Ratchet & Clank – The Game, Based on the Movie, Based on the Game Trailer | PS4

[♪♪♪] NARRATOR: This is the story of a
Lombax named Ratchet, and his robot friend Clank, and the muscular,
irresistibly handsome hero who helped them save
the galaxy. [ROARS]
Oh, boy. MAN [OVER RADIO]:
Remember what I taught you. RATCHET:
What did you teach me? ♪ Oh, you’ve been
Upon my mind ♪ ♪ And you’re riding
On science ♪ ♪ And you’re using time
To bind ♪ Let’s try this baby out. ♪ Yeah, I’m going into
Sweat ♪ ♪ And I’m going into
Sweat shock ♪ RATCHET:
Yes. I thought it was time
to get you a new ride. RATCHET [OVER RADIO]:
Locking on. Got it. ♪ Aah ♪ ♪ Aah ♪ [♪♪♪] ♪ Aah ♪ [RATCHET SCREAMS] MAN: Are you ready to be
a galactic ranger? We want you! VOICE:

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  1. Piotr Sośnierz

    Hype rośnie z każdym dniem <3

  2. Vitaly Snep

    That name though!!!

  3. Jrflorez

    YES!! now i just need a work to get the money to buy a ps4!!! yahoo!!

  4. Gratje

    Still liking the old ones more


    This trailer is awesome!!! Cant wait to put my hands on it!! Every time I go to Walmart I HAVE to play the demo…So goooood!!!

  6. Isabella Silo


  7. Richard Cox

    This is getting out of hand…

    I love it.

  8. Spice

    I bought a Ps4 JUST to play this game, can't wait

  9. Legit MHx

    Hey if any of yall like ratchet and clank content, feel free to check out my youtubes, gonna do da daily uplood once game released. Super HYPED!

  10. ROKASniper89

    Ratchet and Clank and Sly Cooper have been the only reasons why I even bother with Sony.

  11. Joluhe

    Whats the title of that music on 00:50

  12. Christopher Millett

    So much nostalgia it's unreal.

  13. It Me_Screeb

    my childhood is screaming

  14. Ender_Gamer 2005

    why did I buy an xbox one?

  15. Một 0 Hai

    maybe that thing was the ad…

  16. HSG xHacion

    I remember the good old days of rachet and clank from ps2

  17. HSG xHacion

    too bad I don't have a ps4

  18. Ravin Ravi

    From the Same guys (Sony-publisher) who made Everquest, the building block for all the moba s on the pc

  19. SKDodzz xDx

    I love the name ratchet and clank I like the ratchet bit

  20. Julia Young

    Its on the PlayStationPocket. You guys remember? JDGamez has it PlayStation! 😠

  21. Miles Friend

    ps4 🚀🆒🎐☺☺☺☺☺

  22. Boeing AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter

    I play that game when I was 6

  23. Boeing AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter

    but now I'm an xbox junkie and in pissed that I can't come to xbox

  24. JustLearnin 15

    When I was a gamer I was A1 since day 1 with ratchet and clank! Ps2, psp and PS3! I am now considering buying a ps4 lol. But yea I'm super excited for this movie and to play the game again.

  25. gabagel

    Still playing the 3rd one on my PS2… So fun.

  26. Sinon Asada


  27. Advance93

    So if im correct this version is a real remake and the ps3 version is just an HD version of the ps2 game?

  28. ARCFives

    What song is this?!? Please tell me!

  29. Cool Kid

    love the title of the video

  30. William G

    Bring on Jak and Daxter!!!!

  31. Chris Caporale

    I love it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍

  32. Big 'Venom' Boss

    Can't wait for the movie based on the game based on the movie based on the game.

  33. rahatinname

    This is obviously going to be the best movie game when it comes out

  34. teb Flavi

    trailer made me cry

  35. God

    So is this a reboot?

  36. GrimChaos2

    Still thinking about getting this. Ahhh

  37. Mayank Verma

    Pre Ordered. I can't wait to play it!! 🙂

  38. Andrew Vo

    PLEEEEEEEEEASE still have the glove of doom. They were my all time favorite weapon.

  39. Gabrielvis8 vis8

    Should I get this game

  40. DIllon Wiley

    What is the background song?

  41. VDarkLordsV

    I already pre-ordered this.

  42. McKenzie Sauder

    I preordered this game, like, a year ago. Then I find that it's released on the same day as Dark Souls 3. Looks like I'm playing one until I'm frustrated, and the other to unwind.

  43. Raihan Noor

    is it for the ps vita aswell

  44. River Jeffcoat

    i love r&c but i only played all 4 one so can someone give me a lesson in the chronological order of the games?

  45. John Brady

    What is the name of the band that sings this song on this trailer because they rock.

  46. 相馬くん

    l cried for this is veru very beautiful

  47. Vinoth S

    Looks really fun. But im an Xbox player . Hope play stationers enjoy it

  48. Luke Richardson

    I already know it's a great game if it has spaceship flying

  49. Mikkmakk

    This clanks my ratchet!

