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You are my use of you, oh my gosh Screwed this up *after that laggy intro* Yo Guys what is going on my Name is Bravery GBC and Today I’m going to Talk about something It’s something that Is my new Server Redstone Creations um Well Right now um it’s my server it’s my um 40 ah My Own Restaurant Shop it’s It’s done it’s Finally Done and Excited to Show You Guys it let’s Wait and wait Wait Wait and Wait Horn There was A thing, oh I also Forgot to tell you guys I have a login and plug in You’ll See it Blinding Me and I just put Login and Can Only Block This out for a second I want you Guys going Onto my account, okay? okay so Successful in London So I don’t want you Guys to my Passion and i’m also some Reason about just at the air and the I’m World Border Chisel Okay and then I will be back at the Spawn Point Where I started before Just Wait Wait Wait umm okay, Finally, we’re Back okay, you, Can Just Click this you can Just right Click that and This Is my redstone Shop I Do want it to replace the pressure Place Because it sometimes Gets in Low Annoying and you See I have a little Redstone Kit Right There So if I click it it will be it will give you A red Function Which is A um iron Pickaxe to my in the Stone Redstone and Boots Chest Plates and leggings She no it’s Pretty decent um if You Guys Know, what i mean by that and Soon I will be Adding mop no not mobs I’m Staying Classing, less and um Right Now I need People i join my server To get it Started With I’m sorry about the deciding Music And Mostly that is my redstone Shop right There you Can See there Guys um That’s Thumbs Part Of it i took A Screenshot of This I’m still Just A defense so Basically you can See is Once I go in Or Sometimes Some might not okay that they Work and I can See all of These Yo and what the Bottom number Says um is how much you’ll get? This Free and I’ll Say what you said so if I wanted a light Sensor I can assure Clicking it now I’ll get a Daily Sentence If I want a redstone Torch I Just I click that and if it if This doesn’t Work for you which kind, of Takes me a little bit I’m going to do that Is my game Sometimes legs Up um If You’re doing my Favorite and it doesn’t Work Comment Down Below and I’ll deal with that, ok? So if You want you like or with some Block a piston Spencer Repeater Comparator, No it’s all There for you, well I kind of Just Telling you um? I’m issuing you guys This um This Little um Shop I made for my Redstone um My Redstone Creations Server and Up Kind of this so i hope you guys Enjoyed that Video So Make sure to subscribe Comment and Like Down Below and I’ll get you Internet – You Guys See ya

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