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Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be going over how to improve your Fortnite ping and general connection if you
play on PS4 or Xbox One. Out of all the questions and requests for
videos that I get in my comments section and Twitter, “How do I get better ping” is definitely
one of the most common. And I can totally understand why that is,
ping has always been incredibly important in Fortnite and I don’t see any reason why
that would change in the future. Now I wanna put this disclaimer at the beginning
of this video to be transparent with you guys, when it comes to ping and connection on console,
a lot of it boils down to things that are probably out of your control. Now don’t get me wrong there definitely are
some smaller things that you can do, but just be aware that they can only help so much. So, without further ado, let’s get right into
it. Alright, so we’re gonna start off with the
more basic aspects of improving ping/connection and gradually work our way to some more advanced
things. So when it comes to having good ping and connection
there’s 3 main factors that really matter. First off for ping specifically, a major factor
is where you’re located in the world, 2nd is the general strength and provider of your
internet, and 3rd is the way that your console is connected to the internet. If you’re someone who’s played or followed
Fortnite for a while, a player’s location impacting their ping is probably something
that you’re relatively familiar with. I’ll just quickly flash an image of all the
server locations on the screen right now, and when it comes to ping it’s as simple as
this: the closer you are to any of those servers the better. So using the U.S as an example, a player with
bad internet who lives in a state like Virginia or Pennsylvania, will probably have better
ping than someone in Florida or the Midwest even if that player has really good internet. The 2nd factor is the general strength and
provider of your internet, and even though you probably have more control over this than
where you live, I don’t think there’s too much I can say about this that you guys don’t
already know. Obviously better internet is going to lead
to better connection and ping, also certain internet providers are better and more reliable
than others. For example, Verizon Fios is typically regarded
as the best widely-available internet provider for gaming, while other companies like Spectrum
and Comcast get much less favorable reviews. So that covers the 2 factors that are mostly
out of your control, now let’s go in-depth about some changes you can make regarding
how your console is connected. So there are 2 ways that this connection can
be made, wired via ethernet cable or wireless via wifi. Right off the bat, I wanna make this as clear
as possible, if you really want good connection and ping you need to do everything in your
power to make you consoles’ connection wired. No matter how good your internet is, wireless
gaming, especially with the older versions of the Xbox one and PS4 is pretty terrible
in general. Being wireless probably won’t have a huge
impact on your ping, but it’ll without a doubt lead to more packet loss, more lag spikes,
increased download time, and a bunch of other negative connection-based things. So if you’re console is close enough to your
router where you can relatively easily hardwire it, you are absolutely shooting yourself in
the foot if you haven’t already done that. And even if it’s far away, you still have
a variety of different options. I’m not an expert by any means but I know
you can use things like extension cables, powerline network adapters, MoCa adapters,
trust me if you put a little bit of effort into google searching some stuff you can probably
figure it out. However, if you can’t get ethernet connection
or maybe you just don’t care enough to do so, there are still some things you can do
to improve your wireless connection. The first thing you wanna do is go to your
console’s network settings and take a look at all the wifi connections that are available
to be connected to. Now in this list you should obviously find
the wifi connection that you use for your console, and what you may also see is another
network that has the same name as your regular connection and then – 5G. I’ll throw an image up on the screen of my
connections albeit with some parts of the name blurred out just so you can see the regular
network and then the 5G one. So the base connection without the 5G in the
name that most people use is a 2.4 GHz connection while the 5G network as the name kinda indicates
is 5 GHz. Let me break down the difference between the
2 options as well as which one will be better for you depending on your setup and situation.The
primary differences between the two frequencies are the range and speed that they provide. The 2.4 GHz connection provides coverage at
a longer range but transmits data at slower speeds. The 5 GHz connection provides less coverage
but transmits data at faster speeds. The range is lower in the 5 GHz because higher
frequencies struggle to penetrate solid objects, such as walls and floors. However, the shorter range allows data to
be transmitted quicker, so the 5 GHz connection allows you to upload and download files and
information faster. Your WiFi on a particular connection can also
be faster or slower because of interference from other devices. Many WiFi-enabled technologies and other household
devices use the 2.4 GHz connection, such as microwaves and garage door openers. When multiple devices attempt to use the same
radio space, overcrowding occurs and connection slows down. The 5 GHz connection tends to have less overcrowding
than the 2.4GHz because fewer devices use it and because it has 23 channels for devices
to use, while the 2.4GHz band has only 11 channels. Not entirely sure what that part means but
I think the main summary of it is: If you�re experiencing a lot of interference from other
devices, consider using the 5 GHz connection. For me personally on my Xbox, I do get slightly
lower ping, faster download speeds, and better overall connection with the 5G wifi network. However, that may be totally different for
you. So if you plan on using WiFi, you definitely
wanna give both options a try and see which one works better for you. And if you ultimately end up using the 2.4
GHz option for whatever reason, try to limit the interference from exterior devices. For example, devices like external hard drives,
wireless headsets, and even phones can hurt your connection if they’re within a few feet
of your console.The final and most advanced thing that you can try to do to improve your
connection is manually changing your DNS settings. On Xbox you do this by going into network
settings, then advanced settings, DNS settings, and finally when it asks whether you want
automatic or manual you choose manual, and I’d assume on PS4 the steps are very very
similar. So once you get into the DNS menu it’s going
to ask you for a primary DNS and then a secondary DNS. What this gives you the option to do is manually
choose a network to connect your console to. And even though it’s not going to be the same
for everybody there are 2 options for DNS that are unanimously considered the best. The first is cloudflare, the primary DNS for
this is and the secondary DNS is The second best option is Google and the primary
DNS for that is and the secondary is I’ve heard some mixed reviews about the effectiveness
of manually changing your DNS on console, but most people agree this can have a positive
impact on your wireless connection. I’ll even link a video down in the description
below of a guy testing his default upload and download speed on his console vs. his
upload and download when using either cloudflare or google, and both of those options ended
up increasing his overall speeds. So if you’re going to play on wireless I would
strongly recommend giving this method a try. I would first go into your network settings
with everything how it normally is and then click “text network speed and statistics”
and either write down or just remember your download speed, upload speed, and latency. Then connect to the cloudflare DNS via the
method I showed you, reset your console, and do the same test again to see if your connection
is either better or worse. Then repeat that again but this time for the
Google DNS. If your default stats are better than obviously
stick with that, but if either cloudflare or google is better then you wanna play Fortnite
or any other game and see if your connection actually seems better in-game. For me personally this DNS method greatly
improves my upload and download speed but doesn’t seem to make much of a difference
when it comes to lowering my ping. So I’ll change it anyway just so I can download
games and updates better, but it may be totally different for you guys so that’s why you need
to test it. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. In general are you normally happy with your
connection and ping while gaming or not so much? Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time!

