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Survive The Bounty #1 | GTA 5 Mini Games

Today in Survive The Bounty… He’s right above us.
Get us out of here now. He’s behind us! He’s coming after us. What’s that?
– He’s got a laser. We’re on the run.
De-derp-eh-dum. We can not sing but we sing this song. We gonna try, we gonna fail. Stuff and such.
Survive The Bounty. Dave, we’re going to have
a hard time with this, I think. Yes, I’ve seen what’s on the map. I’ve seen what people are driving around in. But yeah, let’s just start with the bounty.
I’ll set the bounty on you right now. There it is: Dear Narrator. Ten thousand.
I’m going to set it when you’re ready. Are you ready?
– Almost. Come on, Lester. Pick up the phone. Wait, are you calling Lester right now? Yes.
– So am I. How does he do this? He has many phones. Right. I’m ready.
– In 3, 2, 1… go! Your bounty has been set, sir. So has yours. So, yeah.
Do we have a plan? Oh, there’s the bounty.
– Survive. Survive, that’s a good plan.
Oh there’s cops. This is a good start. So, the rules are we have to escape
for 24 hours. I think we should go for an airplane this time. Yeah let’s do that.
But we need something fast Oh, God. Oh, God. It’s not my fault. They just keep driving like this.
– It’s all your fault. There is something going on ahead of us. Are we being–?
– There’s a car. That’s a fast one too. I’m not sure if he’s violent or not. He went away. He went around the corner.
I’m not sure if he turned back around. Yeah, so that’s the bad thing
about what we’re doing. We have no map, so we don’t know
if someone’s coming after us… or where they’re coming from. I’ll keep an eye out. I’ll keep an eye out behind us. I think the best tactic is just to stay on the move. I’ll drive under him. Dear God, drive like a normal person. I can’t. I’m a raccoon. Wait. I am not a raccoon. I’m still in my last video’s outfit. Good news. It’s getting nighttime. So we’ll be harder to see without the lights. Good news everyone. How do I drive better than you when I’m using
a mouse and keyboard? I don’t understand. You’re supposed to be this racer dude. I am. I don’t know. I’m just in a panic.
– And now there’s nothing but hood. It’s all hood.
– Is this a thing these days? Like, open your gates.
It is! We can go for the standard planes
but they’re so slow. I could order us a plane. The problem is if you order something
you can’t look on the map… and we don’t know where to get it.
So I’ll just go for– Wait. What was that? That was a biplane.
I think it’s only one seat. We could try.
I don’t know if it’s two seats. We gotta be quiet. We gotta sneak with this sort of thing. I’m not sure if we sneak
they won’t see us on the map. It’s only one seat.
Meet me at the Titan hangar. On my way.
Are you going there on your own? Yeah, I’ll meet you there. I don’t know how to fly a plane
with the mouse and keyboard. What’s going on?
– It’s this plane. This plane. Let me out of it.
It’s a death trap! Get in my car. Maybe this can take off
if we just follow this route the planes do. That’s not gonna happen.
– Here we go! Your wings are not big enough. 3, 2, 1… I’m trying to make myself as light as possible. It didn’t work. I tried. There’s a Luxor.
It’s a little bit faster than a Titan. This is not a Buzzard. Oh, look behind us! Where did that come from? You gotta fly that. I can’t fly. I can’t fly it either. It’s a sh** one. It’s better than not a Buzzard. Wow, there’s two planes on the right. Where’d they come from? There’s three now.
– Dear God. These are actually more powerful than I thought. Have they upgraded this?
(Let me know in the comments!) I don’t know, but it’s not going to be
very powerful against an Oppressor… or a Lazer, or anything else basically. You just got to keep an eye on the sound. If that makes sense. OK, I’LL TRY TO KEEP AN EAR ON THE SOUND
BUT THE HELICOPTER IS QUITE LOUD! There is a yacht. Let’s go there. I don’t think we’re being attacked at the moment. We’re not being attacked at the moment… although that might change if we go
towards this yacht and it has anti-air defenses. You mentioned that just in time. We could try it, board it… and then nobody else could get to us
if we got anti-air defenses. Let’s go to the blue one.
– Yeah, let’s go to the blue. I forgot how to deploy the parachute
with the mouse and keyboard. Did it work?
– It did Just in time. That was a close landing.
– This is a Netherlands ship. Really? Nice! Come check out the name. Galaxy Super Yacht, Netherlands.
– Nice. I feel more at home now.
– We’ve also got boats. Boats might be a good shot to get us out of here.
– I say we go for this one. I don’t know if you’ll be able to drive it.
Is it gonna let you drive? It is. OK, that wan an explosion. Oh, someone is– I’m not sure if we should–
Let’s get out. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea.
Where did it come from? I don’t know. It sounded like an Oppressor. Let me check with this sniper.
– There’s an Oppressor in the sky. Where? Behind us by the other ship. It might be too intimidating for an Oppressor,
because these do have anti-air defenses turned on. He might not wanna come over and risk it. I hear something.
– Somebody’s swimming. There’s planes in the air.
– I could kill you right now. What are your games that you’re playing? You know, I could get money if I shoot you. But you would only get your own money back.
You’d not even get all of it because Lester takes a cut. Let’s just… burn the boat.
– I agree. What could go wrong? Oh my God, get to cover!
– Yeah. I see it. There it is. It’s a flying one, right? So we can’t turn around?
There it is. That one. We gotta get back.
Ouch, we gotta get inside. I hear it.
– Ouch, it’s coming. It’s right above us. He’s right there. Yep, I see it.
– He’s right above us. Got him! Really nice! Alright, let’s get out of here. He’s gonna spawn on the boat.
Let’s get the helicopter. Good God. Get in. There’s the bike. Get us out of here now.
He’s behind us! Go! Get out.
– We must escape. He’s coming after us. What’s that?
– He’s got a laser. A laser?
– He’s got a laser. He’s still got the bike, so we need to get a car–
– He’s locking on. Get out! It’s the water, it’s fine. Get out! Did you– Did you die? No, Dave!
Why didn’t you jump out? I did.
– He did not. He was such a fool. He never listened. He was a good friend,
but it was his time to go. And now I’m all sad and alone. And this… This is how we’ll remember you. I respected you, Dave. I sort of did. Dear Dave, rest in pieces. Hey, you didn’t die.
You’re over there. I will protect. I will protecc.
– I’m sorry for killing you, Dave. At least I got my money back. Apology not accepted.
You ruined me with a helicopter. It went right up my a**. Request personal vehicle.
Let’s do this quick. There’s a vehicle right here, Ouch.
We can go. It’s fast enough. Let’s get it. We need it. We’re being hunted. You’re not. It’s only a small two-star.
– That was tense. Only one of us has to make it till dawn. We don’t want to get caught by the police
at this moment in time. Trying to be incognitus. Explosives. We’re being followed again. So the Oppressor is still after us.
