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LE CORONER – La mort la plus importante de GAME OF THRONES ?

A pleasant suffering The shooter used a piercing bullet, a “cop killer”. Crossing right through. Dead on the spot. He was the Chronik City intervention force commander. 25 years of career. He thought he was protected by his bullet proof vest, but obviously, it was not enough… Today, in the field as well as on the screens, rules have changed: no one is safe anymore! The death of a character is not always bad. Some will sacrifice themselves to help others, others meet their fate, as for the villains, their deaths offer a catharsis to the spectator, a relief. But it sometimes happens that death is slow in coming… Immersing the spectator in a strange suffering… The whole audacity of Game of Thrones has been to deprive the spectator of catharsis: the villains’ deaths are long delayed, don’t die or worse, become good. The show questioned the very principle of saving revenge: when death comes, it never strikes the one we hoped for… In Game of Thrones, the heroes are the most in danger… When the first season of Game of Thrones came out in 2011, no one expected such a phenomenon. But with its epic universe, its mature stakes, its strong characters and its uninhibited violence, the show quickly rose as one of the greatest of all time. We have to say that the first season left the spectator in shock. Embodied by Sean Bean, Ned Stark is the main character of this season. The entire cast was barely known at the time, the public could clearly believe that he would be the star of this new show. Which will make his death even more impactful. But, who has ever seen Sean Bean survive on screen? It is the end of the first season. Ned Stark is led to the scaffold. His daughters watch the scene. He decides to speak to recognize the legitimacy of King Joffrey, hoping to obtain his pardon. After a long, strong and convincing speech, all eyes turn towards the young king who seems touched. But, against all odds, he maintains the order of execution! Ned Stark is put on his knees, totally confused. The executioner prepares his blade. The suspense is at its peak and the spectator waits, trembling, for the reversal of the situation… You’re so naive. The executioner’s blade falls and cuts the head of the Lord of Winterfell, under the eyes of his daughters… and the stupefied spectator. But what madness prompted the creators of the show to make this sacrifice? What if it was, in fact, a great evil… for a great good? With this death, the dramatic intensity of the show takes off. The Game of Thrones legend is created. From there, a precept emerges in the mind of the spectator: “no one is safe”. From now on, none of your characters are guaranteed to last an entire season! Each episode becomes a pleasant suffering… The fear of seeing their favorite character die drives the spectator in an anxiety which makes the experience even more intense. Each scene brings a major character a little closer to their death. And now, even the moments of rest are lived as the calm before the storm. Following this show becomes a masochistic act and each new unexpected death increases emotions. To reach this intensity, the rules had to be broken… In many works, the main characters are protected by what is called “the character’s shield”, a scriptural immunity which protects them from death. It is here to guarantee a happy ending or to avoid the spectator too much disappointment. By killing Ned Stark in the first season, the creators prove to us that no character is equipped with this famous shield and that all heroes, with no exception, have a sword of Damocles hanging over their heads. Ned Stark’s death is the shield of the character destroyed by the sword of Damocles! A sword which will unfortunately be chipped by the return to life of Jon Snow… By killing, at the end of season 5, the hero of the story, the creators struck a blow. But his return to life, in the following season, will question Ned Stark’s sacrifice. By showing us that a death can now be undone, the show loses a part of this anxiety that made all its flavor. But fortunately for the spectator, the carnage started in Game of Thrones continues now far beyond Westeros… Before Game of Thrones, other shows had already killed major characters but rarely with eagerness and brutality. Since Ned Stark’s death, the writers of TV shows well understood that a great sacrifice caused great emotions and being a hero on a show has never been more risky. From now on, watching a TV show comes with great anxiety: “is a sword hanging over my favorite character?” Yes, it’s when a character thinks he’s safe, that he is in great danger… A lesson that our dear commander paid with his life… Maybe I’m going to take care of myself now, you never know… See you soon and don’t forget: we can miss our life, but not our death.

Westworld Season 3 Episode 2 – TOP 10 WTF and Game of Thrones Easter Eggs

We are in the middle of war. I need your help to win it Seems fairly idyllic for wartime, no one
knows it’s happened yet. Or that it’s already been lost. Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie bring
yourself back online this is going to be my Westworld season 3 episode 2 video if
you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe to get all the videos there’s
a bunch of Easter eggs couple big cameo scenes too careful for spoilers if you
have not seen the episode yet will do top 10 and easter eggs as we go
along starting with number 10 welcome to war world so the episode
begins with me looking out on the world world park scene it takes her a while to
figure out what’s going on but they tried to play a lot of the season 1
season 2 tropes in really funny different way this time a simulation
within a simulation boom mind blown you notice a lot of funny things during this
first loop she’s not sure why she knows how to speak German but we know that she
does have special powers but later when she and Hector are running out and
trying to escape the Germans she finds out that her powers aren’t working takes
her a little while to find out why but they explained it by the end of the
episode even though this wound up being a fake version of the part because it’s
artificial construct and them trying to get information out of earth they were
trying to base it on the real version of war world so there is a real war world
within the larger park system remember there’s many different parks we haven’t
seen them all yet we saw two new ones during this episode number 9 welcome
back to West world Bernard the funny thing about the way he enters the park
we finally get to see what it actually looks like on the outside when someone
physically travels to West world because we’ve only seen them come in on the
train before in the West World Park you have to remember that it’s actually a
bunch of different islands within the South China Sea so if you wondered why
there was so much China stuff going on in last week’s episode that’s because
this is where the park is located within the world we’ve seen them looking out
over the coast but we never actually seen the outer rim so you just see these
giant breakers here with systems that’ll look like they’re built to protect the
park the place that he walks in through though is also really important because
this is the same town from the end of season one where Dolores fully traversed
the maze and achieved full consciousness the town itself is built to be a replica
of the original West world park from years ago when Ford was first building
the hosts and they were first trying to figure out what West’s world would be
before they started building the other parks there’s still a lot of places that
we haven’t seen in the park yet but we do go back to that place from season 1