TSM x MTN DEW AMP GAME FUEL BLOOPERS // Bjergsen, Broken Blade, Biofrost, Reverse2k, EmadGG & More!

You’re using a new hair conditioner I don’t remember any more words… (laughter) What are you doing (big gulp) ahhhhhhhhh… I had too big of a slurp (laughter) hold… hold… hold… hold… hold… and… (laugh) You’re laughing at me You want me to drink like… Should I take the whole thing? (laughter) Go! There’s a plane overhead Oh, you say “what?” Oh, I have to say “What?” Yeah. Oh okay. You missed ten smites in a row. You need… Ziath… Thya… Theanine (muffled laughing) Theanine… Action! Oh *bleep* Action! Oh *bleep* I keep forgetting just to look at the thing Don’t thank me *bleep* Don’t thank me *bleep* Don’t thank me. Thank Mountain Dew Amp Game Fuel! Danger! Keep going? Oh my bad You


this is the movie theater room got a
super comfy gaming station such an ominous not must be important
oh hello there name’s rich richardson richest man in the world even richer
than Bill Gates don’t mind if I do I didn’t invite you in but oh okay well
what are you what are you what do you do as you can see I am extremely rich based
on the size of my name it is extremely long and therefore I am extremely rich
that’s how you can tell yeah that is a really big pain okay I guess you are
rich anyway I’ve been getting into the game a box for real estate have you
heard of it for real estate I mean we make boxes all the time when they could
sell them what do you mean there’s a market for them prices are soaring right
now the market is a beautiful time to get in and I think you might be just the
people I’m looking forward to sell a brand new box form a note of premium
cardboard just went on the market this week for 4.5 million people’s 4.5
million tables it’s ridiculous I’m also intriguing oh but these are going like
crazy the market is just soaring right now in rich richest city is the number
one supplier in box for houses I’ve sold over 50,000 houses and this month alone
is there like a lot of legal documents or something I’ve decided don’t have to
sit down with like a like a person and then sign something and that it takes
like many days Oh back to bite simple to my house all you need is a pen and paper
so I’m here and you will be the proud owner of a 4.5 million tape roll box for
for the compound interest the 13 percent that will come to eighteen point seven
million dollars in the next 20 years paid to me yeah sighs yeah okay yeah all
right deals done you’re the proud new owner of
a 4.5 a million tape roll box for of course with
from P at one point to a million tape rolls you my friend how now the proud
owner of a billionaire box for good we did the deal all right sweet boy where
is it well it’s in your basement actually snuck in last night and built
in myself and when you were invited I was gonna stay here until you you agreed
to buy it so now that you do buy it I can leave thank you very much and
remember the name rich Richardson with to the bill gates don’t forget that but
where are you gonna wait where you guys left somebody where are you going and we
are back with a brand new video and today guys we have purchased the world’s
most expensive the world’s biggest the world’s largest the world’s grandest
slogan I’m running out of words billionaire box sports that has ever
ever been created in fact this might be the biggest creation known to man it
might be a Guinness World Record Logan I want my Guinness World Record to go
right there beside Papa Jake box for God king of building you didn’t exactly
build this base we bought it same thing Logan if I buy a car it means
I built it now guys you’re probably wondering Jake what is inside this
massive masterpiece well in fact it’s probably got more in it than your
average mansion we are going to be doing a tour of the entire billionaire forth
with all of the Logan that’s a secret window no one’s supposed to know about
that window Logan this stays shut this is a secret exit erase it from your
memory or we are gonna be showing you inside the billionaire fork because we
abduct this thing out with crazy stuff not to mention we tried to make it as
luxurious as possible which we do first Jake well though can we should go inside
and show off the fork cuz everyone’s wondering what does it look like inside
but before we do that guys I do want to let you guys know that there is actually
a secret behind this we are not keeping this fort oh no no what that’s no yeah
Logan oh we’re giving it away we are gonna be giving it away to one of you
guys whoever has the top most liked comment in the comment section down
below will be pinned at the top of this video you can scroll down and see if
there’s a current owner and whoever is the most liked comment will officially
be the title owner so it could even be you or you or you it
might even be you I’m talking to you Matthew or Jeremy let’s get inside the
port and start showing this off MTV Cribs or Papa Jay check it out we are
officially in the very first section of the ultimate billionaire box for it this
is lucky charm as I call it Jake what do you wanna do first we’re starting in the
kitchen first we need to show off the four dude show them everything that this
thing has to offer and then we can try all of the amazing amenities I mean we
got gaming we got a movie I’m okay with me I can’t get out of myself all right
so first off the kitchen we got food and snacks you got food and we got easier
we got Gatorade to be honest Jake I don’t know why there’s a gym in the
kitchen it’s kind of weird if you ask me cereal I am eating Gatorade Logan it’s
the billionaire way to do it okay and yes there is a gym in the kitchen
because after you beat this Musketeers apart you gotta burn it off on the gym
before I move on to the next room though I have a challenge for you there is
something secret in this room try and guess what it is or what it could be and
we will come back in here in just a minute but first we got to move into the
next room is the gaming room Jake I think this is actually the sports room
we can call it the sports room whatever you want but while you’re in your
billionaire mansion you might get a little bit bored because it’s so big
you’re just walking around in circles so you come on into this room there are
millions of games here there is actually a lot of different games here we’ve got
horseshoes we have those balls what are those balls
Logan I have no idea what that we’ve got these magical balls Oh for that target
and if you throw the ball at the target like Papa check you get 200 Oh
can I still down nope I don’t know if dabbing still a thing whatever you can
play that is now up you got 60 over here we’ve got baseball well because we
couldn’t fit a full baseball field in here got this mini baseball which I
don’t really know how it works play miniature baseball now once you’re done
in the recreational room you might want to head in and chill out a little bit
and that’s where the movie here comes and check this out in every
billionaire box for it you need a home movie theater this is the movie theater
room we’ve got our projector setup with our movie screen here we even got a
secondary snack section with all of our snacks which I got to say Logan you’ve
gone a little unhealthy with the snacks here we not have gotten some carrots or
celery ok well we got more snacks over here we got the movie theater projector
over there you can choose any movie you want you can even play YouTube videos
