Poki Can Trust Herself Right? | Michael And Lily Fighting In The Background | Jodi, Come In The Room

Yeah, somebody’s like Oh John, how was your relationship going with Jodi? Yeah He’s very much joking He’s very much joking Wait, I thought we said we were gonna fight though like I asked I’m like I want to fight and then I was like, yeah and you’re like I have one KP so I was like, okay say no more. So I start going in Deepest within that there was like snipers at the other Tower we I was just trying to like I was just trying to like You know run past them and ignore them and get something for you Just ignore all the snipers like I was in the matrix silly and I’m not even kidding. I felt it like my brain zoom in to a deeper Material level of Apex where I just felt unstoppable. Oh My god That is that is that is really clever ball I’m so impressed Okay. Okay. You should try it Specifically rip out eyeball. You can rip out eyeballs what some of the killing blows are really sick There’s one where he like there’s some arm and he like snaps it in half and the phone juts out. It’s so fucking sick Fucking kid I can’t I can’t So, thank you so much for the prime sub. Thank you. Welcome. Welcome welcome It was a real mental boom Yeah Focus thank you for the Prensa welcome. Whoa, is it because I didn’t stream the past two days It’s kind of weird, isn’t it? Like if you don’t stream for two days, it feels like a really long time Also, I’m down to play with miss anytime, but please don’t spam a chance The one box I have a shield I’m gonna need some peace and quiet Why I think you could just don’t look for shoes What? What do you think you can regard officials I What okay, well, how come she can’t hi, I can’t tell if she’s I can’t we can you know one word at a time I Think you could have gone my gosh What he like Shh bad two seconds Oh Links wji CJ strap. Thank you Like watching an underpaid babysitter looking after the problem children, uh Joe bueno 69 Dillon mecha, man. Thank you Oh Hamburger, I’m so sorry to hear that some you love Gordy a nolo gave me that many more things to him Yes, you can also time skip and do it on any day. Okay, who the fuck deal for me? We’re trying to schedule scrims No stuffings like but you Vaughn’s on that night. I’ll schedule it Thank you for the $5, thank you But this is ok he add everyone to the group ok, and the first thing he says is yo, what time can you guys scrim Bracket mostly even cuz she has the worst schedule. He really called me out I don’t everyone in our group the prison brackets Over here and you’re taking out Get out of my way balls stop looting my stuff I worked hard for this Hey Jonny Quest what’s up? Can you do the thing again? Do the thing, please do the thing with this rope wait That just mean I Do that it’s my throat really I do that when I suck dick Oh Hmm I think I can trust myself to do this right, right. Yeah Close enough, man Pitching it I’m trying to keep it all out of my way. I should just play like this Oh My god, oh my god, I go on a job in the fly man arrived we drop it. Why are you kicking? I’m eating Okay, clapping sounds like we free clapping some cheeks man Bra is my place. Haha bugged I’m so sorry. That’s okay No, I don’t I didn’t have any shield no, just talk about your passive Person okay. Just okay just because you repeated it doesn’t mean I know what it means. Oh Yeah, yeah, hey hey What are you doing I’m chillin, you know, what was terrible is? I hurt my child like about war zone and I’m like, oh I kind of want to play With you Are you over streaming no? That wouldn’t be one me through some pretty stone. Did you notice how there’s a giant penis in the middle of my island? Don’t know and it’s a waterfall Too long, okay, I will be back. All right. I’m just gonna leave it right here BRB Hurry cog a takes the lead now but he’s quickly many of the marbles are are catching up to him, but he’s maintaining his lead very Very no he’s not. Okay and oh and pussy. Oh wow up pussy pussy The second place dude is now really close to him Pussy coming in hot okay, I think oh it’s close its close but He’s still holding it down Oh J chosen Oh, see you later Raj is the best kind of scent because like the best simple, you know, there’s nothing in it for them Romantically or sexually or whatever you gotta really reach the vocal chords, you gotta just say hi, okay First one come on in Oh, are you molding? We’re all human beings But just remember when you’re feeling very sad and very lonely That you are the winning sperm if there was a literal one for hundred trillion chance of you being born at the time that you were born That’s really special. So Maybe you feel never win at anything ever again or be good at anything you won them? The one race that really mattered against all those other losing’s Burmese Are you sure you aren’t on something and it’s in am I on a substance? Never mind Lily, to Poki: “You should try Doom”, MINE NOW TRIHARD 7, poki wants to play with, lily’s outfit, michael and lily fighting in the background, Ruthless Business Woman by day, Elite Comedian by night, babysitter poki, Poki can trust herself right?, Poki tries to catch a turantula, poki master aggressive on AC, When your friends embarrass you on the internet, Do the thing with your throat John, Jodi, come in the room.., Animal crossing is cute and amazing, new room pog, Coming in hot, Imagine speaking like that IRL, bigwow chance of being born, i think the goal is diamond before reset, Janet in the matrix, my sleep schedule is fked You

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