This is a problem. The Oppressor is in the near area though. Why are you driving against the road? Because it’s the safest thing to do.
– This isn’t England. I’m on the right side of the road. I was on the right side of the road,
now I’m on the wrong side. Alright, so we’ve survived for…
not even half a day yet. How are we ever supposed to get this? Yeah, I think–
Oh, there it was. What did you see?
– Our way out. Move aside, pedestrians! What? Did he flip us off? Yes, he did.
– Screw you. Stop here. I’ll place a proximity mine
right over there. So yeah, let’s stay here for a little while. To be honest, this is a pretty long tunnel. We could just stay down here
for the rest of the thing and just drive. Oh, I hear cars.
– Yeah, I heard that as well. I’m not sure if it’s NPC cars or– Yeah, we’re on the road.
Is this the river? Oh nice! Here on the left, there’s the river.
What’s that? I see it. A light?
– No, there’s– I’m not sure if we should go here, but– What the hell? Was that–?
That’s not an NPC. That was a person. Oh, dear. They’re aware of what we’re doing. Yeah. I thought it would be
a getaway vehicle, but no. Just so you know, Dave is driving.
That’s why it’s going so smooth. There’s another plane. There’s a job
going out at the minute in the game. That might be in our advantage. No. It’s fall It’s fall the longest distance without dying,
so there’s a lot of planes in the air. The only unfortunate thing about that… when it comes to an end,
all of the planes explode. There’s something in the air above us. Where?
– I just saw the light flashing. I don’t know what it was.
– There it is. I saw it. Right behind us. It’s one of the– RUN! It’s homing. Oh God. Oh, dear.
– Ouch, we’re done. Sir Plugsworth! Congratulations, good sir.
You’re the proud owner of 9,000 dollareedoos. So we’ve made it until 4 am.
That’s pretty good. That’s like 11 hours in game. It’s a new record.
– That was good. Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed the video! Be sure to subscribe
and click on the notification bell… so you’ll get a notification
every time I upload a new video. Thanks for watching
and I’ll see you next time. AHOY!

I Found Baby Preston’s Secret Minecraft House!

this is baby prep stick and this is baby
Preston’s secret house home sweet home look how pretty it is however I’m even
more excited to check on baby Preston baby Jerri maybe Preston I always get
them confused let’s just who cake I’m getting distracted yeah oh I just broke
it I didn’t even eat the cake that was very sad baby Preston baby Preston
Preston where are you baby Gerry Preston oh no he’s definitely eating cake he’s
probably on the counter I just looked right past him eating cake no oh no guys
where is he this is a joke this is a joke oh no oh my goodness you guys this
window is open that means all he had to do is jump and then go outside no
there’s no way oh no you guys what it’s behind me it looks like a haunted spooky
pleaser beam I have no idea but I apparently need to follow it because I
think baby Preston had something to do with this
I should never leave him unattended maybe I just need to give him a bath
maybe this is just like Pigpen from Charlie Brown oh I’m getting all of my
steps in this morning nice do you see what I see is that a secret house did
baby Preston make a secret house there is no way the only skill that I’ve seen
him use is explosion technique it’s too young to be a builder I gotta check this
out oh oh no carefully carefully there is a
trap it’s a trap oh I am almost at the front door this is a very big moment for
me I’m going to see what baby Preston has made guys is this an actual door
there is no way that I can physically fit through that that’s unfortunate it’s
the opposite of baby proofed it’s adult proof there’s got to be an alternate way
in maybe aah windows are these windows I can’t even
tell they’re too tiny oh my goodness these are the smallest windows I’ve ever
seen guys have figured it out there’s a ladder here for a purpose breathe the
mom can check on her chai you just have to go up to the adult
sized chimney door and then buzz off it’s gonna work just fine I think so far
the latter is proving difficult oh he needs somebody to clean up after him
three two one oh I am being slowed down I definitely
see some lava down there no no where where’s the normal floor I
am only seeing lava maybe that’s why it is so hot in here
Wow it is toasty we are going very slowly into lava and I don’t really
appreciate that see right there right there if I could
just know if that’s not even inside the house right here there it is
regular flooring we just have to go for it reach for it as we fall and I die I
am literally back at our house baby Preston Jerry let’s hmm what am I gonna
use I don’t have any Crisco so I can’t butter myself up to slide through the
door I don’t have any good snacks which that’s just a random fact I do have the
possible potion let’s see yes totem of undying and an awkward potion now don’t
ask me why I have those things at my bedside it was apparently luck on my
side because I can make a ghost post what would be even better as if it was a
chicken potion so I could turn into a chicken like chuckles who is available
on royally be calm but unfortunately I cannot so we are just going to make this
awkward totem of dying come together that sounds like an awful combination
let’s be a totem of undying that’s awkward
does those potion obtain the properties of a ghost to face through solid matter
I’ve actually never done this before I only had it just in case so this is my
first time let’s breathe in and out okay that is absolutely terrifying
I know buddy do this at home do not become a ghost because you will look
like this that’s unfortunate duh-duh-duh Here I am
as a ghost in front of baby Preston’s house
can it ghosts be burned by lava yep okay apparently that makes no sense to me
three two running start and one Oh oh my gosh it actually worked
why does baby press didn’t have so many books I haven’t even taught him how to
read yet I can finally breathe again because I’m no longer a ghost human so
just me or is this ceiling really short I guess that makes sense because I’m in
a child’s house but I didn’t know children pad houses of their own what
about me the mother trying to help the triumph it is a maze who cake I told you
he likes cake a secret staircase and OH it’s that baby Preston’s name tag get
back here sir sir you are not that sneaky although wow this is amazing no
hey don’t dare him lock his mother out of wherever yes good luck get past my
security system you’ll never get these questions right what is my favorite mob
a lava creature explosions he likes explosions and creepers call rekt I need
to teach him out a spell what is better lava or water Preston
loves lava for no reason even though it’s unsafe so we’re just gonna say lava
what is my favorite snack oh this is difficult he likes to eat everything uh
cake wrong No Jesus that was very rude there has to be
a clue he does not like pickles or a chest to say snacks rotten flesh this
has to be a mistake apparently the only snack baby Jerry keeps on him is rotten
flesh correct I’m gonna have to give him some stomach medicine later and he also
just asked what is this animal elephant de teacher all that wrong what is that
no more T&T jeez it does say giraffe spelled incorrectly
so we’re just gonna correct am I done NORs unlocked I’m Jerry’s mom I knew I
would get those questions right is that baby Preston here wait Oh key is very
good at parkour already know how did you get past the security system because I’m
smart but you pull off a literally everywhere oh man
Aubry be careful what wrong can’t handle lava oh I can handle lava but I can’t
see you where do you go he literally jumped in a lava pool I
mean I can’t do that I will take too much damage I think the only option is
to make a potion to help with the situation because there’s one two
potions stand so it’s making me think it’s possibility ah let’s see is there
anything on the stands yet no that means everything should be in these chests I
assume right water bottles let’s just grab a couple of those a couple isn’t
three but I tried and we’ve got a lot of water bottles what else do we have
oh I need that fire resistance more water bottles okay if he only has water
bottles we’re gonna have a problem nether wart that’s good we need to make
an awkward potion first oh no pre oh no you’re on fire everything’s gonna be
fine see I told you that fire wasn’t even
strong what is this a rabbit’s foot guys that looks like an old hot dog or
