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अंपायर से भिड़ गया 6 साल का कोच | Sports Tak

Sports surgery KCB chhotya body a bit chilly subscribe current Sports Talk SRT PCB notification go panicky leave a like Skoda banana pooling so outcomes coach strike he did not like the last quality I'll be over for response and ov the ball went underneath him but the umpire still called him out after the Wisconsin player held up the ball not liking it arguing with the home plate umpire Robin Ventura needle does not look happy her son's a signature move although he might get tossed and he's gone oh no you just say I'll be right back was that the I'll be right back finger I don't know what he has in store but he does not look happy I was holding two bats oh no I think he's gonna try and get dirty with the playing surface nope there goes one there goes two think the players in the background looks like disgust they don't like that their manager just got ejected Drake's let him know – oh here comes more bats that sound for do not look happy all the fans in attendance not looking happy that their manager just got ejected he has a bucket of balls down what is he doing he must really not be happy this is the biggest outburst we have seen from coach Drake in a long time now he spikes the bucket what is going on here happy at all this is the most anger I've ever seen out of a six-year-old spike in his hat on home plate the ultimate sign of disrespect and now I think he's going to go back to the locker room hit the showers and not be happy with this ball game [Applause] you

The Cricket Debate: Have Selectors Really Shown Vision for Future In Selecting WI Tour Team

oh and welcome hello and welcome Rahul is with me of course the team's been announced for the West Indies Stuart all the three teams you are aware of the names that have been selected but the point that we are going to discuss tonight Rahul is have these selectors actually shown any vision or do you think they are myopic because most of the players are the ones who were there yesterday they are in the team today and they are going to remain tomorrow as well is this the team for the future because your one day and the t20 team doesn't have much to separate from you know the players are not there and the t20 is of course will be out the moment your major players come back we have faster borders come back right so the point is is this the team for the future or it's just an eyewash but you see like for example we were discussing Manish Pandey he has been around he's been in and out of this Indian team now he makes a comeback on the basis of his performances against the West Indies e now from the available resources that these that these selectors had I think they have managed to pick apart from a few names like for example kadar Jadhav we were discussing in the afternoon also you know I don't know how long kadar Jadhav is going to continue in this scheme but the biggest takeaway for me was cool DB annum and you do in detail they've been rested they've been dropped I don't know whether not the t20 is not the one from the t22 Aziz so I think they you know you've been pointing this out you know quite vigorously you've been saying that the t20 teams India's t20 teams the manner in which they play the manner in which the teams are selected is just an extension of the OD ice so do you think a couple of changes maybe you don't have those those kind of players who can just go and you know hit the ball hit hit hit balls and can kill Boulos mercilessly but you should be you should be looking out for again this team but this t20 team also I believe Rahul is an extension of your ODI team I mean you brought since you you have to scout for options England did not have the options in 2015 when they lost the World Cup right they started preparing and the way they played their one-day cricket I mean that's the way that you ought to play now of course India play their t20 is what's the way they play they ODI and even in ODI you know look at the other teams the way England plays I I was looking for youngsters like maybe sent you Samson maybe somebody like Ashanti Shan Shan chisel I think the selectors have been very safe they've gone safe they have not panicked one good thing is that the Indians haven't panicked saying that oh it was just one loss we lost in the semi-finals again which India could have won if India would have won maybe they were played the final maybe did have won the World Cup as well but my point Rahul is the Indian team had been winning in the World Cup because of their bowling which was the best in the tunneling and top three and top three yes so which means that even if you have any games the skeletons weren't really out right and you know those performance individual performance is residing in the inadequacies of the team so I think there was this opportunity for the selectors maybe to have been a bit more daring they could have been a bit more daring they could have maybe you know the t20 is could have been an experimental stage if you are saying that school deep and Chelle are the ones who are out of the t20 s and we'll be there in the OD eyes but in t20 is you've got Washington's cylinder Rahul sure hair I mean it's it's I for I you've seen watch it's an eye for eye what's your eye for eye Washington's funda has played yes for India shreya say year Manish Pandey in fact he was one of the first few batsman who was tried in that Manish Pandey was the first one one of those eleven players who were tried at number four in fact after the Champions Trophy 2017 Champions Trophy so he was one of those so and he sees 29 if you're if you really think that he is he's somebody for the future well you should have been there in the World Cup them my point is have you looked for that something because again your top three in batting now that sugar is bad you can't they're the best top three in the world in OD eyes but they the best top three collectively in three twenties as well so we are saying now that India will play the ODI is India will play their t20 is much the way that they play the audience so they'll start with the same theory play out the first six overs look at how many wickets you lose look at how many runs you have and then accelerate so it's not the other way around is it's not as if you you'd go there and you have a youngster is it because the top three also they all they are also aware of the fact that the team the batting is too much dependent on them it's not the reason why this they prefer to yes satus yes just look at the India vs. England game India was chasing some some 339 and they were 