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Welcome everyone to the sports gambling podcast I’m Sean stack in the money green with my
partner picks Ryan real money. Kramer what’s happening.
Kramer Doug I’m sorry Sean I was just getting lost in the eyes of some titans fans out there.
I’m run you to YouTube dot com slash sports game. Yes of course Sean Ryan you people are
wondering yes if those same people are watching this episode what is going on in the middle
of our table. They’re probably wondering and what they’re
seen is a giant bag of Ruffles potato chip and it’s lime and helping your flavor and
I know what you’re thinking that flavor doesn’t exist. It does now thanks to my close personal
friend Anthony Davis now I went to the ruffles a ruffles release party. That’s unbelievable.
I was hobnobbing. I got to be honest. A T-shirt and jeans. I thought that would be perfect
ruffles attire. People were dressed to the nines and then Anthony Davis showed up real
asshole move new. Yeah I felt comically underdressed. They had plated appetizers open bar. I was
getting tuned up and ruffles man the ruffles a release party. It was it was yeah. Why not
a little bit of lime and my gin and tonic fresh lime Oh go on theme. That’s nice. Join
the lime and happiness chips that Anthony Davis and then he did this.
It came out he hit a button and it released and showed his secret flavor and then he hit
it off. But yeah and just hanging out you a bunch of food drinking a bunch of drinks.
There was almost good show. There was almost an incident. And if the people have Ruffles
are listening I’ll give you some notes and maybe we’ll never get invited to ruffles about
again. Okay. Here’s what happened okay. New friend of the program Anthony Davis CA releases
his chips. They have a giant like 10 rows almost like a fake supermarket stacked with
you know new Anthony Davis ruffles. Got it. He said Hey grab some chips. I grab a bag
of chips like Anthony Davis said too. Later on I had a couple of cocktails. About to leave
I go oh you know who also likes chips. RYAN Real my name or I’ll grab a bag of chips.
EM I go to grab I was the muse for this altercation. I go to grab a bag of chips from off the rack
just like literally hundreds of bags hundreds of bags and that security guy goes can’t do
that I look at em I go Anthony Davis said to grab these bags of chips he goes Not from
there. Oh no. I was right here. He pointed to the bag of chips. I’m grabbing right now.
He goes can’t do it and can’t do this is this is 2020 Sean. Instead of escalating I just
go okay. Dude this is your big moment. You got the you got the earpiece in like you’re
the Secret Service flavored chips. Okay. Guarding. We got a shooter. We got a shooter. Are you
wearing the SGP hat. Yes sir. Well sorry representative and I had a long conversation with the bartender.
Nice. Got a subscriber there and some other guys whose brother put the thing together
here in on it. They’re real estate guys. I mean if I was booking action I would take
their action over a spread that com concessions GP gotten to an argument about what the total
was in the national championship game because he said What did you have I go I at LSU and
the under coaching coaching and he goes oh no there he goes that didn’t hit. I’m wearing
a hat that says sports gambling pockets. You don’t think I know what the total was on the
national championship was the final 57. It was 67 46. So we picked up that 70 here. It
got down to sixty seven and a half. Either way it was good.
There was 67 is out there maybe. Okay. Anyway I’m on your side of the argument. Continue.
Well then I just went to another place and grabbed the bag of chips to bring over.
Okay so that’s being used to avoid the conflict. You just went somewhere else. You didn’t get
into it. You weren’t. I wanted to but I said you know what. It’s not worth it. The good
people of ruffles have brought me here. I mean you mentioned one was a little bigger
so maybe there’s no room in the locker. No there that guy one took up a lot of the
locker and in the holiday season the gay pride pact on the pants. All right. No more insulting
people. What do we have to get to right. There there’s so much to get to. Of course we’ll
be talking a bunch of fantasy football. You. Mentioned.
The college football national championship. We’ll be talking a little college football
later in the week possibly possibly a bonus college episode. You’ll have to stay tuned
but. Proud to announce the winners of the SGP and bowl challenge. I think a couple of
these people did not pick the national championship. They did not. Stay tuned to listen that you
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you’ll be splitting that price doubled if. If I haven’t looked yet. If these guys were
also running their own. Bull Challenge on play ball to their prices
will double. Stay tuned for that Cramer.
Any thoughts on the national championship. I’m sure we’ll probably talk in college football
a little later. This is going to be NFL fantasy but just happened
last night thoughts. Trevor Lawrence is a strange looking human
being. Yeah very large voice doesn’t match the face looks like Celine Dion. Meanwhile
Joe Barrow shown last two guys to go undefeated win a national championship win a Heisman.
You know they are Cameron Newton Yep. Famous James I don’t know if that’s that’s the list
you want to be on right now. That’s that’s interesting. Company one of these people may
or may no longer be a man and one of them is famous for eating a W not getting it w
yes. Both both. Whether or not they’re going to
be in the league next year up. Up for debate. Well she was fucking good.
That’s my takeaway. My takeaway was LSU as I stated months ago when I touted plus 450.
