Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E56 (13 Jan 2020)

Hello, everybody,
how lovely to see you. I’m Richard Osman and welcome to
a brand-new week on House Of Games. You know how this works by now.
I have four famous faces, they battle it out all week over
a series of ridiculous quiz rounds, and at the end of the week, one
of them walks away with this trophy. Shall we find our four
players for this week? They are Andrea McLean… ..Phil Wang, Rita Simons and Adil Ray. Welcome along. Fresh meat or… Eh?
..should I say welcome? Everybody, lovely to have you here. Andrea. Yes.
How nice to have you here. Are you a competitive person? Yeah. Yeah, I like to get stuck in. Almost always you say to the person
in seat one, “Are you a competitive person?” They go, “No. No, not me.”
And then they are. So someone actually saying
they are, my goodness, what a week we’re going to have. I’m not saying I’m any good.
That’s very different. Competitive but bad is how we
like our contestants on this show. Yeah, perfect, I’m your girl.
Literally perfect for us, thank you. Phil, lovely to have you here. Comedians tend to do very,
very well on this show. Do you have any specialities?
Until today. Until today. Any specialities
in general knowledge? Maths. Is that general knowledge? Well, I guess so. Erm, and Simpsons quotes. Maths and Simpsons quotes.
Probably Simpsons quotes. OK, it might be a tough
week for you, Phil. Rita, how lovely to have you here.
How are you? I’m so well. Good. I really… I wish I had a complaint to make
and we could talk about it, but I don’t.
I’m a good 9.2 out of 10. Oh, that’s good. You? I’m a good 9.3 out of 10. No way.
Yeah. Competitive. That was a little bit of
one-upmanship, wasn’t it? Yeah, yeah. Rita, shall we take a look
at today’s daily prizes? Yes. So whoever wins today gets
a choice of one of these. We’ve got the House Of Games smoking
jacket there, the House Of Games… It’s a shower curtain. Wow. Which, weirdly, no-one ever chooses.
Who’d have thought? There’s playing cards,
there’s a House Of Games towel and a House Of Games bread bin. Rita, I mean, listen, we can
but dream. We can but dream. If you were to win today,
what do you think you’d go for? If I were to win, what I would
like is the shower curtain, but with the freaky man
standing outside my shower in the smoking jacket. So you want the mannequin,
the smoking jacket and the shower curtain?
Yes, please. Is that too much? Well, yeah. Yeah, yeah,
that’s three times too much. But, listen, we’ll see,
we’ll do some negotiating. OK. Adil Ray, welcome along, as well.
Thank you very much. Someone’s going to take this trophy
home at the end of the week. When you look along the line, who do
you think might be our winner? Phil, I think.
I’ve got my eyes on Phil. It’s just cos I’ve got the glasses. Shall we press the buzzer
and get on with it? Yeah. Yeah. Shall we do it?
Shall we play our first round? Our first round on this
week’s House Of Games is… Fingers on buzzers, everybody.
All I’m going to do, I’m going to read out
two questions at a time, the answers rhyme
with each other. OK? Just looking at everyone’s
buzzer poses. Wang doesn’t even have his hand on
the buzzer. That’s how cool he is. I don’t want people to know which
buzzer I’m going to go for. I wouldn’t go for Rita’s if I were
you. Well, go for that one. You might want to go for your own.
Oh, really? Good thing I checked that. OK.
Oh, dear. It’s got all the hallmarks of what
we call a long week, hasn’t it? You know when I said I thought
Phil might win this? I’m starting to change my mind. Let’s go. Here are your first
two questions. The answers rhyme with each other,
but what are they? BUZZER
That is Phil. Big Ben, Boyz II Men. Big Ben, Boyz II Men. I knew it. First point of the week
goes to Phil Wang. Well done. He beat me to it. Here are your next two questions. Who is this? BUZZER
That is Phil. Maria Sharapova,
They Think It’s All Over. Oh. You’re so good. Maria Sharapova,
They Think It’s All Over. Very good. It is. Well done. Nicely played. Next two. BUZZER
Yes, Rita. No, no, no, no. I was thinking it was going to be
Meryl Streep, Mr Sleep. Never mind. It is not.