28 for one in knose they were 28 for one went Rohit Sharma and Vinod Khalid two of the best in the world were batting so they are aware of the fact that the metal Lord is sketchy they are aware of the fact that the load metal order is all the more sketchy but I I really feel that India had an opportunity to change the landscape of T 20s so you naughty audience perhaps it's noon okay Dada Dada is high you simply the only one who I I would feel should not be there in the audience maybe somebody else should have taken his place but in the t20 I would have taken a gamble I would have taken a gamble and I'd never take the D up and you would have maybe bonding maybe one mall of the three why not maybe one of the three I could have rested why not maybe one of the three I could have rested the top three and given somebody like say for instance Asha and kitchen or Shubh Mangal or even nurse and you Samson and an opportunity you have to create players you have to create players the play is not born you have to create them into those roles such an Tendulkar wasn't a natural opener he was converted into one margarett batch the middle order batsman was told by Martin Crowe in 1990 to go and build the ball and that is where the pinch-hitting started kala pathar na jayasuriya in the 96 World Cup so India I think have an opportunity to change the way that they play the t20 s you know test team obviously selected themselves no point in discussing and I'm happy that Roach am I still there I'm really happy and it will challenge the squad the playing eleven he has to be he has to be which also reinforces the fact that he now is the second most important person in Indian cricket it's not your test captain a test vice captain its Rohit Sharma so he is now the second most important person in Indian cricket but at the same time you know ODI is also Rahul maybe one change K dadada and somebody else could have been in his place again K dadada why is he good enough to last till the World Cup is he is he going to play the see obviously if he's going to play the world t20 why is not in the you know that that that is a debatable I think open-ended question that msk pasa just could not justify but t20 I still feel ground India had an opportunity to take a gamble they've refused that gamble may they've refused that Bates maybe it'll be good on Indian cricket sparked that they have not taken that gamble maybe they will not obviously variety has a you know has a major say in in the team selection why would their art want to take that gamble why would where art want to you know would want to rest himself or maybe Rohit Sharma or maybe Shikhar Dhawan why would he do that he also wants to win he would go for something trying but Rahul more than me and you and our fans in sports the code now everyday get an opportunity to be live with us while we'll be chatting in English every day we'll have this cricket debate every day at 7 o'clock you can be part of this you'll have to subscribe to sports talk do press the notification bell icon and you can also send in your questions this is the first day that we are doing this chat I hope you like it in afternoons also we'll have updates so we are trying as much in Hindi as in English as well but the point is Viraj Kohli knows his game much much more than all of us do he's the one who's the captain of Indian cricket team he's the one who's taken all the decisions leaving us exactly I'm saying but but but he's been at the World Cup his team just lost in the semi-finals he's seen how much progress England is made he's seen how maybe India is not the best team you have to start from the top are you are you a little worried or you know that we've not been able to find a very good solid middle-order batsman all these years because see if you seen the resources now if what do you know the route kind of you know just just the very same players who've been brought back who've been tested before and you know you got an opportunity in the world let's let's break down the last four years of international cricket which is the OTAs 2015 World Cup so racially and I was batting in the middle order and I think he played for India till about a year after that and then he made a comeback so in 2016 when Sudarshana was drifting off the team Yuvraj Singh was coming back and then while Yuvraj Singh was drifting out sir Asiana also came like on that which means that you had the X the the experience so as to say and then there were others like Manish Pandey and you tried so many other places bethere I do am I and so on ultimately it was the call of the captain and the team management which is the captain alone I feel – not even the coach you know the coach will obviously I'm not saying he'll never dispute the captain but the captain will have the final say and and why I'm saying this everybody knows even the selectors aren't really pushy in terms of you know challenging the authority of your captain and the captain ultimately it starts with him ends with him the buck yep because he is responsible for your team if India had won the World Cup or that India did not win the World Cup obviously the blame or the credit would have gone to the captain only but point is now I think v-rod knows the best how a top-heavy team will struggle on a rainy day and the rain doesn't tell you when it's coming semi-finals we did not know that the truck was there and we just got hosed yes so the middle order you are saying up somebody like let's say for example resharpen he is batting at number four he should be your number four but again resharpen has to take those chances he has to now convert those starts in two innings that can bring matches or create opportunities for India to imagine and he didn't do too badly there in England in in three opportunities that he got he scored above forty eight forty Soltys no I I get the point I get your point 70s 80s Androids then it'll become somebody like Yuvraj or Reiner or Dhoni yeah okay another point is Donnie do you think the speculation will end now or do you think there's more to it than meets the eye my gut feeling says that Tony will continue like this or maybe the selectors will have to take that call you know okay he's made himself unavailable for the West Indies tour of South Africa will be your after that if he makes himself available will the selectors pick him if they are saying that rishabh month is our keeper is our man for the future and he'll be in all three formats because with demands AHA now becomes a secondary option investments test matches are concerned now where do you see em is Tony in t20 squad because you remember he did not