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Lily Likes The Pain | jake does a forsenWC | Japan Trip For Kimi For WHAT??? | Offline TV Highlights

Hey, no, I don’t just do think you guys know me I don’t do things for memes I do them for content, you know if I can’t make content of it. I don’t fucking do it. All right So you’re saying you filmed it I Knew a guy in Middle School who could Give himself pleasure via his own mouth Yeah, I guess you’re just really flexible really The hair yes, I would love to see this as well I didn’t really want to see it Straight ahead. There’s a fantastic ball Oh Dip your balls in the teacher Why? That’s the shit. I’d love to see in check those kind of one-off comments. It’s like they feel it’s like it’s not malicious It’s not like even a really trollish like a funny random Because you can’t Almost like Everyone has an anime voice. All right Was a cute All right, would you buy top Good luck everyone look Alright vine hmm time to destroy Dubs broken doing what the flip adieu it’ll do. Thank you so much flip a doodle-doo Thanks, what are you gonna do? Oh Shit okay. Have fun need to think what you were and look now I’m just imagining that one clip of his phone falling on the floor while he was running on the treadmill He is a J’s. He is like final evolution right now. What the Wow jeez, I’m so proud of him Hasan debated by 39 – that’s boyfriend watches your content Hassan Hey guys, what’s up, it’s me Trevor James and here we are in Chengdu China We’re gonna be exploring the best the best having some delicious spicy noodles that the citron province is known for I’m so excited to be sharing these experiencia you and today I have a local friend together voila We’re gonna dig in to the best endanim you’ve ever had. Let’s get on in there Let’s try it out and don’t forget to Like and subscribe Let’s go So this Dan Dan Mian is my favorite spot in all of Chengdu I’ve lived here for a few years as you know, and the aroma the fresh ingredients the tot fresh chili oil takes over your taste buds and I am just so excited to show you guys that’s today here on my food blog on the food Ranger Trevor James As I know too much Infernal soul is just okay anyway People running f o of course Because my internet is going down. This is oh my god Oh, sorry, oh my god in a house probably back Sorry fed was like shut the fuck up and I was like f for Internet, I’m sorry. I thought it was down I thought you guys wouldn’t You don’t have to worry about Going outside because I your shirt. Oh Oh my god, that was so close, you know what all things considered The traditional like let me show me pretty going there Yeah, it’s kind of cool. This is like a it’s like a hole-in-the-wall textile. Oh This one’s clean over here. I’ll show ya. Let me just real quick This is worth like a hole in the wall smell that solder. That’s fine this is like once you once you go into the bathroom – this is like Traditionally wait we’ll get and then you have to bring your own toilet paper A lot of it Chinese likes pretty dope. They have really nice bathrooms in malls and stuff but in these kind of like hole-in-the-wall places you’re gonna You’re gonna get typical little uh squaddies which are great. I’ll actually prefer squats for really bad poops because it’s pretty clean so You can give me a notice. I’m just sharing you guys over that information but this is this this guy’s still be like what would be expected in a place like this panel hole in the wall kind of restaurant place or Deflecting I don’t deflect You know, can you believe that people call me defensive sometimes? I’m not defensive um I don’t deflect I just want to say my opinion and give the other perspective so people Understand where I’m coming from. I’m not defense Anything in this Wish I tried stark up what if I stride Starcraft now, huh thoughts Oh No, okay What if I I’m actually a genius that Was You know, okay Look really uneven because you’re gonna have so much hair but like not enough hair here So I’m like, I can’t even get I can’t even get my bangs cuz I have too much hair wait Wait, where would they say with you? Hair kabob hair club. Oh my gosh. Can we do a stream of you styling my hair? That would make me so happy Looky loo, loo donated $20 This morning it’s named popcorn Umm, I saw it this morning, but I don’t know what it is. Is it like a I guess a show This is so well produced He made a show every Tuesday and it it does really well it’s so dope I want to do shit like this It’s like connected I’ve never hated DAF more than this moment. I’m just Absolutely brutal just brutal, dude Great how did I make you slippery? What are you doing water you can’t just make jokes like that Marik with another noscope, but I just heard someone Well, yeah, I can’t get one here and you know what none of you guys can get one here – okay So let’s all go to Japan and get adult cream pies here we are, another day, another stream, another twitch chat meme, another dream to chase, another, Would you peg someone?, fed eats sea man for content, WE OUT HERE, I wanna do a s*** like this, Chad Alpha Stance VS Normie Pose, Lily and Michael Walk Past Chance the Rapper, Michael’s random drops of nihilism wisdom, Lily likes the pain, Lily and Micheal make a Difficult Decision, Lily’s tiny purse, LILY DUETCHU, Local goblin feeds bird to Mimi, sick and sad, TheMaldRanger, CHENGDU, CHINA – DAY 0, jake does a forsenWC, Dip your balls in the tea, old kimi Pog, ANIME VOICE WutFace, Japan Trip For Kimi For WHAT??? You

Can Google Stadia Compete With Video Game Consoles?

Talk of console wars has
dominated video games for years. There are gamers who swear by the benefits
of gaming in front of a keyboard and mouse on a custom built P.C., while others prefer the convenience and
ubiquity of consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation. Those console brands in
particular have built a name for themselves as powerhouses in the
world of convenient at-home gaming. Microsoft sold 30 million units of the
Xbox One console between its release and November 2013 and the end of 2017. Sony sold 73 million units of the
PlayStation 4 console and that same time period. Video games are a
big business in 2018. Video games and EA
Sports generated about $24.4 billion in revenue about $2
dollars higher than 2017. The industry is expected to hit $31 billion
by 2023, but at the same time, console sales are falling. Console sales were forecast to decline by
12 percent in 2019 compared to the year before. But there’s a new player
in the game: streaming video game platforms. The reason that streaming is
appealing to consumers in a vacuum is that it obviates the
need to purchase a console. You could play from anywhere, on any device,
at any time and you don’t need to worry about your
hardware becoming obsolete. Google’s Stadia, Microsoft’s Project xCloud
and Nvidia’s GeForceNow make it easy to play top tier games without
the top tier console or p.c. The subscription -based services stream video
games from high -end gaming machines through the cloud, and that means
the future of video games may no longer need the console. Video games are a phenomenon that have
largely taken shape over the last 50 years. Arcades and at -home consoles launched
in the early 1970s and quickly flourished into a booming industry. Magnavox presents Odyssey The Electronic
Game of the Future. The Atari video computer system is
20 cartridges with 1300 game variations you play on your own TV set. But those really were the only options
for gaming in the beginning, at least until the personal
computer became popular. The p.c brought with it a new
way to play with friends too. As the advent of the internet meant
more and more people were hopping online, but consoles
weren’t there yet. It’s largely the famed release of the
PlayStation 2 in 2000 and the original Xbox in 2001 that brought console gaming
into the form we know today. Those consoles were praised at the time
for their breadth of content and specs and largely saw rave reviews. But the feature that was arguably the
most ambitious for these consoles was their internet connectivity. The original iteration of the PlayStation
2 didn’t come with Internet connectivity built in. It was sold as a separate accessory. But the original Xbox did, and
both Sony and Microsoft launched online services for these consoles about a
year after their release, Sony’s online connectivity was limited and largely relied
on individual game makers to facilitate the servers for those games,
much like how PC gaming works. But X-Box launched a whole new subscription
model as a way to manage online gaming. Xbox Live. Xbox’s subscription service facilitated online