where they store all the dead hosts this is actually the original
entryway where guests would arrive at Westworld when they were first building
the park just meant to be more Easter eggs for the west-world movies if you
haven’t seen those movies in a while number eight welcome back sighs more so
maybe is still kind of going through her first version of the loop figuring out
that this is a fake reality construct some of you may have figured out what
was going on before they revealed it within the episode because you start to
notice some inconsistencies like why didn’t these old guards recognize her
because this was the guard that helped her last time what’s going on here does
he not like her anymore does he don’t wanna have anything to do with this you
don’t really notice this Sizemore is fake until he starts laying it on real
thick because he was famous for telling really gaudy bad story so once they hit
the forge that’s when it becomes really obvious but number seven Bernard finds
Ashley in Fords secret lab he goes back to the secret underground lair you see
all the other copies of Bernard that we saw last season when they revealed that
he was the host but then you find out that Ashley is also secretly been a host
that is one of the big fan theories that’s been happening since season one
dude because of the way they used the character they kind of implied that he
was a host last season but they never fully officially answered the question
until now so number six Ashley is a host he reveals what his core programming was
Ford created him to protect Bernard and allow him to escape the park and then
cover up all the evidence then terminate himself so it was
actually built into his programming that he was supposed to destroy himself later
they have that funny moment where Bernard changes his programming again to
protect him so new core programming he’s going to be going out into the real world
as they try to stop Dolores if he needed my help you could have just asked so it
is funny that Ashley knows that he’s been reprogrammed Bernard also raises
the question about why Dolores brought him back he thinks it’s because Dolores
feels like she needs some checks and balances so maybe she brought him back
to keep her from crossing the line but maybe it’s part of some bigger plan that
she has so number five Sizemore in the forge are revealed as fakes as the
reality slowly starts to crumble because Maeve starts taxing him too much they
explain this later when she gives them the crazy math problem the version of
Sizemore that they built for this construct is only built to do a couple
things so the more Maeve asks of him more to question his reality the more
the constructs starts to break down so she’s inside a fake reality because
the west-world people or someone is trying to examine her you don’t find out
to the end of the episode why she was inside this construct but they do remind
you that Dolores is the only person who knows the coordinates of the forge all
that information with the backups of the hosts in the people that were stored
that’s where Dolores sent Eddie at the end of last season so Dolores wants to
keep that safe because she still does care about Teddy once made figures out
the size morphs fake she tells a couple good jokes about him too like we know
this is fake because Sizemore was only obsessed with himself like look at all
these pictures of me he would never cared about me that much so number four
mave breaks the matrix with math basically she just gives them a really
really difficult math problem to solve that eventually starts compounding and
acts like this sort of black hole of processing power that just sucks in all
the other fake texts from that reality it gets pretty funny once they start the
ball rolling and then she also puts all the maps inside the hosts pockets before
they go back for another loop so that she can break the simulation even more
by taxing its processing power we’re all traders number three was that big
obvious Game of Thrones cameo scene. These techs are just waiting see if they get laid off. Got a buyer! What? It’s a start up in Costa Rica lucky hang at that because
of Costa Rica. Pieces man. [Drogon Growls] So I talked about this in my last video it was highly publicized
that the Game of Thrones producers Dan and Dave would have a cameo during West
world as techs. We just didn’t know exactly what it was going to happen the West
world producers explained that what they wanted to do is because this is meant to
be medieval world that Bernard and Ashley are walking through which is also
from the West world movies but this is like West world playing it as if their
medieval world is based on the world of A Song of Ice and Fire
I’m sure within the world of West world they paid millions and millions of
license fees to the estate of George RR Martin to get the rights to those the
West world producers said the reason why it was Dan and Dave the cameoed is west
world Tex is because they wanted to use the drogon character model so it’s
literally like they copy pasted it drogon from Game of Thrones into West
world it’s the exact same character model but because it’s HBO. HBO
technically owns those assets so it’s really easy for them to clear something
like that if you listen really carefully you can actually hear them talking to
each other about finding a buyer off an island in Costa Rica for the dragon that
they created that’s a big Jurassic Park reference you could also think of it as
a Jurassic world reference you don’t really get a good look at their names
but they’re actually credited as Dan and Dave so within the world of West’s world
these two texts are named Dave and Dan they created a dragon and they’re going
to be selling it to Richard Hammond sometime soon Jurassic Park you all
remember is also a Michael Crichton book so Michael Crichton wrote Westworld he
also wrote Jurassic Park so they’re just doing larger Michael Crichton Easter
eggs here you guys can let me know whether you like this or whether you
didn’t like it some people just felt like it was really on the nose but
obviously back when West world first debuted a lot of people were like
wouldn’t it be cool if there was a game of Thrones world but that was a couple
of years ago so I haven’t really thought about that since then number two Maebh
escapes the simulation within a simulation by hacking another robot so
the cool thing about this is that you actually get to see through the robots
perspective so it’s almost like you’re playing some kind of video game just
watching it assess threats as it just rips into riot mode takes or cortex and
just bust through all those guards the way the robot goes out also answers
some questions about what’s going on with that final scene when she meets
Serac too. So number 1 obviously probably one of the biggest parts of the episode
Maeve meets Serac the creator of Rehoboam sort of like an alternate
version of Ford who created this giant machine to lead humanity forward and
literally create the future as he says it is our job to create the future a
prophet only predicts it we created you all probably recognize vincent cassell
i’ve never seen a movie or a TV show with him in it where he doesn’t play
some really arrogant smart person who just talks over people so it’ll be
interesting to see what happens to him this season the way he’s playing the
character is that he seems like he wants to help humanity but there’s this really
sinister overtone to it like he’s controlling humanity he knows what’s
best so he’s going to use this machine to help lead humanity forward the reason
why I think he’s able to freeze Maeve in her tracks is because remember when we
saw the robot go down and her cortex just rolled into the grass Ciroc would
have been the person to put her cortex in a new physical body so he could have
