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How To EASILY Win Games In Fortnite Chapter 2! (Fortnite How To Win – Chapter 2 Tips)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re going to be going over how to win games in fortnite chapter 2 season 1. If you guys have played or watched Fortnite
at all since the release of chapter 2, I’m sure you’re well aware that a tonnnn of things
have changed. However for some odd reason, Fortnite has
yet to release any kind of patch notes that tell players whats actually different now. But luckily, a bunch of people have come together
over the past few days and by sharing information, have basically created their own set of patch
notes which seem to be 100% accurate. And honestly, there are a bunch of thing on
here that are super important in regards to winning games, that a lot of people probably
haven’t even noticed have changed. So, we’ll discuss all of those as well as
other general tips for winning games, and without further ado let’s get right into it. Alright, so the first absolutely massive and
very important change to Fortnite in Chapter 2 season 1 was to the loot pool. Based on this list, it appears that a whopping
29 weapons/items/vehicles were vaulted at the beginning of the new season, and that’s
obviously insane. I’m not gonna read off all 29 because that
would honestly take like a solid minute, but I’ll put the full list on the screen right
now, and then we’ll talk about how the really important vaults impact Fortnite throughout
this video. Along with the 29 vaults you also have 4 different
weapons which were unvaulted: The white, purple, and gold versions of the pump shotgun, the
burst assault rifle which is more commonly called the FAMAS, the regular SMG, and the
pruple and gold P90s. Finally, on top of all that, there were also
some new versions or types of weapons added into the game: There is now a white and green
rarity RPG, a new purple and gold rarity of the burst AR which players are calling the
AUG, new purple and gold variants of the regular pistol, and finally the bandage bazooka which
is the first weapon in Fortnite history that takes up 2 inventory slots. So the jist of what happened here, is that
Fortnite totally cleaned up the loot pool. People have constantly complained since about
season 7, that there were simply too many useless/annoying weapons and items in the
game. Especially in the beginning of matches, that
would make RNG way more important than it needed to be even in a battle royale game. And honestly, there was a lot of truth to
that. There were also a few other interesting changes
to chests that are really important to know. The first is that chests finally have a 100%
spawn rate in regular game modes. That means if a certain building has 3 chest
spawns in 1 game you play, it will have the same 3 chest spawns in every game you play. This takes away another huge RNG aspect of
looting in Fortnite, and it’s definitely one of my favorite changes. Also there’s now a new type of chest and a
new type of ammo box in Fortnite. They’re both a dark blue color, and apparently
the chest gives a guaranteed purple or gold rarity weapon and the new ammo box, along
with giving a lot ammo, also has a high chance to drop a shield item. And finally, certain weapons that used to
only drop in floor loot can now also come out of chests, the 2 biggest examples of this
are the pump shotguns and the RPGs. So I think all of these changes to looting
make it so that you no longer need to land at a super huge town to get really good loot. In the last few seasons even when I was going
for wins, I would be scared to land at a safe area towards the outside of the map if it
only had something like 6-7 chest spawns. Because odds are only about 3-4 of those chests
would actually spawn, and even with opening the ones that did spawn, because the loot
pool was so bad, you still had a really high chance to walk away with a horrible inventory. But now that chests spawn 100% of the time
and there’s way less useless weapons/items, I would say that getting materials is more
of a problem than getting good loot. So that’s why I think outskirt/less populated
areas are absolute money now if you’re playing for wins, because you’ll still walk away with
solid loot, and also plenty of time to farm materials. Moving on, the next thing I want to talk about
is the brand new Fortnite map in Chapter 2, and how it effects winning games. One of the biggest complaints that players
have regarding the new map, is that just like last season, you have this really big map,
and almost no forms of mobility available. Launch pads, the batman grappler, shockwaves,
bouncers, and driftboards were all vaulted the beginning of the season, and as of right
now the only fast travel option in the game is the new boat vehicle. So if you take a look at the map which I’ll
throw on the screen right now, you’ll see a bunch of skinny streams of water which I
guess are rivers, and almost all of them lead towards the big body of water with the island
in the middle. Since these boats are the only mobility option
in the entire game, you have to be aware that pretty much every source of water is going
to be hotspot for fights. It’s kinda like how in season 7, areas where
planes spawned were always super contested, and you were pretty much guaranteed to get
3rd partied if you fought there. Now it definitely isn’t AS bad as that because
boats are nowhere near as powerful as planes were, but still, if you’re someone playing
for wins, unless you need to use a boat to rotate out of the storm, you should try to
avoid any of these river or ocean-esque areas. Because when you take a fight there, it’s
only gonna be a matter of time until a 3rd party hears that, rides there boat to you,
and now you need to fight 2 people instead of just one. The next thing I wanna talk about in this
video is the new upgrading weapons feature in Fortnite. For those of you unaware, you can now upgrade
the rarity of a weapon you choose in exchange for materials. And the way you do this, is by finding an
upgrade bench which are located in various different POIs through out the map, and I’ll
throw an image on the screen right now that shows all those locations. Here’s the material cost of upgrading any
weapon depending on it’s rarity: Going from white to green will cost you 50 of each material
so obviously 150 total, going from green to blue will cost 150 of each material, blue
to purple is 250 of each material, and finally purple to gold is 350 of each material. So even though I think this is a really cool
feature, at the current cost, I personally don’t see many situations where I would recommend
upgrading. With the current farming rate in regular Fortnite
games, materials are just so hard to come by the majority of the time, and having a
lot of materials is obviously so important when it comes to winning. Are there some weapon where upgrading from
blue to purple or purple to gold makes the weapon considerably more powerful, yeah definitely,
and maybe if the cost was 300 or 400 total materials I’d say “ya know what, just go for
it.” But 1,050 to go from purple to gold is just
absurd and 750 to go from blue to purple isn’t that much better. Again, there may be some niche situations
where it is viable. I guess in squads, you could just take like
60-70 of each material type from all 4 players and I guess that doesn’t seem THAT bad, and
in arena with the faster farming rate you could recover the materials you use much quicker,
but in regular solos or duos I advise never using this feature with the way it currently
is. The final thing I wanna quickly mention in
this video is fishing. Believe it or not, fishing can actually be
very rewarding if you’re in need of health or shield. Here’s a quick little image that shows all
the fish, as well as what they heal, max carry stack, and amount of time it takes to consume. As you can see, especially the flopper and
slurpfish are incredibly powerful. If you get a 3 stack of slurpfish, you can
go from 50 health to 200 health in roughly 3-4 seconds. Now obviously fishing keeps you exposed and
is kinda boring, but it is definitely a very viable looting tactic in a lot of situations. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. I wanna know, do you guys have a win yet in
Fortnite Chapter 2 season 1, and if so, how many wins do you have. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time.