gaming of legendary titles like Halo 2 and created a cultural
phenomenon of playing with anyone, at any time, around the world. There were a couple of
caveats to online play, though. The first was that you had to
have a fast enough Internet connection, and the second was the requirement that the
person you were playing with had the same console as you, regardless of
whether the game was available on multiple platforms. This lack of cross-platform play ability has
been a problem in the gaming industry for years. Even as the new generation of consoles
were released, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 came with exclusive games that
would only be played on their platform and on their servers. It suddenly became important which console
you had in which your friends were playing on. The PlayStation 3 came
with the new PlayStation Network, a free platform that allowed users to
get online with an optional premium PlayStation Plus that gave users
special perks and discounts. And massively successful video games like
Grand Theft Auto Online had tens of millions of players around the world
who only saw fellow players on the same console. But fast forward to 2020
and the sentiment of the walled garden of online gaming
is starting to change. Games like Fortnight, Rocket League and
Call of Duty Modern Warfare have done away with this and allowed anyone
with any console to play each other. And these games have
been massively successful. As of March 2019, Fortnite has 250
million people logging in to play with others. Suddenly consoles are becoming
less and less important. Performance on both the Xbox and the
PlayStation is solid and more games are starting to allow you to game with
others regardless of what you’re playing on. So is there a
need for consoles anymore? They know consoles are going away. They know that streaming in 20 years
is going to be so ubiquitous that you’re just not going
to need a console. Gamers have been wanting to take their
video games with them for years and console makers are starting to provide
services like PlayStation Now and Xbox Play Anywhere, stream your consoles games
to a screen of your choice. But these have been imperfect solutions that
still rely on you to shell out the cash for a console to begin
with, OnLive and GeForce Now changed that. And they were the first real streaming
services for games that used offsite company, owned hardware to
deliver games to users. And now Google Stadia has entered the
mix and promised 4K gaming over the internet entirely on Google’s servers. All you need is an account,
a screen and a controller. Stadia even has a selection of games. It includes in its
paid subscription for $9.99 a month. If you go with the free
version, you’ll have to buy the games yourself. Microsoft has also started planning
its foray into the streaming game wars Project xCloud is meant
to take on Google’s directly, streaming games from Microsoft’s own
cloud computing infrastructure. And really, it makes sense that these
are the two big players in the streaming gaming industry right now. Google and Microsoft are responsible
for a combined 19.5 percent of cloud infrastructure
services in twenty eighteen. Microsoft Azure is 15.5 percent of that. Combine that with
Microsoft’s mastery of gaming with its Xbox platform, and the company stands a
real chance to take hold of the streaming video game industry. Delivering a seamless streaming experience really
is a function of data centers more than anything. I mean, the technology knowing that Gaikai
and OnLive, had the technology 10 years ago and it was
not perfect, but it worked. And here we are 10 years later. You know, E.A.’s doing
it on mobile phones. I mean, I’ve seen it and E.A. is, you know, a small T
tech company, unlike Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Sony are bigger
T tech companies. In short, these companies could drive people
to streaming instead of to the store to buy a console. So what does all of this new
tech mean for the future of consoles? Can Stadia really replace them? So Stadia has been a great idea. It’s been a lot of fun to play
at home, but I’ve noticed in the community, especially on Reddit, people are upset about
a bunch of things, whether it’s a lack of updates or a lack of games. Stadia is not necessarily a concern
for Microsoft or Sony, who’ve now announced Xbox Series X
and PlayStation 5. Xbox Series X seems like it’s going to be
more of a service in addition to a console, so might see xCloud
built out into that. Or maybe console owners get access to
streaming video games or just people can go out and buy
a streaming subscription from Microsoft. Microsoft is banking on the future
of streaming games with its project xCloud. But in this first iteration,
there are just too many opportunities for streaming to go wrong, particularly
when gaming on the go. At times, playing on 4G LTE meant
frozen screens, choppy audio and controls having a mind of their own and Stadia
itself isn’t ready to fully take on video game consoles. You need one of
Google’s latest smartphones to play on the go or a computer running Chrome
if you want to play at home. Some of these problems are growing pains
for any new service, but others are out of any one company’s hand. So what needs to change? 5G could be the linchpin in
making a service like this work. The increased speed and throughput could mean
even users in a crowded city could see lag -free gaming. In urban areas like cities, you
have wireless carriers launching what’s called millimeter wave 5G and that’s about
10 times faster than 4G LTE. There’s also this sub-six gigahertz 5G, which
isn’t much faster than 4G LTE. So what you really need is more areas
with the millimeter wave 5G so that people with Stadia can play games with
fast enough speeds to connect online and stream all these graphics. But 5G is only available in select
locations by most providers in the U.S., with them promising to expand in 2020. And that technology, too, is
in its early stages. Some early testing of 5G has found
that speeds are largely dependent on how close you are to the tower or if you
have a clear line of sight and more. The solution for 5G is put a
tower on every single streetlight, which means the real estate’s there, power supply is
there and it doesn’t go through the glass so we’re all going to have to
have some kind of router that has an external receiver and suddenly everybody’s
going to have internet everywhere and super high speed. That’s the best thing that could happen
to any content owners who wants to distribute their content. Then there’s the
service itself, which only has a handful of games to play. Google has announced that it will add 120
titles to its service in 2020, but until these games are available, there
could be little incentive for people to take the service seriously. And that really is what could make
or break a streaming service like this. The more people that join, the more
people there are for companies to cater to and more players to interact with. This is where a service like
Google Stadia could live or die. Google is known for how readily it
will kill a service if it’s unpopular. So one of my biggest fears with
Stadia still remains, and that’s that Google has canceled dozens of products in the
past that they don’t take off decides that just no longer
interested in the market. And I think Google could still potentially
do that with Stadia one day. People don’t buy it, they could just
say, ‘OK, we’re ending the service, it was a fun run’ and maybe licensed
the technology to other companies instead of fully supporting it itself. Plus, other companies have different solutions
for how to game anywhere. Take Nintendo’s Switch console. Which gives you the ability to take the
same console you play at home with you on the go. Or the growth of
the video game industry on mobile devices. A study from Activision-Blizzard and
Newzoo, you found that 2.4 billion people would play a
mobile game in 2019. That study found that one in two apps
open in the seven day period were games. This might not be enough to
end consoles altogether in the near future, but there are more and more
ways to get your gaming fix without buying one. There’s a portion of the
population who will just never buy a console, but it doesn’t
mean consoles go away. If Microsoft and Sony make that a
really good experience, they’re going to have a really faithful group of
consumers who will support their consoles. I just think each
console generation gets smaller. And what I can’t predict is what these
consoles will do for me other than play games.


