last, I would say, decade or so, and that’s fine, I like
those games, but this is definitely a throwback to
just pure arcade goodness. You can see by the gameplay footage here that, yeah, it doesn’t play like a normal Need for Speed game, at
least one that’s come out in the last 10 years, and again, I think that’s actually
a really good thing. This is so much fun. Being that it’s a Wii
game, a lot of people are concerned that (groans)
does it have motion controls? Well, yes, but thankfully
you can turn them off, so actually in this gameplay footage, that’s actually what I’ve
done, is I’ve turned it off, I’m playing it normally,
as it was meant to be. And really, the game
is just super arcadey. You can tell by this
footage, it kinda looks almost like some of the classic Burnout games, which is why I like it. The game has five different locations, Cairo, Rio, Madrid, Singapore, and Dubai. And it also has licensed
cars, which is cool, but again, as you can tell here, they are a little bit more cartoony,
a little bit more colorful. So yeah, if you like arcade racing games, you like the Need for Speed
series, and you got a Wii, definitely check out
Need for Speed: Nitro. (percussive music) ♪ Oh no, there goes Tokyo ♪ ♪ Go, go Godzilla ♪ Unleashed, on the Wii. (digital tones) (crashes) So yes, this is Godzilla:
Unleashed on the Wii. Now, of course, I do have to say, this also came out on the Playstation 2, but if you got a Wii
and you like Godzilla, you should definitely pick this up, because this is a really
fun monster beat-em-up game on the Wii, it’s surprisingly fun. And when I say surprisingly fun, it’s because, well, when this game originally came out it got a little bit beat up by professional
reviewers at the time, and I have to say, I think
that’s a little bit harsh, especially with a little bit of hindsight now that we can see it for what it is. Maybe the Playstation
2 version was better, but I have to say that this game uses the Wii controls, the Wii motion controls, and honestly it actually
works really well. They’re not very frustrating, it just feels very natural, very fun. And if you’re a big fan of giant monsters destroying everything in its path, well, this game’s gonna be for you, because it has a huge roster
of 26 different monsters. Monsters might be pushing it a little bit, because there’s aliens and all sorts of other stuff like that, but yeah, this has got a huge roster
of stuff to choose from. One of the really cool parts of this game is that you can totally
customize a battle, if you wish. You can go in there and modify almost everything that is
happening in this game, so including what type of monsters, the type of power-ups, how
often the health regenerates, you can even control the
size of the monsters. It just goes on and on and on. It’s actually really
cool if you just wanna totally just get in there
with a friend of yours and beat the tar out of each
other, it’s pretty cool. The Godzilla games can
be kinda hit or miss, but if you have a Wii, and
you have some friends over, this is a pretty good time,
definitely check it out. (crashes) Here’s a game that turned
out to be a total surprise, because, well, one, I never
actually saw the movie, and two, it’s a licensed game. And you know how that can be sometimes, that can spell trouble, but trust me here. Ice Age: Dawn of Dinosaurs is really fun. First off, I should probably point out that this also came out on other systems, but again, we’re just focusing on the Wii here, and yes, it’s great on this. Now, as you can see by this footage, this is a 3D platforming
game that’s pretty similar to a lot of the games of the time, very similar to the
Ratchet and Clank games where you platform around,
you’re collecting stuff, you’re doing a little bit
of combat, things like that. But the reason why it’s on this list and why it’s in this video is because it’s so well-designed, I
mean, it’s got great graphics, and it has really good level design. Great writing, and
honestly the voice acting is often hilarious, and there’s
tons of it in this game. And this game did a really good job of really grabbing my
attention as I was capturing this footage, I was having
a lot of fun playing this. (squeaks)
(percussive music) Now there are some motion
controls in this game, but I feel like that it’s not
super annoying when they do, because for the most
part you’re just moving with the nunchuck, and
then there’s a little bit of combat with the motion
controls, which, yeah, not probably my favorite,
but, again, it’s not too bad. But then there are times when
you’re shooting something in first person, and I
really feel like that’s a good use of motion controls. It actually feels more natural than trying to just use the thumbstick. So yeah, this is a
really fun and well-made 3D platforming game, if
you like these kinda games, you should definitely check it out, because this isn’t really hard to find, and again, if you don’t have a Wii, you can get it on other systems as well. (crackles)
(dramatic music) So you guys know that
I love light gun games in the arcade, but one of the reasons why I love the Wii so much is because so many light gun games came out for it. And I’ve covered many of them
over the last couple years. But one of the last
ones I wanna talk about is this one right here,
it’s called Top Shot Arcade. And it’s kinda funny,
because, I went on the fence about this one about whether
I wanted to talk about it, because this is definitely,
of all of the light gun games probably released, it’s definitely one of the most realistic ones,
because you’re technically hunting animals in the forest, and maybe not everyone’s not gonna be into that, but I wanted to cover this one anyways, because the truth is, it’s
a fun light gun shooter. And yes, you’re shooting
animals in the forest, and that might not be
everyone’s cup of tea, I totally get it, but this is a fun game, it’s well-made, and it deserves a mention. – [Commentator] Load your gun.