Fortnite’s Chapter 2/Black Hole Event has the Internet Losing Its Mind! (Nerdist Newsl)

– Fortnite’s Chapter 2/Black Hole event has the internet losing it’s mind. Fans of the Battle Royale
Fortnite have been wondering how Fortnite Season 10’s
finale was gonna top itself. And it turns out, the
answer was for Epic Games to simply shut down the whole dang game. Over the weekend, Fortnite players found the entire game collapsing
into a singularity as the Battle Royale island
was sucked into a black hole. Ever since that moment, players
trying to sign into the game have been stuck watching
this black hole for hours. Which has lead to millions
of views on Twitch and YouTube of a swirling blue circle, while occasionally numbers would appear. And while this has lead fans to speculate if these numbers are some sort of code or Easter egg, one
confirmed hidden surprise is that if fans enter
the classic konami code up up down down left
right left right b a start it gives them a mini game to play. Of course, many believe
that this is all a precursor to something even bigger, and based on some of the leaks popping up, which we will break down in a few moments, it could be the launch of
season one of chapter two. However in the meantime, fans have taken to social media to express their thoughts and frustrations about
the #FortniteBlackout. First off, official
Playstation support weighed in, saying please be assured
that your inventory items and V-Bucks are secure
during the Fortnite blackout. For any other Fortnite
questions, please visit help.epicgames.com. Well that’s certainly got to
be a relief for some people, but that certainly didn’t
put everyone’s fears at ease, like streamer @CouRageJD
who said, Fortnite is gone, Twitch isn’t loading, I’m terribly scared I
might have to go outside. Some people were trying
to figure out exactly what caused this and
@Friskkmkay might have figured the whole thing
out and the culprit is a certain naughty goose
from another viral game. OMG, I know what happened
to @Fornite game. It’s certainly as good
an explanation as any, but figuring out what
the strange numbers mean became an internet
obsession, like @timthetatman who tweeted everyone trying to figure out what the Fortnite numbers mean. And even Esports team got
in on the speculation, like @teamsecret who tweeted
what do the numbers mean? 11, the average age of a
hashtag Fortnite player 146, the amount of hours
you will have to wait for season 11. 15, the amount of days until
you get bored of season 11. 62, the amount of Skittles we have eaten since the black hole started. Okay, well we don’t know about you but 62 Skittles seems on the low end. There. All right, others took
to Twitter to express their frustrations like
@MedySignoret who said nice. Fortnite is still down,
now I have no excuse to not do my homeworks and go outside, GG. We will give ten to one odds that schools will see test scores rise
as a result next week. @SypherPK turned the
knife a bit more tweeting. Imagine your parents
said finish your homework and do all your chores and
you can play Fortnite all day. You finish all of it and then epic said. Even Satan himself got in
on the viral tweeting action torturing Fortnite fans
with Fortnite is dead, just like your hopes and dreams. Yeah Satan we live in 2019, we know. But some people found the silver
lining to this whole thing like @LilTreProd who said Fortnite ended a couple hours ago and I
finally went downstairs to speak to my family, they
actually pretty cool people. And ZexRow from TSM who
said Who knew the best thing for Fortnite’s viewership on Twitch was to take away the gameplay. It’s the age old adage give the
people what they don’t want. But maybe the most sobering
tweet of them all was from the unofficial Fortnite
news outlet @FortniteBR. I think the fact that we
actually cannot handle Fortnite being offline for 12 hours kind
of tells you that addiction really is a thing. We bet some people feel like
they were being attd with that. But what does all of this mean? Well as we mentioned, based on
some of the leaks popping up, it appears that all of this is a precursor to chapter two season one. Now, as always these should
be taken with a grain of salt, but it’s fair to say
these leaks do feel real, so we will still throw up
a quick spoiler warning in case you care about that sort of thing. According to Leaks, we
will be getting a new map as well as new features,
like hiding in barrels, and carrying down teammates. There will also be new cosmetic changes as well as the addition
of boats and pogo sticks. But it’s no surprise that
Fortnite’s actual creator, Epic Games, has been
mom on what will happen when the game comes back,
or if it will at all. At the end of the day, the internet is continuing
to do it’s thing, but when can players expect
to sign back into Fortnite? Rumors are now swirling that
fans could see something as early as Tuesday. But we will see. What do you folks think? Are you pissed you couldn’t
play Fortnite this weekend? Did you just switch to Apex Legends? And what do you think will happen once Fortnite comes back
online, let’s discuss. Thanks for watching, if
you liked what you saw why not give us a like and subscribe. If you want to get notified
every time we go live, with this show or drop a new video, feel free to mash that little bell so you can be up to date
on all the latest theories, news, and rumors in the pop culture world. (electronic music)