BUZZER There’s a buzzer. Oh, Phil beats Adil
to the buzzer. Oh. Erm, is it Mr Lazy, Patrick Swayze? Is it Mr Lazy, Patrick Swayze?
Oh, so good. You’re so right. Well done, Phil. Lazy was a guess.
Lazy was off the Swayze. I was thinking Dozy,
but it doesn’t rhyme with Swayze. I got ahead of myself.
I thought it was Mr Sleepy. You’re right, it’s Lazy. Oh,
you’re so good. The next two. Who is this? And what’s the title of this song? # The zombies were having… # BUZZER BLARES
That is Phil. Johnny Cash, The Monster Mash. Oh. Johnny Cash, The Monster Mash…
Very good. the right answer. Well played, Phil. Here’s your next one. What is this? BUZZER BLARES
Yes, that is Phil. Oh. Teabag, Fleabag. Oh, what?! He’s just… He’s so
good. Everybody buzzed on that one. Everyone buzzed,
but Phil buzzed first. Well done. Love them both. Love them both.
Love them both. Who doesn’t? Sometimes at the same time.
Yes, ideal. You can combine.
Yeah, you can do, can’t you? Final one in this round. You’ll know the character
when I say it. Shall I tell you? Yeah. Yeah. Oh! Oh! Well done if you said that at home.
We’re good, aren’t we? That’s the end of…
No, we’re really not. I’ve seen higher scoring first
rounds, I’ll be honest with you. Phil, a good round for you. Let’s take a look at the scores,
shall we? Right. Wow. That’s almost unique,
I would say, though, in the history
of House Of Games. We got three players on zero. Which is lovely, just keeping your
powder dry. That makes me feel a lot better.
Thank you, everyone. And Phil our current leader with
five points. Well done, Phil. Shall we just get straight on with
another round? Yes, please. Let’s do that. Round two today is… Oh, I’m winner. Here we go. Well, this is a pairs game.
OK, I’ve made a career out of this. The player who is in last place
gets to choose their partner. Now, on today’s show, virtually
everyone is in last place. Andrea, you can choose a partner. So just look along the line… OK. Purely because you’re close,
you know. You’re going to stick with your
neighbour Phil. Yeah. Andrea and Phil,
you’re going to be a team. Rita and Adil, you’re a team here. If you take out your
tablets, please. Here’s how I’m going to do it.
I’m going to ask you some questions. You’re going to have to guess
the answers. They’re the sort of questions you’re
not going to know the answers. You’re going to guess an answer
and the answer will be a number. I will take the average of each
pair’s answers… Oh, I see. their answer. OK. I’ll ask you
your first question now. I have no idea. Full time is important. Yes. Hmm. I’ll give you that. See, I think you’re overthinking. Really? I just plucked a number
out of thin air. I mean, I have to say overthinking
worked rather well in the first round for Phil. Oh, yours is very different
from mine. Don’t look. Everyone’s got an answer. Andrea… 3 million people. 3 million? Yeah. Yeah, sounds something
like that, right? It might have had a three in it. Yeah, exactly. Phil, you going up or down
from 3 million? Well, I’m feeling like
3 million’s a lot, but I could be completely wrong.
I’ve gone 6,000. 6,000. Oh, that’s quite different. That is quite different.
So your average is… That doesn’t sound unreasonable. Rita. I went for a lot less, er, than Andrea. And I’m 350k. 350,000. Adil, you taking that
average up or down? I’m taking that up.
I’ve gone for 2 million. 2 million, says Adil.
That makes me feel so much better. So, actually, these averages are
not going to be that far apart. This is going to be quite tight,
isn’t it? Yeah. So your average is…
Oh! What do you think at home? Let’s find out how many people work
full time for the civil service and which team has won the point. Oh. Oh. Ooh. Wow. Wow. Rita and Adil. Very good. Look at you. I actually knew that. Spot on. That’s amazing. Right, shall we do another one? Yes. Write down an answer
to this, please. God, no idea. Right. Trying to work out from a bag
of sugar, weirdly. Right, in grams. I’m going, “I think I know how
heavy a bag of sugar is.” Do you know, that’s exactly what
I’m thinking, a bag of sugar. That’s clever. So… Although you
shouldn’t have said that. It’s not clever if I’ve said it. It’d be really clever if you’d kept
that to yourself. OK. I’m going for it.
