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School is officially back in session! And that means your brain is probably hard at work these days. Either way, it’s not too late to take the school year by the horns and make the most of your lessons! That’s right, you’ve got some ingenious school hacks comin’ at ya! To some people studying is an art. And there are lots of fun ways to make boring reading a little more interesting. I’ve always underlined my notes and needless to say, it’s pretty underwhelming. What kind of highlighter is that? Okay, I’m about to drop some knowledge on you, Sophia! Simply take a regular yellow highlighter like this and bleed other colors right into the tip. You can do as many as three different hues. See? It’s so simple! Give it a try! Woah! It’s like a pretty rainbow is bringing life into this boring science material! Yep, this highlighter has officially kicked my sorry little pen’s butt! Studying suddenly doesn’t seem so bad after all! Let’s see, what books will I need today… Ooh! Don’t forget your pen! What?! There’s a math test today?! How could I have forgotten this?! I didn’t even study, what am I going to do? Way to get the school year off to a good start, Vicky. Wait a minute, this little bandaid may just save the day. If you find yourself in a bind before a big test, use a bandaid to hide a little cheat-sheet for yourself. Just make sure the paper is smaller than the bandaid and you’re good to go. Now just wrap it around your finger so that no one can see it. Leave it to a bandaid to make everything feel better. Alright, I think I’m ready for class! It’s only the first question and I’m already lost! Okay, it’s the perfect time to take a sneak-peak at my little friend. Oh yeah, now I remember this formula. Quick! Put the band-aid back on before the teacher sees! You’re one smooth operator, Vicky. Hey, is it somebody’s birthday? When it comes to friendship, you guys deserve an A+. Man, you blew all those up, Amy? Looks like Sophia got stuck with the tedious task of pencil sharpening. That stuff sure makes an awful mess, doesn’t it? Ok, Amy, don’t blow too hard! Woah, we have a wild one, ladies and gentlemen! Woah! It landed in my pile of pencil shavings! Have you ever heard of “happy accidents”? This little “accident” is about to spawn a genius idea! If you’re tired of getting pencil shavings all over the place, try putting the sharpener into a deflated balloon! Now you’ll never have to worry about making a mess. Pretty clever, Sophia. Man, all this test-taking really makes me work up an appetite. Aha! A little sugar jolt is exactly what I need right now! Which one should I eat first? Huh? Ugh, fine, you can have them back. I don’t think I can wait ’til lunch to eat! Behold! More delicious chocolate! Geeze, what’s a girl got to do to get a moment alone with a sweet treat around here? Wait a minute, I know exactly what I should do. Put one of your binders onto your desk and open the metal rings. Take a clear sleeve and assemble it onto the rings. Poke it through if you have to. Now stash your favorite treats into the clear sleeve. Now you have your very own secret stash! Is the coast clear? Time to indulge in a secret snack! Nothing to see here, people! Um, shouldn’t you guys be focusing on your work? Way to play it cool, Lily. Time to reward yourself for a job well done. Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. We all know that sound! Rise and shine Kevin it’s time to wake up! No! Don’t hit the snooze button! You’ve got a class to get to! Uh oh, Kevin has officially entered the dangerous snooze cycle. Yep, he’s a gonner for sure. Psst! Kevin! You’ve gotta get up, dude! Aw man, that was such a great sleep! Nothing can ruin the feeling of waking up feeling completely refreshed and well-rested. Except for when you realize you’ve slept through the first two classes of your day!!! If I sneak in really quietly, maybe the teacher won’t even notice I’m late! That was a close one. But I have no idea what the teacher’s talking about! Wondering how to break your snooze habit? Ugh, I wish this thing didn’t have so much power over me! Perhaps it’s time I take the power back. If you have a regular old alarm clock like Kevin here, you’ll want to make it impossible to hit the snooze button. Get a bunch of push pins and line them up on the buttons of your alarm. Tape them all down by piercing them through a long piece of tape. Ouch! Let’s hope this does the trick! Sleep tight, Kevin! Kevin, no! The pins! By golly, it actually worked! Well look who’s the first person in class! Hey Kevin! What are you doing here? What? Surprised to see you here this early. Turns out, I’m more of a boring person than I thought! Everyone who’s ever taken art class knows learning how to draw a perfect circle is a must. Unfortunately it takes quite a bit of patience. Nicely done, teach! Hey Lily, how are your circles looking? Uh oh, that’s not the face of confidence. Yikes! Those circles are pretty far from perfect. Sorry, Lily. Don’t freak out, girl! There’s got to be an easier way! Anyone in here have some rubber bands or something? Oh! I can use one of Lana’s hair ties! If you have a couple pencils and a rubber band, you can make yourself your very own drafting compass! Just take two pencils and attach them at the top tightly with a rubber band or hair elastic like this. Now take a third pencil and put it across the bottom two. It should look like the letter A. Take two more rubber bands and attach the third pencil to the other two like so. Don’t forget the other side! There ya go! Pretty nifty, huh? Now you can draw circles with ease! Wow, that one’s pretty darn perfect. And you can adjust the width of your pencils for bigger or smaller circles. Hey! Where’d all my hair ties go? Lily? Why do I have a feeling you’re behind all this? Don’t be mad! Look at my perfect circles! It’s always something with you, isn’t it Lily? Sitting in the back of the classroom can let you get away with just about anything. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be sneaky with your extra curricular activities. Excuse me?! Oh, sorry, teacher! I was just finishing up my makeup, I’ll put it away now. Looks like Kevin was already one step ahead of the game. She didn’t suspect a thing! That was a close one. Okay, and back to the game. Hey! How are you getting away with that, Kevin? I want to play too! I don’t wanna be the only chump studying back here! Want to have your very own “sneaky” notebook like Kevin has? Place your makeup, game, or whatever else in the middle of the page and outline it with a pencil. Now remove the item and cut along the lines you’ve made with a sharp blade. Ooh! Watch those fingers! Take out the middle pieces and you’ve got yourself a secret activity notebook! Perfect fit! Now you can do your makeup in class without giving yourself away. Pretty genius, right? Quick! The teacher turned the other way. It’s the perfect time for a quick eyeshadow touch up. Lookin’ good girl. Looks like you’ve learned more from me than the teacher, huh, Vick? Ooh! Teacher alert! Act natural! Hey teacher! See, we’re hard at work back here! Wow, that was so close! Feels pretty good being bad, doesn’t it? Okay, but get back to work guys, you do have a test coming up, remember? Another day, another difficult math test. But as if the equations weren’t hard enough, a broken calculator can take things from bad to worse. Ugh, what’s wrong with this thing? What the heck? It was working yesterday! It probably just needs a new battery. Let’s see, I can just replace it and it’ll all be ok. Oh no, I totally brought the wrong size battery! I can’t believe this! What do I do? Ooh, that’s a bummer, isn’t it? Hey, Lana! Check out that gum wrapper Lily’s holding! Do you think it could help? Hey! Gimme that! If you find yourself in a battery jam like Lana here, all hope is not lost! Simply take a foil gum wrapper like this one and crumple it up into a ball. And make sure the foil part is facing the outside. Put the wrapper against the metal coil like this. Now stick the battery against the foil as if it were the regular coil. Here comes the moment of truth… Yes! We have power, people! Phew! I was pretty worried for a minute there. Who knew my piece of gum would save the day? Did you find these school hacks useful? Well give yourself a little break and enjoy these side-splitting bloopers! Be sure to share this video with your classmates and subscribe to 123 Go’s YouTube Chanel for more fabulous videos like this one! See you in class, friends!