Fortnite DIRE McFarlane Toys Epic Games Action Figure Unboxing Review

while we’re waiting the black hole of
for tonight I can say that things are getting pretty dire hey guys me host supersorrell even in
its dire and you can say things are getting pretty dire right now as we wait
for the latest update from fortnight a lot of people at joking on the internet
sending around this screenshot saying that we’re now closed a little ice crea
crap it’s not it’s just updating the put this on is a great piece of marketing
they couldn’t have done this any bear they’ve destroyed the world turned off
their twitters and stuff and just left us with this black swirling vortex of
nothingness so everyone’s speculating on what’s gonna happen how long it’s gonna
be in things I thought in the meantime lies well dude eyes review there’s no
better time to review dire than right now
we are in the midst of a Star Wars Renaissance right now with all the
awesome figures coming out but I wanted to get back on track with some Halloween
style content with dire as he is a werewolf you’ll fit in with the October
theme and with everything going on right now with fall right no better time to
review it so let’s get this bad guy out of the packaging but before we do guys
let’s go to the desk um so you guys take a look at the actual packaging itself
alright guys the listing a look at the Burger King it’s for tonight 22 moving
parts it comes with a really cool for haha fuck they have a single some
awesome weaponry an awesome katana for his backpack piece there’s a standard
there and of course the awesome figure himself and this is daya from the fort
night skin collection and if we take a look at that side of the box there is an
awesome werewolf side piece which is pretty badass and then if we take a look
at the back as well you can see all the other characters from the collection in
this wave we also get this cool looking dude I’m not too familiar the name of
that skin sorry but daya is pretty awesome I hope to bring this back for
Halloween and here’s a bunch of the other figures from the range as you guys
already know I’ve reviewed a bunch of these so go check out my for might
playlist I’ll leave a link at the end of the video so you can go check it out and
of course I still haven’t got any of these yet but these are the other things
you can get now including the balance pad and as well as a glider I’m very
excited and the people at fortnight themselves have been in contact with me
to advise that we will we’ll be getting some more things to
review around about Christmastime so we’ll have the latest haul of goodies
come Christmas from for a night so stay tuned for that but I thought there’s no
better time to review this right now than with this going on in the
background and I can’t play the game so I thought I’d review the products so
guys let’s go back to the main camp and get this bad guy unboxed
alright guys but before we do I wanna give these people an awesome subscriber
shoutout thank you for commenting guys I really appreciate it I really appreciate
each and every one of you for subscribing and supporting this channel
but these people have left me some juicy comments so I thought I would let you
guys see them as well and as well my friend Erin appear has put a little
comment about the giveaway that Lynn’s doing missus supersorrell she’s doing a
frozen giveaway as a part of her frozen unboxing so please go ahead and check
that review out cuz you won’t want to miss out on a free giveaway of that
awesome frozen key from Disney Store and Erin just answer your question dude yes
we are not flippers man we would never flip that key for double the money we
thought we’d give somebody a chance who couldn’t get one on the disney day so
let’s bring this out of the packaging guys let’s do this
here we go uh-oh a solid take on this one it’s straight out oh yeah on the
side of the box but luckily there is a figure that I’m knocking I’m not gonna
be selling on or trading with anyone I am keeping Daiya it was one the items
into my football collection some figures I do get and then it’s occasionally I’ll
trade with somebody else for like a different figure or whatever but in this
case and I already keeping daya you know get many werewolf style action
figures especially one that looks quite modernized like this one this will be
cool for this bleep displaying with life I’m loving Dracula and things like that
that’s the plan I do this one roped I do rope tie it just to rub fags that one
like I said he does come with a backpack piece which in this instance is a katana
which is cool cuz I even you could use that with all the figures well crap you
just with a shotgun I knees hammer piece as well yeah so
strugglin is nicely Beutel as well as got a nice silver top chrome part to it
I believe that’s a shotgun oh it looks like a shotgun yeah yeah he’s got that
arm piece and of course is called you like a giant hammer harvesting tool and
like I said then the katana back piece which just has this little prong here
which fits into the back of the character he does have some nunchuck on
him as well that is pretty cool alright guys his diet out of the
packaging he’s mouth open no that’s a shame he should have at a fully
articulated mouth you could make him earn howl at the moon would know his
mouth is static but his head a ball drain is pretty decent
cuz he’s two pieces so there’s this piece here on the back which is make him
look like he’s got the fairy mane but you can actually still manipulate the
head up and down and then pull it forward as well with the other piece so
that’s a pretty decent articulation there and there’s the ab crunch as well
which is pretty good his arms do lift up do rotate that top hinge as well as at
