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The biggest game in English football? Liverpool vs Manchester United | US AND THEM

Describe Manchester, the city. Errr… It’s like a pirate ship full of scurvy dogs,
vagabonds and ne’er-do-wells, and a couple of half-decent football teams
every now and again! And a couple of half-decent bands. Much the same as Liverpool, really. Liverpool. Manchester. Identity. Originality. Industry. Radicalism. History. Music. Football. Liverpool the city, if I had to describe it
I think I’d just use one word. Famous. To us, the centre of the
known universe, innit? Music, fashion, politics. You can’t be coming from Liverpool
if you’re not involved in one of them. It had The Beatles, didn’t it?
And after that it struggled. It is a prettier city than Manchester. It’s just wasted on you lot, innit? And the people here, we’re different. Tony Wilson used to say,
“We do things differently here”. You can’t bull**** when you’re in Manchester,
you’ve got to be yourself. It’s working-class, it’s dead cocky, we basically love ourselves. Two of the world’s greatest cities,
30 miles apart, so much in common but so much
that divides them. Our little corner of England has probably
contributed more to sport, to culture, to music, to science, to technology, to industry than any other corner of the world. But we don’t recognise that in each other. Ron Atkinson said once, if you go
to Anfield it’s like going to Vietnam. You just turn into an animal
when you’re in the ground, you just lose your head, it’s embarrassing. If someone filmed you, you’d be going,
“That’s not me, is it?” But where did this rivalry start,
how has it changed through the years and why does it keep getting stronger? 300 years ago Liverpool built the first
enclosed commercial wet dock in the world. That’s where it all began, I think, for Liverpool,
that’s where it all went boom. It speeded up the loading
and offloading of the cargos and it speeded up Liverpool’s trade. This was the second city of the British Empire, a thriving port city. There was that many ships
lined up on the Pier Head people couldn’t even see
the Mersey beyond it, and there was people there
from the Americas, from Asia, with these foreign tongues, who brought so much
wealth to Liverpool. Herman Melville, who wrote Moby Dick, he likened Liverpool’s dock system
to the Great Lakes in North America. They were that huge and that impressive. At the same time, fuelled by
the Industrial Revolution, Manchester began to boom. We’re a people of doers. We invented the whole UK textile industry. Arkwright’s Mill, that was the first industrial building on earth. And it became known
the world over as ‘Cottonopolis’. The hotbed of early labour movements, Marx and Engels wrote the
Communist Manifesto for Manchester. A really radical city; the TUC were founded
here, Suffragettes, Peterloo Massacre – the history is astonishing. The two cities were even linked by
the world’s first steam-powered railway. But in the late 1800s, Manchester began
to suffer an economic decline and things were soon being pointed
at the neighbours on the Mersey. The raw materials that were coming into
Manchester had to come into Liverpool, the biggest port in the country at the time,
bigger than London. It was costing a fortune. ANDY MITTEN: That was what led to
the Manchester Ship Canal being built. They wanted to bypass Liverpool,
the greed of the Liverpool merchants, building all your grand houses
in the centre of Liverpool, which are still very nice. Mancunians are very proud of the Ship Canal and very quick to say that it effectively
brought the sea to Manchester. Xxxxxx you lot off a bit, didn’t it? And that’s probably the start
of the whole rivalry. Football was becoming a regular pastime
within northern working-class communities. And one of the many new teams springing up
was a certain Newton Heath. Newton Heath started up in 1878,
playing in amongst the cotton mills and cramped factories
of inner-city east Manchester. For a short time they wore those
famous green and gold shirts and were reasonably successful. 14 years later Liverpool FC
were formed, in 1892, wearing blue and white. While Liverpool were on the up,
Newton Heath were on the slide. In 1894, the year the Ship Canal was opened, Newton Heath were rock-bottom
of the First Division. To save their skin, they entered into a playoff
against the Second Division champions. Liverpool were the champions
of the old second tier, and it was a one-off game, a playoff, and Liverpool won 2-0. That was the first really when
we put one over on United, or Newton Heath as they were called. By 1902 they became
Manchester United, and by 1909 they moved to Old Trafford. The first game at Old Trafford was
against Liverpool, I forget the score… I can’t remember the score. Liverpool came to town and beat them 4-3. They must have been a bit sore about that,
they probably owed us one from an early time. The next notable meeting between
the teams would go down in history. But for the wrong reasons. On Good Friday 1915, United were facing
relegation, and Liverpool came to their aid. United won 2-0 and avoided the drop, but later investigations found that players from both sides had rigged the game. It was an infamous episode in the history of both clubs. Liverpool won two league titles in the 1920s,
while United stagnated. Then, in the wake of the Second World War,
the rivalry changed forever. Matt Busby played about
120 games for Liverpool, but I think his Liverpool career
was disrupted by the war, and afterwards he was
assistant manager to George Kay, but this opportunity arose at Manchester
United to be a manager in his own right, and he went for it. Matt Busby wanted to be
the Liverpool manager, but he was only offered
a coaching role. When he left, I think there
was a bit of animosity there, because they usually give them
a going away match, or testimonial match, and it never happened. And I think if you talk to Liverpool fans
of a certain vintage, they’ve got an awful lot of
respect for Matt Busby. A full salute for Matt Busby. If you read
about him, one of the nicest people, doesn’t matter who you support,
you’d never say a bad word about him. I think – and I’m ashamed to say this – I was probably 16 when
I found out he’d played for Liverpool. Which is a remarkably late time
to know such a fact. Especially if we consider that, in the 1960s,
he was voted by Liverpool fans to be their captain in their perfect team
of the last 100 years. I’ve always maintained this to United fans –
his heart was in Liverpool. Under Busby, United continued to blossom. They won the league in 1956 and 1957. They had a young team that people tipped
to go on and achieve greatness, But then, disaster struck. I can remember the moment when
I heard about the Munich air disaster. I think that was the first time
I ever saw my father cry. The city was numb, as it would be if it
happened now to any major football club. It’s a terrible thing to happen. I think Liverpool, like a lot of clubs at the time, said they’d lend players
to United in the aftermath of Munich. And rightly so. It was on the front page of the Echo. That generation of Liverpool fans would have
remembered Matt playing for Liverpool, so to find out he was part
of that would have been awful. The 1960s saw Liverpool and Manchester
United competing directly for honours for the very first time. Matt Busby’s old friend Bill Shankly
took over at Liverpool and hauled them out of
the Second Division. Busby and Shankly were born
between 30 miles of each other. When Shankly first arrived at Liverpool, it was Matt Busby
that kept convincing him not to leave. In 1963 United won the cup.
The following year Liverpool won the league. In 1965 United won the league
and Liverpool won the cup, in ’66 Liverpool won the league, and then the following year, in ’67,
United won the league. So at this time, in a sporting sense, the two
clubs are really going up against each other. There was definitely a competitiveness
there between the two teams, but I think, again, for fans of that generation
there wasn’t the same edge I don’t think that there was with Leeds. The rivalry was there,
but the hate wasn’t there then. It wasn’t there then. My first away Liverpool match was April 1963. You could go where you wanted,
so we just went into the Kop. Can you imagine Liverpool fans now going around the ground
and getting involved with Man United, or they come round to the Kop?
Cos that’s what they used to do years ago. All the Liverpool supporters were bothered
about – “Can you see the pitch, son?” You’ve got this little lad
from Higher Openshaw on the east side of Manchester
being looked after by the Kopites. Just imagine that happening today. It just wouldn’t happen, put it that way! I used to speak to my dad about it
when he was alive, and he said there was never
any rivalry against Liverpool per se. I remember watching Liverpool against
Arsenal 1971, Steve Heighway, didn’t they go 1-0 up, Liverpool? COMMENTATOR: Still Heighway,
dangerous indeed – oh, goal! We supported Liverpool,
because they were nearer to Manchester. You speak to my old man –
“I had time for Liverpool, “great team, great manager,
Bill Shankly.” Loved Roger Hunt, amazingly,
what a great player he was. A real chance for Roger Hunt! He’d always say, my dad, that the best player
he ever saw at Anfield was George Best. If not the best player that ever lived,
he’s equal to the best player that ever lived. Real chance here for Best! I think I once read that Bill Shankly
thought the same. In 1968 Manchester United found
themselves on the cusp of greatness when they became the first English side
to reach a European Cup final. A feat Liverpool were denied
