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Firstbeat Sports Monitor

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Firstbeat Sports Monitor

Introducing the latest innovation in team
sports monitoring from Firstbeat Technologies: Firstbeat Sports Monitor The new monitor is a cloud based system, working
both on/offline with both iOS and Windows. This mobile solution allows multiple coaches
access to their teams data from any location. Some of the key features are: -Automatic reporting for both coaches and
individual players -Improved Real Time Interface And of course the most exciting new feature
is our new patent pending Training Effect calculation. Firstbeat is proud to be the only monitoring
system on the market that is able to identify the percentage of aerobic vs. anaerobic activity
during the session, in real time. Visit the link below for more information
on the New Firstbeat Sports Monitor

How Professional Footballers Recover After Games | Train Like Duggan

Hi, I’m Alice Liveing
and I’m in Madrid with Toni Duggan talking about her training and fitness. What does a typical
training session look like? As someone obsessed with weight training,
are there any weights? -Yeah
-Good! But I’m going to say being in Madrid,
a lot less than in England. That’s interesting. It’s a massive culture change. In England the game’s a lot more physical,
a lot more fast and a lot more based
around weight training and… being super fit. In Spain it’s a lot more technical,
tactical, being fluent with your movements. Do you see a difference in how you play? Not performance-wise but I do feel
a difference in myself and my body. Before I came here,
my hamstrings were really strong. I have quite a powerful shot as well. If you’re not replicating those exercises or doing a lot of shooting
or weight-based stuff, naturally you’ll not be
as strong in those areas. We do tests in England
in the national team all the time, and recently my problem’s been
my hamstrings aren’t strong enough. That’s because
I’ve been over in Spain for 2.5 years, but I don’t know whether that means
my performance dipped or not. I don’t feel like it has.
Maybe it could have something to with it. You always need to be strong
and to be pushing yourself in all areas to be the best player you possibly can. So these little bands are really popular
in the dressing room before games. Before training as well. So as footballers we know that
we need to get our glutes firing, our hamstrings firing, so this would usually be
one of our exercises. Again, there’s different
difficulty levels. Some people have two bands on. One on their ankles also. Just to get your glutes firing, you just try and stay in the same line
with your legs not over your toes. And then just… Oh yeah, I know this one. So there’s different exercises
you can obviously do with these bands, and in the colours, you’ll have used them,
there’s different strengths. Resistance, yeah. If you’re new to it,
start with baby bands. Maybe it’s a yellow colour
and it’s less… So that’s one of them.
This is another one. -The monster walks.
-Yeah. -Booty burners.
-You feel it in your bum! The girls do this in the changing room. Again, it’s individual
and people’s preferences, what exercises they do. You can take it down to your ankles. Obviously do more stability as well,
but also firing on your glutes. There’s a range of things
you can do with them. Versatile. They’re good for if you want to do
stuff from home, if you want something
you can do home workouts with. Yeah, really good. Really good to invest in. There’s also one to strengthen your glutes Yeah, clams! That’s the name.
You’re the professional, so… So just doing maybe 20 to 30
reps of these, maybe three sets of it. You feel the burn the next day. -Perfect.
-So there’s some. Some good ideas there. When it comes to game days, you’ve talked about a warmup
and how those are really specific. What about the recovery
afterwards and in between? There are so many forms of recovery
and I think you should use them all. An ice bath, that might be 1%. Refuelling your body is another 1%. Getting protein in as soon as possible.
That’s when your recovery starts. I really like ice baths.
They’re important. People have different theories. I’ve never heard anyone say,
“I like ice baths.” I don’t like ice baths
but I feel the benefits of ice baths! -Yeah, I hate them.
-Dive into it! I hate them, I absolutely hate them. -How long do you do in there?
-7 to 10 minutes. It depends, yeah. When I was younger I’d always run away, but now I’m getting a bit older
I kind of need it. It’s also in your head as well. Even on the pitch in football, I know that if I’ve done everything right
Monday to Friday, come Saturday or Sunday when the game is, in my head I feel good,
I feel so good if I’ve done that ice bath. If I don’t do that ice bath on the Friday,
it’s: “You haven’t recovered properly.” When you get tired, you start
sending yourself negative messages. So it’s all linked to your mind,
to how you feel. I know you’re probably familiar with this,
but it is really good for recovery and it’s something I love doing before
and after training to improve recovery. Foam rolling is something I think people
are often mystified by. They don’t know what it does or
how to do it, so I’m going to show you. It’s good for increasing blood flow
to the muscles, and getting yourself ready
for a training session. So I like to focus on glutes first. And I’ll do one side just rolling… Swap to the other side… I go through the same motions every time,
depending on where I’m sore. If I’ve got sore glutes or hamstrings,
I’ll do that with a bit more focus. Then my piriformis. I cross my ankle over my knee
and then go towards the knee that’s up. Just foam roll one side… It doesn’t have to be for long. I see people that are foam rolling
for like 20 minutes. It needs to be like 20 seconds
each muscle. Then swap to the next one. Just as long as whatever feels good
for you… Other side… My worst part with this
is definitely there. That’s the worst. Although for me, calves are worse. -Really?
-Yeah. Hamstrings are never too bad for me. My hamstrings are quite loose,
but I get really tight carves. I do a lot of walking everywhere,
so my carlves get particularly tight, so whenever I get on a foam roller… I don’t know if you did this,
but cross one leg over the other. Yeah, puts more pressure on it. That is so painful! -You’re not enjoying this!
-No! Who signed me up for this? Have you seen you can get
the same foam roller, but a vibrating one? -Really cool.
-I have. -And the ones you can manually…
-Do yourself. Loads of options. This is the most widely available one.
You see them in most gyms now. People look a bit scared
to know how to use them. It doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’ve got areas
that are particularly tight… The main areas I would focus on
are glutes, piriformis, hamstrings, calves, quads, upper back. Your T-spine is definitely somewhere
where people are particularly tight. I usually say bra strap and up.