the bicep double hinged elbow as well hands are on ball joints you can rotate
them at the biceps as well legs do list out all the way as well which is pretty
good as well as forwards a little bit and backwards the knee is a double
hinged knee and but it does have the weird dog white feet see we’re gonna
struggle to change the articulation but I think we prefer bills getting
crouching actually pretty well given double engineer join and he does come
with rockers and pivots in the feet as well as on the toes so no matter how low
again to the ground you should still be able to stand pretty well with that to
articulate yeah he’s pretty sturdy actually it’s that’s good just stand him
up for now yeah that’s a nice figure and in case
you are struggling to stand there anything like he does come in his own
fortnight in both base so that’s pretty cool if he does how pins in holding out
of the box Bobby speeds he can use either both or not depending on the pose
you want to use both hands can accept the gun although the left hand is the
trigger finger so we’ll go ahead and shove the shotgun them there see how
easy that pass to the hand okay it took a little bit but we’ve got it there yeah
okay yes so that is pretty cool I’m loving
that finger like so cool that’s awesome guys what’s your thoughts on this wolf
let’s go to the main combo where you guys can get no blows person look at
this figure so let’s go to the does count so guys here is Dyer in the
swirling vortex behind him this is the fortnight Dyer figure from McFarlane
Toys is pretty cool like said loving that giant shotgun piece you know it
looks pretty decent on him this look like a villain that could fight like the
teenage beauty girls or even the Power Rangers you know looks like something
that you could especially pretty brief tales imagine them fighting that that’d
be badass what a Halloween special that I’d make
really the way guys will the way for for tonight to reboot itself and bring us a
new map and goodies this is a great figure to have and to be playing around
with during that downtime is very nice I’m loving at the face it has a very
nice M so look to the the eyes and the mouth and stuff I just wish we could
open that mouth and give him more of a howling expression but I’m loving the
the fur on the top part at the body here and on the arms he just looks so cool
the biker gloves and stuff and wrap arounds that look pretty cool with the
jeans all ripped up and again that the feet articulation really does helps he
can get him in more animal-like poses when he’s not got the shot in his hand
I’m also gonna have a go at getting him any different pros as well and I’ve just
messed up the articulation though luckily that like said we do have this
awesome display but display piece so no matter what pose you want to get it in no messes up big time now Oh No you miss that so no matter what
pose you want to get him in in the long run you can always use the stand just to
stir him up as well that was another great way of getting this guy into some
great poses he’s using the displaced and you’re gonna fuse two legs you the one
just so you can get him in a really cool action pose but as you saw before I had
him stood pretty decently when I started messing with him that he actually fell
over so it was my fault he fell obviously having Matt Bomer as well
would help on vertical display pieces like I’ve got here this is sloping
upwards towards the screen so that I can have the swirl on in the background if I
do that you wouldn’t even see the actual stand on the action figure photography
if I was to scale it upwards so yeah check out means to drum guys when you’ll
see all these photos and stuff that I’ve edited them and changed the filters and
stuff to make them look cool to check out the Instagram at supersorrell it did
pop over the beginning of the video as well and if you’re new around here as
well please smash that subscribe button as well because it would really support
and really help us out with these awesome figure reviews don’t worry
though guys more Halloween action figure content including NECA Freddy Krueger’s
Jason Voorhees and many many more are still to come we’ve got a whole video
coming up this week as well with all the goodies that we’ve picked up this week
and as well we’ve got plenty more Star Wars content coming up as well don’t
forget missus super Sorrels frozen giveaway i will be linking that at the
end of the video and it is frozen to merchandise so please do check that out
and help us out there you’ve got to be a subscriber to be in for a chance of
winning but guys let’s go back to the main come and finish up today’s video so
guys which is your favorite fun I figure let us know in the comments down below
if you enjoyed today’s video please smash that subscribe button subscribing
really supporters really helps us out and helps us keep making awesome videos
but thank you very much for watching guys until next time may the force be
with you by

Is ‘Fortnite’ gone? The popular game disappeared into a black hole


247stream Online Video Clips And Live Gaming Arena

start of the video 247stream together with robbie Funny Old tilted towers Robbie says you know what it is I often play with you and you build chips like that that you have nowhere to go
upstairs 247stream: watch this then Robbie says: I’m being sniped tention increases 247stream has come up with something clever There is very loud laughter because this was an epic way to win how are you thinking of this? did you like it? don’t forget to like subscribers then and turn on the notifications !. that is the bell on the top right thanks for watching and see you again next time