three years earlier by Inter Milan. I think it caught the imagination of the nation, because of what had
gone on 10 years before. As kids we didn’t really
think too much about it, we just thought Liverpool were a great team and United had won the European Cup. We weren’t thinking,
“They’ve won the first European Cup”, that wasn’t in our mindset,
because Celtic had done it. It was sort of the end of an era,
the end of Sir Matt Busby’s dynasty. Because after that United drained away. Football fan culture was changing. The gentle mockery of the 1960s terraces
was giving way to something entirely different. Society changed, factor in social issues
such as football hooliganism and the rivalry became very heated. Huge rivalries between football clubs started
when people were more mobile. When they started to go to away games. All right, there was a trickle at first, but then it became a fashion. Opposition fans started singing
on the terraces. By people singing, that’s identification. ♫ We shall not, we shall not be moved! ♫ You can go the match with your mates
and stand with them and scream with them. My first trip to Old Trafford was
with my dad in November ’72, and I couldn’t understand
the level of animosity. As a youngster you’re thinking,
“Don’t say anything, Dad”, because I knew the danger. You look at the average attendances, United and Liverpool were becoming
the best two supported teams in England. With that came animosity. We were the biggest team of the sixties,
then we had no successor to Busby, so the whole thing fell apart. And then
you came in, you were already planning, with Shankly, so to us there’s got to
be some resentment, hasn’t there? Shankly delivered the league title,
the UEFA Cup and the FA Cup, then he left. United’s demise, however,
was confirmed four months earlier. They were relegated. When they went down in ’74,
obviously we were all laughing about it. That was a shock. You don’t expect teams like
Manchester United to get relegated. It’s very hard to believe Manchester United
ever played in a lower division. I think we were also thinking, “How are they gonna cope
with them in the Second Division?” And suddenly, from nowhere,
the Red Army was born. They came from everywhere. Wherever you went –
Cornwall, Wales or whatever, the local hard knock would be a United fan,
because of their reputation. One of the first games of the season
they had in the Second Division, all you could describe as
Bay City Rollers fans get off the train, because they were all tartaned up.
Liverpool never really adopted that, so we felt as teenagers, “Oh, my God,
have you seen the state of them?” Manchester United were promoted in 1975, and the rivalry was about to
pick up where it left off. What looks like the biggest crowd
of the season here at Anfield, for a renewal of old rivalries. One thing I’d say about United is,
they always turned up at Anfield. Not many teams did. BARRY DAVIES: The Stretford town have
come down the East Lancs Road for the day. As a kid I was always fascinated
by Man United. The build-up to United coming to
Goodison or Anfield, you’d be building up for two weeks. You know, the Red Army were coming. There they are,
penned in on the right with this special dividing wall
which has been put here to divide Manchester United supporters
from Liverpool supporters. What the authorities did for that game, because they were expecting
the tartan hordes to come, was to put a partition in the Anfield Road.
So you could see things were changing. You had to have the bottle to just go
and watch and support your team, particularly away from home. Always a bit nervous going to United,
and it was vice-versa, the same for them coming here. It’s on top, man, but good fun. You have to be on your toes. With Bob Paisley at the helm, Liverpool were
about to dominate in England and abroad, but one team would prove to be
a constant thorn in their side. The FA Cup final was a big event then. And my old fella said to me,
“We’re gonna lose, you know.” “They’ve won the league, they’re in
the European Cup final on Wednesday, “they’re gonna beat us, you know.” It was a bit of a dull game but there
was six minutes of excitement. Stuart Pearson scored, he was my hero. And Pearson! Jimmy Case scored a great equaliser. Case, good turn! Oh, yes! And then two minutes later
Lou Macari shanked a shot that was going out for a
throw-in, never mind a corner, and rebounded off Jimmy Greenhoff’s chest. Jimmy Greenhoff. And has it gone in? Macari, is it? Greenhoff – a Manc goal, you know what I mean? You ask anyone, “What’s a Manc goal?”,
and they’ll know what you’re on about. Proper Manc goal, that. I think we only had about three shots
on your net, scored two of them. Great. One of them wasn’t
even a shot on your net. Marvellous. It was the irony of it all,
you know? That was quite funny,
that made it extra special, and stopped Liverpool doing the treble. Only one team can be allowed
to do the treble. Emlyn Hughes climbing up
them stairs crying his eyes out, I had a lump in my throat,
I’m thinking, “The treble’s gone.” Even all these years later,
that was one of the lows. We got them in the semi-final
two years later, in ’79, and they done us again. Jimmy Greenhoff! United always seemed to grind out results,
even when we were dominating. It’s a goal! It was their cup final. Whiteside! That’s the thing they looked forward to. Colin Gibson scores for Manchester United. We had this thing – “They’re winning all this,
but they can’t beat us.” But at the end of the day,
who’s walking around Anfield at the end of the
season with the league trophy? It’s no consolation, is it? It’s Liverpool’s fifth championship
in 14 seasons. We’d only just snide
the odd FA Cup here and there, whereas Liverpool were consistently
‘boomf-boomf-boomf.’ The rest of the First Division
can only marvel at their consistency. Any Man United fan round my age grew up
watching Liverpool win everything. Whelan’s curled it. Brilliant goal. Kings of Europe, kings of England,
kings of everything. And we kept feeling like,
“We’re nearly there, we’re nearly there”, cos we had a great team with Ron Atkinson. On our day we could put on a performance. There’s not too much between the teams. They’ve got the knowledge, at this moment
in time, of winning games. Or winning trophies. And Liverpool Football Club
win the marvellous double. There’s a pang of jealousy there when you’re
watching someone else have what you want. You covet that success. McMahon! Oh, I say, that’s got to be one of the best goals
of the season, even by Liverpool’s standards. I’m not gonna lie – it killed us. Going the match in the seventies
wasn’t just about the footy. It was about looking good
and standing out from the crowd. But who wore it better –
Liverpool or Manchester United? Who were the true originals? There’s all debates about this, and the
Cockneys even want to say they started it, which, if anybody tells you,
is a complete nonsense. Trust me, I’m of an age
where I could remember. It started in Liverpool,
very quickly followed by Manchester. Manchester had its Perry Boys,
Liverpool had its… What shall we call them – the Scallies. You’ve had your Punks, your Teds, your Mods, this was another subculture. If you went to any concert through
the eighties, all across Europe, all the lads doing the tickets and
the swag would be Mancs and Scousers. If you’re growing up in Salford, or in Huyton, and it’s grey and it’s dark
and it’s tower blocks, if you suddenly transport yourself to Nice and all these local lads are walking round
in bright colours and boat shoes, you think, “That’s a bit different.” So it became this thing, that the lads
who saw it transported it back. In fairness, you probably got the first opening
to it by going to Europe with the team, which we didn’t have at that point. I always put the Charity Shield against United
in ’77 as when things started to change, because there was a load of
16/17/18-year-olds with a new look, really. By ’78 I was wearing straight jeans
and dressing a bit smarter. We were changing our hair,
wedge haircuts and that. Round about the ’81 cup final Liverpool fans
started coming back with all the sportswear, the different kinds of footwear
which you could only get in Europe. And the great thing was,
there was no social media, so every bit of it was word of mouth. And that’s why it became
important at the football. If you wanted to know what the latest trainees
were, or the latest trackie or jacket, you’d have to go up the Anfield Road
or in the Scoreboard [end] or wherever. Now people can just tap into the internet. But back then it might have been some lads
went to some remote part of Switzerland and found this label and came back. We used to do that. You’d get the Scousers
coming down – “What’s he wearing?! “What are them trainers? “Did you see that kid with the little ‘tache
and the flick hair with them trainers? “What were they?
I’ve never seen them.” Went to Birmingham once, Birmingham fans were singing about
us looking like Spandau Ballet. You’d go and play them a year or two
later and they’re all dressed like you. West Ham came here in 1985, diamond golfing jumpers
and all this tenniswear. But by then we’d migrated on to a new look, which was like lambswool crew-neck jumpers,
semi-flared cords. Dressing like a bloody
geography teacher, really! We’re looking at all these Cockneys
and they’re saying… COCKNEY ACCENT:
“Look at all these scruffs.” And we said, “You haven’t got a clue,
we don’t wear any of that anymore.” The Mancs would always let themselves
down, they’d have an earring or… They’d get something wrong.
Not all of them, but… We’re sort of locked in by the river here,
