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DSN Uplink-Downlink – New NASA Space Place Game

Are we on? Are we live? Okay. Hi I’m Kyle, coming to you live from my couch, and I make games for NASA at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I really want to show you our latest game, DSN Uplink-Downlink,
so let’s get into it. But before we get into this stuff, we need to know what is
the DSN, or the Deep Space Network. So the DSN is how NASA talks to faraway
spacecraft. The Deep Space Network has three big antenna complexes evenly
spaced around the world, so there’s one in California, one in Spain and one in
Australia. So that means as the world turns at least one of these antenna
complexes can always contact spacecraft no matter where they are in the sky
above Earth. Now that you’re an expert on the DSN, let’s control some antennas and
uplink some data and receive some data. So you want to control the antennas with
the arrow keys on your keyboard, or A and D if you’re a gamer, and then to uplink
data to the spacecraft you hold the spacebar. Once the spacecraft receive
your uplink data, they’ll downlink their data, and then you just keep going as fast as you can until all the spacecraft have downlinked 100% of their data. Okay how’d we do? Okay, okay maybe that’s a good time. Let’s see how other people are doing.

Board Games 101: What is a Worker Placement Game?

Hi! It’s professor Ryan from Nights
Around a Table. What is a worker
placement game? Today on (singing) Board Games 101! If
you’re new to modern board games, you’re gonna hear that term “worker placement” a
lot, because it’s a very very popular board game mechanic. And if you’re not sure
what i mean by “board game mechanic,” make sure to check out my What is a Board
Game Mechanic video, which is a prerequisite for this course. So i have
here a lovely little worker placement game. This is what it looks like. This is
the common board, and each player gets a pawn. And there are gonna be point values
on the board. So we’re gonna have one, two,
three, and four. The way it’s gonna work
is that everybody gets a turn, and on your turn, you’re gonna take your pawn
and you’re gonna place it on one of these spots ,and the points you get are
written right on the spot. So – i know – it’s
rudimentary, but let’s play it out. So the
blue player, just by random draw gets to go first, and the blue player decides
4 is probably the best place to go, so blue player goes on 4. And then the
red player also chooses 4. Green
player… maybe not that familiar with board games, has made a tactical decision,
and has chosen 1 for whatever reason, but then yellow player also decides that
4 is the best bet. And that’s the end
of the game. So what we have is a
three-way tie with 4 points, and poor green over here has only scored 1
point. But that’s okay, green. You’ll get
’em next time. That is, in essence, how a
worker placement game works. And you say
“Well how could this be popular at all? Rhis looks really really
dumb and basic and simple, and why… why wouldn’t everybody just choose 4?” and
you’re absolutely right: there’s no reason why you wouldn’t choose the best
scoring spot. So then designers working
with this concept think “Okay: we’ve got to put, maybe, a little more parameters to
make it a little bit more interesting. So
let’s reset all of the pawns, and this time out the rule is now that each space
can only hold one pawn. So let’s play
that out. Again, by random draw, blue gets
to go first, and blue chooses 4. That’s
the best spot on the board. Red is unable
to choose 4 and choses three, and then green, still making questionable life
decisions, chooses 1, and yellow picks 2, and that’s the end of the game, and
blue wins. So blue definitely had an
advantage being the first player in our worker placement game. It’s still not a
very good or interesting game. Nobody has
interesting choices to make, really. In
order to make this more of a game, or more of an interesting game, you’re gonna
have to start putting more rules around it, and you’re gonna have to start
abstracting those scores away so that instead of collecting straight-up points
maybe you’re collecting or doing things that move you closer towards points? Maybe you split it up so that there are
a bunch of different tasks that you need to do, and by slowly, incrementally
completing those tasks, those tasks translate into points. And the reason i
mention this is because if you’re new to modern board games, you may look at a
worker placement game and think “Why is it so complicated? Why is the rule book
15 pages long? Why do i have to learn all
this stuff?” But hopefully from this
demonstration, you’ll see that unless there are sort of a bunch of rules, and
unless your final goal is abstracted a little bit, it’s not a very interesting
game at all. And that’s why when you pull
one of these off the shelf, and you see there’s all kinds of stuff going on,
that’s the reason :a worker placement game sort of needs a whole pile of rules
to make it interesting and fun! Theming. So you wonder why it’s called a “worker
placement” game? Well, in many worker
placement games, the pawns are actually represented by humanoid worker
characters, and the things they’re doing are completing tasks or job-like things. So if we were to theme something like
this, maybe we say well, it’s gonna be a waste management game, so we’re gonna
award points based on the heaviest kind of refuse that these workers pull away. So we’re gonna replace the pawns with
little… little people-like things instead of just abstract pawns, and the things
that they’re doing are: big points, we’re going to be pulling big sofas off of people’s
