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School is officially back in session! And that means your brain is probably hard at work these days. Either way, it’s not too late to take the school year by the horns and make the most of your lessons! That’s right, you’ve got some ingenious school hacks comin’ at ya! To some people studying is an art. And there are lots of fun ways to make boring reading a little more interesting. I’ve always underlined my notes and needless to say, it’s pretty underwhelming. What kind of highlighter is that? Okay, I’m about to drop some knowledge on you, Sophia! Simply take a regular yellow highlighter like this and bleed other colors right into the tip. You can do as many as three different hues. See? It’s so simple! Give it a try! Woah! It’s like a pretty rainbow is bringing life into this boring science material! Yep, this highlighter has officially kicked my sorry little pen’s butt! Studying suddenly doesn’t seem so bad after all! Let’s see, what books will I need today… Ooh! Don’t forget your pen! What?! There’s a math test today?! How could I have forgotten this?! I didn’t even study, what am I going to do? Way to get the school year off to a good start, Vicky. Wait a minute, this little bandaid may just save the day. If you find yourself in a bind before a big test, use a bandaid to hide a little cheat-sheet for yourself. Just make sure the paper is smaller than the bandaid and you’re good to go. Now just wrap it around your finger so that no one can see it. Leave it to a bandaid to make everything feel better. Alright, I think I’m ready for class! It’s only the first question and I’m already lost! Okay, it’s the perfect time to take a sneak-peak at my little friend. Oh yeah, now I remember this formula. Quick! Put the band-aid back on before the teacher sees! You’re one smooth operator, Vicky. Hey, is it somebody’s birthday? When it comes to friendship, you guys deserve an A+. Man, you blew all those up, Amy? Looks like Sophia got stuck with the tedious task of pencil sharpening. That stuff sure makes an awful mess, doesn’t it? Ok, Amy, don’t blow too hard! Woah, we have a wild one, ladies and gentlemen! Woah! It landed in my pile of pencil shavings! Have you ever heard of “happy accidents”? This little “accident” is about to spawn a genius idea! If you’re tired of getting pencil shavings all over the place, try putting the sharpener into a deflated balloon! Now you’ll never have to worry about making a mess. Pretty clever, Sophia. Man, all this test-taking really makes me work up an appetite. Aha! A little sugar jolt is exactly what I need right now! Which one should I eat first? Huh? Ugh, fine, you can have them back. I don’t think I can wait ’til lunch to eat! Behold! More delicious chocolate! Geeze, what’s a girl got to do to get a moment alone with a sweet treat around here? Wait a minute, I know exactly what I should do. Put one of your binders onto your desk and open the metal rings. Take a clear sleeve and assemble it onto the rings. Poke it through if you have to. Now stash your favorite treats into the clear sleeve. Now you have your very own secret stash! Is the coast clear? Time to indulge in a secret snack! Nothing to see here, people! Um, shouldn’t you guys be focusing on your work? Way to play it cool, Lily. Time to reward yourself for a job well done. Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. We all know that sound! Rise and shine Kevin it’s time to wake up! No! Don’t hit the snooze button! You’ve got a class to get to! Uh oh, Kevin has officially entered the dangerous snooze cycle. Yep, he’s a gonner for sure. Psst! Kevin! You’ve gotta get up, dude! Aw man, that was such a great sleep! Nothing can ruin the feeling of waking up feeling completely refreshed and well-rested. Except for when you realize you’ve slept through the first two classes of your day!!! If I sneak in really quietly, maybe the teacher won’t even notice I’m late! That was a close one. But I have no idea what the teacher’s talking about! Wondering how to break your snooze habit? Ugh, I wish this thing didn’t have so much power over me! Perhaps it’s time I take the power back. If you have a regular old alarm clock like Kevin here, you’ll want to make it impossible to hit the snooze button. Get a bunch of push pins and line them up on the buttons of your alarm. Tape them all down by piercing them through a long piece of tape. Ouch! Let’s hope this does the trick! Sleep tight, Kevin! Kevin, no! The pins! By golly, it actually worked! Well look who’s the first person in class! Hey Kevin! What are you doing here? What? Surprised to see you here this early. Turns out, I’m more of a boring person than I thought! Everyone who’s ever taken art class knows learning how to draw a perfect circle is a must. Unfortunately it takes quite a bit of patience. Nicely done, teach! Hey Lily, how are your circles looking? Uh oh, that’s not the face of confidence. Yikes! Those circles are pretty far from perfect. Sorry, Lily. Don’t freak out, girl! There’s got to be an easier way! Anyone in here have some rubber bands or something? Oh! I can use one of Lana’s hair ties! If you have a couple pencils and a rubber band, you can make yourself your very own drafting compass! Just take two pencils and attach them at the top tightly with a rubber band or hair elastic like this. Now take a third pencil and put it across the bottom two. It should look like the letter A. Take two more rubber bands and attach the third pencil to the other two like so. Don’t forget the other side! There ya go! Pretty nifty, huh? Now you can draw circles with ease! Wow, that one’s pretty darn perfect. And you can adjust the width of your pencils for bigger or smaller circles. Hey! Where’d all my hair ties go? Lily? Why do I have a feeling you’re behind all this? Don’t be mad! Look at my perfect circles! It’s always something with you, isn’t it Lily? Sitting in the back of the classroom can let you get away with just about anything. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be sneaky with your extra curricular activities. Excuse me?! Oh, sorry, teacher! I was just finishing up my makeup, I’ll put it away now. Looks like Kevin was already one step ahead of the game. She didn’t suspect a thing! That was a close one. Okay, and back to the game. Hey! How are you getting away with that, Kevin? I want to play too! I don’t wanna be the only chump studying back here! Want to have your very own “sneaky” notebook like Kevin has? Place your makeup, game, or whatever else in the middle of the page and outline it with a pencil. Now remove the item and cut along the lines you’ve made with a sharp blade. Ooh! Watch those fingers! Take out the middle pieces and you’ve got yourself a secret activity notebook! Perfect fit! Now you can do your makeup in class without giving yourself away. Pretty genius, right? Quick! The teacher turned the other way. It’s the perfect time for a quick eyeshadow touch up. Lookin’ good girl. Looks like you’ve learned more from me than the teacher, huh, Vick? Ooh! Teacher alert! Act natural! Hey teacher! See, we’re hard at work back here! Wow, that was so close! Feels pretty good being bad, doesn’t it? Okay, but get back to work guys, you do have a test coming up, remember? Another day, another difficult math test. But as if the equations weren’t hard enough, a broken calculator can take things from bad to worse. Ugh, what’s wrong with this thing? What the heck? It was working yesterday! It probably just needs a new battery. Let’s see, I can just replace it and it’ll all be ok. Oh no, I totally brought the wrong size battery! I can’t believe this! What do I do? Ooh, that’s a bummer, isn’t it? Hey, Lana! Check out that gum wrapper Lily’s holding! Do you think it could help? Hey! Gimme that! If you find yourself in a battery jam like Lana here, all hope is not lost! Simply take a foil gum wrapper like this one and crumple it up into a ball. And make sure the foil part is facing the outside. Put the wrapper against the metal coil like this. Now stick the battery against the foil as if it were the regular coil. Here comes the moment of truth… Yes! We have power, people! Phew! I was pretty worried for a minute there. Who knew my piece of gum would save the day? Did you find these school hacks useful? Well give yourself a little break and enjoy these side-splitting bloopers! Be sure to share this video with your classmates and subscribe to 123 Go’s YouTube Chanel for more fabulous videos like this one! See you in class, friends!