the guys we’re not even half done showing off this for I mean we haven’t
even started the 24 hour challenge in it it might take us 24 hours to just show
this whole place off so we gotta keep moving whoa okay go that way guys what
movie should we watch leave it down below in the comments all right Jake
let’s check out the next room back into the gaming room we actually have way too
many games in here I don’t know what we’re gonna do scooters to drive around
it’s too big to get around on our feet horseshit of course you don’t have what
it takes to be a horse you gotta use the horse Logan use the horse within you all
right and we’re moving on coming back inside the kitchen isn’t here yet guys I
bet no one guessed it don’t get we’re not gonna show you yet either this or
this is the secret I’m not showing it yet because we got a full other four to
show off all right and open up the door here and we head in to the living
quarters welcome to the first sleeping area so this is the first room on the
first story because this is a two story box for now we got a beautiful bed here
with the sleeping bag and pillows you know lots of room very spacious we also
have a mortar I’m a martyr a mortar Logan to defend this against raccoons
cuz you never know when the raccoons are coming Logan you ever look outside a
night scene screaming across the street there screaming you’re thinking how am I
gonna get in that house and attack you if raccoons were to invade the house or
zombies or really anything else Logan would have to jump out of bed and
quickly grab his mortar cannon I would I would be doing this
cloten why I’m fast asleep because I’m don’t wake me up ever I’m grumpy when I
wake up you load the mortars like soap and you arm them once the mortars are
armed they are you smoking now what you want to do is take the mortar like this 3 2 1 so guys of course every
billionaire fort is not complete without a working elevator which is why wait for
me Jake you can’t take both of us Logan it’s not that strong an elevator yeah
that’s like giving your grandma a fully filled fridge and telling her to carry
at 50 feet you just can’t do that Maya Graham I can do all right elevator let’s
go up ok Jake was absolutely right the elevator didn’t work with me on it you
guys saw already to get to this room we had to go through one two three four
four rooms and an elevator alright we’re raising up guys here we go
it’s not the fact that the fastest elevator in the world but that’s ok
and once we get up to my room here you can see there’s a nice little handle
here and we just open it up like so now guys we were actually on the second
story here in fact I’m not exactly sure how the math works out but this might be
the third story it’s kind of complicated so it’s kind of freaky but we are on the
second story and this is my secret bedroom you come in here got a little
light on the side of the wall here we can turn on we can pull up the hatch so
no one can get in very safe and secure now it’s not the most spacious area I
know but it is on the second story which i think is really cool and it’s really
cozy that can’t get firm because we can see into the the under workings here
that this is in fact the third story one two three so we are going up right now
in fact this box were just so cool cuz of all the walls and stuff I don’t even
feel like I’m on the third storey but if you look out here you can actually see
the entire basement and in our defense room of course we’ve got our nerf
blaster to take out and rack also have a Logan’s bow and arrow Logan
why is your bow and arrow in here Logan’s coming up excuse me your bow and
arrow in here man I devised the little challenge for us take three shots at the
balloons over there and whoever hits the most balloons gets this upper floor bed do this it’s a little far away but I
mean realistically if balloons are both sides of raccoons so three two one bird
okay that was a little too weak alright that’s fine but I got two more here yeah
nice try Jake you don’t hit any of you two ever got the closest last shot here
we go I’m gonna whine this one up real good
going for that middle green one jigging around so sorry Jake that’s just not
gonna count technically if you don’t get an arrow that touches a balloon I get
the top room what it’s so cold you think Logan can hit a
balloon right now I need you to like my video and I need you to calm at hashtag
balloon and with enough likes and enough comments this next shot all the likes of
the hashtags worked you guys were able to do it we hit a balloon I mean there
was a setup I only hit what I need to get off here it’s waffle yeah blue dude
I need ya guys we actually still haven’t shown off this entire fort so we got
more to show off so why don’t we go down through the elevator and we’ll show you
guys the rest of the fort but so far the defense systems are looking good you got
an arrow we got a nerf gun can we got mortars all right guys going down the
elevator back into the main room Logan is still all the way up there see you
Logan now we head back into the kitchen guys
because there is still three more secret rooms we have not shown off yet so why
don’t we head in here I’ll wait for Logan to get down the elevator one of
them is gonna surprise you okay guys now that we shut off the living quarters we
are gonna show up another part of this kitchen it’s still not the super secret
surprise but it is part of our billionaire for because all billionaire
houses need to have one thing Logan you know what that is a movie theater well
no we already have a movie theater Logan you need a steam room and that’s why we
have a fully working world’s first the secret no that’s not the secret they’re
so secretive but this is a fully working world’s first box for steam room now I
got the steam going it’s starting to get starting to get warm in there we’re
getting the steam flown in here I have no idea what’s gonna happen arguably
it’s just gonna melt because probably not supposed to put steam in cardboard
but while this steam room heats up I was thinking we could go back to the sports
room and and have a little contest then once we’re all done and tired in there
we can come back here for a nice steam in the world’s first box for steam room
alright guys welcome back into the activity room the first game we are
gonna play is the ball toss we’ve got these velcro balls here and we have to
try and see who can get closest to the bullseye
all right each of us are gonna get three attempts to get as close to the bullseye
as possible whoever does the best wins this challenge
these are asked to wear this for the rest how about loser has to go in the
steam room because I don’t trust the steam room at all you’re on deck all
right guys loser of all three challenges here will have to go in the steam room
this is the steam room supposed to be a luxury yes until it’s proven that it
works until then it might just be a horrible horrible place you don’t want
to go first ball bullseye nope second ball one hundred and fifty and ten
points three two one bull that oh that’s actually pretty good
that’s three hundred points right Logan you’re up let’s see if you can beat 310
I’m the professional ball thrower so far that’s 270 points day you only need like
just anything to beat me this isn’t good guys hopefully he messes up completely 70 plus 80 what is that Logan 5 4 3 2 1 70 plus 80 is 50 Congrats Logan now guys
the next game here we have is ring toss and that’s pretty simple you got throw
