Nuguri on his and TheShy’s Kalista, why LCK being held online might “help” DWG | Ashley Kang

In previous interviews, we’d always say, “We’re good at scrims. We do well in scrims.” Like a broken record. If we play the upcoming matches like our scrims, at home, all relaxed … Now, I’m not saying our performance so far has been great. But maybe we’ll become stronger, make these proactive plays … Nuguri, it’s great to see you after such a long hiatus. I realize the LCK is kicking off soon. How are the preparations going? How do I say, like, the LCK got postponed all of the sudden? We actually plan our scrims and practise games well in advance, like one, two months ahead. Really far ahead. So we just followed that schedule. Yeah, we had that extended break but other than that we’ve been keep practising according to the schedule. I think everything’s going as usual. So the LCK is kicking off soon, and looking at the calendar, you had an almost 20 days break. It was a very sudden postponement. When the break suddenly hit you, how did you spend it? To be honest, I kinda welcomed the break. I got a chance to catch a breath, look back to the split so far, which was nice. I focused on playing solo queue a lot. Not like I played a HUGE amount, but yeah. I prepped for the second round robin. And streaming. I streamed a lot. Yeah. I guess things were the same for me as the regular split, except for having that one long break. Yeah, I guess the things were pretty much the same. You mentioned the solo queue, and I checked out your match history. You’ve been playing some games. What was your impression of the solo queue as you played so many ranked games? Like, I used to play solo queue a lot before … But recently, I had been playing much less solo queue games. Matches are tiring, I slept a lot, maybe I went easy on the solo queue games. But I realized that I’m always late about [reading the meta] because of this. What champions are good, which champions are on which tier depending on the patch. I was really slow on picking these things up. But now that I’ve been playing a lot of solo queue games, I’ve been discovering good matchups. On how to play certain matchups. Now I have more certainty on these things. I guess that’s been a good influence on me. Speaking of new picks, browsing through your solo queue history … You’ve been playing top Kalista. Kalista top is a pick that’s been getting a lot of attention. How was playing Kalista at the top lane? What have your impressions on this specific champion been? First, it was so hard picking that champion up. I just wasn’t used to Kalista. She was so hard to play, then … In the beginning, I used to throw a lot with her. I had a very high death count, would die too many times, and … Then I watched a lot of TheShy’s games as he’s also been playing a lot of Kalista top. I think I’ve become more proficient after watching his games. As far as I am aware, TheShy is the only player who has successfully pulled off Kalista top in a major league. Isn’t TheShy the only player? Isn’t he the only top laner who played Kalista? I’ve seen top laners play her in minor leagues or secondary challenger leagues. But I don’t think anyone had a good win rate on her, except for maybe TheShy. So, I’m curious — Will we be able to see your top Kalista on the stage? So, I have a very specific opinion about the pick. First, I think TheShy as a player especially is VERY proficient at Kalista. Kalista top really meshes well with the playstyle of Invictus Gaming. I’ve wondered if Kalista top would pose much of a threat if another player or a team played her. To be honest, I don’t think there are many other players or teams out there. Right now, Kalista as a champion is also very playable at the bot lane. She’s also a great counter pick at the mid lane. When I see her picked as a mid lane champion in solo queue game, she gains a huge CS lead. Her lane phase is just that much strong. I’d say that it’s very likely we’ll see Kalista at the matches. Many teams seem to be practising her now. There is a bit of a rivalry narrative between you and TheShy. Ah, yeah. People say that you two share a similar, aggressive, oppressive playstyle. I guess that’s another reason I’m looking forward to seeing your Kalista, Nuguri. So this is the thing, TheShy is so good at this. He’s so good at going 1v2 on Kalista. Even when he gets ganked, he is so clean about how he deals with that outnumbered situation. Anyone can pick up Kalista and do a two-man tower dive with the jungler. But TheShy can also execute 1v1 situations so well. It’s about whether you can play her at that next level, to a point you can actually force a Kalista ban from the opponent team. In that way, I still feel incompetent in her. Even though I’m still practising with her. Yeah. I’m practising on her. She’s a good pick, for certain. Sure. Also, while you’ve been practising, maybe you had a chance to play with Ghost. Ghost made headlines when he became a new bot laner for DAMWON Gaming sometime around the break. Have you had time to explore some teamwork with Ghost? What’s been your impression of Ghost so far? To be honest, we haven’t been practising with Ghost for a very long time. It’s been a while since Ghost joined, but that was during the first round-robin. We didn’t get to find the time to explore teamwork with him. We began practising with him during the extended break. We have four players at the bot lane, right. We’ve been trying out different combinations of a bot laner and a support, and … We’re