Patch 8.3 Auction House Bugs | Do You Still Need TSM, Auctioneer, or Auctionator?

Hey there guys this is Reckles with WTBGold
and the new Auction House is live! Wooo! It’s been out for a week and I hope you’re
enjoying it. For the casual player not having stacks anymore
has gone over super well, so props to blizz for making it as intuitive to use. For goldmakers, the transmog filter for “uncollected
appearance” was everything we hoped for. I’ve heard from several sellers that they’ve
had people go through their entire list of thousands of items and buy every piece under
a certain ppint. This is actually cool. This makes the junk gear you get in ZF or
Uldaman runs actually worth posting. That’s not to say everything’s been perfect. The new Auction house was super slow initially,
but that was probably just everyone logging in at once. Tradeskillmaster was initially super slow
at first as well but all addons are buggy messes on patch launch. I’m actually really impressed by all the addon
developers for how relatively smoothly this particular patch went. So good job to all you addon guys out there. One thing I’m actually surprised with is
we haven’t seen that initial spike in prices in prices that I was expecting due to LIFO. So I’m super happy to be wrong there, but
let’s send it over to Senza who did some day one testing. Here’s a clip from her stream. [SENZA CLIP] So this is either a day one bug
or Blizz listened to the thousands of angry forum comments asking for LIFOto be reverted
to FIFO. I decided to test this myself though just
to be sure. I posted storm silver ore on one account and
matched the price that was currently up. Then on a second account I purchased 10 of
them. If it was lifo, I would have gotten the sale
on my first account. and if it was FIFO, whoever had posted it
previously would have. My first account got the sale. So this test five days later is actually opposite
of Senza’s results. Tried it with an oversized bobber and got
the same results. So it looks like either Senza experienced
a day one bug, or Blizzard reverted LIFO and then reverted their reversion, and then my
head exploded Either way, as of the making of this video,
the new auction house is last in first out. But away from the high level stuff and on
to the individual specifics. Things that affected day-to-day players. When the patch launched if you had any commodities
posted, they were all canceled and sent to your mailbox for you to repost. A blank slate for all the stackable items. But the non-stackable stuff stayed up on the
auction house. In fact, blizzard made sure it stayed up on
the uction house, by introducing a 5% cancellation fee. This is just temporary and it’s gone now,
but blizzard only gave you a confirmation notice if the fee was over 1000 gold so some
of the people who had 20 million gold worth of low-to-mid tier transmog may have accidentally
spent a million gold just to do one cancel scan. The biggest issue has been the mailbox. According to the January 17th patch notes
Blizzard has fixed a bug that caused some mail from the Auction Hose to exclude expected
attached gold. This is…lol…let me put this another way. When you sell shit, you don’t get the gold
for it. Like, you can put something up on the auction
house and someone can buy it, but you don’t get paid. You just no longer have the item. The auction house has two mandatory things. Buyers give gold and get items and sellers
give items and get gold. And there’s a bug that means that doesn’t
happen. It’s like if Pizza Hut tweeted out “we’ve
noticed a procedural problem with our store procedures where, when you order a pizza,
we don’t make it. That’s fixed though. Apparently Katy Stampwhistle failed two horrific
visions in a row. She got depressed and needed a break. The important thing though is that they’re
making an effort to improve things. The team behind the AH is listening to our
feedback and implementing it. For the first time, we have goldmaking information
in the hotfixes forum post. The only other time that has happened despite
there being hundreds of nerfs, is the 20% auction house cut that was implemented which
went over super well and totally didn’t ruin a whole bunch of markets. And fun fact, before that, the next most recent
was a Q&A with paul kubit before legion came out talking about what blood of sargeras is
and how to get it. Every week nerfs have gone out to popular
farms but because blizz hasn’t ever communicated, we have to make up reasons for why they’d
do it. There’s no actual “fun police,” but
that’s the only answer we can come up with without communication, so I’m really excited
that blizzard is starting to communicate goldmaking stuff with us. I hope that continues going forward. Ok, and finally, to answer one of the questions
I’ve been getting a lot. With the new changes to the Auction House,
do I still need auctioning addons like Auctioneer, Auctionator, or Tradeskillmaster? In my posting, yes absolutely. Just because we don’t have stack sizes doesn’t
mean that just because I go to post an item, I need to know if it’s worth 100g or 10,000? The new auction house doesn’t give you that
information. Doesn’t give you historical pricing data. And when you’re posting 50, 500, 5000 items
a day you need an addon that speeds up the process. But rather than me talking about that, I decided
to email the addon developers themselves and find out what they think the differences are
and what the value of the addons is in the new environment and some of them were nice
enough to actually reply even though they’re very busy right now. The auctioneer developer is named Norgs, and
he said, “the current interface still has no way to automatically price your items or
to batch post things that you regularly want to post. I think there’s still a lot of room for
smart logic to be used in the interface but you’re right that the new interface is a
lot better in many ways and a lot of the things auctioneer used to do won’t be necessary
anymore. One of the biggest things that auctioneer
will do is to scan the entire auction house and maintain a localised and customizable
set of auction statistics for you including your personal sales. The new changes mean we will be able to do
this better than we ever have before. So yah, the new AH is good but it doesn’t
batch post, and it’s automated pricing isn’t representative of the true economic value
or even your historical posting price. Gumdrops, the community liason for Tradeskillmaster
said this, “TSM isn’t just posting auctions. It’s an entire suite to track and scale your
AH and crafting activities. Understanding the wider context of the market
on your server is important to understand when and why to post those auctions.” So Tradeskillmaster isn’t just a reskin
of the auction house or even just an auction house replacement. You program it to automate your specific goldmaking
decisions at each point of the goldmaking pipeline not just the auctionhouse. Just because the AH got a revamp doesn’t
mean that when you go to craft something, you’re going to want to look through 700 individual
items and say “is this enough profit to craft? Is this?” You’re still asking yourself, “Who am I mailing
materials to? How many should I keep? When is an item too cheap to undercut?” Those are the decision that TSM deals with. Those are operations, and you’re still making
those decisions. You’re just, not posting in stacks anymore. That’s it. And then borj, the project lead for auctionator
said, “I think auctionator continues to be relevant for all the same functionality that
is always has, that tyhe AH doesn’t. Price tracking, tooltip info outside of the
AH, undercutting, and shopping lists. The AH still fundamentally works the same,
it’s just faster and has favorites, which people have compared to shopping lists in
auctionator except without the ability to organize. He also adds, I imagine if you ask this question
in general, you’ll get a lot more info from users. And you know what, that’s a great idea borj,
we’re gonna throw this question over to y’all. Let me know down in the comments why you think
auction house addons are still useful in this new paradigm of the 8.3 revamped auction house. If a guildie came up to you and asked “should
I still use Auctionator, Auctioneer, or Tradeskillmaster” what would you tell them? That’s it. Thanks so much for watching. I hope y’all have a whole bunch of fun. Did I miss anything? Is there anything that you may have lost gold
or made gold on? How are you doing with that? Let me know. Also, I haven’t seen anyone talking about
favoriting which I think is a really cool new feature of the new auction house that
has just flown under the radar, but I think will be core to making new players have an
enjoyable experience. So, that’s it. Thank you so much for watching. Make sure to subscribe. Like the video. I’m streaming on twitch so go follow me over
there. Otherwise, have a great day, good luck, and
happy goldmaking.