curb sides. And then for slightly fewer points, we’re
gonna be collecting the big black garbage bags. Then over here, this is
gonna be the collecting recycling spot, and then down here, the organics spot,
which is worth the least amount of points, maybe because it’s the lightest load for
a worker to carry? That’s why it’s called
a worker placement game, because very many times, it’s… there are a lot of these
games that are about farming… getting a job done. Now, because who goes first is
obviously really important in a worker placement game, what you’ll see is
designers will kind of sweeten the pot by saying that if you take one of the
spots that may be less favored by other players, you get to go first. So now, it
might make a little bit more sense if, you know, the red player picks this spot
because the red player is going first, and maybe the blue player picks the
second-best spot… green player who has always been picking the first spot, or the spot
that gets you 1 point, goes there, and yellow player goes here, and that might
look like a bad move for the green worker, but if there are multiple rounds
in the game, well, next time green player gets to go first, and picks the couch
spot! And you can imagine what this game
would look like if it was more complex. If instead of just four spots, you had a
bunch of different spots that you can choose from. And instead of just one pawn
that you could place on a spot, you had multiple different pawns that you could
place on a spot. So if you’re brand new
to this kind of game and you’d like to try one out for yourself, i highly
recommend worker placement games. They
are one of my favorite style of games to play. And i know a lot of you chimed in
in the comments section and told me that worker placement games were your
favorites as well. So for new players, if
you’d like to try it out, BoardGameGeek, which is kind of like the Internet Movie
Database of board games, tells us that one of the original, if not the original,
worker placement game was called Keydom, and that was by a family of board game
creators who came up with Keydom, and unfortunately, it was a small print
thing, and it sold out. It’s out of print. But he
did a whole series of games, and one of his best-known ones is called Keyflower. It’s fantastic! It’s a worker placement
game with an auction mechanic folded into the mix. i really like it. Maybe a
little bit too hairy for a beginner, so if you want more of a… an
ease in, dip your toe into the pool kind of thing, i can recommend Lords of
Waterdeep. Now, if you see the cover of Lords
of Waterdeep, it’s gonna call it a Dungeons & Dragons game, but don’t be
scared off by that. It’s not a classic
role-playing game. It’s a worker
placement game that’s themed with Dungeons & Dragons-y kind of stuff. If
you want to dive right into the deep end and play a game that’s sort of more of a
gamer’s game that’s also a worker placement mechanic, i recommend
Agricola! It’s a fantastic worker
placement game. The theme is extremely boring. You’re
thinking “Why am i gonna spend my Friday night playing a game about subsistence
farming in the 1600s?” Get past the theme
because who cares? The animals are adorable, it’s really
really fun, and really really thinky, and i think that you’ll have a good time
with it. Now, board game design and game
design, sort of, in general, is an ever-evolving
art form, and what a lot of designers have done is they’ve kind of remixed or
come up with different variations on a theme with this style of mechanic. So
i’ll mention two more games that use a worker placement mechanic in unique and
original ways. One of them is called Village, where you have
pawns, and you’re placing them in different spots in a
medieval village, but all of the spots have cubes on them, and when you pick a
spot, you’re taking a cube away from the spot. And that’s a hallmark of a worker
placement game: there are a limited number of spots to take, and players are
kind of fighting each other or jockeying for position for an increasingly
dwindling number of spots. In Village,
placing the worker, or the villager, is actually kind of optional. It’s taking
the cube away from the spot that’s the main action. It’s just an interesting
twist. Another one is called Tzolk’in: The
Mayan Calendar, and in that one, you’re placing workers on a rondel which is
another game mechanic that we’ll talk about in one of these videos, and you’re
removing your workers from these circles, and the longer you let them ride the
circles – the circles turn every single round, and the prizes get better and
better, and you stand to get richer the longer you wait letting your work
ride around these little conveyor belts, or circles. All great games, all worth
checking out, all using a worker placement mechanic. If you’re sort of
slumming it watching this video and you already know all about worker placement
games, tell me: what is your favorite worker placement game? Leave me a comment
in the section below, or tell me on Discord. But if your favorite is a dice
worker placement game, mine is too. Don’t
tell me that, because that’s going to be a completely separate video! See you next
time on (singing) Board Games 101! Nights Around a Yable is the only place you
can earn your pH B in board games. (disclaimer voice) Nights Around a Table is
not an accredited educational institution. (Ryan) Really? i thought we had that set up in
Uruguay? To see a full course syllabus, go
to nightsaroundatable.com. To fund an
endowment, visit me at my Patreon page. And as usual, click the subscribe button
and the bell to get notifications when new course materials are available. If
somebody returns my chalk, none of us have to speak to the Dean.