I’m going to hold my hair up. Make sure that you’re rolling
from there all the way up. And then coming back down
to that mid-back. And for people that sit
at a desk all day… That’s not yourself, but for people
like my clients for example, it’s a really good one, because they get a stiff upper back, and that limits things
like your overhead mobility and just how you’re able to move
from your T-spine. I usually go forwards and backwards first
then to one side… Then to the other… And that generally feels really nice. And from there I’m going to flip over
and do my quads. So… Then the same on the other leg. And somewhere that is often forgotten
is your lats. It’s really good for that. I tend to do one side
with the arm outstretched. If you’ve been doing pull-ups and
you’re feeling quite tight in your lats, it’s a good one. I see the goalkeepers
doing that one. Yeah, a lot. That is it. So that would be I would say maybe… between 5 minutes to 10 minutes max,
depending on how sore I’m feeling. It’s really good to increase blood flow
and get you feeling nice and mobile. -Before and after the session.
-Yeah, definitely. What would be your favourite exercise
that you love when you go to the gym? That’s a tough one.
I don’t know. I like core a lot.
I think core is underrated. Core exercises,
especially as a footballer, because it’s not just to do with having
a nice stomach and nice muscles, but more because
when you’re walking and running, you need good core muscles. If someone’s barging into you, or… All movement stems from there and
particularly with my clients in the gym, when I get a new client,
we start with breathing drills, so they can feel what it feels like
to have their core muscles activated. And then go from there into core drills so they can start to feel
what it feels like to use them. A lot of people mistake
those semi crunches in the gym for true deep core work. But as you can appreciate,
I don’t know if you do a power press, or things where you’re working
on rotational work that’s something
you’re going to need a lot of. Anti-rotation as well, working on different ways
to move your core, rather than just sitting and crunching. Plank as well, because it does
a lot muscles, not just your core. Glutes, hamstrings… A lot of people really struggle
with the plank and making sure their form is really good. I see people’s chins sticking out,
their bums dropping down. I thought we could talk through
the perfect plank and get you to demo it for me. If you don’t mind! No problem. First, it’s really important to get
the elbow right underneath your shoulder. You know what you’re doing. From there, really think about drawing your shoulder blades
down towards your rib cage. Perfect. I’m going to tuck your head
so you’re really nice and long. Keep that nice and straight. Bring your feet together and
squeeze your inner thighs together, as if you had a piece of paper
between them. Bring your knees up. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Then slightly tuck your pelvis under. Can you feel your abs
engaging even more? You know when it happens
because you shake. Now focus on big exhales,
so that you’re creating as much tension in the body as possible. Really make sure there’s tension in here,
but also tension in your thighs, in your glutes,
drawing down through your back. Keep the neck nice and long
and focus on that breath. You’ll find you probably can’t
hold it for that long. People who say
they can hold it for two minutes… I don’t think I could! …aren’t doing it properly! Good, keep tucking. Keep squeezing. Inner thighs. Good. -There we have it
-Is that two minutes? You wish. -Reckon I could do it.
-I’ll keep counting. Stay there. As a footballer you need
so many different elements of strength: speed, power,
to be strong physically. So I guess it’s trying to manage all those
different aspects of your training within however many sessions
you get a week. In a typical training session warm-up, do you have a focus on mobility,
as well as the main training body? Yes, in the past few years the biggest fashion in football
in terms of the gym is what you do
before you go out onto the pitch. So it’s not so much the big squats
and the big weights. It’s more body weight and more mobility and preparing yourself
for injury prevention. -Interesting.
-Super important. Every team I’ve been a part of is in the
gym 30 mins before going onto the pitch. -What would be a typical exercise?
-A lot of it is individual. Sometimes they can be collective,
like a team one. But it’s just all body weight. It can be core exercises,
getting yourself ready, balance, mobility. Maybe upper body. Or areas where say you’ve had an injury,
so for me, example: I tore my calf before Christmas so now in the 30/45 minutes,
whatever it may be, I do a lot of calf exercises, because it’s so important my calf muscles
are firing before I go to the pitch. Something good for calf muscles
is loading them. Getting loads of load,
so they’re really strengthened. It’s a muscle that nobody
really thinks to train, but they’re super important. I thought I’d talk you through
one of the mobility drills I do. It’s a really good one
for opening up hip mobility. I have particularly tight hips and
sometimes when you’re sat down all day, not something you do… -I do have tight hips though.
-Perfect, I’ll roll out this mat. It’s good for footballers because we use a lot of hip movement
with kicking the ball. And changing direction,
you’re always moving from side to side. It’s really good. It’s really simple.
Just sit nice and tall. Hands are going to go behind your bum. Soles of feet planted, then drop
your knees down from side to side. Try to keep tall through the torso.
Sternum facing as forward as possible. Rotate through each hip,
dropping each leg down to either side. External rotation
then coming into internal rotation. Just moving through those. Lots of people struggle with hip mobility,
particularly if you sit at a desk. So it’s really good at home to do this. It’s really simple. You just move through nice and slowly
so you’re not rushing it. And just get as much movement
as you can from each one. You can see I’m looser on one side. Tighter on one side. Do you have tight hips? Yeah, we usually do that exercise as well. There’s others,
but we do that as well. Hands out in front?
To progress it… You’re more advanced, I’d be like this! We can see you’re a dancer
and I’m a footballer! Love that difference. To progress you, I would take
the hands away from behind you then you’re trying to keep
the torso nice and tall. Then just dropping the legs
down to either side. Just moving as slow as you can,
keeping tall through the torso. As you rotate. I’m definitely at level one.
After my career I might give it a go! Thank you, it’s been great
being with you here in Madrid, learning how you train,
how you eat and how you recover. I’ve learnt loads, so thank you! It’s been a pleasure. Same for you. I’ve learnt so many great
tips I’m sure I’ll use in the future. I’ll keep following you
on Instagram for more.