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  1. toccoa

    I can't imagine a world without [AH] addons. Automail alone would have me still use TSM. So no TSM was ever considered. OTOH, clearly I will be using the default AH more. On my mid pop server, on the default AH, going to tradegoods and pressing search is under a second. Going to TSM Shopping and entering /tradeskill is about a 1,000 pages, ten minutes. about 60,000% slower. But default AH does not show me %DBMarket so I am on my own as to good deal. So I end up doing all three: first default AH because it is so much faster, using shopping groups/operations, and /tradeskill. Tradeoffs.

  2. Bj Elliott

    My auction house doesn't show the Dressing Room part. I like to Xmog & can't see what the item looks like..

  3. toccoa

    With the ever-present risk of seeming elitist and condescending, I would say the correct answer to "Should I still use AH addons?" is "no." I.e., if you are part of the group that would greatly benefit from AH addons, you probably won't ask the question and if you ask the question, you probably are not yet in the group who would benefit.

  4. SirBoglor

    Personally I uninstalled everything but TSM.

  5. Ryan MacKenzie

    It's because you cant bid on your own auction, so if you buy the item you listed on the same account it will buy from the next person, not yourself. Not a bug actually.

  6. Books & Coffee

    The pet section is TERRIBLE!! You used to be able to filter the pets view to pets that are unowned, and ONLY unowned pets would be displayed. Now all the pets that are received in a cage rather than learnt then caged, are all displayed together. This makes for a highly annoying search through the listed pets for the ones you actually don't own.

  7. Milan Šiler

    What I REALLY miss in current auction house interface are basically two things…

    1) A shortcut to post an auction, moving my mouse back and forth to click the item in the inventory and then on the create auction button is terrible. I even tried to add the button as custom to DialogKey addon, shortcut works, button plays the sound, item is removed from Sell interface, but auction is not created, most likely some s**t on Blizzard side preventing addons to mess with the button 🙁 but c'mon, at least a keyboard shortcut!!!

    2) Ability to mass cancel all auctions where I'm not a #1 seller (previously undercut check). Right now I'm not even trying because manually canceling all auctions would be too many clicks and mouse moves and I'm not willing to do that.

    Additional but not mandatory features for me would be last price seen on AH and calculation on item stack prices on item tooltip. Being able to see the price history is also nice.

    So I'm waiting for Auctionator to work again, it provides everything I need except for the shortcut 🙂

  8. Rosheen Rosheen

    First off – in testing, accurate results are obtained by testing the same thing. AKA how about you tested what she tested and not some completely different item. Second – the AH revamp dev replied to her tweet thanking for the report of this issue – how about you do your research completely. That dev replied btw 4 hours ago that its fixed. Your ways of obtaining numbers etc is scuffed as always im not shocked about that, but how about you ask senza if you can go into her vod and make a clip to use in your youtube video. You asked her about the vial of the sands video if you can use her content but on this one you dont? You know eachother, youre on roughly the same time zone so why not just send her a discord message. Im not even talking legal stuff im talking about respect for other people especially when their work makes you money. Where its good you linked her stream in the video description she should have a say in wether she wants to appear in your video or not – legally fair use is a jungle so i dont go into that – but on a person to person level when you even know eachother – she should have a choice especially when her content is making you money. And this is not about me and you disagreeing on other content of yours. Most ppl know since years what i think about content creators taking things from other content creators in the community without asking or even calling it their own. So maybe this one gets through to you on some level and if it doesnt – i made a twitter post asking ppl what they think about it to make sure my reaction isnt biased on the arguments me and you had. Youre more than welcome to go see what ppl replied to it. Recently many of us are really fed up with content creators putting out false information etc. – This here doesnt help.

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