come up here and pull this ash the wall
comes down revealing a secret entrance to a working box for elevator
elevators so much safety somebody’s trying to break in your project over so much boating into
the city pack up boy please I’m coming back too bad man
they saw the plans for the biggest box court in the world and that’s someone’s
gonna beat me to it well since Logan’s not gonna help me
build the world’s biggest box for it looks like I’m gonna have to build it on
my own hey what’s going on everyone its Papa
Jake and we are back with a brand new video and guys today I am building the
world’s biggest most insane most epic box fort you have ever seen now as you
guys know my plans for this box fort were stolen and Logan decided to stay
asleep literally upstairs he’s sleeping he doesn’t want to be a part of one of
the greatest achievements in all of humankind so I am staying down here all
night working on the craziest box fort that we can do a 24-hour challenging now
I’m nowhere near complete I still gotta add a ton of stuff to this thing but
there is some really cool stuff inside this and I’m gonna show you guys just
why this is the coolest box whatever first I got to remind you that at the
end of every video we give a massive shout out to one of our amazing squad
members and if you guys are wondering while Papa Jake how do I join the squad
all you guys got to do is smash that subscribe button and smack that Bell
button so you get notified of a brand new video every Tuesday Thursday and
Saturday mark that in your calendars and then comment hashtag squad but guys I
want to show you this before Logan gets down here and sees it in the morning
because he is gonna be walking into a 24 hour challenge that he is not expecting
you might notice it’s pretty sweet it’s pretty big it’s a little empty still
like I said I got a ton of stuff that at but as you guys can see here this is the
main room now there is a secret doorway here I’m not gonna show you how it works
dad we’re gonna wait for Logan but there’s a secret door
in a very secret elevator I’m gonna have to show you how it works
later on in the video okay guys so right now we are in another section of the
fort now I’ve done a little bit of work setting up the gaming room here there’s
a lot of stuff that I’m gonna be adding here I’ve got a lot of really cool
things like a defense system I’ve got an escape hatch I’ve got a driving range to
play golf but you’re probably wondering Jeff where are we don’t get too scared
now we are three stories of inside the secret area of the four that is
completely safe from anything on the ground I mean we’re talking zombies
we’re talking raccoon we’re talking ants I’m even saying evil
Lamas can’t get us we’ve got the sky wing over here you can actually go out
down there that’s where I’m gonna install the golf course over here is
where I’m going to install some of the other cool things that we’re gonna have
I’m gonna have a security system so we can actually fly a drone around the fort
and I’m adding a missile launcher I think first things first now that I’ve
shown you guys a little bit of an update as to what I’m working on we need to get
back into building this thing and start working on some of the cool features and
guys if you love us making massive forts like this also if you think that I
should go wake Logan up with a nerf blaster why don’t you hit that like
button why don’t we try and crush 50,000 likes on this video for more insane
forts or to see Logan get woken up with the nerd class or either either one will
work but I guess let’s get buildable so as you guys can see here you’ve come
outside the top-secret upper layer of the fort down here to our very own
personal driving range now we got everything you need
you got your golf club here which is stuck on the wall we got a fresh very
nice sheet of fake grass over here we’ve got our golf ball dispenser so you would
grab your golf ball from down here like so and then a brand new one shows up
there and then you can hit it off of the year into our target so now over here is
where I’ve got targets I got 50 points 500 points 100 points zero zero points
over there that’s why there’s a frowny face and then the Omega 1000 points so
I’m actually really excited to see how me and Logan compete against one another
and then once you’re done you just pop the golf ball back in here like so and
you’re gonna keep playing is almost time to wake Logan up but I still got some
more stuff to do on the fourth so I think the next thing I’m gonna work on
are the defense missiles check this out I’ve got the missile system set up on
the side of the fort now you guys might remember this from our Pug box for that
we did for Luna if you guys haven’t checked out you definitely need to
reject these things so that we can actually use it as a defense item
against anyone trying to infiltrate the forum you guys know my plans were stolen
so if whoever that was comes back and tries to steal something else for me we
got this bad boy to stop and turn it on like
balls gonna come down might be a slightest slight slight issue with the
missile system ball comes down when the missus is ready pretty good so I think
it’s time to move on to another feature of the fort which is going to be the
emergency exit our people out there trying to steal my fort and if they come
here we might need an emergency exit but I’m not jumping down from up there I’m
back up in the secret top part of the fort and I’ve actually gone ahead and
added an escape feature so do you come over here which is the area where we can
actually shoot out of using our missiles I also have a little beretta club there
so you can see better in the event of an emergency and they have to evacuate the
box work you would simply come on over to here but this wall is actually cut
very slightly throughout here but if I were to punch this really hard this
whole wall is going to come off and there’s gonna be an opening here then I
went ahead and wired this here to activate a pump which is going to
inflate an emergency device basically activating as a cushion so we can jump
down from the third storey onto a nice little bed and then get out of the box
for safety like I said I’m gonna wait for Logan to come before I actually
demonstrate all of this stuff because I’m really excited to try this out I
think it’s almost time to go ahead and wake off I still got a lot to do in the
forum I know he’s gonna be mad if I do absolutely everything so I gotta leave
some stuff for him but one more thing I did add over here in our game room which
is also gonna be our sleeping quarters for the 24 hour challenge let’s just say
we hear noise in the middle of the night you know you can look out here you can
look around maybe you can see something but what if you can’t well that’s where
I got this over here here we got a little miniature drone on a helipad out
here and it actually uses these VR goggles so I can put the VR goggles on
and then using the controller I can fly around the entire fort and check if
anything is going on at any time considering it’s almost morning I think
we should I grab a nerf blaster and head upstairs
and wake Logan now it’s time for him to see the sport alright guys so I just got
upstairs the Ford is nearly complete but I think it’s time to wake Logan up and
show him what I’ve been working on alright let’s head downstairs and show
off the box for Logan you’ve got five minutes together let’s go three story
most epic billionaire elevator infused top secret all night working on these
plans I got a box here I got the arrows I got the plans I got everything I’m
ready for a 24 hour chance thing is massive yeah why don’t you put your head
inside the first entrance here and you can notice all of this last night
without me yes well you were sleeping and you didn’t answer my radio call so I
had to go build myself this place is crazy in here we’ve got our kitchen with
all the bar mazes and snacks to survive 24 hours we got chips we got candy we
got chocolate that’s all we’re eating for 24 hours it’s chips candy and
chocolate could fit anything else what do you mean 24 hours here for 24 hours
Logan we got all the stuff we need Logan I didn’t just build this thing so we
could look at it we are staying and surviving it for 24 hours especially
since someone stole my top secret plans we need a place to lay low and stay safe
and the only way to do that it’s a perfectly balanced diet fuzzy peaches
this is not a perfectly balanced diet I also got a clock on the wall so we
always know what time it is and we’ll know when the 24-hour challenge is off
it doesn’t work so we might be here forever
I didn’t want to have anyone that wanders in here able to get inside our
top secret base because our secret base is
on the third story so if you come in here right now you think wow these guys
made it pretty sick for this is really awesome
but there’s no way to get to this third story come up here and pull this hatch
the wall falls down revealing a secret entrance to a working box for elevator
come check this out all right look now the elevator only works one at a time so
I’m gonna meet you on the second story you’ve got a window so you can look
