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  1. BlueMist Gacha

    First!Wow I’m early.Stay safe people.And I agree.They should change this!(they should close school),because they are states who have had less cases of coronavirus that is positive than North Carolina.I just don’t get it.North Carolina(where I am)has had about 15 positive cases so far,im pretty sure.Stay safe.😬😤🤨

  2. Clinton Nebraska

    They have young immune systems, keep the schools open, flu season is deadly and schools aren't closed down for that. 📚 🖊 🗑

  3. Marquise Pollock

    They are so stupid if you are going to shut down sports , churches , special events or shit any place with a lot of people up to millions why tf are you still letting schools open they don’t take this shit serious my ass is not getting that virus I don’t give about school if someone got it near my area I’m not leaving my house and that’s a fact I’m doing online classes

  4. Southern Charm

    I don't like this one bit! I have grandchildren in those schools! They're safer at home! The schools need to close for at least a month. A lot can happen in a month!

  5. Randy Stone

    This sucks

  6. Hashirama Sayan

    now families if your kids gets affected by COVID-19, dont hesistate to sue this officials and schools for negligence 👨‍⚖️

  7. Pretty*Girl* Swagg

    I don't understand why they feel all those kids only see Grandma and Grandpa…..never? So letting the kids stew in a coronavius pot at school and catch it or just carry it home to their parents and grand parents is better than them being home not sick so there is nothing to spread. It's not a matter of if they will be outta School it's when. Do it now before they are sick not after.

  8. Pancake Killer

    Stupid decision. I don't want to go home after catching COVID and effectively killing my family that has weaker immune systems because the state was negligent

  9. Alone Wolf Girl

    They don't want close schools they want to get paid that's why they don't care about children's safety they care in having more money….. I don't think this is safe it all I don't think kids should go to school why should they go to school if this virus is not stoping👎👎👎

  10. HeadHoonter

    It’s like our government has autism

  11. Dolores, not Lolita

    So I’m from Forsyth County and our teachers basically told us “if the shut down thing happens, you won’t be able to be exempt from exams if you qualify” and that’s absolutely ridiculous of the school board.

  12. Tony Thomas

    Shut the schools down you idiot you don’t wanna have blood on your hands from the older population dying

  13. Dark Ally Recordings

    I've taken my kids out anyways. If we all take our kids out they cant take us all to court. It would be overwhelming. It comes down to "Whats more important?" Education or the well being of our children and family? Sending children to school will make the NC outbreak much worse. What they should do is let it be up to the parents and if parents do take their children out, penalties should be waived as long as the children continue home education. My children's teachers sent 2 weeks worth of homework with us. The teachers understand. Its the school board that doesn't. I'm not gonna gamble with the well being of my children.

  14. JamesGalaxy41

    they are trying to killing us

  15. Jonas Perlman

    Im in Forsyth

  16. Angela Groover

    So glad they closed schools i have copd n it be dangerous for me to catch n my grandaughter lives with me at time

  17. Josh

    Schools in NC are closed for at least 2 weeks now.

  18. CoVid 20

    Y'all look at this coronavirus crackhead I gave a ride to in Garner NC….I think he need to be quarantined..YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS https://youtu.be/LNAYzf5hVI0

  19. Glenn edward

    What about single Parents. Should be some financial assistance for them you make rent or mortgage

  20. ????*

    1 Coronavirus case in my city y'all pray for me😷

  21. Jackson Forehand

    Here is new news: Now the NC schools are closed from the 16th to the 30th so their goes my spring break since im part of the hickory schools of NC.

  22. Melissa Heavenly Harvest! Music

    Good way to continue the spread.. think about it.. all ur kids get sick wipes out that generation.. makes sense to me..

  23. Melissa Matthews

    They are stupid not closing school

  24. Tuyen Pham

    How to stop coronavirus. Here is my suggestion: Instead of a lock down as in Italy, let's have a 'government paid two-weeks at home vacation'. With limited exception, everyone else must take this vacation. At the end of this vacation, we’ll know who is infected, and who is not. Those who show no symptom can go back to their usual activities. Those with symptoms and their family members residing in the same house during this time will receive appropriate treatments. And that’s it. The earlier we do this the better.

    Before doing this:

    1. Give everyone three or five days to prepare. (Need government assistance for this preparation.)

    2. House and feed the homeless.

    3. During this two-week, all public and private facilities must be disinfected.

    4. With limited exception, stop all traveling in and out of the country during this two weeks. Quarantine for 14 days as necessary.

    5. Be sure that those who will provide assistance during this time are 100% free from Covid-19.

    6. Those who show symptoms during this two-week must call the nearest medical facility for assistance and must not leave home without proper transportation.

    7. This two weeks vacation will also be a good time to pray.

  25. games guitars and gore

    This is a flat out lie..raleigh area started closings last week and the day this bullshit video was posted they closed schools in eastern nc here…well im sharing this just to show proof of the misinformation campaign that's being spread..

  26. Ben Malloy

    You may think that this coronavirus is big all over the World right now, but in reality, the coronavirus is no bigger than House Bill 2 was the racist transgender bathroom bill law signed by Governor Pat McCrory that we experienced here in North Carolina back in 2016, except that that was local, except only this is International, and there is a lot more of it, except that it is on a much larger Global scale, instead of just in our State, in that only real lives have died of sickness from it, sadly! HB2 was like our mini coronavirus, in reality, just local, and it was not the flu, except that nobody died, or was sick from it. Just think of the quarantines as trying to repeal the bathroom bill except it’s on a global scale and not just in North Carolina like we experienced in 2016! You may think that this is big but in reality it’s no different it’s just a lot more spontaneous and it’s a lot more lives impacted that’s all it’s no different than our HB2 was! Except HB2 was a piece of paper in Raleigh written in law for our one little State. This is a big ball of a germ virus that is going Worldwide! It’s also no different that we both tried to get rid of them we got rid of that paper, and we’re getting rid of this virus! This is to make you feel better about the coronavirus! COVID-19 and HB2 are one in the same, really, except that coronavirus is House Bill 2, but on a Global Scale! To make you feel better! We know best is North Carolinians, we’ve lived through it on our own scale!

  27. Ben Malloy

    The coronavirus is no bigger than HB2, except it’s on a Global Scale!

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