Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E57 (14 Jan 2020)

Good evening, everybody. I’m Richard Osman, welcome along
to Tuesday’s House Of Games. I’m joined by four famous faces. They’re quizzing all week, at the
end of the week, somebody is going to win that trophy, and it’s going
to be one of these four people. They are Andrea McLean… Thank you. ..Phil Wang, Rita Simons, and Adil Ray. Welcome back. Now, what a show
we had last time. Andrea. Yeah, I know, right? One point
last time. I know. One point. But listen, there’s very little way
to go other than up. Yeah, well, you know…
That’s the thing. We’re going to find your skill
today. And if we don’t, then… There’s tomorrow. I suspect after two days,
we might just have to write it off. That’s often the way. OK, that’s
fine. But today will be fine. Now, Phil Wang, welcome back.
Thank you. You started yesterday, Round One,
you went five points up and you stayed five points up
through the entire show. You were our champion,
won yourself a smoking jacket. Can you keep it up today,
do you think? Yeah, well, um, I have a real
problem with complacency. So that might set in today. Oh, excellent, that’s something
to look forward to. I’m very lazy, and if I feel I have
an advantage, I will lay back. Rita? Yes. Now, you and Adil really
did come back at the end last time, after that first round. If you were to win today, shall we
take a look at today’s prizes? Yes. You could be taking home
one of these. There’s the House Of Games
dartboard, beer mats – no-one ever chooses those – salt and pepper shakers,
there’s the House Of Games pillow and duvet set, and the
House Of Games tie there as well. I mean, rich pickings, right? I think, probably… Is that a salt and pepper there?
Yeah, they’re good as well. I’m going to go with salt and
pepper. They’re hefty. Yes. They’ve got a proper weight to them.
I’m going to go with them. Adil, you also caught up quite
nicely with Phil yesterday. So is today your day?
Yeah, well, we did quite well. We caught up, because he never got
beyond the five-point lead, did he? That’s right. Five points in that
first round. He got there quite early and then we were there.
An Adil, you were also good at Answer Smash, which is the
final round every day as well, it’s a good round to be good at.
Yeah, although, I learnt not to buzz in too soon, because you
could lose a point in that round. OK, let’s take a look at the
leaderboard after yesterday’s show. Phil, at the top there, with four points, Adil and Rita, you have three each,
Andrea with one. Let’s play Round One, shall we? Round One on Tuesday’s
House Of Games is… Now, in this one, I’m going
to go down the line, I’m going to read you out all a question, OK? In the question, you’ll see
a bit of it is in capital letters, and that will be an anagram
of the answer. The category for the first
questions are… So the clues are all about
British films and the answer is somewhere
in the question. OK. So, Andrea, what British film
is this, please? Trainspotting. Is that right? There we go. Beautiful. Yes! Phil, what film is this, please? The answer is in the question. It is Calendar Girls. Let’s take a look. RECALLS DARING becomes
Calendar Girls. Well played, Phil. Good for you, nicely done. And Rita. Yes. Shall we? Yes. What British film is this, please? Er, Four Weddings And A Funeral. You would have thought so, surely. It needs to be. You would hope
it is. Let’s take a look. Well played, Rita. Adil, we have a 100% start
to the show. Yeah, no pressure. The British public are loving that.
I got all of those, I bet I won’t get this one now.
Don’t mess this up. Ah, I won’t. Oh… You know this. I know, I do know.
I can’t get it… Chariots Of Fire. Chariots of Fire, well played, Adil. I could hear the song! I was trying to work out,
what’s the first word, yeah… That’s a lovely start,
a point each. We’re going back down the line again
now, the new category is… OK? So I’ll give you a clue, Andrea,
to a European country. The answer is in the question. It’s an anagram of SEA INTO. I don’t know it. Oh, it’s going to be one of those,
we’re going to go, “Of course.” Shall we time you out? Yeah.
We’ll time you out, if anyone else wants to have a go, you can
press your buzzer. Anyone? No-one knows it,
that’s good news. Oh, that’s such a relief, I can
tell you. What was the answer? Oh! Ah… Well done if you said Estonia
at home. Phil, here’s one for you,
European country. What is this European country? I’ve got it. Rita’s got it. No pressure, Phil,
but Rita’s got it. Shall we time you out, Phil?