Footballers do #stayathomechallenge!
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Meet Your Reading Goals With Sports Romance!

– Hello, my name is Heather
from the channel Bookables. It’s that time of year football fans, so I thought it would be
high time to talk about some sports romances. I’m not really big into sports but you know, there’s some awesome sports romances out there. First up we have Tough Guy by Rachel Reid. Pro hockey star Ryan
Price may be an enforcer, off the ice he deals
with a lot of anxiety. He was recently traded
to the Toronto Guardians, which by the way, this
is an ice hockey book in case you’re wondering. He’s determined to make a fresh start in the city’s dynamic LCBTQ village. The last thing he expects to find is a blast from his past named Fabian. Now aspiring musician
Fabian loathes hockey but that doesn’t stop
him from being attracted to a certain someone, wink wink. He hasn’t forgotten the
kiss they almost shared back in high school and it’s clear the chemistry between
them has only intensified. Fabian is more than happy
to be Ryan’s tour guide for Toronto but of course
as they get closer, feelings develop and you can guess where it’s going to go from there. Hunky ice hockey romance, check. This sounds amazing. Since this month is football month, we’re going to have to talk about a football romance book, of course. We have Intercepted by Alexa Martin. This book is all about
Marlee who finally leaves her pro football jerk of a boyfriend. And she’s not ready to make any serious commitments any time soon. In fact, she’s like, “don’t look at me any football players, ever.” And that is until Gavin Pope arrives. He is the new quarterback on his ex’s team and they once shared a very
steamy night long, long ago. Sparks fly and Marlee
finds herself falling head over heels for Gavin. The only problem is a pro football player has scorned her once,
will it happen again? This series is all about football romances so if you’re into football romances, I would highly recommend
checking out the series. They’re great, they’re steamy
and they’re so romantic. Next up we have Goalie Interference by Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn, which is another ice hockey romance. Ryu, I believe, is the main
character of this book, forgive me if I pronounce
that wrong, I apologize. He had a stellar season
for being the goalie of the Atlanta Venom. When he’s called into management’s office, he expects he’s gonna get a promotion, he expects it’s going
to be really good news. But, he learns that
there is a hotshot rookie coming here on this team to try and take his spot. Not what he expected at all. His name is Emmitt and
he knows that he is lucky to be on one of the best
ice hockey teams ever. Ryu doesn’t want to admit that Emmitt’s smart mouth turns him on. In this league it’s winner take all. They’re more to life than winning and if Ryu and Emmitt
can get past their egos and competitive natures,
they might discover they work better together than apart. Another steamy hockey romance, yes please. I haven’t read a ton of hockey romances but now I just really
want to read all of them. The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai is another fun romance
book that has a little bit of football romance in it as well. We follow Rhiannon who is a creator of this dating app and
it’s really going well and everything like that. She has a competitor that she
really kinda wants to buy out. And then she learns that the competitor has a new spokesperson for their app. His name is Samson and Samson and Rhiannon have a past together. They shared one amazing night and then Samson just disappeared. So lo and behold, Samson and Rhiannon get tied up together in
this app world of dating and things like that, and things start to happen. Feelings emerge, steaminess happens and it’s a fun romantic book. Samson is a former pro football player so there is a lot of
football talk in this book with how he dealt with his
life as a pro football player, how he’s dealing with his after
being a pro football player. So I’d say this definitely is reminiscent of a football romance and if
you love football romances, would highly recommend this one. Lastly, we have the Locker
Room by Meghan Quinn. There is this rumor about
the locker room in this book. Legend has it if you bring a
girl into this sacred domain of a space, it will end
with a walk down the aisle. One rowdy encounter against the lockers lands the girl of your dreams. In translation, that basically means that baseball players are extremely and stupidly superstitious. It’s a fun book. It’s about this guy
who’s trying to woo over this girl and try and get
her to the locker room and things happen. It’s kinda a hate to love romance with baseball in it as well so I would definitely
recommend checking out. Of course I had to
include baseball romance because I’m not big into sports but I really do love baseball, go Braves. It’s a fun, like I said,
quick and steamy read especially if you love baseball. So there you have it. Those are some sports romance books I think would be right up your alley. If you have any favorite
sports romance books, of course I’m sure I didn’t list some, please leave them down
in the comments below. We would love to hear. And if you haven’t already subscribed to Read Bliss, please do so. We put out videos every single week featuring a variety of
booktubers and authors, all with the topic of,
you guessed it, romance so you definitely don’t want to miss it, especially if you love romance. Thank you guys for watching and I will see you very, very soon. Bye. (calm friendly music)

Freeze Frame Nerf Battle | Dude Perfect

March 25, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Freeze Frame Nerf Battle | Dude Perfect

[MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, he’s down! [MUSIC PLAYING] We’re Dude Perfect. Welcome to Nerf
Freeze Frame battle. Here we go! Dude Perfect. Welcome to round one,
the Scooter Shooter. Hop on your scooter,
grab your shooter, and make your way
through four cutouts, hitting targets along the way. Lowest score is
eliminated from round two. Here we go. It’s no secret, 2020 has
been off to a rough start, had the eye surgery, then
the shoulder surgery, just hoping my doctor is not
a Dude Perfect subscriber. Sorry, Bob. I ain’t no quitter. Really just looking
forward to the foam pit. I want to do a gainer off of it. If I get to the foam
pit, I’m the true winner. Let’s go. Wow. Dude, duck! [BELL DINGING] He fit. He’s through. Whoa! Wow! [BELL DINGING] [BELL DINGING] [BELL DINGING] Clear! All clear. Not breaking any speed records. Oh, no! Oh, no! [BELL DINGING] Hit it. He hit it. [LAUGHTER] So close, Ty. Oh, man. He went empty. Oh! Oh! Heads up! Oh! That is harder than
it looks, boys! Remember, you just
can’t be last. That’s the goal here. That was as last
minute as you can get. Oh, my. No, it doesn’t count. Why? He didn’t lift his arm. He didn’t lift his arm. You’re right. I’m amazing at this! Ah! I’m going to turn around. You’re out shots, you noob. [LAUGHTER] I’m out of ammo, so I’m just
going to bust through them. I think you should. And he didn’t get
any points for that. No. Effort. I ain’t no quitter. Unbelieavble. Oh, no. We have contact. He’s out. He’s out. Oh, no! He did not. Oh, no. He came out of his left shoe. Darn it! Made it through the first one. That almost knocked me
off the scooter there. Breaking news. Breaking news, drew blood. Yeah. This guy drew blood. Oh, no! Yeah. Nose blood. From what? As with every freeze-frame
video, blood is drawn. Oh. He got three. There were some
catastrophic failures. Well, I think everything
was a catastrophic failure. But good news, round two. We made it. Three. He’s done it. If he doesn’t get to
finish, what then? Oh, that was a funny finish. The scooter and him has
to cross the finish line. He has not crossed
the finish line. Oh, no. They’re huddling. He just hit a grand slam, and
he didn’t touch home plate. I don’t know. What a shame, though, it’d be
if eight points didn’t get you– Yeah. [LAUGHTER] –to the second round. What do you think are
key moments in a race? Oh. Oh, no, he’s– [LAUGHTER] Oh, no. It’s sinking in. [LAUGHTER] Oh, no. I think there’s an element– No. It’s over! The guy’s taking
his scooter away. Done. There’s not a victory
without a fight. There’s not a sunrise
without a night. Without a sun. There’s not a purchase
without a cost. And there’s not a
crown without a cross. That’s why we’re going
to let him go through. If you were going
to see the foam pit, let’s say goodbye to
him, get him out of here. Get some ice. He’s bringing down everything. I agree. And let’s go foam pit. I love you all. Heal up fast. Yeah. (SINGING) Hey, hey, hey– [LAUGHTER] See ya, dude. (SINGING) –goodbye. Yeah. Oh, my. He almost ran into that thing. Welcome to round
two, where, in order to see the cut-out coming
at you from behind, you must knock down the targets
in front of the TV monitor that will show you which
pose to match, and hit that pose before being
knocked off into the foam pit. Here we go. Going to be honest, this is a
little higher than I thought, but I’m excited. Let’s do this. [MUSIC PLAYING] your hands up. Oh, no. Oh, no. Two whites down. He’s not going to go for it? Look it. See, here it comes, boy. [CHEERS] I did forget to
drop the blaster. That would’ve helped. Ladies and gentlemen,
two points for Cory. Been waiting all day
for the foam pit, and here I am on
the plank myself. I don’t want to
fall in because that means I’ll get more points, but
then, at the end of the day, it’s like, that’s
what a foam pit’s for. I’m conflicted. [LAUGHTER] No! Oh, he– He needs it. He needs it. No way. Ah! He’s down. See ya. Right there. The mirror got him. The wrong way with it. Are you kidding me? ‘Sup, guys? Ty here, getting ready do a
back flip aerial triple salchow. No way. I’m kidding. No, I’m not. I’m just about to
hit two targets. Actually, I’m going to
probably hit three, and then nail the freeze-frame. See if I’m a fortuneteller. Oh– oh, he got– oh, he got it. It didn’t fall. He got it! He did. He almost got it. Dude, you were so close. Hey, he’s totally gone. He’s buried. TT in the finale. What a performance. TT is moving on. [LAUGHTER] I mean, let’s be real. Two points for both
Garrett and Cory. I feel like just a boom,
boom, boom, and then a– [CLICK] [CRICKETS] –probably take
me to the finale. That’s just my prediction. Wow. No. You got to have the pose. [DINGING] [CHEERS] He does it! Oh, my. The dream is alive. Oh, my goodness. Coby and TT in the finale. I mean, who do you cheer
for in that scenario? No one, neither. What’s up, guys? You probably know us, by
now, as the ‘Nale Bros. Hey, good to be here. Great to be here too. Yeah. First win 2020 for
you, you think? First and only? Oh, very likely. Very likely? OK. Yeah. Here in the finale, we have
to shoot six possible targets while avoiding three
different frames coming at us in the process. Whoo. Most points is the winner. Cobes, good luck to you. Best of luck, sir. Yeah, absolutely. Gah, I wanted to push you
into that foam pit so bad. I thought about pushing
you, just so you know. Wow. Does he have to reload? Oh. Oh. Oh, my goodness. Jump! Oh. Oh. You got to reload. He’s out of ammo. No way. You got to pull back up. No way. What a performance. Oh, no. He’s not there yet. It’s gonna break. Wow. [CHEERS] Front flip, front flip! Yay. [CHEERS] What a performance. Guys, I paid the price. A little scrapage there,
but that’s the price you pay for victory, hopefully. Ty got through all the
cut-outs and three targets. That’s 12 points total. As you guys saw, Ty put up
a near-perfect performance. Right now, I am
visualizing reading all of your comments
of support right now. Team Coby, you guys
are banding together. And I appreciate them. I’m going to need
every single one. And it’s time to
light up these targets and jump through these holes,
you know what I’m saying? Let’s get it. First one’s out. Second one’s out. Unbelievable. Oh! [DING] Oh, no. [DING] Still got a shot left, right? Yeah. He needs it, he needs it. [CHEERS] [BUZZER] [LAUGHTER] Oh, my. Ladies and gentlemen– [DINGING] –Tyler is your winner. Ah! [INTERPOSING VOICES] I think he might need to go to
concussion protocol after that. Well, Tyler, we’ve
been here before– you beating Coby in the finale. [LAUGHTER] I mean, boy, it’s not
my honor, but it’s getting to be my duty to
present you this trophy. Thank you. Thank you, Gar. Pretty sure I didn’t even go
through this one in person in the competition, but
hey, check that out. Wow. Oh. Pretty good bruise there. You bruise like a peach. I do. I absolutely do. Thanks for watching, guys. If you’re not already
a DP subscriber, click down here so you don’t
miss out on any new videos. Special thanks to
our friends at Nerf, and the Ultra 2, Nerf’s
farthest shooting blaster. If you want to check it out
for yourself, click right here. If you want to see the last
video, click down here. Signing off for now. Pound it, noggin. See ya!

Zegami Sports

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Zegami Sports

We’re a visual data exploration tool so
we approach data analytics differently Zegami uses images to represent
information dynamically through data cards that we call zegs what we’re
seeing now is an image created from data let’s begin with the collection for
Major League Baseball you could see every MLB player color-coded by batting
average and marked with the team logo we can view by batting average then go team
by team what we’re going to do is drill through to Boston and then look just at
the Red Sox as you could see as we get closer the zeg has more player data and
you can naturally see some of the key differences between all 25 players now
let’s select a player and on the detailed zeg you can see all his key
stats we also linked out to anywhere detail player pages Twitter profiles all
useful information when you’re making those snap drafting decisions so what
you’re seeing is a really powerful way of visualizing a data set and showing a
tiered level of detailed dependent on what is relevant to you this gets really
powerful when you combine views over here with filters as we move the filter
we’re adding or removing people relevant to that filter now let’s add another
filter by total number of runs combining filters gets you a view which is very
difficult to do any other way and finally most people get excited by a
scatter filter or 2d filter let’s see all the remaining players plotted by
homeruns versus runs batted in and circle those players just imagine how
powerful that is if we do another 2d filter and another let’s now switch to
the English Premier League and to see how we also use pictures as images what
we have here is all 600 players in the Premier League if we click on any of
them then we can instantly zoom in and not only see the player but all the data
associated with each one now let’s start by searching just by text if I type
Manchester you see it zooms in on all the Manchester players now if we keep
searching by text you would just add more items to that box by guessing or
knowing your whole data set but let’s explore instead what you see now is a
bar chart made up of all the players and you not only see the number of players
in each team but who they are and you’re able to see all the data associated with
every one of them so now instead of a text search let’s use a filter what we
can do is select teams we want to analyze in more detail again you get an
instant understanding of the size of each team and who their players are but
now let’s chart this by number of goals scored now off the left foot how about
off the right foot but how about from inside the box you could see how by
exploring the data you’re now discovering a more intuitive feel for
what you’re exactly looking for and do the same thing with everyone it’s
powerful isn’t it?! And of course this is a tiny data set of just 600 players we
can do exactly this with tens of thousands of data points so in a
nutshell that’s visual data exploration that’s Zegami