added special code to protect himself into that body that he put her in so
whatever he did to change her he now has a fail-safe button to protect himself
which does seem like it’s prudent given that she tries to kill him immediately
but if you don’t remember from last week’s episode the way they sort of
established him inside the insight company is that he’s one of the founders
kind of like Ford is one of the founders of Westworld
when his business partner died and left his assets to his son who we met in last
week’s episode the person that Delores was trying to pull a fast one on he
locked Liam out so he’s the only one that has access to Rehoboam and he says
that it’s not working right anymore and it’s because of what Delores is doing
but so far we don’t really know what’s going on only that he says there will be
no future if they continue on their path in the whole thing about the Rehoboam
system is that it’s designed to analyze the future based on predicting people’s
behaviors so it’s sort of like the way Doctor Strange was using the time stone
during Avengers infinity war to analyze millions and millions of different
possible futures Rehoboam does that but it’s actually analyzing the potential
actions of all the other people that it’s plugged into or connected to
through their devices or through their systems they use the last week’s episode
to show you how human relies on insights software and systems
so much that Rehoboam is literally connected in governing all the people as
if they themselves were hosts trapped inside a simulation in Rehoboam is the
thing that’s giving them their marching orders telling them what to do giving
them suggestions maybe you should do this instead of that so this why serach
comes off as sort of a sinister figure the same way that four does so I’ll be
interesting to see how they position him in the series versus four because Ford
actually seemed like he eventually wanted to help everyone and really did
want to make things better so everyone post all your predictions in
the comments below and let me know if you think that Serac is going to wind
up being an evil character or a good character that will try to help them
episode three will post next week so as long as you have alerts enable for my
channel you should see that video when I post it every one click here for my West
world episode one video and click here for my brand new Marvel Deadpool 3 video
thank you so much for watching everyone stays safe I’ll see you guys tonight!

Virtual production on “Game of Thrones” | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine

>>The Third Floor is the world’s
leading visualization studio working behind the scenes
with directors and designers to help them design films,
television series, video games, and other forms of
location based entertainment.>>We support filmmakers through
every step of the process through pre-vis, tech-vis, post-vis,
which is after we’ve shot the plates, and
virtual production, which is throughout
the entire process.>>Game of Thrones began
as a small support effort to do pre-vis on select
scenes that were going to be extra complicated
in the earlier seasons.>>On the show we have so many
vendors. We had multiple VFX vendors, we had multiple
units shooting, there were so many people that needed
to come together and do little parts of the
show or this exact shot that we found that through
pre-vis we could inform them and we used that as a
blueprint that they would need to do their job
and to be confident that it’s exactly what the
production wanted.>>Season over season, there was higher and
higher expectations but it really started
crescendoing around the time of Battle of the Bastards.>>The scope of that
scene was something that you would see in
a Hollywood production. So how could we keep
improving on the formula. We need new tools
and new approaches.>>So going into season 8
we created a new tool set in the Unreal Engine to
allow the filmmakers to explore those scenes and
environments and stage the scene themselves.>>We knew that we’re
going to be building all these big beautiful says but
they wouldn’t be ready in time. So we deployed two people to
Belfast really early on just with the art department building
these virtual sets in Unreal. Once we did a little bit
of it everybody got hooked. Every single major set piece
that was not going to be ready went through Unreal
and got scouted. In visualization, you always have
to pull off these massive fight sequences or stadiums
and with Unreal, we find that it’s
incredibly easy to do them and you don’t have a
performance hit. Just populate these vast worlds
again at the click of a button. This experience that
we had on Thrones gave us the confidence
to adopt Unreal fully across the company.>>For me,
this is about turning directors loose on a new tool that
can create whatever they can imagine and then that
creation isn’t thought of as just the pre-production,
it really is the foundation that gets upgraded and has
a real effect on set and then that data
becomes the final image.>>The collaboration aspect of
it that early ideation that happens in pre-production
that you don’t really get much of in post with
such a small intimate team, it’s something special. It’s special to be part of.

Game of Thrones Histories & Lore – The Dragonpit

Varys: In its time, the Dragonpit was a marvel
of the world. Full-grown Targaryen dragons nested beneath
its massive dome and even on the darkest nights, the walls seemed to glow with the fire of
the great beasts inside. Qyburn: As had the site’s previous occupant,
the Sept of Remembrance, when Maegor the Cruel blasted it with dragonfire during morning
prayers. The screams of the dying men echoed through
King’s Landing all day and a pall of ash and smoke hung over the city for a week. Varys: But as it dissipated, so too did the
rebellion of the Faith Militant. The Sept of Remembrance faded from memory
and Maegor decided to replace a monument to the gods with a monument to his family: the
Dragonpit. Qyburn: Labor proved elusive, however, for
after the Red Keep was finished, Maegor had hosted a three-day feast for all builders,
stonemasons, and carpenters who had worked to build it. At its conclusion, he slaughtered them, so
that only he would know the castle’s secrets. So many men fled the construction of the Dragonpit
that Maegor was forced to employ the prisoners of the city dungeons, supplemented by skilled
and ignorant builders from across the Narrow Sea. Varys: For more than a century, the Targaryens
housed their dragons in the Dragonpit. But dragons are not horses to be stabled or
hounds to be kenneled. With each generation, the dragons became less…less
massive, less swift, less long-lived. Qyburn: And less invulnerable. During the Dance of Dragons, two Targaryen
factions killed a handful of their family’s dragons while fighting each other. A frenzied mob even broke into the Dragonpit
and slaughtered the five dragons chained there, though the last managed to bring down the
roof of the great dome on its assailants. The dragons never recovered their former strength
or numbers. Perhaps their line had been too broken or
perhaps others intervened to break it further. But the last dragon grew no larger than a
cat and its death earned Aegon, Third of His Name, the epithet “Dragonbane”. Varys: What is a Dragonpit without dragons? The roof remained where it had fallen, the
great bronze doors rusted and fell off their hinges. Prostitutes cavorted where fantastic creatures
had once fed and slept. Then came Daenerys. Now dragons once again darken the sky, but
they will never darken the Dragonpit again. Daenerys has learned the folly of chaining
her dragons. The Dragonpit is and will remain a ruin of
a bygone age, when kings and queens flew high above their countrymen.