I’m sure it’s very, very wrong. What do you reckon at home? How
heavy is that crown in grams? Rita, you were sensational
on the last question, in grams what are you saying? 2,500 grams. Adil, are you going up or down? I’m going up. You think the Queen’s rocking
like a 5k kettlebell on her head? Ten bags of sugar on her head. Yeah. That is a Christmas speech
I’d like to see. HIGH-PITCHED VOICE: What, these?
I just thought it’d be a bit of fun. Let’s look at your average. Andrea, what are you saying? Again, I don’t think it’s enough.
I don’t think I’ve gone high enough. 750g. I think that’s too light. Yeah, I mean, that’s almost
an insult to the Queen. It is. I’m so… I love the Queen. Phil, up or down from 750? I’ve gone bang on the same as Rita. 2,500, as well, says Phil. Let’s take a look at your average. Genuinely, there’ll be someone
at home with a bag of sugar currently on their head.
I guarantee you. Yeah. Let’s find out, how heavy
is that crown in grams and which team’s won the point? Ooh. Ooh. Look at that, 2,230. How exciting. Rita, you’re unbelievable
at this game. I mean, you don’t get a point
cos of Adil. It’s not overthinking. You’re unbelievable
if you were on your own. Well done if you got close to that
at home. So, yeah, two and a bit kilos. Wow.
That’s about five pounds. About half… Almost half a stone.
That is amazing. Final question is this round. Write
me down an answer to this, please. Adil, you must have done a fair… Are you counting the actual number
of dates a person has or is it…? No, different shows. Specific shows. Different shows, yeah. Yeah. I might have made up a really
stupid number here. I bet you won’t have made
up a number. If you’ve made up a number, then we’ve made maths history,
which would be great. We’ve got a Nobel Prize
coming our way. Twelvety. Oh, my goodness. Twelvety-two. Oh. Right, everyone got an answer?
Yeah. Yeah. Adil, we’ll start with you.
What do you reckon? Oh, God. I… It’s a bit of a guess, really. I’ve gone with 2,000 shows. 2,000. That’s ridiculous, isn’t it? I don’t think so. That doesn’t
sound… I mean, I don’t know, it sounds ridiculous. Whenever you go first…
I’ve kind of gone a bit mad here. Whoever goes first, it always sound
ridiculous, is the truth. But I’m playing pretty average.
There’s a lot of shows there. I’m being tactical here. Rita, you going up or down? Oh, I’m going way down.
Oh, really? Yeah. Oh. 257 to be specific. OK, let’s take a look at the average
for Adil and Rita. It sounds ridiculous. I don’t know
what I was thinking. That half, that’s the one
I walked out halfway through. So bad. Sorry, Phil, I shouldn’t
have done what I did. I thought I recognised you. Andrea, what are you saying? Right. No idea why. Just plucked it
out of nowhere. Same as Adil. How funny.
2,000, there you go. I know. You’ve made me feel a lot better
now. OK. Yeah, thank you very much. I don’t think yours is a crazy
answer at all, 2,000. Right, OK. Phil, you’ve been up there
many, many times. Yeah. One of the stars of the Fringe.
Oh, thank you. Yet to win the big prize. Yeah, yeah. I’m over it.
Oh, OK, that’s good. I don’t want the whole thing
sort of marred by awards. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You don’t need that commercialism,
do you? Or maybe this year. Fingers crossed. So, Phil, what do you think? I’m with the team, really, 2,000.
Oh, how funny. No way. I’ve never seen that before. I can work out the average of your
team very easily, so thank you. That’s 2,000. So we’ve got 2,000 plays 1,100,
what do you reckon at home? How many shows on that
Edinburgh Fringe brochure? Let’s find out which team’s
won the point. Oh, that’s a lot. It is a lot, isn’t it?
That’s extraordinary. Very well done. The point
to Phil and Andrea, though. Well done. Tablets away,
please, everybody. Oh. Let’s take a look at the scores,
shall we, at the end of that? Rita and Adil,
you have one point each. Andrea, two points. Phil, still has
that five-point lead, seven points. Wow. Very nicely done. Let’s play another one, shall we?