(bangs) No score for him.
(bangs) Popped him in the noggin. – [Metal] Now a couple things
that I notice about this over other light gun games is that, one, the stages actually are very short, sometimes lasting only a minute or two. And two, the precision of your shots is very important in this game, almost like you’re really going hunting. And I know that’s kinda silly to say, because this is obviously an arcade game, and it’s not realistic really in any way, but it is definitely
tougher than it looks. Unlike other light gun
games I’ve played before, this one I really had to
replay some of the levels multiple times because, as you see here, some of these animals
are running really fast, and it can be pretty hard
to hit them in a spot where it’ll actually take them down. So anyways, I know this game is not gonna be everybody’s cup of tea, but I’m pretty sure that no actual animals were harmed in the making of this game, and so, if that’s somethin’ that you’re interested in, and you
like light gun games, you should definitely take a look. (bangs) – [Commentator] He’s takin’ a dirt nap. – [Metal] All right, next up is a game that, well, I just kinda stumbled upon. I didn’t really know that much about it when I first bought it, but that is a game called FlingSmash. (cheerful music) The big selling point for FlingSmash was at the time it was one of the first games to support the Wii MotionPlus, and that is the device
that basically makes the Wii motion even more
accurate and more sensitive. And like the title of the game suggests, that’s exactly what you do in this game, you fling and then smash for score. And really, the game
kinda feels a little bit like pong or tennis, but
because of its physics, and because of the way
that it bounces around, it also feels a little bit like pinball. And what you’re trying to do is take out as many of these bricks while
the level is autoscrolling, and you’ll often have
power-ups and multipliers and stuff like that, so
there’s a lot going on, especially as the game progresses. And so what you’re doing is basically just controlling the direction and power of that critter that you’re
knocking around the screen, and then he takes out bricks, but you can also press a
button on the controller and that will instantly stop him, so that way you can autoadjust the angle and also how much power you wanna give him and send him off on another direction. Now, I’ll be honest with you,
this is not an amazing game, but I was surprised at how
much fun I had with it, especially when you consider that when I bought this, I paid a dollar for it. So when you wanna talk about hidden gems and games that people are overlooking, this is definitely one of ’em. And also, I would say, this is probably, if it’s not your cup of tea,
it may be really good for kids. That’s kinda what it feels like it’s designed for, so
just keep that in mind. All right, next up we got
another arcade racing game, this one called Hot Wheels: Track Attack. Now I’ve covered the Hot Wheels series in other videos before,
and the thing about the Hot Wheels series is that, again, it’s a series that always adds in fun. They’re never simulators, they’re always about just over-the-top action, and that’s actually what I really like. Now, I can read your mind,
and I know what you’re saying. This game looks like
ass, and you’re right. It’s not a very good-looking game, even when you consider that
it’s running on the Wii. I know, I get it, but here’s the thing. All I care about is is there a smile on my face when I’m playing a game? And the answer is yes, when I play this game, actually it’s a lot of fun. I mean, any racing game that
has a loop-de-loop, well, OK, I’m gonna give it a shot,
you know what I’m sayin’? (roars) And I wanna point somethin’ out, and that is in this game
there is some physics, and you can kinda see
that in the footage here, because you might see me
sliding around corners, and that was a part of the
game that I wasn’t expecting. And I actually think that’s pretty cool, ’cause once you play a
racing game like this and you know the rules of
it and how the cars handle and how it’s gonna take the
jumps and stuff like that, how it’s gonna go around
corners, I really dig that. So it’s a nice mix, again, of arcade and just enough realism to keep it fun. And the other thing when
it comes to racing games, and I wanna mention it
here, is that you can turn off the tilt controls, so,
that’s very important to me, because, you know, sometimes tilt controls can be a nightmare, and it’s good that some of these games
allow you to toggle that. So this one and also Need for Speed, like I said, you can
just play them as normal. And I mentioned the loop-de-loops, right? OK, cool, yeah, definitely check it out. – [Commentator] Outrageous!