SPORTS in the US vs. Germany + Giveaway!!! | German Girl in America

More People in Germany know the Name of the Coach of the German national Soccer team then of the President of Germany, who is our Head of State. Hallo, Servus, and welcome back to my Youtube channel. My Name is Felicia, I’m originally from Munich Germany, but I’m currently in Cincinnati, Ohio, where I’ve been living for about three Years now. So today I’m going to be talking about a Topic, that a lot of my Friends and Family will probably find funny, because I’m not exactly known for being an expert in this Field, and that is Sports and it’s not that I’m not athletic or anything like that, it’s just that I don’t really enjoy watching Sports, and I’m not a competitive Person. So I never played any Team sports, and whenever I had to in Gym class, I always hated it, which doesn’t mean that I look down on Sports at all. I still totally understand their Significance and I know that for a lot of People and, probably for many many of you guys, Sports play a really big role in Life, and Sports are also a Topic that comes up pretty early usually in the list of Differences between Germany and the U.S. So it’s definitely Time to make a Video about it, because the Sports culture in Germany is very different from the one here in the U.S and to all the Soccer and especially Bundesliga fans among you; make sure to definitely stay tuned until the very End of this Video, because the German Bundesliga club, I don’t know how you guys would say it vee-eff-ell wolfsburg maybe [with an English w]… They sent me a pretty cool Gift to give away to one of my Viewers. So stay tuned for that, and since this is a pretty big Topic, I thought I’d structure this Video a little bit. So I’m going to be talking about which Sports are popular in the two Countries, then about the Differences in the Sports culture, and how Sports are organized in the two Countries, and of course the Giveaway in the end, and I also talked to two german Friends of mine who are much bigger Sports fans than me, and who came to the U.S from Germany, and experienced the Sports culture in Germany and here and one of them even came to the U.S to play College football. Okay, so let’s get started with the most obvious Difference, and that is which Sports are popular in the Two countries: In America, the most popular Sports are american Football, Baseball and Basketball and then maybe Hockey after that. In Germany, you guys all know this, the most popular Sport, by far is Soccer and I know a lot of you guys are going to say ‘Wait, I thought you guys called it Football’ and let me clarify something; We speak German in Germany, so we neither call it ‘Football’ nor ‘Soccer.’ We call it Fußball in Germany the, german Term, and yes, a lot of Germans do learn British English in school initially. So, in that case, we would call it Football but Germany is also a very americanized Country, and american Football has become more and more popular. So I personally feel a lot more comfortable calling it ‘Soccer’ in English oh, and by the way, what you guys call ‘Foosball’, we call that ‘Kicker’ in German. According to a Statistic that I found, more than 50% of all Germans are Soccer fans, which means that they follow at least one Bundesliga club. Bundesliga is the german Soccer league. So like the German Premier League, which if you haven’t heard of the Bundesliga, then you’ve definitely heard of the British Premier League. So that’s the League where all the big Clubs compete in within Germany, and apparently, it’s also the soccer league with the highest average stadium attendance worldwide, which I didn’t know before either. There are 18 Clubs playing in the first Bundesliga and then there’s also the second and the third Bundesliga which are the Leagues below, and then the Teams from all Bundesliga play each other in the DFB-pokal (the DFB Cup, the German Cup), and the top three Clubs of the first Bundesliga, also qualify for the U.E.F.A Champions League, where they compete with the best Teams from all over Europe. A lot of Germans follow all three of those Competitions, and, just to give you an Idea, the Champions League Final in 2012 between the F.C Chelsea and the F.C Bayern Munich had over 16 million Viewers in Germany alone, which is 19% of the Population, and I mentioned that Game, because that’s one, that almost everyone in Germany remembers to this Day even me. So Soccer is definitely the number one Sport in Germany, and I even read about a Survey, that showed, that more People in Germany know the name of the Coach of the german national Soccer team, then of the President of Germany, who is our Head of State, and then, after Soccer, I would say that some other Sports that are fairly popular are probably handball, volleyball, ice hockey Tennis, Winter sports, Motor sports, Basketball and Track-and-Field but there’s really not a big second most popular Sport. So whenever there is no Soccer season, there’s really not a lot of Sports to watch in Germany. Whereas in the U.S, once football season is over in February, there’s still Basketball going on until June and then Baseball starts in March and goes all the Way through September which is when Football season starts again. There are different Statistics out there but, from what I have found more than 50% of all Americans consider themselves NFL Fans so Fans of Pro-football, which is about the same Number as Soccer fans in Germany, except that there are so many other major Sports in the u.s. Two Things that are changing in both Countries are that Soccer is becoming more and more popular in the U.S and american Football has become a Thing in Germany in the last few Decades. There are more and more Football clubs in Germany, more and more Germans follow the NFL, and a German TV Channel has started to cover NFL Games every Sunday and even some College games, and the Super Bowel has become a pretty big Thing in Germany, too. It’s like a Trend to organize Super Bowl parties, and the crazy Thing is that, in Germany, you have to stay up all Night to watch the Super Bowl, but people do that. The German Football League, however, is still an amateur League. So most of the Players don’t make any Money and if they do they don’t make a Lot and at the same Time, Soccer too has become more popular in the States the professional League… was founded in the 1990s and Soccer is officially the fourth most Sport in the U.S. Here in Cincinnati, for example, they founded a Soccer club in 2015, so only five Years ago, F.C Cincinnati is what it’s called, but they’re already playing in the M.L.S and they’re in the Process of building their own Stadium in the City. So let’s talk about Sports culture: Sports are a huge part of american Life not only are more than 50% of all Americans are N.F.L Fans, but 75% of all Americans consider themselves a Sport fan. Sports are basically everywhere here; a lot of Bars and Restaurants have TVs hung up and they’re showing the different Games that are happening so that People don’t have to miss out on them when they’re out and this is not only professional Sports but College sports, too! In Germany, we do have Sports bars, but a regular Bar or Restaurant usually doesn’t have TVs. In general a lot of People get together with their Families or their Friends to watch the Games together at a Bar or at someone’s Home, especially on Sundays for Football, of course, and when you attend a Sports event, it’s oftentimes not only about the Sports and the Game but about the whole Experience surrounding it. So at a Football game, for example, there’s usually a big opening Ceremony, then there is a Mascot running around there are Cheerleaders, there’s a big Marching band there are Games and Giveaways during Halftime, and, especially at Baseball games, they also often have Fireworks, for example. Personally, I’ve never actually been to an NFL Game only to College football games because they’re usually free for Students and not a Sports fan, but that’s still a crazy Experience and an amazing Experience. I wouldn’t do it otherwise, and for those of you who haven’t watched my Video on College in the U.S and who aren’t familiar with College sports here, just to give you an Idea, the University of Cincinnati’s Football stadium holds 40,000 People, and has basically everything that a professional stadium has too. So Sports events are oftentimes like a huge Party, and that even starts before the actual Game starts with something that we don’t have at all in Germany, Tailgate parties. Tailgates are Gatherings before a Game where People share Drinks and Food, and they usually take place in the parking Lot off the Stadium, but they can also take place on a University’s Campus or all around Campus at Fraternity places or People’s Homes and the main part is that People have their Cars there and so, out of there open Trunks, their open Tailgates they give out the Food