Sports Models HD 720p normal

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Sports Models HD 720p normal

Η ιδέα πίσω απο τον Ενοποιημένο
Αθλητισμό είναι απλή αλλά δυνατή άνθρωποι με ή χωρίς νοητικές αναπηρίες παίζουν μαζί στην ίδια ομάδα οδηγώντας στη φιλία και την κοινωνική ενσωμάτωση μέσα απo τη διασκέδαση και την ανάπτυξη νέων ικανοτήτων και ταλέντων Βασισμένοs σε θετικές συμπεριφορές και στην κοινωνική ενσωμάτωση O Ενοποιημένος Αθλητισμός
εφαρμόζεται σε ομαδικά σπορ σαν το ποδόσφαιρο το μπάσκετ, βόλεϊ και το χάντμπολ καθώς και σε επιλεγμένα ατομικά αθλήματα σε διπλά και στο τέννιs το πινγκ πονγκ, το μπαντμιντον
το μπόουλινγκ and bocce unified sports is structured
around three different models the Unified sports competitive model the
unified sports player development model the unified sports recreation model we
will explain those models now using examples from football basketball and
volleyball in the unified Sports competitive model equal numbers of
players with and without intellectual disabilities are on the same sports
teams for regular training and competition players should be of similar
age and ability and should have the necessary sports skills and tactics to
compete without modification of the official Special Olympics sports rules
there should be a minimum of eight weeks training period before the first
competition of a new team teams are participate in this model are eligible
for advancement to international competition at regional and world games in the player development model
teammates should be of similar age opposed to the competitive model
teammates are not required to be of similar abilities teammates of higher
abilities are in the role of mentors assisting teammates of lower abilities
in developing sports specific skills and tactics it is important that mentors
should not be coaches but peers rules modifications are allowed and designed
to ensure meaningful involvement of all teammates similar to the competitive
model there should be a minimum of eight weeks training period before the first
competition of a new team teams that participate in this model are eligible
to compete up to national program level the unified sports recreation model is
different from the other two models as it does not follow any specific training
competition and team composition requirements competition can only be run
a local level the focus is on having fun together in inclusive sports activities
of any type a typical event could be a sports demonstration event a sports day
or a series of inclusive sport courses or classes in a school or a local sport
club the principle of meaningful involvement
ensures that every player is given an opportunity to contribute to the success
of his or her team through their unique skills and abilities for all three
models it is important that every teammate plays a valuable role on the
team that emphasizes his or her personal talents and skills has an opportunity to
play without a heightened risk of injury only a positive climate in the team can
lead to true social inclusion it is recommended to begin with the recreation
or the player development model when a new team is starting to guarantee that
the team can shape without the higher requirements and expectations of the
competitive model you can build on that for the development of each individual
player and the entire team it’s important to build alliances for unified
sports to establish networks between community players like local schools and
sport clubs but also between special olympics and sports federations local
authorities sponsors universities institutions for people with
intellectual disabilities and others those networks support the inclusion
process in the unified sports teams by creating an inclusive and sustainable
environment they are also key for recruiting players coaches and referees
and to develop Unified sports further a unified coach has a key role in the
unified team she or he has a responsibility to form the team and to
ensure that it’s working as a team he or she is facilitator for social inclusion
and meaningful involvement in the team the coach needs to demonstrate and
support this philosophy during training and competition he or she has the same
role and authority to all players with and without intellectual disabilities
and cannot be a player on the team inclusion and team-building also can be
developed through socialising activities off the court such as barbecues weekend
trips watching movies together come and join us play unified you

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