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  1. regie vera

    Lol hahaha wtf

  2. Cheese Cake

    This is a pro gameplay.

  3. Syahmi Wazini

    right when invoke cost mana

  4. Trendy Lyrics

    That nyx is so good,, but you're still the best invo

  5. Amin Budi

    I miss with this patch ?

  6. were phyre

    Thats an honor to fight with him

  7. Raul Corilla


  8. Raul Corilla


  9. Marcelo Vergara


  10. cyrillhie lee

    That pudge is throwing. Lol

  11. JPlaysPH

    Idol! ❤

  12. alejandro yalo

    xiao mo its strong in morph <3

  13. Malcolm X

    When the sound of getting match pop. I press home. N i forgot im not watching on my pc. Im watching on my phone. Deym feel dumb.

  14. Purple Head


  15. sooraj nair

    KAEL !!!

  16. Antwan Rivera

    Hi sumiya give me arcana hahahahaha thankyou

  17. samet coskun

    Sumiya comboooo

  18. sasa balango


  19. washington Uscca hanccoccallo

    sumiya eres el mejor…!!


    So insane

  21. Soonteng Khoo


  22. juerguen peccart

    Omg :0

  23. Роман Лобанов

    Sumiya best

  24. Rowell Jay Rodriguez

    Sumiya weakness,

    Magnet hook ?

  25. Shum Kae Han

    damn like the way how you styling to your opponent with invoker

  26. Lawrence Ng

    19:46 Sumiya becomes a machine gun. Thanks Sleepy Editor

  27. Luis Sanchez

    i LOVE SUMIYA <3

  28. Anvek Asilew


  29. Sheila Villarin

    Sumiya gave me magus please or arcana


    Wow encounter by pro wp

  31. killer theking


  32. lolcapio woslwo

    200k sub

  33. Steve Kana

    We love u too..

  34. Imba Game

    Yaphets played as nyx this game

  35. Anthony William Pérez

    Arcana uwu

  36. Alchris Valor

    Haha ck buy ward . Is he support? Or the support didnt play thier role? ? well played idol

  37. Cirilo Sere

    Sumiya the god invoker

  38. Tedy Yulianatali

    Ora ora ora ora oraaaaaaaa….

  39. AA Akutagawa

    worth replayingfor.

  40. David cheng


  41. sumiyabies monhnasan

    Damn i remember this match it was really good and that nyx was so smart in that match up

  42. Core Plays

    Invoker ❤

  43. Har Har

    12:06 gyro died, got lvl 20, take cataclysm, and use it XD

  44. Mj Zz

    thanks you sumiya..

  45. SonicSpectre GT

    It really is hard to play efficiently, especially when you meet ur idol in a match, u feel pressured and or frustrated xD

  46. Antony Ricra Chaves

    Sumiya, grande saludosndesde peru!

  47. junjun lambojon

    Miracle really makes sumiya annoyed haha

  48. Sherwin Colina

    Sumiya d best

  49. vatik

    возму аркану буду рвать

  50. bob esponja

    Xd Nice miracle

  51. Reyzeth Palagtiw

    Invoker God Sumiya!?

  52. Dereck Morillo

    hi ! arcana come here with me ♡

  53. Raimbek Askar

    Good game)

  54. ken fung0610

    M god

  55. malvin wijaya


  56. Nguyen Anh Tuan

    Well played

  57. DangerC Gaming

    It just feels like some people were born to play dota

  58. godwyn castillo

    Sensei teach me

  59. Erdenebileg Jeux


  60. Pedroo A Flores Salcedo

    Sumiya your amazing !!

  61. John Lay

    Arcana pls

  62. Francis Ampa

    Strong miracle

  63. Uma Uma

    good game bro

  64. hazel Rivera

    nc goodgame

  65. Ерлан Шарауов

    Like ?

  66. Ерлан Шарауов


  67. G G

    when sumiya play against any tinker mid, tinker get bullied
    when sumiya play against miracle tinker mid, tinker get bul…. wait

  68. Nikko Duayan

    The 2 kings!!??

  69. fung ks

    1 year ago..haha

  70. Shann Gem

    Told u in the ladt video never be discouraged if u got distroyed look at him now

  71. dragon JERO

    Not miracle

  72. Raymond Marte

    Arcana please! ?

  73. Mario Varron


  74. Ronaldo mj

    FUERA CTMR Q CHUCHA TE VAS A A COMPARAR CON MIRACLE no le llegas ni a la pinga chino alcawete

  75. Antonio E A


  76. Emilio Vargas

    You sumiya mejor invoker the mundo my love game

  77. Hasan Riyanto

    Long time No comment. hahahaa
    oke pudge. you're done

  78. blank

    love the analysis

  79. lawrence lawis

    I thought sumiya has more matches to invoker 10k+ damn

  80. SoLiD.MiLaGro- Gaming

    Old map?

  81. Lucas José

    O melhor Invoker do mundo

  82. Josue Medrano

    Actually. I thing that sumiya is better than Miracle. Cuz all I see is that every Miacle's game are only when he wins. And also he plays invoker quite few times

  83. Sarnai Bilguun

    God id sumiya

  84. Umut Karabıyık

    its important to stay calm when you ganged i love how sumiya man fight against hero which comes to gang

  85. Matt Walling

    Lina arcana

  86. henterpriser


  87. Solomon The Great

    Isn't Miracle that guy who lost to OG on the grandfinals?

  88. Solomon The Great

    How did ES got the style 2 of his weapon?

  89. Rolly Dorado

    i remember this match watching your channel xiao mo its 2 years i think

  90. arron siles

    sera que podes sudtitular en español porfavor me cuesta entender sumiya y sigue asi bro eres el emjor
    sumiya gozu

  91. Xandydog Macêdo

    wp sumiyavoker

  92. vince sotto


  93. Laurence Nigel Tanghal

    It really is a team game, unless 5 potatoes are grouped by matchmaking, that's when all hell breaks loose.

  94. Nielpatrick Llamas

    sumiya the pro of invoker

  95. Clstl NGTV Gaming

    his game at miracle not bad.

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