Video Game Dive Bar MASHUP | Funny Game Animation

(high energy rock music) (chugging) (glass breaking) (clanking) (high energy rock music) (liquid pouring) – [Bartender] What’ll it be? – Anything that’ll help a man forget. – A man, you say? (laughs loudly) (electric sparks) – Easy partner, didn’t mean to offend. – This one’s on the house. (slurps) – Pace yourself, little fella. – If you’d have seen half the (bleep) that I’ve seen on the
beat every day, cowboy, you’d be knocking them back too. – How bad can it possibly
be for a Pokémon? – Awe, did little baby Pikachu faint? (laughing) – I didn’t faint when I walked in on a perp skull (beeping) a Cubone or when I found a Mr. Mime
buried alive up in Lavender town. – Geez, pal, We’re just messing around. – (slurps) I worked this
sting a few years back. Underground Ditto trade. Some psychos were
incinerating those poor blobs. (Ditto wails) Selling the ashes as
a goddamn aphrodisiac. I remember this one Ditto, couldn’t have been older than a level six, she hasn’t left her
Pokéball since the rescue. – Okay, okay, stop! Jesus, man! – We once found a
Farfetch’d dumped to hell by a herd of illegally imported Rhydon. By the time we found him, all that was left was blood and feathers. And this, a souvenir to remind you how fragile this life is. (high energy rock music) – I.D.? (young gorilla screeches) (footsteps approaching) (young gorilla yelps) (knuckles cracking) (young gorilla gulps) (bubble popping) (zipper unfastening) (young gorilla screeches) (door shuts) (suspenseful music) (young gorilla screams) (high energy rock music) (glass clinks) – (Bartender) Put her on your tab, snake. (Kirby babbles) – Time and time again, I’ve proven I don’t need Mario. If anything he needs me, Luigi. Let’s not forget that time
he disappeared in the 90’s and I had to find his sorry ass. – (grumbles) At least
you have your own game. You, Wario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong. Everyone gets their own
games except me, Waluigi. – But the internet loves Waluigi. The only thing they want from old Luigi is to make him suffer through
another haunted house. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in ten years because of the severe PTSD. – What do we have to do to have the good life
handed to us like Mario? – Sell out and gain 50 pounds? (Laughs loudly) (cheerful music tones scaling) – You don’t have it so bad, you know? – I am a lanky, awkward, career sidekick who was replaced by a magic talking hat. – (slurps) Aaagh. That is nothing. Despite the people clamoring for me, my rightful place in Super Smash Bros. was taken by a fucking house plant. – There’s still hope for DLC. – Well, I guess Ridley,
King K. Rool, and I will just have to wait for our time. Wait, they aren’t? Oh, come the fuck on! (bar pounding) (Waluigi wails) – Hey, good lookin’, how about buying a lady a drink? (gasps) I thought you were Captain Falcon. Hard Pass. (Waluigi wails) (high energy rock music)