Mm hmm. They’re just a better team. There’s something going on down there. Eddie Oh he’s
a motivational coach and this team bought in right. A lot of his team will be gone next
year. It just kind of teed up perfectly and then the what fell into place was the the
offense and the quarterback. So they they gambled and they won. And you know I love
watching Dabo Swinney lose for it. For a guy that I have I don’t hate him in a way where
I disrespect him I just hate him. I don’t understand the neon outfit as part
of his. Like everyone else wears the team colors he’s got some like weird neon hat thing
going on. He almost looks like one of those guys that waives their arms for the TV time
out. He does it every time they cut to him I goes
that the coach how great is it that the psycho defensive coordinator has a son who looks
just as much as say he plays like a linebacker. Yeah I don’t know. I mean it’s a bummer that
targeting matters in like big games like that. That’s a tough rule when when a big game it’s
in the main. Maybe maybe leave it in for the personal foul
aspect but guys should not be ejected that guy should not have been kicked out and then
they show clips of people doing the same thing earlier in the game. LSU and even though I
had LSU and benefited from the call I hate to see the game decided like that. It’s just
annoying and yeah. But other than that it was it was interesting that offensive pass
interference. I wouldn’t have liked to see that call. I would like to see the game play
out a little but certainly help the under so I can’t be that upset about Trevor Lawrence
looks really bad though it was you know it’s one of those games I guess he’s never lost
so he gets a pass but he looked trim he didn’t look very good now he looked he looked OK
but I think he was throwing he was throwing ducks yeah there were some spiral show burrow
he’s knock and maybe he will turn it around but Sean go watch the tape of Trevor Lawrence
I mean this is the hot take you’ll hear it Trevor Lawrence will be a lot better pro joba
roach or Trevor Lawrence chopper I mean from what I’ve seen so far how could you say Trevor
Lawrence I mean I don’t I’m just saying it’s a debate and I think Trevor Lawrence just
seeing did you see when they shook hands after the game No he towered over Drogba Oh it was
impressive like Trevor Lawrence is just a large man well and Joe Berle or Trevor Lawrence
is very young so maybe he figures it out Daniel situations make players in most cases I feel
when it comes to the NFL rarely are there transcended players I guess Joe Barrow is
expected to be that and he’ll definitely be put to the test in Cincinnati and I was I
was on Joe burrow like a lot of people early on the season said I thought he would be the
number one quarterback coming out even with two pre pre to injury I mentioned that a bunch
of times I gained new respect for him after he took that shot where he threw that last
touchdown before had you hear him after the game what did he say and they asked him about
it he’s like yes the national championship I’m not going to stand on the sideline Yeah
the guy I don’t know if he broke a rib cracked it whatever that dude took a legit.
Great answer though and great answer. Yeah and then he He’s posing with the cigar afterwards
just like a do you know your ring size ten and a half already had it measured I mean
the dude’s just drip long cocks just dripping got that big Joe it’s just tough because he
looks like Macaulay Coke and all grown up he looks like Home Alone all grown up and
it’s just weird I’ve seen the guests I don’t I don’t really see it but I it’s this sunk
in I appreciate. Yeah I appreciate the gifts as a man who likes
gifts you’re a social media whore right. How dare you.
I mean in a good way in a good way you’re bringing home the bacon. Zach Lee and the
ruffles lime and Halloween yo chips bringing home the bacon. Speaking of the bacon. For.
Plenty of pork to be had in the National Football League this NFL playoffs. Maybe you’re like
me maybe you head it over to my bookie dad and said You know what. Today’s my day. Today’s
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Use that promo code SGP for deposit bonus up to one thousand dollars. Play when I get
paid my bookie dat e.g.. We will be talking fantasy football here in
a second with our boy Chris jeered Danny DFS writer fantasy football writer for The Sports
gaming podcast Cam. But before we do couple sound bites we had to get to. First off everyone
was saying to me. Timeline flooded. Oh my God you must have been so emotional when you
saw Jimmy Johnson crying Shawn. Did you cry. First of all no bitch.
Secondly it’s just cowboy. I’m not going to cry cause a cowboy made it into the Hall of
Fame. At least he deserved to be there. I don’t
care if some Frankenstein comes over very also very weird. Yeah that guy was like I’m
just a refrigerator box in a suit. Very weird. Also a fridge did not make it to the national
championship hash tag Pray for fridge that seemed to be the intel minus five. Hunter
was a Catholic too. His was a gift. Weird weird thing that Jimmy Johnson got got
into the actual hall of fame before the Cowboys ring of honor. So Jerry Jones holding onto
that spike. The guy who won tomorrow’s championships kick it over the fact that he owes that guy
a little bit of credit. But we here at the sports gambling podcast we’ve been accused
of cowboys haters or of being cowboy haters which is correct. I do hate the Dallas Cowboys.