DOOM (1993 ORIGINAL GAME) (Teens React: Retro Gaming)

♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ – “Doom.” Never heard of it. – Doom? I’ve never heard
of this game before. – It kinda looks like maybe Mars. And they’re fighting off maybe aliens. – Doom. Why not?
I’ve never played the first. It’s probably one of the most
iconic shooters ever. – Doom! Oh my god,
this is such a throwback! I used to play it
when I was younger a lot. – (Finebros) With Doom
releasing a reboot to the series later this month, we are
having you play the original that was first released in 1993
for PC on four floppy disks. – That’s a lot of floppy disks. I don’t think I know
what a floppy disk is. Are they the things that, um–
they’re kinda like square-looking, and they look like
the Save button on a computer. – I don’t even know what that means. But I remember playing
the game on a computer. – Damn, that’s like
three years older than me. – I was negative five
years old. (chuckles) I was just not even a thought yet. – (Finebros) You ready to get started?
– (nervously) No. – “Hurt me plenty”?
– (Finebros) Yeah, “hurt me plenty.” – Savage!
♪ (intense 8-bit rock music) ♪ Oh. Oh, whoa! I’ve seen this before! – Oh my gosh, the music. Throwback. – Oh shit, look at
those graphics. [Bleep]. This is ’93? God damn!
Look at the technology. Okay, let’s get it. – Let’s see. We’re going
left, forward, back. Just got to try out all the keys. – Okay. Oh, I can’t look down?
That’s disappointing. – What is this? Oh, 101% health? – All right, then.
I’m out to save the day. – Do I have to jump? Okay, cool. I already get up these things. Do I have to kill those? I can’t tell. We’ll see. We’ll see.
Is that anything I need? – 100% armor. – I already know the layouts of the level. Like, I already know where I’m gonna go. – Oh. There’s a corridor. – Is free roaming
wherever I go or what? – And I think that’s a dead monster. Okay. Let’s go this way.
There’s another dead guy. – Are you a door? All right. Oh, I see you guys. – Oh no. Dude, do I like them?
Do I not like them? (demons screech)
Ugh. (gunshot)
Aah! – Oh, [bleep]. – Die, heathens!
(demon groans) – These are armor. Okay. – Oh. Nope. Nope. (gunshots, demons lowing) – Okay, cool. I killed him. – Ooh, head shot, head shot, head shot. Damn, bang bang. – Oh, there’s a guy
right there. Oh my god. – Those things in the back
are gonna shoot fireballs at you. So don’t get too close. – Okay. Let’s try not to get killed. That might not be an option. – Bang bang. Ah ah ah, ooh. I see the– I see, uh–
can I not raise my gun? – How do I get up there
and kill that thing? I don’t think I can, ’cause it’s high.
And I can’t aim up. – I should probably kill him. (gunshots, demon growling) Okay. Oh, Jesus Christ. (giggles) Okay. – Make my way through here,
get some ammo-nition. – Okay, let’s go. Oh shit! Oh god! – Oh my god. (screams shrilly) Oh, I killed him though, I think. (gunshots and growling)
– Argh! Aw, yes, I killed it!! – Oh. Argh, you sumbitch. – Okay. This is the end? Right here? But there’s a secret over here. (player grunts, pants)
And there’s a new gun and health. So now I have a shotgun. – Hold up, let me jump through that. Oh my god. I just got a shotgun? I just got a secret–
come on, man. Look at this. – It’s an exit? Wait,
is that where I have to go? (door whirs) – Oh, it’s an elevator? ♪ (jittery beat) ♪
Oh, I did stuff. Yeah! ♪ (jittery beat) ♪ – Oh heck yeah, I didn’t die? – It is pretty cool. I can see why people were
addicted to it back then. – It was easiest. There was more to it. If that’s just level one, understandable. – This one’s gonna be easy as well. Okay. I am here. – I am there. “Nuclear plant.” – All right, cool. ♪ (foreboding music) ♪ – Oh my god. There’s so many
dead friends everywhere. – I think in this level, you need keys. – It’s a little sketchy. (demons lowing) (gunshots, demons groaning) Die! This is fun. (demon growls)
– Oh my god, oh my god. Did you hear that? Oh my god. (gunshots)
Oh my god. Oh my god. Brah. – Oh damn, one hit. – Is there armor? There’s
a chest plate up over there. (beep)
(hums nonchalantly) ♪ (beat picks up) ♪
– I want to find secret stuff. Okay.
(lift whirs) This seems promising. (lift whirs) Ooh, look at that. See?
Put your mind in something. – Whoa. What? Oh. (excitedly) Oh, is this another weapon? (whispers) Yes! – (gasps) I found another gun! (demons roaring) – Aah!
(demons groan) See how helpful the shotgun is? (demon groans)
One-hit kill. So this red thing means
I need to find a red key to get into that door.
So I have to look for the red key. – Just gotta– all right,
I think this is where I have to go. (door whirs)
Ooh! Ooh, you dead. (chuckles) (demon groans)
– Cool. Health-healths. – Okay, we’re at 72% health. (gunshots)
No! Okay, cool. – Ugh, that’s one! Get– Oh, hey buddy. Bam! (laughs) – Oh. I got a red thing.
What is that? Is that a secret? – The red key should be
right here, around here. There it is. See, I remember.
I remember. Heh. (demon groans)
– Head shot. (door whirs)
Oh, it looks like we’re back here. – Uh, I don’t really know
where I’m going now. – All right. I don’t know
what my main plot is. I think that’s the only thing
that I’m confused about. But everything else
seems to be pretty good. – I feel like there’s some
lore to it that I’m missing. But I don’t know if this game
really dives into that. – This one I didn’t go through. (door whirs) – Here’s the red door.
So I’m gonna go in there. (door whirs) – People to kill. Die!
Take me to your leader! – Oh my god, oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. (shaky sigh) That’s what happens
when you don’t be low-key!! (door whirs) – Okay. I feel like there’s
gonna be a lot of monsters, since they gave me a lot of health. So… (door whirs, demons low) Oh, I was right. – Oh, shit. Why does a game that’s
over 20 years old startle me? – Oh my god. Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy crap! Oh my god. Bro. – [Bleep] that, bro. [Bleep] that. – Oh, crap! Die! (cracking up) Die… die… This is awesome. (gunshot and growl)
– (fiercely) Yes! Okay. I just killed another
one of those demon people. – Can’t see anything. Maybe this way. I was already here. You know, just because
I don’t know where I’m going doesn’t mean I’m lost. I’m just exploring. Not all those who wander are lost. Although in this case,
I have no idea where I am. – So we’re gonna click this. (door whirs)
That opens that. – There IS a switch.
Is that a space bar too? (door whirs)
Yes. Ooh! Secret passageway. – Ooh. Ooh, this looks suspicious. Oh, what the heck? What is this? – This game has a lot of secret pathways. I think that’s the only thing
that’s gonna screw me over in the long run. (door whirs, demons growling) – (stoically) Oh, I’m scared.
I’m so scared, man. (gunshots, demons groaning) – Too easy. (player panting) – (nervously) No! Aah, aah, aah. Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me. Okay. So I killed one of them. (door whirs, demons groaning)
– Kill it. Die. (demon groans)
Aah! (demon growling)
Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Literally oh my god. This thing looks promising, I guess. There’s a switch right there. – There’s like a little triangle glowing. – Think I killed everything. ♪ (jittery beat) ♪ (excitedly) Wait, did I finish? – I’m gonna leave this stupid place. ♪ (jittery beat) ♪ I beat it. – This game’s actually not
that bad for such an old game. – You have your mazes,
and then you have your monsters. Portal and Gears of War into one. – That was really fun.
I’m excited for the new version. – The game itself– there wasn’t
anything special about it, ’cause I personally don’t really
like games where you just go and you shoot, and that’s
all you do, and you collect stuff. I like story-based games,
so I was not a big fan of this game. – It was fun how you had to explore and figure out which way you were going. – I’m having fun going around
finding out what’s going on, shooting all these
bad guys with a shotgun. I’m glad I found it. – Oh my gosh. Like,
I totally forgot about this game. I used to play this game
so much when I was younger. And I know all the secrets. I know all the different
levels and endings. It’s just a really fun game. – (Finebros) Like we mentioned, Doom is being remade for the current gen, and we want you to take a look at it.
– All right. – I think it probably will look cool. I’m imagining a really
Halo-y looking thing. ♪ (intense music) ♪ – Definitely amped up the graphics. – Bethesda or whatever.
The same people who make Fallout. – (laughs) Already I’m like,
“Well damn, what an improvement.” (chuckles) – Okay, this looks good so far. (blast)
Okay, see, like, look. Now those monsters actually look scary. I would not play this game. (metallic ringing, gun blasts) – Double barrel.
It’s actually pretty cool. – Okay. I don’t know. It doesn’t look as scary
as I would imagine it. (mechanical whirring) (boom)
– All right, this is pretty sick. Oh– oh jeez. (saw grinds)
– Oh, and the blood looks realistic too. – See, if this is what
I was going through, I would be way more enter– Yes. I would be so entertained. – Oh. It looks more futuristic than scary. – Okay, I’m feeling that.
I’m feeling that. That kinda like Gears of War
type stuff going on. – That’s so cool. That’s so cool! – That’s– that’s an
improvement, all right. I would actually want
to keep playing this game now. It’d make you badass as hell. Like, this doesn’t even
compare to Halo anymore. – Thanks for watching Gaming
on the React channel. – What games should we play next?
Let us know in the comments. – Subscribe to get more Gaming episodes. – Bye! I’m not that sure we should
be trying to land on Mars now. ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪

Biological Father Surprises Family To Thank Them For Adopting His Son | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– I wanna introduce you to
a family that went viral for a photoshoot celebrating
their youngest son’s adoption. What struck a chord with a lot of people was how multicultural the family is. Here to tell us about it is
the Jones-Baldwin family. Y’all, give it up for ’em! (audience cheering) Alright, well, welcome to the show! – [Keia] Thank you! – So, tell us, who is everyone here? – Okay, well, this gentleman beside me, this is my husband, Rick. Then, he’s holding our
two-year-old son, Princeton. We just recently adopted him. – Hey Princeton! – [Keia] And then we have Ayden. – [Kelly] Hey Ayden, you are so cute. – [Keia] He’s been with us for five years. He’s eight. And then we have the teenagers on the end, they’re 16, both of ’em. – [Kelly] Good luck! – [Keia] I know! (laughing) We have Zariyah, she’s
my biological daughter from a previous relationship,
and then we have Karleigh, and she’s been with us for awhile. (audience applauding) – Awesome! And just in
case everyone missed, this is Keia, obviously. Yeah, I was gonna say, I
don’t know if I said Keia in the beginning. – Yes, this is me. – So did y’all have some tacos backstage? – [Keia] We did. – Oh my gosh, I had the steak ones! – They were so good! – They were so good!
It melted in my mouth! (Keia laughing) I was like, this is not on the plan, Keia. – It’s not, not on my plan. – It’s not, but I do,
I love the photoshoot. Who’s idea was it to do it? You can walk around, Princeton. This is your show. (Keia chuckling) You wanna sit with me? You can come sit with me! (audience awing) – I have a three year
old, so I’m used to them feeling my mama energy! – [Keia] I know, right? – I have a three year old. (audience clapping) So who’s idea was it to do it? – It was our idea, it was my idea. – Yeah, it was my wife’s idea. We were pretty, everybody
was pretty excited about, you know, the adoption, and we wanted to do something special. She came up with the idea, we pretty much went over
the things that we wanted to go on our shirts. She reached out to one of my friends, and he made the shirts for us. – Oh, that’s so cool! Man, I love you guys. Princeton wasn’t your first
child to adopt, right? Was it Ayden, or was it, did you end up getting Karleigh first? – Karleigh came first, yes. – [Kelly] Okay. – But no, we didn’t think
about adoption initially because just having Zariyah
as a biological daughter and we couldn’t have
children the traditional way, I didn’t want to make it seem, you know, for it to be unfair, because I didn’t know
if I was gonna love them the way that I love Zariyah, and I just could not have that. And then when Karleigh came– – It’s really important that
you have that discussion with yourself before you do it, too. – You just never know,
and I didn’t want to, you know, have them feeling
any type of way in our house. And so Karleigh came in– – [Kelly] So how did Karleigh, yeah? – She changed everything,
my heart was like, oh my gosh, I do love,
I can love! Ya know? – That’s so awesome! Karleigh, you did that! – I did that! (audience applauding) – So, Zariyah, y’all were friends, right? – [Zariyah] Yeah. – Were y’all friends first,
and that’s how that happened? – Yeah, we were bestfriends. – [Kelly] Bestfriends, I love it! Now y’all are sisters! – Right. (laughing) – Well, how do you feel
when you’re adopted into the family? – Well, I was very, I felt
very loved, and stable where I was at. It was nice to know I had a family behind me that
was able to support me every step of my way.
As we said, me and Zary were bestfriends, and now we’re sisters, and couldn’t ask for
anything better than that. – [Kelly] So cool! (audience applauding) So Mike, you originally worked
with foster kids, right? – Yeah, I was just discussing
with them for a minute that I did work in a group
home for about a year and I learned so much from the experience and I felt like I didn’t
have as many tools because I was young and I came out of college, I had a graduates degree but not in this area of childcare or
anything of that nature. But what she told me which stuck with me was that, you know, really,
you just need someone that is love and cares about
the kids at the end of the day and that’s such an
important thing, ya know — – It really is! – Is to really care– – Man, that’s amazing! – Yeah– – Okay so– (audience laughing) – I love it! You keep running! You’re not gonna wanna do
that when you’re older, just keep doing it now! (audience laughing) – You originally didn’t
know Princeton was white? – [Keia] No – [Kelly] They don’t tell you that. – They don’t – Which I actually love.
‘Cause it doesn’t matter. – [Keia} Right. Yeah. – Because love is love. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gay couple. If
it’s a black or white couple an Indian couple. It doesn’t matter. (audience cheering) – [Keia] Yeah, no– – [Kelly] You just wanna be loved! – Yes, that’s right! And that was the only
qualification that we had. Just love. So, we didn’t
say, you know, send us any specific age, gender,
you know, or whatever, so, love. – I love it. Did it kinda
for your family, was that kind of a shock, though,
because you were like oh! – (imitating explosion) (laughing) – [Kelly] (laughing) Was it like, oh, well that’s different, but okay! – Yeah, it was! – [Kelly] Yeah, I imagine! – Did you unwrap, like
it came in a package, and you open it up and it was like– – It was like, oh! – Oh! – Turn it around, and surprise! – Oh my gosh, good luck, because you got a lot of energy! Don’t you fall! – Yeah, don’t fall off
that stage! (chuckling) – I like my money,
don’t sue me, Princeton! I worked hard for this! – Alright, well we’ll
find out how Keia and Rick made that discovery after the break, we’ll be right back y’all. (audience cheering) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (clapping) – Alright, y’all, welcome back, I’m here with Mike Colter, who is famous for playing a super hero! (audience cheering) And I have a family of
real-life super heroes, the Jonas-Baldwin family! (audience cheering) – Three of their four children are adopted and they recently went viral for their photoshoot, celebrating the adoption of their youngest,
two-year-old, Princeton. So, we mentioned, you
didn’t know Princeton was was white. How did you find that out? – They called me to do
skin-to-skin with him. Which is like, you know,
