Playing The Impossible Game!

November 9, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Playing The Impossible Game!

How’s it going guys, welcome to Reaction Time, Today *sigh* It’s time *Dramatic Music* I’m gonna be playing the Impossible Game. Its not impossible, guys wanna see something? Check it out CHECK IT! You see that? That’s called nothing’s impossible. Oh my god , this is gonna be a long video. Basically, this game claims to be impossible But, its really not. *More Dramatic Music*It’s really not impossible, there’s nothing impossible in this world. You can do anything, you can achieve anything. Except MVP, like you’re not gonna be MVP this year. Guys, i’m sorry. I’m just kidding guys, but seriously. Today, we are going to be playing The Impossible Game. Welcome to Reaction Time, and without further ado I think we’re gonna just jump right into this. This was suggested by one of you guys, so thank you so much for that! And yeah, I think its time to do this! Lets do this! Alright, so either how to play or start. What should we do, guys? How to play, should i learn how to play the game or should I just start? Honestly, who looks up how to play? We just do this, we just play. Ok, how…what do I do? Do I click or space bar? Okay, space bar. Oh, click works too. Woah! Wait, what is the point of the game? You just jump over things? Its like Geometry Dash, kind of. Oh. Oh x2 WHAT!? How? I dont get it. Okay, you’re not supposed to land on the black. You’re not supposed to land on the black , I landed on the black. I’ma play for real, lets do this! Yes! First Obstacle! Lets do this. Too Easy. Concentrate, Concentrate. *Dark Music* Oooh, I see how this games gonna go. I don’t like it. Alright, Alright. These triangles, dude i ate triangles for breakfast. Lets do this! Aye! Aye! ay- I keep forgetting about that part! Here, we go! Yes! Yes! Yah,Yah,Ya- *sighs* This is gonna be a long day, isnt it? This is gonna be a long day. Yes! Thats right! Ok! Ok,OK! OK! *screech of pain* No! Here we go! Here we go! *Intense Dance Party* Yeah! Oh my god. Alright, here we go. There we go. WHAT! I clicked it! I CLICKED IT! Yeah, Yeah. *hitting his desk* *sad music* LETS DO THIS! *Intense Dance Party 2* Ok. Here we go. *Hits his desk again* It’s not impossible, this is very possible. I’m just not good at it,right, I’m sure you guys can do this. Way better than me. WOAH, WOAH! YO,YO! YO! Oh my god! Check it. *dies inside* What the F*** End of Flash version, get the full version on- *Emotional Music* No,wonder its impossible, they wont let you finish the game! Of course it impossible! I guess i gotta make another video, and I have to buy this game. Bullshit, this is some real- Guys, anyways, thank you for watching. Go to different video, since i couldn’t finish this one. Or click on that circle. Click on that circle and subscribe, if you’re new. Make sure to turn notifications on becuase I’m gonna play the whole game on my phone, apparently I’m gonna buy it I don’t know how much it costs, but I’m gonna check, and yeah with that being said guys. Thank you so much for watching, ill see you next time, another episode, until then have a great one and peace out.

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  7. Erin Hellman

    When Tal said it was like geometry dash, I thought in my head " I'm a teenage and I even no know its not like geometry dash" Because you don't have to buy the full version but, in the "Impossible game" you have to buy the full freaking game so these games are different from each other

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  57. Christine Trumps

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