Board Games you Should Pre-Order | #Tabletop Games worth checking out during the quarantine!

Hey Gamers! Are you stuck at home? So are we! We are super bummmed that we can’t head to
our friendly local game stores! BUT! Did you know that you can still pre-order
games? Here are some great board game titles that
are perfect to check out while you are at home! *games slide in w/ game info as well* Be sure to call, text, email or send a carrier
pidgeon to your friendly local game store so that they can pre-order these games for
you! don’t forget to support you local stores! Thanks for watching and remember Gaming is
for everyone! @Junior Braves Survival Guide to the Apocalypse
For Ages: 12+ by micael tanner and greg smith
published by oni press and renegade game studios @The Search for Planet X
2-4 players 60 min
ages 13 and up designed by matthew o’malley and ben rosset
published by foxtrot games and renegade game studios @The Deadlies
3-5 players 30 minutes
ages 10 + designed by paul saxberg
published b smirk and dagger @Cindr
2-4 players 30-40 minutes
ages 14+ designed by harld mikolaitis and benjamin
walker published by smirk and laughter games @Steven Universe: Beach-a-Palooza Card Battling
Game Designed by Erica Bouyouris & Andrew Wolf
published by cryptozoic entertainment Ages 10+
Players 2-6 45-60 minutes @DC Comics DBG: Dark Nights – Metal
2-5 players ages 15 +
45-60 min published by cryptozic entertainment
Deck building Game @Stringamajig
published by fireside games designed by romani caterdjian
4-10 players ages 13+
20 minutes @Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Amazons
designed by prosper hall published by ravensburger games
2-5 players 45-60 min
ages 10+ @Truffle Shuffle
designed by molly johnson, robert melvin and shawn stankewich
published by alderac entertainment group 2-4 players
15-30 min ages 14+ @Cat Lady: Box of Treats
designed by josh wood published by aldera entertainment group
2-6 players 15-30 min
ages 8+ @Warlock Tiles
created by WizKids 4D elements to aid storytelling
easy to connect high utility
modular @National Parks Get Wild
ages 6+ 3-6 players
20 min published by The Op @My City
designed by reiner knizia published by kosmos games
2-4 players 45 min
ages 10+ The Crewv
designed by thomas sing published by kosmos games
2-5 players 20 min
ages 10+ @Black Rose Wars
1-4 players 90 minutes
ages 14 + designed by marco montanaro
published by ares games and ludus magnus studio @Freedom!
