Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2020 review: GLS off road

this is the updated mitsubishi pajero sport it’s got the dynamic shield front grille it’s had a slap and tickle on its rear end and it’s got some revised media gear inside but what makes it stand out in a market that’s pretty heavy with seven-seat for drive wagons well that’s what we’re here to find out so stick around [Music] for even more details read my full yarn on cars today you and if you’re watching this video on youtube hit like share it with your mates and make sure you hit subscribe to stay up to date with all of our reviews the GLS is the mid spec pajero sport in a three variant range it is a 2.4 liter four-cylinder turbo diesel engine an 8-speed automatic transmission the full drive system with high and low range selectable off-road modes and a center and rear diff lock it also has a eb as well as apple carplay and android auto it’s exterior color is tera Rossa and that costs seven hundred and forty dollars the pajero sport is four thousand eight hundred and twenty five millimeters long with a two thousand eight hundred millimeter wheelbase it is one thousand eight hundred and fifteen millimeters wide one thousand eight hundred and thirty five millimeters high and it weighs two thousand one hundred and five kilograms boot space is claimed to be a hundred and thirty one liters with the third row seats in use back here you get cargo hooks power sockets and tie-down points there are air vents and cupholders for those in the third row fold the third row out of the way and cargo space increases to 502 litres and these seats fold down almost entirely out of the way the second row seats have topped to the points as well as also fixed points and they also have a fold-down armrest with cupholders and USB charge points and a power socket in the back of the center console it’s very comfortable I’m sitting behind my driving position and there’s plenty of head and legroom or fried it is very capable and it has a chance to excel in low range four-wheel driving that’s super select for drive system super select to issue excuse me is really quite effective we’re going to take a short sharp pill now it’s fairly steep but it just shows how effective this system is when you’re in low range in the pajero sport you’ve got the center diff locked and that’s going to give you all of that terrain grabbing talk do you need that traction to get up and over [Music] now I’m just going to work hill descent control on because this gives you an idea of how sure and stable it really is and how effective it is again another short steep hill and that’s really holding that’s a real stable sure-footed way of progressing down the hill I mean we’re controlled we’ll travel as good ground clearance is pretty good you do have to mind your line and be mindful of the ramp over angles and the departure angles which are a little bit shallow but they’re not terrible but all around the pajero sport is a real effective package off-road it does everything nicely it does everything safely you always feel in control and that’s a key to getting up and over things no matter what the challenge and also having lots of fun high range gearing is good you can drive this thing in full high on dirt and embitterment but low range gearing is super effective but you can also call on that Center diff lock when you’re in low range and you can also use the rear diff lock if you really need to grab that dude if you really need the traction to keep you moving it’s that little shelf right at the top that I just can’t clear that rock really is slippery sometimes you’ve got to pick your battles you’ve got to know when to graciously blow out of something we’ve got a fair way up this this is sort of real greasy slippery clay rock but I think ok we’ll give that one a Miss this time I’m Road it’s a pretty smooth driving unit the good thing about this is you can drive it in two wheel drive or for high fall or drive which acts you know as an all-wheel drive system would and in the pajero sport well in in Mitsubishi is in general in the Pajero and also the trottin it really is a nice effective system and it really adds an extra element of safety and sure-footedness to your driving experience suspension is a bit fun the ride can be a little bit jarring through sort of harshest sections of backcountry bitumen overall it’s okay but every now and again you do get a bit of a drill bit in the spine and it’s noticeable it’s not terrible steering is light and precise and that sort of fits with the pajero sport because it’s quite a light and nimble vehicle for a large full wheel drive flag and it really is quite maneuverable and it feels it as well and the pajero sport really does have a well-appointed interior fittin finishes great build quality feels really solid it’s never quite as refined as something like the Ford Everest but it’s pretty damn close the pajero sport as a 5-star n cup safety rating based on testing in October 2015 fuel consumption is acclaimed eight liters per 100 kilometers on a combined cycle it was showing 10.2 an hour – and that was pretty close because their actual fuel consumption figure on test was 10.1 liters per 100 kilometers the pajero sport has a 68 litre fuel tank payload is six hundred and seventy kilograms unbreak towing capacity is 750 and brake towing capacity is 3100 kilograms Mitsubishi’s seven-year 150,000 kilometre warranty applies to the pajero sport range but keep in mind that the current end date for that offer is March 31 2020 [Music] the mitsubishi pajero sport is a well made well priced family-friendly wagon it drives nicely on an off-road it’s fully functional it’s great value for money but is it the best thing in this realm well no but it’s certainly one of the best priced and most feature packed vehicles on offer and I reckon the GLS is the pick of the bunch what do you think have your say in the comments section below [Music] you

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  1. 666

    First comment

  2. The Is

    tail light fixed a little bit

  3. Vix Dee


  4. Simon Couch

    Digital Speedo?

