Parents Claim Fortnite Is As Addictive As Cocaine

Most parents these days would probably tell
you that their kids maybe spend a little bit too much time on electronics. Maybe too much time on the Xbox or PlayStation,
maybe too much time on an iPad or tablet, but whatever it is, these kids almost seem
addicted to these electronics. Well, according to a new lawsuit, the popular
game Fortnite was actually designed by the company to be as addictive as drugs. Joining me to talk about this is Scott Hardy
with Top Class Actions. Scott, this story is absolutely remarkable
what is being alleged in this lawsuit that is happening in Canada, I believe. So go ahead and lay this one out for us. This is really, really interesting here. Sure. Fortnight, you know, was a game that was released
and obviously caught fire among the young people and all of those folks playing video
games. Used to be me, but sadly I don’t do that very
much anymore. And you know, that game was available on your
iPhone. It’s available on your PlayStations, it’s
available on your computer, your iPads. It’s available across all platforms. And, you know, it turned into a company that
is just generating hundreds of millions of dollars a year in revenue. And now we’re finding that kids have a problem
when they have to stop playing it. They don’t want to stop. They’ll sit there and play Fortnite for hours
and hours and hours and hours. And so this is a common problem with video
games, right? And we know if you’re a gamer, and I used
to be the gamer that would sit there in front of his computer and play a game for hours
and hours and hours. But, what we’re finding is that now companies
aren’t just trying to make a good game that will go ahead and get you in. But they are of course talking to doctors
about how to make it more addictive, more, you know, to, to really lasso you in so you
feel like you can’t stop playing it. And as you mentioned, that’s what happened
according to this class action, according to this lawsuit. And it says that Epic Games allegedly consulted
with psychologists when designing their game in order to make it enticing, not just to
gamers, but to young gamers specifically. And that’s where you can really get into problems,
when you’re targeting kids and, and, you know, trying to get them addicted to something,
you’re gonna run into a lawsuit pretty much every single time. Right. The, the headlines on this one, you know,
all over the media say that it’s as addictive as cocaine, which obviously is a hugely addictive
substance. And that was by design, this lawsuit says. You know, Epic Games went to the psychologists,
they said, listen, we need to figure out how to get kids addicted to something like this. How do we increase dopamine levels in their
brain to the point where they’ve got to come back and get this hit of Fortnight, essentially? You know, maybe it’s not as dangerous as getting
them hooked on a tobacco or a product like that. But this is creating a very real problem for
these youth. They cannot concentrate if they don’t go and
play the game. They cannot think of other things. Their mind always goes back to this much like
somebody who is addicted to drugs. Yeah. I mean even with the, the, the boys in my
girl’s classes, they play Fortnite. You know, and these are, are nine year old
kids that are starting to play Fortnite and they’re doing the dances that they can go
ahead and do when they’re in game. But it’s interesting that, you know, kids
as young as nine, probably even younger are, are getting into this game and really getting
looped into it. And if the parents aren’t paying attention
and aren’t limiting their screen time, they can have a major problem on their hand. Absolutely, and this one to me, this is going
to be very interesting. I can’t wait to see where this one goes and
what gets uncovered in it because not just for this particular issue, but, but I can
guarantee you almost that we’ll end up finding other companies have been doing the same thing. And this could, this could blow up pretty
big. I mean, I think this could rope in a lot of
other game companies and, you know, app companies, things like that. So this is going to be very interesting to
watch this develop. And for more information about this issue,
please follow the link in the description of this video. Head on over to Top Class Actions and make
sure while you’re there, you sign up for their weekly newsletter. Scott Hardy with Top Class Actions. Thank you very much for talking with us today. You’re welcome. Thanks for time, Farron.

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  1. DeathSauce

    My son hates Fortnite.

    I actually like Fortnite but I would prefer cocain.

  2. JustRaiHere

    And Disney hasn't been doing this since they were founded?? Give me a damn break. If kids cannot get off the console then maybe parent needs start parenting. Enticing does not equal addictive. Disney pumps the scent of cookies and popcorn onto Main Street. That's enticing but it's still you that the consumer that makes the choice to buy or not.