(roars) – [Metal] OK, so first I talked about the Ice Age movie game, and now I’m talking about Penguins of Madagascar. Don’t hate me for this, OK? Just stay with me for a second. Yes, this is a licensed game
based on a animated movie, and typically those are
crap, I know, I know. But occasionally you
do get gems like this. So what’s goin’ on here, well, basically this is kind of like a 2.5D platforming slash puzzle game, and what you do is you switch between
four different penguins that each have their own unique abilities. For instance, one of ’em is
smart and can hack computers. Another one can jump and
then hover over gaps, which is really important
if the floor is electrified. Another one is really strong, and then another one can actually dash. And so what you’re doing in this game is constantly switching between those four penguins to
get past certain obstacles and enemies and get through a level. I actually found this game
to be quite challenging. It was not easy, and definitely required some creative thinking. So, yes, this is a licensed game based on a movie, and like the
other one I haven’t seen it. I do see some of these occasionally. But that’s OK, because
again, it doesn’t matter, it just matters if the game is
fun, and this definitely is. (digital music) All right, and then finally we have Hidden Mysteries: Titanic. So as you can see by this footage, it is a point-and-click adventure game that mixes sort of
traditional-style PC adventure game item hunting that you would see like in the LucasArts games, but also it puts in there the hidden object gameplay that is really popular, say, on mobile. And as you can tell by
the gameplay footage and also the title of the game, it’s really a retelling of the story of the Titanic and its last voyage, or I guess its maiden voyage
that was also its last, because of course it sunk
to the bottom of the ocean. But this also has new
story and also characters. I would say that it kinda
follows the James Cameron movie, but it’s just different
enough to feel fresh. But, again, the reason
why it’s on this list is because it really is a mix of that point-and-click, picking out
objects in the background, putting them together to solve puzzles, but then also it has sections in it that you have to find,
say, all the different pieces that are hidden
within the background. And so it’s very much like
two different types of games mixed together, and it feels very natural. I will say, though, that the puzzles can be a little bit obtuse. You will probably get stuck in this game and wonder what the heck to do. Now, there is a hint
system, which is very nice, and it’s completely optional,
but you are gonna be clicking around, kinda
wondering what am I supposed to use this for, where
is it supposed to go? Now, there are four different endings in this game, because you do have a bit of choice as to
how the narrative goes. And as you complete
the game, there is also a bonus level that you can unlock. And I’ve always felt that these kind of point-and-click games
are well-suited for the Wii because the Wii motion tracking actually is very mouse-like, and typically these games would be made for the PC. So, again, if you like
puzzle games, you like a challenge, you like a good
story, definitely check it out. All right, guys, that’s
another Wii hidden gems video in the bag, and I think this makes my sixth or seventh video
about Wii hidden gems over the last, jeez, probably five years. And the thing is is that I’m
kinda wonderin’, is that it? Is this the end of the Wii hidden gems, or are there more to be mined? According to Wikipedia,
there are over 1,500 games released for the Wii, so I
dunno, I’m kinda curious. Although I haven’t actually dove very deeply into other regions, either, so there could be actually some Japan-exclusive ones or maybe
over in PAL territories, that’d be kind of
interesting to check it out. Either way, I’d love to
know what you guys think down in the comments below, if there’s some hidden gems that I
haven’t played on my Wii, I would love to know
and share ’em with you. All right, guys, thank you
very much for watching. Thank you so much for
subscribing, and take care.