See if we can catch Phil up. Can we have a game called
Catch Phil Up? Yeah, well, listen, I don’t know
what’s coming up, but what if it is? That would be amazing. Let’s see,
are we playing Catch Wang? Imagine. I know. Broken Karaoke.
It’s not too dissimilar. It’s not too dissimilar. Now this is a round, we have a
karaoke machine, it is broken, so all you’re going to see is
the first letter of the words in a famous song, OK? OK. Buzz in as soon as you work
out what the song is. They’ll come up in the rhythm
of the song, as well. And your first song is from… What is this song, please? BUZZER BLARES
Yes, Rita Simons. Erm, eeh! I’m going to say Hands Up. I mean, it’s that song, isn’t it?
It is that song, yeah. Well, let’s have a listen,
is it that song? # Hands up
Baby, hands up… # How did you know that? So good. Hands Up was by Ottawan. That was… We might as well just
sit back here. Yeah, this is Rita’s round. That was very quick, wasn’t it?
That was so good. Your next song, Rita,
is from the year… What is this song, please? SNIGGERING Oh, blimey. So that’s the song title’s
name at the bottom? Yeah. Oh, I just got it. OK, we can work this out.
Is it a well-known song? Yeah. Yeah, you’ll really know it. I think it was the first video
ever played on MTV. BUZZER BLARES
Phil. Video Killed The Radio Star.
Oh, yes! Let’s have a little listen.
Well done. # Video killed the radio star… # Yeah. So annoying, isn’t it?
Yeah, it is. It’s the K, cos you’re thinking
knew or… Very well done if
you got that at home. Great song, as well. Video Killed
The Radio Star by Buggles. Your next song is from… What is this song, please? That’s the title, SD. 1991. Any clues? OK, I’ll give… Right, I’ll give
you a clue. Yeah. Phil will buzz in the second
I give this clue so get your fingers on buzzers. If you are listening to it,
quite often people don’t stand up, they do something else.
BUZZER BLARES Adil. Ah! Sit Down. Let’s have a little listen. # Oh, sit down… #
There you go. Well done. # Oh, sit down. #
Well done. Oh, that’s what they’re saying. I never knew that they were singing
sit down. Really? Yeah, Sit Down by James. Yeah. Very well done. Well done if you got
that at home, as well. This is the funniest game
I’ve ever played. Isn’t it crazy?
But isn’t it annoying? Because you go,
“Well, this is impossible.” And then the second you hear it, you
go, “Oh, of course.” Yeah. Final one in this round. This song is from… What is this song, please? BUZZER BLARES
Adil. Dancing On The Ceiling. Oh. Let’s
have a little listen. Yes, yes. Oh, you’re so right. # Oh, what a feeling… #
Beautiful. # When we’re dancing
on the ceiling… # Oh, so satisfying to get it. # Oh, what a feeling… # Lionel Richie, of course. Very well
done if you said that one. That’s the end of that round,
the end of Broken Karaoke. Thank goodness.
Take a look at the score… Or, as we’re going to call it now,
Catch Wang. Let’s take a look at scores. We’ve got two rounds to go
on Monday’s House Of Games. Phil had a five-point lead
going into this. Oh, he’s still got
a five-point lead. We’ve just kind of edged up towards
Wang. That’s what we did there. Andrea and Rita, you both have two.