  3. Christopher Sheets

    Every app is designed to be addictive. Literally every well designed app is designed to get you spend more and more time on that app

  4. vonSarno

    This is like trying to sue a sugary cereal brand or soda. They are literally designed to appeal kids and they likely spent millions in research. I don't think it holds much water, personal responsibility exists and the parents need to monitor what their children consume (video games and cereal alike).
    Go after fortnite for gambling mechanics and predatory micro-transactions. That's a whole different and much scarier can of worms

  5. ArmaBiologica35

    And what it does to one's brain is also the same.

  6. Lindalee Law

    I'm sick of parents who dont know diddly about actually being parents .
    I'd course we wouldn't want to make sure your kids tech crap is out ; no lets blame others .
    Your kids are disobedient.

  7. GADefence

    Breaking news: Games are fun, fun is addicting.

  8. A Santi

    These parents have clearly never done cocaine before, or have even met a cocaine user or watched a fucking movie in the 80s about the 70s.

  9. Zid96

    This isn't new. We gamers have been fighting it for a while. And for all that say it's the parents. Its NOT. Its the rating boards. There supposed to put on the box what it has in it. And they dont. Or as of late say they would but the label is so brought it doesn't define anything. 🤔 So a game like fifa a soccer game. Is say rated E for everyone. And say has microtransaction under it. But most dont know what it means. Or its not on the box as it what put in later. So you dont know it was there.

    Nearly all AAA game have microtransaction. And they make them psychologically manipulative to make you buy them. It very easy to fall into. Anyone get can get a gambling like addiction. And it can hurt them. Here a older vid from 2016 that that show and tell you the tricks there doing.

    Also a link to a jimquisition ep. Its about the tales of some people that are have a well game gambling addiction.

  10. Scott Will

    Sadly he doesn’t play games much anymore sounds like a former addict

  11. Alice Bennett

    They said the same thing about WOW and D andD

  12. Joe Kherr

    While there have been a lot of insane things blamed on video games, this one is at least partially true; pretty much every big company involved with the games industry absolutely wants people addicted. It's the easiest way to keep the "whales" around for all those microtransactions and lootboxes.

    For more info on this, I'd look up Jim Sterling.

  13. Sander

    Consider this

    Okay Boomer

  14. kathy smith

    not the game but the pay additions to any game is what makes me sick. many kids are now being bullied badly for not buying this skin or anything else.

  15. vynat draco

    Back to ambulance chasing, I see.

    You know damn well this is bullshit! Don't follow Trump's ideology! This is the same garbage as the "video games make mass shootings" from the old days!

  16. mvrns lxndr


  17. kathy smith

    OK so where are the medical ethics involved here. time to enforce ethics as laws maybe. these horrible human beings that gave that info to a corporate entity need to be brought up short.

  18. Joseph Arellano

    This kind of stuff has been known for a while for anyone that watches gaming news on YouTube. Off the top of my head I know Jim Sterling has done several videos about games that are consciously designed to target people vulnerable to addiction, and there is even video footage of mobile developers giving seminars on how to more effectively manipulate your players to spend more time and money in a game by using peer pressure and other disgusting things like that.

    If you are a parent of kids that are really into games, not just Fortnite, it's really important to research and get information on the stuff your kids play because lately in the gaming world there have been an absolute ton of awful, manipulative business practices like loot boxes that most people have no idea exist.

    All that said, I do feel like parents should try to play games with their kids if they don't already. Speaking as someone who has been gaming his entire life, your kids are probably DYING to share a game they love with you, and there are thousands upon thousands of games for all skill levels so there is definitely something a family can enjoy together. It will not only bring your family closer together but it will be much easier to monitor what your kids do and possibly make it easier to avoid playing games excessively if they can look forward to spending time with their family doing non-gaming things.

  19. Angry Socialist

    Parent: Gives tablet to kid and literally allows them on these games
    Kid: Gets addicted
    Parent: Surprised Pikachu face

  20. Diane Ripley

    It's not always about bad parenting. My friend is a great Mom. She sets rules, boundaries, consequences and rewards positive behavior but she really struggles with her 9 year old son over this particular game. It could be affecting his brain in some way

  21. Tyeon Bethany

    Blame the Game!!! Does this not ever get old?

  22. Asa Coe

    And if you believe that, apparently you are on cocaine.

  23. BlackBox863

    I bump rails while playing fortnite weeeeeeeeeeeeee

  24. Greg Murphy

    So be a PARENT and set & enforce guidelines and standards. Surprise, surprise but… YOU are responsible for YOUR CHILD.