Super Mario RPG Review! (SNES) The Game Collection!

Welcome back to The Game Collection! I am SuperDerek and Super Mario RPG is a game
that I’ve known about for years but for some reason, I’ve just never gotten around
to playing it. This came up during one of my live Q&A streams,
and since then it’s been weighing on me. So let’s take a look at one of the strangest
decisions Nintendo has ever made, and why it paid off. I am SuperDerek, and this is Super Mario RPG! In March of 1996, Nintendo released Super
Mario RPG in Japan, and then in the United States only 2 months later. What was this game? Is it Super Mario? Or is it an RPG? It was developed by Squaresoft, and published
by Nintendo of America. It was an odd mashup of contrasting ideas
we wouldn’t see the likes of again until the Kingdom Hearts series years later, but
I’ve already talked about those games in another series. Super Mario RPG was the lovechild of Square
and Nintendo. Square was having trouble replicating their
success in Western markets, and Miayamoto was interested in seeing Mario realized in
an RPG world. And with Square being the undisputed king
of RPGs at the time, and Mario’s market domination, it was a match made in heaven. Super Mario RPG begins the way most Mario
games do. Princess Toadstool was captured by Bowser,
and it’s up to Mario to save her! But just moments into the game, as Mario rescues
Peach, and a giant sword crashes down into Bowser’s Castle, flinging our far-flung
heroes, flying far into atmosphere and far from the fortress, now festooned with a fancy
fencing falchion. Mario soon learns that this was the work of
the Smithy Gang, who, in the process also destroyed Star Road, preventing any new wishes
from being granted. Making matters worse, the Smithy gang is also
terrorizing towns all over the world! Now Mario will have to collect the 7 stars
to restore Star Road and restore peace to the land. Along the way, Mario makes some new friends
who join him on his quest including Mallow, the young cloud boy who thinks he’s a tadpole,
and Geno, the action figure and crowd-pleaser who comes from afar to lend Mario a helping
hand. Also accompanying Mario on his journey are
none other than Bowser, the King of the Koopa Troop, and Princess Peach Toadstool. The story of Super Mario RPG is very simple
and easy to follow. I’ve already told you 70% of what there
is to know, and you can probably infer the rest. This isn’t the kind of game where spoilers
are going to matter for most people. The story was written with the intention of
appealing to Western audiences of the 90s and in that regard, they were very successful. Super Mario RPG may be one of the best RPGs
for beginners out there, even to this day. But not just because the plot was easy to
follow. The writing in Super Mario RPG is very funny. It may in fact be one of the first few RPGs
to help establish the quirky funny RPG sub-genre, along with Earthbound. The character interactions between Mario and
Bowser in particular, are both endearing and funny to read. I enjoyed the portrayal of Bowser attempting
to keep up appearances around Mario and Peach, but also secretly having a good heart. Some of the characters were pretty two-dimensional
overall, such as Mallow, but again I think this was intentional to keep the overall experience
a simple and straightforward one. Besides the funny story and familiar characters,
Nintendo and Square implemented some new gameplay mechanics that further helped hook American
audiences: Timed button presses during combat that could significantly increase the damage
dealt to enemies, and severely reduce damage received from attacks. The mechanic actually reminded me of my time
with Shadow Hearts, except the visual cues when to press the buttons aren’t quite so
easy to spot, so it takes some guessing and hoping that you figure out the right timing
for some of the attacks. For Spells and such though, you can find out
the bonus timing from the skill description, which was pretty handy! Super Mario RPG wasn’t a terribly difficult
game, but you’ll probably want to make sure you have a low-latency way to play the game
or things could get much more difficult. Outside of combat there is some light platforming
here and there, but the truth of the matter is that it’s not very good, because isometric
visuals do not lend themselves well to precise jumping. And if you need further proof of that, taka