and the Drinks or they have set up a Grill or an extra Table with Food and then there’s also often Speakers for Music or even live Music. In Germany, Sports events are oftentimes more about the Game itself, and, in general, Germans aren’t as enthusiastic when it comes to showing their Affiliation with something whether that be a School or University or even a Sports club or a Band that they like. People in Germany buy and wear a lot less Merchandise than they do here, but of course that kind of changes when it comes to Soccer. Soccer fans oftentimes already sing and drink on their way to the Game, which in Germany often takes place by public Transportation. So on a Game day, it’s common that you’ll see Soccer fans walk through the City, sing on the Subway, and, of course, even more so after a Win. In the Stadium of course, the Drinking continues a lot of Fans do Choreographies in the Audience and unfortunately, there’s also a negative Part to Soccer culture, Hooligans. Hooligans are violent Fans who use the Game as an Excuse to vent their Aggressions mostly against the Fans of the other Team, of course. So unfortunately violence, destruction and sometimes even fireworks can take Part on the Sidelines of a Soccer game too. The Fans at Home either pay to watch the Bundesliga games on Saturdays because they’re not on free TV, they listen to them on the radio, or they just watch the Summaries on TV Saturday night in a very Popular show called Sportpschau, and during a World Cup or a European Cup, it almost seems like the whole Country goes crazy and enters a parallel Universe. Almost everyone watches the Games then, and there are huge public viewing Events at big Places in the city or big Stadiums, Restaurants Beer gardens. It’s really insane, and it was especially insane, when we hosted the World Cup in 2006, and when we won it in 2014. In 2014, I watched the Final at a big public Viewing at the Munich Olympic Stadium, and after we won everyone went into the City to celebrate mostly to the Munich Street Leopoldstraße, but also all around it. All the Streets were blocked, People were going crazy, drinking, celebrating, singing and there were so many People out that the public Transportation of this 1.5 million people City was overloaded. So you couldn’t get around anymore, really, and so I remember that I walked through half the City just to get Home and I didn’t get home until the Morning but it was an amazing Experience. Now talking about Sports culture, I talked to two german Friends who were already huge Sports fans before they came to the U.S and I asked them how they experienced the Differences. I came to Duke as a Sports fan, but then when I moved to the U.S from Germany, Athletics and like Sports, Fanatism was taken to a whole new Level. Even if you’re not a Sports fan and you mainly choose Duke for its top 10 Academics in the Country, you don’t have a Chance. Eventually you will get sucked into the whole Duke Basketball cult. There in this huge Game once a Year, Duke U and C. It’s considered to be the biggest Rivalry in all of College sports. It’s so hyped up that Duke students even tent outside of our Basketball stadium. For up to eight Weeks depending on how long the Season lasts. Yes we we all do have very nice cozy Dorm rooms for which our Parents or ourselves are paying and yes, those Games tend to take place in either February or March, which, during that Time, it’s still pretty cold in, North Carolina. So occasionally it does snow who during that Time so it’s just crazy what we’re willing to do like we sleep in those Tents I’ve done it and I’ve been to a lot of like sporting Events throughout my entire life, but the Duke UNC Game was probably the best sporting Event I’ve ever been to, and then you don’t have to forget these Athletes were competing in these High-stake Gamesters. Actually our Classmates either live in the same Dorm with them, we have class with them. I had class with Grayson Allen who is one of the most known College basketball players of all time arguably, and he’s now in the NBA so it’s just a different Level of Fandom and Loyalty, it’s definitely something that is very unique to american Culture, to american College culture, but also kind of like a different Subset of US Sports culture, which I think it’s just so much fun. And yeah, really enjoyed it. I played in the German Football League and we played in front of like a lot of People. In Stuttgart, there’s a big Stadium that we played and that was my first Game and like my nerves are like, oh my goodness, this is crazy but just the hype is not there. It’s just treated like another sport in Germany and here’s almost like a religion. As a Football athlete, it’s a it’s a very different lifestyle than it would be if you play football in Germany because when I was doing my high School graduation like my Abitur in Germany, it was a lot of focus on that and in the United States if you play Football even at high School School ends at the same Time for everybody. So People just go straight to practice and we have practiced for like two to three Hours and we have a lifting Session for another Hour, then on the Weekends, we have lifting sessions, Film sessions. It’s just a whole day thing a whole life commitment really and even for people who are Younger, they will commit so much out of their Day to a Sport and you have practice every single Day, while, in Germany, it’s usually just like once or twice a week, because people just have vastly different schedules. It’s just the Priority is like right after School, while Germany, it’s just like a Club sport. Now how our sports organized in the two countries? As I’ve already mentioned, there are pro-Leagues and both Countries, but then below that it varies a little Bit. In Germany, we have amateur Leagues, and in the U.S, there’s College sports. College sports are a huge Deal and a big part of the Universities. Being a Student athlete is a big Honor and they usually get amazing Scholarships, and it’s the main Way into the pro-Leagues. American Universities usually put a lot of Money into Athletics but they also make a whole lot of Money with it usually millions of Dollars through Ticket sales, Meteorites, Merchandise and Donations, and, before College, younger Students usually play Sports in middle and in high School and compete with other School teams, and then later for Adults, there’s always Hobby leagues after-work Leagues, and the most popular Sports to play by the way is not Football but baseball, which I thought was interesting, and, for Kids and Teens, Soccer is also very popular to play. In Germany, College sports aren’t a Thing at all and neither are school Sports in secondary Schools. I think some Schools do have School teams. I think my Gymnasiums my secondary school had a Soccer and a Field hockey team if I remember correctly but, if Schools do have a Team, it’s not a huge Deal, and I’ve personally never watched a School game in Germany. Sports in Germany are organized outside of School in Clubs. ‘Vereinsport’ what we call it. So when a Child wants to play Soccer they can just join the Neighborhood club or they can try out for the Youth team of like a Bundesliga club. So a lot of Children do this. They play Sports and Clubs, and the Clubs have different Leagues to compete with each other. A Downside of this is definitely that a lot of Clubs don’t have a lot of Money to invest, like some american Schools do, but then one Thing that I think is really cool is, that a lot of People play for their Clubs way into Adulthood, because they don’t have to switch Teams or quit when they graduate. And since we’ve talked so much about Soccer today, I’m happy to announce that I partnered with the German Bundesliga club, VfL Wolfsburg, and they sent me this amazing Jersey signed by the whole Team and I’m going to give this to one of you guys. This is what it looks like, It’s a Size medium, has like a nice little Bundesliga logo on the side, and this is what you have to do; you need to be a subscriber of my channel, which I hope you already are, of course, give this Video a thumbs up, and then since I’m picking the Winner together with the club go to the VfL Wolfsburg U.S Twitter page, I’m linking this in the Description below, go to their Twitter page and then like and retweet the Tweet that they just posted about this Video. So four easy Steps to win this amazing Bundesliga Jersey, and I’m going to announce the winner in my Video description of my next Video next Sunday. So good Luck everyone! I hope you guys enjoyed this video on Sports. I would definitely love to hear your Experiences with Sports in the U.S, Sports in Germany, or Sports in another country. So if you have anything to share, feel free to do so in the Comments below if you like what I do, don’t forget to subscribe to my Channel for free. Follow me on Instagram, and I hope I’ll see you next Time. [In German] Bye!

