about time you got here you told me to be here at ten ten-to-one you want the game or not yeah course right here’s a hundred dollars No hey wait a second now what I’m going to do fine flash game were pretty popular thing back in the early 2000s but nowadays is all about those hip mobile games but because there are so many flash games of course we’re gonna have some bad ones because pokemon with such a huge franchise of course we’re going to get some bad ones of them combined I mean there’s some decent ones out there but I mean there’s weird one like this one pokemon cross the lava I remember this episode of Pokemon when ash has to hop across rocks and some kind of weird volcano world classic what you’re telling me you don’t remember this episode of Pokemon take a look at the game description pokemon cross the love is a very difficult but most addicting game of pokemon you have a splash people takes me like 15 seconds by some preschool and you’re telling me it will be more addicting than all the other pokemon games yeah okay day this music is rad I love that two seconds soundtrack loop real creative don’t get sick of it all I quickly found out with this game that you can just hold the mouse in the same spot and just keep clicking any pretty much are good to go but I mean that’s no fun the best thing to do in this game is just shoot a straight up into the air and then watch him bird alright let’s move on before the soundtrack makes me want to jump into a volcano everyone remembers the memory matching is we have a bunch of cars flipped over you flip over match the pictures that’s not assuming this pokemon click like game is so let’s check it out oh my what what is going on here and here and here and what’s up a charred you okay man she look terrible alright let’s let’s press start here with that about all these pictures are already flipped over in the correct way there’s no memorizing to this at all I just click and then click on the same picture what is this really a game and have more fun matching my socks don’t get it wait what well a tricky game okay we’re moving on let’s play something that’s a little more interesting like evil to rampage okay what’s going on here we’ve got like five legendary pokemon just hanging out so that’s good let’s press play so apparently I’m supposed to destroy 21 of these deoxys legendary pokemon don’t really get how you’re supposed to kill them though because sometimes they died when I jump on him and other times it’s just like man this is so bizarre what’s up with the random choice of pokemon at the bottom of lava and Ed YY just those two and why is Pikachu purple well I went to Google to answer that question found out that apparently a purple Pikachu is a type of drug I’m not even joking here the picture I found how in the world you have purple Pikachu drug in the first place so hold on let’s think about this first second maybe this purple Pikachu represents drugs and the deoxys must represent our brain cells and the other Pokemon below represent our other body organs in the building’s they must represent our friendships and the more and more you do purple Pikachu the more destruction to do upon yourself it all makes sense this is a Pokemon anti-drug flash game or it just sucks i don’t know deal of woodcarving but hate half full I don’t know woodcarving well then this next game is perfect for you I guess woodcarving pokemon now this sounds like a game full of action or maybe not i mean i’ve never done woodcarving in my life but I’m almost positive it’s nothing like this it’s impossible to trace anything because this chisel is like at this weird angle so no matter what you try to do with going to look like garbage as far as i know this is the only pokemon you can trace too so it’s pretty boring would you like to move on same now it’s time to take everyone to favorite game rock band and pokemon this trim together create pokemon crazy drummer this title looks like it was something that was made in kid pics anyway when they say crazy drummer they really mean it what watch but what button is this i get the letters match up on the keyboard but I have a foot on my computer and this is the easy setting by the way home calm down okay let’s try this again okay well that’s all you i mean i’m pretty sure there’s no other team and get more bizarre than what the

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