they’d spread out to Bury and Rochdale, so they’d get like a woolyback influence. In the mid-eighties, Everton became a force. Merseyside football peaked, the league title
alternated between Goodison and Anfield. But for Liverpool, tragedy lay in wait. Hillsborough changed everything, didn’t it? I never went to a game for
six or seven years after Hillsborough. It made people step back
and take a look at the rivalries. Do you think 96 fans deserved to go to
a football match and all die in the process? Nobody deserves to go to
a football match and die at it. It’s just a game. I’m gonna take my time over this one. But when you look back at the disasters – Munich… Hillsborough… Then you go to a match and you hear people
singing the songs, which they do sing, on both sides, not just one side… ..that sickens me. But when you look around and see the people
that are singing it…are grown-ups. Adults, with children with them. And those children are the next generation
to be singing those songs, because no-one’s told them it’s wrong. I personally think
the whole lot of it is wrong. We’ll all have rivalries over football,
that’s always gonna be there, and we love it. But if I had one wish as a football supporter, passing a message on to Liverpool
and on to Manchester United, if it was possible –
“Just do us a favour, “cut it out and let’s enjoy the game
and get back to the football.” In 1986, Man United made an appointment that would change the face
of the rivalry forever. They appointed Alex Ferguson
from Aberdeen, and he had just one thing on his mind. Knock you off your perch. “Off their ******* perch, you can print that.” I thought, “What’s going on with this fella?”
Cos you could never see it. In ’92 we should have won it,
and we spewed it right at the end. It’s in there by Walters! And the whole of Anfield is singing,
“Have you ever seen United win the league”, and there’s flags there like,
“Form is temporary, class is permanent.” Chance here for Hughes –
and he’s put it away! They’d never won the league in my lifetime, so the first moment’s always
the great moment, isn’t it? You think if you could capture it
and bottle it you’d make millions. You were in a bad period, we didn’t really
have much around us to threaten us in those early nineties, to be honest. I’m almost immune to it now. When I was growing up
they were just a pure winning machine. Then the worst moment for me
is the Cantona goal. Cantona! Not only did they end up beating us in a final,
but they win the double. My favourite moment is probably in 1999 when we beat you in the FA Cup. You went 1-0 up right at
the beginning through Owen, and then two goals in two minutes won it. 9,000 Liverpool fans here to see it. That’s what makes football wonderful. And it kind of reflected what happened
at the Nou Camp. TONY CAVENEY:
Bayern Munich fans, weren’t we? Munich were in total control, and all I
remember – “Don’t think that, don’t think that”, because it was United. Tapping, “blow the whistle”,
know what I mean? Soon as I started thinking,
“These aren’t gonna score”, they scored those two late goals. But then you think, “Imagine being
in their end for that kind of game.” The team they had in the nineties
seemed arrogant and self-assured and quality, everything that I’d want
from a Liverpool team. Neville, Giggs, Scholes, Butt, Beckham. They were all contributing,
and it really, really hurt. Even though United were eating up the
trophies, Liverpool never truly went away, and after a dismal decade that was the 1990s,
Kopites had much more to cheer about at Old Trafford during the early years
of the new millennium. Murphy takes it – oh, it’s a great goal! That first one seemed to trigger a bit of belief. Murphy! And Murphy
has scored for Liverpool. The second one where Murphy
scored the lob, I think that season
we actually finished above Manchester United for the first time probably in my lifetime. My best moment was when
we won the League Cup in 2003. In ’77 they’d wore red, then when we actually beat them in ’83
we wore red, and then ’96 they wore red. So I had in my head the week before that final,
“Oh, God, I hope we’re wearing red.” Beating them in a cup final,
you can’t really beat that. I’m a big AC Milan fan from when I was a kid. D’you know when something traumatic
happens and you blank it out your brain? It’s a bit like that. 3-0 up, you think the game’s done, you know? I do remember not thinking it’s over,
because I’m dead pessimistic. And I always think Liverpool are gonna win,
because I don’t want them to. One of my good pals, he’s a Scouser,
and he rang me afterwards. I said, “What the **** are you ringing me for?” I’ll tell you one thing though –
I know what it’s like. When you do it, it’s the best feeling,
cos it’s the biggest trophy. Quite sickened by it, really. ANDY MITTEN:
You had Carragher, Gerrard – who was the one player I would have loved
United to have signed. The fact that Wayne Rooney, a Scouser, is one of Manchester United’s
greatest ever players, it all adds to the interest. Alex Ferguson, it felt like, to me, had referees
and the media alike in the palm of his hand. At the time, I couldn’t stand the man,
and I look back now and I think you’d have just loved him
to be Liverpool’s manager. You’ve got to take your hat off to him
if you know your footy. And he’s held us as the barometer
of success that he had to aim for. There’s no doubt he ended up rolling off
two or three teams of different generations, similar to the way Liverpool did
in the seventies and eighties. You’ve got to respect that. You had 18 league titles, we had seven, and we just slowly but very surely,
and quite fantastically, chipped away at that with these great teams. You think it’ll last forever,
but nothing lasts forever. And then when it’s gone, you miss it. Football’s cyclical, every team has their time, yous had yours, then United have had ours, then the Cockneys have had
a little fiddle with it, now City are having a go
and Liverpool are back in the mix. I can appreciate winning more because
I’ve had to live through and grow up with Manchester United
being totally dominant. I think Jürgen Klopp’s looking and going, “Right, I’ll show that Ferguson,
I’ll knock him off his perch.” So we’ve seen 130 years
of unprecedented footballing rivalry, rivalry rooted in a much deeper
distrust between two cities. Two cities with so much that divides them;
two cities with so much in common. Politics, fashion, music, football. Two football clubs locked
in a never-ending rivalry. There’s probably more similarities
than both cities would care to let on. Gary Whelan out the Happy Mondays, he
said, “Scousers are just the same as us.” Socially and politically the people
are quite the same, know what I mean? The kids from the likes of Collyhurst
and Ancoats and Salford are just similar, basically, to the kids
from Toxteth, Kirkdale, Everton. We’ve got great senses of humour, we
know what we like, we like what we know, we’re good at the partying,
we’re good at the music. The Stone Roses, the Happy Mondays,
Oasis, New Order… Cast, The Lightning Seeds,
Space, The Las… Are Shack from Liverpool?
God, didn’t even know they’re from Liverpool. 10cc, Bee Gees, The Smiths… The Zutons, the Farm,
Echo & The Bunnymen… The Mersey Beatles, The Bootleg Beatles,
The Yellow Submarine Beatles… They were from Manchester, weren’t they?
The Beatles. Four lads from Liverpool who shook the world. It’s The Beatles, innit? There are very subtle differences –
the way you talk, the way you dress. It’s the little differences
that make all the difference. Everything’s the same but that one little bit. You ever meet real Manchester people,
you tend you get on. People say, “I don’t like Scousers.” I say, “Why?” “Don’t like Liverpool.” I say, “You ever been?”
They say, “Yeah.” I say, “Well, take the football away
and they’re no different to us.” Yous just talk a bit daft. If you go and watch this game
in Bangkok or Bangalore, there will be Man United
and Liverpool fans in there, because it’s now not just
a big football rivalry, it’s the coming together
of two big institutions, and I think the international era
and globalisation has cemented and secured this
as the biggest fixture. I think it’s still English football’s
biggest fixture, definitely. MANI: It’s always United and Liverpool
and it always will be. ANDY MITTEN: I’ve watched football
in over 90 countries, but the bottom line is, nowhere in the world
does football matter as much – in my opinion – as Manchester and Liverpool. PETER HOOTON: You want them as rivals,
because they’re brilliant games. Listen, I’ll tell you something, if Chelsea were top of the league
and City were second, and you were bottom
and we were second bottom, and Chelsea were playing you on
the weekend and we’re playing you – what’s the biggest game in the country? It’s Man United-Liverpool. And I’ll tell you why. There’s only two clubs in this country.
Only two clubs where it’s a religion. It means something,
there’s a greater meaning to it. We had 50 years between us
of unbroken dominance, and all these things – much as we don’t
like to say it – that we have in common. Great Scottish managers with vision,
about youth, about local players, about community,
about meaning something, about winning against the odds,
winning when you shouldn’t win. I can’t explain what it means to me,
or what it means to a lot of people. But it definitely means something. It’s something that you feel,
something in your heart. The two clubs are religions,
and there’s only two clubs. Charlton – oh, what a goal! Souness! Whelan again! Gordon Strachan with a chance to equalise… and does! Hanging cross…
Oh, 3-3! Cantona is back! Riise to hit it… Oh, wow! Rio Ferdinand! Mane, lovely, on the chest!