still in that discovery phase. My impression of Ghost so far has been … I said this in yesterday’s interview, too. Ghost has a similar vibe with BeryL, [our support]. Yeah. BeryL has a similar playstyle, like to play more conservative, and … Yeah. I guess Ghost is similar to BeryL in that way. Aspires to be conservative. Also, I’ve found Ghost is very assertive. Of course. Because when Ghost was playing for SANDBOX Gaming, he was commended for his shotcalling. When you were practising with Ghost, did you also get the impression that Ghost contributes heavily to the team around shotcalling? Well — there is a set macro that we’ve always played our games around. I’d say that Ghost has not been proactively shotcalling, he’s at the stage where he’s familiarizing himself to the team. But he’s very assertive during teamfight situations, whether certain players have to look out for him more. Guess there is a bit of that. Sure. We don’t’ have many days left until the LCK resumes. This time, the LCK will be held online. Due to concerns around the coronavirus situation. Even we are holding this interview in a video press conference format. Before, we would sit in the same room, mic and everything. I’ve heard that you’ve already had test matches on this online format. What has felt different, so far? Like, playing online? Won’t you say there are multiple differences between playing online from the team house and playing at LoL Park? Now, you haven’t played actual LCK games on the new format. But on top of your head, what would be different? I think it’s really really good. I think it’s great for my team and my teammates. In previous interviews, we’d always say, “We’re good at scrims. We do well in scrims.” Like a broken record. If we play the upcoming matches like our scrims, at home, all relaxed … Now, I’m not saying our performance so far has been great. But maybe we’ll become stronger, make these proactive plays … It’s an entirely different thing, to play here at the team house, compared to playing at LoL Park. Even playing without an audience felt extremely different. And now, to play at a different setting altogether … I think it’ll put the players at ease, for our team at least. This is the case for DAMWON Gaming, this is case for other LCK teams. There will be three best-of-three matches every day, right. It’s going to be a tougher schedule for everyone. That means that teams used to play two matches per week, but now it’s going to be three. I’ve heard that some matches are back-to-back in terms of days. What is your forecast on this? The tighter schedule? What kind of measures and preparations is the team making, to play matches on back-to-back days? I do think it’s going to be really tough. We’re going to be stretched thin. But it’s an equally fair situation for all the teams. The team that adjusts to the schedule faster will perform better. We’re not taking any special measures, we just have to adjust to it well. Sleep early, make sure we’re always on a good condition. So DAMWON Gaming will start playing in the LCK once again. I saw the standings, you are currently at fifth place. Also, I had a chance to have a chat with ShowMaker before the league got indefinitely postponed. Now, ShowMaker said that he won’t be satisfied with the result if the team didn’t finish at second place, third place. But there’s the Elite Four in the LCK, the four teams [Gen.G, T1, DRX, AF] that are showing dominance. What will Damwon look like at the second round-robin? Can Damwon threaten any of these Elite Four teams? Looking at the scrims we’ve been doing … I’d say we’ve been improving. But. I think we still have a lot to go before we can threaten any of these top four teams. I’m more surprised that we are even in fifth place. Our performance wasn’t really deserving of this fifth place. Our performance was really, really bad. We lost some matches against the stronger teams in a helpless, or a weird manner. Honestly, I’m a little worried. Guess that’s why I really appreciated this sudden break we had. We are still practising, but I’m not too convinced. On the other side, yes, Damwon is at fifth place but some of the teams lower on the standings are just as competitive. KT Rolster has really got the momentum. You have to face Hanwha Life Esports again, and they are such an off-meta team that you simply can’t predict what drafts and strategies they’ll bring to the table. Are there any teams placed lower than you that might pose a threat to Damwon? I’d say KT is the biggest threat. They have the momentum, they have certainty about how they want to play their games. They have leveraged on that to be on this winning streak, so I’m most worried about them. Sure. Thank you for the interview. Finally … I sense some positive outlook from you, from the break you had to the new online format. Can I hear your expectations or resolutions for the second round-robin of the spring split? Like … Because we had been having such a bad performance. I know that there are people out there who expected our performance from last year and were disappointed by what they saw. It’s something we are acutely aware of. Everyone’s working so hard to improve. I hope you continue watching us. And … And … Like … It’s not because of the best of reasons that we are playing these matches online. Hope the situation calms down ASAP, but … Maybe we can show the “Scrim Gods” side of us by playing at our team house. I hope we show you good performance from here.

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