a look at exhibit B: Landstalker on Sega Genesis. But luckily Super Mario RPG did not make platforming
a central focus, so it was only a mild annoyance from time to time. The remainder of the game consist of some
other mini-games, including swimming down a waterfall to collect coins, collecting coins
jumping on barrels, and racing with a Yoshi. And that was also a little bit of a nightmare,
but I think I figured out the trick: The instructions the game gives are a little
vague, but you’re supposed to alternate pressing a and b buttons with the beat of
the music. But what they don’t tell you is that you
have to hold down the A and B buttons in order to keep moving forward. So tap the buttons less like this… and instead
press them more like this to the beat of the music. Also, this game will still absolutely require
a low-latency display. The world presented in Super Mario RPG is
bright, beautiful, and isometric. This style of world kind of reminds me of
the worlds shown off in Breath of Fire III and IV, but without any camera controls to
be found for obvious reasons. The towns are nice and bright, but most towns
look pretty similar to the next. However, dungeons are far more creative and
distinct from one another. The game’s use of isometry is perhaps one
of its most visually distinctive features, but that’s only part of the unique look
that’s become so familiar to us today. The graphics were also partially inspired
by those in Donkey Kong Country, which used Silicon Graphics workstations to render 3D
models of Donkey Kong and company. That very same Silicon Graphics workstation
was given to the Super Mario RPG team with which to render the sprites of the heroes,
enemies, and more throughout the game. Using pre-rendered polygonal sprites in an
isometric world may be one of the most ambitious uses of the Super Nintendo hardware, falling
just short of maybe games using the Super FX chip. The large and unique looking pre-rendered
sprites are expressive and put to fantastic use throughout the game, particularly as Mario
explains complex stories through pantomime, lampooning the silent protagonist trope that
this game adopted. Not to be outdone by the visuals of Super
Mario RPG, Yoko Shimomura who had previously worked for Capcom on and Breath of Fire went
to work composing music for Super Mario RPG. She now considers her time working on Super
Mario RPG a turning point in her career, and for good reason. She would go on to work on the Kingdom Hearts
games, as well as future Mario RPGs. The music included in Super Mario RPG is as
immediately recognizable and iconic as the visuals within Super Mario RPG, so much so
that as I played through the game for the first time, I recognized almost every single
song from older YouTube videos I watched long ago. The music matches the mood and themes of Super
Mario RPGs aesthetic to the T, it’s fun, upbeat, and quirky. Fun, upbeat, and quirky. Those are I think the best 3 adjectives to
describe not only the music, but Super Mario RPG as a whole. Sometimes I approach games like this, games
with a reputation, with some amount of apprehension. By now most everybody already has an opinion
about the game, and sometimes too much hype can kill an experience. But despite Super Mario RPG having a reputation
that precedes it, I don’t think that it was in fact overhyped at all. Some people claim that it’s one of the best
RPGs on the Super Nintendo. And while that’s definitely a tall order,
I can say that I agree. It IS one of the best RPGs on the system. It’s also short and sweet. It doesn’t overstay its welcome. Super Mario RPG is one of those experiences
where every moment you spend playing is spent experiencing something new in the game. And perhaps all of these reasons are why Super
Mario RPG went on to out-sell every other Squaresoft RPG on the Super Nintendo. And perhaps the success of Super Mario RPG
is what helped prepare Western audiences for the incoming wave of Amazing RPGs that we
were about to experience on the upcoming Sony PlayStation. Would Final Fantasy VII have sold so incredibly
well without Super Mario RPG as a warmup? That’s a question we’ll never know the
answer to. But we’re at the end of the review and there
is one final question that I can answer for you. And that’s that Super Mario RPG absolutely
earned itself a spot in The Game Collection!