you go to the hospital, and you put them on your chest, I know! And you bond with them, you know, so he was in the NICU– – And for people that don’t have babies, it’s a really important thing for babies, especially babies that
don’t have moms around, so that’s why they ask people, because that skin-to-skin, is like really developmental– – [Keia] Right, yes. – For them, in the early stages. – So I get there, and I’m excited, and my husband’s like,
“Don’t go to that hospital, ’cause I know you gonna
bring the baby home.” And I was like.. (Kelly and audience laughing) (Princeton cooing) – And I was like, “no I’m not!” – Yeah. – And so I get there, and I’m like ew, you know, there’s a
lot of babies in there, and I’m like, the black and brown babies, like, “which one am I
putting on my chest?” And she was like, “no,
that one over there.” And I was like, “the white baby?” (audience laughing) You know, and I was like, “okay, well, give him here!” And I just put him on my chest! (Princeton shouting) (everyone laughing) (audience cheering) – He was like, “ahhhhh!” – [Keia] Growlin’! And I put him up here, and it was just like, I
fell in love with him. And I was like, my husband
was right, I shouldn’t’ve came, because I’m
bringin’ him home, sorry. – Awe, you fell in love with him! – Yes, I did! – That’s hard to do! I
can’t, I don’t know how people do that skin-to-skin
and leave without them. – I know! Leave them up there! – Yeah. – I was up there every day! – Yeah. My husband is backstage right now, going, she is not allowed to ever do that. (audience laughing) She’s going to bring home all these kids. – Skin-to-skin equals adoption. Skin-to-skin, adoption. Skin-to-skin, adoption. – [Kelly] Straight there, straight there. So what’s it been like, Ayden, having a little baby brother? – It’s been great, he’s
smart, he’s intelligent, he’s very cute, and he gives
very great, grateful hugs. (Mike and audiences awing) – I love you! You are gonna be a little lady killer! Look it, he’s just so cute, oh my God! Okay, so you’ve had mixed
reactions from people about Princeton, right? – Yes. – How is that? How do you deal with that? – Well, you know, we get lots of stares. It’s rare, you know,
where we’re from, to see African American families
with Caucasian babies. – [Kelly] (giggling) He’s gone again. – So, we get a lot of
stares. I’ve had, you know, the police called on
me. Where I’ve had to– – What?! – Yes, where I’ve had
to show documentation that he’s my son, and– – Do you get mad at that?
I would get mad at that. – You know, we’ve tried
to just kinda push it to the side and just
choose to love regardless. – It’s almost like you’d
rather somebody just say something, like instead of, like, don’t stare at me, I
get that might be weird, but just say something– – Yeah, yeah, it’s just easier to say– – I didn’t steal this kid. – I know, I know! – There goes Ayden! Going after, y’all are going to be performers. It’s your stage, y’all, it’s your stage! – And I’m not the babysitter, ’cause I get that a lot, too. – [Kelly] Oh gosh, oh my gosh! – [Keia] Yeah, yeah. – [Kelly] People are rude! That’s like coming up to
ask if someone’s pregnant. Don’t do it! – [Mike] No, no. – Don’t do it! – [Mike] In all fairness,
so my wife is white, and so we have biracial kids
and she gets the same thing. And we have a white wife, and my kids, you know, they look, they’re black, so sometimes at the
airport and they are like questioning the kid a
couple years ago, the kid, she can’t talk at the time, they assume that she is the babysitter or something, and it’s awkward, it’s awkward– – [Kelly] That’s so weird, we’re such a multicultural.. America is
a melting pot of everyone. You see it everywhere here– – [Mike] Yeah, it’s annoying. – [Kelly] I love that about America. (audience clapping) – [Kelly] Yeah. This is what I love, too, you’re open to keeping in contact with all of the biological parents, right? – [Keia] Yes. – You’re open, I think that that’s a really cool thing. – [Keia] Yes, it has to be. You know, I think that
it’s really important to keep them connected, you know, to their birth families. I call
it my bonus families. I don’t want to ever put
my children in a position to where they’re questioning,
like, well why didn’t you, you know, uh uh. No. You know, I would rather them know, and especially that one. (audience laughing) – [Mike] He’ll burn out soon. – [Kelly] Alright, well, we
have one of the biological parents here today who
wanted to say thank you. Come on out, John! (audience cheering) – [Kelly] Thank you, how are you doing? – [John] I’m good, how are you? – [Kelly] Nice to see you! – [Keia] Oh my god! – [John] How you doing? (audience applauding) – It’s been awhile. – Oh my god! – [Kelly] I thought it’d be all smiles, and there’s tears, too, I’m so sorry! – No, oh my gosh, I’m so happy to see you. – What do you want to say
to the beautiful family? – I want to thank you Keia, and your family, for caring for Princeton and just everything– – No, thank you, you know, for the gift. – Oh, you’re welcome, at the time, I couldn’t, I was
seventeen, I just couldn’t, I wasn’t ready, and I’m
really really grateful for you guys. – [Kelly] Do you know how amazing that is? You are the greatest young man, to know that, man, this is more than I can handle right now, and you wanted to do something better for your child. (audience clapping) That’s the coolest.
Like, that’s a real man. That’s a real man, a real
woman that can do that. I think that it’s an amazing thing that you get to see this beautiful family that they’re with. Like, what a beautiful familey of mixed culture
and everybody’s invited, and it’s just a really nice thing. Is there anything that
you want to tell John? Have y’all met yet? – [Keia] Yes! – [Kelly] Okay! – Yep, John was right there with me, doing skin-to-skin. He
was there the very first parts and different things just led to, you know, the separation, but we got in contact with eachother
a couple weeks ago when the adoption was finalized because before then we couldn’t. – [John] Yeah. – [Kelly] Yeah. – And I told him, I was like, it’s time for you to meet your son and be aquatinted with him, but that’s it, this is our son. This is our son. (audience clapping) – I love that you just said, “our son.” Because what people don’t
realize, too, is that, I mean, I grew up with a
single mom, and it’s like, a village raises a kid.
Not just one person, not just two. A whole village
of people raises children, teachers, everybody– oh,
watch yourself, yeah I know. I love you, I just don’t want
you to die on my show, okay!