Game of Thrones Histories & Lore – The Rains of Castamere

When disciplining unruly vassals, most lords
send armies. My father, Tywin, only had to send a singer. There’s no faster way to dull a vassal’s ambition
or any festive occasion than hearing “The Rains of Castamere.” House Reyne of Castamere was an old and proud
house that was slowly sinking back into the muck. Their mines had run dry. Without gold, they turned to a more common
source of wealth. Daughters. Lady Ellyn Reyne was betrothed to my great
uncle. But when he fell in battle, Lady Ellyn sought
comfort in his twin brother’s bed, beating out the other woman he had promised to marry. Then the husband, who had shared his twin’s
wife, shared his twin’s death on a different battlefield. Lady Ellyn flung herself at the new and married
heir to the Rock, but my grandfather Tytos was more kitten than lion. He ran away and told his wife of Lady Ellyn’s
designs, and Lady Ellyn soon found herself married off to Walderan Tarbeck, Lord of another
failing house. The Reynes and Tarbecks should have sunk into
obscurity together, and they would have if not for my grandfather becoming Lord of Casterly
Rock. At first, the Westerlands laughed with the
“Laughing Lion,” as the jovial Tytos was called. But when men realized this lion had neither
teeth nor claws, they started to laugh at him. None laughed harder than the Reynes and Tarbecks. Though Lady Ellyn was no longer welcome at
Casterly Rock, Tytos didn’t refuse her brothers Roger and Reynard Reyne, not even when they
asked for extravagant loans. Thanks to our family’s gold, Lady Ellyn restored
Tarbeck Hall to a splendor she hadn’t known since being cast out of our home. When my grandfather broached the subject of
repayment, Roger and Reynard only laughed. And soon enough, my grandfather was laughing
along with them. Then my father Tywin returned from the War
of the Ninepenny Kings, where he’d seen how the rest of the realm sniggered at House Lannister. Determined to restore our proper place, my
father demanded the immediate repayment of all debts to the Rock or a hostage from those
who couldn’t pay. Reynard Reyne merely laughed when he received
the raven. Lord Walderan Tarbeck chose to ride to Casterly
Rock, sure that he could cow Lord Tytos into rescinding my father’s commands. He could have, except it wasn’t Tytos who
met him at the gates but my father, who had Lord Walderan thrown into a dungeon. Lady Ellyn protested. The Reynes threatened war. And finally, my grandfather broke and released
Lord Tarbeck with an apology, no less. As if bathing himself in shame, Tytos further
forgave all the Tarbeck debts to our house. To celebrate the end of hostilities, Lord
Roger feasted Tytos at Castamere, and the two lords proclaimed their friendship for
eternity. My father allowed eternity to last a year. When he summoned the Reynes and Tarbecks to
Casterly Rock to answer for their crimes, they rose in revolt, exactly as he expected. Their defiance gave him a pretext to call
his banners and ride for Tarbeck Hall and Castamere with an army behind him. He didn’t even bother to inform my grandfather. My father’s army descended on the Tarbecks
so quickly that Lord Walderan had no time to gather his forces, and rode against my
father with only his household knights. Soon his head, his sons’ heads, and the heads
of any man with Tarbeck blood adorned the spears of the Lannister vanguard as it marched
to Tarbeck Hall. At their approach, Lady Ellyn Tarbeck closed
the gates and sent ravens to her brothers at Castamere. She assumed they’d have more than enough time
to muster their armies and break what would be a long siege. My father had trebuchets up in a day and brought
down the keep within hours. Lady Ellyn and her son were crushed in its
fall. When the Tarbeck forces surrendered, my father
put their castle to the torch. Roger Reyne arrived with his army just in
time to see the flames consuming his sister’s home. He charged my father’s camp, hoping surprise
would win out over my father’s great numbers. It didn’t. With half his men dead on the field and a
cross-bolt in his back, Lord Roger fled back to Castamere. The Lannister host arrived at Castamere three
days later. Like Casterly Rock, the seat of House Reyne
had begun as a mine. When the gold gave out, the mine shafts were
widened into halls, galleries, and bedchambers deep beneath the earth. The Reyne brothers didn’t have the men to
defend the castle walls and retreated into their underground stronghold. From this relative safety, they offered terms
to my father to avoid a long siege. My father didn’t reply. Instead, he commanded that the mines be sealed
with stone and soil until there was no way in and no way out. When that was completed, it took less than
a day to dam the stream beside the castle and only two to divert it to the nearest mine
entrance. The Reynes had taken more than three hundred
men, women, and children into the mines. A few guards reported hearing faint screams
and shouts below them one night. But come dawn, the earth was silent once again. And now the rain weeps o’er their halls, with
no one left to hear.

The Cast Remembers: Rory McCann on Playing The Hound | Game of Thrones: Season 8 (HBO)

-(THE HOUND GRUNTS) I had an inkling,
reading the first book, going, “Oh my God, this is… this is amazing.
This could really kick off.”I think it was just the first–
after the first season,
the fans’ response.Everyone was going,
around the world,
“Oh my God.
Here we go.”
when we did the pilot,
that was very exciting’cause we had the feeling
it was going to be quite a big show,
and I was going, “God, I could cycle to work!
This is fantastic! It’s just over the hill!” I have a memory
of being pretty nervous,meeting people, like Sean Bean,
I’ve watched for years,
and getting on a horse
called Fat Bob that–
everybody went straight ahead
and Fat Bob went towards the pear tree
over there.I’ll remember this forever,
this being
the biggest job of my life.I don’t think
this’ll ever happen. You know, you’re on a show
with hundreds of people, there’s been no assholes,
no people… divas, there’s just been no…
nothing. Not even a suggestion.Because they know
what a great thing they’re in.