49ers Post Game Buzz: San Francisco defense gets credit in win over Rams

What’s going on everybody? This is Chris Biderman of the Sacramento
Bee live outside the LA Memorial Coliseum with the 49ers post game buzz following
their 20 to 7 victory over the LA Rams. Just a really complete dominating
performance by the 49ers defense. They allowed just 157 yards overall, including Something like 31 in
the second half and just one first down. The Rams overall win over nine on third
down and over four on fourth down, including a goal line stand in the second
quarter that proved to be massive in the outcome of this game running back. Malcolm Brown was stuck by the 40 Niners
defensive line on consecutive runs from the one yard line on third and
fourth down. Giving the 40 Niners the ball back
after they had given the ball away on a Jimmy Garofalo
interception in the end zone. So the defense really came up
huge today for the 40 Niners. They knew coming into the week
without tackles, Joe Staley and Mike McGlinchey and fullback, Kyle that the offense might not be as
dynamic as it has been previously. And that was exactly the case of 40 Niners
ran for just 99 yards on 41 carries That’s just 2.4 yards per carry after
coming in averaging 200 yards on the ground per game to be the number
one team in the NFL in that category. But, really,
it was the defense that stood tall. Like I mentioned, Jerry Goff, quarterback
for the Rams, completed just 13 of 24 for 78 yards No touchdowns,
no interceptions for golf, but overall the 49ers did well,
to keep the Rams offence, from being able to move the ball,
at any consistent level throughout. Just one first down in the second half. And the 49ers joined the Patriots, says the only teams in the NFL,
who are five and on. So they said the top of
the standings in the NFC West. They have a very winnable game on
the road next week in Washington DC, and that’s it for
the niners post game buzz for now keep it locked to
sackb.com/40niners for more coverage. [BLANK_AUDIO]