outside you’ve got the foam in here in case of an emergency it’s not connected
but you know in case of emergency you could use the phone bash the window open
and then you close the secret door here thus concealing the elevator and with
the press of a button the elevator will start to rise check this out to the
second story here we are we’re officially on the second story I needn’t
have to move see that’s the power of elevators this is our area where we’ve
got our escape hatch as well as our missile blaster but Logan I’m gonna send
the elevator down to you so you can come up
I love these elevators so much all right let’s hop in just something about a box
for it that can go up and down that is super cool I’m inside the elevator time
to go up goodbye lower story and hello Jake once
the elevator comes up not only is the room super top secret because you have
to know about the secret wall to get in but if the elevator is up here there’s
no way for anyone to get up because we’re the only ones that can send it
back down this is the first level before we head to the third storey but we’ve
got a couple things here I’ve got our escape hatch which we might be using
later tonight we’ll we’ll see how it works but over here Logan I’ve got our
working missile launcher fire it up like this you’ve got a little aiming reticle
up here this is the fetch machine exactly but I repurposed it so that we
could shoot balls the coolest part of the fort dude is over inside here Jake
how high are we right now Jake the fort feels a little rickety it
feels like we could fall out any minute not tested it with two people but you
feel safe up here Logan because you’re far away from the ground you’re far away
from anyone down there we got our Xbox so we can play games as well as watch
movies we got a super comfy place to sleep tonight we also have a ton of
awesome activities up here plus I even have a secret defense room that I can
fly around using a VR headset I mean got Captain America shield it kind of feels
like we’re in a treehouse Jake it does dude look how high up we are
extremely high up and I’ve got tons of activities for us this is top secret
activity for later I even got a potty potty put so if you ever have to go I’m
kidding it’s not actually a potty but it looks like a potty it’s a game that we
can play tonight all right cheek well put away the potty
what’s out there well Logan that is the sky wing where we’ve got our mini-golf
Jake you made a golfing area oh yeah Logan we got our very own driving range
check this out complete with our very own piece of grass with our golf club
and golf ball dispenser over there I’ve already showing it off
got a bunch of different rules that we have to try and hit the golf balls into
and each of them have different points ranging from zero to a thousand
we both are gonna get three shots each and whoever gets the most points wins
well Jake it just so happens I’m a pro golfer place your bets in the comments
down below who do you think is gonna win this golf match first shot in three two
one oh just missed 500 almost go in the fifth that needs an instant replay
thousand points gonna destroy Logan in three two one oh it’s coming back well
it looks like I’m at zero points okay so Logan all you need to do to win this
golf challenge is get it in any one of those holes and guys Logan is setting up
for his first shot here he’s got a ton of options I was trying to get it in mm
let’s see what you do he’s already got the golf okay
500 Logan’s Logan did win fair and square I did not think you were gonna
get that but Logan we’ve got other stuff to do in this box board originally I was
thinking we could go have a snack or something like that but because Logan
beat me in that challenge I really want to follow up with another game so you
plunge down here and it’s completely I think either wins or lose I actually
don’t know how it works you guys ought to let me know in the comments how that
works but for the purpose of this if you activate the pou I think if you activate
the pou you lose okay all right well I think it’s time to
try this bad boy out so what you do is you flush the toilet here like so
okay all right so I’m just gonna plunge down one time no mr. pool yet okay all
right oh I’m scared about this guy’s mr. poo came out that was a weird team that
was a little bit of a weird game but I actually have a better game because we
are up so high I was thinking we’re like birds and what a birds look like Logan
they look like airplane okay did you hear that the hairs on it
how could there be another zombie in our baseball game there might be a zombie in
the basement but it’s okay do not panic I’ve got the activation plans all set in
place I’ve got a surveillance drone Logan I’m gonna have to go into VR and
check this out it’s flying around our door how could that possibly be zombies
I’ve prepared for everything okay an attack from zombies an attack from
whoever stole my plans that’s why I made the sport so secretive all right I’m
online I’m in the headset cockpit view okay we’re on the ground all right I am
it’s a little hard to fly first-person oh oh I hate something it’s okay it’s
okay I’m not seeing any zombies right now so
far so good I see an airplane turning around his axe
Oh Logan Logan I got visual on a zombie what’s got visual on a zombie I repeat
bitch you wanna zombies please goddamn oh oh
visual all the zombies tried to smack the plane Logan
stretch back the plane oh it’s coming at me it’s coming
I don’t know what’s going on in the head look we lost the plate I don’t know
what’s going on in the headset but I’m just really comfortable right you don’t
know what’s going on in the headset Logan because you’re not in the headset
but I’m telling you there’s a zombie out there quick to get to the missile
launcher now missile launcher is on Jake zombie is in sight oh we miss Jake why
do I hear more zombies okay Logan I’m gonna have to level with you right now I
may have ordered a couple zombies just to test out the fourth security system
and make sure that it’s up to standards what do you mean you ordered zombie yeah
you can actually buy a lot but Logan guess there are zombies coming to the
fort and I just realized we were out a missile launcher ammo so this might be a
good time to use the evacuation plan what do i do do I hit this button no no
okay it’s wired to only one button it’s just this button here so what we do
first is we’re going to activate the button okay as you can hear it’s
inflating so let’s open up the evacuation door in three two one
the may not cut the door well enough three two one
see ya I tried to cut it very slightly we got gotta get out of here Logan this
is not a very good emergency okay I’m trying I thought it would just blow off
there we go okay the evacuate Ori safe pad is inflating now all we need to do
is wait for it to inflate and then jump I don’t know if a vacuole Tory is a word
Jake I think it might be a word Logan okay but just once it’s ready we jump
Jake I’m not jumping from up here look that’s the point of these sake pad okay
I knew it was too high to get down on our own so I made a safe pad you jump
it’s like landing on a pillow we just take the elevator
cuz Logan there could be zombies down there we need to get around them so we
can take them down we gotta jump on the pad Jake I thought you said we’re doing
a 24 hour challenge why are we already leaving the fort okay yes we are gonna
do a 24 Hour Challenge Logan but I think that this fort could be even better I
know it’s really amazing already but I think we could go bigger stronger and
maybe even taller guys how about this if we get 50,000 likes on this video we
will stay here and do a 24 hour challenge and expand the four making it
even bigger with more stuff if you guys want us to expand the
fort smash that like button I think with my help and Jake’s craziness we can make
an insane four-story box for alright guys about to go evacuate the fort do
not try this at home but before I do that I do need to give a massive showed
up to one of our Mason squad members big shout out to Ethan guys if you see him
down below give him a comic Ethan this jump is gonna be for you also guys if
you want to be in the squad remember to subscribe hit the bell button and call
me a shake squad down below leave your comments down below on what we should
add and of course be sure to come back to brand new videos every Thursday
Saturday and Tuesday I will see you guys next time for another awesome video

The Most Influential Game Of The Decade (The Jimquisition)