FOUND GAME MASTER while Escaping TOP SECRET Headquarters! (E2 Quadrant Date Reveal)

– Right now, we are at the Quadrant’s top-secret quarters,
where we are hopefully going to go in, find the Game
Master and escape with him. – I found the key card. – Game Master wrote the code so we could get out.
– Get the card, get the cards. It’s the Game Master. – [Game Master] Why did you come? – Hey ZamFam, it’s Rebecca, and right now we have been trapped at the Quadrant’s top-secret
quarters for over 24 hours, and we just found the Game
Master right over there. So right now, we are trying to break him out so we can escape. – Daniel, what do we do? – [Daniel] Let me take
a look at this lock. – Okay.
– Hold on. Let’s see. Matt, do you remember in
the clue room you found that device with the fire on it? – Yeah, yeah. – Okay.
– This thing? – [Daniel] That, I think we can use that. – You think? – You’re gonna use this as a
spy gadget to unlock the lock? – [Daniel] Exactly, I think
I can fry the lock open. – I’ll switch you.
– Okay, here. – ZamFam smash the thumbs
up button right now, because hopefully this works,
and Daniel does it right, so we can get the Game Master, break him out and get an
escape out of here and stop E2. – Okay, ready, here we go. Okay, yeah. – Got it?
– It worked? It worked! – [Daniel] Get inside, get inside. Let me shut this, I’m going to shut this. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. We don’t want anyone to
know we’ve been here. As of right now, the Quadrant
has no idea that we are here. Matt has the Quadrant
mask, and Daniel and I have been in black spy
clothes the whole time. Matt, this is so weird. – I know, we’ve got to
get him out of that. – Talking to the Game Master, okay. So, how long have you been here? – [Game Master] Couple weeks. – What do they want with you? – [Game Master] It’s the
device, they need it for E2. Have you been in the clue room yet? – Yeah, the clue room. We saw clues in there but
we didn’t know what… – What?
– The Quadrant is coming. You need to hide. – Okay, come on, come
on, come on, come on! – Daniel, you locked us back in. – [Daniel] Go, go, go, hide, hide, quick. Locked, locked.
– Look, tons of storage! Get behind the boxes,
get behind the boxes. – Behind, how?
– I don’t know. – [Daniel] Hide, hide, hide, hide. – Let’s see what we can see. – [Matt] They locked us in. – They locked us in, okay, come on. Daniel, can you see anything? – [Daniel] I’m gonna put
my camera through, hold on. – [Matt] What are they doing? – [Daniel] They’re
putting handcuffs on him. – [Matt] How are we gonna get those off? – [Daniel] Oh no, how are we
gonna get him out of those? – [Rebecca] I have no idea. – [Daniel] They’re bringing him out. Okay, okay, okay, okay, hide, hide, hide. Did you see that? The Game Master pointed at his wrist. – I think that’s where they put the key. I saw the key for his handcuffs. – Oh, for the handcuffs.
– Oh, okay. – Exactly. – [Daniel] How are we gonna get that off? – I don’t know, but we
need to break out of here. – We’ve gotta get out of
here, we’re locked in. – [Daniel] Right, we
should’ve got the little. – The device.
– Yeah let me. – Yeah.
– Yeah, of course. – [Daniel] Let me see if that works. – Okay.
– Here, take this. – I got you. – This lock is different.
– What do you mean? – It’s like there’s no electric wiring for this that I can fry. It needs a physical key. – Okay, so we’re trapped in
here until we find a key? – Yeah. I mean, the only key we saw was the ones that maybe
they have, I don’t know. – They have, the Quadrant has the key. So, wait, are we trapped in here? – [Matt] We’ve gotta
look around for a key. – Look around. I mean,
there’s not going to be any in here, right?
– No. Look, there’s a key! – Over there, it’s outside!
– How do we get that? – [Matt] Maybe we can use the boxes. – The boxes, Matt, how?
– Here Matt, I can take this. – I don’t know, maybe we can break them down somehow, and
put them all together and then reach out to it and get them. – There was a string. Last time it was like an escape room and there was a magnet,
and we put a string and we got the key, but
the key was on the ground. This is the exact replica of
Stephen Sharer and his sister. What if that was all training? – For right now.
– For E2. The Game Master knew this
would possibly happen. – Wow, okay.
– Okay, so. – I don’t see anything
anything in the boxes. – [Rebecca] Okay, it’s like… – [Daniel] Yeah, the boxes are empty. – Plastic round things. – Plastic round things?
– I don’t know. – There’s like pipes, too? – Pipes?
– Yeah, it’s like a PVC pipe. – [Daniel] Oh. – It looks like they’re
using this room for storage. – Weird.
– Why would they put… Matt, hold on. – Oh, I see where you’re going,
I see where you’re going. – Right?
– Oh, okay. – They probably had no idea,
when they were using this as storage, that you could actually
use these to get the key. – [Daniel] Oh, okay, so
we’ve got to build this up. – Okay, let’s see if that’s long enough. – Yeah, let’s see if we can reach it. Got to be quiet. – [Daniel] Ooh, almost. – Okay, so it needs maybe one more. – [Matt] Hold on Bec, I almost got it. – [Daniel} He’s almost got
it, he’s almost got it. – Just gotta, it’s like.