something I’m not I don’t really want an old rabbit’s foot
but I guess I might need it for something he thinks apparently because
there’s a ton of them people do find them lucky there is magma cream all the
way at the top of the ceiling it’s time for some leap and potions just get some
water in there we’re gonna get a wart in there and some blaze powder
dr. dad uh it’s awkward glad he has a lot of blaze powder just in case I mess
this up but I’m pretty sure now I put a rabbit’s foot over it because rabbits
jump I it’s glowing that’s a good sign it’s a potion of leaping and it’s three
minutes that’s always good oh it almost works breathe come on
Oh we’re almost there don’t click oh yes magma cream we are going to make a fire
as a sense potion we’ve got to make a potion of awkwardness we made something
awkward now we’re gonna add some magma potion of fire resistance three minutes
so what’s work he walked through this wall of lava let’s go see let’s see
where Oh what I literally was walking into the room and then I exploded it’s a
minefield how do I even Preston walked in here so there has to
be a path is it these little dots oh I’m nervous if I take one wrong step it’s
immediate death just keep walking just keep it split in half but this side has
a door I definitely want to get out of this area so I’m gonna go this way
slowly where am i an’t it’s locked of course it is the key has to be over here
feel like I’m learning how to walk again the ocean okey but literally all there
are is puffer fish I told you baby Preston makes things very difficult get
as close as I can before I jump in and Oh
drew get the key I can’t even see stop it fish
stop it you bad fish did I get the key no free I found the key now we have to
get to shore oh I almost died coz of a fish if I’m gonna die at least has to be
to a shark zigga zagga though here we are ladies and gentlemen about to open
the door into the unknown that’s surrounded by tnt da baby Preston
I’m right here get back here sir you have to go to your actual home he’s too
fast he is very fast come back here hey why did that clothes go away mom
that’s so rude all I am is nice to you ha ha ha you’re trapped now you will
face the wrath of my toys huh toys what there are baby mops goodness
at least they’re kind of cute but literally I’m about to die already
this is not looking so great skeletons are my least favorite mob I’ve decided
I’ve just decided this oh there’s a lot of these little toilet I think they’re
like Lego statues of mobs Samuel the skeleton get out of here
wait you’ve won completed just one more toy sand coming please no why this is a
horrible toy will please now please now we’re gonna run away a little bit just a
little bit focus on Samuel here Seth the spider and now I don’t know what these
Ami’s said the zombie zakaria the zombies
oh no I’m literally about to die who died it felt that to kill a baby a boss
toy appears what no not a winner absolutely not sir Wanda the wither get
away you’re a toy can’t even tell if it’s health is going down go I have a
bow and arrow Oh I’m literally backed into a corner yep
it’s definitely a boss it’s not dying very easily I’m hanging on by a literal
thread all I’m trying to do is get baby Preston I’m not trying to harm him
almost almost dad wait three complete Lego boss defeat at playtime is over
that didn’t feel like playtime to me and I really don’t know how I didn’t die but
I got another star that’s exciting oh and look the door opened there must be a
secret code oh this is cool I just got teleported by lava bias baby Preston on
fire sir just slow down no how did you get past my Legos it wasn’t that hard
ah you can never catch me sir yes I can you have to be fast like me to catch me
goodness his feet go faster than mine where is he going
whoops almost got me on there’s not a side entry way too slow what is this
emergency door on Locker all I have to do is apparently find red blue and green
wool let’s see maybe there’s a chest back here Oh twenty chests are back here
nope red wolf got it a lava bucket I I don’t think I need
that right now I am I regret ha I might regret that later but blue wool now
there has to be green in here no no side of green wool just blue and
red easy that means they just must be downstairs
whee oh yeah look there’s tons of chests this way and cake I told you he liked
cake but apparently he likes rotten flesh more 7:16 enderpearls gonna just
take that for safekeeping can’t trust baby Preston with that so
does that mean if I use it on the window I’ll teleport
oh is that what an ender pearl is typically used for I didn’t know it as
teleportation box of cookies and broccoli proud of him for having some
broccoli on his lime wool now all I have to do is all you and get back up here
now all I have to do is place the blue place the green
in the reddit requirements met opening door I see you baby Jerry Preston but I
don’t so I think you’re hiding and I can’t find you through a maze hmm
guys he’s definitely hiding or escaped escaped through the ventilation that’s
for sure what is happening we have to think of a way to lure baby Preston back
BAM you guys while I am looking for a distraction for Preston I just wanted to
remind you if you comment on my videos in the first hour of it being posted I
will read your comments and feature them below but what is below me that I can
use to lure oppress and a lava bucket I definitely feel like I need to use this
for something he loves rotten flesh he loves lava
he loves lava toys so you have a toy in one of these chests nope but I bet you I
can make one with my nether star but items are here box of cookies and
broccoli still and codfish where is a crafting bench why is it all the way in
this awkward corner I was going to be a lava toy I would have another star and
some lava and I’m gonna use a fish because that’s what I’m gonna use see
lava toy an ordinary toy this is an extraordinary toy ladies and gentlemen I
don’t know what I’m being told but look it’s fabulous it would be more fabulous
if his royal EP colors but lava is pretty cool too now I just have to place
my distraction that looks a little scary we are going to hide whoa here to get
the toy Hey hey Preston get back here baby Jerri
Preston get back here sir he is so fast no I have to come up with a better game
plan I went down to Preston’s spooky lab and
retained some interesting resources to help trap Preston now the main problem
left is how to bait Tim remember we found cookies over here 16 to be exact
and also I’m gonna grab some broccoli because if he eats all those cookies
he’s gonna need a healthy snack too let’s get these cookies out of the box
and place them in the perfect spot the trap has been set three just has to hide
now me I’m talking about myself in third person and wait for serious Arius he
didn’t even notice me and yes no let me go it is fair and also you need some
healthy snacks too yucky it’s pretty good nice did you hear that sounded like
a portal what’s under here oh this looks a little dangerous whoa oh that was
lucky I’m almost down to solid ground and is that a portal made out of ABC
books wait baby Preston hey what’s behind here no sir
don’t you dare well you guys I obviously have to go investigate this mysterious
portal made by a baby but make sure you click on one of the next two videos
YouTube is suggesting you and uh I hope I come out of this one alive


Hello every one! Welcome to Keplerians news! All Keplerians workers are still in our homes, like many people in the world. Thanks to your support and your fan arts, we gather strength to continue. I dedicate the first news to you, thank you all! In the survey we did in the last video, 77% of you have chosen that you would like skins to be fun. So we have made some concepts so that you can see what we are thinking about. What are the ones you like the most? (Vote here ) As you already know, Ice Scream 1, 2 and 3 takes place between the years 1982 and 1983. Little by little, you have been discovering Rod and the history that surrounds this character. You even recently met her mother. You know that Evil Nun takes place in 1963, and you also know important dates of important events for Rod between one game and another. But before moving forward with Rod’s story, we think it is convenient to explain how he was born. That is why we are going to continue with the Evil Nun saga. Let’s find out what happens before 1940. Are you ready? I hope you like the video, if so, click the like button and subscribe to the channel. Bye bye and see you soon!!