these and get it around here whoever gets the most around here wins the
challenge panel the inner horse again come on
buttercup Oh team bags I mean I could throw it
again okay last one here we go whoa still got a point we got one so
means if you get to you way miss number one this number to miss number three no
go game is rigged all right well we’re moving on to the next game in the gaming
room all right guys baseball it is so it’s
pretty simple basically you’ve got your little bat here Logan’s got his pitching
thing here and he shoots the ball so we all know how to play baseball fine well
let’s uh let’s see how many home runs we can get right one honestly I don’t
really know how this works we got it from the dollar store I do know how to
play baseball but I don’t really understand from the flicking in the
distance it’s okay you don’t need to say anything all right all right well the
next game is a classic on them you know you have been going out for some time
Oh Jake wants to play beyblade right Logan best out of three beyblade battle
right here right now it’s made one really quickly I got a little orange up
top a good heavy middle base three two one let all the battles know
let’s go go go bloom huh got this over the attack the final kill let’s strike
the bait No a win for Papa Jake but it is best to
order three so Logan has a chance of redemption
three two one let it rip bull battles on who’s coming in on the spin around we’re
going oh my gosh chilling in the middle though he’s keeping his stance
oh no pussy strong oh come on a strap watch/oh yeah three two what going in
the middle again bolts running around like a chicken you failed me Oh guys the steamer is
going okay oh that is thick cardboard then we had a light up here the light
seems to have maybe melted the the thickness of the steam in here is kind
of good but it feels like the walls are absorbing a lot of it and it’s it’s kind
of hard to breathe because it’s nice steam mixing with like cardboard it
smells like wet cardboard in here it’s actually getting really on here I’m
starting to get like steam or sweat on my face if it wasn’t for the smell that
that’s the only thing that’s a little concerning is how it smells but other
than that let’s you bet it’s pretty luxurious for billionaire box for woo
that was good steam I actually got a little sweat going all right well I mean
as long as the carpet doesn’t melt it’s a pretty sweet steam room so well then I
keep going throughout the night I said we got another secret in fact we still
have two rooms we have not shown off yet in this billionaire port and guys I
think it’s time I’m done eating these chips I will tell you guys where the
secret room is secret room in fact is behind the snack counter by pushing the
snack counter to the right it reveals an extra room to the box for check this out
oh it’s my favorite room all the gaming stations got a super comfy gaming
station we got an Xbox one for tonight we got a PC with a bunch of different
video games it’s a little small but I think it’s really cozy as I’m closing up
the secret hatch here so technically Logan if anyone were to find a way into
this box for it they’d quit not know we’re in here we’re gonna think it’s
time that we play a little bit of Minecraft I say we rebuild this entire
box for it in Minecraft you gotta play a Forza
Logan’s playing for our you know that’s fine that’s cool you play with your cars
I believe my cows like Bessie over here alright guys now that we are finished up
in the gaming room it is time to head on out because I’m common we’ll be starting
first one there gets the best seat alright guys we got a projector setup
and the wallets we are in here we’ve got our snacks all snacks you got some peach
rings Logan fuzzyby also got some chips over there so I think we’re gonna lay
back the movie to watch and just kind of hang out for a little bit in our box for
movie theater looks like Jake’s gonna sleep Jake it is not morning time I
think it’s time to head to bed got our Billy in our rooms to sleep in I’m
feeling pretty tired it’s been a long day having fun in the billionaire fort
my bunk here the only issue would be if I roll over in the middle of the night
then I’m gonna fall down like two stories so hopefully that doesn’t happen
that’s the only scary thing about this bunk but hotter than that it’s really
cozy I got a wall here I got a nightlight how am I get two bad guys and
I’ll update you in the morning when I wake up I guess not too bad it’s pretty
comfy pretty warm I just kept thinking you know at least I’m not outside
surviving in the forest so that’s nice I have a comfortable blanket or here breakfast breakfast in the billion
airport we have Cheetos lotsa cheeto the healthiest part of your day is starting
your day with a fresh batch of Cheetos can’t start your day with the Cheerios
it is time to head outside and show you guys the final room as well as play the
final minigame and of course don’t forget guys if you are watching this be
sure to smack that like button and if you haven’t already remember to leave a
comment down below because you have the top comment you will officially own this
billionaire mansion what time is it Jake lock don’t work it’s always ten o’clock
in box for land your very healthy miss the most unhealthy thing I’ve seen all
day okay guys we are going to be last room inside this billionaire for it the
final room in our billionaire box for check out this map Jake it’s so baby
that I haven’t been outside and so long huge dude oh I didn’t feel like we were
in a box sport where you’re gonna mansion all night and we have the
world’s first first ever on Papa Jake as well box for your Roz yeah check that
out do we’ve got our garage oh it’s really tight in here every billionaire
box where it needs its own billionaire got our very own tennis court just like
any billionaire would have except instead of a tennis ball we’re using
this this is some really hot real estate guys leave a comment down below and
whoever gets the most likes we will pin it you review of this box for it mansion
estate we have the world’s biggest billionaire
box for it and the biggest one we have ever created and one of you guys is
going to be the owner so currently right now if you scroll down below one of you
might be the owner go check that there isn’t Logan why well guys of course if
you did enjoy this video be sure to smack that like button down below as
well as that subscribe button and if you haven’t already hit that Bell button so
you never miss a brand new video but of course this has been Papa Jay and love
ya see you guys next time for another awesome video

Poki Can Trust Herself Right? | Michael And Lily Fighting In The Background | Jodi, Come In The Room