– So close, so close. – Okay, I think we need something too, to get the key off the hook. This isn’t gonna be enough. – Oh.
– Maybe here? – Yes.
– Okay? – [Daniel] Alright, try that. – Let me see. – Is there anything else down here, I’m gonna keep on looking around. – [Daniel] Okay. Go, try. – [Matt] Almost have it
Bec, you almost have it. – Almost.
– Oh, okay. – [Daniel] There it is. – Oh!
– Get it. – [Matt] Careful. Bec, you don’t have the hook.
– Okay. – You need a hook.
– A hook? Okay, well where do we find a hook? – I have an idea. What if we took this one off right here. Moved this around, clip this right here. And we use this as a hook,
right here at the end? – Oh, okay, okay.
– Yeah, let’s try that. Okay, Oh, Matt, I hope… – [Matt] If this doesn’t work we can’t afford to let this thing fall. – Smash the thumbs up button ZamFam. Do you think this is going to work? We have to try.
– So close. – Okay.
– So close. – [Rebecca] Maybe knock it up. Ready, three, two, one. – [Matt] Ah! – [Daniel] Almost there. – [Rebecca] Come on, Matt. – [Matt] I’m trying. – So close.
– Okay. Oh no! – [Rebecca] Okay, no, no, no. We can do this, look, come on, look. – [Daniel] We knocked it down. – [Rebecca] Yeah, we knocked
it down, that’s perfect. – [Matt] Then we can drag it back. – [Rebecca] Exactly. – [Matt] Grab it. Put it like on top of it. – Okay
– There you go, almost got it. Drag it back, drag it
back, you’re doing it. You’re doing it, Bec. – [Daniel] Good job Rebecca. – [Matt] Go, now get it on the other side. Oh, yes!
– Okay. We got it.
– Yes! – [Rebecca] Okay. – [Daniel] Aren’t they taking him in for questioning right now? – Yeah, we’ve got to hurry. – [Daniel] We’ve got to hurry, yeah. – [Rebecca] Hold on, if
I can do it down here, okay, Matt can you reach and grab it? – [Matt] Yeah, hold on. Got it
– Got it! He got it, ZamFam we got it! – Sorry, I got excited. – Yeah, so excited.
– Okay, okay, okay. – Do we even know if
this is the right key? – Well I’m hoping so,
– It has to be. – [Daniel] Why else would it be here? – Three, two, one. – We did it, we’re out, look. Another lock. – Daniel.
– You know what? – These locks are the same,
they have the electrical wiring. I think we can fry it.
– Do you think it’ll work? – [Daniel] Yeah, hold this. – [Rebecca] We need to get in there because they’re interrogating
the Game Master. – Got it, got it, got it, here it goes. – What if they’re making him
take a lie detector test? – The interrogation room’s in here? – [Daniel] That’s the
way they took him, right? – Yeah, this is where
the Game Master went. – I just hope it’s close.
– Okay, be careful. – It’s unlocked. – It’s unlocked.
– Okay, be careful. – Daniel, you don’t think they know how to make the lie detector mixture, do they? – [Daniel] Well they had that
vial up in the clue room. – [Daniel] Maybe they’re learning how. – Yeah, maybe they’re learning. – Let’s get inside.
– Okay, get your mask. – I’ll go in first?
– Yeah, let Matt go in. – Okay.
– Do I look okay? – It’s unlocked – I don’t have any gloves again. – [Daniel] Oh, man. – You’ve gotta cover your hands. Just get in. – [Matt] I’ll tell you if it’s clear. – [Daniel] Okay. There’s the Game Master, what? – [Matt] Two-way mirror,
they can’t see us. – Oh, it’s a two-way mirror.
– They can’t see us. – Exactly. – This is perfect, now
we can know exactly what questions the Quadrant’s
asking the Game Master. – [Quadrant] You can only
hold out for so long. – There’s a mic in there
too, we can hear everything. – Mid April, what is that? – That must be when E2’s happening. Some time in mid April,
you guys, that’s coming up. – That’s so close. – The boxes, in the safe. – Yeah, we saw the two boxes
with two different codes, and then the Game Master also said the clue room was important. – Yeah.
– It might be in there. And they can’t figure it out. – We’ve gotta get in there.
– Yeah. – They have all the answers,
but they don’t know it yet. – He’s not breaking. – That makes so much more sense. That’s why they trapped him. They need him to operate the device. – Oh.
– For E2. – They’re leaving, let’s go. We’ve gotta hear what they’re saying. – If the Hypnotist comes,
then the Game Master will tell them how to operate the device, and we won’t be able to stop E2. – [Daniel] You’re right. – Okay, they’re coming, they’re
coming, hide, hide, hide. We need to follow them, and you heard what the Game Master said, we’ve gotta get the keys, and we have to find those two devices. – Exactly.
– Okay, let’s go. – [Daniel] Let’s go. – He has the handcuff key. Do we have the device, Daniel? – [Daniel] Yeah, I still have it, here. – Okay, let’s go.
– Okay, use it again. – [Matt] The Game Master. – [Game Master] Don’t forget
the two things I told you. – We’re gonna get you out. – Alright, let’s go. Where did they go? We need to find the handcuffs
for the Game Master, before he gets hypnotized. – Did you hear that? Oh, yeah. – [Rebecca] Is that the one with the key? – [Daniel] Yeah, I see
the key on the wrist. – Okay, so how do we get
the key off the wrist? – I have a plan, we’re going in. – [Daniel] What are you going to do? – [Matt] I’m just going to bump into him, get the key, they won’t even know. – [Daniel] Oh, okay.
– Okay. – [Matt] It’s called the bump and run. – [Daniel] Okay. – We’re gonna hide over
here so we can see it. Alright ZamFam, let me know if you think this is going to work. Right now Daniel, we’re out of options. – I know.