Um, wait, wait, wait. “Wait, wait, wait.” Agh! We’re going to time you out,
Phil, I’m afraid. As soon as we time Phil out, anyone
else can press in if they want to. Rita? If I get this wrong,
I’ll look so stupid. Yeah. Andorra. Let’s take a little look. Andorra is the answer to that.
Very well done. Very good. Rita, what a lovely round
this is for you so far. And it’s your question. Can you
tell us what European country this is, please? Siberia. That’s incorrect, I’m afraid. Adil? Serbia. Is that right? Idiot, idiot, idiot. Unlucky. Idiot. I wonder how many people at home
would have said that as well. I bet a few will. So far, everyone’s
nicking each other’s answer. Adil, you’re the last clue
in this round. What European country is this,
please? Is that Belarus? It must be, isn’t it? Is it Belarus? It is Belarus, well played, Adil. Lovely end to the round. Now, at the end of Round One last
time, it was extraordinary, it was zero for everyone apart from
Phil, who had five. And that dominated the scoring,
pretty much, for the rest of the show. But I
think it’s going to be a little bit closer this time. Let’s take a look. Andrea and Phil, you have one point. Rita, two. Early leader, Adil Ray,
three points. Well played, Adil, nicely done. Round two today on House Of Games
is going to be… Which is Richard Osman’s House
Of Games in German, pretty much. Now, this is a pairs game, the player in last place gets to
choose their partner. Phil Wang, you’re in last place
today. I mean, you’re in joint last
place with Andrea, but I would rather we say you’re
in last place today, I think. OK, to punish my hubris.
To punish your hubris, which was the alternate title
for this show. Phil, who would you like to
be on a team with in this one? You were with Andrea yesterday. Um, Andrea and I had a great run
yesterday, I’ll stick with Andrea. Lovely, sticking with Andrea. Andrea and Phil are a team, Rita
and Adil, you are a team as well. Now, the key thing about this round
is every single question is in a foreign language, OK? And here are your six categories
you can choose from. Those are your six categories. Fernsehen, Comida e Bebida…, etc.
LAUGHTER Like I’m going through all of those. Andrea and Phil, why don’t you
choose a category and I’ll ask you a question on that? Two must be about…
That must be comedy, right? Yeah, maybe it’s like Spanish
comedy or… Is that OK? Yeah, we’ll go for
number two, please, Comida. You’re going for Comida e Bebida? Yeah. Si? Is that baby comedians? Yeah, that’s what I was thinking…
Well, we’ll find out, I guess. Here is your question. You’re going
to have three possible answers. And this is in Portuguese. I reckon I’ve got the last bit. OK, here are your three
possible answers. Is the answer to that… PHIL LAUGHS Is the answer… Or is the answer… Traditional ingredient in
bolos o kirsch. Yeah, this dish. Something… In a… ADIL: Right, OK, I’m with you. Yeah. Well, Madeira is a type of wine, but it’s also just
a place in Portugal. Kirsch is a liqueur. Oh, so if it’s a liqueur,
then maybe it’s rum. Yeah, we’ll go with that,
then, Baba ao rum. So you’re going for Baba ao rum?
Which I’m assuming is rum baba. Let’s see, is that a correct answer? It is not, I’m afraid. Shall we take a little look at what
the question is in English? ANDREA: Ahh… That is a Madeira cake.
The answer is… We had that, we had it. Which is?
How did you know? What’s that? Black Forest gateau?
Black Forest gateau, there you go. We decided that kirsch was cherry. Yes, that’s exactly it. Right? So it’s Black Forest gateau, yes. It did make sense.
All the clues were there. We got there in the end. However
well hidden. Rita and Adil? Yes. I wonder if you could choose
a category, please. Did you do German at school? No. I know some Italian words. But I’ll let you decide. No, you’re right, Italian,
you’re going to recognise more. We’re going to go Giorni Festivi. Giorni Festivi. Your language is
Italian and here is your question. RICHARD READS OUT QUESTION And here are your three
possible answers. OK… What…? It could be… Traditional festival is the first
day of which month. Big festival. I don’t know. If it’s Thanksgiving,
then isn’t that November? Yeah. So I think maybe November,
if it’s Thanksgiving. Shall we go with that? We’ve got no other… Shall we just
go Novembre, even though… Go for it. Shall we just do it? Just go for it. Right, Novembre.
Is the answer Novembre? Oh, sorry. Let’s take a look
at what the question actually is. Labor Day, lavoro! Oh, of course!