Designing Diaochan & Game-Breaking Hats – Total War: THREE KINGDOMS: Mandate of Heaven

we have made a lot of changes on the
front end one thing we did want to keep front-and-center where the characters
our concept artists have worked hard on getting some of the best artwork we’ve
ever seen in a total war game we wanted to present that art in the best way
possible so we went and we rendered all of the character art throughout the
entire game we exported them so they could now be higher res on the front end
when talking about the character design actually it’s a combined combined result
of different resources which we get from everywhere so firstly we check out
Wikipedia and also the fiction of Roman sorcery Kinder’s to get a general
personality and the general appearance of a character then we will have
discussion with designers our art directors and also we check out the
dealer document to make sure that our design match the gameplay mechanic for
example like an affection color of each character then we also have the you know
the whole team involved in discussion to make sure that you know our direction is
matching the overall world view like the view of the world of three keynotes
total war and funnily we also check out a lot of trendy visual entertainment for
that production of three kingdoms to make sure that we design some some
character that is not going too far away from general people’s opinion but also
some somehow keep our own uniqueness when we were looking at the front end
one of the first things you notice there’s the characters aren’t su the
highest possible quality that they could have been because when we get the
character Art Fair Photoshop files from our concept artists we see them in like
the highest as possible where they’ve just freshly been drawn and they look
crisp and sweet but when they go in game they were looking not as crisp in the
kind of facial features they the concept bar team and put like
quite a lot of detail ins like all the areas to face the eyes to close the
wrinkles kind of all over that like when we saw the two characters next to each
other like the old res characters and the newer characters there was a stark
difference between both of them like Lulu and her team have done so much work
into drawing each of those characters that we thought why not use that and get
the best possible characters into our game as we possibly can
well talking about the beautiful they are town yes she is kind of tricky to
design and I think the challenge in fact for me is the beauty standard of the
Westerners and Easterners are very different but however doctrine was
considered one of the most beautiful woman I think I will lean more on the
opinion of Chinese a little bit more than Westerners so firstly I cracked a
lot of beautiful photos from the famous Chinese female celebraties who are
famous for their beauties and also I collect all the different version of
daocheng from different movies and TVs and then I also enquire a lot my Chinese
friend and Chinese colleague and ask them about the opinion about your charm
so I made a conclusion that actually they would like to portray their Chan as
pure innocent a beauty young woman instead of being too sexy and too you
know outgoing when we get characters from the
concept art team we have to look at them and see if they’ll actually fit within
our UI restrictions I think some of our most complicate the characters we have
to deal with are people like yang Xiao and lubu because the hats are the head
garments that they wear can often stick out of panels and off the screen
altogether one of the characters that got released had a huge heart the poked
off of every screen so we needed to work with come
our team to then go back redefine the design and kind of come up with a quick
summary of how a quick solution of how we can still best present the characters
will also kind of make them work within the UI restrictions to make sure they
fit on panels make sure they fit in unit cards characters appear in so many
different places in our game that there are so many restrictions on how tall
things convey how they have to be rendered how we have to kind of export
characters that yeah we work really closely with the console our team to try
and refine where limits can be where they can because obviously Chinese kept
the Chinese characters in our game all have very unique outfits very unique
armors head comments everything and we wanted as Lulu touched on before every
character has unique poses that they have to go into and it these experience
and of feed into the character story of the character themselves obviously there
are some limits on kind of what we can support in the UI lubu is kind of a
particular situation with the element where he’s got feet that stick out of
certain UI panels we have to kind of come over waist like prop images to kind
of adapt the concept art to look good inside of our UI panels as well in terms
of the design the last important thing is also we wrap a lot of trendy
streaking the visual entertainment production to make sure that our design
is not going too far away to the acceptance of the general population but
also maintain our own uniqueness for the total watery Kingdom universe

Patch 8.3 Auction House Bugs | Do You Still Need TSM, Auctioneer, or Auctionator?