Yeah, somebody’s like Oh John, how was your relationship going with Jodi? Yeah He’s very much joking He’s very much joking Wait, I thought we said we were gonna fight though like I asked I’m like I want to fight and then I was like, yeah and you’re like I have one KP so I was like, okay say no more. So I start going in Deepest within that there was like snipers at the other Tower we I was just trying to like I was just trying to like You know run past them and ignore them and get something for you Just ignore all the snipers like I was in the matrix silly and I’m not even kidding. I felt it like my brain zoom in to a deeper Material level of Apex where I just felt unstoppable. Oh My god That is that is that is really clever ball I’m so impressed Okay. Okay. You should try it Specifically rip out eyeball. You can rip out eyeballs what some of the killing blows are really sick There’s one where he like there’s some arm and he like snaps it in half and the phone juts out. It’s so fucking sick Fucking kid I can’t I can’t So, thank you so much for the prime sub. Thank you. Welcome. Welcome welcome It was a real mental boom Yeah Focus thank you for the Prensa welcome. Whoa, is it because I didn’t stream the past two days It’s kind of weird, isn’t it? Like if you don’t stream for two days, it feels like a really long time Also, I’m down to play with miss anytime, but please don’t spam a chance The one box I have a shield I’m gonna need some peace and quiet Why I think you could just don’t look for shoes What? What do you think you can regard officials I What okay, well, how come she can’t hi, I can’t tell if she’s I can’t we can you know one word at a time I Think you could have gone my gosh What he like Shh bad two seconds Oh Links wji CJ strap. Thank you Like watching an underpaid babysitter looking after the problem children, uh Joe bueno 69 Dillon mecha, man. Thank you Oh Hamburger, I’m so sorry to hear that some you love Gordy a nolo gave me that many more things to him Yes, you can also time skip and do it on any day. Okay, who the fuck deal for me? We’re trying to schedule scrims No stuffings like but you Vaughn’s on that night. I’ll schedule it Thank you for the $5, thank you But this is ok he add everyone to the group ok, and the first thing he says is yo, what time can you guys scrim Bracket mostly even cuz she has the worst schedule. He really called me out I don’t everyone in our group the prison brackets Over here and you’re taking out Get out of my way balls stop looting my stuff I worked hard for this Hey Jonny Quest what’s up? Can you do the thing again? Do the thing, please do the thing with this rope wait That just mean I Do that it’s my throat really I do that when I suck dick Oh Hmm I think I can trust myself to do this right, right. Yeah Close enough, man Pitching it I’m trying to keep it all out of my way. I should just play like this Oh My god, oh my god, I go on a job in the fly man arrived we drop it. Why are you kicking? I’m eating Okay, clapping sounds like we free clapping some cheeks man Bra is my place. Haha bugged I’m so sorry. That’s okay No, I don’t I didn’t have any shield no, just talk about your passive Person okay. Just okay just because you repeated it doesn’t mean I know what it means. Oh Yeah, yeah, hey hey What are you doing I’m chillin, you know, what was terrible is? I hurt my child like about war zone and I’m like, oh I kind of want to play With you Are you over streaming no? That wouldn’t be one me through some pretty stone. Did you notice how there’s a giant penis in the middle of my island? Don’t know and it’s a waterfall Too long, okay, I will be back. All right. I’m just gonna leave it right here BRB Hurry cog a takes the lead now but he’s quickly many of the marbles are are catching up to him, but he’s maintaining his lead very Very no he’s not. Okay and oh and pussy. Oh wow up pussy pussy The second place dude is now really close to him Pussy coming in hot okay, I think oh it’s close its close but He’s still holding it down Oh J chosen Oh, see you later Raj is the best kind of scent because like the best simple, you know, there’s nothing in it for them Romantically or sexually or whatever you gotta really reach the vocal chords, you gotta just say hi, okay First one come on in Oh, are you molding? We’re all human beings But just remember when you’re feeling very sad and very lonely That you are the winning sperm if there was a literal one for hundred trillion chance of you being born at the time that you were born That’s really special. So Maybe you feel never win at anything ever again or be good at anything you won them? The one race that really mattered against all those other losing’s Burmese Are you sure you aren’t on something and it’s in am I on a substance? Never mind Lily, to Poki: “You should try Doom”, MINE NOW TRIHARD 7, poki wants to play with, lily’s outfit, michael and lily fighting in the background, Ruthless Business Woman by day, Elite Comedian by night, babysitter poki, Poki can trust herself right?, Poki tries to catch a turantula, poki master aggressive on AC, When your friends embarrass you on the internet, Do the thing with your throat John, Jodi, come in the room.., Animal crossing is cute and amazing, new room pog, Coming in hot, Imagine speaking like that IRL, bigwow chance of being born, i think the goal is diamond before reset, Janet in the matrix, my sleep schedule is fked You


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Yes please! Please swap them around so we end on Delta’s game as it was a win : | Offline tv

Hello Hello, good afternoon evening I Have gotten no Cookies ready candles lit ready for cosy Street. Why does this I wish I had that Good. I like want Girl Scout cookies so bad. I don’t know why I’ve been craving that and those stupid pink sugar cookies I won those pink sugar cookies. I want them so bad, and I know they’re so bad for me And I know they’re not good. And I know haven’t you don’t like that. I swear they are I Swear that there’s they’re addicting. There’s like all the sugar in it. They are good. I Want Girl Scout glycerine? All right. I’m gonna need you to just shut the fuck up cookies The frost would slip oh that’s what I’m saying those little sugar cookies any good I like UFC and our safe way or for tomorrow okay in there and they’re like White sugar cookie with like pink frost because now everyone is working and studying from home Well, guess what? You can get yourself a bed table. That’s right You don’t even have to get out of bed to do work. Guess what you can be comfortable while being efficient I was just gonna say Never ready for the tournament If you need trading let me know I hope cherries oh Hi my university of choice Proud New York North or South Congrats Congrats on the North America. That is a very good feeling That one I gave up in money go to buy station Sighing this game is an evil game. I’m trying it Oh What did you think what’s gonna happen you kept slapping that trim the tree would break There’s no way I fucked this up again, oh, oh, oh wait Back here you go back. I picked the pick the guy Did you just say my No, I usually just I I actually usually didn’t tell people my name on stream one friend It’s Peter Boomer switch your where’s yours? Why aren’t you playing animal crossing all the cool kids are playing it right now? Okay, if anything you’re the boomer for not playing it leave food. Thanks for redeeming an ad I will play it it away or when I go pee usually when I go pee people will remind me Yeah, mmm good players titty and great and wait what the fuck What the fuck You motherfucker dude How did you catch up dude you were in like last place? Okay, tell me I’m doing Someone said Celine my ass is shaky On the corner, I want you to like just kidding it’s okay. I’ve leaked it like 20 times myself Okay, it’s sort of some people didn’t know still some people still didn’t know so I mean I’m sweaty. I’m gonna say I’m sweaty because the tournament or because I didn’t mention because I was scared. Oh Right this morning that was drinking hot team but here we go. Oh Right. Wait. Am I? Oh my God. Why is he pushing up button not working it Had to be