Lavoro, yeah, there you go. If it was in English, I wouldn’t
have known. I think it’s October. Is it October? Let’s take
a look at what the answer was. Settembre. Oh, September! I wouldn’t
have known the month anyway. One more choice for Phil and Andrea. What would you like to go with?
I’m feeling one. Let’s go for one.
One? You’re going one? Yeah. We’ll go for one. You’re going
Fernsehen? Fernsehen. I just want to hear you read it out.
Yeah, me too(!) Really looking forward to it(!) OK!
Fernsehen is what you’re going for. Let’s take a look at what
your question is. It is in German. Oh! RICHARD READS QUESTION That is your question.
Here are your possible answers. You’re a Simpsons expert! Yeah, so the question is in 2005, the American sitcom The Office
is in what state or city? Well, those aren’t states. I think
it’s Scranton. Yeah. Do you want to go Scranton?
Let’s do that. I love the way you said
“let’s” as if it was a joint thing. Is the answer Scranton? It is Scranton. Well done!
Well done! Wow! And you’re absolutely right about
the question, let’s take a look. It’s easier in English. Well done!
I’m glad you knew it was The Office. I thought it was “The Bull”!
Oh, buro! Yeah, of course. It would be in Spanish, wouldn’t it?
I was getting really confused. The Bull. That’s an exciting sitcom. Rita and Adil,
last choice in this round. What would you like to go for? Just because I love saying it.
Go on, go for it. Do you think we should do it?
Just go for it. Wetenskap. Wetenskap. OK,
your language is Afrikaans. Oh! Really? Oh, great(!) Here we go! Let’s take a look at what
your question is. RICHARD READS THE QUESTION your question. What is the element? Here
are your three possible answers. I have no idea what this is.
What it’s made of. Oh! I can roughly work out what the
question would be. What does voorkom mean? Come from, do you think?
I don’t know! Um, OK. I’m kind of going waterstof. So am I, because I’m thinking
Aarde means sea. I’m sure I’ve made that up.
You might have, but you know what? Sometimes you just have to go
with… Shall we just not overthink
it? Yeah, not overthink it. We’re going to not overthink it
and say waterstof. Waterstof. Yeah. I was thinking the answers would be
like oxygen or something. Elements. It feels like the most abundant
element in the atmosphere, or something. Yeah. But I’m going on
atmosphere alone. We don’t know what
the question is. No, we don’t. We don’t know what any
of the answers mean, so is the answer waterstof? It is not waterstof.
We knew it wasn’t. Shall we take a look
at what the question is? Yes! Have you worked this out at home? Oh! OK.
The answer is… Koolstof. Stikstof, which is… Sticky stuff. Sticky stuff! Nitrogen?! Nitrogen. Waterstof was hydrogen and koolstof
is a good thing of calling carbon. That’s the end of that round. Shall
we take a little look at the scores? Oh, that’s lovely
and close, isn’t it? Andrea, Phil and Rita all have
two points, Adil has three. We’re so happy. That’s nice. That is super close. How lovely.
Shall we play another round? Yes. Round three today,
or “roon-duh tri” is… OK, we’re going to show you
the internet history now of some
famous figures. You have to tell us
who they are, please, just by deciphering some hashtags. OK, as soon as you think you know
an answer, buzz in. If you buzz in and give me an
incorrect answer, you’re frozen out
for that question, OK? Whose social media account is this? BUZZER
Yes, Phil? William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare, well done,
Phil. Next figure from history. Who is this, please? BUZZER
That is Andrea. Queen Victoria? Queen Victoria, very well done. Lovely(!) Next one. Who is this, please? BUZZER
Yes, Adil? Lady Godiva.
It must be, right? Yeah! Yeah. Lady Godiva, well done. She was the Countess of Mercia,
Lady Godiva. And your final question
in this round. Whose social media account is this,
please? BUZZER
Hello! Phil’s gone early. Is it Richard III? Oh, look at that!
Beautifully done. Very good! Very good! I like that!
These are all genuine social media
accounts, by the way. We haven’t made any of this stuff
up. That’s the end of that round.
That’s a fun round, isn’t it? It was, I liked that one.
Let’s take a look at the scores, with two rounds to go on Tuesday’s
House Of Games. I’m lagging. Nice round for Phil there.
It’s still super close though. Look at this. Rita, you have two,
Andrea, three, Phil and Adil in the lead with four
points each. Who is going to win
Tuesday’s House Of Games? We’ve got two rounds to go.