Fortnite Rewind 2019-2011 | Evolution of NEW from OLD Fortnight Battle Royale

welcome to fortnight free wine yes everyone in this video we’re gonna look at everything that has happened in 4/9 since the beginning how this game was supposed to be a scary horror game and what it is today all the weird emotes all the weird skins it’s just screaming and say no just squad you’re crazy this is the best I am a fish walking on land breathing the air that is intimidating no go change are you serious don’t change Oh your alpha squad fine I’m so tired of this the mullet Marauder now what I just can’t even and maybe some things that you have never seen before like some glitches or guns that are only known to people who’ve been playing this game since season one I’m gonna show it all to you and by the end of this video I’ll show you a weapon that was added to fortnight which was over overkill I mean this thing could kill anyone miles away with just one shot it’s a crazy weapon you guys need to check it out but that being said let’s get into this what you’re seeing on your screens right now is the oldest gameplay of fortnight on YouTube this game plays from July of 8 2011 isn’t that crazy like 8 years ago and it’s totally different than the fortnight we know of today so when fortnight came out for the first time the concept of the game was completely different as you see right here if you’ve ever built a pillow fort battle imaginary monsters with your friends you already know how to play for tonight this is the end of the world scenario you’ve been training for since you were a kid let’s destroy this car take its metal did we mention there are purple death storms take this one for instance we should go luckily while we were out exploring we found a multitude of weapons and this we could just make it across the field our friend has been busy building a fort for us to hole up in there’s our friend laying down some covering fire got a bad feeling about this we’re gonna need a bigger floor let’s place that trap and head inside glad you could make it whether you’re a gamer or game developer metal opens new possibilities for rich and engaging worlds now in September 20 2017 fortnight Battle Royale was launched and it took the world away by surprise I mean it became the world’s biggest game ever now on October 25th 2017 fortnight launched their first fort nightmare [Music] it was the craziest thing ever because now people were really starting to explore for tonight a lot of you who are new players to the game might have played the 2018 version of fort nightmares which was something like this and I should tell you guys I’m super super excited about the 410 mayor of 2019 I think it’s gonna be crazy comment down below if you’re one of the players who is actually going to be the one who has played all three of these four time mares moving on to survive the holiday battle royale which was launched on December 14 to 2017 which was basically the launch of the first winter theme in fortnight and it was absolutely crazy I mean instead of the grenade launcher we had snow launcher like it’s crazy check this out [Music] now pretty sure most of you haven’t played the 2017 version of the winters mode but in 2018 what fortnight did is basically launched a entire season for it and it was season seven [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] alright guys so the next weapon I’m about to show is so rare that a very few people have actually seen it let alone play with it oh well they’re the ones that put ponies on the air and I keep this me don’t well well – whose – pussies that put my Charlotte on the air moving on straight to season 4 this was the first season where epic games added a narrative behind the season and it was crazy I mean it looked something like this [Music] the world will never be the same brace for impact [Music] [Music] now very soon after this epic games had a collaboration with Marvel they added the Infinity Gauntlet and I tell you what it is crazy don’t forget to hit the like button if you have one of the og players who’ve actually played it this was launched on May 8 2018 check this out [Music] now very soon after this fortnight teamed up with NFL on November 5th and came out with the NFL skins if you’re not from the US you obviously don’t know what the NFL is but it’s a big sports league in the US with that being said though one of the game was that a very few of you have actually played I’m pretty sure about that is called the food fight it was crazy check this out [Music] [Music] now I’m about to show you something which used to be the scariest thing back in the old days and it’s the bush when 2019 fortnight came up with the version 2.0 of the bush and it was the sneaky snowing now this little game made in 2011 grew so big that they launched the first fortnight World Cup in March 25th 2019 and guess what this kid named Booga won and he won three million dollars can you believe that that is insane [Applause] this is yours one more time [Applause] and a lot more things have happened ever since I mean the season 10 came out season 11 is on the way it’s crazy it is just crazy but if we start covering all of that this video will be too long if you guys want me to cover more for tonight reminds and things of the past and let me know the comment section below here are some videos I’ve chosen for you you might enjoy them and yeah I will see you guys [Music]

Fortnite maker Epic Games facing lawsuit

October 8, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Fortnite maker Epic Games facing lawsuit