DadCity gets Pretty! Gaming with Consequences: Mario and Sonic Olympics Edition | KIDCITY

what’s up everybody welcome back to
another kids city gaming with consequences today we’re playing three
rounds of mario and sonic olympic for each round
we’ll spin the wheel it tells us our consequence we have
mustard soda rockets and candy bean boozled german
siblings y’all know what serve your sibling means yes it means this either
butler yeah you got to be the butler or the
maid for your brother or sister whoever the loser
is paint my nails and paint my tub you’re gonna brush my teeth and we’ve
also gone on here whipped cream pie in the face
let’s spin for round one natural mustard loser of round one has
to drink three swigs of mustard soda it’s good scooch over switch over so for
the our warm-up round before we get to the
what is it the what’s the consequence mustard soda mustard sealed around
we’re gonna warm up make sure everybody’s warm with a
baton relay race you ready that would be clear
okay who’s your first player you picked i’ve picked sonic
i’ve picked mario oh no somebody hit it it might be me
super nash super dash oh i hit yoshi oh my goodness dash give it to donkey run monkey
let’s marry you one attempt one will take the highest score
of my attempts power it was humming is throwing me off it’s gonna be a good one yeah out of the
stadium wow you got it yes i did i got at least
60. 65. attempt number one for sonic
power power power power lift bye all right a tip two let’s shake the
string down oh that’s a good one a good one oh i
think i beat it and he has got 73.845
shaky let’s go away for shaky power power
shake shake power power lift it up lift it up
lift it up stop shaking it and she’s gonna shuffle oh my goodness
wow 53. good 15 good job
she’s almost beat me let’s go she’s ready all right power power
shaky her second one is 53 current 50.4
currently in third place mom and she’s gonna throw it oh my goodness
way up but oh there’s a record oh there’s a record 61. oh
he’s running for me 64.887 okay final attempt final attempt the see
if you can beat mine she just she just knocked her dog out i
did not i did not then she gets second now ava has to drink her mustard soda
hear that sizzle oh she’s just going to jump in and do it how about if we put it
in a little little cup um
i don’t think that you’re actually doing that yeah i
am okay in your mouth i want straw you want a straw there you go
you didn’t think we’d do it you wanted ava you already did bacon soda last time
y’all are chicken y’all are super chicken
i ain’t no sushi it actually doesn’t taste that bad it didn’t taste that bad i can confirm that this tastes like
an old lady’s hair with a little bit of hairspray in it
so thanks grandma the round two consequence is bacon and cheese flavored cricket round two equestrian which is horsey
rice so back to the mario right oh look at his little boots
he’s never got anything but a tie on bowser’s naked
i’m setting the time to beat we got the mario
and ready set and charge go why is it going to the
okay yeah good turn good turn right through the gold area
that’s the oh wrong okay so we gotta go to the jumpy
the a little early this is a little critical
oh oh oh my goodness a jumpy jump let’s go through oh it
wants me to go faster that’s a fail of a jump i’m doing
one-handed look look i’m doing this i’m doing a
handstand keeps telling me to go faster i can’t it’s a tired horsey yay there we go
he’s smiling and waving time all right uh time is one minute 11 seconds it’s already got music on it oh it
doesn’t race he’s running a good one yeah oh wow back
up just a little bit seven seconds and then the last jump oh go there you go there you go there’s a
speed boost keep going there very good no you don’t want to go into
the yellow you want to go oh i missed it whichever one oh she’s standing on her let’s look at
those you better run you better go your horsey
stamina is halfway halfway done all right all right
go go get supposed to turn why are you turning
hit it jump are you trying to lose it you want to
eat some crickets i’m trying to almost there
there you go one minute and 21 seconds now she’s got to beat 118 in order to
not eat crickets good jump right out of the gate look at that running a clean race
yeah but running out of standing up oh i didn’t make that one
sorry guys oh silver way around over there let’s go oh my stamina
is like oh doggy i may eat a cricket with you is that
okay all right for losing round two you gotta
eat that cricket now okay are you going chicken out like you did
last time check it out let’s check it out let me see these
things what do you mean chicken out of course you chickened out this one has a stinger on it three
two one go ava oh she didn’t even do nothing
what i did oh man you didn’t eat yours here eat this how about i got roped into
two of these already these are almost as gross these taste
exactly the same as that cricket all right round three let’s spin for
round three whoever loses this round has to wait on
and serve the other sibling i think i still got some cricket in my
tooth there bacon cheese aftertaste here we go round
three and by the way these are not nerf and
stuff yes be careful with these digital arrows they’re sharp don’t distract me okay don’t distract me oh
wait which which way is the wind going there is nowhere there is no wind
no money oh my god this is not looking good for me it’s too six point windy we got one well you get
one more yeah hey
all right so your total if you can count out a total
40.887 all right becky let’s see if we can get
one in the right dead center they’re not giving him any wins at all
21. oh man he’s got a super arrow what in
the world oh double points though there he goes
yeah just slightly windy lots of wind give him lots of wind there
we go now he’s getting some windy oh red no
no oh my goodness you’re going to kill the rest you’re
lucky all right 56.099 first round first round for ava
all right ava you can do it you can do this you can do it girl
oh my goodness nine oh oh one wow okay a little low you just gotta get 10 points to beat me
11 points and i’m gonna have to do stuff for y’all
go now oh the wind caught her she just needs she
needs five points to beat me shoot it let it
go let it go 45.00
so mom city her turns perfect the little one
barely yeah oh no she’s a sharp shooter little win guys
got a little oh no she just got to power up oh no
little win little win big win let’s see where that leads me oh yeah
got it yeah no that’s i’ll let you finish you’re gonna finish
now the wind has shifted oh it’s three miles three let’s miles oh a little higher not too
bad oh did he beat me 11.179 these are the colors so she’s gonna
paint my fingernails there we go you look pretty daddy pinky pinky pink
pink for my pinky that’s remarkably good ava
now and now you want to do the okay so she’s going to do
a pattern excellent sometimes my sweetheart
good girl good girl what are you talking about this is confusing oh no i need to do something i really think you have a future in in
uh nail dressing nail dressing nail nail doing nail um
art you ready oh my my
drink am i dripping it i’m sorry i’m normally
ah ready okay okay here we go oh oh no oh
no come here come here i missed some i don’t know all right now we’re gonna
do it now we’re gonna do it really wait a minute wait a minute you look
like you got a blue mustache okay what happened larry oh all right you happy get out of here
listen your mother quick isn’t your mother all right we hope you enjoyed that
gaming with consequences somehow i got involved in every single
one of the consequences by not losing i never lost you lost
the last one barely right up here give you
links to more family fun barely don’t pay your nails just like i did that’s
all right we’ll see you next time

Footballers do #stayathomechallenge!