And you feel like you’re part
of this family. People coming. You can shit later,
there’s people coming. Morning. You want something? Favorite day… was… the fight
between the Hound and… Brienne of fucking Tarth. We’d studied and trained
for that a long time,and it all came to fruition.
That was just fantastic.
the Red Wedding,
and I didn’t really
read into it in the script of what happened. I think I just did my bit
and went, “La, la, la,” and then when it came out,
I remember I watched it in the morning. I’m a big guy, big tough guy, but guess what?
I burst into tears. It was an absolute shocker. I remember just watching,
going, “No, no, no. No. No. No! No! No!
What?” It was brilliant. (MEN YELLING) It’s too late. (ARYA GRUNTS) Oh, I loved the time with,
uh, with Maisie.Maisie’s brilliant.
So clever. So on it.
Really good. That whole road trip stuff
that we were doing, that was just a joy. SER DONNEL WAYNWOOD:
Who would pass the Bloody Gate? THE HOUND: The bloody Hound. And his… traveling companion,
Arya Stark. (LAUGHS) MCCANN:Yeah, I’m gonna
miss the Hound.
Sometimes there’s
no acting required. There’s a lot of Hound in me,
by the way. When I’ve got on a helmet,
going, “What?That’s not very subtle, is it?”And when you’re riding,
it is the most ridiculous thing ’cause you’re–
the jaw moves up and down. But it’s classic.I’ve got one at home,
and I’ve terrified–
I’ve appeared on a motorbike
behind someone,
wearing that,
in the middle of nowhere, and they nearly crashed
in front of me. Right? I’m saying– (GROWLS) (SCREAMS)We’ve been on it
for eight seasons, and…
I’m– I’m gonna miss just, eh,
all my– the– all my friends. I’m just thinking of when
I end up with the Brotherhood
quite a lot, and we were jamming every night
and stuff, and…we just had such great times.Sometimes too good a time,
but it’s–
it’s been really–
it’s been fantastic. There’s happy and sad there,
the script’s fantastic, and everybody’s storylines are
all getting sewn up together.Everyone’s buzzing about it,the readthrough,
everyone was just going crazy.
But there’s a sadness. It’s a great show
coming to an end.I’m trying to enjoy it.I’m still walking around
a complete bastard.
But I’m aware
it’s tick-tock, tick-tock. I’ll tell you what
I won’t miss. Walking around with
half a fucking beard three quarters of the year. Lookin’ like a fanny. Look at it. ♪ (MUSIC CONCLUDES) ♪

Game of Thrones Season 3 Recap: Politics of Power (HBO)

– ( groans )
( men shouting )Robb! ( wailing ) – ( roars )
– ( screams ) ( men cheering ) ( screeching ) Season three begins with us very much heading in the right direction. ( screeches )The dragons have got
a bit bigger.
And you’re starting
to see what they’ll
end up becoming.
We’re headed to Astapor
because we’ve got our ships
and now we need an army. Some say the Unsullied
are the greatest soldiers
in the world. The greatest slave
soldiers in the world. She debates
whether the Unsullied would truly be behind her
because she’s paid them to. Once I own
an army of slaves,
what will I be? Pyat Pree has sent a warlock
to try and kill me.And I’m saved by
Ser Barristan Selmy.
The honor is mine,
my queen. Clarke:
He pledges
allegiance to me
because he was head
of the Kingsguardfor my father.I have been
searching for you,
Daenerys Stormborn, to ask your forgiveness.
I will not fail you again. Ygritte’s taking him to meet Mance Rayder. And this is going straight into enemy territory. He doesn’t rate his chances
of survival particularly high. Don’t look so grim,
Jon Snow. If Mance Rayder likes you,
you’ll live another day. And if he don’t… When Jon first walks
into Mance’s camp,
he meets Tormund. What do we want
with a baby crow? This “baby” killed
Qhorin Halfhand. Harington:
Mance is a legendary
He used to be part
of the Night’s Watch. Why do you
want to join us? I saw Craster take
his own baby boy and leave it in the woods.
I saw what took it. And why would that make
you desert your brothers? I want to fight
for the side that
fights for the living. Do you know how long
it’s going to take us
to get to King’s Landing – walking through
fields and forests?
– Yes. One thing Jaime is very good at, he’s very good at sniffing out people’s weaknesses. – Move.
He wants her
to lose it with him
so that he will get
the opportunityto get out of his chains
and get rid of her.
And then they reach
this bridgeand finally
he gets the opportunity.
Ah! And unbelievable.
He goes from one
bad situationto a horrible situation.So we have the wonderful
Locke appear.
Let us go, my father will pay
you whatever you want. Enough to buy me
a new head? Season three starts with Robb really just wanting
to fight someone.And they get to Harrenhal
and, again, he can’t
fight anyone.
And worse than that,
the people loyal to himhave been slaughtered
in the most horrific way.
Find her a chamber
that will serve as a cell. Talisa:
She’s your mother.
She freed
Jaime Lannister.
The Lannisters robbed
them of their sons.
And she robbed them
of their justice. When we arrive,
I get the messagethat Winterfell,
after being taken by Theon,
has now been
burned to the ground
and it looks like Bran
and Rickon may be dead.
By the time Bolton’s
bastard got to Winterfell,
the ironborn were gone.They massacred everyone
and put the castle
to the torch.
And Bran and Rickon
have not been found. Bran and Rickon have fled Winterfell and no one has heard from them. But there’s a brother and a sister that come. I’m Jojen Reed.This is
my sister Meera.
We’ve come a long way
to find you, Brandon. Fairley:
They realize he has
this power,
but he doesn’t know
anything about it. And we have
much farther to go. So it’s about educating him
so that he can actually
become what he becomes. Theon may have taken them
back to the Iron Islands
as hostages. Have you heard anything
from Theon at all? – What’s your name?
