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LEC Pop Quiz – 15 Second Challenge

March 8, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

LEC Pop Quiz – 15 Second Challenge

Next we’re going to do a
15 second challenge. Oh what a challenge. LEC POP QUIZ
15 SECOND CHALLENGE I want you to give me champions
that start with the letter “T”. Go. What? Is there even any champion
beginning with “T”? Uhh… Tryndamere! Umm… Tryndamere… and Tryndamere, I don’t know. Okay, you have Tahm Kench, Taliyah, Talon
Taric, Teemo, Thresh, Tristana, Trundle— Okay that’s quite a lot actually, yeah. – Twisted Fate and—
– I got Tryndamere though, at least. Tryndamere. Talon. Teemo. Twisted Fate! I mean this is, this is hard. Teemo, Tryndamere. Teemo, Tryndamere… Tiana. Wait, there’s no
champion named Tiana. He got scarred by Tian at Worlds.
It happens. – Wait.
– Tahm Kench, Talon, Taric, – Oh my god.
– Thresh, Tristana, Trundle. – What! There’s so many?
– Twisted Fate, and Twitch. What?! Oh, I named two! Give me champions that start
with an “A”. Go. Nami. Ah “A”, “A”. Okay, okay. Aphelios. Akali. I dunno. What champions are there, actually? – There’s like 10.
– There’s like 10? – Holy s***.
– Azir. – Azir.
– Azir, Annie. – Aatrox.
– Wait, there’s so many. Aatrox, Ahri, Aphelios… Aa– Aatrox, ahh-ay-ay-ay. A! Amumu! Amumu, I mean that’s not a champion. Next can you give me champions
that begin with the letter “S”. Go. Sion, Shaco, Sona… Sona, Senna… Wait. That’s it? Sem-pa-pa-pa. Syndra, Shaco, Shen… Syndra, Senna, uhh… Syndra, Senna— Wait how many
champions are we… Sejuani, Sett, Shaco. – Oh my god.
– Shen, Shyvana, Singed, Sion, Sivir, Skarner, Sona,
Soraka, Swain, Sylas. My memory’s not good. What! That’s so many. That’s pretty bad. Oh jeez. Skarner, Sona, Soraka, Swain, Sylas. Can we redo? Oh my god. Can you give me champions
that start with a “K”? – A “K”?
– Yeah, go. Kalista, Kai’Sa, Kench Tahm, Uhh… – Tahm Kench.
– Yeah, it’s like first-name last-name. What do you mean, it works like that. Karma, Karthus, Kalista, Kassadin, Kayle… Kayn, yeah I was thinking about… Oh I didn’t say Kha’Zix either. Cause they are not playable. I was
thinking about the junglers, but Kayn and Kha’Zix both are so useless,
so I didn’t think about them. Kayn, Katarina, umm… S***. Uhh… Kayle, Kog’Maw, Kha’Zix. How many— What did I miss? Kai’Sa, Kalista, Karma,
Karthus, Kassadin. Oh sh— Okay I f***** up really hard, okay. League of Legends
European Championship Friday 18:00 CET
Saturday 17:00 CET

ИЗГОЙ – Лучший спортивный фильм года!🏆 Победитель SPORT FILM FESTIVAL (Воркаут, ЗОЖ, мотивация)

Amarant pictures Film company – Russkoe Department of moral arts FRIDAY NIGHT. Hi, Misha! Hello. Hey, what’s up? How it going with chicks? Everything is good. Listen… …better stop with that stuff. — With what stuff?
— With THAT stuff. That’s bad for your health.
Dangerous for your life. You know when I was in the army
I got addicted to that stuff… … a lot… And you know what, Misha? I still have problems with my health! So you better stop with till you healthy and alive… How’s it going with chicks? Look, the line is moving. Here, here, here we go!
Hold on, hold on, hold on… OUTCAST Hey you, buy beer for us! What? Are you stupid or something? We are under the age, we can’t get it. Anyway, here’s cash, take it! No. Why No? What a hell? Look, we can ask that guy! Exactly! Let’s go! Sucker! Oh, Misha, hi! Hi ‒ Listen, How are you doing?