– Okay. – [Matt] Excuse me? I think I found a clue
for the Game Master. It was hidden over here,
did you even see this? – [Matt] It’s right
here, have you seen this? – [Matt] It was hidden right over here, you should check it out. – [Matt] You know what,
I might be mistaken. Carry on, I’m sorry to interrupt. – [Daniel] He got the key, he got the key. – Oh my gosh Matt, I can’t
believe you did that. – I know. – So now we have the key for the handcuffs for the Game Master,
so we can get him out, but we still need the two devices, and the clues are in the clue room. – [Daniel] We’re running
out of time though. – Okay. – Yeah, the Hypnotist is coming. – I think we need to split up, you guys. Maybe if Matt and I go down to the safe, we grab the devices, Daniel you can figure out the clues, we can communicate with our earpieces.
– [Daniel] Okay, yeah. So when you guys get to
the vault just radio me. I’ll head to the clue room, let
you know when I’m there too. – Okay, well let’s go, come on. – [Matt] Yeah, okay,
go, go, go, go, go, go! There’s the vault, there’s the vault. – Good.
– Daniel, are you almost to the clue room? – I just got into the clue room. I’m here right now. Okay, so what am I looking for, guys? – Okay, the first thing
is a five-digit word. – Five letter word? – [Rebecca] Yeah, five letters. Maybe it’s in that treasure chest. – [Daniel] Yeah, I’m actually standing over the chest right now. – Maybe it’s that, and
then there’s another box and it’s the one that smells like orange. – Orange, okay.
– Orange. – [Daniel] Orange, orange, okay. What should I focus on first? I’m here, should I go to the chest, or should I figure out orange? – Maybe the treasure chest first. – [Daniel] Okay, okay, I’m over the treasure chest right now. – Okay ZamFam, we’ll need
your help, so look for… – [Matt] The power just went out. – The power?
– The power just went out. – [Daniel] The power went out. – [Rebecca] The power’s out? – [Daniel] The power went out over here. – ZamFam we need your
help finding those clues. I don’t want this to turn into
another challenge overnight, ZamFam please go look for
the clues in the clue room!

FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME!!! (Annoying Orange) #ShocktoberGames

– [Orange] Pull his ears off, I told you! (laughs) You never do it. (ominous music) (Orange laughing maniacally) Hey yo, it’s A to the O, back again with another gaming video! That’s right, it’s Shocktober! And we’re playing Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle. (laughs evilly) How’s my evil laugh? I think it’s pretty good. I’ve been working on it for Shocktober. They were warned, now they’re all doomed! Crystal Lake Memories. Oh, there’s a bunch of different, okay and I can pick different Jasons? Supermax Jason? Ho ho! Frozen Jason, oh, givin’
the cold shoulder. Zombie Jason? Geez, there’s so many Jasons. Okay, I’m just gonna go with the Classic. Episode one, Crystal Lake Memories. Ooh! Hey, what’s up my buds? Gettin’ all fired,
– 20 – oh, they talk!
– years ago, – A boy drowned in Crystal Lake, because the camp counselors
weren’t watching him. – [Orange] What are they thinkin’? (laughs)
– In the following days, they started to die one by one. – [Orange] Oh no! Hey, don’t make me read things! (laughs) – They were murdered by the
boys mother, Pamela Voorhees. – [Orange] Aw, stupid name. I would’ve called her
Pamela Skinnyjeans. (laughs) – The counselors cut off her head to stop her. – [Orange] Ew.
Now, her son, Jason, stalks these woods, – seeking revenge for her death. – [Orange] Guys!
– Wait, – wasn’t his mom seeking revenge? – (burps) Yeah,
(Orange laughs) – didn’t he drown as a kid?
– [Orange] He burped. Although, it was kind of weak.
– Whoa. – Uh. Wait, maybe
– [Orange] What the, no! – I’m not telling it right. – [Orange] Look out guys. – Oh God! (Jason growls)
– [Orange] Oh no, slice to meet you! Uh oh! Oh boy. What, decapitated head? Oh, it’s Pamela Skinnyjeans. Okay, I got swipe, swiggity swipe. Go left and right. Buy weapons packs, I can do that. Get some of them weapon packs, get some swigity swag, yeah. Oh. Oh!! – Final Girl! – [Orange] He has no body to play with. Yes, perfect, now go get the final girl! ♪ Get the final girl in the first world. ♪ Uh oh, look out lady! Ooh, gotta get that kill zone, okay, right there. Yes, got it. Uh oh! Is it gonna be a crushing defeat? Oh! (laughs) Don’t lose your head. (laughs) Wow, weird, Bloodlust? I guess that’s what he does. He lusts for blood. Me, I lust for whistling pin wheels. Such nasty, nasty campers. Slide on over there to punish him! Oh, bloody footprints on the ground. I don’t want to follow those. Why are you making me follow things? I want to do my own thing. I want to choose my own way to go. X marks the spot. (laughs) Oh wait, if I named
her Pamela Skinnyjeans, that means that Jason’s name is gonna be Jason Skinnyjeans.
(woman screams) (Jason roars)
Oh! (laughs) Don’t lose your head. Jason loves gettin’ the action. Chop to it, right? Uh oh! It’s slice to meet you! Oh wait, here we go! Uh oh, uh oh. What’re you gonna do? Oh! You disarmed her. (laughs) Literally! Jason, you so mean. Out of the Woods, level three. Look at me, I have to pee. Punish them for what
they did to you, Jason. For what they did to me! Kill for mother! You guys ever think about seeing a family counselor or something? I think it might be healthier than, you know, murdering people, but I dunno, that’s just me. (laughs) Okie dokie, uh. Where do I go? What do I do? How do I get there? I’m confused. Look out for Jason. He’s got swiggity swag in his horror bag. (laughs) I don’t know what that means, but coming for you buddy. Look out! Oh!