Kramer as well. I don’t know if you’re still a Giants fan. Whatever. I thought we we’ve
shit on the Cowboys many times on the spot. Yes but I thought it would be fun if we took
a moment and we decided to honor Jimmie Johnson and so we are the first. I’m guessing only
podcast that will take a moment and honor him by putting him in the the sports gaming
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I’m Jimmy Johnson and I recently became the spokesperson for extends the number one male
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Cool now. That I bought Jack commercial a million times
and just the idea of the extended dinner event of all these guys coming together to have
a dinner event every year. It was like the ruffles that you just attended.
Yeah. You need to lend your pencil. No big deal that drops by gross extends the crowd
go long. So long guys did two things. He nailed the tag line of I did. He also Sean
he definitely part of his deal was making sure they called out explicitly that he’s
won four championships well and has a broadcasting technique.
He wasn’t legally allowed to say Super Bowl so you had to say like four football championships
both in the collegiate and professional level because he couldn’t a national championship
I the extends dinner event. We’ll be raffling tickets off for that later so stay tuned over
on Twitter at game line podcast. One more job before we get to introducing our boy Chris
G or Danny and that is I don’t know what it is right. We just have a we’re just tuned
into the New England market. It’s a baby fucking wheel man have some of the best accents around.
I can delete this right here and now we do we have another New England drop that could
possibly beat these two other gems you guys. Maybe we’ll set up a poll question best boss
and drop we have on the program but it’s pretty us.
I feel like this may give baby well a run for its money.
Tom. Tom. Mr.. Brady please. Ray. Oh my God Joe. The video is very compelling
for that as well because it’s just a guy trying to get a high five from Tom Brady. He does.
It was it was during the Titans game right. They love how you act bro. He’s got his voice
cracking. What really sells it to me as being hilarious and what kind of my favorite part
of the drop is how out of breath the man is from excitement it to me it’s almost like
when your dog wants to eat it’s just like what would you just want to lick your face.
So much joy coming out of that coming out of that man. And it was it was just awesome
right. It was just awesome. We will be certainly
talking. Switching gears here talking a little daily fantasy football. Can you believe it’s
conference championship. All right. Very sad. I hate it. There’s only three football games
left. That’s right. March Madness right around the corner. All right. Well we’ll get it generates
and we’ll figure out ways to gamble drafting Zach. Perfect place to find new ways the game
we’ll know that of course the DFS world. I don’t even explain to you guys how awesome
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I mean we’ve tweeted out we’ve written up a bunch of a showdown Slate lineups. Those
are the 1 game lineups those are for hardcore regions. We’re going to be breaking down given
that our lineup for the two game slate for conference championship golf right around
the corner masters there’s college basketball DFS action of course cash my sweet national
championship lineup I gave out previously on the podcast head chase and the captaincy
was able to get burro and Randy Moss is kidding there Trevor Lawrence Yeah we have a lot of
overlap I didn’t know Trevor Lawrence Well I think you know in the limits in one game
you’re gonna have a bet I cashed I. Let’s just say I threw a couple extra lineups I
Castro for the oh it was a yeah it it was just I’m a fun guy it was just a fun night.
The national championship game and hoping for another fun weekend over a trafficking
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code SGP Draft Kings dash cam joining us on the line writer for the sports gambling podcast
cam you can find him on Twitter at 2 for squints. Chris
G or Danny. Chris thanks for calling in man. Thanks for having me. Guys I appreciate it.
Yeah. Dude you’ve been killing it doing a ton of work on the site. Crowd getting out.
NBA NFL DFS and yeah man. How’s your. As your recent DFS run bingo.
It’s been a bit tumultuous I’ve been actually doing a little bit better in the NBA had a
decent night yesterday but there were some rough patches there of. Well most of NFL season
honestly was you know you look back at year I looked back at some of my articles that
I did and I’m like well I played these guys but if it just would’ve been you know it all
into one lineup that would’ve been fantastic. But you know that doesn’t happen that way
even when mass Malta entering but I’ve been doing okay. How about you guys.
Yeah. You know again come up and down but I just mentioned in the Draft Kings read we
just did I hit on the national championship game had a nice little run there for college.
What do you prefer Do you like the limited slate that you get for like two games here.
Do you like doing the showdown slate or do you prefer the big know like normal week eleven
NFL to me. I think there’s a little bit easier way to find some separation in that big multi
contest but again maybe it’s easier to identify. You don’t have as many choices in the smaller
slate. You have a preference honestly if it’s just
any given Sunday my preference always be that week 11 nice big piece of cake there. But
I mean the thing about the short slates is there’s always going to be an interesting
pivot to leverage with somewhere. There’s gonna be something that ends up when you look
at the winning roster and you know this week the M.E. maker again it’ll be something that
you probably wouldn’t have believed. You know contrary to chalk. So that’s the fun thing
about it I think is getting it throwing some of the conventional wisdom out the window
like a lot of people find themselves putting on concrete shoes when it comes to not playing
anyone against their DSD as if it’s just you know the holy grail when really in playoffs
if you just look at it a lot of special teams scores well it could be your difference even
if you’ve got a quarterback against the DST a short slate like this yeah.
So yeah I mean that’s that’s a great point because especially there’s two games it’s
going to be tough not to not to play someone against your defense and honestly I would
I credit to you Sean for answering your question before the guests.