Hey there guys this is Reckles with WTBGold
and the new Auction House is live! Wooo! It’s been out for a week and I hope you’re
enjoying it. For the casual player not having stacks anymore
has gone over super well, so props to blizz for making it as intuitive to use. For goldmakers, the transmog filter for “uncollected
appearance” was everything we hoped for. I’ve heard from several sellers that they’ve
had people go through their entire list of thousands of items and buy every piece under
a certain ppint. This is actually cool. This makes the junk gear you get in ZF or
Uldaman runs actually worth posting. That’s not to say everything’s been perfect. The new Auction house was super slow initially,
but that was probably just everyone logging in at once. Tradeskillmaster was initially super slow
at first as well but all addons are buggy messes on patch launch. I’m actually really impressed by all the addon
developers for how relatively smoothly this particular patch went. So good job to all you addon guys out there. One thing I’m actually surprised with is
we haven’t seen that initial spike in prices in prices that I was expecting due to LIFO. So I’m super happy to be wrong there, but
let’s send it over to Senza who did some day one testing. Here’s a clip from her stream. [SENZA CLIP] So this is either a day one bug
or Blizz listened to the thousands of angry forum comments asking for LIFOto be reverted
to FIFO. I decided to test this myself though just
to be sure. I posted storm silver ore on one account and
matched the price that was currently up. Then on a second account I purchased 10 of
them. If it was lifo, I would have gotten the sale
on my first account. and if it was FIFO, whoever had posted it
previously would have. My first account got the sale. So this test five days later is actually opposite
of Senza’s results. Tried it with an oversized bobber and got
the same results. So it looks like either Senza experienced
a day one bug, or Blizzard reverted LIFO and then reverted their reversion, and then my
head exploded Either way, as of the making of this video,
the new auction house is last in first out. But away from the high level stuff and on
to the individual specifics. Things that affected day-to-day players. When the patch launched if you had any commodities
posted, they were all canceled and sent to your mailbox for you to repost. A blank slate for all the stackable items. But the non-stackable stuff stayed up on the
auction house. In fact, blizzard made sure it stayed up on
the uction house, by introducing a 5% cancellation fee. This is just temporary and it’s gone now,
but blizzard only gave you a confirmation notice if the fee was over 1000 gold so some
of the people who had 20 million gold worth of low-to-mid tier transmog may have accidentally
spent a million gold just to do one cancel scan. The biggest issue has been the mailbox. According to the January 17th patch notes
Blizzard has fixed a bug that caused some mail from the Auction Hose to exclude expected
attached gold. This is…lol…let me put this another way. When you sell shit, you don’t get the gold
for it. Like, you can put something up on the auction
house and someone can buy it, but you don’t get paid. You just no longer have the item. The auction house has two mandatory things. Buyers give gold and get items and sellers
give items and get gold. And there’s a bug that means that doesn’t
happen. It’s like if Pizza Hut tweeted out “we’ve
noticed a procedural problem with our store procedures where, when you order a pizza,
we don’t make it. That’s fixed though. Apparently Katy Stampwhistle failed two horrific
visions in a row. She got depressed and needed a break. The important thing though is that they’re
making an effort to improve things. The team behind the AH is listening to our
feedback and implementing it. For the first time, we have goldmaking information
in the hotfixes forum post. The only other time that has happened despite
there being hundreds of nerfs, is the 20% auction house cut that was implemented which
went over super well and totally didn’t ruin a whole bunch of markets. And fun fact, before that, the next most recent
was a Q&A with paul kubit before legion came out talking about what blood of sargeras is
and how to get it. Every week nerfs have gone out to popular
farms but because blizz hasn’t ever communicated, we have to make up reasons for why they’d
do it. There’s no actual “fun police,” but
that’s the only answer we can come up with without communication, so I’m really excited
that blizzard is starting to communicate goldmaking stuff with us. I hope that continues going forward. Ok, and finally, to answer one of the questions
I’ve been getting a lot. With the new changes to the Auction House,
do I still need auctioning addons like Auctioneer, Auctionator, or Tradeskillmaster? In my posting, yes absolutely. Just because we don’t have stack sizes doesn’t
mean that just because I go to post an item, I need to know if it’s worth 100g or 10,000? The new auction house doesn’t give you that
information. Doesn’t give you historical pricing data. And when you’re posting 50, 500, 5000 items
a day you need an addon that speeds up the process. But rather than me talking about that, I decided
to email the addon developers themselves and find out what they think the differences are
and what the value of the addons is in the new environment and some of them were nice
enough to actually reply even though they’re very busy right now. The auctioneer developer is named Norgs, and