‒ It’s all right. Meet my friend Natasha! And this is Misha, my staircase neighbor, we grew up together. You could say we used same potty, yep? It’s a pleasure! Listen, I have an idea! Do you want to join us? We are celebrating Natasha’s promotion… I’m sorry, I have to go. Are you going to do your strange stuff again? Are you going to do your strange stuff again? Ladies have invited you to drink!
Are you dumping us? May be he is… You know… Colorfull? For sure! You should see what he does with himself! Jerk! Normal guys don’t do that kind of stuff. You are definitely homo! What’s up, Mishel! How are you doing? I’m good. We are rushing to the club, let’s go with us? No, I can’t. What? There are chicks waiting for us. They Models! Come on! Are you worrying about cash? No worries, I’ll pay! I have another plans today, sorry. Mishel, what kind of plans it could be Friday night, besides clubs, chicks? Let’s go with us! I know his plans – “Madam Palm and her five sisters” Let’s go! Don’t waste time on him. Good bye, Mishel! Misha! Is that you? What’s up! We used to study in the same school. Remember? I used to be curly-headed like Pushkin! I remember you. Let’s go drink some beer! I’m not interested. What do you mean? Huh! Do you want something more strong? No problem, we’ll get it! I have to go, good luck. What? Don’t you respect my guys? What for I should respect them? I even don’t know them. Take care! Hey you! Is it like you better than others? You better keep out of sight, moron,
I’ll break your legs! Hey, buddy, how are you? Is everything ok? Listen, may be you need some Hash? Weed? I have Meth, pills. Everything you need. Do you need? What are you looking at? Do you like me? Our Father! Our Father! What is he doing? Well, It’s like kind a “sport” What kind of sport is it? That’s stupid!
What does he develop? He is twisting his hands. It hurts! May be he likes the pain? Macaque-masochist! Yeah, weirdo, huh. No friends, no chick…
Only those horizontal bars, that’s it… You know what I heard guys? He doesn’t eat meat. Oooh! I got it. Sectarian. Ok, guys, I’ve spoted chicks there on the bench… …they have some wine lift. Let’s go!? Hello Hi Can I ask you? I told you – I don’t buy beer for the underage… Wait, I’m sorry. What did you want? It’s ok, nothing… Something happened? Did someone hurt you? Nope, I… … I can’t do pull ups… That’s it? It’s not a problem!
What is your name? ‒ Andrey.
‒ My name is Misha. Let’s go to try? Ok, show me how bad it is. Okey. Andrey, what are you doing? I’ll be back… Why do you hang out with that looser? It’s ok, calm down… Anton’s brother bought a new cool vape! He will let us smoke! Just get some beer and let’s go! Get it! Let’s drink some beer and it’s gonna be ok! No! I don’t want! What? Are you serious? Yes. Just like that? Just dump us? Hey! Screw you! So, let’s continue? Yes! Can I try myself? Go ahead. I can’t… Come on, come on, come on! Do it! More, more! Well done, more, a little bit! Come on, come on, come on! Hooray! I wasn’t able to do it! Now I did it! I can! Thank you! You are welcome. Guys! Can I come? Yes, of course! Come together! ‒ Did you see what I can?
‒ Yeah, cool! ‒ Can you do pull ups?
‒ Nope. Not a problem, I wasn’t able to do it before. Guys, what do you do for PE lessons in the school? We always absent from PE class. It’s the school. «Sometimes one simple example is more convincing than hundreds of beautiful sermons»
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Lenovo Y540 vs Y545 vs Y7000 – Gaming Laptop Comparison

What are the differences between the Y540,
Y545 and Y7000 gaming laptops from Lenovo? In this video I’ll compare all three against
each other, showing how they differ, to help you decide which one is best for you. In the specific configurations we’re looking
at today, all three have the Intel i7-9750H CPU with Nvidia graphics, GTX 1660 Ti for
my Y540 and Y7000, however my Y545 has RTX 2060, but they’re all available with different
options. All three also have 16gb of memory in dual channel, but again like most components
you can pick and choose what you want when ordering from the Lenovo website. For the most part, the Y540 and Y7000 are
essentially the same chassis design, the Y545 is a bit different from the other two though,
which you’ll see as we go. The Y540 and Y7000 are all black plastic on
the lid, while the Y545 is more of a grey metal which felt a bit nicer, so a slight
edge in build quality there. On the interior they’re all matte black with a smooth sort
of rubberised texture. In terms of dimensions, the Y540 and Y7000
are exactly the same, again they’re the same design, while the Y545 on the other hand
was a little wider and thicker, but not by much. For the weights the Y540 and Y7000 were quite
similar again at around the 2.2kg mark, however my Y7000 was a little lighter. The Y545 on
the other hand was more than 100g heavier, probably due to the metal build, and all three
were weighed without a 2.5” drive installed. All three laptops have precision touchpads,
and the Y540 and Y7000 have the same smaller size one with physical buttons, while the
Y545’s was larger and better to use. The keyboards were otherwise the same, at
least in terms of layout and how they feel to actually type on. The main difference is
the lighting, the Y540 and Y545 both have white backlighting, while the Y7000 has gamer
red. All three light up all keys and secondary key functions, and can be adjusted between
two brightness levels or turned off by holding the function key and pressing the spacebar. All three laptops have 15.6” 1080p IPS screens,
and are available with different options. This may vary by region, but these are the
options available for me here in Australia, so only the Y540 and Y545 have the option
of going for 144Hz, which I think would be ideal when paired with a 1660 Ti or above.