AKA The Toilet Roll Keepy-Up Challenge Vamos! 13 at once! HALA MADRID! Here goes… #stayathomechallenge! Completed it mate! And this summer I’ll completing the #dontstayatdortmundchallenge Yes! I nominate Jurgen Klopp…
If he hasn’t used all his toilet rolls up crying his eyes out! Welcome to Anfield! HAHAHAHA! – Who’s that?
– Calm down sis, it’s only Thomas Muller… To Neymar, “I nominate you for the stayathomechallenge
After all, you are the king of rolls, 😂”
Wanker! My agent and I donate 1m to charity to help beat Coronavirus!! Well I, and not my agent, donate 1m to charity to help beat Coronavirus! – Make that 1.5m!
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– 20m – and all my ballon d’ors! – 20m, all my ballon dors and all my international trophies!
– You win… – Darling? Where the hell are all the toilet rolls?
– You used them all when you tp’d Antoine’s house… Oh yes haha, good times… Teach me… Keepy-ups with a loo roll?
No way! This is my house, I have to defend it! To Jurgen, dry your eyes mate, love Diego… Have we learnt nothing?!
Every single toilet roll is white! So today, I am launching a new range of diverse toilet rolls! Here goes! Thanks Joeli! I’ll be able to sell this in one of my “essential service sports shops” for a few hundred quid! – You can’t sell something for 3000 times it’s actual value!!
– Well Hoffenheim did… The stay at home challenge? I’m English – so fnCk this, I’m off to the seaside!

♪♪ Hi, everyone. Welcome to “The Tonight Show:
At Home Edition.” I want to thank Franny and
Winnie for being the music. Thank you guys so much.
Gary the dog is here. We’re all good.
Alright, that’s good. That’s perfect. That’s great.
Thank you. That’s perfect. Winnie drew this.
Thank you very much, Winnie. This is beautiful.
We have a great show tonight. We have — Trevor Noah
is on the show tonight. Doing amazing stuff
over at “The Daily Show.” Also, DJ D-Nice did a
dance party on Instagram that everyone was talking about. So I interview D-Nice
and find out all the good things
he’s been up to. But first, let’s just start the
show with some jokes. Let’s go.
Hi, guys. Before we get
into our monologue, which is hot off
the presses — ow! — I want to say thank you so much
for watching this show. Thank you, youtube.com. YouTube has been great airing
these shows so so many people can see it early. And, also, if you go to
youtube.com/fallontonight, if you’re there right now or if
you’re watching this on NBC, who also we thank, next to
our link, there’s a “donate” button. That will go to nokidhungry.org. So, that’s the way you
can donate to that, and anything can help. Speaking of helping,
I was thinking about this, and if there’s any way —
Your local food pantry — Google where that is. “Where is my local food pantry?”
They all need help. Right now, out where I am, East
Hampton Food Pantry is desperate for anything
on the shelves. So if you go stocking up,
wherever you are, just get an extra can of soup
and drop it off to — What? -Or a case of soup. -Or a case of — Yeah, well, if
you can get a case of soup. I guess people are buying
things by the cases. Go to Costco and get, like,
a pallet of soup and drop one can off to the — Is that what
you’re saying, honey? Off to the food pantry. So — But anything you can,
really, think about — That’d be great if you could. It’s weird times right now. I’m standing in front of
an odd tree. I don’t even know where I am in
the house, but it’s there, and I’m not going to
talk about it. But I see true colors of
people are coming out, and everyone’s being
very creative now. And it’s kind of a
heartwarming thing to see. There’s also the other side
of people, too, because I was walking my dog
the other day with my camera operator,
who’s my wife. And I don’t walk like this.
What was I doing? So, I was walking normally. And everyone crossing the street because it’s socially
distancing, which is great. But just because you’re doing
that doesn’t mean you don’t have to smile or wave. You can do that. You don’t have to not
be a person. You can be like, “Hello.” You know,
you can do that, can’t you? Can you say “Hello”?
You can do that. “Hey, good to see you.”
I mean, we’re far enough away. We really are.
Like, I’d say more than 6 feet. 12 feet. Anyway, I’m really seeing
everyone being creative on the Internet and everything, and so let’s get to some
monologue jokes right now. And then, after that,
by the way, we’ll do — We’re doing our interviews,
but we also have kind of a “best of” is
what we’re doing. Best of the “The Tonight Show”
this whole week and as long as
we have to do this. So, these are clips
that make you happy and maybe, like, just kind of get that balance back in life. So, you’ll see Bradley Cooper,
Emma Stone. What?! Yes! It’s awesome.
Alright, here we go. Here he is, Jimmy Fallon!
[ Imitates cheering ] Thank you very much.
Welcome to “The Tonight Show.” Oh, I forgot.
My sister gave me a joke. Gloria Fallon,
I’ll give you props for this. She said, “Hey, guys,
a lot of us have entered our second week of quarantine
and hopefully have enough food, water, and skin left on
your hands…from washing. -Good one.
-I know. Now here we go. Welcome to “The Tonight Show,”
everybody, “At Home Edition.” I hope everyone is doing okay.
I had a tough weekend. The governor of New York
declared me the definition of nonessential. Why you do me like that? Well, it’s week two of
self-quarantine, and we’re all feeling cooped up. Today, my Amazon Alexa asked
to give me — sorry — asked me to give it some space. “Please back 6 feet off me.” As if things
aren’t crazy enough, now the weather is insane, as temperatures have
dropped in half. It’s like the weather caught
whatever the stock market has. Honestly, who cares about
the weather, right? We’re all inside anyway. I was watching the news today,
and the weather guy turned to the sports guy and was
like, “Why are we even here?” [ Laughs ] Why are we even here?