– Final Girl! – [Orange] Uh oh, final girl. Coming at ya! I snuck up behind you. Okay, kill zone’s over here this time. Oh yeah. Uh oh. (screams) Eww. That was a crushing defeat. I thought you were
gonna pull her ears off, and then I was gonna say, “Time for you to Van Gogh.” (laughs) Hopefully I’ll have
that opportunity again. Midnight Menace! ‘Cause I really feel
like that was a good pun. Why do they run from you? You’re such a special boy, and today is your birthday!? Hey, what you doin’? Don’t run away from me! Oh ho. I really took a stab at it. Hey, you can’t run away, oh. (laughs)
– Final boy! – [Orange] Final boy! You goin’ get Shocktobered. Uh oh, uh oh. What are we doing? We doing a little of that
slam-a-jama ding-dong! Oh, Jason’s back in action. Filling up that blood lust. Oh wait, what’s Pamela
Skinnyjeans have to say? Increase your rage and
get bonus blood lust by watching an ad. Leave me alone, Mom! I’m doin’ things. Get back in the kitchen, and make me a grilled cheese, skinny jeans cheese sammiches. Everybody loves skinny jean cheese. (laughs) Remember Jason, if you ever need help, poop on the floor or tap on my face. (laughs) Yeah, that’d be hilarious. Jason gets in a bind, and he’s like, I don’t know what to do, so I’m just going to poop. (laughs) If you guys haven’t seen it, I played a game like this before. It was called ‘Slayaway Camp’. Super fun game! I played a bunch of episodes
of it, long time ago. I think the same guys that made that game, made this game. Okay, Jason’s getting confused. He doesn’t know where to go. Oh, wait, yeah, now I know where to go. Go up, and around, and then, oopsie-daisy. Kid, you can’t be running away from me. – Final boy! – [Orange] Whoa, she
screamed for ice cream! Ohh, Jason, what’s he gonna do? Okay, uh oh. Pull his ears off! Pull his ears off! I told you to pull his ears off! You never listen to me. Maybe that’s because you
don’t have ears either. Seriously, look at his character, he doesn’t have ears, just like me! Two rank up. What does that mean? Spank in the rank. What? Whoa! What’s in this box? Whoa, give me the good stuff. Wow, a battle axe! Can I axe you a question? Just kidding, I don’t have a question. Crowbar! Nice! We’re really raising the bar,
when it comes to weapons. Yeah! Alright, Punk Panic. What you doing, you
callin’ those guys punks? See how they run at the sight of blood. Kill them, Jason. Do it for mother, aka Pamela (girl screams)
Skinnyjeans! Ohh! Oh, you all going down. (girl screams)
Yeah! – Final boy! – [Orange] I think this might be a record. Uh oh, oh, get in that kill zone. I got a body count of 10. Nice, pull his ears off. I told you!
(laughs) You never do it. Jason, why won’t you listen to me? I don’t know why those
kids are always running away from me, it’s really
knife to meet Jason. (laughs) Alright, those filthy little campers. How dare they try to hurt my little boy? Whatever Pamela Skinnyjeans! You’re just mad because you have no body to play with. (laughs) I know, I already told that joke. Jason, Voorhees with the skinny jeans. Dang, Jason! Back at it again with the
skinny jeans. (laughs) Remember that, dang Daniel? Although, he said it differently, but I’m not going to say that. I don’t say bad words.
(man screaming) Excuse me, could you
tone down your screaming? Geez, can I ax you why
you screaming so much? – Final boy! – [Orange] Come here, final boy. (laughs) Leave it to cleaver! Woo, here we go! What you gonna do? Rip his mustache off! Ah, (laughs) Okay. I guess that works, whatever. Jason never listens to my ideas. I have great ideas. Okay, this one’s called, Indirect Hit. Be careful around the lake, Jason. You’re not a strong swimmer. Oh, I see, I don’t want
to fall in the water. Yeah, because then I’ll be
saying, “Water my thinking?” No! Press back to restart the level, or back to go back one turn. Oh, I see! That’s handy, for someone that
doesn’t have hands. (laughs) Okay, Pamela Skinnyjeans,
what’re you doing? Are you going to say something or not? (screams) (laughs) (speaks gibberish) Come on, Jas, you can tread water. Okay, now we’re, oh. Wait, now I can’t move anywhere. Anywhere I go, I’m gonna go in the lake. Alright, Jason, time to
do some skinny dipping. (laughs) Okay, I got it. I bet you I have to go a different way. I have to attack him
from a different side, ’cause otherwise, otherwise I’m gonna have to
jump into the lake every time. Yes, this is gonna work, ’cause then the table will block me next.
(man screams) Ohh!
– Final Girl! – [Orange] Chop, chop. (laughs) Oh, yeah, I got you now. I got you! Okay, kill zone! Standing hand in hand. Oh! Give him a hand. I’ll take ’em actually. (laughs) They’re all mine now. I don’t have any hands, so I gotta steal as many
people’s hands as possible. ‘Cause when you don’t have any, I mean, it’s kind of a bummer. Don’t worry, Sweetie, if you get stuck, just use ‘back’ to try
a different approach. Oh yeah, back to back, (woman screams)
your back on track. What?!
(woman screams) Ohh, slice and dicin’. Okay, now how do I get you?
What? How do I get over there? I need to do, aw! This doesn’t work. Unlock some deadlier
weapons, Sweetie, drag three, what, why are you talking at me? Uh, okay, so let’s try
an’ attack her from– Oh, I know! So, if I go over here, and
then right here, oh yeah! Now, now, if I go over to the right, and then up, (woman screams)
and then boom! – Final boy! – [Orange] Why does the last person always fall from the ceiling? Like, where are they? Were they hanging out on the roof and they fall through the ceiling? I don’t understand. You got stinky armpits, so I removed them. (laughs) It’s the only way to fight stinky armpits. No, I’m not going to do it, Mom. Leave me alone. Mind your own beeswax! Okay, who’s next, who wants it? You can scare those campers
into the fire, Jason. Punish them for what they did! At this point, does anyone even (man screams)
remember what they did? Ow! If you can’t stand the heat, don’t jump in the campfire, just sayin’, it’s probably not a good idea. It’ll leave you feeling fired up! (laughs)
(girl screams) You love it! Oh yeah, another one in the fire. I got that burnin’ desire, to throw people in fires. Hey!
