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Me, me, me, me! No! I’m first! Whatever, I’m still going to win. Let’s do this. Thor has a cooking game? Awesome! There is a lot of recipes. Spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti! Fine. You chose spaghetti. Choose your next ingredient. You get to choose your ingredients? I’m going to make mashed potato spaghetti. That’s disgusting. Choose your next ingredient. What should we put in next? It’s not mashed potato spaghetti without eggs. Uh oh You chose egg. Hold A to charge. Release A to crack. I’m just going to lightly crack it. Forget that! Just smash it with the hammer! Smash, smash, smash! Good job! Choose your ingredient. You chose chocolate milk. Rotate control stick to unscrew. So in a circle like this. Press Z to scoop. One Eh, not enough. Choose your final ingredient. And now for a subtle touch. You chose garlic. Press B to add a pinch of garlic. Good job! All finished. This spaghetti looks delicious. It’s a culinary masterpiece. I agree. That was surprisingly fun. Hey it’s my turn, my turn, my turn! Wow what’s this? Iron man’s nerf war. Press start to play. Sweet! A shooter! Ah man! You can only play with iron man? Oh he’s lame. Iron man doesn’t have a gun. Bad developers. They don’t care about the source material. I’m telling you! Licensed games these days! Hehe! I shot Hulk in the face. Nice form. I’m unstoppable! Start a game we can both play. Oh what’s this? Choose your weapon. They only have sports balls? That’s lame. Then let’s go back and play Thor’s cooking game! No, no, no! I want to try it. Good choice. I got this. Aiming and Dang it! Come on! Ok I got this. Oh come on! It’s so rigged! Nope, you just suck. Hey! That’s my line! Here, let me try. Hey! Aim and Haha! I got it! Hey look! We unlocked a new weapon. I wonder what it is? Monkey king Monkey king! Good choice! He’s actually kind of good. I’m bored. Me too. Let’s go look through more of Kylo ren’s stuff. Good idea.

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