That was impressive. You asked the question and you answered it.
I like that show and the way you had you had an ache you hate your ass sideways superficially
just to lead with your heart. I appreciate it was not a great interview
technique to lead the witness or the interview. The interview subject in this case right.
I’m sorry. I’m sorry. No. Not a problem. I think we’re fine. All right Kramer kick things
off. What are you doing at the quarterback position.
So Sean first I have to warn the clients here because I think they’re going to be a little
surprised and they’re gonna want to know how do you get. How do you get this many studs
in one line. Sean. Marty get the escalators.
I don’t know what you want to call this guy hour. My at my new my homey my personal personal
best. My homie Patrick. Well how do you play anyone else. I know I’m chasing fifty one
points. I don’t give a shit. How do you play anyone else here. Can’t play Tannehill.
He’s barely scratch in triple digits in the passing yards. Maybe you play Rodgers Garoppolo
is the angle. I think if you want to be be sneaky.
But yeah I’m happy. I’m happy to go childcare seventy seven hundred Patrick homes.
What are you doing. What are you doing here. Danny here at the quarterback position. Yeah.
You know as much as it pains me to say. And I’m always trying to find a contrarian angle.
Ryan’s right here. There’s no way around this and it basically your opportunity cost is
so high. If you go against my homes you instead of chasing five you’re chasing five in another
direction with somebody else and hoping the homes doesn’t get five. And I think I’d rather
be on the side of my homes there and go with the chalk get different somewhere else. And
you have plenty of places to do it too especially with Aaron Rodgers as weapons all pretty much
looking healthy. Nobody on the injury report right now so that’s just one example.
Yeah I’m I’m like I’m going crazy. So he once in one bag. He’s he’s a clear concussion
protocol. I know Nolan believes that he can play.
I hear they’re having a game in the sandlot in Philly. I love the invincible. I’m going
boys. Just the item. I don’t care what you guys say. I don’t care
that he only has a couple hundred yards passing. I’m going Ryan Tannehill. That gives any defense.
Sure they had some moments but they also looked really bad at times.
This Tennessee team there’s something special going on with this Titans team. Maybe it’s
not all through the quarterback position but a give me Ryan Tannehill.
Serious question shown. Yes. How much do we put in on an auction for variables Dirk post
to being cut off. That’s a great question. Does he auction off the the ability to get
to cut it off. Like could I. You’re a crazy person and you want to cut off Mike Vrabel
Dick could you put up a million dollars and do so. That’s a charitable opportunity right
there. Yeah I mean I think there’s yeah know there’s
some sick kid out there who as Make a wish and maybe maybe that’s his Make a wish to
see Mike Vrabel cut off his dick and watch the Titans in the Super Bowl. I know it’s
crazy. There’s only four quarterbacks Tannehill to me gonna be lowest ownership percentage
I think. And for that reason alone I’m writing him fifty five hundred hours.
Kramer what do you learn at the running back slot for 0 0 0. If you could come back to
the escalator sound effect please I can pull that up.
Oh. Oh exciting. Well here we go Sean. Again I’ll.
All as Chris said I’ll get different somewhere else but I’m gonna play Derrick Henry. Yeah
this is the dream. Derrick Henry matchup this is the most terrifying matchup if you are
this Kansas City Chiefs. Which is why I love their offense. They know they kind of score
lots of points in this game because they can’t stop Derrick Henry. He’s the he’s their kryptonite.
Yeah he’s 80 700 again. I’m very chalky to start but as you see right like 52 percent
of FFP see lineups I think had Derrick Henry and it’s going to be very hard to be competitive
without him. So. Same thing. New week great matchup Derrick Henry. Eighty seven hundred.
Love it. Chris what are you doing. First running back I think I will definitely
join on Derrick Henry there and not to go completely along with Ryan on both picks here
but I will mark right. Yeah.
You know I appreciate you know but I’ll knock out that my obvious ones right now there is
in my homes and Henry Henry Lee the last time at one hundred and eighty eight yards and
two touchdowns. Granted it was at home but I don’t think that matters with this guy.
And I don’t see a reason why not. You know plus the thing is with Tennessee’s O-line
they’ve given up the third most sacks on the year. So I don’t think they want to leave
Tannehill back there in the recent weeks have shown that they’ve just been regressing from
him throwing and just giving it all to Henry. So I’m I’m going to go with him.
Yeah. Even though I have Tannehill at the quarterback position I’m doing the rare QB
running back stack with Derrick Henry last eight games. Henry has two or three carries
twelve hundred and seventy three yards six point two seven yards per carry eleven touchdowns.
He just set a record in the National Football League for rushing yards in eight games. This
guy is on an insane pace. He’s about to you know the guy driving down
the left lane of the freeway going 80 in fourth gear. Yeah that’s what the time they’re doing
with their candidate. They’re just like yeah. His trains he’s going
to have no resale value but they’re getting everything they can. This carrots and now
so yeah give me Derrick Henry. Plus John we’re so proud of our Tennessee
Titans how they were set up baby how they responded to our criticism to our challenge
to be great. They’re really they’re really rocking it.