designed by vanagelis bagiartakis published by phalanx and ares games
2 players 90-120 min
ages 12 + Sonnet 123 by William Shakespeare| Classic Poems Presented By Go Dog Go Cafe

Finally! Top 25 FREE Mobile Games [2020] | Android & iOS

HEY GAMERS! Welcome back to IsItThatGame! Your one-stop destination for all the coolest
games out there! This is your friend ‘Big Smoke’ And Damn,
I missed you guys so much! This is my first video in more than a month
now so let me make it worth your wait! IsItThatGame Presents: ‘Top 25 FREE Android
and iOS games that you must checkout in 2k20!’ And now without wasting any time, Here we
go again! So let’s start the video with a fantastic
Zombie FPS from mycomBV studios: Left To Survive, A game that has everything you would expect
from a game set in a post-apocalyptic world: Zombie herds, malicious survivors, resources
to collect, and of course dozens of weapons. To survive, you must increase your combat
power and expand your base. Here, you can Team up with other players in
the game, Get a chopper to lay waste on their bases OR… simply steal their resources. Next up we have a fantastic asymmetrical horror
game developed by NetEase studios, ‘Identity V-1 vs 4 Asymmetrical Combats’. With a gothic art style, mysterious storyline,
and exciting 1vs4 gameplay, Identity V will bring you a breathtaking horror-action experience. Four Survivors: run from the ruthless hunter,
cooperate with teammates, decode cipher machines, open the gate and escape; While One Hunter:
blessed with all the devastating killing powers gets ready to catch and torture them all. But beware this game ain’t for those with
a faint-heart, so you have been warned. Ever heard of a game so good that it was banned
from a whole country due to its horrrifyingly realistic gameplay simulation? ‘Plague Inc’, A fantastic RTS simulation game
from Ndemic Studios just unlocked that achievement In the midst of the outbreak in china, AKA
‘The Novice Cor’. But ‘Hey Big Smoke’ then why would you promote
such a controversial game? Well, in the words of its creators, “The game
encourages players to think and learn more about serious public health issues” and in
turn helps them cope with fears and rumors surrounding the virus. And you know us, we gamers never fear how
difficult the game is as long as we have correct weapons and weak spots to kill the enemies. Moving on we have a highly-acclaimed social
adventure that is set to warm your heart. ‘Sky: Children of the Light’. a beautifully-animated role-playing game from
‘thatgamecompany inc’. This game is all about spreading hope through
the desolate kingdom to return fallen Stars to their constellations. Here, you can Soar and explore 7 dreamlike
realms to uncover the mystery, Encounter and socialize with like-minded players from around
the world and Team up with them to adventure into darker realms, save spirits and uncover
great ancient treasures. Next up we have one of the most graphically
enhanced FPS games out there, MODERN COMBAT 5: eSports FPS. It is A fast-paced military game with a thrilling
solo campaign and over 10 multiplayer game modes, including a Battle Royale one. You can pick from 10 customizable soldier
classes and 100+ weapons to test your combat skills on one of the 11 multiplayer maps,
or in the weekly eSports tournaments. It is the fifth installment in the Modern
Combat series and a sequel to the popular game, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. So if your device has the power to run a heavy
FPS game like this then this is the one you are looking for! Next up we have the ninth main installment
in the popular Asphalt series from Gameloft studios, Asphalt 9: Legends. It is no doubt one of the best racing games
available in the market today. Here, you can immerse yourself in one of the
most hyper-realistic arcade racing games, with meticulously detailed real cars, cool
HDR techniques, stunning visual and particle effects that turn every race into a real blockbuster
race movie. With 50 of the world’s best speed machines,
here you can leave your limits in the dust to become a Legend of the Track! Next up we have one of the slickest looking
FPS Games out there, ‘World War Heroes’ from the ‘Azure Interactive Studios’. Apart from good graphics the game also has
various game modes to keep players entertained. Hardcore Mode increases the damage sustained
by players for a more realistic experience. Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch pit players
against one another. Team Squad removes respawns, making it a matter
of one team picking off the other bit by bit. Moreover, Team Battle on Panzers introduces
tanks to the conflict. Next up we have a gift for all the NBA fans
out there, NBA Live Mobile. It’s developed by the Electronic Arts studios,
popularly known as EA Sports. First designed by EA Vancouver, NBA Live is
a series of basketball video games first released way back in 1994 and ‘NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball’,