Round Four today is… If you take your tablets out,
please. I’m going to give you some
categories. All you have to do is write down any
correct answer in that category, OK? It’s all you have to do for a point.
However, you lose your point if any of your opponents
write down the same answer. And we call it the Rich List because
I am also going to write down and answer and you’ve also got to
avoid my answer as well, OK? Your first category is… Huh. Andrea, what are you saying? Ohio. Is that a correct answer? It is a correct answer. Well done,
if no-one else said that, you’ve got yourself a point.
Phil, what are you saying?
I’ve got Tennessee. Tennessee.
Slightly worried about it, though. Is that a correct answer?
Does it have a coast? It is a correct answer, well played!
Rita, what are you saying? Alabama. Alabama. Does that have a coastline? It does have a coastline,
I’m afraid. Yeah, I would have thought that was
right. There it is. And, Adil, what are you saying?
I’ve spelled it wrong, but Illinois? Illinois, says Adil.
Is that a correct answer? It is a correct answer. Well done. So, you’ve got three points,
Ohio, Tennessee and Illinois. You all get a point, unless I’ve
written down something that one of you has said,
which I have, in this instance. Oh! Richard! Tennessee. No! Come on! I did the flag,
which I know is different. So a point to Andrea
and a point to Adil. The other answers you
could have said… Oh, wow! Very well done if you said one
of those. Let’s take a look at your
next category. Write me down a correct
answer in this category, please. Oh! Phil, you’re like a maths…
Like a genius mathematician, right? I’d say so. Oh, you’ve got an engineering
degree, but maths is your thing? Yeah, yeah. I might make it my mission to try
and guess the prime number you write down here. OK. I know that’s bad. Yeah.
But I have to… Yeah. ..triple-guess.
You’re going after me. Yeah, but then I know that you’ll
try and avoid the one that I was… So… Yeah. It’s going to be
a game of cat and mouse. We’ll go last with you, Phil. So, Rita, we’ll start with you. I don’t know. 16? 16. Is that a prime number? WRONG ANSWER SOUND Almost the exact opposite
of a prime number. Adil? Seven, says Adil. Seven. Oh, I’ve just remembered, yes. So it can be only divisible
by one and itself. Yeah, yeah. A prime number. Oh, mine’s not. Excellent. A bit of jeopardy. Ah, Adil. Is that a correct answer? CORRECT ANSWER SOUND It is. Andrea, what are you saying?
APPLAUSE 25. Five goes into 25, doesn’t it?
Yeah. Five times. So that is an incorrect answer,
I’m afraid. Phil? What are you saying? I’ll be very annoyed
if you’ve got this. Erm… I’ve gone left-field. Two. Interesting.
Well, you say left-field. Is that a correct answer? CORRECT ANSWER SOUND
Of course it is. I’ll tell you what I was thinking,
Phil, because you know about maths. I was thinking the first thing you
do is think of, you know, 31 or something like that, and then you
just go, “No, because he’s going to “think of an obscure one…” If this
is two, I’m leaving the set. OK. Great. So I thought, “You’ll think I’ll
say, like, a big obscure one,” but there’s too many of those
so I thought I only have one chance, which is you double-bluff yourself
and go for, like, a super kind of… The kind of first one of all. If I think obscure, then actually
I’ve got a choice of about 10, so my odds are 10 to 1. If I think you’ve gone for two,
my odds are pretty good. OK? So I went for… ..three minus one! I went for 31. But well done, Phil and Adil.
You both get yourself a point. APPLAUSE The other answers you could’ve
said… The final question in this round… Give me a correct answer in this
category, please. Oh, ho, ho! Oh… Oh, I don’t know. Ah, Andrew Lloyd Webber shows he
didn’t write with Tim Rice. Phil, we’ll start with you
this time. I’ve gone a bit out there. You have. But I’m pretty sure
he did School Of Rock. School Of Rock. Yeah, the musical of the Jack Black
movie… CORRECT ANSWER SOUND a correct answer, Phil.
Nicely done. Glenn Slater did the lyrics
to School Of Rock. Rita, what are you saying? I’ve gone with the not
overthinking it bit. Phantom. That’s a good answer. Ah, Phantom, is that a correct
answer? CORRECT ANSWER SOUND Oh! It is. Well done.