Drunk vs Stoned

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-So you catch them and drop them. -Yeah, I got it. (Laughing) (laughing) Ten… Nine… Eight… Seven… Six… five… four… Three… two… One… Lift it forward and you catch in your legs. Now bring your leg back up and catch with your hands. F**k you… Uuugghhh!!! F**k you! (laughter) Hey, Dee. I just wanna like tell you that uhh.. You mean a lot to everyone that’s here. Umm… Happy Birthday. Umm… Dee Just askshmarmdrghm… I wanna be a fire fighter. -I was like I’m going to be lawyer. -I wanna get in a fight with fire. And I’m going to have a black lab. I will go buy ummm… Hanes t-shirts… that I will rub around my hands. They won’t burn that f**k quickly. If I knew what being a lawyer… like what… when I was back. Listen!!! I will kick the fire’s ass. Guaranteed. Final Round! Goooldman… dolphin cop! One thing I didn’t even taken into consideration when we were doing this is how f**king hung over I’d be the day after. I feel pretty good, I slept really, really well. My head hurts, my body hurts. I have like a cut on my leg and I have no idea how I got it…Oh my God! haha. I woke up this morning and remembered that I had parked my car in a tow away zone and the car got towed. Any thing else you want to add? Don’t do drugs kids? Yeah, that’s a good one. So I, uh… I think no matter what.. enjoy everything in moderation. and ahh… don’t get to a point where you’re being an idiot. Because… as you can see it really really sucks either way.

A Murder Mystery Game Show (ft. Josh, Grant, & Rekha)