is still continuing its legacy on modern gaming platforms. Its the most downloaded basketball game on
android and one of the top games in the sports genre. Here, You can build your own team, dominate
opponents, mix and match current stars and classic legends, to experience highly engaging
head to head matches. Next up we have the latest FPS installment
from once again, ‘mycom BV’ studios, Warface: Global Operations. Its a mobile incarnation of Warface, the world-famous
free-to-play PC and console shooter. The game is inspired by the original Warface
and has many familiar features. Yet, every aspect of this game was built to
deliver the best shooter experience on mobile. It offers team-based gameplay on perfectly
balanced maps suited for the mobile experience. With dynamic fast-paced combat, easy-to-learn
controls, and amazing graphics you should check this one out! Next up we have a simple yet addictive game
that takes you back to the primal era of animal hunting, Big Hunter. A long time ago, a bushman tribe lived in
an outback town. Its people were starving to death because
of continuous droughts in the kingdom when you, The leader of the tribe decided to go
out and hunt those gigantic primeval animals. With spear, ax and boomerang as your weapons
of destruction get ready to fight increasingly monstrous and haunting animals! Next up we have one of my personal favorite
zombie-themed FPS games, Dead Trigger 2. As madfinger studio celebrates 100 Million
Downloads on this game with free gifts and offers for players I’d be surprised if you
haven’t heard about this game yet. Apart from high-quality graphics, you can
Dive into the action with more than 600 gameplay war scenarios, including Solo Campaign, Global
Mission and Side Quests. With 50 types of weapons to be used in over
33 battle scenarios, this game has a lot to offer! Next up we have 100 levels of Epic boss battles,
28 towers to conquer and 4 completely different and exciting worlds to explore in, ‘The Dragon
Hills 2’. Zombies! …Where??? …Dragons!… What??? Cowboys, armored mechs and spaceships! Why???? So many questions… No time for answers now, guys. The zombie apocalypse is already here! Hurry up! Hop on your machine dragon and fight to save
humanity! Here, You’ll slide down the hills jumping
into and out of the ground, crashing and destroying everything on your way in this action-packed
adventure. Next up we have some Fast-paced multiplayer
battles from the makers of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach in, ‘The Brawl
Stars’. It’s a fun freemium game developed and published
by the Finnish video game company Supercell. Here, You can Battle with your friends or
play solo across a variety of game modes in under three minutes. You can Unlock and upgrade dozens of Brawlers
with powerful super abilities and Team up in 3v3 battles to out-strategize the opposing
team. You’ll need to collect 10 gems to win, but
get fragged and lose your gems. Next up we have an iconic multiplayer battle
FPS from ‘Activision studios’, Call of Duty®: Mobile. Here, you can play classic multiplayer maps
and modes anytime, anywhere. 100 player Battle Royale battleground? Fast 5v5 team deathmatch? Scary Zombies action? Sniper vs sniper battle? Activision’s free-to-play CALL OF DUTY®:
MOBILE has it all. It offers Console quality HD gaming on your
phone with customizable controls, voice and text chat, and thrilling 3D graphics and sound. So what are you waiting for? Go plant the bomb and make… (Terrorists Win)! Next up we have The legendary “Standoff” back
in the form of a dynamic first-person shooter! ‘Standoff 2’: is a fast-paced multiplayer
game from the Axlebot studios that offers 6 maps, 3 game modes and tons of slick weapons
despite still being in the beta-testing stage at the moment. The game offers great graphics and loads of
different weapons. The best part? All the weapons are unlocked from the get-go,
so you can find your favorite one and wreak havoc the moment you start the game! Our next game is what you get when DRIFT mode
arrives in Nitro Nation: ‘The Nitro Nation Drag & Drift’. This one takes drag and drift racing to the
next level with a 3D world full of stunning new customizable cars, amazing racing physics
and unlimited in-depth gameplay that guarantees racers an unforgettable experience, all on
your mobile device! Along with a wide range of authentic, licensed
cars with real physics and numerous possibilities for customization, The fully-loaded upgrade
system allows players to select the combination of improvements that best suit various cars,
distances and conditions. Next up we have a great frustration reliever
game from the ViperGames studios, ‘Stickman Dismounting’. A physics game in which your only goal is
to push a stickman down a ladder or hill, see it smash against the floor, and hit different
obstacles on the way. In the beginning of the game, there’s only