[character shouts in fear] [“Born Depressed” by Drill Queen] Hi there, gang! It’s the year 2020! [magical twinkling sound] Yeah, it’s 2020. Hooray. It started with the promise of war, And… it’s the primer for the cosmic cook-off that is this planet’s ultimate future, so… Let’s… look back at the last decade! Mm? I don’t normally like to do retrospective things outside of the year. I try and, you know, do a retrospective of the decade within it. Although people do like to point out, smugly, that 2021 is the start of the decade because zeroes. Don’t listen to them. This is the start of the new decade. But there’s not a lot to look forward to. So we’re gonna look back a little bit more just cling on to the past and we will deal with the upcoming decade. [murmurs] What the fuck is that? Oh! Oh. It’s a camera… …plastic… mount… With the glasses on and against the carpet, it looked like a poo. [quietly] But it wasn’t. What was the most influential game of the decade known as the 2010s? Or the 10s? Or the “Taugnties”? Or the “Tensies”? Or the “Teensies”? Craig! Craig, are these fucking real? …WHAT?! Anyway, that 2010 decade has all wrapped up and if we get that World War 3 everyone’s talking about, we might not have much of a 2020s, so let’s look back on the decade that was and enjoy a little bit more retrospective. Let’s just keep looking back. Keep looking back, the past can’t hurt you, it already happened. Only the future will kill you. There’s been a lot of talk about the best games of the decade, the worst games of the decade, and the most influential games. We’ve done plenty of good and bad talk here so today, I want to look at those games that have had the most influence, that informed future game design, inspired the games developed in their wake, or otherwise had some major impact on the medium. But “influence” is a broad church it doesn’t necessarily have to mean the most popular game. It doesn’t even need to be a good game at all to have been the most influential. Is the most influential game simply the best game? The most popular game? The one that inspired many copies? The one that gained the most pop culture traction? Or is it the worst game? The one that inspired the most mockery, the one that served as a warning to other developers. I’ve seen it argued that The Witcher 3, for example, is one of the most influential games of the decade, but is that really true? The Witcher 3 is one of the past decade’s most critically-acclaimed games, that much is true. It’s a game that has been played by millions, with an active player base still going strong today even breaking concurrent player records recently, following The Witcher series on Netflix. But, was The Witcher 3 influential across the game industry? When we look around at the state of the industry since tThe Witcher 3’s 2015 release, it doesn’t look like much of its quality has been aped by the mainstream market. Where The Witcher 3 uses an open world to tell not one, but dozens of fully-written, single-player story-driven quests, its peers in the “AAA” space have used open worlds to release barely finished, threadbare “live service” games with a strong emphasis on social interactions among players. Where The Witcher 3 boasted full DLC expansions like Blood and Wine, most comparable games still rely on microtransactions, which are easier to implement and stand to make more money potentially. You know, depending on how many players they can target and hoodwink. The Witcher 3 is a great game, and rightly beloved by its large audience, but one of the reasons it stands out most today is that it didn’t see too many pretenders to its throne. In the latter half of the 2010s, most game publishers in the mainstream area were too busy hopping aboard the “live service” gravy train. In fact, it could be argued that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was far more influential than The Witcher 3. Hear me out! While games in a post-Witcher 3 world moved away more and more from Witcher-like experiences, Skyrim released right at the start of the 2010s when the “live service” gravy train was but a mere push-trolley, and it was followed by games trying to chomp its flavor. With good cause, too! Despite what Bethesda has become these days, Skyrim was a true game changer way back when it released in 2011. A game of that size, scale, and ambition at the time turned quite a few heads. We take it for granted now, but Skyrim at the time was remarkable for its depth and scale and sheer volume of stuff to do. And games that followed took quite a few cues from Bethesda’s work. Dragon’s Dogma, for instance, was an explicit attempt by Capcom to design a Skyrim-like game. Dragon Age: Inquisition married BioWare’s typical approach to RPG design with Bethesda’s large-scale world building. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild owes many of its shifts away from a traditional Zelda experience to the groundwork Skyrim laid down. Almost a decade on and it can be hard to realize exactly what an impact Skyrim, long since overexposed thanks to endless re-releases, made on the RPG genre and game design as a whole. To say nothing of the effect it had on media at the time. In fact, it became referenced to a ridiculous degree, as famously emphasized by Adam Kovic of Machinima when he notoriously said Far Cry 3 was “Like Skyrim with guns.” As mocked as that statement became, it provides a snapshot of an era when Skyrim was THE thing other games got measured against. But when it comes to inspiring copycats and increasingly strained comparisons, Dark Souls may have Skyrim beat. Now, Dark Souls was not the first game of what would become known as Soulsborne series following, as it did, 2009’s Demon’s Souls which was a bloody great game by the way. But! While Demon’s Souls was both an excellent game and a cult hit, it wasn’t until Dark Souls that FromSoftware’s cyclical experience and challenging, methodical gameplay went mainstream. Now Dark Souls is an incredible videogame and remains among my most-played titles today. It also did what Doom did back in the 90s and inspired a wave of follow-ups from other studios trying to get in on that hot new action. The Soulslike has become a full subgenre, and while the name may change one day the way Doom Clone did, although maybe not, we still have Metroidvanias and Roguelikes, the hallmarks a clearly defined. Games that emphasize careful combat with a need to balance stamina limits between offense and defense, checkpoints that respawn defeated enemies in exchange for healing the player, leaving something behind upon death that can be lost unless retrieved, and a general sense of tough but fair challenge. These are all part of a typical Soulslike, which range from worthy successors to weak pretenders. Lords of the Fallen, the Surge series, Nioh, Code Vein, Salt & Sanctuary, Blasphemous, Ashen, Dead Cells, Hollow Knight, they’re all either full on Soulslike or owe a significant portion of their design to FromSoftware. The series has inspired endless memes as well, and reached a point where things like “Praise the Sun” and “You Died” are known even by people who don’t play the game. And as for drawing comparisons, well it’s reached a point where “The Dark Souls of (insert genre here)” has become a thoroughly beaten horse. It has, in fact, become the… Dark Souls of comparisons… ugh forget it. Of course, it’s not just the “AAA” space that can boast influential games. One of the standouts this decade was, of course, Undertale. Toby Fox’s inventively-charming RPG played not just with its genre but with videogames as a medium, and had a lot to say about the people who play them. In the indie space, Undertale did inspire a few games to follow in its wake. Such as the incredible Pony Island. And the sheer dedication of its fanbase, the endless jokes and memes and pop culture insinuation, that can all make a case for its influential nature. Undertale certainly had enough clout to get Sans into Super Smash Bros, kinda, while AEW star Kenny Omega strolled onto TNT’s Wednesday Night Dynamite fully decked out in cosplay gear using Megalovania as his entrance theme. And Kenny, if you’re watching, can I be on your television program? Ha ha ha! Only joking, I know you’re not watching this. Now, influence is not automatically positive as we established at the beginning. Gríma Wormtongue influenced Théoden King, Jagi influenced Shin, and semi-poisonous hallucinogens influenced the Cats movie. The game industry is full of bullshit, and that bullshit doesn’t come from just anywhere. So-called “AAA” game publishers have demonstrated time and time again that if one shitty idea gains traction, they’ll copy it. Over and over and over. Many unpopular or annoying videogame practices started with a single game. For example, 2011’s LA Noire is commonly noted to be the first game boasting a season pass featuring as it did a Rockstar Pass promising new playable missions, as well as a pair of outfits and a challenge mode. Around the same time, 2011’s Mortal Kombat dabbled with the concept, because of course it did. Publisher Warner Brothers is a bag of dicks. From there, the concept of the season pass has taken off to ludicrous degrees, with most mainstream games offering some way for the audience to pay for content that literally doesn’t exist yet. Once publishers realized they could get you to pre-order DLC and most people wouldn’t question it, they realized they could get away with anything. Now even full-priced games have much of the content planned for long after purchase. And as we head into a new decade, the idea that what you buy at launch is just a taste that can be fleshed out with additional purchases has become a widespread, sadly normalized, thing. Two games from Electronic Arts can be credited as testing the waters and