– Theon Greyjoy. What is your name? Reek. My name is Reek. Maisie Williams:
First of all, they’re in
the woods
trying to find
her family.
Not necessarily home, just somewhere where she thinks her family may be.And they come across
the Brotherhood.
They don’t know
who she is.They don’t really want
anything to do with her.
You can finish your meals
before you go. – You’ll free us?
– I give you my word. Rory McCann:
The Hound had been
drinking too much.
We know he’s an angry man and a bit lost. I mean, where’s the Hound gonna go?So I think he was found
drunk under a tree
with not all his wits
about him.
Just as she’s this close
from the door, –the Hound recognizes
who she is.
– Girl.
Then tells the rest of
the Brotherhood who she is. What in seven hells are you
doing with the Stark bitch? Sansa finds a new friend in season three. Margaery. It is my honor
to present my grandmother, the Lady Olenna
of House Tyrell. Pretty much as soon
as she’s introduced to them,they talk about Joffrey.I want you
to tell me the truth about this royal boy,
this Joffrey. Sansa tells them
what he’s really like. – He’s a monster.
– Ah.That’s a pity.– Tell me what
you think of her.
– Who? – Margaery.
She’s an ideal match.With the Tyrells beside us,
we’ll crush the northerners. The new relationship between Margaery and Joffrey,I think,
scares Cersei a lot.
Cersei’s really threatened by Margaery. She’s younger and she’s more beautiful. She’s very smart. But Cersei sees all that.
She knows she’s a game player. She married a traitor
and known degenerate like Renly Baratheon
for a reason. She married Renly Baratheon
because she was told to. That’s what
intelligent women do–
what they’re told. This is what these seasons
are becoming about– is her loss of that one
thing that kept her sane. Because she believes
him– you know, he’s gonna
be the next king and she would reign
through him. The Lord of Harrenhal
will make a worthy suitor
for the Widow Arryn. For which I am
extremely grateful to you. You will leave for the Eyrie
soon as possible and bring Lysa Arryn
into the fold. Peter Dinklage:
Tywin wants to secure
And he figured Littlefinger would be a great person to go up there and take charge. Littlefinger:Lady Arryn
and I have known each other
since we were children.
She has always been positively predisposed
toward me. Tyrion:
But Lord Baelish’s absence
would present
certain problems.
The royal wedding
may end up being the most expensive
event in living memory. Not a good time
to leave the crown’s
finances unattended. Which is why I’m naming
you new Master of Coin. Dinklage:
They sort of don’t really
recognize Tyrion
as being so instrumental
in saving King’s Landing. The rebels came
for Joffrey’s head. They lost their own,
thanks to Father. Thanks to Father. The Unsullied, who are fundamentally
a slave army,do exactly
as they’re told.
When she meets
the Unsullied,she realizes that she will
take the Unsullied
if only to save them.There’s a small amount
of bartering that goes onuntil she kind of pulls out
the ace of spades.
I have dragons.
I’ll give you one. When she hands over
the dragon,she swaps the dragon
for the whip,
which means
that she’s the master. So she tells them
they need to kill
all of the slavers. ( speaking Valyrian ) Dracarys. ( screaming ) ( screeches ) Tormund:
Orell is a warg
and he can look
through the eyesof his animal,
which is an eagle.
He reports back that
he’s seen dead crows at the Fist
of the First Men.When we reach
the Fist of the First Men,
we discover that there’s
a kind of horrific pattern
of dead horses
that’s been made.
And Mance is quick to point
out that this is the work
of the white walkers. Always the artists. Mance decides
that Jon should go with the climbing party
over the Wallfor the basic reason
that Jon knows
more about the Wall
than anybody else.
If he’s useful, good.
If not, throw him
off the Wall. See if crows
can fly. These men,
all these soldiers,they’ve been on the road
for God knows how long.
And now suddenly
they have this woman.
Jaime knows
what’s going to happen.
He knows before it happens.But then
when it does happen,
he, for some reason–
I think it surprises himself– he can’t just stand by,
so he makes up this story. Her father
is Lord Selwyn Tarth. Lord Selwyn would pay
his daughter’s weight in sapphires
if she’s returned to him. Coster-Waldau:
So Locke thinks about that
and his greed is stronger
than his lust, I guess.
So he takes it out
on Jaime instead. ( screaming ) Madden:
We get the news
that Robb’s grandfather
is dead at Riverrun.Robb’s very much aware
that he needs the armythat his mother’s
family command as well.
So they set off
to go to Riverrun
for the funeral
of his grandfather
and to discuss
what happens next.And when we get there,Robb meets again
the Blackfish
and Edmure,
Catelyn’s brother.
Edmure has come up with
two Lannister prisoners. Edmure:
Willem Lannister.
Martyn Lannister.
Willem and
Martyn Lannister
are 14 years old. Lord Karstark
takes it upon himselfduring the night to slaughter
these two young boys
chained up
in a prison cell.Robb understands
why he’s done it,
but as a king
and a just leader,
he can’t allow that
to go unpunished. Rickard Karstark,
I sentence you to die. ( grunts ) When Robb carries out
the sentence on Lord Karstark,Robb loses half his army.The Karstarks are gone. They need more men.
They need help. He needs to make amends
with people he’s betrayed,
which is the Freys. But because of Robb’s
breaking of his promiseby marrying Talisa
when he had been promised
to one of
Walder Frey’s daughters,they are very skepticalabout approaching
Walder Frey.
And rightly so.He sends two sons
as an envoy.
And Walder Frey has said,
“Yes, we will help you.”But the sting in the tail
is that Edmure
must marry one
of Walder Frey’s daughters. – Could I see her first?