(dinging) (upbeat music) (rock fanfare) (upbeat game show music) – Get ready for a Game Changer! Tonight’s guests, coming in all the way from New York City, it’s Josh Ruben! Coming in at eight foot, 14 inches, it’s Grant O’Brien! And coming in despite having
two other Dropout shows in post-productions, it’s Rekha Shankar! And your host, me! I’ve been here the whole time! This is Game Changer, the only game show where the game changes, every show. I’m your host, Sam Reich. I’m joined today by these
three lovely contestants. Now you all understand how the game works. – No!
– I don’t. By design, I think.
– You didn’t even say how– – You’ve been trapping
us in a room of secrets. – That’s right, our players have no idea what game it is they’re about to play, the only way to learn is by playing, the only way to win is by learning, and the only way to begin is by beginning. So without further ado, let’s begin. – [Sound Mixer] Hold! Hold, sorry. Got a sound issue here. – [Sam] Oh. – [Sound Mixer] Josh? Yeah. Can you come over here,
I gotta fix your lav mic. (Josh mumbles) – It happens in the world
(yawns) of production. – [Sound Mixer] Just give
me one second. (grunting) – Hollywood, California, am I right? (lights click off) (all gasping) (man screaming) (thudding) (beeping) Players. There has been a murder. (thunder rumbling)
(dramatic organ music) – [Grant] No kidding. – Yeah, no (beep) – It is your job to figure out whodunit. Was it the sound mixer? – No no no, it wasn’t me, I swear!
(dramatic organ music) – Was it the production assistant? (dramatic organ music) – Oh god, oh no, this
is all too heavy, man! – Was it the production designer? (dramatic organ music) – This is not the kind
of art I had in mind! (sighs) – Was it the script supervisor? (dramatic organ music) – I’m on book. – Or was it the producer of Game Changer? – Whoa, whoa, whoa!
(dramatic organ music) Don’t look at me! (Grant wheezing) – We are, you spoke! Well, you all have scripts. – We need our scripts, Rekha! You know, this script’s
came in very last minute, it’s too much to ask everybody to memorize all of this dialog.
– Oh, I get it! – Now this will function like something of an adventure video game. There are lines of dialog here that you will need to unlock, until you’ve gotten all the clues. Once you’ve gotten all the clues, you will know who the suspects are, and only then will you be able to decide who you think did it. Whoever’s right will win the game. – Are there points? – There are no points in this game.
– Okay. – No!
(Sam laughs) – For now, you may address any one of these crew members about the murder. We are going to start with Rekha. – Uh… The producer. – Listen, I just can’t believe something like this happened on my watch, on a game show, no less! I’ve produced disaster scenes that are less disasters than this! Word travels fast in
Hollywood, California. (mysterious music) My career is over. – Okay.
(Rekha laughs) – Grant? – I feel like there’s a
clue, but I don’t want to say it out loud–
– There’ll be lots of clues, throughout.
– Because then I’ll tell Rekha what the clues are. – But we can just work together, and then we’ll share the prize. – (laughs) I love the lazy resolution! – I don’t hate that. So the last thing that the producer said was “Hollywood, California.” – Not Hollywood, Florida. – So you’re right where I’m at. (Rekha sputters) And the last thing Sam said
was “Hollywood, California,” before all the lights went
out, seamlessly, in the– – Hollywood, California is a trigger word! – Hmm, production designer. (mysterious music) – I don’t even know why
we’re debating this. The sound mixer was standing right next to the victim when he was murdered. It’s definitely the sound mixer! But he’s a weird dude. I heard he breeds rottweilers. Adopt, don’t shop. – He breeds rottweilers? – Now, you may ask the script supervisor about the issue of
proximity to the murder. – So when you say ask them. – ‘Cause I’m not asking anything, I’m just pointing, and then
they’re saying something. – Yeah, because I had a question for the production designer. If you could be any
animal, what would it be? – A snake. (dramatic organ music) – Ooh! – In the grass? – [Grant] There are snakes. (laughs) (all laughing) – Okay, I will ask the script
supervisor about proximity, ’cause I don’t know what the
(beep) that question means! – As script supervisor– – Mm-hm.
– Okay, it is my job to watch the action carefully. Now at the time of the murder, the only people that were near the victim was the PA and the sound mixer. I’m not saying they’re the murderer, I’m just pointing that out, as script supervisor. – So, PA. How close were you to the murder? – Okay, look. (mysterious music) I’m supposed to be
nearby the action, okay? In case anyone needs batteries
or water or anything, okay? Speaking of water, are you
guys okay on water, though? Does anyone need water? – Josh left his. – Well if you have water,
just be sure to mark it so people know it’s yours, you
need a marker for that one? – I would love a marker. – Mark it, please.
– Look at the marker, Grant! – [PA] I don’t wanna have to get new ones. – Actually. (mysterious music) – Okay, it’s an unknown brand. (Grant sniffing) (Grant sniffing) I would like to ask the sound mixer. – I know this looks bad, but I didn’t do it, I swear! (sound mixer stammers)
(mysterious music) I got nothin’ against Josh, all right? I think he’s great! He just had a sound issue! Seriously, that’s it! – What was the sound issue?
– Honestly. I saw somebody run out onto the stage, stab him, and then run
off, but it was so dark, I couldn’t make out who it was! Please, look, I can’t
go to jail, all right? I got seven rottweilers at
home I gotta take care of! – Oh my god. – That’s the most suspicious dog. – Grant. – Script supervisor, whatcha got? – (chuckles) As script supervisor– – Uh-huh.
– Okay, I oversee the script. All right? And you wanna know something ironic? This was supposed to be
the murder mystery episode. It says it right here. Game Changer, Murder Mystery.
(tapping on clipboard) All right? (chuckles) Of course, someone was
not supposed to die. (mysterious music) Yeah, that may be obvious, but it’s my job to point out the obvious, as script supervisor. – Why do you keep talking like that? I’m taking notes on this water bottle. (Sam guffaws) Hey, producer. What’s goin’ on? It seems like you’re doing
your job pretty badly if someone actually got murdered. – Yeah, so this was supposed to be the murder mystery episode. One of the other games this season, the game of prizes, was
way, way too expensive. – Yeah, we (beep) heard about that. – Dinner at a Michelin restaurant, right? Trip to Big Sur? – Uh-huh.
– Yeah, I (beep) heard! – Yeah, so this was supposed to be a very cheap, cheap episode. – Oh, great. – Sorry guys. (mysterious music) So we were just gonna mic up the crew, and then go get a murder
weapon, that’s it. – Ooh, a murder weapon.
– Can I ask a followup? Are there prizes? – There is a prize at
the end of this game. – Ooh-wee! (Sam laughs) – And can we ask what the
murder weapon was gonna be? – Um, it’s my turn. – We’re trying to do
the same (beep) thing! – Hey, what was the
murder weapon gonna be? – Listen, there’s only
so many pages of this! (all laughing)
(Grant clapping) You can’t ask anything, Grant! – If you could be any animal, what would it be?
– It’s a snake, for sure! – Thanks for watching that
preview of Game Changer. If you liked it, I have great news, there is way more of it you
can watch over on Dropout. Go to dropout.tv and start
your free trial today. (upbeat music) If you do, I’ll give you 10 points, right out of my own pocket. I can do that. I’m the boss. – I kinda wanna know more
about the murder weapons. (mysterious music) – That knife is not on set anymore, okay? – What the (beep)?
(Grant stammers) – A man is dead! – Okay. – I mean, the knife was returned. – J’accuse! – It should still in the returns box. (Grand and Rekha screaming) – Something happened!

