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  1. Brandon Shultz

    Trump we stand together with you.

  2. 8BEC

    Melania pulled her hand away so fast lol

  3. BirdogEd


  4. jeff Gavino

    That’s right !!!! That’s my President !!! Trump 2020!!! For the people for our military for our country !!!!!!

  5. Bad Corvette

    I wonder how the black players for LSU felt when they heard all the LSU fans cheering for trump? Jack

  6. theresa bollman


  7. Tone 210

    I wonder why CNN didn't show this.

  8. Jay Reisnek

    Man, it feels good to have a real president again. Bush, Clinton, W Bush, Obama, all fucking pussies

  9. AmericanGirl


  10. Red Coyote Jam Garden

    ABC propaganda media turns the volume of the cheers down as low as possible.

  11. Ken Cargill

    The sound has been largely muted on this particular clip. Look elsewhere on YT and really hear the crowd! It sounded like the Space Shuttle launching!

  12. Mark Ayash

    OH, we now hate all football fans, protest them…Nancy and Chuckie

  13. GDPops

    Thank God for Mr and Mrs Donald J Trump

  14. Fire Smith

    He doesn't look impeached, guess Dems are feeling the Bern.

  15. RHEC IGY6

    Somewhere last night, pelopi watched as she shit her diaper😂

  16. 1951RKP

    Can you imagine Bernie or Joe walking out on the field. Joe would forget where he was at and Bernie wouldn’t make it half way there without oxygen.

  17. Mitch Arney

    ….as the Democrat candidates tremble.

  18. One Chance

    Terrible video!!!! Much better versions on YouTube. Obviously, posted by leftist media

  19. Rob Maximus

    Fake news can't stop the cheers from thousands ….

  20. Tammy Kinney

    The fake msm will NEVER recover from how deceitful they have shown themselves to be since 2016. The whole world sees it now.

  21. Ben Maynard

    So you edited out the part where the crowd cheered "USA, USA, USA" and "Four more years, four more years, for more years."
    You Disgust me.

  22. jason farr


  23. JC Ortíz

    How about that!!!! #Trump2020Victory

  24. Ben B

    At least you could be smart about it.

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