To deafening silence. Listen to this, guys. I saw that Audible is now
offering free audiobooks for kids stuck at home. So if Disney+ didn’t hold your
kids’ attention, I’m sure Ben Stein reading
“War and Peace” will do the trick. I heard that Best Buy announced
that they’re now offering curbside service
with no human contact. When they heard, Best Buy’s
Geek Squad was like, “What’s human contact?” This is cool. One of our guests tonight,
DJ D-Nice, hosted a social-distancing
dance party on Instagram Live. That’s right — a
social-distancing dance party, or as it’s also known,
every middle-school dance. I read that since the increase
in toilet-paper shortages, people have been buying
more bidets. Yeah, it can act as a great
substitute for toilet paper and, if you’re really desperate,
a soda stream. [ Laughs ] I learned about an online
toilet-paper — I don’t know.
Why is that funny? I read about —
Oh, I heard about an online
toilet-paper calculator that tells you how long
your supply will last. So if you think you’re bored,
imagine being the guy who just created an online
toilet-paper calculator. [ Laughs ] This is crazy. I saw that Germany
has now banned gatherings of more than two people. Yep, a two-person gathering or,
as it’s known in Russia, a 40th high-school reunion. [ Russian accent ]
We only ones who make it. Our classmates were the foundation of
this school…literally. They’re in the foundation.
They’re in the cement somewhere. [ Normal voice ]
And, finally, this is amazing. I read that the movie
“Pretty Woman” hit theaters 30 years ago today. Do you remember that? Not “Pretty Woman.”
I mean going to a movie theater. That’s our monologue, everybody.
What?! -Whoo-hoo! -Now it’s time to do a bit that
we normally do on the show where I play a cowboy character
who’s kind of ignorant and just tells it like it is, and he tells things
to go on and git. We’re going to use
a teleprompter thing, an app that I got. I don’t know if it’s
going to work or not, so just bear with us. Here is “Go On, Git.” Hey, guys.
It’s time for “Go On, Git.” Is this Grandpa Juvonen’s hat?
-Dad. -It’s your dad’s hat.
-Mm-hmm. -So, this is an actual, real
cowboy’s hat. -Definitely. -And I put
my cowboy boots on that I got a couple years ago, and it took me
about an hour to put them on. And I think I’m just gonna
have to leave them on all week. Alright, here we go. That’s our teleprompter thing
that we’re using right now, and we’ll see if it works. Alright, it’s time for “Go –”
Oh, here we go. It can be hard to say goodbye,
but sometimes, you have to. And there are a few things
I’d like to say goodbye to right now. It’s time for “Go On –”
It’s not working. It’s time for “Go On –”
Here we go. It can be hard to say goodbye,
but sometimes, you have to. And there are a few things
I like to say goodbye to right now. It’s time for “Go On, Git.” ♪♪ Go on, git, every single company
sending e-mails about what they’re doing to
“deal” with coronavirus. Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad everyone’s
being careful at the Sacramento
Holiday Inn Express I went to one time on a road trip in 2006, but I didn’t need an e-mail
telling me about the complimentary mini-muffin bar will be closed
until further notice. Now, go on, git
to the spam folder. ♪♪ Go on, git,
insanely cheap plane tickets. Oh, really?
Flights to Miami are $17? You don’t say. You know damn well that
it’s irresponsible to take a nonessential flight
right now. Then again, $17 to Miami. I mean, the Cuban sandwiches
there are — No! I turn my back on you,
temptation. Git!
♪♪ Go on, git,
organic peanut butter. You ain’t nothing but a dang
swimming pool of oil. I got to stir you around,
stir you, and stir you around. Git.
♪♪ Go on, git, seasonal allergies.
Read the ding-dang room. This is not the right
time for you to be showing up. Usually,
you’re a minor annoyance, but now one sneeze,
and my family is changing into hazmat suits and making me sleep
in the dang-dung basement. So go on, git,
seasonal allergies and take pet dander with you. ♪♪ Go on, git, spam phone calls, calling me from
my own dang number. I know it’s probably a scam, but I can’t take
the chance and not pick up. What if it’s me from the future, and I need help because
I’m trapped in a basement? How long have I been in there? Don’t worry, future me. I’m coming for you…unless
it is a spam number. Then why don’t you go on, git. Alright, everybody.
That’s been “Go On, Git.” Hopefully you enjoyed it. We’ll be right back
with more “Tonight Show.” ♪♪ -Is this thing working?
-[ Laughs ] -Oh, what’s up, Jimmy Fallon? Do you want me to turn
my screen sideways, as well? I can do that. -Ooh. -Does that work for you? -Yeah, definitely works
for me, man. What are you doing it on,
a laptop, or you got an iPad? -I’ve got an iPhone, man. I’m in San Francisco.
That’s where I am. [ Laughs ]
-This does — Are you really in — You shouldn’t be outside.
You’re on lockdown. -Oh, man. What’s going on?
Are we starting yet? When are we starting? -This could be starting
right now. It’s so good to see
your face, man. How are you dealing? Where are you right now?
-I’m actually at home. Don’t get disappointed.
Hold on. I’m gonna try to show you —
I’ve never used this before. I’m trying to find — Hold on. I can — “None.” So, yeah, I’m actually at home. I’m sorry.
-Ah, beautiful. -Are you in, like, a cabin? Where is this place? Have you been kidnapped? -No, no, no. I’m totally —
This is home. I’m in like kind of a —
It’s like a guest room, but it looks
like a cabin type of room. -Who are your guests? Hunters? [ Both laugh ] -Dude, this has all changed
since the quarantine started. This was just a normal room, and now I’ve become, like,
a hunter-gatherer type of thing. -Right.
This is like you preparing for the new world
post-the coronavirus apocalypse. -Oh, dude, I’m making weapons
out of tripods and everything. I don’t know what — How are you handling
the social distancing and the self-quarantining
and all that? -I’m not gonna lie to you,
Jimmy. I haven’t noticed any difference
in my life. I am genuinely — I’m not even
trying to be funny here. Some people are gonna say
this is a joke. There’s no jokes. Like, I have experienced
no change in my world. So, my whole life I’ve been
an indoor kid, right? I love playing outside,
but I was like the — My mom had to chase me
out of the house to go and play with other kids, ’cause I was like,
I wanted to be at home. I wanted to play video games,
and I wanted to watch TV. I don’t go outside. I don’t need to go outside. Like, people always — You know
how people will be like, “But it’s such a beautiful day.
Why don’t you go outside?” No. I don’t care. -Really? You like being inside? -I don’t like being inside.