The English Game | Official Trailer | Netflix

Fergus Suter. You and I are going to make history. That’s the reason I brought you here. Only gentlemen have lifted the cup. Men from fine schools,
with fine clothes, fine lives. Imagine what it would mean
to see men like us lift it. That’s the dream. The business of football
is growing. You’re afraid of them, aren’t you? You are afraid new teams like Darwen
will take over your game. We invented it. For gentlemen. I’ve seen you play. You’re a genius. People won’t stop shouting your name. The market is saturated. Our mills are struggling to turn a profit. Whilst our wages are being cut,
you were paying them to play football. -But that’s against the rules.
-Rivalry is good for business. Their stomachs will be empty
long before our pockets. I love you, Arthur.
But this game brings out the worst in you. There are people who don’t think
working men should be playing the game. I feel like a fraud. You’ve got a gift, son.
A chance to get out of this life. I can’t keep thinking about
the life that might have been. I know we have to find a way through this. I care about the people that live here. I hate to think they’ve been
walked over by anyone. That’s an excuse to riot, is it? Don’t you see what’s happening?
We are not free to live our lives. They’re desperate. They want
a better life, who can blame them? The time for talking is over! The only way to show them
that they are wrong is to beat them. This is bigger than football,
bigger than any of us. This is your dream, Fergus. Remember that. It’s clear what the people want.

Airsoft Battle Royale 2 | Dude Perfect

March 2, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Airsoft Battle Royale 2 | Dude Perfect