They have 300 or 250 nit versions, and the dimmer displays have lower colour gamut, so
if you’re doing something like photo or video editing definitely go for the screen
upgrade. All three laptops have the 720p camera placed
below the screen. The Y540 sounds ok but doesn’t look great,
the Y7000 looks a bit better and sounds similar, and the Y545 is just crap. None of these three laptops has G-Sync, however
they all have the option of disabling hybrid mode through the Vantage software, which is
the control panel for the laptop. Basically this disables the Intel GPU after a reboot,
so no Optimus, which results in higher performance in games, but at the expense of battery life
when not gaming. I think it’s great that you have the option of selecting the mode
you want to run it in, rather than being stuck to one or the other which is what most other
laptops do. Let’s check out I/O next, starting on the
left all three have a USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A port and 3.5mm audio combo jack. On the right there’s just a second USB 3.1
Gen1 Type-A port. It’s worth noting that the Y545 in the middle of the laptop sandwich
is missing side air exhaust vents. The port selection on the back is exactly
the same throughout all three too, from left to right all have a USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C port,
no Thunderbolt, mini DisplayPort 1.4, third USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A port, HDMI 2.0 output,
gigabit ethernet, power input and Kensington lock. The Y540 and Y7000 have icons above the rear
I/O so you can easily see where you need to plug your cable in when standing in front
of it without needing to turn the machine around or look over it, however the Y545 was
missing these handy icons. On the lids they all have some part that lights
up. The Y540 on the left just has the subtle part within the text, the Y545 in the center
has a huge logo, while the Y7000 on the right is red and right in the middle. All three
laptops let you turn this light on or off by pressing function and L. Underneath they’ve all got air intake vents
towards the back, again like many aspects the Y540 and Y7000 were the same, while the
Y545 had a bit of a different design. All three have the speakers along the front on
the left and right, and in my opinion, the Y540 and Y7000 were equal and better than
the speakers in the Y545. In terms of latencymon performance, the Y540
was the only one that gave me an acceptable result. Inside the designs of all three are essentially
the same in terms of layout. They all have a single 2.5 inch drive bay, single M.2 slot
for storage, L shaped battery, dual channel memory underneath the metal cover in the center,
and WiFi card above the battery, closest to the bottom in this clip. The cooling looks
similar, however note the Y545 in the middle doesn’t exhaust air out the left and right
sides and that there are no heat sinks there as a result, as that will be important later. As for battery life, all three have the same
3 cell 57Wh battery, the only possible exception is the Y7000, which has a smaller 52.5Wh battery
if you get the GTX 1650 configuration. The Y7000 had the best battery life, though it
wasn’t too far ahead of the Y540 with same specs. The Y545 had a fair bit less, but that’s
likely due to the higher tier 2060 graphics, it would probably be quite close if they were
all the same. The vantage software in all three laptops
let’s you choose between quiet, balanced, and performance modes. These primarily control
power limits to the CPU or GPU, as defined here, and they’re meant to control fan speed
too, but as you’ll hear next there wasn’t much difference. Let’s look at thermal differences. Because
my Y545 has a different GPU compared to the rest, we’re only looking at CPU only performance
here, as I can fairly compare those. If you want to see way more thermal info with the
GPU going, check out the full reviews linked in the description. This testing was done with an ambient room
temperature of 24 degrees Celsius with the Aida64 CPU stress test. I used the default
four options, so stress CPU, FPU, cache and system memory were all checked. In this test
only the Y545 was hitting thermal throttling at 94, while the Y540 was 4 degrees cooler,
and the Y7000 was a further 4 degrees cooler than that. These are the clock speeds during the same
tests. I found it interesting that the Y7000 was similar to the Y545, given the Y7000 wasn’t
having thermal issues. The Y540 was achieving best performance in terms of clock speed in
this test. The Y7000 and Y540 were both hitting the 70
watt power limit, the Y545 wasn’t quite able to hit it in this test as it was being
held back from thermal throttling. It’s interesting that with the same power limit
though the Y540 was hitting higher clocks than the Y7000, but I guess the Y7000 was
cooler as a result. I’ve used Cinebench to test out the CPU