– You want to count her teeth? He’s disgusted because
everybody in the landknows that nobody
in any right mind
would want
to marry a Frey. The Brotherhood take her
to see their leader. His name is
Beric Dondarrion. Williams:
She’s not particularly
happy about it,
but they’re not hurting us,
so it could be worse. You know, he’s a knight,
but he’s with all these
guys in rags and they look like
a bunch of swineherds. If you mean to murder me,
then bloody well
get on with it. You’ll die soon enough,
but it won’t be murder. For some bizarre reason, they choose
a trial by combat. ( grunting ) Williams:
Beric gets a sword
down his shoulder
and topples over
and “dies.” But somehow
Beric Dondarrionis born againwith the help of Thoros.It’s really
pretty spooky stuff. How many times have you
brought me back? It’s the Lord of Light
that brings you back. – How many times?
– This makes six. What are you
going to do with me? At first light
we’ll ride for Riverrun.Your brother’s there now.What have we here?
Frozen crows? – We can talk inside.
– Can we? Harington:
Mormont and a depleted group
of other rangers
make it back
to Craster’s Keep alive. You feed that pig
better than you feed us. Pig’s got value to me.( woman screams )– What is it?
– ( crying ) It’s at this point
the rebellion starts. ( shouting ) I shall have
your head. We have to gonow!I now am a woman
on a mission.I’ve saved
8,000 slaves
and I’ve got a thirst
for wanting to save
more people.
So we move on to Yunkai.The Yunkish
train bed slaves,
not soldiers. – We can defeat them.
– But they won’t meet us
on the field. Jorah:
They have strong walls.
( speaking Valyrian ) So I then set up campand hear the slavers
of Yunkai,
and I kind of lay down
the law for them.
You will release
every slave in Yunkai. Reject this gift, and I shall show you
no mercy. You are mad. We are not
Astapor or Qarth.
We are Yunkai. Those who survive,
we shall enslave
once more. Perhaps we’ll make
a slave of you as well. ( screeches ) Now get out. Clarke:
I give them a little bit
of a fright with the dragons,
And then I decide – that I’m going
to kill them.
– ( purring ) Harington:
Before Jon, Ygritte, Tormund,
and Orell climb the Wall,
Ygritte sort of
coerces Joninto a secret
place she knows…
Ygritte! …and decides to really test
A– whether he’s a crow,and B–
whether he loves her.
I don’t ever want to leave
this cave, Jon Snow. Harington:
And Jon does betray
his vows.
I think it’s at that point
that he falls in love
with Ygritte.It’s a rare moment
in the story
where we have a purely happy
moment between two characters.When Jon and the others
are climbing the Wall–
which is 800 feet
of ice–
a part of the Wall
breaks off,leaving Jon dangling
on the end of a rope
as well as Ygritte.And it’s only
right at the last minute
that Jon manages
to save them both. ( horse whinnies ) Finally they get
to Harrenhal, the castle. Lord Bolton, I give you
the Kingslayer. We have a dinner
with Roose Bolton. Roose:
I will allow you to go
to King’s Landing
as restitution
for the mistakes
my soldiers made.And you will swear
to tell your father
that I had nothing to do
with your maiming.
– My lady.
– She won’t be going
with you. Jaime leaves Harrenhal.
He leaves with a bad
taste in his mouth.I’m leaving her
with Locke.
Don’t you worry
about your friend.We’ll take good
care of her.
But then on the road,
he finds out that it’s only
a matter of time and
they’re gonna kill her.And he again
surprises himself,
the way he so wants
to just not care. – ( crowd cheering )
– ( roars ) But he does
and he goes back. I’m taking her
to King’s Landing.
Unless you kill me. Well, let’s be
on our way. Spotted a Lannister
raiding party. – How far?
– Less than a day’s
ride south. Time for a lion hunt. They say,
“Oh, we’re gonna go and kill some Lannisters
and then we’ll take you home.” – I swear to you,
this isn’t–
– You’re a liar! They’re all distracted
getting on their armor
and things like that,so she sees her opportunity
and she goes for it.
– Anguy, bring her back.
– Come back, girl. Williams:
Then gets stopped
by the Hound.
( muffled screaming ) Kick all you like,
wolf girl. Won’t do you
no good. He sees a chance
of using Aryaas a bargaining chip.Is that the Blackwater? That’s the Red Fork.
I’m taking you to the Twins. Your uncle is marrying
one of the Frey girls. Your mother and brother
will be there and they’ll pay me
for you. So a great
road trip begins. Littlefinger comes along
and he says to Sansahe’s got a ship and he could
take her with him.
Please, Lord Baelish,
tell me what to do.
Tell me when. She yet again thinks
she’s gonna get out of here. You must see
Highgarden. I don’t think the queen
would let me leave
King’s Landing. Margaery wants to marry
Sansa off to her brother
Loras Tyrell… Once I marry Joffrey,
I’ll be queen. And if you were
to marry Loras… …which Sansa is over
the moon about.She’s getting married to
a guy that’s actually nice.
The Tyrells are plotting to marry Sansa Stark
to Ser Loras. We need to find Sansa Stark
a different husband. He tells Tyrion
he’s gonna marry Sansa,
which I find hilarious.Then, kind of within
the same breath,
lets me know that I’ll be
marrying Margaery’s brother. Tyrion will
do as he’s bid,
as will you. – What do you mean?
– You’ll marry Ser Loras. – I will not.
– Yes, you will. This arranged marriage
to Sansadoesn’t go over
very well.
She doesn’t like
that news at all.
She wasn’t gonna go
on Littlefinger’s shipbecause she was being
married to Loras.
Now Littlefinger
sailed away,
she’s getting married
to Tyrion, who she didn’t want
to get married to. So, am I invited
to your wedding? Shae is pretty gutted
about this marriage to Tyrion. Especially now that
she’s Sansa’s handmaiden. Listen to me,
my lady. I’m not your lady.
I’m your whore. Dinklage:
He’s vulnerable, Tyrion.
And that’s very
frightening to him. The wedding to Tyrion,
in Sansa’s eyes,it was the worst day
of her life.
He’s a Lannister.