had to this dream until my setup But uh welcome I did Drive man Elliot if you guys don’t know her property layin low I mean you guys already know this a little bit because of the virus and stuff and want to just leave so technically I should Definitely be of quarantine for 14 days, but we’ll figure it out It’s not picking up because it’s sound sensitive enough audio that gives you in a bigger room. Is that echo That makes it so bad. Yeah. Sorry you guys have to deal with it dampener I’ll figure it out dude. So I got space to move around you guess and check this out. Like I mean Oh my god, you can he can’t use invisibility You dumbass but thank God reason do that so Peop that was on purpose that was on purpose And on purpose Need to relax Wait, wait, what? Oh I was just gonna say Never ready for the tournament I Swear, if you don’t like it, it’s just too loud. Should I turn it down piss to me like It’s so wide people happy It sounds like a baby. That’s the point This is okay. Well I can we have a walleye cam. Can you wait law? Nice wait, hold up your Sheba guys. We got water in Sheba. Check it out That’s just stucked does it feel weird honestly hasn’t hit me yet and guess it feels fucking weird it feels really weird because I Because of the virus honestly like it you I can’t be normal I can’t go outside like do I do I can’t go right now and get it you would never exactly I’m just kidding. It’s okay. I’ve leaked it like 20 times myself Okay, it’s sort of some people didn’t know still some people still didn’t know so I mean I’m sweating. I’m gonna say I’m sweating because the tournament or because I didn’t mention because I was scared Oh Why are we Oh my god Okay, anyways, good morning not year if it’s an exaggeration, okay one likely Thank you for the tier two sub five months in row You’re officially twice as cool as literally all the tier 1 subs, but don’t tell them Thank you very much and welcome back to the fees Lea family NEW KEYBOARD AND PINK KEYCAPS FROM LOGITECH YAHOO, I don’t know where she is, Like a phoenix, can’t keep us down, Only one girl and one boy, feet troll, When you tryin to why the cumm off you hands, When you get demoted to Wood IV, Boomer uses Technology for the first time, Animal Crossing Malding, animal crossing waiting room, Yvonne amazon marketing, animal crossing waiting room, Jodi can’t take L’s, John Ramming Sykkuno, contagious laughter pt. 1, chicken noise karma, I just want cookies, lol she read my question. she brought up jizz first, chillin before warzone tournament, animal crossing w me? 😳👉👈, The story of the Crab , Leslie lost her axe, comfy animal crossing stream with edison :D!!, WATER COMING You

What Online Multiplayer Is Like For Someone Who Doesn’t Play Games

Over the past year or so I’ve been having
my wife, more professionally known as the Lady I Live With, try out a handful of video
games in an effort to learn more about what they are like for people who don’t spend
a lot of time playing them. Through these informal experiments I’ve gained a better
understanding of some of the barriers that exist for inexperienced players; there’s
a lot about the basics of video games that I and many others take for granted, and watching
her try to figure these things out has led to me viewing games through a new lens—one
of someone unfamiliar with typical game conventions and mechanics. So, to continue her videogame education and
in turn mine, I decided to run another experiment. This time, I wanted to look into how she would
handle being thrown into what is maybe the most unforgiving space in video games: online
multiplayer Online Troll: “Get out of here Laci. You’re Fat.” Lady: “That was…that was so mean!” Given that most of the titles she has played so far for these experiments
have been single player experiences, I figured it was about time to really throw her into
the fire. So I had her play a sampling of 5 titles: Overwatch, CS:GO, Rocket League, Fortnite,
and because I’m a bad person, League of Legends. I chose these titles because they’re
prominent examples of some of the most popular genres of multiplayer games, and also because
they have playerbases of varying levels of intensity. Pretty much, I hoped it would give
her some insight into the wide world of online multiplayer, and also shine a light on the
best ways to help inexperienced players figure things out. So, this is how it went. With any game, it is important to teach players
the basic mechanics and functions in a clear and concise way so that they can get into
it as quickly as possible. Developers need to find the right balance of dispersing enough
information to the player so that they can engage with the core gameplay while not putting
too much on them too quickly. The more time a player spends being bored, frustrated, or
confused, the less likely they are to enjoy the game. And I think this is even more important
when it comes to online multiplayer titles because a player’s understanding of a game
not only affects their own enjoyment, but also the enjoyment of every person they play
with. In team-based games, if one person doesn’t understand how to play, they can inadvertently
make the experience terrible for everyone else. So having a tutorial that properly prepares
players seems like it would be a pretty massive priority. With the games my wife played, it was pretty
mixed. Only Overwatch and League of Legends prompted
her to try the tutorial, which makes sense as both games are pretty complex. With that
said, neither of them did that great of a job with teaching her how to actually play. Overwatch’s
tutorial taught her basic mechanics and how to use special abilities, but it didn’t
do much beyond that. When she finished it, she then got prompted to go to the training
ground which on one hand was good because it gave her some time to become familiar with
different characters, but on the other hand she found it overwhelming to be hit with 30 new faces, each with their own move set. I think the tutorial would be far more effective
as a learning tool for new players if it was more specific. For example, it could
start with a brief explanation of the 3 main roles, Tank, Damage, and Support, and then
have players choose one of those roles and be assigned one of the easier to understand
heroes. From there the tutorial could give a detailed explanation of how that character
fits into the actual game–things like where should they position themselves, which abilities should
they use most, things like that. While Overwatch does do a good job of easing players in by
first prompting them to do the tutorial, then the training ground, and then games against
bots, it never really explains how to be an effective teammate. A pretty common frustration
my wife had while playing was not knowing how to best help her team, so any sort of
assistance with that would have been valuable. I understand that game metas constantly shift,
but there are certain elements of basic play that stay pretty consistent, and letting inexperienced
players in on that information makes a difference. League of Legends has similar issues in terms
of onboarding new players. The fact that there are a limited amount of heroes to choose from
did make it far less overwhelming for her to dive in, but even with this smaller scope,
the game didn’t do anything to explain the roles of different characters in the context
of an actual match. It didn’t even do a good job of teaching her how to use her abilities.