getting away with one of my biggest and most infamous bugbears, good ol’ microtransactions in premium priced games. Dubbed “fee to pay” by myself, $60 titles with ongoing, psychologically manipulative micropayments were dabbled with by Mass Effect 3 in 2012 and Dead Space 3 in 2013. EA experimenting in the first game and solidifying in the second. Microsoft would then normalize the concept for a new generation, with Xbox One launch titles like Ryse: Son of Rome and Crimson Dragon glomming onto microtransactions immediately to set the tone going forward. This toxic stew of greed-fueled games from EA and Microsoft took the popular model of free-to-play games and exploited it for full-priced, big-budget titles. And once they got away with it, their filth spread across the entire industry. Now microtransactions are fucking everywhere, and they’re here to stay. Thanks, EA! Thanks, Microsoft! [mutters] Ya bunch of sperm. Then there are loot boxes, oh yes. Like microtransactions, they started on mobile and are fucking everywhere now, but one game absolutely made ’em popular. That game is, of course, Overwatch. As I’ve said before, Overwatch is to loot boxes what Resident Evil is to survival horror. It didn’t originate, but it was THE perpetuator. Team Fortress 2 introduced the loot box concept to mainstream games way back in 2010, and in the time between then and Overwatch’s 2016 release, roughly ten games implemented loot boxes in some capacity. After Overwatch’s release where loot boxes proved successful, and people actually defended them at the time, over 22 games featured lootboxes in just over a year. Those who still go to bat for Blizzard like to claim FIFA was far more influential in terms of introducing gambling to games, even coining the term “Wilson Box” to describe lootboxes, so-named after EA’s robotic CEO Android Wilson. A term contrived to create an intrinsic link between lootboxes and Electronic Arts, instead of Activision Blizzard. But all signs point to Overwatch as the game that truly inspired publishers to push that poison onto the general public. But if Overwatch made them normal and a cool thing to do in the game industry, it can be argued that Star Wars Battlefront II, a grossly erroneous overstep from EA, had a grand part to play in damaging their credibility. After using loot boxes to bring pay-to-win mechanics to Star Wars, the fan backlash was massive to the point where legislators got involved, and more serious talks were had about the socioeconomic impact of videogame monetization. EA chose to be amazingly avaricious even by its own standards and absolutely chose the wrong game to do it with. A Star Wars game! A game even non-gaming reporters at mainstream outlets could understand because Star Wars. So of course they fucking reported on it! And now we have gambling commissions across the world looking at lootboxes and saying “You know what?” “That looks an awful lot like gambling.” While loot boxes are still popular, especially in the mobile market’s underbelly, they became untenable for all but the most shameless of companies. Between them, Overwatch and Star Wars Battlefront II had major influence on the decade’s most controversial money-making tactic. And then there’s Fortnite. You see, while we can sit here and talk about the games most familiar and popular titles among long-term game players, we cannot understate the sheer mass appeal of Epic Games’ Fortnite, which is so mainstream it makes what I call a mainstream game look positive niche. I mean, they unveiled content for The Rise of Skywalker in Fortnite! Content that should have, y’know, BEEN in Rise of the Skywalker but instead was sectioned off for a shameless publicity stunt. What a fucking mess of a film. What a fucking m- and I don’t need your hot takes, by the way, about how it’s actually good. I realize we’re in the backlash to the backlash phase, the back-backlash now to Rise of the Skywalker reactions. But it’s st- uh, ugh. It’s a bad film. Anyway, Fortnite has turned dance moves into real-life fads, especially the ones it stole. Practically fucking everybody knows what Fortnite is, millions have played it from those deeply into videogames to the lightest casual player, and it makes more than enough money per day to make the average person violently sick. As well as that, it popularized the battle pass which looks set to be the hot new thing and may lead to in-game premium subscriptions as seen with Fallout 76’s Fallout 1st debacle. [yells aside] A hundred dollars a year subscription for Fallout 76?! [yells aside] Fucking what?! Licky licky WHAT?! Fortnite’s crossed over with The Avengers, Batman, Stranger Things, the fucking NFL. It will have crossed over with fucking Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em by the time this sentence is finished! And the Battle Royale genre absolutely exploded thanks to it. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may have had the first taste of mass appeal in the genre, and mods in open worlds games like DayZ and Rust may have originated it, but Fortnite blew everything out of the water and inspired dozens upon dozens of knockoffs, as well as battle royale modes in series like Call of Duty and Fallout. But if you roll your hipster eyes at Fortnite being called the most influential game of the 2010s, you’ll pull them out your fucking head when I say, with some confidence, what the most influential game actually was. And that game is… Clash of Clans. When we get down to the wire, whether we talk about critically-acclaimed games like The Witcher 3, inspirational, genre-creators like Dark Souls, or mass market smashes like Fortnite, there’s no getting away from the fact that a freemium strategy game on mobile was more than likely the most influential thing over the course of this decade following its 2012 release. I know for a bloody fact it’s hugely influential because, as I’ve noted in past videos, Clash of Clans has consistently been one of three games that industry executives reference. In fact, to some executives, the ones that come from other industries outside of games, Clash of Clans is one of only three games that they even acknowledge exists, alongside Call of Duty and Candy Crush. These three games are the unholy trinity of greed-fueled publishers. A trinity I’ve handily abbreviated to C-C-COD-COC. In its own market, Clash of Clans inspired hundreds of mobile strategy games that aped not just its gameplay but its art style. Look at all these icons! Outside of that market, the sheer wealth its microtransactions accumulated did not go unseen by “AAA” publishers, hungry for some of that sweet Do Re Mi. One of the reasons given by Visceral Games for Dead Space 3’s fee-to-pay bullshit was the popularity of freemium models on mobile, and Clash of Clans has been THE gold standard for most of the decade. In 2015 the game was raking in 1.5 million dollars a day. By 2018 it had generated more revenue than any other mobile app, ever. Its freemium model was copied by big budget publishers who saw no reason to actually make their games free. Its success has spawned legions of knock-offs. Like Fortnite, almost everyone knows what it is. Maybe Fortnite would have exerted more influential if it’d released earlier in the 2010s, but over the course of the past ten years, Clash of Clans has exerted more influence over the people pulling the levers of the game industry, and that’s the sad fact. No matter what brilliant games you like. No matter their quality, their cultural traction, their fandom or their respect, none of them were as important in shaping this generation as Clash of fucking Clans. So enjoy thinking about that. Oh yeah Minecraft’s come out this decade and all. …that was pretty popular. Eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted that there wasn’t really any mention of Nintendo and no, it’s not because I’m biased. It’s a similar reason to The Witcher 3, really. But more so, because Nintendo tends to exist in its own little bubble doing its own little thing. And I feel that’s been consistent of them for the past two decades, really. They get on with their own thing. I mean, last generation they inspired a lot of motion control stuff. But it didn’t really take off. So even then, they influenced the fad, but maybe not the whole decade. But that was the decade before the one we’re even looking at, so… Don’t even get me off-topic ya cheeky goose. [mutters] I don’t know what I meant by that. Um… But all things considered, one thing I can say in Nintendo’s favor and you can take this to the bank, is the Switch was easily my favorite system this past decade. Easy. Maybe one of my, well, ONE of my favorite systems ever. Possibly my favorite one. We would- well you know, I’d have to test it in a lab, to fully commit to it, but yeah, of the decade? Easy, bang-up job. Love the Switch. Can play Resident Evil 4 on it. You know, what other system could do that? Thank God for me. [“Stress” by Jim’s Big Ego]

20 Games That Changed Our Lives In The Last Decade

In the 2010s, new video game genres arrived. Fandoms rose and fell. E-sports came into their own, countless indie
