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A Day in the Life of a Club Sports Athlete

December 2, 2019 | Articles, Blog | No Comments

A Day in the Life of a Club Sports Athlete

>>Hey, Bobcat Nation. Have you
ever wondered what it’s like to be a part of Quinnipiac
University’s club sports program? Let’s find out right now. (music) I’m Olamide, I’m a junior
business management advertising double major from Westchester,
New York, and this is my day in the life. (music) I am on the QU Club Tennis
team and what club sports is, it’s basically for students who still
want to compete in that team setting, and they still wanna
continue the sport they love in high school. So, you try out for a
club team. It’s a step up from intramurals and a step down from
D1 team. It still requires a lot of time commitment because you
have to go to practices, you have to go to games, go to
matches. You really have to balance your day whilst being in
a club sports and being also involved. I was given the
opportunity to start the club team here at Quinnipiac, which is
a great honor because I got to meet great and amazing people
that also love to play the sport that I love to do. So, I’m going to go and meet
Liam, who’s on my tennis team. And we’re gonna go down to a
peer catalyst meeting. (music) A peer catalyst is someone who
helps facilitates the class. We help out with a discussion that’s
in the class, and me and Liam are peer catalysts for FYS. And FYS is
just an introductory class for first year students to teach them
about college and how to become better writers and better
thinkers overall. So, that helps them throughout their whole
college experience. (music)>>Do your midsemester self assessments. It’s basically the same thing
that we did at he beginning of the semester.>>So, we just got to the cafe.
We’re gonna get some food. I’m going to my favorite station,
Breakfast all Day because James makes the best french toast.This
is James. He makes the best breakfast.>>Some bananas.
>>Oh, look how good looks.>>Breakfast for champs. So, I just finished breakfast.
Gonna be off on our way to class. I’m gonna go to my FYS class that
I’m a peer catalyst for. So, let’s go. This is my class. This
is my professor her name’s, Professor D’Lisa McKee. Can you
tell us, like, your favorite part about teaching FYS.>>Uh, my favorite…
>>Seeing Jake is>>Is seeing Jake. My second favorite
part about FYS is that we get to go off script, and kind of, you
know do fun things and approach topics from different angles. Write a
bunch. Just like really quickly on each blank. Give me, like, a very
brief answer. Just got out of my FYS class, now I’m gonna go to
project management.>>Somebody?
>>Five.>>Late start.
>>Five.>>Nine. (music) So, I just got out of project management class. We
learned about networking diagrams and we did a bunch of Citrix,
which was a blast. I’m going to go to the cafe now to grab some
food. (music) Hey everyone. So, I got a healthy salad for lunch, so we
got some tomatoes, mushrooms, lettuce, baby corn, tofu.
>>Some cucumbers. Cucumbers! There we go Irsa. Look at that. Lunch for
champs. Rock on. I’ve just finished eating lunch. So, I’m
gonna head to the library to get some work done. Now I’m going to
my 3:30 media class.>>In the documentary, you will see a
number of Vietnam veterans, the person who, the director, producer of this
movie…>>So, I just got out of class. I’m going to practice right
now. We practice on the tennis courts on main campus. Practice
is four times a week. And then we have matches on Saturday and
Sunday. And the practices last from about an hour, to an hour
and a half each day.We usually do some warm ups. After warm ups, we
have, like, stretching and all that stuff. And then we do some
volleys, we do some serves, and then we usually play like a match
or so. (music) So, right now, I am getting dinner with my teammates. (music) So, the day’s finally over. Anyone that wants to join club sports, I
highly recommend doing it because it’s a great way to still get to
do the sport that you love to do. Even if you don’t want to get
involved in a club sport here at Quinnipiac, there are also great
clubs and organizations you can be a part of here. So, I
definitely recommend getting yourself involved and really
emerging yourself into the great Quinnipiac community. Thanks for
checking out this video. And be sure to check out all other
Quinnipiac Day in the Life videos to check out QU all for yourself.
Go Bobcats.

Day at Work: Video Game Designer

April 11, 2019 | Articles | 50 Comments

designer Tempe gamers if you don't play videogames you're not going to be able to make it as a designer it's just the way it is look at my last job I played World of Warcraft right everyone knows World of Warcraft is so I'm talking about it one day on my boss goes ah yeah I play on this server and I was like really it is like yeah I read do you want to come reign with me and I'm like awesome so here we are it's like 11:30 at night one night our rain decides we're going to continue going for another hour and I'm like man I'm gonna be late to work tomorrow inside this we'll call your boss and I was like hey boss do you mind if I'm late to work tomorrow and he was like that's alright which of course I mean how is that at all fair to anyone else who has a job you know most days I spend my time building levels I go into our editor which is our program that we use to actually build the levels and I go in and I place objects I make racetracks everything that's in the world is put there because you know I'm the one that puts it there the best design process actually always starts on paper it's always a good idea to start on paper because you just kind of think things through and you plan things out better plus paper is really cheap right this idea that you you do something on paper it doesn't take very long it's very quick and you throw it away and you don't care so if it comes out bad you're like okay I wasted like an hour once you have a fairly decent idea on paper and that you're fairly sure is going to be good then you start building it in the editor but you don't build it pretty you build it very ugly very quick fast you know as quickly as possible and it's called block out stage and so then once you have block out and you put it in the game and you play it and you have to keep playing after every single step you have to play because things that you think are great and fantastic play horribly and at the end of the day gameplay trumps everything right I mean you can have a game that looks abysmal but if it plays really well it's going to play really well and people are going to enjoy it and then I get other people to play it and say hey tell me what you think and if it's a good idea then we keep building it and keep making it prettier that's polish right so you just keep polishing it up I graduated college with a liberal arts degree and I was actually going to be an English teacher like that was my goal and I got into a very prestigious English program within a full assistantship and everything the only thing that I ever was more interested in while in college than class was video games so like that was Hillary's why I ever skipped class was to go play video game and it happened more than I'd like to admit you know and so literally I was browsing the web and I saw this thing and it was like oh the Guildhall des mu we have a 95% higher rate and I was like wait 95 percent of their graduates get hired and wait wait wait I could be making video games of like at that point there was almost no discussion like my mom was so sad so I went to visit the school to meet these professors and so like I went in and the level design professor at the time he goes well name some of your favorite games and at the time I was very engrossed in this game called morrowind and I was I called Morrow and I love it it's fantastic game and he went oh you know why the Dark Elves are blue and I was like no I don't and then he goes cuz I wanted them to be blue and I'm going oh I'm gonna do this and the first Mother's Day after I graduated I actually happened to grab a t-shirt at a convention of the game convention that says my mom said playing video games would never pay off and she wears it religiously like every time she's uh there's like a family event or something she wears this this video game t-shirt