There was a moment when a big arrow pointed at them but as she was focused on the actual
action and there was no voice prompt for it, she missed the cue so I had to explain them to her. The tutorial would have
been far more effective had it gone over each specific ability and how it is best used in
an actual game. And because there aren’t that many characters to choose from at the start It seems like a no-brainer to do this. Another issue with League’s tutorial is that it prepares players using
settings that aren’t the default in other modes. The big one being the camera. In the tutorial,
it is locked on the character which is really helpful for new players as it is easier to
control and less overwhelming, but as soon as the first game starts, it is no longer
locked. While having free range of the camera is certainly a more efficient way to play,
by teaching players with one method and then switching it without an explanation or warning,
it puts them at even more of a disadvantage. It is easy enough to relock the camera, but
it added a level of unneeded stress for my wife as she wrestled with a control scheme
she had never used before. Lady: “It’s fine. I’ll just lose more.” The tutorials of the other games definitely
did a better job preparing her for actual matches, but I should note that part of that
has to do those titles being far less complicated. Rocket League went over basic controls in
a contained environment, which gave her an understanding of movement and how to win. Also
the fact that the game is just soccer but with cars, made it so she could take something
she was actually pretty knowledgeable about and apply it to how she played. CS:GO’s tutorial did the best job of the
titles she tried as it not only went over the basic functions and objectives of the
game, but it also taught her a few slightly more advanced tips like where to aim, how
to bank grenades off of walls, and that switching to the pistol is always faster than reloading.
This made it so she considered these aspects when playing in an actual game. As a somewhat
offtopic side note, my wife didn’t know the names of any of the guns in CS:GO, and
at first that surprised me, but after thinking about it, I realized that pretty much everything
I know about weapons comes from playing video games. Obviously, there are other avenues
to learn about that sort of stuff, but as guns have never interested her and she didn’t
grow up playing Goldeneye, it makes sense that she wouldn’t know much about them. Anyway, the only real problem with CS:GOs
tutorial is that it is sort of buried in menus, and while it isn’t difficult to find, if
a player doesn’t know to look for it, they most likely won’t play it, which happened
to my wife at first, leading to some frustration when thrown into a game not being properly
prepared. Lady: “I don’t like this game.” Rocket League has a similar issue. Its tutorial is easier to find, but it also doesn’t prompt players
to try it. I know that this may seem insignificant, but the reality is that a new player is more
likely to do the tutorial if they are explicitly told to do it. And as the skill of any individual
can drastically shift the tide of a match, games should do everything they can to properly
onboard new players. I don’t think tutorials should be mandatory, but pushing inexperienced
folk in the right direction is easy to do and can go a long way. Fortnite was the only game she tried that
didn’t really have a tutorial. After launching the game, my wife was tossed into a match
before even hitting the main menu. A few tips did come up on the screen during that game
like how to harvest materials and where she should go, but it left out a lot of other
basic information like how to build structures and even the objective of the game. I later
learned her being tossed right into a match was part of an event that was running at the
time, and it doesn’t typically just toss players in with no real explanation. Regardless,
there still isn’t a tutorial. This surprised me a bit because a large portion of Fortnite’s
audience are kids, so I assumed it would give a little more direction for inexperienced
players. Given the way Fortnite exploded into relevance, it is possible that the dev team
figured most new players would have a base understanding of the game from seeing it on
streams or YouTube. That wouldn’t really be a good excuse to not include a decent tutorial,
but it wouldn’t be all that shocking either. All in all, I was surprised with how little
focus was given to the tutorials. They either didn’t do a robust job of actually explaining
how to play or it was somewhat easy to miss. While I understand that a lot of players often
go into multiplayer games with some sort of pre-established understanding of them, it’s
still important to have an effective tutorial for those who don’t. Otherwise, they will
be at even more of a disadvantage when they have to There are a lot of factors that go into how
enjoyable an online multiplayer game will be for a new player, but I think the most
important is being matched up against people of a similar skill level. As I imagine you’ve already guessed, this did not go well for my wife Lady: “Can I play an easier level?”
Raz: “What do you mean?” Lady: “Like, I just…I don’t wanna die.” I’m not sure if it was because most of these
titles don’t have playerbases big enough to have properly balanced games for new players
or if they just have bad matchmaking systems, but my wife was often paired up against people
who had clearly put in far more time than here. At best the teams were typically balanced by having an equal number of experienced and inexperienced players, but that often just
led to the inexperienced players like my wife getting pushed around by those who have played
a lot more. In worse cases, like when she played Rocket League, there didn’t seem to be any balance, and one good player could
swing the balance so much that every game was a blow out. Due to poor matchmaking, she
didn’t really stand a chance which, understandably, made her enjoy the games less. The only title that seemed to have a playerbase
big enough to give her a fair level of competition was Fortnite. All of the other players she
ran into were around the same level as her, so it felt like a more level playing field,
and she ended up having a fair bit of success, coming in 3rd place during her first match.