“NFL 2019” — A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL

***You can turn these captions on and off using the CC button You know, back then I was a little baby Sweet and greasy You gotta love bread I know, you know there’s sandwich bread over there next to the coffee Oh yeah, I eat bread in the bathtub Okay,that’s gross to me There’s a lot I been feeling lately Uh, why is there a hearse at my house? Night screams… the new fun of the kids Billy! Billy! My Billy Billy, where are you, Billy?! So I need to talk to you regarding money I stomped on all the fun chunks My grief has a scent like suffering A rusty navel? How’d it get rusty? Look at this bug! It’s an honor to meet you, my lord Hmmmghahhh Hmephhushimma Meefrow Winkle, winkle, wink wittle ghost And kiss a pickle as you haunt your tree [clap] Hey! I’m crying on the inside I intensely stole carpet I tell you, there’s a Bigfoot on your shed It itches right where the end is How would you describe yourself? Hot Yeah, hot But saucy Hey, I’mma talk on the field Yeah, okay, what about? Go slow, ’cause I like that Kevin, the car’s coming soon Hey I got fun stuff! In my bag! Poetry and French art! [sniffs] TOBASCO? Why would you send apples to NASA? It was night Well why would you send apple crates during the night time? Hand at ya You think you could eat a leprechaun? Now I’m not sayin’ I wanna really So man, don’t hurt me with all y’all’s shapes! Hope you like rats better than mice Everybody gets a rat Free rats! Everybody gets their rats! Lobster scrotum pasta You seem busy My spit got on the vegetables Hey I heard they’re gonna change the ball Into a square ball Okay, I sense a purple object over there What’s your name? What? The starfish in the vents are rotting IfF you’re having a birthday, we’re truly sorry I want you to just hold me, all right? Just hold me and tell me you’ll never leave me Actually, I’m sorry, I’m gonna walk away That’s good NO EMOTION NO ACCENT NOTHING Pass the water, do it at once That boy is firsty Can’t wait to be on a winning team! Hey, I’m an icon! Oh no, it’s happening Stop standing! Stop drinking! Poke his eye! I’m the star! Hey, he’s a spy! You’re gonna die! OWWW! I used to dance like this Viviana, Viviana, VIVIANA She loved to dance, she loved to dance, she loved to dance That tiger will jump down and feed on you I’m hydrophobic, so I’m kinda scared of the ocean I melted a lot of people Humans shouldn’t visit the labyrinth I just can’t work with you “Go Tell It On The Mountain” has a GREAT rhythm! Man, I only got a brown bag I need a suitcase! I wish I could meet Pikachu Why am I right by a faucet? I will sell violent fantasy to you I touched this too long, now it will be a white head I dare you to not move I gotta move Aw, look, a random butt I”m gonna hit! Dldllllllllll I got something to tell you right now And I want you to look in my face Mmmmmmm Hoow whuettt I’m gonna keep one of the best squirrels Rice milk? What, y’all don’t like fun? I taught a toddler to bark in the dark If I went “bzzzzt!” it would kill ya! There’s a barefoot guy! So what do you think this stuff is that’s streaking down? Uhhh, well what do you really mean? I mean, you have atmospheric conditions And when things are right, then you get your probable rain generation Just falling down? That’s how rain works You told me you LIKED “Cinderella” Big rivers are so intense! Hi, I’m Ronald. Are you staying for the night? Hnnghughh Wait, where are we? You know what we oughta do? Take a picture! Hngggyahh I don’t know if I turned off the light Mmmmm What do you do to get ready for a game? You know, I say to myself, “Jeffrey? Jeffrey Sphincter?” “What are you doing? You need a clover!” “May young Jeffrey save this game” And ummm, like I say that every ten minutes And then, umm, I look at my feet I sleep on the Happiness Tree Oscar told a poignant tale I hate the meat at the Crust Buffet Huzzah! Extra mush for all my minion! I sold my horse! Now can you find the tiny red shoe? Uhhhhhhhh It’s right there! [choking noise] I like shiny brass! Brass is great! I like brass I hope you feel good, so — Not you, I hope you fall on a machete later Oh, it’s a joke! Guys! What’s this for? What’d I do to you? Guys? Guys? UGHHHH! Guys? uGHHHH Night snacking. That’s what I do I tested a colon Why are you being anti-Dutch? Okay, if you make it to the Secret Dune [I can] Then now you see, look, see how this dragon comes down fast over here? Oh gosh Man, it’s just over Hey, I’m probably just gonna run it So I just wanna make sure you’re ready OH NO When talking to heart-broken teenagers, what should I say? I don’t know the answer Like who can say? Probably should ask that old man ‘Cause you trying to talk about something that immediately just don’t concern me It’s just stuff about you I dated Bruce Wayne Not true Let’s check in on these two fellas I’ll shove you over that railing and then I’ll pinch you Oh no, don’t pinch me, this is bad I mean, whatever shall I do? You’re a “larcher” A lunch archer. And I say unto you, “Victory is nigh” Just let me try to focus YeahhH! Yeaahhh! THat’s tasty! EHhhhgh ehghhh eafhhhhhghh I do this when I feel free and fancy This kid’s jeep that has carpets and rain coats in the back is for sale! Look at the view, dude Hey can I have like half a million dollars? Anyways, I’m a mirage When can I get handsomer? I raised a pumpkin. Did you? HURTY! You’re banned from Asia, but you gotta go to China If I can’t be in Asia, then how do I get to China? I mean, I just, I mean… You’d rather have a Vitalli over a Monet? Yeah, definitely Wait, Stefan. Hush your mouth! What, say what? Have you remember a Monet is what we’re talking about Yo dude, yo dude, yo dude, yo dude, yo dude, yo dude, Hey I’ll make some fajita pot pies later for all my coolest friends Oh, but not you Heh heh heh, GHAAH! OH it’s YOU! My fingers smell like cabbage [sniff] or like a riverboat captain’s sock I lost weight! I’m sorryyy! [sobbing] I’m leaving! [sneeze] Were you good at math in school? Eleven over eight, carry the seven, all that stuff But you know, I don’t know about pi or nothing like that Hey, look at me, I’m Rick Rocket! AHghhhh! ACTIVATE FREEDOM! Hot dogs! MMMMmmmm mmmm I LIKE!

Saints Teddy Bridgewater rides his bike to home games

i don’t know if you caught this after the
saints latest win… quarterback teddy bridgewater talking about
riding his bike to and from the game. can you believe that?
as the saints look ahead to the jaguars on sunday.. we wanted to know more about that
bike ride. RICARDO LECOMPTE got some answers today at
saints headquarters. ricardo? TEDDY BRIDGEWATER MOVED TO 3 AND OH AS SAINTS

The worst Tom Brady playoff game was a turnover fiesta that should’ve been called after 15 minutes

