Super Mario RPG Review! (SNES) The Game Collection!

Welcome back to The Game Collection! I am SuperDerek and Super Mario RPG is a game
that I’ve known about for years but for some reason, I’ve just never gotten around
to playing it. This came up during one of my live Q&A streams,
and since then it’s been weighing on me. So let’s take a look at one of the strangest
decisions Nintendo has ever made, and why it paid off. I am SuperDerek, and this is Super Mario RPG! In March of 1996, Nintendo released Super
Mario RPG in Japan, and then in the United States only 2 months later. What was this game? Is it Super Mario? Or is it an RPG? It was developed by Squaresoft, and published
by Nintendo of America. It was an odd mashup of contrasting ideas
we wouldn’t see the likes of again until the Kingdom Hearts series years later, but
I’ve already talked about those games in another series. Super Mario RPG was the lovechild of Square
and Nintendo. Square was having trouble replicating their
success in Western markets, and Miayamoto was interested in seeing Mario realized in
an RPG world. And with Square being the undisputed king
of RPGs at the time, and Mario’s market domination, it was a match made in heaven. Super Mario RPG begins the way most Mario
games do. Princess Toadstool was captured by Bowser,
and it’s up to Mario to save her! But just moments into the game, as Mario rescues
Peach, and a giant sword crashes down into Bowser’s Castle, flinging our far-flung
heroes, flying far into atmosphere and far from the fortress, now festooned with a fancy
fencing falchion. Mario soon learns that this was the work of
the Smithy Gang, who, in the process also destroyed Star Road, preventing any new wishes
from being granted. Making matters worse, the Smithy gang is also
terrorizing towns all over the world! Now Mario will have to collect the 7 stars
to restore Star Road and restore peace to the land. Along the way, Mario makes some new friends
who join him on his quest including Mallow, the young cloud boy who thinks he’s a tadpole,
and Geno, the action figure and crowd-pleaser who comes from afar to lend Mario a helping
hand. Also accompanying Mario on his journey are
none other than Bowser, the King of the Koopa Troop, and Princess Peach Toadstool. The story of Super Mario RPG is very simple
and easy to follow. I’ve already told you 70% of what there
is to know, and you can probably infer the rest. This isn’t the kind of game where spoilers
are going to matter for most people. The story was written with the intention of
appealing to Western audiences of the 90s and in that regard, they were very successful. Super Mario RPG may be one of the best RPGs
for beginners out there, even to this day. But not just because the plot was easy to
follow. The writing in Super Mario RPG is very funny. It may in fact be one of the first few RPGs
to help establish the quirky funny RPG sub-genre, along with Earthbound. The character interactions between Mario and
Bowser in particular, are both endearing and funny to read. I enjoyed the portrayal of Bowser attempting
to keep up appearances around Mario and Peach, but also secretly having a good heart. Some of the characters were pretty two-dimensional
overall, such as Mallow, but again I think this was intentional to keep the overall experience
a simple and straightforward one. Besides the funny story and familiar characters,
Nintendo and Square implemented some new gameplay mechanics that further helped hook American
audiences: Timed button presses during combat that could significantly increase the damage
dealt to enemies, and severely reduce damage received from attacks. The mechanic actually reminded me of my time
with Shadow Hearts, except the visual cues when to press the buttons aren’t quite so
easy to spot, so it takes some guessing and hoping that you figure out the right timing
for some of the attacks. For Spells and such though, you can find out
the bonus timing from the skill description, which was pretty handy! Super Mario RPG wasn’t a terribly difficult
game, but you’ll probably want to make sure you have a low-latency way to play the game
or things could get much more difficult. Outside of combat there is some light platforming
here and there, but the truth of the matter is that it’s not very good, because isometric
visuals do not lend themselves well to precise jumping. And if you need further proof of that, taka
a look at exhibit B: Landstalker on Sega Genesis. But luckily Super Mario RPG did not make platforming
a central focus, so it was only a mild annoyance from time to time. The remainder of the game consist of some
other mini-games, including swimming down a waterfall to collect coins, collecting coins
jumping on barrels, and racing with a Yoshi. And that was also a little bit of a nightmare,
but I think I figured out the trick: The instructions the game gives are a little
vague, but you’re supposed to alternate pressing a and b buttons with the beat of
the music. But what they don’t tell you is that you
have to hold down the A and B buttons in order to keep moving forward. So tap the buttons less like this… and instead
press them more like this to the beat of the music. Also, this game will still absolutely require
a low-latency display. The world presented in Super Mario RPG is
bright, beautiful, and isometric. This style of world kind of reminds me of
the worlds shown off in Breath of Fire III and IV, but without any camera controls to
be found for obvious reasons. The towns are nice and bright, but most towns
look pretty similar to the next. However, dungeons are far more creative and
distinct from one another. The game’s use of isometry is perhaps one
of its most visually distinctive features, but that’s only part of the unique look
that’s become so familiar to us today. The graphics were also partially inspired
by those in Donkey Kong Country, which used Silicon Graphics workstations to render 3D
models of Donkey Kong and company. That very same Silicon Graphics workstation
was given to the Super Mario RPG team with which to render the sprites of the heroes,
enemies, and more throughout the game. Using pre-rendered polygonal sprites in an
isometric world may be one of the most ambitious uses of the Super Nintendo hardware, falling
just short of maybe games using the Super FX chip. The large and unique looking pre-rendered
sprites are expressive and put to fantastic use throughout the game, particularly as Mario
explains complex stories through pantomime, lampooning the silent protagonist trope that
this game adopted. Not to be outdone by the visuals of Super
Mario RPG, Yoko Shimomura who had previously worked for Capcom on and Breath of Fire went
to work composing music for Super Mario RPG. She now considers her time working on Super
Mario RPG a turning point in her career, and for good reason. She would go on to work on the Kingdom Hearts
games, as well as future Mario RPGs. The music included in Super Mario RPG is as
immediately recognizable and iconic as the visuals within Super Mario RPG, so much so
that as I played through the game for the first time, I recognized almost every single
song from older YouTube videos I watched long ago. The music matches the mood and themes of Super
Mario RPGs aesthetic to the T, it’s fun, upbeat, and quirky. Fun, upbeat, and quirky. Those are I think the best 3 adjectives to
describe not only the music, but Super Mario RPG as a whole. Sometimes I approach games like this, games
with a reputation, with some amount of apprehension. By now most everybody already has an opinion
about the game, and sometimes too much hype can kill an experience. But despite Super Mario RPG having a reputation
that precedes it, I don’t think that it was in fact overhyped at all. Some people claim that it’s one of the best
RPGs on the Super Nintendo. And while that’s definitely a tall order,
I can say that I agree. It IS one of the best RPGs on the system. It’s also short and sweet. It doesn’t overstay its welcome. Super Mario RPG is one of those experiences
where every moment you spend playing is spent experiencing something new in the game. And perhaps all of these reasons are why Super
Mario RPG went on to out-sell every other Squaresoft RPG on the Super Nintendo. And perhaps the success of Super Mario RPG
is what helped prepare Western audiences for the incoming wave of Amazing RPGs that we
were about to experience on the upcoming Sony PlayStation. Would Final Fantasy VII have sold so incredibly
well without Super Mario RPG as a warmup? That’s a question we’ll never know the
answer to. But we’re at the end of the review and there
is one final question that I can answer for you. And that’s that Super Mario RPG absolutely
earned itself a spot in The Game Collection!

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