All right second running back Kramer. Again I’m a little bit chasing here Tevin
Coleman. I wanted so I wanted a piece of this running game because I think there is there
will be opportunity to run against this Green Bay defensive front.
I think you got to play one of the Niners running backs. You know look what Coleman
did last game I guess so. Fifty seven hundred. Not not not exceptionally chalky but I expect
the ball to move on the ground in Green Bay because I refuse to believe Sean that Jimmy
Capello can take a team anywhere in the playoffs. But wow.
By himself hasn’t done yet. How about you. How about you Chris. Who’s your who’s your
second running back. OK so now I do get different from Kramer here
a little bit. I’m going to go on the other side of the field with this and since I think
Green Bay will be playing from behind Jamaal Williams in the passing game even though he
hasn’t shown up in recent weeks in his game against the Niners where they got destroyed
he had let’s see eleven carries which was only two behind Aaron Jones and then he had
seven receptions which was tied for the team hired with Monta Adams.
So I see a reliability something in what San Francisco brings with the pass rush also that
he’s a safety net for Aaron Rodgers they’re going to go Jamaal Williams Thirty eight hundred
yeah I mean that’s interesting especially you’re get it if you really want to make a
run at this you’re going to have to have I think two guys sub 400 are sorry some 4000
that really make a dent Jamaal Williams at thirty eight hundred certainly interesting
he got those 18 touches and in the previous matchup and I could see a formula where he’s
certainly involved I’m again I’m going shock here with Damian Williams he’s he just seems
to be the bread and butter right there I don’t think he’ll have three touchdowns like he
did last game but I do think he’s going to be involved early and often he’s pricey and
I’m spending a lot of the running back position there but yeah give me Damian Williams seven
thousand dollars. Mm hmm. Yeah. Kramer what do you do in first
receiver more chalk because there is one thing you take away from that Green Bay game it’s
that Aaron Rodgers still trust no one but the Monta Adams and maybe a little bit Jimmy
Graham but mostly to to Adams So seventy nine hundred I don’t know. These are the only guys
I played from the Green Bay San Francisco game. Mm hmm.
Yeah I scared my wife and my dog. When Jimmy Graham cut that third pass to hit the perception
that I just get up and go buzzword 45 you like that Garth save Garth if he just looked
at it like I was crazy and I was but I I would I was upset that they weren’t exploiting it
earlier like three catches they’re all first downs they’re all big plays. Even Jimmy Graham
who’s not good. He he was getting open and making plays again and then Clete Blakeman
comes in with the big nose spot for down. It is a first down. So yeah I hear Ed Green
Bay minus four. So hit a lot of a lot of things on that one play so shout out to Jimmy Graham
cleat Blake and Aaron Rodgers even goes Oh it’s really special getting it to Jimmy Graham
former Seattle Seahawks. And there was right to your point about the Monty Adams. There’s
an article that just came out saying that he hasn’t had this chemistry with another
receiver since Jordy Nelson. So you think something’s going down. Whatever whatever
it is it’s a great connection and certainly paying off on the field. Who’s your first
receiver here. Chris I would have to go and Tyree kill if
they’re going to be trying to stay in this and I think throw just some darts. It’s gonna
be to kill and they actually in the last game targeted him 19 times in that match up. So
I’m gonna go a little bit I wouldn’t go contrarian but in comparison to Adam’s I’d say it will
be after last week in terms of what age did and how the field will probably lean.
Yeah I was also on Terry kill seventy two hundred dollars that that first game against
Tennessee talked about all the targets they’re leaving catches one fifty seven and a touchdown.
Time homes clearly is a fan of Terry kill they couldn’t quite get him involved last
game and I thought they work because I thought his speed was going to be the difference there
but again it’s always finding that match those matchups where are you right in the hot hand
or are you taking the guy off a down game I like Terry kill coming off kind of a quiet
game against this Tennessee team and I think there were I think there were stuff that Baltimore
could have done against Tennessee getting Hollywood Brown going deep that they just
couldn’t do because Lamar Jackson struggles a little at the outside ball struggles with
some of the deep throws I think Terry I think Terry kill does have a pretty big game where
more really look into the running back position. The bill polian of the podcast Oh man you
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head the leader in pay providers. All you have to do is go to ace for a dot com slash
SGP. Get up to six weeks free Cramer talks. Second he says as a father of two children
I can’t condone putting Tyree killing my life. So what did I do I went the other way.
He does. I for whatever reason I was on Twitter and Silas proud father in his bike.
Maybe he’s turned the corner. Everyone gets a second third fourth fifth so it all depends
on your 40 time. The lower the 40 to the more chances you get
in professional sports. Who’s your second guy.
KRAMER Well I’m I’m going back to the Hardman Well I’m dome and here is my theory.