only performance. The Y545 is in last place due to the thermal throttling discussed, and
as we saw the Y540 was able to hit higher clock speeds than the Y7000, so it’s scoring
higher in this test, though as we saw it was running a little warmer to achieve this. Here’s how hot the keyboard area actually
gets while running combined CPU and GPU stress tests. The Y540 and Y545 both got to 51 degrees
Celsius or so in the center, while the Y7000 was noticeably cooler comparatively in the
same workload. Next let’s see how they actually perform
in a few games. Keep in mind that both my Y540 and Y7000 have the GTX 1660 Ti, while
my Y545 happens to have an RTX 2060, so we’re expecting that to put it ahead, so I’ll
only look at a few games. Battlefield 5 was tested in campaign mode
at ultra settings, and the Y545 was ahead as expected due to the RTX 2060, while the
Y7000 was a little ahead in average FPS over the Y540 with same specs, though its 1% low
was down, possibly due to the better CPU performance from the Y540. Control was tested at high settings, and the
results are within one to two FPS of each other, so it’s not really going to be a
difference that you notice on a practical level while playing. These are the results of Shadow of the Tomb
Raider with the game’s built in benchmark tool at max settings, and there was just a
couple of FPS difference between the laptops, though again interesting the Y7000 was ahead
of the Y540 with same specs. You can see more games in the full reviews,
linked in the description, but when testing the 2060 in the Y545 I found that in many
games it was struggling to beat the 1660 Ti in the Y7000 that I tested at the same time,
due to the previously mentioned thermal throttling in the Y545. Without throttling, on average
the 2060 should perform around 14% better than the 1660 Ti, but when its in the Y545
it doesn’t really seem worth paying more for as we didn’t see big gains. Storage options will vary based on what you
select when buying, however all three laptops I’m looking at here had the exact same model
of 512GB NVMe M.2 SSD, so I was looking at similar speeds. Don’t forget all three also
have a 2.5” drive bay if you want to install another SSD or hard drive. As for pricing differences, you can find updated
prices linked in the description. At the time of recording, in the US with the same specs,
so i7, GTX 1660 Ti, and dual channel memory, both the Y540 and Y545 are the same price,
$1150 USD on sale at the moment. For the rest of the pricing discussion I need
to focus on my Australian pricing, as the Y7000 doesn’t currently appear to be sold
in the US. In these examples I’ve specced them all
to the same i7 CPU, 16GB of dual channel memory, 512GB SSD, best screen available, so 144Hz
for the Y540 and Y545, and GTX 1660 Ti graphics. The Y540 with these specs is currently less
than $2000 AUD, which is around $1200 USD if you remove our taxes, however it is currently
on sale, without the sale it’s over $2300 AUD. The Y545 isn’t currently on sale, and was
the same price as the Y540 with the same specs. The Y7000 on the other hand was at least $300
more for the same thing as the others, and that’s with a 60Hz screen, as 144Hz wasn’t
an option like the other two. So to conclude, the Y540 appears to be the
best option out of the three, here’s why. First off the Y540 and Y7000 are essentially
the same chassis, but the Y7000 has the red keyboard and red logo on the back, so more
of your typical gamer laptop aesthetic. That’s going to come down to personal preference,
and while I personally prefer the cleaner look of the Y540, in my country the Y7000
costs more money for the same specs, which doesn’t really seem worth paying when there
are so many similarities. If the Y7000 is cheaper in your region though and you don’t
mind the red design, then that would be a better pick. To be fair, the Y7000 did seem to perform
a little better than the Y540 in games, I’m not exactly sure why that’s the case as
they had the same specs. As we saw in the CPU only performance though like Cinebench,
the Y540 was coming out ahead, so must be some slight GPU difference. Just quickly I’ve tested the Heaven benchmark
on the Y540 and Y7000 as they’ve both got the GTX 1660 Ti, and although both ran at
80w with similar clock speeds, the Y7000 was warmer in that regard, but yeah similar clocks
so not sure why the Y7000 does better in games. The Y545 shares a lot of similarities with
those other two, including same port layout, same battery and same internal layout. The
main differences with the Y545 were that it had a larger touchpad than the others, which
was nice. It’s also got a metal lid, but as a result weighed more than 100g extra. The Y545 doesn’t have the handy icons on
the back above the I/O like the others though, the speakers didn’t sound as good as the
others, and as you heard the built in microphones were probably the worst I’ve ever used in
any laptop. The Y545 also has a single hinge in the middle