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oh it’s now okay ladies and gentlemen the moment you’ve all been waiting for this is by far the coolest room in the house I give you the Maverick game room for my first-ever fortnight live stream on Twitch this Sunday at 2 p.m. Logan ball was take it was good that was long ok here we go 1 and I think for the brand right now here’s the thing bro we got real-life models bro the brand’s get let’s go just drop new stuff we’re dropping more stuff these dare to fly shirts are coming soon each cuz that’s what we do we dare to fly we challenge ourselves we push ourselves we break the limits that maverick lifestyle who’s doing it baby [Music] it feels nice in my crotch oh yeah also has you guys then we had the audio problem but don’t worry that is gone so from now fine we got a new mic but yo good news we found out the reason these things go so slow they have a governor on it basically that keeps you from going a certain speed so we’re gonna take that off and Huck real hard but yeah guys looking for my console a shop or Lincoln disc really now it’s time to be a boy to be a model just one think you’re ready I hit it again this year how bad is this pimple broke it’s not too bad it’s not bad okay it’s bad yeah I feel like I’ve Mount Everest on my face I’m not a model there we go I like it like this what’s the diameter of the circle what do you think wider a little boy no just I you know what she’s got some interesting tactics it’s definitely a little interesting but I saw something fix a fire there good I think I think he’s a real deal okay yo this is crazy I don’t even know her name brothers good what’s her name no no mr. boys name it’s my name no one good-looking Logan in the house now okay I’m gonna do to you but I actually made contact with the lens there yes so the Hawks are inevitable today you’re looking good I just I don’t know is it the four nitrito speaking about big news guys do you guys know Sunday tomorrow you see the title of the video we are revealing the game room later today I spend a lot of money on this thing is super cool yeah needless to say guys it’s gonna be all that trust me you do not want to miss it tomorrow 2 p.m. PST that’s your boy playing some games now I think that was your idea bro u-turn and that’s like thanks yeah I know I mean bro I’m out here was slim waist a TV still suck yeah we have no choice we have to jump them seems legit yeah built that myself so the plan is to just pick up a heaps of speed and kind of just hope that each wheel hits the respective ramp the issue is you know what we can use some duct tape hey dad we have duct tape so since these aren’t like all like together I figure we’d like tape them together and then love your input on this we’re just gonna kind of Huck it over the ramp it’s a good plan with this extra added layer of protection and safety a new high schools yeah so why I got my diploma kids there to fly baby we’re about to take off today baby let’s go but just for precautionary measures Devon you should go first what I don’t I just felt like I was doing it got a lot more stupid of an idea I admit I’m a little disappointed in myself why cuz you made the right choice to not do it yeah wow you you actually are 23 now you’re kind of like a grown up wow wow you’re right good would be proud the way you’ve spun this is truly making me feel great but I think oh my god oh my god oh she was like over the tire oh hi kids no more the fufu show you what you came here to see yo by the way this is all Evans idea Evans inspiration he came up to me one day and he says yeah yo man should do twitch man like you could be really excited I should PC for you my god yeah that’s what literally guys as soon as we cut the vlogs Spencer and I and Evan have just been hooking it on for tonight because I want to be good at the game for my first live stream it’s been pretty didn’t work putting in work bro yeah I was like doctors hours bro I was like yo he’s kind of late in the game for real though we dedicated a whole entire room my office is now the official maverick game room and I’m about to show you guys but first we are missing one thing involving this is the final addition to the game room I’ve been waiting for this moment literally I’ve been pushing I’ve been stalling the stream yeah of the room I’m colorblind you guys are gonna know we’re talking about in a second but I feel like it really affects orange we’re good yeah we’re good yeah you guessed it I may be a colorblind but I can’t see that the carpet is orange custom designed specifically to match this room bro actually you know what I didn’t design I just treat the color bro to make it look like it’s yellow I mean it works no it does no I think it does because the room the room has the yellow scheme all right well colors that orange I know what is that door Inge oh snap okay ladies and gentlemen the moment you’ve all been waiting for this is by far the coolest room in the house I give you the Maverick game room for my first ever for tonight live stream on Twitch this Sunday at 2 p.m. Logan ball was take it was good that was long okay here we go [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah the wait is over I’m not he’s gonna ask I know you guys love this room honey on my we have so much stuff going on okay let’s not over here here’s me as a fortnight character where’s my gun with my gun smells good and then we look over here you got Kong a rocket riding cuz he’s a sad I do gotta say the resemblance is uncanny first year and then along this entire wall we have these these lights right with the heels they change color and not only do they change color they can also be voiced and sound activated watch oh look the point is I am absolutely obsessed with this room now the bread and butter let me take you to the cockpit Jaime [Music] these two monitors here and that there I actually know nothing about this at all he built it for me yeah this contraction right here is Logan $6,000 PC that you see here picture takes a picture oh so you guys saw recently that I built a computer but mine was only for streaming this is specifically for gaming it’s like popping wine games always they even every dress with a bathrobe and the best robe maverick movement and then topped off like Evan said with the monitor behind it so that everyone on this side of the room can see hey my favorite part guys so when I’m not online on Twitch this is my offline image it’s just your boy LP with the ground by the way real carats of gold in here like the crown and the glasses and even the shoe buckles are actual gold flakes just say by the way these work Lydia they work here okay yeah they look good I yeah you guys can see we got graphics like stream starting soon and then when we go to stream yo what’s good it’s your boy oh but he was black oh this is so exciting for me when I start something new and dive into it I don’t know if that’s gonna happen but that’s obviously the goal so yeah we about to light and then check it we got a camera on the big TV as well in the back there you can go so when we win right into a wide angle and the whole time like I said the idea is once if I lose of course we go to the gameplay angle here and then I get up I’m angry right you know make a weapon of choice we’re gonna start off this week with a slingshot and it’s difficult over fall we go right go play now this is also important because I’m gonna randomly break these plates but during my livestream every now and then we’re gonna have a blue like coupon code show up and I break the right play and you guys gonna get discount so this one that I was gonna be my first live stream it’s 15% off everything on the Maverick my local cost site what yeah you heard me correctly the code is gonna be revealed then and it’s good for the rest of the day so you’ve got to watch this training bra and we’re doing a new exclusive merge strap Jesus Mother of God so much amazing epic information I just think it’s so cool that a room can be transformed like this oh wait there’s more Spencer do you want to show up what yeah bro the whole squad gonna be running up in the game room literally we’re all gonna be playing right here just rolling heads on f9 I’m here dude I’m happy also custom maverick chair for sure well they weren’t exactly like custom embroidered so clean it’s well alright there was a brand there but you know there’s no free branding so I covered it up with duct tape just slapping a sticker okay little guy that is the vlog boo this is gonna be good guys if you’re not a part of the low gang make sure to subscribe also important piece of information I’m actually not posting tomorrow literally the only spot you can find me and watch me is on Twitch during the livestream at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time come watch your boy are you gonna be playing with me for a little bit oh it is going down guys if you have not yet joined the Maverick movement are you good bro make sure to cop the hottest immersion in the game logo ball that cops last shot or a link in description every day we dare to fly every day we challenge ourselves we push ourselves try new things like gaming for example guys might wish handle is gonna be in the description I’m gonna be able to even play with some of you guys if you guys subscribe as subscribers gonna get like super special treatment whoo that’s what’s up baby it’s the low getting taking over so again handle is local always taking I am so pumped low gang that is the vlog I love y’all and I will see you tomorrow actually we’ll see you on to it take it easy [Applause] [Music] this is great you know what my dog is biting me oh cool

MO Game Con 2018 – Retro Games Haul, Fortnite Cosplay, and more!