– Final girl! – [Orange] Final girl, comin’ at ya. Look out! I’m probably gonna
either rip your arms off, or use your skull as a basketball. Yeah, here comes the basketball. Ohh, LeBron James. That’d be awesome. I’d love to watch Jason be in the NBA. (laughs) All right, you guys! Well, I think that’s it, for this episode. Thank you so much for watching. Let me know if you want
me to keep playing, okay? Until next time! Ooh what’s in the box? What is it? What, Guitar? Well, that’s music to
my non-existent ears. Baseball bat. Okay guys, until next time. Later, potaters! (rhythmic electronic music)

7 FUNNY DIY SCHOOL PRANKS || Easy Pranks For Back To School!

Stuck sitting through another boring lecture? Okay, Amy. Go ahead and open your notebook to page — Now that’s a math equation we can all get on board with! If you’re looking for some fun pranks to spice things up in the classroom, we’ve got you covered. Remember these from back in grade school? Here’s how you can still have some fun with them today! Take a small wad of Plato and cut it into a square with an exacto knife like this one. Once you have a perfect square, take it into your hands and gently mold it to look smoother around the edges. See? Now drop it into an empty gum wrapper like this one here. Ooh, I could really use a piece of gum. MMM! Strawberry, my favorite! Hey, whatcha got there, Amy? Wow, you’re really good at that! Um, hey! Care to share the wealth, there? Why of course, how rude of me! Ever wonder if Plato tastes like gum? We’re about to find out. MMM — Ew, what is this? What the heck? What on earth is wrong with this gum? Ugh! This is awful! Um, Mia? Didn’t anyone tell you you’re not supposed to text in class? Or more importantly, don’t ever leave a yummy snack unattended with Amy in the nearby vicinity. Yup, she’s eating all the cookies – every last one. Hey, Amy, whatcha chewin’ on there? Those better not be my cookies… Aw… no! How could you do that! I was looking forward to eating those all afternoon! That’s it, you’re officially uninvited to my birthday party next weekend, Amy! Ah, another glorious morning! Time to brush the ‘ol chompers! I had garlic chicken last night, so lots of minty goodness is necessary this morning! Wait a minute. That reminds me… I never had a chance to get back at Amy for eating my precious oreos the other day. And I know the perfect revenge! Take an oreo cookie and remove the filling. Go ahead and squeeze some white toothpaste right onto the cookie so that it looks just like the normal filling. Yum? Put the cookie halves back together and push them against each other. Looks like the real thing, right? Oh, good morning, Amy! Hello! Alright, I’ve got my notebook, and my… Cookies… Say there, Amy! You want one of my oreos? Um, duh! Thanks! Um… this has an odd minty flavor to it, and not in a good way… Quick, somebody bring a garbage pail over here. This may not end well! This next school prank involves three of my favorite things: Coke Soy sauce and Sprite. But first, let’s mix things up a bit, shall we? Go ahead and pour the sprite into an empty glass. But only fill it about just over halfway. Next, pour in some soy sauce. Yup, you heard that right. Once it turns into that dark color, go ahead and stop. Now, that sure looks an awful lot like a glass of coke, doesn’t it? You’d better do a taste test first, Vicky. Yup, definitely the coke. Once that’s sorted out, go ahead and pour the sprite – soy sauce concoction into an empty coke bottle through a funnel. Make sure to fill it all the way to the top so that it looks like a legit, fresh coke-a-cola. Okay, looks like we’re just about there! Now screw on that cap and get ready for some serious pranking action. Good luck, Vicky! Hey, Mia, what’s shakin’? Just gonna take out my ice cold coke here… Oooh…that seriously looks so good right now… Hey, is it cool if I snag a swig? Of course! Oh ya, come to mama! Oh boy, hope you’re prepared to sit in the splash zone! Ooh! We definitely saw this one coming! Oooh! That looks pretty bad, man! But the good news? You definitely got your sodium intake for the day, Mia. If you manage to stay awake during biology class, you deserve a medal. And Vicky is definitely not going the pass the exam coming up at this rate. Aaaand down she goes. Oooh, this gives me a fabulous idea! While your friend is sleeping, use this opportunity to give them a temporary tattoo. To do this, use a red pen to create the open wound, and outline it in white to make it look more realistic. Woah! That was a close one. Now to finish it off, add some darker red marks inside to give the blood a more natural look. WHAT’D I MISS?! 7 + 9 is, uh… Woah, Vicky! Are you okay? Oh my gosh! I didn’t even know seeing blood makes Vicky faint! Double whamo! Well, I guess I’d better help her up. Have you ever been sitting in class when all you can think about is how badly you have to pee? Hey, teacher? Can i please be excused to go to the ladies’ room? Ooh, you know what would make Amy’s self portrait even more excellent? A big old green mustache, obviously! Sure that prank is fun, but why not take it one step further? Take a regular pencil can like this one and dump out all its contents. Now, take a paintbrush and a rubber band, and attach the brush to the cup. Now pop that cup right into the pencil can. Lastly, take the pencils, brushes and pens and place them all around the cup. Make sure to place them all around the cup and arrange them so that no one will notice the cup of water hiding in there. Now it’s time to watch the trickery ensue! Oh my! My beautiful work is ruined! Oh well, all hope is not lost. An artist must go on! Let’s see, do I want this pen? Or where’s that small brush I was using? I think you were looking for that one? And spill! It looks like a river of paint just took over your masterpiece, Amy! I can’t believe this! And these jeans are brand spankin’ new! Mia, I’m going to get you back for this! You’ve gotta admit, that was pretty funny! Oh man, all that studying has really worked up an appetite, huh, Mia? Mmm, this lunch is divine. And check it out! Chocolates! Yes! Oh man, that was the last one! Major bummer. Nothing like a bag of carrots to cheer a girl up… Geeze, is this banana from 2015? How old is this thing? I’m definitely not putting this thing in my mouth. Wait, I have a brilliant idea! I’m going to stuff these boring carrots in this empty chocolate box. Ooh, don’t forget about that banana. Seal that sucker up and wait for someone to take the bait! I wonder who the sucker will be today… Oh hey there, Vicky! What’s cookin’? Alright, let’s see what’s for lunch today! I’m guessing, sushi? Or a wrap! Oh. Apple slices and a sandwich. Thrilling. Say, Mia, what would you say about swapping grub today? Well, I guess that could work, sure! Um, this old banana looks nothing like chocolate! And what’s this?! Carrots?! Okay, Mia, why on earth would you do this to me? Okay, give me my sandwich back. No! But it’s mine! C’mon, I have two exams this week, this is the best thing going on in my life right now! Yes! Got it! You’ve gotta be kidding me! I’m starving, man! Well that’s the last time I’m having lunch with Mia, that’s for sure. I’m gonna get that broad back if it’s the last thing I do! While you ponder on that, Vicki, let’s enjoy some much deserved bloopers! If you love learning about pranks, be sure to subscribe to 123Go’s YouTube page to enjoy all our nifty videos! See you next time, tricksters!!

Game Theory: The SCARIEST Part of Hello Neighbor…the BOXES!