before the World Cup we he missed a couple of t20 CDs so obviously t20 was not in his mind now a World Cup if he plays the ODI cricket obviously is not going to be there till 2023 World Cup you never know though but I think I think he's going to continue like this maybe ten and would prefer to retire till till how long yellow in that yellow jersey so you are saying one season are you talking about maybe six seven months so two months is not there July August mid September is not there so you've got about three four months of international cricket and then the IPL and that could be swan song I also have a feeling around that might be wrong though I know I would go with you this day I I would go with you III do have a feeling that you know they could actually be some understanding between the industry management and Dhoni that he won't be available I know it for a fact that one of the BCCI employees I wouldn't say you know member or in his office better anything or this year did speak to MS Dhoni I think a couple of days ago he met him and this this thing this was decided that he's made himself available obviously the stories who are doing the rounds that you know Tony is going to be there for two months with the pair arrangement that he's a socialist or he's been coming out for seven days there are multiple stories that are being but I but I don't know I think msk was asked in fact the chairman of selector he was asked specifically about Tony so how he dodged that question dodged in the sense he had to answer so he was asked what about Tony so he said you know in the very first place when he makes himself available so he's not considered I want to see a situation when he makes himself available and will the selectors take that hard call will they take that tough call will they rot coolly take that tough call because against with gaydar Giada you didn't I I honestly feel that Kedar Giada should not be part of that team if you are looking for the future you know as simple as this somebody who's dropped midway through the World Cup yeah yeah nice job miracles who the workers because they were and what is the point if if you thought that he was not good enough for you in that World Cup medley in the tournament if you can drop him then why go for him in the in in this tour only on the store of West Indies I have if cool DB other if you join rich L can be dropped from the t20 s iron desert you know I was listening to you on our India Today channel you made a valid point as far as these players were concerned you know Rahul Rahul sure her I don't know what he brings to the table in fact you know batting batting is something maybe could in T twenties the patting will go against them maybe but you you think that way I don't think they are out permanently they're not out permanently of the t 20s but you do yeah they have a look at mind marking day and they have gotten even hired a little no crowd share also one I peel so you know maybe they'll give him some opportunities a good thing is that India will have a lot many t 20s to play yes and you you think that you will see cool DB other and you Jane this gel in the same playing eleven again see wonders they lost twenty twenty they are already out see T twenties Jada will play I think Kunal Pandya and Jenna de will play and you'll have the option of one more maybe ahead Washington's on that is in the t20 s he was also given a few games in ODI and t20 I don't think he looked you know the greatest of players the greatest of talent maybe with time but I think politte when child will have to fight by they'll happen so not just the bowling skills but the mental skills and you know it is very difficult route when you fail and then you come I only feel usual Rachelle especially because of course cool deep yada was even dropped I honestly feel that Jay L did not Bowl badly and he didn't do it I don't think yes I I don't think they've been sent to the dustbin I think the Helen cool deep are there in the ODI and you know it says that maybe the selectors are up in terms of bowling they are casting the net wider hmm so let's look at your hair because you know two things very important which we emerged now a you know you have to assess the player while he's playing the IPL or in order for India a can he make that transition into top class international cricket secondly while playing international cricket can the player who will do well in bilateral series after series after series do well in major tournaments that is where you're testing I was I was referring to in fact you made okay one one last thing you know we've you know the experimentation that the Indian team did with the middle order for the last couple of years you know it received a lot of flak you know you kept rotating players there were sense of insecurity maybe among the players and now again if you are doing the same thing will it not call for you know criticism again maybe because you know you said that you wanted to see some holes who changes no no no I didn't want to see any wholesale change I I'm happy that nobody's panicked the captain hasn't panicked the selectors haven't panicked and that is very good but in t 20s I would have seen I would have been I would have wanted to see certain bold decisions certain Gamble's you know right now the core of the team is the same the living sea bowling will have happening yes people people will say oh there are different bowlers in T 20s and OD eyes but the fact is when bhuvaneswar mama chamois and Bowie are back they play in the t20 s as well so these t20 bowlers will be out spinners yes jedidah +1 spinner so you if you're looking at the entire 11 maybe one or two changes that's it but the style of playing t20 s that is where I wanted some change maybe somebody like Shaun kitchen maybe symbol X and you Sampson at the top of the order go kill it you know that could have been you you will have to create some different thing for this team to do well in t2 that's that is exactly what I am asking you know trying to create something different can actually heat to you know too much of experiment agreed I am at the same time you can't just sit idle you can't be an ostrich and say oh let me dig my head in the sand and the hunter will just go you have to face the situation and I am maybe things might change tomorrow things might change and what if things have to change tomorrow why can't you change them today that's the question all right all right so so be it thanks for watching and from tomorrow onward let's also take with take your questions and your suggestions and to give us your valuable feedback thank you thanks for watching