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  1. elijah bullock

    I am so gonna get that game when it comes out

  2. Lirpa Notlaw

    I am super duper ready for this to drop.
    Edit. I'm also happy we only get Sonic characters.

  3. el cuervo games


  4. Aaliyah Rosado

    it's like playing Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

  5. el cuervo games


  6. Art Of Maes

    That Sonic Adventure Remix at the start 😍

  7. Loogie! lol

    sonic basketball

  8. Bigredking

    I’m going to see the movie 🎥 🍿

  9. SegaSonic brothers



    Yes! I’ve been waiting for a trailer for this! I can’t wait to try the game for myself! Thanks SEGA ^^

    (EDIT: I’ve just pre-registered!)

  11. Ryan Maddugal

    Just gimme! I’ll Take it! I’ll Take it! I’ll Take it!😄

    ……. TAKE IT!

  12. That one dude who posted stuff

    Spoiler: sonic wins

  13. ExonMobile

    wait what happened to mario

  14. KnucklesEchidna5

    Sonic: Hey Mario, wanna join me again in the Olympics? This time it's on mob-
    Mario: Bye bye!

  15. Amal Ad

    I am excited to see great news for our Super Sonic the Hedgehog on the 20th of every month this year. I hope our SEGA with Sonic Team and many Video game companies to fulfill all my dreams this year 💙💙💙💙💙❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. I hope our SEGA to hosting the New and Worldwide Player Survey to determine all the next steps and presenting the new proposals and ideas from all Fans Including me and my childhood friends for all our favorite franchises this year. This is ones of my wishes for our Happy Valentine's Day I've always loved it since my childhood with my dear family, my old friends, all my franchises and many things. Happy Valentine Day to my Sonic and all his Loved Ones 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘.

  16. SonicParamount894

    Finally, a Sonic olympic games without Mario. Dreams do come true.

  17. Pedrinho 720

    For Android🥳🥳🥳🥳


    I just hope the game will be free.

  19. King Zevon

    “All your favorite Sonic characters come together for Tokyo 2020!”
    *Shows Zavok and Zazz*
    Me: Oh boy!

  20. saldaabaas dabbas

    Really sega really 😑 after the sonic movie this is what are you focusing on right now 😑 wow just wow 👏 👏 👏

  21. Viro Veteruscy

    Love the remix~

  22. Flavio GO

    PS4/XBOX ONE ?

  23. Green Sonic

    So no Mario

  24. CallieMacN

    Nice, Adventure remix! Hoping to see that remake finally announced on March 20th!

  25. João Neto gamer

    Amazing sega

  26. Jhoan Rivera

    I-its mobile ITS MOBILE!!??

  27. SonicFan4Life 007

    OMG, YES!!!

  28. Morris

    Theme of "Dr. Eggman"!

  29. Jennifer M


  30. Dra9ondemon

    Fuck the plumber, who needs ‘em. Oh cool! Sonic Jump HD is a mini game.

  31. Thalyy720

    Huh, finally we have a Sonic at the Olympic Games mobile version that won't get lost in time i guess

  32. Giygas64 SA1DX4Life

    You know it's about time you guys made Sonic and Pac-Man at the Olympic Games.

  33. Sonic Zuki The Hedgehog

    I haven't played the original Toyo Olympic games of Sonic & Mario yet but this is better for me

  34. KholdKhaos64 Ray

    Yo these remixes are pretty good

  35. Nicolas Zana


  36. M.C.Sonic

    Where’s Mario?

  37. SonicFan12377

    My birthady is 2 days before this game comes out . thanks sega

  38. Ancientdarkness1

    Totally getting this

  39. SonicSurge246

    Is that a Reach For The Stars remix I hear? A Sonic mobile game that has a variety of events that won't get stale quickly! I'll be sure to cover this on my channel!

  40. Carlton

    Looks pretty solid

  41. Eddy M

    This is epic can't wait to play it when it comes out 🎮😆

  42. Ryrule

    Never had any interest in the game, I just came for the music.

  43. Trayxxxx

    Sees Eggman-Nega
    Okay I'm sold where do sign!!!!

  44. Jonathan Holliday

    Im impressed

  45. Super Mario Gamer Plushies

    "All your favorite Sonic characters l come together for Tokyo 2020!"

    Big the Cat: am I a joke to you?

  46. Patkall TV

    But what about Sonic Advenutre Remake you were secreatly teasing by posting music and animations related to Adventure games?

  47. Ali Mirzaei

    Note : the Remixes & Original Soundtracks in this game are composed by Tomoya Othani-san : SonicTeam's Sound Director (guitars by Jun Senoue-san)

  48. Daniel G. Productions

    That Adventure Eggman remix tho!
    Honestly, this looks like fun!

  49. Manny Campos

    Yo this is amazing. I'm totally getting this

  50. The Infinite Sonic Fan

    All characters from the Sonic Modern series (not Boom or Classic) are in this! Even Orbot & Cubot or Nega Eggman, except for Infinite !

  51. ManikoTH73

    Getting this to hear the Dr. Eggman theme remix from SA1

    Hey, this does this count as the Sonic news of the month? It's not the 20th yet

  52. AiyanTheHedgehog Aiyan_Ultimate11

    Is it free

  53. Nexo

    Honestly this seems better than the Mario & Sonic version.

  54. Otherface

    Plz. Tell me Cream is going to be playable. I miss her. And I expected she will come for an olympic games

  55. Emilia W and Blossom Flower -Production

    Olympic Games with Mario weren't enough?

  56. Gabrielle Z

    YEET awesome

  57. Julayla

    At least you get to play as Cream on this.

  58. Adrian Marcelo Debasto

    Es gracioso que siempre se habla de jugar alrededor del mundo pero nunca incluyen paises como Argentina. Incluso siendo SegaAmerica la que publica el video, parece que deberia llamarse SegaNorthAmerica

  59. Yieson R

    Puyo puyo quest mobile release in sega america
    iod , android

  60. Jesse Bowen

    For me it's either Mario and Sonic or nothing.

  61. Jason X

    Oh heck yeah, another Sonic game to add to my mobile collection

  62. ChaseStro 30

    I bet Nintendo feels betrayed, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games became Sonic at the Olympic games


    Game free??

  64. Notakin

    Oh hey, it's bite-sized Mario & Sonic

  65. cacomixtle

    Oh!! No soy tanto del mundo de sonic, ya que si bien si conozco al personaje y una parte del elenco y uno que otro juego. Ver esto y mas referente a los juego olimpicos. Me llamo bastante la atención

  66. gamepopkid ,

    I'm a Sonic fan so I already registered it on play store

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