Studio K from Home: Gary’s Guessing Games 1,2,3 | CBC Kids

Hello, friendarinos. I’m glad you’re
home just like me. Cause that means we can play
Gary’s guessing game. That’s right. And that’s, that’s where
I think of something and then you
try to guess it. So, so are you
ready to play? OK. Well, that’s good. OK. I’m, I’m thinking,
I’m thinking of a number, OK. Thinking of a number
between one and three. All right.
Are you getting it? It’s not one and it’s not three,
but it’s something in between. Do you know
what number that is? That’s right.
It’s two! Wow, you are so
good at this. OK, let’s try it again. I’m thinking, I’m thinking
of a different number now and it’s, it’s a number
between seven and nine. OK. All right,
it’s something that goes after seven,
but comes before nine. Do you know what it is? That is right.
It’s eight! Wow, you really
know your numbers, OK. I’m going to think
of one last one and I’m thinking of a number
between zero and 1000. Do you know what it is? Can, can you guess one?
Do you have it? Do you know what
number I’m thinking? Just, just shut out any number
you’re thinking of. [gasps] Wow! That’s exactly the number
I was thinking of! How did you do that?
You are so amazing. Wow, and you know what
I’m thinking about right now? I’m thinking about
giving you a high five for how awesome
you are at this game. All right.
Well, I’ll see you soon!

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