  25. Kyle Waldbillig


  26. Theseus

    Just stop already. Be a fucking parent and take the game away, its your job, fucking do it. ALL GAMES ARE DESIGNED TO BE ADDICTIVE. Fun games are the most popular, unfun games die and go away. If your kid is failing in school and playing fortnight 24/7 then YOU FAILED as a parent. Stop suing for everything.

  27. That Chick

    They say cheese is more addictive than cocaine, so I need another point here. Because to me it sounds like a parenting problem

  28. Mike S

    I am so thankful I was not born in this millennial generation

  29. downphoenix

    Any GOOD video games are designed to be that addictive. Plus it varies for everyone, I'm good on Fortnite but I prefer Apex Legends or Blackout on that front. And I most prefer playing a deep RPG experience like The Outer Worlds. The problem isn't any one game but just the unfettered and unregulated access some kids have to them. Hell, some parents are convinced because of people like Ninja that they can let their kid drop out and stream on Twitch all day to become the next videogame superstar. 🤦‍♂️

  30. Arella Jardin

    I feel bad for non gamer adults who haven’t been keeping up. ALL video games, especially online multiplayer services, are designed to be addictive. That’s how they keep you playing. They give you constant, incremental positive reinforcement to induce mild endorphin rushes. Or, you know, FUN.

    Parents need to set boundaries, limit access. Let your kids play, but cut them off after a couple hours a day. The real problem is these games also use gambling mechanics, to promote constant spending on random chance rewards. There is no upper limit on spending, and people have lost thousands by continually being encouraged to pull that lever just one more time.

    Comparing games to drugs is actually a rather flimsy legal argument. It’s not chemical addiction, it’s behavioral addiction. They would have far better chance of success drawing comparisons to casinos and gambling addiction, when describing how games are designed.

  31. guybeleeve

    In the 90’s it was Pokémon, in the early 2000’s it was Warcraft, now it’s fortnite. I’m so glad that I hate battle royale. Not worth the frustration.

  32. Dragnel0 GenerationX

    If it gets banned, I want all my money back, cause I not accepting them keeping my money if there game goes bust

  33. Sacred Cow

    In the old days kids were addicted to play boy books and masturbation.

  34. Red Leader

    Didn't Freuds brother start consumerism? Stop being mindless consumer's.

  35. Sacred Cow

    The rich kids are snorting Coke off hookers asses. And I'm stuck playing Atari.

  36. Grz349

    The biggest thing from this is that that Epic games consulted psychologists. Guess who else does this, banks business and politicians. Nothing that Fortnite does is really new or innovative. I'm not sure why this is suddenly a problem in Fortnite's case? I understand loot box problems, but fortnite does follow that method.

    I imagine that in a few years wee will see people make some claim about how base building games encourage OCD because they trigger the same parts of the brain.

  37. King Yellowman

    It's a helluva game

  38. Javier Esparza

    They miss the way games actually fuck people over like making them pay $60 for a game that is that doesn't work or putting loot boxes in for gambling when gambling supposed to be illegal for kids no let's let's soon for it being addicting and not blame ourselves for our horrible

  39. Javier Esparza

    There are real reasons to sue this one is bullshit

  40. Patrick Milewski

    Ban fortnite?

  41. Marcus Detroit

    O my god ring of fire cache up you really need to do your research on the games industry because this isn't even scratch the surface.

  42. Lstknt

    Totally bogus lawsuit, parents need to parent. Gaming is the next great boogeyman of the media and uninformed politicians.

  43. s Ray

    rock'n'roll is devils music, marijuana makes white women fuck blacks, and fortnite is crack,… only in america!

  44. dafullclip

    Fortnite? Dude, that was like 2 years ago. Its all about Apex now. And the funny thing is that when I was a young gamer back in the late '80's it was INTERACTIVE. Now a day's these clueless kids would rather WATCH a twitch stream to see some old dude My age playing the game for them instead of them playing the game themselves! If only schools could implement that same type of attention attractive formula into learning math…

  45. THESocialJusticeWarrior

    Junk food has been designed to be addictive for decades. No one does anything about that. Where do you draw the line between good and too good?

  46. pencilpauli

    Note to self: Never read YouTube comments. It will only lead to disappointment.
    Did anyone actually listen to what was said, and what the law suit is about?