– Look, we all know there’s no quarterback that’s been better in the
playoffs than Tom Brady. He’s won more Super
Bowls than anyone else. You need to add up multiple Hall-of-Famers just to sniff his total
for post-season games won. He even has more passing
yards in the playoffs than Super Bowl attendee Rex
Grossman had in his career. It’s stupid. That said, even the greatest
has put together a performance worthy of nothing more than
fuel for a dumpster fire, a complete stinker that was
over before the second quarter, a day best forgotten,
an outing without hope, a game that, well, was
just the absolute worst. This is The Worst Tom Brady Playoff Game. (ominous music) January 10th, 2010,
Foxborough, Massachusetts, Wild Card Weekend. The Baltimore Ravens visited
the New England Patriots and leading up to kickoff,
there was no reason to expect the greater Boston area
would develop a poopy stench over the coming hours. While it was expected
to be a great matchup, the storylines were
working in the Pats’ favor. Tom Brady had never lost
a home playoff game. He was a perfect 7-0 at Gillette with an eighth win back
at Foxborough Stadium that had no drama or controversy
attached to it of any sort. He’d even done pretty
well at neutral sites, starting off three for three
before those pesky Giants had to ruin his streak. Plus, a slightly bigger deal
of a streak for New England. It’s rarely talked about and
even forgotten in some circles, but the Patriots actually had a chance to have a perfect season, 19-0. Somehow, they didn’t. I bring that up not just to be an ass, but also because in terms of storylines, that Super Bowl loss was
the last playoff game the Patriots had played in. The season that followed saw
Brady’s knee get shredded on opening weekend, which let
Matt Cassel become a thing and also let the Dolphins win the East, thanks to the Wildcat
confusing everyone for a year. So once the 2009 season rolled around, everyone waited to see if we’d
get the same Touchdown Tom. In week one, he led a fourth
quarter, double-digit comeback against the Bills. That sparked a pretty solid
season for Brady and the Pats, even earning Brady Comeback
Player of the Year honors. They wrapped up the division in week 16, but with the chance to
earn the AFC’s three seed, they played their starters to
close out the regular season. That move cost them one Wes Welker. Now, I know what you’re saying, “A-ha, that gives Brady
an excuse to be bad.” And to a degree, that’s reasonable. Even Brady acknowledged that this offense ran through Welker, who put up monster numbers on the season. But Tom Terrific also
spun it as a positive. Maybe the offense ran
through Welker too much. Maybe this would force the
Pats to do something different and maybe, just maybe, that
was actually an advantage. The Ravens wouldn’t possibly know what these new-look, Welker-less
Pats would try to do. I mean, sure, there was still Randy Moss, destroyer of worlds, fresh
off another 1000-yard season. But they also had a secret weapon. The rookie Julian Edelman
was basically a brand new, fresh-from-the-box Welker,
who Brady was working with to get up to speed. He’d already filled in for
Welker earlier in the season and proved pretty capable. So in whatever this
potential new look offense Brady was imagining, they’d still have a Welker-style weapon. And if you’re questioning how that logic contradicted itself of, maybe
we used too much Welker, so let’s use this Welker replica and catch Baltimore off guard, well, you’re probably
just overthinking it. But you don’t have to take it from me. Here’s one of the greatest football minds this country has ever
seen giving his thoughts on Touchdown Tom. Phil Simms! Shit, sorry, I probably
could’ve found a photo not of the back of his head. – [Phil Voiceover] Everybody’s saying, you know Tom Brady’s
just not quite as sharp as we’ve seen in the past. You are watching different
football games than I am. He has been sharp this
last part of the season. – [Narrator] You tell ’em, Phil. Once the game got started, we were ensured we would get to see Brady airing it out. On the very first snap of the game, Ray Rice took a handoff
83 yards for a touchdown. So Tommy’s gotta sling. Down a quick seven, Brady’s
first pass actually lost three yards to Edelman, but
that’s all part of the plan. Keep them on their toes. For his second time dropping back, let’s freeze it right here and
play a little guessing game. Do you think Brady’s going to, A, find Moss deep for a big chunk, B, go back to Edelman, who picks up the first down with some YAC, or C, Brady has completely
zero awareness of Terrell Suggs coming off the left side for a strip that sets the Ravens up
to take a 14-point lead? Okay, pencils down. If you guessed C for Suggs,
you move on to the next round. The same wasn’t really
looking to be the case for New England. After Le’Ron McClain doubled the deficit, Brady opened series
number two with a sack, courtesy of Ray Lewis. But the drive led to a
three-and-out instead of a fumble, so that’s progress for Brady. And with New England’s defense
forcing a punt as well, there was still so much
time for Touchdown Tom to do some good and earn
some smooches from Gisele, Belichick, his son, whoever. Or, and hear me out, maybe
Brady could make the comeback even more exciting by feeling pressured, not getting sad at all, and throwing a completely dog-shit pass straight to Chris Carr
for the interception. A few plays later, boom,
more points for Baltimore. Okay, pop quiz number two. The very next time Brady
got to throw the ball, what do you think happened? A, he targeted Moss for the
very first time in the game. B, the new toy Edelman did a good. Or C, he throws to Sam Aiken
who’s definitely a real person, while Ed Reed is nearby, who picks it off after the ball hits Aiken
straight in the hands. – [Announcer] Here, he’s well-protected. On second down, the throw, Aiken! And it’s intercepted off the deflection. – Once again, C is a winner. That’s back-to-back Brady pass
attempts that got picked off. At this point, after 12 minutes of play, Brady is two of six for three
yards with three turnovers. And at the end of the first quarter, the Ravens lead 24-zip. It’s not going good. But it’s also not going so bad that it’s Brady’s worst
game ever, so there’s that. That would still probably
be his performance on September 7th, 2003 against Buffalo. In that disaster of a week one, Brady completed 14 of
28 passes for 123 yards, zero touchdowns, got sacked twice, and tossed four picks in
a shutout to the Bills, a Bills team that would win just five more games that season. Brady even got benched
for the Rohan Davey. Just an absolute poop storm
that then sparked a season where the Patriots won the Super Bowl. So using some sort of
Phil Simms-ian logic, that means Brady’s gonna
lead them back in this one. And at the start of the second quarter, they got a little bit of help. The Ravens muffed a punt, which let Kyle Arrington
give Brady another chance. Never mind the fact Arrington didn’t actually possess the ball. Harbaugh didn’t challenge
it, so who cares? Brady took advantage, finding
new Welker for a touchdown. And the teams flopped around for while before calling it a half. Ravens up, 24 to seven. At that point, Brady
had a very respectable 38 yards passing, which,
should be pointed out, was still more than four
times what Flacco had. Then again, Flacco had the lead, so yeah. Then that’s how it stayed. After the Pats opened the second
with another three-and-out, the next time Brady got
the ball, what did he do? A, threw a pick, B, threw
a pick, or C, threw a pick. Yeah, hey, good job, you guessed it. Yet another interception,
this time, by Dawan Landry. Brady did find Edelman
for a second short score, but that would be all she
wrote for the Patriots’ season. On fourth and 10 with
a minute, 15 remaining, the Ravens’ defense got
to him one last time and the clock ticked away
as Jim Nance recounted us with the saddest Flacco
story I’ve ever heard. – [Jim Voiceover] Joe Flacco
comes out for one snap, Joe Flacco who has a poster of Tom Brady in his bedroom back at his
parents’ house in New Jersey. He still spends a great
deal of his off-season living in his old bedroom. – Another fun fact. This is actually a
two-for-one “Worst” episode because this was also Joe
Flacco’s worst playoff game. The Ravens’ signal caller,
the victorious champion, the hero who rolled into Gillette and handed Brady his
first home playoff loss, finished the day with eye-gouging numbers. 10 pass attempts, four
completions, threw 34 yards, no scores, and one interception. What the hell? But still, he got the win. As for Brady, he turned
the ball over four times and despite being down
after just 10 seconds, managed just 154 yards on 42 attempts. The loss fell on him. The two other times he threw
three picks in the playoffs, he’d still done enough
for his team to win, both of which against the Chargers, which kind of helps in the post-season. But now, folks were asking
if this performance, plus an unimpressive end to his season, was a sign of a new
player, an aging Brady, someone you might call
Thomas instead of Tom. But a few more Super Bowl wins have proved that might’ve
been a little short-sighted. Now, I know you’ve already gone and said, “What about Super Bowl XLII?” But here’s the thing. Yes, they should’ve won that game. And I’ll reiterate, a lot of people forget New England would’ve been 19-0 with win, something no team has ever done. It’s wild. No one ever really talks about that. And while, yes, that’s bad, Brady actually played pretty well. You could say that was Bill
Belichick’s worst playoff game since he seemed to blow it as a coach, but that’s not this video. This is about the time
Tom Brady had every chance to play the hero in
front of his home crowd, to get back on track after
a devastating injury, and prove he was still the
same ol’ Touchdown Tom. But instead, he didn’t. He made his bed and pooped in the bed and then all he could do
was lie in that poopy bed. (dramatic strings)