I wasn’t good I wanted to play to Monte Adams over Tyreke hill so I figured I’d play the
other two guys teaser alert that’s I’m going Robinson and Hardman Hardman thirty eight
hundred it just kind of for the same reason Chris called out the 19 targets for Tyree
kill I feel like that’s not going to happen the ball’s gonna get a bit more distributed
in this spot. Tennessee is a very competent defense. They’ve played before they beat them
before. So I think Andy Reid’s gonna have to be extra sneaky pull out some of the the
old tricks and I think that one of those tricks is going to be Hardman in the end zone so
thirty eight hundred. Carl McCall Hardman Yeah. I like it all right.
Chris what are you doing for your second receiver. I am going to combat the field by taking Dave
onto Adams just because I don’t want to miss out on any of that good old production there.
And we know if there’s gonna be any for the Packers it will be the advantage. ADAMS And
I I’ll spend down elsewhere and we’ll find out about that and a little bit here.
Yeah yeah I mean it’s a I don’t have to run to Adams in this lineup. I think I’ll probably
have one where I toss him in because again the production has just been so consistently
there. Sean surprisingly if you look at the football
outsiders DVR metric the San Francisco 49ers are. They do not excel against the number
one or number two I think they’re very very average. So while you look at their overall
numbers they may indicate that this matchup. I do think the V.A. Adams is a grown man that’s
going to. And San Francisco defense has been up and
down all over the place kind of all season. They’ve they’ve shown at times where they’ve
been really dominant and then they’ve had a couple lapses where they’ve just looked
horrible. We have San Francisco’s defense in our FFP zone lineup and man they were like
I think the high scoring well maybe not because of the block punt for the touchdown but they
had what like six or seven sacks they put up 15 points like they did all right. They
have a chance to either be boom or bust. I also went Michael Hardman little stat from
this past week and he reached twenty one point eighty five miles per hour on the return heat.
That play really invigorated the team and in their previous matchup he had one catch
for those four sixty three yards and a touchdown. This is the kind of boom bust guy that can
really swing a lineup. He’s only thirty eight hundred dollars so
yeah give me Hardman looks like Hardman might have seen that commercial income with extend.
One thing about Samantha Adams can you. Can I tell you Sean you know I like to compare
to everything in the modern day to the 2007 or 2011 New York Giants run. Yep you know
what this reminds me of Monty Adams in the playoffs right now. Plaxico Burress Plaxico
Burress Did you see that a little bit uses the body really well. Probably a little faster
than Plaxico. Maybe yeah more athletic but he he runs the same kind of rounds and when
he ran that kind of juke in go out route remind me a lot of Plaxico catching that game winning
touchdown. So well my Packers. Who’s your third receiver right. I told you I’m sticking
to the Chiefs lot playing a lot of players on the Chiefs. I’m going with Robinson another
dart. He had four targets last game. So you know again if they if Tyree kill loses two
to three targets to each one of these guys now they’re in the or target range. I love
that from a thirty three hundred dollar price point I’m going to end there because that
sounded really smart SEAN ROBINSON. Yeah. The chiefs don’t go don’t go past where you
have to go to explain and so you know there’s going to be nothing more fun than me rooting
for every one of the chiefs to get a coach that isn’t named Tyree killed this way.
Hey Chris. What do you do. What you do for your next receiver.
Well you did steal mine there. I didn’t go with Hardman but I did go Robinson just a
pair in with my Holmes around the pitching catch and I do like what I saw in that last
matchup I. I see a little something with the targets there for receptions and fifty six
yards I mean nothing to write home about but he drew some attention and I believe Sammy
Watkins had about nine targets but you know you’re going to pay up about know five receptions
my bet but yeah you’re paying up for Watkins. Thirteen hundred from what you get in Robinson
and I think people are going to remember the three drops that he had last week.
So let’s go with Robinson Sean. Yes. For my third receiver give me Debo Samuel.
He’s he’s again kind of a little boom busty but last time they played the Packers at home
two catches fifty yards and a touchdown. He kind of went off against Seattle in Seattle
five for one or two there. So Sean I got a lineup in the f a P.C. playoff
challenge kind of in the mix with the Debo Samuel.
Yeah. Which one person only 1 percent also did. This blows my mind. Patrick Holmes and
Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers one percent that anyway they my heart. He’s much more than
that. That’s crazy low ownership. I’m surprised
that the Aaron Rodgers doesn’t surprise me as much because FFP C is kind of the square
sharp world where it’s like people who people who read a lot of stuff. So no one in the
DFS community was like yeah getting super excited about Aaron Rodgers this playoff run
but I’m surprised Patrick Holmes because the D If DFS communities big fans of his parents
they’re in that case they’re they’re they’re siding with the Rodgers that’s on the bachelor
not my homies DeVos Samuel only fifty five hundred dollars. I think it’s an interesting
price point. I realize I have a lot of San Francisco guys going in DFS but I don’t know
if I’m that locked into them with the spread. It’s just I keep looking at these matchups
the price points and the price you are drawing you in like Debo Samuel feels like it at that
price point well and especially against Green Bay.