To be honest, I was kind of surprised by her placing so high and expected her second game
to go far worse, but she ended up getting a victory royale. Lady: “WHY ARE YOU SO SURPRISED?!” After she won, I learned that somewhat recently, Fortnite started
including bots into their matches who seem like real players—the goal being that more
new players will do well while still thinking that they’re playing other actual people. I have
no idea how many people in her matches were real or bots; I spent a little time trying
to figure it out based on their movements, but then I realized that a lot of people probably
would have assumed my wife was a bot based on how she moved, so I gave up on that. Either
way, while I wouldn’t blame anyone for being annoyed with Fortnite’s deceitful practices,
it did lead to her enjoying the game a fair bit because she felt good at it right off
the bat, and if it hadn’t been for me looking into stuff for the sake of this video, she
never would have known that a portion of her competition were bots. So, uh, sorry lady. In general, I think having a mix
of real people and bots can help inexperienced folk get invested in a game. My wife played
a handful of matches in Overwatch with a team of real players against computers. This proved
to be a good balance because she got the experience of playing with others while not being outmatched
by her opponents. I want to note that League of Legends also had this same mode, but she
hated the game so much that I could barely get her to play it at all, Raz: “I need you to play one more.”
Lady: “Come on.” Lady: “Please! No!” so she didn’t try it. Regardless, these kinds of modes give inexperienced
players a space to succeed. With that said, while these kinds of modes seem to be made
to help players smoothly transition into games with real players, I don’t think
they do a great job of that. Like, with Overwatch, she mostly played as
Brigitte, which for a random panic pick she made due to the character she wanted to play
as already being taken, ended up being a pretty solid one as Brig doesn’t rely on twitch
skills or accuracy, both things my wife isn’t good at yet. When playing both easy and medium
bots, it didn’t take a whole lot of strategy for her to do well. She would run right at
the enemy, swing her mace, bash with her shield, occasionally heal allies, and this ended up
working pretty well for her. When she tried this strategy against real players though… Lady: “Oh my god, this is so embarrassing.” What I realized is that her playing against bots prepared
her in the wrong way. It rewarded her reckless approach to matches, which is a strategy that
doesn’t translate to actual games. Along with a more fleshed out tutorial, I think it would far more effective
for the game to have more modes that actually help players practice useful skills and strategies. Beyond just the typical and expected frustration
that comes from continually being crushed by the opposing team, my wife also felt bad
that her playing might be frustrating other people. Lady: “Oh my god, did I let everyone down?” Lady: “No. Seriously. Did I?
Raz: “Well…” With pretty
much every team game she played, at some point she made a comment about how her team didn’t
want to play with her. The idea of making the game worse for everyone else stressed
her out to the point where she didn’t want to continue with most games. I think this
is a sentiment that exists to some degree for anyone who plays games—I know I’ve
steered clear of certain titles because I didn’t want to deal with pissing anyone
off—but for those one the inexperienced side of things, I imagine this ends up being
a massive deterrent, which frankly sucks. I do want to mention that the only game that
my wife didn’t worry about letting her team down in was League of Legends. In fact, she
said maybe the most capital G gamer thing imaginable Lady: “My team is so bad.” She acknowledged that she wasn’t good at the game either, but she constantly felt like her
team wasn’t around to support her. This mostly comes down to how League is designed.
There are three lanes for players to go down and only 5 people on a team, so everyone is
going to be fairly spread out, and while with communication this isn’t really a problem,
due to her being solo queued and not knowledgeable of conventional strategy, she assumed her
teammates were doing nothing and therefore, hated them. While all of these frustrations and stressors
ultimately led to a net negative experience, I will say that when she did pull off something
impressive, I’ve never seen her more excited about doing something in a video game. Lady: *Panicked Screams* Lady: *Excited Screams* Lady: “I did it.” Ultimately,
I think a lot of titles would benefit from finding more ways to give inexperienced players
the sense of competition without throwing them in over their heads. Online multiplayer
titles are a pretty common entry point into video games for new players. Most people end up being drawn to trying a game because of a friend who wants to play with them, and
playing online is typically the easiest way to do that. But I think when those of
us who play games a lot want to introduce them to our inexperienced friends, partners
or ladies we live with, we have to be careful with how we do it. While watching my wife play, I realized that
I viewed everything in terms of how each game was preparing her for the modes that I am
used to playing, but I don’t think that is entirely fair. Some of the modes that I
look at as stepping stones to the “core content”, are actually the destination for
a number of people. For example, when my wife played against bots in Overwatch, a fair amount
of the folks playing with her seemed to play against bots regularly. And while it isn’t
how I would play the game, I get it. My guess is they preferred to experience everything
at a slower pace as they beat down on AI. They didn’t have to deal with being paired
against players far above their skill level, and they could just focus on the aspects of
the game they enjoy most. Having alternative modes, especially ones
focused around more relaxed gameplay, can give inexperienced players a space to enjoy
themselves when playing online. It can help them avoid frustration that comes from consistently
losing and it can keep them out of situations where they may be the target of toxicity.
While I do think that all of these games could do a far better job of teaching and easing
in inexperienced players, I also think it’s important to consider that there are a ton
of different ways to play a game, and for titles that have a lot of options, sometimes
it’s more important to find which of those options best suit the skill level of the player
instead of solely focusing on shaping the player to best fit the most popular mode. The recurring theme of this series is that
games are often best when shared with other people, and clearly that is a big part of
why online multiplayer games have become so popular. They offer a space for friends to
play games together no matter how far apart they live, they provide a way for individuals
to meet new people with a shared interest, and they make it possible to compete with
folks from all around the world. Playing games with other people can lead to some of the
most enjoyable gaming experiences, and part of my hope with this experiment was that my
wife might enjoy one of these games or genres so much that she’d want to play more because
I think it’d be fun for us to have a game we consistently play together. The thing I did not forsee
was that her favorite would end up being the one I was least interested in. But especially with inexperienced players and online multiplayer games Sometimes you just have to meet people where they are and take what you can get… Raz: “Aight. Where do you wanna drop?” Lady: “Uhhhh” Raz: “Let’s go to the che-”
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much. I appreciate your support. If you would like to keep up with me on a more regular
basis, follow me on twitter where you can get my bad opinions about stuff and also on
Twitch where I stream games a bunch—yeah that’s what you do on twitch. So, yeah.
Have a great day and/or night, and I will see you in the next one. Raz: “You wanna tell Laci she’s just fine
the way she is?” L: “Yeah” *Screams*