of the screen, giving it a bit more flex compared to the others which have hinges towards the
edges. The Y545 also had thermal problems that the
others didn’t. Another difference was that the Y545 doesn’t have air exhaust vents
on the sides, which means it’s also missing extra heatsinks on the sides, so I believe
that explains that. It’s hard to say for certain that that was the issue, but it was
the only difference I could see, and the others ran cooler with the same stress test going. Despite the Y545 costing the same as the Y540
in my example, I think it’s got more negatives associated with it when comparing the two. All three are pretty decent options, but in
the end, based on what we’ve seen here I think the Y540 is the best option for the
money. So with all of that in mind, which gaming
laptop would you pick? The Lenovo Y540, Y545, or Y7000 gaming laptop? Let me know which
and why in the comments, and if you’re new to the channel consider getting subscribed
for future comparisons and tech videos like this one.

MMORPG – Upcoming Sandbox & Hardcore Games – Still Hope After New World

Amazon Game Studios New World. It started out as a hardcore pvp sandbox game. Finally right? For those of us who love sandbox, love open
pvp, this was the true bastion we have been waiting for. Finally a triple A funded developer with actual
employees, marketing budget and just money in general, with a full development cycle
that is befitting an MMORPG. Not the usual janky 1-10 man team with no
money and a dream, or no experience and a dream that we have gotten for the majority
of the last 15 years minus one or two outliers which still wasn’t even triple A, just a slightly
more well funded indie such as Eve and Albion. Which funnily enough, are two games that have
stuck around and carved out a solid, succesful market for themselves. So that’s the story we are setting, New World
gave us hope and then that hope is now gone. What does that have to do with this video? Well come one, come all. This is the video for the Sandbox PVP refugees. I’m going to now list the sandbox pvp games
that are boasting hardcore elements such as loot based pvp in this video. I’ll not list all of them because there is
a bunch of projects that aren’t even worth talking about but I’ll list all the ones that
I am looking forward to as a lover of this sub genre. Let me know in the comments what you’re excited
for as a sandbox pvp junkie and if I missed a game, it was probably cut for one reason
or another and might be included if I do a part 2. So let’s get into the promising titles on
the horizon. Mortal Online 2
This is definitely at the top of my list. Mortal Online is one of the more interesting
and unique games I’ve ever played. This is the true definition of a hardcore
sandbox game, to a fault actually. Part of the hardcore experience of enjoying
Mortal Online the original was actually being able to put up with just how broken the game
was most of the time. The awful textures, dated look, terrible net
code or animations when seeing people run around on mounts, bugs, server issues whenever
the game got actual players online….It was a mess. It’s also still running somehow while being
a mess for over a decade. The entire time that Mortal Online was busy
being a mess, the developers never stopped believing in their own vision, never stopped
trying to build the game that they want and that their fans want. I respect that. And as someone who absolutely loves mortal
online despite the glaring flaws and obvious issues, I couldn’t be more excited for the
second game if I tried. A large amount of issues Mortal Online Previously
had stemmed from the not so experienced devs on an engine that does not suit open world
very well by most accounts, unreal engine 3 most of you will know is just a piece of
shit on most mmorpgs. They’re now on Unreal Engine 4, they have
over a decade of experience working with the legacy engine and their own skills and the
team is bigger than ever before. They know exactly what they want, they have
the framework for their world and as I keep mentioning, a decade of experience watching
how a sandbox game unfolds. Almost no company in the world can boast this,
almost no developer in the world can boast this. Mortal Online is the most sandbox mmorpg I’ve
ever played and if they just had a more stable foundation, with a fresh lick of paint, a
few less issues and a few less controversies, I think the game could be a smash. That’s my opinion, now I should probably describe
mortal online 2 very briefly before we move on to the next game. Reading straight from the steam page so I
can’t get it twisted. Complex crafting system with millions of combinations,
intense skill based first person melee, mounted, ranged and magic combat with full loot, deep
character customisation, open skill system with over 600 skills and no character levels,
massive sandbox world to explore and fight over. Before we move on, I will say that the actual