*Knock Knock Knock* Oh hey, Welcome. I am so glad you were able to make it to my big housewarming party. Come on in. Come in. Come in. Oh, don’t worry about taking off your shoes. This is all just a bunch of animated cutouts anyway, for an opening joke. Not like you’re going to be tracking dirt anywhere. Let me show you around! Here, on the first floor, we have the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, behind that door over there is the nightmarish hellscape of my tortured childhood memories. *Door closes* We don’t go in that one. Now, let’s check out the second floor. Watch your jump. they may look a bit small, but don’t worry you’ll be just fine for some reason. *clink clink clink*
Up here, we have a great room, My security office, a room dedicated to my everlasting regret over my dead children’s birthday the room inexplicably filled with water a room dedicated to my everlasting regret over my dead children’s birthday, and the room inexplicably filled with water … Isn’t it quirky? I like to think this house has personality. I know, I know. It’s a little bit big for a family of two … Oh, and careful of those boxes. But I think we’ll grow into it nicely and just you wait until Distorted]
B A S E M E N T *Classic Game Theory’s Intro* Hello, Internet! Welcome to Game Theory! Where today, it’s back to the basics. Back to overthinking things that nobody in their right mind would ever want to overthink. It’s January, it’s cold, Youtube is threatening to implode on itself. it’s time for something good so sit back relax and let It’s time for something good. So sit back and relax and let MatPat Matpat guide you through the absurd physics of box stacker simulator 2017, oh wait you’ve never heard of it i don’t know Maybe you missed its release last, year sandwiched between mario odyssey And snap six or maybe you know it by its other name hello neighbor you see today is a bit of a Personal episode for me i know one who watches our livestream saw steph and i play a lot of hello neighbor last Year, and sure the game wants You, to think that the villain is our mustachioed neighbor or the bespectacled shadow Man but no stand side wedding tux bowser in moulton freddie because villain of the year 2017 were these simple stupid Cardboard boxes you trip over them they fill up your inventory, and worst of all you Gotta, stack them in two unsteady stairways just hoping praying to reach, new Sections of the house being a hundred percent real here if the neighbor put a giant stack of boxes in front of the door to The basement i’ve been, like, nope, not dealing with, this you keep your Damn secrets so after the months of headaches these things have caused Me over 2017 it’s time that i get my revenge in what is? Undoubtedly the pettiest lamest and nerdiest, way possible by proving that they shouldn’t Be able to function the way that they do in the game could a human the size of our awkwardly proportioned protagonist Use these things to platform his way through this pads peril get ready because, by the end of today’s episodes you’re Gonna, be the life of the party able to wow Your friends with the finer details of the industrial fabrication of the mightiest of moving devices the humble cardboard Box wait make sure you put that one as the headline on your online dating profile to begin today’s episode austin From the science you, may know him as the guy Who shouts a lot for easy humor rather than writing witty jokes already figured out How big the cardboard boxes are in hello neighbor for his video on the architecture of the house so um hey captain shouts a lot Can i borrow the box math that you used for your hello neighbor video [austin] NO! you were mean to me! i’m date, my twitter account, with, more hot tanks calm down there scream Oh, need i remind you that you started a Hashtag protest because i merely suggested that you swear less in your videos so you could not get demonetised plus you do shout lots [Austin] okay!!! I Really, do just default to shouting The infos in your inbox all right so we know From austin’s in-game milk carton measurements that the boxes are sixteen inches by nineteen inches along one side from this edge here, we can see that they’re corrugated cardboard Boxes which is just fancy way of saying that it has these up-and-down sign wavy like ribbons of paper inside of them these things are called flutes and were invented back in 1856 as a liner for tall hats to help them stand up no joke anyway a few years later they started being used in boxes To, greatly, reinforce the strength of the box without, using that many more materials but just how. Much they reinforce the box depends on the Classification of the flute there are six common types of flute a flute b flutes c flutes efj lutes f flutes and pam flutes no, one likes the last one each letter classification refers to a different number of waves in the paper per foot so by counting i Was able to determine that the neighbor is using specifically a fluted boxes which, have much smaller tighter waves thereby Making, these boxes much more crush resistant than the other classifications that have much taller waves, we can Also, tell just by looking at the box that it’s a single walled Construction the stronger double walled varieties would have a piece of fiber board in the middle Separating two layers of flutes our boxes don’t have, that lastly how, the box is folded please and how Strong it is this particular form of box construction, is what’s called a regular slotted container it’s just Some flaps that you have to fold in and tape shut this type of box Is the one that you’ve used to move like dozens of times and if you think that’s a big no duh moment Well consider this as i was researching the industrial manufacturer of boxes i found that there are over twelve different Box folding patterns in just lists of basic designs it’s crazy how, many different ways you can make a Box out of just some simple folded paper Each one with various pro and cons anyway with all of that information in hand we have everything that we need to
Solve today’s theory because of a little thing called the edge crush test you see boxes are used all over the place but most Prominently in warehouses so smart engineers quickly realize that the most important part of a box’s functionality Was how much you could stack on top of them enter the edge crush, test or? Ect where engineers take a, strip of cardboard and see how Much weight it takes to crush it it’s like the hydraulic press channels on youtube but, way? Less exciting because you know it’s cardboard, each box gets assigned with a number denoting how Many pounds of pressure per square inch they’re able to withstand before crushing 50 50 pounds Per square inch along the edge 30 to 32 pounds Per square inch along the edge and so on and so forth and if you stop and look at it most boxes have These right on the box i mean seriously i just looked in my house and found a stamp on the bottom with all its different Qualities including its ect rating so the next time you got to bring something in for show-and-tell Boom collective kindergarten minds blown in the case of a single walled eath fluted cardboard, box, like the ones that We found in the game 32 pounds Per square inch is the industry standard So that ladies and gentlemen is our magic number now it’s important to note that the ect is measuring per square inch? Because pressure is measured over an area and while boxes are very thin they Do have a width boxes of this size, with an e fluted rating are almost always 3/16 of an inch thick something, we can, actually double check with Some quick pixel measurements with that number locked into place the last details that We need, are the weight of our character and the size of his shoe the average adult Male weighs in at about 166 pounds but we’re Gonna drop that a bit because our protagonist Is pretty skinny despite that freakishly large head of his so i’m gonna say that he’s About 150 lbs is a few more pixel measurements and we’re able to determine that our character’s foot is just a little over 10 inches long or about a size 7 shoe which is Kind of small you know what they say? about guys