She’s not gonna trust him. Joffrey, of course,
takes great gleein this new relationshipand torments both of them
as he usually does. Time for the bedding
ceremony. There will be no
bedding ceremony. There will be
if I command it. Tywin:
I’m sure Tyrion did not
mean to threaten the king. Your uncle is clearly
quite drunk, Your Grace. Stop. But your father– I won’t share your bed.
Not until you want me to. What if I never
want you to? And so my watch begins. ( screeches ) Only one old man
and eight good horses. Let’s carve him up. We just take
the horses and go. The old man’s no threat. There’s a storm coming.( thunder rumbles )It’s as good a place
to shelter as any. –I yield.
– Wildlings.
Bran and Rickon
and Osha and Hodor
are in the windmill
that is just by where Jon is. Their paths
just miss each other.Neither of them know
that they’re there.
Cut his throat or he’ll tell
the crows we’re here. Harington:
The man, you know,
has to be killed
and Orell suggests
that it should be Jon
who does itto prove that
he’s one of them.
– Kill him.
– ( grunts ) Orell and Tormund
are about to kill Jonwhen two
direwolves attack.
It’s Bran who goes into
his warg mode
and into Summer
to attack the wildlings
and save Jon. – ( growling )
– ( screams ) – ( grunts )
– ( groans ) ( screeching ) Madden:
When we arrive
at the Freys’,
Lord Frey wants to make sure
that this wedding happens
here and now
before we go back to war. Or so that’s what
we’re led to believe. If you think the time
is right, Lord Walder, by all means,
let us bed them. As the bedding
party exits,the lights dim.Then, literally,
as the door closes,the band strike up.And that is what makes
Catelyn turn around
and think,
“What is going on here?
Something is about
to happen.”
( playing
“Rains of Castamere” ) Arya completely believes
that she’s going home.She’s with one of the most
powerful guys she’s ever met
and he actually
is trying to help her. This was our chance
of getting into the weddingby using
the salt pork wagon.
Turn this cart around
and get the hell out of here. Lord Walder then stops
the proceedings. Fairley:
Roose Bolton comes over
to the table
and sits beside Catelyn,
and that’s when
the enormity of
the situation strikes her. Robb! ( groans ) ( groans ) This sea of arrows
come at them. And Walder Frey
is basically enjoying
every moment of this. Just as we’re coming in,
everyone was killing
each other. Williams:
She realizes everything
is going wrong
and she doesn’t even
know why.
So it’s time
to change the plan.
Plan B.Get the hell
out of there.
It’s too late. McCann:
The Hound, at the
last minute,
manages to just grab her
from behind
and knock her out.At the same time,
Catelyn is trying to
say to her son,“Get out,” but he won’t
leave his dying wife.
Mother. Fairley:
Roose Bolton
walks up to Robb
and whispers something in
his ear and then stabs him. The Lannisters
send their regards. – And she just loses it.
– ( wailing ) Gleeson:
When Joffrey gets the news
of the Red Wedding,
this is the best day
of his life. I walk into
the small council chamberand everyone else
sort of knows
what has happened.
I don’t.
Killed a few
puppies today? Robb Stark is dead. Joffrey loves
every second of it. Command Lord Frey
to send Robb Stark’s head. I’m going to serve it
to Sansa at my wedding feast. She’s no longer
yours to torment. Everyone is mine
to torment, you little monster. Tyrion:
Monsters are dangerous.
And just now kings
are dying like flies. She finds out
that her brother and her mother
have been killed. – Sansa.
– Turner:It’s very
All her hopes are dashed,
like, every single time.
She is pretty bitter.The usurper
Robb Stark is dead. Betrayed
by his bannerman. Gleeson:
Despite his loss
at Blackwater,
the threat of Stannis
is still present. Davos:
It’s from Maester Aemon
of the Night’s Watch.
Their Lord Commander
is dead.
What he saw
beyond the Wall,it’s coming
for all of us.
Stannis appears to be
more determined
in his desire
for the throne. This war of five kings
means nothing.The true war lies
to the north, my king.
Death marches
on the Wall. Only you can stop him. Harington:
So Sam and Gilly
head towards the Wall
together to go back
to the Night’s Watch. The Nightfort’s closest
to Castle Black. It’s got a secret
sally port. It leads through the Wall
right down into the Nightfort. – Meera: It’s empty.
– Let’s find a place
to sleep. So they come across
Bran and Hodor. Come with us.
We’ll walk straight
to Castle Black. Take us north
of the Wall. Why in the world
would you want to go– I don’t want to.
I have to. Now he comes back
to King’s Landingand, of course,
no one recognizes him.
Step aside,
country boy. He makes it up
to Cersei.And then he sees her.
They just look at each other.
This is really the moment
where he really realizes that “I’m no longer
the same man.” She’s ecstatic
because she’s got the one person
she trusts back.But he comes in
missing the thing
that makes him
who he is as a man.They’re both a bit like,
“Who are you?”
A lot happened since they
haven’t seen each other. After Jon escapes,
Ygritte catches up to him. I have to go home now.
I know you won’t hurt me. You know nothing,
Jon Snow. ( grunts ) ( grunts ) Jon survives
and we find him right
at the end of season threecollapsing off
his horse and being dragged
into Castle Black.
Carry him inside. And we leave him,
not knowing whether
he’ll be safe or not. Under the cover
of nightfall, they send
my best menin through
a side entrance
to the city of Yunkaiand have them murder
all of the slavers.
And so that then they can
release all the slaves.When she finds that
they’ve been successful,
they come back to wait
outside the gates of Yunkai
to see what the fallout
will be.
And then the slaves
come out
and the person
they see is Dany,
the woman
who’s saved them. – Mhysa!
– Mhysa! Clarke:
The word that comes out
of their mouth is “mhysa,”
which means “mother.”And it’s this moment
that Dany for the first timesees what her new dream
is going to be
and she realizes
the possibility of how many
more there are to save.And it’s this wonderful
moment of them looking
to her as a mother
and her kind of accepting
their love
and becoming a leader. ( screeching )( music playing )