ARTHUR: The Adventures of Vern and Lafawna

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ARTHUR: The Adventures of Vern and Lafawna

# # MAN (on radio):
You’re looking great. (light clicks off) Ladonna! No! It’s okay,
I’m used to saying goodbye. Not this time. # # (General Higgins squeaking) Don’t fret, General Higgins. I’m sure we’ll make new friends
wherever we wind up. (gasps) # # (gulps):
Or not. FERN: You’ve still
got one old friend! Up here! Fern? Grab this rope, and I’ll lift you to safety. # # No! You’ll let go. Just like Tony Arnoni! Oh, yeah? Well, I am not Tony Arnoni. I am not letting go! (Ladonna gasps,
General Higgins squeaks) # # Whoa!
(General Higgins squeaking) (struggling) FERN:
Yes! # # Yahoo! Yahoo! # # NARRATOR:
Watch “Arthur” weekdays on your PBS Kids station or anytime
on the PBS Kids video app.

Penn & Teller Give a Lesson in Misdirection Using a Vanishing Chicken

-Ladies and gentlemen,
Penn and Teller! Oh, my goodness!
[ Cheers and applause ] Nice to see you, buddy. Pleasure to see you. -Thank you again.
Welcome back to the show. First of all, I want
to congratulate you on — you guys have
the longest-running headlining act in Las Vegas.
-In history. -In history.
-Not just now. The longest-running headliners
in history of Las Vegas. -Congratulations.
That’s just amazing. -And we just signed for another
four years, so until 2022. -At the Rio?
-We intend to die in office. [ Laughter ]
That’s our plan. -Oh, man.
I can’t believe — I love that. Now let’s talk about
the fifth season, “Penn and Teller: Fool Us.” Explain the show to the people
if they haven’t seen the show. It’s a good premise. -Greatest magicians
in the world. And we’re into the fifth season,
it really is the world. We get people from all over. They come on,
and they do a magic trick that they think can fool us,
and if they fool us, they come out and play with us
in Vegas at our theater, the conveniently named
Penn & Teller Theater. And if they don’t,
they go away crying. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah, exactly, yeah. -This season,
we’re also bringing back — which is not thrilling us — We’re bringing back people
who fooled us before. Fan favorites to come back on
and try to fool us again. -Fool you again.
-Yeah. -Okay.
Now you always bring a cool thing
or do something amazing, some type of illusion or trick, and so you’re
doing something tonight. I never know what it is. -We didn’t let you in
on the rehearsal. -No, I never know.
All right good. What do I do?
-Stand right over there. You watch it right there.
-Okay. -You know, there’s a word —
misdirection — that’s used by laypeople a lot. It’s a magical term.
It’s a term of art. And the way laypeople use it
is wrong. Because laypeople often use it
as a synonym for distraction. Like, “Hey!
Look over there!” do something sneaky here,
and then you look back, and the trick is done. That doesn’t fool anyone.
-Mm-hmm. -The way we use
the word misdirection is kind of a curating
of attention, giving the audience a story
they can tell themselves that lets them not really know
they were distracted. And we’re gonna do a trick
right now using misdirection. I’m gonna tell you what it is. The trick is
The Vanishing Chicken. There’s a chicken in there.
We’re gonna make it disappear. Now, when I say “Give you
a story to tell yourself,” it’s not some jive-ass story
like this is Clucky McCluckface, and this is the chicken-coop
rocket ship to Mars. No, a real story,
which is you know it’s a vanishing chicken.
I’ve told you that. -Yes.
-You know we’re Penn and Teller. You know we do magic tricks. So as soon as I
cover up this chicken, you’re telling yourself
what you’re gonna do. You’re telling yourself a story. You’re making yourself
a promise. ‘Cause you’re
promising yourself right now that at no time
will you allow your attenti– [ Cymbals crashing ] [ Laughter ] -[ Laughing ] Oh, my goodness. -Misdirection.
-Yeah. -Now, Jimmy, I want to see
how well this works. Can we have the house lights up
so I can see people? Yeah, just want to see —
Show of hands. How many of you saw
the gorilla with the cymbals? Should be everyone! It’s a goddamn gorilla
with cymbals! [ Laughter ]
Should be all of you! -Yes, yeah.
-Now some set of that, how many of you saw Teller
walk out here, cop the chicken, and split? That’s almost everyone, too. Now here’s where
the misdirection comes in. How many of you,
during all of that, saw us sneak the gorilla
into the cage? [ Audience “Oohs” ]
How many people saw that? Because that’s misdirection.
-What? -Oh, my gosh.
[ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -That’s Georgie Bernasek.
Georgie Bernasek. -Are you kidding me? Oh, my gosh!
That is — -Only we would take the showgirl
and put her in a gorilla outfit. -In a gorilla outfit.
Unbelievable right there! Penn and Teller!
[ Cheers and applause ] How did you do that? “Penn and Teller: Fool Us”
premieres Monday at 8:00 p.m., on the CW.
You guys are the best. We’ll be right back!

ARTHUR: Breakfast at the Reads

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ARTHUR: Breakfast at the Reads

# # (bubbles burbling) (D.W. humming) Maybe let me help you
with… That’s the flour. Now the eggs. (humming) Don’t you want to wait
for some pancakes, Arthur? I’m good with cereal. (D.W. mixing) Sometimes it’s better to wait
till you’re older to do certain things. Like make pancakes on your own. MR. READ:
D.W.! Is that ketchup
you’re putting in? Can you imagine a world where anyone was allowed
to do anything at any age? (intercom beeps) And now an announcement
from our pilot. (Kate gurgling on intercom) (babbling) (Kate babbling on intercom) BUD:
Good news! I’ve examined
your accounts. And as
your money manager, I’ve decided to invest
your entire life savings in stuffed monkeys
and bubble gum. (Reads gasping) Awesome, right? (heartbeat monitor beeping) TOMMY:
What are you doing? It’s my surgery! No way, it’s my turn! Give it! Give it back! TOMMY:
You did the last brain. BOTH:
No fair! So it’s safe to say, there are times
when age matters. D.W.:
Pancakes! Coming right up. See what I mean? # # NARRATOR:
Watch “Arthur” weekdays on your PBS Kids station or anytime
on the PBS Kids video app.