Adil, three. Phil has eight points. Well played, Phil. Two rounds to go. Round four today, let’s find out
what it’s going to be. Now, on this round, I’m going to give you the four
answers immediately. OK? The four answers
in this round are… OK, those are the four answers. Adil, the first thing
I’d like you to do is choose Andrea’s answer
for this round, please. Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas. Yes. So, Andrea, your answer
is Merry Christmas. OK. All you’ve got to do is find out
what your question is. OK. And it’s one of these three. OK. So if the answer is Merry Christmas,
is the question… Oh, those are… Wow. I mean, it could be
any of them, right? OK, erm… So one of those is right. The first one. You’re going to go
for the first one, written on the oldest message
in a bottle. Yeah. Let’s find out. Merry Christmas is the answer,
is that the question? Is not, I’m afraid. Oh. We don’t send this across,
but what would you… It’s a tricky one, right? I
would have gone for the first one. I feel… We both think… Oh, that makes me feel better if
you’d have gone for the first one. I thought Coronation Street. I think
Corrie. You think Corrie? But then I thought text message. Let’s have a look, anyway. Let’s
see. What do you think at home? The question was… You’re right, first text message. How interesting. Well done, Adil. Ah. The first words of Coronation Street were two characters
discussing a shop sign. Is this a shop sign? The drama’s
moved on quite considerably since then, I think, in Corrie. Little bit. Yeah. Little bit. Rita, I wonder if you can choose
an answer for Phil, please. Let’s go around 6pm on
the 22nd of October 4004 BC. Get that out the way. So, Phil, that is your answer
but what is your question? So, around 6pm on the 22nd of
October 4004 BC is the answer. What is the question? Is it… So, Stonehenge, God or King Lear? Carbon dating couldn’t be
as specific as the time, so it’s unlikely to be Stonehenge. It seems far too long
ago for King Lear. And it seems like exactly the kind
of crazily specific thing… Sorry, is this Eggheads
we’re on right now? So… No, it’s University Challenge.
..I’d go for the… I mean, this is very embarrassing
if I get this wrong, but can I go for
the second one, please? You’re going to go for
the second one? Yeah. OK, you’re going to
go for James Ussher. What do you think at home? Agree
with Phil, disagree with Phil? The answer is around 6pm on
the 22nd of October 4004 BC, what is the question? You’re absolutely right, Phil.
Well done. Nicely done. Well worked out, as well. Was House Of Games on at the time?
Because this will go on at 6pm. House Of Games wasn’t,
but Pointless had just finished. The first series. Yeah, yeah, the first series. Phil, I wonder if you could choose
an answer for Rita, please. The Isles of Scilly or rubber band? I’m really good at geography.
You’re really good at geography? Yeah. Well, then, you’d love
Isles of Scilly. Lovely. There we go.
You tried. You tried a bluff. Rita, your answer is Isles of
Scilly, but what is your question? One of these three. Is it… I hope that’s not true cos
that’s terrifying if it’s the case. Or is it… Oh, come on now. So, Netherlands,
voles or Cornish legends. OK, I’m just going to pick one and
do what I do, which is just go A. You’re going to go A? End of. Don’t know why.
Let’s just say A. So they’re at war with
the Netherlands for over three centuries. Yeah. Let’s take a little look. Isles of Scilly is the answer,
is that the question? It IS the question! How about that? That’s great. Fantastic. Well done. Don’t overthink it.
Don’t overthink it. Oh, you are good at geography. Yeah. It was the only territory that
didn’t sign up to the peace treaty at the end of the English Civil War. I knew that. I actually knew that.
I know. I just didn’t want to seem
big-headed. You didn’t want to showboat.
No, I didn’t. I know that. You didn’t want to, what we call
Phil Wang. Exactly. Exactly. Andrea, I’m going to give you
the onerous task here of choosing an answer for Adil. What do you think? I think rubber
band would be good for you. Oh, that’s interesting, great.
Thank you, Andrea. Adil, your answer is rubber band.
OK. One of these is your question. Is it… LAUGHING I mean… Weird that I was watching
MacGyver last night. There you go. Not that episode, unfortunately.
That’s annoying. I’ve no idea, but I instantly
felt that 1845 felt like the right time
for a rubber band so… Yeah, if you were there, 1842,
you’re just thinking… Yeah, 1842, no. ..”How on Earth
am I going to hold “this sheaf of papers
together?” Yeah. Yeah, I’m going to go with A, 1845. 1845, Stephen Perry.
What do you think at home? Agree, disagree with that? Is that the question? It is, well done. Nicely played. That is the end of that round. Here’s our score.
We’ve got one round to go. Andrea, you have two.
Rita, three. Adil, four. Phil Wang with nine points.