I love being inside. I live inside. That’s me. So I — Like, my life
hasn’t changed other than the stress of
what’s happening in the world. Like, just — ’cause I feel
for what’s happening. I’m worried about what’s gonna
happen in the world for people economically. You know, I think
on a health level, we’re probably gonna
get this thing under control. But I worry about the effects for the —
just every economy in the world and how that affects
the poorest people first. That’s the thing
that stresses me out. But, like, for me,
I’m not even gonna lie to you and say I have been stressed
in any way. I am completely fine. I also started
intermittent fasting just before coronavirus started,
so I — I don’t eat — ’cause I realized
I don’t need to eat. I realized someone tricked me
into believing that I need three meals
or five meals a day or something like that. So now I eat — I don’t eat
for 18 hours in a day, and then I’ll eat
for, like, the rest of the — But I eat like a few things,
and then I’m done. My mom does the same thing. -I started that
like two weeks ago, and then when this happened, I stocked up on so much food that I — I’ve never eaten
more in my life. I’ve never eaten more food, because I don’t want it
to go to waste, and I go, “You’re not gonna
to finish that? You can’t waste it. This is —
We need it now more than ever.” And I just — I’m eating
like six — six meals a day. -No, my friend. No,
I’ve done the complete opposite, ’cause my thing is
I didn’t buy — I didn’t buy a bunch of stuff.
Like, I think — I get why people were panicking,
but you know what it is? Living in New York
has taught me not to panic because people panic every year.
When they say, like, there’s gonna be a blizzard,
then people rush out. And I’ve noticed people —
Maybe this is an American thing. People don’t know
what to buy in an emergency. -[ Laughs ] -That’s what I’ve noticed. -I totally agree,
because you’ve seen it or because you’ve done it? -No, because I’ve seen it.
-Yeah. -Like, when people say there’s
gonna be a blizzard in New York, and they say it’s gonna be
like 12 inches of snow, and we might not be able
to go anywhere, I’ve seen people buy — Like, they rush out,
and all the bread is gone. Bread is the worst thing
to buy for a disaster. Like, bread is — it’s — There’s mold.
-It doesn’t last. -It doesn’t last.
-No, I agree. -And then, like now
with coronavirus, people are buying toilet paper like coronavirus is going to
make you just go on a rampage in the bathroom or something. You don’t need
that much toilet paper. -Yeah, it’s a lot
of toilet paper talk. My friend bought four
giant things of canola oil, and I go, “Wow. Do you plan on deep frying? I mean, what’s — what’s happening
in your quarantine?” [ Both laugh ] It’s — they go, “I don’t know. I just bought it
’cause it was there.” -I realized,
you know what it is? The problem with coronavirus
is that it’s invisible, ’cause if coronavirus
was zombies, we wouldn’t be acting like this. -[ Laughs ] Yeah.
-Like, if coronavirus was actual zombies
walking through the streets, no one would be like,
“I’ll take my chances.” -Yeah. No, exactly. They would be locking
their door 10 times. And — yeah, you’re right. So, yeah, that’s a good idea. Pretend there are zombies
out there. Is it — Is it —
I know Comedy Central is now airing your show
on Comedy Central, which is awesome,
’cause a lot of people don’t have the Internet
or don’t understand it, like people like
I would say my dad. So he’s so happy
to have my show on TV. He’s like,
“Finally I can watch.” Is it odd telling jokes
with no laughter? -Yeah, it’s very weird,
because I’ve — one of the first things I did
was work as a stand-up comedian. That’s been my career for, what,
going on 14, 15 years now. So it’s —
I’ve never told jokes — I’ve never just
told jokes to myself. That’s like the first sign
of madness in my opinion. So I’ve never stood in front
of the mirror and been like, “You see what happened today?” I’ve never done that.
So it’s weird. -I used to practice —
I used to practice my stand-up. There was a piece of brick wall in my apartment
where I lived in L.A., and I had a mic stand, and I stood in front
of the brick wall. -Are you serious?
-And used to do acts in my bedroom by myself,
my whole routine. -That is —
So you’re made for this, then. -Yeah, this is —
Finally, this is my — I finally found my medium.
-You’re the corona king. You’re the corona king.
No, like, it’s weird. It’s weird doing the show
without an audience, because I think
it’s always a reminder — After like every joke
or every moment, it’s always a reminder of
the time we’re living through. You know? So —
-Yeah. -The thing I’m trying to do is I’m trying
to inform my audience. I’m trying to stay informed.
I still don’t believe anybody should be watching news
24 hours a day, because the truth is
news has to tell you news. So they’re gonna find bad things
to tell you for 24 hours
to make the thing continue. -That’s correct.
-But I don’t think it’s healthy. So for me, I go, hey, I know
a lot of people watch my show because they just want
to catch up on essential news, and then they want to carry on
living their lives. And I — I’m honored that people
would have me provide that. So that’s what I do.
I work with my team. Everyone’s at home.
We make the show. It’s weird
because you just say a thing, and then nothing happens. Like, this is great right now.
This is like — -You get a little
back and forth, exactly. -Yeah.
-I’m loving this, yeah. It’s good that you’re doing this
and making a lot of people — You know, again, the severity
of what’s happening, but also it provides
a little bit of balance. So thank you.
-Yeah, because I think that’s the thing is
we have to remember the balance. We’re not staying at home
because everyone’s gonna die. We’re doing this preemptively. We’re trying to prevent
a disaster from happening, and so we have to do
the boring thing. Prevention is always boring. -Yeah.
-You know what I mean? -That’s not the part
of the zombie movie you like. -Exactly. Exactly. Nobody — Like, in the beginning
of a zombie movie, there’s always the doctor
who’s like, “We need to quarantine
everybody. There’s something spreading.” And they’re like,
“Shut up, Klaus!” -[ Laughs ]
-You know what I mean? -Yeah, he’s not anyone’s
favorite character. -Yeah. And then when the zombie
outbreak happens, then he’s like,
“I tried to warn everybody.” -Yeah, and then they —
and he gets attacked. -Exactly. Yeah. “Aah.” -Yeah. The charity that we’re
mentioning tonight is No Kid Hungry. -Yes. -Why this charity? -Well, here’s the thing. There are millions
of kids in America who get their food from school. There are millions
of kids in America who might get one of their only
nutritious meals at school. And in closing the schools,
which I understand was necessary for many people,
we also have to acknowledge how many children now no longer
have access to that one meal or that one nutritious meal
that they were having every day. And I think it’s really
important for us, especially in
this moment in time, to try and support those
in our communities who are the most
affected by this — people who don’t earn
a lot of money, people who are low-income. This is all throughout
the country, you know, from Idaho
to New York, from California through
to Kentucky and Delaware. There are people — The people
who are gonna get affected first and the most are people
who have the lowest incomes, people who don’t earn the most, people who live
from paycheck to paycheck. So for me, you know, feeding kids is something
you take for granted. I know what it was like
to grow up in a home where we didn’t have food
all the time. I know what it was like to go for two or three nights
not eating, and I don’t think any kid should
ever have to go through that. So for me, you know, I think
whatever we can contribute — and it’s — a little — you know, a lot of a little
makes a lot. And so for me,
it’s everyone just chipping in and saying, “Hey, we’ll help.