Now you want to do your *claps* What do you want me to say? Let’s get it started *claps* let’s get it started! Let’s get into it. Let’s get into it. So what do you want to start with? *super adventure family intro music plays* So today we went to MO Game Con 3 You might have seen our MO Game Con 2 video Ummm.. This one’s for three It was a lot of fun this year I got to pick up a lot of stuff that I was looking for I got to get rid of a lot of stuff that I wanted to get rid of and Mandee got to try out new cosplay and be in her first like real cosplay competition so they nailed the size of the space this year like the first year it was kind of in a smaller space and it Was so crowded in there and it was kind of crazy and then the next year was a really big space So there was a lot of, I mean it was nice because there was a lot of extra room and stuff like that But it just looked like a little like spread out. But this year it was like right in the middle and It didn’t feel too crowded or anything like that the way it was laid out They had the main floor and they had like a little lounge area and then upstairs Was where all the panels were man, though If you would have been to this convention when you first started like there’s so much stuff at this con Yeah and it’s easy to just get like “oh my gosh! Do I need that?” Like “that’s really cool! Do i have that?!” And they had so many boxes. Yeah, they had like council boxes – every booth I saw had it. I was like, WHAT?! I’ve never seen this many!! And there was a lot of people just selling like boxes which you don’t see a whole lot I’m gonna go through some of the stuff that I picked up at the show Yeah, I’m ready. Okay I’ve already seen this stuff like 100 times. I actually tried to get like a list of these are the specific things I’m looking for. So that I’m not like just looking for everything. So the things that were on my list…the big things on my list were a box for my killer instinct game and I was also looking for a box Yoshi’s Island, too I didn’t find the Yoshi’s Island, too But I did find a box For my killer instinct and I was excited to find this because I had the cartridge already had a manual already But I even had the CD that came with it — like a music CD so the only thing I was looking for is the box and I managed to find a vendor that had a fairly nice box and Got to just trade a game that I had for it. That’s gonna be a theme of it. So I traded a lot So another thing I got is Crazy Taxi on Dreamcast again traded for this Do you want me to hold some stuff? No Another theme of this game con was that I got a lot of GameCube stuff So I ended up trading some games to get Mario Golf and Mario Kart Double Dash and then I also got Pikmin 2 on GameCube This is one of the few games that I actually had to pay for So umm… the guy gave me a pretty good deal on it, and it looks really nice So last night I was watching a Kinda Funny Party Mode video and they were playing a game called Fusion Frenzy And I ended up finding it out of the con and it was only like 10 bucks So I picked that up – I’m really excited to play this one. It’s kind of like Like a bunch of little party game kind of or like little mini games And I thought it would be awesome to play with Elliott. I think he’ll have a lot of fun with this So another box that I got is a Gameboy original Gameboy box Doesn’t it look so cool? Yeah, it looks awesome! It’s like glowy! It’s just gonna look cool sitting on my shelf. Maybe we’ll put it back here. So you can see it in the videos Hi! This is gonna be fun to edit out Well you’re gonna miss some awesome footage of me dancing! dancing?! *upbeat music plays* I also got this it’s a Game & Watch Gallery 4 I have one two and three so completed the set! that was four. I think that’s the last one. I don’t there’s a five Whew, I was worried we’re only gonna have one and two Check it off. Yeah One thing I was kind of bummed about is they had a Goldeneye tournament and I kind of entered it But then like the next round they had during the Metal Jesus panel And I was like do I wanna play Goldeneye, or do I want to see Metal Jesus? So I decided to go to the panel and I’m glad I did and it was really cool to hear some of the stories about Like how he came up with this name? Like how they all met each other and all that kind of stuff and then I also had to play I think was a Vectrex Which I’ve never played one of those before Was that the one with the joystick? Yeah, the little joystick it was actually kind of like impressed me for a how old it was that like it looked really cool like that kind of like 3D graphics that it had well I decided to cosplay as Penny the constructor from Fortnight and to complete the look. I colored the bottoms of the hair pink. I Love it! So MUCH! I handmade a leather jacket with the shearling cuff and made all of the attachments for like penny has like this leg thing…..and this arm band Well and also this is the first year that you did like a real cosplay contest They all lined up and you had to go up there and like talk about your costume and stuff Like yeah and let me tell you it was kind of nerve- wracking! It’s one thing to walk around with all people dressed in normal clothes on like the convention floor and It’s another thing to have to be like in front of other cosplayers that are like really good Yeah. I think you did really good I think it was cool and you got to show off your costume to everybody Yeah it was kind of cool I told everybody that I made the jacket and they were like, oh my gosh I thought you bought that which was really amazing it really Made me feel really good because I wasn’t really sure if it looked good or not There wasn’t really a whole lot of toys This year but Elliott came and he was on the hunt they had this great table that had a wheel that you could spin and He loved it. It was to benefit Extra Life and so we let him spin I think twice and he… they were really sweet and they let him take out the toy that he wanted rather than whatever the wheel landed on and he found out a couple of their little toys at the show, but But yeah, definitely not as many toys as last year Elliot really liked they had this game system I don’t even remember what it was but it had like a mirror on the front and he was like OHHHHH, shiny! All in all it was a great con! And I can’t wait for next year. Yeah every year I feel like they’ve been improving The con and getting better and better spaces and more and more vendors. So I’m excited to see what they have next year Yeah! Me too!! *Laughing*