  5. FB ggg7

    Best 4by journo around cheers Crafty. Would you take this over the Fortuna or not so much?

  6. Bill Blinky

    As the driver of a real Pajero (2012 model), I think Mitsubishi should have come out with a new Paj & not called this thing the P Sport. Frankly, if & when it's time to wave goodbye to my Pajero, I just can't see myself going for the Sport, which means that sadly MM has lost me as a long time customer.

  7. Steve Hunter

    I get mine next week. No digital speedo in the GLS but the Exceed has. Biggest gripe; no 5 seat version in the Exceed.

  8. Tom Hope

    I prefer the SsangYong Rexton 👍

  9. Hammer Rocks

    I still have a soft spot for the "real" Pajero. I hope Mitsubishi change their minds and create a successor to the current model. Maybe do a retro style look, like what Land Rover did for the Defender.

  10. denonheaven

    Orf road or awwf road, gets me every time.

  11. MrRez

    It a awkward looking thing…like it’s been squeezed in from the sides.

  12. settinsun

    PAJERO in Mexico. Means
    El Salvador, informal) liar. (Latin America, colloquial, vulgar, derogatory) wanker, tosser (someone who wanks).Good one mucharubish

  13. ford tourneo

    Isuzu Ford Toyota Chevrolet everything are better than this shitshubishi. Great video though

  14. madjid02

    it's very nice faceleft

  15. Ron North

    I thought the 2020 had electronic dash ..not needle dial analog?

  16. Martin Lanza

    It's exceeded my expectations, been to numerous 4WD tracks around Sydney and twice to Frazer – never let me down. The cabin is quieter than a Mazda3 on the motorway at 100kmph.


    Minimum turning radius is 5.6 metres . Not 11.5

  18. bigdarshan

    Top review, thank you Sir!

  19. Mr T

    And the winner is toyota, because is more “reliable” — Crafty you should choose your words carefully.

  20. Johan Kriek

    Rear is still ugly!

  21. Bloated Tony Danza

    Can I drive it in 4H in dry pavement? I’m getting mine next week and don’t want to mess the dif

  22. Henk Stols

    Very few reviewers mention that it can drive in 4wd on sealed surfaces, well done.

  23. Felix Five

    Mitsubishi – shall we release a new model? Nah let’s just keep updating it.

  24. Niall McGahon

    Driving top spec 3.0 petrol 2019 model. Off-road every weekend and never need LR or difflocks. Able to keep up with JKs FJs and patrols without a struggle. Nothing new to speak of in 2020 version except the ICE and facelift. Look out for delays on 2019 version as driving will be identical. Having had a 3.8 pajero in the past, and got rid because of the 120kph alarm and constant seeking on the highway, the MS totally exceeds my expectations.

  25. August P

    Oh Lord, what have they done with it!!! It's looks like a soccer mom car !

  26. cloy09

    What is the location of this offroad testing course?

  27. Asad Chishti

    Looks like a sleeker versionof prado

  28. the unstoppable

    This car is🤘 uuuuugggggge( Donal Trump)

  29. Patrick jumyr Labor

    This review is really good coz they mentioned the super select 4wd capability.

  30. Dark Scarlet

    The fact the back seats tethers fix in the ceiling makes 7 seat seating ridiculous with a strap in your face the whole trip… It just baffles me. The 4WD is tough but still needs a few iterations to iron out quality of life cabin issues.

  31. Alaa Khurais

    Model 2020 in some countries it is called Pajero and in some countries it is called Montero. Same look and same design. There is no difference.

  32. J.C

    Excellent review! Thank you 👍

  33. cervacio

    Not a big fan of any car's facelifted edition. It's a waste of money. Better buy brand new of an all new version of any car. Reviewer should've compared this to the outgoing model because it is also impressive.

  34. Jake Costigan

    Pajero still better. Not a fan of the sport. Shame they are dropping the pajero soon and only bringing in the sport

  35. Miki Fano

    Maybe it's best value, but it's horrible too!!!

  36. christian fierro

    G'day how does it go on a towing front. For a Boat say 18 to 24ft? Could it easily maintain the load?

  37. Peter

    The earlier model Pajero is better, simply because it has more room .
    Another big mistake was to use the older inferior suspension.
    It's basically a Mitsubishi Triton with a full cab. The negatives outweigh the positives.

  38. Lodia Moore

    Better check what the Auto Expert has to say on this butt-ugly thing 😁.

  39. Wazeer Panhwer

    When will launched this car in Pakistan

  40. Nuclear Pixel

    ihave this and this is not a F wagon. Please stop calling it a MF wagon . Cyka blyat

  41. Vivek Tiwari

    Only suv that can give tough competition to Toyota fortuner in india presence is what it has and Indians want..

  42. Airforce One

    When going up hill or down hill, do you have to put it on super select 4h or 4l? Or you just leave it on 2hi? Pressing the hill descent button?

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