I think Green Bay could be successful without having one breakout guy with the exception
of divine to Adams like you look at their numbers against Seattle. Well they put up
28 but they it was spread all over the place there wasn’t like with the exception of Dante
Adams there wasn’t a bunch of like fantasy boom bust guys and I could see a simian win.
Yeah yeah I guess I guess like non Shockey guys but.
But I’m with you I kind of just based on this DFS lineup I’m kind of projecting the Green
Bay San Francisco game to be a bit lower scoring so I just there’s just way more opportunity
in this game. Well what do you do in tight end right.
Oh Sean Well I like this guy so much I put him on FEC lineup Jonah Smith. He’s only thirty
400 Kansas City not great against the tight end since forever since Andy Reid got there
and you know he. He’s got some red zone targets in this playoff run. I think he’s one of the
few guys that could get some passes because they can be quick they can. They can be safe
passes they can keep Tannehill at bay they can keep him down in that like comfortable
two yards per attempt range that he’s been sitting on these past couple games.
And you know we’ve we’ve also seen him kind of dashing down the field scoring a long touchdown.
So I like the potential. His price was was super low. What did you do last game Sean.
He’s got to top two catches and one was a touchdown. So that’s all we’re hoping for
here. Thirty four hundred Jonas Smith Yeah. Love
it. Chris what are you doing. Tight end I went similarly.
But even more of a bargain bin play. I went with an I fell in love with this guy weeks
ago. ANTHONY fixer in the man. If only man was
alive to see this guy now I think that is alive but he would love this guy’s name.
So I took a prop bet on him against my patriots to score the first touchdown of the game.
And that happened I believe like plus nine hundred. So I’ve been on him ever since. And
yeah the week against Kansas City he put up three receptions and a touchdown thirty six
yards. He was the second highest targeted player on Tennessee that week also I can’t
go wrong especially when I’m going to even it out with a little bit of a spend up that
I have left at flex there and yeah I’m like in the lineup there with first sir.
Yeah you’re almost I put in a Janice Smith in my tenants spot for thirty four hundred
that aren’t being sold that’s my stack but your first man. He’s a fun guy to put in there
and he’s one of those guys he’s only twenty five hundred in the tight end spot you can
dip below the three thousand dollars per player minimum that they usually have and the tight
ends bottom out at twenty five hundred. So he could save nine hundred dollars.
SEAN That sounds a lot like playing three cone week one. It does and 72 I do I think
with Fergie sir. All right. You know I know Chris since in
honor of your first podcast appearance I’m putting Fergus there in my spot. Let’s do
it. I love. I love that angle. I love the guy’s name and it’s just it’s it’s a low ownership
play that just warms my heart. So yeah. Give me fixer.
Kramer what are you doing for his flex. John if you could just hit the escalator and cause
somehow. I think some people will will want to see
the screen shot. They want to check the math on this because we’ll be like God.
God. Gosh darn real money. Kramer how did you get all these studs in that lineup. I
already gave you Patrick Holmes Derek Henry to Monte Adams Tevin Coleman he’s a mini stud.
Travis Kelsey. I snuck in when the Flex shone the ultimate double tight end set. Declines
that will be very upset right now. Seventy eight seventy one hundred again. Am I chasing
points. Sure. 12 targets 10 receptions one hundred and thirty four yards three touchdowns
Yeah. I mean how do you not like this guy. Now what happened last time we went all in
on Travis Kelsey in the NFL playoffs he was crushing it was murdered and then he was murdered
at halftime by the by the very same time by the Titans then the markets how it is going
to come in through a pass to himself so defeat Andy Reid is coming around to my point of
Yeah right Marcus Mariota God damn how is he still in the playoffs coming around to
my point this is a revenge spot for Travis Kelsey he will be back to it I expect double
digit targets all day I’m all in on this Chiefs team I’m literally playing everyone retiree
kills me. All right Chris. What did you do in your flex
spot though. I also went double tight end here but I couldn’t
get Kelsey. So I’ve got George Kittle right there and in his last match up with Green
Bay he had six receptions hundred and twenty nine yards and a touchdown and with forty
niners at my defense that leaves two hundred to spare though Kendall it is yeah.
Kindle fifty eight hundred dollars. He’s coming off a performance or last time they played
or Yeah. Six six four one twenty nine and the touchdown last time they played Green
Bay dude it’s just freakin dominant I had him in there before but then I freed up some
money from the first play I’m going to Aaron Jones in spite of how well San Francisco did
against Alvin COOKE I think this is Aaron Jones involved in the passing game I think
they get him going in the receiving game this season he’s had seventy targets fifty catches
I think he’s involved I think they I think they doubt something interesting and the floor
comes in does a little game planning and I think that’s where they are they come through
and it’s Aaron Jones in the receiving game sixty seven hundred dollars in my flex spot
I was gonna say shot I don’t know folks here hearing things wrong it sounded a lot like
you were about to take George Kendall I almost it I almost did and then I remembered how
much shit I talk against George Kendall Oh but before we throw out our defense let’s
talk about Prop swap Doc calm baby prop swap America’s marketplace to buy and sell sports
nets man what a weekend to sell some futures if you had some Baltimore Ravens futures you
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Texans game at home imagine what you could have bought a Kansas City to win the Super
Bowl when they’re down 20 for nothing you know people were trying to unload those tickets.