    The company allegedly approached psychologists to advise how to make the game addictive and targeting young people is the point.

  47. E Laurole

    Somebody need to tell they're parents "WE HIT THOSE!!!!"😂

  48. ASAP Seder

    Makes a lot of sense. Young men need a lot of help.

  49. socially inept spider-man

    The issue aren't video games themselves, I'm a gamer, I like to play for quite a few hours, but I know when to stop, however, online games like fortnite that uses microtransactions and manipulates kids into playing for hours on end are really a damper on the gaming industry and people's mental health in general, it's capitalism again folks

  50. a2soc

    Every game is like that. Kids like fortnite, kids like call of duty, kids like madden, they are all the same.

  51. 2445ace

    That's riduculus it's more like crack now if you will excuse i will sell my kidneys for some skins!

  52. Justsharp 63

    I didn't hear one fact by either of the two discussing the topic.

  53. Uge of Altron

    I don't see how people would consider games like Fortnite "addictive" when it's pure garbage.

  54. Soopakoopa64

    Yes yes, we all know how terrible of a company Epic Games is. This fact didn't start with Fortnite, and it doesn't end with it either. Granted they aren't as bad as certain other companies (cough cough Electronic Arts cough), but the point still stands.

    Ask anyone keeping up with news in the gaming community, and they'll tell you all about Epic dooming indie games to fail by buying up as many as possible and locking them into a poorly designed storefront that bans you for spending money on games other than Fortnite, stealing dances from popular artists to turn into in-game taunts to make money off of without credit, working development teams to the bone to pump out Fortnite updates as fast as possible, and being one of the only major companies to actively push microtransactions in a game that they know for sure has a primary audience of children. This is all just readily available, surface level stuff.

  55. Trenell

    So I’m guessing some those parents have been on cocaine before

  56. pfeiffdog0811

    These parents are full of shit.

  57. Septimus - Prime

    What about the second amendment, conservatives are not addicted to guns? Or even religious fanatics?

  58. Vince Bellisano

    What crap!

  59. Jorge Lazarini

    Its like….

    General mills: we know kids love sweets and cereal so we are going to come up with a new sweeter and more addictive sugar to sell more cereal to kids….

  60. Eric Cheese

    As someone who plays too much video game, when I have kids I ain't letting them touch shit ever.

  61. blackwolfrules56

    Just wanna let you know I reported this for misleading/spam. Like come on, this isn't a fucking story.

  62. Sound Surgen

    And just as expensive as well!!!! And all that so called DLC, i remember games that cost one price only until add ons but with pay to win, HOLY COW!!!!

  63. richaado sissyboy

    This lawsuit is bullshit, pure and simple.

  64. Marvin Gershowitz

    btw, TECHNOLOGY <— that belongs to the People… most of it

    most of it was created with TAX DOLLARS and not by Big Corp.

    THEY –>Corporations buy things they sellout everyone and win

    BERNIE SANDERS will fix our 'Illegal Funds' problem –

  65. Rokusho 66

    First of all the use of psychological mechanics in video games (Skinner box mechanics) are nothing new (but not actually liked.) but to call it addiction is not fair medically speaking.

    Also let’s look at the alternatives kids can do…go out into the world and explore the red tide infested oceans…the charred remains of forests…letting the sled sit in storage because it didn’t snow for the 2nd year in a row, or immerse themselves in r he 20 year old textbooks that weren’t that accurate when they were made even by their standards for the sake of patriotism…

    I’m not saying Skinner box games shouldn’t be punished but perhaps the kids are trying to escape the world because it’s cheap easy…and the world they have is such shit.

    I’m no fan of fortnite but there are way worse developers who deserve lawsuits. Looking at you Bethesda and Ea. You know why. Especially to u Bethesda, I expect it from ea but you know better.

  66. Bolton

    Fuck that lawsuit and fuck those puritan shitty parents who don't know how to say No.

  67. Erutanx7

    All you have to do is investigate Activisionblizzard they have an entire psychology department.

  68. Nodnarb Eht

    I'm going to go ahead and say no… I love games but I've never stolen money from a family member because I needed more fortnite… Now coke, anyone would totally rob their grandma for another 8 ball. They can't be compared.

  69. colonel 100

    Does a parent not know what discipline is these days?