Panthers Kyle Allen looking forward to game but continuing to work on protecting the ball

This is your first home start. I know you’ve had the success
on the road so far, how much are you looking forward to that?>>I’m excited man, I’m really
excited to play in front of home fans, in front of a regular season game,
and a game that really matters. I was obviously here last year
at the end of the season, and we didn’t win many games. And I don’t think any of the games where
I was here for we were at home except for the Dallas game when I was here,
the first game of the season. And the fans were rocking, had a lot of
false start penalties because of the fans, so I’m excited. We’re in a two-game winning streak. We can come home,
play in front of our fans. Hopefully they pack the stadium.>>Over the last few days to look at game
film and work with quarterback coach and everything. Was there anything specifically
that you’re doing and not doing to cause five
fumbles in two games?>>I think it’s a combination
of a lot of things. And I think we’re working on,
I think there’s a couple things that we really don’t need to say, I just
need to say that we’re working on it. You know what I mean?
So we’re working on it after practice
every day and for me, it’s just, it’s unacceptable. I can’t put the team in the position
like that if we wanna try and win games. So just know I take that to heart, hey,
I’m working really hard to get better. [BLANK_AUDIO]

March Madness Stereotypes

October 2, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

March Madness Stereotypes

*Phone Ringing* *Phone Ringing* G: Sup, man. C: Hey, man. You wanna come watch the games? I got two TVs and a frozen pizza. *Chucklng* *Laughing* G: No, I’m good. G: Oh, what a shot! C: Guys, last second shot! Last second shot! All: Oh! Wow! T: The beginning, but then you pin it, rebound trying to prop the building. T’s Wife: Barrett (Ty’s son), who do you think would win in a fight, a wild cat or a musketeer? T: I would probably pick them. T’s Wife: I can’t pick the Blue Devils, my dad works at a church. T’s Wife: Oh, Baylor Bears, that’s chicken JoJo’s team, right? T: Are you looking at the numbers? T’s Wife: No. I’m looking at Pinterest. New Mexico State. I’ve got a customer whose son was there place-kick. Oh, that’s football, but I’ll still pick ’em. Texas Tech and Stephen F. Austin. Well, I had an uncle who went to the tech, never did like him. Go, Stephen F. Austin. Miami, I just got back from there so… yeah. Auburn in Charleston. Oh, I still feel bad their tree got poisoned. I’ll pick Auburn. C: Did you guys see the North Central Kentucky Baptist school got the win last night? C: I don’t know if I picked them in the bracket. C: Whoa, They’re not in your bracket. They’re in the NIT. *All Laughing* T: THE N.I.T.! C: YOU KNOW THAT STANDS FOR NOT IN TOUNAMENT, RIGHT? G: How are we losing to Rhode Island right now? T: If this was football, we would be killing them! G: Dude, basketball is so dumb. When was the last time you even watched the game? T: I don’t know, how long ago did Blake Griffin play? G: On a side note, A & M is looking pretty good this year. G: I applied, didn’t get in. T: Didn’t we all? G: Boomer! T: BOOMER! C: Hey, sweet start to the tourney. 0 for 1 in your picks. C: What? Dude, someone must’ve changed my bracket! C: Wow, *unintelligible* lost me that one. C: He makes his free throws, we win the game. My bracket is perfect. C: No, I picked them in my bracket that actually counts. This one’s just kind of a practice bracket. C: There’s so many good games on Thursday, C: I know I cannot believe we have to go to work. T: Oh, the games start this Thursday? [Dr. Carter’s office, how may I help you?] T: Yeah, I was gonna see if you guys had any available surgeries on Thursday? T: One to two week recovery time would be fantastic. You have anything other than a hip replacement? Lehigh shocks the world taking out Duke in the first round. And that is back-to-back early exits for the Duke Blue Devils. Your national champion, Duke Blue Devils. C: You guys have brought me back! and South Carolina coming out on top, sending Duke home early. C: NOOOOOOO!!!!! G: Dude, can we speed this up, there’s some great games on right now. T: Yeah, as soon as I can find something for my grandma that’s under five grand, we can get out of here. T: Oh, man. There’s some good stuff in there. Guess, they’re renovating. T: Dude, would you pay attention? If you break it, you buy it. G: Hey, didn’t you have Michigan State going all the way this year? Yeah, in the championship. They just lost the first round. Your bracket is toasted, man. *Overlaying Speech* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAERRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH! C: YES! C: I just saved you guys a fortune! C: You have no idea what was going to happen here. C: And women’s bracket? All: UConn. G: Seriously, no one’s taking Mississippi State this year? All: Nah. C: No, I gotta get that deal done today. Hey, did you fill your bracket? What? C: It takes five minutes. I don’t have five minutes. I have only one minute. You just wasted it. C: Sandra, I need Tom in OSHA on the line yesterday! *sings* T: For one shining moment… G: Are you seriously crying right now? T: What, No! What, you’re crying. T: All those poor kids, I always feel so bad for the losing team. C: Kentucky blue I see. T: It is, I got my boys winning it all this year. C: Oh, I didn’t know you went there too. T: Basically, my brother went there. T: My brother went there on a campus tour. T: We’re not related T: and it’s one of those friendships where you’re really close like a brother. C: Right, so you’re a wildcat because your almost brother almost went to Kentucky. T: Go Cats! C: Hey man, forgot to tell ya. Thanks for the lunch today. No problem. C: I’m pretty much a shoe-in in our office bracket, so cash ain’t really an issue right now. C: Where did you get that? C: What, these new shades? C: No, the car! C: Oh, this didn’t even dip my billion. C: You don’t have a billion dollars. C: Oh, dude, I’ve got a perfect bracket going through day one. C: Tell me, you’re not talking about Warren Buffett’s C: Billion Dollar Perfect Bracket Never-Gonna-Happen-In-The-History-Of-The-World Challenge. C: You’ve heard of it. C: Yeah, I couldn’t decide whether to get avocado ranch or red. Thanks for watching, guys. If you’re not already a Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here so you don’t miss out on any new videos. If you want to see the last video: Overtime 2, click right here and if you want some awesome DP merch, click down here. Signing off for now. Pound it! Noggin! See ya! Subtitles by nhallgamingdude8