  50. Daisy Estrada

    I want this game so bad😘

  51. Speedy McWheely

    As a childhood favorite and lifetime fan growing up, this new game and movie bring back memories of all the PlayStation classics. I am very excited to see the Ratchet and Clank movie when it is released, and I will always hold this franchise as one of my lifetime favorites and I hope all of the other people out there who got to experience these games growing up, feel the same way as well. These games back then were always fun to play, thank you PlayStation, Insomniac games, Naughty Dog, and Sucker Punch for creating so many great memories, and I look forward to seeing you all create many more.

  52. Ancary Wonderbolt Daniel Fux

    Love Love Love Love <3 <3 <3 <3 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  53. Roger Higgins

    You ore the best

  54. Red Aloia

    🙂 <3

  55. Dexter

    How was the movie?

  56. Haris Wasim

    disappointment… the franchise will never be the same since PS2 classics and the Future series

  57. Katariina Harri

    im so gona get this AWESOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNES

  58. IsyOlsen

    ratchet and clank and crash back omg


    whenever a movie clip shows up you can see The Rainmaker logo and people think the the movie was using cutscenes from this game.
    also whenever the movie clip show up in the game the PS4 will not record them

  60. Yanire Balvin

    this is the best game

  61. Mayank Verma

    The Bouncer weapon is AWESOME.

  62. pdssrGaming

    OMG, I got the Bouncer in this and it is OP!

  63. Jarel Gordon

    What's the name of the song that's played in the game trailer?

  64. Kuba Tomaszewski

    wait… what is the name of that winter planet in 1:02? it looks like hoven but as i see it's been cut or something. Am I wrong?

  65. Donsonite

    This really is a great announcement trailer.

  66. RF10278

    What's the song

  67. Shren

    In the game all he is is nice, just nice. In the old game, he was trigger happy and he wanted to legit kill quark and he was pissed at clank, but he wanted to spare quark and he was just nice in this game. They also make ratchet look and sound like the chucky cheese mascot, unbelievable. Way to crush a childhood, thanks Insomniac, the company that thought would never betray me.

  68. Erick Ramos

    song name?

  69. - violet-tech -

    I got the game Long ago

  70. super gamer 5

    i love games that showing trailers that look great and the game is as good as the trailer says if not better. like this game

  71. RhonDave01

    can they make a psvita version of this?

  72. Robert Hicks

    I know "Game based off the movie based off the game" is a big mouthful, but that's alright with me.

  73. PH CLANK

    We need a RaC Future Collection for the PS4!!! Please!!!

  74. Big Daddy

    Ratchet & Clank need to have all their old games put onto PS4. Like what they did with the Mass Effect trilogy.

  75. Forresthall Entertainment

    Which game is the movie based on?

  76. Vivian Figueras

    it's great for grandkids ,there Happy , Imagine grandma

  77. Martin Tang

    what does it mean based on the movie based on the game which one is it ffs the movie was utter shite

  78. Kings Of kings

    Muito bom esse jogo fera

  79. Eire Finn

    Lol at least it's not the Q-force!

  80. David P

    Ps plus

  81. Pillarman Panda

    I'll be honest, I never knew this was a game until it came out for free on the playstation store fairly recently. and I love it. the graphics are beautiful with the tiniest bit of detail to each piece of fur on ratchet, and the gameplay is flawless. well, so far I find the fastest way to move is the hover long jump, and to be honest I kinda wish he had a normal long jump sort of Mario 64 style, and the hoverboard racing is so amazing!! I wish there was just a ratchet and clank racing game based off that engine for the hoverboard race. so much potential.

  82. Kowa Bonga

    PLEASE remaster all games 4 pc. will buy. thank you

  83. ruby wilkes

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I've already played this 6 times
    How about you?


    Song name?

  85. Shadow Wolf

    Best game ever!!!!

  86. Allen Marunganhe

    This trailer got me so hype…. The game..not that much…

  87. Martin Nguyen

    The game is better.

  88. Gracekk24PL

    0:56 "Time to give you a new ride"
    Uses old ship

  89. jason day

    This game made ps4

  90. Chloe Price

    Stop it Ratchet it hurts.

  91. ori shevach

    This game was very fun but can you make a backword of all ps3 ratchet and clank games to ps4?

  92. D R U N K T A I L S

    Why ratchet and clank won a totally animated movie and Sonic and Mario got a Live action movie? :'(

  93. ori shevach

    Short game but it was amazing

  94. Meows Aguilera

    I love that Lombax.

  95. ori shevach

    After 3 years still waiting Sony///Insomniac

  96. J P

    the game looks so much better than in this trailer .. who would have thought !

  97. Dandy Crow

    Best trailer ever!

  98. 8-bit duck

    Seen the movie, never played the game (well, maybe the demo at walmart)😉😉😉

  99. Lucas Gamer

    Please,i Want a new game of Ratchet and Clank in PS4 in 2020,please insomniac

  100. Merkava TV

    We need a new R&C game :O

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