Oh my gosh. Oh god, this is really– We’re off to a terrible start
for Airsoft Battle Royale Two. Dude Perfect. Today’s battle is simple. Each squad of three is
scattered throughout the map, to scavenge for weapons
and eliminate opponents by popping balloons. Last squad standing wins. Ah. Ah. Whoa. That was a long fall. What’s up, guys? Cory checking into the game. Purple Hoser checking in. I’m feeling good
about today, baby. I just had LASIK surgery done. Eyes are a little
tender, can barely see. Because of that, the guy did
add one balloon for each eye. Hey, blue squad, represent. (ON RADIO) Um, blue
squad representing? I’ve got Coby on my team. Let’s loot, baby, come on. I’ve got a good buddy
named Sparky on the team. Heard the boys
needed a six person for some battle royale action. The name is Sparky,
and I’m ready to party. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, good news boys. Supply bin inside. Woohoo. We gotta get to work. We gotta get to work. He’s going to take
us to Team Red. Trophy time! Ty, I’m going to check out
this bunker real quick, before meeting up with you. (ON RADIO) Well, good news. I just found some peanut
butter crackers one of my bins. Nice. Save me one of
those, I’m hungry. (ON RADIO) I already
ate them all. What kind of teammate is that? Blue team, I’ve got an MP5,
thermal drone, and smoke. (ON RADIO) I’m going to
try to go meet up with Gar, then we’ll link up with you. Bang, bang, bang, bang. Look at this. Yeah, I’m taking meds. All right. I think we’re just going
to need as much ammo as I can to spray everybody. This sucker will do. Coby, you read us? That was great news. Picked up a sniper
in the supply bin. About to get a high vantage
point in the bird’s nest. What is it? [LAUGHING] Great news, I found a gun. Bad news, it’s a pirate
pistol with a loader pouch. It probably takes two minutes
to load a single shot. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Oh, I bet that’s the
tower Coby is going to. Blue is bad, blue is bad. Here we go, baby. Oh, heck yeah. Oh baby. Oh, that thing’s
like, 80 pounds. Maybe I’ll go back to my pistol. Here. Thank the Lord. Ty I got you a
weapon, and got the– Whoa. My balloon just popped. I think it might have
just hit the truck, man. I don’t know. Did you get shot, or was
it an accidental pop? (ON RADIO) Dude, I have no clue. It just popped out of nowhere. OK stay low, I’m
coming over that way. Where are you at? Did you hear a shot? Oh my God. Let’s go! Hey, get up against the trailer. Get up against the trailer. He’s hiding way better now. I can’t get a visual, otherwise
my balloons are exposed. Hey Cory, do you
still have that drone? Yeah absolutely. Put up that thermal
drone, and see if you can see somebody on
the roof of the tallest tower. I got you guys. I just lost another one, Ty. Someone’s definitely up there. Oh my gosh, this is so sick. [HIGH PITCH NOISE] Guys, I got him. It’s not on the roof, it’s
a balcony right below it. (WHISPERING) Cody. Cody. There’s somebody over there. Blue team. Blue team. All right Gar, he’s
on the second rooftop. Lay down fire and
I’m going to go. Smoke. Alright guys, I’m
bringing back the drone. Ty, you’re clear. No way he saw you go in. I’m following Codes. I’m following. He’s getting me. Get in. Go, baby let’s go! I’m here. I’m here. Yeah, peak out. Codes, be careful. Careful. We’re hurt. Can’t believe I just
lost a second balloon. That was so dumb. Gar, don’t move, I think
I’m right above him. (ON RADIO) Move in. He’s still there. (WHISPERING) Come on,
Gar, peak your head out. Let’s go! That was the greatest
move I’ve ever seen. You have to be kidding. Hey, leave your sniper
there, I’m coming to get it. Coby is down Garrett,
you are clear to move. It was disappointing. I’m going to be
honest with you guys, I’m definitely disappointed. Oh, I hate to take
your sniper Cobes, I don’t think
you’re going to be– [LAUGHING] Careful there big boy. There’s a new sniper
in town, boys. Let’s go! Hey, what did you do to my boy? Oh, wow. That’s nice. Talk to me, give me an update. Hey, now that you’re
eliminated, would you mind calling some pizza
for dinner tonight? I’d be happy to do that. Pepperoni, stuffed crust. If they got it. All right, you take
the med kit to Coby, I’m going to chase Cory. I’ve got one balloon left. I knocked two off
Cody, one off Sparky. Oh god, this is
the creepiest place I’ve ever seen in my life. (ON RADIO) Garret, I got
two more flights of stairs, and then I’ll be at the
bottom of the building. I don’t know how to navigate
my way through this place. I’m lost. Ty, got an automatic
Glock, you need it? (ON RADIO) Yeah,
grab that for me. Head this way, so we can
go to the reactor building. I’ll meet you in there, I
think I found another way. I’m pretty sure this pipeline
goes right to the bottom. Pretty sketchy. Don’t worry Cobes,
I’m coming for you. How many flights is this thing? I think it’s nine. (PANTING) Oh gosh, you’re
going to have to carry me. Did you hear that? Wait. This looks amazing. Well, this gun is sweet. I can’t see a thing. Somebody’s coming. Cory? Is that you? Where are you boy? This is the scariest thing
I’ve ever been a part of. Oh, boy. The heck was that from? Got him. Got him. Got him. Whoa. I’ve got a lot of them. Yes, I’m alive! Yes, woohoo. Oh, Cobes, I thought
I’d never find you. But I got meds. Let’s get you back in this game. Drop. Cannot wait to
report the good news. (WHISPERING) All
right, you’re good. Holy cow, I thought I was out. Oops. I won’t tell them if
you won’t tell him. I need a weapon, by the way. Cory, what’s your status man? What up blue team? There’s a new bazooka
boy in town, baby. Yeehaw! We’re coming for you. Hurry boys, I think they
might be in the building. I’m going to look
for a place to hide. Oh, dude. Sick. OK. Oh, this place is insane. Red Team, they’re coming
for me, so I’m just going put all eyes
on this front door. [LOUD CLANKING NOISE] Huh, well, gave
away my location. (WHISPERING) He’s
right above us. Come on now. Good luck coming
through that door. Ha! See ya blue Team. What you got? He’s down. Cody is done. Let’s go! No way. Yes! Are you kidding me? I had the whole door covered. Yeah, trap door underneath. We heard you walking
right above us. That’s the coolest
way to go down, ever. I still got nothing Sparky,
we got to get to a supply bin. Right, I’m just on a
revolver, let’s get you a gun. Oh yes sir, now we’re talking. Supply bin up there. Watch your left side. Do you want to swap yours? I want to keep it. I’ve got more
rounds on this one. Ty, Coby got revived. (ON RADIO) Sparky,
one of the left. He’s moving quick. Visual. Right side. Left side. Oh, got one on Ty. I’m taking heavy fire. I got smoke. I’m pinned down, I need help. We got to get out of here. Bail Spark. Bail! Bail! Coby’s out. Coby’s out. Coby’s out, Ty. I got one. He’s only got one balloon. [SCREAMING] [CHEERING] Let’s go! Boom! Somebody got me long range. I did. I got you. Unreal. You got me on the pistol,
and then you turned around, you got Ty on the pistol. I couldn’t have dreamed
of a day like this. Why don’t you take your mask
off, let the people see the– The champ has arrived. So happy to be here. I didn’t think we could do
it, we shocked the world. Well done. Well done. Gar. That hurts. Red team, congratulations. Sparks, I wanted to thank you
for being here at this point, I’m kind of wishing we
chose another friend too, for Airsoft Battle Two. But this time it is my
honor, and it is my duty, to present this
beauty of a trophy to Sparky and the Red Team! [CHEERING] Thanks for watching guys. Make sure you click
down below to subscribe, so you don’t miss out on Airsoft
Battle Royale Three, because we will be running this back. Yeah we will. Special thanks to
our friends at APEX Legends for making
this video possible. Click here, or click the
link in the description to download the game for free. If you want to see the last
video, click over here. Also, DP 2020 tour tickets– link in the description. Signing up for now. Pound it, noggin, see ya!