APPLAUSE Charles Hart did that. Richard Stilgoe did some of them
as well. Yes, I knew that. Erm, Adil… Oh, Adil’s got… Ah, it’s not…
I think Adil’s either said School Of Rock or Phantom. No, I haven’t said either of those. Not a big musical fan, apart from
the ones that Rita’s in, of course. So I don’t really know many
musicals, and this is probably the most obvious one, which I’m sure
I’ve probably got wrong. Cats, you’re saying. Mm. Cats. Is that a correct answer? CORRECT ANSWER SOUND
Oh! It is a correct answer. Very well played.
APPLAUSE Andrea, what are you saying? Oh, Phantom Of The Opera! Oh!
One day I get one… That’s annoying. So we know
it’s a correct answer, but unfortunately, Andrea and Rita,
you lose a point. I’ve written down an answer as well.
I went to see one very recently. A very good friend of mine’s nephew
is the drummer in it. They have a… Like, kids are
in the band. Oh… So I knew – but I knew it was
Lloyd Webber. You know, so I said – I really
did say it. School Of Rock. And that’s why…
LAUGHTER ..because you said, “I saw it
recently” – this is a recent one. Ohhh! Sorry, Phil. The other answers you could’ve
given… My word! Tablets away, please. That’s the end of that round.
We have one round to go. Let’s take a look at the scores. A two-point lead taken
into the final round, Adil Ray! APPLAUSE Our final round is indeed,
as always… So here we go – your first category
in today’s Answer Smash is… Come on. Oh! The pictures
will be rappers, there’ll be clues underneath.
Smash the answers together, please. A point for a correct answer,
but a point off if you buzz and then give me an incorrect answer. Here is your first question. BUZZER SOUNDS
Yes, Adil? Lil’ Kimchi? Little Kim, kimchi – Lil’ Kimchi.
Well played, Adil. Very good! Here’s your next rapper
and your next clue. BUZZER SOUNDS
Yes, Phil? Ah, Kanye Westeros. Kanye Westeros – Kanye West
and Westeros… the right answer. Well done.
APPLAUSE Your next category is… BUZZER SOUNDS
Yes, Phil? Blimpressionism. Is it Blimpressionism? Oh…
Oh, very good. That’s very good. Oh, a round of applause for Phil!
APPLAUSE Very good! I couldn’t think – because I knew it
was a blimp and I knew it was Impressionist, but I didn’t know how
to put them together, so you did… So you knew blimp
and you knew Impressionism? But I couldn’t think how to…
Blimp, impression… I just couldn’t… OK, so my mind was going here,
just to make you feel better – blimpwatercolour.
LAUGHTER Blimpwatercolour! How do I smash… I was thinking Zeppelin, so I was…
Oh… Ah. I was in a lot of trouble. Here is your next aircraft
and your next clue. It’s very close now on
the leaderboard. No-one? No. The boys are not risking losing
a point here, are they? I’ll tell you. It is… Oh… Concorde and
Order Of The Phoenix. I like it when it gets so stressful
there’s no way you’re going to buzz in, and take a risk. Your final aircraft and clue… No-one? I remember the video as well, and I can’t think of the name
of the song. Shall I tell you? Ah. Microlight, Light My Fire. So your next category is… OUT OF TIME SIREN
There are no more categories. Rats! Our categories are over.
What an end with the aircraft! That was terrific stuff.
Actually, blimp – that was good. Phil, have you done
enough in that final round… I don’t think I have. pull in Adil? Have we got a new champion, or is
Phil going to win two in a row? Let’s take a look at our final
scores on Tuesday’s House Of Games. Our winner is… ..Adil Ray with eight points!
Well played, Adil. APPLAUSE You are Tuesday’s winner.
Phil won yesterday, took home a House Of Games smoking jacket.
You are our winner today. What would you like from this
board of prizes? Let me have a look. Oh… I mean, it’s not the greatest day
to win. Yeah. Very random. I know it sounds harsh, but I think
friends will have a lot of fun when they come over and we’ll play
darts, so I’m going to go… Oh, lovely! Taking home
the House Of Games dartboard. Well played, Adil Ray. APPLAUSE
Nicely done. Let’s take a look at what it’s done
to the weekly leaderboard, shall we? Let’s add those points up. After two days… Phil and Adil, tied at the top,
seven points each. Exciting stuff. Everybody is still in this as well.
Three more days to go. Thank you so much for today.
That was a lot of fun. Congratulations to Adil. I’ll see you same time,
same place tomorrow. We’ll see you as well, same time,
same place, on the House Of Games. I’ll stick it on the wall about 15ft
high, so it’s just like Richard.

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