games proved their worth, and blockbuster releases became bigger and more impressive
than ever. Over the past decade, gaming changed forever. These are the titles that paved the way.​ A game doesn’t have to be complicated to be
fun. Just look at Clash of Clans for proof. Supercell’s mobile strategy game isn’t as
deep as games like StarCraft 2 or Command and Conquer, but that’s part of the game’s
charm. Clash of Clans is simple enough that anyone,
even people who don’t consider themselves gamers, can boot it up and start having fun. Clash of Clans’ easy startup is a big reason
why many people spent the 2010s glued to their phones. Some of those people went on to try more “hardcore”
strategy games. Others didn’t. That’s okay. As long as more people are playing games,
we all win. Of course, not all change is good. Clash of Clans is the highest-earning game
on the iOS app store, having made more than $6.4 billion in microtransactions. Tired of seeing in-game purchases pop up in
your games? You have Clash of Clans, and its mobile sibling
Candy Crush, which also arrived in 2012, to thank. While FromSoftware’s Demon’s Souls is technically
the first Souls game, it’s the follow-up, Dark Souls, that pushed the punishing formula
into the mainstream. Building on a well-established action-RPG
formula, Dark Souls wowed players with its ingenious looping levels, dark and moody atmosphere,
and alluringly opaque lore. Yes, Dark Souls is hard, but the real draw
is that, with practice and patience, you get better. Overcoming the Dark Souls foe that you’ve
spent hours and hours studying, battling, and being destroyed by, is one of gaming’s
most sincere pleasures. That you get to do it while exploring an expertly
realized world? All the better. In fact, Dark Souls proved so popular that
a whole host of imitators followed. Not only did FromSoftware make two sequels
and similar titles like Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but other companies have
given us “Souls-likes” like Nioh, Code Vein, Ashen, and more. When an entire genre is named after a single
franchise, you know it’s done something right. It used to be that MMORPGs like World of Warcraft
were where you’d go to team up with other players and grind for weapons. Destiny brought that same experience to action
games. By providing a satisfying shooting experience,
regular updates, and a never-ending supply of guns, Destiny transformed nightly gaming
sessions into a full-time job. Bungie’s newest franchise proved that, as
long as players have enough things to do, they’ll never put your game down. Destiny’s formula has been refined and improved
by games like Warframe, The Division 2, and Destiny’s own sequel, but it’s the original
game that started the trend. Ignore the shoddy dialogue, the nonsensical
plot, or the sometimes infuriating design decisions. The rise of games-as-a-service started right
here. Before Five Nights at Freddy’s, Scott Cawthon
was ready to quit game development. Fortunately, he decided to take one last shot. After one critic complained that his “cute”
characters looked scary, Cawthon decided to see what would happen if he tried to make
something truly horrifying. Boy, did it pay off. First came the jump scares, which provided
fodder for YouTubers to make fools of themselves and rake in the clicks doing so. Next came the intentionally ambiguous lore,
which spawned countless fan theories and kept fans engaged. Finally, Cawthon’s quick and unpredictable
release schedule, nine games in five years, many of which arrived as a complete surprise,
kept the momentum going. Now, there are multiple Freddy’s spin-off
novels. McFarlane Toys’ Freddy’s merchandise is the
company’s best-selling product line ever. And there’s even a theme park attraction and
a movie on the way. From game industry burn-out to head of a one-man
media empire? That’s not just impressive. It’s the best feel-good story of the 2010s. Only a few games become legitimate cultural
phenomena and Fortnite is fortunate enough to number among them. Fortnite made the “Battle Royale” genre a
household name. It has been played by everyone from Drake
to Ellen, and it attracts more viewers than most prime-time TV shows. Need more proof? Turn on the TV or head to a public event and
see how much time passes before you see someone flossing. Spoiler: it won’t be long. “Let’s floss come on baby show em what
ya got! Let’s move! I wanna see some movement! I’m not seeing enough movement!” That’s not bad for a game that started as
a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds knock-off tacked on to a completely unrelated survival
game, which, incredibly, is still in early access. But Fortnite was never just about the battle
royale. Fortnite is a social space. It’s a place to express yourself creatively. It’s a spectator sport, an interactive story,
the birthplace of a new business, and more. It changed the gaming world forever. By this point, nobody needs to argue that
games are art. They’re creative endeavors. Of course they’re art. Still, in 2013, some people weren’t convinced. Gone Home helped change their minds. It doesn’t have much in the way of action,
since you just walk around a house and look at the things you find, but that doesn’t make
its story any less emotional or its world any less compelling. Gone Home is a masterclass in environmental
storytelling, using everyday objects to weave a powerful narrative, and helped pave the
way for other narrative adventures like The Stanley Parable, Firewatch, and What Remains
of Edith Finch. While some critics derisively call Gone Home
and its ilk “walking simulators,” this genre just provided a new format through which games
can tell stories. Hearthstone, Blizzard’s card-based, free-to-play
World of Warcraft spin-off, was a hit almost immediately. It’s easy to see why. Strategically, Hearthstone is easy to learn,
but hard to master. Keeping track of the meta and devising expert
strategies can get complex, but it doesn’t take much to jump in and play. As such, Hearthstone was instrumental to the
rise of game streaming as a legitimate form of entertainment, and it remains one of the
most-watched games on Twitch today. It’s spectacularly easy to follow. Unlike most other competitive titles, Hearthstone
doesn’t jump between cameras or require any pre-knowledge of the mechanics. Everything you need to know is right there
on the screen. That makes Hearthstone an excellent e-sport:
Not only can you learn new tricks by watching experts, but if you want to give it a try,
there’s no barrier to entry. Heck, you don’t even need a computer; Hearthstone
plays great on mobile, too. Braving online multiplayer with random people
can be a harrowing experience. Your opponents want to grind you into dust. Your teammates rely on you for victory. Make a mistake and you haven’t just lost the
game for your team: you’ve given complete strangers an excuse to bombard you with abuse
over your headset. It doesn’t have to be that way. In Journey, it’s not. Multiplayer is the heart of the Journey experience,
and yet it’s remarkably stripped down. You can’t really talk to other people. You can only communicate via an ambiguous
chime. You collaborate instead of compete in a shared
journey to reach a distant mountain. As you venture together through Journey’s
painterly landscapes, you never even learn each others’ names. It doesn’t matter. Somehow, Journey forges everlasting bonds
between players, creating an emotional experience you’ll never forget. Multiplayer games are capable of much more,
and Journey shows the way forward. Sony’s big prestige games like the Uncharted
franchise or God of War follow a simple pattern. Flashy action scenes and high-tech setpieces
pull you into the world, while the story itself unfolds via cinematic cutscenes. It’s a winning formula, and The Last of Us
doesn’t stray from that pattern. You can argue that The Last of Us’ narrative
isn’t interactive enough, or that the post-apocalyptic plotline isn’t that original, but you can’t
deny that the story is expertly told. In large part, that’s because of Troy Baker
and Ashley Johnson, whose winning performances make Joel and Ellie feel more real than any
video game characters before or since. But it’s also just a well-made piece piece
of entertainment. At times, The Last of Us might feel like more
of a theme park ride than a game, but that doesn’t matter. It’ll probably make you cry anyway. “I’m having feelings again! Like some sort of 14-year-old kid! You remember feelings, right?” “I have feelings every single day of my life.” Nintendo gets a lot of flack for recycling
the same old formulas, but Breath of the Wild didn’t just refine the Zelda formula: it upended
the franchise entirely. Bite-sized shrines replaced long, winding
dungeons. Strictly defined puzzles gave way to open-ended
situations with multiple solutions. Before, you were constricted by design, but
in Breath of the Wild, you’re only limited by your imagination. Most importantly, Breath of the Wild moved
the series’ focus from puzzle-solving to exploration. There are secrets hidden everywhere, so you’re
always rewarded for taking risks. Breath of the Wild’s various systems interact