How to shoot a knuckleball | Learn CR7 free kick

September 24, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

How to shoot a knuckleball | Learn CR7 free kick

So you want to learn how to shoot a knuckleball well in this episode I’m gonna give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to do that But before we get any further make sure you are mentally ready for the challenge Because mastering the knuckleball is the most difficult and advanced shooting technique in football, but if you do put in the work Nothing will stop you from learning It sounds like something for you? Awesome keep on watching. And I guess we can kick the whole thing off by defining What a knuckleball is. Basically a knuckleball is moving unpredictably in the air, side to side up and down – making it the goalkeepers worst nightmare – and ultimately what we are trying to achieve here is a ball flying in the air with as little spin as possible. Although many times a successful knuckleball might have some top spin on it as well – and lastly I would just like to make it very clear that this is By far not the only way to achieve a beautiful knuckleball This is how I learned it and my technique is very heavily inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo’s legendary free-kick goal against Portsmouth The moment I saw that goal, I knew I wanted to learn this technique. So what I did I Downloaded the clip, watch the replay thousands and thousands of times, trying to mimic every single step he did in order to make the ball fly like that. Cristiano, was that the best free-kick you ever struck? difficult to say. But maybe maybe this one is the best! So, let’s kick the whole thing off with the run-up to the ball but before we do that – keep in mind that everything I’m about to tell you will apply, whether you are trying to achieve a knuckleball from a free-kick situation, or if the ball is moving Anyways like I told you my technique is 100% inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo and the run-up he does, is simply a little bit weird. You want to run up to the ball from a little bit of an angle. You don’t want to have an exactly? direct straight angle to the ball. And, at the same time you don’t want to have as much angle as when you are kicking a curving free-kick. You run to the ball on your tiptoes And the last step, you kind of lift yourself up with your toes like this. If you watch Cristiano Ronaldo’s free-kick goals, you will see he will always make that same motion. running to the ball lifting himself up almost preparing his foot, for what’s about to happen when he strikes the ball. Like this And then he kicks. It’s a very unnatural movement, especially if you’re not used to running to the ball like this. Some people like to run up to the ball flat-footed with their heels on the ground all the way like this but my way of doing that is approaching the ball running on my tiptoes and Locking my ankle with the last step before kicking the ball once again like this Now that we have the run up lock in place you want to know which part of your foot You’d use to shoot a beautiful knuckleball and for me the sweet spot area is right around here Basically the area is slightly away from your toes and more towards the laces right up here And I know a lot of you guys will tell me, guys like Kevin De Bruyne, David Luiz and perhaps even some other youtubers Will tell you to shoot knuckleballs Like this. With the inside of your foot. They approach the ball and shoot the ball like this. To me, that’s unnatural. It doesn’t work for me, and my style is kicking the ball With this part of my foot. And what do you want to do you want to lock your ankle point your toes down? Like this and hit the ball with this area And you should be solid So next up you want to know where in the ball should you kick – and honestly? Pay attention – because to me – this is the most important part of achieving a beautiful knuckleball Just think about it. If you hit the ball too much on the side You’re gonna get side spinning If you hit it, too low and slice your foot under, it you’re gonna get backspin – and like we learned in the beginning, we are trying to shoot the ball with as little spin as possible if not with a little bit of beautiful topspin. And the way to achieve that, is to hit the ball in the dead center slightly on the lower half The reason you want to keep the ball slightly on the lower half of it is simply because if you hit the ball too high it’s not gonna have any air on it, and it’s just gonna roll on the ground also when shooting knuckleball free-kicks you’ve probably seen a lot of people searching for the valve and facing it towards them on their run-up, like this. And while it’s not gonna make the ball fly any more weird in the air it is a very good thing to do because you actually get a visual reference on where the dead center of the ball is. But, honestly, this tip is more for the people who just have a routine of shooting free-kicks And they want to do it the same way, every single time. So the last thing on our menu is to follow through – and long story very short – you want to keep your follow-through short and sharp while leaning over the ball Like this. So compared to some other techniques out there, in order to shoot a beautiful knuckleball, you don’t want to follow through by just letting your foot swing all the way up. Like this. And you don’t want to stop your follow-through completely after your initial contact with the ball So basically what happens is that after you hit the ball? and you follow through quick and sharp, your foot is going to go slightly across your body – and what that does – is makes your non kicking foot drag along the ground like this. Don’t worry about that movement, it just happens because your foot, and your whole body weight, is pushing you slightly on the side. So putting all the steps together. You apprach the ball with your tiptoes. You prepare and lock your ankle on your last step before hitting the ball Kick the ball with the instep area right here, in the dead center. Follow-through ,lean over the ball, and you’re good to go. So next up I have some additional tips for you guys when you are out there practicing your knuckleballs – and my tip number one, is to start your knuckleball training by shooting to a moving ball. For some reason, shooting knuckle balls to a moving ball Compared to just kicking them from free-kick situations is a lot easier I don’t know why and the only explanation I’ve been able to come up with after all these years Is that when the ball is rolling and moving forward it already has some small topspin on it, and as you’re kicking I don’t know what the reason is But trust me when I tell you shooting knuckle balls to a moving ball is easier, so start with that My tip number two is the same tip I gave you earlier into how to curve the ball free kick tutorial, which you can watch by clicking the I-icon in the top right corner of your screen? But basically what you want to do is you want to start practicing by kicking the ball? towards a wall. The good thing about that is that well as you can see The ball will always come back to you so you don’t have to waste time on the pitch running after the ball, after you miss the top corner So shoot against the wall Tip number three: don’t give up on your training. Shooting knuckleballs is hands-down the most difficult shooting technique in football – and depending on your skill level mastering the knuckleball will take anywhere from months to years So be consistent stay positive and keep practicing So hopefully guys enjoyed this knuckleball tutorial And I truly hope, you guys got inspired and are ready to go to the pitch for many many hours To work on your knuckleballs once again, it’s gonna Take you a long time to learn so don’t give up stay consistent and most importantly have fun And I’m gonna cut it right there once again Hopefully you guys had a blast Watching this episode and what I need you to do, is leave a comment in the comment section below and let me know Which shooting technique you would like to learn next here on unisport webtv You can watch how to curve the ball by clicking the video right down here And if you want to see more awesome videos like this click here to subscribe Again stay consistent Don’t give up and work on those knuckle balls a lot


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Today we’re gonna teach you five extremely simple But very effective skills that you can use in a match and no they might not be super flashy But I promise you that if you master these five skills you’re gonna be able to beat your opponent in a lot of different situations Number five is the shoulder drop which is super simple But also super effective. When you face the defender drop your shoulder faking going one way and then quickly go the other And if you’re in a tight situation put a small lift on the ball so if you don’t beat your man You might win a free kick Number four is the fake shot Which is extremely effective if you do it at high speeds. For this move the more you can get the defender to commit the better Start your shooting motion, but just before you hit the ball stop your foot and then go away from the defender Number three is the poke right, go left move which workes very well If you’re super fast. This one is very simple wait until you’re close to the defender poke the ball around him and then sprint past him Number two is a cool step over variation, that I send a lot of defenders for a hot dog over the years Here you should take a touch to either side and after that you do a step over where you really commit to the step over motion When you’ve caught the defender you should move in the other direction Number one, my personal favorite “la croqueta”, which is famously been used by andres iniesta and michael laudrup Here you should wait until the defender lunges for the ball And then you quickly slide the ball from one foot to the other pushing it around him almost like a double tap So there you go, my friends. Five super easy, but very effective skills that you can use in a match But I really love to know what your personal favorite match skill is, you should let me know in the comment section right down below Also, don’t forget to check out other cool. Match tricks by clicking down here Don’t forget to subscribe by clicking the green bubble over my head Leave me a thumbs up if you had a good time and don’t forget to spread the word by sharing this video with some of Your friends that need to work on their skills and with that said I’m signing off cheerio