We’ll help feed these kids. Let’s keep the kids fed.” Think about their parents,
who are oftentimes working in the industries that we need them
to stay in right now. People who don’t earn
minimum wage or maybe just earn minimum wage, working in grocery stores
that you need to stay open, working in pharmacies that
you need to stay open, working in all of these places you need to stay open
to survive. They also have kids. Their kids might have been
getting food from their schools. So for me, I think everyone, if
possible, whatever you can give. I know not everybody can,
but everyone who can give, try and give a little.
-Whatever you can give. Even a dollar, anything is
just — Everything matters. So please, right now,
they would love it. Trevor, you’re the best
for doing this, buddy. Thank you for doing your show,
but thank you for doing my show. And keep up and
keep people balanced, please. Thank you so much for everything
you’re doing, buddy. -Thank you, Jimmy.
Thank you so much. And I’m gonna send the police
to your house, ’cause I think someone’s buried
in the basement. If I look at that room,
and the FBI told me that they found someone
in that house, I’d be like, “How did nobody know
someone was in that house?” -This is — This is like —
is it like “Misery”? Thanks so much, bud.
I appreciate this. -I’m heading back
to San Francisco now. So, enjoy being stuck
in your house. -Wow, you got there fast. -Say hi to Gavin for me.
-You enjoy yourself in your house, Jimmy Fallon.
-Bye, buddy. Bye, buddy. Thank you, thank you, thank you. -Alright, cool. ♪♪ -Yo.
-What’s up, man? -Yo, come on!
-[ Laughs ] Ah, man. -What did do you?
What did you do? Oh, my gosh. -Man, man. Life, man. I just wanted to do something
good for people, and it turned into something
really good. So unexpected. -It was really good. I loved it so much. D-Nice, it’s an honor. Thank you so much
for doing this. I appreciate you doing “The
Tonight Show” at-home edition. What you’re doing is
exactly what we need. You’re bringing people up. You’re lifting people’s spirits. I got an e-mail from a friend
that said, “Do you see what
D-Nice is doing right now?” And I was like, “What?” And they’re like, “He’s
deejaying for like nine hours. This dance party thing,”
and I go, “What?” So I went to your live
Instagram, and when I was there, it was already — I mean, first
of all, how did it come about? Let’s start there. -It started — I was sitting
here at home, you know, just — I was alone and, you know,
I wanted to just play music for my friends and I had
a small Instagram following, you know, and I wanted to play
it for, like, my friends, you know,
and create an Instagram live, and I was deejaying, and it was
just like people, you know, from the music industry. You know,
Questlove would pop in. Black Thought —
actually Black Thought was the one that was like, “Yo, you should just play
some music, D. Let’s do it.” And it was a small group
of like 200 people, and then it turned — the next
day it was 2,000 people. Then the day after that
it was 12,000 people. And then Friday was
the one where it was, like, “Wow, there’s 25,000 people
in here.” Then all of a sudden J. Lo
popped in and I was like, “Wait, J. Lo’s in here?” And then 10 minutes later, Drake was in there
and I was like, “Wow.” -Oh, this is a party.
-“This could be something.” And then Saturday was — you know, I mean,
it was like 100,000 people. -Oh, my goodness! That’s when I checked it out. It was 100,000. It was like — I was like,
“This is so much fun.” When I was there,
Kamala Harris jumped in. Buju Banton was there. -Yes.
[ Laughs ] -It was like the craziest mix of
people coming together. -Joe Biden. You know,
Michelle Obama was there. Janet Jackson was there.
-Ellen DeGeneres. Were you nervous knowing that
Michelle Obama was in there? -I was. I was nervous and even
though I deejayed for them, I played, you know, the second
to the last party at the White House
and did the inaugural ball, there was something about, like,
in that setting where I’m, like, really at home. Like, this is my kitchen. -Wow.
-I’m deejaying in my kitchen, and something
that I was doing in my kitchen was able to touch the world. Like, it was just beautiful. It was beautiful.
-It really was a great thing. I loved it so much. #clubquarantine is what
everyone was calling it. And it was the number-one
worldwide trend. -Wow.
[ Laughs ] -It was just — Did you, like, get nervous when
the numbers started going up and you kept seeing all those
hearts flying around, like — -I saw the hearts flying around,
and I wasn’t nervous because I was —
my core friends that we started this with
were still in there. So it was the average person. Then there was Kelly Rowland,
and it was — but Kelly — they had been there and they
were, like, cheering it on, like, oh, my gosh, because we
had never maxed 25,000. It was like let’s see
if we can get it to 30,000. Oh, my gosh, we’re at 30,000,
and it just kept climbing. When it reached like —
it was 98,000 people, and then all of a sudden,
Mark Zuckerberg logged in, and we were like, “Wait, Mark,
what are you doing here? Please don’t shut us off.
Let us get to 100,000.” And he posted —
he posted “You got this,” and as soon as it hit 100,000,
everyone just went crazy. I was in here like,
oh, my gosh, like — -I mean, it’s — I mean,
’cause as a deejay, you feed off the crowd, right? -Yes. -But you have no crowd
in your kitchen. Did you still get the same type
of excitement or more? -I received the same type of
excitement, but it’s — actually
I would say more. You know why? Because when you’re feeding off
of the crowd, you’re trying to
play for the crowd. I’m watching body languages,
and I’m trying to get them — I want them to hear
what they want. 100,000 people were in that live
to hear what I wanted to play, like, and I was able to play
from my heart. I love music,
so I was able to play — stop the music
and play Kenny Rogers. You would never hear
Kenny Rogers in a hip-hop club. So I was able to
just do what I love, and it was beautiful
to experience. -What’s next? Are there gonna be
more dance parties? What’s next? -Man, I have one on Wednesday. I’m trying to do them
maybe like every other day. Not every day the way
I was doing it. I didn’t expect it
to become this, but, you know, just give people a break and
allow them to be more excited about it and, look, it’s just
been a beautiful thing. I want to continue. As long as we’re doing this,
as long as we’re quarantined, at least do my part,
which is through entertainment to touch people,
to bring people together. -Exactly right,
and that’s what you’re doing, and I can’t even tell you. So Wednesday night,
what time should we tune in? -3:00 p.m. Pacific time,
6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. I’m just going to go in,
like, after work, people get to hear music
and dance together. -It’s on Instagram.
Follow @dnice, one word. -Yes. -And it was so enjoyable and I
can’t tell you how happy I was. I was yelling at you through
my phone like, “Yes, go!” It was so great. I loved it. You made so many people happy. I can’t even tell you,
like, how it’s — to go worldwide like that,
you got to be proud, and thank you for doing
what you’re doing. It was so cool.
-Thank you. I appreciate you, man.
I appreciate you. -I’m a big fan. Bye, buddy.
Thank you. -Bye, buddy. Peace. -Thank you guys
so much for watching. Nokidhungry.org. Please, go donate.
Give what you can. Guys, wash your hands.
Don’t touch your face. And I can’t wait
to see you tomorrow. Thank you so much
for watching our show. Go, Win. Go, Fran. Here I come! -Boo!