in surprising ways, encouraging you to experiment with different combos and strategies. Heck, just traversing Hyrule’s varied terrain
is fun. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild revitalized
Nintendo’s best franchise and completely changed the way we look at gaming worlds. Minecraft is the best-selling video game of
all time. Over 112 million people play Minecraft every
month. It launched the careers of countless YouTubers
and streamers, spawned its own myths and urban legends, and made game modding a legit and
profitable career. Even better, Minecraft did all that by celebrating
creativity, not competition. While Minecraft’s survival aspects spawned
countless clones, its biggest strength is that it encourages people to express themselves. Want to make a house, or a castle, or a spaceship? What about a magical kingdom, or a working
computer, or the entire planet Earth? You can do all of it and more, one block at
a time. Ultimately, Minecraft’s biggest strength is
its players’ imaginations. Minecraft gives you the tools, but it’s up
to players to make their own fun. Blizzard has always been at the forefront
of the esports scene, but Overwatch pushed everything to a new level. Not intentionally, of course. Overwatch wasn’t initially developed with
esports in mind, and players flocked to it because of its colorful characters and satisfying
gameplay, not its competitive potential. Once Overwatch was a hit, though, all bets
were off. Blizzard didn’t just organize competitions. It put together an entire league that was
structured after regular professional sports clubs. In the Overwatch League, cities have their
own teams to root for. Players receive guaranteed annual salaries
and can be traded, just like in the NFL and MLB. It’s a whole new way of doing esports. “The world needs us now, more than ever. Are you with me?” The most infamous horror game of the ’10s
isn’t even a full game. It’s just a “playable teaser.” When P.T. dropped on Aug. 12, 2014, nobody
knew what it was. All they knew was that it was scary as hell. Simply walking through a series of hallways
doesn’t sound frightening at first, but when it’s brought to you by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo
del Toro, you better believe that things get weird fast. And then, of course, everything blew up. The game that P.T. was supposed to tease,
Silent Hills, was cancelled as the relationship between Kojima and his publisher, Konami,
fell apart. Eventually, Konami pulled P.T. from the PlayStation
Store entirely. Now, unless it’s already installed on your
PlayStation 4, it’s impossible to play. That lack of access only cemented P.T.’s legacy,
by transforming P.T. into a digital ghost story. It’s an urban legend – something you’ll hear
about but never experience for yourself. For a horror game, we can’t think of a more
fitting legacy. With Pokémon Go, Niantic delivered on a very
specific fantasy: For the first time ever, you could head outside and capture Pokémon
in the real world. In a little more than 60 days, Pokémon Go
was downloaded 500 million times, and made over $500 million dollars. Players spent countless hours trekking from
Pokestop to Pokestop. Some even trespassed on private property and
walked off of cliffs in their attempts to catch ’em all. “And I was like, ‘Oh, like, they’re
kinda- that’s not smart.’” Along the way, Pokémon Go also proved the
viability of both augmented reality gaming and location-based social play. Pokémon was the perfect property to bring
AR to the masses, and it showed that AR can work. The next big thing is just a matter of time. Big, open-world, go-anywhere, do-anything-style
RPGs had been done before. Heck, Skyrim developer Bethesda made plenty
of them. However, they’d never been this big or this
open, with quite so many places to go or things to do. Skyrim doesn’t just send you on a quest. It drops you into the middle of a fully realized
fantasy world and sends you out to make your own adventures. It’s the kind of game that you can spend hundreds,
if not thousands, of hours playing, but that’s only half the story. Skyrim is also the single-best showcase for
the power of gaming’s modding community. Basic Skyrim is very good. With fan-made mods, it’s great, and hilarious,
and terrifying, and everything in-between. Thanks to modders, there’s more Skyrim out
there than you could possibly enjoy, and it’s never looked better. If this sort of RPG appeals to you at all,
Skyrim might be the last game you’ll ever need. Can one man change the world? Stardew Valley makes a pretty good case. Over the course of four years, Eric Barone,
better known as Concerned Ape, crafted Stardew Valley from the ground-up. He did everything. The programming. The art. The music. The writing. All of it. All of that hard work paid off. Stardew Valley might be inspired by the Harvest
Moon series, but it transcends its source material in almost every way. In Stardew Valley, running a successful farm
is just the beginning. You can also dive into dungeons to fight monsters
and gather loot, romance local villagers, discover the village’s secrets, help solve
your neighbors’ problems, and bring hope back to a struggling rural community. It’s charming, addictive, and undeniably special,
not to mention a fitting tribute to human ingenuity. Barone built something great from scratch. When you boot up Stardew Valley, you’re encouraged
to do the exact same thing. As we head into the 2020s, the 2D platformer
is alive and well, and we have Super Meat Boy to thank. A decade and a half after Super Mario Bros.
and similar games transitioned to 3D, Super Meat Boy showed that there’s still life in
one of gaming’s oldest genres. It also helped establish the speed-running
scene, re-ignited peoples’ passions for retro-style games, and proved that players wouldn’t shy
away from a ridiculous challenge a year before Dark Souls arrived. Most importantly, however, Super Meat Boy
was also instrumental in kicking off the indie game boom of the early 2010s. As documented in Indie Game: The Movie, nobody
knew back in those days if indie games could compete against triple-A titles. Because of Super Meat Boy and its peers, there
are now more indie games than we could ever hope to play. That’s not great for those of us short on
spare time, but it’s great for everyone who wants an alternative to ultra-polished, AAA
fare. It doesn’t seem like taking a genre that’s
all about killing and using it to make a game that encourages pacifism should work, but
Undertale managed it. Toby Fox’s indie RPG, which evokes 16-bit
role-playing games like Earthbound and Super Mario RPG, is charming, heartfelt, and wildly
innovative. Still, Undertale’s enduring legacy won’t be
the game itself. It’ll be the community that Undertale created. Undertale memes, and fan art, and videos are
all over the internet. When there’s a poll for the best games of
all time, you can rest assured that Undertale’s fans will flock to the voting booth to do
their part. Undertale fans are loud and passionate, and
while they’re not always as friendly as Undertale’s pacifist undertones would have you believe,
they’re a testament to how art can bring a group of disparate people together. It’s Undertale’s world. We’re just living in it. By taking the point-and-click adventure games
of the ’90s, chucking out the obtuse puzzles, and doubling down on story, Telltale Games
did something special: it made a video game that made you care. Sure, The Walking Dead brand probably helped
it get attention, but by the end of the series’ first installment, players were invested in
Clem’s journey all by itself. And that’s despite the fact that The Walking
Dead isn’t really any different from a Choose Your Own Adventure novel. Choice, or, in some cases, the mere illusion
of choice, was enough to draw players into the narrative. Once they were invested, Telltale knew that
they’d form deep emotional bonds with The Walking Dead’s characters, and used that to
craft one of the most harrowing and heartbreaking stories video games have ever seen. The Telltale studio may be gone, but we’ll
never forget how The Walking Dead made us feel. In many ways, The Witcher 3 is like a mash-up
of all the biggest trends of the ’10s. Do you like exploring big open worlds? The Witcher 3 has one of the biggest, and
it’s chock full of interesting secrets to uncover. Do you play games for their stories? The Witcher 3 forces you to make some excruciating
choices, and it always delivers satisfying, if usually unpleasant, narrative pay-offs. It has meticulous combat. It has gorgeous graphics. It even has a Hearthstone-style collectible
card game. And yet, somehow, The Witcher 3 also manages
to be more than the sum of its parts. If you like video games, The Witcher 3 has
something you’re sure to like. All that, and The Witcher 3 made protagonist
Geralt a star. Sure, the Witcher from Rivia had appeared
in games before, but The Witcher 3 made him into an icon that stands alongside the likes
of Mario, Sonic, Master Chief, and Solid Snake. Netflix’s Witcher series might be based on
the original novels, not the game, but a television show would never exist without the Wild Hunt’s
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