one level you can play (the one with the ladder), and you start off without any vehicles. But as you progress, you can Perform amazing
stunts, crash into walls, break bones, destroy vehicles and most importantly, have some devilish
fun while messing around. Next up we have an exceptionally good football
game, eFootball PES 2020. They have taken the same critically acclaimed
console gameplay that won E3 2019’s “Best Sports Game” award and distilled its essence
to bring you the most authentic mobile football experience to date. The developers have changed the name from
PES to “eFootball PES 2020′. The name appears to be an attempt to link
the game with esports, as a way of taking on long-term rivals Fifa. Next up we have cute and addictive stress
reliving game, Drag’n’Boom. It is an arcade game where you control a small
dragon as he flies through the mountains while breathing fire over all the enemies that get
in his way. And if you’re able to collect coins at the
same time, then even better. Drag’n’Boom offers you a unique mobile gaming
experience. The left side of the screen controls your
movement: JUMP, FLY, and CHARGE YOUR PREY. The right side lets you spit fireballs: PILLAGE,
BURN, RANSACK… and of course, style! maintain it! Next up we have a slick-looking competitive
sports game, ‘Badminton League’. Along with good game mechanics, the game also
boasts that shiny play store editor’s choice award. The game offers 1vs1 player battles along
with the Badminton League trophies in Tournament Mode. Moreover, the local players can also play
in multiplayer over the same wifi or mobile hotspot. You can also create your own character and
level it up. With Cool stunts and realistic hitting shuttlecock
experience, get ready grab your racket, smash and hit the shuttlecock, and perform crazy
maneuvers just like a badminton superstar! Next up we have a cute simulation game from
HyperBeard studios, Adorable Home. You and your partner have just moved to a
new home in the suburbs with your furry companion, an adorable cat named Snow. What to do first? Let’s clean up so you can start decorating! Be sure to prepare meals for your partner
and feed your kitty (or multiple, kitties as the case may be) to earn love. Use that love to buy more furniture, decorations,
and yes… more CATS for your house to make it utterly adorable! The more cats you have, the more adorable
moments you’ll get. Next up we have an action-packed fun game
from ‘GAMEVIL’ studios, Cartoon Wars 3. This package packs modules from both role-playing
as well as strategy genres. Here, you’ll have to Strategically assemble
your army and destroy the opposing tower. Here, you’ll Use your Arrow Launcher to defend
your castle from incoming enemy units. The game has some cartoonish yet eye-candy
visuals along with neatly balanced game difficulties which in turn makes the game a lot addictive. Also, feel free to check out similar titles
like cartoon wars: blades. Next up we have an awesome story-driven adventure
zombie horror game, Delivery From the Pain: Survive. It’s a survival-strategy game with a fantastic
RPG storyline. It may take over 30 hours to unlock one ending
if you are familiar with survival games. In this game, you are not Alice; you are just
an ordinary survivor in a horrible, zombie-ridden world. Here, you’ll Fight against a variety of zombies
with different strengths and weaknesses to unlock exciting boss fights. Also, You can have many choices among different
scenes, each choice you made will decide the story ahead and lead to different endings. Next up we have the winner of the play store’s
‘most competitive game’ title, Head Ball 2. Its a fun and thrilling football game where
you can 1v1 online football games against real opponents from all around the world. You’ll play 90-seconds of action-packed football
games, whoever scores more goals, wins! It has a very unique gameplay mechanism, Football
is all about kicking the ball and scoring goals, right? Here, you’ll Experience football in a way
you have never experienced before. Hit the ball, hit your opponent, use headers,
superpowers or out-wit your opponent by juking them. Everything is permitted, as long as you win! And now, let’s wrap this video with a simple
endless arcade game that is so catchy that you might end up playing it for hours, Traffic
Tour. It takes you to another level of smooth driving
simulations and high quality graphics. Designed for the traffic racer fans with advanced
features make this racing game one of the leading car games in google play with over
10 Million+ downloads. The game features over 100 missions in career
mode, 5 gameplay modes, 40 different cars and of course unlimited fuel along with no
time limits whatsoever. Nah! It’s not over yet! To watch 25 more FREE Games for 2020 go check
out the top comment! Hope you enjoyed this video! See you in the next one, Till then, This is
your friend, Big Smoke, Signing off!

