Rule 1: Design Rules for Free-to-Play Games

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Rule 1: Design Rules for Free-to-Play Games

Hello, I’m Nicholas Lovell from GAMESbrief, and
welcome to the Design Rules for Free-to-Play Games. The first rule for making a successful
free-to-play game is “make it fun”. It shouldn’t need to be said – but it does. Too many conferences and too many people designing
free-to-play games think it’s all about the tricks and the psychological techniques to make
people do what you want. Those things have their place, as they
do in traditional game design, but the heart of a free to play game is that
it’s a game. So make it fun. This picture is what I find fun, which is sailing with two under-threes and a
bearded man. That may not be your definition of fun! Whatever you find fun, you should find a way to ensure that your
game reflects those same feelings you have when you are having fun and
give that joy to your players. If you’ve enjoyed this video, download the full eBook from Amazon Design Rules for Free-to-Play Games,
by Rob Fahey and Nicholas Lovell.

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