With small feet Rights that they have a greater likelihood of crushing cardboard boxes because the pressure of their weight is displaced across fewer square inches Don’t i know it and with that, we can finally get our answer to 10 inch long feet standing on a box edge 3/16 inches wide, means that when our protagonist standing on the box he’s exerting pressure over an area of? 3.75. Square inches 150 pounds of weight over 3.75. Square inches gives us the final total 40 pounds, per square inch of pressure well over the 32 pounds Per square inch most single-walled regular slotted a fluted corrugated cardboard boxes array that, haha Busted get dunked on i knew you were nonsense boxes i would teabag you right now but i just Scientifically proved that you would get crushed under my weight long story short, my quest for petit nerdy revenge is at its end i am? Vindicated i’ve gotten the monkey off my back, by demonstrating with, science how A fake [Austin] Hey Matt
Virtual box that could not and would not work [Austin] Maatttt
as a platforming device in this game and would instead get Crus- [Austin] Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt [Matt] What!!? Geez there’s no need, Austin to shout and we talked, about this. [Austin] you have not taken gravity into account Excuse me [Austin Starting his Lecture] gravity unlike almost every game in the world except for assassin’s creed instead of having higher gravity Hello, neighbor has lower gravity if you, use wall paper a stopwatch and some pixel measurements to check how Fast you fall in the game it’s clear that Gravitational acceleration is four point six three seven meters per second That’s under half of Earth’s normal 9.8. Meters per second squared of Gravity [Matt] but, less than half of earth’s normal gravity Means that the protagonist is no longer putting 150 pounds of force on the boxes but instead 71 pounds spread that across the 3.75. Square inches, means that no no [matt regrets life] nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 19 pounds per square inch That means he’s? Well under the crush test rating mm-hmm No, i refuse to admit defeat what about if we assume he is stepping out of the boxes one foot at A time then the weight is all on one pressure point jacking the whole thing up to 38, psi the box Fails until you consider that some a fluted boxes have Psi ratings as high as 40 which, means it is 100% plausible that these boxes are staying strong, baby, so what you’re telling me Is that in a game where you use wall sconces as platforms, where you use photograph records to shrink trees Where you are expected to freeze a room filled with water By putting a globe in a refrigerator then placing it on its stand in a completely separate Unconnected part of the house that in a game this ridiculous that the creation Manufacture and behavior of boxes are a hundred percent Physically sound
[Austin] Yuup AAAARRGGGHHH [Austin] There’s no need to shout matt
[matt] the boxes beat me again i can’t win i hate this game i hate this game [Austin] yeah you have covered the umbrella. That thing is ridiculous [Matt] never again, never again, well maybe once or twice more to cover the umbrella Physics and then one final theory to tie up all the lore in this game but, never, again, with the boxes no you and the FNAF fan ARE NOT WELCOME HERE ANYMORE At in the meantime…. REMEMBER! That’s JUST A THEORY AAAA GAAMEE THEOORRRYYY, thanks for watching 😉 Sux to failed in a boxes theory huh, Matt? xD

Find the Pumpkins Game! 🎃 w/ PAW Patrol, Bubble Guppies, Butterbean’s Cafe & Blaze | Nick Jr.

Pumpkins are popping up
all over Nick Jr. And it’s your job to find them. They look like this. Now let’s go pumpkin picking
with the PAW Patrol. Pay close attention, and see how many pumpkins
you can spot. [music playing] Cool! OK Rubble, we’re almost done. For the next part of the corn maze
you need to turn… that way. [laughing] We should be plowing
through the exit soon. Hey Rubble, what do little
corn cobs call their daddy? – What?
– Popcorn. [laughing] I get it! We did it! Yes, the maze is done. And it’s amazing! [laughing] And now we’ve got lots
and lots of corn to roast. But first, we have lots
and lots of shucking to do. Aw, shucks. Huh? [laughing] Did you see all the pumpkins? Let’s go back and count together. [music playing] One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. That’s six pumpkins. Pawsome! You found them all. You deserve a pup treat. Now let’s search for pumpkins
with the Bubble Guppies. Happy fall, guppies! Happy fall! Wee! [music playing] – Uh-oh.
– Hang on! [screaming] [screaming] – Cool!
– That was so awesome. Hey guys, look. Ahoy there! That was some… fall. [laughing] How many pumpkins did you spot? Let’s count. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. You found eight pumpkins.
Swimtastic! Now let’s hit the road
with Blaze and AJ to see how many pumpkins you can find. ♪ Blocking the light ♪ ♪ That makes, makes a shadow ♪ ♪ Moving around ♪ ♪ That’ll change
The shape of your shadow ♪ ♪ Move far from the light
(Move far from the light) ♪ ♪ Your shadow is small
(Your shadow is small) ♪ ♪ Move close to the light
(Move close to the light) ♪ ♪ Your shadow is tall ♪ ♪ Shadows, shadows ♪ ♪ Blocking the light, making shadows ♪ ♪ Shadows, shadows ♪ ♪ Blocking the light, making shadows ♪ ♪ Shadows, shadows ♪ ♪ Shadows ♪ Did you find them all? Let’s take another look. One. [music playing] Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. You found all six pumpkins.
We really Blazed through that round. Let’s see if pumpkins are on
the menu at Butterbean’s Cafe. How many do you see? It’s really cold today. Whoa! Come on, let’s get inside. Phew, it’s windy out there. Look what I have. [gasping] Marshmallows! Hey, that can be our special of the day. Hot cocoa with marshmallows. That will warm our customers up. ♪ Come on everybody
Let’s get cooking ♪ ♪ Open up the fridge and take a look in ♪ ♪ Grab a cup of friendship
A spoonful of love and ♪ ♪ Get the kitchen ready
Let’s warm up the oven ♪ ♪ Together, oh
Together, yeah! ♪ ♪ Everything’s better
When we make it together ♪ ♪ Yeah, we’re really cooking now ♪ Did you find them all? Let’s find out. [music playing] One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. That’s seven pumpkins. Maybe she’s baking pumpkin pie. Yum! Have more pumpkiny fun on Nick Jr. You look good in orange. You can ask your parents to subscribe
to the Nick Jr. YouTube channel for new videos every day. And find more of your
favorite shows on TV on Nickelodeon and the Nick Jr. channel.