Transformers Universe Video Game: Machine Learning AI Trailers Remastered in 4K

Late last night meteorites rained down across numerous world and urban areas of North America causing widespread damage and destruction The president has ordered a national state of emergency and the total evacuation of 11 major cities General Freeman. I Regret to inform you that the Decepticons had been made aware of my presence here on earth Megatron’s Armada ambushed our spaceship. The meteorites crashed on earth are all that remains And now we have a duty to stay and protect humankind from the Decepticon threat Natural events and not by a hostile attack on the United Megatron will not stop until he has us all firmly in his merciless, correct? the fate of humans and Autobots alike may rest on this very moment you Will need to provide me and my auto boss with a stronghold that can be used as our base of operations there are times when peace is an ideal achieved only through the use of force that Time is now You The president has ordered a national state of emergency and the total evacuation of 11 major city Master we had destroyed the Autobot spaceship Arclight and are at present securing our area of operations on planet Earth Is he within our grasp? Humans are in peril, how could he possibly stay away fool? His weakness for these vertebrates will bring on the annihilation of the entire Autobot nation We must try to pass by the still of the advantage of surprise Do not give Prime an opening to rally his troops Decepticon armies are mobilizing for Smoke them out You know Last time in the air step on the ground The tithe is he Sold our universe Megatron and a Decepticon army rule supreme You Hey


Hello every one! Welcome to Keplerians news! All Keplerians workers are still in our homes, like many people in the world. Thanks to your support and your fan arts, we gather strength to continue. I dedicate the first news to you, thank you all! In the survey we did in the last video, 77% of you have chosen that you would like skins to be fun. So we have made some concepts so that you can see what we are thinking about. What are the ones you like the most? (Vote here ) As you already know, Ice Scream 1, 2 and 3 takes place between the years 1982 and 1983. Little by little, you have been discovering Rod and the history that surrounds this character. You even recently met her mother. You know that Evil Nun takes place in 1963, and you also know important dates of important events for Rod between one game and another. But before moving forward with Rod’s story, we think it is convenient to explain how he was born. That is why we are going to continue with the Evil Nun saga. Let’s find out what happens before 1940. Are you ready? I hope you like the video, if so, click the like button and subscribe to the channel. Bye bye and see you soon!!

Hot Ones: The Game Show – The Mascara Is Melting | truTV

That’s a lot of sauce. Pepperdome, call to order. It is that time. Time to what? [ All chanting
“Clean that wing!” ] Greg and Jonathan
dive right in. Farrah and Autumn,
you know the drill. [ Chanting continues ] Under the watchful eye
of the Pepperdome. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ Aah! Yeah! [ Laughs ]
Oh, [bleep] I thought the first one
was supposed to be easier. Yeah. Greg and Jonathan,
talk to me. What’re you going through? It’s like a whirlpool
inside my mouth with, like, pins
and needles and spice, and it’s starting to just, like,
reverberate like a… Yeah.
…like a buzz,
and it’s sort of like a subwoofer
inside my mouth that’s like “Womp, womp, womp.” Yeah, I don’t
feel great here, Sean. Autumn, Farrah,
how are you guys feeling? Um, it doesn’t feel great.
How are you? I’m not great.
Yeah, you look great. Your mascara is not
running at all. Thank you.
We’re still going to beat you. It’s fine. Let’s test the beautiful minds
on stage today with a little first
round game we’re calling “The Fast & the Famous.” We’re fine.
We got it. We got it. These multiple choice questions
are all about a need for speed. The first team to buzz in after I ask the question
gets five seconds to answer. If correct,
you’ll bank the money. If you’re wrong, the money
goes to the other team. For $100, the first one is… The great Olympian, the great white,
neither of them. In a 2017 TV special that put
Michael Phelps up against sharks in a swimming race, who swam faster
than 30 miles per hour? Five seconds. Burn Tenders. The great white. [ Buzzer ]
No. Yes!
Yeah, you’re wrong! That’s $100
to the Arm Bar Queens. The correct answer — -Neither of them.
-Neither of them, yes. This next question
is worth $200. Heels, a lion costume,
her birthday suit. In a viral video, Detroit Lions reporter
Tori Petry ran a 40-yard dash in less than six seconds
while wearing what? Burn Tenders. Heels. Heels,
why do you say heels? I don’t know. This is for $200
and the lead. We’re just taking guesses
over here on the Burn Tenders side,
but is it heels? [ Ding! ]
It is. There we go.
Don’t touch me. The Burn Tenders
put $200 in the bank.