Well played, Phil. One round to go. The final round on House Of Games is
always the same and it is always… There will be a category, we’ll show
you a picture on that category, clue underneath, smash the answers
together, that’s as simple as it is. It’s quite complicated. Fingers on buzzers,
please, everybody. Your first category today is… BUZZER
Yes, Rita. Doris Days of Thunder. Is it? Doris Days Of Thunder.
Oh, you’re so good. It is. Very good. Nicely played. Next one. Has anyone got half of this
and not the other? Yes. Got half. No. I don’t know who that is. BUZZER
Andrea, go on. Erm… Is it Channing Tatum?
Cos it’s something… You don’t mind if we take
a bit of time here? The second bit is
Channing Tatum. Yeah. And so who’s the picture? I can’t remember. I can’t remember. I’m so sorry. But it is… I like that you had
the confidence to buzz. It’s Channing but I can’t remember
what her first name is. I’m afraid I’m going to have
to time you out. Anyone? Stockard Channing Tatum. Stockard
Channing, that’s it. Yeah, sorry. She’s Rizzo in Grease amongst many
other things. Yeah. Oh, it’s Rizzo. Stockard Channing. Next musical star
and next clue. BUZZER
Yes, that is Phil. John Travoltaire. Is it John Travoltaire?
Oh, brilliant. It is, John Travolta and Voltaire.
Well played. That’s brilliant. Well played. And I got Channing
Tatum and understood that and you understood Voltaire. I think
we know where our level is. I went Travolta, it’ll be…
Voltaire, yeah. I don’t know anything else about
Voltaire. That’s brilliant. Next category. So those will be the pictures,
there will be clues underneath. BUZZER
Yes, Adil. Blancmangetout. Blancmangetout, Adil Ray, correct. So good. Blancmangetout. Ah, mange tout. Next dessert food. BUZZER
Yes, Adil. Baklava lamp. Is that right? Baklava lamp, baklava
and lava lamp, well done. Here’s your next dessert food
and the next clue. BUZZER
That is Adil. Custard Tartist? Ah, you’re… No. Not quite,
but you’re very close. BUZZER
Oh, no. Phil. Custard Tartisan. Yes. Oh, course it is! Tartisan, well done. I mean, as if he wasn’t
in the lead already, he has to steal Adil’s answer.
All the sweeter. Listen, you’ve got to play the game. Yeah, man, I’m not here
to make friends. I told you this when I got here. It is custard tartisan. Very well
done if you said that at home. Next category. Those will be the pictures,
there will be clues underneath. BUZZER
That is Phil. Kofi Annanne Sinatra. I can’t take it, I’m afraid. I’d be buzzing in right now
because he’s given you… BUZZER
Kofi Annancy Sinatra. Is the right answer, Rita. Kofi Annancy Sinatra. Kofi Annancy Sinatra. You see how to play the game?
Very well done, Rita. Yes, get Phil to go wrong
and then steal his answer. Kofi Annancy Sinatra. Next Nobel Prize winner. KLAXON Time is up. That is the end of the
round. End of the show, as well. I think we know who’s won.
Shall we take a little peek? Am I on minus points? You’re not on minus. No-one’s
ever got minus points before. We’ve had a zero,
we’ve never had a minus. OK. There’s a goal. Keep watching. Right, here we go. The winner
of Monday’s House Of Games is… It is Phil Wang.
Very well played, ten points. But I’ve still got one. Rita and Adil have five,
Andrea has one. Phil, you’ve won Monday’s House Of
Games. Congratulations. Thank you. You got that five-point lead
early on, kept it, so you get to choose a prize. What would you like
to take back with you? Erm… The smoking jacket for sure,
I mean, it’s… Yeah, I’ll take the… I’ve got
to take the smoking jacket. Yeah, everyone does. Phil Wang takes home
a House Of Games smoking jacket. Congratulations, Phil. Let’s take a look at the weekly
leaderboard, shall we? Let’s see what those points
are converted into. Andrea, you have one. Rita and Adil,
three points each for coming second. Phil, you take four points
through to tomorrow. I’ll see you all here. Same time,
same place tomorrow. Look forward to that very much. We’ll see you, as well, same time,
same place on the House Of Games. It’s just nice to have Richard’s
face so close to my heart. Thank you, Phil.

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