  70. Eponine Reads

    Well they did the research on how to get the kids attention why don’t parents do their research and find out how to make math addicting? Science addicting . Why? Cause they are too lazy. Do research I haven’t done it but someone has to try. What about the “everybody’s doing it” effect? That’s addicting.

  71. Yo mama

    Who cares? Video games are for losers whom don't have a future anyways

  72. Austin W

    Quick question for anyone that knows. Why can you be sued for if you create a product that your customers like? Honest question because here is the thing that just sounds like complete bullshit to sue a company because you like their product so much. If said company goes to a doctor to figure out how to make a more attractive game that shouldn't be a problem and also sounds like an amazing idea from the companies perspective. All of this is just a result of bad parenting and an overall bad environment that drives a kid to want to play video games all the time. Its like therapy its a play where they can go to escape reality and at the same time hang out with friends etc.

  73. Alex Martinez

    So they shouldn't design a game to be fun? Oh wait, sorry addictive…

    They should design games that suck and repulse you?

    The progressives prove more and more…they are the new religious right moral authority figures in the states. Just like the evangelicals before them.

  74. Razer

    Games and any form of media can not be banned under the united states constitution. it falls under the right of creative freedom and freedom of expression and is considerd a from of Art. so if they ban them theyd be violating are constitutional rights. in the 30s to 80s they blamed the worlds issues on movies then in the 80s it was rock and d&d and now its games. any new form of entertainment that comes out they rush in to use it as a scape goat cuz the media is fairly new. no ones used to it yet so it creats a form of "moral panic" that is flawed and they go "this game is why they do drugs and this game is why we have wars" and that is not even true. people have been robbing gass stations since the 30s and wars have been happing for 1000s of years before games were even a thing. if some one shoots up a school do we blame the gun or the person? do we blame games or the person? its been an ongoing battle thats been debunked time and time again. and it wont end untill a new form of entertainment arises. the next new big entertainment and all after will have this issue. we need to take responsability for are selfs not make excuses to justify are actions. we need to tackle the real issues just like Bernie Sanders and not scape goat and blame everything like trump. school shootings are caused by bullian as well as suicides at school and we need to hold those administrations accountable. parents should have every right to sue a school for not taking action to protect its students from harassment and abuse by other students.

  75. Traekas7!

    This guy! Ugh! Even Farron is sooo WRONG!!! FARRON!!! This is a Parenting problem, ppl, dam! I cannot believe these guys aren’t more knowledgeable than they are! Do what y’all want. I was just hoping you’d tell the Truth, here. If game makers are making games more addicting on purpose, then the game has so much more in common with Big Tobacco, than it does with some expensive little paper envelope carrying…? These parents are going for the shock value, blaming their kids’ addiction to video gaming on what used to be a “hard” street drug. What, they don’t think the similarity of gaming addiction with Nicotine addiction sounds scary and important enough for their purposes??

    Look. I’m happy to have become free from my youthful addictions, not without a lot of help, mind you. And I don’t ever allow myself to forget, especially the bad stuff. But, I saw the title of this video, and decided to put my 2 cents in. If y’all read past this part, then I’d like to apologize for the Rant above and for the one to come. Its late, I’m tired. And I can’t recall if there’s a rant at the bottom of this comment. If there isn’t, you can send back the extra apology y’all got, using the post paid envelope I’ve supplied you with page #3 of this comment. Thanks, ppl.

    Y’all need to realize that, as a clean n sober for 36+ years person, I can only vouch for the non-addictive nature of Coca Cola from a # of years before the early part of 1983. If there have been any changes in the formula since then, I wouldn’t be able to speak to that. As for my time spent in that other messed up life, Coca Cola was not physically addictive at all. Not like booze, or cigarettes are, still highly addictive substances today. No. That popular soft drink was only psychologically addicting. Which can be almost as bad as physically addicting. But, there’s a difference. How to explain the difference, right now? Tbh, IDK. But, its like, 12:12am, here. I just wanted to help, if anyone’s wondering about that stuff. Clearly, the Canadian Parents bringing the class action, have No Clue, even of the definition of Addictive, or how non-addictive Coca Cola really was (hopefully, the same NON applies today).