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wait I feel different somehow I better
check I am different somehow oh no I’m a teenage Joker maybe this
wig will come off it’s not coming off Addie help what’s all this then
Oh Addie I turned into the Joker oh look at you it’s not funny Addie it is funny
you’re a cute little Joker aren’t you Addie stop laughing at me I can’t help it
oh my gosh it’s so funny how do you have to stop laughing I think you’re making
me more Joker like whoa that suit just appeared out of nowhere it’s so funny
Addie now I have gloves you need to stop laughing okay I’ll try to stop laughing
but you can’t stop me from thinking this is funny
you better stop laughing hey where did that come from
join wait till they see you at school tomorrow I’m not going to school this
way well how do you know you’ll be able to fix it then I have to find a way to
fix this can you imagine going to prom like this oh yeah isn’t this photo we
got school this ought to be good I can’t go to graduation like this
what if years from now I still look like this on my wedding day huh maybe you’ll
marry some guy named Harley Harley Davidson Addie if you don’t stop laughing
you might turn into a Joker – do you want that okay okay I’ll stop laughing
so how can we fix this joker well the first things kind of weird promise not
to laugh kind of weird you mean weirder than you being Joker
what is it I have the sudden craving for cotton candy
cotton-candy I’ll see if we have some hmm what do you think Paco Paco looks
like he got scared guess it’s just me and you
why am I talking to a cane Jillian we don’t have cotton candy but we have
cotton and we have candy hand over the candy at least sorry we don’t keep a
ready supply of cotton candy giant I’m just stress eating at this point do you
want the cotton balls no I don’t want the cotton balls geez you’re awfully
snippy Joker don’t call me Joker my name’s still
Jillian so how that’s happened Gillian I was watching my favorite color 35 video
and I couldn’t stop laughing next thing I knew I was a joker hmm so
if too much laughter made you the Joker then not enough laughter will make you
become human again hey Joker’s human you sound a little
defensive there anyway how are you gonna make the opposite of humor well I could
just make you sad okay tell me something that’s really important to you and I’ll
go and destroy it no don’t do that important things are important to me
well if you don’t want me to make you actually sad how about some pain I think
I’ve been through enough of that lately so what we need is to something unfunny
hmm unfunny hmm what’s something that’s unfunny I’m Way ahead of you I just
pulled up a list of the world’s worst jokes it’s worth a try did you hear
about the restaurant on the moon no what about it it has great food but no
atmosphere get it hmm you’re right that isn’t
particularly funny and you’re still the Joker so we got to tell a lot more of
these really bad jokes because repeating the thing that didn’t work always works
ah here’s one yesterday a clown held open a door for me I thought it was a
nice gesture not your cup of tea I get it why
couldn’t the bicycle stand up on its own because it was too tired get it because
a bicycle has two tires right I get it it just wasn’t funny well this pretty
much is the opposite of humor but you’re still the Joker so I guess this isn’t
gonna work no I don’t know tell me about 20 more really bad jokes seriously no I
was being sarcastic let’s give up on the whole joke thing there are other ways to
be unfunny like turning into the Joker no that actually is funny it’s just not
funny to you so what’s your plan instead of telling you jokes that aren’t funny
I’m gonna do things that aren’t funny so what are you gonna do I’m gonna be not
funny welcome to Addie’s cooking show today I’m going to teach you how to make milk
there you go Addie this is not only not funny
it’s simply awful I got another today I’m going to show you how to have no
expression there it is no expression Addie this isn’t working
I’m still as Jokery ever are you sure you’re not a little less Jokery
where’s your Joker cane right here well Jillian I can’t help it I guess I’m
just too funny maybe there’s something about that video
in particular maybe if I watch it backwards I won’t be the Joker anymore
yeah too much work I have another idea what are you getting now we’re gonna
play war and everyone knows the Joker can’t be beat so how is that gonna help
me not be the Joker easy we’re just gonna remove the Joker from the deck and all I have to do is beat you at war this makes absolutely no sense but I’m
willing to try ready 1 2 3 flip ha I got it too you only got a 1 I went that’s
not a 1 that’s an ace ace beats 2 look do you want to argue over technicalities
or do you want to stay Joker all your life
let’s just deal the next card one two three go huh four beats’ King every time
a D you’re not really good at war well I have one card left and it’s a pretty
good one you think you can beat this one two three go see not many cards beat the
Queen how do you’re supposed to take the Joker
out huh oh yeah I totally forgot about that forget it this isn’t working anyway
you sure you don’t want to play war you know just for fun no I don’t want to do
anything because I’m still stuck as the Joker hey what’s going on back here
Jillian’s a joker she sure is no wait stop and he’s no help join I think you
should just come to terms with the fact that you’re the Joker
what do you mean like embrace it as a new identity
well you could do worse yeah at least I’m not Harvey two-face or penguin
that’s the spirit and I bet Joker has all kinds of superpowers yeah mostly he
just deals stuff and hurts people you’re not gonna steal my stuff or hurt me are
you Addie I hate to break it to you but when you weren’t looking I already stole
most of your money Oh No you’re probably gonna hurt me next
whatever gave you that idea wait a minute I know a way to get rid of the
Joker does it involve bad jokes or card games
nope wait right here you better hurry Addie I’m starting to
feel more malicious and I may even begin to start laughing maniacally I think he’s supposed to have more of a
raspy voice than a whisper has anyone seen the Joker around here
aha oh no Batman has come he will destroy me yeah
first I’m gonna go hoo-ha and then I’m gonna go I’m gonna go bam pow whoo oh no stop it it’s horrible hey wait a minute
Jillian you’re normal again it did work it’s my hair back to normal
no it’s still green yeah close enough I lied your hairs back to normal it’s
hard to tell if you’re joking around cuz you look so serious as Batman oh yeah I
totally forgot I was even wearing this thing do you mind taking it off it’s
kind of creeping me out aren’t you worried you’ll turn back into Joker once
I take this off hmm I think that was a temporary thing
brought upon by too much laughter all right if you say so
hey it’s not coming off very funny Addie ha ha I get it
no Jillian I’m being serious it really won’t come off does that mean that
you’re a teenage Batman whoa hold your horses sister you’re not a teenager yet
stuck as Batman my age hardly matters anymore I guess you’re right here we go
again To Gotham City first a big thank you to Anthony of
Culter35 for letting us use a clip of his video and if you haven’t seen his
channel you should check it out so that was teenage Joker if you like
this video be sure to click the thumbs up button
it really helps make sure to check out our other two channels babyteeth4 and
the Jillian and Addie Channel there are a lot of fun tell us what you thought of
this video on Instagram we also posted pictures videos and stories every day
thanks for watching