he said, “the current interface still has no way to automatically price your items or
to batch post things that you regularly want to post. I think there’s still a lot of room for
smart logic to be used in the interface but you’re right that the new interface is a
lot better in many ways and a lot of the things auctioneer used to do won’t be necessary
anymore. One of the biggest things that auctioneer
will do is to scan the entire auction house and maintain a localised and customizable
set of auction statistics for you including your personal sales. The new changes mean we will be able to do
this better than we ever have before. So yah, the new AH is good but it doesn’t
batch post, and it’s automated pricing isn’t representative of the true economic value
or even your historical posting price. Gumdrops, the community liason for Tradeskillmaster
said this, “TSM isn’t just posting auctions. It’s an entire suite to track and scale your
AH and crafting activities. Understanding the wider context of the market
on your server is important to understand when and why to post those auctions.” So Tradeskillmaster isn’t just a reskin
of the auction house or even just an auction house replacement. You program it to automate your specific goldmaking
decisions at each point of the goldmaking pipeline not just the auctionhouse. Just because the AH got a revamp doesn’t
mean that when you go to craft something, you’re going to want to look through 700 individual
items and say “is this enough profit to craft? Is this?” You’re still asking yourself, “Who am I mailing
materials to? How many should I keep? When is an item too cheap to undercut?” Those are the decision that TSM deals with. Those are operations, and you’re still making
those decisions. You’re just, not posting in stacks anymore. That’s it. And then borj, the project lead for auctionator
said, “I think auctionator continues to be relevant for all the same functionality that
is always has, that tyhe AH doesn’t. Price tracking, tooltip info outside of the
AH, undercutting, and shopping lists. The AH still fundamentally works the same,
it’s just faster and has favorites, which people have compared to shopping lists in
auctionator except without the ability to organize. He also adds, I imagine if you ask this question
in general, you’ll get a lot more info from users. And you know what, that’s a great idea borj,
we’re gonna throw this question over to y’all. Let me know down in the comments why you think
auction house addons are still useful in this new paradigm of the 8.3 revamped auction house. If a guildie came up to you and asked “should
I still use Auctionator, Auctioneer, or Tradeskillmaster” what would you tell them? That’s it. Thanks so much for watching. I hope y’all have a whole bunch of fun. Did I miss anything? Is there anything that you may have lost gold
or made gold on? How are you doing with that? Let me know. Also, I haven’t seen anyone talking about
favoriting which I think is a really cool new feature of the new auction house that
has just flown under the radar, but I think will be core to making new players have an
enjoyable experience. So, that’s it. Thank you so much for watching. Make sure to subscribe. Like the video. I’m streaming on twitch so go follow me over
there. Otherwise, have a great day, good luck, and
happy goldmaking.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled ♥ EASIEST GAME EVER?

if you are not familiar with this
channel my name is Mary Gaillard and today we are going to play CTR online mode baby Adventure is for pussies and fat dudes I am NOT one of them alright! 20 000 SUBS! best CTR player on Youtube and that’s me I’ve never lost
a single time in any race ever and everyone knows me by that hello everyone! the Queen has came crash cove I’m ready for the fast driving so you ready dudes yes fuckin speedrun this shit boom-shaka-laka !!! a lot of dudes don’t
know this but I was actually born in this game that’s why I’m so good at it kids have never played an original crash team racing before? Mary but i played Crash Over Mutants shame shameful oh dude i’m loving play minecraft I love build the house EZ let’s DAB THIS S===T ok lets play this new track with my dudscribers I haven’t played on it yet what the F is that s===t?! WTF is that?!! does this f**** lap ever end?! JESUS CHRIST! My God Thank you… f*** cancer piece of s**t
game what the f**k!? l how do I jump let me get over there JUMP! WTF is wrong with this f*** shortcut!! WTF IS WRONG WITH THAT! 🙁 let’s add this an impossible jump in the game it’s a good idea! we are Peenox we are high all the time it’s make no f***g sense I don’t get
it it’s make no f***g sense YES! 🙂 it is possible! it is possible to do the jump! *bad Russian words* this isn’t funny anymore my gosh ok, this defeat doesn’t count the game glitched i could not jump over there without f***g broken short it will be EEEZZZZ WIN dudes.. 0 defeats dude! if you don’t have 0 defeats in CTR ever then don’t even talk to me alright? just go… f**k… what the f**k were you doing not today dude not today Ok, give me my f***n missile back piece of s*** game f*** beakers ! I hate them! no one likes beakers if you are a baker f*** unsubscribe on this video I am not
kidding practice for years son! EZZZZ – easy oh look at that ! I’m overlaping these very competetive players look at this duuude he plays like Jordy He is probably Jordy Playing from the fake account leave the LIKE if you think that I’m
unbeatable live the LIKE if you think that Papu Papu is FAT! my name is Mary
Gaillard Stay awesome dudes!