  76. Joe Goulart

    I have 2 children (16 and 12 y.o.). They play casually Fortnite, no addiction at all. They play Minecraft much more than Fortnite. 🙂 Even my nephews (20, 18 and 16 y.o.) play Fortnite, but GTA V and FIFA make a bigger role in their gameplay. Oh! I see! let's get rid of Fortnite, GTA V, Minecraft, FIFA… all games! When this nonsense of blaming games for lack of parental guidance will stop? Sit side by side to your children, watch them play and talk to them. Simple like this. Show a little interest on the tastes of your children, talk to them. Did those parents play with their children?

  77. Jussi Raitoniemi

    My empirical studies show kids playing Fortnite are actually as high as people smoking pot

  78. Eugene Ax

    They need to act like an adult and limit their children's screen time.

  79. RandomRobin

    They're technically not wrong about kids being driven to it like a highly addictive drug, but they're at fault for not actually doing their job of parenting.

  80. TwoMinuteracinsnippet313

    I play Forza Horizon 4

  81. TheDrunkMonkShow

    I appreciate the reporting on this but if we're supposed to clutch pearls because Epic Games seeked scientific experts to create the best product on the market…somehow that's nefarious? Every other major industry when it comes to marketing utilize the exact same tools but for some reason when it's video games here comes the hyper focus and, "Ah Ha!" on things that are…par for the course Capitalism?

  82. Brad Lennon

    How many people die from pills a day designed to be addictive government doesnt care! Corporation only care about $$$

  83. E9Project

    Im no fan of fortnite however im also no fan of stigmas against gamers. Boomers complain about gaming endlessly because they dont understand and choose to hate and ridicule instead of understand. To be honest if you like the NFL then piss on gamers, your a dumb moron who needs to get in the present century and stop pissing because its not 1950 anymore.

  84. Clay Menefee

    I dont see the connection for a lawsuit here.

    Can a game be addictive? Sure. But its dependant on the subjective nature of every person.

    But i dont see what makes fornite more particularly sinister than any other games addiction factor.

    Now if we're talking egregious in terms of monetization, absolutely. Fortnite is a huge offender of monetization towards children.

  85. Donna Peterson

    Glad they are pursuing this. Will be interesting. Only addicts of the game will deny this is happening.

  86. Bay Bye

    all they had to do was set up users accounts with passwords and control when and how long kids can be on the computer…can not blame the game for poor parenting or no parenting…

  87. Joshua Tica

    No kidding. Like how parents say that video games cause violence when it’s so statistically false and the violence is truly caused by terrible gun laws, mental illness, and moral decline.

  88. Jeff Barber

    People cannot accept responsibility.

  89. SmalltownWriter

    This is the DUMBEST thing I've EVER heard.
    That means you have a weak mindset.
    Only DUMB kids get hooked.
    Take the kid with a 4.0 GPA, that little mf is trying to learn something.
    Now the kid with a low self esteem and a little slow, that mf is sitting there trying to beat the game.
    Why, because he feel that's the only thing he's good at.

    Nawh, it's not the game, it's the person playing the game.
    If you're weak minded, you can be persuaded into ANYTHING AND I mean ANYTHING.
    Trying to blame it on a game, is the stupidest thing I've EVER heard.

    Real Talk.

  90. Jawn Kwan

    maybe if life were better people wouldn't have to escape from it. you can make big bucks playing pro or also be a successful youtuber.

  91. TheDarxide23

    The problem isn't any game. It's BAD PARENTING.

  92. hernan cuevas

    didn't something like this happen to Flappy Bird saying it was dangerous or something

  93. aRcTiCADOptEd

    I don't get it, it's just running around an island shooting one another, and not even a big island!

  94. Stephen M


    Parents are responsible, not kids

    Cocaine is less addictive than sugar, BTW

  95. TransHuman

    Maybe scientist wouldn’t be doing such things if science could be done without the profit motive alone. And maybe kids wouldn’t play so many video games if they didn’t live on a dying planet with poor financial prospects (or no prospects) to look forward to.

  96. MatCrew7 !

    When you sue a company because you can’t say no to your kids

  97. Tozias Silverfang

    But most parents are incredibly stupid.

  98. Jawbreaker The Hyaenodon

    Even though I hate Fornite with a burning passion. It’s not addictive as cocaine
    It IS addictive, but not as bad as cocaine.

    These are probably the same parents who spew the “Video Games Cause Violence” bullshit.

  99. The Bois

    Shut up boomer

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