Probably a better price than you could’ve got it any local sportsbook any sort of in-game
wagering. This is pretty crazy last weekend. A better who wagered twenty dollars on the
Titans to win the Super Bowl. Three hundred to one odds in November sold that ticket on
Prop swap. For five hundred fifty dollars. So basically they hit a 26 to 1 longshot.
And the buyer they receive 10 to 1 odds on their purchase. Phil Collins really is a win
win. Anytime I explain it to people they’re like oh yeah that makes sense.
It’s a win win. And to extend the win win. We’re doing a little win win here cause we’re
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that they don’t have legal gambling illegal sports gambling and currently you can still
buy and sell the tickets so make sure you check it out. Props for a dash cam promo code
SGP closing things out strong. Kramer what are you doing for your defense.
Oh sorry I was just proves in the prop swap inventory over there. Oh man. I’m thinking
it probably was really get in on some San Francisco action of sorts. I have a lot a
lot of future action on the Packers. I got a hedge this in some way. I can’t let that
I mean. Anyway my last my last space it’s a defense
shown I had exactly twenty four hundred left. I took the Green Bay Packers because guess
what Jimmy GS is going to throw an interception. I’m going to give you a preview to the NFL
picks podcast. Jimmy G to throw the first interception my
game that at 50 we gave up plus 100 last week against Minnesota. He beat Kirk Cousins to
the punch. He just looks like a guy who’s trying to throw picks some times they really
took the ball out of his hand the second half and if I’m Green Bay I’m just loading the
box Yeah and really forcing them to do something there. We’ll see.
Chris what are you doing to close out things with their defense I’m backpedaling from what
I said a few minutes ago I was gonna go with the Niners there and now that I’m looking
and I I can afford a couple hundred more and I don’t think people will be on the Chiefs
defense and you know if Tannehill does Tannehill things he could throw some big sixes as well
and that special teams for the Chiefs is a joke. So hey why not go with the spend up
to be contrarian. Chiefs it is yeah. That is an interesting angle I do think Hardman
returned in a punt for a kickoff for a touchdown is not out of the question. It looked like
he was about to break that one last week. So maybe he’s do well that’s why it’s fun
to play the Chiefs defense because the special teams.
Yeah exactly. I may get sacked. I’m going 49ers just because their defensive line I
think they’re to get set. What what what’s so shocking.
I had a hunch that you were gonna be all one in the San Francisco 49ers. Sounds a lot like
you’re all in the San Francisco 49ers not all in.
I mean I just I just thought Aaron Jones into my lineup. I was debating him or Kittel and
I like the 49ers sack potential against Aaron Rodgers. He doesn’t turn the ball ton throwing
but I do think there’s a strip sack potential. I think they could have done more with love
that I think. I think it could’ve done more on the defensive side against Kirk Cousins
last week and the defense at home is pretty strong. They’re up and down but I love the
sacks. I just love Boston like that dude name me a better defensive player left in the playoffs
right now as far as the guy that really can generate some big plays. He’s possibly the
Defensive Player of the year and defensive rookie of the year so for that reason alone
Give me post the baby. Twenty nine hundred with the forty nine or
Sean sure they were the Jordy Nelson jersey for the Yeah.
Does not test stuff the majority in Jersey. That’s very fitting for the start of the season
you rock in the Jordy Nelson jersey and what was that. What was the bet you lost against
Billy. Well I didn’t make it. I don’t know who is
tracking whatever though. Though I think I was lost basically I need to go to England
and watch a football game. Yeah. Oh and a quick note.
You were we were talking about Kittel earlier and I meant to bring this up but yeah Green
Bay didn’t do a good job against the tight end last week. Jacob Howser Five Four forty
seven. And yeah I mean that does seem like they’re primed to kind of take off there.
Yeah. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t play defense. No guys all that offense he’s likes to play
from on top and crushing it today. All right. Chris before we let you go. Any other NFL
DFS nuggets things you’re kind of thinking about this weekend besides first sir.
I suppose I caught that Blake Bell touched down last week and I have a feeling it might
not be done. He could be another weird contrarian play there but and especially in looking at
the size of the number of entries in the millionaire. One hundred and forty one thousand plus you.
I know they there are many big talking heads that say talk down on being different when
it doesn’t make sense. But if you’re trying to make a million bucks it’s outright this
week. It could be that play that differentiates you so that I’d find out one intriguing side
that guys I really appreciate you having me on and yeah let’s see how this weekend shakes
out. Thank you for participating in the first game
in Vegas. Make sure you give Chris a follow on Twitter at Topher squints for the sports
gambling podcast. I’m Sean stack in the money you’re in and he is Ryan.
Gotta love a guy named Andy Reid. Team nickname the bell.
Those are Kramer. Let it ride.

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