world of mortal, with the free building system allowing you to actually affect the flow of
resources, how easy it is to logistically move materials around the map to siege people
etc, the fac the game has local banking…It just makes this world so intense and free,
you can make choices that affect the rest of the population and make your own territory
that is different in every way from what anyone else makes which is true sandbox. Mortal Online 2 is hosting a closed combat
alpha test in April and expecting to release early access by the end of 2020 so we’re not
a million miles away. Hopefully I can leverage my channel to get
access to that closed combat alpha and show you guys the game in the most detail as soon
as it’s available. It will most likely be buy to play with a
subscription and zero pay to win. Profane
Profane is up next, not because it’s the second most exciting but because it’s probably one
of the more unknown games and also very recently been getting a lot of press. Profane is of course another indie developed
hardcore sandbox mmorpg but most likely not as serious or slow paced as say mortal is. They have the cartoony graphics style that
should run well and be quite timeless as well as allow them to develop for a relatively
cheap cost compared to full realism. The game boasts a free skill system which
is integral to most sandbox games, want to be a better swordsman? Use a sword. Want to be a better weapon crafter? Craft weapons. They’re going for a seamless open world, craft
your own playstyle with a unique skill system , activating different skills to use from
what you’ve learned over time. Open pvp, full loot, territory control with
taxation systems and the ability to expand over time to rule more land, of course the
more land you control the more at risk you are of spreading too thin. Housing system which is also vulnerable to
looting should you not protect it, professions which will lead into the fully player controlled
economy and most of what you would expect from a sandbox. This is a project that is exciting for me
because they seem to have been developing for years and the game looks like it already
runs decently well from their gameplay footage. I know they’ve also been running alpha tests
for quite a while now within their own community which is mostly portugese speakers as the
devs are from brasil I believe. They’re also going for what is in my opinion
the most important feature of a sandbox pvp game….A shared, global world. This means no matter where you live in the
real world, you’ll be on the same shared world as everyone else. They’re planning to split the world map up
into different servers, so one part of the map will be hosted in europe, one in the US,
one in latin america, etc etc. So you can play with anyone across the world,
team up, fight them, etc. This is in my opinion amazing because it stops
you from having to split up what will likely be a small playerbase, lets rivalries form
and alliances based on location as is always the case. Most sandbox games I’ve played that have done
this usually end up in territory wars, like on Life Is Feudal it was everyone versus the
chinese at one stage which made for a super fun narrative. They said they can’t guarantee this as a feature
but it’s what they’re working towards. Profane is going to be buy to play with founders
packs during alphaa, from beta onwards they plan to change to free to play with skins
and cosmetics. The release date planned is late 2020, early
2021 with alpha being ready soon. Crowfall
Crowfall is one I probably don’t need to get into a lot of detail on. It’s crowfall, if you’re a sandbox pvp person
and you’re not sure what crowfall is, there’s a million videos on this , I even have a couple. So really quick rundown, crowfall is exciting
because they’re approaching the sub genre with a plan to accomodate everyone, including
people that would likely not play the game given the hardcore rule set. The way they’re doing this is creating campaigns,
each campaign has a different ruleset, different run time, basically like joining different
games of dungeons and dragons. The ruleset for one server may be absolutely
no pvp at all, the ruleset for another could be pvp but no looting, and the ruleset for
the most hardcore server be full loot pvp anytime anyplace. This allows for them to create tools for the
game and apply them overall, while allowing different audiences to enjoy them in their
own way. This means they can still give hardcore people
what they want while being successful in other markets if done correctly. There’s also progress that transfers over
to a place called the Eternal Kingdoms which is where you’ll spend time building a permanent
plot of land for yourself, your guild, just joining a town or whatever. This is the persistent element that transcends
the campaigns. For me, Crowfall is one of the more exciting
projects because it has had a ton of development, the devs have stuck to their vision throughout,
they’ve had testing running for absolute years and they’re well funded. They are also planning to release the game
this year, with another round of funding just being secured which I believe was 11.7 million
usd additional a few days ago. They’re prepping their last massive content
update as we speaka, to go live very soon and after that it’s just polish, open beta
and release left to go. Crowfall will be a buy once play forever title
with a box price of around 50 usd, there will also be a vip membership and a cash shop with
cosmetics. Life Beyond
Life Beyond is a really weird game to talk about because everyone thinks they’re a scam
and I honestly don’t know what to believe. The game has some really weird funding methods,
selling $150 founders packs before they had even shown 30 seconds of gameplay, boasting
a real world economy which means that you can just give them money and they let you
spend a currency for that money in game. Which of course most people will screm p2w
about instantly…Which is a fair assessment really. However what I recently learned is that Life
Beyond is aiming to be a full on sandbox mmorpg with some form of looting pvp, I believe right
now it is player inventory loss on death but not your equipment. So without actually having played the game
and seeing exactly what the deal is, I can’t really talk much on this. I just know that they’re saying it’s a sandbox
and partial player looting with open pvp. This game fits in this video but it also isn’t
one I’m telling you to be excited for or to back at this stage. I think done well, a real world economy can
work, eve almost works this way with plex and no one is complaining about it affecting
the competitive integrity of the game, albion has this same ability and it’s a total nonfactor…So
it’s not impossible that the real world economy aspect isn’t a massive detriment to the game
but that’s without playing it . I actually want to try this out and see all the systems
working together with a full feature list and details so I can say once and for all
if this game is going to be something exciting and fair or if it’s going to be a game dominated
by whales. This is a truly wait and see title but it
fits today’s topic and maybe it will be what we want. Reign of Guilds
Last one and a quick one. Reign of Guilds, developed by I believe a
russian indie team. This has been on my radar for a while and
I was going to make a video on it last month until I checked their discord and saw no news
or announcement for months plus people saying the project was abandoned. Then a couple daays ago they started posting
in there again and everything seems fine. It’s rough as fuck, not going to lie. But that’s what we have to put up with in
this genre. I’ll list of the features they’re talking
about and end this already quite long video. Dynamic combat system, first person with full
non-target aiming including friendly fire. PvP and PvE in a totally open world, loss
of experience and items when killed depending on the karma you have, character progression
possible when doing pvp, pve or crafting, the same system as profane with a shared map,
this only has Europe and CiS regions though and they’re set in two different continents
where you’ll fight for rule over each area. There are 7 countries on each continent and
then a royal country where the king resides. 60 castles on the maap to fight for control,
14 counts, one king. Up to 27 thousand variations for a single
item in the multiple level crafting system. So it’s basically all the sandbox features
you could ever want, in a game developed by a small team…The videos make it look early,
make it look janky…But we all know that watching and playing a game are two different
things entirely. It might look weird but if it feels good and
skill based to play, doesn’t lag and has a compelling sandbox environment with politics,
economy management and all that good stuff, I’m definitely down. The game will be pay to play, with an optional
subscription, cosmetics and things like name changes and character slots. Early access on steam is scheduled for Q2
of 2020 and full release within a year of that. As I said, there’s more than this. This is just my list. I probably forgot a game or two I’d like to
talk about and if I did, put them in the comments and I’ll make a part 2. I know I didn’t talk about Last Oasis, Fractured
and a few others that I had on a list but I just picked the ones that are fairly close
to being playable and definitely MMORPG, Last Oasis might just be a jumped up survival game
like Atlas and Fractured is suppppper early right now. Alright hope you guys enjoyed the video, like,
comment, subscribe, play with my bell. Join discord, follow me on twitter for updates,
and Shoutout to the membership squad, I’ll have
the new end screen done next week. Love you guys. See you on the next one, PEACE!